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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

July 1993 (Vol. l, No.5)


                      FROM THE EDITOR


I am never sure the way the newsletter will come together until I start to work on it. And there are some days I am simply unable to work on it at all.  Always, it seems, there is a reason that is revealed later. In all of this, I want to thank each and everyone of you for it is your sharing, your responses and your efforts that make this newsletter possible.


I wish to thank each of the groups and individuals for the transcripts that you have sent. As the volumes of transcripts increase, I ask for your help in marking or highlighting information you send to me that you or your group feels is important to share at this time. As you ask and seek within, you will know what is to be shared. Perhaps, your teachers would help in this effort. With so much material, it is truly difficult at times to decide what to print. In this, I ask for guidance and your help.


It seemed right to include more of the teachers' messages for those groups that are getting started and not so aware of the other teachings; and to enlighten, enhance and confirm messages for others. In order to conserve space, the words of the teachers have not been indented as originally planned and quotation marks have been omitted. 


To all of our brothers and sisters in the flooded areas, know that we hold you in our hearts and prayers.


To those of you who are going to the Conference in Quebec, we wish you a safe journey, a meaningful meeting, a joyous gathering and a unity of spirit with all our brothers and sisters. We look forward to hearing from you upon your return.


May our Father bless you in all your endeavors to do His will.


Allene Vick


                                 * * * * *




There seems to be some confusion in communicating with Patije and me that originates from my initial letter prior to the first newsletter, which was sent out under both signatures. I have withdrawn from the Sarasota group. It has come to our attention that many of you are under the impression that we are working on the newsletter together and that we are sharing information and contributions. However, this is not the case. We live in different towns. We are each involved with our different projects. Patije continues corresponding and exchanging transcripts and floppies for the Sarasota study/TR groups with many of you and I have been doing the newsletter.


For your convenience and to avoid further confusion, please address all information for Patije to her as follows:


Patije Mills, 13420 Rhodes Avenue, Sarasota, FL 24239-2732 or call 813-957-0293 (With previous notice, at either phone number Fax and modem transmittals can be made on 813-952-0023)


Information and correspondence for Allene and the newsletter should be sent to the address at the end of this newsletter.


We hope this will clear up the confusion. Patije has done an outstanding job in corresponding and encouraging sharing among all the groups. As a member of the Sarasota group for most of 1992, I can well attest to her many and consistent efforts to encourage all of us in our group and other groups to share. Patije clearly saw the need for inter-communication. Patije contributed the original lists which were included with the first newsletter. For all of this we all owe Patije a debt of gratitude. WE THANK YOU, PATIJE!!! All of us have benefited from her efforts and hope that you will continue your communications with her. The newsletter is only one source of connecting the groups. It is most important that the groups reach out to each other as they are moved to do so to keep the links forming and bonding between the groups.


TRANSCRIPT LIST - I am still struggling with this as there are groups and teachers I am aware of, but have not heard from with the information on the contact, availability, cost, and form (hard copies, disks, etc.). If your group is one that has not responded with this information, I look forward to hearing from you.


                                 * * * * *


                THE WORDS OF MICHAEL


SPOKANE, WA - From Ben (spiritual name) has come the "MESSAGES FROM MICHAEL OF NEBADON" which contains the words of Michael as he received them from February 27, 1993 to July 3, 1993. These messages are simply beautiful and Ben is making these available to you. If you would like to have your own copy, write or contact:



N. 422 Locust

Spokane, Washington 99206



Ben, know that as these words are read, many will be thanking Michael and you for sharing these messages with us. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THESE!!! Here are two of the messages.


                        * * * MICHAEL * * *


                           TELL OTHERS


Seek, search, find, and live life to what ends will be.


Look for immediate possibilities in life.


Learn what you can.


Enjoy life and seek what is best for you.


Be honest in what you say, the truth is always the truth.


Find no fault in others.

Look for the best in whatever situation you are in.


Be positive no matter what you are doing.


Be prepared to do the Father's will at all times.


Life goes on whenever there is a possibility of failure, failure is part of life's learning process.


Know that all things are inherent in the Father.


