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August 1993 (Vol. l, No.6)


H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   M I C H A E L ! ! !


                     FROM THE EDITOR


The birthday of Michael of Nebadon on the 21st of August is truly a day of celebration for all of us here on Urantia and throughout the universes!!! This a special day in our hearts as we gather to honor Michael and give thanks for his bestowal on Urantia, his gift to us of the Spirit of Truth and all the many blessings and teachings he has bestowed upon us. It is a day of honor, love appreciation, joy and celebration. It is a day of quiet reflection as we take the time to think on what it means to know that Michael, Our Creator Son, Father and Elder Brother is always by our side waiting for us to turn to him and take his hand.


As we each make plans for this day, let us know that all our hearts will be joined in love and spiritual unity and this is a true gift of meaning and value that we can give to Michael as we try to achieve this every day.


It seemed fitting on this day to share with you a poem, I AM YOU, from Michael as given to the Oklahoma City group on March 29, 1993. We thank Byron Belitsos for sharing this with us.


These are wonderful times as the circuits are opening and we are blessed with experiences beyond our dreams of less that two years ago and less than that for many of you. They are also difficult times in that we are ever being taught to look at ourselves in light of loving our brothers and sisters in all our daily activities. It is a time of reflection as we look deeply into ourselves - at our actions, thoughts and motivations. It is a time of change as we release old patterns replacing them with new more loving ones. Change is not an easy process and brings us many dilemmas to ponder and decisions to make. It calls us to action and we are not always sure of the action we should take. Sometimes in our enthusiasm, we move too quickly. Other times, we hesitate and the moment is lost. We fluctuate between our doubts and faith in what we are experiencing as we learn discernment in this process.


Janice Joyner has shared with us in this issue some of her comments and observations. As these issues are present in many of the groups, it is good to share and discuss these difficulties. We are all new to this process and come together in various stages of development on mental, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. It is my personal opinion that the old destructive patterns, many, if not most subconscious, must be cleaned out in order for the higher channel of spirit to begin to open for our fullest spiritual development. Just because one has been drawn to the group and, in some cases, may be an excellent T/R does not necessarily mean that all the developmental levels of a lower order have been completed. As LorEl has said to me these lessons must be mastered now or later, but they must be mastered.


We are not perfected beings. We are growing and changing - not all at the same pace and not all in the same ways for we are individuals. Sometimes what seems an inappropriate action or statement may later show itself to have been the best action or a true statement. The teachers and Adjuster are interested in what is in our best spiritual interests and leading us in whatever ways will best foster our spiritual growth, which is something we are often not able to discern at the time for ourselves or others. Let us keep this in mind and as we learn to honor and accept the differences and decisions of each other in loving and supportive ways. As we approach Michael's birthday, let us reflect more on how Michael would behave in each situation.


As we come together in thanksgiving and celebration, let us remember that there is much serious work that lies in front of us. We thank you, Janice, for sharing your thoughts. You have just read some of my thoughts. Let us hear from you. As we share in unity of purpose and unity of spirit, we all become more connected and the bonds between us grow. Your thoughts may be the gentle rain that cause the ideas of another to germinate and grow.


We send our prayers for all who are suffering in the flooded areas as they struggle to put their lives back together.


We hope to hear of the experiences and observations of those who attended the Conference in Quebec.


May the Spirit of Truth flow freely among you and may each of you experience the wonderful loving and gentle presence of Michael, Our Creator Son, who came to us to lead us to the Father.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                   FROM THE READERS


"Your request for comments and observations about the mission is too tempting, so here goes:


"I feel very disconcerted at something I have noticed among several groups with whom I have some contact. They all seem to be fragmenting because of feelings that one TR is getting clear transmissions and others are not fully to be trusted. Whatever happened to the cautions of the teachers that all of this is contaminated to a greater or lesser degree, and that we must hold all of it up for examination, using the best discernment we have in our hearts and minds, regardless of whose mouth it comes out of? The purpose of the mission, as I understand it, is to wean us away from seeking outside authority and to get us to look within to validate our rapidly changing reality perceptions, in preparation for full Adjuster contact. Are these people truly trying to be a part of the mission?


