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November 1993 (Vol.1 No.9)


H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G !!!



Thanksgiving holds many meanings and fond remembrances for most of us. As we come together in a day of thanksgiving with those we hold dear, let us put aside some time to give thanks to our Father for all our many blessings. Truly all of us in the "Teaching Mission" have much for which to be thankful.


I am thankful that Michael encouraged me to start this newsletter because it has given me a way to be of service and has introduced me to so many loving, spiritually dedicated individuals who speak my language. I am thankful for your kind words, loving support and willingness to share your thoughts, experiences and transcripts.


I am thankful that Chris Hart introduced me to the group in Sarasota. I am thankful for all the knowledge and support that Patije shared with me. I am thankful for all the participants in that group whom I love, miss and appreciate amidst the confusion and misunderstandings that arose.


I am thankful for finding The Urantia Book and for all the years of seeking, learning and experience that preceded its discovery for without these my appreciation and understanding of the Urantia Book would be more limited.


I am thankful for being an active part of the "Teaching Mission." This experience more than anything else has helped in my desire to learn "to live" what I know. When I first read most of The Urantia Book a year prior to joining the Sarasota group, I read it on my own and concluded that, while it held much truth, I did not need to know the hierarchy of heaven. I did not need any more intellectual knowledge. I needed to learn to "live" what I already knew. Little did I know that it was going to be through this book that I was soon to be led to a greater understanding of the cosmos AND learn to apply this on a daily basis with the gentle guidance of celestial teachers.


I am thankful that my experience with all of this has been unfolding just the way it has. I realize that, as is probably true with many of you, there are personal experiences that are not fully revealed, addressed and explained in the Urantia Book and in questioning the teachers on these things, answers are often vague or absent. I, also, acknowledge the discrepancies found in comparing various transcripts and the self doubt as to the source (Is this me? the teachers? or both?) and the accuracy of messages as they come to me. However, in thinking on this, several ideas come to me. As much as we might think answers to these questions would be pleasing and helpful, I question if having these answers would actually help in our spiritual development. Perhaps, to know these things would rob us of valuable opportunities for learning by causing us to become lazy and dependent on the teachers instead of stretching and reaching to develop our full potential. I continue to ask, to seek, to want to know, while I trust that in time, the right time, all will be revealed. It is a balance that encourages growth and teaches patience (a word we are all becoming familiar with!) and a loving trust of the process.


Along these lines, it has occurred to me that when we ask what the purpose of the "Teaching Mission" is, we want definitive answers. Teaching does not always occur in this fashion. It is through stretching and seeking that knowledge is gained step by step. Have not all the doubts, discrepancies and difficulties that arise individually, in the groups and the larger circle of groups given forth the greater opportunity to apply and exercise our new teachings? To learn to love and accept each other and our differences? To learn discernment in reading the transmissions? In learning to seek deeper within "to know" what is us, our ego, and what comes from a source beyond ourselves? To question and look more deeply at our motivations and the positions we take regarding the Teaching Mission? To learn the courage to act on our faith? Would Jesus have simply told us all we wanted to know or would he have guided us by his gentle questions to allow us to discover the truth and in this way we would "own" that truth not merely to espouse it as an intellectual process?


Having been given an idea of the grandeur and order of the universe from the Urantia Book and an introduction to some of its celestial residents, it would seem rather simplistic and foolish to look to the purpose of the "Teaching Mission" to be narrowly defined by our limited finite capabilities of comprehension. I say, let us rejoice and give thanks to the Father and let us be gentle with ourselves and others as we enter into a more conscious participation in this grand adventure. Let us give thanks to all the celestial teachers, whose loving lessons enrich our hearts, quicken our understanding, test our faith and guide us daily to more lovingly see ourselves and our brothers. In our thanksgiving, let us give thanks to for the wonderful lessons and the wondrous ways be are all being taught by this "Teaching Mission."


May our giving of thanks develop our worship of our Father increasing our love for Him and knowing of His love for us.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                   FROM THE READERS


WATERLOO, OR - Pamela Fullam posts this request:




"Attention readers, study groups, T-Rs, home schoolers, teachers, etc. We have some readers interested in ANY ideas on ways to share the Teaching Mission with children. We would like to share responses in future newsletters."


