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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

November 2003 (Vol. 8, No 7)



There is such a flurry of activity by members of the Teaching Mission. In order to share some of the highlights of these activities with you now, this newsletter is shorter and different than usual.

May Father's blessings be with us all as we go forward in service sharing the love and joy in our hearts that Father has poured upon us.

Allene Vick


* * * * *


I just want to thank you, immensely, for the continued and latest edition of your TNN newsletter. It's wonderful having all the transcripts from the Niagara Falls Conference - and especially those all from or about our coming Son - together in one place for re-reading! And especially thank you, again, for adding such a wonderfully clear ending to it all, by explaining again so lovingly and simply, the spiritual "forum" style of communing with all of our unseen cosmic family, that Michael and Mother have spent so much time teaching you and Ellen! It's clearly something that He wants, for good reason, for more and more of us to start practicing and I personally am so very glad that you introduced the whole process so well to me! It certainly has made a wonderful difference in my own relations with our unseen ones as well as, of course, given me another way of getting closer together in spirit with the others here!

Al Wolf

* * * * *


Meridith Tenney left last week to go to Istanbul to give a talk at The World Brotherhood Union.

Here are Meridith's words in a post to tml last spring

Dear Spiritual Family,

I have just returned from a fascinating trip to Istanbul. Can I share my experience with you? A year ago, I felt the Council of 24 approached me about a job they wished me to do, related to my role as Spokesperson of the Women's Corps. In February, shortly before Celestial Nights, the Council seemed to ask me to work closely with them for duration of my tenure in that position. A few months ago, I understood that they wished me to go to Istanbul on a mission for them as my first assignment.

The woman they asked me to meet with, Mevlana, contacted Al Wolf and me by email last fall, expressing a desire to communicate with us. I had not initially taken her very seriously, but after hearing this request from the Council, I began to study her material. She began her organization, "The World Brotherhood Union" which is located in Istanbul, Turkey, on the instructions of a group of celestials administrators which she has been in contact with for some 15 years. She calls this group the "Supreme Assembly of 24".

During my recent visit, I had a 3 hour private meeting with her which was exceedingly intense, and heavily charged with spirit presence. I sensed a high character and noble quality about Mevlana. When I asked her whether she knew any of the celestials of the "Supreme Assembly" personally, she told me she does not, and only refers to them as "friends", although she does believe she also has contact with "Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael".

She is 80 years old, and personally channeled an entire test the size of the Urantia Book, the Book of Knowledge, with the help of her husband and daughter over many years. She was asked to wait several years after its completion before publishing it "because the world wasn't ready yet". Her book, initially written in Turkish, has been translated into English, German, French, Russian, Hebrew, Serbian and Albanian. Her organization has approximately 2000 members.

The World Brotherhood Union has a copy of the Urantia Book, however, Mevlana speaks and reads only Turkish, making it impossible for her to read it. Her daughter, Seyun, who is my age, is fluent in English and translated for us during our talk.

Mevlana believes that the world has reached a time of Judgment, and that a major shift in dimensions is underway. She feels "perfected humans" will become the citizens of a New World State. (I translate this as "adjuster fused individuals will lead the world into Light and Life"). She feels that we women have a particularly important tole to play at this time, and notes that 70% of her organization is female. She feels personally called to foster world brotherhood, and the major focus of her work appears to be bringing together people of many faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds, assisting in their upliftment into conscious universe citizenship.

At her Signature Day Celebration on June 7th, she had successfully brought together 500 Turks, Israeli Jews, Germans, and Arabs, asking them each to "sign in" to a large ledger as a statement of their cosmic citizenship. At a massive celebration that evening, 47 Jews who had flown in from Israel sang "all we want is peace" to the Germans, Arabs, Turks and others. The Germans and the Arabs then joined the Jews dancing the "Hava Nagilah". I was so moved by the sense of universal brotherhood, I had to fight back tears. At this gathering, as at many sonship gatherings, I seemed to experience ecstatic joy. I connected closely with many Israelis, and Turks, and an 80 year old German nun, who although she spoke no English managed to communicate soul to soul with me saying "mine schwester und mine freund!" while embracing me.

