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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

February 2003 (Vol. 8, No.2)




The Teaching Mission is now in its second decade. As we have grown in understanding, the lessons of the teachers have increased in depth, scope and length. Thus, I have tried to share with you some of the highlights and topics of the many transcripts that are now coming out every week from the various groups. Thanks to Ron Besser you can now locate and read the full transcripts and others from any teacher or group on the tmachives website. For those of you who don=t have computers, you can go to your local library and browse the offerings on this website and print those that you wish to have. What a great service to all of us and our Teachers. We thank you Ron!!!

The Midwayers are hard working and dedicated to seeing Urantia reach Light and Life. They offer us help in so many ways that are not recognized.. As most of you know, part of their work is facilitating the transmissions we receive from our Celestial Teachers and we can receive messages from them. To help us learn more about them and from them, I am planning to add another section titled MIDWAYERS to the TNN. George Barnard has been working with them for years. You can read a lot more about them on his web site. The Midwayers live on Urantia and are so close to us, I think it is time to learn more about them. It was my intention to start this with this newsletter, but with all the Family News, it will have to wait for the next issue Please let us hear about your experiences with the Midwayers to share with all the readers.

In this issue, I have tried to share some information on the websites that are available. It is an incredible world we live in now that so much information is available to us - especially these websites that have so much information on them that is of interest to all of us. If I missed any websites or you have more information to share about them, please let me know.

While we are talking about websites, I think it is fitting that we give special thanks to all those who have been transmitting, transcribing and participating in the groups that have made all these wonderful lessons available to us all these years. We appreciate your time, your effort and your dedication. WE THANK YOU!!!

Allene Vick


* * * * *


Northern Colorado Team

January 12, 2003

TR: Daniel

Welcome, my friends! Welcome to this familiar setting. It is so wonderful to be welcomed so warmly, so genuinely to a hospitable, gentle and kind environment of loving individuals. I know that you have your own problems, but for now, set them aside, let us be in oneness now in these moments, during this afternoon. I know that many of you have genuine, heart-felt, heart-rendering thoughts and feelings about the turmoil in your world. And we know that this turmoil is not limited to one nation, but virtually pandemic on your world. There is much cause for concern on your part; and there is much concern on our part as well.

When you become concerned, and perhaps feel alone and isolated as though there is no support, or no one who cares about you or your society, or the injustices and the turmoil and the wars that exist on your planet, and that this affects you personally in your social and spiritual equilibrium, please call on me! I am but your voice away; I am here and my spirit is, yes, Arampant@ on your planet. I am not ever far from you. Since my ascension and the bestowal of my sovereignty over Nebadon, my spirit fills the entire planet; wherever there is conscious thought, I am there, and I am just a thought away from you.

And it is not as though I am going to solve all your problems, for I will not - and you know the reasons already why I will not - but you are a powerful force of centeredness, and in this union that we have, that I have with you individually, our centeredness can become a way of life, a way of thought, a way of acting in your world. You have a much more powerful influence than anyone in your government, or the nation, or corporation would ever think you have. You have seen many studies on the affects of prayer. Know dear friends, that I am active in those prayers. And know that when three or four, (or three or four million) of you join together, whether it is simultaneously on the Internet for prayer about some world topic, know that I am there, powerfully to help unite your voices. It is as though each one of you were a small merkaba, which of course, your are - and that through my influence, all your merkaba energies as individuals are united together, and share where your prayer is directed to go. Unselfish, kind, benevolent, generous prayer, is always the most effective. And in these times, it is efficacious, it works! You know that your world will not be healed by divine intervention, but only through mortal-divine co-creation. Our joint participation is essential for healing your planet. We know that you cannot do it alone, for your planet has progressed in darkness to the point where it cannot go back by itself, but must have our assistance more directly than ever before.

You will not see miracles happen, but you will see miraculous events seem to transpire - they are not one-and-the-same. You have concerns about your country going to war, unilaterally, upon a country that has many difficulties. This too, can be healed; this too can be resolved through unexpected events. You do not know what is Adivine order,@ though perhaps you have a good idea. We will not dictate what is Adivine order@ in these events, but you have a good idea what that might be. So my friends, do not cease your prayers, or in your concerns about those who are less fortunate, and who are unaware of us, for keep up the prayers, the vigil, and the maintenance of your own personal spiritual integrity.

Let us pause a few moments for you to collect your thoughts and to organize your energies for some purpose, which you may want to express between yourself and me. (Long pause) As you look out into the world and direct your prayers that way, also do not be forgetful of your own life. Do not be forgetful that your lives are lives of learning, where each day and each moment and each situation brings you a situation for growth. Growth, meaning an opportunity for making conscious decisions about some event that also has a soul-fulfilling, or soul-shriveling affect. I know that you intention is to grow; it is not that you invite turmoil and difficulties into you life in order to grow, but that these come naturally to you. Some of you pray, AOh, Father God, take this burden from me!@ But my friends on other planets, pray, AFather, give me burdens as these, to learn from.@

I know that your final rewards, and final destination as agondonter Finaliters, is a long ways away but if you could maintain in your consciousness, this relatedness to that end and to your immediate life, you will infuse your life with more enthusiasm and inner direction, almost unconsciously for the way you live and the decisions you make, and the outcomes that come your way. While societies may shrivel and die, it is the individual who is the worthy recipient of spiritual growth, and it is earned.

So, my friends, my brothers and sisters in the flesh, your decisions, your directions, your intentions, are vital. And I ask that you examine your life to ensure that they are consistent among all the spheres of your activities, in the direction you are going towards me and the First Source and Center. Organize your lives so that they are consistent. You will find that when you do so, those laggardly, lazy backward places in your life will begin to grow and begin to become organized and express love in your life in ways you have not seen before. You are the guardian of your life; you are the way-shower through your decisions. You have a responsibility as mind over your life to manage your lives constructively, to unleash the potential that exists within you to do good, and to grow responsibly, and to grow lovingly, for yourself and for others. Give service to yourself in loving, genuine, earnest ways first and then you can be of greater service to others.

I take great joy in your presence here today! I feel camaraderie with you that is exhilarating. You are my family. Know that I love you deeply and that my care for you is always present. Good Day.

