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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts


(Vol. 10, No. 1)

October 2005


This summer I was “nudged” to start the newsletter again. It is with great pleasure that I am sending this now. I thank some of you dear readers who have encouraged me to continue by your kind words about how valuable receiving the TNN was to you.

I always felt that I was greatly guided and helped as I followed my “feelings” in putting each issue together. Now that the circuits are opening, I am getting much more help. A couple of weeks ago when I was sitting quietly, I was contacted by a group of celestials who said they were so pleased that I was going to start on the newsletter and they wanted to help me. They were so present as they gave me several suggestions that it felt like I had a living editorial board in the room right in front of me.

I was asked if I would spend 20 minutes each morning talking with them and if I would spend 20 minutes each night with them on the computer communicating with them. In a few days they not only helped me with ideas for this, but with suggestions for organizing my life so I could keep up with all the various projects I am involved with now. I quickly discovered that they are a group of the United Midwayers.

Just as I was getting used to this great blessing and saying thank you, thank you, thank you all the time, Monjoronson came and joined in one of the morning sessions and picked up on my thoughts about a recent email and proceeded to talk to me and expand my thoughts. He said this would make a good article for the newsletter and he would help me write it. Monjoronson said each issue should have my editorial comments, an article along with the transcripts and information about events and materials that are available.

My, my, my things are moving so quickly these days. I now have several teams I work with - the Cosmic Family Forum Team - the M Team (Michael, Mother Spirit, Monjoronson and Machiventa) and the Midwayer Team. I find that they are available whenever I speak with them and often I don’t know who is speaking so I just say, “Hello” and “Thank You Team”. I share this because many of you are experiencing the same thing and to encourage those of you who are not to open yourselves to the possibility of being in touch with our teachers 24/7 whether you are a transmitter or not and not just when you are transmitting.

This has never been my newsletter. It is “our” newsletter, so I hope you will share some of your thoughts and experiences.

This newsletter is a little bit longer than usual. My “editorial board” tells me that they want all included here, so it shall be. I believe you will understand when you see the interconnections between all that is presented here.

May the love and peace of Michael fill each of our hearts to overflowing.

Allene Vick


* * * * *



Northern Colorado Team #72

Loveland, CO

September 24, 2005

T/R: Daniel Raphael

[Prayer, toning, and merkaba connection preceded the session.]

RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson (Welcome back and greetings from the group.) It is good to be here once again, though I have not left you, my friends. Today we have many honored guests here who will speak to you. These guest include Serena, who will introduce herself in more detail. Monjoronson, Machiventa, and Christ Michael.

As preface, I wish to tell you that this [session] is not related in any way to any apocalyptic thinking that you may have due to the events that are occurring on your world, or that will come into being in the near future. Today’s presentation is a notation in your history, a notation for you to appreciate in the times to come. And now I will present Serena, who will speak first.


SERENA: Good afternoon, this is Serena. (Group greetings.) I am the pro-tem Chief of Staff of Monjoronson. My primary functions are appointments and assignments for those who will come in with the permanent staff. I come from one of the orbiting planets of Uversa. My assignment to you, to this planet, to Monjoronson, to Christ Michael is the participation of Ovonton in a small way in the establishment of your Correcting Time and the permanent staff of Monjoronson.

You have been told in years past that you are each a beacon of light upon this dark planet, and that as we approach your planet and view it from a distance and see the energy of the spiritual beings who live here--mortals with spiritual energy–we see their spikes of energy on your planet. Some of those spikes are higher than others. These individuals represent those who are receptive to assist Christ Michael and Monjoronson directly in their work. You would not be here today, were you not one of those individuals.

I have preceded the permanent staff in preparation for their arrival. I can speak with you as I am today, from a distance, though I am materially manifest already on your planet. I have been interviewing–what I call interviewing–many of you on the planet to see who will be workable, and who will not be, in this mission of Monjoronson’s. Who of you can be paired with members of the permanent staff; who of you can be relied upon to pursue similar goals without extravagant, ecstatic or extreme behaviors because of your association with the staff? I have met some of you already; a few of you have recognized me; none of you recognized me immediately, though some of you have thought you were in the presence of someone who was extraordinary.

We know you by your heart energy; you know us by our heart energy. You can recognize us because you feel a deep, sympathetic vibration of a higher order, where you are open to all that is sincere. You feel as though you are in the presence of innocent children playing at your feet. You feel as though you have revealed your love to Jesus and he has returned it to you. When this occurs, you know you are in the presence of one who loves you without condition–one who is extraordinary.

You seek this love, the feelings of the heart in your relationships with loved ones. You hope it occurs, you pray that it develops; you wish with all your might that you will experience it again and again. You will come to know this as a natural occurrence in your lives when you meet one of us. You will feel no guile, no hatred, no animosity, jealousy, resentment, prejudice, [or] bigotry towards you. The only thing you feel is acceptance, genuine love that touches you deeply. Only the hardened hearts of some people reject that and they do not feel it; there is not a sympathetic vibration to bring to them. You will now us by that feeling. We have been trying to teach you this in past lessons. I present it to you forthrightly today, so you can identify it. That is all.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Welcome!) I am pleased to be here, pleased to receive your welcome. I am upon your planet, my dear friends; I am not material–it will be some time before that occurs. There is no rush. All events must develop in good order and timeliness. As you can see, plans are becoming more materially real, though you do not see them; you have not read them in the universe bulletin, have you? You have enough news to keep you occupied already on your planet, from your own country and afar.

As Rayson said, my approach does not foretell of an apocalyptic era. It really foretells an era of peace, the unfolding of a planet in peace. This must begin at the individual level, my friends. It must begin in you. You know the lessons about living in the “now,” avoiding the worry of the future and the regrets of the past. The past and the future haunt you and foreshadow you, but only because you give them so much attention. I invite you to review your past lessons about this, as your openness to the now provides you with a way of accepting that which is real. Your love for Christ Michael is real. It cannot be expressed in the future, nor can you have regrets about not sharing it from the past; but you must share it now in the present. This is the time when you are most useful to Christ Michael’s direction. I and my advisors continue to advise you to be at peace about my arrival. You can speculate about when, you may wish that it had happened yesterday. But in the plans of the Gods, the plans of the Most Highs, Christ Michael and staff, there is a development of events that will foretell of my arrival to you.

Yours is an unusual planet, as are several others in this section of this local universe. These planets require much preparation, thoughtfulness, and contemplation about the appropriate placement of an Avonal Son, for the greatest effectiveness, for the greatest usefulness of his arrival. You know the parable of the pregnant woman, and her travail, and soon you know by the signs that the birth will occur. So, too, you can easily tell from the events of your world, a world in agony, that the arrival is not thousands of years away, but much closer.

There is an economy of souls, which is not a formulaic expression, but there is an economy of souls, which helps derive a future time when the Avonal Son’s arrival time is most propitious to occur. So too, does it occur on this world of great difficulty. On worlds approaching Light and Life [the arrival of Avonal Sons] are fairly well scheduled. They are normative occurrences–they are not ordinary, but they are not extraordinary–they are part of the evolution of a planet that moves toward Light and Life. The assurance is that my arrival is scheduled. It has been revealed to you; it will occur. Many of you may be around to see it. I will on occasion stop by at groups, such as yours, to share my mind and my thoughts with you as the era approaches of my arrival. Thank you for your time. (Thank you!)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I know that you will have questions, my friends, so let us defer those until the end, and you can direct them to the speakers, as you wish at that time.

[This is Daniel: Our old friend Machiventa is next. He is such a presence; he is just so close to us in his energies. His experience is similar to Michael’s.]

