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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

September 2003 (Vol. 8, No 6)




In case you have been wondering, there have been no TNN newsletters this summer. How and when the newsletters come together is a process that remains a mystery to me, but I am looking forward to the process continuing on a more regular basis.

The “Living Waters” Conference in July at Stella Niagra had many highlights and very special moments for who all who attended as we spent time in group sessions, workshops, visited with old family members and met new ones. It was a really joyous experience and we thank all of those who worked so hard to make it such a success. THANK YOU !!!

One of the highlights for me was the Stillness workshop Al Wolf did before the conference. It was a very powerful experience sitting in Stillness with a large group of dedicated individuals and really set the tone for the following days. I feel that all the conferences from now on should begin this way with everyone centering themselves in communion with our Father.

It was my fondest wish that Monjoronson would speak and make his WONDERUL LOVING AND GRACIOUS PRESENCE known to all at the conference. While all did not experience his presence as I have, Monjoronson was definitely present, spoke and allowed his presence to be known and felt. That he is soon to be present among us in the flesh is the most joyous event to happen in our life time!

This issue contains some highlights from the wonderful transmissions at the Conference. Included also is information on the Cosmic Family Forum that I presented at a Conference Workshop. In order to include as much as possible from the Conference this newsletter is not in its usual format.

There is so much more I wish I could share about the Conference - the music; the workshops; the joyous reunions; meeting new members of our growing family and the joyous spiritual camaraderie of being with our beautiful, dedicated, loving human and celestial family. We are so blessed!!` THANK YOU FATHER!!!

Allene Vick


* * * * *





MICHAEL: Beloved children, I am Michael, your Father. Receive my truth, my being, into you body. Your Mother weaves you into my being, my eternal life essence of truth, and this is the substance for your soul to be nourished. Every thought, every idea, every feeling that you have ever experienced throughout the course of your lifetime can receive this living truth.

Now during this time of correction my truth light is shining down on Urantia to free you from the spiritual bondage of the past. And so your Mother and I extend and invitation to you. How much truth light do wish to ingest? How much of me do you want in your being? That we are coming into your mind and making certain necessary corrections is fundamental for you to perceive the higher level of the goodness and the beauty that awaits you. And we extend this invitation to you to go deeper into the co-creative mystery as we enjoin with you now to bring light and life on Urantia.

We need you my children. We need each and every one of you, freed from all the legacy of the past, the evil, the sin, the iniquity that has been perpetuated on Urantia may no longer reside here. It is your Mother and I who will free you from this enslavement, but I ask you now, how much truth do you want?

You will not always understand the ways in which your Mother and I administer to you. It is not so much your understanding that we require. It is your faith. And this is what I ask of you now. Do you trust me, my little ones? Can you fully trust me to lead you into those green pastures of living spiritual refreshment that is my truth? I know what is in your hearts, but the limitations of the human mind do yield much resistance. I am here to help you overcome that and to be in me, alive, a new vibration of truth, a new expression of beauty, and a delicious fragrance of goodness.

Find that place now within you that wants to trust in me and your Mother and I will add something new and creative within you. I ask you in the coming days, my children, to receive more of me in your time of stillness, to ask your Mother to encircuit you in my living truth. That will literally free from all the bondage that still contains the planet in the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion. For you are the harbingers of the spiritual renaissance on Urantia and your minds and your bodies must be totally free of any shadow of the past so that you can bring the resurrection and the rebirth to my world.

Will you do this for me? Will you come to me as I came to my Father in heaven in trust? Will you come to me with that same child like innocence and ask for me to uplift you and to feed you with my truth? And I know your answers my children and I thank you. I ask for your patience as you allow this new truth substance to emerge in your mind and to be gentle and non-judgmental with yourselves when you see some of the shadow emerge into your consciousness. It is not who you are. It is a soul distortion. And my truth will free you from all of the past. And your body will be emblazoned with light, reverberating with the glorious vibrancy of the love of the Father in Paradise.

Let your hearts open to this love, my children. Receive fully. This is your birthright. The healing time is here. You are bringing the healing to Urantia. Bestow unto yourselves the time and the place necessary to heal, to come to me and to your Mother in innocent trust, asking us to free you. One by one we will remove all the shackles, all of the bonds, tethering you only to that which your soul desires.

My blessings, my peace, my love, my truth shines upon you now. Receive it and rejoice. Celebrate your beauty. Revel in the wonder of being a child. Satiate yourself in being in your Mother and me as we enjoy so, delighting so, loving so in being with you.

In the coming days you will notice a quickening within you, an upstepping of certain vibrational frequencies Relax and receive these my children, and know it is the hand of your Mother working within you, opening you preparing you to receive more of me within you. Rejoice. A time of healing is upon you. You are the lights on Urantia. As you spend each day in stillness with your Mother and me in conjunction with your Thought Adjusters, find that desire. Ask yourself that question: How much truth do I wish to ingest? Ask us into your mind and into your body and we will be there. Each moment you have access to us. Each moment is sacred and divine...(tape runs out). TR: Donna D’Ingillo

* * * * *


MOTHER SPIRIT: Good evening, my children. This is Nebadonia, your mother. How I delight in each one of you. You cannot possibly fathom the joy in my heart as I see how all responded and rejoiced in one another’s company this weekend. Truly you are the light bearers on this planet and we have much work to do together you and I and I ask you to prepare yourselves for a life of increased service under the banner of our beloved Michael.

And so I ask you, are you interested, are you ready, are you willing to walk out even farther in faith than you already have? This is not a journey that you will be doing on your own. No, my children, you are never alone and you never have been alone. You are accompanied by a cotillion of angels and guides and helpers and the Father’s love to encourage you, inspire you, and lead you into increasingly more wondrous paths of service and expression of the God self through you.

And so I ask you, are you willing to go the distance? We need you. We invite you. Spend a few moments searching your heart. It is perfectly acceptable if you sense doubt, if you sense a feeling of, “What does this mean? What will I be doing? How shall I comport myself?” All of your doubts and fears are known to your Father and to me and they are not important. We only ask that you consider this invitation to expand your faith, to grow your beauty, to become as Father conscious and Father expressive as you can be. So find that place within you, that duality that desires this but yet does not know how it will unfold. And your Father and I will minister to you.

Let my softness envelop you. Let my breath rest gently upon every doubt, every whisper of resistance within you and melt that away into the sweetness of being one with our Creator.

Breathe into me. I am the womb of life and in me you have new life, life eternal. Feel my softness envelop you and drink in the sweetness of being in safety, the comfort and security of my womb, your home, your rest. (Pause) And receive now the presence of your Father. TR: Donna D’Ingillo

* * * * *


MONJORONSON: Greetings. I have been trying to make myself known here and rest assured that I will be known to your planet as time unfolds. I am a Magisterial Son. There is resistance to receiving due to the nature of the discussion at this conference regarding my arrival, but the plans for a Magisterial Mission are progressing. The time element is indeed the question. We are patient and waiting for the events on your world to be most facilitating for my ministry. Whether events will present themselves is not in question. These events will present themselves. The only question is time.