* * * * *


[Many of you may not be familiar with the word Amerkaba@. Rayson has spoken of it in more depth in his sessions, but I think the words of Daniel here will help most of you to get a basic understanding of the merkaba and how to use it.- Ed]

Northern Colorado Team

January 12, 2003


Daniel: Come to center, please. Become settled by beginning to work on the outside and work towards the inside. Start releasing tension in the various parts of your body, whether it=s your feet or your head; just begin and work it out. See that energy, that tension flow out of your feet and into the ground. And as you see this tension flow from you, see also, the energy that flows through the pole that is in you, that energy spike that emanates from the top of your head and out through your base chakra, into the center of the earth; it flows in to you and out of you, so that you become a clear and open conduit of universe energy. Focus your energy and your thoughts on this process. . . (Pause) . . . and when you are ready, let us begin to build the merkaba.

Imagine your energy pole working up and meeting at a north point and at a south point, with all the other energies of all the other individuals here. These are lines of longitude and they are gold in color, so that the energy flows around and around in a circle. And when we do this, we have begun building a merkaba; and in the middle of this circle is another energy pole, that of the merkaba shaft. And its flow is from earth center, through the earth, the sun, through the middle of Nebadon, the Milky Way, and to universe center. And as we are in a circle, let us imagine and build lines of latitude from the south pole to the north pole, with our alignment of bodies being the equator. And now we condition this merkaba with the assistance of our Celestial Teachers and Guardian Angels and all other beings of Light who are with us, to condition this energy to be of the Father, the First Source and Center, Michael, and Nebadonia. Let us hold and maintain the merkaba right now. (Pause) So, we have the lines of longitude and the lines of latitude, and the central axis of the merkaba.

Now let us build the heart line, the energy that travels through our heart, out our left foot to the earth center, back up to our person on our left, so that as this line moves, it moves up and down much like a sewing machine needle - up and down, up an down- down to center, up through the next person across and down, and so on, so that this pinkish line moves in a clockwise manner around this circle of friends. This is the heart line energy. We should feel much calming with this, a connectedness with our partners here, a sharing of the universe energy of the heart=s intention - the heart line. This makes us one with this energy. We know peace, contentment, and at-oneness with this line.

Now let us add one more line of energy, the mind line. It=s color is kind of a neon bluish-green color - it moves from mind to mind in a counter-clockwise manner around the circle of you here, entering the left temple of your head, through it, out your right temple and to the person on your right, into their left temple. It moves at a much faster rate than the heart line. With this line we may associate ourselves with the function and purpose and will of Nebadonia - the universe mind, cosmic mind - associated with Infinite Spirit=s function and purpose in the universe. And so we tap into all parts of the universe, into the Trinity, into our Creator, Michael and his partner, Nebadonia.

Now let us take time individually to declare our intentions for being here. Ask yourself, Why am I here? What is my intention for being here? So declare that, each of you, please, to yourselves. (Pause) And now check your level of sincerity. What is your commitment to this intention? What is it that is your will? Let=s take a few moments now to be at peace in the merkaba, and with the merkaba=s energy, you may direct its energy to those who need help, whether it is a physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health, prosperity, or divine order in some process that they are going through, whether it=s the sale or purchase of a house, or adoption of a child or whatever it may be. (Long pause) A few more moments.

Rayson: For the second part of your question, the merkabas are energy centers that are established through conscious dedication on the part of mortals and angels. When these anchors of energy are in place, the energy that flows through them can be directed by conscious thought towards the ends that you direct. That is why we ask you to examine your intent and your sincerity for connecting to that energy source so that it is used in benevolent, beneficent ways.

Welmek: That=s a very good question. I think the operative work/word for you, (excuse the Freudian pun there) is Awork.@ It is, Ahow can I best have the Father=s will work through me?@ As you know, work takes effort; therefore, you must make an effort for the Father=s will to be known in your life. That effort is to explore opportunities, explore possibilities. When you recognize that something is coming along in your life and you do not know whether you should engage it or not, engage it! And probe it! Discern whether it is helpful for you. If it is helpful and positive and it opens up leads you forward, then follow that way. And if it closes down, then cease your probing and work in that area. This is a fairly universal way of discovering the Father=s will in your life.

However, if you sit home and do nothing, and pray and pray and pray and meditate, and are in such earnestness about discovering the Father=s will, you probably will have great difficulty in discerning that way. For as you know, the Father=s will is a will of work, a will of effort. It takes effort and work to understand and to know the Father=s will. You may meditate and receive an AAh-ha@, and if you do nothing with that AAh-ha@, then it is for nothing. You must know, too, that when you cease exploring in your life, you are shutting down the avenues that the angels may work with you and through you and around you. So stay active, go out, be among your fellows. When you look for work and someone says, AOver here,@then go and find out. If someone says, AI have work but you don=t have the skills and are not qualified@ and they reject you, then go to another location. This is why the monastic life has some benefit, but it is not separate from your world. It may seem Aother wordily@ but must continue to be of service in the outer world.

Student: When you say you are Awith us@ throughout the week and in our daily lives, could you be a little more specific? How are you Awith us?@

Rayson: Well, it is not as though I am Tinder Bell sitting on your shoulder, (I knew that!) But I am with you in consciousness, meaning that when your Afeel@ my consciousness, my presence, you would awaken to that in your awareness. And this answers in part, the question of the young woman who asked the previous question. This is an expanded awareness process. You can feel my presence at times, and you may jerk your head up and say, AOh! Rayson is here,@ and then address me. And this is truly an occurrence; it is energy that you feel that is non-empirical, yet you know that I am here. The same with your brother, Christ Michael, though his energy is so pervasive that it is a continuous stream of Apresence@ on his part. And some of you become so familiar with this that you no longer recognize it as Apresent,@ though it is. When I am with you, I am in consciousness. I travel about your planet as well, as a morontial entity. There are millions of us here, as you know, and so it is a frequent coming and going. I think there is more to your question, though, is there not?

Student: Yes, I was looking at the people who want to begin the TR process, and communicating, writing - automatic writing - speaking. When we feel your presence, we can begin talking to you?

Rayson: Yes, exactly! (Thank you.) Also, I am contactable through consciousness. Perhaps I am not here and you think or say aloud, ARayson, may I speak with you?@ And through the circuits that have been reconnected, I become aware of your request, and can be Apresent@ (and I would put that in quotes), be Apresent@ with you for conversation, even though I may be in another location. Yes, you can initiate your contact to TR or discuss with me or Michael or Nebadonia, or any other of the benevolent creatures of Light that work for Michael. We are available. You can initiate this on your own, or you can become aware of our presence with you, and that is initiation as well. It is best developed through the unhesitating, unprejudiced acceptance that this is possible, and that you can do it and it is doable, and is experiential on your part. It may take some coaxing, as in automatic writing, and the coaxing usually involves a question. And then a release of your conscious thought of what you think Aought to be said,@ and release it so that you hear what is Areally being said.@ This is perhaps more easily done in writing, as you can write an opening sentence to yourself that begins, AI am listing to a Celestial Teacher talk to me and this Celestial Teacher is saying, A and then you kind of go off and whatever comes into your consciousness you write down. It is a fact that there are only a very few people who cannot do this. There are more people who can do this than cannot. (Thank you. That is what I was looking for.