I also became friends with a talented female Arab artist named Salwa Zeidan from Lebanon. She heard me talk about the Urantia Book, and became intent on seeing it. I had brought a gift copy along, thinking that perhaps I would give it to Mevlana, but Salwa was so determined she followed me to my hotel room door pestering me to see it. I finally handed her the gift wrapped package and said "I guess this is for you". Several hours later she came to knock on my door saying "This is the most amazing thing I've ever read! I can't hardly believe my good fortune in finding it!" I believe the Book of Knowledge had prepared her for the concept of cosmic citizenship creating a fertile ground for reception of the UB, although she was raised as a Muslim.

The logo of the World Brotherhood Union, is a round daisy circle which holds an inner triangle. At the top of the triangle is an "O" which stands for the Turkish word for God, or Allah. In the right angle is a "K" for the Turkish word of Christ, and on the left, an "M" for Mohamed. Istanbul is uniquely situated as a central point geographically and historically; a common ground for both Christianity and Islam. In the years after Christ's death, Istanbul was the headquarters of the Byzantium Orthodox Christian empire. The empire was then conquered by the Ottoman Empire, which was Muslim, in around the 14th century. Fascinatingly, many of the early churches in the city were then converted to mosques, and many of the mosques still have frescoes of Christ and his followers on their walls.

Istanbul would seem the perfect place to create a spiritual community which can overcome the differences between these religions. Mevlana, and much of her core group, describe themselves as "non-practicing Muslims" who believe in Christ as well, and were raised on Sufi traditions. It was my impression shortly before leaving for Istanbul that this group would form the foundation of a City of Light in that part of the world, and that I was being asked to form a long term connection with them.

I emailed Dave, who remained home doing doctoral work and asked him to check JJ Hurtak's book, The Keys of Enoch, as to whether he predicts a spiritual community in the Middle East, and indeed he does. Although I do not understand all of Hurtak's book, I do believe parts of it reveal personal revelation and prophecy.

The World Brotherhood Union has no group worship, and no group prayers. The only religious practice, is the reading of the "fascicles" of the Book of Knowledge on a repetitive basis in a unified reading program which is felt to strengthen the auras of the individuals participating, and increase the frequencies of the world by uplifting the frequency of the group. The book is difficult to read and consists of single numbered sentences of spiritual wisdom which are apparently unconnected. One meditates on them, and allow the higher frequencies and truths to penetrate one's being.

Rob [Crickett] might describe this group as "orphans" and I would have to agree. Although people in the World Brotherhood Union grasp the significance of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, most, at least the Arab and Jewish Contingent seem to have little or no experience of personal relationship with Jesus. They do not know the Universe Mother Spirit either, as they have never heard of her, I, too, lament that loss for them. There is no joy in my life that compares with the joy of knowing my divine parents. Nevertheless, it was totally clear to me that Mevlana could never have brought these Jews, Turks, Arabs and Germans together with a structured group worship in a Jesus based faith tradition.

I am consoled by the knowledge that our beloved parents will never accept anything less, ultimately, than a deeply loving, personal relationship with each of their children, so I know with conviction that at a later point, when they are more ready, Michael and Mother will draw each sincere seeker in the World Brotherhood Union into a personal relationship and closer embrace.

Mevlana has asked me to return in November for her annual International Symposium as a guest speaker on the panel. The Symposium is attended by 1000 people and she has offered to pay all my expenses for the trip, and for David as well. I am invited to speak about the Urantia movement, Cities of Light, the Women's Corps, or any other aspect of the work of our group with the Council of 24 as I see fit. I did not seek to disabuse her of any misconceptions she may have, such as her view of Michael as an Archangel. She, in her wisdom, did not attempt to force the Book of Knowledge practice on me. She tells me she is sure by my energy that I was a whirling dervish in a previous life! There may be many things about which we disagree, and that is OK. We will build our connection on all that we do agree upon, and on the depth of her understanding of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

I had an impression before leaving for Istanbul that the Council wished me to invite Mevlana to the Festival of Lights in Nova Scotia. I thought that somewhat strange request, however, after meeting her, and being invited to return and speak at her symposium, it felt increasingly right to me to extend the same invitation to her, especially after again hearing an internal request from the Council that I do so. Of course, I did not feel free to invite her to the Festival without consulting Paul and Monica [Kemp], so I called them from Istanbul.

