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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

(Vol. 11, No. 1) June 2006


Dear Readers,

This is Monjoronson. I am boldly stepping forward to commandeer this newsletter to use as a vehicle for sharing information in the coming times. I will be working with Allene and guiding her in the selection of transcripts, articles, and information to be included in each issue and writing an article myself when it seems appropriate. Let me be clear that this is a joint effort. Allene is still the Editor. Her intellect, knowing, discernment and experience working with our Celestial Team and many of you along with her dedication has allowed her to produce the TNN, which has been a service to us and many of you for many years. Allene will continue to work in this capacity with my assistance and guidance.

I am doing this because most of the TNN readers are familiar with The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission and are dedicated to their spiritual development and being of service. It is because of your dedication, integrity and sincerity in seeking to understand more and to be of more service that we wish to be assistance to you in sharing in this newsletter as much as we can and to give you the tools for further exploration on your own.

Allene was as surprised as any of you reading this. Allene and I have had several occasions to work together and it was very pleasing to see that we work so well together. This is a major contributing factor to this decision of mine.

Allene, as some of you have heard her say, is a big proponent of hard copy, so you can carry it around with you; take time to study the material; and have it so accessible to share with others. I concur with this. We are blessed that Manu Puri has the last copy and this copy in their original format on his website now. Steps are being taken to put all the past TNN issues in their original format on Manu’s website (www.lightson.net) and eventually Ron Besser will have all the issues in their original format on the TMArchives. Now, he has all the issues available in a one column format.

TMArchives is a priceless asset that Ron Besser has created to share the transcripts with the world. As more are drawn to the words of the Teachers, more will be drawn to discovering The Urantia Book and their Cosmic Family.

I will be working with many, many groups and many, many religions around the globe in many different ways. It is a real pleasure for me to begin this work with this TM family.


Magisterial Son

* * *


Dear Readers,

I am, as Monjoronson has told you, as surprised as any of you about this event. I have said before that it is not my newsletter it is our newsletter. This latest event is a clear reminder that "our" refers to our mortal and celestial team members. I hope now that Monjoronson has stepped forward to work on "our" newsletter along with all the Celestial Team, whose transmissions are shared here and with all of you and your groups, that you, too, will come forward and share more of your experiences and questions. This is particularly important now that our teachers are helping us to understand how we can be more prepared to be of service to Monjoronson’s mission.

The ALL Settling Into Light and Life Conference in Santa Barbara in July is going to be a fabulous opportunity to gather together; share our experiences; learn from the teachers; and enjoy each other as we focus on what Settling Into Life and Light means and how we can prepare to be of service. This conference promises to be very dynamic in many ways, so I hope all of you will make plans to attend.

I just learned from the Director of the Mission that due to another large gathering arriving right after we leave, they are not accepting any reservations from anyone other than members of our group, so you have until the 15th of July to register subject to availability, of course .Celestial Intervention?

I had a most astounding opportunity to learn about and experience with Michael what he called a "transparent pattern" that was blocking my success in one area of my life. This experience gave me a real insight into the work and the importance of the work Donna D’Ingillo is doing that she calls Generational Healing. I hope that all of you will do what you can to avail yourselves of Donna’s services and support Donna in her work with your prayers and assistance. Monjoronson has made it clear to me how important it is to be at Peace and I know that it is impossible to maintain this Peace while these transparent patterns are operating in our lives.

I am most pleased to resume this newsletter and am looking forward to being able to maintain it on a regular basis.

I wish you all a wonderful summer full of love, laughter and joyful abundance.

Allene Vick


* * * * *



Northern Idaho Teaching Mission Group

May 21, 2006

Monjoronson (Mark TR): I am pleased to have this opportunity to greet you once again. I am Monjoronson here to establish familiarity with you and become closer to you in this process of sharing. You have all been noticing that the lessons are growing in depth and strength, and this is a direct result for your efforts at understanding and applying that which you are becoming familiar with into your daily lives. The statement was made earlier in your discussions: are you ready? I am here to affirm for you that you are in fact as ready as could be expected of any mortal of the realm. You have engaged in training for this pursuit for longer than you are aware of. You have heeded the call to seek, and you have found that which your heart desires. You may not have recognized that your prayers have been answered, but I will plainly affirm for you that you are in fact each one ready. This observation is made from my perspective of understanding that is required for one to ready to assume the roles and responsibility of ambassadors of the light. I see you all as having earned that which is required for you to fulfill such roles, but it is not up to anyone other than yourselves individually to make the final determination; the final consideration of readiness rests with you. We can offer lessons; we can bring you encouragement; we can foster your development, but until you come to a place of accepting your position then all the training and exercises are laying in wait pending your decision.

I ask you to consider this week this most pivotal question because very, very soon there will come a need to act as my mission – in fact, our mission – is about to proceed apace, and it will be necessary to have the involvement of all those who are ready. I put this call out to you today to consider what will it take for you to be ready to herald this new age with me. What is it your heart desires to enable you to fulfill your spiritual destinies? What is it that may be lacking that you have not embraced for you to consider yourself worthy? Are you listening to that part of you which yearns to be about the fulfillment of your spiritual destiny?

I urge you to consider these issues from a different perspective. Attempt to minimize the impact of your processing center of your thinking construct and ask yourself this question from a deeper center. Your physical being may seek to identify all your perceived limitations for you, but there is an aspect of yourself which is unlimited. Whereas you may consider in your minds that you are unable to be so grand, there is a part of you that is so grand. Consider turning over more of yourself to this unlimited and ultimately capable part of yourself. Consider this question of worthiness from the perspective of the desires of your heart. Attempt to not allow your mind to diminish your greatness. Attempt to put aside known patterns and parameters in favor of operating in faith and trust in that part of you which knows and can do anything.

