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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

January/ February 2004(Vol. 9, No.1)




The way this year is starting out it looks like it is going to be a very busy one for all of us in the Teaching Mission. There are so many new projects and many of the older projects are being improved. Gabriel’s message on change seems most appropriate for the present and for future events as they unfold. After a little more than a decade, the fruits of our lessons with the teachers are coming forth abundantly in such rich variety. Our Cosmic Family must be quite pleased to see the seeds they have planted taking root and growing so well. Many thanks to all of you who are contributing so much to the Teaching Mission.

In each issue an attempt is made to share some of what is happening and the many projects that are going on. We look forward to you sharing information you are receiving and projects you are working on. Your sharing is most appreciated. Since the beginning, I have never felt that this is my newsletter. It is our newsletter, so let us hear from you.

Just as this newsletter was nearing completion, a message came on tml - a Proclamation from the Most Highs sent by the request of Duane Faw. It was delivered by Virgil, the group teacher for the Laguna Woods, CA group by T/R Barbara Bolling Virgil requested that it be sent to “all groups meeting who are the same mind.” It was addressed “To all Urantia Readers” and the message from the Most Highs was:

Greetings. This is the second proclamation of this opening of a clear channel whereby all who are interested within the group are invited to participate. There will be a gathering of Celestial beings to discuss and explain how this new channel can help in transmitting.

This is a very momentous gathering. All Transmitters will be present. “

They then suggested that on the evening of January 29th at 7:00 Pacific Time to “go into group silent meditation and be open and receptive to what will be going on. It will prove to be an exciting and informative meeting.” Many groups came together for this and as you will understand this generated some messages and responses from several groups. One of those messages is the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from the Northern Colorado Team, which is included here.

The collection of transcripts following the Jan 29th Proclamation are up and viewable on tmarchives. Go to BROWSE then down to the “P’s” for Proclamation which has been highlighted in orange and made bold for easy identification. Or just use this link to view them: Proclamation012904Monjoronon’sMission-ClearChannel. Thank you Ron for making these available for all of us! Remember if you don’t have a computer, you can go to the tmarchives web site at your local library.

We are abundantly blessed and most joyful to see the messages of our Celestial Team and the spirit of our brothers and sisters so alive with so much activity putting this guidance in action to be of service to Father in this Correcting Time helping Michael and Mother Spirit bring this planet to Light and Life.

May Father bless us all and all our efforts.

Allene Vick


* * * * *



North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

November 2, 2003

Gabriel (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you all. I am Gabriel.

The nature of all creatures who have the power of volition is to direct the string of events that occur in your lives. It is inherent in will power to function as an orchestrator. It is the nature of time and space to continually flux; never in all your observation will you discover permanency. You will observe a relative degree of constancy, but even this will alter as time proceeds. Since volition has the ability to manage change as it occurs, it naturally will seek two forms of function: one is to stabilize change thereby softening transition. The benefit is continuity from prior condition to a subsequent state of being. The drawback is a tendency to resist adjustment to a new position, to a new standing, to a new orientation. Its other quality is that change in time and space can be directed. It can be oriented such that some degree of random results may be eliminated and a goal or an ideal realized. The simple mechanism of change then becomes development or evolution as in the case of a personality growth.

Success in adjusting to change is to approach with two perspectives: one, acceptance, and two, I will use the work appointment. You who welcome the agitation of spirit, who welcome the influence of celestial assistance, who are ever alert to the extraction of meaning, the impress of profundity, are well developing the acceptance of change, for you have accumulated experience that testifies to the benefit that such alterations in you life have brought. You are also increasing your skill in appointing change to a desired result. As you have enlarged your soul capacity you have developed personal skills and a sensitive working relationship with the Divine Presence that resides within you. This condition increases the power base of your will, and you are able to direct change to achieve results that foster your spiritual upliftment, that assist your fellows in need.

At one point in your development of spiritual maturity change was much like wind wherein you found it difficult to hold things in place when the winds of change blew. It was buffeting, disheveling, upsetting, disquieting. Then as you accumulated experience and wisdom you discovered the ability to harness change, to sail with change, to take to flight. Soon it came to your observation that change was a means of transportation to new levels of being, and you welcomed the change. Following such in ascension your horizons expanded; your map of life became more visible, and you discovered your ability to steer through change, that the winds of change may blow in any single direction, and you could sail in numerous other directions with the assistance of that change. Then you came to trust that change of an upsetting nature worked for good as well as a welcome change did.

As there is no steady state of constancy in the temporal realm, the development of the ability to accept, to adapt, and to apply through change is your greatest skill. Welcome such shifting in time as you would gasoline for your motor vehicles. Take it in, let it provide the power whereby you may steer your vehicle. Let it create the energy that you may rise upon and go in the direction you choose. It is an ever present, current, and you have the ability once in motion to go in the direction of guidance and of your personal goals.

I encourage you all to continue in the development of your abilities to rise with the transient shifts of time and to leverage that energy input towards your advancement as a child of God, as an aware and conscious cosmic citizen.

I am more than happy to take comments from you or to address your questions.

Kirk: We might have some heavy changes since you only come to help in major changes.

Gabriel: Yes, civilization on Urantia is climbing an extremely steep hill. If you could observe other worlds within our Nebadon, you would find skills and equipment, if I may use that term, that assist civilization in such steep ascents. These skills are developed within the human race over centuries, and the equipment I speak of, the planetary administrators, are also available to aid in the climb. Urantia lacks this preparation, but nonetheless has civilization proceeded. You are now climbing with fingers and toes, so we have come to toss you the necessary gear to make the ascent. My father and your Father is no respecter of persons, so we are here to aid all you to reach the crest to see over the top, to witness before you the new valley, the new land wherein Urantia may further grow, harmonize, and fulfil its potential.

Evelyn: From our perspective civilization ascending a steep slope is pretty daunting as far as wanting to help the process. It’s reassuring that there are personalities in those positions who have what it takes.

Gabriel: As with the individual so with your entire population. There is naturally the occurrence of the development of other-consciousness. Initially all things revolve around self. Over time more selves are brought into the conscious arena, and decisions and behavior are adjusted accordingly. With your technology you have entered into a global era and are having to make the same adjustments an individual does as a young child. There is resistance, a desire to isolate, and there is present power structures which wish to dominate the collective rather than share it. You will make the adjustments; there will be difficult times, and you are assisted and aided. Eventually your world will enter into interplanetary relationships. That is quite a distance into the future, but it is important now for you as a world to interrelate as would a family with ideal qualities. That is a significant task in itself at this time. I pledge that assistance of many ministers, of many angels.

Elyon: Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I enjoy having the company of Gabriel. With your interest he is much delighted to extend friendship. As you increase your spiritual vision you will be delighted to witness the form and pattern this brilliant angel takes. Even to me who has been to many worlds and have risen the ascension ladder some ways, Gabriel stands as a mighty figure, and I am honored to have him with us today.