Be of good cheer and look forward to life while you are doing the will of the Father.


Think not that you are servants of the realm, you are chosen children of the realm.


Put all things in perspective and do what has to e done n this your life plan.


Love one another as I have loved you. Be patient with each other.


Doing the will of the Father is not always easy.


Seek total truth in all things.


Be of good cheer and live as I have told you, love one another as I love you.


Be brave in the hours of your life.


It is not important that you should be lost to life, but it is important that life should not be lost in you.


Be patient in all manner of life's situations.


Be at your best always.


Be of good cheer because life has come to you.


Know that this is the way of universal life, one who has acquired knowledge gives to others freely without any restriction. Life's best will come to you.


Know that it is possible for anyone to receive knowledge regarding spiritual matters, but it takes a spiritual person to regard life as a spiritual quest.


Know that the Father is the giver of love, life and existence.


Know that in truth, the Father loves each and everyone of us.


Seek the Father and you someday will find him.


The Father is not hiding, he lives in your heart.


You are created to be sons and daughters of great service


You are to be special teachers to all.


Peace be unto you.




                        * * * MICHAEL * * *


                           Message Three


Hold true to your convictions and never sell yourself short. Be prepared to fight for all things that are of the Father. Hold on to everything that is true to our cause. Seek what you are seeking no matter what the consequences will be.


Lead others out of darkened areas of superstitious beliefs. Tell others what is happening in your life. Believe it to be true. No other truth can find such areas of simplicity in its teachings.


Behold! See what is taking place in the world of today. Tell others again what is about to take place in the arena (struggle) of their lives. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Be faithful to our cause and seek the right things always. Know that it is what is most important in living.


Tell others about what you are doing. Don't be afraid of advancement. Open your heart to the idea of self-exertion in what will be the most interesting thing that will ever happen to you in this life time.  Remember what is said to you. Follow my leading and I will guide you always.


Seek all things in life so that you are not lacking in any area of responsibility that should be given to you for the time being while you are here. Know that this is always the way when you are part of this universal league of purpose for the betterment of all mankind in the service of our Heaven Father.


Behold! Look see what is happening in the world of today. See that change is coming soon and it will be of such worldwide-ness that even the leaders of governments will be amazed at what is happening.


Hold on to what is important, be prepared to deliver what is expected of you. In your heart are the instruction teachings. You are to teach others for the purpose of bringing others to the Father. I ask of you to do His will, not mine. He is my Father and I do His bidding. Hold on to the fact that we are family in this vast universe of life, life our Father created in His being. Know that He is all things. Never in eternity will He ever leave us in our need. He is always there for us.


Know that it is true of what I speak. We endeavor always to tell the truth. Know that it is truth when I tell you this. How is it to be any other way? You may believe me when I tell you these things. Search your heart and you will know I speak the truth.


Your way of life is temporary, but soon you will be coming into the eternal part of your life existence. Follow the Father's leading and you will know everything that is of right choice for you in your selection of life patterns in the future.


Behold! See what is in store for you. Eternal life in serving the Father and doing His will. You will embark upon a never ending journey of life time commitment of traveling the vast universe in doing what is asked of you. Your love will never waiver in the process of duty to serve him. Be of good cheer for you are lucky in that He has chosen you to do His bidding eternally. Feel that you are of a special gathering of beings that will traverse the universe in His name. You are to carry needed spiritual information forth in all regions of the universe. Seek all information regarding this service that you will be asked to perform. Know that this adventure will be everlasting.


I will leave you now, but know that I am always with you in spirit. It pleases me to watch you grow. You have been a delight in your growth. Understand that you are loved.




In light of these messages and others that are to be forthcoming along with the requests that have been received to know of messages from Michael, this issue begins a new section that will be devoted to the words of Michael. If you have any of Michael's words to share, do let us hear from you. Christ Michael is our sovereign and we feel honored to hear Michael's words as we come to know him as our elder brother, father and friend, who is with us always.


