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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

January 2003 (Vol. 8, No 1)



It gives me much pleasure to resume the TNN newsletter and to again be in contact with many of you. In preparing this issue, I read the first issues and was struck to see the coordination and cooperation of the readers and the celestial helpers who guided this process. I was so busy just doing the newsletter, I didn’t realize how perfectly orchestrated it was. I was so touched reading all that you shared in the newsletter. It never was my newsletter. It has always been our newsletter. I am looking forward to offering this format again to allow all of us and our Celestial Team to share with one another. Your input in sharing your thoughts, ideas, experiences is vital to making this a useful tool for all of us. I thank you all and hope you will continue to share.

I have been assured that our Celestial Team will be active in this process. Sometimes I had the whole newsletter just about completed and woke up the next day “knowing” that most of it was to be erased. I never was clear on where the guidance came from, I just tried to follow it. Many years later, I have a better idea who is guiding me, but not always and it doesn’t matter. There is so much rich material to choose from now that I am pleased to be assured that I will have the help of our Celestial Team in selecting the material for each issue. Having said this, I am sure you are fully aware that as much help as we receive, it is still important for us to play our part and not rely and become dependent on our Celestial Team. They are making every effort to help us grow and this takes effort on our part. So, I look forward to all of you taking an active part in this newsletter as you feel led.

The newsletter will be in the same format as before and will operate on a donation basis. I will continue as before to note in each issue the funds available from your donations as this is something many of you wanted to know. I very much appreciate and thank you for the donations that have already been received.

There have been some who have expressed their opinion that this should be on the Internet. Before I resisted this idea and I still am hesitant. I believe that this newsletter best serves the Teaching Mission by being in hard copy where the reader can have it in his/her hands, read it, re-read it, ponder the messages and share it with others. I have agreed with Ron Besser to put the former issues on his tmarchive web site. I, also, agreed to let him put all the previous month’s issues on the web site. Aside from believing that hard copies are better, there are two other things that are a concern to me. One is the fact that I do not have the time to answer the huge amount of correspondence that could come from this, thus I am putting a notice in each issue that all are most welcome to download as many copies as they want and to share them or email them to others, but am requesting that the newsletter not be shared other websites and that this request be honored. The other one is the issue of privacy. All addresses and phone numbers in the previous issues were blocked out before they went on the tmarchive and this practice will be continued with all future issues on the tmarchive. I hope that putting this newsletter in the public domain will not cause any of you to hesitate in sharing. Please do let me know if this is a concern to you as there still is time to reverse this decision.

This issue is probably the most difficult one to do as there is so much material to choose from. Once the newsletter starts coming out monthly the selection process will be easier as there won’t be the volumes of material to choose from that I have now. Although I know I have the help of our Celestial Team, I would be most appreciative to have your help, so please let me know of any group or personal transmissions that you feel are of particular interest.

It is most pleasing to share in the first newsletter of this year a message from Monjororonson, our Majesterial Son. The words of JarEl about our life after we transition will make your heart sing with joy and anticipation. Hopefully, it will inspire you to make the best use of your time here on Urantia. What a way to start the New Year!

May we all open our hearts to receive Father’s abundant love and blessings that we may have a truly wonderful New Year!

Allene Vick


* * * * *



San Raphael, CA

September 2, 2002

TR: Donna D’Ingillo

My children, this is your Creator Father/Brother Michael, and I bid you greetings.

Each of you is a gift. Each of you is my gift to your planet: your world and my world, the world we share, the world where we experience life. Each of you has been created to be a minister of my love, and a beacon of my light. And you are gathered here in honor of me in representing my truth to your brothers and sisters, And I commission you all to act as this beacon of light and truth, and to share the beautiful representation that you are of this truth to your fellow Urantia citizens who are seeking this light and this truth in their lives but yet may not be aware.

And so I ask you tonight, how is it that you wish to serve? How is it that you wish to reveal my love and peace? How is it that you wish to come to a deeper understanding of the faith that I experienced in knowing our Paradise Father, and the love that he has for us? As you know, you live in a universe whose motto is teamwork, and you have an active role to play, for you participate with your indwelling Mystery Monitor, and you cooperate with the plan that the Father has prepared for you. And each one of you now is becoming more consciously aware of what that plan is.

You are all instruments of my making and of my doing. When you combine this with your cooperation with your Thought Adjuster, revealing your life plan in your experience, you are serving, you are ministering, you are representing me. It takes faith for you to live along these lines, and each of you now is finding deeper wellsprings of faith within you. You cannot run out of faith. It is literally and figuratively impossible. For it is that faith which has been given to you as a gift from our Father to actually propel you toward Paradise. But you grow in expression of your faith, and it becomes alive with in you through your experience - experience through times of difficulty and uncertainty.

As faith has been given to you as a gift, it is your choice how you wish to use this gift. Will you open the box that this gift of faith comes in, take out this faith mantel and wear it around you? Will it draw near to you, protecting–cloaking–when the winds of change and the shadows of doubt come upon you? Or will you leave it in its box, and put it away in a corner somewhere, and forget about it and go about your way?

I say to you my friends tonight that the cloak of faith enfolds you in the love and the protection of our Father in Paradise. Let this mantel descend upon you now. Let yourself feel it cover your arms and your head and your limbs and your torso. Let yourself become familiar with the softness and the smoothness, and the way it acts as a buffer between you and your outer environment. And as you let it descend upon your skin, let its fabric begin to deepen, and go into your actual body and knit within your cells a deeper appreciation of the gift that has been given to you.

In my life, I came to an early understanding of this mantle of protection from our Father in Heaven. And I know each of the challenges that you have all faced in feeling this mantel of faith protect you. You have not felt it, you have not used it, to the degree which it can and does inspire you to higher levels of living. And now I encourage you, my friends, to wear this mantle with pride and with joy, with freedom and with gladness. Because once you have it on you, and you feel it protect you, you will never wish to go without it. You will never wish to take it off. You will actually want it to become a deeper part of who you are.

In my life, I gained early experience in the watchcare and protection of my Father in Heaven. And you who are my children are coming to a deeper understanding of what this means, and how to live in the Father’s presence under his watchcare.

This mantel of faith carries within it my peace. It carries within it the promise of a deeper capacity to trust: the trust that inspires, fills you with courage, fills you with strength and hope. All of the challenges that you face and are placed in front of you, can be overcome by wearing this mantle. I am going around the room, and imbuing this mantle around each of you with a greater bonding.

[Note: Michael in the body of the transmitter went about the room, placing hands on each of 10 individuals, speaking softly to each person. Comments too faint to be recorded. About 15 minutes later:]

Each of you has been given a blessing that will emerge within you in the coming days. As you grow and you allow this mantle of faith to deepen within you, remember from where it came. I share every moment of everyday life with each of you. You only have to call upon me, and ask for that love and guidance, insight, judgement, that comes from my mind that comes into you as the Spirit of Truth to embody you. When you do this, you are no longer using your mind, but you are using the very mind of God. Remember this, my children, and draw more deeply into me. My peace I leave upon you. My presence overshadows you. Everyday I walk with you. You are my children and I love you.