"Time and again, Aranda has told our group of the importance of unseen changes that occur each time we meet together, and that they are much more pronounced when more of us meet (our TR also notes how much easier it is to receive clearly when more are present). Yet here are people involved with the mission who deliberately break themselves off from the group over pettiness, diffusing the energy and group consciousness it had taken so long to establish and nurture.


"Can you imagine being a budding TR in a group where this is going on trying to gain confidence? Personally, I would be crushed if I ever had to fill in for our TR and nobody came, or attendance was down by half because it was 'only Janice.' I can't imagine I'm that different from others. Do these people feel they are acting out of love and support? And, if not, do they imagine they are furthering the mission?


"We were all cautioned before Naperville that changes would be happening that would require us to reach deep inside to keep up. Everyone assumed that meant explaining the book to more people, and also assumed that, since Machiventa was not visible, none of the changes would occur. But I suggest we look at this current fragmentation in light of those warnings. People retreat back to past patterns of behavior when confronted with must stress, whether they were fulfilling or not. We have an unprecedented opportunity here, though, to accept glorious and abundant help for leaving behind a past of pettiness, isolation and hurt. Don't succumb to the lure of the comfortable and undermine the support, trust, and love which are the underpinnings of the Mission rather than accept the call for adventure.


"Slap me down if I'm out of line - after all, our group has not gone through this. I would like to hear responses."


Janice Joyner

Burlington, IA


                                 * * * * *


               THE WORDS OF MICHAEL


YORK, PA - This transmission was contributed by Min Hoet. It is from a fairly new transmitter and so there was some hesitancy in sharing it and some question as to the source and validity of the message. [Editor - In reading it, I feel that is from Michael and should be shared.]


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


(Name), I want you to write this for me. Do not doubt this. It is necessary for all who are open minded to the living reality of the indwelling spirit to know of this method of communion and/or communication.


The celestial realm teachers evident in many Urantia Book group studies as well as other spiritual seeking group studies are the pioneer forerunners of how the contact consciousness to the indwelling spirit is to be revealed. Many, many advanced spirit mined mortals will experience this audile contact the Thought Adjuster. It is necessary and will happen.

The method that the celestial realm teachers are able to develop verbal transmissions is the way a Thought Adjuster will become audile with many mortals.


It will come to them suddenly and they will be confused and bewildered and silent. The mortal with the audile contact will not speak of it out of fear, doubt and embarrassment.


It is necessary for these individuals to recognize what is taking place in their minds for God's purpose. These individuals will know what to do and be able to help the many, many very confused and terrified mortals because they will not understand what is happening all around them.


The earth is changing. The time has been accelerated and shortened so that many lives can be spared. Great earth changes are happening at a rapid pace so fast that people will not be able to recover their sense of balance or understanding before another catastrophic event will occur.


This Thought Adjuster awareness is a keen, profound sense of knowing. A real sense of some one speaking through your mind. Not a voice, a sense and driving, directing, leading force that guides you to follow the indwelling spirit's will. It will be your choice. You are free to choose. The choice will be yours. Do not be afraid. God will not lead you astray. God's purpose is right and it will be right for you. The act is yours, the consequences God's. Do what he will you to do. God's purpose will be done through the minds of man.


It is a sense of almost constant knowing but you act upon this direction at your choice and the Spirit of Truth will tell you what is true. You will know. You will just know!


This Thought Adjuster is a constant connection. You will be comfortable with it.


Go silently into the crowds and speak one on one to those who need your counsel and let your love to them flow from them to another and another and so on . . . like a river. You will know the ones to speak to, to share your truth, the others, pass by for now. Later, they too will know.


