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March 2003 (Vol. 8, No 3)



This issue is longer than usual in order to include the complete words of Rayson and Machiventa on the Teaching Mission. With Machiventa’s announcement of a significant development in the Teaching Mission, I think you will find the words of Elyon and Jessona to be useful in approaching this new development of applying what we have been learning on a larger scale.

A new section on the Midwayers has been added. Many of you have worked with them. As you know, the Secondary Midwayers are involved in the transmitting process, but you may not be aware of the many other amazing ways they assist us. I feel that now is the time to learn more about them. George Barnard has been working with them for many decades before he knew that they were Midwayers. As introduction to this new Midwayer section, there is a short piece that George wrote about some of his experiences with the Midwayers that will give you ideas of ways that you might use their able and willing assistance. There is so much information from the Midwayers on many topics that these excerpts are just the beginning. I hope in future issues to share more about the Midwayers, so let us know of your experiences thus we can all learn more about these “unsung heroes” that are even more interested than we are in seeing Urantia move into Light and Life because they have been and are going to be here for a lot longer than any of us.

Chris Hart has been working with a Midwayer, VanEssa, for over a decade now. It is another synchronicity that Chris contacted me while I was putting together the Midwayer information for this issue. Chris has been working with polarizers for over two decades now. The polarity technology is truly amazing. I hope that those of you who are scientists and those of you who have any suggestions for helping Chris get this technology into the hands of those who can use it to help all of us will contact Chris to learn more.

This promises to be a very exciting year. May Father bless us all as we move forward in service to Him.

Allene Vick


* * * * *


S.E. Idaho TeaM (Pocatello)

February 7, 2003

Michael (Bill): Greetings, Children, it is I, your Father/Brother. Receive my arms of joy and companionship.

As I told my original apostles, so I tell you, abide in Me, for without Me you will not bear fruit. You have understood this reference to a large extent. You are more and more focused upon the reality that you must live not by bread alone, but by the values which are supernal, which are transcendent to merely surviving or merely allowing the dross of the gold of this world to infect your soul. You, indeed, do abide in Me and therefor my abiding in you is effective.

The spiritual administration of this planet is in an optimistic frame of mind these days, for difficulty and strife does engage people in great decisions. You have been hearing from My teachers and from Gabriel, himself, that despite the pall of war drums the songs of the hearts of the men and women of this planet are rising in intensity and in power. Someday war drums will cease. Be of good cheer, my friends, by letting your eyes rest on the farther vision rather than the fear mongering of those who peddle news according to its monetary value, instead of sharing reality in its fulness.

To abide in Me is to let Me be your closest friend. When I use these words of course I include our First Source and Center, My Father; our Second Source and Center, my Mother; the Third Source and Center, the source of my equal partner, Nebadonia. (Ed. Note: In the Urantia Book the second Source and Center is sometimes called the Mother/Son)

Many have been the words spoken to your minds and many are the Spirit impulses which have touched your souls. That is why I am able to say with all forcefulness that you are following my injunctions to live your life from the Source within you, My Father and I; as you are equally bathed by the presence of Nebadonia’s Holy Spirit and adjutant circuitry.

Tough times are upon your planet once again, and yet great hope is there! The energies of the universe have only been barely discovered by your science. Even less have been tapped into. The power of prayer will assist in their transformation which will come, even as the dawn of first days of early Light and Life shall come.

In a sense I have nothing new to tell you except to say, “Keep on doing what you are doing”. Follow my life pattern in its main emphases. Continue to abide in Me and the Father within you, but do not settle for a life of contemplations. Continue your energetic and concerned service ministries, just as you have been doing. Always remember you don’t need to waste an ounce of energy worrying about what you will say when you have that opportunity, for it will be given when you are in that mode of guidance seeking. You have to some extent verified what I have just now stated. You have found yourselves speaking not only with your mouth, but with your lives, speaking the good news of your sonship and daughtership to the Living God and consequently brotherhood and sisterhood, not just to the citizens of Urantia, but to the cosmic citizens of the Universe of Universes.

My dears, many of you wish that you could have lived when I was in the flesh and been a part of My company of disciples. We have given you some of the better parts of my life found in the words of the Urantia Book and you have become more acquainted with Me as a consequence. However, remember this: you don’t have to go back to the past in your imagination to enjoy My company. Oh, no. I speak with you now whenever it is that you turn My way. I speak with you in the still recesses of your mind. My heart beats in unison with yours, and we together endeavor and seek to do the will of the First Source and Center.

My sovereignty over Nebadon is now established, but this universe is not completely perfected, no, not at all. Even when the Supreme is fully manifest we all shall have more work to do. It is such a magnificent plan that our Father has for us! This, my friends, is just the very beginning. I reached down to you at the end of my bestowal career. You were the capstone of its completion. Now, you are beginning your ascension career. When you reach Finaliter status that will be the capstone of ascension, but just the beginning of universe service. So, you have a long time to learn, to study and your studies will broaden in ways that are inconceivable to you. But always will there be joy and pleasure inasmuch as you have chosen to betroth yourselves to that Presence of God within, who when it combines with you in fusion will indeed be your true Self. Great are the mysteries of life, greater than even your smartest mortals have dared to imagine.

My friends, I love you all. Be at peace and talk to Me whenever you wish. Good Evening.

* * * * *


S.E. Idaho Team (Pocatello)

February 21, 2003

Monjoronson [Magisterial Son -Ed.]: Ladies and Gentlemen, you must have patience, and, if I may, I ask you to believe in your Elders. We really do know what we are doing! All of your questions, taken together, I appreciate and thank you for your faithful consideration of the prospects of my mission. As I told you last time I was here, when my mission begins it will be clear in your minds and in your belief system. Until that time, I counsel patience and that you seek to go within yourselves to contact that Fragment that indwells all of you, which is a Representative of our Father. That is your task. That is your purpose.

When my mission begins, you will at that time enter a new phase. It will be incumbent upon you to decide where you will go with your lives at that time. It will be a fork in the road. All of you, all human beings will be given a choice. You, here in this room, have the benefit of much wisdom which your brothers and sisters lack. Hence, there will be a role for you in My mission, should you choose to accept it, which will be an individual decision. I advise you to go within and make your decision. Until that time that time we must all wait. I thank you for your attention and I plead you will give thought and study between now and decision time. Until then know that I love you all and I look forward to our time together in the future, whether you choose to join me directly or not. Good evening.

Virginia: I am not sure if I am talking to Minearisa or Daniel. I can’t help but wonder as I reflect on the Magisterial Son’s words, that each of us will have a point where we will choose; there will be a fork in the road. . . My thought is . . . .how in the world do we recognize that fork in the road? Yes, it would be the Father’s will. But, what do we do. How will we recognize the fork in the road?

Minearisa: By the same technique which you recognize every other fork in the road. You will hear a voice within you saying, “This is the way. Walk in it.” When great decisions are required it is not universe policy to leave the one who decides in confusion. When you sincerely seek the truth, you will find it. Monjoronson said that when the mission starts it will be clear, not confusing. So, my dear, that means that you have to trust the process of your communication with the Indwelling Spirit, which you do trust; and like other mortals, you need to trust more.

S.E. Idaho Team (Pocatello)

January 28, 2003

Gabriel (Bill): Greetings from Universe headquarters. I am Gabriel. It is a pleasure to be in your company, my friends, and to sit among you as one divine Son with my fellow sons and daughters. Yes, you may be surprised to hear from me. But, upon reflection, you should not be; for you have heard from My Father and your Father many times as His Spirit is present in your minds. I am referring to Michael of Nebadon. It is part of my rounds of administrative duty to be in touch with all the myriad of inhabited planets in our Universe, not the least of which is Urantia of Stania. I would like to share my feelings and impressions of the progress on your world at this time of epochal significance.

There are many who are protesting the old ways of thinking among your fellows. The evidence of social evolution on this planet is attested to by the protest against limiting options and choices to the past. Fewer and fewer people are saying, “We have always had wars, and we always shall.” You are among these protestors. Remember the word, ”protest”, has a positive meaning or significance as well as a negative. You are stating in a protest what you are in favor of, which is to open the options to choice to the widest possible view, to expand the parameters of consideration to include alternate and better methods of human interconnectedness.