This is perhaps the most challenging exercise such devoted students as yourselves may face. You have heard repeatedly these universe principles of going within, of trusting, of faith, of being that which you know, following your heart’s desire to be great, but these are principles exposed to the mind and are not yet embraced by the heart. Your minds serve you as one of the greatest tools for navigating your way through this process, but they are also limited in their capacity to understand that which they have not experienced before. Therefore sometimes your desires, your faith, and your heart, must lead they way because your mind has not experienced the path before. It is, from which seat you will function, the seat of known parameters and restrictions and definitions or the seat of faith and wonder and trust and that which may even be unknown to you?

Perhaps this week you may contemplate the distinction between these centers of operation. You will, of course, require the use of your mind in this exercise, but attempt to traverse the distance between that which the mind would have you know and that which you only attain by faith. In order to operate in the realm of faith it will be necessary for you to override the signals of the mind when you reach the limitation of experience. The only way to travel beyond that which you do not know is to reach out in faith so that you can know.

You are quite accustomed to the mind leading and the soul following. I ask you to attempt the reversal of these roles and allow your soul to reach beyond that which you mind currently understands. This is what will be required when we move into an era which is previously uncharted. Your minds will not have the experience in their database to provide you with adequate comfort zone, but there is a larger part of you which does know, which will extend in faith and reach out beyond these zones of comfort to encompass that which is currently outside but that may become contained within your zones of comfort as soon as you are exposed to them.

There is nothing for you to fear in this process of reaching and discovering that which is outside of your arena of understanding, rather it is a thrilling opportunity to expand yourselves beyond what you know yourselves to be. In this new phase of undertaking we will be confronted with the boundaries of our comfort zones as defined by our temporal understanding. Seek to distinguish when to operate from which of your centers, that you have familiarity with and is known to your processor, of that which might be outside of your known database and requires the use of your faith to achieve. This is our current challenge, and I invite you to consider from both of your centers of operation this question because it will be required of you to operate from both of your centers relative to that which is demanding of you as we proceed.

Thank you for sharing your energy signatures with me that we may become more familiar and be able to operate as needed as we foresee the demands upon us just before us. Your minds may harbor uncertainties, even doubts, about what is ahead, but there is an aspect of yourself which is eager to be about this great expansion and development of the greater part of self.

I withdraw now to allow for others. Thank you

Darid (Jonathan): It has been recorded, love your neighbor as yourself. Love, the ultimate expression of God, may be likened to a transparent luminosity, one that is itself selfless, for light is not seen, but that which it illuminates is seen. The love of God resides within you, and this being illuminated your inward parts. Fusion of soul with spirit is the removal of that distinction of filament and light. Accept your divine placement. It is from that point that all your surrounding frailties and faults are given proper context, are illuminated and seen rightly, are judged truly in the order of the will of God for your life.

This Darid and I am much pleased to be dwelling among your mind circuit. Let your light shine that all may be blessed by the love of God that dwells within you. Be as a candle lighting another candle, soul to soul.

Thank you.

Mark’s Thought Adjuster (Mark): Greetings. Once again I push my devoted associate to the brink of his comfort zone by my desire to commune with you through this process. He has identified me as "the voice", and this is because he recognizes that I am associated with the voice of higher wisdom, the voice of support for that which is the highest nature, the voice of confirmation when there is an act of trust and faith, even such as this.

My desire in today’s communion with you, each one, is to affirm your voice, to acknowledge the greatness within each one of you, and to commune directly with that voice within you. This communication transcends that which your ears may hear and your mind any process and your brain may understand. It cuts directly through to the very heart of the matter, and it allows you to know, to be of a certainty, to act in assurance. You are all partners with this voice, else you would not be here now. You have all followed the promptings and leadings of your higher self that is me, that is us. You have all acknowledged the correctness of your seeking, that is the voice of authority. You have all been prompted to act in service. That is the voice in union with you. You have all been drawn with desire for that which you knew not, that is our desire. You have all known of a certainty, when you have been exposed to universe principles, of the validity of these principles through the confirmation of the voice. When you have arrived at a deep understanding it is a union with the voice. In all these ways and so many more have you acted on impulse, on desire, on drive, on commitments, with the voice. In this way you have already functioned from your spirit center. You have chosen the leadings of the voice. You have been confirmed in your process by the voice, and now your seeking is augmented by the voice.

Will you not desire to direct more of your resources towards that aspect of yourself? It is your key to overcoming all limitations of the flesh. Would you not take this key, so freely offered, and use it to unlock the universe of treasures before you? Of course you will. You would not be here if it was not you heart’s desire to access this aspect of yourself. We may use many words to attempt to identify components of self, but in fact you already have direct experience. It is only for you to recognize and choose that enables you to wield such a potent key to your ascension. So even now I expose you through your faith, and your mind will follow. The way to lead beyond the material is through the spiritual, and then the material may follow. Accept these truths even in your mind as you know them to be so in your hearts. Free yourself from the fetters of the flesh through your active choice to function in spirit. It will be so. It shall be so. It is becoming so day by day even now in this hour. Thank you. Farewell.

* * * * *



By Monjoronson

A new event took place last year on your planet, Urantia. A new order of being was created with four individuals and your Father. This being is a composite of the attributes of the four individuals and was given his personality by our Father. He was named WAVE using the initials of the four individuals who were part of the creative process - Warren Smith, Allene Vick, Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Ellen Greenwood.

