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December 1997 (Vol. 5, No.12)




The New Year brings thoughts of new beginnings as we take time to reflect on the past year and contemplate the changes we want to strive for in the coming year. We all yearn for sweeping changes in our lives and for the world and it seems most of us tend to focus more on things we can do to bring about the desired changes rather than concentrating on change within ourselves - a new way of being instead of doing. As we change our way of being, we will know what it is for us to do. It will be a natural unfolding of our Father's will.
As I contemplate the New Year, I believe that the most important thing that any of us can do now to bring about positive change on our planet is to work on change within ourselves. It is not an easy process. It takes commitment, time, faith, trust and courage to shed the security of false beliefs and old patterns and to move into a new way of being. This process brings us into unchartered waters with all the unsureness of being lost at sea. But we are not lost, we have the Master Pilot, our Thought Adjuster, at the helm. We just haven't been shown the course He has set for us. I say let's throw all the old baggage overboard, set sail and enjoy the adventure!

I wish all of you a wonderful voyage in the New Year. May our Father bless us all as we venture into the rough waters of change and guide us to calm harbors for rest and renewal. I thank each of you more than you can know for all I have been learning from you and your teachers. I can't imagine any mates I would rather be "at sea" with than each of you.

Allene Vick

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December 1997

We are friends of Henry Zerinque in Desert Hot Springs, California and participated with him in the teaching mission.

We live in Costa Rica, but have a Stateside mailing service and would like to receive your newsletter. Enclosed is the $20 that Henry said was the subscription fee.

Thanks and blessings to you for your contribution to happiness and harmony on this planet.

Susan Butterfield
Costa Rica

[It is wonderful to discover members of the Teaching Mission in other parts of the world. We hope that you will send us information about what is happening in Costa Rica. As a matter of clarification, there is no subscription fee as the newsletter is not a business. It is sent to all who request to be on the mailing list. Donations of $20 are only suggested to cover the printing and mailing costs.-Ed]

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December 8, 1997

We're still quiet TM folks - our mission seems to be a quiet one. I still work with Yogananda - perhaps a book will come of our experiences. I also have many other teachers who help with insights. Bill and I are relatively peaceful and comfortable these days, but we are surrounded by folks who suffer. Seems like we've always got someone to reach out to with spiritual uplifting so we remain busy. We're "willing workers in the fields so to speak." It's amazing how the visionary approach of the TM toward correcting times helps in working with instead of against cosmic flow!

Much love to you in your work.

Eugenia and Bill Bryan
Lawrence, KS 66047

[Imagine a companion book of Yogananda's messages now to compliment his earlier works! This would be a real treat for all of us who have loved his writings and teachings. I hope you bring this idea to fruition. Reading Yogananda's books created in me a real desire to experience the "bliss" he experienced in communion with God. -Ed]
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December 10, 1997

I just came across an interesting tidbit in The Holotropic Mind by Stanislav Grof, M.D. According to the author, Jung - that's right, Carl Gustaf Jung the great psychiatrist, - channeled a spirit teacher called Philemon. When he was reflecting, on this channeled material in his later years he claimed that most of his work had been derived from information he received in this way. (page 153 in the Grof book). This was something I didn't know, and found very interesting. I think this came from Memories, Dreams and Reflections by C.G. Jung. (New York: Pantheon Books, 1961)

Anyway - reading this made me feel a little less strange for "transmitting" from a spirit guide/teacher.

I read the TR newsletter whenever it comes - and hope it keeps coming. I wish I could send more - but you've heard that story before. Hope this small amount keeps me on your list.

Jeanne Melchoir
Dubois, IN

[Not to worry, Jeanne. As long as the newsletter serves a purpose, it will continue and your issues will keep coming.-ED]

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Meeting with Abraham & Christ Michael
A Messge of Hope
December 9, 1997
Woods Cross Group Andronason/Norsen
From tml posting by Karrie Hummel

I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. It is my supreme pleasure to meet with you again. As I stand by, and be witness to your discussion, I am filled with such hope. I am filled with such gladness. It is altogether amazing for me to see our Father's hand in everything, things spiritual or things not. It is becoming clear to you each now that your fellowship brings about a lot of learning and understanding. Your common ground that you share is blooming with possibilities. Your ongoing communication and fellowship will certainly strengthen you each to go about your daily living. I am going to speak a little on the one who dwelled in the mortal flesh and perfected self-forgetfulness.

Jesus as a boy, common like any other child, at times leaned toward His self concern. It is known that His parents did much to maintain a balance, and yet it was more than this. Jesus, the boy, had a consuming thirst for knowledge. His interest in knowing about the world, and its Caretaker, was much larger than Himself, or even the adults that He knew. The boy Jesus could not rely upon His own thinking for complete understanding. He also knew well that most of the adults He knew could not supply Him with all of the truth. As His spiritual mind grew He became more dependent upon His Father for immediate insight. Jesus knew well that His mortal mind alone was limited and could not take Him through life with such truth.

Anyone can tell the adventures that the Master experienced. Anyone can tell that the Master's experiences led Him to be able to attain self-forgetfulness. It is as you also will experience. Your everyday decision making will affect the course of your path. Your everyday learning will lead you to also attain self-forgetfulness. I can say just as in the Master's experiences, this will not be easy or without effort. I would mean to say to you tonight that the one who mastered self-forgetfulness would be an excellent source on how to achieve what He did, what He achieved.

Your Brother/Father is always standing by to assist with those particular human lessons that seem to be a source of frustration. You might possibly view them as too menial for a Creator of a universe. But I can say with authority that His spiritual ministries are beyond your comprehension, and are not limited to what your mind may understand. This holiday season is an excellent time to reconnect with the Master and His understanding of mortal living. He is a true friend who would only seek to enlighten and uplift you.

I would allow Him to speak.