* * * * *


S.E. Idaho Group

November 15, 2002

Monjoronson (Bob S.): My children, I am Monjoronson.[Greetings and welcome.] [Editor: We have been told earlier that this being is a Magisterial Son.] I have been here before as an unidentified speaker, and I accept your greetings in humility.

One of the attributes you have pondered is the place humility holds for those who are servant-sons of the Father. Your teachers have presented lessons appropriate to your level of understanding, and I commend them for their level of understanding, and you for your willingness to accept at face value the words of your elders. We fully recognize that much that you are taught is at a level of understanding which is incomplete. It is the nature of your status. Consider for a moment the status, the situation of those who have not been privy to your teacher’s lessons. Can you be humble in your excess of understanding? Can you be seekers of the truth, and not throw truth in the face of those less educated? All of these attitudes are necessary if you are to be true faith-sons and daughters of the living God. You need only to study the example of your Father-brother to understand this more fully. I had not planned to give a lesson tonight, but I sensed that these words might be appropriate for you, and I trust that you will approach them from that point of view.

My purpose in addressing you this evening is to bring you up to date on my mission. As some of you have been apprized, I fully believe my mission will begin soon. I have been given Michael’s blessings, and he has left the final decision to me. With my court of advisors, many of whom have considerable experience on this planet, I feel confident that my decision will be a sound one. Yes, even Paradise Sons are not blessed with perfect foresight. We must rely upon our best judgement, and the advice of others whom we feel have experiences that we do not. Hence, I am much like you in that regard, or is it the other way around? [There was humor in his voice.]

You, my friends, are in the forefront. There may be times when our work with you can be characterized as trial and error. We regret this, but we are not always sure how the human animal will react in areas of stress and learning, so we try it out on you and see what happens. We thank you for your patience and your willingness to be run through such experiences. It is even possible at times we may misjudge your strength and over-load your plate. However, even after that we take necessary remedial steps to make sure your levels of frustration do not impact, at least for long, your spiritual growth.

Unfortunately you will have to take our word for this, since your level of understanding does not allow your full understanding of my explanation, nor your full cognizance of the patience to which I am alluding. Hopefully my words will provide the solace necessary to permit your acceptance, and your forgiveness, if that is appropriate, of our doing experiments without your full understanding. At this time I would allow a few questions. Are there those here who wish to question any of my information tonight, or any other matter you feel I could assist you with?

Ken: Welcome, dear brother. It is a pleasure to have you here this evening, and hear your words. These lessons are things that we are given that are faith-building. Are they part of the morontial teachings that we will be getting versus the lessons that we are getting now. Does that make sense?

Monjoronson: Thank you, Kenneth, for your question and your welcome. My friends, the lessons which you are given are probably best characterized as both human and morontial. They are at a quite high level of human understanding, and as you yourself have commented, Kenneth, are at psychological levels which are quite deep. Your limited exposure to monrontial concepts, both in the book and through your teachers and their lessons, clearly demonstrate the relationship between early or basic monontial concepts and those to which you are being exposed. Hence my best answer, Kenneth, is they are probably both-perhaps a bit more morontial than earthly, but probably best characterized as both. Are there other questions of comments on your minds, my friends?

Ken: Nothing more than to say thank you for what you have given us, what the guides have given us, and for the love you give to us and share with us. May we give it back to you in service to the Father.

Monjoronson: Thank you Kenneth, for your words of love and acceptance.

Bob (the TR) has suggested that I perhaps should say a few words about my mission. I can say little for it has been decided that there will be little advance publicity, if I can use your earthly terms. You have been apprised of my status earlier: that I was here and that I have a mission to perform. Any details concerning this must wait until the beginning [official start of the mission.] I have been advised and have accepted the idea that any advanced word would be inappropriate, that when I decide to begin I will fill you in then. Until then I trust you will accept my decision and wait patiently, or as patiently as you can.

Bill: My question then is are we correct in assuming that the self-knowledge expansion, all these personal issue that have been the basic curriculum of the Teaching Mission, are going to mesh into the mission that you will inaugurate with your decision? In other words, there isn’t anything else we should be doing?

Monjoronson: There is nothing more important for each of you than your own spiritual development. Should you be approached or should you volunteer to accept a more direct role in my mission, in most cases that must wait for my final decision. I am always looking for help. The number of humans who will be needed in my mission is large. All of the positions necessary for human involvement in my mission are not yet filled. This is by design. It has to do with my decision not to begin until I begin. {Formal announcement is made.} Therefor, your willingness to assume a role beyond that of your personal development is open. Your prayers and thoughtful study of your own skills and talent, abilities and willingness will lead you to a decision whether or not you wish to accept a position in my mission. At that point, me or my representatives will be in touch with you and the details hammered out, as you say. I thank you, Issac, for your question and the opportunity for me to open a door for individuals such as yourself to take a position on the threshold of the first stages of Light and Life building on planet Urantia. Are there other questions? (Pause.)

I thank you for your attentiveness and your humble acceptance of my words and the words of your elder teachers. Your openness, your acceptance, your faith has been a blessing to those of us who have come to this planet not fully knowing how our message would be accepted. I believe your teacher, Daniel, now has some closing comments. Good evening.

* * *

Arcadia, CA

November 25, 2002

Donna: Father, thank you for our gathering here tonight. Thank you that our Sister Nel is back joining us for this evening. Please open our hearts and our minds to hear what you would have us hear. We ask that Your Will be done in our lives and that you guide and lead us and thank you for Your Love, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to be in your presence one again, to share your lives this moment. It is good to see you again Nel.

Nel: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl: It is so precious to be among truly gifted minds in a world so tattered with wars and violence. It is precious to me to come into your lives and share a moment of peace, discussion, and inspiration. It is precious to me to reach down to you, so that you may reach up to me. It is precious to me to show you the different things that are available in this grand universe of ours. I do hope that you, as well, take this moment and consider it precious and worthwhile. When I come to you to minster my lessons, I do this because it brings a great joy to me; a great pleasure to be able to help those in need; those who ask for assistance and wisdom. In your life you may find that at times when you ask for help, assistance will be available to you as soon as it can get there. Our attempt in this Teaching Mission is to try to avail you with somewhat immediate assistance in your pursuits for a connection with the Father. If I can be somewhat useful that is more than enough for me.