None of these individuals can tell you how this came about. They were all lead to come together. Three of them were around the table in Ellen’s home and Warren was on a speaker phone. They conversed and then silently focused all their energies in the center of the group letting them blend with the intention of establishing a unity of their energies. At different times they verbally communicated with me, Serena and others.

After several weeks, in the middle of their quiet time while their attention was focused on uniting their energies, Allene saw a baby in her mental vision and heard it crying. A baby was born! This was most surprising, but it was almost as surprising to those of us watching that they all grasped the understanding that a new entity had been born.

In the weeks that followed they could mentally see WAVE growing and developing very rapidly from a baby to a young boy to a young teen to a young man to a strong, vibrant man in his late twenties.

WAVE communicated with them when they were in the group and when they were alone. He told a little of his travels to discover the world and visit its many peoples to learn about their cultures and mores.

WAVE let them know that he would be physically with them at some point.

Others of WAVE’S order will be created. This was not intended to be a secret, but it was decided that it would be best not to disclose this event until WAVE had had some time to orient himself and prepare for his many tasks on my staff. There will be many more WAVES who will be assisting Serena and me on my staff and on Machiventa’s staff during this Correcting Time leading to Light and Life on Urantia.

One of the members of the foursome has been most impatient to disclose the creation of WAVE, so we decided to share this information in a calm and balanced way with all of you who are reading this newsletter. This event is a major event and will prove to be more important than any of you are able to comprehend at this time. This is indeed a very joyous event, but it is not to be heralded with excitement and impatience, rather with wonder and appreciation of how great our Father is and his love for you. Now is the time to exercise your trust and faith knowing that all things will unfold perfectly in Father’s time.

Each of you individually or in your groups can come to us, your MTeam as Allene calls us - Michael, Mother Spirit, Machiventa and myself or any of us individually to ask about the WAVE event or you can now ask WAVE to speak with you. We are all available and at your service.

I know there will be many questions about how you can create another of WAVE’S order. This is not something any of you can set out to do nor can we explain how this will happen. It is a matter of the right circumstances being present, but I can assure you that if this is your heart’s desire it will be so for the true desires of your heart come from Father.

I would like to point out again the importance of developing a deep relationship with your Father fragment within. Many of you think you know the desires of your heart while in fact your understanding of what is possible is so limited that this is still to be revealed to you and will grow over time. The joys of being with those of WAVE’S order who will be on my staff will so outweigh the joy of participating in the creation of siblings for WAVE that I ask you all to be patient and know that as you seek within you will be guided in the ways that you can be of service that are most pleasing to you and to Father.

I love and embrace each one of you. Go In and Be In Peace - Monjoronson

* * * * *



By Donna D’Ingillo

As I was taken into a journey into some of the problems and conditions created by the rebellion, I was shown that it was vital for my spiritual growth to entirely forgive Lucifer, Caligastia, and company for everything they did to corrupt this planet and the other ones in the system. This was not something that was easy to do and it took time for me to come to understand that it is a matter of perspective that leads to complete forgiveness of the descent into the transgression of the divine ways.

Looking at the rebellion in my own limited human viewpoint made it very difficult to even want to forgive them and yet I saw that in not forgiving them, I was keeping my own cellular functioning locked in a very rigid posture that kept the rebellion going on in my own personal way. I believe that each of us is called to forgive the rebels in a deep way - not only mentally and emotionally - but cellularly, that our bodies need to receive mass amounts of forgiveness energy (supplied by Monjoronson) in order to be fully liberated from its effects.

As I went through this process over the course of many months, I was taken into the Father’s vantage point and saw that his rebellion (in all its devastation in human terms) is allowed to occur and is built into the divine plan. I saw that this perspective that Lucifer, Caligastia, et al were bullies on the playground tormenting the children until the adults stepped in and took them all away for a long time-out. There was no judgement or anger against the rebels, but a distinct "this will not stand" attitude that summarily cleaned things up, and a love for the perpetrators so vast that I knew these children were also very much beloved by our Parents. Yet, they needed to be removed so the children on the playground could go back to their games. This helped me recognize that our Father allows anything to happen, yet the time comes when the ungodly behavior must be stopped for the good of all.

I was also shown that I must forgive them all if I was to continue my spiritual growth. I was shown that it was safe to forgive them because their negative effects in my body and mind could not be fully eliminated or cleansed without my conscious, sincere forgiveness for all of them. Even though I saw that what they did was purposefully designed to throw a monkey wrench in the divine plan unfolding here, it was my responsibility as an innocent victim of their betrayal to forgive them. When I was shown this, I felt a distinct compassion and pity for them because they had devolved into comic insanity, and that was a pitiful place for anyone to be, especially as they had fallen so far from the light. From this perspective, it was much easier and logical to forgive, and to see them as very little children who had made big mistakes. With the Father holding me close, forgiveness came easy and gracefully . . .even taking me to the point of saying, "who am I NOT to forgive them!"

From these insights/revelations it seems to me that the rebellion did several things within our mindal constructs:

1) As Caligastia was the "god" of Urantia, he made it more difficult for us to want to follow God’s will because the trust between him and our primitive ancestors had been broken. This set up information in our DNA that encoded a certain detour in wanting to do things God’s way. And this combined with the limited Adamic endowment and the fact that our races were very young in evolution has made it very difficult to do the Father’s will as this is still deeply embedded in our subconscious mind and cellular memory.