MACHIVENTA: Good afternoon, this is Machiventa. (Welcome.) It is a pleasure to be here. Welcome to “our” planet, huh? I, too, will tell you my friends that these are not apocalyptic times, but they are definitely tough times, yet not the “end of times.” These times are truly eruptions preceding the future, the era of peace. The parallel of the woman in childbirth is no mistake, for it is an accurate foretelling how you can estimate when times are tough for you. You my friends, have completely misguided opinions about your status in this world [because] you have it very well, so your estimation of tough times has to be revised. There are many on this world who live in “those times” all the time, continuously, and the know that they are in their “end of times” already.

Yes, there will be more difficulties on the planet; that is simply the nature of this era on the planet. The hurricanes that you see are really repeats of past eras–they are cyclical–there are times when there are few, weak, and times when there are many and they are strong. And this is part of the planet that is still an active geologic planet with a very hot interior. It has a great deal of energy that is still coming into balance, and will continue that way for may hundreds of thousands, and millions, of years.

This is a formative time of your civilizations–these times of strife are difficult and testing, but they are the precursors, the womb of great souls of great character. You will see many great people come out of these eras. You will also see great characters fall to their knees and vanish as well. Those with strength, those with inner assurance, those who have true bearing with the center of the universe they know, those who are sure and confident, they will remain.

Who among you is this leader? Who among you is this strength? Who among you has the character to be one with this new era? Do not doubt that you are among those who are capable of great things. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; the mundane becomes exciting; the average runs out, escapes the mediocre and becomes a member of the excellent. Each of you has this potential. Each of you has this within you. You have far greater resources within you than you can imagine. Many of you have tapped this, yet many of you have not tapped it at all.

You have a connection with us, my friends, with Monjoronson, Christ Michael, with Serena, with Rayson–you have a connection with all of these beings of light, which surpasses your intellectual awareness. Accept it and know it as true, and begin to use this for the good of your planet and particularly for you. This is why we continue to urge you to be in times of stillness during the day, twice a day if possible, for how is the Lord to lead you if you are not available to listen to his call? Make yourself available even for a short duration twice daily if possible. You will be given instructions. You will be given guidance. You will be given what you need to survive; and you will be given what you need to grow.

The Correcting Time continues on in good order. The events that are occurring on your world have been known to us for a long time, though we wish we didn’t have to plan upon the travail that occurs on your continents, with their human made difficulties, wars, deaths, genocides–these are calamities of morality that eclipse the devastation of hurricanes which are natural, which are innocent, though they cause you great difficulty, but wish you no harm at all. These are unconscious whirling bodies of energy on your planet, which are unconscious. These energies wish you no harm, though they do cause great destruction upon your physical planet.

The greater wars are the wars of morality that rage in your minds, that rage on the continents, which rage in governments, which rage in so many places. It is our desire, with those planners for your planet, to bring an era of peaceful morality, where strife is learned on an individual basis, rather than through societies. So many innocent people are swept away in these destructive waves of immorality, in your governments and your nations. There is so much good being done on you planet, which is ignored and unappreciated, and so much otherwise that is given too much attention.

That is why the preparations for the Avonal Son’s

approach in materialization are given such care of thought. This is no quick, slapping solution upon the top of the tables, scaring everybody into rigid attention, but a very carefully orchestrated, carefully drawn plan expressing the Creator’s love through is Sons-his descending Sons–to your world. I am most privileged to be one of those descending Sons, given the opportunity as your Planetary Price to assist in this coordination. Know that we bless you magnificently and magnanimously. Open your consciousness to receive this, my friends. It is there for you Good day. (Thank you.)

MICHAEL: Good afternoon, this is Christ Michael. Good afternoon!) All that is coming to your planet is an expression of our Father’s love for you. All that comes upon your planet, comes for you–you individually. I call you “my children,”–we are all children of the First Source and Center. The love that flows through me to you through you to your children and to others, emanates from that First Source and Center. It is a joyful responsibility that we all have, to bring that love into expression in ways that help you heal, that help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of yourselves, individually, as God-bearing individuals. You not only bear the stamp of the Creator, you have within you the iteration, the fragment of the Creator, the Father Fragment within you.

My brother, Monjoronson, as you call him, gives up a great deal to become a mortal among you. I understand this well. He will give up powers and degrees of consciousness, which you will never aspire to for many, many of your lifetimes in the universe. His adjustment will be immense. It is one thing for a descending Son to come upon a planet with some semblance of social order, to see the filaments of belief and faith enacted in institutions that are supported by governments and organizations of a global nature. It is quite another thing to come upon a planet as yours that is so distraught, in such disarray

The challenges for him are not so much administrative, as it will be to adjust to you, to your ways of mortality, the beliefs that you have. This is not what you would call “culture shock,” but something that one must enter into a coma and then wake slowly to become acquainted with. Now multiply that by over a thousand times, by all the cultures–what you might call ”data sets”–sets of data for each culture, for each belief system c for each nation, for each heritage, for each history, for each ethnic group, and you will begin to appreciate the grandeur of his intelligence, the breadth of his consciousness, and the dept of his compassion. I am very pleased that Monjoronson is among you. I am so very pleased that his emissary, his pro-tem Chief of Staff is here, to aid in the organization of his permanent staff, the organization unbeknownst and unseen to you, of members of your ranks who are preparing to step forward into columns and rows, the ranks and profiles of those who serve most directly.

My friends, my children, during this era of great physical difficulty on your planet, it is more than hope that I want you to have; it is more than faith that I want you to have; more than belief–I want you to have trust. I want you to reach for knowing that you are loved, cared for, and that you way is made clear to you. Your fears cause you to waver, some of you quiver in the belly of your courage. I approach you to live in the now to mediate in stillness –that is the only time you can escape worry. Be open to being led. Ask questions that invite the universe to answer you. Ask those questions which lead the universe to you. Those questions are not centered on your ego, on your “I” self, but on you as a soul, that needs to know how to live practically, constructively, and in service during the duration of your life.

You have asked–when I say “you,” I mean history of centuries of individuals since my appearance here on the planet–many have asked, “What can I do to help you?” “What do I need to know?” “How can I serve/” “Show me the way and I will follow.” My friends, when you ask those questions, you will be given choices, you will be given decisions–that is the time to choose the way. Know that in all of this that love abounds. Love is more than a rosy feeling. It is the heart energy that goes out from me to you, to others and all. It is filled with patience and understanding, tolerance, acceptance, forbearance–you call it love–I ask you to empower it as those wonderful faith truths, those faith values, that you can enact each day.

How far can a smile go in times of duress and difficulty? It can go a long ways, my friends. Do not be afraid to smile and share your love, the love that I have shared with you. Know that as you go forward, you are not alone at all, that I am with you. I am there in ways that you cannot understand, ways in which I have not been present for others until this time after the adjudication. Now my love pours out across the world, to you–each of you–individually. My staff, my brothers, are here to help serve you by serving our Creator, our Father God.

Blessings to you this day, and all the days as you go forward. Do not forget you daily chores; do not forget to go to work. These are days to continue your service to others through your employment, through your thoughtful attention to ways of service which were perhaps unknown to you before, but which you are willing to pick up and deliver now. Now, I will return this podium to our beloved teacher, Rayson. Thank you for your attention. Bless you children. (Thank you!)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I will be your moderator for questions, if you have any.

Student: I have a question. Serena, have I met you?

SERENA: Yes, we have met.

Student: Was it last week?

SERENA: I met many of you last week!

Student: Oh, my gosh! I hope I was really nice to you (Much laughter.) I just had the feeling–it was the strangest encounter, and I wondered about it for a long time, wondering what that was about. I guess I am assuming that I am right in thinking it was the woman who said she was from Laos?

SERENA: I usually appear as a visitor form many places.