I would speak further this weekend, but at this time simply wish to greet you and to ask your receivers to feel free to open to my presence and allow, for here, indeed, we are conferring, are we not? Let us discuss the matters which will produce enlightenment for you individually, for your group, and perhaps on to the world at large. I will at this time withdraw and allow another to speak. I do rejoice in the spiritual intent that you all have and feel myself to be welcome in your presence and I welcome you in mine. TR: Bob Devine

* * *

MONJORONSON: Bring down a pillar of light to the crown chakra at the top of your head. See the pillar of light coming from the Father into your body, filling your heart, expanding, moving down through your spine, rooting you into the earth.

Receive my presence. I am Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son of whom you speak. We are in this place and in this time, practicing the presence. Feel your connection to the great web of life. Some of you can visualize it. It is indeed a tangible web of light connecting each and every one of you. When you leave this place and scatter to the far corners from which you have gathered, these threads will remain and I will be present in those treads. Think of them daily, hourly, constantly if you can. This is the meaning of continuous prayer, to continue the connection you have with your Creator who is far greater than I. Feel the reality of his truth. Pull it in to your solar plexus and hold it there. Now, my friends, for the message.

You come to be loved. The Father comes to love you. He knows you as individuals, but sees you as a collective, a single energy expressing in creativity, in activity, in the love that you share between one another. It is so beautiful in his sight the love that is shared in this place and this time between you. Come now to the center of your being, to the essence of who you are. Collect it to your heart chakra. Now let it rise to the top of your head. Now send it upward, climbing the ladder. Take this essence of who you are as far into the heavens as you may and hold it there. There are beings there to great you, each of you greeting different ones. Endeavor to recognize them. Acknowledge their presence. Hold this frequency in your body. Each cell awakens to hold more light.

This is the way of spiritual growth; this is the way to know God; this is the way to bring light and life onto your planet, to work with the energies we are showering upon you at all times, the higher frequencies of spirit. The more you can be in harmony to meet these frequencies, the more light you will hold in your bodies, the more you will affect others around you simply by your presence, as Jesus did. Practice this presence. In your daily lives give yourselves time and space, a quiet place. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and the world. It is something everyone can do. Be confident, give thanks, lift yourself to your Creator and be cradled in His arms. Nebadonia will nurture you, your Father will watch over you.

When I come in the flesh you will know me because you will have already met me in these higher frequencies in you stillness and will have no doubt, nor hesitation to believe and to follow. My friends, this work cannot be overdone, nor over emphasized. It may seem like a small thing, such an easy thing, and yet the effects are far beyond what you can comprehend. You see the picture only from your perspective. We see you as point of light in a great web and the angelic realms are pouring in their light more and more every day until people like yourselves can’t miss it. You’re absorbing it every moment, surrounded by it, so when you awake in your awareness to work with it, it expands and multiplies.

Now simply sit in a few more moments of silence and I bid you adieu for now. I’m not leaving with my presence, simply turning off the audible words. Thank you. TR: Leoma Sparer

* * *

MONJORONSON: Hail to you, the people of Urania. Let it be known, the coming mission which is to unfold. As my missionaries I ask of you, are you ready to serve? Are you ready to serve the one God of all Gods, the Almighty, the Host of hosts, the Lord God, your Father? For it is He who commissions this mission. Behold, I see you before me, my students. For those that have ears to hear, let them hear, and those who have hearts to know, let them know of the coming Son. As I am one in the Father, so I shall bring the Father to you, his children.

Be not swayed by missions of grandeur, for the mission is hard work at hand. Let you be known on high as the workers of light, those who chose to dig in their heels and work in the trenches, for this is the real work of the realm. Just as your Creator Son worked and toiled and loved men, so shall you. Whosoever shall hear the call will be welcome.

I leave you with my blessings, with my love and understanding of the trials ahead. Be not weary, but gird up your loins for the time to come. I leave you now. Amen. TR: Judy Nyland

* * * * *

AMALGAM OF THE MOST HIGHS: We are the amalgam of the Most Highs come to greet you in this place, this time of gathering. You have brought your energies together in this place of peace for a higher purpose. Of this, we rejoice. We applaud your efforts. We have joined our energies with yours to make this event a gathering of energies greater than the sum of your parts. The energy of this conference radiates outward, not only on your planet. You have little concept of the multitudes that surround you, watching, learning, rejoicing, joining in your efforts to raise this planet to light and life.

It is true, no act of love goes unnoticed. We are, at times, in awe of how God’s power and love works between all of us. We, too, are learning from your experiences. Through you, many planets are experiencing growth. You grow together with them though to you it is unseen. We work between you, among you, to lift you, to connect you. It is now possible for much more to happen on you planet than we thought possible a short time ago.

The Magisterial Son will be appearing in a short period of time. You can prepare by returning to your groups, however small, however active or inactive. Any small act that is shared in the name of God with the intent of light, with the power of love, creates a ripple effect, more that you are aware of. Be at peace in what you do, where you are. Be at peace with the people in your life. Share with them your love. Share with them the feeling of light, the reality of light. Allow others to be in relationship with Christ, with the Magisterial Son, through you, through the way you live your lives. It needn’t be a huge and showy act. It only needs to be love between you and another.

This night, before you slumber, and any time during your activities of the day, whenever you can, remember your connection. Think of it. Reconnect as often as you can, until you feel the reality of constant connection, of constant prayer, of never ending light in your life. Be aware of our presence and the many celestials who over light you. We are doing all we can to pour love into your hearts, to help you to change the reality which you now see into a new and grander design. The plan God has set before you. All is well. Beauty, truth, goodness, these are the designs, the patterns imprinted on your souls. Seek to awaken these patterns within you. Seek to remember your connection to the higher realms and allow these energies to expand in your life.

Again we wish to applaud this gathering, the energies that are being shared. They will be carried with you when you depart and separate from this place. In reality you do not separate. Once connected, you are always connected. Good night, dear children.. TR: Leoma Sparer

* * *

TOMAS: My dear friend, the Son has visited me, is visiting at this moment, is part of the assembled throng, with excitement mirroring your own. Timing is always a matter of degree. The increments of time with which you measure propriety is small, yet I would encourage you and others to recognize you are now part of his labor. Do not wait to begin. He will assist you as you invite him. He asks those who he has visited to speak of his presence, to listen to him, to listen for him, that he learns from you, even as you will be learning much from him.

This is Tomas. I am happy to be a part of this effort in a while. Meantime, he will speak. Many of you can hear him. All of you work even now. Set your minds at ease. The labor has begun. TR: Gerdean Bowen

* * *

MALVANTRA: How exquisite and sublime is your entrance into the kingdom.

Your commitment is admirable. Your purpose is noble. We accept your choice to gather together in sacred union to build solidarity, to encourage each other, to provide leadership and to express in your unique creative patterns Michael’s love and Nebadonia’s maternal grace, flowing to sustain and to motivate you. The radiance of your eternal gem will permeate every atom of your being. You will vibrate and shatter the bonds of fear as you become saturated with the essence of infinite love. The ocean of love accepts all rivers and you should drink thereof as a daily diet. The ambrosia of eternal nurturance awaits those who lift themselves and partake of the never ending feast.

