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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

May 1998 (Vol. 6, No.5)




In this issue you will find a transcript from the Raj material that I found particularly helpful in dealing with trying to love those individuals in our lives with whom we find this process extremely challenging. I was introduced to the Raj material by a newsletter reader and I was only going to listen to the tape out of respect for the person who sent it to me thinking that I had enough information on my plate. That intention led me to discover a rich feast of material that has been very supportive in my quest to better understand how to apply the lessons of the teachers in my daily life.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Raj material, it consists of transmitted messages from Raj through Paul Tuttle in answer to individual questions most of which come from group sessions. When Paul first started working with Raj and asked who he was, he was told his name was Rajpur. Much later Paul discovered that Rajpur was Jesus. In answer to a question about why he gave his name as Rajpur to Paul, he said that if he had told Paul in the beginning that he was Jesus, Paul would have shut down not believing the process. How many of us can relate to that???


While there may seem to be some contradictions with the information in the Urantia Book, it is interesting to note that in the Foreword of the book Graduation: The End of Illusions Raj says: “I have stated that there are five major books of the modern world which address the divinity of man and facilitate his realization of Reality - his Awakening. The first is Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. The second is The





Urantia Book. The third is A Course in Miracles. The fourth is Graduation: The End of Illusions, and the fifth is yet to appear.”


As the teacher, LorEl, told us we all have pieces of the puzzle and it will not be completed until all the pieces are connected. In this Correcting Time, I believe it is important for us to be continually alert for other pieces of the puzzle and just as with a puzzle to look for similar pieces of color. At first we may not see how they will fit together, but if we look for similarities instead of differences, we will all complete the puzzle sooner. It is good to keep in mind that we don’t know what the completed puzzle is going to look like, so keeping an open mind helps. I look forward to the time when all those on the spiritual frontiers of different traditions and systems join together in unity of purpose. Then Light and Life will truly be on the horizon for all of us.


This month we will be thinking of our brothers and sisters attending SpiritFest98 and looking forward to hearing from you. If you are planning to attend one of the other conferences, be sure to get your applications and deposits in the mail.


This summer may we all find times of refuge and respite from the hectic pace of life to reflect upon the many blessings our Father has bestowed upon us and times for rest and reversion to simply enjoy life as one of His beloved children.


Allene Vick



* * * * *





May 1998

Avis Nicholas.

Sarasota, FL




Many are praying that the Father’s Will be done on earth but we know this cannot be done until man can discern what the Father’s will is. The knowing must come first, and this is a large step for mankind. To KNOW the will of God, then implement the knowing of that will. Many small tentative steps must be taken before the courage to implement the Father’s will can manifest on our world.


At this time there are two aspects of the Father’s Will. The first aspect is His Perfect Will, which is almost unknown on our world, and the second aspect is His Permissive Will. That will which permits experiences which are far from His Perfect Will, but which will hopefully lead to His Perfect Will at some future time, as mankind desires more ardently that manifestation of Divine Will.


Do not despair over this long step in man’s evolution. After many stumbles and mistakes, man will gradually begin to see the better course to be taken in this regard.


As more and more of our children desire to know the Father’s Will and be in the forefront of mankind’s great achievement of Light and Light on our world.


* * *


Teachers: Will and Elyon

Topics: Love and Gender

Group:  Coeur d’Alene Teaching Mission Group


May 10, 1998


Will (Jonathan TR):  I greet you today, and I would address you on the topic of love.

The Father’s love is transcendent of all conditions. It is so extensive in its embrace that it is nearly impossible to define it through descriptions. In order to understand this divine love, you are of necessity in the position of receiving love from those who are nearer your state of being. This is the initial experience into the dimension of love that is deep and results in the realization of the Father.


Love from God as it comes to you is reflected through your local universe rulers, Michael and Nebadonia. The experience you have of love, that flow of energy, is their variation of that divine and transcendent love. Even the glandular makeup of your bodies is designed with the understanding that your ability to sense love will have some physical ramifications. This has been designed such that you gain sensitivity to this higher spiritual love. It also makes apparent how important it is for you to demonstrate on all levels to your young ones . . .(brief interruption)


I speak on this topic of love today because I wish to convey two points: One, that the Father’s love is so grand that it is almost impossible for a creature to comprehend the enormity of this expression, that your experience of this love has been forwarded to you through His Creator Son and the Creative Spirit so that you may begin to approach this love. In so doing they have provided you with a love that is reflective of their personal affection as well as the Father’s. You, yourselves, experience this qualification.


The other point I wish to convey is that you desire to express spiritual love to one another, and you know that your ability to love is determined by your attainment spiritually as a creature for the Creator. When you open yourself to allow the love of the Father through you, it is recognizable how you provide your own flavor, your own coloration, of this divine and essential love. This is not a fault; this is not imperfection. This is merely another derivation of that pure essence. You are reflecting Michael’s love from the Father. Every expression of love on your part and every expression of love through each one of you is a point wherein another may link to the great circuit of love that will ultimately draw you all into the Father’s presence.


In order to better discover the love of the Father within you, ministers have been stationed around you who can reveal this love, as has been experienced by them, that you may recognize it when you encounter it within. Though you can never coerce or compel or require another to attain this experience of love within, you can demonstrate it such that it becomes recognizable.


The love of the Father is so expansive. I would crudely convey an inkling of this expansiveness by relaying to you that the very matter of the universe is because of love. All of finality, all relationship, all awareness is rooted in love to begin with. Mankind struggles with the acquirement of love, the need, the hunger to experience love received and to have an outlet for love expressed. Much of the time love is valued strictly from the emotional well-being and comfort it provides. Love is this and more. Love is an action; it is an emotion, and it is a state of mind.


Today you have designated as a day for honoring those who have brought you life and have nurtured you with love. It is a fitting example of love that goes beyond feeling into many elements of life. From this day of recognition of relationship of parent to child, you can better understand the love of the Father, that love which is present even when you are feeling disconnected, even rebellious.


I am Will, and I am one who loves you. I thank you and Elyon for letting me speak today. That is all.


