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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

October 1993 (Vol. l, No.8)





I thank all of you for your contributions to make this network of value to all of us. It is at this time that I would like to share a little of how this process seems to work. When I began, I had no idea of how it would evolve, only the faith that it would as Michael said it would. With any new endeavor there was concern as to how it would evolve and the insecurities that come with setting out on a new adventure into an unknown area. With time I have come to relax, let go of my ideas and let it happen as it will. There have been times when I thought I knew what would appear in the next newsletter only to find that when I set out to do it, I drew a complete blank. This was followed a few days later by a "sudden" coming together of information from you and an inner sense of what was to be done. You and the teachers have supplied the information and guidance along the way. I see it as a joint effort - celestial and mortal - in which I simply try to get out of the way and facilitate a network of sharing.


I recognize the wide margin for errors that can and will occur with the best of intentions. I would like to thank you for the kind, loving words of support coming from all of you. It makes me a little uncomfortable only hearing positive comments for as we grow as individuals, groups and collectively, there will be differences of opinion and interpretation. I, for one, welcome ALL of your comments for if we can begin to open up a more honest dialogue with each other in a loving way, respectful of the differences and sincerity of each person, we will all grow. And is this not what this is all about? Learning to express and share our diversity and uniqueness in a loving atmosphere of spiritual unity. After all, the view may look different depending on your seat, but we are all on the same trip heading towards the same destination. Why not share our views with those who are looking out of different windows? One might think we are passing over water, while another may only see land. Each may be right in his or her observations, but together we might get a better idea of where we are.


So, let's hear your views!


Here are some of my thoughts on what I have called "cross-grouping." (Anyone have a better term???) For example, in this issue we have words of Tarkas, the Cincinnati group teacher, coming from a group in northern California. In the June issue, Thea Hardy let us know that in one sitting she heard from Will, LinnEl, Rayson, Welmek, Aflana and LorEl. At times Jared, LinnEl, Welmek and Anelia have suddenly appeared to share words with me. It seems to me that this may have several implications. It shows the connected efforts of the teachers. It means that if one person is interested in the teachings of another group or individual, they can address that teacher for further guidance. As the link- ups between the groups increase through this, the bonding and connectedness between the groups increases. As this happens and the groups become more encircuited, it seems there would be less chance for groups to move towards a fanatical or misguided approach. What are your thoughts on this and/or other things you see happening in the Teaching Mission?


In our moments of quietness with the Father, may we come to know of His love for us and receive His blessings as we strive to do His will.


Allene Vick


                                * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


Thanks to those who have taken the time to write of your experiences and perspectives. They have been much appreciated and helpful judging by the comments that have been received.


DALLAS, TX - Sharon Summers has more thoughts to add to the discussion of issues that come up in the TR groups.




"I would like to share some thoughts regarding the issue of TR support which has been discussed in the last two issues. I was the sole transmitter for Anastacia and Ordon in the Dallas group from the first week in February to approximately the first week in May. It was very interesting for me to read the letters and insights from other TR's and group members because, not surprisingly, we experienced some of the same situations (problems?). I have since come to believe that most of the problems and difficulties we have experienced have been the result of judging another and forming an opinion based on emotion or personal experience unrelated to the incident.



"The URANTIA Book tells us that 'Experience is inseparable from a living existence; it is the one thing which no amount of divine endowment can absolve you from the necessity of securing by actual living.' (Ed- Actual living is italicized in the text.) (1195:D). Suddenly we are involved in a process that not only provides no previous experience to base our understanding on...the very manner of presentation itself is mind-boggling and strange to just about everyone involved (including the TR!).


"It's easy to watch T.V. or read the paper and see the mess we have created on this planet. I honestly believe that just maybe - if we are willing to be honest, look at our behavior and learn from our mistakes - we are being presented with the opportunity to learn firsthand how detrimental judgement, intolerance and criticism can be. And to me, the most creative part of this whole 'lesson' is that we are the ones suffering from our spirit poisons! All the fine words and 'lessons' cannot teach like actual experience. Hopefully our long-suffering, loving teachers are beginning to see some lights going on in our little minds when it finally dawns on us that when we hurt our brothers and sisters in the spirit, we hurt ourselves.

"Many more people are now experiencing the phenomenon of receiving spiritual guidance. As more and more of us experience the unique awareness and work through the frustrations and uncertainties, we will be able to relate and support each other. But for those who perhaps feel like they are on the outside, looking in, I can only pray that they will find it in their hearts and minds to be loving and supportive of everyone in their group. If we cannot learn to work together in God's love in our small, spirit led groups...how can we ever expect the rest of the world to find harmony?