Gather your forces and shine your commitments as a banner of love with pride of the sisterhood and brotherhood of united mortals standing steadfast to persevere through the upcoming challenges with the valiant loyalty of believers in Michael’s reign and in Jesus’ inimitable gospel teaching. Fear not, for the watch care provided is supremely satisfying and the seraphim smile as their wards consistently choose to follow the path of righteousness. May your time together be fruitful and may your expressions of goodwill enable your brethren to remember, as mentioned yesterday, the presence of our universal father is and ever will be our primary mandate. TR: Stephen Mark

* * *

NEBADONIA: This is Nebadonia, here with you all. Michael sends his greetings. He is very well pleased at how eager and receptive you are to the teachings. He wished you well on your journey of life and asks you not to fear what may seem to be a troublesome future, In reality, it is not as bad as you think. True the will be tragedy and heartbreak as the years go by, but this, too, will pass. This is still a clearing out of the Lucifer Rebellion and the default of Adam and Eve, but even with the tragic events in your history great strides have ben made in uplifting the human consciousness and spirituality

We are pleased at the progress of this mission, especially as it has manifested in the United States. It started in New Zealand, and is growing in England, but other languages are being touched. We greet this new event joyously because heretofore it has been an English speaking nation, but now the Spanish have been contacted. There are movements afoot in China and Japan. This is not an isolated instance of contact; rather it is world wide. There are many who are very receptive to our teaching. Michael is very pleased. He says to continue what you are doing and contact others who are interested in being contacted. All they have to do is sit quietly and ask for a teacher. There are thousands of beings from other planets who have eagerly requested to be sent to your troubled world and we are just waiting for people who are receptive to these things. But we do not fear because great strides have been made int the last ten years, far more than we had anticipated.

So be of good cheer. We love you and we ask you to continue what you are doing. You are well protected, so fear not for any untoward event. He sends greetings and love to you all. TR: Stella Religa* * *

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. How my heart swells with pride to see you all together in your joyousness. You are a tribe after my own heart. Indeed, your ability to multiply and spread this effort across the country and join hands in fellowship, even attempting to bridge your culture with other countries and peoples is exciting to behold You have the benign virus in you midst. The benign virus will not be squelched. As you grow, as you become more faithful and allow yourselves to embrace the greater reality of the truth you grow, as you become more faithful and allow yourselves to embrace the greater reality of the truth as the Master portrayed it, in your own lives even as he did in his, you bring about that which he came to instill in you, in us, in this world, in this place, in space and time. You have been infused now with the divine love that we have all known as a result of having a relationship with our Michael Son. Like the Niagara Falls that has tremendous power, the love that he overflows into you can illuminate those even miles and miles away because of your integrity in loving him and in loving each other as you know he would. And thus he does. And you witness again and again the beautiful poise and activating power of the living Jesus when you lay hold of one another in this wonderful virus of divine love that is creating a nation of faithful.

We are indeed happy in your choices, in your selections, in your resolutions and attend you in your upcoming agendas, in anticipation of yet even more of this which we bow down to, that which is of the Father in and through his sons and daughters throughout the realm. I will be with you in spirit through your gathering and with my home groups, as well. Thus I am learning, like Jesus, to be in two places at once. Like you, I don’t want to miss anything. I want to be where I am needed. I leave you in the capable hands of the teacher corps and ministry of those agents of Michael and Nebadonia that you know and love and cherish and anticipate. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad that your hour has come. Shalom. TR: Gerdean Bowen

* * *

BAKIM: May I speak please? I am Bakim. It is my joy to work in cohesion with many beautiful artists who come to grace your blighted and troubled, but very inspirational plant. Here we see the genuine article; here we see the front lines of spiritual conflict; here we see grand and glorious stories of soulful redemption as you grow and blossom fragrantly in the empowering and growing light, the light that you reflect so grandly and the faith that has brought you across geographical expanses to this holy and beautiful place where you flow living waters together of love, faith, of courage, love, compassion, mercy and of joy, of ultimate joy, the joy your Creator Son brings to you and each of us, servants, artisans, teachers, guides, and angels who flock here to be part of this glorious time of redemption and spiritual growth that extends across the universe and indeed across the universe of universes. For your Creator Son manifested one of the greatest glories of the time and space worlds right here, and of course this world is protected as you are protected. You are a green house of growing spirits and souls, luxuriously green and blossoming into your individual and highly motivated and spiritualized missions to being love. You do this so well.

I ask that as you move into these coming days you flow truly as the artist that you are. You have been conditioned with full exposure to the real truth of stillness, the communion with your Universal Father who lives within you as the Center of All and gloriously your teachers and guides and the angels who surround you all join in this orienting stillness.

Today you experienced some of the powering beauty of this amazing planet, washed in the rushing torrents of water, as the world cleanses itself with water day by day of every kind. You are each part of this ocean, empowered as sparkling droplets into cascading and flowing streams that bring this world surely, steadily, patiently, surely, toward light and life. We applaud you for being here, for taking these steps of faith that have adjoined us together in this place. I ask that you take your conditioning so far, and bring it forth into a new, expanded, and accelerated level of celestial connectivity when you leave this conference. Bring your faith to action. TR: Jim Cleveland

* * *

TARKAS: I am so honored to keynote in representation of my beautiful brothers and sisters on this side as we gather ourselves in this beautiful and holy pace to worship with you, to rejoice in the presence of the All, and All One.

We have seen years of progress in this mission and we have seen evolvement and blossoming to understand that it is not a small thing. It is vast and encompasses not only your world but the worlds of rebellion and, in fact, all of Nebadon which follows closely the world of the cross. You are much blessed to be here, to be on the path which is longest. The longer the path, the more consummate are the great spiritual joys that await you at the end of this living rainbow of living water. You are living water, not drops, but a rushing torrent of brothers and sisters throughout the planet in tributaries like blood vessels that permeate the world and bring life to all corners. These tributaries flowing into an ever greater ocean which is the realization of God and this loving ocean grows as each of you grow from within. The Correcting Time begins within the hearts and souls of each of you. From this core comes changes that affect the universe. From this core of which the Holy Father had so much faith that he imbued a spark of his life within your so that no longer do you have to feel desperate for Father or hungry for Father or long for Father because Father’s love lives within each of you. Over the centuries and generations the spirits have been added, The Spirit of Truth, The Spirit of Conviction, and this massive Correcting Time, in which our beautiful Master will reclaim these worlds to the Father’s glory.

Here at the Center of Renewal is an opportunity for you to take serious stock in the quickening needs of this quivering and quickening planet, for indeed it moves rapidly and if you would be a follower, you may do so, but if you would be a true servant of truth and beauty and goodness and seek to imbue those around you with this universal love, then you must get busy. Things are quickening and you can find the energies and connectivity here with all these energies permeating such that you will go forth energized and empowered with new perspectives in your mind, new feelings of beauty in your heart, and new goodness that you can bring forth within yourself so that you may reflect it daily, hourly, moment by moment, second by second, to all those within your very important aura. We will be confident in sending those to you who need your love, and they will appear before you and we will guide you as you turn your hearts to holy light. You will be giving the words, and more importantly, the presence, the balance, to these people and very often it is not with words. TR: Jim Cleveland

* * *

PARANAHANSA YOGANADA: Greetings dear ones, friends, children of God. I am Paramahansa Yogananda, a good friend to all of you, for I too, am a child of God. I too lived the life that you have lived on this planet, in the material body, yet yearning always to know God and to be like him. I, too, have tread the many steps that you have tread in order to arrive at the place that is our destiny. Our destiny is to become more like him every day. We all have that yearning desire, that burning desire, to know him, to love him.