Our desire to help the children is something of much concern to all of us as we look at the world around us and wonder what we can do. Let us hear your ideas. Your ideas may be of value to others and/or may spur thoughts to new and better approaches. Here's hoping for many responses to your request, Pamela. This is something we CAN DO.




WOODS CROSS, UT - This letter from Nina Newman is most welcome as many of us have been wondering what has been happening with the Woods Cross group.


"October 6, 1993


"I was so happy that your newsletter has discussed the issue of accurate transmitting/receiving. I was very impressed with the love and wisdom from Janice Joyner, Bill Kelly and Patije. Similar occurrences have taken place in Woods Cross, Utah, where I am a student.


"After the first T.R. we had, (the pioneer who Ham's words flowed from so beautifully), it was heartbreaking when that ended. It was very hard to accept or to believe anothers T.R.ing. But the group was patient with the new T.R.'s. We knew it wouldn't be the same. We knew the possibilities of interference of the human mind. Still in a way I missed the face I sat and watched for two years transmitting the words I was accustomed to from our beloved teacher Ham. As time passed I wanted to hear Ham's words so badly I wouldn't care who they came from. The transmissions we were getting were so different, not just the wording, but Ham's brotherly essence and loving personality were not felt by some. Something was missing. All of a sudden Ham was giving orders, (not suggestions). Very unlike the sweet and loving soul we sat with Monday after Monday. It was almost painful to listen to. It was as if free will went out the window, and orders were given. Even though we were confused our love and respect never ceased for the T.R.'s.


"We put Ham's lessons on tolerance, forbearance, and brotherly love into full practice, but still expressions of disbelief had leaked out. While we knew the odds of errors in transmissions, this was different. The truth of some group members feelings had come out and it came out in a gossipy type situation. The painful feelings of doubt by some had gotten back to the T.R., which they took as criticism or possibly an attack on them personally or the teacher. It was never meant to be criticism or to hurt anyone.




"We held many meetings trying to sort out the situation. Should the doubters have said to the T.R.'s, 'we love you, but we think you have mixed some things up.' Should the doubters have relinquished their free will and followed orders? It was all so depressing.  Some people quit coming. I myself, wanted to quit. I just couldn't bear to ignore the spirit within me, that said something is not quite right here.


"Many in the group hung in there and discovered they had a voice. Ah, communication!!! Even though we have differing opinions, our love for each other has held us together. Each has something to offer. Each has something to learn. None shall be discounted. None shall be exalted. All are recognized as a beloved brother or sister. Without honesty and communication how can a group stay together?


"Why couldn't we take the charming attitude of the Master? I can just hear Him now...'My dear friend, I believe you would never intentionally lead me astray. I believe you believe in your transmissions and your service to us is appreciated. Could we take a week to let the Spirit of Truth speak to each one of us on this matter and we will discuss it at our next meeting?'


"I think this experience of inaccurate transmitting happened to the group for a reason. Possibly the teachers wanted to teach us the difference between Divine communication and human intervention or wish-fulfillment. In other words, to learn how to discern Fathers's will. I feel so blessed to be able to say Father has taken care of us Utahn's. We relied on Him and He was there. Today our group still does not always find spiritual unity, but we know we are all in it for the duration. We have grown to understand each other more fully. It has proven true, the more you understand your fellows, the more you love them. It is that love and understanding that leads me to Woods Cross on Monday nights.


"Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts. I leave you with the words of Ham: TRUTH IS THAT LIGHT WHICH BANISHES ALL DARKNESS FOREVER.


"P.S. I would welcome any advice or comments."


Heartfelt congratulations to you, Nina, and those in your group for "hanging in there" when things were so difficult and painful for all of you. It is good to hear and be able to share the growth that has taken place in your group through the willingness and dedication to persevere.

Thanks to all of you who have and are taking the time to share your experiences with problems that many are confronting. There is much insight and enlightenment to be gained as we discuss our experiences for we may be individualistic, but there is much commonality in our humanness that is expressed in the similarity of the problems that confront each group in learning to become a cohesive, loving group joined in spiritual unity.

                                 * * * * *




ELECTRONIC NETWORKS - Michael Million has sent a sheet of information to include with the newsletter that gives a quick outline of currently available connections for desktop-modem systems. Should you have any questions, I have printed his name and phone number on the top of the sheet. Again, Michael, we thank you for your efforts to help us all get on-line.