2) The rebellion left us with a legacy of fragmentation in our perspective to see reality. Whereas within the Father there is wholeness and unity, the energy of rebellion is to fragment and distort since it strays from the divine path and divine will. Fragmentation in our thinking is one of the deeply embedded thought structures and cellular memories. When we see with the Father’s eyes, we can see how everyone is a part of Spirit and our personalities are a part of the Father. In the fragmented energies of the rebellion, the tendency is to see one another as separate and to even look at the negative qualities of one another, instead of seeing the good in people. This has generated a culture of mistrust, suspicion and judgement, all falsely derived mindsets stemming from betrayal. Whereas the greater wholeness and unity of all reality allows for compassion, understanding, and tolerance to thrive, and this would have made our fraternal relations with one another easier, especially had we had more Adamic strains which unify humanity.

3) In order for these extremely deep patterns of the rebellions’s legacy to be liberated from our DNA, we must willingly, consciously, and sincerely forgive the entire rebellion and see it from our Father’s perspective. This, I believe, is one of Monjoronson’s activities here to prepare us for his materialization. We are being called to open ourselves to his mercy that affords the flow of forgiveness energy into our minds and bodies to liberate us from the legacy here, and gives our Thought Adjusters more room to minister in our minds. Only then can the fullness of the legacy be cleansed from our beings that will one day render the planet as if the rebellion had even occurred here. And that, I believe, is one of the goals of the Correcting Time.

4) Our parents allow everything to happen in the universe, and it is up to us to accept, accept, accept, and not judge what happens, no matter how bad it looks to us. There is nothing more wonderful to our Parents than to get the muck and mess of the missteps of their children and make it better - full of goodness and beauty. When we can celebrate the things that seemingly look "bad" or "negative" (as we judge them) to us, then we allow our Parents to spiritize something so that it becomes part of the Supreme Being, and this is the joy of the redemption of the rebellion on this world. We are the ones who clean up the mess of it, and when we do it in joy and love and forgiveness, then we are given every tool of Spirit to make things Father -like. And this is the biggest message I believe of the Correcting Time. To love everything that has happened here and to receive the endowment of Spirit to ease the pain and suffering in our minds and bodies for healing to occur.

We have taken on a huge task as participants in the Correcting Time. I believe we are being called now to step up to get all the residues of the rebellion cleansed from our beings. Only then will we be able to participate as fully as we desire and to be put to the best possible service use for our brothers and sisters. And then our relationships with one another in the TM will be more harmonized and love-dominated and our opportunities for service and outreach will expand.

As always, I extend an invitation for healing sessions if any one needs assistance for repatterning from the rebellion; this is the core of the service work of the Center for Christ Consciousness.


Donna D’Ingillo

Center for Christ Consciousness


* * * * *


The Center For Christ Consciousness

The Center for Christ Consciousness was born out of a desire to lead people to the Universal Father through a path of spiritual healing and education. Founded in 2002 by long-time UB reader and TM participant Donna D’Ingillo, the CCC is dedicated to helping people achieve union with their Divine Parents, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia, and to become more receptive to the leadings of their Thought Adjusters.

Donna’s work is a labor of loving service as she assists people to heal from the mental and emotional effects of the Lucifer Rebellion. The deep re-patterning of the mind from our planet’s legacy of straying from the divine plan is the core of the healing ministry of the CCC. There is a real need in the world for people to overcome the detrimental effects of the rebellion as more spiritual energy and light comes to Urantia, and the spiritual pressure is mounting for more people to step up and receive healing. The CCC is well equipped to handle this type of healing, and Donna has been trained for over 14 years as a TR and energy worker to facilitate realignment in Spirit from the effects of the rebellion.

Michael’s presence at the CCC is a compelling draw and many people are now finding the CCC through its website (www.ctrforchristcon.org). As his presence is available to all people, so is this ministry here to facilitate people’s relationship with Him and our Universe Mother. Donna gently guides people into a relationship with them that is compatible with their religious beliefs. As our Parents work through Donna during healing, the dramatic results produce positive changes in people’s lives, which bolster their faith and gives them more courage and hope to walk the spiritual path.

The CCC’s website offers a wealth of information on spiritual healing and the workings of the mind, and the terminology is palatable for the non-UB student, thus making the website attractive for many truth seekers. There also is information introducing the Divine Parents to people unfamiliar with the Urantia teachings as well as on planetary awakening and the faith journey. As Michael’s mission to lead the planet into Light and Life unfolds, the CCC is becoming well poised to play a major role in assisting our world into its rightful universe place.

You can become a part of this dynamic and exciting ministry. The CCC grows by receiving donations for its services and by those like-minded individuals who resonate with the organizations’s ministry and wish to support it through their financial contributions. Donna is committed to helping as many people as she can during her human lifetime come into direct personal contact with our Father, and she needs your help in this undertaking of loving service. Please consider assisting her with your generous contributions. The CCC is a 501 (c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

The CCC is a leader in the Correcting Time and is a beacon of light on Urantia. Michael’s presence is becoming more visible on the planet, and the CCC plays an important role in achieving this.

For additional information, to schedule a healing session, or to contribute to the center’s growth contact:

Donna D’Ingillo

Center for Christ Consciousness

3121 East 7th Stree

Oakland, CA 94601




* * * * *


I feel that as this newsletter enters a new stage in its development that a special tribute should be paid to Patije Mills to honor her for all the work, dedication and contributions she made as the Teaching Mission was just getting started in the US.