I have invited Mevlana and her daughter Seyun to Nova Scotia in August, and offered to cover the expenses from funds held in trust for the Nova Scotia project at Mind Body and Spirit. I do now know if they will come or not. She said she needed time to give an answer, and I sensed she was going to speak with her "celestial friends" about it. In the past, she has largely remained in Turkey, allowing other groups to come to her. If Mevlana can not come, I would be pleased to have Seyun, her logical successor in the years ahead, to come alone. At the least, I think it likely she will send a "word", a written plea for universal brotherhood, to the Festival, to be read in her absence.

Here's Mevlana's web address: www.dkb-mevlana.org.tr She has asked me for a list of others in contact with the Council, and I encourage any of you, who feel so called, to write to her at mevlana@doruk.net.tr Her staff translates the letters into Turkish for her, thus a reply is sometimes slow in coming.

This ends the story of my tale in Istanbul, but I find I have more to say. This experience has brought home to me the reality that Father needs us to diversify in our approaches and in our roles in order to reach and uplift a maximum number of our sisters and brothers in the times that lie before us. I loved the analogy in your vision, Rob [Crickett], in the last Partner's letter about a rushing river pouring over a waterfall. You said that some individuals would fly right off the edge of the falls and be lifted in the air and the light, while others would be swept over the falls into the water below, but that Father would be able to save may of them later, (on the Mansion world, I presume?).

It seems to me that we are each a part of the great fishing net Father casts forth to try and bring in the harvest now, as the water rushes over the falls. Our community is currently undergoing a process of division and diversification that is painful and leads to mistrust of each other, but I perceive that is part of Father's plan.

Remember the child's toy that requires placing the square block in the square hole to get it into the container, and the triangle block into the triangular hole, etc.? Father's net is shaped like the cover to that container with squares and circles, triangles and rectangles through which people may pass safely through to the other side. RCIM may be a mighty circular path which will being Father many souls and the World Brotherhood Union a triangular path which will being in others who could not have passed through the RCIM channel because you can not get a round peg through a square hole.

Division has hit many of our working groups including Fred's Tallahassee group, the Nova Scotia Project, the Women's Corps. and the Sonship list. As each of us watch this painful process of diversification within our community unfold, it as though we stand on different banks of the river as it rushes to the falls. We gesticulate wildly at each other as the chasms widen between us shouting out "Hey! You're going the wrong way! You're on the wrong path! It's THIS WAY!" because we perceive most clearly the individual paths we are called to.

But I say that I trust my brothers and sisters in this community to hear the Father's voice within them. And I call each of to let go of our mistrust of each other. I trust that Steff Murray is being led by Father in her work. May Paul trust that Rob is being led by his Thought Adjuster in the decision he makes for the Sonship group. May Rob trust that Paul is called to build spiritual communities and will eventually achieve this goal. May Fred and Al grow in their trust of both of them, and vice versa. May we all trust the capacity of Father within us to lead each and every soul who sincerely seeks His will.

We must become as Rob's stretchy men, and grow many arms, reaching over the yawning chasms between us at this time, and holding on to each other. I hold on to Rob and RCIM wherever he is led, I hold on to Paul in Nova Scotia, I hold on to Fred with his Temple to the Father in Florida, and Al with his Magisterial Mission in Virginia. I hold on to Cathy Harrell in Africa, and all my sisters in the Women's Corps., Marty Greenhut in Massachusetts, Krista in Toronto, and Mevlana in Istanbul. I hold on to the TeaM. I hold on to each and every sincerely seeking member of this spiritual community. I will trust that each of us is moving according to the divine plan. Though Father may diversify the branches of the river to increase that harvest at this time, I believe He will bring the waters together again in a mighty torrent when the time is right.

Let us let go of our worry and distrust, and call out words of encouragement to each other instead as the chasms widen between us. "Hail, brother! Is there anything I can do to help?" Let us recognize that we are each a part of the divine plan, fulfilling our individual task for Father to the best of our ability. If we can conceive ourselves as a mighty fishing net, then it is by holding on to each other that the net grows stronger, and the yield from the harvest, heavy in our arms.

In Service to the Universe Mother Spirit,


We applaud you for your willingness and courage to take action as you have been led. We look forward to sharing the news of your trip when you return. Thank you for all your efforts to foster the Brotherhood of Man abroad and at home in our community with the words you shared at the end of the post. We need to take these words to heart and live them each moment with everyone all the time. This is Love in Action!