                                 * * * * *




NASHVILLE, TN - We thank you, Rebecca, for letting us know in the last newsletter that the transcripts from Ham and others are available. For those of you who are not acquainted with these teachings, much of the material in the last mailing from Rebecca has been included below.


October 3, 1993

                           * ABRAHAM *


Listen, and so you are listening, (everyone surely can listen sometimes) to a still, small voice who also comes begging at your door. Anyone who has heard Him can never afterward be about His great undertaking without certainty.


Certainty bestows herself upon a noble and generous character, (even upon less than perfect characters) as her intimate companion. Her every guidance produces a result. Every inner whispering leads the boy along toward universal manhood. Even that certitude which comes in passivity guides, leads and bestows. Lend an active heart that is certain, sure and destined its active role to play. Play your active part as though an angel held your hand and whispered your lines into your ear. Such human bravery does this human drama require. Cease your two-bit crises that hold fast the mind in allegorical chains. Create instead with the humble and mortal tools of the mind an opera house of great passion. Express emotion through the mental refinement of great songs. We who occupy or have occupied the mortal tabernacle, regard it as the greatest and most exciting privilege. You, Rebecca, have often desired its release and the greater heights of morontial life. Don't dream away the life you're living, child, while waiting to advance.  Never will you find adventure so keen nor excitement so glorious as this humble mortal start, or beginning.




October 10, 1993

                                 * IAN *


Greetings, I am Ian. Our discussion today is about greed. Ham has touched on this subject before, but there remain many layers of this human tendency that haven't been discussed. Greed has many sub-surfaces that take years of self-examination to recognize. Greed essentially is the tendency toward self perpetuation that takes care of one's self-esteem. Greed excites the self-esteem and so can possibly lead falsely into traps of various types which to sacrifice would mean sacrificing self-esteem, which is tied to a deeper awareness of self, even basic self consciousness. Therefore, greed itself serves to help perpetuate the self and is a function of strong inner tendencies, even animalistic tendencies. Greed is like hunger; without this drive to eat, one would rapidly die; without the drive toward self-preservation, one would never truly unite oneself with God. Greed is essentially transferred from matter to higher spiritual values, eventually into infinite values.


Our Master used the word hunger, implying basic need, and greed is a similar function. Usually one progresses from greed for possessions such as wealth and fame, into greed for knowledge and understanding, into greed for spiritual power, which is a strong intoxicant while one resides in the mortal flesh. Be aware that this function of greed cannot be completely eschewed because of its connection to will. All strong desire contains a component of greed. Desiring God's will does also. This will is the gift of God, through God, through all levels of being down to mortals, and because of man's basic animal nature, this will is bonded with the self preservation instinct, which is greed. It is good that you understand this so that you can allow God's will to function in your life by doing His will, which itself is will strengthening, without fearing the constant self judgment about greed. The judgment is mistaken. Is strength required? Yes. Is a strong, unified, active personality sought? Yes. Are wisdom and Grace attending: Yes. Therefore fear not the exercise of will. You shall learn to temper it with grace.


                                * HAM *


Greetings, I am Ham. I thank you three that your dedication and strength of certitude has again created our group. Our lesson is about greed and avarice. An action fueled at its core through covetousness and acted without remorse or the higher awareness of individual responsibility to higher reality actually is avarice. Likened to a tree without water or sunshine, the human filled with avarice slowly dies, inside first. Greed isn't always an entirely negative motivation, as Ian recently taught. Greed for the extension of self into the morontial realms gives eternal life. Greed for knowledge culminates in wisdom, greed for truth eventuates in the realityizing of this truth inside the human heart. Greed for beauty eventually creates beauty through art, and the greed for goodness eventuates growth in grace and charm. Within finite reality levels there is the necessity of there being a force which maintains individual separation from the whole. Greed and its various manifestations is a mindal result of this necessary force. For "I" to be maintained, it must have needs and desires that are unique and promoting of this individuality. However, when the self promoting aspects of mind take on an obsessive nature, there is danger that the disease called avarice will appear and eventually, through excessive absorption, shall this human separate himself increasingly from greater reality, so that he who "saves" his life shall lose it.