[Christ Michael] You, my children, are in the company of one who loves you so deeply. I am filled with compassion for your daily trials, and I understand your deepest pain. I can say that there is not one thing you could explain to me that I would not understand. I would always make it my priority to help those seeking children.

I have experienced self-forgetfulness while in the flesh. My greatest help, I must say, was love for my divine Father, and love for my human associates. This love has led me to feel the Father's hands to reach into my hands to help where help was needed. This love had allowed Father's words to come from my mouth where it would be beneficial. This love had allowed me to see what our Father sees. Yes, it sounds simple, but I can verify that to truly know our Father, His presence and His divine love, leads us to a greater knowledge of love wherein you can love your fellows without condition.

I have experienced that supreme all consuming love from our Father on High while I dwelt in the flesh. I can tell you you will also experience this, and know it when it is upon you. I would ask you to be open to me, and my Spirit, as I move through your daily lives and minister to you as a Brother/Father would. I am even now overflowing with such gratitude to our Father, who is in Heaven, for He has loved us and loved us well.

I would have you know that your world moves on a correct course. You will soon see, my children, that my Spirit will be regarded as common in your personal lives, in your politics, society, education, anywhere there is a need for the flame of divine truth to burn. As I have done in ages past, I will do again. You will feel my Spirit upon you with such a Brotherly affection and a source of spiritual strength.

I would like to deliver a message of hope, and have you also take this message and give it where you will. Forget not how I know you each as I know myself. Forget not that I have gone before you and paved the road with love for our Father, and His mortal children, to shed light on the gift of self-forgetfulness. You are my cause for continuous rejoicing, and always does my heart remain filled with the love I have for you. Carry on. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. It does us well to hear our Brother/Father speak and fill us with such encouragement and knowledge. I could only express to you, my students, that to view Michael from where I stand, I have not one concern that everything is well taken care of. We would wish to express our gratitude to you Michael, our Creator, for your continuing love and ministry to us.

I would ask you each this week to ponder over the words of Michael, and be aware of this love He spoke of. I would ask that we forfeit questions tonight for another time. I am certain to be with you next week at your celebration. My love goes with you each always. Shalom.

* * *
Pocatello Transcripts
November 7, 1997

Machiventa (Bill): Greetings, I am Machiventa, your senior instructor and friend. Isaac desired that I should say to you "I own you." (Note there was an earlier discussion about professors "owning" their graduate students) But that is not the truth. You belong to our common creator, Father/Brother, Christ Michael. And you belong to yourselves as well even as you retain the sovereignty of your free will within the limits of exercise domain. I make it a habit of appearing here and there at different groups, and of course you all are no strangers to me, as I know I am not a stranger to you either. I have enjoyed your camaraderie and your lighthearted, free sharing of yourselves with each other. This is a classroom that manifests the highest ideals in education, for this is not merely a passive place of reception only, but it is a laboratory as well, all combined into a lecture/seminar and laboratory combined. This is the way that education is conducted throughout the universes, my friends. The Urantia Book discusses this at length, of course, and I want you to be very clear that because of your commitment to this experience, which you make by your free will choice, that you are in fact engaging in morontial-level education.

One of the difficulties that you will experience as you continue to grow in your spiritual awareness, in your soul growth, and in our commitment to the Kingdom of God is the broadening gap between yourselves and some of your acquaintances and friends. It is a difficulty because it is a temptation for pride to sneak in the door. I am not bringing this up because it is a problem for you, for if it were I would be straightforward. I merely am alluding to this temptation, as it were, to let ego misplace your valuation of your progress and turn it into a "us and them" sort of scenario. Many of you have referred to your difficulties with your academic and job-related relationships on levels of supervision and coordination. You see, my friends, to you who are learning the value of cooperation, honesty, self-disclosure, trust, to you who are comfortable in a universe that is friendly, this experience puts you out of the experiential arena of so many others. Try not to spend over-much time in dwelling upon the unpleasantness of this tension between ourselves in your arena of trust and this other arena. It is a difficulty that will persist and, despite your best efforts and most sincere wishes, this problem will continue to present itself to you.

However, there will come a day, gradually as the first rays of the morning sun creep through the grass and gradually climb up the trees in a meadow, there will come a time when you will perceive a gradual change - the lessening of the Lucifer hangover - and whether you know it or not, you are really on the cutting edge of this dawning. Your experience is entirely under your control, believe it or not, for you can respond in a way that is different than the usual, natural, what Isaac called the "default" response - you can and you are doing this. Please continue practice of the basics which you have learned from your teachers of going inward to commune with God at least once daily. Try to develop the habit of waiting on God, of being God-conscious. It is a matter of development. And finally, continue, as you are doing, to wait upon guidance for the everyday situations in which you find yourself. My students, we the faculty of the Teaching Mission, are so pleased with all of our students who faithfully not only follow our advice, but enjoy life on the morontial and spiritual planes.

I have now completed my remarks and if I could, I would reach out to you all and surround you with an enormous hug. Praise be to Christ Michael and Nebadonia who have undertaken the great task of reproducing in time and perfection of Paradise, the beauty of the Havona worlds here in the realm of space and time. Great is the adventure ahead of you, my friends - beyond your fondest dreams, your wildest imaginations. Hold fast in your faith. I send you my love. Good evening.

* * *

Volcano, Hawaii - #3


Hello, my dear friend--

I commend your efforts in reading the Urantia Book with more thoughtful attention and give you my loving encouragement to continue to seek truth and the guidance of goodness to assist you in recognizing the will of the Father throughout your mortal sojourn. It will enhance your spiritual future and ensure continuous episodes of growth in the maturation of your spirit being.

Strive to habitually feel the presence of the Father in our every living moment. We are all part of the wondrous team that has the potential to bring about constant upliftment of the universe and progressively infuse the Father's plan with your loving quiet for the embrace of the Father's perfection.