* * * * *


Two of our beloved sisters graduated to the Mansion Worlds - Susan Kimsey on January 21 and Nel Benjamin on January 22. Susan and Nel will be greatly missed. In our sadness at their departure from Urantia, there is much to comfort us and to celebrate for them both as you will see in the information below.

Susan Kimsey

This is a letter Fred Harris sent to TML on January 19th.

Dear all,

I love Susan. She is such a bright light and I am privileged to have had her as my friend. In truth, she was a friend to us all.

Last Thursday night, I felt an urge to give her a call. I had called before and left messages because with her condition she was too tired to talk to all of her many friends and I knew that this would likely be no different. The Tallahassee group had been praying for her for months and she serves on the board of our church, Mind Body & Spirit. I wanted to send her my best wishes, as I was afraid that the end was near and I didn=t want her to graduate without me sending her one last love message.

I spoke to her daughter, Caitie, who I had met while visiting Susan=s once when I was in California. I asked her to pass on a message to Susan for me. She told me that Susan had just woken up and that I could tell her myself. Then Susan got on the phone.

Susan=s voice was strong and confident, while I was blubbering and crying. She told me to quiet down and listen to a story. She then commenced to tell me about her wonderful recent experience.

Donna was assisting her with the caretaking and she asked Susan how her relationship with Michael was. Susan told her that it was excellent and personal. It is the same for the Universal Father. But when Donna asked about her relationship with the Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, Susan admitted that she had never had a strong bond with her. Donna told her that now was the time and that she would try and link their Thought Adjusters to better introduce her to the Mother Spirit.

Susan told me that she had been prayed for and with before but this time was different. She immediately was transported to another place. She found herself in a round dwelling with beige walls and a comforting atmosphere. She was in a body that was her when she was her most energetic and healthy - when she was a young woman. She was at ease and said that this was interesting because she never knew what was going to happen next - so she differentiated this from a dream. It was very real, she said.

Then a knock came on the door. When she opened it, there stood Michael and Nebadonia, both beaming. They entered the room and were so glad to see Susan and told her how very proud they were of her accomplishments on Earth. They sat her down and Michael brought out a beautiful pearl on a necklace and put it around her neck. It had diamonds all around it and she thought that it must be the Apearl of great price@ which Michael confirmed. Then Nebadonia gave her a matching ring with a diamond encrusted pearl and talked about the healing abilities that she would have on the next world.

They spoke with her in a familiar and easy tone and suggested that they all step outside. The dwelling was on a beautiful lake and they walked down a path to three very comfortable chairs overlooking the lake. Susan sat in the middle and Michael and Nebadonia sat on either side of her and they put their arms around her and she snuggled in their warm embrace where they stayed for some time. She did not want to leave this cocoon of love, but ultimately they did.

They got up and went back to the house, where Nebadonia laid Susan on a bed and began working on her stomach region, raking her fingers through it. This was the first time that Susan had thought about her Earth condition and Nebadonia continued working on her stomach and told her that this would help her when she returned to Earth.

This story went on for some time and Susan told me in great detail, but I can=t remember it all.

When she arrived back in California, she awoke with hunger. She had not eaten in some time and only weighted 85 pounds at that point. She began eating and continued to be hungry for a couple of weeks. This helped validate the experience. She knew what she had experienced was real and she knew that it was a gift to her to assist her in the transition.

She calmly told me that she was ready to continue the adventure and had no fear of Earthly demise, as she knew for a certainty that she had much love and a new body waiting for her on the Mansion Worlds. She told me that she would be waiting when we got there. She was absolutely calm and confident.

I told her that I would miss her nonetheless and she promised me a big hug and kiss when I arrived and said that if all things worked out that we might be hearing from her before we left Earth.

I knew that this would be the last time I ever spoke to her while she was on this planet and so I did what all of you would do...I told her that I loved her and I cried. She told me not to cry, she would be fine.

Susan will be fine, but we will be worse off without her. I remember her flower essences, her long telephone conferences, her love for the mission, her stalwart care for her parents, her largess and the big wet kiss she gave me the last time I saw her. When I reminded her of that she giggled. She was great. I will miss her.

Bye Susan, see you on the Mansion Worlds.

Love, Fred

Within a couple of days of Fred=s conversation, we learned from Donna that Susan went into a coma after an evening of seeing the full moon outside with her family and enjoying the beautiful night sky. Susan and her family had recently made a decision to stop fighting the spread of the cancer. Susan was at peace and ready to surrender her soul into the arms of the Father.

Then on the 21st, Donna relayed the following message to tml:

AOur dear sister Susan has begun her Mansion World career. I spoke with both Tim and Caitie who informed me of her sweet passing this evening. Tim was reading from the book, White Eagle with reference to passing and holding her had. He was telling her it was OK to go among the other things, and she took one last deep sigh and departed.@

AEarlier in the day she gained enough lucidity to respond to yes and no questions by eye movement, I believe, so they knew she was somewhat there. In listening to Tim and Caitie, they expressed their faith so beautifully in Susan=s passing...it was truly inspiring to hear. Please pray for the family=s continued strength to grow their faith through their grieving and recovery.@

Donna passed on the following from Tim:

Dear Friends,

I would like you all to know how much I appreciate the outpouring of Love I have received by phone, e-mail and snail mail from many of you. This has been a difficult graduation for me to accept. But you have helped me to put this life experience into perspective. Our family will be holding a memorial service to celebrate the life of Susan Coulby Kimsey on Saturday, February 8th at 2:00 p,m. At the following location:

Community United Methodist Church


We hope you all will be able to attend.

Love and Appreciation,

Tim Christensen and Family

Let us all keep Tim, Caitie and the family are in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time for them. Whether or not we are able to attend Susan=s Memorial Service, we honor Susan=s life with us and her beautiful example of living a life of love and service to all around her. We will always treasure the times she shared with us in person, on the phone or on the Internet. We all celebrate her life with us and her new one on the Mansion Worlds.

