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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

March 1998 (Vol. 6, No.3)




This issue begins the 6th year of the newsletter. I would like to thank all of you who have supported the newsletter with your letters, your transcripts, your personal writings, your comments, your contributions, your kind words of encouragement and your understanding when pressing circumstances in my life caused me to skip some months. I had no idea in 1993 when I started with the first issue what would develop. The Teaching Mission was in its infancy and the Internet was something most of us didn't have  access to at the time. I felt so strongly that a vehicle was needed to establish a network of sharing to connect the groups and individuals involved because as a transmitter I knew how invaluable (and what a relief!) it was to me to read another transcript from a different group and find confirmation of my transmission in the similarity of another message from teachers I didn't know anything about. I was new to the Urantia Book as a student of only one year and felt there were others much more qualified to the task. After months of waiting in anticipation for someone to fill the need I perceived and increasing inner nudges, I finally decided to attempt to establish a newsletter to link the groups.. My mother was concerned that I was taking on something I could not afford to do in my very limited financial condition. I told her that I would see what happened. If it had value and meaning, it would support itself. If not, there would be no point in it then anyway.


There have been many lessons for me in the process. Learning to trust when I was approaching time to get the next issue out and I couldn't work on it as it was a big blank in my mind. Suddenly, it would all in some mysterious way come together effortlessly and there was only the task of typing it and getting it to the printer. In the beginning there were times  when I would have much of it done only to wake up and "know" that it all had to be erased. It wasn't "right." Now I just wait. One time I said to my mother that I thought the current issue was the worst one I had done and I wasn't very happy with it only to discover that it got the most favorable comments of any preceding ones. Because of the time involved from when it comes together and the time to mail it, I have had to get over my former perfectionism and accept that there are errors at times that I don't catch in proofreading. It is a far cry from the days when I put together and edited a monthly company newsletter. I took great pride in seeing that it was "perfect." In those days I could not imagine sending out anything under my name that was not perfect. Now I do the best I can with the time I have and its okay.  Sometimes I was discouraged because I had hoped that it would elicit more discussion and exchange of ideas. Michael told me "to be patient as it would unfold in its own way," so I have learned to relax and let go of my preconceived ideas of what it should be.


Looking back over the past five years, while many of you have told me how helpful the newsletter is to you, doing the newsletter has been more helpful to me. It has been an answer to my prayer of many years asking God how I could use my talents in His service. It has helped me to get to know so many of you in the Teaching Mission and I eagerly look forward to getting to know the rest of you. Since starting the newsletter, my public transmitting has almost completely ceased. In a group I always say, "I am here. I am open. I am willing," but the teachers use another transmitter. I understand the reason for this is that the newsletter is not to be a vehicle for my transmissions, but rather to share the transmissions of others. So, it is from all of you that I learn and you and your teachers have been the foundation for my personal growth. For this I cannot thank you enough.    


Last week in an unmarked envelope I received a "Certificate for Loyal Service - 5 Years - Outstanding Service - Unquestioned Loyalty - Allene Vick and the T/R News Network" I want to thank the person who sent this for such a thoughtful gift. I was surprised, delighted, touched and honored. THANK YOU!!!!


Congratulations to the Woods Cross Group as they enter their 7th year!!! We've all been learning so much, it is hard to remember who we were seven years ago! The branches of the Teaching Mission are sturdy, laden with fruit and a spiritual fragrance to attract others to share the abundance of Truth, Beauty and Goodness we have found in the pursuit of truth through the loving guidance of our teachers..


As our hearts join together during this Easter season in remembrance of Michael and his life on Urantia, let us share our love of Michael by sharing his lessons of love with others.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


March 9, 1998


When I discontinued my Urantia Group meeting, our teacher El Tanere left me. I still find it difficult to believe. However, another came to me. A really holy one. I need to bow when he comes through. He is of a personal nature but his messages are for all. (Why do I feel that I have to refer to him in caps?)


The transmission I received when Ron was going through his cancer scare, I somehow deleted. However, Mantia said there would be a vaccine cure for cancer derived from live cancer cells. I have read and I was told that it was on television last week about Dr. Todd (I call him as I can't spell or pronounce his last name--some foreign name) of Georgetown University Hospital [in Washington, D.C.] who has just made that claim. Mantia also said that the cancer cells will create an anti-aging compound.


I am sending you these few transmissions that I have. You may do with them as you please.


I intend to begin a new class in May but it will not be of the UB. It will be a collection of the truths that I have gleaned from many publications. It is my intention to collect energy possessed individuals who will meditate and pray together at one time on one subject. Mass consciousness. Powerful! Many did just that for divine resolution to the Iraqi crisis. It is done at the same time everywhere all over the world.


I know that many have not heard from me for a long time. But I assure you that I am here and preparing for continuing my Father's work.


Allene, when you connect with your Spirit, you will become very lonely. Depressed and not with it. That is because your guides leave you for awhile and you are so alone. It is just temporary. Also, it will seem as tho' everything is going wrong. It has to in order to have everything come right. Be patient and happy. It is wonderful to be a partner with the Spirit within. The Spirit knows the answers . . . the mind does not.


The secret. Take one step . . . no more, no less and the next will be revealed. Observe your thoughts!!!



Min Hoet

York, PA


[Min, it's good to hear from you again and we all wish you success with your new prayer group.-Ed]


                                    * * *

March 13, 1998


Many thanks for this interesting newsletter! My favorite part was where our Planetary Prince explained why we thought many wondrous events were about to happen in two weeks or so, six years ago. That was a welcome explanation to those of us in the very early stages of the Teaching Mission. Now we believe we weren't totally delusional.


I am enclosing a message I received while trying to sleep one night, and finally got up and wrote it down hoping to capture a little of the beauty and eloquence in which it was given.


Please find a donation enclosed. Again, much thanks for your dedicated work on our behalf.


Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL                 


                                 * * * * *




Sarasota, FL

Avis Nicholas


My Child. You have asked Me to describe the Great and Glorious Being we call Father, and as a Son in His Court I experienced the warm, cheerful, welcoming love that emanated from His Presence, but as I try to convey His Wondrous Qualities to you, I cannot find words to adequately express these things.


You have heard that His Love is unconditional and that is true, but what a pale, colorless, word to describe the Love of the Father of Lights.


When I lived in this your world I tried to convey His Love to My disciples. In the not so distant past they had worshipped a tribal god of great anger and vengefulness, but the latter prophets had a much more realistic view of our Father God. I decided to build on this later view and I told them the story of the Prodigal Son. The story of the younger son who took his inheritance, moved to a far country and spent all of it on wild and thoughtless living. At last he found himself penniless, without friends and starving.


One day the thought occurred to him that he would return to his father's house and ask to be a hired servant, knowing that he would at least be fed. Then, as you know, his father saw him from afar and ran to embrace him. Then the son in great shame said, "Father I am unworthy to be called your son but let me be a servant." At these words his father only held him closer, then called the family friends to come and rejoice with him that his beloved son was safely home. And that is still the best description of our Father's love.


One day you will stand in the Presence of the Father. He will embrace you and not allow you to speak ill of yourself, for He will see only your goodness. You will bathe in the waters of Paradise and be clothed in a new robe and sandals and be presented entirely without fault at the Father's Court. You will tell Him of your adventures in the many worlds as you made your way home, for that is where you will be. Home. Then you will know whereof I speak for you yourself will experience the warm cheerful and welcoming love of the One that we call Father.

