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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

April 1998 (Vol. 6, No.4)



Family is a word that I hear more often these days as people talk about the Teaching Mission. Indeed, we are a family - the sons and daughters of our Paradise Father. However, in another sense Michael, Nebadonia, the Melchizedeks, the teachers, midwayers and all the other orders of beings who are assisting us in the Teaching Mission must be greatly pleased to see the close bonds that are developing in our relationships with each other as brothers and sisters. As we come to have a deeper understanding of this loving TeaM family of brothers and sisters, we are better able to share our knowledge of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man with all those outside the Teaching Mission whose lives we touch.


Since 1991 we have made great strides in building this Teaching Mission family. It rests on a solid foundation of the truths the revelators gave us in The Urantia Book. Our teachers have been working on the scaffolding as they lovingly and gently guide us to better understand these truths and to apply them in our lives. And we have been busy working on our rooms, cleaning up the clutter, making them beautiful and harmonious. As we open our doors and come out of hiding, we are learning to trust others, to reach out and ask for help, to accept and honor each other, to speak with honesty and clarity from an undefended heart, to find loving ways to deal with our differences, and to cooperate in activities and projects. It is becoming a magnificent living mansion built in praise to our Father where in the company of our celestial and mortal family we find peace, healing, help, love, understanding, joy, truth, beauty and goodness in abundant supply. In this analogy, I am most happy to have taken up residence here with all of you.


What made me think of this is that we don't have a mortal executive staff at this mansion and yet we work together and things get done in the spirit of cooperation and willingness to take action. It seems a new paradigm - a new way of operating and it works! The LOVE IN ACTION column in this issue only begins to touch the surface of all the activity in the Teaching Mission. I hope that more of you will share your ideas, projects and activities as many of them will serve as seeds to germinate in the hearts of others and who knows what wonderful fruits will spring forth from these new plants. It is for sure that they will all be spiritually fragrant and attract more to the beautiful gardens of this mansion and our family will grow and multiply and Light and Life will come to Urantia.


May the Father's blessings to you be as bountiful and beautiful as the abundant blossoms of spring,


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


April 1, 1998


Six years of the TR Newsletter . . .whew! Now that's a lot of work, kiddo. I'm proud of you for doing such a great job through the "thick & thin" of everything else you've been handling over that same time period. The Newsletter is an important connecting link for all of us in the Teaching Mission. I'm sure newly arrived Teachers to the planet take a look at it, too, as part of their training. How's that for pressure on you to find all the typos? I love you dear, and thank you so much for all the dedicated service you've shown with the Newsletter & all your other efforts with the Teaching Mission. Here's a contribution from Tim and Me.



Susan Kimsey

Half Moon Bay, CA


P.S. I'm still "off-line" with my computer. It's been almost 1 month now. Olfana and Bethera are planning to do a "break-out" session at Nashville on "Loving Peacefully in a Stressful World." I hope, they're working hard on the topic, because I don't have a clue when it comes to living peacefully.


I have an Allen's Hummingbird who has built her nest right outside my bedroom window in a Monterey Pine Tree. She has 2 eggs. I have named her "Allene." She's iridescent green & she's little, like you. She's also very fast.


[Susan, how appropriate to have the only thing  named after me be a hummingbird. The last few years I only seem to have time to flit from one thing to another. I'm glad to know "Allene" has a nest and some rest. I've never had the pleasure of seeing a hummingbird at rest. Resting in a nest sounds good to me about now.]


                                    * * *


April 1, 1998


Please add this person to the mailing list for the newsletter.


Thanks again for the wonderful and important work you are doing.



Dan Tyler

Nashville, TN


                                    * * *


April 2, 1998


Thank you for all you do.


With love,

Mary Huggins

Round Rock, TX 78681


                                    * * *


April 2, 1998


I have just received the March newsletter and have finished reading it for the first time. I want to say that this issue has touched me as no other has. The transmission for Avis, the excerpts from Min, The Norsen and Andronason transmissions, the Abraham and Ham transmissions, the Pradhana letter, and especially your award you received. I am thankful that you have shared the many trials, lessons and blessing you have received over these years. Thank you for giving to us and helping us feel like a family.


Henry Zerinque

Desert Hot Springs, CA


ps. Oh yea! how can I forget Frosty and her heart.


                                    * * *


April 6, 1998


I am so grateful to you each time my newsletter comes. I sit right down to read it thru.


It is so wonderful to feel the sweet "spirit" that touches my heart and soul as I read the messages that I read over & over again.


We all owe so much to you for all your efforts, but realized how very blessed you are in being so dedicated to God's work. May God continue to bless you. Enclosed is a small token.



Joy Behling

Falls City, OR


                                    * * *


April 6, 1998


Just a note to say I'm thinking of you today and wishing you continued blessed success in your "God's" good work.


In Christ's love always,

Del Price

Bradenton, FL


                                    * * *


April 6, 1998


Haven't come up for air since "LOVE IN ACTION'.


Pammie was so looking forward to meeting you there - starting to look like Nashville is beyond our means this year - our whole trip to Colorado and around was wonderful from start to finish - (our honeymoon after 32 years).


I'm illustrating for a local quarterly of 'channeled insight for the millennial shift' called "Higher Wisdom". My transmitted images fit in with the copy real nice and I also do live portraits for the contributors. Am, as well, doing portraits out of a gallery here in Eureka. Pammie has just gotten a huge transcribing job from Sacramento, but would like to do some teaching mission stuff if anyone is in need. Clear tapes are easy for her.


The 'Love in Action' conference had an outrageous influence on our lives. We've never seen so many service opportunities: So much Love in Action! Who knows what happened? Life is just way different now - and so, it seems, are we.


Anyway, here's to another great year of T/RNN.


Michael Goodwin

Loleta, CA


                                   * * *


April 7, 1998


Please start sending T/R Newsletter to my [new] address in Florida. Thank you. I am so grateful for your efforts for the Teaching Mission.

Steffani Murray

Jacksonville, FL  32207


[Steffani, welcome to your new home. You are now not that far from the Tallahassee Group!]


                                    * * *


April 11, 1998


Wow, it has been 7+ years. What a training we've come through. I cannot believe sometimes how real this is, to know that such great spirit personnel are attending us in both personal growth and our planet's growth.


Again, your persistence has linked this mission together as a family. The tml also connects us, but not as widespread as your service.