Student: Thank you. When you said that you had met many of us, she just came into my mind so clearly; it was such an unusual encounter. I didn’t know what to think of it. And afterward I thought, “I hope I helped that woman–she needed my help!” I hoped that I was helpful enough. I was a little nervous about, because she said she wanted to be my friend. She said, “Will you be friends with me?”

SERENA: You didn’t know it was an interview, did you?

Student: I didn’t know what to think of it. Anyway, thank you.

RAYSON: Other questions?

Student: I have a question for Serena. What my husband and I are experiencing currently am I correct that we are “detaching”–basically from the material world–from the responsibilities and obligations that bind us in certain way, so that we can be free to better serve?

SERENA: These are questions I would direct you to your guardian and your teachers. This is one that I could answer, but I will defer.

Student: I ‘m not sure how important this is to the group (This is Rayson. Would you state to whom you direct your question, please?) Well, I think to Christ Michael because he mentioned the adjudication and the question concern [that]. There are times when we are among other Urantia Book readers, when it seems relevant, when I feel very tempted to say when something comes up about Lucifer, the Rebellion, and so on, to indicate that I believe that the adjudication has occurred and I wonder if you could be more specific about when this has occurred and if it’s helpful for us to share this information?

CHRIST MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael. I will be glad to answer your question. This is a wonderful, opportune time for leadership of a teacher, of which you are fully capable. And rather than stating your beliefs, and then having to defend that–for there are no defenses for beliefs, are there? Simply state, “Well that is one opinion, isn’t it” and leave it at that. And then, wait for the question. Then you will be invited to answer the question. I f there is no question, then you leave it as it is. Does this help you?

Student: You mean if I were to state that I believe that the adjudication has occurred?

MICHAEL: No, that you would simply state, “Well that is one opnion.” And leave it at that. If the individual is curious, they will ask you questions. If they are defensive, they will not. And had stated your opnion, the then they would need to defend themselves and provide their opinion about the situation again, placing you on the defensive. Good, effective teaching does not occur from the defensive, but through the intuitive mind, one where there is an open-ended-ness, where you can approach the inner circle of mind adjutants in the individual to awaken in them, the rationality of their beliefs, to weigh in new ways those statements that they have made and the question that you raised without asking the question.

Student: I guess what I thought of, instead of saying, “This is what I believe,” I would rather say, “Do you think it’s possible that this has occurred?’

MICHAEL: That leaves them to answer the question of their own opinion of their own beliefs, and gets you nowhere. It does not open their mind to the possibility, but provides them with a platform to state their opinions. (Thank you). You are welcome.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. I will close for the group.

Student: Before you close, I do have one more question. (Certainly.) We’ve heard a couple different ways recently about the volcano off the shore of Africa that if this changes in such a way, that a great deal of material slides into the sea, this will create a giant tsunami that will have an enormous effect on the East Coast. I thought about this, wondering if that is a strong possibility, is there anything that those of us who have heard about it should do to perhaps warn some our friends that if they hear of this they should immediately make for higher ground?

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. In the management of world affairs, one does not want to cause panic, for great damage is done in those cases where there was actually no threat at all. I would suggest that you simply clip a new article from your e-news, your electronic news, and forward it to your friends for their attention, saying, “You might be interested in this,” and leave it at that. Surely you know that your planet, geologically, is quite unstable. The energies, which are cyclical on your world, are as much internal as they are external. Your scientists have not been able to fathom where these energies are coming from. They attribute the energies to come from the sun, through the weather systems, and so on. Yet there is a great deal of radiance that comes from within the planet that affects the weather of your planet and the geology and plates in ways that are undiscovered yet.

You do not need to become survivalists to live successfully and happily upon your world, in your lifetime. I would warn you against becoming complacent and ignorant however, for your society and your brief lives give you the feeling, the assurance that twenty years of peace and good crops, and good weather is the normal–far from it, my friends. Your planet can become a complete desert, almost, in the next ten thousand years, yet within fifty thousand years become another jungle. The flexibility of the germ plasm of plants and animals that are upon your world is beyond your comprehension.

Remember, this is not just a planet of rock and stone and water, but a living entity; it is an energy system. You may attribute a consciousness to Gaia, but it has an energy system [that] has been imprinted by pattern upon it, and it retains, remembers, what it has and shares that with the future. These statements are perhaps nonsensical to you, as any trends of that expression far exceeds your lifetime by a thousand times, yet the midwayers know them well.

I am not saying you should not warn your friends, but present it in a way that does not cause panic and does not make you look like a “basket case.” Credible witness to your faith is really encouraged. We know that by your presence here. You are an extraordinary few; you are unconventional; you are outside the realm of what is acceptable and politically correct in your society. You are our material emissaries. Share your news, but do so thoughtfully. I apologize for sermonizing to you (Giggles and a thank you.)

[Ed. The following question was greatly truncated with permission of the student)

Student: I’d like to ask Christ Michael a question about meditation. I believe it was Machiventa who exhorted us to spend [time} twice a day in meditation, and I have a question regarding the Jesus-style of meditation that I have read about in Peter Holly’s article. In Jesus-style meditation, where one not necessarily goes still, and totally relaxed and empties the mind, but the active meditation that Jesus was supposed to have done here–just deep thinking. Here’s the “nub” of it . . . (Much laughing.) I have a hard time settling down into deep meditation, and sometimes I think I really glommed onto the ideas of the alter ego. I like to converse with my alter ego, and I go through my day in a solitary fashion most of the time, having a lot of conversation between my ears. Sometimes I feel guilty because I haven’t sat down and made a time to meditate, but yet I feel like I have really gotten contact throughout the day. I guess I want reassurance, and maybe it will help somebody else who has the same kind of problem that I have–or actually the discipline of it. Jesus, how could you do it, and was it always like total silence?

MICHAEL: What a platform of opportunity you have given me! (Much laughter, including from Michael.) First of all, dear daughter, be always clear about your “intention” when entering into that time. Whether you are talking to you alter ego when you are driving in your car, or at work–what is you intention for that? Is it just idle mind chatter, or is it seeking insights to guidance? Also, as your teacher has taught you, think of your “sincerity.” Is this a frivolous occupation of your mind, to while away the minutes? Or is it a way of holding conversation–intimate conversation with you wider wisdom?

Let me give you an insight, which I have not written or published yet [Note from the TR Michael was projecting a humorous intent in this statement.] Let me give you an insight, one that I used when I was here, among the people. You recall that I have twelve of these young me around me, and they would ask questions incessantly until I asked them to go inside and pray. And I would go aside myself, and I would have conversations with my father. I would ask you–I would invite you–to have conversations with me. Your alter ego is fine, but I would invite you to invite me into that space. Believe me, I have capacity to be attentive, to be present, and be earnest and sincere and patient with you. I will listen to all your talk; I am there for you. I am not your crutch; I am not your bandage, but I will give you healing, in that time, in that space, between your ears.

Is there a right way? No, there are better ways; there are best ways, But if your intention is sincere, that is the right way for you. I am not the presence that sits with you at the bar and sips on wine or beer though I have had many occasions almost without number, with people in that situation as I provided comfort to them when they could find no other. I am saying that knowing you–and knowing you so well–that when you talk and speak with me, that you do so with thoughtfulness, with a question, with an earnest desire, for a thirst and hunger for that which you do not have already. I assure you that you will go away from our conversations satisfied.

I cannot address many of your questions that are simply analytical, ones to weigh and measure in terms of yes or no, but I can lead into depth of knowing me, and you can lead me into knowing you deeply, by inviting me there in that space. You will know that I am with you by the heartfelt energy that you feel, the same energy that you felt from Serena, the same energy that you feel from those who love you unconditionally, those who accept you as they do a child. And as you grow in our conversations, I ask you to share that same energy with others, without fault, without limitation, without bias or judgment, but a sincere expression of me through you, and you are becoming greater. And you will know immediately whom to pour this out upon, and those who will not appreciate it. Does this help you (Student: Oh yes! Thank you so much. I thank you soooooo much! I feel so warm and loved–thank you.) Bless you.