I shall tell you a little about where I am at this moment, so that you may begin to understand. I have gone through all the Morontia Schools. I have graduated. I am a Finaliter. My friends up here all have a mutual love for one another. We all greet each other in a most cordial way. We all understand one another. We are constantly socializing with one another where it brings great pleasure to do so. I see many of my former students every once in a while, as well as students who come from your world, Urantia. In fact, I saw Hal just a couple of weeks ago. It was a most pleasant reunion for I truly love Hal as much as I love all of you. Every once in a while I take a trip to other parts of the Universe. Although you may not be aware of it, I am at a far off place, but I am very strict about keeping my appointments here with you. I always make time for this occasion, but on some occasions I am traveling and visiting. It is all very pleasant and enlightening. I do all of this because it does bring great pleasure to me and great joy. It beings me a great understanding of the entire Universe, which is the Father, which is the Almighty, which is the True Source and Center. I, like you, continue to learn. I, like you, have a long ways to go as well.

Although my journey has taken me to a far greater distance compared to where you are just beginning, I do not doubt that you shall reach the heights that I have reached. I do not doubt that you will meet me at a point where we are at the same level, which is why I have utmost respect for all of you. For you are like my equal, regardless of my stature or my age. We are all children of God. You contain the presence of the everlasting life within your soul for that is what makes you eternal. It gives you the potential to reach beyond your very own thoughts into the realm of eternity where God exists. Yet God exists with you as he always has. Perhaps this is perplexing to you, but let it not be, for one day you shall know. It will be revealed to you, nothing is ever hidden from any of God’s children. You only need the patience to receive the truth in time. For all shall be revealed in its own rightful time.

Just as my image, my presence, shall be revealed to you when we at last meet in some distant future, in some distant life and in some distant part of the galaxy. I do look forward to the meeting on that day, when you shall come up to me and say, “JarEl, look at my new body. Look I got here, I made it.” I shall say, “Yes I know, I knew you would make it.” I look forward to when you arrive on the Morontia Worlds and you will begin to see for the first time in your entire lives how beautiful life can be, You will begin to see the wonder, the magnificence of the entirety of everything. You will gaze upon the Sea of Glass which is so brilliant and beautiful that you will want to be there forever, looking. It is just something that seems to come out of a dream to you, but you will know that it is not a dream. You will know that it is real and inside you will feel excitement beyond anything you have ever felt. This excitement will grow, just like a child who is getting ready to open his presents. Or a child who knows that the next day he will go to Disneyland, that’s how excited you will be, because you will look forward to everyday, to every new adventure, to every new idea and ever new knowledge that you will gain. You will look forward to meeting new friends, new friends that come from distant parts of the Universe. You will look forward to meeting your Guardian Angel and Morontia Companions.

The day that will be so glorious is the day you meet Michael and see him face to face. There are many days to look forward to and you shall count these days as the days you had here on Urantia, for your days never end. As you get old you may begin to think that your days are coming to an end, but they are only beginning. Your days are only coming to a transition where your days will become forever, for you shall not require any sleep or rest. You will find in a day that you can do a thousand things and then still have time for a thousand things more. This is when you will begin to realize the potential behind this great and awesome gift. What will you do with all of that time, with all of that knowledge at your disposal? With all the opportunities that will be given you, many of you will do the things you always wanted to do here on earth. You will travel, you will sing, you will dance. You will create, paint, compose, have dates, you will have friends and you will relax. Once you are through doing all the things you wished to do, you will begin to grow and see that you can do much more, you can learn much more. You can go farther and faster than you ever wished.

There shall be great Universities where you will learn everything there is to learn about the Universe, about life and about God. Learning about God is an experiential thing which shall take you a whole lifetime to acquire. It shall be the exciting part, it shall be the adventure you take once you realize the purpose; your mission in life is to achieve oneness with God, You will make that your utmost priority and everything else shall

fall into place. For as you travel inwards, your life, acquaintances and your work shall all synchronize in one perfect rhythm. Where everything that you do is for the One True Source and Center, and everyone around you is doing the same thing.

The most exciting part of all is the free choice, the free will. For you are not given a path to travel, you are not told that this is the way that you must go. It is up to you. You shall forge your pathway to God. It shall be your own adventure. Your own experience, your own truth and it shall take you places that you could never imagine. You shall have the opportunities that you only dreamed about. For those of you who have the papers on Caligastia and the one hundred and ever wonder how the one hundred came to be? How they got their opportunity to travel to this world and be among the mortals of time and space? One day you may be given that opportunity to be on a wayward planet, studying and helping just as occurred here on Urantia. The opportunities are endless and vast and great. Everything in the Universe has its importance. Everything you do in the Universe shall be important and shall have its purpose.

There are many who are watching you, studying you and modeling you. They see you and they are filled with joy to witness this group and many others like you. You are progressive thinkers. You are spiritually-endowed. They have taken it upon themselves to meet you when you finally arrive in the Morontia realm. They have many questions to ask you. They want to know everything about your planet, about dealing with the huge variety of people on this world. For many of them don’t come from a world as yours. Many of them have an orderly world where the Adam and Eve did not default and neither did the Planetary Prince. They never experienced any sort of default on their planet so that their spiritual headquarters was set and established for thousands and thousands of years and they evolved into Light and Life. They have become curious to see your planet. They are curious because of its great variety, from the very spiritual to the lesser based animalistic. They are curious because the Creator of this Universe, out of the thousands of other planets he could have picked, came here.

When they see people like you, they become excited, for it gives them an opportunity to meet agondonters and to understand how it is that you can believe without seeing. While they had Adam and Eve, the Planetary Prince and a Magisterial Son with them all along, their faith was not exercised as severely as yours. Right off the bat you are celebrities in this Universe. For you hold a special gift where you believe without proof whatsoever. They marvel and are at awe at such strong and faithful servants of God. They long to be your friends. They long to help you and they long to give their hand to you, to show you that you are not alone, that you do have others who care for you and always shall. They hurt and you hurt and they see you feeling alone and depressed.

They cannot understand how you can feel that way when they see how the Universe is. How it is filled with love and you are only one thought away from receiving this tremendous love. They are curious! At those moments when you are feeling alone, they so want to come down here and tell you, “you are not alone, look I am here.” But they know they can’t and they know they can’t interfere in your lives. But they can pray and they can hope that more spiritual brothers and sisters open their minds and their hearts to all on this planet and bring hope and love to everyone on earth. They hope so much for this with all their hearts and their minds. They look at this planet and they hold it in their hearts and like a little brother that needs attending to. They know that they have the experience, knowledge and compassion to protect this little brother and to guide him to maturity. You are entering into the beginning stages of maturity. For many of you are pioneers of this great age that is to come.You are the beginnings of the dawn of Light and Life. As more of you come to this awareness, this age shall come upon you. Perhaps not in your lifetime, but you shall be able to observe it from afar, from the comfort of your Morontia abode. You shall never lose interest in your home planet. It shall remain as a jewel in your hearts which you will carry with you forever. My home planet remains in my heart as well.

In my lessons I have taken you here and there and then back to you and then to others and back to you again, to show you how you are all connected with one another. You are connected to the entire Universe. Do not worry for it is all very glorious and spectacular. I wish that my words and my thoughts could express to you how remarkable this entire Universe is. I will just leave that up to your imagination. Are there questions?