I was most fortunate to have started my study of The Urantia Book in one of The Urantia Book study groups that Patije facilitated in Sarasota, Florida and also to have been part of the Sarasota Teaching Mission groups that met at Patije’s home. Patije is an excellent teacher of The Urantia Book especially for beginners helping them to move beyond their cherished belief systems into accepting the greater truths of the revelation.

Patije is a very gifted transmitter and she became a mentor for me. Patije was a tireless worker in Michael’s fields. She taught several classes and held several TM groups each week, while she transcribed the sessions and was in touch with all the other new groups sending them our transcripts and receiving theirs to share with our group. This was in the days before the Internet and she literally was the hub of our "pre Internet tml." I am sure some of you reading this now can remember the excitement we all had when we learned that someone in another group had gotten almost the same message from another teacher. Talk about confirmation!!! This was so helpful in overcoming our self doubts about the T/R process.

I spent a lot of time at Patije’s helping her with the transcribing. As we spent time talking about the transcripts and the groups, I learned a lot about the history of the Urantia movement and the people involved.

As I worked with Patije, it became increasingly clear to me that there needed to be newsletter to connect all the groups and individuals discovering the t/r process that allowed for communications with all our Celestial Teachers. Michael encouraged me to step forward and do it telling me that whenever we step forward in faith the whole universe rushes to support us.

From reading all the many transcripts that Patije made available for all of us, the importance of having hard copies was firmly imprinted on my psyche. So, if you are enjoying what you have in your hands right now, please stop and send a big THANK YOU and blessing to Patije. Maybe someone who has the skill and talent can make a beautiful plaque to send Patije in honor of all her many contributions as we read the transcripts on tmarchives, tml, web sites and other sources.

* * * * *


Stephen Mark’s Graduation

I first met Stephen in the early 90's at the Teaching Mission group in Cincinnati. As you all know, Stephen became an exceptionally good transmitter. I would like to share with you how exceptional Stephen was in another way. Thanks to John Creger at IC05, I was able to reconnect with Stephen. We had some wonderful conversations and email exchanges. Stephen was well aware of the seriousness of his illness and that he did not have long to be here. Knowing all of this Stephen was undaunted as he joyfully and fearlessly prepared for his arrival on the Mansion Worlds. I feel very blessed and honored that Stephen shared his feelings and thoughts with me. I would like to say that Stephen Mark graduated with the highest honors. He is certainly in the top of his class and I look forward to our class reunion.

I am sharing words about Stephen from John Creger, his wife, Maura O’Connor, and a poem by their son Rory. I have titled what they have written A Love Story, for it surely is that.

A Love Story

Steve Mark had number of qualities I admire, but none more than his eagerness to follow where spirit led him. This trait seems to have developed early in his life. Though as a rule he was quiet about his early years, before he lost the ability to talk on the phone or type during is last months, he told me a story that reveals something about his nature.

He and his father were walking along a street back in his New Jersey hometown. Steve was four or five. They passed a church. Steve stopped on the sidewalk, looked at the building attentively, and asked his father, "Is that where God lives?" His father (from whom Steve was eventually to become permanently estranged) said it was. And that, Steve told me, was the beginning of his conscious awareness of the spirit. From that moment he never lost the sense of being loved and watched over spiritually. A difficult life with his family of origin must have encouraged him to rely on that spirit connection.

His trust in spiritual guidance led him to discover the Urantia Book in the late 70s. We me in the early 80s at the Pacific School of Religion study group in Berkeley. The first or second night of our acquaintance, when he learned that I played the guitar, Steve’s eyes lit up, widening like saucers. He informed me that we were going to play together, as he played the flute, That night we played a bit. This became the first session in what developed over the next few years into a lively weave of jazz, blues, west coast steelstring guitar, and rock, a spirit-inspired music he dubbed one night as "Zaj? ("jazz" backwards). I plan to make a cd of our material available later this year, complete with a photo of the two of us in tuxedos the night of his wedding in New York in 1986. Proceeds will go the ALS Association.

A year or so before we met, he had met the love of his life, Maura O’Connor, while working as a courier in the San Francisco financial district for Merrill Lynch. Just as he knew he and I would play music, he knew Maura was the woman for him. Once, during a brief lull in their relationship, Steve and I traveled to Green Lake Wisconsin to perform at a Urantia conference. Waiting for a flight at the Minneapolis airport, we suddenly realized that in stead of noticing each others’ necks turn as usual as women passed, both our lines of sight, mysteriously, were focused lower to the floor - at passing baby strollers and toddlers. Within two years I was his best man in their wedding; two more years and he was my best man in ours. Three more and we were all parents.

Steve, Maura, and their son Rory moved to Cincinnati ten years of so ago, and we kept in touch several times a year with letters and phone calls. Steve blossomed in his new career as a social worker. His enormous capacity to listen intently to others made him a valuable asset in all the positions he held. Over the years he worked with juvenile offenders, senior citizens, drug abusers, and sex offenders. He was able to elicit trust from people few would venture to approach. In all the years he was away from his New York/New Jersey origins, his strong New York accent seemed to grow stronger, and he never lost his way of standing very close as he spoke to a person, making gestures with his hands and emphasizing his points thoughtfully, an index finder lightly denting the person’s shirt. Always filled with energy and intensity, Steve never walked slowly, and never took an elevator when he could walk stairs.