Our Master maintained superb and exquisitely masterful balance between the forces of self-reliance and the forces of Deity embrace. In every human life, there are contradictory forces pushing and pulling at the personality. This human personality has to maintain self-respect while disclaiming all credit for achievement. He must maintain self-composure while experiencing the fullness of emotional transports. He needs a certain degree of self maintenance and yet must his needs against the needs of his family, his community, his state, and the world situation as a whole. No man can adequately determine his correct balance within these conflicting interests. He can only judge the merits of his character, in comparison with that of Jesus and His commandments. Shun, therefore, human efforts at judging each other or even yourselves; rather, strive only to correctly maintain balance as you ascend heavenward. All else is in your Father's hands. Regard your life as though all depended on balance not motion and your ascension is assured. Remember as you strive to maintain balance that all sincere effort avails and that God holds the sincere heart as though it were gold, precious in His sight. Sincerely seek balance and He will give you the wisdom to understand its achievement or its lack of achievement also.


God raises men, not the other way around. When one is sincerely poised and seeking God, then does He send all necessary aid and ascends the man Himself. Human kind too greedily seeks ascension through means of their own and it avails nothing. Mankind has a million ways to artificially ascend, individuals, groups, even nations and they fall again. Individual human beings ascend one at a time and by their sincere conviction of truth are they known to the Father. They may seek to be wise without experiencially experiencing wisdom; they may seek to teach truth without residing within its gentle bosom; they may aspire to goodness without experiencing the spiritual and they will fall back to their true level of maturity when the winds of adversity blow down their houses of cards. Wisdom isn't contained in cleverness anymore than knowledge is contained in facts. Thank you for coming this evening. I have enjoyed delivering this lesson somewhat rambling though it may have been.


Q: What can I do in my daily life to live more for the Master?


My son, you are fastly learning that the road to great riches lies at your feet. Ponder what values are and how are they real. You see, wealth is a spiritual endowment that our Father delights to give His sons daily. Find that which is truly of value and you will find that you are indeed wealthy.



October 16, 1993

                             * DAWLIA *


Breaking ground for new foundations, our work is at hand. I greet you. I am Dawlia, a social architect. Trust there is much to build. The structure, perforce, is morontial, therefore the dimensions will be different and perspective altered, but on this base a house will be built, is even now being built. Trust, study the floorplan, read the specs, envision the mansion world. In order to build this new homestead for the family of man, it is necessary to relinquish your material frame of reference and supplant those technicalities with less concrete idealisms. Those of us who find our reality in spiritual truth become accustomed to feeling at home in this sphere which transcends the material considerations which would make our goal improbable.


                            * ALLENUS *


Greetings, I am Allenus. Our central understanding that I desire to convey is that your grouping conducts energy in a special, unique configuration and there is, when facilitated through love, an arrangement which illustrates our understanding of the human brotherhood completion as understood as the unfolding of Supreme dynamics. "Where there are two or more gathered in my Name, there am I also." You start fully coming into your true dynamic being as you interact within His Supreme Being. Love is a dynamic force which created a new unity when groups live in love. The dynamic ascends into higher levels of action as love is released through each human breast. Love creates something real and greater than the sum of individual potential. Love makes a living spiritual connection between and among human individuals and that dynamic of love lifts potential and creates new and greater potential within each human. Working, interrelating to each other, encompasses all latent creative potentials mutually initiating and stimulating growth. Also potentials often go unrecognized in isolation and are valued and nurtured when recognized through another human being. Grace is upon you all today as you love each other. Imagine that love is a creative an inspired song to God. A song that only you can sing, only you can be.




October 17, 1993

                                * HAM *


Greetings. I am Ham and I thank you all for coming here today also. Our desire remains constant. It involves simply to restate the teaching of the man Jesus, our beloved Creator/Father into a form that humans, as they live on this world, can recognize as Universal Truth, unmixed and undiluted through centuries of contamination among the ideas, even well-meaning though they were, of humans. His pure goal is no less than the establishment of His and our Father's Kingdom on earth. The coming of the understanding of Universal Sonship and Daughtership with our God carries also the realization of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood among all human beings.