* * *


On Thursday, October 23, 2003, Byron spent several hours discussing and answering questions about the Urantia Book with George Noory and callers on Coast to Coast Radio. Congratulations Byron for a job very well done!!!

For those of you who missed the program, the show will be archived for 90 days on www.coasttocoastam.com Saskia informed TML that Larry Watkins has put it on the following website: www.ubook.org/~lwatkins/audio I think you will all want to check this out. Below are several comments on TML from our TM listeners and some comments from Byron.

Bravo! Byron. Bravo!

What an excellent presentation that was. You are indeed a scholar. You think well on your feet. Having been in broadcasting for a couple of decades I can spot a pro when I hear one and you, my friend, are a pro.

You promo'd your products well and represented all of us - the UB and the entire UB community wherever it is dispersed - as well as it could be done. And you set yourself up well for a few other shows covering some not-to-be-taken-lightly-topics.

Take a deep breath and feel good about how well it went.



Dear Byron - Our hearts and minds were so lifted by your presentation of the Urantia Book on last night's radio program!!

Congrats, congrats, congrats . . . all of your talents were used to the utmost Byron - all of your education, training and patience was brought together so beautifully as you highlighted the great truth and beauty of our dear Urantia Revelation to the general public on the George Noory show. You and Mr. Noory were also able to skillfully model an articulate and efficient discussion/dialog for all to hear. It was a work of art.

Larry and I will certainly look forward to any and all future discussions you may be having with Mr. Noory and the inquiring public. We hope and pray that the Urantia Revelation is finally an idea whose time has come.

Thank you so much for all your efforts to this end. May Our Father continue to bless and keep you.

Live in His Love,

Donna and Larry


To my beloved fellow Urantia Book readers: (a note to TeaMers is below this)

I have received a vast number of emails this morning, and must head out the door now for a business trip, back in two days. I will write more when I return. Most everyone seems to believe that the interview went well. I was not all that happy with it, but that's just one man's opinion. As you can imagine, it was incredibly tough and stressful. The subjective experience of being interviewed while sitting in a little room, on a little phone, with your self responsible for explaining a vast epochal revelation, with thousands of people listening, is harrowing beyond belief. I have spoken about the UB and the books we publish on a number of regional radio shows, but this was different by far. About 15 minutes into the show, my mind went blank, and I dropped into a panic. That was about the point were George asked about the early history of the revelation. What I said at that point wasn't even close to what I had in mind. Things seemed to be spiraling out of control, inside me, deeply. I was forced to confront my weakness and frailty and unworthiness. But the break at the half hour mark was my SALVATION. I was able to gather myself, give up my ability to do this, and just turn it all over to our Father, period. I said: "Father, I really can't do this. I am blanking out. I don't know how to handle the pressure. YOU have to do it. It's yours now. Period!"  A feeling of peace began to grow at that point, and it kept growing for the rest of the show. And this is how it can be done. It is not our revelation. It belongs to Him. The lesson: Do your human best, find your bearings, then just get out of the way, and let it happen through God's way and God's will. The other lesson, for many of us is: We can do this now. The timing is right. It may seem harrowing for the first few minutes, but the hungry world is waiting for us to speak up and speak out, despite our fears about how it will come across. The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Father/Mother God is there, on it, to make it work out. Our reward is the ecstacy that comes with doing our part in this work. Last night after the show, I slept like an infant.

I think we are on a roll now. Let's keep the momentum going!

More later, and love to all . . .


To the TeaM team: I wanted so much to find an opening to explain the continuing revelation of the Mission. It became clear that that would be too much for this first show - though people will see the links and the books at the new website, which again is www.romancingtheuniverse.net However, I am gratified that I could get in a mention of George's and Stella's work. Anyway, many thanks for your touching emails and prayers, one and all!

* * * * *




Bob sent out a survey several years ago and the results showed that two thirds of those who responded were in favor of the idea of a non-profit organization being set up to support Teaching Mission projects and activities.

On the last day at the Niagara Conference a discussion amongst several about starting an association to promote various TM service activities took place. From that discussion much has been accomplished to make this a reality thanks to Bob's tireless efforts and initiative..

A committee of seven was formed consisting of Bob (Simeon), Gerdean Bowen, Eugenia Byran, Judicella Langston, Byron Belitsos, Judy Nyland and Allene Vick to hammer out the details of setting up a non-profit association. We are planning to have it officially registered by January 1st.