Student: I have a question for Serena. I would like to know if it is possible to re-schedule my interview? (Laughter.) Last week I was busy “sliding down the razor blade of life,” and I was not at my best!

SERENA: So, you would like a second interview? (Yes. I would like to be involved.) Certainly. I read your resume already.

Student: Have I met Serena?

SERENA: I ask you the same question, dear.

Student: She was the last personality that I transmitted, and I don’t transmit very often.

SERENA: When we meet, it will be in person.

Student: I am not aware of it, but then my life is pretty chaotic. I was wondering if possibly we met and I wasn’t aware of it.

SERENA: . . . (inaudible) . .

Student: Well, I’d like an interview, and I would like to be at my best because I too, would love to serve.

SERENA: You have served greatly already (Thank you.)

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Are we ready for closure? (Pause.) One last question.

Student: Many people, not only in the Teaching Mission, but also people outside of it have all been commenting on the new energy they feel. I have faith in it. I totally believe in it, but I have not “felt” it. Is there anyway I can attune myself so that I can experience this?

MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael. I will validate that there is a new energy, an expanded energy on the planet. Your validation is from within yourself. You have struggled with this for so long, dear one. Be at peace about it; know that it is occurring; know that I love you; know that I have poured this out upon your planet; know that it is coordinated with all the efforts of healing for your planet. Be at peace. (Thank you, Father.)

RAYSON: This is Rayson Thank you for your time and attention. Good day. (We thank everyone for coming!)

* * *


Andover, MN Team

September 6, 2005

Tr: Leoma

We began with stillness, and then linked to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba. We then invited our celestial guests to participate with our group to send healing energy to the hurricane Katrina survivors. We sent the light of Michael to those in positions of power in our government and military (to make wise, ethical decisions.).

Prayer: God Almighty, most perfect Father, loving Provider, Upholder of all. We thank You for Your love. We thank You that You allow us to be part of this process, helping Your creation. We appreciate the ability to use our free choice to do good for others in support of Your creation. As always, we thank You so much for the ability to contact and have communications with our friends, our teachers. We will listen to them so that we can learn from them, so that we can grow, so that we can help You more so to bring goodness to this world, helping Michael in this Correcting Time.

Monjoronson: Good evening. It is I, your Magisterial Son, Monjoronson. I wish to greet this group and all of the others who will connect with this communication. Feel the advent of the arrival of my energy among you and on this entire planet.

My arrival has already been announced in other places around the planet, as you are beginning to receive communication of this. The announcements are being made that you may anticipate in the near future that persons who are ready for this arrival be allowed to see my personage in the flesh. As yet, this has not occurred. The announcements are being made of my arrival before anything else will occur.

I have arrived by the way of the usual methods for materialization of the physical body from the higher dimensions. The transition has been smooth, and now I begin my orientation upon this world. As you might imagine, it does take some adjustment. As familiar as I have been from the other side with your world, there is still adjustment to be made. And so this time period, this interval before you see me among you in the flesh, before I begin direct ministry among you there is this time period. I have come among many of your previously to show my energy signature so that you will recognize my arrival. It will not be announced as to where I will be seen.


The anticipation of even my pre-physical arrival caused stirrings among you that distracted you for a time from you spiritual pathways of growth and service. This undertaking will remain a bit cautious so that the disruption is minimal to your daily lives and your current involvement in the Correcting Time. We do not wish for there to be a mob rushing to the site anticipated where I will appear among you. Be assured, many of you will see me. You will not need to physically travel to a certain location for that to occur. Remain where you are. Remain in your position of service. I will come to you. Remain patient and wait. While waiting, however, continue in your service and in your reading, your listening, and your discussing. The Teaching Mission continues. There is much to be done, much to be communicated, much to learn, and much to do.

This just the beginning, the mere advent of a new age, of a new dispensation as the old one passes slowly away. There is much turmoil, tragedy, and strife on your world. Many specific things are on your minds at this time. . .disaster, failures of your government and your leaders to be truthful and honest with you. There are many things that will be changed almost overnight . . .things that will be revealed that will turn things as you might say, upside-down. You will need to hang on to your celestial help, to your faith, to the knowledge that you are not alone and that you are not left to your own devices.


Those of you that understand the energies that are entering and changing this planet during the correcting time will be called upon. You will be needed increasingly now to calm the fears . . .to minister to those around you. You have been taught and strengthened. You have the resources within you. You have the close association of the indwelling Father Fragment. You can call upon all of these resources and those of us who have been over-lighting you world for a very long time and are here to assist. We are ready to do all that we can do. Yet you are the hands and feet. You are the mouths and listening ears. You are the eyes that see where help is needed. You are the ones that carry out Michael’s ministries among your peers. We call upon you to fulfill this plan of correction which now is coming into your neighborhoods, into your very homes where ministry will need to take place, person to person, group to group. The out cry is growing in intensity, as the spiritual growth expanding to be able to meet these growing needs. You CAN carry out this mission. You CAN handle these problems. They are opportunities for you to reach out and to be the light of Christ to others. You are the ones who will reach out and allow the Christ light to flow through you to others so that they may see the truth, so that they may receive the love of the Father which comes continuously, unceasingly, without limit, without end.

It is good, my friends. It is good that you are here to listen and that you have asked how you may serve. Having asked and received direction, you have taken the bold steps forward to do that which you believe is necessary. Each individual has their own mission to carry out. It is for that individual to discern, using their own particular gifts and interests. Yet individuals need not work alone. They may join hands with others in other endeavors. With this kind of union of effort and focusing of intent, there can be no failure. The plans for healing and for changing this world for the better are progressing and will continue to progress at a rate greater than we had anticipated. As we step forward to bring in this new dispensation, the upward movement, the expansion of the light of the knowledge of truth, of the love from the Mother Spirit is growing ever-more powerful each day, each hour.

I wish for you to know, my friends, the most powerful tool you can use right now in this world is effective payer . . . prayer such as you have used to send light into the trouble regions. Time and distance are of no matter when it comes to prayer. Prayer enters the realm beyond the space-time continuum and is not limited by those. Your prayers . . . heartfelt, sincere, focused with your intent, particularly in a group are boosted and helped along with many of your unseen friends. Invite them to join you in this effort; the effectiveness grows even more. You will learn in the coming days that such prayer, such union with all those unseen around you, working together, can truly move mountains, can truly heat the environment, and can truly do what you think of as the impossible. Use these tools we have given you and you will begin to see miracles . . . the greatest miracle being that you have learned to communicate and to be in union with us.

Now my friends, allow me to infuse you once more with more of my energy. [Pause]

We are going to send light once again, and you will feel the strength of it. There is a large sphere of light filling this room, filling this house. It is rotating in a clockwise fashion. [Pause} It is a large globe of light, rotating slowly. [pause] Now, my friends we are with our collective intent sending it out from here to where it is most need. It goes NOW. [ed. We all FELT it!]

Did you perceive, my friends, that this light did not go to just one place? It did not go in only one direction. It went in all directions to many places. If you could see this light as I do, as you unseen friends do, you would know how effective it is. We encourage you and all groups receiving this communication to intensify your work in this area. You can do it from your chair, and in a few minutes time.

I love you all, my dear friends, my brothers and sisters. In time, I will meet many of you face-to-face. In the meantime, continue the good work you have been doing. Try not to anticipate he hour or the place of my coming. Send me instead your love and light, which will be used for implementing Michael’s plan for redemption in the correcting time as we move toward light and life on this sphere. With great love and devotion, I bid you good night .until we meet again.