Until that time, open your heart to His Love and love all of His other children, the many children you will meet on the way home. Your Friend and King.


                                    * * *


Our thanks to Michael Palmer for sharing the following transcript.



Portland, OR

February 28, 1998


Norsen & Andronason: Good afternoon, Brad and Michael, this is Norsen and Andronason. We are pleased to again be with you of a Saturday afternoon. We should tell you that we watched with you with sad interest, as it were, the videotape of our deluded and manipulative brother in Sedona. (We had just watched a videotape of the 2-24-98 "NBC Dateline" program which investigated "Gabriel of Sedona.") Though we are not here to lay blame or point fingers, but it should  as you yourselves have noted be obvious to any individual of clarity and a moderate degree of self-possession to see the flaws and genuine evil at work in such preying upon "drifting souls", shall we denominate them. But this shall be adjudicated in its proper court and time, and many ministering angels attempt contact and guidance even for those in such darkness. God's plan is to abandon no one, unless they so choose it themselves. But this you know.


Andronason: I, Andronason, would speak now for a little while. We of this mission to Urantia are very pleased and determined:  pleased at the work we see among our contacted brethren--brothers and sisters--at the healing of this world and the placement of the true administration of Light upon it, visible and knowable, approachable and understandable by the peoples of this world so long in the darkness of rebellion. Determined we remain to see this out, and to serve you, as you serve by your free choice with us and our colleagues, the Father Creator and His divine family of Light and eternal Love--as you also know. But it bears repeating.


Each group contacted upon your world has its particular purpose or mission, as it were. The grouping of individuals therein may change and our teachings accommodate both the internal rearrangements of the individuals in their souls' journey and earning, their interactions with one another, their growth with one another, and their interactions with the rest of the world in their individual lives, as we hope is influenced by, at least in part, our intentional interaction with them. This, Brad, may account for your lack of appreciation or internal contact, if you will, with certain transmissions. We do not speak this as a criticism of you, please understand. We speak to answer a question. Do not, if you can, become too attached to this lack of depth reached within you from other groups' transmissions or teachings. While the teachings are universal, they are also quite particular to a time and place. This does not mean it is not appropriate or approachable by others--it just isn't your "soup of the day" at certain times. We try to keep the menu fresh, seasonal, and tasty, but you have numerous proverbs about one man's souffle being another's--problem dish, shall we say. Pardon my clumsiness of metaphor. So, I speak this, dear friend, as a hopefully lightening of your mind. Not all transmissions are eternal or monumental. Many times they simply serve the purpose of contact at a deep level, as well as the level of friendship and spirit association--fellowship, if you will. So, be patient, my friend, and you will not be at this phase forever. God is both change and eternity, of the moment and eternal. God does not place things before you--speaking plural (you) here--without great thought and understanding. It is among your greatest difficulties in this life of initial origin that you must await the outplay and development of time. But this is inevitable, for you are just beginning your great journey here as mortals, and without time elapsing, without the delays of time, there would be no learning, there would be no struggle, there would be nothing even that was your own personal achievement. These are trophies which no other being will have, they are your own: the trophies, the awards of your mortal life. While you will hold much in common in your trials and struggles, all are unique to the creation of your own uniqueness and personality as given by the Father in His loving manufacture, if you will, of the unique being, the unique act of love, of creative love which you each are. It is difficult we know to hold onto these eternal or more cosmic, or universal, concepts in the rush and stress and hurly-burly, if you will, of your mortal lives. You are ever pulled down by the gravity of the material, of your own animal natures, but again this is the very stuff of this struggle toward Spirit and higher morontial attainment and understanding. We merely again remind you of this here. That is the role of a teacher, to remind, to encourage, to present good struggles, palatable meaningful struggle. When we work with you with our words through this communication but in conjunction with others, we have been working with you as well in the struggles of your lives. For to be servants at the level which we have asked you to be--and we certainly speak of all within this Teaching Mission, not solely yourselves--more is demanded, as is only fit and just and balanced.


The parable of the talents, as our great Master gave in his earth life, is so appropriate. You cannot sit and bury your talent and then present it to the Master and say, 'Here, I kept this safe for you,' and expect great rewards. You must invest those talents as they are apportioned to you in your lives and in your spirit living, and bring the dividend back to the Lord. And in that process you not only bestow it on your Creator and give thanks in this act for your faith and for your love of Him, but dividends are also gained by those you have come in contact (with) in your life in growing this spiritual investment, this spiritual currency--and the dividends to yourself are far greater than you can imagine. So, do not bury your talent, do not hide it under a bushel basket. Safety is not what you need to be about in your spirit life--I'm not talking of course about your physical life. You needn't be reckless there certainly. But you know where we speak of.


So, lick your wounds, mend the scratches and the bruises, but know it is the good fight that you have undertaken. Without a stumble or two, and the courage and heart to pick yourselves up from them, and to learn once you've tripped to walk with more assurance there from is truly His path. We doubt you would choose to eschew it.


Now we would ask if you have further questions or points of discussion that we might rattle on about here, dear brothers and friends and associates.


Brad: Thank you for your words.



Norsen & Andronason:  We are most happy to share them and receive your own, as well.




If there is no more you would ask us specifically, we would then close with these thoughts for you. You have entered now the Paschal season, the Lenten season upon this most sacred place, Urantia, and this most sacred time. Hold this in your hearts and await the rising of the Lord, the return of the True King. Await Him in your hearts, minds and daily lives. And with this "awakeness", this aliveness, this awareness, this anticipation of our dear Lord and elder brother, Michael, the Christ of Urantia and Nebadon, you bring Him with you, you bring more of Him to this world in your interactions with your brothers and sisters, however stressful or even unpleasant at times: Remember, the arisen Christ is coming, and you bear tidings of Him, without even needing to speak His name. You are the heralds of the Lord: when you carry Him in your beings--daily, hourly, even in your sleep. It's true.


We await the hour of our Lord Michael, for He will come. He is indeed here in each soul. How wonderful that you know this, and many others! Remember in this season especially, the power and significance of this time for your planet; the lessons of Lord Michael as Jesus taught a universe and beyond. Those lessons continue--remember them. Dear brother, dear sisters and brothers who may hear or read this transcripted message: go in love, and joy, and humble anticipation, for this time, this Easter-tide is great. You help make it so. You uplift this world with your hearts--and minds. Your spirits save the world, as they reflect the Love which created them. God bless you all. We will speak again, dear friends. Good day.


Brad: Thank you.


                                    * * *


Transcripts and Excerpts from Min Hoet

York, PA




Your actions in taking methods of closing certain doors and releasing certain individuals for they no longer have any purpose toward the expansion of your soul growth, is to be applauded. It takes courage to leave a safe-harbor and venture out into the unknown. For you, it was willful choice but you learned to assign faith and believing . . .in you know not what. Somehow, you know that your intentions made in sincerity to the universe are known and responded to according to divine order. Just leave it alone. Do not try to control anything. Your Spirit is in control of your adjustment. Cooperate, cooperate and respond with love and acceptance.


Your Spirit and I could reveal experiences that we have a blue print prepared. However, all that could change with your choices. You have full free will to do what ever you choose. WE believe you will choose the highest and best for everyone and everything as you know it to be at this given time. As you choose, many angelic beings will assist you. It is their delight.


Q: What about my job, my work?