It was Steve how introduced me to the Teaching Mission. I hadn’t been to a Urantia study group for years, and the book, though it had helped me pour a solid new foundation under my spiritual life, had sat on my shelf, picked up only once or twice a year during a period when I was finding a new career and pulling a family together. I got a call from Steve one summer. He’d just moved to Cincinnati, and was calling to say that he’d visited a study group there. They were involved with this strange channeling phenomenon, he said, and it was bunk. I should steer clear, he advised me. My life was too busy to make room for the big blue book as this point, I replied, thanking him for the information. A few months later, in the fall, Steve called again. This time he said he’d gone back to the study group, and that it wasn’t exactly channeling but something called transmitting-receiving, which was worth looking into. Beyond the other traits I mentioned, Steve was the most skeptical person I knew. If something could pass his tests, then it would probably pass mine. I told him to send me all he had on this stuff. One of the things he sent was some early newsletters by a woman names Allene Vick. Steve eventually became a regular transmitter for Malvantra Melchizedek, though he preferred not to go public often.

One day in the fall of 2004, Steve was out running, when he felt a weakness in his left leg and fell . From this point things moved quickly. Having experience the first major symptoms in the fall, he was diagnosed with Lou Gerig’s disease (ALA) in the winter. By spring he could no longer walk up the stairs on his feet, and by the time we came to visit in the summer, he was in a wheelchair. Steve was conscious of celestial and divine presences preparing him for his journey, and was filled with joy when we spoke of Mansonia. He had made a very careful study of every detail of the morontia life, and spoke with excitement of the various morontia bodies and attenuations. Most of all, he looked forward to being issued a new body and leaving this rapidly weakening one behind. Sitting in his wheelchair, he joked that he was actually very healthy. He’d tick off on his fingers: a good heart, strong bones, good feet, no sniffles. "It’s only this fatal, progressive, incurable disease, John. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from glowing health." And he’d laugh.

At his memorial service, I shared with people a little of Steve’s vision of where he was headed. I mentioned the registry, where we’ll be permitted to look up those proceeding us to the mansion worlds. Steve was a fine friend, a loving husband and father, a neighbor who brought the entire neighborhood together, a talented musician and artist, and many other things. He went on to the other side with a smile on his soul. When I arrive on the mansion worlds and emerge from the resurrection halls ( I told the people), Steve, I’m gonna head for the registry and look you up!

John Creger


A Eulogy for Stephen

10 December 2005

Bellarmine Chapel

By Maura O’Connor

Nothing prepares one for death. Self-preservation is more than instinct; it is the emotion and drive to protect not only ourselves but those we love most deeply. Yet death is an intimate part of life they tell me. Intellectually I knew this to be true, but emotionally and psychologically I did not. For how could I? My grandparents all live to be very, very old; while it’s true that an uncle, a favorite cousin, and a college friend died in middle and late middle age, death, to paraphrase Emily Dickinson, has not stopped at my door very often at all; that is of course until today.

When I met Stephen Mark in the autumn of 1982, he was a bit of an enigma which was part of his attraction for me. He loved Russian novels, indeed he was reading Gogol’s Dead Souls when we struck up our first conversation on our way to the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco. He left City College in New York in his junior year to escape, among other things, his parents’ ill-fated attempt at marriage a second time around. He had hitch-hiked to California a dozen times; he liked modern dance and European painting, playing the flute; he loved music, especially Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the Beatles. He protested the war in Vietnam when I began high school When he took me to Berkeley on beautiful October day, I told him that I planned to get a PhD and was interested in history. So he made sure to show me the People’s Park and narrated a bit of Berkeley’s 60s lure. On warm and Saturday morning in November, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, he took me on our first date. He wanted to show me on of his favorite art museums, the Palace of the Legion of Honor. I remember what he wore: a purple cotton button down shirt, black jeans, and short black boots. We walked the entire length of Golden Gate Park and then to this charming museum overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. It is there that I will spread his ashes, to mingle with the landscape that he loved so much, but not so much as he loved me.

My heart has been as one good friend reminded me in the weeks before Stephen’s death, a heart well-tended. She wrote: "Thanks to your amazing family and especially thanks to Stephen’s extraordinary love, yours is one of the richest, best-tended and best nourished hearts that I’ve ever known." We were at first glance an unlikely couple, but we fell in love very quickly and deeply and over the past 23 years created something beautiful and everlasting; the most wonderful expression of that love is our son, Rory. Stephen was the most courageous person whom I have ever known as well as the one with the deepest and most abiding faith. A faith and a spirituality that inflected everything he did including his decision to become a social worker. His work was his faith in action; the looked after, advocated for, gave solace and support to and counseled those in society to whom most of us pay too little attention. He worked in San Francisco with at risk youth and ex-offenders, indeed he went to San Quentin and ran a series of pre-lease classes for some of the toughest of criminals. More recently he worked with sex offenders and mentally ill forensic patients and for the longest time, he was advocate of Children’s Services for abused and neglected children. He loved being a social worker, he felt at ease with groups that society often cast aside. He always treated all people with love, respect and compassion. He was, as Ross reminded him one balmy day in October when we all sat out on our back deck, the most compassionate of men.