Volcano, Hawaii - #5


Hello, dear friends.

It is with great joy and immense tenderness that I convey my assistive thoughts and sense their warm reception.

You have all been blessed with the magnificent gift of unfettered freedom of will which intensifies the importance of the choices you select in your everyday life. Ponder, for a moment, how many are made thoughtlessly and without awareness and conscious deliberation.

The key to gracious and loving choosing is tenacious adherence to careful selection of action in even seemingly insignificant occurrences of your day. This will not be effortless as consistent consciousness is important during all your waking hours. It does not preclude our opportunities for leisure, humor, and relaxation, as choices are important in all aspects of living in goodness and love.

My advice is to practice awareness in all your moments, even in the most mundane of tasks. If you continue to seek the Father thoughtfully, your gratification in your successful selections will be shared with the Father, and you will feel immediate recognition of a wise step taken.

Continue to approach all your actions with loving methods and you will become enveloped in divine grace and experienced in choice patterns that pursue the shining progress into the First Source and Center. Truly endeavor to live love and your daily choosing will reflect His choice as well.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 18, 1994 - 2 a.m.
Volcano, Hawaii - #11


Greetings precious companions.

It is helpful to receive my messages of guidance with intent of action for their value to be actualized.

The simple act of conscious forgiveness always precedes spiritual progression.

Perception of personal injustice creates a barrier that obstructs the ability to be a loving vehicle of the Father's expression.

Always afford others the divine gesture of compassion that you readily accept from the Father. Resentment occludes the circulation of the luminosity of love and forms a shell of resistance to sharing and receiving. Pardon them as He pardons you, and you will open all circuits of mercy and unconditional forgiveness. Recall all perceived offenders and extend your reach of tolerance and understanding so that you will readily excuse their transgressions. Attempt to do this daily to ensure sincerity of purpose and purification of your intent.

Never allow a state of unforgiveness to linger in your being as all other exercises to strengthen your spirit will falter. This will enhance your efforts to seek truth in your practice of stillness and overcome your enemies of divine virtue.

* * *

Portland, OR
December 2, 1997

Andranason/Norsen: Good evening, Brad and Michael. This is both Andranason and Norsen. We shall speak as one voice initially and may differentiate as we go along and our discussion or your questions bring us to speak individually, as the case may be. We want you to know how pleasing it is for us that you are here tonight when we know you both have had difficult days at your work, and the time of the holidays are also stressful of themselves. So we are glad you took the time for us tonight.

And now, as my brother and I have decided: I, Andranason will speak for a time with you as the mouthpiece, if you will, of our dynamic duo of Melchizedek instructors in the field. Need I say, we also work with a dynamic duo -- not to make you and Michael sound too much like comic book characters, as I hope --we hope--you know we do not mean. Again, humor at a distance often can seem rather flat and labored. It's hard to wink in the third person.

Well, moving right along, dear friends: I want you to know that each of your efforts in this Mission are of great significance to your own individual paths and soul growth, to the Mission of itself as a whole, to our understanding and learning about the interaction with our mortal brethren--our students and associates--and the grandest implication being the contribution you each make, that we all make, to the Supreme in this endeavor. To say nothing of the intermediate benefit of moving Urantia another step along the path toward Light and Life. At times I'm sure it must seem as though those steps are attempts at rotating the earth with your feet, but your efforts are far grander in their implications beyond you than I think either of you or of the majority of your brethren in this Teaching Mission--your brothers and sisters, I hope you understand as "brethren" in my connotation--realize. So we asked Michael here tonight--your stalwart transmitter/receiver--for him to take a few moments and think about what he would want us to discuss or answer in the way of questions--for, Brad, as you well know, Michael often has difficulty being able fully to participate as you do, as you may imagine, in our communications though his ability to shift gears between being a listener and a T/R is admirable and of great utility. So--we allowed him this time, and we would now answer some of those issues and questions he brought to us in it.

As to your positions in this Mission, and as our associates, we would have you know that our active service with you began long ago, before you had even heard of The URANTIA Book. We have watched the lives, even the parentage, of most if not all of those who have come into the Mission or passed through it--though not all, for we have only in our vision potentials -- some great certainty in the paths of mortals, but still your free will is sovereign. So the point I would make is that our view and planning for your participation began long before those 4-1/2 years to 4 years ago of your conscious participation in this Correcting Time, our Teaching Mission to Urantia, as commissioned by Lord Michael and our leader, Machiventa. We do look forward to a greater range of service, of working together, with you. We are with you now in your daily lives on levels you do not fully realize. We study your lives, your reactions to events of your daily lives, in conduction with your guardian seraphim. We work out the lesson plane, if you will, as it may dovetail with the Teaching Mission. This is not always an absolute blending of those paths, for your individual lives and destinies will ever be distinct from any such plan--for the Father within each of you, in your Thought Adjusters, is of course, as I'm sure you realize, the Sovereign of that department in that Its pre-personal evolution, in combination with your own evolution and morontial growth and spirit understanding and achievement, work on an entirely independent path in many ways, although only the Father truly knows the extent of that path. What I am laboring toward in my description here is that we may see from our higher vision (in relation to your own) a great intertwining or "piggy-backing" perhaps, if you will, of the Father's path for you individually and our working with you in the Teaching Mission, but in fact our vision is quite limited, to say the least, when compared to the Father's. So we have many different perspectives operating here, and I do not wish to belabor this analogy or paradigm/metaphor with more words than the concept needs.