                                 * * * * *




A special thanks to each of you who have taken the time and shown the willingness to share these messages and words of your teachers. Know that in doing this, you are helping many and encouraging others to come forth. A VERY WARM AND HEARTFELT THANKS TO EACH OF YOU!!! This is what the newsletter is about. Sharing.


                             * AMANDA *


YORK, PA - May 27, 1993 - Shared by Min Hoet



Good Evening. Let us continue about the confusion in the world and your governments and within each individual. Each one of you must come to be reconciled with the mighty I AM presence that dwells within each one of you. Until that is accomplished in every mortal who is aware of this budding presence that needs to be recognized and acknowledged, there will be continued violent weather conditions throughout the planet and each individual will experience much confusion and indecision in their lives. All must be reconciled to the spirit. The planet will then settle into light and life.


The soul and personality will and cannot survive without this oneness with the spirit. The spirit is eternal. It is part of God and will always be. However, the soul and personality can be destroyed, or be as though it never was, unless unity of spirit, soul and personality become as one.

It is urgent that everyone who is seeking God finds this truth. Notice how all the peoples of the planet are seeking and wanting to be recognized by the roots of their ancestry. There is now the African-American, the Croation-American, the Irish American, the Serbian-American and so forth. What they are seeking is their origin. They want to know where they came from and who they are. Do they not know that they all came from God? Their origin is God and the return to God is their home. Their longing. When you really know where you came from and who you really are, nothing else matters. You know that you are a child of God. Actually, a part of you is of God. The very essence of you is God. The reality of you is God. And God is love. Love needs to be expressed in every word and all your work and all your relationships. You must love everything and all: for that is what God is. God is love, everything and everywhere . . . all that there is in the entire universe. Think of this! This mighty I Am, all powerful, all loving spirit presence is ommiscience in all universe creations and a part of this might I Am presence dwells within you. Know that and be at peace. What you experience is necessary to God - God the Supreme. As St. Paul said, "In all things, be content."


The governments of the planet will try their best but they will not be able to solve the problems they created. The only government that can rule your planet is the government of Michael . . . and it will be so. Even now it is unfolding as it should. Those who have this keen awareness will know and be glad. However, God needs your help. It must come in the form of universal love. Love for one another without conditions. Send out love and live your life in loving ways and it will spread. Love is far more powerful than anything negative. Love will conquer fear, anger, hate, bitterness, doubt, jealousy and hanging on to the past errors. They serve no purpose. Let them go and replace all negative thoughts, actions and expressions with love.


                             * ARANDA *          


BURLINGTON, IA - March 7, 1993 - Shared by Karol (Spiritual Name)




I am Aranda. I bring you love and peace and light. We ask only that you stay within the connecting link. We will provide words as necessary. You are on the path of receivership. You need only trust this. We desire only good for you and your fellows. Realize your oneness with the Father at all times. We are hear to enhance your relationship with the Father and make you more aware. Your awareness is generally sporadic. The presence of the Father is all that is. There is nowhere else. It is for you to simply raise your awareness.


Q: What things can we do to improve that?



The mind is given for that decision. Stop more often throughout your day and listen for the word within. Look to your brothers and see the Father fragment. That is the reality of any being. All else will be removed in time.


You are so loved within this planet. If only you could realize this. When yo learn to receive love, your problems will essentially end. In every problem is the answer the same. Your human existence will seem to hang by a thread with out love.


Q: You're saying . . . once we have the spiritual love for our brothers, the problems we have with them will disappear?



Very much so.


Q: How do we get past the ego or whatever to love the people that are difficult in our lives?



You listen and attempt understanding in spite of who they think they are and teach them what we know to be true . . . that we are one with that which is the sonship, indeed as you have said, the sonship. Any separation is simply a decision of the mind. It cannot really exist. It does not exist to the Father nor to us. When we see you, we see only light. That is all.


                               * ELYON *


SPOKANE, WA - April 30, 1993 - Shared by Bob Devine



Come into your own understanding. Listen to truth. It guides you, so let it flow through.


This is the message today:


You must go to ever increasing lengths to be in touch with your Father and His will. By listening, you entered the first stage of understanding. By allowing Him in you have taken the steps to progress. Now in sharing your existence; all the trials and joys, and ups an downs, you enter the second stage.