Kirk: As are we. Coming from him, telling us to accept and grow from the change is pretty powerful. It means to me that change could be rough at times and to hang on to celestial help for the truth and beauty that comes from change.

Elyon: Yes and I would draw a close by adding my two cents worth, as you say. One cent is to be flexible. The second cent is to apply foresight. If you are flexible to change and apply foresight you will find that you will welcome such shifting.

When Michael came to you world he did so to fulfill his mission as a Michael Son and also desired to reveal Father to His children. Much change occurred in his life that he had to adjust and adapt to and to use to fulfill his mission. Some of what impacted him eliminated his previous plans for his mission. But he pursued, altered his goals, maximized his time, and trusted the guidance of the heavenly Father to work in the lives of his associates to continue his mission even in his absence.

I extend to my light and love and peace, and I greatly value our friendship.

Kirk: I’s nice to hear from your Elyon. You’ve become an old friend.

Elyon: Thank you, friend. Farewell.

* * *


Northern Colorado TeaM

January 29, 2004

Tr: Daniel Raphael


Good evening, this is a voice from Ascendington. I am here to share with you the news that soon the Magisterial Son will walk upon your planet. Do not anticipate that he will come with pomp and circumstance, but appear as a stranger among you, unannounced. Some of you will recognize him immediately; others of you will not. To those of you who recognize this presence, greet him, welcome him and embrace him. In our terms, he will be among you almost immediately; in your terms, you may expect he will be among you before many months pass - not years, but months.

This transmission is provided in concert with those other transmissions that are now being received. When you patch these together, you will have a much more descriptive, informative message. This is our means of providing a spontaneous global-wide communication that is not selective to any one group. Be at peace; be well. Good evening. (Thank you from the group.)


* * *


Northern Colorado Group

January 8, 2004

TR: Daniel Raphael

RAYSON: Good evening, this is Rayson. (Good evening and welcome.) It is a pleasure to be here with you and thank you for coming on such sort notice. Tonight we have a guest, who will become less a guest, but a frequent visitor in the future. Tonight, Monjoronson is with us, who has a special message, and the reason for calling you here tonight. I hope you understand that it is very important that a group forum be maintained as it allow others to ask questions, which validates the process.

MONJORONSON: Good evening., this is Monjoronson (Welcome!) We have called you here tonight - I would not call it a special session, but simply another one of our meetings - on short notice. The major topic we will be discussing is the archives, the archives of your Teaching Mission, material that you have received in the years since the beginning of the Teaching Mission’s entrance on your planet. We continue to solicit for text of the transcripts, either in hard copy or on electronic form, for eventual submission to the archives. As you know, the archives are maintained in an electronic medium.

You may ask for special assistance to aid you to arrange the transformation of hard copy to the electronic medium. We have an interest in this and wish to have the archives as complete as possible. The early years are important as they chart the exploration of the Teaching Mission, as you know it. As this process becomes more complete in years to come, there will be additional archival material submitted from other sources around the world. This meeting tonight concerns those who are in the business of Teaching Mission archives. We wish you to think of them in a new way - one day, my presence, my appearance will be made known to your planet. For now, I am here and I am there; I have appeared, but this will not be a continuous process until it is timely to do so; there are so many preparations to make now for that eventuality - the archives is one of them.

Some of you must realize that the Teaching Mission archives are the only source that will be available to explain precursors to my appearance. A few you have realized how important these archives will be, as millions - tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people - get on the Internet and search for these archives. It is important therefore, to design the archives in a manner in which they can be easily accessed simultaneously by many thousands of people. There is no an urgency to this at this time. We wish you to consider various ways and means by which the archives can be accessed simultaneously by many thousands of people. You take great joy in seeing a web site of your friends or your own receive “hits” of a dozen or so per day. And for other web sites of larger organization, maybe thousands a day. We are speaking of many thousands per day. We are acquainted with you telephony techniques for receiving many hundreds of calls simultaneously on one line. I believe you call this “cascading.”

We do not want to set the course of how you do this, but again as you to work with us co-creatively. Your archival team should - we recommend - have a TR on staff when you meet, discuss this, and come to some conclusions. Then you may wish to confer with your TR, at that point. This is one working team technique. You can find a means by which your celestials can work with your team though a discovery process - that too is not set. We only ask that you strive to co-creatively develop the techniques for this work.

Further, we suggest that you devise prepared “packets of material” that can be shipped over the Internet promptly. There may be half a dozen or several dozen of these packets prepared in expectation for the person who accesses your site. The idea is to keep these very brief; as example, the history of the Teaching Mission on your planet should occupy perhaps no more than two of your typewritten pages. This will give the reader a prompt and swift answer. Numerous links within these packets will aid the individual to develop the inquiry to discover the information they seek. Thus you may see a plateaued or tiered level of material available to individual. We perceive, at you technological level now, that individuals could get a concise packet of information in a short visit, allowing many others to “hit the site,” as you say.

Now perhaps, you may feel this is overwhelming, but my friends, where else will the world get this material? Will they get from the Fellowship, as friendly as it is? Will they get if from the Foundation, as resourceful as it is? See these sites as providing additional backup research references for your archives. We suggest that you work on these tasks and develop those plans that are feasible - plans that could be implemented, quickly, once you become aware that my appearance is imminent. We do not wish you to waste your resources at this time, but to develop you thoughts into plans and how to implement them when they are needed.

Does this give you an example of an earnest, sincere search by one who wished to know more? Consider these questions: Will a glossary be needed? What is the Teaching Mission? What is the Correcting Time? Who is Michael? What is a Magisterial Son? Why do they come here? What is the purpose? What is a “Urantia”? - for instance. What is the individual’s role on this planet? Why are mortals here? What is the relationship of the individual to God? Of course, you will have a table for frequently asked question, major plateaus, sub-tiers, and so on, much as the form the Concordance took. We know that this is a formidable task, yet a necessary one. This is in keeping and following with instructions and guidance of Rayson and other teachers to continue the archival process.

As Rayson has forewarned you about my arrival and difficulties it will cause for your world, this to will cause immense difficulties for your archive. What will you do if, and or when, there are so many hits? Will your site go down? Perhaps, you may think of alternative sites for shunting or shuttling inquiries to them. These difficulties have already been experienced by popular sites on your planet. Do your research and examine these.

You are not without resources. You will find that the resources will be when you need them, as you need them. They will not fall out of the sky, and you will not be given a passbook to some bank account, but your needs will be fulfilled. You needs are our needs. As concerns my presence today, I wish you to know that I work with many groups, and yours is one. I am known by many names; indigenous peoples have been expecting me. They may call me: “The Wanderer”, “The Visitor”, “The One”, or similar terms like that. Those who are close to the earth know that there is extra assistance to the planet at this time. Now, I will be glad to address questions concerning this issue at this time.