Evelyn:  Thank you, Will. It’s good to hear from you. Since you have addressed Mother’s Day and Nebadonia, it brings to mind gender and how it is used in connection with celestials. It’s easy for us to make sweeping generalizations about other beings based on our experience. Angels are referred to as daughters of the Infinite Spirit, but I don’t think that makes them similar to human females in outlook or nature. Could you tell us more about those in The Urantia Book who are designated “she”?


Will: This is difficult territory to wade into because of the dual nature of the human species. The manifestation of son and spirit within the Infinite I Am brings about the initial duality, in reality, a polarity, complementary and connected to one another. The gender terms of “he” and “she” have been applied in the text, for it is your beginning approach to understanding the essential, fundamental, and primal divisions of God. You are correct in your discernment that this does not mean that all beings from the Infinite Spirit are feminine, likewise those of the Son being solely masculine.


I am, myself, as you know, female due to my birth on a world in a form that is female in gender. In my morontia unfoldment I have come to understand that we all have both qualities within us, some more latent, others more active. I have discovered that love that is tender and love that is stern are not gender oriented. The idea of applying differentiation based on the physical qualities of one’s body is similar to striving to understand the base of a tree by analyzing the minute fibrils at the end of a tiny branch. It does not reveal the nature of the trunk with enough breadth to truly understand. Nonetheless, qualities are resident at these extreme ends that originated from the divine source. They have become altered and adapted to become, in your realm, male and female. I might put it this way: The quarter is a coin, but all coins are not quarters. This is true with the designations “he” and “she” when applied to higher beings.


On Paradise you will better understand the unification of these seemingly different dimensions much as you will there understand the oneness of matter and spirit.


I hope I have been helpful.


Evelyn: Yes, particularly the idea of love, whether stern or tender, doesn’t automatically make it male or female. We stereotype based somewhat on experience, but I don’t want to do that with beings I’m not familiar with at all. Thank you. We will have to wait for Paradise for some of these things.


Elyon:  I too greet you today; this is your good friend, Elyon. It is always a pleasure to have another provide the lesson for me and let me rest and enjoy being with you and observe more carefully your reactions.


There does come a time in a teacher’s experience when the question arises, what may I do better to facilitate your growth? I have tried many approaches, and I have experienced the rewards of your progress. It is good to witness another teacher, to observe the emphasis made, for we are reflective of the Melchizedek lessons just like Michael is reflective of the Father’s love. Each of us has a slant to the course to be taught. Each of you likewise has a variant to the essence that you have experienced, and, to repeat Will, it is to your benefit that you apply yourself to fully understand your diversity.


Not one of you nor anyone of us will ever fully be a representative of Michael in any of our actions. But we will be a representative for Michael as we are. This he acknowledges; this he expects. Michael has given full expression in human form what he would be. He has already been in your shoes. Now he wishes for you to be fully you in your shoes for him, not the denial of yourself., not the devaluation of your worth. He said he is the water of life. Each of you is a flavor in that water. You know that flavor brings variety and all flavors provide refreshment.


That being said, do you have any tasty tidbits to add?


(long pause)


Evelyn: We are a quiet group today.


Elyon:  I have noticed. Reflectivity is as valuable as expressivity. I might interject that reflectivity and expressivity are two ends, two polarities, of a similar function.


Evelyn: I have been working on this project with Nolus. To the extent you are familiar with it, do you have any suggestions for things I should keep in mind in trying to come up with something coherent?


Elyon:  In a general response I would offer that you reach consensus on focus, to what degree you are going to record the events of the Teaching Mission as it began, the scope of the project. In that light you could ask yourselves, to whom do we intend to make this information available? Is it for the reasons of historical record? Is it for the opportunity to witness to others who seek the group dynamics which this mission provides? Is it going to be a tool to help new arrivals to, in a sense, catch up, to come up to speed with what has transpired over these past seven years? This will help to determine what to include in the body of the work. My only advice that I would desire you to follow is that this be an expression of experiences by fellows within this mission and that it not be portrayed as demonstration of proof that this experience is valid, only that it be a record of experiences. Beyond that, I am looking forward to what is compiled and how you go about providing your own variation and understanding of the events that transpired that brought about the dynamics throughout this country and the relationships that even now at this meeting you are experiencing.


Evelyn: Thank you, that is helpful.


Elyon: It may require a few centuries before the activities that the spirit ministers of this world are undertaking become obvious to you all; even in this age of rapid communication there are events unfolding on this world of which you know not. The Melchizedeks are quite active, and they will remain so until the planetary government has been fully reconstituted under normal procedures. Even then, Urantia, what it is and what it has gone through, they may be here all the way to the ages of Light and Life.


The Melchizedeks have a special function on this world. They even preceded the arrival of your Prince; they have interceded directly in the revelation to this world. They run this Teaching Mission, and upon some reflection you will easily conclude that this mission could not be all that occupies the attention of a Melchizedek son. Recording the events that have transpired with you human beings in this mission will be helpful years later when you or others encounter other records that help to clarify, that stand in comparison with one another to shine greater luminosity upon the entire series of events transpiring on this planet. A day will arrive for you all when you will be able to review the records of all thirty seven worlds.


Mary: Either for comment today or in the future relating to the topic we discussed about gender, I have been reflecting for some months on roles, trying to understand myself, my roles, and our planet’s history of devaluating what I see as female traits and over evaluating traditional male traits. I realize we each have the full spectrum of potentials, leaving it to us as to which we express. I’d like to hear more comment on the discovery of oneself. I’d like to not fall back solely on emulating those I admire, self-discovery without confusion with societal values or being overshadowed by others’ personalities.