What we would have each of you understand and know, as best you can and are able, is that the lessons in your daily lives are great and wonderful. In their own way they present challenges to you, in how you meet them and are transformed and transform--and you transform them in your interaction with the individuals and energies and spirit lessons involved--so that these problems as you see them, these challenges to your seeming well-being of a time, are really quite as significant as anything we might achieve on our "trajectory", if you will, of being planetary healers, administrators, teachers, etc. It is important that you understand this, as best you are able, accept this, welcome this. This is, as we are sure you know on some levels, what our Master, Lord Michael, effected in his earth life. He was not freely called "Master" without good reason, for He lived life as a master, masterfully--with great verve, artistry, heart, feeling, intelligence, wit, wisdom, and greatness of heart, to mention but a few of his wonderful effervescent qualities--though I do not mean to merge too far into what may seem flowery phrases. Every adjective used is a meditation possible for you to examine here at greater leisure later in examining our words and your own interior selves.

Michael, our Lord, would want you to know that His struggle and your struggle are very, very similar in human terms--certainly we do not mean to imply, of course, the higher work of integration which He as a Master Universe Son effected--to speak the obvious here. But we would point you to that humble work, that humbling work, that magnificent work, which is your everyday commonplace earthly lives, and I speak with a few quotation marks there too because your lives as mortals, if you could but understand them, are anything but everyday and ordinary and commonplace. I'm sure you know that, in many ways. So, not to run on again in this track any too long, I would say that our work on the broader scale of planetary upliftment will occur, and it will be quite stunning in its reach and gradual effects. But again, this has its own time, as does your own maturation and individual destinies. It is a grand tapestry being woven between the Creator and His creatures. What a great thing that you should be able to participate in such a manner -- to even know of it is a wonder for any mortal creature, particularly upon a world of isolation as Urantia has so tragically long been in.

Now, Michael (T/R) has also asked what tasks or work you two may be perhaps set to, or be planned by us for you now or to come, or what you may each be working upon. I would not give too much additionally to either of you at this time--I speak for my brother and myself here as your Melchizedek teachers.

Each of your lives has great personal challenges in their separate ways. However, I would ask as perhaps a little homework, as you may feel able to do it: think about how you would envision or desire our daily working life to be. I assume, at least in part, you hold the concept of the Universities--in particular Norsen's local one which, as we have told you, will be in your beautiful Willamette Valley--think about how you would again envision and like to see your service with us. Call it "daydreaming" if you like, but it is not idle fancy or speculation--only if you believe it to be so. There is much work that can be accomplished, examined, and explored in such capacity, for we are somewhat privy to your thoughts, though not in any harmful or intrusive way, we assure you. But feel free to talk to us, whether you hear our response in your "inner" ear, as it were or not. Feel free to voice your thoughts. Michael (T/R) does this. I know, Brad, that perhaps this may be a more difficult thing for you, but we would encourage you to think about this as an option for you in communication with us: to speak aloud with us, to us, for we can very clearly hear you. And if you do speak aloud we understand you far, far more clearly in many ways, though we do have an understanding of you at levels and depths which would be very surprising to you and also very difficult for us to describe to your satisfaction at this level of your understanding. So that is, needless to say, not something to spend a lot of time on in this moment. So I would give you that homework if I may, I think you could have a lot of fun with it, and I think learning is often best when it is not just challenging or arduous but at times a lot of fun. And you may find it hard to imagine, but we Melchizedeks know how to have a good time and share a lot of fun, too. And we can all look forward to that, as well.

So, I think it easy to say that I have spoken at length and if your humble transmitter/receiver is satisfied with our words so far, then I would open up the mike, if you will, for any comments of questions or discussion, Brad, that would be of interest for you now.

Brad: I appreciate your words this evening.

Andronason: Good. We are glad for that, Brad.

B: I might just ask you--at times, I guess of late but also periodically, I imagine it's fairly common, but I struggle with attitude. I wanted to know if you might have some words about attitude and also I struggle at times with a sense of ineffectiveness in relation to --oh, you might say, "God's things", as opposed to our mere mortal endeavors. Does that make sense to you?

A: Yes, it does. You have asked in some ways two separate questions, though we'll see how we can put them together in some fashion. Your attitude, Brad, often is much affected by the stresses and outside "input", if you will, or "interface" (as you might say in this century's closing) with others. While your inner being and spirit position is strong, healthy , and developing, you also possess doubts which overcome at times the deeper knowledge within you and turn you away from those seemingly intangible lessons, strengths, powers (if you will) within you--the knowledge, in essence, that you have gained over time. You always return to that source, but you have yet to deliver yourself to that source, to let it truly envelop you, and support you, and enfold you. Support is the best word here. To release the belief you have that you need "to hold on." You can let go, and you will be powerfully supported by that inner "cushion", if you will, of God--on that great conjoint place where you and He Meet. And let us not forget our Lord Michael who is also there with you, and His Consort, the Holy Mother Spirit. There is little to be concerned about once you understand this support. You are so close to this, Brad. You are so close. You would be surprised how little effort, almost no effort it is to let go. You will not float away, for you are very well grounded in spirit and in your everyday, common-sense self. Herein lies, however, the seeming paradox: it is that everyday common sense and groundedness you have which also supports your doubts.

B: (chuckling) Excuse me.

A: Chuckling is permitted.

B. (chuckling on) I was thinking, that's profound.

A: Well, we work hard to be profound! We work very hard at it.

B: Simple, but profound.

A: Yes. The image, again, of releasing I would have you work with, as well--or "sit" with. You needn't furrow your brow and concentrate until it hurts, but as I believe you understand in my meaning: roll the concept around in your mouth and see how it feels, of what I have spoken. For the greater support is in spirit. Did not our Master often remind His followers that there is nothing which can be counted upon in your material lives but the Spirit Source and Center: And indeed, what matter it to the true believer if all about him should crash and come to naught? If that true faith resides within, it is hardly to be troubled about in the light of God's eternal love and presence, with and in you. I do not, as our Lord Michael did not, by this mean to minimize the suffering and sorrow so often in your mortal lives upon Urantia, but I think the greater lesson you grasp here in my words. So, I will leave you with that to think on regarding your question tonight. Have you more you would wish to speak about? We are at your disposal, the only limitation being the gauge we would draw regarding your transmitter's energy levels. And again, this is in part his responsibility to monitor as well. So again, we are here for you now.