How am I this heavy task to carry? Who am I that I should be called, you ask. Simple: You came. All the universal hosts rejoice over including each person more. If you could know how valuable each human being is, then you could understand better why Jesus lived and could comprehend this great life the more. Your human understanding is so limited that you fail to see that you need to rejoice over the miracle of being, but even more of the greater miracle of becoming. Each human being lives shortly through his larval stage called mortal life and emerges as a beautiful butterfly at its natural end. I say to you that your wings already exist, that your freedom is at hand. The skies are opened. Who among you would be ignorant of the Truth purposely? No, you are courageous people who love Truth as it, indeed, is Life, Love, Truth, and its great freedom as you loosen the chains of human existence, one by one.


Surely it is by His power that you exist now. Dare to depend on that same energy, that same source of which you are. Life is short and your lives are the gems that our Father refines through this harsh existence. Allow then His tools to cut through the sand in which you are all enveloped and understand even though human adversity, pain and suffering deeply engulf your souls briefly, have courage to trust that He is creating a masterpiece in your soul. Human existence is hard, even brutal and disgusting at times, but is not in vain. Know this. Children, know always that His sustaining Love reaches into every darkened corner that you allow it to. Allow His energy, His love and understanding mercy into yourselves that you may know Him. Alleviate your suffering. Allow Him the freedom within your hearts to heal, to alter, to make right old wrongs, to ease old troubles and to erase old habitual fears. Allow Him to remake your soul, even so that it be perfect.


Remember His love is not too weak nor too far away, rather is His love strong, constant and familiar. Walk into His arms that He may breathe new hope into your soul and Love into your heart. Allow Him to erase the furrow in your brows, ease your troubled spirits and, along the way, your burdens, for you are truly His children. He waits to hold you and give you His wealth, even beyond your comprehension, eternally.




October 24, 1993


Greetings, I am Ham and I am your teacher and always your friend. Your entire lives, including today, have been complicated by the attention that is unduly focused on trivial and inconsequential things that take energy and yet are nothing but ashes that you continue to burn out of frustration or inner anguish that re-stirs old cinders, availing nothing. When you feel the need to burn something use this individual flame in order to consume something new. Try to focus energy when possible onto newness of some kind. Push yourself out into some new realm and experience, savor something new. Feel your lives expanding instead of contracting and extend yourselves into new areas, even if it is only an act of taking a walk or a drive into another neighborhood. These days of human life are only to last a short while. Use your time in order to grow into the unexplored areas of being. Allow yourselves freedom from self, especially as your self can calcify, or tend to restrict growth.


Sometimes, like a plant grown root bound in too small a pot, you need to break out of this restriction, and though it may be shocking at first, surely you are destined to accustom yourself to larger surroundings where there is freedom for growth. You see, there are several levels of being and sometimes humans decide that they are content at a certain level and consciously attempt to remain there even though they are outgrowing this restricted level. Yes, it takes courage to ascend into another new and unfamiliar level of existence, one that entails personal risk and personality extension for you to truly function in. You may try to restrict yourself in this new level for awhile, but eventually you must concede to explore beyond that corner. Certainly as you do so, you will discover things that you had consciously denied yourself before and you find that you are actually increasingly more comfortable in an expanded condition than you were in a restricted condition. Usually as human beings expand their inner potential into outward realms of happiness, contentment, peace and tranquility increase as they stop being their own jailers and become free sons and daughters of the living God. As His living light enters your souls an warms the inner coldness again, as you drink from the living waters of life and grow comfortably and peacefully within your expanded realm of being, then do you begin to see His work within yourselves, you begin to understand that He is continually creating you anew and fresh. Clean, healthy, tender new shoots take the place of those old, dying outer leaves. As you continue to grow and become as He increasingly fashions you, you know that in fact you are Him, as though your tiny drop of ocean reflects the contents of the sea. Your inner harmony begins to tune itself to the harmony of the universe and love radiates from your continuous, harmonious being, you are connecting yourself as a unique and vital aspect or part of the greater body of the Supreme being. Don't you want to become a vital living extension of truth, liberty and enlightenment? Don't you want to be a part of greater reality? Isn't it time that you decided one and for all to lay down your selfish pleasures and commit yourselves into His hands?