All my love and support and $25.00 "<grin>."


Calvin McKee

Woods Cross, UT


*Here's for another year's subscription & a fine brewed "Cafe Latte" at the next Beans & Brew on Me.!


[How did you know I love Cafe Latte. I get a double short Cafe Latte because I like it strong. I learned to really appreciate coffee in Europe and am delighted that it has become so popular here. I will think of you with my next Starbuck's coffee. Thanks!]


                                    * * *


April 12, 1998

Easter Sunday


Greetings, I hope that you are well. I just want to express my appreciation for you and all the hard work you do on behalf of the Teaching Mission and all the networking you do and mailing out the newsletter. I copy it for my study group and also mail it on to Holland.


Please accept this wonderful poem by Vern Grimsley. He is a long time Urantia Book reader. These are suitable for framing, whatever. The white copy I am enclosing is for further copying. It makes a clearer copy onto colored paper just in case you want to please someone else.


I had this one enlarged from a smaller one, and rather than having it lie somewhere in a drawer, doing nothing, I felt - this was a wonderful way to pass on the good news. This poem was done early 1980 or so.


God Bless you in all you do.


Hugs from

Judy  nyland

Hamilton, ON  CANADA


[I thank you, Judy, and am passing your gift along with this issue for all to enjoy.]


                                    * * *




Thanks so much for all that you do. Here's our yearly contribution to the newsletter.


There have been some changes with the concert. We are working with a concession company that puts on a free weekly concert at Riverfront Park on Thursdays. In the end we decided to just use one of their Thursday concerts for World Peace. They will donate a portion of the profits from the concessions and the AUD (Association to Unite the Democracies) takes no monetary risks. Unfortunately, this has changed the nature of the concert and it is out of my hands.


The first thing the concessions people did was drop Neale Walsch and all my talent except Arlo Guthrie who at this time is not confirmed. They advertise on two rock & roll radio stations in town so the bands they book are more along that line. We will be giving speeches between set changes and will be collecting signatures on an unofficial petition for the establishment of a World Peace Day. We expect some 14,000 people to attend.


So - Thursday night, July 16th instead of Friday night and a little less country  a little more rock & roll.

Still should be a blast.


Hope you can make it.


Rebecca Bynum

Nashville, TN



                                 * * * * *




Elyon Group

April 12, 1998  Easter


A toy in the kid's room: "I am Buzz Lightyear, to the rescue!"

            The group: "I really heard it this time!"

"A clarity I have never experienced before!"

"A still, small voice!"


Aaron (Simeon TR): Greetings, friends, I am Aaron, honored to be in your presence today. I am given the opportunity to address you as you gather. It pleases me to see your beaming souls.


The sincere nature of interacting does away with any great need for guidelines and manners of behavior, for in your sincerity are you guided most truthfully by an inner sense of rightness regarding how you should be in any given circumstance. It is our endeavor to bring out new mannerisms within those we communicate with over an extended period of time such that these styles are marked by the flavors of sincerity and honesty in communication.


We are lightened in our attitudes by the many currents of interaction here today, from child to adult to celestial. These seeming distractions do not dampen or curtail our ability to communicate with you. The joy we feel at seeing your gathering and the man interactions allow us a deepened sense of familial ties with you, even as you feel these deepening connections within you regarding each other. So, as I leave you today, I would simply say thank you for your continued willingness to interact with each other freely. Rest assured that we will continue, regardless of any influences, to communicate with you all these things depending upon your sincerity and your willingness.


Happy Easter. Good day.


Elyon (Jonathan): Again I greet you, and again I value you for your spiritual performances over the week, for those efforts you have made to improve your ability to manifest the values you hold dear in your lives and those which represent the Father, those which reflect eternity in the ever-moving waves of time.


I am glad to see that I have all my eggs in one basket today. I know your phrase that cautions against putting all eggs in one basket; this has merit in the caution to not over commit oneself, denying other possibilities that exist in the ever-moving events of time that may alter the course that will lead you to your goal.


You seek the values of eternity which give deeper meaning to your life and the implications of the great ascension that lies before you. The very course of your ascension is itself variable because every effort any one of us makes further defines the course that all may take. As you receive greater appreciation of these eternal values, you are establishing them concretely in time. You are making them alive; you are animating those very standards of deity that have stood forever.


Our master taught us to serve, because the most valuable element in all the universes is personality. Though every personality is colored differently with traits and inclinations that express uniqueness, everyone is a cherished possession in the Father's basket. While you seek to have and possess the values of spirit, you are, in the very effort, becoming valuable.


The master finished his life on earth with the words, "It is finished." This culmination of effort on his part created tenfold new potentials that are only now, centuries later, beginning to be effective on a worldwide scale. He is not done; he has only expanded his troops to include thousands. His effort to reach all his children is not, as your history portrayed, to win the great battle against evil and possess all he can before the rest are lost. No. He desires to reach everyone because, in his view, all belong to him. It is his passion that all know deeply, to the depths of their souls, this very truth. It is to your charge that you present him in your lives, not as an objective, external that you  describe but as a vivid internal demonstration that you are. You are embryos of an eternal life. You are infused with Michael's presence; the vitality you have today is only expanding in your development.


If you could organize in your thinking the intervals of time that lie between your birth as a human and your attainment of Paradise, you would come to greater appreciate how very near you are to the morontia experience; it is but one broken shell away. Michael has demonstrated the path whereby you may attain this state of being, and he returned to you to prove beyond any doubt its existence. I am confident that I have with me a troop that is capable of revealing this to others. I would hope that you would spread yourselves around that you may be discovered by others as one who has been with the Father, who has communed with Michael. This will encourage any hungry soul.


I have finished, and I thank you for your attention.


Jill: Would you identify who you are?


Elyon: I am Elyon.


Malvantra (Mark):  This is Malvantra, and I would step forward today with a slight commentary regarding the full to overflowing classroom in attendance today. Imagine any instructor coming into a classroom so overflowing with eager students, overflowing with love and light. It is an extreme joy to be exposed to such eager hearts and minds and souls as are present in this room on this day. I would also tell you that if you think this room is crowded with eager souls, you would be amazed to see those others in attendance also crowded in with us today, invisible to your eyes but nonetheless present in observation.