Do not go into the coliseum and speak to the masses of this development. Be cautious for there will be many unbelievers and doubters just as there was when I walked the earth.


There were so very few who believed me. They wanted miracles. The miracle was me, their savior who came to show them the way.


Now again, I am here to tell you the Indwelling Spirit is your own personal God within who loves and cares for you and is always with you. You need have no fear. For did I now show you the way!


Speak with love and compassion and not to the masses.


I tell you write this. Send this out to the Urantia groups so that with the developing of the teacher transmission, they will be aware that the personal connectedness and awareness of the real Indwelling Spirit will be developed in the same way. It will not be nearly as easy. Some it will come to suddenly and they need to know what is taking place. That is the great spiritual awakening in the hearts and minds of mortals on earth at this time of great conflict.


Your earth is not at great war at this time, but great war is in the hearts and minds of individuals. Witness the tragic killings and senseless murders and total uncaring of their brothers. You are all one with God. You all share in the same spirit fragment from the Father. See that spirit in each other with the love that the Father has shown you.


All must become one. The love of the Father is all powerful, all caring and all loving to all His children. You are all the same. You are all equal in His sight. See that with my eyes and love them with the Father spirit within you.


All are equal and one to the Father. With your thought energy of love and healing the world will be healed and saved. All must be willing to obey the laws of the universe.


The laws of the universe are harmonious. Everything operates in harmony with everything. You are in good health when all your physical organs are functioning in harmony with other organs. This is how the world should be. All harmonious with love for each other.


Do not fight for peace. It is contradictory. Love for peace. Pray for peace and be at peace. To fight for what is right is wrong. You need to know what is true to separate truth from untruths or just facts, (word missing) is to know peace. Peace must be made manifest in every heart. Love must reign in every heart.


When all these harmonious, loving and peaceful thoughts, actions and expressions are your way of life, you will automatically be in the will of the Father. Be self-disciplined in all your emotions.


See the motives of others and forgive, forgive and forgive. To know your will is to know the will of the Father. to know the Father's will is to know your will. They will be as one.


Seek for the active manifestation of the connectedness and awareness of the indwelling spirit and you will be in the stillness which is an experience of such intense ecstasy that it can only be for a brief time. It is like being enfolded in a love that is not easy to comprehend. It is not the kind of love that you mortals call love.


Be alert, be ready, for this can come to you at any time. Do not be afraid. Share the experience with others who will understand and so it will grow and Father and I will be alive in you. Others will see it. You will be lighter and in lighter . . . light as in light and light as in density.


Listen . . .Do not be like those in Noah's time who perished because they did not believe. Hear! In the book of Daniel, he spoke . . .seal up this scroll until the end of time and let those who hear, hear and those that see, see. Many will go here and there to increase their knowledge. Many will be purified and made spotless and refined . . .but the wicked will continue to be wicked. They will not understand, but those who are wise will understand.


This is your mission. To understand, purify your hearts with complete and total forgiveness of others and especially yourselves.


Be master of your emotions and let the Thought Adjuster guide and lead you. It is time. Be all loving as the Father commanded. For love holds no grievousness.


Love, love, love. Forgive, forgive and forgive and wait while you may. For the time is soon when all men will know that I live. I come to declare that just as I promised. I gave you the Spirit of Truth so you will know.


Do this for me. Dear one. You are a willing servant and very blessed with so much love n your heart.


Send this out for distribution and let the consequences be God's. The people need to be apprised that they're not alone and that God is always with them. He indwells in their minds. He will control and adjust their thoughts, expressions an actions if given permission. The individual's will will then become God's will. They think, speak and act as one.


                                 * * * * *




CALIFORNIA - April 2, 1993 - Shared by California reader with request for inclusion in newsletter.


                             * OLFANA *


This mission moves forward as God's plan. No one can deter us from this work. Urantia grows brighter every day. The glory of God's plan continues to unfold whether all understand yet or not. Right actions kill much of the pain Urantia has suffered. Deliver this message to Joshua. The Healing Time comes soon. The network opens. The newsletter needs your input. Ask for contacts from others interested in the healing work. Allow connections to begin . . .