Elyon: I will make a comment today and will make effort to prepare lessons for the future on this topic as it is broad and quite involved, for to those of you who have yet to be released from your first form of life, your bodies, it can be emotional. Once you have been resurrected in a morontial form, some of the discussion about your gender will become unnecessary. But since you all lack this experience as yet, we must explain more. Reflect one moment on the fact that every one of you exists, though different in gender from the opposite sex, has each been created by both. You are the merger of these two forms of your species. However, you are in reality a combination of both. You might say it is like one who is right-handed and one who is left-handed. All the functions of handness are present no matter the configuration of the digits and the palm. Each of you can equally express the qualities of both sexes. Some of the transitions going on in your society today regarding sexual orientation are expressive of the reality that you all contain the qualities of your parental origin. On a world that is maternal in orientation wars are less prevalent. However oftentimes the wars that have taken place are to eliminate or greatly reduce the numbers of the aggressive, lesser sex, the males, in order to attain peace. On this world aggression attains rulership; on other worlds aggression has been forcefully restrained. Yet, you see in both the application of a technique, that being war, in order to effect different ends.


I will pause in my comments here and return to this topic at another time.


Mary:  Thank your for your efforts and attention to the topic. It’s been ongoing on this planet since the times of Jesus when he tried to elevate women to equal status and society resisted. It’s hard to identify the repercussions of those tendencies throughout history. We don’t have to untangle all that if we can transcend the whole issue. It’s confusing. It’s an idea for something we can use some help with. Thank you.


Elyon: You are welcome. I leave you with one little expression. Since we are speaking of gender, I would like to mention DNA and its double helix quality. You expressed the untangling of confusion on this world regarding the sexes. It would be nice to come to an understanding of your mutual support for each other and from each other as this spiraling helix does for you all genetically. One without the other and there is no life; without each of you there is no life. You are to be seen as standing equal in a dynamic which will contribute to progress. It will never be static. Always will you culturally benefit from the oscillation back and forth with the traits that are more dominant in one and traits that are more dominant in the other. This provides movement. Perhaps we can take this conversation up again on Father’s Day.


I now take my leave.


Mary: Thanks.


* * *


February 15, 1998

Pittsburgh, PA

Teacher Session: [Intellectual Peace}


Tomas:  Good afternoon, our faithful students and beloved daughters. It is Tomas and Merium, come to greet you on this wonderful Urantia afternoon. How are you?


Group (Liana, Beatrix, Leah and Gerdean): Good. Very well.


Tomas: It is wonderful when we see you applying your minds so diligently to the concepts laid out in these earlier Papers and more difficult pages of your revelation. It is wonderful when we see that you try to understand how the universe is set up and how your own world and therefore your lives have been impacted by what transpires in the greater universe, in the, how you say, echelons of administration.


Under the realization of your great efforts of this afternoon and in light of your limited time frame, I will not speak for a long period of time, but I will plant a seed in your mind based upon the hefty discourses interjected into today’s studies of the Avonal Sons, indeed the Descending Sons. [Extensive speculation as to whether perhaps the Maitraya and/or other “Ascended Masters” might be Avonal, peppered today’s studies.]


I would like to introduce the concept of intellectual peace. Intellectual peace is a gift of the divine spirit, not a fruit, but something that is above and beyond your comprehension of that which is innate to your nature as a result of your rebirth. Think now, if you will, of that which gives you intellectual peace in your material realm:


It is, of course, understood that you have (and you must take this in perspective, for there are exceptions to every rule, but, let us say that you have) an understanding of your checkbook balance. Knowing that you have X number of dollars and cents in your checking account gives you, ideally, a certain amount of intellectual peace, if for no other reason than that fact of its existence.


Understanding a concept such as intellectual peace can also be drawn from the simple facts of the matter that you know where you live. You know your address; you know your phone number; you know your social security number. You know your spouse.


These are very elementary things about your existence and they give you a sense of identity, in-as-much as they are part of who you are. It is an element of intellectual peace that these things are part of your knowledge and your understanding. Intellectual peace, however, goes very, very far beyond these rudimentary examples.


Remember, if you can back into your spiritual evolution when you did not know how you were related to the Father, when the Father was a vague imagery, traditionally handed down to you – perhaps before you had experienced a rebirth – while He was still in the traditional mode. Think back to when you were unsure or unaware of how Michael, how Jesus, affected your life before indeed you knew who he was, why he came and how he has indissolubly changed the face of Urantia and your approach to your eternal career –your life. These facts provide you with a certain intellectual peace.


Knowing that the universes are upheld by the Administration of the universe; the Paradise Trinity resides at the center of all things; the foundation also of the physical balance in the universe: this even rudimentary knowledge that you have garnered from your studies of this revelation has given you a degree of intellectual peace.


Having this intellectual peace, having assimilated these truths into your very being by and through the Spirit of Truth and your applied studies, your comprehensions, your acceptance, your assimilation, your sharing and so on, has given you an awareness that is indeed intellectual in nature and provides you with an uncommon peace, for you know these things about yourself and your place in the universe that gives rise to understanding that all is well.


I would like for you each, in your meditations this upcoming week, to consider the assurances that are a part of your own existence, these truths that you are aware of, that you have assimilated and incorporated into you faith path, that are of the nature of intellectual peace that provides you a footing, a calling, an assurance that gives you a sense of confidence and strength, even in understanding your smallness. Consider the gift from its highest to its most simple realm of affecting you, and begin to appreciate for yourselves the great strength inherent in this gift of intellectual peace.


Are there questions this afternoon, my lovely friends?


Beatrix: That information, Tomas, gives me some insight into why, when I came across other areas of knowledge that are presented in different ways, why I attempt to somehow incorporate them, to see how they are connected, and I see that that is to give oneself that sense of intellectual peace, to kind of do something with these other systems, so that they fit, so that you can have that sense of okay-ness.


Tomas: Indeed, Beatrix, it is not only a method os assimilating and expanding your own understanding of intellectual peace, but of contributing to the peace of others, for then you can communicate your truths and allow them to assimilate what you believe to be truth, based upon your own comprehensions.


As you thus expose your understandings, the Spirit of Truth is able to operate, and that which has eternal and lasting and meaningful value will be assimilated and strengthened through the Spirit of Truth and it is not the singular, sole purpose of the mortal to assimilate these truths, for they are assisted in their appreciation by the ministries of the Comforter (the Spirit of Truth).