Student: Monjoronson, one of the difficulties that I have already run into with this archiving project is that a lot of the early material is not in very good shape. There are differences of opinion among the members of the group as to how much editing should be done. Can you speak to this, please?

MONJORONSON: Certainly. First, language must use good grammar, that your sentence structure, paragraph structure, content, be reasonable. But when one comes to a point where the mortal says, “Maybe the teacher meant this______,” and changes the words, that would be inappropriate. It is appropriate, however, for the mortal editor to bracket their editorial opnion, at that time, or make further reference to other materials. Would you further explain, “in bad shape?”

Let’s see, how do I put this . . . It seems like besides the grammar being not what we would like it to be, in many cases the sentences are short and choppy, there is no flow - it just has a totally different “feel” to it than the transmissions that we are getting now through people like Rayson, where everything just works together, and is well organized. I’m sure a lot of that is from the early TR’s, but there are times then I think people looking at that material for the first time, might discount what the Teaching Mission has to offer, because it doesn’t fit in with the standards set by The Urantia Book. Does that help you understand?

MONJORONSON: Your explanation makes sense. We ask that you not remove this choppiness, or the sentence structure, as it reflects the developments of that era. If you were to look from a point 1000 or 2000 years ahead, looking back at this material, you would want the material in its earnest, sincere given form, as it was received and recorded at that time. Grammar, syntax, paragraph structure change with the culture; culture changes, but the material is consistent. When it is not, it is easily apparent that it is not. We urge readers to be discerning. Novices may/should be given instructions or guidance about the development of the TR process and the fluidity/choppiness of the given text. We wish the authenticity of the material to remain intact. As little intervention as possible is requested. The proof or believability of the material rests not in its crudeness, but in its message. Other questions?

Student: I have a question about some of the student input, if some of this a bit rambling, where there seems to be great deal of repetition for one student’s question to the next student’s question, if there any desire to have any of this consolidated or made a little more concise?

MONJORONSON: And where would that occur?

Student: I am thinking of some of the transmission that I have read recently. I am afraid that the teacher may not be saying much more to the individual other than, “You’re doing well, you’re making good progress, keep it up,” kind of thing.

MONJORONSON: And do you have a suggestion?

Student: (Pause) [This is Daniel. I sense a puzzlement about the question or request.]

Another Student; Perhaps I can clarify it a little. In the transcribing that I have done, sometimes the students, because they are speaking extemporaneously, have a great deal of difficulty getting their question out, without long, rambling sentences, and I have often taken their questions and extracted the “meat’ out of them and presented the question in a concise form, but then I include the entire answer from the teacher. Is this acceptable?

MONJORONSON: Yes, if that process is acceptable to the members of the group, who have had their rambling questions made more concise by the transcriptionist. This is a group decision.

Student: A follow-up question on this subject; Is it part of the teacher’s objective, Teaching Mission objective to answer the personal questions of individual students as we have been discussing, or is this something separable [superfluous (?)], to be left out, perhaps of the transcripts? (Monjoronson: Is your question complete? Yes.

MONJORONSON; As you are well aware, various groups have their own identities, their own agendas of issues for exploration, some of which are personal. We have no hesitation to accept this material into archives; it is not a bump in the road, causes no difficulty, and only reveals the nature of that group and willingness and compassion of the teacher to address the needs of individuals at their level of presentation. This, as you know, has not been a part of the forum of this group, but it is for others. We have no objections to either format. (Thank you.)

Student: Another question I have: Some groups use the names of the students who are participating, and other transcripts do not. What is the preference, or does it make a difference?

MONJORONSON: We know you by name; it makes no difference to us, and it too, is a group decision.

Student: Considering the assignment and the . . .it sounds like you are asking for us to consider setting up personal web sites to act as an extension of the archives and did I understand the requested mission?

MONJORONSON: The mission in its simplest form, and the simplest statement, is to prepare for an inundation of requests for information, simultaneously at the archive web site. How you archieve this is for your discussion; how you archive this is the task of your mission. It is of necessity that this material be readily available, worldwide, to many people - as many people as possible - in the shortest amount of time. For some, my appearance will cause immense panic. Imagine investors, wanting to more about this, to project how this will affect the markets. Think too, of those who are devout, religious individuals of some Christian faith, and they will think this is part of the apocalypse, part of the rapture, part of the time to go home to heaven, and they will want more information. Millions of people will want “straight answers.” as you say; they will want to know to do that. We wish this site [to] empower people in the beginning of their new journey. If you are the media, you will want access. Imagine al the media, worldwide, simultaneously inundating this site, without consideration for individuals, it would be overwhelming. We know already, that this is nigh-on to an impossible task, but it is important to be able to recover quickly, or possibly avoid it as long as possible.

Student: Has the site manager been apprised of this need and is he working, and is he accessible to us as a team, to know how best to link to the archives, or to back up the archives?

MONJORONSON: All the questions of that nature should be addressed to him.

Student: There has also been a lot of discussion on the site about which transcripts are acceptable to be posted and which aren’t. For example, some individuals feel that only group transcripts should be posted, but there are many excellent TR’s who do not have groups available. So I am asking about whether we should include transcripts form those single TR’s that have material that would be of interest to the planet at large?

MONJORONSON: All material related to the Teaching Mission/Correcting Time, Michael’s work on this planet, is valid for submission. We suggest that these transmissions be tagged as group or individual. There must, there needs to be an anticipation for the way researchers glean and search material in the archives. One researcher may wish to research only single individual TR sessions; another may want to research only those which come from Canada; another may wish to identify groups whose TR’s have biblical names - there is a way to do that, as you know. At this point we are not overly concerned about the minutiae, but rather the strategic development of the archive. We advise you that you be patient with one another Apply the wisdom of Michael, both as Jesus and as Sovereign Administrator, Creator of Nebadon, for his concerns for the correcting Time, for those who come after you, long after you have gone to the mansion worlds. Look to these matters in the large perspective. Think of it in terms of inclusion, rather than exclusion. Allow researchers, whether individuals or organizations, to do the exclusionary work by the criteria they assign for their research parameters.

Student: When this movement gets to the point where hundreds of thousand, or millions of people are going to be searching these archives, I wonder if some of the TR’s are going to be bombarded by individuals wanting special sessions, or interviews, or have curiosity questions of one kind or another. Is that something that the TR’s should be concerned about (Monjoronson: Would you?) (Pause.) Yes, I probably would be concerned, because not everybody on this planet has pure motives.

MONJORONSON: Let us leave this issue at the present as speculation. We have no answer to this question at this time. These matters will be addressed in the future. One thing at a time, we would not want to eat the whole elephant at once, would we? (Group laughter.) This concludes my comments and my statement for this evening. Are there further questions before we close, and I turn this over to Rayson?