ALL is not a Teaching Mission endorsed project. ALL is being set up by some members of the Teaching Mission to support the efforts and projects of Teaching Mission members. Ron Besser set up the ASL list at asl@tmarchives.com for those who would like to contribute their ideas and comments in this process. Your input is very much appreciated. To subscribe to the list and share your comments go to: http://tmarchives.com//mailman/listinfo/asl , fill in the requested information and click on the Subscribe button at the bottom.

Although we are still in the planning stages, some fruits of this effort have already come forth. ALL is sponsoring the following:

ALL Website: Thea Hardy and Manu Puri worked together to create the ALL website. . Thea designed the initial site, which is very basic with the information so far. With future tuning it will include more information and links. The picture on the home page is beautiful. Check it out at www.associationforlightandlife.org Again your feedback is much appreciated. Just keep in mind that it is still under construction. THANK YOU THEA AND MANU!!!

TM Conference Calls: After meeting on Conference calls to set up ALL, Bob had the brilliant idea of setting up conference calls on Thurday evenings with different TRs and Teachers. This gives those who are not able to participate in group meetings a chance to hear the lessons directly and ask questions. These calls have been very successful. The transcripts have been shared on tml and are available for websites.

Mark Austin has made it possible to listen to the calls by going to: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/markaustin/tm/ and clicking on the link for the date. THANK YOU MARK!!!

The telephone numbers and access numbers for these conference call are not permanent. The information each week is posted on tml. For those of you who do not have a computer, you can contact Manu Puri at mpuri2k@hotmail.com or 425-369-0313.

Donna Dâ ™Ingillo has made these conference calls available on Saturdays with the Center For Christ Consciousness. For information on dates and times contact Donna at donnadingillo@earthlink.net or 415-464-1342.

To all of you who have made these Conference Calls such a success including the volunteer TRs and transcribers we say THANK YOU!!! Your contributions are much appreciated.

Teaching Mission Regional Conference: ALL is co-sponsoring in conjunction with the Northwest Teaching Mission a Teaching Mission Conference in Boise, Idaho June 23-27.

* * * *


Bill Kelly graduated on September 13 while attending his 50th class reunion, of an unexpected heart attack that took his life instantly. Bill has been a very active member of our Teaching Mission Family since the beginning. Bill's contributions and leadership to the Teaching Mission are well known. We celebrate his graduation and while our hearts are full of joy for Bill, we miss this dear brother's presence in our Family. Our prayers go out to Virginia, Nancy, Greg, his family, friends and those in the Pocatello group who feel his sudden departure most deeply.

Below is a report from Calvin on Bill's Memorial Service.

I would like to report on what I felt was a perfect day Saturday, September 27th.

The weather was perfect. The temperature was perfect. The church was perfect. The music (favorites of Bill ) playing was perfect. The crowd kept coming and coming and made for a delayed start, and that was perfect too and added to the showing of respect and appreciation for Bill's life

The service was flawless and flowed with a serene and sublime spirit of appreciation for a brother whose contribution to this world has touched so many. Several speakers and contributors in music filled in what seemed to be just a few minutes of time, but which must have been a couple of hours.

Bill's son Greg played and sang a couple of songs which Bill had written himself. The words were so poetically and beautifully expressed through the voice of his son. A friend read a letter from Virginia to Bill which so meaningfully touched every heart, I'm sure.

Nancy, their daughter and a member of the UB/Teaching Mission family, reiterated her father's faith/believe and love for the Urantia Book and Teaching Mission is such a soft manner that every ear surely gained a greater respect, appreciation and clearer understanding or of our Urantia Book and this Mission, which meant so much to her father.

Friend after friend voiced how Bill was a living example of truth, beauty and goodness. In particular, a friend of Bill's of 30 years said something, which to me was such a capstone tribute to Bill's legacy - (paraphrased) "Bill was more than an excellent example of a friend, a husband, a father, a brother, or even the greatest example of a neighbor, he was an example of light."

It was obvious from the over flowing crowd that Bill's life had impacted so many. What a credit to our Teaching Mission and the Urantia Book family to have Bill and Virginia so faithfully involved in our Mission family.

Our love and prayers to you, Virginia in the days of adjustment ahead. Also, Nancy, Greg and the Pocatello group.