It is a wonderful ministry for those who are God-conscious, for those who are disciples of truth, beauty and goodness, to abridge any barriers of comprehension and understanding that may exist so that your overall appreciation of spirit reality can be attained, for there is one truth in the ascension scheme of virtual reality that is willing to assimilate degrees in order to promote the whole: there is no fight except the good fight of faith.


Beatrix: That is a way to become more connected rather than separate, if you can find similarities.


Tomas: Yes.


Beatrix: Which we are all anyway, but sometimes we lose that realization and start thinking that other people are disconnected and doing some other thing when really they aren’t; it’s just a matter of the words.


Tomas: It is also why it is advantageous to come into an understanding of the vastness of the universes of time and space, the many forms of life, the hierarchy, the study such as you did today regarding the various Ascending Sons and Descending Sons so that you realize that there are many kinds of life, and this is a part of the divine plan.


There are many, many variations on the theme, many myriad kinds of service and ministering personalities. There are even closer to your realm of understanding, perhaps, the air breathers and water breathers, the different brain types; there will be other physical types as well as spiritual types, and this is putting you in line for understanding the many different types of concepts and approaches to such a large and wondrous universe.


Think yet again about your own comprehension of intellectual truth and peace You have peace that passes all understanding because you know your personal relationship with Father and his many appendages. Even though the interpretation of these many appendages may differ in terms of size and color and function, the peace is in understanding that you are an integral part of the whole. The more you know about the part you play and how the system works, the more you can benefit by the experience and the more you can assist others in understanding and appreciating their experience as well.


(Very long silence)  You are very quiet this afternoon. I cannot understand why it is that you are suddenly so painfully quiet. Do I intimidate you? No, I am certain I do not. Have you overmuch extended your brain cells?


Liana: Well, I think . . . intellectual peace . . . you know, I’ve been a seeker most of my life and I’ve gotten to the point now that I think I’m just ready to step back and let things be revealed to me. There seems to be, like, a willingness to just do that. Even though – Actually I’m in the Urantia group more for the company than I am for all the facts. I can come here and I can talk about the invisible without being in awe of it or without other people being in awe of it or other people wanting me to prove it to them.


So intellectual peace . . . I feel that that’s where I am right now because I don’t have to know everything, that I see it as just real to me.


Tomas: This is very true, child. Another element of intellectual peace is that you allow truth to be revealed, indeed. As you put yourself in acceptance and of faith, you cease to argue with yourself; you cease to have conflict within your own mind. You know in the earlier stages of your growth there is much agitation of the mind as the animal mind is weaned and given over to the leadings of the spirit.


The spirit, as it gains mastery, through your cooperation, begins to show you that it will be unfolding, and so you allow for the truth to be revealed. Your mind, your intellect, is no longer interested in arguing the point. Your mind no longer battles with itself, but in faith accepts that which is shown to you as truth, and so there is intellectual peace in this context as well.


It is not something you have to argue about with yourself anymore. You are not in conflict about an issue, a matter, a theory, a possibility, an historic fact: it IS. It is existential, in fact, that you experience intellectual peace, not just academic in its intellectual nature, you see.

When your mind is at peace, your body is at peace and your spirit is able to function maximally. You are able to look upon your brethren who are trying to convince you of their truth, who are trying to convert you to their way of life, who are judging your behaviors or your lack of enthusiasm on their behalf, or whatever, in greater aplomb, patience, tolerance and good humor. You can look upon your less mature brothers and sisters as if they were delightful and amusing children, sincere in their impact on life, but none which will alter your course toward the Divine, the Eternal. It contributes, then to your poise, your peace of mind, your well-balanced personality.


Liana: Thank you, Tomas.


Tomas: Thank you , daughter. I am glad you are with us.


If you are not full-fledged participating human beings in your own spiritual consciousness, awareness and growth, you would not be comfortable here. It is not a group of book-learners, but a group of faithers, acting in a way as to assist the spirit in assisting them to learn to be more real, more viable, more meaningful, enjoy life more abundantly, and so you are here for the correct purpose, for companionship in the spirit, for soul support.


Liana: Amen.


Beatrix: The experience I feel, and I think a lot o people go through this in the earlier years, there is a real hunger,  a real searching for information, and now it’s . . . that just leaves at a certain time and then it’s more like appreciation. Like getting knowledge. It’s an appreciation of the universe but it’s not that being driven. It’s a very different feeling.


Tomas: Yes, the yearning of the soul to become aware of itself, to introduce itself to the consciousness of the mortal so that the mortal can begin to augment its growth, is a long suffering period in the life of an ascendant mortal. It is almost as if it were suffering its own labor pains to be born, and upon its rebirth, its acceptance of its place, its having been breathed into the breath of life, it begins then to radiate the joy of existence and those dreadful dark hours in the womb of pre-awareness are over. It is now an opportunity to enjoy a radiant day in the life and “life is but a day’s work; do it well.”


Now that you have Our Father and his myriad agents to work with you, to bring light and life into your arena, your own soul as it were, you have all the ammunition that you need in order to create your bastion of inner strength, and that includes your own intellectual peace. When you know who you are, you know your address; you know your social security number in terms of your eternal career; you know you are in the hands of the Eternal Parents and that you job is laid out for you. Your remuneration is assured. What a divine response to the concept of social security! It is eternal security!


I will bow out with my devoted companion Merium who urges us to call it an early afternoon, for we are being ushered off-stage to allow for the arena of life to wield itself to His will being done on earth as it is in heaven, and so we observe with great delight your work in your fields of endeavor, your own paths.


Dear ones, we will be with you throughout the week. Forget not that we are in integral part of your life. We embrace you. Rest in peace. Farewell.


Group: Farewell, Thank you, Tomas.


[And thank you Gerdean, for sharing this and other transcripts from the Pittsburgh groups. -Ed]


* * *



Volcano, Hawaii - #44




Gentle designers of self-transformation,


The universal desire for global peace is frequently expressed without consideration for the true means of its achievement.