Do not separate spiritual time from material time. Work to make all times spiritual time. In this way you give the Father complete control in your life; not a control to manipulate you, but a control to guide you to your highest potential in understanding. This is the only way to your highest potential in understanding. This is the only way that you can be completely free to follow the will of your Father in your life.


When you work, or play, or study, to know and to realize the Father's presence with you will increase internally, which will help you to move through any situation that you may come upon. This is the truth that Jesus came to know in His life. With Michael's understanding of the Father's presence at all times, there was no doubt that everything He experienced would be for good.


I give you this message of understanding to make you realize that the Father is such a part of you--personality, His will, His understanding, His knowingness--it is there within you. You just need to reach out to it consistently.

When we say to go out to your Father in quiet as much as you can find the time to do, we also would like for you to focus your mind with the Father in the rest of your endeavors in life, whether it be working, cleaning house, helping others, taking care of children, in times of pain or sorrow, or in happiness. All of these occasions should be experienced with the eyes of God sharing.


As you come to know this Presence as an equal part of your body and life, then you can step out to new boundaries to stretch them to new heights, to see and experience in complete satisfaction of knowing your purpose, all that there is in life. So take the steps to bring your Indwelling Presence into the forefront of your existence with you, both in quiet time and in all other phases and aspects of your life. Share it all with Him, and the increasing connection will solidify as time goes by.


It is important to know that these steps are seldom realized in existence on a planet such as yours at this stage, because so many have not the understanding to move into this level. But your life and your love for the Father and your desire, true desire, brings us as teachers and guides to believe that you can truly become connected with your Guide in increasing ways by just allowing the opening to occur. So move it forward. This is the second stage of development that we will begin to bring you into.


Hello, I am Elyon. It is good to be here today. I am glad to share this with you. This was a message to be given for your gathering the other night (Wednesday meeting), but I saw and accept with satisfaction, the steps of discussion that you were involved in. Step out, friend, to the new levels of awareness in your life. I would be open to questions today.


Q: It's good to speak with you Elyon. About healing, I'm trying to grow in understanding of how to bring the love through me. Any guidance would be appreciated.



This is quite acceptable. As you reach for the sharing of your power of love, you must give your focus and power channel to the Life Carriers and the Father, and let them work the love into you. Then you can work to discharge the power. A short time, fifteen minutes or so, should be sufficient. Let this guide you as you give the love over.


Q: Thank you, friend, Okay Stage two; what is this going to entail in the next step of the mission: If you can give any guidance?



Yes, This will grow new levels of understanding; experiential understanding. By allowing yourselves to focus on the truth of the love of our Father, we will work to expand your boundaries of perception, your levels of awareness, and to enhance your understanding of the experience of God within your lives.

We may step into a new level of awareness soon, so it is good to bring you to the understanding in your growth now. This can guide you in your willingness to be involved in the bringing about of love to others, and the awareness of God the Father to those around you. It is exciting to see the possibilities ahead and we anticipate increasing growth within your numbers as the time expands. Keep the contact with those around you, for this will network this experience and branch out further in awareness for others.


Q: Thank you. Do you actually touch me when you do this or do you stand next to me and give the message? I am curious.



I give you the message through the agency of midwayers,who come through with the connection. The seraphic advisors, assistants, offer me insight into the feelings and emotions of those involved, though I can perceive some directly, but your connection is with the work of the midwayers, and your Father within, in offering the power this goes through.


Q: Okay, friend, thanks. Please close with anything you will today.



I give this message today to bring you to the awareness that the Father should go hand in hand with your life, at all times, through all occurrences. Take these steps to bring the further understanding to yourself, as many of you are beginning to do. Bring Him with you. Go forth and share your love. Thank you. Farewell.


                               * JARED *


SEBASTOPOL, CA - October 22, 1992 - Shared by Lisa (Spiritual Name) from the 6th or 7th meeting of the group


Q: Since we have some newcomers here tonight, I wonder if you could talk to us a little bit about the teaching mission and the kinds of services and gifts that the teachers offer to us humans?