Student: Yes, I have one question. Is it advisable to enlist the help of group members or individuals who are part of the Correcting Time to aid in this effort, or would it be more concise to have one or two heads of this project? In other words, would it be advisable to do a parallel process for the archival, the categorization, all of the different types of work that are required in this archival process?

MONJORONSON: Are you speaking of mortals or celestials? (Student: Mortals and . . . well mostly mortals, at least in terms of the collaboration of individuals in the project of actually putting this information, or cataloging this information on the web sites.) We suggest that individuals, who are interested, submit their names to volunteer for assistance. This will be a large task and many minds will be needed to resolve the numerous issues involved. Individuals who have experience in libraries or archival situations, in storage, and records, will most likely volunteer. They may wish to organize a local working team of their own to work on a particular issue. These groups then would submit their material, suggestions, to the central archive committee or working team. This is only one of numerous suggestions that could be made to answer your question. Certainly, many will be needed, many groups will be needed, both to design the various means for access to the archives, and for the technological techniques that can be used. We do not wish to outline too specifically, only generalize at this time. We have made our need known in very general terms; we now, however, have not spoken of a timeline, as there does not exist one at this point, but ask that you begin with a sense of necessity that this be accomplished, rather than a sense or urgency. Do you perceive the difference? (Group: Definitely, Yes, Sure.)

Student: Do you perceive that there will be a need for our thousands of pages of transcripts to be translated into other languages, or is English, being the most dominant language, could we just leave our material in this form?

MONJORONSON: Numerous answers will come to you from The Urantia Book. There is a necessity for a single language in the eventual future of this planet. Your civilization will eventually have one language to communicate its culture to do business and its social affairs. This is the answer we provide you at this time.

Thank you for your attendance, we wish you well. Remember that the resources you need will be provided. If you are stumped by a problem, have a question, remember too that Nebadonia, Cosmic Mind, Universe Mind [is there for you (tape turned.) . . . in the moments and you will receive answers before very long. Thank you.

RAYSON: This is Rayson. Thank you too, for being here on short notice. This will not occur very often; we are grateful for your indulgence to do this. We wish you well, my friends; we look forward to working more closely with you, with the passage of each week and each month in the future. Good Evening.

* * *


November 14, 2003

Tr: Rob Davis

Hello! My name is Margul, Trinity teacher Son assigned to this planet along with others of my order. We are here to engage as many as will listen to the instruction of Paradise even as one of our brothers, your Magisterial Son, readies to take his place walking upon your soil, in your very form of flesh.

As I have instructed previously, we will not be visible in the course of this incarnation. Our brother Monjoronson you know, having met him in spirit; he will work with his staff to effect greater cooperation among the varied peoples of your world bringing to them the recognition of who they are and the truth of the culture you have spawned here upon Urantia. There will be those who resist, those who are indifferent, and those who readily join this cause. All of his efforts and the efforts of those who join him as incarnation Sons will be in part to remedy this that you have lacked for so long, seemingly upon your world of conscious history.

You have thought that you were alone. The compensation of this representation of our Paradise Father in the flesh upon your world will be disruptive to many, but your culture is in a state of disequilibrium and without this necessary correction you would enter into an irreversible course of destruction. There will be many of course who are overawed by this personality and the personalities of your Local Universe siblings, the team of Melchizedeks who accompany him. As many as can be have been prepared to take their place as a mortal complement to this outreach. You have met them, many of them, and when you greet your Magisterial Son and his staff, there will be this propensity to give adulation to what you can see, to celebrate the reality of our presence among you confirmed by your own experience in the flesh, and yet even still, it will require great faith.

Your days of being a race of Agondonters is over, but the opportunities to exercise faith in what you cannot see, to embrace the mystery that remains unknown, the Father who is infinite, is even more among you. It will be our task to awaken you while alongside, whether in close proximity or at a distance from your newly discovered cosmic siblings, these visitors from on high; to awaken you to the realities to which they point. My order of Teacher Sons will join as one the Teacher Corps you have come to know. We will work as one because in truth we are one; we are one in our Father.

 There will be those who are drawn to one more than the other; there are those whose hearts have already been pledged by their Father Fragments to the assistance of Machiventa taking his place upon your world, to Monjoronson taking his place, to the varied Melchizedeks assigned to their various regions of planetary influence, and to this order of Teacher Sons who will remain unseen. We are all working as one; there is not one child walking any part of this home that is the cosmic creation that does not work as one. Their consciousness of such may vary, may differ, for lack of awakening, a lack of experience, and where is such a lack as exists here upon Urantia, there is abundant opportunity.

You would think perhaps that we who come from the realms of Paradise would think of such as place as this as backward; this is a perspective that reflects one of time. There is no backward place; there is only a place moving forward from a different position in our family; a different place of unfoldment which yields of course a perspective of mind that is more or less informed of the truth of who we are.

Each of us are joined; each of us is treasured. We who come as elder siblings greet you with deep affection, with high regard, for we behold our Father laboring in the midst of the trials of time. We behold the dignity of character covered by the dust that has been stirred upon this realm waiting to be shaken loose to show forth the shimmer of spirit with which you are embedded whereby our Father gives himself so freely to you.

And so, let us begin by being confident that where you are is in a perfect home that is governed and guided by a perfect love whose discovery is conditioned by your relative exposure in time. The development of this image of who you are is a progressive plan as you know, during the course of ascension, but as I have said previously, you living upon this realm at this time have such a great opportunity to have gathered in your experience a representation of such a great range of exposure over such a relatively short period of time that you will carry forward in some way an encapsulation, a vivid portrait of what all can expect through their journey of this grand universe.

You wonder how? Reflect upon your own terrestrial origins; reflect upon the degree of darkness which shrouded this planet as you came forth, a mortal child born to mortal parents prior to this encircuitment or revival of connections, prior to the release of information concerning the truth of your history. You have journeyed through some of the darkest perils this planet has faced, and you have greeted the light of Paradise being poured upon you, and you have progressively responded in such a manner as to encourage us all to witness the immeasurable value of our Father living in and through you during this time of change, or reclamation, and reunion.

You have journeyed so far, so fast. You and your fellows have brought this world by your own willingness to live, affirming that which is deepest within you, heeding the call of our Father, to come forth to greet him as he prepares to come walking among you. This is a transition of great magnitude; this is the traversal of phases of adjustment which are profound. Many of you will witness this light walking upon your world, you will witness this light coming forth from your lives, from your hearts and minds as this gravity of grace draws that which is most real to surface of your being, lighting your faces for all to see the truth that God is among you.

