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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

February 1994 (Vol.2 No.2)




I am very happy to say that I my computer has been returned!!! Thank you all for your patience as I now try to catch up.


Welcome to all who have recently been added to the mailing list. We hope that you will use this forum to share your views, insights, questions and teachings. In this way, we can all grow and help each other.


The original newsletter included a list of all the groups, contacts and celestials. Many thanks to Ron Besser for making up a "rough draft" of the lists for us while my computer was gone. Please look these lists over carefully and let us know of any additions or corrections, so we can issue an up-dated list. Be sure to put an asterisk in front of your group if you have transcripts available. If there are transcripts available from personal teachers in your group, please let us know this, also.


In addition, I would like to include a list of any papers, newsletters and publications that are available from our readers. Please include the following information:


     Title and Brief Description

     Name and Address to Contact

     Cost or Suggested Donation


The information in all these lists is particularly helpful to the newer individuals and groups that are seeking to know what is happening and what is available. Now that the teachers are appearing to different individuals and groups, it is especially helpful to be able to refer to a list for more information and to be able to contact someone for more clarification and/or affirmation. It would be of interest to some, if you know if they are male/female, order, fusion status, origin and field of interest or activity. This information can be included on the final updated list - if you let us know.


If you are unable to meet the March 15th deadline, please return the corrections as soon as possible so the updated list can be included in the April issue.


In thinking about the issues that have come up within the groups, I have been reminded of past experiences and the present words of Anario, who says:


"Yes, there will be much turmoil along the way. As you desire to grow so will each of you be presented with the problems and obstacles that are standing in your way. This has been your desire. Look at yourselves. Look at the areas that create difficulties for you. As your true desire to grow increases, so will these issues become more apparent to you in some cases causing you to stumble and lose your way, but always there is a loving presence walking with you when you are ready to surrender and put aside your attempts to overcome these stumbling blocks on your own - when you realize that you are not your ego; put your defenses down; and know these are of a temporal nature. It does not matter what the appearances are or how you are seen and judged by others. For always you are far more than this. You are always a beloved child of Michael and the Father."


All of us have sincerely prayed for understanding and spiritual growth. Let us recognize the issues and problems that arise are answers to our prayers, for these are things we must look at and learn from in order to progress on our path to God. May we seek the courage to face what we often do not want to see and to take responsibility for recognizing that our difficulties are not "out there," but only a mirror reflection of the imbalances within ourselves. Let us be aware of what is happening, that we are growing and that it is often painful, so that we may all be more gentle, loving and supportive of ourselves and each other in this process. Let us always remember that although it may seem our prayers are not heard, they always are. The answers often cannot be understood in the present. With time and faith the understanding will come bringing release and joy. It is a continual process of becoming aware, learning lessons, letting go, experiencing joy, knowing peace and moving on. As we come into more awareness of the continuing process of change, we come to view our challenges differently with more acceptance, humor and understanding.


Many changes are taking place in our groups and all around us. Let us hear from you - what is happening with you and/or your groups. How useful this network is to you is up to you.


We continue to offer our prayers to all who are experiencing hardships at this time from the many recent events happening in our lives, nation and around the world.


Allene Vick


           * * * * *




DOVER, DE - Barry Norby shares with us this letter about a newly forming group.




"Just a short note to help you update. Life is getting fast (busy) for this old man. Hard to adjust to rapid change but ok so anxious and impatient for more change. I myself am becoming my biggest contradiction but I am loving every minute of it.


"I have recently invested in the best computer equipment I could find, specifically to secure and process Urantia Book/Correcting time materials. I am trying to put together as complete a library as possible for use in this area by Urantia Book readers and more specifically Teaching Mission student servers dedicated to the unselfish service of the brotherhood of all mankind. We are as yet a small, but growing group. We have three members with teachers assigned and (Barry Norby) have a teacher named Ramon but have not as yet accessed him other than a bit of static. Patty Johnson (who has given permission for her name to be used) has accessed her teacher but only in short thoughts that she has not as yet learned how not to turn off. We know her teacher's name but she has not as yet accessed it from the teacher and doesn't want to be told until she has for verification purposes. Another member also has a personal teacher assigned and has his name, but has not accessed nor given me permission to reveal. The assignment of these teachers and the names have been verified by contact with the Suitland, Md. group through questions put to their teacher (Iruka).