[pause; TR ed. This was a powerful, expansive presence, very strong!]

Serena: I am Serena. I am pleased to address you this evening on this auspicious occasion. The Magisterial Son has announced himself, has announced his arrivel around the globe. I am here to reinforce the idea that you are not try to anticipate where he will be seen, by whom, or when.

I know that yo have wondered about my role, and those of my order. We have been heretofore unrevealed to your world It may be obvious to you by now that all beings coming to you from higher places are in coordination with Michael’s plan for the Correcting Time. Everything is coordinated in a great web of organized effort and over lighting to weave many strands together to make this picture come alive.

My role in this plan and those of my order will remain as of yet unrevealed, though your knowing about our presences is a step forward. We are pleased to be among you, and very honored to be working with Michael’s plan. We are not directly under his supervision. We are here from a higher perspective which serves your local universe and its immediate needs. More than this you need not understand at this time.

It is our desire instead to encourage you on your forward march toward light and life. It appears to be such a monumental task. Indeed there is much to be overcome. Yet we have the greatest confidence, indeed, we know for certain that you have the equipment you need. You have the resources within you to carry this through, to see it through to fulfilment. Just think how much you have gained in a few short years of your time. . . how much you have learned and grown. Things that seemed so far out to you now have become common place. This will continue throughout you live, this kind of growth that seems so incredible and so fast. You can do it. You have the resources. You have tremendous help more than you could imagine, that one day you will see. You will know for certain who has been helping you. One day you will meet them all. You will know them all by name. You will know their personalities. You will recognize many of them. Others will be brand new to you, thought they have been with you a long time. You are so blessed to have all of this help from the other side. Do you know that each individual on this planet has multiple, multiple unseen friends, as you like to put it, of many orders?

We all rejoice in this moment of your time. It is a turning point. We wish to bring you our love and encouragement, along with joining hands in rejoicing with you. Until we speak again, goodnight.

Most Highs: Yes, we do wish to speak. This is the Most Highs. We greet you this evening.

Well, now you have heard it for yourselves . . . the great announcement you have been anticipating for some time, wondering where and how this might take place. You have done well to remain focused on your personal journeys of faith and growth, growing into greater service. This we admonish you to continue.

We rejoice with you. There is much rejoicing from this side. It’s very noisy! It’s very joyful! Hallelujahs are going up all around. Amid all of this joy and thanksgiving, let us be reminded to be tempered in our reactions . . .to remain grounded. The spiritual temperature of Urantia is rising along with the rest of you. We can feel the rising of energy frequency. The simple knowledge spreading around the world that your Magisterial Son has arrived indeed can be felt among us. The energy is increasing.

Monjoronson has arrived not only in the flesh on the planet, but in your hearts and your minds and your souls. We feel the expansion of this within you and around the planet. Things will be happening quickly now, changing quickly. Sometimes overnight, things will be turned upside down for various reasons. Yet we desire to calm any fears this thought may stir up. Again we remind you, you have the resources, you have the faith, you have the spiritual backing, you have the love needed to carry this mission through, and to help others through it . . .whatever may come. You may not be the authors, but you are the ones telling the story. You are the ones causing the story to unfold as it is. I can assure you, we can assure you, it will come out happily. Healing and the goal of truth, goodness and beauty expressed for all individuals are on the horizon. It is coming. You are helping to bring it into fruition, into reality.

So stay tuned, dear friends, there is plenty more to come. Remember to keep you lives balanced. Remember to allow periods of rest, periods of play along with your work. Allow yourselves to be refreshed, to give thanks.

It is good, my friends. Give thanks and remain balanced in your love and faith through Christ Michael. Good night.

* * *


North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

September 11, 2005

Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I have enjoyed watching each one of you ascend the spiritual mountain and attain the ridge top of a cosmic perspective. You have each struggled and been rewarded through that struggle. And now upon this ridge you have spent much time enjoying the gentler ups and downs of life as you proceed to express love and to shine light and to offer ministry.

While you have gained many skills and unfolded your latent talents, you have also learned to coordinate these abilities with your brothers and sisters in this mission. With this cooperative training you are becoming capable of working truly as a team, as a corporate body. What you are learning about today with the advancement of the Magisterial Mission will take you to the base of yet a higher mountain. It is one you will not climb alone but you will climb together, tethered one to another. It will require your trust and faith. It will require each one of you sharing your strengths and receiving compensation for your weaknesses one from another. Your climb will be strenuous, but it will not be unaided, for the ministers now upon your world offering their helping hands. The result will be quite uplifting to you. I will work alongside on this team for the outworking of this new age. Before we receive another teacher’s address, I ask you each to sit in silence, to look to the Father, to dedicate the heart.

Monjoronson (Mark): I greet you now. I am Monjoronson and I am your guide who awaits you at the base camp ready to lead you on this next most glorious journey. We are both so fortunate, you to have practiced over these years your climbing skills and honing your desires to reach for the top, and I to have such able and competent climbers to work with on this joyous journey ahead.

I acknowledge the desires of you hearts to be on this team with me, and I welcome you with open arms as partners to be tethered together and to make this ascension one for all and all for one.

I have no doubts of your worthiness to perform the necessary requirements to ascend. I ask that you prepare yourselves in advance of our task by resting well, by finding your centers, and by doing exercises of stillness and worship that you may be focused and centered and strong to proceed as we take these next steps.

The peak that we ascend to has been shrouded in clouds for this planet’s existence, but the weather conditions are favorable. The winds of change will blow to clear away what had previously been unseen and unknown to provide us with the light and guidance to find our way to the top. From the base camp it is necessary that we reestablish our commitment and our focus so as to be of one heart in our desire to make this climb together.

As I gaze down over you, my companions, I see the willingness necessary to commit to this next phase. Willingness is good. Dedication is required. I ask each of you in the hours after our embrace here to go apart and find your dedication to this next leg of the journey. Any climber who does not feel up to the task is required to stay at base camp and not put the others into peril. There is no shame in such an admission of unreadiness, and each must find for themselves their next level of commitment and dedication. I welcome all who are fit and feel ready for this next leg of the journey. We all must work together in order to successfully complete this mission.

I look forward to the great rewards at hand for having accomplished such a glorious journey. Hold fast those principles and spiritual understandings that provide you with good footing. Do not waver in your temptation to doubt. Act with the fullness of the faith that you have built in your ascension thus far. Commit to me, to Michael, and to the Father your intentions and then orient yourself to be guided, to follow as you are led even though the way be obscured. The conditions may be blinding and at times difficult. Trust that you are in fact being led correctly and apply the necessary effort step by step to bring yourself along.

You have already successfully completed such exercises to your great satisfaction. Now before you lies an even greater challenge with even greater satisfaction upon completion. Not only do you stand the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction, but as well you all are privileged to have a role to play in the service of your fellow. Your success is also the success of this mission before us. We are the ones to forge this trail to the top so that others may have an established path. I am an experienced navigator, and I will find us our way through this unknown terrain. You in faith will follow in my steps. Having thus made this new path many others may follow us to the top and enjoy the same rewards that we find in having blazed the trail.

There is something special about those going first, and I cherish each of you for your commitment to this initial journey. One day we will reflect back on the magnitude of that which we did simply one step at a time. For now we must focus on simply one step at a time. Do not let your perception of the magnitude of what we do inhibit you rather focus on the task at hand, the next step or two, then helping each other take the next step or two. In this way we will all make it to the top and be able to gaze down upon the journey that we have made.