And our love to you Isaac,


Thank you Calvin for sharing this with us. Your wonderful description helps those of us who couldn't be present feel the essence of the experience of such a beautiful memorial service for Bill.

Abraham had a few words to share about Bill's graduation.


September 14, 2003

This is all for this evening's lesson. I however make a few comments concerning your departed brother Issac. Have not worry children, for your brother is well. While this was a surprise to all, even him, Father will bring forth the ultimate good. He is well taken care of. He asks that you carry on with this most wonderful and important work. Be kind to one another, look after one another. He will be assisting us in due time. Carry on. My love goes with you each.

Monjoronson gave this transmission. It seems most fitting and a tribute to Bill that he would share this new information with us while addressing Bill's passing.


September 14, 2003

Monjoronson: Greetings to all who view this Transcript. I am the Magisterial Son who is here to bring Urantia into the early stages of Life and Life.

I am addressing the passing of our Dear Friend Bill Kelly from the material life into the Morontial Life. Bill has asked for this great opportunity to be of greater service to the upliftment and understanding of his fellow Urantians and Teaching Mission brothers and sisters.

In an earlier transcript to this transmitter the progress of Bill Kelly's passing was given due to family connections from Bill's group and the Group in Corvallis. Our transmitter while transcribing a concept was given greater understanding and is now sharing this through my transmission with her.

The concept is the upliftment of Urantians that have been denied the Adamic blood upliftment due to the default of Adam and Eve. The plans that are in process now is a form of the Morontial Body to be developed here on Urantia and create a union with the material body energies and material body changes. This development will have many opportunities to help serve the individual in spiritual concepts, circuit connections, Thought Adjuster awareness, visual, verbal, connections and so many other opportunities with the individual in the transition stages of this blending.

We have informed many groups that changes are in the process and that the service to mankind is in the early stages for better spiritual upliftment and understanding. This Morontial/Material blending will bring about to Urantians the greater spiritual advancement that the Adamic blending failed to do for this world. Trust that as Urantia has and is an experimental planet we who have been given charge for the advancement of Urantia from The Father and Christ Michael are in wonderful hands and that the blending is done with your permission and Thought Adjuster permission Those who are present in the process have only to seek a greater understanding with teachers, myself, Machiventa and Christ Michael.

Bill Kelly was one such person who wanted greater understanding and who wanted to help in the upliftment of Urantians. The blending of the Morontial/Material process is truly a gift that will lead Urantians into a more spiritual awareness and growth beyond your present understanding.

I look forward to answering your questions in group form or individually through your circuit connection. Understand that anyone who wishes for greater spiritual understanding with their Thought Adjuster and the upliftment of Urantia is welcome to this process.

In service to The Father and Christ Michael,


On Sunday, October 5th several teachers spoke with the members of the Pocatello group concerning how they were each feeling about the loss of Bill in their lives. Here is a question from Ken and Aaron's answer.

Ken: You said you recently communicated with Bill. It has been some time since he has been there and gotten adjusted to his senses and met those who were there to receive him. Can you tell me his first assignment, where he's at? What topic he has chosen to pursue. What job?

Aaron: I cannot divulge the particulars of his morontial choices and decision, but I can say that the first period of time was, and to some extent is still, being utilized to meet with old friends, to orient himself with his surroundings, and to delve into the new friends that he has assisting him in hes new journey. Certainly there will be choices that he makes as far as his growth level, but he is still in the orientation phase at this time.

* * * * *



www.romancingtheuniverse.net - Byron Belitsos created this website where you can check out the information on the books he published and links to other sources.

www.associationforlightandlife.org - The new ALL website created by Thea Hardy and Manu Puri.

When the Teaching Mission started very few had computers and now we have so much information available to us with the touch of a few keys. Enjoy exploring this abundance of Good News!

* * * * *


You will find your way in the world as the Father wills it. You will have everything you need for the journey and sometimes that very need is part of the journey, part of what spurs you forward. The Father will take excellent care of you if you will but trust him with your life, all your worldly possessions, but above all trust him with your love. Know that when you love God, he will never take that love for granted.


* * * * *


Dear Father,

We ask that your abundant love flow through us blessing all that we are, all those we meet, all that we have, all that we give and all that we receive. Please guide us to use your love and blessings for the highest good of all in the ways that are most pleasing to you.

Your loving children

* * * * *

F. Y. I

$106.23 - Available Funds

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Allene Vick


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