A: It was time to leave and you knew it for some time. Sometimes it takes quite a push to get mortals to do what they know they need to do. Change is suspect and frightening. Never think about the "WHAT IF'S." More than that I cannot say. There is much work for you to do and it a good quality that you like to work, for you work through all eternity.




I love you too. There is no distance between us. I am here and you are there but there is nothing between. How quickly your world of humans learn this mystery. It is all one. However, isn't it grand that you perceive all things differently? We see things as all one event yet all with diversified functions. I believe you truly understand, yet cannot verbalize it.


Let me see if I can help you.


There is a garden and in this garden are flowers of various kinds, bushes and trees. Other ornaments such as rocks or man made objects of beauty. There is green grass and some soil that is unadorned. A beautiful fountain of flowing water. This garden has many beautiful features. One to give you pleasure. Notice that I said One to give you pleasure. For you gaze upon this garden as a whole and see it all as one. However, there are many different varieties of earthly living plants and trees. Therefore, even though there are several man made ornaments, you peer upon this scene as one. I feel that there is some understanding there for you as to how we see the universe and all its contents.


You, too can learn to observe all as one and love all as one without condition. There can be no conditions as each living thing under the sun and in the universe as well as the opaque and static and the so referred to, dead. Nothing is dead. Ever. It has just changed form and eventually in the full circle of time, (which is only now) everything breathes back to where it began. You see: always was always is and always will be.


Meditate on this and commune with the Father and a better understanding of this phenomenon will be revealed to you in various ways. For the ways of the Lord are many. Your intentions are known.


Understanding of many things will come to you. Expect it and look for it and accept it as a truth. Leona, I truly love you and am so very delighted that you have found your power and will exercise it with wisdom and understanding for the benefit of many.


Your vibration has increased and is moving toward harmony and balance. This is absolutely necessary for you in order for you to achieve your highest and best of all that is.


I am Mantia and I leave you now. Goodnight, my Dear one.




I read about "to thine self be true."  Just what does that mean?


I tell you again. It all begins with you. You cannot be to another what you are not to yourself. You cannot give to another what you do not give to yourself. Harmony, unity and balance. The trinity concept of unity in thought, expression and action. They must be the same. No separation. All must belong to the whole. If there is not One, in these three attributes, you have separation. I tell you: That does not work. All must be one in sameness. That is how God is and it is your responsibility to be like God for you were made in His likeness and image. It is our choice. Make it! No part of you can exist in separation with happiness and peace. Create this ONENESS with all there is and all that will be. For it is a truth.


Do not be false to yourself. Be true to yourself. Let yourself know the truth about yourself. Make no pretense. Do not defend your innocence. Your Master didn't. Be what you are. And you will know who and what you are. It can only be transparent when you know the truth about yourself. I tell you: To know the truth about your self will create who and what you are. Then you will be able to discern the truth about the whole world. And when you know the truth about the whole world and this knowing/wisdom transmutes into mass consciousness of thought, word and action, your society will evolve with increase momentum toward your heaven on earth.


Your motion pictures are spiritually inspired and profound messages are there for those who are aware of this of telling all the world, so that unto the ends of the earth, the message of truth will be heard. Did you not ever wonder how Jesus understood 2000 years ago how His message of truth would encompass the world even unto the ends of the earth? Think! It is happening. The secret has been revealed to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. BE constantly alert and listen and hear; for the broadcasts are coming from all directions and from many sources. Only in recent years, have so many revelatory publications been printed for the masses. However, conversely, they are again being published because of the economical profitability for the publishers. Revelatory books have become popular and people want to know. Do the publishers hear the messages or do they just count the money? Oh, if this greed could be diminished to the extent that those in the arena of contributing these sources of revelation could also hear the messages. Some do, but out of fear, will not tell this truth to themselves. Consequently, they are then false to all and have betrayed themselves. I Greet  you in Spirit. Mantia


March 6, 1998


I greet you, dear Leona. Lift up your head for I deserve no such honor. Yes, I am of the Light and so are you. We are all ONE.


I come to you this evening because you are in a very receptive mode and balanced in your energies.


Tell them not to stay stuck. To move on with the evolution that they have learned. Love the darkness and forgive the darkness. For they do not remember who they are. You do or you are beginning to remember. Continue to work on remembering. Go back as far as you can repeatedly and each time you will be able to go farther back . . . even to your birth. Then you will remember. You are like a cat. They stray from home just a little way and return. Then the next time the cat traverses a little further and returns home. Soon, it can travel far and find it's way home. That is where you are. Trying to remember your way back home. Only you have to remember the way by remembering the way a little at a time. Everyone longs for home. A place to belong. Yet, with the connection with our Spirit and the partnership you choose you can access all the right answers. The Spirit knows. Trust in the guidance of the Spirit. Travel slowly and carefully observing all the Light along the way . The way with most Light will be the way to go. Observe your thoughts and expressions. Observe the energy that collects around all things. See it. It is there. Focus for all is alive and living. Nothing is dead. All is waves of energy and it is becoming new. There will be a new energy in the New Heaven and Earth. It will be an energy that you will be able to apply in your daily living that is compatible with your environment. That is not so at the present time. How wonderful it will be! There will be such grace and love for this new energy is Love. Gone is the darkness for you have forgiven all. Darkness cannot be where there is Light and Light is Love. There is a parable about the room of light and you open the door to the room of darkness . . . no darkness comes into the room of light. But you open the door of the darkness room to the Light and the Light floods the darkness room. And so it is.


From this side of the veil, we see you as entities of vibrating as light. You began dense and slowly became lighter. It is difficult for any of you to be in a continuous Light vibration. It just is not an easy thing to do. However, as you continue to stay in focus and always in the moment . . . now (for there is no other) you will stay in a Light  vibration for longer and longer periods of time as you know it. We see it differently.


Q: How can I stay in this continuous Light vibration?


A: All thoughts, expressions and actions and even emotions must be positive and loving. Observe these attributes and control them. For you are of the age now to have a Thought Controller. Use IT in  faith and trust.


When you can stay centered, balanced and in harmony with all that is, you will even feel light as in light. Dense is heavy. Light is light.


I love you Leona and will stay by your side. You are not alone.


                                    * * *



Woods Cross Group


TR: Nina


I am Abraham. Greetings. It is always a pleasure to be in your company. It is your faith and desire to learn that brings me back weekly as your teacher. It is your kindness, love, humor and openness that brings me back as your friend. I am filled with such gladness when I am seeing the bigger picture that Father has put before me. Our mission is growing beyond Teacher/student relationships, to personal relationships. In a friendship, we put away those shields that would guard against anything undesirable. In a real friendship there is more understanding to gain by the trust and love therein.


This moves us to a more enhanced method to learn by . . . how our trusting friendship broadens those lessons Michael has planned for us. I am able to reveal a little more--we are learning to utilize Michael's forgiveness regarding our fellows. Michael's forgiveness is complete faith and trust in Him who upholds the universes. Michael, having experienced the many bestowals, has a vast amount of experience to which you may draw upon, yes. Michael's bestowals were viewed by many who were able to use this information via the circuits. Urantia having come through the period of isolation, being reinstated into the fold of Nebadon, have available to them the knowledge of Michael's bestowals. In all his experiences with the different orders of life, you here now, have access more so than ever before to the mind and experience of our Creator Son.