What a joy it is to perceive such an eager crew, such willing climbing companions that we may be about this task with lightheartedness and even with joy. Though we must invest ourselves in the effort required, we, through our faith, are assured of our success even before we have begun With this we should embrace this opportunity before us and welcome the obstacles we encounter, knowing that togther and with the Father all things are possible. With the extension of ourselves our personal growth and the growth of this mission are assured. We simply cannot lose.

Thank you for hearing my words today and for your concern over my mission. More details will come to yo as they are necessary In the meantime once again I ask that you prepare yourselves for the next leg of our journey, and when the call comes to don your gear and move out, I trust you will be prepared in mind and in spirit that we may forge this route together. You will be hearing from me as time goes on, and I will be in observation of you as we near the time to be about this journey.

Thank you. Farewell.

* * *

The following three transcripts are from Warren Smith in Salt Lake City, UT. As you read them, you will see why Warren shared them as a group.


August 16, 2005

Machiventa: Understand that Serena will be working with you very closely as she acts as coordinator and liaison between many whom you will now come to know (as well as those you are closer to), and as she has conveyed to you, she will be representing me and our Magisterial Son to you in many areas and aspects that will allow you to become more fully aligned and connected with us. This growing relationship between you and Serena will allow for specific circuitry to be installed which will give you a “direct line” to her personality that you will increasingly become aware of. Such a connection will greatly empower you to be in touch with much that would otherwise not be so extensively available to you. Such an experimental “blending process” of specific circuitry between the two of you will allow you to receive vital intelligence without the time lag that normally occurs, as well as bring into existence benefits you will come to discover, recognize interpret and utilize. Rest assured that such a relationship of “circuitry bonding” is very rare, and approval for such has been granted by our Universe Parents and your indwelling Father Fragment. I feel confident that this experiment will be one that will prove to be highly successful while enabling you to take a more highly active role as an ambassador upon my staff, and later as an apostle of our beloved Magisterial Son.

Do also understand that Serena is one of an unrevealed order, much like my own order, except that she is a Descending Daughter and master teacher originating from a greatly higher superuniverse estate than we local universe Melchizedeks. To be involved in such a potential relationship with such a being as Serena allows you possibilities of development that are currently beyond your comprehension. Do know that the potentials are nothing less than exquisite, as she has conveyed to you. I am thrilled to oversee such a “blending process” and fully expect you to become all you can become as you are indeed allowing. Truly your living, growing faith has made such a reality possible, my friend, and as you come into greater self-awareness you will rejoice beyond what you can possibly imagine as you awaken to the glorious new realities that will become experientially realized. Trust me and know that many will be observing your progress.

Feel free to call upon me or our Magisterial Son as you desire, and understand that we both value your participation and commitment to become the server of all that you are supremely desirous of becoming. Keep only the highest thoughts entertained as you walk hand in hand with Mother and Michael, allowing those able caretakers who have been assigned to your watchcare to guide and assist you in all endeavors. Many you will come to better know, including those three that you have asked for who would not normally have been selected. They are with great joy to be assisting you in your new business endeavor and will provide you with great assistance as you come to know them and allow them to lead you into whole new areas of growth and progress.

My friend, you have many experts who desire to become your valued and trusted co-workers. You have great gifts and ability to work with each and all of them. As you have requested, Serena will be there with you to allow you to better take advantage of the vast team that has been selected to work with you. As time goes on she will help you become aware of all that your growing potential can actualize, according to your supreme desire and downright determination.

* * *


August 21, 2005

Serena: My dear, as you know, I am closely associated with our Magisterial Son, and have worked with him, upon his staff, for a great time throughout this superuniverse, and it has been my honor, joy and pleasure to accompany him as one of his trusted and loyal staff members upon many of his bestowals upon the decimal planets within many local universes in this seventh superuniverse.

I also have a unique connection with each of the local universe Mother Spirits in whose domain I have operated. This connection is beyond what you could at this time comprehend, but rest assured that my association with your local universe Mother Spirit allows me great ability gain access to you and others of your brethren who are desirous of becoming closer to me through the circuit of the Holy Spirit, operating through your Mother Spirit.

I am also becoming quite close to a number of the Melchizedeks within your local universe of Nebadon, and have taken oaths and pledges to support Machiventa in all endeavors I am involved in as an advisor and honorary member upon his staff of celestial beings and mortals like yourself.

In addition to my access to you through your universe Mother Spirit’s Holy Spirit, there are indeed other of her circuits that allow me to connect with you. However, the specific “circuitry bonding” that we are beginning to experience and allowing to manifest is a whole new circuit that has been initiated and made possible through your living, growing faith. Such a “circuitry bonding” as we will be increasingly experiencing is indeed at this time beyond the capacity of the tremendous majority of mortals upon you planet to visualize and accept. You my dear friend, have allowed yourself to invite this great new miracle to become a living reality between the two of us, and I assure you that such a growing connection between us will allow me to impart to you great new information, as a liaison and staff member upon our Magisterial Son’s staff, as well as enhance the existing, growing relationship that you have with Prince Machiventa and those unseen assistants upon his staff. This new miracle that I speak of is only made possible through your desire to embrace the opportunity to become a co-creative pioneer, increasingly coming to understand that indeed there are no limitations to what can be achieved and attained in these great times of renaissance here upon Urantia.

As time goes on, you will become increasingly aware of a distinct closeness between us and discern new abilities to instantly receive through me whatever our Magisterial Son, Prince Machiventa, myself and others are desirous of imparting to you. Yes, this process of “circuitry bonding” will allow me to act as a liaison between the spiritual hierarchy upon this planet and your composite being. Your indwelling Father Fragment will allow such information to be imparted instantly to your conscious mind.

My dear brother, these are times of exciting opportunities upon this planet. There are those you will be coming into contact with who have great capacity to become the servers of all, a fellow staff members upon our Prince’s staff and that of our Magisterial Son. You are even now coming into contact with some of these individuals and it is important that you give them support and encouragement, allowing them to release limitations that can act as barriers to embracing these new miracles, these new potential realities that they are envisioning and that they will oftentimes consider beyond the attainable, being mere emanations and illusions of their imagination.

* * *


September 10, 2005

Monjoronson: I have a vast array of personalities accompanying me. You are working with one who has been with me for millions of years in Serena, and I assure you that this process of ‘circuitry bonding” that is occurring between the two of you will be occurring with increasing frequency with many mortals upon this planet . . . those faith-led sons and daughters who are whole-heartedly desirous of dedicating their lives to becoming the servers of all.


I assure you that there is a Magisterial Staff which will become known, a staff of to-be-materialized beings. You are aware of the Melchizedek order, but indeed there will be females materialized in equal numbers, comprised of the unrevealed order that your dear friend, teacher and guide, Serena is one of. And, yes, she will be amongst this group of the to-be-materialized staff members.

This new “circuitry bonding” process with faith-led mortals will increasingly begin occurring between each one of these to-to-be-materialized staff members, as each one is capable of connecting with hundreds upon hundreds of mortals who are ready for such a process to unfold. Those who are qualified for such, only need ask, and through their living growing faith and trust, such a miracle will indeed become a living, growing reality. The ramifications of such a relationship are beyond the present ability of mortal comprehension, but I assure you that all who engage and succeed in this process will find themselves with great new power to be about our Father’s business.

Great downward spiritual pressure is now being applied upon the planet, as never before, and for those who are ready there will be great upliftment as their morontia/material bodies blend and their frequencies and vibrations are raised to higher levels. As new morontia awareness comes upon all of those according to their ability to receive, I assure you that many of you will be learning great new secrets/techniques in energy management. I speak of transformation, manipulation and direction of the energy of love . . . pure energy indeed. Allow yourselves to ponder upon my words, and rest assured that your ability to assimilate and absorb will be greatly enhanced as you reach out to the rest in the great peace of your Universe Parents’ arms.