My love for him only grew stronger over the past 9 months as I witnessed his living with, accommodating, and then dying from the cruelest of diseases. He was never angry or impatient or despairing in the face of this horrific life and terrifying illness. He accepted it with extraordinary courage, calm, and resilience. He rose to the occasion. His openness and utter humility as well as wisdom in steadying his course impressed all around him from our family and close friends to our wonderful friends and neighbors on Lafayette Circle. His neurologist, Dr. Laura Sams, thought him amazing and indeed he was. To know Stephen before ALS was to know that he never sat still, ran and didn’t walk, loved to hike, swim, jog, rake leaves, shovel snow; he was activity personified. He never took the elevator when he could walk up the stairs. Everything he enjoyed doing was taken away from him by ALS except his ability to love and to think. He mourned his losses but never complained about them although I now only too well how he suffered and was sometimes tortured by this disease. He kept focused on his family, friends, and the love that he felt around him as he prepared for his final journey on earth. His spirit never wavered and in his months of learning to adapt regularly to a weakening body, his spirit grew stronger. While his son had too few years with him, he did leave him the greatest of gifts. For Rory knows that he was loved unconditionally and he knows that his father was a man of integrity, courage and wisdom. Stephen’s greatest joy in his life was Rory; he loved everything about Rory. He instilled in Rory a love for music, a curiosity about the world around us and compassion of those less fortunate than himself.

Stephen gave me everything I ever wanted: enough love and confidence to allow me to be the independent spirit that I am, to go off on my research adventures and always return home to his loving embrace. He was the most unselfish of men. He taught me to enjoy life’s beauty and wonders; to remain steadfast in the face of controversy; to embrace my creativity and talents with joyfulness. His priorities were always clear: All that I have wanted is right here he said to me a few weeks after his initial diagnosis while we were sitting on our front porch wondering what his progress would be and considering how our life had changed so dramatically since February 28. We shared a beautiful marriage, a deep friendship, and a complete understanding of each other’s passions, dreams, and desires. We helped each other change with wisdom and grace.

I know that he is on a journey today that will never end and he wanted me to tell you all that he is ecstatic, finally to be at peace, running with no motor neurons dying in his wake. To say that I will miss him is an understatement, my sadness and grief have been all of this year, but the hardest road is ahead for I never imagined a life with out him. I am consoled, however by the knowledge that he lives on the most intimately in our son, in the love that we shared, and in the memories of his gentle kindness for all of you whom he touched. I can say with some consolation and pride as can Rory that our community is a better place because of him. He died quietly as he lived modestly, yet I think that he did at last come to understand his impact on others. He was in the end so comfortable with himself even in dying so much so that he allowed others to be comfortable as well. The legacy of Stephen’s life is love. He searched for it until he found it and then treasured it above all things. We both knew and know that love is the most powerful and creative force in our universe and it will be his love that lives forever.

Poem for Dad


Suffering nine months, death lurking next to him at every moment,

Faith guided him with a hand so gentle and calm, not turbulent

A wife, a son, with him till all the troubles were done,

Now passed heaven, in peace at last, death came too fast.

A kind man, a special man, the greatest man I will ever meet,

My father, I stand here mourning him, weary on my feet,

I knew for more than 14 years,

But for me, that was not long enough, and is why I shed my tears.

What’s next for a fatherless son?

I must move on, fight a battle that may never be won,

How do you fill a hole so deep?

I couldn’t hang on to something I wanted desperately to keep.

But after these many hears, some good, some bad,

My best friend is dead, my father, my dad,

So now he is in heaven, maybe taking a rest,

Someday I will see him again,

But for now I wish him all the best.

Thanks Dad.

* * * * *




After elections last year and a decision by the Council to fill Al Wolf’s position, the Councilors are: Allene Vick (Presiding Officer), Rick Giles (Treasurer), Eugenia Bryan, Judicella Langston, Delores Nice, Rick Voss and Russ Gustafason. Virginia Kelly is Treasurer. At Gerdean’s suggestion when she stepped down as a Councilor she took the position as Liaison. Gerdean has been doing the quarterly ALL newsletter. For those of you who may not have seen it, she has been doing a fantastic job.. Join ALL and see for yourself.

ALL is hosting the 2006 ALL Conference Settling into Light and Life focusing on a program developed around this theme by Deborah Goaldman and Donna D’Ingillo. You can read about this under Announcements. An application is enclosed. This is one event you will all want to attend.

ALL is revamping and developing their web site so that it will be more helpful to you and all the projects and services you and your groups and organizations provide. It will have all the old features and many new ones. Rick Voss has graciously taken on that project. If you have any suggestions for the graphics or features that would be helpful to you, please let Rick know. Sounds like you are going to very pleased with what it is going to look like and will enjoy watching it develop and using it as it develops.

* * *


Email January 30, 2006 to TML by Ron Besser, President of Starbridge Communications, Inc. (SCI)

Dear List,

For your edification, the tmarchives web site is preparing for a number of planned changes to expand its services worldwide. I know the initials "www" mean "world wide web", but we are presently preparing this year to be more than that to the present work of the teaching mission to most Urantia cultures.

To do this, Starbridge has hired a consultant to not only expand the web site, but to design a new hosting network consisting of approximately 6 to 8 servers each operating independently in different parts of the world to build in redundancy and security for such a large presence. Tentative plans call for one control site that will operate from North America, along with a mirror site sitting outside of the electrical grid of the United States. The control will automatically update all the other servers each every 24 hours a day based on what’s new daily. Power failure, satellite breakdowns, or cable overloads, when all sever locations are fully implemented, will not harm the operation of the archive. The combined power of these proposed servers is sufficient to re-assign traffic loads and balance traffic distribution while allowing up to 7 million hits each sever per month. Plans are included to bump additional bandwidth up 100 fold if necessary to carry traffic loads.

Tmarchives continues to be supported by the hard work of the board of Starbridge which, as many of you know, is composed of Frederico Galvao (Brasilia, Brazil), Willis Davis (Hyattesville, MD), Roxanne Andrews (Loveland, CO), Allene Vick (Sterling, VA, and Ron Besser (York, PA). Tmarchives has benefitted from the Board’s dedication to provide the website the resources that allows it to do such things do such things as the aforementioned network of outlets for service to every point around the globe.