I wish to share with you today a little message, a message of hope and inspiration and perhaps a touch of guidance for you. Keep at it, my friends. Never give up. Each day you arise thank your Father for the day you have before you. Each day, whenever you take a step in which you feel you may stumble, thank your Father for giveing you the opportunity to take this step. In this manner you are building the soul, you are building you connections to God. You are asking him to be a part of each little act that you take in your daily life. This is how the soul is built, not by the leaps and bounds and the triumphs, but rather the small everyday steps that you take to love your fellow man, your sisters, your brothers, those who perhaps may have a station in life greater than yours or a station in life that may be perceived as less than yours. Your life in the eyes of God is as important as any other life. It takes each one of you to build his kingdom.

So I ask you humbly and with my heartfelt prayer for you, to take your steps slowly and carefully with purpose and design, always with the thought that you are becoming as God in your daily lives. As each year goes by you will become more like Him. Never give up and always approach each day with joy, purpose, and ask your Father to share every moment with you. This is my thought, my message I wish to leave with you today. I am Parmahansa Yogananda, your friend and fellow traveler. Namaste. TR: Eugenia Bryan

* * *

MACHIVENTA: I am Machiventa and I am pleased to be with you today, my children who have labored with great love and honor and diligence in advancing the kingdom of Michael. Thank you for your love for each other. Thank you for your patience and endurance in troubled times. We stand ready to assist you always. All you need to do is ask our faithful crew and many of you know how that’s affected you in your lives and have many testimonies of these things.

I will pass on to another, but would continue in my prayer to Father that we all remember how assisted we are in our progress toward him. I am thankful for his love. Amen TR: Mark Greer

* * *

TOMAS: Beloveds, this is your friend Tomas. I stand before you and open my arms wide to embrace the multitude that you are in happy rejoicing of our communion in this great purpose of Michael, expanding his reality into their realm, the realm of Nebadonia and the Master Son in their domain. It is a moment of pride for me to see the domain extend up into this portion of your planet. I had sought to make inroads into Canada and New York when I was assigned to Pittsburgh and am glad to see that the seeds we have been planted are being harvested, but I am more glad to see that you, in following the directives of your own Divine Indweller, are bing drawn and led to this harvest of souls that shall yield the bread of life to your brethren on Urantia, to feed them the nourishment that they crave. The busy anorexic children of your world hunger for that which you serve.

Blessings upon you and your attempts to feed the multitudes. I know the challenges you face. We in the invisible realms are your greatest support systems, cheering sections, and supporters, from the humble and agile United Midwayer Corps to Paradise itself. The efforts of this planet to reinstitute itself into the fold of Satania, Norlatiakek, Nebadon, and beyond is our effort, our goal, our assignment, our joy, and our accomplishment. We thank you for your contributions to this. Even though we stand over you and whisper in your ear, even though we open the field before you, it is you who makes the decision, who takes the step, and whether you follow the flow as a natural course of life or whether you consciously and conscientiously choose to take these steps matters not, for the soul is advancing the cause that we are engaged upon. How I love to see the family enterprise in action. How I love to see you embrace each other in the spirit of your work together. We, in our sphere, likewise greet one another when we come together in moments like this respite from the rigors of the work in the field to rejoice and celebrate the current harvest in anticipation of the fields yet to plow. Beloved family, I am with you and for you. Let us be on our way. Farewell. TR: Gerdean Bowen

* * *

MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael. We congratulate you again on another successful conference. We rejoice at your persistence, we rejoice at your activity, your loyalty, your loving one another. You are the example. You are setting the stage for a worldwide recognition of the Teaching Mission. It is in its infancy, true, but it is picking up momentum. As Nebadonia said yesterday, we are reaching people in all parts of the world and they are astonished at what is occurring to them and around them. So be not discouraged by what you may see as slow action. In reality it is not. It is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world and is reaching individuals rather than one isolated group. Again we congratulate you on your great, great love and persistence in studying the word of our Father. Thank you my dear ones. You are very well loved. Your Father/Brother Jesus/Michael. TR: Stella Religa

* * *

PORSHUNTA: This is Porshunta. (For the Council of 24?) Greetings my fellow mortals. We commend you for your great works this weekend, for you have made great morontial strides in your decisions to come together and work toward a common goal, for your furtherance into the arena of your Father. I wish to remind you that we were once mortals on this planet. Dare to step out and be courageous in the name of your Father and this mission of Michael of Nebadon. Be courageous. Step forth, and you shall look back with awe. You shall be rewarded on high.

Learn to look with an infinite eye. Your career is vast and it starts here. I tell you the Father has gone before you in your life. We are up here watching and encouraging you and guiding you in specific directions. Have the ear to listen and learn that we are working with you under Father’s hand. This is all.

I just wish you words of encouragement and know that we have walked this earth and we lived to carry the love of our heavenly Father. Be at peace. TR: Wendy Creel

* * *

BERTRAM: I am Bertram. I am a teacher from this area. It is wonderful to be here at this gathering. It has been our pleasure to open our arms and open our hearts and have you with us. It has surely been our pleasure to know and receive you, to share with you, to frolic with you, to love with you, to dance with you, to have this joyous time. May the living waters flow over and around you, cleansing you deeply, renewing you to your core, rededicating you for this wonderful work that you have all been called to.

This is what it’s all about, loving one another, being a loving example of light and life. Now as you spread out from this core or renewal, take with you renewed hearts, filled with love for one another. Do the Father’s will. And may you all rededicate yourselves to the work of our Master son, of our Mother Nebadonia, of our loving Heavenly Father, of the Eternal son, and Infinite Spirit. We are all one great cosmic family. We must take this show world wide, in all endeavors, whether it’s with the women’s corps, whatever your calling, whatever direction you’re led. Do it with a full heart, a renewed heart, and as you leave this renewal center go out and let’s renew the world. Make it a place as wonderful and beautiful as this, and leave a legacy to our children, our grandchildren. Light and Life is coming, a Son is coming, please reoice and be glad. Thank you so much for coming to our area. We love you all. Tr: Tara Logan

* * *

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Greetings, dear ones. I embrace you. I am weeping in joy and awe for you. In your lives today a new well has been drilled and this well of living water envelops your thirsting and quenches many longs you have had. The lessons you’ve taken in these past few days will bubble and rise within you, that you will desire to share with everyone, with others on your path.

Is it not a beautiful day my dear ones? You rise so high in this well of love, sharing this love with others without consciousness of its effect so far out to so many. Do you know how deeply loved you really are? I know you better than you know. My staff and I salute you and congratulate you all for your beautiful and truthful connections today. I leave you to another and send you my greetings. Shalom TR: Mark Greer

* * *

TEACHER UNKNOWN: Valiant travelers on your ascension scheme being washed by the vibrations of your musical endeavors, feeling the pleasure as your internal being vibrates with the joys of your brethren’s song, so too does you divine essence titillate with the exquisite divine vibrations emanating through the Source Center of your central being. You are connected in the most luxurious fashion with the endless Source of all creative energy. You rest in the heartland of the majestic Trinity who outpours in the most unified fashion waves of eternal love. When you gather for worship your concerted and social grouping exemplifies the purpose of sharing in unison the beautiful unfolding of your gratitude in a welcoming fashion for the gifts bestowed instantly, constantly, forever.