For mutual harmony to become a natural state of the planet, inner peace must be consummated in the minds and hears of all its mortal inhabitants. Unity must triumph over the many obstacles that engender separateness.


Cultivate the tranquility of your spirit by eliminating hostility with the principle focus of tolerance, forgiveness, and understanding.


Your intimacy with the spark of divinity within your spirit will allow you to grow in grace and will reflect the iridescent luminosity of composure that will radiate outward in the tender manifestation of love.


Self-transcendence is the critical goal that will pave the path of pacifism that will geminate the seeds of light that will grow into lasting peace on your troubled sphere. This perceptible reality will expand from every heart and dance like the brilliance of diamonds on the immense ocean of your supreme consciousness. The flawless jewel of perfection encased in your soul will sparkle with divine aspiration as you emulate the Prince of Peace and the eloquence of His example.


Always remember that the first step toward light and life must begin with the release of the delicate butterfly of freedom you hold within you so that it will flutter gracefully into the warm winds of transcendence in it6s eternal migration on the route of the Father’s perfection.


* * *





Volume 8, Number 9 / June 1994


Well, we had a practice this past week. Was there anyone here who did the practice and who would care to report what the experience was?


QUESTION:  What I found Raj, was that I became aware of how I felt about people. You know, just the initial feeling that I had when I came across someone. And what I found was that if I was in discord with someone, I could waylay that and seemingly put that aside. But there seemed to be a resistance to actually love them - to replace that with love - as if it was being too vulnerable. So, what I found is, I kept running up against this resistance throughout the entire week when I was conscious of it.


ANSWER: There is a difference between loving people and being love. The result [of being love] feels like being loved by those who are in your presence, but, you see, it is the picture you hold of another in your mind that blocks you from, or brings into play the resistance to love.


If you realize that the call is for you to be the presence of love and not squelch it in you, regardless of the other person, then you will not find the resistance present. And so, you will feel the love that abides in you awaiting expression, and it will be expressed - not because you are trying to communicate it to another, but because you are not bringing into play something other than love called judgment. When another is with you, and you are not practicing judgment, they feel safe. And they feel loved.


So, I’m not going to give this practice to everyone again this week, but I am going to give it to you. Warren. I’m going to ask you to do the same thing again, and forget about loving them, and instead, stay in touch with the presence of love that is You. And feel it, because when you are feeling it, judgment will not be there. Then, your behavior in the presence of another, will obviously be loving, but your trying to love that person will not be your goal. It is what is present when you have abandoned judgment - within yourself - and said, “I’m going to be in touch with the love that I am.”


Now, we have talked recently about having an object of your affection. And I realize that has sounded as though I am saying you are to direct your love to another - to love them. This is where you ran into the problem, Warren, because “them” didn’t deserve it.


The way in which another becomes the object of your affection, rather than the object of your judgment, is that in the moment that you’re with them, they become the reason that you choose to be in touch with your love. They are not the reason you choose to love them. You use them as the reason for abandoning judgment in favor of your Nature, which is love. You use them as the reason for being in touch with your Self. And then, in being in touch with the love that you are, just because it feels good, just because at the bottom line it is really what is Natural to you, the fact is that they will feel loved. Not because you took them as an object “out-there” to direct your love toward, but because you took them as a trigger to your remembering to be in touch with the love you are. That’s the way they become the object of your affection.


This might be considered to be a fine point - perhaps complicated, and not natural. But I will tell you that your tendency and you inclination to shoot your love out through space to envelop another and make him or her feel good, is a complicated idea. It involves an effort that you can succeed or fail at, and then it becomes a test all the time, But for you to abandon judgment, for you to say, “I’m not going to engage any degree of hate, and instead, I’m going to be in the quiet pace within me where the love I am is present for me to feel, where my capacity to appreciate is present for me to feel,” that is natural and simple. And it is the way you begin to unlock your capacity to experience the one who is in front to you, or the thing that is in front of you, or the universe that is in front of you, with less distortion.


I’ve said before that love is the willingness to recognize that which is Real in each and every thing. And the way you “be willing” to recognize that which is Real is to disengage from judgments and definitions which you have all developed throughout your lives about what everything is. So, love is really “standing in that place within yourself where the only thing that is present is the love that constitutes your Nature,” and when you are doing that, every one and everything in your experience feels it - feels it in a transformative way, not just in a gooey, soft romantic way - because they can recognize wordlessly that there’s no game-playing to it, that it’s genuine.


So, I encourage you, this coming week, to approach it in this way. I want you to observe the difference in your experience as compared to this past week. And the other thing I want you to do is to watch the other person, and see if their behavior changes. See if there are any indicators that you can pick up on that their ease at existing, or their ease with being in that moment when they are with you, is different from what it would have been if you had employed judgment, or tried to love in the way that you did this past week.


* * * * *




I requested permission from Ron Faulk to publish his post on the tml. Below is his response and his post.


May 14, 1998


By all means you are welcome to use the comments I wrote in the newsletter. As I wrote, I think this is a real achievement so far for the TM and one that the members should note. I tend to think that this is the way the Spirit of Truth works when we are tuned to it – we do the spirit’s work, and good things happen precisely because we do not impose our ideas on the spirit but let it speak through us as best we can.


Thanks again,



May 2, 1998




The idea of the following paragraphs has come to me from several different directions the last couple of weeks, and I have found myself discussing it with several persons. I have become convinced that it contains considerable truth.


One of the remarkable phenomena associated with the Teaching Mission is that a fairly large group of diverse people located in areas sometimes at considerable remove from one another are working together in a cooperative relationship that is purposeful and apparently linear. Consider here that this involves a search for truth by persons from many different backgrounds – socio-economic, religious, philosophical, political, intellectual, working class, young, old, male, female, and on. As a student of history, I know that this is a very rare accomplishment – to be able to function effectively without formal organization, hierarchy and a “man at the top.” The spiritual impression I think I have received is that it is important for the group to pause to consider this. Strong personalities abound in the TM, but the work is cooperative, and, finally, humble. Do you grasp the significance of this?