Donna: JarEl, I do have a question. You were talking about how on the more normal planets where there was not any default of the Adam and Eve or the Planetary Prince, how they had obtained Light and Life. I was just wondering if you could give us an idea of how long it might have taken one of those planets to obtain Light and Life? I know that there are different variables, but if you could give us some idea, I would like to know.

JarEL: Some of those planets reached Light and Life a lot quicker than others, Although they are all very different, even though Adam and Eve still tarry on their planet, some of the mortals still exhibit a war-like attitude. It may take any particular planet several thousand years before it reaches Light and Life. If it weren’t for the Adam and Eve default and the Caligastia betrayal on your planet you would have been in the stage of Light and Life. Many of those planets, when Adam and Eve first arrived, went into the industrial age and then the scientific age and soon after everything started to flourish. Little by little wars began to end and borders began to open. Soon a Magisterial Son arrives which enters a new age. They are all different and they all vary, no one like the other and especially your planet. It gave you the experience and the expertise of faith. This faith shall carry you through your whole journey to the gates of Paradise. This faith that you have is the keystone to your understanding of God. This is a gift that you have that others don’t. Others may acquire it but never such as you, being severely tested and challenged and at the same time, believing. Are there other questions?

Lucille: JarEl, when we fuse, that must be a glorious experience. Can you describe it for us? Is it suddenly?

JarEl: It is like arriving to the happiness that you always knew existed. It is like coming to a home that you always knew you had. It is like becoming part of the warmth of the fire. It is like knowing all that you’ve ever known to be true and it becomes you. It becomes all of you and you become all. In those words, Lucille, I have tried to explain how it is, but only you can experience it and once you experience it you will know what I meant when I said these words.

Larry: JarEl, how long did it take you to get from your home planet to Paradise and to the Finality Corp?

JarEl: I will not tell you. I expect you to take your own route to Finality. I know that you will get there, just as I know all of you will. Some of you will get there sooner, others much later, but is not what matters, you all shall have a great adventure. Are there any other questions?

Larry: How was it to be face to face with God?

Jar El: Shall I go into poetry again?

Larry: That is probably the only way that you are going to be able to explain it to us.

JarEl: If you can look inside of yourself and find what is most beautiful then you have seen God.

Dona Jean: JarEl, did the default of Adam and Eve on this planet have a big impression on other parts of our Universe?

JarEl? No, the results were here only. The default of Caligastia was felt elsewhere by the simple fact that Lucifer had spread all of his menace throughout the Universe. Adam and Eve’s default was only a by-product of the Lucifer rebellion.

Donna Jean: Do we choose the planet on which we are born?

JarEl: Are basing this on the idea that you existed before?

Donna Jean: No, I am basing it on planets having different experiences. Therefore, here on Urantia . . . . .you touched on it before, because we believe and yet we do not see. Where some planets - they always had Adam and Eve, the Planetary Prince and a Magisterial Son, so they would believe because of seeing. So is there some process where we are born or how are we born here?

JarEl; You mean how were you born here?

Donna Jean: Right, why was I born here instead of on some other planet?

JarEl: That is a very interesting question and perhaps one day you shall find the answer.

Lynn; I have a question. If I understood, you said, ‘those of us on this planet are perceived by others from other planets as having, profound faith without being able to witness more spiritually advanced, forward moving phenomena on a more evolved planet.’ Did I understand that correctly? When you said that?

JarEl? Your planet is unique in that fashion. For others have had the luxury of having their spiritual headquarters on their planets. You have not. So, in many ways, you compensate for your lack with your overwhelming faith.

Lynn: So what we compensated for on this planet by faith, then what have those other freewill creatures been able to observe or experience that has not required reaching for that great faith in order to compensate?

JareEl: That is what they want to ask you. That is what they are waiting to ask you. They want to know how you are able to believe without seeing? To them it is incomprehensible. They always had their Adam and Eve with them. Their faith had reached that far. Whenever there was a question al they had to do was to see what they had in front of them and believe. They have existed thousand of years on their planet and their faith was already established, whereas your faith was severely challenged. For many tell you that there is not God. Many tell you that God is here, God is there, but for you to believe in God without proof, to them that is rare, very rare. For they always had proof and they are very curious to find out why do you believe when you don’t have proof? Whenever we wanted to believe we needed the proof. You, however, have grown, have matured, have believed with no proof whatsoever. Just trusting in you own faith, your own heart and your own mind and that is remarkable.

Lynn: So, are you saying by virtue of other will creatures from other planets being able to physically observe Adam and eve on their planets that, that becomes proof? That the actual seed of them establishes some foundation of truth to the Universal Mystic?

JarEl: Well, of course, they see Adam and Eve who have lived for thousands of years while they only live on the planet for a hundred or so years. They have history, documentation which proves that they have been on their planet for all those years and for them they represent the highest, most ideal form of religion on their planet, and, therefore, they see and believe.

Lynn: Well, here is what I have to say, speaking only for myself, you can tell all those people that I, for one (for we have Michael) have never needed to see Adam or Eve, or the Planetary Prince. My proof has always been inside of me and it is something I feel without any doubt and that is life everlasting. And so, I find it interesting that anyone would ever think that there is proof outside of themselves. When, as you yourself this evening, have articulated the fact all that you need to do is to go inside of yourself to be aware of God. So you can tell these people that there are human beings on this planet who have faith.

Larry: Isn’t that the definition of faith?

Lynn: No, I don’t think so, not for me.

JarEl: You all speak your own truths and you all speak it very nicely and I commend you on listening. I would like to close now and I wish you all a good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.

* * *

Cincinnati TeaM

September 28, 2001


Malvantra (T/R Stephen): We are meeting for a noble purpose. From the heights of your consciousness you become more aware of the presence of the Eternal Being in your lives. We gather to encourage and to sustain the efforts of your fellows in the challenging problem solving that awaits you through the circumstances of your lives. Forever will you be exposed to new experiences presenting opportunities for growth and learning in accord with your union with the precious Monitor, the divine presence of the First Source, the Universal Father, the Creator and Sustainer of All Things. Your method of presenting revelation in accord with your capabilities and understanding is best chosen in the confines of your silent arena of eternal communication between your conscious self and your perception of divine awareness to the present activation of your personal Monitor. Angelic assistance, Midwayer intervention, and teacher overcontrol are both present, available and maintained under the auspices of the graciousness of your Sovereign, in conjunction with the mandates from Uversa on the directives from the trinitized scope of awareness. As you attune to your internal Pilot, may you remember the legacy before you in which those brave men and women verbalized and acted out in loving fashion, worldwide, to their brethren in times of trouble, in periods of tension, in areas of conflict, and in times of emotional tribulation. Receive succor and warmth from the memory and the knowledge of those that came before you and sacrificed to courageous outpouring, full self confidence, motivated in the belief that their mission was in complete harmony with the Master’s teaching of spreading the good news to every corner of the world. In times of trial and challenge we oftentimes neglect to remember that our true source of strength and the reserve of our courageous abilities lies deep within the confines of our relationship with our Thought Adjuster, which is a direct circuitous connection to the First Source and Center, a gift of preservation from the Unfathomable One, deathless, pure, clean, vast - the ocean of never-ending bliss. Drink from the nectar. Absorb this ambrosia by osmosis through your conscious veil as it vibrates and is stimulated by the vibratory emanations consisting with the overcontrol of eternal pattern, displayed and promulgated by the trinitized, unified, activated, eternal, exquisite outpouring of increasing, unlimited love - a vibration that shakes the entire cosmos and vibrates with feelings of health, sustainability, preservation and joy. Through self-love you will come to understand that your precious relationship is duplicated when you extend your feelings of sisterhood and brotherhood to your compatriots. Your treasure in life rests upon the relationships that you maintain. You take nothing with you but your mind transcripts, your personality, and the memories of the beauty way and the life and the children of light. So devote your time and energy and pursue the path of compassion, of camaraderie, of solidarity, of enhancing and modifying the circuitous route that connects you all. Your peace we send to you is overshadowed only by the exuberance that’s expressed by the teachers present in the expression of your desires.