The bridge of size is but a passage through the gateway of the immortal portal and entrance into a dimension that will fill you with awe, captivate your imagination and sustain and nurture with divine nutrients: the essence of all being, the ambrosia of living existence, the soma of infinite life. Your song vibrates as a reward for the honor that’s due your grouping as a result of the loyalty and your fidelity to your Sovereign who recognizes and acknowledges his children of light.

Let the rule of Michael commanding your mission be remembered through the age of the Supreme beyond the confines of your universe with a purposeful reputation as agondonters to impress and forever shatter a reputation that the Urantians are a weak race. Let the blood run strong and let your faith be fired and sparkle as you galvanize and proceed with your precious mission. TR: Stephen Mark

[Note from Bob Devine - Teacher unknown, but sounds a lot like Veronica to me]

* * *

THOMAS: My friends, again, it is important in our lives together in these expanding circumstances to learn to follow the direction set in motion by following the leading of God, for He began an eternity of sharing a limitless love with everyone He meets, and such love is compelling. The invitation, over time, is to help to magnify this love in each of you, in all matters, in your own efforts, and your limitations such are found in the material creatures of His creation.

This Teaching Mission is not a crusade. Yet it is a campaign. It is a campaign to win every heart and every mind. Not only to win every living being throughout this sector of Nebadon, but all who have suffered, as you have suffered, this hole in your heart wondering where this missing piece is. Missing not by any choice of yours, but by the circumstances of time which all conspire to elevate the amplitude of these waves of affection. And so we ask you to pay attention to lessons of divinity attainment in most infinitesimal beings over time and space which Our Father gives us to gather you and your fellows into His arms and into the arms of each other. Love is the greatest reality in all the universe.

It is not a cause won by the use of swords or even words, so quickly they are exchanged one for the other - all to do battle, rather than to make peace. Your thoughts, your words, your actions spring from the choice. All flow in the presence of I AM/We Are. It is Our Father’s will for you. Here again all of this, where we are in the end of our striving is in this very peaceful place. Throughout your journeys, your adventures On High, this constancy of magnifying the joy, the love we share together, you will so spawn. How might we use the sounds, the circuits at this moment? Would they distract you? These are opportunities to receive a greater range of affection. Can you dwell in this place at all? This eternal moment? Realize the Stillness and yet walking on the earth? Showering your fellows with the love you have felt poured upon you.

Your challenge is not to build physical structures, though these have their place. Your challenge is not to produce manuscripts, to allow your lives to be translated. Your lives compose the archives of Nebadon. It is from these we draw our lessons. This soul we share in company, this soul of supremacy. Our friend, our Father, our Brother Michael, shows all, all this, to the Supreme as a Sovereign Creator Son. Each of you have your own sovereignties to attain. Every day of your lives, by each of his lives incarnation, you are earning your soul. We assist you, as we are part of you. How happy we are to share this love. In this moment of history, we are making the effort. The records of your world may not reflect this change for some time. But you see it. You feel it. You know it in the depth of your being. Share it like this in any heart that seems suited. Invite us to participate with your struggles. Share with us. TR: Rob Davis

* * *

SERAPHIM: Good evening. I am a seraphim. I’m not familiar with this T/R and she is not familiar with me, nor does she know what I’m doing here. This makes her nervous. You can imagine how that feels. I am here to greet you and visit with you. I am going to be alternate to Tomas’s hosting. I would like to hear from you. I would like to hear your needs, your thoughts, your concerns, your opinions, your beliefs, your feelings. Who are you? Oh, yes I recognize some of you, but I haven’t heard from all you all in a long time. How good it is to see you? You know, we don’t get to see you up close like this very often. We see you from afar, through a veil, as it were, and when we have the opportunity to come in and BE with you, it is like seeing you from a new perspective, a preferred perspective, but only for the occasion. Do you have questions?

1st STUDENT: Is this your first visit to Urantia?

SERAPHIM: No, I’ve been around a little bit. I’ve made appearances here and there. I’ve spent some time with the ministers of healing. Indeed, I have spent time with the Life Carriers active here.

1st STUDENT: How do you wish to be helpful to us?

SERAPHIM: I am a minister, but I am also a minister among ministers, and I have access to them; therefore, if you have need of ministry, I have the power, the ability, the privilege, the opportunity – I can turn around and ask my fellows who “specialize” in the field if they would like to respond.

2nd STUDENT: Could you tell me if the Angels of Progress have recently received a change in their orders?

SERAPHIM: I can tell you, yes, they have received new orders, but they are getting new orders all the time. They have a very busy division. The Progressives have very little down time. They work closely, in fact, with the midwayers who are very busy. Being nearer to you and denser, they scurry about speedily taking care of business. But this is necessary. This is an energy pattern. Think in terms to the Niagra Falls. Suggest to your astral body that you are a part of the integral chemistry of the region here, of that which is creating the power that provides goods and services to so many people: the water; the machinery that processes the power, the gears that must mesh to move the wheels. This is progress. It cannot stop. It gets many updates. But you who are active in your realm understand this is the nature of progress. If the gears stop, the machine doesn’t work. This is different from other areas of energy application. Some are static. Some are fluid. Progress is progressive. They don’t need one course per year; they have 250 short-term seminars. Why? Why do you ask?

2nd STUDENT: [Question indistinguishable - something about is there going to be a dispensational change? Seraphim asks for more clarification, but the questioner’s answer is also indistinguishable.-ED]

SERAPHIM: Yes they are. They in favor of that, for they see the good it can do. They see they will not be left behind. They will not be over looked. The will not be pushed aside. But that was not so at the first. The times have changed, and therefore the mind adapts to the needs of the day and they are like the gears of progress, ever onwardly pressing ...albeit, some fields more slowly.

The idea, too, of a dispensation is an event overdramatized in your minds. Because of your tendency toward short term thinking (based on the fact you have only recently begun to acknowledge your standing as universe citizens), your habitual perspective is short term. You will eventually and gradually expand that view and, of course, that will be marvelous because it will then offer you more opportunity for new adventure, which you love? But it, too, will give rise to more questions, more answers, and more mastery of the mechanical universe.

Dispensations ending and beginning is not like your Gregorian calendar, but rather is like an age, an era, an actuum, but there are very few projects in the universe which are undertaken to be done quickly. Again think of the size of the universe and the lumbering machinery required to process the power of Paradise into infinity. The gears enmeshed in infinitum cannot be stopped on a dime!

In your teaching you have heard it said that the Master was called forth from his remains, lifted up, whereupon he took care of business for a number of eternities before resuming the drama of the tomb. In your eyes, you would not have noticed his absence, but in the eyes of the eternal perspective, it was adequate time to administer to all these affairs of the universe which had been pending in his absence including the inauguration of a dispensational roll call.

And since we saw that happen in (snaps fingers) such a split second of your consciousness, you assume that a dispensational roll call or changeover is like wise accountable on your clock. Your clock is not big enough to count the time that attends of the greater universe. Your perception is only good for your existence here. And it’s a terribly temporary point of view.