Nel Benjamin

I never had the pleasure of meeting Nel before she graduated. This transcript from her group will give you an idea of how beautiful Nel is and how loved she is by those who know her. I put this transcript in this section because of the recent graduations of Susan and Nel. It is a tribute to the life that Nel led and gives us an idea of what Susan=s new life holds. It is both joyous and comforting to all who know and love them both.

Arcadia Teaching Mission Group

January 27, 2003

Arcadia, CA


JarEl: Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Although the group may be small now, it still encompasses all of its outside members who have once come through the hall of this Teaching Mission. In spirit, everyone is still here. So do not feel alone, do not feel small and insignificant, for you are not, you have friends among you. You also have many celestial beings sitting by your side sharing this moment with you. If you were but to let your mind go and feel their presence, you would feel their energy right by your side. You would begin to feel the subtleties you would begin to feel the presence of your friends, the angels.

No doubt you are here to hear word that your sister Nel has arrived on the Morontia Worlds and I tell you that she has arrived, she is most happy. She is no longer a mortal, her mind is new. She is still getting accustomed to all of the new senses that have suddenly arrived. She is like a baby, just beginning to crawl. Although she has many years of experience walking, with this new mind it is overwhelming at times. The first couple of days you learn how to control all of your new senses. Although many of her senses are familiar to her, one of the senses she has felt is love from her relatives who have graduated before her. She is now reuniting with them, many have greeted her, her mother was there. There are a lot of things that she is doing right now, there are a lot of new emotions and new sensations. She knows that you loved her with all of your hearts and that feeling is sent out to her constantly. She sends out her love to her loved ones, Rodger, Enno, Ernie and your group here in Arcadia. Her love is consistent and it is always there. She says, Ait=s wonderful@, although I have not spoken to her personally.

So where is your mind at this moment? Do you look forward to seeing Nel or shall you deal with what is at hand? Although I am sure that you would like to do both, it is important that your mind stays focused and that you complete your work before your time has come. There is certainly much work that needs to be done, although some of you have already done enough, as did your sister Nel. The important thing is to love one another as you see them here and now. Cherish them every day so they know that you love them and care about them, so when, they go, they leave with a good memory of you and you of them. Then the next time you meet, you will only have good feelings for each other and none of the previous misunderstandings which you commonly have with one another.

Although Nel=s transition into the next life was somewhat painful in the beginning, towards the end all the pain ceased and stillness came over her. She was enveloped in the love of God and taken up by her angels. For they so lovingly enseraphimed her and transported her to the Mansion World. As she came out of that deep sleep, Nel, for the first time opened her eyes to the beautiful grandeur of the halls of resurrection where she was greeted by her Morontian Companion. She admired how beautiful her Companion was and began to admire the beauty that surrounded her. Her heart began to beat, (although she has no physical heart, it was a similar sensation as she regarded it) energy began to flow through her body. She marveled at the colors, at the sounds, at the music and at the sea of glass. Her only words, her only thoughts were, Ait=s wonderful.@ She could say nor more. The embrace she had with her mother was indeed very touching, for they had not seen each other for many years. It was on Nel=s mind before she left this earth that she would see her mother, that she should hug and kiss her. So they did, for her mother was waiting for her and she had nothing but love for her. Later Nel met with her other relatives. Now she is looking up some friends. Although Nel will not stay long on the first Mansion world, she is taking full advantage of everything she sees and does. She loves the new reality, loves it more than anything. She looks forward to this new adventure which she has just begun.

I am glad for her. I am glad that Nel has made this transition as smooth as she did. I am glad that she did not go into shock or denial as some people do. I am glad that Nel had the opportunity to touch all of your lives. She touched each and every one of you. I know that all of you here in this room will make the transition as smooth as possible when the time comes.

Michael: TR, George. Good evening my children, it is your father/brother Michael. I bring you my love; I bring you my light and my peace. You are not alone in this world. You are never alone, even when you feel most alone, I am there. I am there for those who are in pain or joy. I am with you in life and in your death. I represent my Father, one who has never abandoned me and through me you shall see my Father. So don=t despair, don=t be afraid of what the world may do to you, for it has done it to me, yet I am still here. If something were to happen to you, don=t be afraid for you shall be with me.

I saw Nel; she is a daughter of mine. She is well taken care of, do not worry about her. You are well taken care of, as I love you always. In my light you shall live forever. In my heart you shall stay. In my spirit you go and in my words you shall flow. Dear children you have so little time to learn. It takes a lifetime and yet you do dedicate yourself to this work, to this life and to this attitude, you and my other children on this earth.

I praise you for you go about my Father=s business, you go about planting seeds of peace and love. All of this shall be rewarded in due time. Use your minds to deal with the pressures of this earth and stay committed to your work. Remember that I am here to ease your burden, to ease your pain and your suffering. Fall on me and believe in me and I shall be there for you. Never be afraid to ask for help. Put down your guard. Put down the wall you build around yourself. Although this earth will try to make you tough, you know deep down in your heart you are but a child that needs love and tenderness. I know this about you. I know that inside your hearts you love, your care for people and you believe in the brotherhood and the sisterhood. I am here to help you let go of this fear. Take my hand and find strength within me. I know that you doubt yourself. This doubt makes you weak in many ways. Stop doubting yourself, stop putting yourself down. You are all worthy of this love, you are certainly worthy of my love. Forget about your condition and the way society has made you and begin to believe what the world would be like if we would just let down our guards. Love and be open-hearted. I leave you with my peace. Goodnight my children.

All: Good night Michael.

JarEl: This is JarEl. Are there any questions?

Lucille: Is it possible for Nel=s spirit to be here? I have a feeling of her sitting over in her usual chair and yet I know that she is on the Mansion Worlds.

JarEl: There is such a thing as projection of essence. Although Nel is physically on the Morontia World as we speak, she is projecting herself into this room. She is viewing everything that is said and done here. From her abode on the Morontial World, although she can not speak to you, she can listen to you.

Donna: Dear Nel, I would just like to say that I am so happy that you have made your transition and we loved hearing JarEl=s explanation and all the details of where you are now; how you said Ait is wonderful@; how you are enjoying your life on the Morontia Worlds and how you have enjoyed your reunion with your mother and other family and friends. I am just very happy to hear about all your wonderful new experiences and I am glad for you my sister that you have happily and successfully made the transition.

Lucille: Nel, I want to thank you for all the spiritual enlightenment that you gave to me. I still have the feeling of you being here. I dearly love you.

Donna Jean: Nel, if I should be so bold to express the impressions that I received, that you didn=t realize the radiance that you encountered and that you were in awe and wonder on how clear it was to communicate with the Father. And also the love that you have for this group and your love that we can connect even closer to the Father, thank you.