I would say, if I may, that there is much we might speak with you about, or would like to, regarding the global implications of our efforts but we are largely restricted in this now. We are at somewhat of a barrier in some ways in that our efforts with the Mission are reaching a certain critical mass. When your wills and your wisdoms of the lessons you have been accruing accumulate, and in conjunction with the greater plan as administered and directed by Michael and Lord Machiventa--and, of course, our Father on Paradise--there is a building to certain point where Spirit in its mysterious manner makes the leap between the two points where there is seemingly a vacuum. But there are no vacuums. What I'm getting at is a rather clumsy perhaps analogy toward the great "tectonic plate shifts" which, while not referring to "earth changes", I would compare to the great leaps of evolution, both in terms of material and biological spheres, but also as I know you understand in terms of revelation and spirit evolution upon a world. When the world is one as unusual, as "oddball" if you will, as Urantia--and as wonderful, I would also add--you are the bestowal planet, need I remind you, of all Nebadon and much beloved by many, many beings--there is a great building then of this accretion, if you will, of both time and energy and events. Which again is the weaving of great pattern, which in the weaving one often does not see the fullness of the pattern being created--the wondrous picture there of the tapestry which the Master Weaver alone knows and which He Himself in some ways keeps a part hidden for a surprise to even Himself, though this may seem a paradox. Even God enjoys surprises, but this is another commentary from where we are heading here or attempting to. What I and my brother Norsen would have you understand is that we are indeed at a barrier. We have revealed a great many things at this point, a good number of years ago, in this Teaching Mission--at least when you compare the brief span (chuckles), it is a number of years now. The issues of such things as the Universities, the returning to the planet of the Tree of Live, your own service as super mortals, if you will (and again, these are clumsy terms, but you understand the meaning--you aren't wearing capes or bounding about trying to dodge "Kryptonite", but added service is what we mean and know you understand in that term), the return of your planetary Adam and Eve, the coming to your world of a Magisterial Son, as has been the case--and, need we say, the wonder of this planet now, for a little more than a year having been made the temporary planetary headquarters of Nebadon! This is rather astonishing, and it is only part of the greater plan, but again the point we are making is that there is in fact only so much which can be revealed. The rest must congeal.

And there is only so much really that talk can do--and there are two sides to that sword: that of it appearing to be "talk, talk, talk" and the other side of the coin being that we in fact can only do so much with our words and communication, however profound or reassuring it may or may not be for you and your brothers and sisters of this Mission of a time. Even our physical presences would only assure so much to you at this time and on this side of this coming together of forces--this congealing of time, space, destiny, God's and your own free wills. So, to tie back in each of your previous questions and thoughts, and our answers: your own personal work builds toward this accretion of power, destiny, on the individual and the planetary level. All the good work you have done and are doing in your lives moves us all closer to this greater "jump", if you will, toward completion and supremacy. So, this has been some of the difficulties in our communication or interaction with you, as we have referenced before, but perhaps have not spoken of at quite this length or dimension. But I think as you think upon this information and these concepts you will more fully understand the logic and even beauty of this way of being with you. We well know how frustrating, puzzling, and even maddening this experience has been for you, this odd thing and wonderful thing you have known and has been called the Teaching Mission, The Correcting Time. It is certainly not for naught! You have gained much, and will continue to do so whether your allegiance remains with this Mission or not, though we would be greatly surprised if it should change. And even should it, we would trust and know that your path would still be with its trajectory and light, of the Father and His great sons and daughters of light and service. Your steps will always be towards Him. We know that and love you for it greatly.

I would close our communication for now, though again we are ever near. And I and my brother Norsen--indeed all the Melchizedeks and associated teachers in this Mission--would encourage you to speak your mind again, if you will, with us. Indeed you do this with the Father to some extent, greater or lesser depending on your personal bent or characteristics of personality. Why not in fact extend this to your as yet unseen brethren? It is not "talking to the air", we assure you. Well, I have gone on at some length and would hope it has been of value, though perhaps you would accuse me of false modesty here and perhaps be correct. I smile. I love you both very much. I love so many new brothers and sisters which I have come to know in my association with your wondrous and troubled, but more wondrous than troubled, world of Urantia. Norsen and I both extend our love outward to you all who may read this transcripted transmission, as well as our brothers here tonight. God bless you. God keep you. He does. Your lights are a great addition to the light building and growing and shining forth from this only seemingly dark world. The Light is switching on! And it will be tremendous.You create it with the Father and Lord Michael, with us all. Go for it, go for the gold; it shines from your souls. God bless you both, and all. Good night.

B. Thank you, Andranason.

* * *
Nashville, TN


Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I greet you each individually. Thank you all for coming tonight. Our lesson is about the many levels of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is like spiritual experience in that it is experienced progressively. The more you can forgive others, the deeper is your own experience of forgiveness. Forgiveness starts as a superficial attitude, but quickly you learn that forgiveness has extensive roots within. As you progressively learn to forgive others in the outer world or in memory, the deeper inside do these labyrinthine roots open up and the deeper experience of forgiveness of yourself by the Father is experienced.

The Father is always seeking to go deeper and deeper within you -- your soul, your psyche, your molecules. So, part of this opening up to the Father involves the experience of forgiveness and this experience of forgiveness, this sublime spiritual communion with the Father, can only be attained through your own forgiveness of other people.

To say I forgive you, or I forgive that is an easy thing, but to really experience forgiveness is much more deeply felt and sublime than the superficial forgiveness that is pervasive in your world. Forgiveness is not a closure, or a pushing back into the psyche an experience. Forgiveness is opening the psyche, opening the soul. When forgiveness is complete, then healing is complete as well. So much so that even further attempts at wounding do not scar.