"In our group we had some difficulty because we had based our 'expectations' of what a teacher said and how they acted on transcripts from other groups. We had a hard time with this one, because our teachers refused to follow our 'expected' format. They did more to "stir us up' than calm us down. More to 'make us think' than to give us answers. More to 'push us to figure it out for ourselves than present a plan. I personally think our group was a real 'experiential' unit (another way of saying guinea pigs) and yet, as a result, we feel that we have grown and shared and loved and disagreed and analyzed...and are coming out winners for it!


"I know that I have gained more in the way of personal and spiritual growth than I could have ever hoped for. I can say in no uncertain terms that I have been through some excruciating pain and some pretty frustrating experiences in the past 8 months...and I wouldn't change a minute of it! Talk about acceleration. Opening myself and being willing to transmit has pushed my trust level to a new high and provided me with personal experience of the most loving, caring, gentle, wise, unselfish, God motivated 'beings' I could ever hope to know. They truly teach by doing and being...by setting an example all of us can aspire to.


"Without exception each and every member of our group has changed for the better. We are more open; more willing to listen and less hasty to judge; we are beginning to really look at how damaging our 'ego' can be in our spiritual growth; we have created a safe place where we can share our fears and hopes and dreams without ridicule or censor; we are truly beginning to understand that 'real religion leads to increased social service.' I could go on and on, but I believe that everyone reading this letter will readily insert their own truth.


"More than anything else, I believe that we have all experienced God on a higher, deeper, richer, more intense and personal level than ever before in our lives. God LIVES in me now - every minute of every day. I know His love, I know His joy, I know His peace. My life and my world has expanded to encompass every human being on this planet as a sister or brother in the truest sense. Has it been worth it? A resounding YES!


"Thank you for being willing to put the time and effort into creating the T/R NEWS NETWORK. Everyone who contributes in whatever way enable us to share and grow in God's love. Please put my name on your mailing list. You are doing an excellent job.


"In God's Love.......


Sharon Summers


"P.S. In case you are wondering...I am moving to Austin (tomorrow)! At this time there are at least 5 people who can and do transmit on any given evening...and just about everyone else in the group is receiving communication from a personal teacher...or still trying! Yes, we have learned that no one is chosen over anyone else.


"P.S.S. I realize this letter is a little 'choppy' but I am supposed to be packing my clothes right now and feel pressed for time. Please feel free to use all or part of the comments as you see fit. Thanks!"


We thank you for taking time to share your experiences at such a busy time for you. Your letter has been printed in its entirety. We all wish you much happiness as you settle into your new home and new location. Congratulations to you and the Dallas group for your ability to grow together beyond all the initial difficulties. May you be a beacon of light to offer support and encouragement for all groups to persevere as the growth thus attained will be of value and meaning far beyond the effort extended and the discomfort experienced.


                                * * * * *




ELECTRONIC NETWORKS - Michael Million will have information for us in the next newsletter on Granite Cities BBS, TogetherNet and ICG (Institute for Global Connections) for those of you who are interested in ways in which to can access the "Urantial" and the electronic archive at Washington University. If you want this information sooner, you can contact Michael Million.


The "wuarchive' files are now listed in lower case!! An up-dated listing is included with this newsletter for you to keep with your computer information. Some new files have been added.


Michael would like to correct the DataLine number for the Brotherhood Of Man Library run by Tim Young and George Sammis that appeared on the goldenrod colored sheet included in the April 1993 issue of the T/R News Network and sends his apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. It should read: BOML DataLine: (319) 263-6790, P.O. Box 11, Muscatine, IA 52761. Please make this correction on your copy.


We thank you, Michael, for all your efforts to keep us posted with info on the electronic networks and the assistance you offer to all who are new to all of these possibilities and need help in learning and accessing what is available. We look forward to passing on your latest information next month.


                                * * * * *


                THE WORDS OF MICHAEL


SPOKANE, WA - This message is taken from MESSAGES OF MICHAEL OF NEBADON contributed by Ben (spiritual name). The first messages were printed in the July T/R News Network along with the information for requesting a copy of MESSAGES OF MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

                     * * * MICHAEL * * *


March 31, 1993


                      YOU ARE WORTHY


You are worthy, short-comings are a part of you. Your nature in the way that you were created, you are in a sense the way you are. We created you and your short-comings are an intricate part of you. Realize that you learn from your short-comings. Your ability to learn from your short-comings has brought you to this point in your life. Know that without your short-comings you would be almost all exactly alike. We create all beings in a general manner with the possibility of different personalities. The feelings that you have inside of you are what makes you special and each being has different feelings than the others. You will understand when you have received the experience of life which you must gain through experience only. Yours is to learn, experience life, test it.


Learning from life's mistakes and your short-comings can benefit you only if you learn to benefit from them.