Fill this room.

Fill this room.

Fill this room with loving grace,

For the spirits join us in this place.

Surround us with your loving light.

Share your grace with us tonight.

Give us joy and peaceful release.

Bring us home.

Give us peace.

Past all turmoil and problems we face

We find the peace and loving face

Which you gave us as Jesus

As Jesus came into this place

Who loved us all in full embrace

And showed us mercy and compassion

And joy and brotherhood,

An example for the ages, for the centuries,

And living strongly, ever strongly


The Christ Consciousness is rising. Rising, Rising within you filling rooms and filling hearts and filling towns and filling cities and continents upon your world and all of the universe. This Christ Consciousness IS the Correcting Time. Fill this room and feel this room. Feel the love of your fellows, together in quest needing no rest. For energies pervade and come to you each day in stillness and you are empowered, emboldened, circuitized, enseraphimed to not only stay the course, but to bring about ever-greater levels of Christ Conscioness. Feel it inside. See it and know it in you brother and sisters.

Look into their eyes, into their eyes,

You and see the grace of Jesus there,

As you can see it everywhere

Full embrace of reign of peace,

In joyful rain upon your cheeks.

In the Consciousness of Christ and the love of Jesus.


Open your minds. Open your spirits. Open your feelings. Openness. Openness. Openness.

Mantoube: (T/R Jim): And I am Mantoube. I am a Melchizedek recently assigned to your sphere. I would speak today on defenselessness. This reality permeates this room from your studies of the text of the Michael Order, truly a course in miracles which you can practice to full joy every day. The text, a program of mind, body, spirit conditioning, will grow ever stronger. And so you are familiar and somewhat knowledgeable of defenselessness. And you know that it is not practiced lying down. The lesson is appropriate, I believe. For the lad who transmits to you has lessons he will learn and they will grow more intensely in recent weeks as we would give forth clarification and understanding to this concept that he struggles with.

Defenselessness is a reality that requires exertion and application. It is not passivity. It is not simply praying for peace. It is not stepping back from your mortal responsibilities to expect the heavens to open before you and accomplish your quest for you. With free will and a bountiful chest of treasures and gifts you embark upon this mortal life, seeking first to survive, seeking later to move beyond survival to wealth of many kinds. And finally, in your evolutionary quest, your ascension to Perfection, you find that the concept becomes more real and more brilliant. Over the hundreds of generations you have defended yourself from theft, from destructive forces, that could end your life and destroy the values which you cherish. Over these many generations it becomes a necessary mandate to defend oneself, one’s family, one’s estate.

And so, it is difficult over evolutionary time to bring this concept to true light. Defending your bodies against harm is one thing. We know that the physical selves which we employ here are temporary, functional and quite adapted to your environment. But defending your ideas, your inspirations, beliefs, seems quite unnecessary. Would you defend the truths that you think you know, when those truths, of necessity must be ever changing, ever evolving, ever expanding, and ever growing? And so, what truths do you know that you would defend? And the length of time of trying to prove yourself simplistically correct could be better spent in additional learning. There are no truths that you know that should be defended. However, you may stand up for truths that you believe without defending them. Stand for what you believe. Stand for the faith that you have. Stand for your ideals of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, and do this proactively. Do this concertedly, with determination, with joy in service, that you may apply the truths that you know at this stage of your ascension to the greater glory of the Universal Father. You stand strongly, in favor of true values, while being defenseless in making them stand above all else.

For you know that your perspectives are ever changing, growing, enlarging, and that makes your truth somewhat different. Instead of railing about what you strongly believe and what you would force others to believe, be open and sharing of your inspiration, your ideas, your insight, but do not stand upon them as universal truths that will not grow, or it will certainly stagnate and develop conflicts, acrimonious relationships. Respect the others’ path. Respect the pure hearts, the growing hearts of your fellows and work with them to incorporate cooperative, caring and sharing relationships, as you discover higher levels of truth, together. Do not be adamant in favor of your concepts of Beauty, or Goodness, for truly these things are also in the eye of the mortal beholder and these concepts are ever changing, as each of you appreciate Truth, Beauty and Goodness as you see it, and as you understand it.

How many relationships are destroyed and put to extreme stress because individuals see fit to turn on those who disagree with them and take a stand against that person. Cliques are formed. Pressure groups are formed. Each of you know that selfishness, and self-centeredness belies that truth that you know. Move to beyond intolerance. Move to a higher level of faith.

There is a Master plan for you, for your world, for your universe, and for the universe of universes. When you have the faith in the Father’s plan, then, what, indeed, could be threatening to you? For you know that this plan will carry you forward to ever-higher levels of Truth, Beauty and Goodness as your vessel can move forward with these things. And so, be patient, for the things you do not know are simply opportunities to move forward and learn more. Do so, not in defense of your level of knowledge. Be proud of your knowledge. Be proud that you are a student, loving and unique, a child of God. Defense? What? Open your hearts to new expressions, to new ideas, and they will come to you as living waters and you will learn more and more. You will grow in faith and you will become to increasingly know that defensiveness builds fortresses and fortresses create conflicts which are rife upon you world.

I have worked in other universes. I am here, now, to apply what I believe I have learned in my experiences on other worlds. I assure you that all is well. All is proceeding according to God’s plan. You have suffered from rebellion, but you have gained so much from being involved in that rebellion. For all returned to the glory of God, and the benefits have reverberated across the entire local universe, and even beyond into the texts that are studied in this universe and others. The example of this Lucifer rebellion has been one of the greatest teaching aids in all the universe. This teaching aid comes to you, complements of your own Jesus. The example of Urantia is studied, analyzed, dissected and celebrated through all the worlds. And you are so directly involved that you see, in sharp relief, the many levels of conflict that have permeated your world - such an opportunity to learn about all of these areas of conflict, in order to rise above all conflict.