The Father is all forgiveness. You cannot wound him. As you grow and become more and more like the Father, so too do you become impervious to wounding and what wounds you sustain are quickly healed through forgiveness. This transformation of attitude comes gradually. In our early development, you are more childlike in that you are quick to take offense and want retribution. As you progress spiritually along, you learn to forgive more quickly, more completely, and more long-lastingly.

But, as you go through this transformation, you must go back into your selves to all the old scarred places and forgive these wounds. Then gradually as you heal inside, as you open yourself to the Father's forgiveness through the forgiveness of others, then understand how the healing process takes place and you understand the immense value of forgiveness.

Think of the Master in his last hours on earth forgiving everyone, every single person who had conspired in his death or had harmed him directly. Through his life, he learned the immense power of forgiveness, the power that is harnessed within through giving forgiveness away. Just contemplate the fact that he would not go to his death without forgiving everyone.

Now, these last few months we have been instructing you each to go back in your childhoods and open up the dark spaces, the sealed off places where you experienced shame or fear or confusion. As you do this, remember the immense power of forgiveness is yours. As you forgive the pain done to you by others, or as you forgive yourself for inflicting pain on others, you open yourself to the Father's forgiving spirit and all the old patterns that have developed from these stuck places, all the irrational feelings and confusion that arise from these places can all be transformed into love, and light, and healing, and truth. As you progressively find forgiveness within, as this forgiveness opens up your entire being to light and love, your whole life can now change and be transformed.

Now anyone here who is thinking that they've done all this work and that they don't need to do it, you are mistaken. for until you reach the point of thought adjuster fusion far in the future on the mansion worlds, you will need to be doing this work.

Are there any questions at this time?

Q: Are you saying that forgiveness through the many levels of forgiveness is a continual process and that we will have to continue to forgive as long as that wound is in our existence?

Ham: Correct.

Q: From the beginning you put the emphasis on as we learn to forgive others you will learn to forgive yourself, but my experience is that true forgiveness only came as I learned to forgive myself. Until I could forgive myself, I keep repeating hurtful interactions. Until you can forgive yourself in that experience, I do not see how you could possibly forgive yourself. Just like I don't see how you can truly love another person until you love yourself since you cannot give that which you have not received.

Ham: The understanding that I am trying to convey is that one must practice forgiveness in order to receive the experience of forgiveness. Do you understand?

Q: I guess, but I think that the way you are stating it almost makes me feel like I am going backwards from where I am now. That kind of forgiveness is the superficial forgiveness that we have in the beginning and that what I was talking about is the kind of forgiveness that you have to get into next. That is the kind of forgiveness that I had to explore in order to do the healing work.

Ham: There are deeper levels where your very being is threatened. Say, for example, you were born into a troubled home and were an unwanted child. This state of being did not involve your fault. So there must be a deep, deep level of forgiveness of the parents so that you can forgive yourself for being born.

Q: As long as I still have feelings of anger or distrust or resentment then there is still forgiveness work to be done, correct?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Does the forgiveness process carry over from this world onto the mansion worlds?

Ham: Yes.

Q: The process that you talked about of accessing childhood hurts and forgiving them. I seem to be having trouble accessing these memories or knowing where or how to look for them. Can you say anything that will be helpful?

Ham: These memories surface all the time and you must just be sensitive to recognize them and be open to exploring them when they come. It's not something you have to try to do, but just be open to receiving and exploring.

Q: Does sometimes it surface more as a feeling?

Ham: Yes, when this occurs, you can try to think back when it was that you first felt that way. Sometimes memory is accessed a step at a time. You might not get the root memory at first, something intermediary or intermediate. Explore everything.

Q: The key is to not just revisit these painful or traumatic experiences, but instead to revisit and forgive self and others?

Ham: Yes, exactly.

Q: Do you have to totally revisit those memories to totally forgive?

Ham: Usually, it's necessary to go through the painful memories to get through to the good ones because these painful memories will block everything.

Q: Ham, how far back do these damaging memories usually go? Can these be things that happened in your infancy that would be real difficult to remember?

Ham: Yes. They can be. But you'll find as you look through these damaging memories, that other good memories will come, too.

Q: Once you are not repressing?

Ham: You will start to remember some kindnesses, some loving memories, things that were blocked by painful ones. All this makes the forgiveness easier and more complete.

Q: In my case I was not badly treated as a child but I acquired attitudes or assumptions from my parents that were not a firm foundation upon which to build. Does this involve forgiveness?

Ham: Yes, yes, yes.

Q: I am trying to get a handle on the actual process of forgiveness once we have identified an area. In my mind there is a process of letting go or releasing an attachment to that feeling and letting go of retribution or any ideas of righting that wrong. Am I on the right path?

Ham: Exactly. This letting go of the feelings that someone deserves some kind of retribution for their actions extends likewise to yourself because unconsciously you may be feeling "I don't deserve this, I really deserve this", if that makes sense. The underlying assumption that most human beings carry is that they are not deserving of God's love, his care, or his gifts. So when you let go of feelings of retribution towards others, in reality you are letting go of those feelings towards yourself. Is this making sense to you?

Q: Like the Lord's Prayer?

Ham: Yes.

Q: So it is all a matter of positive polarity?

Ham: Certainly you could say that son.

Q: All has to do with giving. To always be in the giving mode.

* * * * *


Ham's message on Forgiveness struck a real chord with me as it reminded me of an exercise I experienced in a class I took in the late 70's. We were instructed to get out a piece of paper and head it with three columns: "When", "What Happened" and "The Result". We were told to pick the last incident that we recalled in which we felt angry or uncomfortable listing a brief description of when, what happened and the result. Then IMMEDIATELY right down the next incident that comes to mind and to continue without editing out anything as not being relevant or important. It was important to keep going and NOT STOP. This remains one of the most helpful exercises I have ever done and I share with you my first experience and what I learned from it. I can remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday.