The wheels of progress turn slowly and the wheels that grind the grain turn slowly. But their progress is indisputable. Most Urantians suffer from shortsightedness and the limitations of their personal histories. If you could by obtain a larger view of this planet’s history, you would be indelibly impressed with the reality of social and spiritual evolution. Your excellent teachers have brought you a long way for the start of your training to the point where you now reside. You have covered enormous ground conceptually and considerable ground experientially. Always must your conceptions and ideals be greater than you experience in order to continue to motivate you to progress.

In discussing prayer and in Daniel’s address it was stated and underlined that prayer has influence and is not simply an auto-suggestive ritual. The Urantia Book stresses the aspect of self improvement that results from prayer that is lofty and altruistic in nature; but it is also true that your prayers for progress, for spiritual evolution and for the coming for the Kingdom of God are very efficacious. They are of great value!

So, we observe that on Urantia there is a heightening drama of the forces of change as they are engaged with the forces of the status quo, whether that arena be political, economic, moral, or spiritual, The lethargy of the comfort of doing things as they have always been done is being dramatically challenged. People are saying, “Enough is enough? It’s time to change direction”.

In every generation there have been prophets, those who are far seeing, and who speak for the Divine. Their words usually fall on deaf ears until later years reveal how accurate and truthful were their assessments. You have many role models in these prophetic voices. They have a great potential influence to bear upon the current events of your world at this time. And, there are new prophets who are arising to continue this tradition of speaking for the Divine.

Now I tell you something that may somewhat embarrass you. You are included in this new prophetic tradition. Can you accept that reality? Are you willing to speak God’s word to this generation? Are you putting your money where your mouth is? Yes, Gabriel, you answer, we are; or at least we are willing to put out money where our mouth is. We desire to be free of the fear of criticism. We desire to be free of the guilt of our self assessment of the past. We are willing to be ambassadors for the coming age of Light and Life. We are willing. May God give us the strength to follow through on our commitment.

Spend no time challenging the idea that you can fulfill this. Do not battle with internal doubting. Give it up. Let it go! Turn your eyes away from yourselves to the glorious image of Jesus of Nazareth as he, with singleness of purpose, trusted his life into the care of his Father wanting only and supremely to do His will. The will of the Father is better than any plan that you can imagine and always embraces your highest desires and your competence to complete them. The Father within you is your real Self. In being willing to do the will of that Spirit Fragment, what you are really willing is to become the Self that is your potential. The Father of Universes, the Creator of Galaxies, is also your closest friend. He is within you as one who is closer than someone standing at you elbow. He is like the breath that you breathe in. He is like the energy that courses through your hands. He is You to be. You shall be completely one someday with Him.

All of this struggle, all of this decision making all of this effort has immense value, for in it you learn the experiences which you shall apply in the future as you serve the Supreme. And so my fiends, my fellow brothers and sisters, I tell you that your joy shall be overflowing when you understand more fully how you are, indeed, cosmic citizens and how your earthly lives have assisted in the advancement of Urantia, forward toward its goal of Light and Life. I have concluded my words to you.

* * *

N.Idaho TeaM

January 26,2003

Elyon (MarkTR): I greet you once again; this is your friend in attendance, Elyon. I have enjoyed my time off and am eager to get back into the saddle again with you, my group here as well as all those in attendance in far off places.

Today I wish to discuss a practical application for a term familiar to you and attempt to demonstrate how this phenomenon may be used for your benefit. The term I will use is “your mind’s eye”. By way of example, if you will follow my train of thought you will see where it leads. Imagine, if you will, using your mind’s eye that you are transported to a dense jungle surroundings. In this jungle surroundings the moss is deep on the ground; the vines weigh heavy in the trees. The smell of damp earth and growing, living organisms is pronounced, and as you are making your way through this jungle path before you you come upon a stone structure. You assess this structure to be similar to those you are familiar with from your experiential base as some form of Mayan temple. You notice through your other senses that the stones are old and cracked, that the jungles has invaded this structure once obviously maintained and pristine, now overgrown from lack of care. You are able to make your way up the carved stone steps and rise to a location on this platform where you may reach the crown of trees around you. There you are provided with this perspective of dense jungle surrounding you as far as you may turn and see in any direction. You hear the sounds of exotic birds, even of the monkeys in the trees. You are familiar enough with all of this stimulus and input to your senses so that this reality you are now observing –even though you are sitting in a room in north Idaho – is due to the fact you have reconstructed this image based upon aspects of reality that you know to be real and true to you. Therefore with but a few simple suggestions you are able to re-assimilate these characteristics and realities quickly back using your mind’s eye to assemble this collection of sensory input which may transport you at once to a dense jungle and a temple therein.

Now, given what you all know to be true and real and factual about spiritual reality, it remains an option open to you and one worthy of exercising to assemble those traits and aspects of what you understand to be truth about your spiritual realities, and through the use of this same mind’s eye to transport you from your current realm surrounded by materialism and challenges before you to a point of perspective where you may glance down upon your current setting from a distance much as you would see across the tops of trees to a far distant place. You may also look back down upon your current surroundings from a much enhanced spiritual platform. It is as easy as this exercise you undertook to draw your senses into assimilating these impressions together again, to project your seat of observation where it may reside materially to where you may desire to reside in the spiritual plane. From this perspective on high it is far easier to see the subtleties and details of your current surroundings with new, enhanced perspective and values so that what appears to be random and uncertain becomes merely paths through the jungle you observe. From on high you may see that they begin at this point and lead to that point, but from down in the jungle you are unable to determine where this of that path may lead. It is only with the perspective of looking down onto that set of circumstances that you are graced with the perspective provided allowing you to make some wider ranging decisions based upon where you deem that path to be going or this path to be leading you.

This exercise in projecting the seat of your observation to a spiritual platform is one that may be utilized by you at any time you decide to condition this mind’s eye to service you in this regard. Likewise, this ability of this extraordinary gift that is your mind expands to the possibility of using that same phenomena to project yourself out into a sphere of reality you do not currently inhabit. This is possible so as to provide a means where any individual can access these greater realms through this process of projection while not exhibiting the complete understanding of this realm outside but merely to visit to gain the perspective derived there, and to take this perspective into you current realm. This ability to project into spirit realms is your passkey to leave this singular dimension you find yourself in and visit other arenas of spirit wherein you may gain experience and insight unavailable to you in your current surroundings.

We have spoken much in the past about circuits. My discussion today involves another circuit of sorts that you make internally, and through your practice and your application this circuit becomes more and more real to you and more useful to you as you develop this ability to project yourself to where you would be rather than where you are. All that is required of you to make this journey is your faith. The opening of this circuit is strictly up to you and available to at your call. It is one thing to be informed, to be brought up to speed so to speak, on topics outside of your immediate real of reality. It is another thing for you to search and go find these other aspects of reality outside your realm on you own through the use of your mind’s eye, projecting you to a higher place than you would be and therein residing temporarily.

You exercise this ability frequently in your lives without giving it a second thought. When you are cold and tired and working outside at a task, you may instantly transform yourself inside your warm house in dry clothes doing something that is enjoyable to you. Through summoning your mind’s eye you are transported from your current reality of discomfort into a reality of comfort, and this reality of comfort provides you with the comfort and peace to more easily endure your discomfort of the moment. Those who are imprisoned transport themselves to freedom. Those who are drowning transport themselves to dry land. It is done all the time every day. I merely suggest that you go one step further and combine all the aspects you know about spirit reality and project yourself there to provide you with yet another perspective.

I perceive that is plenty of a lesson for today and remain in attendance as are others at your service.

Jonathan: We often come from a position of lack, feeling that we need these traits, or to behave in this manner, or if we do these activities then we will consider ourselves spiritual. Yet we know that we often have to assume the end, to claim to be children of God, then we are followed up with the fruits of the Spirit, the God qualities. They come after projecting the desired ideal, stimulated by that projection.