Mother, his divine co-partner, makes available to you increased knowledge from the experience of the Supreme Being, to have an inner knowing of universal evolution, as well as planetary evolution. She is  a wonderful guide to you that would evoke her ministries of how the universe operates. Mother is indeed one of Michael's resources that is available to you. Our lessons have concerned forgiveness, but I would take a moment to reflect upon the relationship of Michael and his co-partner--the Creative Mother Spirit.


Michael who portrays perfect humility, would not assume to sit on high, and receive glory as one who is in a superior position. Michael is always telling us that he did not become the Creator of the universe through his own doing. There were those upholders that enable him to take leave of his administrative duties to gain that experience that would deem him 'the Creator' of the universe. Without the support of our Mother, Michael would not have attempted to go beyond his own limitations. Mother was a support and upholder of all he accomplished.


Our Mother, in knowing Michael, had a deep and abiding affection for him. Not just because he gave her the utmost respect and love, but just from knowing him as a single loving personality. Michael gave equal credit concerning the happenings of the universe. Michael and his closeness with Mother saw no other choice than to give her his supportive affection. The pair were and still are a wonderful ideal in which to strive for regarding your own relationships. Mother and Michael are such perfect co-ordination because they are knowing of one another's personal closeness, not because of the power each possesses. There is an upholding of one another, not a type of holding back or jealously because of status--no. There is a team work that adds to each one's abilities to move and be in the universe. Each one is made better by the support of the other.


It would appear to some that this loving and equal relationship is unlikely, here on a world such as Urantia. I can say to you, it is possible to become close to this measure of mutual devotion, and yet, this is only a possibility. I can give you a guarantee that this type of relationship is entirely possible with your creative parents. To receive the mutual affection from our two loving and devoted parents is yours for the taking. To receive love just to receive love, based on your personal being and not on what you possess. To receive love in the highest measure just 'because you are' is a guarantee owed to you, bestowed upon you by your divine sources--Mother and Michael. To be upheld in your human undertakings by such infinite sources shall indeed make you to rejoice to be upheld, not hold back. To have liberty and spiritual creativity is a gift to you.


We are moving into a new and expanded level in our teachings. This will require more hands on experience, which does bring about some discomfort and yet, I cannot describe the extraordinary results that will be produced. I would ask that we keep question time limited for you to discuss these words. Questions?


Rachel: Father Abraham, Saturday is our 7th anniversary of the Teaching Mission/Correcting Time mission. Of those first four participants that first meeting, two are still active. How many spiritual beings were there on that occasion. Also, Rebecca says you were there to help train her mind. Any words about this event?


Abraham:  My understanding is that this mission training was in the making for some years. Before you started there were various spiritual helpers consulting with mortals to bring about a mass correction. the years that were invested had brought us to that night of contact, which was the first of many dominoes to fall, that would connect a human network with us on the unseen side. What great strides we had made and yet, our experience was not always pleasant. Our 'Correcting Time' was not a time of ease, and yet it was not as difficult as some had thought it would be. I am certainly grateful for your participation my daughter Rachel. Your efforts were likened to those of our Creative Mother, the one who upholds and enables us to progress. Does this answer? (Yes and thank you Father Abraham.)


Calvin: David from Tulsa asked if you would comment on the story to be aired on DATELINE tomorrow night. His questions in specific... is Tony communicating with "Gabriel," and . . .is Sedona, Arizona the spiritual planetary headquarters for Urantia? Also Abraham, I ask for your understanding on this program, how it will affect the Urantia Book's credibility by the thousands of viewers that will watch this report? (from memory, I don't write my questions, but I do his answers)


Abraham:  It is my information that the Urantia Book will not be cast in a negative light and viewers will understand this story to be another common occurrence. I am told this area is not the spiritual center of Urantia and does not receive any more assistance than any other participants in the Teaching Mission. There was real spiritual potential in this area and with regards to that, there are bound to be those who crave personal glory and attention. This story will not be taken seriously by most of the viewing public, but will indeed cause individuals to turn inward for their own bells of truth. That is all.


I would ask that you discuss the divine relationship between Michael and our Mother during the week. Take time to study their parental aspects towards you and be observant concerning our new level of learning that is taking place. My love is with you each. Until next week, shalom.


                                    * * *



Nashville Group


Ham: Greetings, children. I am Ham and I thank you all for coming tonight. Our schedule for lessons is proceeding as planned. You are all understanding, absorbing, and putting into practice some advanced teachings for your world.


You are all becoming a dynamic focus of love as you interact in the world. Your ability to influence others is directly proportional to your true spiritual development. The only way you can gauge your own progress is by looking into your heart and perceiving how much love you have for your fellows. Ask yourselves, every week, if you are growing in your ability to truly love your friends. Ask yourselves, are you growing in your ability to be non-judgmental toward your neighbor.


I want you all to think about where you want to be in love. Do you truly want to love every person you know and come in contact with? Or, are there some that you hold on an inner grudge or resentment and do not want to love? Be honest with yourselves. Is there someone that holding a grudge against gives you some kind of gratification? I want you, in this moment, to consider putting that gratification in your special bag that you give to the Master. Can you give that up in exchange for greater love, do you really want to love this person or these persons?


I want you all to think right now about taking this gratification and this resentment as if it were a physical thing you could hold in your hand. Be very specific, think of holding this in your hand. Now, in your mind's eye, think about sacrificing this resentment and gratification, throw it into a fire and let it burn. This is your sacrifice. This is something you are giving up for the Father. And as you do this, you let go of this resentment and the gratification that has kept you holding it, feel your heart open feel that place that was taken up by this resentment now being flooded with love. Feel your heart's expanding, and in your mind, go to that person, put your arms around him, ask for forgiveness, and feel a new love within you pouring out to that person, allow yourself to see him as God sees him, hurt, frightened, lonely. Let the love come over you, don't withdraw back into the old way, keep your heart open, keep the love flowing. Feel yourself be connected with the Father in such a strong and protected way that nothing that person could do to you in the future or has done in the past can truly harm you. You are above it. The harm that person does or has done passes completely through you and does not harm you. Keep letting go, keep letting the resentment, anger, guilt[go], are all [all are] falling away, falling away. Is there anyone having trouble visualizing this or experiencing this?


Q: Actually Ham I am in that I don't have a single individual to focus on. The things I resent and get angry about are the actions of overall mankind and what it has led society to being and the mess that it is in. Instead of changing for the better I see it being perpetuated. It affects me, but I cannot single out any one individual.


Ham: Very well, do the best you can. Anybody else. Good. Now stay with me, your resentment toward yourself, resentment for past actions that you feel have harmed you, things of this nature things that you say, "I can't believe I was so stupid to have done this or that", take this resentment and gratification in your hands as an offering once again. Cast this into the fire. Think of all the times of your past, all the things you felt guilty about, everything, cast it into the fire. Keep pulling things up, you probably have a lot of them. Don't stop with the first one or two.


Q: Ham, this could take some time for me.


Ham: Let them come up, think back, as each one comes, toss it into the fire, Keep going there's more. When you are through, pray silently. "Thank you Father for allowing me to do this. Thank you Father for accepting this sacrifice." Now allow your heart to open up. This one is more painful than the others. Allow the Father's love to wash your guilt, to wash away all the residual bad feelings towards yourself. Visualize love as a divine water washing over our heart and cleansing all your inner spaces. Visualize your heart opening more and more as you allow this cleansing. Now, visualize yourself. Visualize walking toward yourself, putting your arms around yourself, asking for forgiveness, and expressing your love for yourself. Say something like, "I didn't mean to hurt you, I have always loved you." Now see yourself, as the Father sees you. See yourself in total acceptance, total love, total understanding. Let all the resentment and the guilt fall away, it is still crumbling off the outer layers, it is crumbling away, falling away as you are growing brighter and brighter. The Father's love is filling your heart with love, with light, with peace, joy, and contentment. These feelings are overwhelming as you let go of  your old restrictions. Let the Father's warmth glow through your body, feel it healing.