The events as I wrote them down were:

A recent difference of opinion with my boss. I stated my opinion, but I was uncomfortable and decided it wasn't worth arguing about. It wasn't important.

Then I jumped back several years and remembered situations with my husband where we disagreed and, again, I decided it wasn't worth arguing about. It wasn't important.

Then I jumped back to being a teenager and remembered situations with my father, who was an alcoholic with manic depression and vented most of his anger on me. No matter what approach I took, it was always a losing situation for me and I often decided it wasn't worth arguing about. It wasn't important.

Then I remembered being a small child around five years old. I was a model child (a "pleaser"). The incident that I remembered was being taken to lunch with my grandmother one day on a shopping trip. In those days, we dressed up to go shopping with a dress and gloves. I had on a white dress and I wanted a fudge cake for dessert. The waitress warned my grandmother that it would not be a good idea in my white dress. My grandmother told her there was no problem and that I wouldn't get a crumb on me and I didn't.
Then I remembered standing in a crib. My parents were having an important dinner and I had something in my eye. I wouldn't call for my mother as I didn't want to disturb her. I would wait until she came to check on me. It wasn't important.

Then I remembered being told by my mother that when I was born and came home from the hospital, she had an older woman staying with her to help her. This woman told my mother not to go to me when I cried as it would spoil me. If there was really something wrong with me, she would know the difference in my crying.

Suddenly at that moment, I was so angry. It was as if someone put a wide iron band across my chest and tightened it. I am not an angry person by nature and I was startled at this huge surge of anger. When it was my turn in the class to share my experience, the fellow next to me tried to tell me that I was angry with my mother. I wasn't angry with my mother at all. I was angry with me!!! I realized that almost from the very beginning, I had somehow made an unconscious choice to be nice. I could have chosen another option of screaming my head off until I was heard. For some reason, I didn't make that choice. I clearly understood that I was responsible for making whatever choice I made - not my mother - not anybody else. I wasn't a victim of my mother's decision. The real message behind my decision was not "It's not important". The message was "I'm not important."

A couple of days after this experience, I didn't agree with a another decision my boss was making. This time I went into him and calmly with no uncomfortableness or attachment, I told him that I disagreed and why and told him it was his company and his decision. I went back to my desk. Within five minutes, he came to my desk to say that he had thought over what I had said and that I was right. This was very different from the old pattern. I must admit that for awhile with my new understanding that I erred on the side of being very aggressive, but in time it settled down to, what, I hope, is now simply assertive when appropriate.

What I learned was that we are often not aware of the unconscious tapes that are playing and controlling our actions and reactions to situations (the root memories that Ham talked about). I learned that whenever my reaction was out of proportion to the situation, I had better go back and find the unconscious tape. When I uncovered these tapes, I was surprised to see that the same situations seemed to disappear from my life. In order for this to be effective, it seems to me that it is necessary to allow myself to fully experience the feelings of the root event as distressing as that can be and to understand the significance. Equally important to the process is accepting responsibility for my responses and choices. Otherwise, the victim role rears its ugly head and runs on and on and on. Owning responsibility puts that demon to rest, so I can get on with my life. Forgiveness is a natural outcome of this process for me as I realize that others are doing the best they can at any given the time. The actions of those in my life provide me opportunities to grow and learn - not to be a victim, but a better student and practice, practice, practice my own inner homework.

I have used this exercises at different times with great results. It has also helped in my relationships with others as understanding how these unconscious tapes operate helps to give me more compassion, patience and tolerance towards others when their behavior seems outlandish. Their buttons have been pushed and their unconscious tapes are running. I still use this to monitor myself. I think the biggies are behind me, but the more subtle ones are there when I least expect them. My reactions tell me that there is more to look at under the surface. I guess, as Ham says this goes on all the way to fusion, I'll be doing this exercise for a long, long time to come. At least now, is a more gentle process - more instructive and less painful. It's become more like a game I enjoy playing because I always win in this game. There are many ways to get to these root experiences, but I have found this to be the quickest method I know.

I, also, believe that our inner guides know when we are ready to handle the more difficult root events and protect us from discovering them until we are ready. - Ed]

* * * * *


Below is information Fred Harris posted on the tml with information from Norman Ingram and Don Roark who have been traveling in the Far East on their mission of world outreach. For those of you who may not have heard, Norman spent last year traveling around South and Central America by car with his outreach mission meeting with people, sharing and distributing Urantia Books.

November 26, 1997

Asia World Outreach for Urantia Nations

We have thus far successfully established placement of Urantia Books in Indonesia, Korea and China as follows:

Central Library - University of Indonesia, Jakarta National Library Indonesia, Jakarta American-Indonesian Exchange Foundation, Jakarta Central Library - Dongguk University (Budhist), Seoul National University of Education, Seoul, Library - National Taiwan University, Taiwan National Central Library, Taiwan

We were received graciously (sometimes enthusiastically) by every institution's Director and we often gave them a personal copy to satisfy their curiosity. It has been an arduous and exhausting trip so far but the rewards have been great.

"When you work for God, the pay isn't so great, but the retirement benefits are out of this world." - paraphrased from Duane Faw.

Our time in Seoul has been the highlight so far, because of the Urantia Center established by Korean readers Mr. Lee, Mr. Park, and Mr. Um, who were introduced to the UB by Cindy and Serge Bisson from Canada. Weekly study group meets at this office.