Elyon: Well said and I would also remark how pleasing it was to hear your earlier conversation of the relationship and paradigm involved in having, being, and doing. I would also remark that you brought to light potential stumbling blocks that lie before you all of considerations and factors installed in your process which act as impediments to the flow of your free spirit projections; it is not a good time; the day is not favorable; I am depressed; it is not up to me to live in a spiritual place. These are the roadblocks that we throw up in our lives which make it difficult for us to freely traverse these circuits of projection. If one wants to know what do about a political situation, one can derive an answer based solely on previous patterns observed and established here among those involved, or one can project their seat of observation to a higher spiritual plane and, looking down upon the structure that is this political arena, one can more clearly define where the paths go and which course may be most beneficial and how to effect the greatest change in the mechanism from an outside perspective. If one is in the halls of politics, one is too surrounded by the many and numerous hallways and doors before us to understand the layout in full. This layout is only determined from examining the situation from a much elevated perspective. Therein it is easy to determine which hallways to take and which doors to knock on that will be most effective in achieving the desired enlightenment of the situation.

Evelyn: This correlates with our earlier discussion. We flinch when we’re described as acting superior, which is another word for arrogant. But superior also means above, not above a person, but above a situation, and going for that doesn’t make you less compassionate. If you are compassionate you are less likely to be interpreted as acting superior.

Elyon: Certain word phrases in your English tongue do elicit responses which may not be your desired effect. Word phrases as “superior”, “advanced”, bring to mind negative connotations when applied among yourselves as individuals. However, you may pursue a superior, an advanced, an elevated viewpoint which does not act divisively among yourselves but rather comes from outside that arena pursuing what you perceive to be a superior ideal, a superior objective. All these are noble tasks to be pursued. It is in your discussion with your brethren where one must avoid the pitfalls of distributing this information from an attitude of unacceptance of others’ attitudes. If you present a superior position to one around you from the loving perspective of inclusion and tolerance and acceptance, then it is padded from feeling as a personal jab or attack. Rather shift the emphasis to a more philosophical, open minded discussion wherein you both may make comment on the platform up for discussion without feeling as though there has developed a divisive us-and-them about this platform. When presenting ideals to your brethren it is always a positive approach to present these ideas as up for discussion, as open to interpretation, as desirous of others’ personal input. Therein do you draw your brethren into discussion about this new spiritual ideal without any of the threatening aspects of identifying with this spiritual platform. Merely to bring it up for discussion finds that both may comment, both may make observations, both have valid viewpoints, and the new topic for discussion merely facilitates the drawing out of these friendly activities. Of course at any given moment make at an instant decision on how best to act and then react to the situation of personalities brought before you. You will succeed; you will fail in your eyes to be successful at winning this discussion. However, I point out to you that there are no failures when you transfer yourself to your spiritual seat and see that all this works toward the good, that even your apparent failures are your great gifts, your learning tools, without which you may not proceed forward. You need these aspects just as you need in your circumstance the air you breathe. Therefore all is well.

Ginny: In the Jesus papers, Jesus spoke very gently, yet he spoke with authority. I admire that.

Elyon: I would suggest one more phrase that I am attached to that you use in this group, and I encourage its use in any situation like that, and that is that, “Love is the answer. What was the question?” You may speak with bold authority if you speak with love. You will find an entirely different reaction than if you speak with bold authority and an absence of love. You all have experience to know whereof I speak.

Jessona (Jonathan): I greet you, this is Jessona.

I wish to add to the to the lesson of last week regarding knowing what you know, knowing that you don’t know, and not knowing that you don’t know. I would label my insertion as developing your point of power. In the first instance of the recognition that you do not know something, the point of power is in your reaction, in your application. For instance, in the superconscious awareness that you are alert to a given reality, truth, or fact and have a working relationship with it, do you react with confidence or conceit? In discovering that you do not know something that is now made aware to you, do you react cringingly or with curiosity? When you act in fear, when you realize you know nothing about something which you cannot even put your finger on, you have weakened yourself; when your point of power could be faith, the willingness to proceed without knowing. Decision is your point of power. It is the ability of your mind to select alternate avenues based upon your knowledge and your ignorance.

Elyon has given you a wonderful lesson today indicating the power of your mind wherein it can alter material events simply though the superimposition of a higher view. Rising to this level of consciousness you increase your ability to be a wise decider. You expand your perspective and thereby enrich your ability to choose, to select, appropriately. The element of faith carries with it the understanding that in subsequent events following your choice you may be adjusted, re-keyed, re-tuned, and awakened to an even purer, more accurate level of discernment.

In hindsight you may be tempted to evaluate your first choice as one made foolishly or in ignorance, when in reality it was precisely the necessary action to bring about the series of events that leads to your final illumination. This hindsight view also has a point of power, and that is how you assess that prior reaction or choice. If you tear yourself down, you in essence, devalue the course of your training to the point of your realization. Likewise if you gloss over or refrain from analyzing these choices and subsequent events you miss the opportunity to superimpose wisdom upon wisdom, and insight into your insights. Therefore, my friends, remember it is by the application of your mind through the will of your personality that you will advance as a spirit being, and you will wrest from the broad spectrum of life experiencess many treasures of great worth for you in this life and the lives that will follow. This is all.

Ginny: I read in a transcript about not worrying about our humanness. We have to be patient with that.

I like that, how we can come from a superior view point but without the superior attitude.

* * *

Northern Colorado Team

January 26, 2003

Rayson (TR Daniel): Good afternoon, this is Rayson. Welcome to another Sunday afternoon session. It is a pleasure to be here with you. Last week you asked questions about the Teaching Mission and the correcting Time. We gave you a status update about those programs, and they continue on in good form. You must be aware, as in any great enterprise, that nothing remains the same; that changes are ever present and ongoing, for without change there would be no progress, no development, and no growth - so too, with these programs. That is inherent in the Correcting Time, and the name of this program, Correcting Time, was no accident, it was intentional - “correcting” means change.

Let us briefly review the Teaching Mission program and its unfoldment, development and growth. You recall it began in New Zealand in the late 1980's, and was begun with a group that was wholly unaware of The Urantia Book and its teachings. And after time, they became aware of that book, and groups in the United States became aware to the work of this group in New Zealand. Since that time, the Teaching Mission has spread throughout the world. You have yearly conferences, or you alternate with the larger conference such as you did last year. And this is good. It establishes this program in your society and in your thinking; it establishes it as an ongoing program. Today, we have a guest with us who would like to tell you more about the Teaching Mission and its development.

Machiventa (TR Daniel): Good afternoon. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince, Manager of your planet Urantia under our Creator, Michael. I have come here today to announce to you the next significant development of the Teaching Mission. We have waited these last few years for the spontaneous development of centers of study and worship and they have begun. We are very pleased with that. It is a natural development in the organization and the function of the Teaching Mission.

There are two ways in which your new centers of worship can develop - or three, if you consider outside guidance, influences. We wish to expand in two ways: The first (and this does not mean the “first” as in primary or most important) would be to use the lessons from the Teaching Mission study groups that you received in the early 90's when your TM groups began. You recall that these groups were organized around studies and lessons for a period of approximately two years. Many of the groups disbanded after that; some continued on for months and years afterwards, but the primary lessons were provided to you in a two-year span. And you noticed from group to group, throughout the many study groups that you knew about, that the lessons came from the same curricula. Some groups studied, “Trust” first, while others studied “Loyalty” or “Love” first, it matters not they are part of the same scheme. Some of you have gone on to use these lessons and have applied them to larger social issues within your nation and within your civilization, to help work with and to heal wounds of individuals and of your society. And there are many, are there not?

It is time now to begin applying those lessons to a wider public. Some of you are inclined to start”worshipful centers” near to where you live, and invite others to participate - people who are alienated or disoriented spiritually from their traditional churches. You can provide a new source of comfort and wisdom, insight and guidance to these people individually as they hear these lessons and receive new insights. One part of your service or your studies - and we do not have specific names to call these worshipful centers - perhaps may be a TR session, a message; the other part might be the lesson that you would draw from a prior lesson from the Teaching Mission curricula, and certainly songs of joy. In and of itself, [these centers} would provide a refreshing beginning for many people who are outside of traditional religions, no matter what those may be.

The second adaptation of the Teaching Mission would be to apply these lessons to the format, to the language, of the traditional religions. To apply the teachings of Jesus to those religions and their doctrines, ceremonies and rituals and procedures, wiping away the teachings about Jesus. We have no urgency concerning this; but you know that we will be with you when you ask for guidance to assist you in the reformulation of these traditional religions.