This, my friends, is a primarily ascension quest - to rise above all conflict, and to realize that you create conflict each day, in many ways. Strongly [act?] from your defenselessness, then you will greatly celebrate your abilities - knowledge which will lead you beyond and above all conflict. Look forward to your citizenship of the cosmos, to Jerusem.

I have spoken quite enough. There may be others who wish to speak, or, the group may engage in discussion. For we have barely touched upon the subject of defenselessness. I only introduce it to offer these sharings and in order that you may put it foremost in you minds in coming weeks as individuals, as governments - indeed, all of Urantia seeks to rise up and embrace this concept. In these dangerous conflicts, it is critical to your progress on Urantia. Take a stand for defenselessness - strong, and assertive - for defenselessness. And you will still be a loving child of God who has no reason to defend. Powers may fall. They have often done so. They may fall again. But as true values are permeated within your world, so too are the blessings of the cosmos. Spiritual teachers of this new, and glorious age will pour forth to Urantia, golden emissaries of love and truth, with compassion for each and every one. Be defenseless as a child, for you are a beloved child of the Father, like no other. He will take care of you. Thank you.

* * *

North Idaho TeaM

November 24, 2001



Kirk: Have you ever heard of The Disclosure Project initiated by Steven Greer? Could you comment on it?

Elyon: This is an undertaking that is welcomed by my associates and myself for it encourages human beings to ponder seriously the realities of populated worlds and to develop in the minds of many people the understanding that this civilization upon Urantia is not the end-all or apex of how culture can evolve. Urantia has developed a way of thinking that it has unfettered freedom to undertake exploits, for it sees no corrective force that would rein in its undertakings. Only does religion on your world have any application upon the thinking of mankind to steer its actions based upon universe principles. This fellow and others like him are planting in the mindstream of the human race another element wherein ethical comparison may be made to gauge the appropriateness of human undertakings.

When a single family lives alone on a desert island its social structure tends to be based upon its own inter-workings. When more families gather together the social structure reformulates to accommodate a greater diversity. When it becomes a huge city of families even more structure that incorporates the considerations of many purposes is developed. Through this process refinements in civilization are made. Self sacrifice develops and service also comes into being. Urantia has been like the desert island.

Soon – and it is beginning now – you as a world will design your social standards as you incorporate the awareness of an interplanetary family. The transition will not be smooth, for as you have found in your studies, there is resistance to the dissemination of knowledge already gained of life elsewhere.

We sit in this room today and speak to one another. This undertaking that we are engaged in can be refuted by many, for it is not highly tangible, so my presence with you can be written off. Individuals like you have expressed today are discovering irrefutable evidences, and this will increase receptivity of other beings from elsewhere.

While Urantia lingers behind many worlds in its development such that it is an unruly member in this system of planets, it would be unwise for you to have much contact with a neighbor at this time. It is deemed of great importance that you have more contact with higher celestial beings not from other worlds but from the higher spheres that lie ahead in your ascension career.

I applaud this fellow’s work, for I see it injecting itself into the philosophic thought stream, and that is where we look to help uplift mankind. It may appear to some as merely science fiction. It may appear to some as a cosmic religious undertaking. But its impact philosophically is where I and others like me may get a foothold to bring a broader perspective and to infuse within this manner of thinking the dimension of truth that is revealed from the divine personalities of Paradise.

I trust you receive well my opnion.

Kirk: Ahh, thank you Elyon.

Tom: You have mentioned the rigorous mandates that celestials have regarding interfering with free will. We have greater leeway for imposing our will on others on this world. We are your hands and feet and aren’t held to nearly as stringent accountability as you. Are beings from other worlds under the same mandates as you are? Do they have their freedom to make changes on our world?

Elyon: In the wisdom of our Creator inhabited worlds have been placed sufficiently apart in distance such that you may not unwisely impinge upon the evolution of another world, just as once upon your world your continents were protected by the seas from invasions from another continent. Once your civilizations developed more fully they were able to intermingle with greater degree of peacefulness than early on. This dynamic of behaviors holds true between worlds. Elsewhere in this uinverse it has been witnessed that there have been some conflicts between planets just as you have waged wars between continents.

Urantia is only now emerging from quarantine. Those who will be in contact with your world are special members chosen and trained to approach your world cautiously. They are more restricted in their contact than they would be if they were simply pioneers seeking new lands. The reason is, as you have stated, that you, a human being, may have influence upon another human being because you are equals and your freewill spheres may intermingle or even clash. That is part of the evolution in Supremacey. Myself and others like me are on another level, and it is not deemed wise by the Creator that we manipulate what for you must evolve.

Visitors from other worlds who come as equals may have influence upon you and you upon them. In the case of Urantia, having undergone a lengthy period of isolation, these visitors are rehearsed by us and prepared to meet you according to Michael’s wishes, less independent that a free adventuring spaceship may do so in a normal realm.

Ginny: You are preventing aliens from coming here who may do us harm or that they are unable to come here?

Elyon: Those worlds that are perceived to be potentially harmful to another are as yet unable to traverse the distance, and your wold is one of them. The worlds that have these abilities to approach you world are from worlds that have not been retarded by the Lucifer Rebellion. These worlds more readily comply with the methods of Michael. We do not prevent them who are potentially harmful; they are simply incapable. But we do train and rehearse those who are in the circuits of Nebadon and fully aware of the undertakings of this system and constellation as well. These come on assignment, for Urantia and worlds like it are under protection. It is the desire of the Correcting Time officials that these worlds that have been wounded receive healing and upliftment free from potentially devastating setbacks. Therefore you may plant within your conceptual frameworks the notion that those in the near future who will visit and become known on your world come benignly.

Had you developed as a normal sphere in this system and continued beyond the development level you are at now to be capable of contacting other worlds, less restrictions would have been in place, and you would encounter these cultures much as you have in the past when you encountered new cultures as you crossed the seas. You would and they would have made mistakes and learned from them. But Urantia is under the protective care of Michael, and that alters the conditions of contactibility of your world.

Kirk: The technologies of our world are outgrowing the spirituality of our world. Are we a threat to the cosmos in any way?

Elyon: Your technologies are advancing and often independently of moral guidelines. However, at this point at the risk of sounding condescending, you are like a young child with a rock in hand who cannot yet throw that rock over the fence to another yard. So you are non-threatening to another world. More so you are threatening to your own well-being. However in a few centuries this will change. Therefore do you witness the Correcting Time well underway on this world to hasten the spiritual development and to prepare you to wisely discern whether or not throwing that rock is worthwhile.

Tom: Our meetings with you seem to have grown out of our petition to know more after reading your text. Since all spirit is contactable, is there a way to make contact ourselves?. . . (would contacting mortals on another world be) of a more physical nature if we were to contact these beings?