CORVALLIS, OR - June 18, 1993 This is a copy of a message sent over the "Urantial" in response to one of the participant's questions about the mission. I thank Fred Harris for sending it to me and Thea Hardy for the permission to print the answer she received from LinEl.


                        * LINEL (LinEL) *


Greetings to all of you on this electronic network, this is LinEl. I wish to attempt to answer the sincere questions posed here about the Teaching Mission to the best of my ability.


The Teaching Mission is part of the fulfillment of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It is supervised by Machiventa whose announcement of the Urantia Book was the Initial phase of this entire ministry. It is overseen ultimately by Michael himself in line with his will combined with that of the Father - that these rebellion torn worlds be uplifted. This will not shortcut time; for you to be offered truth does not obviate the need for your free will choice of truth. This mission is the active phase of the UB and is called the Teaching Mission because it will ultimately inaugurate Melchizedek schools on this planet for the purpose of teaching the inhabitants of Urantia the contents of the Urantia book and more. People will come to the schools as they came to the Garden. The over-ridding purpose is for the peoples of Urantia to learn to love the Father more fully and to love each other truly as children of that loving Father.


 "This is no magical venture. It means hard work, patience, and perseverance in the doing of the Father's will. It means following in the footsteps of him you call Master. It means utilizing all of your personality powers of creativity, intelligence and heart to deepen your own spiritual growth to the end that your service of your brothers and sisters yet in need will move forward. You know that your world needs these teachings. The work is here now; we are asking that you come together in love and do it. The revelation needs many dedicated groups with a strong bond of love and support for the apostolic work to be undertaken, and in order to develop the teaching methods and curriculum necessary for the time ahead. The Teaching Mission is bringing into being the much-needed increase in numbers of groups who are dedicated not only to studying the Urantia book, but to learning to live life and to teach the living of the Religion of Jesus. This is the main way that it is bringing about its objectives - by the accumulation of groups of people who genuinely seek the Father's will and who desire to serve together in the spreading of the actual content of the Revelation, most particularly the teachings of Michael.


"This Teaching Mission work of bringing about groups is accomplished in basically the same manner as the book was brought to you. There is a contact by various personalities for the express purpose of forming working groups. You are doing basic, beginning morontia training under the tutorship of beings that include orders who would typically engage in your training had you already translated to the mansion worlds. Most who come to this mission have sufficient circle attainment to have already begun this morontial journey. The basic way of our utilizing your mind circuits in connection with ours is the same as techniques used with the Contact Commission when instructions about their process in working with the text of the book were given to them, except for the enhancement of such contact that we now have from the restoration of the circuitry. Many of my superiors spoke with the Contact Commission in very much the same manner as we do now with you. We do enjoy your humor and your language and care for you and your affairs. We are here to be your friends and co-workers as well as your teachers, to join together with you in this wonderful adventure of reclaiming Urantia.


 "There was no way to state specifically in the Urantia Book exactly when the adjudication and Machiventa's return would come about, but you will note that some of us believed it to be soon, and this is stated in the book. The reason for this is that such things are simply not predictable in the ways that you believe them to be. Truly of much of this, only Michael himself, and the Father know. Those who have been around us for awhile are coming to understand that we do not plan and structure in your linear manner, but rather inhabit the unfoldment of the Father's will. In this there is little precise prediction. It is difficult for you to understand because you are so used to layering your looking ahead with expectation and plans. We do not organize in the strictly linear-sequential manner that is typical amongst western educated Urantians. If you examine the Urantia Book, you will notice that there is not as much use of linear organizational structure as human usage might supply. Our approach is more organic, if you will - in many sections more like the composition of a painting than of an essay. This is part and parcel of our lives, and made it impossible for such a specific prediction about this aspect as your human hearts would desire. Even so, you will find mention of aspects of this mission, though not by name, if you seek. Often times you are not told what your faith choices must lead you to because we are forbidden to tamper with your free will.