I make my presence known to you today with the single purpose of desiring that you become more aware of my presence and particularly of my order of being, the Melchizedeks, as we will become more intricately involved with your life experiences in the near times to come. While we all as teachers work together, we as Melchizedeks will become more present to you as time goes on. Indeed, we are resident here with you. We desire to have a closer affiliation with you and to work with you more directly. We therefore will take those steps as frequently as the occasion warrants to once again make you aware of our presence in hopes that repeated exposure to this presence will grow into easy, simple recognition.


I have no lesson planned today, as there is none required. I simply send my love and affection as well as my heartfelt respect and admiration for your efforts; your coming together at occasions like this exposes the fruits of your soul searching, and they are indeed sweet. I encourage you all to keep walking the walk as well as talking the talk. You are all opening your minds to increased perspectives, and this is the goal of the Teaching Mission and of your individual ascension careers. I leave you now with a fond embrace and would extend gratitude from those who will be unheard as well as unseen today.


Solonia (Daniel):  Greetings, this is Solonia. In your search for truth and goodness and beauty do not get discouraged in those times when you do not seem to be finding anything. These, too, have value in that you have identified places where they are not. Each experience in the searching quest has value to the Supreme in that it defines for you and for others the limitations as well as the opportunities seeking brings, enjoyment in and of itself, as you seek with an open and childlike heart.


If you would look back on these past few years you would recognize that within your basket are very many things that you have discovered, that you have found, that you have made a part of your personal collection. Remember always: one of the greatest values of seeking towards a goal is the journey which you take to get there. Your Fragment of the Father does not place useless obstacles in your path; there is great joy in overcoming those things which seem to delay your progress. When you do so it always energizes you toward the next steps in discovery. If you could see your own progress as I do you, too, would be overwhelmed.


I love you, dear ones. I now enjoy participating in your celebration of this day.


Michael (Jonathan): I am with you. I greet my beloved children, my two year olds and my two million year olds, all of whom I cherish deeply.


Many expressions are being made today regarding the significance of my presence on this world. Many expressions of adoration have been extended to me, and I welcome them all in honor of the Father. Such praise is only a reflection of the beauty of the divine plan of Son ministry. Today in this minute I wish to sit with you and express not words but rather let us each pause to acknowledge the Father. He doesn't sit among us but sits within us. May we each spend just a few moments expressing our love.


Father, I once said that into your hands I give my spirit. Today I desire my children here fully to realize that into their hearts you have given your spirit. May this reality grow as a living experience. May we fulfill our mission of bringing to you exalted beings from the very outskirts of space, beings who understand remoteness from divinity and have comprehended the extreme closeness, even union, with you.


                                    * * *


Ham On Communication

Nashville Group



Ham: Greetings, children, friends, I am Ham and I greet you all warmly tonight. Our lesson will center upon fellowship. What is fellowship? What does it mean to share oneself and to receive the sharing of another?


There are times when your sharing is obvious to you and there are times when sharing is almost unconscious. As you grow in the spirit, you learn to balance this sharing consciously more and more. In interaction there is often one party that shares the most, talks the most, wants the other party to see him and admire him. And, the other party is often more retiring and shares less. You of the spirit must recognize which tendency you have, either to share too much or too little, and start thinking about balance.


Being interested in other people and willing to listen to their sharing is very important. Jesus always listened first before he talked. Then when he knew something about the person, he taught by asking questions and letting that person discover answers for themselves. Many of you have never tried this technique of communication and it would help you to do so.


Others speak too little and are so retiring that it is embarrassing for you to bring yourself to the front and speak in a balanced manner with others. You are all just beginners at the art of relationships and as you grow in the spirit, you will be more and more skilled at bringing forward the spiritual core of an issue without offending anyone or being embarrassed.


Remember that the majority of the art of communication is listening. People will tell you what they need. If you listen you will be able to give them that. You are all in a period where individual ministry is very important. Where a few well chosen words can change someone's life forever.


There are several ways of meeting another's needs. The most important way is to show interest. Next, is to show love. And third, is to actually impart spiritual food with your words. You may only get to the first part which is interest, you may get to the second part which is showing loving concern, but once in a while, you will get through all three and be able to impart spiritual nourishment to one of God's children.


As this week comes up, I want you all to be aware of those three steps and try and balance out your interactions with others. If someone is not sharing enough and is being too retiring, then ask them questions and draw them out. If someone is being too talkative, too self-assertive, send them love and be patient until the time is right for a few well chosen words. But, always show interest and always show love. Also, you must pray to receive words from the Father that are suitable for his child.


Every person is different and every person's needs are slightly different. You must learn to open yourselves up to the Father's guidance and let him guide what you say. If you will do this, you will begin to perceive that there are many opportunities for you to speak a well chosen word.


Be joyful and interested in all of God's children and you will find that your opportunities for service multiply. Remember that you are each like an angel or a person who has seen the other side and you are bringing knowledge of this greater world to those who cannot yet perceive it. What each one of you has to give is wonderful and life changing. Are there any questions?


Q: In trying to determine where we fall individually on the continuum between extroversion and introversion, can we trust our own inner sense of self on that? Do you have any guidance in this regard?


Ham: You can all pretty much see yourselves clearly in this regard.


Q:  Can you expand on unconscious sharing?


Ham: Yes, people reveal a great deal about themselves in how they interact with others more than they mean to I would think. Humans tend to think that they are hiding very well behind their shields of bravado or shyness. To the higher beings and to most other human beings these shields are transparent as glass. When humans interact, they are really unaware of how much they themselves are revealing because they are focused on figuring out the other person. I would say as a general rule people share more of themselves unconsciously than consciously, they are unaware of how much they are revealing.


Q: When you said it, I was seeing that it is possible to be sharing with someone some of these higher qualities we want to exude without speaking them or otherwise indicating them.


Ham: Absolutely.


Q: And they can pick it up, is that correct?


Ham: Exactly, yes.


Q: Something you said about the importance of individual ministry at this point sort of helped me relax about the mission and our role in the mission. Is that to be our emphasis, this one on one daily interaction?


Ham: For now.


Q: Does that mean it might change in the future?


Ham: Of course.


Q: When talking about the three steps, you said the first was to show interest and the second was to show love. Could you talk about the step between showing interest and love?