This gravity is immeasurable, this circuit of our Father’s personality none can compute; it is this gravity of his love reaching to you that you represent to your fellows that is irresistible. You will be surprised at the manner in which you lives will begin to show forth his glory, the wonders of his healing power will be known to flow from you. Yes, even you who have counted yourselves as the least among the host of heaven, in many places and times, you will become the first. You are the first fruits of reunion, and how happy we are to gather this harvest, to gather it home in this place from which we will feed the world together, together with the instruction of many, your elder siblings, but empowering you, our mortal friends, our faith children to reveal the light of Paradise through your lives.

Be ready to listen! There are many gathered for this purpose to teach and learn with you the ways of our Father working in the midst of time. Let us rest for a moment and renew ourselves in his presence which gathers us as one. How happy I am to be joined with you, working with you; as many as will come.

* * *


Teleconference Call

January 22, 2004

TR: Rick Giles

Sharmon: I greet you as a brother in residence on this planet. This is Sharmon. I am a midwayer. Hello.

It is a great reward to each one of my fellows to receive your enlistment in our upliftment program for planet Urantia. It has been a long wait as we midwayers have expected this time of return to integration within normal system functions. While my order of being has struggled with great dedication towards improving this world and to overcome and adjust for our prior mistakes, we are delighted to have you taking up the task of spreading light, sharing love. We midwayers and you human beings are at the most privileged position in this long line of cosmic workers under the banner of Michael. The evolutionary worlds, I am told, are the frontlines of Supreme evolution. It is here that we touch the edge that defines the real that is actual and the reality that lies in potential. This is not a smooth edge as our planetary history portrays. In a sense we must diligently pursue the gathering of truth in order to increase our wisdom for we are not located on worlds in realms wherein the functioning of celestial order is well established and while our world emerges from the status of a quarantined planet, I inform you that even worlds that escape such events as rebellion, of status similar to ours, being inhabited by human creatures and midwayers, likewise find great difficulty pursuing the higher noble and spiritual stature that is so available throughout the many schools of Nebadon and beyond,

You each hear me today because you have established in your soul a relationship with our divine Father, and with this relationship you have likewise developed a passion to demonstrate the beauty of such a relationship and for that demonstration to act in an educational manner for your fellows in a ministry to reveal that such a friendship with God is possible and so real in it’s impact upon the soul, that life changes dramatically to adjust to the new values that come into view because of such a fellowship.

In your uncovering of this sacred bond between Creator Father and creature child, you likewise have undertaken the study of many expressions of religious and philosophic thought, that you may better comprehend what you experience personally in the depths of communion, that you may find words to coney to your fellows the true treasure that this embrace with God brings. Through your developing understanding, a twofold power develops. One, of the knowledge of the direct relationship you have with divine spirit, and the clarity and mind of the meaning of this relationship to your own progress, to planetary welfare. These join together in the impulse of service to bring about assistance to those in your life who are searching, who are hungry, to seek to open the door behind which the brilliance of spirit luminosity may pour forth and open their eyes.

We midwayers stand between you and our angelic fellows. We are integrators of that which is on high and that which is here on this earth. And you, I tell you today, are a kin to us. Everyone of you dedicated to Michael and the promotion of his message of good will. You are also integrators of the experience of spirit fellowship and the engagement in terrestrial life. We have a freedom in this integration for each one of us endowed with unique personality are given by the law of this singular uniqueness, the opportunity to reexpress our cosmic understanding in daily life. It is an act of translation which often does not come word by word, rather is expressed meaning by meaning.

In the depth of your stillness, you grasp the significance of divine presence but this contact often fails to conform to word structure. Each one of us, both midwayer and human being must creatively express reality of such a contact to others in need. It is on record, that ages past, my midwayer fellows made great mistakes in attempting to bring about a hasty integration of the way of the higher realms with the living conditions of Urantia.. And while our world has taken a course quite unlike other planets, we midwayers have received the acknowledgment of the Salvingotn administrators, that we are accepted, in spite of our faults and further encouraged to continue to pursue light and life. I encourage you likewise to not fear the unknown, to pursue adventurously the path of progress, to temper the adventure with a keen alertness to cosmic adjustment to personal correction, for it is this balancing input that will straighten our path, that will guide us as we express our understanding of the goal for all life on this world.

A translator must adhere to the integrity of the expression as it is transformed into a new expression. However, often while content does not change, the manner in which it is expressed must be adjusted. The will of God is present throughout all the universes. You who have put your finger on the pulse of this divine will are translating it into your individual lives and I assure you that every one of my kin, assist, and will continue to assist you, in both a deeper comprehension of this will as it bears upon your personal significance and in a greater clarification of your expression of this will as it becomes literally you, a representative of Michael, a universe member, resident upon Urantia.

I am not one to speak long, and so at this moment I would ask you to give your input into this collection of sincere souls.

Manu: Dear brother Sharmon, thank you so much for your wonderful progress as well as all the other midwayers who have been dong this for thousand and thousands of years. We really appreciate the help.

I have many many questions racing through my mind as you were speaking, specific questions about your experiences, but I’m just going to ask you one for now which is, could you talk about the relationship that you all have with the Father? Could you please give me any personal advice on how to advance that personal relationship? . . . or advance on the spiritual path on which we are all traversing?

Sharon: I would offer two comments. One is that while you pursue deeper relationships with God actively, exerting your own energies to increase your contact, that coupled with this effort, is a willingness to simply wait and to receive the outreach of the divine presence while seeking deeper contact. It can be overlooked in the pursuit that the presence of the Father is already with you and that a passive receptive alertness will emerge to the recognition of his indwelling and company. Secondly, and subsequent to this two-fold contact is the effort you to make to uplift your everyday affairs to stratus of spirit ascension. Let not the tasks of the world be divorced from your pursuit of the divine. Merge them. Uplift the one as you bring down and integrate the Holy into your moment to moment existence. By increasing your awareness of divine accompaniment, you will naturally enhance your sense of divine contact, and this association, like and good friend, deepens through minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day interrelationship. More questions?

Manu: Thank you dear brother. Just a quick follow up on this wonderful advice. As a midwayer, currently without a thought adjuster, how do you pray and seek divine contact?

Sharmon; Much of my sense of divine contact is derived through our natural tendency, as midwayers, to bond together in brotherly fellowship. This association reveals to us the Father of all and while we are not indwelt as you are with the divine presence, we are in make-up, able to receive such indwelling, and this open capacity for the reception of the divine fragment is temporarily filled through cosmic intrusion by our beloved Michael and Mother Spirit. These two brilliant Creator beings see to it that we are filled with divine presence, nurtured, energized and refreshed. This contact sweetens our longing for the day when we will receive this precious gift of Father that you have already this day. And when you likewise feel alone and contact is difficult, I encourage you to do as we midwayers do, associate together in fellowship, for it in this collection, in this gathering of family member, that the divine parent is revealed, that the divine presence becomes more tangible. I hope this helps.

Manu: Thank you dear brother.