George: Nel, this is George, I am glad that you are somewhat adjusted up there and that you are living this new life with all these possibilities and that you are looking in on us. We do miss you and this group will not be the same without you. You are a very integral part of our group and one of the key dynamics that made the Arcadia Teaching Mission Study Group what it is. I am just ......I am sad that you left, but I am happy too. I just want to tell you that I love you.

JarEl: Are there anymore questions? I would just like to report that Nel did receive the messages and that she has acknowledged. She is glad to hear from all of you. With that, I bid you good night.

* * *

Here is a message from Michael that Sandy Montee received on January 24th in Australia. :

Michael: Some of the active members of the Teaching Mission have journeyed from planet earth to join the many, many spirits who now welcome them, and are so happy to have them in their circle. This is much in the order of a reunion of family and friends. We bless them with our love and care as well, and we know that some of you will dearly miss having them in your everyday life where you can call them on the telephone, drop in to visit them or send them >one of those messages on your computer=.

We know you will miss them, but they remain with you in spirit, and they have truly found an even larger circle of friends and family. And they will soon be introduced to the new and easier ways of life here. So do not despair and know they are very loved and cared for in this their new realm.

* * *


This last month our dear brother, Eric, has had a series of traumatic challenges that started with his being hospitalized with congestive heart failure and on kidney dialysis with super-duper blood pressure meds. His heart was in such bad condition that he was transferred to Memorial Hospital in Denver to prep him and wait for a heart transplant.

Many of you know Eric and JoiLin and know how much JoiLin has shared with us over the years her many experiences, so I am sharing with you who are not on the Internet, the series of events as Mary (Ebben) Livingson shared them with us on tml to see what they have experienced and how effective your prayers for them have been. Thank you Mary for keeping us all informed and generating so many prayers for Eric and JoiLin.

December 27th on tml from Mary Livingston

JoiLin just called me and Eric has been moved to ICU. They have not been able to stabilize him and now his kidneys are failing. There is a possibility he may not make it though the night. Please send out your prayers for him.

[The decision was made that Eric needed a heart transplant and was transferred to a hospital in Denver - Ed]

January 9th

Eric Johnson has been going through extensive tests to insure he is a viable candidate for a new heart. That, in and of itself, can be draining.

Their overall situation is somewhat complicated but I believe this is the current status:

Eric should be covered under State Medicaid for all hospital medical costs afer JoiLin files on the 14th. Right now, Eric has medical coverage until the end of April.

JoiLin had to file for Social Security disability for Eric. This procedure is usually a two year process. There is no way they could survive financially for two more years. Under the circumstances, with Eric waiting for a heart transplant, Social Security indicated it will take about six months.

The problem is that they need the Social Security payments in order to financially survive. BUT, as soon as S.S. payments begin, Medicaid STOPS. Eric would be taken off the heart transplant waiting list. Medicare, which is part of the Federal Social Security system, does not take effect for two years after being on S.S. In other words there would be a two year period where Eric would have no medical coverage. Eric desperately needs a new heart and would not survive a two year wait.

Now, this is really where we can help with SPECIFIC PRAYER REQUESTS . . .

Usually a heart is not matched for about a year. Eric is type A blood which gives him a much better chance of getting a match in less time.


A heart match is found quickly.

They get Medicaid before May 1st

The operation is successful and Eric=s body accepts the new heart.

With two months AFTER the operation, Social Security disability payments begin.

Thanks for caring!

January 19th

Eric Johnson=s heart transplant operation is complete.

The pressure in his lungs is high, meaning his new heart has to work overtime. It will take up to a week to adjust. His liver was shutting down. His kidneys were also shutting down and he will likely have to go back onto dialysis. They won=t know if there is any neurological damage until they wake him up tomorrow but that only happens in about 2% of cases. They are keeping Eric on a breathing tube until at least Monday. Doctors cannot put him on super non-rejection medicine until his liver recovers - about a week. They have him on milder medication right now.

Keep your prayers coming that all organs recover and his new heart can handle the load.

An additional note: Medical staff are amazed that Eric was on the donor recipient list less than 24 hours when they got a match. They call it a miracle!

January 19th

JoiLin called to tell me that Eric is doing well. She can only stay briefly in his room because all the tubes and machines are overwhelming. He was to be put on dialysis this morning for his kidneys. He woke up twice and the medical staff gave him some Aorders@ to which he responded - an indication of no neurological damage.

Please continue your prayers as this next week is crucial.

January 20th

JoiLin called me this morning to tell me that Eric is doing better, and although he=s still in ICU, they plan to remove the breathing tubes today, and so far everything is going well with his new heart

JoiLin told me that she is convinced that this event of finding a new heart for Eric within 24 hours of his name going on the list, is Athe biggest miracle she=s ever been associated [with]@. She says even the doctors told her it was a miracle! Now that=s a miracle!

So, let=s all continue to pray for Eric and JoiLin, and if any of you are in a position to do more than pray, they are having a very tough time economically right now, and any help you can give would be a miracle as well.

JoiLin may get angry with me for posting this without her permission, but their address is:

Eric and JoiLin Johnson


January 20th

I have been able to speak almost daily with JoiLin. I have shared any post I have seen regarding Eric and this has been a great comfort for them. However, the more serious the situation became, the less time JoiLin has had. She hasn=t looked at her computer for a long time and has asked me to convey how much she appreciates everyone=s prayers, well wishes, and support.

Although nothing has been said to Eric regarding out dear friend Susan Kimsey, JoiLin wants Susan=s family to know that she has kept Susan in her prayers and thoughts.

Please accept JoiLin=s heartfelt thanks through me for the time being.

January 23rd

Prayers are truly answered. Eric Johnson=s heart transplant and recovery is going exceptionally well. All tests so far are positive. Today they had him sitting up for a while. They even had Eric get out of bed - he was steady on his feet - in order to sit in a chair.

He sounded very happy on the phone and we had a great talk about Urantian activities. JoiLin had to intervene on Eric=s behalf, so he wouldn=t overdo it!

The love he has received has touched him deeply.

January 28th

I was in a cell phone area without reception for a while and so JoiLin reached Paula Thompson. Paula wrote an update and a beautiful prayer which I am passing on to you.

Dear Friends,

JoiLin called me moments ago to tell me that our prayers for Eric are urgently needed again. She could not get a hold of anyone else to send this out for her so I gladly agreed to do it.