Ham: Yes. When you feel loving towards your fellow human being, you are accepting of what he is sharing. Love is acceptance and non-judgment. These things allow the other to share and assure him of your receiving what he has shared. This is what builds trust and confidence and opens him up to receive what you have to share. Is this helping?


Q: Yes.


Q: Ham, a lot of communications I have with people amount to people just talking out of control and is it totally wrong to put your hand over their mouth and bring it to their attention that they are not making sense? That happens to me a lot.


Ham: Yes, you have to assert yourself more in conversation, bring yourself forward more.


Q: It's mainly me?


Ham: It's always two in any relationship, but your task is to bring yourself forward more.


[Personal Questions]


                                    * * *



Pocatello, ID


Daniel (Bill): This is Daniel; my warmest greetings to you, my dear friend. I am your guide and teacher, among others; and I like the sound of that familiar cadence for it reminds me of our deepest and cherished connections. You know, of course, that you have many teachers. You have your personal guides. You have your guardian angels. You have spirit influences from the most intimate connection or Mystery Monitor, Michael's Spirit of Truth, and our blessed holy Mother Spirit's influence; and there is available to you the perfect balance and coordination of this marvelous mix of celestial ministry.


I am hopeful that some of you pursued the suggestion made in the last several meetings to try to broaden your awareness of the presence, the power, the love, and the reality of the spiritual world. You are indeed fortunate among mortals that your footsteps have led to the door, which upon opening has opened to you these grand vistas of spiritual growth and illumination. This knowledge is not intended to be a gnostic treasure, a special knowledge for the chosen few, for the spiritual elite, but this knowledge of what is really true is all of our responsibility to disseminate, to inculcate, to flavor with such generosity and compassion that it will be the most appealing of spiritual food.


We are not merely speaking of a smorgasbord of pleasant ideas, relative truths, nor interesting thoughts. No, this is not the realm of conjecture or speculation that I am referring to. This is the true knowledge, that true light, that has been difficult to understand on this planet of darkness until now, until recently. It is a light which was never fully extinguished, of course. It kept burning through the centuries after the disastrous rebellion claimed the Planetary Prince of Urantia, and then after the less than complete effort that was terminated in failure by your planetary Adam and Eve.


You know, of course, the other efforts, the other epochal revelations which culminated in the arrival and ministry, death and resurrection of none other than the Planetary Sovereign who is also a Universe Sovereign, our own Christ Michael. And now in these days we have the fifth epochal revelation which is not confined to the pages of the Urantia Book, although the Urantia Book announces it and is the textbook. But this epochal revelation is inexplicably intertwined with and cannot be disassociated from the great Time of Correction which has begun.


Some of you were jesting about hearing voices in your heads; and yet this is the goal of every mortal being, to become fully conscious of the voice of their leading Adjuster, their precious God Fragment. Put away your fear! Put away your fear and trust that when you turn over to God you will not be lead astray. I'm not advocating foolish, intemperate rejection of intellect or logic; I'm not advocating insanity. But to much is being said that draws upon your deep fears that somehow or other when you reach to God, He will deceive you, His hands will be removed, and you will fall, crash and burn. The leap of faith is never met with this kind of disappointment. This brings me to the official lesson for this evening.


I desire to continue, with the assistance of others, to pursue the rewards of risk. Let me start by saying, 'nothing risked, nothing learned.' This is a variant on, 'nothing risked, nothing gained,' with the emphasis in such a way as to take it out of the context of the business world, although its truth there is often apparent. Consider the opposite of risk, a life where there are no dangers available to a person because they are unwilling to take risks. What would such a life be like?


I would like you to help me with this question. I will give you a moment to think about it and then I would like your participation, those of you who wish. Please, very briefly, describe how you conceive a life that has no risk. How would that be?


[Group members share their answers]


Daniel (Bill): Now my friends, I would like to have you consider some of the 'hard sayings' of our Master, as they're termed. He said, 'whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whosoever is willing to lose his life for My sake and the kingdom's will gain it,' or words to that effect. He said, words to this effect, 'what if kingdoms fall, everything crashes and burns, what concern is this of a God-believing faith son and daughter?' What was he getting at? Of course Jesus knew of spiritual reality, for he, as a Creator Son from Paradise, knew from his own experience the reality of the Trinity. For Him there was no uncertainty at all. His difficult task was to try to convince us that this spiritual reality, unseen by our eyes, was really in existence.


You have all presented with good arguments the various types of fears that mortals experience, that make risk difficult, even though it is built into your systems by evolution to take risks. The good news that Jesus announced was the reality that your lives, our lives, (for I include myself here as a former mortal), take origin in two sources, one biological, the other spiritual. His great good news was that we're not merely children of our material parents, children of the earth, but we are sons and daughters of the very Creator of all that is; and because of this fact, if we choose this relationship of trust, obedience, and joy, the material fears will not ultimately destroy us. It is hard to bear in mind on a daily basis that there is this other reality, that we are truly immortal by our consent; and that there is possible a trust relationship to a Person who is unfailingly perfect, good, and caring. Actually, it is idolatry to trust fully, 100 percent, in another human being, including yourself, for only God merits that kind of faith and trust.


I suggest to you that the most important risk you take in your lives is to believe this good news, and once you take that risk, which you all have done, you taste reality. You sense that you have not been conned; you know there's something real. You feel the presence and love of God. Some skeptics would come back with, 'That's all fine and dandy pie in the sky, but how does that help me deal with my daily problems? Does that just automatically cancel the risks of courtship, the risks of friendship, the survival needs for daily bread, a roof over my head, and so forth; what does all that have to do with my real life?' And the answer is , you must discover this individually.


However, I would also suggest that the one who has made the leap of faith to believe in their sonship and daughtership, and their grand universe parents, is not any less connected to the material reality than a skeptical brother or sister, but rather has that settled peace making it possible to deal with all the risks of life that have been elaborated in the material sense, and find that balance that was stated between surging ahead, taking risks, and drawing back cautiously to preserve some aspect of your life. There is another who wishes to add some comments. One moment, please.


Minearisa (Cathy): This is Minearisa. The topic at hand is one of core importance. The bottomless pit, as described by Steven, seems very real. There is, however that safety net of God's love which prevents us from plummeting ever downward. As God extends a hand to you it is your responsibility to reach back and grasp that hand. And what is required in order to reach out is self-love, for without self-love you cannot fully accept the love of another, including God.