 "This has led to problems in our mission already, this human desire for specific prediction. You simply must learn to give up this particular method of apparent validation of your beliefs. This is not the way of faith. We are not asking you to believe the unbelievable nor to validate the illogical, but the methods of so-called proof do not work to validate the choices of faith. Our 'predictions' are much more like statistical likelihoods. You will ever know more than you can believe, and faith will ever act in the very face of doubt. Sometimes you will be mistaken in this journey, but you will at least act, instead of remaining on the sidelines, where nothing can be learned. I have tried to the best of my ability to manage a relatively sequential answer to your questions. Thea could have done this much more clearly in human terms, but I wished to express myself in response to these sincere questions.


 "I would ask you then to judge my words on their content rather than their structure. And know that all of us love all of you very much. We are excited at being a part of this great enterprise, the development of the Schools of Michael, together with you, for the upliftment of Urantia. Have you not all dreamed of a time like this, however far from you it was believed to be ?! Have you not all longed to be part of something like this, serving the Father together in love? Come and join us. Come and share this service! If it does not feel right in your hearts after you have tried it, you can return to your chosen ways. I ask of any of you who wish to serve Michael and your brothers and sisters in this manner to attempt to seek us out. You will not be disappointed. And should you choose not to so participate, you are no less loved and no less certain of your path to the Father's love.


 "The Father's love surrounds you, it inhabits you, it shines in and through you and streams onto you for all sides, it challenges you and thrills you and lifts you up. Wherever you are, your are ever within the grasp of his infinite caring and you are forever secure in his boundless concern for you. He loves you more than you can know. To love him, and each other, is the supreme delight of al the ages, and will carry you to his very heart and beyond time."

                                  * * * * *

                           GROUP NEWS

GURU PURNAMA CELEBRATED IN IOWA - From Janice Joyner we hear:

 "Saturday, July 3rd, Aranda's group from Burlington, IA celebrated Guru Purnama at the home of Janice Joyner in Fairfield. This is a traditional Indian holiday, setting aside the day of the first full moon in July to celebrate the fullness (purnama) of the teacher (guru). In India, it is a time of feasting and parades, with spiritual leaders decked out with garlands of flowers, sitting on ornate platforms, which are carried through the streets by grateful devotees.


"Of course, our celebrations were slightly different. Everyone met for a potluck and much discussion and heartfelt sharing about the lessons we had learned (or at least been presented with) this year and about our teachers involved in those lessons - human and otherwise. Much discussion centered around questions of what to do when you feel like you've been banging your head against a wall and can't get past a block, and how to gain confidence in your level of discernment. We would love to hear suggestions or comments about dealing with these issues from others.


"Gratitude was expressed for the perfection of the ascension scheme, wherein we are never at any point left without teachers, be they the Seven Adjunct Mind Spirits, Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, Seraphim, personal guides, Melchizedeks, Michael or, or course, our Thought Adjusters. Even if one presentation of a lesson seems incorrect or feels inaccurate, many more opportunities to learn it are presented with a myriad of different presenters. We are truly blessed in being able to progress at our own pace on our own unique path."


[Editor - I must apologize to Janice, the group and readers for failing to include in the last issue their invitation to celebrate Jesus' birthday with them. I try to be timely and it escaped my attention.

This newsletter will arrive too late.

                                  * * * * *

                   UPCOMING ACTIVITIES

 REGIONAL TM GET TOGETHER LABOR DAY WEEKEND IN NORMAN OKLAHOMA - Those who are interested can contact Byron Belitsos at 405-364-7337.  

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                    NETWORK INQUIRIES

 Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you.

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 *           Anecdotal stories of your experiences in growth and awareness with the teachers

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 *           HUMOR

 *           Experiences and observations of those who attended the Conference in Quebec


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