Thank you for your question. The mission is simple and extraordinary at the same time. It was decided that teachers should come directly to people on Urantia in an attempt to help guide those who are seeking. There are may teachers, many attempting to assist with this mission. We reach out to all who are seeking, to all who are wondering how to do God's will. We hope that by this direct contact we can enlighten people and encourage their trust in God's love.


Our main goal in our teachings is to help people accept that each little kindness and each act of goodness toward another is the basis for change on this planet. It is sometimes difficult to manage such massive change and we hope to assist you by being available and in a way that you can be comfortable and we can speak back and forth. The method of transmitting and receiving is confusing and open for skepticism. We find it necessary to speak through a willing mortal as it is our only means of communicating so directly. We look for a person who can hear us and is willing to believe and trust enough to share with others. We hope you will continue in your seeking and listen to our messages.


Q: Thank you very much. Could you tell us a little bit about how contact with teachers with myself for example, differs from the former communication, or differs from meditative seeking before the teaching mission came to our planet?



When a person meditates they quiet themselves and seek within. The beginning steps are the same for the teaching mission. What happens now, that was unavailable before, is a more conscious contact and direction from the teaching corps. We can provide more guidance than would be found normally for those just seeking within themselves.


There are different levels of contacts now. For those seeking within who are genuinely seeking and looking for God's will, they may receive additional guidance and are encouraged to listen to what they hear. Some people do not hear a distinct voice but intuitively become aware of the appropriate path. Others begin to hear a voice gently giving guidance. There are others who are more receptive to this kind of communication and are able to hear and transmit to the group. It is a vital and necessary part of the process that some people are able to hear and share. It is not a judge of faith to hear a teacher or not. It is important only that each of you seek quietly for God's will and do God's will to be best of your abilities.'


                                 * * * * *


                          GROUP NEWS


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - From Byron Belitsos we hear:


"The Teaching Mission has a small but steadfast following in Oklahoma City. Out first group transmission began in mid-January, and the sessions usually have a strong emphasis on interaction. There have been two T/Rs almost from the beginning, with one regular contact for our weekly sessions, and another who transmits occasionally. Our Teachers RondEL and Josephine are present each week, although Josephine's new assignments seem to have drawn her elsewhere in recent times. Other Teachers who have graced us with their presence are Tomeray, Thomy, and Zion, as well as Foehn and Anelia, who speak to us through our secondary T/R. We also have been blessed with frequent appearances by our Creative Parent Michael, who has discoursed and answered questions on a wide variety of topics, but seems to especially emphasize healing. He is very tender with us, often revealing the beauty of his divinity. By the way of identifying himself to a new member of our group, he once dictated to us a poem with the endearing refrain: "I AM that I AM in you." Each session seems to have a special surprise. One of the most dramatic transmissions we received was from a Vorondadek Son, who transmitted to us while we were assembled in a private car on a train returning from Naperville. We have been contacted in our cars, but I believe this is the first groups session ever transmitted by celestials to an Amtrak train!"


KAILUA-KONA, HI - From Sonny Schneider we learn more of our brothers and sisters in Hawaii:


"I would say a little about our Hawaiian community of Urantia Book readers. Though one member of our group is working on a complete history, I will give a synopsis.


"David arrived in Ka'awaloa, Big Island, Hawaii in 1971 and settled on a Dillingham Estate leasehold coffee farm. He invited many U.B. readers he knew on other islands and the mainland to join him. Many did, and settled on other coffee and macnut leasehold farms. As good fortune would have it, the leases came up for sale, and the community was joined to the land. Many, many children followed. Family gatherings became the norm, and study groups would meet at many places as the years progressed. If you include the children and family members living in other parts of Kona, there are about 70 people in our community. Having the U.B. has been a tremendous help in keeping the peace, and allowing us to share in many ways, as well as to develop loving relationships. We have had ups and downs, as any community would have, yet we have the powerful tools of group counseling and judgment. Five of the nine T.R.'s we have in Kona, live in our community, and having this close support has been a wondrous blessing for us all. When we get together, it is a very safe and accepting circle of friends, and its growing."