Do not consider this an attempt to usurp or to reform those existing churches. That is not the way to proceed, for you will find yourself in intense conflict with them and you’ll be caught up in the energy that they live by and think by and believe by, and you would be in error to do that, for your energy of compassion, love, caring, construction and creations of new beginnings would be wasted. Doing this will provide a familiar environment to each of the religions that exist, a place that has a comfortable familiarity to the individuals, a place where they can see the juxtaposition of the religions about Jesus and his teachings to the religion and teachings of Jesus in that religion. Yes, this will be controversial but it must not become confrontational. All the great masters that have come to you were never caught up in conflict with existing authorities of religion. Yes, they did show differences, and yes, they were met with opposition, but the masters did not engage this.

The second approach will also require a new way of thinking about the individual’s relationship to the Creator, to God, to the Infinite Sprit and the Eternal Son. Doing so will also reveal more about who Jesus truly is. It will provide an opportunity to discuss Creator Sons, and remove the confusion between Creator Sons and God the Son. We most sincerely urge you to assist individuals in thinking thoughtfully, clearly, about their relationship with the Divine, rather than learn a new habituation of rote learning, and a rote relationship, going through the motions thoughtlessly. Only by doing so can individuals feel a living, real, loving, compassionate, caring, supportive relationship with God, that God which resides within each one of you - your higher self, Thought Adjuster, Divine, Guide, the Kingdom of God, the Divine Messenger - whatever you call it, it is all the same.

And though you, my dear people, have been with the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time, for oh, so many years, this will require you to be very thoughtful, to think clearly, to become real thinkers and real feelers, real believers and knowers of those higher truths that have always existed. To apply your teachings of the wisdom to the individual’s relationship with the Creator will require you to re-interpret the old traditional relationship in new terms. It will require you to grow so you can help traditional believers grow.

You have been faithful to this cause; now we ask you to step out a bit from this comfortable edge and begin to explore how you would apply this to your existent religions that inhabit this planet, occupying many billions of people’s minds. For those of you who are familiar with religions that do not incorporate a Creator God, you will find the language to do that and to help those individuals. And this is not a condescending approach to those individuals you go to, or to those religions - not a all, for your own expertise is marginal at this point - you must do so with eminent humility, that as you approach these individuals you are exploring the edges, the forward edges of your own belief and capability to explore your new religion with these individuals.

And what is the primary criterion for this development? That is to become ever aware of the God/Godess, the Divine Fragment that resides in each one of you, and to have a loving relationship with that being and to know this, and to express it through your lives. It is this relationship that will carry forward with you into your infinite journey to Paradise and that final embrace with the Creator. This is the steadfast, sure, relationship that exists past all time. Begin to learn it now and to share it with others. You need not develop a cajoling, argumentative, confrontational approach, but use the simple, loving reasoning logic that is consistent with the inner Divine guidance that each individual has consistent with the teaching style of Jesus. This will be sufficient to show the way. Your teachings will be such that the answers are eminently approachable, reasonable, and easily understood. There will be no need to argue against past beliefs, but of course you must understand them too, how they came into existence, and how they are not reasonable, not logical, not divinely developed.

This is not a diaspora where you are broken and shattered and sent into the hinterland - far from it. This is merely seeding in new fields; a seeding that will challenge you to grow. You have worked this last decade to believe this process that you are experiencing this afternoon is real, to know that it is existent, to know that it is true and that it does not lead you astray or deceive you. You know this already. So now, what do you do with it. Do you just continue doing what you do every two weeks for the rest of your lives and years ahead, a redundancy, a re-habituation? No, now it is time to sow these wisdoms, this thought, this encouragement to humanity into new fields where your friends live, whether they are neighbors or people far away.

Speak the new truth, the new light, and always see in each individual that light in each one of them begin to glow brighter. Before you go out into the fields, send your thoughts, your wisdom and your Celestial Teachers ahead of you, to share the work and wisdom, grace, and loving understanding. You do not need to make this happen as an executive decision, but to let it happen. Begin to do your work with yourself, with these re-interpretations; do this by yourself, do this in small groups; approach this in a developmental manner. How would you take on this new chore as an individual and as working groups? Yes, this a new venture with us, and there is an experiential learning curve involved that we too will use to our advantage.

Your question must be - one of many questions - must be, “Is this the way/’ And as you have read in the scripture, Jesus said, “I am the way. Follow me.” And so you will know the right way; you will not go down blind alleys. There are always avenues that will take you further along. I wish you could see as I see - the whole planet and all the marshaled teachers, angels, and assistants all ready to help wherever they are called upon to help. You are truly surrounded by all the support and light and wisdom and love that you need to do this, and you will not do it alone, for this is a co-creative effort. You have volunteered to participate, you have asked what more you can do, and now you know. And as we have said so many times in the past, the healing of your planet could occur in a twinkling of an eye through our Father in Heaven’s influence. But that is not the way to achieve great soul growth, personal growth, and inner development of surviving souls who go onward to become those wonderful Finaliters, those agondonter Finaliters, which you will become. The healing of your planet will occur co-creatively, with your active participation, it will not occur without it.

Student: Thank you Father Machiventa. (You are most welcome.) I’ve been laboring in a small vineyard of Unitarian/Universalists these past two years, and your talk ”hit home” with my efforts there. One of the main tenants that I’ve run across in that church is that they reject the Trinity, and I would like to open that “can of worms” to the perspective that those who rejected the Trinity did so back in the 12-something-hundred without any true knowledge of the Trinity as portrayed in our Urantia Book revelation. I assume that when you say that help is available that this project is open to that kind of help?

Machiventa: We would offer that you not begin at a place of contention but begin where there are points of agreement and expand upon those in ways which you are familiar. Any argument that has existed for nine centuries will surely surpass your own lifetime. (No doubt!) So please, do not begin there. This is a good question that you have asked, for many others who approach other organizations will ask it.

Recall that I said not to enter these organizations and usurp their place. If you do that you will be greeted as an outsider and hostilities will be raised. But how would you apply your wisdom, your knowledge, your skills, and your insights that you have gained through these years to that believe system? Where would you push their envelopes for growth, which are most agreeable to them?

Student: One individual at a time in conversation. I ask for Michael’s words and his understanding in dealing with individuals.; I have not brought up this issue that I previously described, intuiting perhaps, that it would just be contentious.

Machiventa: You recall that the Teaching Mission was a person-to-person approach. This new approach is an individual-to-institution approach, where you will engage in study of the belief system you are most familiar with, such as what you mentioned, and you will review that. And the question for you is how would you apply this knowledge, these wisdoms, these truths to that belief system? This is not a necessarily person-to-person approach, but a person-to-organization or institution approach. How would you apply these to that belief system? Eventually it will become very familiar to you.

One militarist in your earthly history said that the way to conquer your enemy is to totally understand him. But in this case, to win a friend’s acceptance it to totally understand their situation as well, how they believe, why they believe, and apply your wisdom to help that belief system grow a little bit. This will not be an over-night process. You see that the Teaching Mission has been active for approximately fifteen years; this next project will easily take one-hundred-and-fifty to make a measurable impact upon those belief systems. You are teachers. Teachers start where the student is and then help them expand their thinking to engulf, to enfold larger concepts of belief that do not scatter them or make them afraid, but interest them, make them curious, help them see the larger picture that you see already.

My comments are not meant as a criticism, but as guidance as a teacher would guide you to accomplish your lesson more successfully.

Student: None taken as criticism. I’ve been wrestling with these same things you’ve presented, the past couple of years.

Machiventa: If you as a group, and those who read these transcripts, begin to look through your communications with others about what has occurred and what you have learned, you will see that you are also grappling with truths and applying them to larger areas of your lives, of your society, of your culture, of your communities. How would you apply these to public policy? How would you apply this to education? This is not limited only to religious institutions, but to every human institution. As you know, the Most Highs are deeply invested and involved in every institution of human activity, whether it is international commerce or your individual communities here where you live in this neighborhood. You can begin to actively engage these institutions and their policies and expand upon them and help them become more compassionate, caring and supportive of human activity - the best of human activity. You have seen plenty of examples in your economies and large institutions of finance that have taken advantage of “small people. This is not good! Those kinds of policies do not support longevity and in fact detrimental to the growth and longevity of those institutions. Other questions?