It is this self-love, Virginia that answers your question regarding when to sever relationships, for when people treat us with less love than they extend to themselves, that is the point at which severing the relationship is the healthiest alternative.


Regarding risk, risk is a requirement of change, and change is the requirement of growth. If you think of a bubbling brook, what keeps it clear and pure is movement, constant change, for if the movement stops, indeed it becomes, as Robert said, stagnant. People stagnate just as water can. When one refused to accept risk as a corollary of growth, and therefore, life, the mental stagnation that sets in is much like an early death for that person. And one common way in which people stagnate is by making assumptions that are convenient, that allow one to avoid that which he knows in his/her heart to be, perhaps, not the easiest path, but the right path. The example that Isaac gave earlier is an excellent one, and one to take to heart.


I would like to give an assignment this week, for you all to be on the alert for assumptions made about others, and then to consciously challenge this assumption you have made, no matter how certain you are of it, and then face the person with your perceptions. For example, you might say, 'I have observed this or that, and from that my perception is that you are feeling this or that,' and see how close or how far off you are in reality. This concludes my comments. There is one other who desires to speak.


Aaron (Bill): Hello friends, I am Aaron. I have enjoyed our interactional format this evening which allows you to add your two-cents worth, and I would say your thousand-dollars worth. We will continue to use this interactional format more and more, even though occasionally, or perhaps even more frequently than occasionally, we may lapse into the lecture mode at times.


My vote is for the wisdom of one of your great presidents, who did say in fact, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself'. And I vote for this because it was the habit of our Master to say, 'fear not, fear not little flock, you are taken care of, God knows your needs.' He takes care of the grass, the flowers, the birds, He surely will take care of you. Don't be anxious, because you can't, by being anxious, add a day to your life. Your hairs are counted, and even if they are falling out, you are still valuable, even if your society prefers you in a wig or a hair piece. You see how superficial and unimportant in the eternal perspective are so many of your fears, and I would say our fears, for we had them also to some degree. When you take the risk of faith, that leap into the arms of the loving Parent you will not be disappointed. Daniel has stated this already; the Urantia book states it consistently; I add my testimony as well. So throw those heavy weights off your back, relax those stressed muscles of self-protection loneliness, and abandonment and see this sparkling, gorgeous universe, fully cared for, administered, and all moving in the direction of perfection. Some day you will literally stand on the perfect worlds of Havona. You will be amazed at what you see. The life ahead of us is incredible.


My friends, take heart. You are all precious, precious children, lovely, wonderful brothers and sisters. My love, Daniel's love, Minearisa's love, but most importantly, God's love be with you all tonight. Good evening.


                                    * * *


SpiritFest 95

June 24, 1995

Group Session

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group


T: Today, in the speech that Mr. (Duane) Faw gave to our group, he focused on two points that he felt were important in the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Point one referred to as the Truth that has been brought to us through the Urantia Book. Point two referred to the "demonstration of righteousness" through the Teaching Mission, which he felt was an important part of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. In this "demonstration of righteousness," if I assume this is true, what Mr. Faw said, can you delineate for us, ways in which this Teaching Mission can realize itself in the "demonstration of this righteousness." Can you give some specific examples, and show us ways in which this will come about, and how we can make this come about in our own lives?


Olfana: (Smiling) Yes. I would be happy to provide further particulars regarding this topic. The most beautiful example I can give you is, of course, The Master--patience and the long-suffering intention to serve. Please ponder these two points. We are seeking patience from all of you in your own growth, and we are offering you patience in our relationship, as you grow. You, then, we ask to respond with patience to all others in their own path of understanding. (Smiling) You can offer food to others, but you can not chew it for them. Is this not true? Therefore, let others chew upon this issue of the Teaching Mission, at their own pace. Some will savor the flavor, and ask for more. And others will swallow with discomfort, and say, "Enough! Thank you so much for the sampling, but this is not to my taste." Offer patience and understanding in this process to all you meet. You will be great examples of spiritual integrity, in this manner. If you invest this information with any amount of your own sense of judgement, condescension, a sense of spiritual superiority, or impatience at their lack of desire to hear more, you will, my dear ones, be defeating our very purpose. Please offer this understanding of the Teaching Mission as you would a beautiful platter of hors d'oeuvres, and say to those who are gathered at your party, "I have prepared these with a great deal of love and respect for you all. I ask you, now, would you like to sample from my tray?" Let them pick and choose, for themselves, what they find desirable upon this platter. The best you can do, as they choose to sample, is to continue to offer this platter to others. If some of those you have reached enjoyed what they tasted, they will follow you, and say, "Ah, that was most delicious! Are there more of those upon your platter? I would most appreciate sampling another." And in this manner, you will, indeed, be helping us to spread the delicacies we offer in this Mission.


Regarding the point I made of "long-suffering intention and commitment"--I ask you to consider the remarkable way in which The Master, each day of his life, went to rest with his sense of love and commitment to The Father, and rose each morning, renewed in his physical strength to express this love and commitment once again. Thirty-three years (in Jesus's life) is a relative expression of time. We live our life not so much  within years, but in episodes of experiences, and in each of these episodes of experience, we face ourselves, we face our character, we face our challenges, we face our fears, our joy. We live our lives full of experiences which test our integrity. And in this way, The Master, as Jesus, expressed himself daily, committed in his intentions, full of love within his heart, and willing to endure the difficulties, the obstacles, the pains, the fears, the hatred, at times, which faced Him. We are asking you, now to hold The Master's long-suffering example in your own hearts, as you now offer yourselves to do God's Work. We are asking you to suffer, sometimes, the difficulties of life in His Name, for His Love, for His Integrity, for His Compassion. Allow yourselves to be ones who will take up the work that remains upon this planet for its healing. Allow yourselves to suffer in His Name, at times. I do not wish, now, to present a bleak picture of this work, for, indeed, there will be immense joy and companionship, and a sense of exhilaration, that will be with you on this path. But, there will, indeed, my dear ones, be moments when you will be asked to extend yourselves with endurance, with commitment, and with a desire to serve the good of others--sometimes at the cost of your own personal comfort and peace. but, here again, I refer back to the encouraging statement my sister (the Teacher, Signa) has made, and I say to you, this stillness practice will empower you to be able to reach out in those moments of test and struggle, and will allow you the ability to rise above any hurdle placed within your path. Is this sufficient for you, now, T?