See yourself in your future perfected state, visualize yourself as you will be on Paradise. Know that  your future perfected self lives within you even now. Feel for a moment the purity, the holiness of who you really are and what you are becoming. When you see yourself in this way, there can be no bitterness, no resentment, no guilt. All is real, all is spirit, all is truth, all is oneness and harmony. This greater you, has now broken all the chains of the former self, and now inwardly you know how truly free you really are. Is anyone having trouble with this visualization? Good.


Now that you have experienced this feeling of the greater you and are at peace with it you cannot be tempted to go back into the old ways of thinking and the old ways of reacting to others. Allow this greater you to change everything. Allow this greater you to merge with you of the now time to heal you, to open you up to your true potential. And now, when you meditate during this week, I want you to visualize the future you, the perfected you on Paradise. Bring this greater self in every day more and more. Feel comfortable and at ease with all the change and all the expansion that he or she brings you. Are there any questions at this time?


Q: It's not a question, but I want to thank you for this great gift and without presuming to tell you what to do, but we could stand a lot of this kind of thing.


Ham: Yes, we will be doing more of this kind of work.


Q: Can this be a continual process as we meditate to follow this as an outline of uncovering all the deep resentments that we could not immediately bring up?


Ham: Absolutely.


Q:  I was glad that everyone got so much out of it, but I felt like when I voiced my problem with it you just went on.


Ham: Maybe your resentment toward me is something that you could throw into the fire today?


Q: I don't resent you Ham, I was just disappointed.


Ham: Daughter, you can work on this meditation in your own time and perhaps  you will find a way to work on it and make some progress. Don't worry if everything does not immediately connect. It is not a requirement.


Q:  I guess the response that I was looking for, would it have been, ok since I did not have an individual could I focus the same exercise towards organizations, corporations and governments?


Ham: No


Q: Thank you.


Q: Could you elaborate on resentment and self-gratification?


Ham: Yes, humans tend to hold on to resentment like a dog gnawing a bone, just chew over and over and over. This creates a kind of gratification that is not really logically explainable, but I am sure you have all experienced it.


Q: Do we do this to keep from moving on?


Q: Or to make excuses for yourself, by blaming it on your resentment?


Ham: There are many reasons and explanations of why this is so, and it is different for every person and situation.


Q: What is the payoff?


Ham It is different for every person and every situation. There is no real payoff.


Q: I mean the hope for a payoff?


Ham: Usually some kind of self-justification.


Q: Sometimes I just blot the resentment out and say I will deal with it on the mansion worlds. Is that a valid technique?


Ham: Why put off for tomorrow what you can deal with today? Blocking something out of your mind isn't the answer. Some humans are very adept at this psychological juggling act. Because the resentment is still there if you open that door.


Q: I imagine it is a heavy weight that keeps us from progressing at a faster rate.


Ham: Yes, and it is a blockage to your full psychological balance, development, and spiritual expansion. If you all look deep enough, you'll find resentments when you were a little tiny child still sitting there. So, blocking them away and forgetting about them isn't a help.


Q: Does this mean that we consciously have to recover all those memories from our childhood?


Ham: They'll come up when you are ready to see them, when you are ready to let go of them.


Q: If we have practiced this technique, we will know exactly what to do when they come up?


Ham: Yes.


Q: One thing that worries me is that I will not be able to stay in my higher self and that the old patterns will come back.


Ham: Yes, you will find that it is easier to change than you think it is.


Q: We can deal with this without confronting the individuals?


Ham: Yes


Q: Say we practice this letting go, and later there is a residual. Can we we practice this at a later time? This is not a one time thing?


Ham: Probably not.


Q: Are we not just talking about forgiving?


Ham: Pretty much, but it's helpful to use this technique to actually cast out the old resentments which can linger even when you thought you have forgiven someone for something.


Q: Rather than just experiencing a feeling, this involves applying a technique or a combination?


Ham: Yes, think of this as a tool that you can use if you so desire.


Q: As we did this I could experience myself as distinctly different from my physical body. As I reached for my perfected future self, I felt as if being embodied was holding me back.


Ham: Yes, exactly, this is very good. You are experiencing correctly.


Q: What seemed great to me is to borrow wisdom from this perfected being which will be be fused by that time with the Father, a little foretaste of that kind of wisdom and love.


Ham: Yes, exactly. You are experiencing correctly.


Q: Being able to borrow maturity like a lay away plan.


Q: What is interesting to me is that we are actually contributing to the wisdom and growth of the future self at the very same time.


Q: I actually saw a morontial picture of myself, it wasn't me and it was me and it is really happening. Can you guys see our thoughts or know what we are experiencing when we go though this?


Ham: Not exactly, but yes you are experiencing correctly.


Q: I was reading in the newspaper about a preacher saying he could not believe all would go to heaven. He seemed very determined to hang on to the idea that most people who do not believe as he did would go to hell. This attitude seems very wide spread. There seems to be a need to hold onto this idea that only a few special people with the right belief will be worthy of going to heaven. It is so different from what you have been teaching us. What can we do to counteract this kind of thinking?


Ham: Yes, the greatest thing that you can do to influence another person is to become a dynamic focus of divine love and to share this love with all you come in contact with. To that there can be no argument. Humans always tend to place limits on God to keep him somehow manageable, predictable, etc. But you are learning another way, that there are no limits on the Father and as you progressively identify with him your limitations are gradually breaking down.


Q: As I look back at human history, struggling in the darkness, trying to get hold of God, it seems to me that man has usually found it easier to invest God with human qualities than it is for man to partake of God's qualities and it causes that kind of crap.


Ham: Exactly.


[Personal Questions to Ham]

Q: I was watching PBS last night and they had the turn of the Century Mexican healer Theresa. From what she said, she started with the church and started healing people. She did not give credence to the church so they excommunicated her. It seems like people like her come to this planet to teach us that the church is man's truth as distinct from God's truth. I thought it was interesting how what she was saying back then paralleled the teaching mission.


Ham: Yes, son, the Father has never stopped extending messengers with his message into the world. You will find it everywhere. Until next week, my prayers are with you. I love you all.


                                    * * *

Coeur d'Alene, ID



Elyon (Sarah TR): This is Elyon. As far as a monopoly of being the group's teacher, I really have none. There are a lot of teachers waiting here for someone to call upon them. Teachers are surrounding all of you all the time. Michael says he has sent many, many teachers to you and that you choose to ignore them. It would be a good exercise to watch each day the spiritual plain on which you are riding, to look for and appreciate all of the help of celestial beings that are close, that are watching along your way. Man has been taught to ignore these magical moments, and that people would really question your sanity. I would really like this week for you to stop and appreciate and to feel the essence of God in our life, the feeling of someone holding you in their arms and giving you more love than you can possibly handle.