"Keep up the good work. We pray for you and your efforts with the newsletter.


"Please publish the fact that I welcome any and all teaching transcripts and/or related papers pro or con with the intent of using them for a comprehensive library for use by any interested persons in this area. Floppy disks would be preferred, but will process and use all info I get."


Barry, we thank you for the information and welcome you and your new group to the Teaching Mission as we look forward to hearing more from you. We hope that the enclosed lists will be of help to you and that our brothers and sisters will come forward to help you in your efforts. Keep us posted.



FAIRFIELD, IA - From Janice Joyner comes information from Iowa:




"I hope this check covers the cost of getting another year's newsletters to me - I enjoy them so much. We are still only meeting here once every two weeks. I have been able to come out in front of the group once, but haven't had the "nudge" since then, much to the frustration of our solitary TR. All things in time. I really think its just that I've been doing so much physical clearing since then that the dust just needs to settle more, But, as I am told so often, "Accept the path as it unfolds before you." By the way, I may as well go ahead and tell you, my personal teacher's name is Hannen. I really don't know why I didn't mention it earlier. It never seemed crucial. He is a spirit fused mortal and is very industrious on my behalf. I am very blessed.


This next year will bring us all so much closer to the Father, if last year is any guide, that it will be a marvel if we make it through without fusing!"


I love your sense of humor - Ed.


     * * * * *




TML - There is now a Teacher Mission List for those involved in the Teaching Mission who would like to engage in electronic conversations and communication with each other. Contact Thea Hardy or Mark Farley for more information. You can find their addresses and phone numbers on the enclosed list under the Corvallis group.


     * * * * *




NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TR - From this TR we have more beautiful lessons to share with you from Olfana.


     * OLFANA *


A lesson on Hopefulness - 10/15/93


Hopefulness is a condition of the heart and mind combined in trust that God's love inhabits the plans of your life. Hopeful actions are those done in trust that God's will envelops the outcome of your efforts. Hopefulness is a state of mind which can be conveyed to others by encouraging their increased perception of the benevolent, tender supervision of our lives by those who serve Deity. Such trust springs from the innocent and sure faith we have in God's love for us. Being deserving of this love, we develop expectations of its evidence in our lives. Demolished hopes are those which have fallen prey to the belief in our unworthiness for such love from the Father. Efforts on your part to encourage this sense of innocent trust in God's love help create the environment for such innocence to thrive or grow, unobstructed by cynicism, doubt, and harsh perceptions of life's struggles. "Hope Reigns Supreme" is a statement which conveys much truth. For, indeed, hope is the crowning gem worn by the Supreme Being in the evolving display of mortal efforts to know and understand God. Let your thoughts turn hopeful with intention. Allow all possibilities for God's benevolence and beneficence to flow throughout the experiences of your life. Trust that there is a protective design to the natural outworking of events. Strive to perceive the good that occurs and remain hopeful of all which has not yet been experienced. Allow for the possibility that angels work with you as you strive to do what you consider to be rightful actions. Trust that your decisions, your choices, can be made with the loving input of the Thought Adjuster. These perceptions create a frame of mind which we identify as hopeful. It identifies you as one who perceives yourself as a valued child of God. This is sufficient effort on your part to then allow the workings of other beings in your life. We thank you for your attention to this lesson.