* * *



September 15, 2005

T/R: Marshall

Prayer: I ask the Father, dear Father of Light, fill us with wisdom to the fullness f power this evening and vitalize us with spirit and as we walk hand in hand with our universe patents, surely we will come to know you each day as we supremely desire to become one with you, indeed each day becoming more like you.

Serena: Good evening my dear children and friends with joy am I tonight to greet this wonderful group of truth seekers. What a miracle it is indeed to become thus connected in such a way as we experience here this evening. This is only one of the great miracles that Michael has mandated allowing us to truly reach into whole new areas of the unknown and together increasingly come to work as one together. This is Serena.

Many are her tonight on the other side of the veil witnessing this experience as the spirit and mortal connect. Truly the planet is astir with great activity as indeed vast hosts of personalities and entities of all orders are preparing for the times that are indeed upon us. We are awakening to a whole new age my friends and as the coming days unfold more will be revealed from those that desire to make, shall we say, a more formal announcement.

Having worked for millions of years with your Magisterial Son in this superuniverse, I am here to assure you that thrilling times, great new times of exceptional opportunity to serve have been born. All of you here have accepted the call to be about serving Michael and have through the years. Many of you since the beginning of the Teaching Mission and Correcting Times have dedicated their lives increasingly to being transformed and all have made great strides in releasing the old ways and patterns and adopting new ways of living, thinking and being.

You have been well led in this adventure, indeed you have accepted the spirit guidance and direction that hovers over each of you. Each of you who has joined in tonight, I assure you, has vast teams walking with you, hovering over you and leading you at all times according to your desire to connect with this team of ours. You have proven yourself to be noble faith led transforming souls of destiny and we can rejoice that we together will be working increasingly as a coordinated unit as all unfolds.

You have heard recently of a new process that has been announced, communicated, that is known as circuitry bonding. This process will become increasingly experienced by many of those like yourselves who are dedicated and supremely desirous of becoming the servers of all. Currently most of you are indeed serving as you prepare under one of the various 12 corps of Master Seraphim of planetary supervision and great rehearsal has been occurring with each with increasing frequency, not only during your sleep, through your superconscious mind arena, but as you open you life increasingly to connect those stillness times during the day, this rehearsal is more fully assimilated into the conscious mind through the bleed over from your superconscious mind. In essence your soul is embracing your minds. The process of circuitry bonding one need not conceptualize, analyze, the mechanics of such for they are way beyond your current ability to comprehend, but each of you here this evening I assure you my children, that there are those personalities of my order, there are Melchizedeks and others unrevealed to you who are desirous of experiencing this process with you. Many of you even here tonight and your brethren who may not be joining in have been receiving increasingly so, visits from those who are desirous of connecting with you.

My friends, you only need to open your hearts and assuming supreme desire and intentions to serve you will indeed begin experiencing this process. This is not a process that will be greatly noticed for it is one that will occur more subtly as to your perception, but I assure you that as you allow and accept this experience to become a living reality with you, you put yourself in position to receive great adjustments where the frequency level and vibrational levels within your composite levels will be raised.

Some of you may notice at times, this T/R is one, there are many others, who may be awakened at night and there is seemingly a great distortion where you may be and other effects. Worry not, fear not for the amperage has been turned up greatly and each one of you who has come into this experience will assimilate it differently. Your experiences will be quite varied as your individual genetic predispositions are vastly unique, your electrochemical systems differ highly, but nonetheless my friends, you will each recognize slowly a greater increasing oneness with you indwelling Father fragment.

I encourage each one of you to reach deep within, into the heart center, the Christ consciousness, the citadel within your mind, yes the superconscious arena, and allow your souls to embrace your minds for my friends, my dear children, indeed all the answers lie within and all who seek with pure intentions will receive all the answers that they desire. Each of you are destined to become great beacons of light in these coming times. You will indeed have many varied impulses as a group, but truly my friends this is what has been referred to often as a time of sifting and a time of great decision.

As I mentioned earlier, more will be forthcoming withing the next 10 days as to what you might call a more formal announcement by those who are most appropriate to address you. I am honored to be in your presence tonight. I feel each one of your energies and I assure you that you ave very watched over. I would be very honored to receive any questions from any of those who so desire.

As there are no questions, I will close with a thought that will be further elaborated on in the near future but my brethren, my sons and daughters, each of you have been entrusted with a great mission. Your time is coming to act as a part of the great whole and as those of you who choose to take on this new experimental process of circuitry bonding, you will also be experiencing a new closeness between yourselves for to hear that indeed and understand that you a part, each of us, of the great whole supreme oneness is one thing, but to experientially recognize this though whole new senses that will coming upon you, is altogether a different reality.

I assure you that this and so much more is not only possible but will be occurring with increasing frequency. Indeed you are the co-authors of this book and we depend on you to take the steps and as you do, know that multitudes upon your team of unseen coworkers will rush in to bring you into becoming the servers of all. I leave you tonight with great joy and look forward to us working together in this great new age that has indeed come upon us.

Q: Dear Serena, I would like to welcome you into our lives here on this world. We have been waiting for you for a long time. Sister we are just thankful for you being here.

Serena: Well Marty, it is wonderful to hear your words. You are well known and I appreciate your gracious words my friend. The message you received earlier indeed you can rest assured you a a shining example in this great mission of Michael’s.

Q: I have a question about the circuitry bonding. Is it not a process that has already begun in our lives and that we are already receiving a certain amount of that benefit?

Serena: Very astute you are indeed. There are those of you who have been experiencing this process for sometime now. Others are just now coming into this process, their experience, but yes you are correct. Please continue if you have follow-up my friend.

Q; No, I just want to thank you very much for everything and God bless us all. God bless you.

Serena: Hallelujah indeed and may we glorify God and know that we are all brothers and sisters of this great Father of light. I would be happy to address any other questions if you desire to ask them.

Q: I had a curiosity question about this process. It seems that a lot of unifying forces are going on because of the fact that we are an experimental decimal planet and there seems to be a lot of unrevealed things going on. I was wondering if certain of these processes are experimental, not all that unique in the universe?

Serena: Good question Jeffrey, yes this experience is unique to this planet although there are similarities in this process to others that have occurred on other planets, decimal planets and other planets, but this new process is experimental and I encourage each of you to become more fully aware how empowered you are to creatively contribute to this process. All is possible with God and what the true son or daughter desires and the Father wills is. We are partners in this adventure and I do encourage each of you to empower yourself to realize that there is great latitude available for you to implement whole new experimental processes in partnership with spirit.

Q:Thnk you for that gracious answer. I am often reminded in things I’ve read about how we can serve and be sort of in this world but not of it and I do rest assured in my faith that everything is within the Father’s plans for our world and feel like it is a great opportunity for us all and I’d just like to send my thanks to those on the other side for their teamwork in helping this happen

Serena: My friend, you are also well known. We have awaited your coming, you have been indeed been through a process of great preparation and we rejoice your presence here tonight and yes, to walk upon this world and not be of it, each of you have taken great steps towards that goal and rest assured that as you release your ties to the ego animal mind and allow this ego mind to transform and be transformed into the higher morontia and spirit realities, you will indeed find yourself with great power as your oneness with Father grows increasingly real and I remind you that to those who have been given much, much will be expected, but further much more will be given and I speak of gifts beyond your wildest dreams and expectations my friend.

Good questions and I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and all here tonight. As the T/R seems to be a little bit fading, I will take my leave, but not before touching each of you. I offer you at this moment, each of you my morontia touch and know that great times are upon us my dear children of light. Good evening. I take my leave

* * * * *.