Elyon: You have referred to technologies. There are technologies which this world has yet to develop to make more sensory contact. Yes, you are correct in discerning the ultimate approach, mind communications and brotherly contacts. These are available through the system and local circuits. Worlds around you were kept in touch with events upon this world as needed and as they were helpful to those other planetary civilizations. You need not span the physical distances to develop your interplanetary brotherhood. What we do today is the crude beginnings of better mindal contact. It is easier for one of my standing to make encircuitment, for the mind endowment bestowed upon creatures of my level of ascension has greater abilities in meshing with the human mind. You will unfortunately experience greater difficulty contacting a mind encircuited in the same level as yourself much as you do encountering difficulty in forms of telepathy among peoples on you own world. But it is not impossible. And I will unabashedly make a plug for stillness

Ginny: If only this information could be given to every creature on this planet.

Elyon: I give you that assignment.

* * * * *


While the fruits of the Teaching Mission are ongoing in our daily lives and interactions with others, I would like to share with you some of the many specific projects that TM individual and groups are involved with in this section of the newsletter each month

I think you will be most interested in the words of Fred Harris about the Temple of the Father that the Tallahassee group proposes to build.

The Temple of the Father

“We have selected the site and will dedicate it during the Celestial Nights gathering this February. Later we will build a retreat center near the Temple. At this time we are soliciting ideas for the design of the Temple and we have engaged an architect to do the construction drawing when we agree on the design. So, if anyone has any ideas . . . please let us know.”

“When we look at the two temples described in The Urantia Book, it gives us some idea of what the temple should look like. Basically we are interested in something that is simple but elegant, utilizing the local materials and constructed, as much as possible, by those believers that will understand its significance”.

“The construction of the Temple is a Mind, Body & Spirit project (MBS is our church) that we be designed to facilitate the encouragement for people to connect with their indwelling Father fragment. As such it will be primarily used for worshipful meditation and is planned to be used in conjunction with a retreat facility to be constructed nearby.”

“It will be open to all seekers and tolerant to all paths.”

“I hope that it will be used, at least in part, in connection with the training of kids to be about the Father’s business and, to that end, I hope to have UB Youth - the Truthseekers - assist in the construction of the Temple. I have spoken to a lumber miller and he will be bringing his mill to the site to mill trees for use in the Temple. Midwayers will definitely be involved, but in a supervisory capacity and to assist in arranging for the appropriate people to be involved. George doesn’t need to send them, as we have direct contact with them ourselves, as I’m sure your group does.”

“This is not designed to be a for profit venture, but instead to generate sufficient fees through the retreat center to pay for the maintenance utilities, and upkeep. If it doesn’t MBS will pay the difference.”

“RCIM, 11:11, TeaM, UF, TUBF, Paul & Monica Kemp, the Retreat Network, and all other groups will be welcome and I hope that they will support it with their presence. We think the world of all of them and support their courageous outreach.”

“I personally think that part of the design for Temple should include a courtyard where a Tree of Life could be planted, should it again be brought to this planet. Might as well plan ahead and be positive about the possibilities.”

“Celestials will definitely attend the ground breaking dedication ceremonies. The site was identified through a vision and celestial guidance, but with the admonition “just build it”! We anticipate an overflow crowd. You should come.”

“I read Ham’s comments to the effect that our main goal is personal spiritual growth and I couldn’t agree more. I note that he mentioned that many times the construction of projects facilitates such growth and I hope that is the case here. Of course we all know that the construction of a Temple of the Unseen Father was one of the first things that was done by the Planetary Prince and by Van and Amadon (for the Garden of Eden), so there is precedence for the project. It is all dependent upon a pure intent, so we are hopeful that we can provide a worshipful attitude in the unfolding of the plan.”

“The Temple will be dedicated during the 6th annual Celestial Nights gathering, when people that we love will be in Tallahassee to lend support and provide encouragement to us. We couldn’t do it without them.”

The ground breaking dedication ceremony followed by dinner on the property will be on Wednesday, February 12 before the Annual Celestial Nights gathering.

“We feel that it is time for another temple and we propose to build it. We would love your participation and prayers. For those who can’t be there for the dedication, maybe you could help us build it next summer.”

Let us all join with them in spirit on this joyous occasion. And let’s think about joining them next summer to help them build it!

* * * * *


Susan Kimsey has been an incredible contributor to the Teaching Mission and at the same time giving of her time and energy in caring for an aunt and her parents before they left for the Mansion Worlds. Now is the time for us to give to Susan.

Susan has been struggling to recover from colon cancer and Donna D’Ingillo reports that she continues to have her ozone therapy and is seeing some improvement, although she still has a long journey to recovery. She has some days where she feel stronger and in less pain, and some days are more wearing. But Susan does feel her faith in Father, Mother, and Michael is keeping her connected for the most part, and it is a great comfort to her. Susan wishes to send her thanks and love to all of you and feels your prayers and love.

Tim is devotedly caring for her. Tim’s mother is recovering from a heart attack and now is living with them. So, Tim has been shouldering a very large load, so your prayers for him would be greatly helpful and appreciated.

* * *

Jim Andrews, another dear brother in Colorado, is battling lung cancer.

We send our love to Susan, Tim and Jim and keep them in our prayers as we hold the picture of them in our minds and hearts as the beautiful, strong, and vibrantly healthy people that we know they are.

* * * * *


This is a list of books written by members of our TM family that you will enjoy reading and want to add to your library. You may want to consider adding extra copies to your collection of “loaners” to share with others. You never know when you will find someone ready to read one of these books. We need to be prepared and these authors have given us the tools to use as we share the Good News!

Our many thanks to the authors that have given their love, energy and talents into writing these books and printing them. THANK YOU!!!

The Center Within by Fred Harris & Byron Belitsos, Origin Press 1998 $14.95

Presents a dynamite combination of insights for spiritual living with 180 lessons from Tallahassee Teacher Will matched with companion quotes from The Urantia Book.

The Search for 11:11 by George Mathieu Barnard Celestia/11:11 Publishers 2002 $15.00

George shares his amazing experiences with the Midwayers that he has recognized, visualized and been working with for decades as a healer and teacher. You won’t want to miss this opportunity that George has given us to learn more about the Midwayers. And there’s more to come! This is just the first of a trilogy that George has to offer.

The Secret Revelation: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation by Stella Religa with Byron Belitsos Celestia imprint 2002 $21.00

Stella went in search of the truth about biblical end-times prophecy. Using The Urantia Book as a crucial reference- and gifted with extensive celestial assistance - Stella reconstructs Apostle John’s original heavenly vision that now lies hidden in the Book of Revelation.

All of the above books are available from the publishing enterprises of Byron Belitsos and can be purchased from his Kosmos Bookstore on-line at the website: originpress.com for 10% off plus P& H. The 10% discount applies only to purchases on the website. If you don’t have a computer and can’t find a friend to place an order for you, you can call 530-926-4907.


Byron is offering The Center Within at 50% off for 4 copies or more, which would be a cost of $30 plus shipping for 4 books for the readers of the newsletter. These can only be purchased by calling 888-276-4446 and mentioning “TNN - 50% off.”