Student: You asked us how we would do these things - I would ask you how are we to approach these things. I come from a Catholic background and I feel great resistance at the idea of approaching the people who hold those beliefs and try to bring them up other than one-by-one. I am just wondering, would we have to take public office or become teachers to act within these institutions, or can we interface with them from where we are?

Machiventa: You can interact with them from where you are; you needn’t become an office holder, though you may want to. There are some institutions that are bastions of belief, which will be tremendously resistant. Some of the most resistant church beliefs are the beliefs of man, rather than the beliefs of the Divine. These will be the most difficult and the longest ones to be intransigent. The simple recognition of women as equals to men in religious institutions seems fundamental to us; it is universally accepted in the Grand Universe and on all inhabited planets, except those which have great difficulty, such as yours. If the simple fundamental truth of the equality of the soul value of women is devalued by the gender in power, you can imagine how long that simple truth will take to be overturned.

You have already begun to see the rewriting on the wall, that there are thinkers and believers who either are or were adherents to those religions, who are rethinking those inaccurate beliefs and are applying the new truths, the simple truths of Jesus to these religions, and sharing them in publications, sharing them with individuals, sharing them within study groups. The seed of a true idea cannot be kept to one individual. As you know, Cosmic Universal Mind is operant on this planet, and one thought such as yours seeds and feeds others. And as you think so do many already think similarly.

One of the reasons why we are approaching this at an organizational level now is because institutional beliefs are in disarray; this is a most opportune time for religious institutions that are having difficulty to be approached. It is not that we have started these conflagrations within these belief systems, but that through erroneous beliefs and those who are in power have caused these to occur. For those truths that are in contradiction are truly not truths for they are falsehoods. Only truths that are non-controvertible, that are consistent, are truth. True truths are ever consistent, are never out of integrity with other truths. This is the even playing field where you will want to go to. Your question has brought to mind the equality of men and women - this is truly fundamental - this is a good place to begin. We do not say, “Begin here,” but it is one of many good places where you could begin. Of all the things that are true in the universe, the truth of the equality of each individual’s worth to the Creator is equal. It is only differentiated by your willingness to participate in the larger truths of the universe. Individuals, not the Creator who brought them into existence, make the decision of inequality.

Student: Are you still taking questions? (Definitely!) I was thinking about what you said concerning making “worship houses or worship groups” that are based on the Correcting Time or the Teaching Mission. Could those somehow be a springboard or a connector in some way to begin - if they were inoffensive or consistent with commonalities of another religion, and established religion - could that perhaps be a way to approach people, by actually using the transcripts in some way?

Machiventa: The opportunities are without number; it is only limited by your ability to think of creative ways to begin. Simply by having “worshipful centers”, speaking the truth that you know and inviting others, will this grow.

Student: Is it a good idea to use the transcripts verbatim, or should we translate them from our own lives of experience?

Machiventa: Many people will find the transcripts to be “off-putting”, particularly such as these, due to their length. There are kernels of truth that you can discern from these and share. These are the truths that you can share easily, quickly, and if they want further examination they can examine the transcripts.

Student: I was thinking along the lines . . .earlier we were talking about the loyalties. . .

Machiventa: Some [of the early transcripts] are very brief. The current ones by Abraham are excellent, (not to show preference of one teacher over another.) One last question please.

Student: Machiventa, I have one here. Do you have any advice to give us as to how to off-set society’s tendency to use touch-tones or other measures of authenticity, to say ”people know what they are taking about”. . .for example, “this fellow over here has a Ph.D. in some things, and this person over here has all this experience and has started this big center” - all those kinds of things that our society is looking for to validate what it is that your are talking about. Do you have advice on how to deal with this “immediate response’ by most people when they are confronted with new ideas?

Machiventa: It is that persistent, consistent, unchanging truth always remains the same. And the source and its identifiers of legitimacy are only that the person lives consistently with the truth that they espouse. You recall, or you may know that one of the great teachers on you planet now, during the daytime, makes incense sticks, is a family man and lives very simply. When he speaks truth, people recognize this and know it is such, and they know that he is a great Master. The faddist requirements of religiously or politically correct identifiers are transitory and impermanent, they are not consistent from one society to another, one culture to another; but the identifiers of truth speaking are always the same, no matter where you go on your planet, or on which planet you go to, they are always the same. Truth is consistent and those who speak it live it in consistency within them. How often have you seen the true master who lives deceitfully? Who embraces thoughts of spite, resentment, hatred and anger, jealousy and envy? Never! For true masters live consistently, believe consistently, and feel consistently, with those truths that come through them. They are fountains of truth, willing to share with anyone, no matter what their identifiers of social acceptance are. And whether they put a million dollars in the gift bowl, or whether two alms, it matters not. It is the sincerity of the individual who comes forward to engage these statements of truth, those sources of truth. This is truly what matters. Superficiality is to be dispensed with. Truth, integrity, consistency are to be adhered to.

I will close this meeting today and release myself and leave you to your discussions. Rayson has a few closing statements for you. Good day. (Group: Thank you Machiventa.)

Rayson: This is Rayson. Looks like we have our work cut out for us, don’t we? (Group laughing.) Let us engage your further questions in the days and weeks ahead. Good Day.

* * * * *


NOTE: The excerpts and information in this section comes from George Barnard unless otherwise noted. The transmissions from which these excerpts are taken can be found on his website: www.1111publishers.com.


From the Desk of George Barnard


There were times when I considered my clinical work to be the most delightful task I could have undertaken – especially Painless Childbirth Therapy. It is among the easiest and most rewarding of occupations for both the mother-to-be and her therapist.

Few doctors and nurses would have a clue about the number of midwayers and seraphim that would also be in attendance at those births. To my delight, the patients would often get a glimpse of a midwayer. It simply proved to me right there and then that they were in the right, relaxed state of mind, and that they were also very likely to become ‘seekers for a more spiritual life’.

They would often want to know who that elusive supporter/assistant could possibly be, and I would tell them about ‘the Spirit Guardians’.

My ‘celestial family members’ delighted in witnessing the delivery rooms’ new arrivals. They would not ever miss a single birthing during those years. In their eyes, a new baby was seen as ‘progress’, I was made to understand - a natural event made an easy task, but most important ‘progress’ all the same.

For the 11:11 Progress Platoon it was a way to become a little more known.


On the flipside was the work one was expected perform in the presence of those who were depressed and suicidal. There were many ‘likelies’ and ‘previously attempted’ during those years, and the midwayers would not be far away.

They were the ones who guided the most desperate to my clinic, knowing full well that once a session began, they could take over completely, and I would only do the talking for them. On most occasions, I would come away not even knowing what had been said by me.

In the patients’ minds there would be no doubt about the veracity of the statements I made. There would be astonishment about their therapist seemingly knowing about aspects of their lives they would never even entrust to their lawyers or parish priests. The midwayers knew it all.

I would come away from those sessions, dazed, befuddled and exhausted, but assuredly, someone would change his or her mind, and go on living. Preventing those likely suicides was also considered to be an important part of progress work.


It rook some time for me to clearly see why the midwayers were involved in so many facets of my personal involvement. Considerable assistance was forthcoming during the hours I devoted to my family’s manufacturing plant. With their help it was a delight to run that company.

When this plant was finally sold, and I became a trouble shooter for near-bankrupt companies, I learned about steering businesses through the difficulties of avoiding bankruptcies and returning to profitability - hard work, yet the midwayers’ valuable input was almost a constant in those days.

It all dealt with progress, and they were there, those staunch allies.

A new baby to be loved, or a new project to come to fruition, was judged to be on a par with a life being saved, or a company being rescued.

It was all in the name of progress, the 1,111 were there, and finally it all made sense to me.


The family business was sold in 1984. The last company we put back on the rails was in 1989. The last healed and happy patient left my clinic in early 2000.

The International Outreach has us all spinning around the clock. Together with our midwayer allies who work for progress, we would prefer to channel their voices dealing with scientific discoveries, and wall-to-wall good news.