T: Yes. Thank you.


                                    * * *



Volcano, Hawaii - #7




I convey my nurturing love and gentle encouragement to all who receive my message.


It is so imperative to share all you've learned and this is the true essence of your purpose. Truthful and loving optimism blended with blessed intention will insulate your fragile tendencies towards discouragement and protect you when doubt and negativism surfaces in your thoughts.


Your mortal propensity for impatience often makes fertile ground for lowering your true potential in any given situation causing you to deny truth.


Unswerving faith and trust engenders optimistic anticipation and joyful action that leaves only room for positive beliefs--if you could only comprehend how effective each and every one of you are in the process of initiating favorable change--you are extremely important and very vital to the accomplishment of the divine plan.


Your measurements of progress are too anticipatory of rapid and striking changes, and that will not occur in the expectations you have set. All evolutionary processes may seem slow in your perspective; however, the constant enfoldment of enlightenment occurs in the strong, steady power of the Father's purpose.


Recall how brilliant optimism pervaded every example of our dearly beloved Christ Michael throughout his mortal existence on Urantia in his teachings and exemplary instruction to enliven the Spirit of Truth in us all.


                                 * * * * *






Congratulations to Sonny Schneider for the one year anniversary of posting daily teacher and UB quotes on the tml list!!!


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Dear Fellow Sojourners,


We finally have a Urantia study group established in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The town is small, but we average anywhere from five to ten people weekly.


A lot of this has stemmed from my Teaching Mission Radio Ministry (and also lots of unseen help, which I'm very thankful for). I  highly recommend this method of radio-media communication to anyone eager enough to try it. (I just can't tell you how much fun it is.)


I'd like to thank those in the Tallahassee group, who have helped me fund the program for the next couple of months. I would also like to thank those who took time to send Teacher Transmission. I use practically all of them, and, as always, could use more.


I love you All,


Jim Foster, OK


                                    * * *




April 13, 1998


Hello beloved Urantia Book readers and truth students! Some of you may have read in recent publication of the work wonderful Norman Ingram has been making in behalf of the Urantia Book. His personal dedication and commitment are without peer in the distribution of the great Urantia Book around the world. His personal desire is to see the dissemination of this incredible material to as many eager students around the world as time and availability permit. I have been fortunate to have had a divine appointment with Norman in costa Rica while I was serving a ministry there. During that meeting Norman mentioned that he would be attempting to distribute many Urantia Books throughout Africa within the next year or so.


Since I have a certain amount of freedom of movement at present, I have decided to assist Norman in this great endeavor. We plan to go by vehicle, starting in Morocco, and covering some 35 capitols before we return to our starting point of Tangiers, Morocco. This is an incredible venture that only the hardiest and most dedicated people would attempt to undertake. Norman and I seem to fill that requirement. I have traveled in eastern Africa and know some of the ways and expectations to be encountered in the so-called "third world" nations.


Our itinerary will go something like this: After leaving Europe we will head to Tangiers, then Casa Blanca, Rabat and Marrakech, Morocco. Then through the difficult Sahara desert in the Old Spanish Sahara and Mauritania to Dakar, Sengal; then the west African capitols of Banjui, Gambia; Bissau, Guinea Bissau; Conakry, Guinea; Freetown, Sierra Leone; Monrovia, Liberia; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Accra, Ghana; Lome, Togo; Porta Novo, Benin; Lagos, Nigeria; and Yaounde, Cameroun. Then we head south to Libreville, Gabon; Brazzaville, Congo; Kinshasa, Zaire; Luanda, Angola;  Windhoek, Namibia, and finally Cape Town, South Africa. We then start working our way east along the south coast to Durban, South Africa; Mbabane, Swaziland; Maputo, Mozambique; then to the interior for the major cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa. Continuing on north will take us to Harare, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia): Lusaka, Zambia; Lilongwe, Malawi; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; finally Nairobi, Kenya. A western diversion is contemplated from Nairobi into Kamapla, Urganda; Kigali, Rwanda; and Bujumbura, Burundi, but we will have to see what the political situation is by the time we arrive in Nairobi. Lastly, a boat trip to Khartoum, Sudan; then on to Cairo, Egypt; Tripoli, Libya: Tunis, Tunisia; then Algeria. Those are the major cities within each country. Others will be attempted depending on their accessibility and importance in the distribution process.


As you can see this is a very ambitious trip. In order to accomplish this formidable task we need around $30,000 to cover the basic necessities of gasoline, food, lodging, and air fare for the freight costs to send the books overseas. President Clinton laid the groundwork of economic and political assistance. Now we need your support to add that special dimension of Urantia teaching so that the great information contained within those teachings can expand the understanding of a people kept largely in ignorance from the universal truths we have come to accept.


If you would like to personally be a part of any portion of this trip, feel free to contact Norman or any of those involved in this campaign. We will be in frequent contact by e-mail throughout the trip and will keep many informed of our progress and anticipated arrival dates at given cities on the tour.


Our intended departure date will be around September 15th in order to avoid the extreme desert heat of summer, and land in the wet zones of west Africa during their summer season which corresponds to our winter season. This trip may take as long as nine months or more, so whatever assistance you can render in behalf of this great adventure will be greatly appreciated,


Yours in faith and love,

Rev. Roger Goffeney

Unity Minister


[I always think of Fred Harris as our "Traveling Ambassador" for the Teaching Mission. Well, Norman Ingram is surely our "Traveling Ambassador for The Urantia Book!" South America, The Far East and now Africa! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this mission to Africa that Norman and Roger are planning. The dedication and commitment they have to undertake such a project is truly inspiring as this trip will present them with many challenges and opportunities to test their fortitude. It is certainly not an undertaking for a timid soul. As you offer your prayers and contributions to this Mission to Africa, you will be able to track their progress in the newsletter.-Ed]




CONGRATULATIONS, SASKIA, for the outstanding job you have been doing!!! At present, Saskia has 211 stories for the book of stories of how people found The Urantia Book. Shortly a title will be decided on and Saskia will be very busy editing the stories to get the book ready for print. Norman tells me that Saskia volunteered to do this project and cover the printing with all the proceeds to go towards the trip. Now that is dedication and a lot of work!!!