Apparently Eric is bleeding internally and they don=t know why or from where. They have given him four units of blood already and the bleeding shows no sign of stopping. They are doing a barrage of tests and may likely need to do an exploratory surgery to find the leak. I offer my prayer below. Take a moment and pray with me friends.

Heavenly Father, we know that Eric is in your good and capable hands, and we know that your wisdom brings about only what is best for your children. We humbly ask that you give Eric and JoiLin the strength and endurance to get over yet another challenge with grace and confidence.

Loving Mast Michael, we pray that you will lend both of them your mind and your peace.

Sweet Mother Spirit, we ask that you will send an extra measure of angels to help and guide Eric=s doctors and nurses with these difficult medical decisions.

As in all things our Heavenly Parent, not our will but yours be done.

Even so, may it be . ..Amen

In faith and friendship . . . Paula Thompson

January 28th

Please ask Father-Mother-One to hold Eric Johnson in healing light as he undergoes surgery to remove part of his right colon. It was the area losing volumes of blood.

January 28th

Eric is out of surgery. They found the lesion, removed a section of colon, and closed him back up. Pathology reports will tell more but it doesn=t matter since the damaged area was removed.

JoiLin thanks everyone for their support! (Especially Father!)

January 30th in an email to me Mary says:

Eric has had a very tough go of all this but finally it looks as if he made the last hurdle. We hope so. [Boy! Do We! - Ed]

Here is a letter from Paula Thompson that was sent to the Boulder/Denver Community, which Mary posted on the tml. [RMSF is The Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship - Ed]

December 29, 2002

Dear Friends

The needs of Eric and JoiLin Johnson are severe and serious. A close friend has reported that Eric=s condition seems to be improving, but that he is still in ICU. He has experienced congestive heart failure, and has been on dialysis because his kidneys stopped functioning. We almost lost this robust and wonderful man last weekend and none of us knew how serious his condition was until today.

The officers of RMSF would like to mobilize our community in an effort to help Eric and JoiLin, two fine people and solid members of our own family of believers. They need much more than our prayers, they need our financial help too. Eric has been unemployed for over a year and they are currently in a dire financial situation. They will apparently have to sell Eric=s family home and look at moving in the next few months. In addition to the burdens they carry JoiLin was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She is working as a nanny, but with her husband in ICU she most likely has not been able to work for the last week.

RMSF has established an emergency fund for Eric and JoiLin to help them through this crisis. If you could donate any amount it would be such a gesture of love and kindness to them. They have not asked for anything but our prayers, but we feel that the additional burden and stress of their financial situation is surely not conducive of healing and well being Let=s pull together as a family to help them.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation in Eric=s name please send it to:

The Johnson Family Fund


If you wish to visit Eric or send a card:

Rose Medical Center


Please call for the correct room number.

Your prayers for Eric=s healing and well being are essential. Thanks so much!

Every blessing . . . Paula Thompson

President, RMSF

AWhen you pray for the sick and afflicted, do not expect that your petitions will take the place of loving and intelligent ministry to the necessities of these afflicted ones.@ Jesus, The Urantia Book, Page 1639

Stress is a major factor in healing. Let us send our love, our prayers and our support to Eric and JoiLin for they have dealt with so many stressful challenges in one month. We pray that Michael will embrace them with his peace as they recover and deal with the decisions that need to be made.

While we know that all is well with Susan and Nel, let us keep their families and loved ones in our prayers that they will feel the presence of Michael and Mother Spirit to comfort them at this time.

We continue to send our love and prayers to our brother, Jim Andrews, for his healing that he may be with us for a long time in good health once again.

* * * * *



I am delighted to tell you about this website as this is great contribution to the Teaching Mission. Now there is a central place to keep all the transcripts and Teaching Mission history.

Jason Shane built the site and technically maintains it. Ron Besser takes care of everything else including collecting, organizing, editing, formatting, converting the transcripts from email, discs, differing computer systems, etc. Both Jason and Ron are from the York Study Group which Ron facilitates. These two have done an outstanding job and WE THANK YOU!!!

As Ron tells us tmarchives is founded on the principle that what we do today with Michael=s Teaching Mission is important to posterity too. The activities of today are future history and we ought to leave the clues and evidence of Awhat it was like then in the early days@ to those who come after us. As the many teacher transcripts have been collected and stored on the tmarchives site they are available to present researchers or casual readers. The site is also another means as well to introduce the celestial teachers (and therefore The Urantia Book) to the rest of the world. New transcripts will continue to be archived along with the addition of precedent-setting files of past and present events that support or shaped the Teaching Mission.

The archive site will continue to grow as long as there is a Teaching Mission to keep track of and history to save about the Correcting Time. Today the site comprises over 2,100 transcripts open to anyone who wishes to use the browse function on the opening page. Future changes are planned to open a History section with documents that record the seminal events during over a decade of the Teaching Mission. The back issues of the TNN newsletter will soon appear as well as many group histories.

PLEASE NOTE: You can help Ron by including the following headers in each of your transcripts:

The Name of the Group

The Teacher Name

The Location

The Date

A Title - Optional

This information acts as a handle on the search engine and will greatly facilitate our being able to find the transcripts we may want to search for on the web site. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated.

The tmarchives site just opened its BROWSE function so now you may view and sort through all the individual teacher transcripts. They are in alphabetical order by teacher name and sorted by date. With the browse function, you can search by word or phrase, teacher, group name or more. It includes the year 2002, which has more than 400 - the most received for any year so far.

* * * * *


I called Stella Religa to do an interview with her about her book and in our conversation, I asked her what was the most surprising part of her work on the book and she agreed to write an article of her experience for the newsletter. Thank you, Stella, for all the work you did and for sharing the process with us.


By Stella Religa

As a Urantia Book reader since 1972, I was intrigued by a small paragraph regarding the Apostle John=s Revelation.

When in temporary exile on Patmos, John wrote the Book of Revelation, which you now have in greatly abridged and distorted form. This Book Of Revelation contains the surviving fragments of a great revelation, large portions of which were lost, other portions of which were removed, subsequent to John=s writing. It is preserved in only fragmentary and adulterated form. UB Page1555

I wondered what was distorted, deleted and added but put the thought in the back of my mind. I continued to read and study the Urantia Book trying to understand and assimilate its incredible message.

I had no religious training as a child but was a truth seeker reading about many religions, Indian literature, Edgar Cayce, Rosicrucians, etc. The Bible didn’t interest me even though I had a course in college on the Bible as Literature. I had never read the King James Version of the Book of Revelation, and certainly never dreamed that I, as a lay person, would actually have the temerity to attempt to interpret the biblical version.