These, however are different times.

And when they state their opinions about their wanting “No More Wars”’ it is in the name of progress.

Copyright The 11:11 Progress Group

* * *

March 5, 2002

Bzutu - Midwayer Chief ABC-22

It is true that the mere fact of your being human will not allow you to do everything altogether wrong, and I will give to you the example that on normal worlds it is the pattern that humans make first contact with the Secondary Midwayers – although perhaps with some of the Primary order – and so on, upwards in the hierarchy or Celestial Beings.

However, on those globes there tends to be much less of the long term grunt-type involvement, on Midwayer parts, and as is necessarily the case with Urantia’s human ranks who assist our united orders.

But to claim that therefore spirituality comes to one by default, and through tireless efforts alone, is only partly correct. It is still your duty . . . It should still be your preference in these circumstances of the Correcting Time to make contact with your Father Fragment, besides taking in the lessons from your Midwayer and Celestial Friends.

On the other hand, to have contact with the Celestial Teachers and to promote within oneself that contact with the Father Fragment yet bypassing the Midwayer Messengers and Facilitators is to also ignore an essential division in the hierarchy and chain of command that operates in the more practical realms.

In time, many more of your siblings, will hear the words of Celestial Teachers through a more widely recognized and a more visual conduit of Secondary and even Primary Midwayers, but there will also be an increasing number of humans who will seek a direct and more buisness like contact with only those of our united orders and the extra-planetary assistants of your kind – laughing now – ye olden Spirit Guardians and Spirit Guides.

There will come a time when this planet will resemble a more regular world, and it will come about through Midwayer assistance, intervention, cooperation, liaison in areas like science, physical and emotional health, education, social well-being and the observance of ecologically responsible living.

It will be a time when the advice of Celestial Parents and Teachers, also better contact with the Father Fragment, as well as projects undertaken by inter-species alliances such as we now enjoy, and have enjoyed, will become a three-pronged “attack”on ignorance, on a lack of spirituality, and on basic selfishness, and it will organize itself from the present base that is the loosely allied fraternity you encounter today.

April 22, 2002

Bzutu: Although you may find this hard to grasp; for my small unit – my small group – this has been a tiring time, which is only now slowly coming to an end. It is in the Territory of Palestine, “where on earth” we have been. We have watched the loss of life and devastation, assisted where we could, and it is left for us to wonder how many more significant setbacks this planet can still take.

And when I say we’re tired, I point that we are emotionally drained by our frequent inability to get through to those who make the calamitous decisions about organized unjustified slaughter of their very kin. We share your feelings, and we’re looking foward to an overdue and lengthy epidemic of peace to break out, so we can get on with our main task of generating some progress in the Urantia play pen.

We, here, now looking at you, have not enjoyed the last few weeks of bloodshed and tears, but now there is another who wishes to talk with you.

Andrea: Hello my friend, George. This is Andrea. We, too (Primary Midwayers), have been in the midst of the shemozzle and hard at work in the Palestine lands. If you have noticed of late that we have been “rather thin on the ground”, well, it is explainable in that the Middle East is a powder keg, and that a major “explosion” there, much of our world may be “picking up debris” in places far from that ugly scene.

So much our energy has gone into defusing the negativity, violence and trouble caused by your brothers and sisters in that region, And, although we may hardly speak of our successes there achieved, at your level, you may never know just how much we have been capable of minimizing the overall damage.

But we here are all hopeful that the worst is over now, and that some peace process can begin to be adopted by all sides –some peace process can begin to be realized by all sides. That it will come about.

So often, George, we find that, in reality, our work takes us ten steps forward, then nine steps back, but will we will win in the end. I can visualize the Jews and Palestinians working together to rebuild what they have destroyed, make good the hurt they caused each other. I can visualize this. I can’t see it.

November 15, 2002

Bzutu: Many Midwayers, Morontia Companions, Morontia Cherubim, and Primary Midwayers, of course - let’s not leave them out, that huge contingent of contributors and producers - are engaged in working through the minds of many wealthy individuals who are hiding, “essentially employing”, or doing whatever they can to make their offspring safe, but who are showing great disregard for others n the path they tread in promoting what could well become the most vicious war that has ever been fought on this planet by “another’s expendable children,”

We are engaged in the task of trying to prevent this war. We are in tune with the majority of mortals all over the planet who so look forward to an outbreak of peace, when the goods and services of this world will be shared, the love of brother for his brothers, the love of sister for her sisters can blossom in a way that will finally end this chapter of millennia of warfare in this planet’s history of envy, of hatred, of learning lessons the hard way, and of discrimination and distrust.

Under my immediate command are ten of those you describe as “cute little guys, but hardly toys, and very, very clever - (inaudible but sounds like “those further associated, up and down the line of command.) And, largely they are the Morontia Cherubim that are especially appointed to enliven those who have a distaste for war, and “to help make their voices heard”, as well as to calm those who have a direct interest in the quantities of explosives that may be sold, the greater volume of required oil products that will bring bigger profits for themselves, and for their shareholders.

It will gladden you to know that those (mortals) who do not want a war are of the vast majority. Those who are supporting big business and politicians in their madcap moves are largely those who fear they are at risk, unless a new war is begun. And those who see only profit at any cost are but a tiny, tiny slice of the total.

Yet in this present climate we prefer to work even through the minds of those who may only just barely perceive what we are trying to impart to them, rather than for us to be on another battlefield with the thousands of victims helping them to either live or die, as so many wars of the last few hundreds of years have “called up their victims.”

We, too, suffer from headaches when the explosions are near, and they turn into chronic migraines by the suffering that we see. How many wars have we experience that were meant to be the war to end all wars? Should this one come about, despite the all-out efforts of thousands upon thousands times one thousand of our ready troops - should it come about - we sincerely hope it will be the last of its kind, and that we can then move toward cajoling all on this planet into Light and Life.

This is a Satania-wide (spiritual) upstepping, long overdue you might say, but we are “into it” with a vengeance, and reports are coming in of great progress elsewhere, and even from the world most badly effected, as you so long ago glimpsed. [A long-ago view of a high-tech world of the most barbaric customs was unsettling. - George]

August 29, 2002

Bzutu: This is your ‘playgroup sibling’ of many years. This is ABC-22. You were witness to a spectacle [A sudden huge flash of white light that George saw. -Ed] the Midwayers observe on many occasions when we ‘connect’ to facilitate the communicating of Correcting Time lessons to those who will hear. Yet there are many other occasions when we witness such departures of ‘Creator Fragments’ of widely varied talents and experiences, doubtlessly, each with an important classified rendezvous to keep.

At those times, it is mostly via the instructions of our Seraphic Superiors that we learn from the Father Fragments what the requirements of their particular human dependents might be. These ‘disengagement events’ (flashes) do not necessarily imply that a transmission is about to commence, for there might only be a mere snippet of information in need of being passed on subliminally, or we might simply be there to heal, observe, or help with “watchcare” of an individual in need. A many-faceted involvement is ours, for we are the Celestial Jacks of all Trades.

Still now, as I explained to you before, there are circuits being “updated”, and strengthened, and increasingly this gives us more elbowroom with the work we do on the Urantia factory floor, one must indicate. In addition, the contingent of 873 Returnees are now at work, fully occupied, and they are, on average and by nature and disposition closer to you - our human brothers and sisters - if not more eager to serve than we are. They’ve all got their time cards, and they all have bundied on.

There is another factor: Our ‘imported friends’ [150,000 Volunteer Midwayers from other planets - Ed.] and those many among them who have acquired talents in the treatment of psychological, emotional and physiological ‘failure’, have also swung into action. We have learned a great deal from them already, and they have also learned a great deal from us.

They have accumulated learning one gathers on a world that has reached these long-awaited stages of Light and Life. Their vast wealth of knowledge stands us in good stead. Our own trials, successes, errors and failures of the centuries of tenure have also added a great deal of learning and insight - progress to their spiritual ‘endeavoring’.

And, so, there is a manifold increase in talent and in ability - in our capacity to now ‘provide service to bodies and minds’, and one must think, “Greater than the Sum Total of Talent by Far”. Think, “Exponential”, George, “Beyond the 2D Square”, and “Outside the 3D Box”. Yet, little can be done without clear and sincere requests for assistance coming our way.