Man makes such big things out of small (things) that mean nothing. If you would get the peace and serenity, you would be able to tell this, that a great joy would be in your life. You are spiritual beings, and since you have free will you can choose to be light weight and joyful or the opposite. This will not be one man making choices; you will be seen as a way of life on which you (demand?) the serenity, and you simply don't allow a lot of negativity into the brilliance of light where you stand.


I will step out now.


Coronas (Jonathan): I likewise greet you today and embrace you with love and acknowledge your camaraderie as brothers and sisters and as citizens of this unique planet.


Mankind is not the only creature that must face uncertainty, incompleteness in understanding. There are many of us who must make our decision without a complete picture and act on faith. But it is through this experience that we each enlarge our sense of surety. This certainty is an experience more than it is an understanding, a comprehension. Let me illustrate. Some of you today have arrived here, making the journey with uncertain landmarks in order to arrive at our destination. (For a change, we met at Tom's near Sandpont) Even now, having arrived, you do not necessarily have all the details to provide certainty to another making their first journey. But you are certain of the destiny [destination]; you are certain of your ability to arrive at your location. The information held in your mind does not have to be complete for you to be assured. This certainty I speak of is a certainty of the soul, of  the personal will center that you are.


Understanding is a wonderful experience of the mind but every attainment of understanding leads to increased perspective that only encourages questions for greater comprehension. This is a beautiful process inherent in consciousness. It is a self-perpetuating mechanism of mind that is extremely beneficial toward soul progress. Forever will your mind be stimulating you. Along with this perpetual movement you have the capability of resting assured in soul of status, of standing in this universe, of your relationship with the Father and all His children. There is great peace of mind to know your status, but there is an equal sense of soul tranquility to know that you will invariably be propelled forward in your growth. Never will you face the doldrums of stagnation because bestowed upon you is an incredible intelligence system that will ever cause you to look for higher and broader and deeper meaning. This sense of certainty is a dynamic one.


Faith, as it has become known on your world, embodies this same dual quality: one, that uncertain trust; the other, the certainty of experience. Faith is likewise a propellant as well as a stable platform.


It is of great interest to my order of being to provide what we can to mortals resident here that may allay your uncertainties without diminishing your vigorous pursuit of greater attainment. You know from your own experience how important it is to allow one of your younger ones to experiment, to make mistakes. All the while you are keenly interested in providing guidance. We likewise are in this same position; as much as we would desire you to be in full possession of the understanding that we have, we know that this would only undermine the true and rich experiences that lie in store for you. I therefore encourage you to be less apprehensive and more enthusiastically accepting of events in your life that you cannot neatly rein in and understand or control. For having passed through these experiences, you will enlarge your feeling of certainty, even when the information before you appears incomplete.


I am Coronas, resident archangel. I visit with you, and I do enjoy your striving and your sincerity. Thank you.


Machiventa: (Sarah): Machiventa here, of course, I have been standing in the wings for a while. As always I would like to talk about love. Sometimes I see . . . your love to one another as a very serious, solemn affair. I say to interject a lot of fun and laughs and happiness to the point you will be unable to even see events that are sobering. I have a problem saying this because it seems that you have the idea that I am an old fussy teacher. So include me in when you are fun loving and acting quite crazy. I am not with you at all times as is Michael, but his job is far easier that mine, I think. So, hey, you guys, love each other as much as possible which is that unconditional love that I have been preaching about. Keep trying, you might get it!


Thanks a lot.


Evelyn: Not being so solemn reminds me of what we read of Elyon saying to be original. We avoid being original because we are afraid of being crazy. If we replace crazy with original in our thinking we would be more inclined to do that and we would have more fun.


Machiventa: Thank you.


Sharmon (Jonathan): I , Sharmon, am here, and I want to share with you a midwayer report.


You can, no doubt, with the knowledge you have gained, understand our excitement when we heard this world would be graced with the presence of the Creator Son two thousand years ago. We truly had our hands full when this mission was underway helping Michael be about the Father's business on this world. We had quite the influx of local universe visitors, far more than is ordinary on a world like ours. It was a thrilling time. We undertook  all our projects with enthusiasm. We enjoyed turning water into wine at the master's request.


But I would like to let you know that recently we have celebrated the infusion of this new revelation to your world. The celebration was not over the decision to present truth once again to this planet or even the episodes when truth was encapsulated in our word language. We are celebrating today its dispersion in and among you all. Our work was [not?] done when Michael ascended to his universe headquarters. Our work will not be done for a long time in this epochal phase. This is the source of our delight, a project of great proportions describing universe levels that even my order has yet to experience. All this left in our hands to help you and hope that you help others. We who live on this planet are not the custodians and the disseminators while those who brought this information to us have undertaken other tasks. So, even we low on the ladder of created beings are given great opportunities and solemn responsibilities. We accept these with great delight.


I share this with you because I know that many of you are aware of your universe standing, your personal involvement with  the affairs of this planet. Though these words appear grand in scale and imply a burden, in reality each one of us small critters is deemed worthy. However you may go about expressing truths that have been brought to this world, you are thereby an active participant in planetary affairs. You may not set forth the decrees of the epochs, but even acts such as those are fleeting and momentary. It is the long string of cumulative little actions that sway the course of the world.


It is always a pleasure to be with you, and I will remain here today.

                                    * * *



Volcano, Hawaii - #7




Greetings, my dear friends,


You have much to absorb and to comprehend and I hope I am of assistance.


Surrender is the process that teaches us to trust the Divine within, to have faith that we are being guided. The lower will, your will, is given to the higher will, His will. When we consciously move in harmonious alignment, at-one-ment with the Father, we become self-realized and enlightened; and we begin to strip away the protective coverings and stare into an unending expanse of possibilities.


Faith is a moment-by-moment commitment. Each surrender, no matter how small, is a significant step in learning how to allow the Father to work through us; and it is only then that we find that the Father calls us to live our joy to the fullest.


No one's purpose in the scheme of things is any higher or lower than another's, for none of us can do all that has to be done; and no one is expected to accomplish our mission alone.


Never confuse human smallness with divine effectiveness as each of us is potentially the difference in the world. Letting go, moves us gradually toward detachment; and this is a higher form of love because it loves the being behind the problem and doesn't get stuck in the problem.


In a detached state of mind, perception is heightened and discrimination is keener; and we are more likely to become an open conduit through which love can pour into any situation. We become the embodiment of our new truth, and is present in everything we do.


Ponder these concepts and incorporate them into living practices in you life, and you will truly become an instrument of His will; and you will start to fulfill your present commitment in divine love.




In an email to Frosty Johnson welcoming her to the tml list, I suggested to her that I would be delighted to share some of her wonderful insights in the newsletter and delighted I am to share with you her wonderful and quick response. It seems most timely during this Easter season and the anniversaries of several groups and the newsletter to pay tribute to all our celestial teachers and Frosty has done a wonderful job of this.


March 3, 1998


I took you up on your offer and wanted to submit this:


Michael:  When I was very young I was standing in my crib watching and listening to my parents fight. I remember standing holding on to the crib and a profound feeling came over me that there was more to life than this fighting and abuse. This feeling and seed stuck with me even though it was 40 years or so before it began to sprout. In 1994 my mom was in the hospital and I was there with her and my dad and he was giving me a real hard time. It was hard being there alone with their energy. I always felt like they locked me up in a cage. One evening in my motel room I began to sob and ask for help. Michael came booming through and told me  it was Him that came to me, that small child, and planted that revelation and that I have never been alone. He talked to me about who my real parents are. It was then that I really started having faith.