Cindy and Serge, [who] are planning a Urantia study group cruise as part of the Millinium Odyssey Canaria (1998-2000), are looking for 9 Urantia Book readers to participate in a rally around the world, which begins in Jerusalem in AUG -'98. As global emissaries of the 5th Epochal Revelation, they see this as a fabulous opportunity to get a large exposure for the Book. Trip will soon have a Web Page, linked from ub.fellowship.org.

Please keep in your prayers our upcoming itinerary which includes Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lampour, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Please forward this update to whoever you feel is right, but who is not on the CC list, above.

"When man consecrates himself to the doing of the Father's will, man gives God all that he has, then does God make man more than he is." - a reminder from Ken Ould in Taichung who graciously allowed us to use his computer to send this up date to you.

Love, blessings and light,
Norman Ingram & Don Roark

[Talk about a project!!! Congratulations Norman and Don for such a powerful example of LOVE IN ACTION!!! Fred Harris tells me they should be home by now. I hope to learn more from Norman and Don to share with you more of their experience and how we can support their good work.]

* * *


December 13, 1997

Please keep up the wonderful work; your efforts with this newsletter are greatly appreciated by all of us.

Recently I've been blessed with the opportunity of buying airtime at a local radio station, (15 minutes every other Saturday morning).

With Ham's enthusiastic approval, I've gathered some of his more simple, easy to understand lessons from Nashville; added some encouraging thoughts about the Urantia Book and will air the first tape next week.

I'm interested in locating any other teachers who would be interested in portraying insightful, loving lessons to the general public. Here's a chance to spread revelatory inspiration across the airwaves of Northeast Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

Anyone who is interested can contact me anytime.
Love & Peace,

Jim Foster

[Jim told me he is using messages that do not use any terminology that would be confusing to the general public and will give some brief information each week about The Urantia Book. Please let Jim know if you have any transcripts you would like to share for this project. I can think of some beautiful messages we have received over the years that would be appropriate for a general audience. You might want to give Jim a call and discuss the possibilities with him. Jim is giving his phone number in his bi-weekly messages. We all look forward to hearing more from you about this, Jim. Keep us posted.]

* * *

We certainly applaud the efforts of all who are busy giving of their time and energy to reach out and spread the "Good News of the Kingdom" and this includes all of you as you interact with those in your study groups, family, friends, co-workers, communities - wherever you are planting your seeds in the Father's garden.

* * * * *


FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 1, 1998

The following is the latest update from Fred Harris on Celestial Nights:

December 15, 1997

Dear Friends,

We had a meeting last night and determined that we can put you up and feed you for $150 for the Warm Days & Celestial Nights gathering - Feb 26 - March 1. To better plan this reversion gathering we need to hear from you if you intend to attend. In order to encourage early registration, we have decided that the beach front housing will be allocated to those who register earliest, the first come, first serve. In order to register, please send $50 per person to me.


and tell us:

(1) the names and addresses & phone numbers of the members of your party
(2) your flight number and time of arrival if you need us to pick you up
(3) any articular dietary requirements you may have.

Celestial attendance will be handled supernally and no deposit will be required. If you are musically talented, bring your instruments. If you want to come early or stay later, please advise so that we can make accommodations for you. We look forward to your attendance and the fellowship that we will share. Hope to see you in February.

Onward toward Light and Life
Fred Harris.

For more information you can also contact Steve Tiller


* * *

JULY 2-5, 1998
Bogus Basin, ID

The above information is still tentative pending final confirmation..

* * *

July 15-19, 1998
Nashville, TN

Rebecca Bynum reports that they hope to have all the details in place and a mailing with all the information sent out by the first of February.

* * *
And we hope to soon have information on SpiritFest '98.


Here's something from the tml by Delores Dinsmore I think you all enjoy. We have another poet amongst us.

December 1, 1997

Hello Everybody,


I just read the weekend's mail [on tml]. What a great list!

I want to share a poem I wrote while waiting in the car for one reason or another over this Thanksgiving vacation. I started it after being inspired by the great Resend Elyon transcript on stillness (11/27). Hey Rick, please tell Mark I really loved this transmission! Thanks, you guys!


See for the rest that is not sleep
Free from all time in Stillness deep

Beneath the turbulent chatter of speech
Desire of will and soul can reach

Beyond perception of sound and light
Into the realm of spirit sight

Open your heart in that quiet place
Wait for the touch of the Father's grace

You may not feel it, you may not know
But He will answer if you will go

Where Father and Mother and Heaven above
Bestow to your heart the kiss of love.

How radiant shine the beloved ones
The family of Stillness daughters and sons!

Delores Dinsmore


Evolutionary mind is only fully stable and dependable when manifesting itself upon the two extremes of cosmic intellectuality---the wholly mechanized and the entirely spiritualized. Between the intellectual extremes of pure mechanical control and true spirit nature there intervenes that enormous group of evolving and ascending minds whose stability and tranquillity are dependent upon personality choice and spirit identification.

But man does not passively, slavishly, surrender his will to the Adjuster. Rather does he actively, positively, and co-operatively choose to follow the Adjuster's leading when and as such leading consciously differs from the desires and impulses of the natural mortal mind. The Adjusters manipulate but never dominate man's mind against his will; to the Adjusters the human will is supreme. And they so regard and respect it while they strive to achieve the spiritual goals of thought adjustment and character transformation in the almost limitless arena of the evolving human intellect.

Mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul into the morontia harbors of eternal survival. Only by selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness can the will of man reject the guidance of such a loving pilot and eventually wreck the mortal career upon the evil shoals of rejected mercy and upon the rocks of embraced sin. With your consent, this faithful pilot will safely carry you across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the very source of the divine mind and on beyond, even to the Paradise Father of Adjusters. Page 1217

Amazon.com on the Web sells the paperback Urantia Books for $15.95 in case you missed The Urantia Foundations's annual sale.

* * * * *

F. Y. I

The newsletter at the end of November was:

$212.79 - IN THE RED

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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:

Allene Vick

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