But you are right to wonder and speculate about the universe changes that are certainly on-going, and of which you are an integral part. It is only natural that awakened citizens should opt to look around and see where they are in terms of eternity and, wiping the dust from their shoes, take up their bag and walk on into the rest of eternity as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer might have walked off to go fishing.

You are embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. An eternal lifetime. And you mark eternity by the way you perceive if. Give your self a lot of time. Give yourself time to be children. TR: Gerdean Bowen

* * *

[The TR’s for Aaron, Elyon and Daniel are Bob Devine and Daniel Megow - ED]

AARON: Greetings to you all. I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to be with you tonight and speak with you. The importance of community is prevalent. With you all gathering here you can see the value of your relationships to one another. The growth and the development of relationships is truly the primary purpose you have in life aside from the prime relationship with God. The relationships you hold to others in the Cosmic Family, spiritual and human, are the substance of your incorporation into the Supreme project of developing universal unity, an indivisible linking of all personality into one web of awareness, all parts knowledgeable of their role and function in the overall purpose.

My emphasis to you this evening is on the importance of individuality in developing universal unity. So often in your human attempts to feel unified with others you compromise your individuality to coexist peacefully with those around you, many, in an attempt to feel a sense of belonging. But true universal unity requires the maximum expression of individuality, not the selfish expression, not the sense of unbalanced focus on your needs at the expense of others, but the recognition that your individuality is as important as any other being’s individuality. Trying to find your expression of your personality requires you to understand this idea. As you strive to create a growing sense of community, it is important for you, as individuals, to feel more comfortable finding ways to express yourself while at the same time making a conscious attempt to recognize and honor the individuality of others who are in your presence. Do not diminish who you are to please another, but blossom who you are to fulfill the universal requirement of absolute expression of personality which is the realization of the Supreme Being.

So I exhort you to find who you are. Express yourself in an attempt to understand who you are, even while maintaining an awareness of all those other personalities around you so that your expression isn’t trampling on someone else’s expression.

ELYON: Greetings, this is Elyon. It is a great pleasure to be among you tonight. Gatherings such as this are very fruitful in uniting kindred spirts, and they are beneficial for sharing life’s spiritual experiences.

I would like to use the analogy of a grand puzzle. You have all come to this gathering with the pieces that you have acquired in your growth and in your personal outreach. Each of you brings part of the big picture. At a gathering such as this, you might say all of the edge pieces are already in place and defined. That would be the mission students that are here with their individual pieces to place into the puzzle. As you relate to one another in loving association and as you move among one another sharing with the many \diverse souls who have come to be a part of this, then it becomes easier for you to put pieces togther that you previously could not see where they fit in. Experiencing the various pieces that others have with them show you relationships than you may not have been able to put together before. As you interrelate, you are all playing at putting together the puzzle and you begin to see what the picture looks like.

Then another may come along and see where some of their pieces fit in, as well. As you lovingly share yourselves, your personalities, your paths, your goals, with each other the picture grows until you may stand back and see the bigger picture in its entirety. When you have finally recognized the puzzle and your pieces in it, you then realize when it is time to grow on beyond this particular environment. What looked like the outside pieces before open into a much larger picture. When you step outside of this more friendly environment you can then take with you what you have learned and begin fitting them into the grand picture. You can step out in love in this same way with all of your brothers and sisters and it is an opportunity for them to begin adding their pieces and becoming part of the greater reality.

Indeed, as my brother Aaron shared with you, it is the unifying of the Supreme when all have shared their individuality and recognize that it has supreme value in the whole. Your relationship with God is unique to you. We each have our own personal friendship and relationship with our universal Father. No two of us in all of the vast universes has the same relationship and yet with the insight and wisdom that you acquire along your journey, you recognize at some point that you are an extremely valuable component part of the infinite picture of our Father. You are of equal importance to any other. There are no small pieces to the puzzle. There are no insignificant pieces to the puzzle. All are of supreme and ultimate value, and it is a pleasure for those of us who watch and observe you to see how you will put those beautiful pieces into place. We do, indeed, have a slightly larger perspective than you are able to have, still being limited to material form, but remember, we, too, were there. We can see all of the pieces that you have brought with you and we may know where we think they should be placed, but often times you suprise us and we are delighted to see how it is that you come up with such unique beauty in your presentations. I would retire at this point and sit back and enjoy your questions to Aaron. Thank you.

Q: I have a question about potential and finding your highest potential, or the manifestation of one’s highest potential. I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about this. Thanks.

AARON: Simply the willingness to do the Father’s will, will manifest your highest potential. The method to gain that knowledge is the silliness, in worship time, seeking directly to the Father in communion. There are no requirements that we could put forth to guide one in manifesting the particulars, but this process of consistent connection with your Indweller will begin to open you up inside to recognize who you are, where you can achieve, where you may perceive the weaknesses that may need adjustment. By taking these issues into your stillness and placing them there at the foot of the Almighty, you allow the cleansing process, the slow and gradual healing and the turning of your intent toward the highest source.

The healing that flows from that connection will begin to manifest and you will begin to notice the higher possibilities of achievement for yourself. You will begin to become a bigger risk taker, so to speak, someone who will try new things, who will test the waters to find if a particular path has some meaning or merit or worth for you. It no longer is a fear of being wrong in life, but instead a willingness to be wrong in the knowledge that what you are seeking for is right. By doing this you will open into the universal possibilities and potential. I hope this has offered you some insight tonight, my friend.

DANIEL: This is Daniel ... the other one. I, too, enjoy coming together with diverse spirits such as you all bring with you. As a part of the Northwestern teaching groups we each have a unique focus to our weekly lessons. They evolved for the individual groups that we are assigned with and yet we commune with one another, share our lessons and insights with one another, and though the individuals in different groups are diverse, we find that our teaching always has opportunity to coincide. In truth, it is because our message is one of love and acceptance, one of growth, change, one of getting to know better our Universal Father, and of growing in personal relationships with one another.

We observe that all throughout this mission of our Sovereign Son Michael that the hunger for loving understanding among our classes of students is universal and as we all sit in session with one another discussing our particular assignment, we, just like yourselves, gain a much greater insight into how we may the better prepare our lessons and, indeed, ourselves to more closely align with the Father’s will in presenting them.

We realize that our lessons reach far beyond our immediate groups because they are sent out freely to a much large audience of the TeaM and so while we tailor our teachings for our individual groups, it is gratifying to see that the Father makes use of them in a far larger arena. We have begun to grow used to this because we are cognizant of so very many examples of the truth of it and we would have you begin to realize that as you prepare yourselves for your individual lessons and relationships and outreaches, that you are touching far more people than you may be initially intending to. All that you do in love for the Father and in love for your siblings in the cause of the greater goodness reaches into the universe to touch beings even far beyond this little world. All that you do in goodness and love becomes a part of our Supreme parent and becomes available to to the ends of the grand universe as a manifestation of the Supreme.

Truly this if why each choice for goodness and each choice for seeking the will of our Divine Father has such incredible value. No good act goes unnoticed. Perhaps often it may seem this is so in this world of confusion, and yet be you assured that no act of love is ever wasted. Always does it serve the will of our Father and the cohesion of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all his diverse children.

Goodnight. Thank your for your attendance and thank you for all the love that each one of you truly are.