We thank you, Byron, for this generous offer - 4 books for $30. What a deal. We hope this will help the book reach many more readers.

The Correcting Time by Fred Harris Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. 1999 $14.95

This book tells of the adventures of Vincent and Roland from the earliest days of the Teaching Mission as they learned more about it and shared more about it with others.

Available from Amazon.com. For those of you without access to a computer, you can write to Mind, Body and Spirit, Inc. at P.O. Box 1838. Tallahassee, Fl 32302

Teach Us To Love

The Manual fo find Unconditional Love for Yourslf and Others by Donna D’Ingillo 2002 $14.95

To be loved unconditionally is the most desirable feeling imaginable This stimulating, thought provoking book offers the keys to finding unconditional love for yourself and others. This may be one of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself for your spiritual growth.

To order a copy send a check for $15.00 plus $1.50 for Ph&H in the US to The Center for Christ Consciousness, 1800 Lincoln Village Circle, #2253, Larkspur, CA 94939.

The Zooid Mission by Gerdean 2002 $20.00

This 473 page cosmic love story is the story of a man from another world whose assignment brings to planet Urth where he influences the lives of the people he meets. This book incorporates many of the principles of The Urantia Book in its telling and no wonder as Gerdean was working with Athena, a Celestial Artisan, as she wrote this book.

To order a copy send check or money order for $25.00 ($20.00 plus $5.00 for P& H) made payable to O’Dell-Bowen Enterprises at P.O. Box 27714, Albuquerque, NM 87125-7714

The Fruits of the Spirit by Teacher Tomas


This classic contains many wonderful and beautiful lessons from Teacher Tomas.

Available for $5.00 plus $1 P& H through O’Dell-Bown Enterprises or the Harp of God Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 692, Monterey, MA 01245.

How I Found the Urantia Book - Compiled by Saskia Praamsma Square Circles Publishing 2001 $8.95

The new and enlarged version of HIFTUB contains 324 first-person accounts of how people first found The Urantia Book grouped chronologically from Clyde Bedell, author of the

Concordex and who joined the Forum in Chicago in1924 to a blind reader who found the book on the Internet in 2001. You’ll enjoy reading about a lot of people you know.

To order a copy send a check or money order for $8.95 plus $3.00 postage to Square Circles Publishing, P.O. Box 251194, Glendale, CA 91225.


These are a couple of reviews and comments that I would like to share with you. We look forward to sharing your reviews and comments.

The Search for 11:11

“A must read for those looking for answers! Answers to life’s baffling questions. This book relates George Barnard’s discovery of celestial beings, beings who are constantly present on earth and have been for many thousands of years. These beings (also called Midwayers, because they’re sort of in the middle of where humans and other celestials are) abound in large numbers around Earth and can be requested for all kinds of help. They’re very experienced, loving and helpful. They already have helped you or someone you know without your knowing. These cousins of ours are constantly working to help the poor, the sick and the downtrodden of the planet. Read more about these fantastic beings in this very readable and often very funny book” Manuprimp

Teach Us To Love

“In her writing just released, Donna D’Ingillo takes the air of mystery out of experiencing the happiness and unconditional love we all crave. Her new book gives us step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this ability to love and be loved, but it does even more. It teaches us the basics of achieving contact with our Angels and other Celestial Teachers. Donna has long taught “Stillness” to individuals, and groups in the US.

A learning Journey for every spiritual seeker!

A handbook that is highly recommended.” George Barnard

The Zooid Mission

“I consider this story to be one of the finest I have ever read! It is very captivating in its theme, characters and movement. Despite its fantasy structure it is very believable. The use of vivid description for the thoughts and emotions of the characters vies with the lush portrayal of the physical environment. It is a book I would recommend to anyone interested in spirituality, fantasy, or science fiction. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone!” Issac

* * * * *



February 12, 2003 Tallahassee, Fl - Ground breaking dedication ceremonies for the Temple of the Father.

February 13-16, 2003 - Celestial Nights Gathering in Cape San Blas, FL

* * * * *


July 10-13, 2003

Niagra Falls, NY

This year’s National Teaching Mission Conference will be held at the Center for Renewal Services, a Catholic conference and retreat center near Niagra Falls.

Jim Cleveland is the Program Chair with help from various TeaMers including Bob Devine, Sussi Rowland, Mike Painter, and Donna D’Ingillo, and Stephanie Gjerde. The local committee includes Judy Nyland, Theresa Logan and Leah Convery. Bob Devine is designing the registration mailers and they should be arriving in your email or mail box sometime this month.

Richard Knox will be Music Director and Stage Manager. Donna is coordinating the worship sessions. “Living Waters; Living Faith will likely be the theme. [What a perfect theme for a conference at Niagra Falls ! - Ed.]

Al Wolf, who many of you may know from his presence at the Colorado Team Conference, IC99 or Celestial Nights will be doing a pre-conference retreat on the evening of July 9th and the morning of July 10th before the Team Conference starts. The extra day charge at the conference center will only be $50 for lodging and meals. Is there anybody who wants to pass up this opportunity?

* * * * *


Sonny Schneider has been posting daily quotes from the Teachers and The Urantia Book on tml for years. This is a service that has inspired, enlightened and uplifted many of each day. So, I thought I would share one of these in each issue. We do thank you Sonny for your dedication in service to the Teaching Mission.

Teaching Mission

Faith is showing your true self candidly and sincerely to your companions in this life experience because you know God would not turn out a bad product. - Will

The Urantia Book

“Your sonship is grounded in faith, and you are to remain unmoved by fear. Your joy is born of trust in the divine word, and you shall not therefore be led to doubt the reality of the Father’s love and mercy. It is the very goodness of God that leads men into true and genuine repentance. Your secret of the mastery of self is bound up with your faith in the indwelling spirit, which ever works by love. Even this saving faith you have not of yourselves; it is also the gift of God. And if you are the children of this living faith, you are no longer bondslaves of self but rather the triumphant masters of yourselves, the liberated sons of God. 143:2.7

‘If, then, my children, you are born of the spirit, you are forever delivered from the self-conscious bondage of a life of self-denial and watchcare over the desires of the flesh, and you are translated into the joyous kingdom of the spirit, whence you spontaneously show forth the fruits of the spirit in your daily lives; and the fruits of the spirit are the essence of the highest type of enjoyable and ennobling self-control, even the heights of terrestrial mortal attainment - true self-mastery.” 143:2.8 Midwayer Commission

* * * * *

F. Y. I

$501.01 - Available Funds

* * * * *


The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:

Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Please make all checks payable to Allene Vick as this is not a business and I can’t deposit checks made to TNN. Your support is very much appreciated.

When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes.

SPECIAL NOTE - All the newsletters from the previous month and before are listed on the tmarchive website. Please feel free to download as many copies as you want and to share them or e-mail them to others. I do ask that you do not share them on the any other websites as I am not in a position to handle any mass e-mails or correspondence that this might generate. I appreciate your honoring my request.