A strange series of events occurred which led me to write The Secret Revelation. In February 1996, while idly flipping from station to station, I was momentarily caught by the word AArmageddon@ and thought are they still pushing this end of the world stuff? It was one of the Left Behind series predicting an end-time, Anti-Christ, the rapture, the chosen few who would be swept up by God supposedly, leaving behind utter chaos. The minister and panel seemed almost happy that the so-called prophecies were about to be fulfilled. These prophecies were apparently based upon the Book of Revelation, a book which to this date I hadn=t read.

Out of curiosity I pulled out an old Bible and started reading. It made no sense at all. I mused whether there was some way to refute these gloom and doom images such as the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and where did it speak of end-time rapture, and the anti-Christ? Perhaps there was a way. Around 1994 I had been invited to attend a Teaching Mission meeting at the home of Hal (now graduated) and Lucille Ketell in Arcadia, Ca. Curious but skeptical I attended faithfully for two years refusing to participate in transmitting. I did not want anyone to control my mind. When I finally relaxed, a little vice in my mind said, AI am Corelli. I would like to work with you. The guard was down and I was launched on a new unimaginable career, taking dictation via shorthand from Celestials on of all things The Book of Revelation!

Although I thought the idea of decoding the Book of Revelation was mine, they later told me that they had considered three other people who lost interest. They watched me to see what this human would do.

My first reading of the Book of Revelation was spasmodic. I quickly went though the book asking questions about symbols that happened to catch my eye. In Chapter l I asked, AWhat do seven candlesticks mean?@ (1:13 Corelli answered, ASeven superuniverse.@ AStars? Answer ACapital cities.@ The Urantia Book gives extensive information about the seven superuniverses.

I occasionally spoke to John. When I asked mentally why did you choose candlesticks as a metaphor for the seven superuniverses? He replied, ABecause candlesticks twinkle like the stars. The people of those times could never comprehend the existence of seven superuniverses, so it was logical to use stars as a symbol.@ The volume of information coming through became so extensive, I decided to ask questions line by line.

Before beginning each chapter, I would ask what the celestials thought about the chapter. Regarding Chapter 3. Corelli answered, ANothing. It was not written by John but by priests long after John died.@

Chapter 4 is very interesting and another correlation with the Urantia Book. It speaks about the four beasts, twenty-four elders, and sea of glass.

Chapter 12 is an extraordinary reference to the Lucifer Rebellion and juxtaposes Eve and Mary in one incomprehensible narrative, only now explained fully by the Celestials.

As the meanings of the symbols were revealed to me, I could see much of the information contained in the Urantia Book. However, there I knew information not mentioned in the U.B. For instance I could never have imagined that the seven heads (13:1) referred to nations that existed more than 200,000 years ago. John was privileged to go back in time in his visions and to the future. He never mentions end-time, the rapture, anti-Christ, or Armageddon. There is so much that cannot be said in this brief essay. Corelli explains what was added, delete, and distorted.

Chapter 21 (except for 21:8) is the only chapter that is a true account as to what John saw in his vision of the Mansion Worlds. His original work was one of hope for the future with no dire predictions even though there will be wars that mankind must end. Through it all shines the message of Jesus proclaiming a future era of light and life.

As a climax, Michael came through one day and assures anyone who happens to read this book that you are all loved, and he will never allow the planet of his birth and death to be destroyed. So be of good cheer.

I=ve often wondered what would our lives have been during the last 2,000 years if John=s true message had been given to the world? Now it is our task to usher in the age of light and life.

To order The Secret Revelation and for discussions contact Stella at www.revelation-secret.com or norlastar@aol.com $20.00 each plus $4.00 for shipping

Stella Religa

P.O. Box 9141

Whittier, CA 90608

* * * * *


This is a list of books written by members of our TM family that you will enjoy reading and want to add to your library. You may want to consider adding extra copies to your collection of Aloaners@ to share with others. You never know when you will find someone ready to read one of these books. We need to be prepared and these authors have given us the tools to use as we share the Good News!

Our many thanks to the authors that have given their love, energy and talents into writing these books and printing them. THANK YOU!!!

The Center Within by Fred Harris & Byron Belitsos, Origin Press 1998 $14.95

The Search for 11:11 by George Mathieu Barnard Celestia/11:11 Publishers 2002 $15.00

The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation by Stella Religa with Byron Belitsos Celestia imprint 2002 $21.00

All of the above books are available from the publishing enterprises of Byron Belitsos and can be purchased from his Kosmos Bookstore on-line at the website: originpress.com for 10% off plus P& H. The 10% discount applies only to purchases on the website. If you don=t have a computer and can=t find a friend to place an order for you, you can call 530-926-4907.


Byron is offering The Center Within at 50% off for 4 copies or more, which would be a cost of $30 plus shipping for 4 books for the readers of the newsletter. These can only be purchased by calling 888-276-4446 and mentioning ATNN - 50% off.@

We thank you, Byron, for this generous offer - 4 books for $30. What a deal. We hope this will help the book reach many more readers.

The Correcting Time by Fred Harris Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. 1999 $14.95

Available from Amazon.com. For those of you without access to a computer, you can write to Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. at P.O. Box 1838. Tallahassee, Fl 32302

Teach Us To Love

The Manual to Find Unconditional Love for Yourself and Others by Donna D=Ingillo 2002 $14.95

To order a copy send a check for $15.00 plus $1.50 for PH&S in the US to The Center for Christ Consciousness, 1800 Lincoln Village Circle, #2253, Larkspur, CA 94939.

The Zooid Mission by Gerdean 2002, $20.00

To order a copy send check or money order for $25.00 ($20.00 plus $5.00 for P& H) made payable to O=Dell-Bowen Enterprises at P.O. Box 27714, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7714

The Fruits of the Spirit by Teacher Tomas


Available for $5.00 plus $1 P& H through O=Dell-Bown Enterprises or the Harp of God Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 692, Monterey, MA 01245.

How I Found the Urantia Book - Compiled by Saskia Praamsma Square Circles Publishing 2001 $8.95

To order a copy, send a check or money order for $8.95 plus $3.00 postage to Square Circles Publishing, P.O. Box 251194, Glendale, CA 91225.

* * * * *


Some of our industrious, creative and talented Teaching Mission members have designed some incredible web sites loaded with information of interest to all of us. AND they are easy to use!!!

If you don=t have a computer, a trip to your local library can now be the most enjoyable visit you ever had amidst all the books.