In the meantime, a printer friend of Norman's is donating his facilities for the price of the paper. Joy Brandt is working with Saskia to get the stories ready. Sage Waitts will lay them out on the page and Chick Montgomery is helping Saskia to design and produce a cover When you receive the edited copy of your story from Saskia, please be sure to look it over and return it to her right away as Saskia intends to make a "Mission to Africa" special edition of 500 copies and have them ready sometime in June.


This book will be a great one to share with all those who ask about the Urantia Book and why it is so important to us. The price will be a minimum $20.00 donation to Norman Ingram's Mission to Africa, plus postage, so if you want to send more, it's easy. Selling all the copies will generate $10,000  for the Mission! To place your order, write to Saskia. She's taking orders now.


Saskia will be putting out a weekly update on Tuesdays for those of you on the email lists.


                                    * * *


                TM FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM


Thanks to Barry Norby, we are going to have a TeaM Family Photo Album!!! Barry has been busy working on this and hopes to be able to recover his costs and have enough left over for a sizable donation to Norman Ingram's African Mission. Below is a description in Barry's words of what he is doing:


"I am breaking it into two sections. One section is strictly the TeaM Family Gathering '97. The other section is Our TeaM Family, which I have broken down with divider pages for each state and a page for each individual or couple from that State or Country, as the case may be. These pages are pictures of the people superimposed on scenic backgrounds. I am attempting to make all of the backgrounds different. The only info provided with these is the name of the individual and their home city and state."


As you can well imagine, this is a very time consuming project. You can help by making sure he has a picture of you and sending him any other pictures of TM family members so the album will be as complete as possible.


I have seen a preview of this album and it is wonderful to be able to look at it and put faces to the many names we all know in our TM family.


                  CONTRIBUTION UPDATE


The estimated cost of the trip is $34,000 plus a four wheel drive vehicle. They have raised $2,800 in funds so far with pledges for 1/3 of the gas, a grant of 200 books plus $1,000 and the air freight for shipping the books. One donor has offered to sell an original copy of The Urantia Book for $500 and donate the proceeds to the trip. I do not have a count yet of the total number of Urantia Books that have been donated.


Anyone have a spare four-wheel-drive vehicle to donate???


If someone who is good at graphics would like to make a temperature chart to use in the newsletter to show each month where we stand on the fund raising goal, I would really appreciate it.. With the support of the Teaching Mission and Urantia Book readers, raising the funds for this trip should not be difficult as we all know how The Urantia Book has changed our lives, but I believe it is always good to see exactly where we are at in the process.


What is so wonderful about this project, is that it is something we can all participate in together to make it a real success. Saskia and Barry have taken on major projects, but using our creative talents there are endless ways we can find to make a contribution. Contributions of money or books should be sent to: WOUN (World Outreach for Urantia Nations) at The School of Meanings and Values. Please make checks payable to: "The School for Meanings and Values."


Our heartfelt thanks to Norman, Roger, Saskia, Barry, Joy, Sage, Chick, Mike and all of you who are contributing to the success of Norman's Mission to Africa with your stories, your pictures, your books, your donations, and your prayers.


                                    * * *


WOUN has a NEW web site at http://woun.hypermart.net thanks to the efforts of Mike Rayl.  Check it out!


In Saskia's words, "Let's do what we can to get Norman off to Africa by SEPTEMBER! Even if he has SOME of the money and the rest pledged, we can send him on his way and feed him $$ in dribs and drabs as he makes his way across the continent. Let's not forget that the ONLY way God can operate on this planet is though US--he has not other channel through which his will can be done. Let's let God help Norman on his mission to enlighten our less fortunate brothers and sisters. We will provide the money for God, and Norman will provide the legs! And we can do double-duty as God's cheerleaders!"


                                    * * *


                    COMMUNITY CENTER


The following is from a post by Fred Harris on the tml list:


March 18, 1998


Ladies & Gentlemen,


Calvin's idea of a community center is central to the concept that our group is working on - that of a spiritual community that includes a community center. In that center there would be child care services, a place for the kids to hang out and play basketball, ping pong, listen to music, etc. It would also have a kitchen and there would be the availability of community dinners and worship. It would be ringed by soccer fields, baseball fields, hiking path, basketball courts, tennis courts and maybe a pool. It would be a reversion headquarters.


We desire to develop a pattern for this type of community that would be duplicatable. We have reviewed many forms of prior efforts, including communes, co-housing projects, cults, gated communities, etc. We are also interested in how to finance these projects - a prerequisite to being capable of being duplicated.


This is what started us on the path to generate seed capital with the publication of a book (now expanded to three books) using Will's lessons and excerpts for the Urantia Book.


Last week we received the license from the Urantia Foundation to use the UB quotes in conjunction with the teacher lessons!


Byron Belitsos' Origin Press has the first book under contract and it will be published in the Fall of this year. The working title is "The Center Within". Our not for profit corporation, Mind, Body & Spirit, Inc. will be publishing a daybook called "Teaching Mission Daybook (with Urantia Book quotes): Welcome to Change A Guide for Personal Enlightenment" and a book I am working on called "The Correcting Time". We would appreciate your support on these projects and we will give you details and publication dates later. I think you will like them and I hope that they encourage your groups to do the same with your transcripts.


Until then, we continue to move closer to light and life through our loving actions.


Best regards,

Fred Harris


                                    * * *




The following prayer was offered by Fred Harris at the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission on February 28, 1998.




Dear God,


We stand on the threshold of a grand and glorious future. We have the opportunity to participate in a  spiritual awakening for which this world has long waited. A time when we will recognize that we are all children of one God, and, therefore, brothers and sisters. A Time when we will embrace selfless service toward all those in need. A time when the predominant attitude will be one of hope and expectation of better times to come. A time when families will flourish and all will endeavor to take the highest path in their every decision. This future will be a time when truth, beauty, and goodness will be manifest in all of our lives.


But this epoch will not appear magically or by divine fiat. It requires our daily participation and contribution to make it a reality. And it requires a society that is built on a foundation of equality, justice, and opportunity for all. That foundation of law begins with our Constitution, which recognizes the fundamental rights and obligations shared by all.


God, please bless the people who comprise this Constitutional Revision Commission and grant them the wisdom, strength, and vision necessary to discern the divine pattern and incorporate it into the amendments that they propose. Help them fashion a Constitution that will secure our freedom, protect our rights, and promote the highest good for the people of Florida and, in doing, set an example for the world.