This is a crucial example for the world. And I believe that it is the TM’s destiny to continue to function effectively with this kind of non-organization (in the sense of the typical human endeavor). Of course, the unifying factor, and the source of leadership and direction, is the desire for spiritual knowledge and experience and for truth – and the commensurate direction of the spirit of truth.


I am not saying the TM has not made mistakes and that all that comes out of it is truth, certainly not. I am however saying that it is walking a very rare and valuable path.


I believe that one of the great challenges for the TM is to be able to continue to grow and to function effectively and cooperatively without formal organization; if it can do this, and I believe this is a great spiritual experiment, then it will indeed be as a shinning city on the hill; it will have done something that no other group has done in history. I believe this is intended – if we can do it – to be a new paradigm for the world to live by. Let us continue to set aside our pride and listen in earnest for spiritual direction and trust in it. Pray for success!


With admiration,

Ron Faulk

Shawnee, OK


[One of the things that has pleased me most about the Teaching Mission is that after 7 years there is no “organization” yet we do get things done. It reminds me of what Marilynn Ferguson had to say in her book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, which I believe is the book of the 80’s. After extensive traveling around the country, she said something to the effect that spirituality in this country is alive and well in small groups meeting in homes and other places outside of churches - that it is like a prairie fire sweeping the country, but it is not apparent as there are no leaders. I noticed in small groups prior to joining the Teaching Mission that the groups tended to be leaderless. Different ones coming forward at different times, but no one was “in charge” and they seemed to work well. It is exciting to see the same thing operation on a much larger scale with much more diversity and covering most of the country versus small local fairly homogenous groups. It sure would be wonderful to see a real shift to cooperation instead of competition and hierarchy in all groups, organizations and businesses.


I believe the Teaching Mission will be able to maintain our present way of operating because I think most of us believe this is the way to go. Perhaps, as we grow some will move to form their own separate organizations to achieve specific goals, but that it will not change how the Teaching Mission as a whole functions. It is interesting that while our leaderless method of operating has been one of the Teaching Mission’s best achievements, it has evolved quite naturally. When we change ourselves, everything else changes.


Thanks, Ron, for sharing your thoughts, which I hope will encourage others to share their thoughts on the Teaching Mission. -Ed]


* * * * *




May 1998


Along with a message, I am sending a small article on the Prison Project. This project is sponsored by the Northwest Urantia Association. I thought this is a wonderful idea and if you have room, I hope you can include this in the newsletter. Where else can you spend $5.00 with such a great potential for doing good?


Many thanks for your effort in bringing the planet into the Light.


Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL




“A URANTIA Book in every prison in the world” is the mission statement of the newly formed Prison Project, an unofficial endeavor sponsored by the Northwest URANTIA Association (NUA). According to Liz Engstrom, the Director of the Prison Project and President of NUA, from its inception in March 1997, the Prison Project has placed copies of The URANTIA Book in every federal prison in the United States. In addition, in eight states books have been placed in every correctional facility - state and federal. More than 260 books were distributed in 1997.


The goal of the Prison Project is to place a book in every correctional facility in the United States by the end of March 1998. The project participants, working in cooperation with URANTIA Foundation, will see that one copy of the book goes to a prison library for every donation received for that purpose. First priority will be given to federal correctional facilities, then state institutions, and then other countries into whose languages the book has been translated.


The Foundation receives a continual stream of requests from prison inmates who have discovered the book and requested gift copies. There are study groups in many prisons and more are forming. We hear from prisoners almost daily that their lives are being changed by the teaching of The URANTIA Book.


If you or your group would like to participate in the Prison Project, one book will be placed for every $5 donation ($7 international.) Make checks payable to URANTIA Foundation and send them to Liz Engstrom at P.O. Box 5684; Eugene, Oregon 97405 USA. Requests to provide books to specific institutions will be honored. [Foundation newsletter]


* * * * *




Tmtalk List


I am attaching our intro to a new talk, cuss and discuss lists - Tmtalk (just kidding on the ‘cuss’ part). Perhaps you could print it in the newsletter if you feel it will be of service. Some perhaps have access to the Internet, but may not be presently signed on tml or the other UB lists.


Calvin McKee

Bountiful, UT


Fellow Ubelievers and Explorers!

We announce the birth of a new Urantia Book derived list: Tmtalk@spiritfest.com. To join, just E-mail (no “subject” is required in your heading) to:




The body of the letter should read:


subscribe Tmtalk@ spiritfest.com



The second line (“end”) will prevent confusion if your e-mail automatically adds text (like free e-mail announcements, signature, etc.).


It is our hope to bring together our Urantia Family. Through understanding one another, we surely can engender unity within our diversities. There are many insights and experiences that we may share concerning the teachings assertions of the TeaM, which includes, among others, ongoing contact and collaboration with our Planetary Prince and his administration presently on Urantia. These shared insights and experiences will be derived both from the Urantia Papers and the other sources of inspiration we all possess.


Who should join? Anyone interested in discussing the TeaM (Teaching Mission) phenomenon and related Urantia Book subjects. That includes believers, disbelieves, the curious, and those who just love good discussion. We (the ListOps) hope that the experience will be enlightening to all. Let us all be united in our service to Christ Michael (Jesus).


We hope that the activity of each individual on the list will be framed in this way:


Let yourself ask and answer: What would Christ Michael say or do here? Is my discussion in concert with his life as I understand its portrayal in The Urantia Book?


Tmtalk is an open list, open to all without limitation. However, egregious behavior will be discussed by the ListOps in order to ensure open and productive communication. Any actions taken by the ListOps in this context will conform to the protocols set forth in the introduction letter you will receive upon subscribing to the list.


Greetings from the ListOps:


“Calvin” <Kkuhn74441@aol.com>

“Nathan” <siddheartha@yahoo.com>

“Steve” <s-hecht@ma.ultranet.com>


* * *




If you are one who likes to receive transcripts of the teachers or one who posts your groups’s transcripts, following is the announcement of the name change from tmarchive to tmtranscripts. Also included are information and special instructions on how to make this list work for you.