Dominic: I read in an earlier transcript the word Merkaba. Can you explain a little about that to me?

Sharmon: Merkaba is the word expressing the conceptual development of a region of consciousness and personality association wherein divine luminosity may enter and impact the human mind and soul. And while it has evolved from human observation, it is descriptive of the state of presence of mind and spirit awareness. It is unique in that it is not a location with co-ordinates in space. It is rather existent due to expansion of mind and the interassociaton of minds. It is a state of being established through Nebadonia. The Merkaba functions just as does the statement of Jesus’ that where two or more are gathered, there he is also. Being a state without location, you are not restricted to being anywhere specifically in order to rise into that chamber filled with divine luminosity. You may enter at any time from anywhere. It is a superconscious realm. The more you seek to function in this state, the greater will this superconsciousness infiltrate your normal awareness, and the more easily will the light of Christ be revealed. Michael and Mother Spirit are personally the two poles of energy charge, that is felt by any who rise into this state of awareness. With the polarity of our local universe Spirit presence and our local universe Son presence, you become energized in the cross-current as they charge you just as does your mechanical electrical storage device, a battery. I hope this has supplemented your understanding of this state of being.

Dominic: Yes. Thank you.

Manu: Sharmon I have a curiosity question and if you don’t want to anwer that is totally fine. There is a religious traditioni in India and in California (the Self Realization Fellowship), which refers to an ascendent being called Baba-Ji, whose description appears to me to be much like a midwayer. He apparently has lived around that part of the world for many thousands of years. I was wondering if you could comment on this?

Sharmon: You have made a connection between the traditions about this entity in India and the activities of our midwayer order. The engagements we midwayers make in the affairs of our human brothers and sisters often are through an interconection and association with mortals who are able to associate sympathetically with our state of being. This allows each midwayer a chance to continue to minister to our human fellows from this world to the higher realms. And while some of the descriptions of this being contact with the sincere seekers of spiritual truths do not fully accurately describe who Baba-Ji is, nonetheless the presence is real and the engagement in human life is real.

Manu: Thank you very much for confirming that for me. It is appreciated.

Sharmon: I’m delighted to further your understanding of our interassociation.

Manuy: If there are no other questions dear brother Sharmon, could you please close this session with a prayer to the Father.

Sharmon: It is an honor to give expression for all my fellows in this manner.

To the one we regard as the Holiest of Holies, Sacred of all Sacredness, we orient our will, we open our hearts, we empty our mind, that our purpose be the unfoldment of your plan for universe growth as it transpires in our individual lives. May we, Father of all, ever remain diligent in our orientation to you. May the activities of our lives prove not distractions but opportunities for the outworking of your will. You have bestowed upon each of us life, and done so in manifold ways. Every creature, every order of creatures, unique, this is your will. May we always acknowledge your value of our lives. That while we may fail or falter in inadequacy, our very unique individuality is your gift. Within each of us Father, we hunger to be in your presence and as we all ascend to you to be in oneness at your abode in paradise, help us all to honor your purpose of personality expression of the unfoldment of talents. May we bring home to you unique experiences in this cosmic adventure that you have bestowed upon us all. We give our love,.the love you’ve given us, we return to you. Thank you.

[.* * * * *


It is very pleasing to share with you an e-mail Meridith Tenney sent to tml describing her trip in November to Istanbul to

Dear Friends and spiritual colleagues of the TEAM:

Dave and I have just returned from the World Brotherhood Union Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey. What a spiritually rich and exciting adventure!

For those of you who don’t know, I was originally contacted last year by Mevlana, the 80 year old woman who heads the World Brotherhood Union. Hearing a request from the Council of 24 that I go and meet with her in person, I traveled to Istanbul for the ‘Cosmic Sign-In Day’ last June. At that time, Mevlana, who receives her instructions from a group of celestial friends she calls the ‘Supreme Assembly of 24', offered to pay for my flight and accommodations if I would return to speak at her annual Symposium in November. I agreed.

Members of the 2000 strong World Brotherhood Union follow a practice of ‘Unity Consciousness’, reading the The Book of Knowledge transmitted by Mevlana in the 80's. They believe reading the chapters sequentially in unison raises consciousness and frequencies on the planet, promoting world brotherhood and peace during this ‘Transition Cycle’ which will lead to a dimensional shift and the ‘Golden Age’. Most of the groups’ readers are from Germany, Turkey, Israel and the Arab nations, with some scattered readers in Japan, the States and elsewhere. Many of the Turks in the group are non-practicing Muslims, some were raised in the Sufi tradition, and all believe in Christ as a major prophet of God.

Mevlana feels she has recently been told by the celestials that ‘new energies’ are coming to the planet. Although I understood that I had been sent to Istanbul to create a human bridge the Magisterial Mission could cross on their arrival, I had no idea what to say in my speech until Dave got up at 2 AM several days before my departure saying he believed he had received some assistance from the Melchizedeks regarding what to say. He drafted a detailed series of corollaries between the UB and the Knowledge Book demonstrating the similarities between the two texts. I followed his good guidance of building on commonalities and then attempted to stretch the envelope with some of our own 5th Epochal enlightenment. The rest of the speech came through my own sense of guidance and included a sharing of Urantian perspectives, particularly about the Universe Mother Spirit and the coming Magisterial Mission. Three of the five panelists spoke of an outpouring of ‘divine feminine energies’ on the planet at this time, so I can only assume Mother wants to make Herself known to the Muslim world!

The Symposium was an elegant affair held in Istanbul’s largest auditorium with 1000 people in attendance. Excerpts from the speech follow:

“Perhaps each group working with the celestials is called to perform a particular task. The World Brotherhood Union plays a vital role as a coordinating force amongst spiritual communities around the globe, and in uplifting spiritual frequencies on the planet. Your group is uniquely qualified by history, location and preparation to facilitate a network of cosmically conscious groups from many faith traditions that can work with the celestials and embrace world brotherhood. I thank you for the important work that you do.

Many in the Urantia movement feel that our task is to prepare now for the arrival of visible members of the celestial administration - a new son of God, a ‘brother’ if you will of Jesus, who we believe will come in the near future accompanied by 12 visible Melchizedeks. We use the term Melchizedek to refer to that variety of ‘son’ who specializes in teaching.

We believe that a major correction of the misinformation and inaccurate ideas present on the planet is necessary to move the world through this cycle of transition to the Golden Age and that these visible celestial teachers will play a vital role in teaching the truth of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. We understand these celestial teachers will be stationed around the world and we actively work to prepare educational centers where these visible celestials will be able to teach on their arrival. We think they will come to groups of cosmically conscious citizens such as yours, who can perceive the spiritual reality of their presence, and are receptive to their teaching. I believe I have been sent here by the Council of 24 to share this information with you, and I ask you to open your hearts to the possibility of the arrival of visible members of the celestial administration to assist us.”

