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PDF Files Released:
Magisterial Mission Updates and Other Universe News Releases


These ABC Summaries have been discontinued for the time being and have been removed from the archive. Certain FLURRY files can be previewed or downloaded to your computer in the PDF format.  Just click on the links provided for your convenience.

Thank you
Ron Besser
Publisher of The ABC Summaries and The FLURRY

There are currently 1 ABC Summaries available

The ABC Summaries have been removed for the time being.  Their restoration is problematic until the Magisterial Son decides as to their future or their deletion entirely from the record.


Thank you,


The Flurry is a publication used to publish more difficult material that is given all at once in a great deal of transmission energy and busyness.  It is shorter than the Summaries and deals with fewer subjects and not quite the heavy-weight the Summaries can be.  They are published, like the Summaries, when it is asked that certain information be presented to the subscribers of the BCC List.  It is that list which sends the new Summaries and the new Flurry to subscribers when they become available.

Subscription is free and all it requires, if interested, is an email to asking to be subscribed to the BCC List.  Requests will receive an acknowledgment to their email stating when they have been subscribed.

There are currently 1 Flurry articles available

Flurry Articles have temporatily been removed for future changes in format and content.


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