Mother Spirit: Who helped me to open to her nurturing and embrace. I did not know how to open to her because I had not experienced an open loving relationship with a mother figure so I kept myself shut down because of non trust. It took a long time for me to learn how to embrace Her and allow Her love to flow through me.


Daniel: This old friend came into my life when I was crawling and could barely lift my head off the floor. He gave me a safe place in which to truly start looking inside. "You have indeed traveled a long way on your spiritual path. Many miles from darkness you have achieved. Continue on this right path." Daniel


Cindia:  This beautiful spirit was my personal teacher for two years. Her lessons were always about beauty and lifted me up from my blackness into bright colors. She would have me sit and look at a rose then show me how to pull that feeling I had for the rose into myself. To feel for myself what I felt for nature. We spent a lot of time together out in nature because she knew that was the one place I felt comfortable and safe in. She gave me daily affirmations and lessons. "Think of the Angels, think of your devotion for them, how you view them. As you see butterflies, the harmony and beauty they bring to you. The pure love you feel for them. No judgment, only the freedom you feel upon thinking about them. Wanting to surround yourself with these precious beings. Feel within you this freedom that thinking about the Angels brings you. Rise above your overly concern for your performance, worry of your physical appearance. Become a butterfly, an Angel that you see in your mind's eye. Become the feeling you feel for them. The freedom they bring to you. Become the beauty, the love you see in them. Fly with the butterfly, hop from beautiful flower to flower. Feel the softness, smell the fragrance. Indulge in the devotion for yourself that you feel for these God like beings. I am using Angel and butterfly in the same sense for this gives you a visual concept and you can pull it into your mind without hesitation. Let the colors of the butterfly enhance your vision and the vibrations of them felt. Keep the focus upon your angels close as this will work in harmony with focusing upon your Thought Adjuster. Know they are with you very close and send their love and goodness to you. Let it in." Cindia


Elyon: This was a turning point for me. Elyon was the one who started me on my in-depth mind expansion. I was walking in the woods one day after we moved from Pocatello to Couer d'Alene. I felt helpless and stuck in my journey. I went down on my knees and asked for help and Elyon was right there and gave me insight into the next move. He worked with me on many intensive lessons on unlocking doors within myself. He did not make it easy or give me many clues but stayed very close to me. When I cracked through something we would have a big celebration. Many teachers and angels would congratulate me. Sometimes it would take me 6 months just to unlock one door. This started my journey into my core issues. "Think not of yourself in a tide pool,  rather think of yourself in a pool of sparkling healing water." Elyon


Messenger: Helped me realize I wasn't in a never ending dark tunnel with my addictions and compulsions. Got me started seeing myself as a whole person and not cut up into sections. Got me more in touch with my heart chakra and programming myself to accept myself as a child of God. Self love and forgiveness. Opening to my TA. "Look within for the light rather than to others to carry the light for you. Messenger


Thad (Student Teacher):  Helped me with my health problems, candida/Chronic fatigue/viruses and healing the shame and seeing my denial. "Allow the small child within you to have the life that it so desperately wanted when little and trapped within the confines of all the confusion of insecurity and unpredictability." Thad


Grayson (Student Teacher): Helped me with my eating disorder/compulsive nature. Helped me find my light within. "Build yourself with worthiness, daughter-ship of God, inner beauty, and health rather than pull yourself down with your compulsion, addition, unworthiness, shame, guilt, and ill health." Grayson


Shawneewa:  My  judgment and prejudice. "To judge does not buy you protection. To not judge buys you peace, peace buys you the ability to administer with the love that Jesus did." Shawneewa


Tardul: We worked on Faith, trust and love. Helped me get out of the past and into the present. "Am I not a good therapist for I let you come into your own enlightenment." Tardul


David: Levity, playfulness, smell the roses. David spent his life on his planet shut down, unreasonable, serious, controlling and never got it so his messages are ones of enjoy, play, have spontaneity. I felt levitated whenever he came in. "Even though my planet was different in many ways from yours the emotions that I felt were much the same. I was unwilling to look at any effort to grow and I played and caroused and spent my time in the material. I lived with so many illusions that I had a hard time un-sorting them when I first came over here. That is why I am so excited to be working with those of  you that are doing this now instead of waiting. You will realize that the effort will bring you amazing results. The adjustment time will be much easier and you will be able to start at a higher level on Morontia world because of your circle attainment." David


Louise: Beautiful angel who has stayed with me throughout it all. "See beauty in all things, connect with the goodness." Louise


Malvantra: My Melchizedek teacher who is always taking me into places that I doubt and through the confusion I come out with greater understanding on what my purpose is.


Thought Adjuster: Who I mostly listen to now. Thought my TA usually comes through my inner awareness and clarity. These words came from him. "To your own self be true. To your own self be faithful. To trust in who you are. To feel whole. To feel the whole aspect of your being, the good with the bad, the strengths with the frailties. To stand with the Lord. To accept. To acknowledge. To love and nourish all parts of you. When you feel a part of you not wanting to change, give that some attention by looking at it in a positive way, seeing with clarity what it is trying to tell you. Perhaps you are not nourishing and loving yourself enough and this is a way of getting attention. Maybe you are trying from the wrong angle to rid yourself of this negativism. Maybe you are defining it incorrectly and only working on the symptoms. Deep thought and  prayer will bring you clarity and answers. Think from your heart. Clear your mind. Deep think from your heart. My love." Thought Adjuster


There are many  more who have and come in as I needed and need them. I was hurt when Cindia left me after two short years but now I know why. I did not become dependent on her and opened myself up to all these different resources. I feel grateful and so profoundly blessed. I am in a perpetual state of thank yous and love for these beautiful and devoted teachers that have and still are helping me to move to my new levels of growth.


Love and Light


Frosty Johnson

Coeur d'Alene, ID


[It seems only fitting to pay tribute to you, Frosty, for your courage and willingness to work with all the teachers. Your testimony is a fine example of the value to be found in the Teaching Mission for those who are willing to do the work. The messages of the teachers offer us lessons of truth, beauty and goodness, but they will do us little good unless we do the work to apply the lessons in our lives. Thanks for being such a good example for all of us and for sharing your experiences.]


                                 * * * * *


                        LOVE IN ACTION


Norman Ingram's demonstration of "Love in Action" is exciting for all of us. Norman is preparing videos of his travels and is available to make presentations of his experiences. He called recently to share how much this letter from our brother in Chile, Pradhana, touched and warmed his heart. We all go about planting seeds and how wonderful it is when we have the opportunity to see the fruits of our labors of love. This letter is typed exactly as received as to edit it seemed to detract from the beauty and charm of Pradhana's own words.


March  1998


My name is Pradhana, the lands where I live are here in South of the continent, in a city of Chile, but I really belong to the universe. Years ago a man told me about an incredible book, called Urantia book, that was all. Then I received a message from the sky, given to me by a dream. They are telling me to go north, so I packed and my first goal was Machupichu, the hidden city of the Incas, in Peru.


I was getting really near there, when I stopped in a small town called Pisag, up on the hills of this town, were another Inca ruins. When the bus left me there, I saw in a courner a small hotel, so I went in, and sitting there were some gringos looking like kind men, well as I was walking throught one of them stood up, said hi and asked, what I was doing there, I said just knowing places and I asked, what are they doing there? So he responded with a big smile; "We got a book and we are shearing it", it's the Urantia book! My heard and eyes were shocked, so I said to him, I want one! So the next morning I went on a hard pilgrimage to the ruins with my new Urantia friend, then we decided to travel together on a Urantia book shearing mission, this decision was taken under a big tree, sofron that moment on, I called my friend, "Big Tree", so I went through this words to express my love to this friend. Norman Ingram, we were in so many countries, in so many experiences. Together; Norman, me and our celestial father.