Know that you are living life as you should, even though you might not understand at all times. I will lead you, know that the leading will guide you inward in the pursuit of truth and your travels will bring you experience in all phases of life. Yours is a life which should have purposeful meaning. I will bring you from darkness to light as you gain insight in all areas of your life. Hold true to my words, these are truth.


Learn as you go through life. Your life will be a life full of experience, your life will always be a learning experience, in that you can attain all matter of feelings through experiential life. Know that you must attain knowledge by experience, feelings by experience, learning by experience and life by experience. Feel that you must grow in all areas of life through experience. Knowledge quest is life's quest, experience quest is life's reward, learn from experience. Know that experience is a must for attaining a future for spiritual survival.


Know that all things in life are experiential, in that you gain knowledge from what happens to you in your life span, now and always. Understand that your life is not unique and that life does bring you different situations and causes different reactions from you. Learn from these situations of life. Receive this as truth in your heart, you must believe this to be true.


Know that as you travel in your life all things will become clearer, in that you shall see clearly and have a better perception of things and you will know and understand what I am saying to you to be the truth. Know that it will happen, my words will not pass away.


You will receive more instructions for learning. Trust in what you are being taught. Your understanding is limited and your perception of this will become clearer as you progress on. Open your heart and all things will become clear, all matters will eventually become clear. Perception, your understanding, will lead you in your will quest for the Father.


Be sure to have patience, matters of life must persist, but they will be overcome someday. Know that it will happen, trust my words, even though you find it hard at times, persevere and the outcome will raise you to unbelievable heights in your understanding of life.


Feel that you are succeeding as you grow in life. All things will be coming your way and your desires will have success. Life will and can bring you rewards, material and spiritual.


You must receive with an open mind these teachings, trust is a large part of our teaching. Know that you can and will partake of these teachings. Yours is again to learn so others may learn. You will be instructed on how you are to teach and what you are to teach. Listen to what you heart tells you and follow its leading and you will come to grasp knowledge which will help guide you. You will teach with such conviction of truth that many will come to hear and begin to understand. Yours will be teachings that stimulate spiritual awakening, in that others will find courage to come forth in their search. Meaning will be given, hope will be given and understanding will become clear to many who search out. They will find truth in your words. Yours will be such a leading that all who will come forth will soon be led in the spiritual direction of our Father. Many who would and could be lost will find the light of truth in your words. Know that such teachings are favored universally and are used for spiritual attainment through out the whole local universe. My guidance will help you. Feel that the knowledge in your teachings is of spiritual value to others. Leading them to what will be such a spiritual learning that they will not falter once they hear and receive these teachings which I have given you. Such teachings are proper for advancement spiritual enlightenment and better understanding of spiritual nature of things.


Know that you have to learn at all times, even if you should feel unworthy. Never let your personal feelings interrupt your learning. It is critical that you learn so much in such a short period of time. You have been chosen for teaching purposes and you must start what is expected of you. Know that you will learn all that you are required to learn. Yours will be a special learning, it is from your heart and you will teach from your heart with feelings of great love for the Father. You will teach love and truth and others will come forward and begin to strive in their existence to become followers of the leading of the Spirit which dwells within them and beckons them on for eternity.


Understand that there lies a great responsibility in what you do. Be at your best at all times.


You should always have communication of prayer each day. Understand that you should pray and communicate even if you feel that you are not worthy of communications. Yours is to communicate at all times. Know that you should always keep in prayer touch with the father. He knows all things that happen in your life. Believe this to be true. It is your responsibility to do what is required of you in prayer matters of the heart, for the Father loves you and wishes to hear from you always. Your choice not to communicate in prayer is of your own choosing, but understand that you are losing your right to communicate with the Father, who only wishes you to return love from your heart, which he desires of you. Always, no matter what, communicate in prayer to the Fathers. Never lapse in doing this. Understand you must grow in love and understanding of the father. How will you know him if you continue to cease communication or break from your communications? Time for you is precious and loosing time with our Father is time lost in love communication between you. Know that it has value for you, the time spent with the Father.


I will tell you once again, yours is a teaching mission of renowned purpose. You will guide others, others who are spiritually lost because of spiritual poverty that exists on the world of today. Again be at your best always. Understand that your conviction cannot be taken lightly. You will not fail in doing what is required of you. Know that I will help you my children and will guide you.


Peace be with you, peace in your heart, and peace be in your soul.


                                * * * * *




Received from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous and whose wishes will be respected.


               * TRINITY TEACHER SON *




Tonight I would give you a message to deliver forth.


I come to bring you a ministering effort of conceptualization for your offering, so that you can give a major shift in view towards growth.