We ask, dear Lord, that you daily grant us tolerance to honor each person's path to you, that you encourage us to count our blessings, and remind us not to neglect our time with you for it is in our personal relationship with you that we are able to become centered in our love. And having become so centered, help us become a conduit for your love, spreading it to all those we encounter.


                                 * * * * *


                  OF SPECIAL INTEREST




All the Teaching Mission brothers and sisters who attended the Celestial Nights Gathering in Cape San Blas, report having a wonderful time together. Thought you might enjoy this tml post from Fred Harris.


March 3, 1998




I though you might be interested in the comments of a non TeaM person who attended the Celestial Nights gathering. June is my secretary and, while she has definitely heard about TeaM and my interest in the mission, this was the first time she had been to a gathering of Teaching Mission People.  Fred


I wanted to put this in writing so perhaps you could share this with your friends in the Teaching Mission. I had anticipated feeling a bit like an outsider attending your Celestial Nights gathering this weekend, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Everyone I met was warm and invited me into their conversations. Everyone wanted to know about me and made a point of including me. We sang together (a great treat for me, thank you, Peri and Hal and everyone else), ate together, cooked together, cleaned together, and just generally enjoyed the beautiful beach. I received healing back and head massages and raike (Help, Mary - I can't spell it either!) I felt like I met some long lost sisters and brothers, in fact. I enjoyed our prayer group and will continue to pray on Sundays at 12:15 (do I have the time right?) for peace in the Middle East. I flew kites with Bill and shared lots of affection with old friends (Roland, Judy, Fred) and new friends (Jim Foster, Peri, Mary) and many others. I was surprisingly no more skeptical when the Teachers spoke at the prayer session, than I was when my Priest speaks in tongues and at least I could understand what the Teachers were saying! I guess I realized that if you are to allow that there exits a spiritual world apart from this material one we live in, no matter what you call it, then the communications from that world can take many forms. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for letting me be a part. I'm feeling  lot more loved and centered this week!


                                 * * * * *


                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


                          SPIRITFEST 98

                         June 19-21, 1998

                           El Chorro Park

                      San Luis Obispo, CA


The fifth annual SpiritFest 98 gathering will be preceded by a Stillness Retreat on June 18. Prior to the gathering on June 18 there will be a Stillness Retreat. For more information contact: Deborah Goaldman.


                                    * * *



                           JULY 2-5, 1998

                    Bogus Basin Ski Lodge

                (16 miles north of BOISE, ID)


The 5th Annual Gathering

Sponsored by The Northwest Teaching Mission




In order to save money in mailing cost more information and registration forms have been sent to the various e-mail lists by Karrie Hummel. Her e-mail address is karrieh@mail.quik.com. If you do not have access to a computer, the address to write for information and registration forms is:  Karrie Hummel, NORTHWEST TEACHING MISSION CONFERENCE.



DEPOSITS: The deadline for making a deposit on the lodge is now, so do send in your deposit and registrations promptly.


                                    * * *



                  MISSION CONFERENCE

                          July 15-19, 1998

                             Nashville, TN


       Concert For World Peace and Freedom

                             July 17, 1998


The above information is taken from their e-mail. For more information contact Deborah Pecorelli.

                                 * * * * *




I am sending you this for a smile. It was in a newsletter and I thought U.B. students would receive a wise chuckle from it.


Love and Blessings,

Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL


[I am delighted to share it more than you know. I have always had a place for HUMOR in the newsletter, but it mostly has been unfilled. From the few pieces I have seen of the teachers share their humor, I haven't progressed enough to appreciate their humor, although I do appreciate their growing understanding of our sense of humor. If anyone else has any pieces of humor for the newsletter, it would be most welcomed -ED]



(contributed anonymously to your humor)


TO:       Jesus, Son of Joseph

FROM:  Jordan Management Consultants


Thank you for submitting the resumes of the 12 men you have picked for management positions in your new organization. All of them have now taken our battery of tests, and we have not only run the results through our computer, but also arranged personal interviews for each of them with our psychologists and vocational aptitude consultant.


The profiles of all tests are included and you will want to study them carefully. As part of our service, we will make some general comments. These are given as a result of staff consultation and come without any additional fee.


It is the staff opinion that most of your nominees are lacking in background, education and vocational aptitude for the type of enterprise you are undertaking. They do not have the team concept .We recommend that you continue with your search.


Simon Peter is emotionally unstable and given to fits of temper. Andrew has absolutely no qualities of leadership. The brothers, James and John, place personal interest above company loyalty. Thomas has a skeptical attitude that would tend to undermine morale It is my `duty to tell you that Matthew has been blacklisted by the Greater Jerusalem Better Business Bureau. James and Lebbeus, the sons of Alpheus have radical leanings and show a high score on the manic-depressive scale.


Only one shows great potential -- ability, resourcefulness, a business mind, meets people well, ambitions, highly motivated. We recommend Judas Iscariot as your controller and right-hand man.


                                 * * * * *


                    THE URANTIA BOOK


Jesus did not cling to faith in God as would a struggling soul at war with the universe and at death grips with a hostile and sinful world, he did not resort to faith merely as a consolation in the midst of difficulties or as a comfort in threatened despair; faith was not just an illusory compensation for the unpleasant realities and the sorrow of living. In the very face of all the natural difficulties and the temporal contradictions of mortal existence, he experienced the tranquillity of supreme and unquestioned trust in God and felt the tremendous thrill of living, by faith, in the very presence of the heavenly Father. And this triumphant faith was a living experience of actual spirit attainment. Jesus' great contribution to the values of human experience was not that he revealed so many new ideas about the Father in heave, but rather the he so magnificently and humanly demonstrated a new and higher type of living faith in God. Never on all the worlds of this universe, in the life of any one mortal, did God ever become such a living reality as in the human experience of Jesus of Nazareth. Page 2087


                                 * * * * *


                                  F. Y. I


I thank you all for your contributions. For those of you who have expressed concern that the newsletter is still "IN THE BLACK," I believe it is, but have not had time to do more than make deposits. Hopefully, next month, I'll find the time to do the accounting.


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book.  All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Your support is appreciated.


When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY."  Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes. 


                        TRUST  IN  GOD

                 FOLLOW  YOUR  HEART

                 STAY  IN  THE  MOMENT