I will post these instructions weekly for several weeks so we don’t miss anyone. If you plan on using the tmtranscripts list, you might find it useful to save this message to a file for future reference.


If you have any questions, please e-mail me at:  karrieh@mail.quik.com


Karrie Hummel




We have a list which used to be called tmarchive where tm transcripts can be posted. The list name has been changed to tmtranscripts to clear up any misunderstandings.


All who were on tmarchive are not on tmtranscripts. tmarchive should not be used.


This list is open to all.


If you are subscribed to the tmtrancripts list, you will receive all transcripts that are posted to the tmtranscripts list as a post to you e-mail just like with any other list.


To subscribe to tmtranscripts send a message to:


with the words:  subscribe tmtranscripts in the body of your e-mail message.


To post a transcript to the tmtranscripts lists send an e-mail to: tmtranscripts@spiritfest.com


To facilitate finding of individual transcripts the following heading should be put at the top of each transcript posted to the tmtranscripts list:


Date Posted: (date of posting)

From:           (name of person posting transcript)

Group:          (name of your group)

Transmission Date: (date of transmission)

Subjects:            (main subjects of transmission)

Teachers:           (teachers who spoke)


Note: Postings to tmtranscripts list shuold be plain text only and have no attachments.


To retrieve everything that was sent to the tmtranscripts list for a particular month like April 98 (9804), send e-mail to:  majordomo@spiritfest.com

with the words:  get tmtranscripts tmtranswcripts.9804 (or the month you want, such as 9801 for January 98)


To get to the archives of the tmtranscripts list, point your web browser to:


by typing the address above on the “Address” line on your Internet main page.


If you want to unsubscribe from tmtranscripts, send a message to: majordomo@spiritfest.com with the following command: unsubscribe in the body of your e-mail message.



Ideally all transcrips should be posted just once. And only to the tmtranscripts list. This list is only for tm transcripts. Those people responsible for posting their group’s transcripts are requested to post them directly to the tmtranscripts list. Karrie Hummel will take transcripts, posted to tml but not posted to tmtranscripts, and post them on tmtranscripts.


Note: spiritfest.com, virtualbiz.com and lectra.virtualibiz.com are all equivalent.



* * * * *





News from Saskia’s weekly reports:


JUANJO in Spain translated twelve stories for the book!


Saskia and Joy Brandt are feverishly working to get the stories ready for printing. The following are excerpts for Saskia’s updates:


“Next weekend those of you who have not heard from me will be getting your stories zapped back to you for approval. Please respond immediately. I’m waiting to sent hem all at once so I can stay organized. With 219 stories going hither and thither it could turn into a hopeless disaster if I didn’t keep a tight rein on the orderly progression of events.


You may notice that, apart from the usual editing, I have nipped certain things out of your story:  all referenced to the political shenanigans of the movement, the Teaching Mission (which I am not against, by any means), any judgments against other groups or beliefs, and all overt preaching. If you story cannot exist without these elements, then perhaps that story belongs in another book. Out book is about finding the Urantia Book, and if we spread ourselves too thin we will lose our focus.


We also have a total of 76 more book orders, bringing us to a grand total of 154. At twenty dollars each (don’t forget, you’re donating $20 to Norman’s mission to Africa and getting a free book in exchange!), this will bring in over $3000. And that only accounts for a very small percentage of the authorship, with many ordering five books at a time.

At the July 4 conference in Boise (which I plant to attend) I will either be selling books or unveiling the cover, which Chick and I are planning to turn into the most fabulous UB poster in the history of the movement.

I’m going as fast as I can, but since this is the first time this has ever been done, I want us to put our best foot forward and have a beautiful book. In case you didn’t know, I worked at a publishing company for two years in one of my former Urantia lives, and I have plenty of professional know-how. I guarantee you will all be happy with the results. Anybody can slap together a haphazard mess, but our book will be done right”


“Chick Montgomery and I have designed a cover that I know you will all love! Here is what he wrote me this morning: ‘I have scanned the starry images we selected and they look fabulous in the computer. Next week I will begin placing them in the design, and adding the other elements you want. It is going to be stunning . . ‘ Thanks Chick! As soon as we have something to show (this version will be done on the computer), I’ll post if for all of you to see as an attachment—better start upgrading your computers for the powerful visual sensation that will be coming you way soon.” -


Latest update shows 154 books on order and more orders coming in. If you haven’t ordered yours, please do let Saskia hear from you soon. The first printing will be titled How I Found The Urantia Book. Please email Saskia with your order if you are on line at: saskia@primenet.com. The book cost including postage is $25.00. Checks should be made out to Saskai Raevouri.



If you wish to make CASH donations to Norman’s mission, please make checks payable to:


The School of Values and Meanings


Please refer to the last issue of the newsletter for information if you are interested in contacting someone about Norman’s trip.


* * * * *






May 12, 1998


So when you think of Independence Day, do you think of aliens coming down to our planet to squash our measly human race with some oversized spaceship? And then some unlikely heroes, including the President of the united states putting together a rag tag air mission with Fresh Price and a crop duster that looks like a lot like an in-law of Chevy Chase’s in the “Vacation” movies???


Or do you think of Freedom . . . spiritual freedom, sunshine, music, “Family” joining together out in the fresh air to enjoy their “Unity and Diversity”?


Well you might start considering it, as the 4th of July weekend conference at Boise Idaho’s Bogus Basin Ski Lodge is just around the corner and the deadline for us holding onto the rooms is a mere three weeks away.


The summer conference sponsored by the Northwest’s Teaching Mission groups is gathering up a head of steam, with about thirty registered so far and that’s not even including the Pocatello, Spokane/Coeur d’Alene contingent that are slacking in their registering for the gathering.


Don’t worry . . . that includes me who finally registered this week myself.


With the themes of “Unity, Diversity, and Family, it looks to be a weekend filled with just that . . . A diversity of music and poetry, artwork, workshops, discussions, T/R sessions, perhaps a night around the campfire, worship, hiking and mountain biking trails all over the placed, hot tubs and sauna, awesome views, etc.