A lesson on Prayer from Olfana - 1-/31/93


Prayer touches the Father's heart. Praying uplifts the soul, allowing moments of ecstasy, connection and serenity. Prayer binds you to the Father, allowing your petitions. Prayer binds you to the Father in a relationship of trust. Your petitions are heard. Never doubt this. They are received and recorded faithfully. Much prayer from mortals reflects your imperfect state, yet we see the innocent trust of your prayers as edifying. Prayers to the Father are a component of the music of the spheres. Prayers to the Father reverberate throughout the universe as music of the spheres. Praying allows you moments of contemplation of the many ways in which God moves through your life. It marks the events of your life as directed by guidance from the Thought Adjuster. Praying for God's guidance in your life opens opportunities for much intervention. Pray with intention. Pray with trust. Allow for the possibility of answers to your prayers coming from many sources. Reach out to the Father with courage. Pray for strengthened desire to do his will Pray for patience. Pray that your motives in life can evolve with love and support from the Thought Adjuster. Rededicate yourself in prayer to follow the Father's will. Pray for the support of angels in your efforts to do this. Realize your prayers create a music in the heavens. Faith-filled exhortations to the Father are indeed a chorus of trust, and love, and praise. Render your desires and hopes to the oversight and supervision of God's counselors. Pray that your life can demonstrate to others a model of inspiration. Pray that you demonstrate yourself to be a faith-filled child of God. Then allow time for reflection that your petitions to God are indeed being elevated to beings whose desire is to help you fulfill your stated requests. Realize how prayer can be a steadying influence on your emotional nature - that the guidance you seek is from a higher source than your own emotional nature. Prayers of thanksgiving are beautiful gifts to God. Imagine your words of praise and thanksgiving flowing to the Father. He hears these expressions of your faith as joyful notes of your soul's music. Pray for God's support of those you see in need. Realize your requests, indeed, create opportunities for God's intervention for yourself and others indeed encourages this atmosphere. Prayers for peace encourage such an atmosphere to be created among you. Recognize the many ways in which you, indeed, are empowered to ask of God for blessings in your lives. This is how it should be. You are his children, deserving of his protection and his bounty. Always pray with a trusting heart, yet realize that answered prayers may not demonstrate themselves to you immediately. Time and patience are a part of this process. Pray first for the knowledge to know God's will. Pray second for the courage and faith to carry out this guidance. Rest your trust in the knowledge that your petitions are valued and deserving of attention. Remain hopeful that all sincere prayers rise heavenward, with your hopes.


A lesson Cheerfulness from Olfana - 11/17/93


Let us give you a lesson on cheerfulness. Cheerfulness comes easily when one remembers one's destiny is Godward. "Be of Good Cheer" is an encouragement to exist with God in your every effort in life. Cheerfulness can be infectious. It spreads enthusiasm for life from one to another. People need this powerful ingredient in their life. We weep to see those whose lives lack all cheer, or hopes of God's comfort. Reestablish your faith in the power of God's love to envelop you and raise your emotional balance, so that you can take with equanimity the experiences of life. Exuberance, the energy of God, life's vital force, flowing through your actions, is testimony of a cheerful nature. Greet the day with cheerful thoughts, such as:


"My Father loves me" "


"Blessings come to me with ease."


"I make my life a demonstration of God's power to heal."


"Angels work with me in my every endeavor."


"Christ Michael walks with me and guides my every step."


"Lessons of love will come to me this day."


"Angels are my friends in today's experiences."


All these statements, thoughts, give one a thematic approach to their life. The theme is:


"I am God's child, cheered by his great love for me, and all my brothers and sisters."


We grow wise by extending ourselves into the world with faith. Christ Michael showed you, as Jesus, a cheerful demeanor in all his efforts to do good in the world. He looked for the opportunities to bring happiness to others. Encouragement was in all his words to others. Hopeful expectation of the adventure of life marked his every movement, effort. Let good cheer be the aroma, the perfume, of your soul. It infuses the atmosphere surrounding you. It truly is a vibrational response of your soul to the experiences of life. Spread this perfume to others. Glory in the environment you create when many come together with a cheerful demeanor. Imagine your soul's light glowing brightly at these moments.


           * * * * *


           GROUP NEWS


POCATELLO, ID - From Bill Kelly we hear:


"Yes, we have some personal teachers in our group whose names are: Alkon, Scaramouche, Linda, Winslow, Sonora, Jeremiah, Elva and Lottie. We have also heard many times from Elseron, Eslera, Hezekiah (not the one in the Bible), Heclecora, and Justin. This last list are visitors at our TR practice sessions which we have twice weekly. The others we hear from are familiar such as Ham, Abraham, our Planetary Prince, etc."


We thank you, Bill, for sharing this with us. In reading the Daniel Papers, it is good to see the growth of your group through the sincere dedication, commitment and efforts of the members of the Pocatello group. Keep up the good work! In holding your letter aside to answer, these names were missed in compiling the "rough draft" of the celestial list. They will appear on the up-dated list. My apology to you and your group.