                                 * * * * *


                          GROUP NEWS


While there is no specific news to report about the groups this month, there is much that many individuals are doing and much growth that is taking place within the many groups. We thank each of you for your efforts for by them we all benefit. As you find time to share your experiences, many are waiting to hear from you for in this way we all grow and learn.


                                 * * * * *


                  OF SPECIAL INTEREST


KAILUA-KONA, HI - Congratulations Sonny Schneider!!! An advance copy of the first issue of the PARADISE NETWORKER arrived today from Sonny. A fine job!!! Many credits to Dennis Shields for the graphics! For those of you who have not yet received your copy, be patient (that word again!) I have talked with Sonny and he is sending it to all of you. It will be arriving soon (soon by Urantia time). We give thanks to Sonny for this wonderful addition to our networking activities.


                                 * * * * *


                         NEWS UPDATE


The home of Duane Faw was burned in the fires that raged through Malibu. We give thanks that no harm came to you and your family and offer our prayers for each of you at this time of loss.


For those of you who may not know, Duane Faw is the one who put together the PARAMONY A parallel of Harmony of The Urantia Book and The Bible, a book that is a cross-reference between the Urantia Book and the Bible. We thank you for your efforts to give us the gift of producing this book and sincerely hope that all your good works will return to you tenfold at this time of difficulty for you.


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1993 T/R CONFERENCE - Bob Devine has been busy gathering information to help make this proposed conference a reality for us. Enclosed is a copy of the letter that many of you may have received. I understand he mailed copies to all the groups for whom he had addresses. Another copy is enclosed with this newsletter in an effort to see that all have a chance to share their input with Bob. Please complete this form, make copies for anyone else you know who may be interested, and see that they are returned to Bob BY DECEMBER 10, 1993 along with any comments of suggestions you may have.


Bob received the following message from Machiventa as he was stuffing these letters and has sent it to be shared with all of you.




                       * MACHIVENTA *


There is something we would like to tell you today about your planning to bring forth this gathering. We hold the understanding that there is a sort of nervous feel for gathering in the atmosphere of this movement. Realize that if you gather in friendship and love to share in the Father's love then you will need not worry as to the ramifications of this gathering. It will no doubt be a blessing and an outgrowth of love and connectedness in your life.


Feel this can be said to those you would send to, because it is necessary to relieve concerns of some as to the accomplishing this gathering would hold.


We want you to gather, and if you choose to do so there is much that can come forth from this togetherness. In your outreach toward each other you will unify your hearts to a more concrete avenue of purpose, while still pursuing your individual efforts towards enlightenment for all. This is the effort of light that should bring you all together.


In a feeling of belonging to a greater whole you will take less concern in fulfilling your own purpose of love from your Father's guidance to you. This is the connecting of the tree to the fruit. So many different branches going in many different directions, but all still belonging to the whole of the tree. Come together and feel a part of each other. I am Machiventa. I hold you all before our Sovereign Michael with love.




Bob has also included the following information on this subject:


"Byron Belitsos said there would be Fellowship meetings in Oklahoma City between July 3-10. I forgot to include it in my letter and I ran out of room. So if you could include a statement in the newsletter that people interested in going to these meetings, the triennial delegates assembly, Scientific Symposium, general council meetings, and study sessions, might think about Fayetteville, AR, which is about a four hour drive away."


He reports that there was some concern about clashing with the Fellowship. Thus, it seemed it might be wise not to hold this Conference at the same time, thus the dates of June 22-26 have been projected as possible dates.


Bob can be reached at the following address and phone number:


Bob Devine


We thank you, Bob, for all your efforts and hope that each one will take the time to respond with the requested information and any other suggestions or ideas.


                                 * * * * *




Allenus - Teacher, Nashville, TN


Dawlia - Social Architect, Nashville, TN


Ian - Teacher, Nashville, TN


                                 * * * * *


                   NETWORK INQUIRIES


Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!


*Wanted - information on groups, contacts and activities outside the U.S.


*Your thoughts and observations about the teaching mission


*Teachings that focus on healing


*Information on contacts with Midwayers, Life Carriers, Trinity Teacher Sons, Brilliant Evening Stars, Michael, the Melchizedeks, Most High Observers and any other order of beings


*Information on the meaning of colors


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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with.



Allene Vick


"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.