NEWBERRY, OREGON - The following is taken from the epoch 5 phase II newsletter of David and Mary Jaquith:


"As a part of a weekly Urantia Book study project suggested by our group teacher, Ambraisa, we choose a question we all agree on, and during the week each "do the stillness thing" (as one student put it) and attempt individually to contact our teacher and write down what comes. Recently the question was: What can we do to help bring the world into balance?


"There was variety in the answers shared the following meeting; also common thread. (The individual responses are being compiled, and will be available as Wm. F. Buckley would say, "in due course.")


"I made time for quiet, set aside my opinions, prayed for clarity and wrote down what came to mind. Are these thoughts from my own head, from God directly, or perhaps through a celestial teacher? Here's what came to me.


"Friday 5/28/93


'Planetary renewal begins and ends with soul growth, and there is no soul growth w/o focus, conviction, commitment, accountability.


'Be reachable and teachable always. Take no positions of superiority or inferiority.


'In the stillness of God find a lovely garden, a sunny meadow, a pure mountain stream. Do not seek the Father in the sensational, but rather in the quiet day by day truth mastery of obedience.


'How often you notice that the problems you see "out there" are also within you. World transformation begins with change in you. Always. But it doesn't stop there.


'You are so quick to go to the intellect for answers, without first checking in with the Spirit of Truth. (I take "intellect" here to mean logic, experience, preconception. Not in themselves bad, of course, only secondary to higher truth.)


'Build on the good that you see within and around you. Herein are you and the world in balance, and in balance you will know what to do."


                                 * * * * *


                   OF SPECIAL INTEREST


epoch 5 phase II - This is a wonderful newsletter done by David and Mary Jaquith for friends. They have graciously included me on their mailing list. You can be included on their mailing list by writing to them at: 1210 S. College #115, Newberg, OR 97132. I have very much enjoyed this newsletter and look forward to its arrival each month. I think you will want to share this with your groups. See the above for a sample. We thank you David and Mary for your efforts and willingness to share. It is good to see what each of the groups are doing and to share our thoughts and inner knowing with each other. 


                                 * * * * *


                   UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1993 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - Readers of the Urantia Book July 31 - August 5, 1993 in Quebec. Here are some words Sonny Schneider in Hawaii shares with us from Norson on June 1 regarding this event:




Much can be shared at the coming conference. Be not afraid of proclaiming what you know to be true. The light that surrounds you, the light of truth, will guide you and protect you. Troubles will be temporal and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This light is the ideal that you hold up as your guide in making your decision. Follow its leading. You can't go wrong when you have sincere intentions and are trying to do the Father's will to the best of your abilities. Be the best you can be. I takes diligence, and confident consciousness in the presence of the spirit of God. There are times of great events and sharings ahead. Look forward to these with joy, and fear not. The decisions you must make in regard to this and that will be known to you at the appropriate moment. Have faith. Continue to share what is helping guide your life. Peace. Norson


THE BIRTHDAY OF CHRIST MICHAEL - AUGUST 21. If any of you have made special plans for this day that may be of interest to others in making plans, please share these. This is a very special day!


                                 * * * * *





Evanson          Personal Teacher, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Thomy             Teacher, Oklahoma City, OK

Tomeray          Teacher, Oklahoma City, OK


                                 * * * * *


                    NETWORK INQUIRIES


Please look over the inquires below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you.


 *          Inquiries continue to come in as to what we know of other groups and activities outside our country. If any of you have foreign contacts, we urge you to share these to help connect us with all our brothers and sisters. We have much to learn from and to share with them.


 *          Any information received about the adjudication, the date and source of this information and what this means.


 *          Anecdotal stories that you can share about how your life has changed since the your awareness of the teachers and their lessons.


 *          The words and teachings from Michael are so precious. May we encourage you to share these with all of us.


 *          Sharing your thoughts or observations about the teaching mission.


 *          HUMOR - It would be so good to share more laughter to give us pause to "lighten up" a little.


 *          Information on weather conditions.




                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts.  All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should


Allene Vick

be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.