I can say that you have never truly given your all in this effort for you have not seen that which keeps you back. You can sit to understand from afar, but it is not the only way you can see the truth. It is the way that you would view me. I am a Son of truth as so is Michael. I would bring this mission truly forward if you can set your time to listen.


I want to bring this into the forefront. I am interested in starting a major developing of attitudes for the broad based teaching that will occur in the future time. I know you would have your view as a loose knit organization of believers, but take the step to realize that you can have a more definite advantage in growth when you see a more precise pattern of learning develop. I would for you to do this.


Take this idea forward. I know you have a sense of disbelief about this, but it is most true to my purpose.




I am a Trinity Teacher Son. I come in the name of God for all. I send greetings and salutations.


I bring many friends who are interested in developing an outreach program. I would look to you to send this message forth.


I am to be involved in starting a teaching program for individuals who are willing to move into an intensive learning process for the capabilities of becoming teachers of the light of truth. This order of apostleship for this teaching mission will not be done as an aside from Michael's realm. He is the Sovereign of this universe, as well as the Prince of this planet. He gives much for this effort and we shall work combined in bringing this forward.


For some time now we have been engaged in an effort of deliverance to bring suited individuals together to belong to a unified outreach. This is progressing very nicely in the viewpoint of all concerned in bringing this together. Machiventa Melchizedek has gladly spent a considerable amount of time in delivering the efforts of this mission. He will continue. This new upstep of learning will be with his insight and skill, as well. Many have spoken of the Melchizedek training schools. I tell you now that they are in operation throughout this world.


A staff of Teacher Sons will carry forth and begin in the enhanced process of understanding within the ministry in a sincere manner. It is felt that the efforts given now can be increased proportionally with the efforts of the Daynal Sonship.


To feel that you are incapable of deserving or belonging to this effort is useless, for I will tell all now from the beginning, that anyone, anyone who is willing, may come and be a part. It is the way of God. No one is excluded. This is a broad based outreach designed to bring the maximum exposure to the most.


So in the willingness, we will begin our efforts with you. This is not to be taken lightly, for if you believe, then we will come.


We will not overstep the controlled efforts that the individual ascending teachers have begun. We will work in association with them. Not always personally will we be involved, for much input will come through them.


Names can be offered, but truly this is not the focal point of our outreach. A considerable amount of time has been spent in the curiousness of this outreach in the early times, and more will occur as new groups begin. It is unavoidable in the early stages and not entirely without merit, for this curiosity brings many to understand with wonder again. Yet, let this move forward to an increased awareness of teaching input.


We take much satisfaction in knowing the efforts have taken a positive direction since the initiation of this ministry, and we ask that each individual student continue to take their learning seriously. Place the burdens aside, for the time coming ahead will bring much for joy and enlightenment.


Are you ready to learn more? This is the question to be asking of yourself. We will be looking to your answers.


In the name of my Father I will take leave of you this evening. I appreciate your consideration of time. Take heart that you are willing, because this will always manifest enlightenment.



NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GROUP - From this group comes a lesson from Tarkas, a teacher who is fused in light and life.


                            * TARKAS *


A lesson of faith from Tarkas:                6/02/93


We have a short lesson tonight. Our lesson is on faith. What does the commitment of faith mean for you? Ponder this. Faith rings like a silent bell in your heart. It resonates with vibrations of the Father's love. Faith is never an unconscious effort. It requires conscious attention to the perception of all you understand, coupled with your trust that the design of events is woven with a greater beauty than your earthly perceptions can comprehend. Faith efforts are those which bear your creator's mark. They are the motivation of the Thought Adjuster coupled with your free-will heart's desire. How often do you truly reach out to the experiences of life with this "Hallmark of the Father" as your guiding light? Realize that such efforts ennoble your character greatly. This lesson is complete.




NORTHERN CALIFORNIA TR - From this transmitter comes a wonderful lesson from Olfana. We thank you for this lesson will give us much to ponder and think on.


                            * OLFANA *


Olfana's Lesson: "The Rock in the Water" 9/10/93


T: The first question I have is regarding my background in Christian Science. I'm having trouble understanding what I perceive to be a contradictory emphasis in books like Keys to the Scriptures and A Course in Miracles with books like the Urantia Book. On the one hand, Christian Science and ACIM seem to emphasize to me a very high level of understanding of a spiritual world, and seem to denounce the reality of a materialistic world. Yet books like Kryon's book and the UB seem to indulge in endless speculation about energy forces and material forces. The involvement that S. has with healing energies, including her involvement with the flower essences and the gem elixirs, imply these are crucial to her background in spiritual evolution and her understanding of healing. Can you clarify some of this for me?


OLFANA: You touch upon issues of great importance. We understand your confusion regarding these many questions. Let us digress for a moment. Can you allow the use of symbolism, symbolic images, to help you, perhaps, to comprehend?


T: If you think these symbolic images will help, yes.


OLFANA: If you place a rock in water, is it not true that your perception of the rock can change when you view it, looking downward into the water? And then shift, and perceive the rock from, let us say, the side of a container that holds this rock and water. Also, if you placed your face into the water, would you again see the rock from a slightly changed perception? Do you understand the image we create here?


T: Yes, I've experienced those different perceptions a number of times.


OLFANA: Then please hold this image in your mind as we proceed to discuss concepts of the body. The physical, bio-chemical mechanism, or instrument, you are housed in, is now, indeed, like the rock of material substance. Yet, your perception of this body you inhabit can change depending upon your perspective. Sometimes you feel you are the rock in the water. Yet this is only one perspective. When you look from outside the cylinder, through the water, does not the rock appear magnified, greater than its original image?


T: Yes.


OLFANA: Your consciousness is not only connected to this physical being. Much of your perceptions of your consciousness as limited to this body is illusory. Just as the rock appearing magnified is an illusion of light waves affected by the water. Lessons learned from the perspective of being in the body are a necessary part of your experience in this lifetime. However, you are indeed, so much more than what the body appears to limit you to, that teachings such as the Course, or the doctrines of Christian Science, encourage you to expand your perceptions past these body limitations. True essence of the rock is not modified by these perceptual changes caused by different viewpoints of it. Just so, your being is not limited by body perceptions. Higher truths surrounding the complete make-up of your being are not fully understood or widely taught on your planet. I might say, you have seen the rock from many different angles in this cylinder of water. But, thus far, you have not reached in, and pulled out the rock, in order to gaze upon it, alone. The water surrounding this rock is representative of the many illusions or beliefs that exist in your philosophical doctrines. ACIM encourages you, as does the work of Mary Baker Eddy, to see that these illusions can be penetrated, and through inspiration, a clearer perspective-perception of the true entity that you are, can be discovered. However, doctrinaire interpretations that the body has no existence on the physical plane are also incorrectly stated-perceived. You cannot deny that one is seeing an aspect of the rock, even when viewed through water. Just so, seeing the body as a physical entity has some accuracy. Adjustments to the vibrational manifestation of your entity can and indeed take place. And physical imbalances do occur. These teachings of such matters as flower essences, energy transmission, and adjustments are appropriate to one level of perception of your being. You are not removed from the water yet! Therefore, within the boundaries of this perception, the body needs to be dealt with. Indeed, the time comes when you are truly released from any limiting perceptions of your being as connected to a physical manifestation. But, it is the ideal which is striven for in ACIM or the Christian Science teachings. Those who can release themselves from illusions of body boundaries can indeed create new perceptions of themselves -- healed perceptions of themselves. but most mortals need to begin their comprehension of themselves at a level much more connected to the physical world. In the Course, Jesus says, "If taking a pill allows you to feel less anxious, then, by all means, take this pill." There is much truth in this teaching. It encourages you to see that leaving behind your illusions of the body is a process that builds toward a final moment of clarity. Just as one realizes by shifting positions and observing the rock, that these changing perceptions of the rock in the water are more the result of the water, than the rock. That moment of clarity liberates you to reach in and remove the rock from the water, to see it free of the substance which clouded your true perception of it. Just so, your release from illusions surrounding the body will come at the point you choose to remove your perceptions of your being from the body which seems to contain it. We hope our attempt to elucidate your concerns regarding these issues has been helpful. We thank you for your patient attention.

                                    * * *


TALLAHASSEE, FL - From Vincent come words of Will, a teacher that many have grown to love by reading her teachings. As you read this, many of you will recognize similar words of your teachers regarding how pleased the teachers are with the progress they see. Does "much afoot" have a familiar ring to some of you???


                               * WILL *


Tallahassee, FL  June 27, 1993


The love of the Father surrounds us. The love of the Father enfolds us Wherever we are He is.


Good Evening. I am you teacher, Will, who loves you.


There is a songbird singing, yet many do not hear him. Still he sings proclaiming his song to those who would hear. Many long to hear this song yet do not put aside time. The song still is there. There is a difference between wanting to hear this song and actually acting upon that wish.


In your world you see many things you want to have changed but feel that there is nothing that you can do. There are steps that can be taken, plans that can be formed, and yet so few choose to do so. It is easier to recognize the need for the change than to recognize your ability to help change it. The collective will of mankind can exert a tremendous amount of assistance in this matter. The strength that each of you possess, when joined with others, has a much stronger impact than if you act alone. Remember this. Reach out to your fellow man for help when you need it. By strengthening and uplifting another, you are also strengthened and uplifted. There are many small steps that can be taken to start the ball rolling.


Sometimes you feel it necessary to stand alone. Remember that you are never truly alone. The Father is always with you and He is ready and willing to help. There is more strength in Him for you to draw upon than you can imagine. The Father knows each one of you and loves you. He is there for you always. Take strength from this. Know it and dwell on it. And you will be helped.


There is a new one among us tonight and I would welcome her. We are always pleased to have visitors.


There is much afoot lately. We see great progress being made on the planet. We have been encouraged. You have all progressed so far in such a short amount of time. We are pleased beyond our expectations. This is a time of great excitement and great spiritual progress. You will witness many things. Some greater than others. Others on a quieter scale. But all showing progress towards a more enlightened world. This is not to say that there will not be times of trial ahead. Many will fear the changes being made. many will simply try to hide and let their fears control them. We are here to help you move beyond your fears. To know the Father as the loving Father that He is. Have faith. Stand firm n your knowledge of Him. There is much work to be done. We are asking for your assistance. We are well pleased with the reports we hear each week from this group. It is apparent to us that you are all trying and succeeding in your attempts to do the Father's will. You are to be commended. That should be as pleasing to you as it is to us.




POCATELLO, ID - Daniel has much to say (too much to include here) on the "I AM" and The First Source and Center. We thank Daniel and those in the group for their thoughtful discussion with and questions to Daniel on this subject. You may want to contact Bill Kelly and request these transcripts for your own enlightenment. Here are several excerpts of Daniel's teachings from recent transcripts on other subjects.


                             * DANIEL *




Part of the experience of working through transmitter/receivers is when concepts are brought up and the TR is open and willing, then the teachers are able to utilize the experiences, knowledge, mindset, patterning, and memory patterns of the TR. And as _____ was working this week to understand the I AM, during her time with this many of her past readings came into light for myself. And from her memory banks I will share this for you.


There is a story on this earth about a soul who has gone to heaven or to the outside gates of heaven. And in going there a voice from the inside says, "Who are you?" And the soul says, "It is I." And the voice inside says, "Go back. Come back another time." And so the soul goes back. And again, at the later time the soul comes back. And the voice says, "Who are you?" And the inner voice of the soul says, "It is I." Again, the voice from the inside says, "Go back, study and come back at a much later time." Sadly the soul departs. And after a very long time, again, the soul approaches. And when the inner voice says, "Who are you? the soul says, "I am you."




It is the hope of this Teaching Mission that through these types of meetings of small groups we can give you a basis for growing and wishing to fulfill that potential you are capable of. However, there are many, many lessons given daily in many different forms around the whole world and these lessons hold much truth, just as the lessons presented by the teachers in this mission. But lessons are only lessons and hold no meaning unless there is within each individual the desire to create what that lesson has brought forth through action.


The Teaching Mission can only go, produce, and do as far as the will of those involved. As you grow and progress and become of Godmindedness so do you put out into the world change. The Teaching Mission is but one aspect of many global changes, many global activities that are in the works, as you would call it, to yes, indeed, bring about more awakening of this planet so long in darkness. Truly, because of circuitry being opened, is there being given to this planet greater help, that through this help the work of the Indwelling Spirit can be given more emphasis. By that I mean, through help being given by many celestial beings that have been brought here is there being given a change of thought and of patterning. And through this, then the Indwelling Spirit is able to make that communication with the individual. And it is through the individual that change will come. It would be wonderful to think that grand change could come about by the masses. But as with all things, a mass choice is not an individual choice. God's will is that you, each as individuals, make that choice. As you make the choice so do you change. As you change so do you bring about change. Indeed, the Kingdom is within. As you take the time to seek that inner Kingdom, so your commitment changes. And so shall you know the road to follow. And at that point do the teachings of Christ Michael become real for you. And at that point are you able to follow with greater desire, sincerity, confidence and love.


I will take my leave this evening asking that each of you take the time this week to ascertain the direction you are going and to take a few minutes to ask the Creator Son, Christ Michael to help you in increasing your faith and increasing your commitment; that through this commitment you are able to say willingly, "Yes, I am an apostle. I am willing to follow. I am willing to lead. I am willing to serve."




Q:...We had talked about the personal potential that we can achieve as mortals in this sphere. A statement that I have heard or read is, "An individual in this mortal life, moving into Light and Life." I don't quite understand that, without the whole planet being a little closer to Light and Life. We have been told that we are at some distance in time before this planet will achieve Light and Life. Can you explain to me or help me in understanding how an individual at this time can do this?


                             * DANIEL *


Certainly. You see, all of the mortals on this plane are from the First Source and Center, are embraced and loved by God with no discrimination toward one or another. but because of varying life experiences, varying cultural differences and varying levels of intelligence, genetic background, etc., there are many, many types of individuals. No two are ever alike. And no two ever walk the path to the First Source and Center on the same road. Each is different. And because each is different, each opens up to the Spirit of the Father/Mother in different degrees. As each opens up,as each receives, as each believes and as that belief becomes part of their total being, not just a belief system but a working, living system; as that transpires for individuals, so, too, do they grow more and more toward the light and become more and more enshrouded and part of that light. This is what is meant by "moving into light and life"; being able to transcend the material, to be able to realize that even though you are dual in nature that it is not the material or temporal that is important but rather that which is fed and nourished for the soul. When your light begins to reflect these values, then, indeed, are you becoming light, are you becoming a light for others, are you becoming more in what would be termed morontial status. And so, indeed, is there hope for greatness on a planetary scale when more are coming into light and life. But you see, in order for that movement to develop and embrace the masses it must begin with the individual. As each individual grows and changes that produces change in the outer. And so there must be many individuals that come into light and life before it can be embraced by all.


... the learning that will continue throughout all of your ascent and even as you reach that of the spiritual realm will be learning on different levels; learning how to interact, how to administer, how to help those who are not of understanding of the nature of the First Source and Center to develop that learning, to grow into that knowledge of the First Source and Center.


(What follows is in answer to a question to Daniel as to what Daniel is learning from this mission referring to an earlier comment of Daniel's)


The learning that is taking place personally for me stems from this growth of learning about the many varied avenues of being able to present a concept that it can be learned and understood by the student. This is part of the learning. The other learning stems from being able, like myself, to work with many other beings of many different levels and categories in developing and composing those relationships that help support and bring forth growth for the Supreme. Learning will always be a facet of your ascent. And learning takes place on many, many different levels, from the very mindboggling to the very minute. And so you see that which I learn from you and the many other teachers has significance for the individual as far as their experience are. Each one of the teachers in the Teaching Mission, each celestial that is a part of this mission has within their own path certain experiences. And through the contact with mortals such as yourselves, their experiences of being in contact with you are that they learn according to that which they already have come through, do you see? It is difficult to put into clear- cut terms the learning that takes place. They know that what is discovered and learned by us is part of what you will do as you plant seeds, again, for your brothers and sisters.


                                * * * * *


                          GROUP NEWS


BLOOMFIELD/LANDISBURG, PA - Paul Whitmoyer has written in with news of their group called FOCUS (Friends of Christ Urantia Students).

"The spiritual linkage is vital, informative, inspiring, behold "all things are becoming new."


"Our FOCUS group receiver is Chris Beck. This past Thursday (Sept. 2 - Ed) she "first time' received helpful information in-group- time. With group support and gratitude Chris shared timely, meaningful messages.


"Primary Teachers: Lleewena, MaxEl, Serena.


"To date we have not recorded group meetings.


"We open with quiet time, prayer as moved. Group listing of agenda concerns such as up-date information since last meeting, reading from UB with much use of Concordex.


"Our guiding FOCUS is UB 2090 Paragraph 4 "To 'follow Jesus' means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master's life of unselfish service for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of creates value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it." (What a 'right on,' timely revelation.)"


We are pleased to welcome your group to the teaching experience and know that it is a journey you started that will hold many enlightening and enriching spiritual experiences for you. May we encourage you to at least tape your celestial conversations, for if you are at all like the rest of us, much will be lost to mind to recall as so much focus is on what is happening in the present - at that moment. You will be amazed when you listen back to the conversation or read the transcripts later.


Christine Beck has sent her personal messages and spiritual writings of some years. These are quite beautiful and show the guidance she has been receiving prior to the teaching mission. We look forward to hearing more from her and sharing some of her messages.

                                * * * * *


                   OF SPECIAL INTEREST


TALES OF JOSHUA - Is a story of the life of Jesus for children written by Bob Slagle and, of course, based on the Urantia Book. As some of you know, there is the intent to keep anything of a commercial nature out of this newsletter. However, the introduction of the UB to the children of the coming generations is of very real interest to all of us. Therefore, at the request of Jesse Thompson, who is working with Bob on this, a flyer with more information on this is enclosed with this newsletter.


Bob, we all appreciate your efforts to produce this along with your other papers to help spread "the good news of the kingdom."


                                * * * * *


                          NEWS UPDATE


NASHVILLE, TN - Many of you will be delighted to learn the whereabouts of Rebecca and to know that she is again transmitting Ham.


"Dear Friends,


"As many of you know, I have moved to Nashville and on June 12, 1993 was married to a great worker in the mission, Hal Bynum, Jarad.


"Our beloved father Ham has also decided to resume teaching here to our little group. I know that he does so with an eye to all others who have loved and followed his teaching for the last two years or more. I will personally type the lessons each week and send out as many as are wanted. If there is anything that we can do to help your efforts, or if you would like to discuss transmitting or the mission in general, please don't hesitate to call. Our lives are completely dedicated to the furtherance of this mission of bringing the gospel to the world "restated" and we would love to help in any little way we can."


"God Bless You,

Peace and Love in the Master's Name

And for His Sake




"Hal and Rebecca Bynum

205 Hillsboro Station

Nashville, TN 37215



Rebecca writes that "everything is going just great. We have a wonderful life and thank the lord everyday for each other."

Know that we all are happy to learn of your joy in life and each other. We wish you both a life of health, happiness and spiritual growth as you journey through life together strengthening the bonds of your hearts and deepening your awareness by the support of one for the other through your ever growing understanding of love and service to the Father.


Thank you, Rebecca, for making Ham's lessons available for all who are interested.

                                * * * * *


                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1994 Gathering of TR's - Bob Devine reports that thus far there have been three possible locations suggested - Fayetteville, AR; Spokane, WA and Hilo, HI. If you have another suggestion, please let it be known. Bob is sending a letter out shortly to the groups. Please take the time to return the questionnaire to him promptly. We are thankful to Bob for his willingness to step forward to make this a reality for those of us who want to meet next year. You can call Bob at 509-891-6597 to let him know of your suggestions. Please note his zip code as given in the last issue is incorrect. It should be 99206.


                                * * * * *


                    PROSE AND POETRY


        Another day has dawned,

              The eternal time units continue on,

                      Searching and seeking,

                         Endeavoring to find

                    The source of its dwelling:

                          your mortal mind.


             For time exists within your thoughts

                     Even though time is not,

                 But history is the looking glass

                         To see your future,

                     You must see your past.


                        Here in the present,

                       Your unit called time,

                          Exists the bridges

                        Over which to climb

                            Into the future,

                              Into the past

                         Across a Universe

                              so very vast.

                         Til you find Father,

                             at last, at last.


                             Connie Lester




                    Paradise Gravity Circuits

                             Threads of life,

                            Weaving in time,

                          A tapestry divine,

                    A portrait of God's Mind


                             Connie Lester


Connie we thank you for sharing your beautiful inspirations with us.


RETRACTION - I have been corrected. The joke about the turtle in last month's newsletter is NOT celestial humor and NOT from the teacher, Andrew. It seems that is a joke that was circulating amongst several at the conference and it somehow became attributed to Andrew and not a mortal source. After all, does this sound like celestial humor or mortal humor? I guess the joke is on me and another lesson to "be alert, be aware and pay attention" as Aflana puts it. After the lessons we have had on mortal and celestial humor, I apologize to Andrew and to those in his group along with the teachers whose lessons have included information on the difference in humor. Congratulations to those of you who recognized the inaccuracy. Give yourself a few points for you discernment and attention.


CORRECTION - Regarding the message from Machiventa Melchizedek, I share with you David Jaquith's words as quoted from the epoch 5 Phase II newsletter No7/August 1993:


"Since no one has stepped forward to correct me, I will happily do it. The Melchizedeks are descending Sons, not ascending Sons as printed in a transcript of Machiventa's message mailed with epoch 5 (July 93). The word "ascending" is better translated as "upward looking," as he seemed to be reminding us that he Machiventa, is a child of the same universe parents that we are, and that Melchizedeks look upward for guidance and inspiration, and share our hope of attaining Paradise, even as they minister "downward." We are faith sons and daughters. We become true ascenders as we are secured in fusion."


Thanks David. I didn't catch that and I typed it, too!


                                * * * * *




Gavalia - Brilliant Evening Star

Gavantia - Associate of Brilliant Evening Star

Lleewena - Group Teacher, Bloomsfield/Landisburg, PA

MaxEl - Group Teacher, Bloomsfield/Landisburg, PA

Meldreki Melchizedek - Melchizedek, Englewwood, FL

Serena - Group Teacher, Bloomsfield/Landisburg, Pa


Connie Lester has been in contact with Gavalia and Gavantia and we hope to hear more of what they have to say.


                                * * * * *


                   NETWORK INQUIRIES


Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to year from you!


*                                                                                                    Wanted - information on groups, contacts and activities outside the U.S.

 *                                                                                                    Your thoughts and observations about the teaching mission

*                      Teachings that focus on healing 

*          Information on the meanings of colors


*          Information on contacts with Midwayers, Life Carriers, Trinity Teacher Sons, Brilliant Evening Stars, Michael, the Melchizedeks, Most High Observers and any other orders of beings.


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                              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.