* * *

SOLONIA: Greetings, dear young ones. This is your sister Solonia. Truly you would be awestruck if you were able to visualize the numbers of my sisters, of teachers of all manners, of celestial personalities, who are here assisting in this wonderful gathering of souls. There have been no coincidences as of yet. We never put anything past our own notice.

We would like you to do an exercise tomorrow. Be aware of our seraphic ministry alongside of you during the day as you “by chance meet one another in the corridor, or outside, or in the elevator.” Recognize that we have been playing. This our special music. It is part of our function as seraphim and as guardians. When there are two or three of you together know that there are thirty or forty together there. Try to keep this in the forefront of your consciousness tomorrow and experience, see where you end up and be aware of all of the contacts along the way

I believe that with this awareness of our presence as you go about your days you will the easier be able to return to your every day tasks, ministries, lives, knowing better in your heart that indeed we are there then too, and there are many who are dedicated to the service of each and every one of you. Wait upon the Father’s time and all will unfold. Allow our work to be noticeable in your lives by your personal revelation of the Father’s love. The love he gives to you, give to all, and we will get the right people together at the right time. Everyone you may chance to meet, even in your everyday lives, we are there, we are a part of the contacts. It is why you have so many opportunities every single day to share our Father’s love, to share of yourself.

In busy day lives it is very easy to overlook these things and we understand. It is the norm on this world indeed, and yet we go about our business and you do stop and talk to a person we have guided into your path, who, in fact, we have guided you both together. It could be anyone on the street. It need not be the brothers and sisters that you know and love.

Our Father works for the good of us all and we are all his willing servants. Those of us who have this supreme opportunity to work on this world of Urantia feel it is of the highest privilege, for nowhere else in the universe can we have these incredible difficult learning experiences. It is the greatest horror to be here among you all this evening. We very much love and care for you. You are like our little brothers and sisters, and though you may not be able to see it, to us you are truly adorable.

I will part with you for now, realizing as is in our assignment for tomorrow. We are here among you and we are working with you for your highest good, with the guidance of your Father

Fragments. Good night, dear ones.

* * *

MOTHER SPIRIT: Good Morning, this is Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of Nebadon. It is wonderful to see and feel the reflection of my presence in your minds, for you all carry that eminence within you. Just as Father’s spirit, Christ Michael is with you, I am with you as well. I pervade the very spaces of this planet and this local universe. You have come together during this brief few days to spend time in social grace together, communing with your Father Fragments within, appealing to the Christ Spirit around you and within you. There are periods of time of silence and stillness and then episodes of frenetic activity. You are so excited to be a part of the universe, to become a part of the expanding spirit, healing spirit of this planet. We encourage you. You call this love which you feel from us. It is parental support, nuturance, care and compassion for your arduous journey. We are ever present around you, and my dear cohort Christ Michael is so ever present around you. Your appeals for his presence, for is intervention, for his intimate participation in you life is immediate.

You are beginning a new era on this planet which has not ever existed before. The era of darkness and quarantine is past and some of the generations sitting here know of the way you and your parents were treated. It was aloof. Though there was the ever present watch care of my guardian ministers among you, you felt alone. We are so joyful, so feeling of oneness with you now that these barriers are lifted so we can reach out to you and touch your hearts, and I touch your mind. Not to become a part of you, but to become one with you in those areas where you want to accept my presence, Christ Michael’s presence, and the participation of his and my ministers among you and with you.

Our presence now is intimate and immediate. There are no causes, issues, aside from selfish ones, which we will not participate in. We will participate in all efforts for your growth, for the assistance of others, for your children, for your aging parents, and those in need far away. Yes, we are also immediately there for all the well, all the healthy, all the eager, all the ones who want to know more, to expand truth even in material ways, that they might become aware that spirit is afoot on your planet and everywhere.

You have tales of eleven infants, and small ones, those ethereal small spirit creatures. You have stories of those. Now you have the reality of spirits among you. You need not appeal to spirits of the land, but to spirits of the mind, and spirits of the heart, and of the Son and Father, and my spirits. We are with you. You need not cry out in pain and anguish seeking our assistance but simply sincerely in your consciousness, in that presence where you know you are with spirit, with Father, make your appeal. You petitions and repetitions of petitions need not be made, but simply a true, deep, heartfelt, earnest and sincere appeal for assistance in areas which you do not know how to solve. We are there.

You are seeing wonderful, miraculous, spontaneous coincidences, arrangements of meetings, arrangements of facilities, the arrangement of resources, which mysteriously, or not so mysteriously arrive when you need them. You wonder about the progress of this Teaching Mission, yet it is held within the palm of Christ Michael’s hand in the correcting Time. Through the Correcting Time there is the pervasive presence of spirit in association with Father, Son, and Spirit working actively for you and with you. Remember dear friends, dear children, that your planet will not be healed by us alone, buy only co-creatively with you. This, though difficult passage of work, is the most effective for you to learn it throughly, totally, completely as an ingrained part of your being. Were you to be fortunate to learn this before your transition to the morontia world you will have gained an immense asset that morontial graduates have and know, an intrinsic knowledge that you are part of the universe, that you and your presence are known to all and you know all others. The separation which you feel on this planet is an illness. On the morontial and spiritual spheres separation will no longer exist.

My children, I bring you under my wing as a mother hen brings her children, her chicks, under her wings. Feel the oneness under this protective umbrella. Know that you are all cared for. Know that there is so separation between us except that which you desire. Blessings to you during your journey. Blessings to you during this week. We are with you; we love you; and may the peace of God pervade all your hearts. Good day. TR: Daniel Raphael

* * *

MANTOUBA: Greetings fellow servants in this mission. I am Mantouba, a Melchizedek. I am assigned to this sphere to enhance the work of the Correcting Time. In cohesion with many of my colleagues I sometimes am aligned with this willing vessel in order to bring his enterprises to fuller fruition and as such, commingle with you, his many associations, to expand this work to each of you.

I simply pledge to you that your Melchizedek Teachers, now many in number, are determined to rebuild and reestablish spiritually viable educational institutions and systems in the correcting worlds, yours among them, number three score and more depending upon your measurement of relative reality. It is certain that your beleaguered world is in this number.

We are pleased with what we see to be rapid progress made possible by the quickening spiritual energies being brought forth by many in cohesion: life carriers, energy directors, administrators of many kinds and personalities working together along with neighbors from other parts of this grand local universe. It is a privilege to be here. We will work with you co-creatively to manifest light and life upon all of these troubled worlds, each having somewhat complex and individual problems of its own. Each sphere is populated by unique personalities at various stages of rebellion disruption. This greatly magnifies the undertaking of this Correcting Time, which is not your world alone as you see. All of these planets are receiving the watch care and ministry of all of us on the celestial side and all those countless mortals who join with us on all these spheres Once again, you must broaden your thinking to universe realities. You are doing so nicely.