And . . .

“Therefore it falls to each of us to assume personal responsibility for the role we can play in helping to heal our world. We will be called to the difficult job of moving forward with one foot in the material dimension, and one foot in the spiritual dimension. The task will be long and hard.

We will work together and this will be our triumph together. This is the cooperative way of the universe. Droplets are weak, but Living Water is strong and flows surely into the ocean of the universal Father’s boundless, infinite, and unparalleled love; a love so great that we are indwelt with a fragment of Himself that guides us, teaches us, loves us, leads us.

As the years roll forward, we will see profound things, We will make a profound and glorious future for our world. We are privileged to be a part of this progression, as I am privileged to be among you today.

I am a stranger here, but you have treated me with uncommon hospitality, uncommon graciousness, uncommon generosity, and uncommon kindness. I feel your embrace, and I will take it back to my people. This is the path to World Brotherhood.

Peace Be With You

As you may recognize, some of the talk was taken from transmissions at the Living Waters conference in Niagara Falls, I hope the celestial Teachers and TRs alike will forgive my plagiarism; it seemed difficult to know how to cite the appropriate sources in a way my audience could comprehend. The speech was very well received, and Mevlana came up to me afterwards to say “Cosmos tells me you will return next November”. I replied that they were telling me that same thing! Perhaps a long term connection will be formed between our two spiritual communities. It was truly a joy for Dave and I to participate in this endeavor, and we wanted to share our experience with all of you, that you might know the celestials are apparently making international preparations for the Magisterial Mission.

Onward to Light and Life!

Dave and Meredith Tenney

P.S. For your history buffs;

While in Istanbul, Dave also talked with a number of people about the historical significance of Lake Van in Turkey. We have seen a large frieze of the ‘Tree of Life’ from the Lake Van area in one of Istanbul’s archaeological museums which prompted discussion with some of our new Turkish friends who had visited Lake Van. They reported art work and other reference to the ‘Tree of Live” were found in abundance in that area. Pretty fascinating!

Thank you Mer for sharing your and Dave’s experiences with us. The beautiful excerpts from your speech are surely inspired and surely inspired all those in your audience and inspire all of us who are now reading your words to look more closely at what we can each do to be of assistance to the Magisterial Mission. We thank you for forming the bridge with the World Brotherhood Union and us. The synchronicity is wonderful to behold. While there are differences, the similarities are quite profound and we look forward to your continuing relationship with them. I believe these bridges between spiritual peoples under the commonality of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man are most precious to Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, Monjoronson, Machiventa, the Melchizedeks and all our Cosmic Family for they herald the way to bringing Urantia into Light and Life. THANK YOU MERIDITH!!!

* * * * *




The following is a message that was shared with those with email addresses and is printed here for those of you who do not have a computer:

“Encapsulated within the Fifth Epochal Revelation there is a transcendent ideal of a personal, planetary, and universal level of spiritual attainment referred to as the age of Light and Life. This stage of awareness is characterized by a commitment to spiritual growth and progress; an enhanced appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness; an increasing desire to do good to others; and a communal sense that we are all part of one spiritual family growing in our relationship to the Divine Source of All Things. In holding this ideal before us and dedicating our lives in service to the Divine, we commit to serving one another and humanity with spiritual intent, characterized by acceptance, peace, understanding, and love. And as each of us believe that Light and Life may best be accomplished through the cooperation and association of all beings, we unite together adopting and establishing this Constitution for the Association for Light and Life.” - Preamble.

And thus on December 29, 2003, the Association for Light and Life (ALL) formed as a nonprofit association, and is now in the process of applying for tax exempt status with the IRS.

Let us state clearly that the Association for Light and Life is not the Teaching Mission, or a replacement of the Teaching Mission, but as one of its primary purposes, it will support Teaching Mission endeavors. We are not a spiritual authority, but a service provider.

How did this come about?

Informal discussions have surfaced over the years about having a coordination influence or organization associated with the Teaching Mission, and so a question about having a tax-exempt association was presented in the 2001 TeaM Survey. Over two-thirds of the 115 respondents voiced some support for a tax-exempt association to handle some of the coordinating elements related to TeaM endeavors, such as newsletter, mailings, directories, conference funds, etc.

This thread resumed last summer at the Niagara Falls TeaM conference where discussions about being more intentional in our service toward the TeaM and UB community and in outreach to others solidified a commitment by many to follow up with further discussions about the potential of a nonprofit service association.

This has led to five months of consecrated effort that has grown from a dozen people at the outset to more than 30 participants, and the initiation of a Constitutional Committee to actually work the ideas from those discussions into a coherent document. The Association for Light and Life is now underway as a product of that process.

ALL’s purposes are as follow: (Taken directly from the Constitution)

“The primary purpose of ALL is to engage in and support those endeavors which further the realization on Light and Life within that purpose we intend:

A. To foster awareness of the spiritual fraternity of all peoples as part of one universal family under the parental guidance and watchcare of the Divine.

B. To promote a deeper relationship with the Divine through the practice of worshipful communion, stillness meditation, prayer, and unselfish service.

C. To facilitate group and planetary spiritual progress by nurturing and maintaining a sense of spiritual community that is characterized by a unity of goals and ideas, without requiring a uniformity of beliefs.

D. To support the individual’s spiritual progress by encouraging a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual develpment through a lifetime of education, creative expression, inner reflection with the Divine, and an increasing appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness.

E. To achieve these purposes ALL may take all actions it deems necessary, including, but not limited to the following:

(1). Produce, support, and encourage Conferences, Retreats, Gatherings, Seminars, and Workshops that support the ideas of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, the Teaching Mission ministries, and/or other efforts that are consistent with the purposes of ALL.

(2). Develop networking vehicles for the maintenance of ALL and for Public Education, including computer and web services, publications, speakers, facilities, electronic media, and other creative endeavors.

(3). Aid or maintain accessible archives that contain the messages of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, the Teaching Mission, and other selected works.

(4). Support spiritually motivated educational and creative endeavors within all fields of exploration, including music, literature, oration, philosophy, healing, and the visual arts.

(5). Provide financial, logistical, and/or oral support for person, projects, and activities that are related to the sharing of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, the Teaching Mission ministries, and/or other efforts that are consistent with the purposes of ALL.”

ALL has begun to set up a website at www.associationforlightand life.org the purpose for which is to share efforts related to the Teaching Mission and Urantia Revelation. Check it out. Keeping in mind that it’s still under construction, your suggestions for improving the site are welcomed. Thanks to Thea Hardy and Mnu Puri for initially getting the site going and Russ Gustafson who has offered to host the site on his server.

Ron Beser has set up a service related discussion list (ASL - Associates Service List) for those who are interested in the ALL project at: http://tmarchives.com/mailman/listinfo/asl Going to that link will take you to a page where you can subscribe by following the instructions.