It's amazing how so many people got interested in our small Blue treasure. Y have a beautiful study group, here, and we want to spread our love to the Universe.


                                    * * *


As you know from the last issue, Norman is preparing for a trip to the African nations. Saskia Raevouri is helping Norman to coordinate many of the details. The following is from Saskia explaining part of her effort to help Norman raise funds for his mission.




Each of you has a one-of-a-kind story of how you found the Urantia Book. I am collecting and compiling 200 stories into a book, and will then be selling them back to you, the proceeds of which will go towards Norman Ingram's mission to place books in libraries, universities, and prisons on the continent of Africa. About one hundred stories have been collected so far.


The first edition will not be a fancy leather bound book but it will be utterly intriguing and inspiring. If the book becomes a best-seller we may later print a more deluxe version, but the profits will always go for missionary outreach of placing the book around the world so that those who are ready for the teachings will have an easy time finding them.


Guidelines: Any length that you feel comfortable with to get your story out. Some write one short paragraph; others take several pages, but the average is about 500 words. Your story will be proofread for spelling and grammatical errors, and edited to insure clarity of expression, but will be returned to you for final approval.


You may write whatever you feel relates to your experience with the book: prior beliefs, the circumstances that led up to your coming face to face with the book, the Paper that nabbed you, how the book changed your life, etc. Dates and place names also add interest to the story. For this particular book I would prefer to keep the Teaching Mission aspect out of it, as that is another story in itself.


Hope to hear from all of you soon!


Saskia Raevouri


This is a wonderful way that we can all become part of this mission. Not only will this book help raise money for Norman's trip, but it can be a wonderful tool to share with others to whom we are introducing the Urantia Book. Perhaps, it will be just what leads someone to discover The Urantia Book.


In addition to Saskia's project, donations of books and money are being received. Donations should be sent to:


World Outreach For Urantia Nations (WOUN)

School of Meanings and Values

Camarillo, CA


PLEASE NOTE: The telephone number given in the last issue had the numbers in the area code transposed.


                                    * * *


March 8, 1998

Post on tml


I'm sharing a prayer that I want to dedicate to Norman Ingram and Saskia Raevouri for the wonderful "outreach and bringing us together" work that they are both doing.



Susan [Kimsey]


A Prayer Celebrating Service by Olfana   05/03/95


Father, we are joined in seeking You.

We share this path together.

Guide us, Father, with Your Love,

With Your Direction within our hearts.

Help us to speak words of comfort

To each other, as we walk this path.

Allow us to be each other's guides.

Help us to remember the ways

In which we ennoble our character,

By serving each other, and thus serving You. Amen


Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group


Thanks, Susan for sharing Olfana's prayer. It is a most appropriate dedication to an endeavor that affords us all an opportunity to come together in unity and service to our Father, each other and our other brothers and sisters.


                                 * * * * *


                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


                          SPIRITFEST 98

                         June 19-21, 1998

                           El Chorro Park

                      San Luis Obispo, CA


The fifth annual SpiritFest 98 gathering will be preceded by a Stillness Retreat on June 18. Prior to the gathering on June 18 there will be a Stillness Retreat.


                                    * * *



                           JULY 2-5, 1998

                    Bogus Basin Ski Lodge

                (16 miles north of BOISE, ID)



The 5th Annual Gathering

Sponsored by The Northwest Teaching Mission




Let us welcome you to participate in a weekend of spiritual discovery, fellowship, family, and creativity in the scenic beauty of Boise National Forest's Bogus Basin Ski Lodge.


Whether it be hiking or biking through the forest, discussing the Urantia Book in a workshop, talking with human or celestial friends, listening to rhythmic poetry and talented musical offerings, or simply contemplating higher realities as you gaze at the awe-inspiring views from the lodge, Bogus Basin has something for everyone that can draw them closer to a realization of their relationship to God, to each other an to the universe.


Bogus Basin is just north of Downtown Boise in a beautiful mountainous area (6,000 feet). Modern facilities in a natural setting help to create  satisfying experience for all, including fantastic views, hiking and biking trails, tennis courts, volleyball and horseshoes, an outdoor amphitheater, as well as saunas and hot tubs to soak in and relax.


We have reserved the Pioneer Lodge and its award-winning chef and staff for meals. The Pioneer Lodge also has a variety of rooms and decks for meetings, meals and display.


DEPOSITS: The deadline for making a deposit on the lodge is now, so do send in your deposit and registrations promtly.

                                    * * *



                  MISSION CONFERENCE

                          July 15-19, 1998

                             Nashville, TN


       Concert For World Peace and Freedom

                             July 17, 1998

                                  * * * * *


                      RELINQUISH SELF


The days grow shorter for winter comes,

Relax in the moment and know;

Full glory is yours if you choose,

As the soul capacity grows.


Enlightenment, enlightenment. . . shine

Forgive the darkness . . . . . FEAR.

Dwell in the Light that you are

Sparkle, twinkle . . . In the now, here.


The journey to Paradise is made clear

As you surrender in completeness

And the universe hears.


All that you desire is yours,

Invoking total trust.

Step away from yourself

Believing is a must.


Be free and see the wings

Of the Angel you are,

Unfolding behind you as

Energy extensions far.


Life is to be lived

For joy and love.

Yourself to give

And receive with love.


No longer in chains bound

You have freedom found,

In giving up of self,

God's presence is then felt.

                                                                Min Hoet


                    THE URANTIA BOOK


Pentecost, with its spiritual endowment, was designed forever to loose the religion of the Master from all dependence upon physical force; the teachers of this new religion are now equipped with spiritual weapons. They are to go out to conquer the world with unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will, and abounding love. They are equipped to overcome evil with good, to vanquish hate by love, to destroy fear with a courageous and living faith in truth. Jesus had already taught his followers that his religion was never passive; always were his disciples to be active and positive in their ministry of mercy and in their manifestations of love. No longer did these believers look upon Yahweh as "the Lord of Host." They now regarded the eternal Deity as the "God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ." They made that progress, at least, even if they did in some measure fail fully to grasp the truth that God is also the spiritual Father of every individual.


Pentecost endowed mortal man with the power to forgive personal injuries, to keep sweet in the midst of the gravest injustice, to remain unmoved in the face of appalling danger, and to challenge the evils of hate and anger by the fearless acts of love and forbearance. Urantia has passed through the ravages of great and destructive wars in its history. All participants in these terrible struggles met with defeat. There was but one victor; there was only one who came out of these embittered struggles with an enhanced reputation - that was Jesus of Nazareth and his gospel of overcoming evil with good. The secret of a better civilization is bound in the Master's teachings of the brotherhood of man, the good will of love and mutual trust.


Up to Pentecost, religion had revealed only man seeking for God; since Pentecost, man is still searching for God but there shines out over the world the spectacle of God also seeking for man and sending his spirit to dwell within him when he has found him                       Page 2064


                                 * * * * *




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                        TRUST  IN  GOD

                 FOLLOW  YOUR  HEART

                 STAY  IN  THE  MOMENT