Tmarchives, along with its supporting organization, Starbridge, continues its ongoing operations stronger than ever, and is working as a united team to strive for the greatest good in coordination with Christ Michael’s plans for Urantia.

We thank the teaching mission and its groups first of all. We also thank the celestial board that has very kindly interfaced and helped Starbridge maintain its presence with its advice. These influences along with the resources of Starbridge will make possible to implement one of the strongest voices ever designed for the web to get a revelatory message to an awakening world.

There will be more news concerning tmarchives.com as we meet our schedule to improve and expand the teaching mission service.

I thank you all for your contributions past and present and solicit your continued good will as we build for tomorrow.

* * *


Rick Voss has recently been given the position of List Moderator for tml. Congratulations Rick!!! We give our heartfelt thanks to Oliver Duex, Sonny Schneider and Judicella Langston for their dedication and efforts for jointly filling this position for the last several years.

* * *


The Urantia Book stamps on the envelopes containing your newsletter were contributed by Rick Voss. Thank you Rick. This is much appreciated. Maybe it will give our readers ideas how they can spread the word as they go about their daily business.

* * * * *


Join LIGHTLINE conference calls twice a month on Thursday evenings sponsored by ALL with different volunteer TR’s for those who are unable to attend group meetings and anyone else who would like to participate. They have proved to be very successful. The transcripts are shared on TML and are available for web sites.

The times are 6:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Central and 9:00 PM Eastern.

Telephone Number 641-985-8000

Access Code: 544331#

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, June 1 - Jerry Lane

Thursday, June 15 - Rick Giles

Thursday, June 29 - Gerdean Bowen

Mark Austin has made it possible to listen to the calls by going to: http://pages.sbglobal.netmarkaustin/tm/ and clicking on the link for the date.

The telephone numbers and access numbers for these conference calls are not permanent. The information each week is posted on tml. For those of you who are not on tml, you can contact Manu Puri at mpuri2k@hotmail.com or call him at 425-369-0313. The phone number given with the schedule is good for the above scheduled dates.

Again to all of you who have made these Conference Calls such a success including the volunteer TR’s, transcribers and participants, we say THANK YOU!!! - including you Manu. Your contributions are much appreciated.

* * * * *





JULY 19 -23, 2006

The Association for Light & Life (ALL) is pleased to announce the ALL 2006 International Conference entitled: "Settling into Light & Life,"scheduled to take place in the lovely California coast-side city of Santa Barbara from Wednesday, July 19 to Sunday, July 23, 2006. We will creatively explore how we might develop programs to help usher in Light & Life on Urantia. The conference will be held at the historic Mission Renewal Center founded by the Spanish Franciscans in 1786 located in the Queen of Missions. Reserve this time in your calendar for next year!

This conference starts with the traditional presentations and workshops and then rearranges into ten family groups to explore and create a vision of Light and Life. Each "family" will focus on one of the following areas of cultural life: 1) Cultural & Racial Understanding; 2) Marriage & Family Life; 2) Health & Life Sciences; 4) Business and Industry; 5) Environmental (nature & animals); 6) Religion; 7) Arts, Music and Creative Expression; 8) Education of Youth; 9) Higher Consciousness Development (philosophy & ethics); and 10) Government & Civic Duty.

As we develop our Light & Life themes in our assigned "families," we will be learning how to work in teams. One person will be assigned as the family "leader" or facilitator. We will be looking for 10 volunteers prior to the conference; one for each group. The families will put their collective wisdom to work to develop their ideas of what Light & Life might be like for their particular area. At the end of the conference each family will present their vision of their Light & Life ideal to all the attendees

For consideration: What ideas lie in our hearts? How will our culture grow over the years into bringing heaven on earth? What will our social, political, and religious institutions look like? The are some of the questions we can ask during this conference as we craft our ideals into the growing energy that is moving our planet ever forward.

This conference will be a stimulating time for our imaginations to soar as we ponder what an ideal Urantia planetary society might look like. And while none of us has experienced living in a Light and Life society, we hold the seed of the ideal within us. This will be a time to plant our collective seed ideas for future development. We will be actually germinating Light and Life during this time!

We see this conference as an opportunity to bring our ideas to life as we offer our visions to the planet. Our beloved celestial friends standing by can then take our ideas and seed them into the vision that is growing on our world. This is a time of great creative possibilities and we are very blessed to be consciously participating in bringing the Father’s will and light to our Urantia.

Conference activities will also offer music and entertainment, free time to explore the beauty and history of the Santa Barbara area and to fellowship with one another. We envision this conference as both experiential and experimental as we actively engage our collective wisdom and visions for our planetary future. This conference will be challenging, stimulating and engaging our creative imaginations. Come, join us, and participate in bringing our beautiful planet into our Father’s magnificence. Together we are powerful creators of Light and Life.

* * * * *


When you step forward in faith the whole universe rushes to support you.


* * * * *


But through the intelligent use of the body mechanism, mind can create other mechanisms, even energy relationships and living relationships, by the unitization of which this mind can increasingly control and even dominate its physical level in the universe. Page 1222

* * * * *


Dear Father,

I know with you all things are possible.

I know you know the desires of my heart.

I ask that these desires manifest themselves in my life for the highest good of all in whatever ways are most pleasing to you.

Your loving daughter/son,

* * * * *


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Allene Vick

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