ALL’s vision is just beginning to take shape, and more information should be forthcoming in the months ahead. We welcome your participation in the project. If you have inquiries, please direct them to all@onewest.net or to the Association for Light and Life, c/o the Secretary, Rick Giles, at 2582 East Hudlow Road, Hayden, ID 83835. Rick’s phone number is 208-762-9074.

Sincerely, In God’s service,

From ALL’s Coordinating Council

(Bob Devine, Gerdean Bowen, Rick Giles, Allene Vick, Judly Langston, Al Wolf and Eugenia Bryan)


“The advanced mortals on a world in the seventh stage of light and life have learned that love is the greatest thing in the universe - and they know that God is love. Love is the desire to do good to others.” - Urantia Revelation, Paper 56:10.21-22

The Association for Ligtht and Life (ALL)



* * *

TM Conference Calls

These are Conference Calls on Thursday evenings sponsored by ALL with different volunteer TR’s for those who are unable to attend group meetings. They have proved to very successful and will be continuing. The transcripts have been shared on tml and are available for web sites.

Mark Austin has made it possible to listen to the calls by going to: http://pages.sbglobal.netmarkaustin/tm/ and clicking on the link for the date.

The telephone numbers and access numbers for these conference calls are not permanetn. The information each week is posted on tml. For those of you who are not on tml, you can contact Manu Puri at mpuri2k@hotmail.com or call him at *******.

There was a discussion on tml about giving a name to these calls. Oliver Duex in Costa Rica made a list of all the suggested names and has put it on tml to take a vote. You can read in the next issue the name that was voted on to call these calls.

Donna D’Ingillo has made Conference Calls available on Tuesdays and Saturdays with the Center For Christ Consciouness.

For February the phone number is: *******,

Access Code *****#. The dates and times (Pacific Time) are:


Tuesday, February 10 at 5 PM

Saturday, February 21 at 1 PM

Tuesday, February 24 at 5 PM

For more information on dates and times after February contact Donna at donnadingillo@earthlink.net or call her at *****

None of the Conference Calls are just for those who don’t have groups, so feel free to join them anytime.

Again to all of you who have made these Conference Calls such a success including the volunteer TR’s, transcribers and participants, we say THANK YOU!!! - including you Manu. Your contributions are much appreciated.

* * *


Manu Puri is preparing a list of Celestials that have addressed the Teaching Mission with a brief description of what they have told us about who they are and where they are from. Manu is doing this from the list that was in the newsletter years ago and has started putting the names beginning with the letter A on tml for all to look at and add to with information various individuals or groups may have. This list will be most interesting to see when Manu is done. THANK YOU MANU!!!

* * *


Ron Besser is putting together a Time Line for the tmarchives. You might want to check it out and see if you have anything that you think should be added. THANK YOU RON!!!

* * *


Roxanne Andrews has taken Monjoronson’s message to heart and has been busy working with Ron Besser, Oliver Duex, Geoff Cuttler and several others to collect any transcripts that Ron may not have for tmarchives and to assemble the packets that Monjoronson mentioned. Ron is looking into ways to expand tmarchives to handle a lot more traffic and to improve the web site. This is a great service they are providing for all of us and our Cosmic Family. THANK YOU ALL!!!

* * * * *


The Center Within by Fred Harris & Byron Belitsos, Origin Press 1998 $14.95

The Search for 11:11 by George Mathieu Barnard Celestia/11:11 Publishers 2002 $15.00

The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation by Stella Religa with Byron Belitsos Celestia imprint 2002 $21.00

The Correcting Time by Fred Harris Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. 1999 $14.95

Available from Amazon.com. For those of you without access to a computer, you can write to Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. at P.O. Box 1838. Tallahassee, Fl 32302

Teach Us To Love

The Manual to find Unconditional Love for Yourslf and Others by Donna D’Ingillo 2002 $14.95

To order a copy send a check for $15.00 plus $1.50 for Ph&H in the US to The Center for Christ Consciousness, 1800 Lincoln Village Circle, #2253, Larkspur, CA 94939.

The Zooid Mission by Gerdean 2002 $20.00

To order a copy send check or money order for $25.00 ($20.00 plus $5.00 for P& H) made payable to O’Dell-Bowen Enterprises at P.O. Box 27714, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7714

The Fruits of the Spirit by Teacher Tomas


Available for $5.00 plus $1 P& H through O’Dell-Bown Enterprises or the Harp of God Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 692, Monterey, MA 01245.

How I Found the Urantia Book - Compiled by Saskia Praamsma Square Circles Publishing 2001 $8.95

To order a copy send a check or money order for $8.95 plus $3.00 postage to Square Circles Publishing, P.O. Box 251194, Glendale, CA 91225.

* * * * *


Most of these web sites have additional new material, so be sure to visit them and check it out.

www.tmarchives.com - Ron Besser

Teaching Mission transcripts

www.ctrforchristcon.org - Donna D’Ingillo Center for Christ Consciousness

Transcripts from CCC weekly meetings

Information about the Center and Services including telephone number and code for weekly telephone CCC meetings.

www.churchwithin.org - Pastor Daniel Megow

Sunday Services

Stories of the Week (SOW)

www.associationforlightandlife.org - ALL

Association for Light and Life

www.romancingtheuniverse.net - Bryon Belitsos

www.1111publishers.com - George Barnard

Midwayer Transcripts and Information

Transcripts by George and Contributors

www.lightandlife.com - Jim Cleveland.


www.squarecircles.com - Saskia Ravouri

has added a LOT of new material and sections to her web site. Serious students of The Urania Book will find much of interest to explore on this web site.

Our THANKS to all of you who make this information available for us. We appreciate your hard work and effort to provide these services.

* * * * *




AUGUST 12-15, 2004

Manu Puri, Tom Newbill, Rick Giles, Daniiel Megow, Lareen Pierce and Bob Devine, members of the Northwest Teaching Mission groups have just announced the dates of this conference to be held at the Pioneer Lodge and Condominiums in the mountains near Boise.

Wednesday, August 11th is being held as an early arrival day. More information, including registration information should be out within the next month or two. If you would like to help on the planning end, please let them know.

A tentative theme is “Unity Without Uniformity”.

Everyone is welcome. Mark your calendars now.

* * * * *

F. Y. I

$14.84 - Available Funds

* * * * *


The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:

Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Please make all checks payable to Allene Vick as this is not a business and I can’t deposit checks made to TNN. Your support is very much appreciated.

When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes.

SPECIAL NOTE - All the newsletters from the previous month and before are listed on the tmarchive website. Please feel free to download as many copies as you want and to share them or e-mail them to others. I do ask that you do not share them on the any other websites as I am not in a position to handle any mass e-mails or correspondence that this might generate. I appreciate your honoring my request.