An article by Allene Vick inspired and enhanced by Monjoronson

I was pondering the idea recently expressed that we needed a new language to describe all the new experiences we are having in awareness from visualizations, feelings and just knowing. My impression was that we were never going to be able to convey these experiences with words. Monjoronson picked up on my thoughts and told me that it is about feelings not words. How can we describe the feelings we have when we are in Michael’s peace or feel joy and thanksgiving, which is a form of worship for the Father that he so cherishes? Many of the things that we are being told, experiencing in awareness, visualizing and receiving in other ways cannot be described. They are deeply felt and it is our job to take in these experiences and share our feelings - how we experienced them - with others in words that others can understand during this Correcting Time in relationship to where they are. Monjoronson went on to say like Jesus used parables to convey the truth in simple ways that people around him could understand, we are to do much the same thing with the awareness that we have and are being given. Telling our stories like Jesus told his parables.

Monjoronson - The above article is a fine example of how we can work together co-creatively each doing our parts to be of service.

* * * * *



Steve Tiller has written some fabulous award winning children’s books and publishes them through his MichaelsMind Childrens Books company. Steve has 20,000 paperbacks that he can send to Junior Leagues, who work in literacy in schools. They have the ability to get them directly to the kids that need them in shelters and doubled up in schools in the areas that have been so devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Steve is not a rich man, as many of you know. As of September 11, he had promised and sent some books to Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Jackson, MS, Lafayette, LA, Houston and Austin. Steve is doing what he can to send as many books a possible to as many as possible.

Here is an opportunity to help the children and help Steve. Ordering these hard back books from Steve you will help support and off set the cost of sending these books; generate money from book sales to allow Steve to print more books and help bring joy to all the children who will read these books. Each hard copy book sells for $16.95 including shipping and handling. Each book is autographed and if you send the name of the child, Steve will personalize the autograph. These books are for children from 3K to 2nd or 3rd grade.

The first 6 books listed below have won awards. The last two are new releases.

      BOAT & WIND








When you see how delectably delightful these books are, you will be wanting to get more of them for the children in your life and to have them available in your home when you have young children visiting. When you teach a child to read you are giving them a gift forever. I am reminded of the hours and hours that my grandmother sat with me and read to me while teaching me to read. These are such wonderful and precious memories and I have loved to read all my life.

All of MichaelsMind Childrens Books are interfaith books with positive messages, good stories and wonderful art. With the Christmas Season soon approaching Santa’s Red Nose Rocket should be on everyone’s list.

You can pay by check or credit card. Don’t forget to mention the child’s name you are giving these great gifts to because Steve will write a personal message in each book!

      Steve or Elizabeth Tiller

      5600 Claire Rose Lane

      Atlanta, GA 30327

404-531-0350 or 404-314-1348



Please don’t forget to mention that you heard about this from TNN. Thanks.

     * * *


Join LIGHTLINE conference calls twice a month on Thursday evenings sponsored by ALL with different volunteer TR’s for those who are unable to attend group meetings and anyone else who would like to participate. They have proved to be very successful. The transcripts are shared on tml and are available for web sites.

The times are 6:00 PM Pacific, 7:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Central and 9:00 PM. Eastern

Telephone Number 641-985-8000

Access Code: 544331#

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, October 27 - Jerry Lane

Thursday, November 10, - Rick Giles

(No LIGHTLINE Thanksgiving Week)

Thursday, December 02 - Gerdean O’Bowen

Mark Austin has made it possible to listen to the calls by going to: http://pages.sbglobal.netmarkaustin/tm/ and clicking on the link for the date.

The telephone numbers and access numbers for these conference calls are not permanent. The information each week is posted on tml. For those of you who are not on tml, you can contact Manu Puri at mpuri2k@hotmail.com or call him at 425-369-0313. The phone number given with the schedule is good for the above scheduled dates.

One of the recent LIGHTLINE transcripts is in this newsletter. LIGHTLINE offers a wonderful opportunity to hear different T/Rs and teachers on a variety of topics and questions from callers.

Do check it out and drop us a line and let us know your comments.

Again to all of you who have made LIGHTLINE such a success including the volunteer TR’s, transcribers and participants, we say THANK YOU!!! - including you Manu. Your contributions are much appreciated.

* * * * *





JULY 19-23, 2006

The Association for Light & Life (ALL) is pleased to announce the ALL 2006 International Conference entitled: “Settling into Light & Life,”scheduled to take place in the lovely California coast-side city of Santa Barbara from Wednesday, July 19 to Sunday, July 23, 2006. We will creatively explore how we might develop programs to help usher in Light & Life on Urantia. The conference will be held at the historic Mission Renewal Center founded by the Spanish Franciscans in 1786 located in the Queen of Missions. Reserve this time in your calendar for next year!

This conference starts with the traditional presentations and workshops and then rearranges into ten family groups to explore and create a vision of Light and Life. Each “family” will focus on one of the following areas of cultural life: 1) Cultural & Racial Understanding; 2) Marriage & Family Life; 2) Health & Life Sciences; 4) Business and Industry; 5) Environmental (nature & animals); 6) Religion; 7) Arts, Music and Creative Expression; 8) Education of Youth; 9) Higher Consciousness Development (philosophy & ethics); and 10) Government & Civic Duty.

As we develop our Light & Life themes in our assigned “families,” we will be learning how to work in teams. One person will be assigned as the family “leader” or facilitator. We will be looking for 10 volunteers prior to the conference; one for each group. The families will put their collective wisdom to work to develop their ideas of what Light & Life might be like for their particular area. At the end of the conference each family will present their vision of their Light & Life ideal to all the attendees

For consideration: What ideas lie in our hearts? How will our culture grow over the years into bringing heaven on earth? What will our social, political, and religious institutions look like? The are some of the questions we can ask during this conference as we craft our ideals into the growing energy that is moving our planet ever forward.

This conference will be a stimulating time for our imaginations to soar as we ponder what an ideal Urantia planetary society might look like. And while none of us has experienced living in a Light and Life society, we hold the seed of the ideal within us. This will be a time to plant our collective seed ideas for future development. We will be actually germinating Light and Life during this time!

We see this conference as an opportunity to bring our ideas to life as we offer our visions to the planet. Our beloved celestial friends staning by can then take our ideas and seed them into the vision that is growing on our world. This is a time of great creative possibilities and we are very blessed to be consciously participating in bringing the Father’s will and light to our Urantia.

Conference activities will also offer music and entertainment, free time to explore the beauty and history of the Santa Barbara area and to fellowship with one another. We envision this conference as both experiential and experimental as we actively engage our collective wisdom and visions for our planetary future. This conference will be challenging, stimulating and engaging our creative imaginations. Come, join us, and participate in bringing our beautiful planet into our Father’s magnificence. Together we are powerful creators of Light and Life.

* * * * *


When you step forward in faith, the whole universe rushes to support you. Michael

* * * * *


“ . . .Ganid, I have absolute confidence in my heavenly Father’s overcare; I am consecrated to doing the will of my Father in heaven. I do not believe that real harm can befall me; I do not believe that my lifework can really be jeopardized by anything my enemies might wish to visit upon me, and surely we have no violence to fear from our friends. I am absolutely assured that the entire universe is friendly to me–this all-powerful truth I insist upon believing with a wholehearted trust in spite of all appearance to the contrary.”

P. 1470

* * * * *


      Dear Father,

      I know with you all things are possible.

      I know you know the desires of my heart.

      I ask that these desires manifest themselves in my life for the greatest good of all in whatever ways are most pleasing to you.

     You loving daughter/son,


Prayer given by Michael to Ellen and Allene

I share this prayer with you as it is so simple, inclusive and powerful. For me, it eliminated any desire to make any specific requests because I know Father knows far better than I do what the desires of my heart are. I say it every morning and every evening. I give thanks all during the day as the desires of my heart are manifested.

* * * * *


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