YORK, PA - From Min Hoet we hear:


"Our group has a teacher and, it is said, I will be the one to receive if I am there, Otherwise, there are others who can and will receive. She speaks to several through out the week. The class members are truly dedicated in this mission. Wanting to know what they should do and when to get started. However, when I hear the reports of the members at the end of the week, I know that they are presently involved in the mission. Amazing things happen. But the important thing is that they are aware of it. I believe that it is necessary to be aware that the spirit is working in and around us at all times just as are the angels. All we need to do is give permission and allow. They are becoming very self-conscious of the will of the Father.


"Our teacher is called El Tanere and she is a she. She said she is spirit fused and has been in the presence of our Sovereign ruler Michael who we know as Jesus the Master Son of God. We are to teach the art of living as revealed in the teachings of Jesus. Emphasizing the importance of consistency of thought, word and action. It is a kind of trinity within our being - what we think, we say and do. They must not contradict one another. For they are one. (Isn't that wonderful!)


"One of the class members purchased a small stuffed creature...E.T. This symbol is to be our group mascot. We are beginning to have fun. We have planned to study "The Father's Will" and how we can come to recognize his will as opposed to ours. Then the parables and the Morontia Mota. We have great plans to study to learn to live as Jesus taught."


Thank you for sharing information about your group. It is always good to learn more about what the groups are doing for in this way, we all begin to feel more connected.


     * * * * *




Here again is just another reminder to let us know of any papers, newsletters and publications so they can be included in the list being compiled. As more are drawn to the Teaching Mission, it is helpful to be able to refer them to the available information. A special thanks to all of you who have given of your time to create these tools that are much appreciated by all of us.


PARADISE NETWORKER - This is a wonderful periodical that all in the teaching mission will find informative and a joy to read. Congratulations to Sonny Schneider for a job well done! If you have recently been added to this mailing list, you may want to contact Sonny to receive copies. Information on contacting Sonny can be found on the enclosed list under the Hawaii group.


           * * * * *





July 14-17, 1994


For those of you who have just recently been added to the mailing list, this is a gathering for all who are interested in the Teaching Mission.




Bob Devine reports that the cost will be $108.81 per person double occupancy including meals, registration fee and Washington State Sales Tax. Single occupancy will be on a first come first serve basis dependent upon availability. Unless otherwise stated, efforts will be made to pair singles with roommates. For information on rates for singles and children, contact Bob. The registration forms are ready for the printer waiting final word from the college. As soon as all the details are clarified, registration forms will be sent out and should be submitted with a 50% deposit to be received by April 1, 1994. Efforts will be made to see that the next newsletter is mailed out by the 15th of March and will include the registration forms along with all the information you will need. If you need a registration form before then, please contact Bob Devine in Spokane or Rick and Barbara Giles in Coeur d'Alene.

The addresses and phone numbers are on the enclosed list.


           Wish List


In order to help facilitate a meeting that covers the interests of those attending, it would be much appreciated by the planners if each of you would take a few minutes to drop a line to Bob or Rick listing the key things that you would like to see addressed at the conference. If any of you have any ideas about presentations that you would like to make, please let them know. This gathering is for all of us and it takes the input of each of us to create a meeting that will have meaning and value for all of us.




If anyone would like to contribute funds to assist anyone who may not be able to attend due to financial limitations or would like to nominate someone to receive assistance, please contact Rick and Barbara Giles.


A big thanks to all who have been working hard to set up this meeting!!! Let's help them by giving them our contributions of support, ideas and talents.


     Celestial Input


Any words that your teachers have to share about the meeting would be very welcome.


     * * * * *




It is always a special pleasure to share with you the inspirations of our readers.




If you had been assigned to find

enlightenment, the blinding kind,

would you have known where to look?

What to read and in what book?

Or how to be, or what to do

in order to discover who

could answer stepping stones of doubt

and pint you on the pathway out.

Escape the shadows in your mind,

and leave the darkness far behind.

Listen to your inner heart

and hang on to your favorite part.

Michael sends you every sign

to redesign and realign,

so all that's left for you to do

is just expose the perfect you.


                 Douglas Knight


     * * *




Through amazing space

Seedbeds of time,

We sprout in whirling rows:

Human buds

To bloom divine,

Or wilt here self-imposed.


                      j. creger


     * * * * *




Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!


*Wanted - Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.


*Your thoughts and observations about the Teaching Mission


*Information that would be helpful for children


*Special focus or activity in your group to help others to know whom they might best contact for information along the lines of their interests


*Teachings that focus on healing


*Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teachings of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God


           * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


     Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.