See information under TM PROJECTS


An exploration of the Spiritual Universe

The above includes new and archived issues of the Light and Life Journal and Light and Life Express, also pages for the Urantia Papers, the Teaching Mission, the L&L Library, the Cool Cosmos Catalog, many Exploration sites, art galleries and the Healing Fields.

New additions to this website include:

A connection to http://www.tmarchives.com with a promotional copy and link, with congratulations to Ron Besser for his outstanding work in organizing and showcasing TeaM transcripts.

L&L Library now features three new books - Gerdean=s The Zooid Mission, Donna=s Teach Us To Love and a free e-book history of the early Teaching Mission with lessons from 53 supernal teachers: Teachers of the Light.

Jim Cleveland is to be congratulated for all that he has contributed to the Teaching Mission. Aside from being a wonderful transmitter, Jim was the first to do a newsletter (Spirit Quest) and to create a web site, which is just loaded with information not to mention the Light and Life Journal he has been doing for several years. Pretty impressive!!! http://lightandlife.com

If anyone can offer Jim some web mastering assistance, I know he would be most appreciative.


The Center for Christ Consciousness announces its new website. This website introduces the public at large to the work of the center: to encourage and bring people into a loving personal relationship with Christ Michael. The site offers the lessons from Michael from the Center=s Monday night transmissions; what aligning in Christ=s consciousness is all about; introduces people to the ministry of the Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael, and Mother Spirit; has links to the TM, UB and other related spiritual offerings, as well as informing of the services available through the actual center: stillness, aligning and healing in Michael=s loving embrace, and other spiritual information. The website is a good resource to introduce people to the Teaching Mission and The Urantia Book from an experiential perspective.

[The Monday night transmissions with Michael are the best I have ever read. Check these out and share them with your friends. - Ed]


This site was built by Tim Christensen and contains the transmissions of Susan Kimsey for Olfana, Tarkas and Bethra along with pictures and much, much more information. Like tmarchives, it has a search engine so you can search for a word or phrase from the entire sight or just from Olfana, Tarkas and Bethera. Susan was so excited about this website and for good reason. It was the first website totally devoted to the Teaching Mission. And what quality transcripts it has from Susan along with pictures of TM members and events. This website is certainly a labor of love for Susan and the Teaching Mission by Tim.


Pastor Daniel Megow is the founder of the Church Within and has been posting weekly sermons on the Internet. These sermons and the touchingly beautiful AStories of the Week@ can be enjoyed on this website along with viewing pictures of the property in different stages of progress. You can go to the Church Within any day, any time!


George Barnard has been working for decades with the Midwayers, which he termed ASpirit Guardians@ before he learned of them in The Urantia Book. This website is full of information about the Midwayers with articles by George about them and his experiences. There are also messages that he that he and Sandy Montee have received from Michael and Machiventa among others. Check out the fascinating information that is found here to discover more about the amazing Midwayers and the many ways they assist us.


This website is the domain of Square Circle Publishing, which is devoted to secondary works related to the Urantia Book. Deaters inclue Chick Montgomery=s 8 minute Powerpoint presentation, AAscent to Paradise,@ a clickable Family Tree of the Races chart with accompanying articles and pictures, a calendar with all the Urantia-related conferences for 2003, a growing number of source studies by Matthew Block as well as other in-depth articles from the Circular magazine, a page of UB-inspired cartoons, and much more. New material is added regularly, so come and check us out!. It is hosted by Saskia Praamsma Raevouri and Matthew Block.

[Saskia wrote this information about the website. You may remember that Saskia is the one who published How I Found The Urantia Book, which is now in its second printing and edition with more information. This website also has a list of books with information on purchasing them. - Ed]

* * * * *


Bob Devine is compiling a new TM Directory and hopes to have it ready for our summer conference. If you would like to be listed in the TM Directory, please see that Bob gets your address and phone number.

* * * * *



February 12, 2003 Tallahassee, Fl - Ground breaking dedication ceremonies for the Temple of the Father.

February 13-16, 2003 - Celestial Nights Gathering in Cape San Blas, FL

* * * * *


July 10-13, 2003

Niagra Falls, NY

This year=s National Teaching Mission Conference will be held at the Center for Renewal Services, a Catholic conference and retreat center near Niagra Falls.

Jim Cleveland is the Program Chair with help from various TeaMers including Bob Devine, Sussi Rowland, Mike Painter, and Donna D=Ingillo, and Stephanie Gjerde. The local committee includes Judy Nyland, Theresa Logan and Leah Convery. Bob Devine is designing the registration mailers and they should be arriving in your email or mail box any day now.

Richard Knox will be Music Director and Stage Manager. Donna is coordinating the worship sessions. ALiving Waters; Living Faith will likely be the theme. [What a perfect theme for a conference at Niagra Falls ! - Ed.]

Al Wolf, who many of you may know from his presence at the Colorado Team Conference, IC99 or Celestial Nights will be doing a pre-conference retreat on the evening of July 9th and the morning of July 10th before the Team Conference starts. The extra day charge at the conference center will only be $50 for lodging and meals. Is there anybody who wants to pass up this opportunity?

* * * * *


From Sonny Schnieder=s Daily Quotes

January 17, 2003

Each of you are a candle lit for another=s pathway. - Lorel

40:4.4 AYou are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven.@ - Jesus

* * * * *


Beloved Michael, Father Creator, Beloved Nebadonia, Creative Mother, we place before you this beloved planet Urantia. We feel within ourselves the turmoil and turbulence of this planet. We ask for your peace to flow through us and into this turbulence. And anchor this planet in your peace, your peace fullness, to cover the earth, to be instilled within the hearts and minds of men and women who carry within them the yearnings for peace - bringing peace into the very turmoil of their soul and into the very soul of this planet.

Now open your hearts and let their love and peace flow into this beautiful planet.

My friends, may our Creator=s peace flow through your hearts this season of light as we celebrate our Master=s birth. Let it connect you with all living this on this world, keeping the light of love alive on Urantia. May His light illuminate the celebration of his birth, and carry with in it peace of the universe. We are the peace of Urantia. His peace is the hope of the world.


December 19, 2002

* * * * *

F. Y. I

$378.25 - Available Funds

* * * * *


The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:

Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Please make all checks payable to Allene Vick as this is not a business and I can=t deposit checks made to TNN. Your support is very much appreciated.

When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes.

SPECIAL NOTE - All the newsletters from the previous month and before are listed on the tmarchive website. Please feel free to download as many copies as you want and to share them or e-mail them to others. I do ask that you do not share them on the any other websites as I am not in a position to handle any mass e-mails or correspondence that this might generate. I appreciate your honoring my request.