* * *

November 2, 2002

Dr. Mendoza - MNO-8: It is I who proudly call you my colleague, my brother, but first and foremost one of my closest friends. There are those (mortals) who consciously work with us on combined tasks that help give us more of the lasting emotional strength, courage, and the vibrant enthusiasm to carry on, undeterred, and from age to age, for it is this being accepted by those of lower ranking (humans) we also greatly prize. And, yes, I am pleased to answer the questions you posed.

I have indeed shown up (materialized) many times in many hospitals, and for all persons present to clearly see me. I have indeed frequently “wiggled my way into places” where some of my brothers and sisters already prepared the human minds to instantly accept me as one of their kind. It is however much of my routine involvement to work in South America, and with many more healers than the individual (Jao de Deo) [John of God-There is a book by this name where you can read of this healing work. -Ed.] you indicated, yes also with our brother, Arigo (Arigo, “Surgeon of the rusty knife”) in his time.

Predominantly, my work is in the Spanish-speaking world where it is most needed, and where so many require even simple operations that cannot be afforded. And it is because of that, that whatever language I need to employ, it has the Spanish flavor shining through, that accent by which you detect me mind to mind.

I want to remind you of a healing exercise in which we both played out part. It goes back to the summer of 1959.

It was your dear friend the, shall we say, rather ebullient brother Issac, who invited me here to do a healing with you both. Time is short before you must catch some sleep and awake again. It is a pleasure for me to be with you two, and I assure you, that your mental “picture of my psyche “as a dutiful, somber, hard-working and short-tempered Midwayer is almost correct. Be assured , George, I am never short-tempered”.

[George tells us that Dr. Mendoza is an absolute wiz at materializing, and often on hand in emergency missions. He could be sitting next to you on your next airplane flight, and you would simply pick him for another friendly, business like, and well-educated South American. - Ed.]

Notes: Dr. Mendoza reports he was there at the time of the Rosswell crash. Likely he was “the Dr. Mendoza” who worked on the victims of what might well have been an attack on a space ship, not actually a mishap.

July 5, 2002

Dr. Mendoza: Yes, I heard what was spoken and obvious. I thank you for your recent recommendation for me to assist your dear friend. It is with those heart-felt requests that we, the secondary midwayers involved in the healing of the mind and body, can be ordered about our tasks.

I say we, because in recent months an increased number of those who were previously occupied and who were released from their planet of birth have swollen our ranks to come to our assistance.

Has it made my task any lighter? No, indeed, it has not. And yet when in the past my limited time left me in a position where I could see enormous shortcomings in the degree to which we could assist our mortals cousins, this is still the case, although to a somewhat lesser extent, for this remains such a needy planet.

Also, one needs to bear in mind that the life form on our world is in many ways vastly different from that encountered elsewhere, including the world from which our most knowledgeable, most advanced assisting midwayer brothers and sisters hail.

It has taken some time for the new arrivals to familiarize themselves with how the human brain functions, and how the mind endowments of the Adjutant Mind Spirits impact on these brains on this planet. It has taken some time before our new assistants have been able to, and with some certainty of success, operate on patients far and wide.

The notion that my immediate colleagues and I still have, in us having to some degree neglected our duties in taking much time to train our new friends, is, of course, an emotional one. Rather human, you would say? The sentiments of one chronically overloaded with duties? Yes, just feelings, in no way akin to reality.

For now, however, I leave you with the message that by going though the correct channels, many more healings can be brought about, since our ranks have been bolstered. And I bring you this message to ensure the news is passed on.

I thank you for your time and compliment you on your approach to this communication by applying for contact in prayer. It is time for me to be elsewhere. This Mendoza. Later.

June 9, 2001

Dr. Mendoza: I am a specialist of the physical body, and also of the mind.

My experience of many, many years as a doctor combines with many, many years of my being a Midwayer. I confirm that I can travel right around Urantia in very short time, however I also do other work in this ‘corner’ of the local universe, and move at such speed that I can arrive where I am needed do my work, and exit in a matter of about 3 minutes your time.

I work with other Celestials, and I also have helpers who will diagnose and make a determination, but I am the one who must always be decisive about adopting a specific treatments.

[I can certainly attest to the fact that Dr. Mendoza is fast. One evening Ellen and I asked if he could join us and instantly he was present not in material form, but there was no mistaking his presence. - Ed.]

Arcadia, CA

January 13, 1003

Lucille: It was a great comfort to hear from Hal and to know that he was on the Mansion Worlds. You have now idea how reassuring this is. So I thank JarEl for mentioning that he has seem him there and that everything is going along real. Do you feel any pain or anything when you die or pass on? Do you feel any kind of emotion? Or is it a happy glowing experience/

JarEl: TR George. I will not lie to you Lucille. You do feel pain.

Lucille: There is pain? Huh?

JarEl: It will be the last pain that you feel. The Midwayers are capable of disconnecting your pain circuits so that you will not feel any pain when you die. This done to those who are in excruciating pain when they are dying. It is the Midwayers overwhelming compassion that drives them to do such things, but if you can endure the pain that you feel when you die they will not interfere.

Donna Jean: JarEl, you talked about pain, is that more about physical pain? Will there be emotional pain or spiritual pain?

JarEl: Your emotional pain goes with you as well. That is something that you must deal with when you arrive on the mansion worlds. There are many capable guides ready and at your disposal to help you with any and all such matters, so do not be afraid if you are carrying baggage of emotional pain when you arrive on the Mansion worlds. It will all be dealt with accordingly and most lovingly. I know at times you have trouble dealing with others or even understanding yourself. It will all be made perfectly clear once you get to the Mansion worlds.

Donna: JarEl, speaking of death and making the transition and speaking of pain, people die under such different and varied circumstances. For instance some people might dies in their sleep or some people might pass from a coma, other people of course do die from a violent death, but they all experience some physical pain during the transition? Or does it vary?

JarEl: As I said before it is varied. There are instances where the Midwayers interfere and disconnect all pain. When your physical body is harmed there is pain associated with such harm. The going away of the expiration of life from your physical body is most excruciating. When Michael was on the cross, no Midwayer interfered, for he would not have it so. Michael experienced every and all pain; and he understands all that we go through and his compassion is so enormous that he allows such action to be taken by the Midwayers. For he understands the pain that you go through when you die, for he himself went through it.



It gives me much joy and happiness to report that Eric Johnson is now at home. Eric and JoiLin are very grateful for all the love and prayers you all sent him along with your calls and letters. Eric and JoiLin have been through so much trauma that we keep them in our hearts and prayers as they recover and address their other challenges.


We give our thanks to Father, Michael and Mother Spirit and all the Celestials involved in Eric’s recovery and ask that they hold Jim in their loving embrace to bring about his recovery. Dr. Mendoza reminds us it is with heart-felt requests that they are ordered about their work. So, let us all put in our heart-felt requests to Dr. Mendoza to work with Jim.

* * * * *



The Urantia Book teaches us that there are yet undiscovered sciences on the planet. I’ve been blessed to be a part of this truth. In 1981 when I received The Urantia Book, the same week I received an awareness of a new spoke in the wheel of science discovery made in 1955 by an American woman who would one day change the direction of civilization, just as the discovery of electricity and fire have and one day The Urantia Book will do. That week I received the invitation to awareness of our universe and an invitation to participate in caretaking and later in participating in bringing forward this science treasure from our Creator and his staff.

Today I want to share this discovery with the Urantia community of readers and students.

The applications for the discovery are many. For EPA I fed a mouse their sodium cyanide which I treated with the “polarizer”, and the cyanide had no effect on the mouse. Then a mouse was fed the untreated cyanide and immediately went into a comma. I placed him in between the polarizers and within 30 minutes he as running in his cage. This technology will neutralize the effect of food poisoning, chemical waste, nuclear waste, just about anything.

And this is only the beginning. Recently doctor reports from Mexico have documented the recovery after surgery shortened by 1/3 ro 2/3 the normal time with great reduction in discomfort. Bleeding also was greatly controlled. A kitchen burn is healed in 5 minutes with no discomfort, redness or blistering. There are many application for this technology in medicine. It can neutralize the toxins in chemotherapy yet keep the intention of chemo intact. Side effects are greatly reduced.

Agricultural crops harvest sooner with greater than normal yields. Sugar per cent age is greater. Fruit does not spoil. It dries out naturally. Insects are controlled without pesticides. Insects will vacate voluntarily homes that have this technology. Recently we controlled termites without chemicals.

We can clean up rivers, coral reefs and toxic sites etc.

I could go on and on regarding applications for this technology, but here is my difficulty. Although all the above is provable, there is no instrument that shows what is occurring to make the cyanide not be toxic. Thus, the EPA would not indorse study of this science. I was turned down by the Bill Gates Foundation because I am an individual and not a foundation. At a time when the planet is threatened with chemical warfare as well as what we have destroyed I have been unable to find help for this technology.

It came to me to reach out to Urantia readers for assistance. I firmly believe this is a midwayer project for Urantia. The discovery is only the tip of the ice berg as the key on the end of the kite was the beginning for electricity or as was the rubbing of two sticks to create fire.

If your Thought Adjuster leads you to converse with me, please do so as there is a lot to share. I could use all the assistance available, but as we know we have to knock on the door. Thus, I’m knocking and requesting.

Urantia is in trouble on lots of levels. I believe we have one of the avenues for correction with this technology for a few of those levels.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Chris Hart

Natural Energy/Plus, Inc.


[I can personally attest to the wonders of the polarizers. I have used them for only a few minutes on kitchen burns and severe sunburn - with no pain, redness or blistering. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. As a friend of mine was relating on the phone the devastation her daughter experienced to the flesh on her arm from a brown recluse spider, I had my bite laying on a polarizer. After I got off the phone, I went to the kitchen to show my mother that in that short amount of time, the redness, swelling and the festering that had started was greatly reduced and in a day or two it was as if I had never been bitten. - Ed]


This is a list of books written by members of our TM family that you will enjoy reading and want to add to your library. You may want to consider adding extra copies to your collection of “loaners” to share with others. You never know when you will find someone ready to read one of these books. We need to be prepared and these authors have given us the tools to use as we share the Good News!

Our many thanks to the authors that have given their love, energy and talents into writing these books and printing them. THANK YOU!!!

The Center Within by Fred Harris & Byron Belitsos, Origin Press 1998 $14.95

The Search for 11:11 by George Mathieu Barnard Celestia/11:11 Publishers 2002 $15.00

The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation by Stella Religa with Byron Belitsos Celestia imprint 2002 $21.00

All of the above books are available from the publishing enterprises of Byron Belitsos and can be purchased from his Kosmos Bookstore on-line at the website: originpress.com for 10% off plus P& H. The 10% discount applies only to purchases on the website. If you don’t have a computer and can’t find a friend to place an order for you, you can call 530-926-4907.


Byron is offering The Center Within at 50% off for 4 copies or more, which would be a cost of $30 plus shipping for 4 books for the readers of the newsletter. These can only be purchased by calling 888-276-4446 and mentioning “TNN - 50% off.”

We thank you, Byron, for this generous offer - 4 books for $30. What a deal. We hope this will help the book reach many more readers.

The Correcting Time by Fred Harris Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. 1999 $14.95

Available from Amazon.com. For those of you without access to a computer, you can write to Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. at P.O. Box 1838. Tallahassee, Fl 32302

Teach Us To Love

The Manual fo find Unconditional Love for Yourslf and Others by Donna D’Ingillo 2002 $14.95

To order a copy send a check for $15.00 plus $1.50 for Ph&H in the US to The Center for Christ Consciousness, 1800 Lincoln Village Circle, #2253, Larkspur, CA 94939.

The Zooid Mission by Gerdean 2002 $20.00

To order a copy send check or money order for $25.00 ($20.00 plus $5.00 for P& H) made payable to O’Dell-Bowen Enterprises at P.O. Box 27714, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7714

The Fruits of the Spirit by Teacher Tomas


Available for $5.00 plus $1 P& H through O’Dell-Bown Enterprises or the Harp of God Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 692, Monterey, MA 01245.

How I Found the Urantia Book - Compiled by Saskia Praamsma Square Circles Publishing 2001 $8.95

To order a copy send a check or money order for $8.95 plus $3.00 postage to Square Circles Publishing, P.O. Box 251194, Glendale, CA 91225.

* * * * *


Some of our industrious, creative and talented Teaching Mission members have designed some incredible web sites loaded with information of interest to all of us. AND they are easy to use!!!

If you don’t have a computer, a trip to your local library can now be the most enjoyable visit you ever had amidst all the books.








* * * * *


Bob Devine is compiling a new TM Directory and hopes to have it ready for our summer conference. If you would like to be listed in the TM Directory, please see that Bob gets your address and phone number.

* * * * *






July 10th -13th , 2003

Niagra Falls, New York

(A Pre-Conference Stillness/Worship Retreat

Begins Wenesday Evening, July 9th)

This year’s National Teaching Mission Conference will be held at the Center for Renewal Services, a Catholic conference and retreat center near Niagra Falls.

Jim Cleveland is the Program Chair with help from various TeaMers including Bob Devine, Sussi Rowland, Mike Painter, and Donna D’Ingillo, and Stephanie Gjerde. The local committee includes Judy Nyland, Theresa Logan and Leah Convery. Bob Devine designed the registration mailers and you should have received yours.

Richard Knox will be Music Director and Stage Manager. Donna is coordinating the worship sessions. “Living Waters” is the theme. [What a perfect theme for a conference at Niagra Falls ! - Ed.]

Al Wolf, who many of you may know from his presence at the Colorado Team Conference, IC99 or Celestial Nights will be doing a pre-conference retreat on the evening of July 9th and the morning of July 10th before the Team Conference starts.

Pre-Conference Retreat will consist of three or four 1 hour sessions introducing the reality of the individual experiencing God’s presence personally, in the persons of the Father, Michael and the Mother Spirit. Each session will start with prayer, perhaps a bit of group worship, and some talk for deepening of understanding. But the main part of each session will be an easy practice of quiet and stillness, where we give ourselves totally to God, to receive in return the divine loving embrace beyond words and concepts. The purpose is to allow God to more fully enter into our souls, our whole beings and lives, permanently.

The extra day charge at the conference center will only be $45 for lodging and meals. Is there anybody who wants to pass up this opportunity?

Registration: June 1, 2002

Late Registration Fee of $10.00 after June 1

Final Deadline for Registering is June 20th

Jim Cleveland reminds us to send our registrations in as soon as possible as space is limited.

If you haven’t gotten your registration information please contact: Deanna Convery

If you want to present something at the conference, contact Jim Cleveland at *** or send an email to *** and she will forward your request to Jim and the Program Committee. To insure your inclusion, please don’t procrastinate.

* * * * *


From Sonny Schnieder,s Daily Quotes

March 31, 2000

When you awaken each morning, before arising, close your eyes and feel and embrace the Father’s love and ask Him for guidance in how best to do His will that day. - Veronica

Page 22 The Universal Father never imposes any form or arbitrary recognition, formal worship, or slavish service upon the intelligent will creature of the universes. The evolutionary inhabitants of the worlds of time and space must of themselves –in their own hearts–recognize, love, and voluntarily worship him. The Creator refuses to coerce or compel the submission of the spiritual free wills of his material creatures. The affectionate dedication of the human will to the doing of the Father’s will is man’s choicest fig to God; in fact, such a consecration of creature will constitutes man’s only possible gift of true value to the Paradise Father. In God, man lives, moves, and has his being; there is nothing which man can give to God except this choosing to abide by the Father’s wil, and such decisions, effected by the intelligent wil creatures of the universes constitute the reality of that true worship which is so satisfying to the love-dominated nature of the Creator Father. - Divine Counselor


Dear Father,

We know with you all things are possible.

We know you know the desires of our hearts.

We ask that these manifest themselves in our lives for the highest good of all in whatever ways are most pleasing to you.

Your loving child,

Prayer given by Michael

* * * * *

F. Y. I

$333.08 - Available Funds

* * * * *


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Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Please make all checks payable to Allene Vick as this is not a business and I can’t deposit checks made to TNN. Your support is very much appreciated.

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