My second reason for speaking is to tell you how enormously impressed we are at the enlightened rapport and camaraderie that we have seen emanate so brightly from this gathering, for most gatherings of mortals upon Urantia spawn a cacophony of resentments, phoniness, role playing, desperate agendas, cries of, “I am someone, listen to me.” The many celestials gathered here find your behavior toward one another to be exhilarating. We see in this our own success and it brings us great joy to see you interacting in the spirit, sharing the spirit with a bare minimum of personality discord. We applaud you. You are our good friends. As we influence you to the light we take great pride in this service and I assure the pride is felt by the highest personages of this Correcting Time all the way to those who are, shall we say, in the trenches working with individuals each day as individual teachers, our beautiful morontian children who have seen the light and come back to share it, as many of you will do one day, reaching back to help those along the path. We applaud you because you are the ones who have taken our very fine inspirations, I must say and made them happen. You are the hearts, the minds, the hands, the feet, the soul on Urantia. We are not the citizens of your world. We are not the guardians. We are not the protectors. We are not here to save you. You will save yourself. We will work together and this will be our triumph together. This is the cooperative way of the universe. Droplets are weak. Living water is strong and flows surely into the ocean of the universal Father’s boundless infinite and unparalleled love for each of you, who are so loved that you are indwelt with the glorious space of light that shines ever brightly.

As the year roll forward you will see profound things. You will be part of profound things. And we will make a profound and glorious future for Urantia and for these other worlds of the rebellion. So far, so goo. On behalf of the Melchizedeks, thank you, and goodnight. TR: Jim Cleveland

* * * * *


By Allene Vick

My friend Ellen and I have been meeting weekly for many years sharing the events of the previous week, discussing our spiritual insights and understandings and meditating. About six years ago Michael came and told us he would be our personal teacher. Since then we continued our usual format and during our stillness and afterwards Michael and Mother Spirit guided us with our spiritual growth by addressing our concerns; uplifting our understanding; helping us remove old and faulty patterns; and leading us forward with their suggestions for us to practice. Sometimes the information was relayed to us by visualizations or feelings in our quiet time. After discussing these experiences between ourselves they would share their guidance with us, which we wrote down.

In December of 2001, Michael said he wanted to introduce us to other members of our Cosmic Family. In January 2002 this process began, which we call the Cosmic Family Forum. Michael wanted us to get acquainted and dialogue with them. It started out very slowly as this was new to us. Michael first introduced us to Archangel Michael, who works with Social Ministries. It was quite unclear to us how to proceed as we had always written down Michael and Mother Spirit’s words to us. How could we have a dialogue while taking time to write the words down? Would we need a tape recorder? How would we dialogue with them? Our experience had been that in our discussions and quiet time, Michael and Mother Spirit knew exactly what we needed. Sometimes Michael would ask us to stop and discuss what we had just experienced between ourselves and then would comment on that. We were not accustomed to dialoguing with them. Just being quiet and listening. This was to be a whole new experience.

Michael suggested that we could each share something about ourselves and Archangel Michael about himself and his work. This we did. It was such a slow process as we spent much time in stillness during this new adventure. About a month apart Michael introduced us to a Finaliter, which we nicknamed Coach, two Celestial Artisans - Amy and Andrea, two Midwayers, two Life Carriers and our two Guardian Angels. We sit each week at Ellen’s oval table and as each member was introduced they took the next place at the table. After we had been introduced to all of these, Machiventa joined the group and has acted as chairman. Michael and Mother Spirit were always present, but watching and not part of the group. They would share their comments with us after our meeting with the group members. There was no problem with writing their words down as it was more a process of listening to them than a dialogue.

One day at home I heard from a Midwayer. I asked him his name and he said Him. I thought well okay that’s what I heard. Later Gerdean told me that his name is Hem and that he is the Midwayer for the East Coast. At the next Team Forum meeting I knew that Hem really wanted to join the Forum and asked the group if that would be okay with them, and they readily agreed it would be. Hem is so ”hot to trot” he can hardly stay in his chair. He really wants to be of service. One day I asked Hem what we could do to have his help and he said, “Just Ask.” Hem went on to say that they take their guidance from us.

Michael was very pleased with how things were progressing. He said that this has never been done before. Different groups have several celestial teachers at times, but never meeting weekly in what he called a forum to dialogue.

The best way I can describe this is to picture them around the table as you might imagine a board meeting. Their energies and presences are quite distinct. While I can’t see them, it is as real to me as if they were all sitting there in person. When the meeting is over, it is as if they all pack up their “briefcases” and depart. There is no question that the meeting is over.

When Ellen and I finish reviewing our experiences since the last Forum meeting, discussing our concerns and understandings along with question that come up, we sit in Stillness. This is a very important part of the process. During this quiet time, we often are given information, receive impressions and visualizations - sometimes the same and sometimes not. We have gradually gotten into the habit of silently greeting each of the member of the team. We then share our experiences. It is then that we usually go around the table together hearing from the different members of the Forum. This is basically how it works, but each time is different. We come with no expectations and are amazed at what the evening brings. We find ourselves saying so often, “This was the best yet!” No matter how tired or stressed we may be when we meet, we feel wonderful and so relaxed and at peace when the meeting is over.

This experience with the Forum has been so powerful in helping Ellen and me to realize how well loved and connected we are to our Cosmic Family. We often refer to them as the Team and sometimes they speak as a Team - not an individual member. During the week, we have gotten accustomed to speaking to them during the day at different times and getting their able assistance with situations that come up. We often times address them on our computers and receive so much loving guidance.

This year Michael and Mother Spirit joined the Forum instead of just observing. Not too long before the Conference, Monjoronson came to our Forum meeting. His presence was so WONDERFUL, LOVING AND GRACIOUS! Monjoronson gives a whole new meaning to the word gracious. His presence was so “HUGE” that he completely overshadowed Michael and Mother Spirit. Of course, Michael and Mother Spirit had stepped aside to allow us to experience his presence, which we certainly did! He said he had come to observe, but there was nothing to observe for there was complete silence at the table. Since then he has joined our Forum and his presence is still wonderful, loving and gracious, but not the overwhelming presence of his first visit.

One night we were discussing sharing the Forum experience at the Conference. I have always had the feeling that our Forum experience has been a prototype for others to use to form their own Cosmic Family Forums. Somehow I knew that the time was not yet right to do so, but with the Conference coming up I was wondering if this wasn’t the time. Monjoronson was very enthusiastic about the idea of sharing this at the Conference and said that as other Forum groups formed, we would be linked like tinker toys. Each Forum being different, but sharing our information between the groups.

When I was doing the Cosmic Family Forum workshop at the Conference, Monjoronson had this to say:

“This is Monjoronson. I wish to welcome all of you who are here. I look forward to being with all of you and I will. Should you decide to form your own Cosmic Family Forum as Allene has mentioned with Michael and Mother Spirit, I, too, will be a joyous participant with any new Forum you wish to form and I wish to take this time to thank all of you for all the contributions that you have made in helping Michael, Mother Spirit and your planet, your beautiful beloved planet move towards Light and Life. I will always be with you.”

I hope sharing our experience will encourage you to start you own Cosmic Family Forum. In time this may work with a larger group, but in the beginning I think it is best to start doing this in pairs - maybe more if you are really spiritually in sync with each other. To attempt this with more would make it too unwieldy. Once it is firmly established, you will have all the guidance you need about visitors or adding others to the Forum.

Michael tells me it would give him great joy to assist any of you in establishing your own Cosmic Family Forum. He says that he will select the Cosmic Family Members to introduce you to that will be most appropriate for your Forum. And, of course, Monjoronson has already told you that he will be a “joyous participant.”

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