A diverse mixture of activities revolving around a common theme of family and unity.


Come join us if you can.


We need to know by June 1st for the rooms, so register now.


Thanks and peace,

Bob Devine




This information was taken from an e-mail Karrie Hummel posted on tml.


This is addressed to those of you who aren’t able to come to the Spiritual Retreat and Reunion at Bogus Basin this year. Although we would love to be able to see you there, we understand sometimes other things interfere and it’s just not possible. But we will surely miss being with you there.


Just so you won’t feel completely left out, we’d like to give you the opportunity to purchase the T-shirt (described below) for this year’s Northwest Conference. If you would like to place an order, please make sure to mail it so that it arrives on or before June 15, as that is the day we must place the order with the T-shirt vendor.


NOTE: Those who have registered for the conference will receive their order form in the Acknowledgment Letter currently in the process of being mailed out.




The design for the Conference T-shirts this year is the inspiration of Thea Hardy and is really quite stellar. The T-shirts are high-quality, 100% cotton, totally pre-shrunk, short-sleeved, in midnight blue with the design on the front in white depicting a background of space, planets, clouds and stars, with a pair of hands intertwined the way they look when walking side by side holding hand, in the foreground, Above the design it says, “The Universe is Friendly!” Underneath the design is the Conference Theme, “Unity. . . Diversity . . . Family”. Northwest TeaM Conference 1998” will be printed on the lower part of one of the sleeves.


Please fill out the form at the end of this post to order the Conference T-shirts which are available by preorder only in the sized listed below. Each T-shirt is $12.00 in any size. There is a charge for priority postage included in this amount. This means the shirt will be mailed in a box and will be better protected than if it were sent in a manila envelope.


If you order more than one T-shirt we will make every effort to put as many T-shirts in one box as we can and you will be refunded the extra postage. Please send a check together with this form for your Conference T-shirt total to:


Karrie Hummel


Please make the check payable to:


Karrie Hummel

Northwest Conference Account


[As the form is not printed here, please send Karrie your name, address and phone number (in case there should be a question) along with the number of each size you are ordering and your check. Be sure to note whether you are ordering child or adult sizes which are:


Child Sizes:  Medium (6-8), Large (10-12)

Adult Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X-Large, 3X Large


[Thanks for making the T-shirts available for all of us. They sound beautiful - Ed]


* * *





July 15-19, 1998  Nashville, TN

A Big Nashville Howdy to Our TeaM brothers and sisters!

Just a friendly reminder that there are some important events coming up in June - Father’s Day, summer solstice, a full moon, St. Jean Baptiste day (in Quebec),  & The deadline for registration for the 1998 Teaching Mission Conference.


We are extending the registration deadline until June 15, to coincide with the Days Inn deadline for guaranteed low room rates and block of rooms for Teaching Mission members. Of course you can register at the conference, but by pre-registering, you really help us plan a successful event. Send questions and registrations with $40.00 to:


Deborah Pecorelli


Now, some good news about the GOOD NEWS:


Our conference is filling out nicely with our brothers and sisters different kinds of service they will be sharing. Our keynote speaker will be Hal Bynum. We have a panel discussion shaping up to be kicked off by Fred Harris. For all you runners, David Schulundt has volunteered to guide you through historic downtown Nashville on a morning run. Karen Roberts will be leading a morning meditation and giving a workshop on “Constant Communion with the Father.” Susan Kimsey will lead a workshop on “Loving Peacefully in a Stressful World.” John Creger will lead a workshop on “Fifth Epochal Songwriting.” We have 6 other slots for workshops open, so please share what you have with us to support the BROTHERHOOD IN ACTION. To volunteer to lead a workshop or morning meditation contact:

Calvin McKee


The pickin’ and grinnin’ music with the Nashville Cats in the mission, and other musically inclined siblings is looking like it will be a good time for all. Poets, we haven’t heard from you yet, - surely you have some songs of words you would like to share. Let us hear from you. To volunteer to share music/poetry contact:


Dorenda Morse


If you have services or products that you wish to sell, please let Deborah know, so she can share what facilities are available for you. Also, the tornadoes this spring left the Days Inn and Nashville Convention Center untouched, so all is waiting for us to have a lovely time of fellowship and sharing of the Good News. We look forward to seeing you there. As they say in the south, YA’LL COME!


Debroah Pecorelli


* * * * *





June 19-21, 1998

El Chorro Park

San Luis Obispo, CA


The fifth annual SpiritFest 98 gathering will be preceded by a Stillness Retreat on June 18. Prior to the gathering on June 18 there will be a Stillness Retreat.

* * *



July 2-5, 1998

Bogus Basin Ski Lodge

(16 miles north of BOISE, ID)


The 5th Annual Gathering

Sponsored by The Northwest Teaching Mission





DEPOSITS: The deadline for making a deposit on the lodge is now, so do send in your deposit and registrations promptly.


* * *




July 15-19, 1998

Nashville, TN


* * * * *




“Peace be upon you. That which my Father sent me into the world to establish belongs not to a race, a nation, nor to a special group of teachers or preachers. This gospel of the kingdom belongs to both Jew and gentile, to rich and poor, to free and bond, to male and female, even to the little children. And you are all to proclaim this gospel of love and truth by the lives which you live in the flesh. You shall love one another with a new and startling affection, even as I have loved you. You will serve mankind with a new and amazing devotion, even as I have served you. And when men see you so love them, and when they behold how fervently you serve them, they will perceive that you have become faith-fellows of the kingdom of heaven, and they will follow after the Spirit of Truth which they see in your lives, to the finding of eternal salvation.


“As the Father sent me into this world, even so now send I you. You are all called to carry the good news to those who sit in darkness. This gospel of the kingdom belongs to all who believe it; it shall not be committed to the custody of mere priests. Soon will the Spirit of Truth come upon you, and he shall lead you into all truth. Go you, therefore, into all the world preaching this gospel, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the ages.”                                 Page 2044


* * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing informaton among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing costs is $20.00. Your support is appreciated.


When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.” Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEW NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes