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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

October 1997 (Vol. 5, No.10)




Much of this issue is devoted to sharing more of the transcripts from the "LOVE IN ACTION" conference. Our thanks go to Len McKee, Sonny

Schneider, Rick Giles and Gerry Baker, and all who worked to make these transcripts available along with those who wrote to share their experiences at the conference. It has been a real gift to those of us who were unable to attend.


Love is a word we hear over and over and yet I was perplexed that the more I seem to grow in understanding the less I am able to grasp what love really is. As Alfana told us - "love is not an emotion." And yet as a human, feeling less and less of the emotion and a increasing sense of detachment, I kept wondering what IS love? With the growing lack of emotional feelings generally associated with love, was I becoming less loving? It was really puzzling to me. In meditation I was told to simply let it ripple out from me; that it was not necessary to understand it nor could I understand it (at this stage). At that point I felt a profound sense of peace and acceptance. Since then I haven't felt any impulse to pursue the question further or wonder about it. This week my friend, Ellen Greenwood, shared with me a definition of love from Avatar that I really like and share with you - "Love is the willingness to create the space to allow change to occur." To do this we have to put aside our own beliefs and agendas to truly listen to others with an openness that allows each of us the opportunity to grow and the spirit within each of us to express itself. How different our communications would be using this definition of love as a model! Of course, we are not going to all agree and it is not necessary nor good that we should, but the willingness to allow change would greatly improve our present communications and interactions with each other. This definition provides me a greater understanding of what LOVE IN ACTION is. I hope you will share your thoughts and any words of your teachers on this subject.


May the Father help us to allow His love to flow through us to all those we encounter on our path.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


May 23, 1997


Thanks for everything you do. Is there a group in Memphis with a group teacher? Can you provide me with any information about it? I've been receiving the newsletter for about a year and wish to continue.


Jim Evans

Memphis, TN


[Does anyone have any information about a group in Memphis for Jim? If so, do let us hear from you -Ed]


                                    * * *


July 25, 1997


Enclosed find a contribution to your newsletter. I can't tell you how much it means to me to get it each month. I really appreciate all your work and effort. I am looking forward to seeing you in Boulder next month.


Diana Petrifurd

Kansas City, MO


                                    * * *


October 3, 1997


Just a quick note - no time for leisurely chats yet . . .maybe in 1998! Here is a contribution for the Newsletter. Keep up the good work! And "Thank You" for including Catie's story about Mom.


One point . . . since you did ask for feedback/constructive criticism . . . I would suggest that you PROOFREAD one more time, and very carefully, before you print the newsletter. I don't mean to be too critical - errors always can slip by, but I would say you have a rather high rate of typos at times, or sections accidentally left out (This I can only tell from my own stuff.) Probably this is something I notice so much because of my "English Teacher" background. I've sent a section of this newsletter of Catie's story, so you can see what I mean. I've noticed words left out and typos in previous newsletters and am figuring that you're so tired by the time you've got the newsletter assembled, that your eyes are getting blurry, and things slip by you. Perhaps it wouldn't be such an issue for me, but I do believe that your Newsletter is a main focal point for the "public understanding" of the transcripts, and therefore, of course I wish for "correct copy," since we are "putting our best foot forward" at that point. So, my dear, I hope I haven't sounded too harsh. God knows I respect the immense number of hours you have put into all these newsletters by now, and how much effort you put into making it highly readable and appealing. So, please trust I am telling you this with love and not judgment. . . . Hey, who knows? Maybe someday I'll actually have some free time in my life, and I can help you proofread!


Susan Kimsey

Half Moon Bay, CA


[Please note that on page 18 the last paragraph, the fourth sentence should read: And my mother responded, . . . "The Almighty One" . . . and then closed her eyes again. To say the least, Catie was astonished not only by her answer, but also because my mother rarely says anything, and "yes" and "no" answers, or "parroting" the final words of our sentences to us is all she normally can do. And on Page 19 in the bottom line of column one should read "loving prayers" - not "living prayers."


Susan, I do thank you for calling this problem to my attention and it is a problem. There are two parts to this problem. One part is obviously my inability to proofread my own material well and your letter will surely spur me on to do better. It is true that the newsletter seems to "come together" in a short period of time and there is always a rush to get it to the printer. I suffer from the same difficulty that is common to many in trying to proof one's own material as the mind reads it as it should be and not the eyes as it is. The second part of the problem is one that arises when there are errors in the transcripts with words, grammar, incomplete sentences or unclear meanings. This I stumble over and I have not resolved what is the best way to deal with this. I attempt to correct the obvious mistakes, but hesitate to "tamper" with the transcripts as I receive them. My mother often points these things out to me as she helps me proofread the newsletters and I have told her that the transcripts do have errors in many of them and we all know this. What is really important is the message. It is tempting to "tamper" with the transcripts, but part of me feels that they should stand as they are as changing a word can change the meaning and would also mean that there are then two versions of the transcripts. Also, it seems to me that the sometimes incomplete sentences found in comments or questions to the teachers show the process as it happens giving it more validity than a pristine, cleaned up version. I would really welcome any comments from those of you who transcribe the messages and participate in the transmitting sessions.


Was it a coincidence that just this week the minister was talking about the scribes that copied the Bible saying how accurate they were as they were under the threat of eternal damnation for any mistakes? Guess I wouldn't qualify for that job!!!


                                    * * *


October 12, 1997


While reading the August/September issue I came across a word on page ten with a question mark behind it. It is from a transmission by ELYON. "Each of you are to be as a . . . ." The word, listed as serpetant should be surfactant. I remember hearing the word during the transmission and wondering how many people would know its meaning. A surfactant reduces the surface tension of a fluid and allows it to spread out instead of forming a bead. Surfactants are used with chemical sprays to spread out the chemical and obtain better coverage and saturation. The idea here is that by becoming surfactants we help spread the celestial waters and make them available to more people.


Chet Olson

Oklahoma City, OK


[I stumbled over this word in the transcript and found no help in the dictionary, thus the question mark. Thank you for taking the time to write and supplying us with the correct  word and its meaning. - Ed]


                                    * * *


October 14, 1997


I get so much out of your newsletters. You're doing a wonderful service to keep us in touch with other TR's and their messages.


I just finished an interesting book on remote viewing. The book, Cosmic Voyage, is written by Courtney Brown, Ph.D. SRV, which is a process called scientific remote viewing, was originally developed in the military as a highly classified and effective spy system. It's interesting that the author refers to the Urantia Book and mentions seeing midwayers and many other spiritual beings as well as Adam and Eve. You may already be aware of the book. I am just curious what others, who have read it, feel about this.


Thank you for your great newsletters. It's good  to hear what's going on what is going on with you too. Thanks for sharing.


Enclosed is $20.00. I hope you're able to keep in the black.



Rose Hyatt

Salem, OR


[I know some of you readers have read this book and hope repond to Rose's inquiry by sharing your thoughts and reactions to this book. -Ed]


                                    * * *


October 16, 1997


Henryz here. I hope you don't mind the e-mail correspondence. I want to respond to the last issue and to give some other perspectives on the Colorado conference.


I have not attended many teaching mission conferences. I would say that it would be very difficult to have a conference which has more love and fellowship than this conference had. It was wonderful to meet tm'ers from all over the country and to share in an exchange of ideas, love hugs, transmissions, group interactions, topical discussions, and to be confronted with things which may have offended some of us. As to this last issue, I feel that when one is confronted with the possibility to discern truth in someone else's terms, we are given to challenge what we think and believe. It certainly helps in defining what one either does or does not believe or accept. There certainly were some issues at the conference which provoked much consternation and discussion and confusion. I think that this is part of a large group getting together and sharing what is going on with their issues.


I think that for the most part the issues were limited to teaching mission topics and transmissions, of which we were given to share in a variety of teachers, personalities and ideas. I found the daily planning open to whatever anyone wanted to present and group around. The open ended scheduling allowed for much creativity and allowed everyone to present and be heard.


The facility and environment were excellent and the food was tolerable. There were serious intentions mixed with fun and lightness. One got the impression that the teaching mission is alive and well in the United States, and you got the sense that almost everyone was making an effort to accommodate everyone else.


Again, I am sorry that you were not able to attend. You were thought of many times and I know that many prayers were sent to you and your family, Allene.


I would personally like to thank Calvin (Len McKee) for the great effort to hand transcribe and to share with us the transmissions. Also Rick Giles for supplying the rest of the transmissions and sharing with us on the e-mail. Both of these brothers have provided all of us with a wonderful memory and archive of the conference. Much warmth still goes out to all of you for making the Colorado Conference '97 a wonderful event. Thanks.


Henry Zerinque

Desert Hot Springs, CA


[Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who so steadfastly labor to make the transcripts from the conferences and your individual groups and sessions available. Many of you who are not involved in transcribing the sessions may not be aware of how much time and effort it takes to do this labor of love. I am not sure that those of you who do this work have any idea how many seeds you are sowing and how far these seeds are broadcast. As one who has been faithfully reading the teacher transcripts for years, I can attest to how these messages slowly integrate themselves into my understanding, actions and daily conversations - and I am only one person! It boggles the mind to think of how valuable is the service all of you are doing in the teaching mission whether you are transmitting, transcribing or participating by sharing your thoughts and questions. - Ed]


                                    * * *


Loren Leger called from Tallahassee, FL after reading the message from Margul in the last issue to let the new UB readers know that information on the Daynals can be found in The Urantia Book on pages 230-232. Thanks Loren. I bet some not so new readers will be looking up these pages. 


                                 * * * * *




                             * MICHAEL *


July 6, 1997

Portland, OR


Lord Michael: I am Michael, your Brother/Father, Master, and friend. So pleasing it is for me to be with you today, my brothers. I would not keep you long, but would merely rest my hand on each of your shoulders, look you in the eye--though you must merely imagine this for now--and tell you, I am well pleased with you, with all you have given to me and the Father in your hearts and in this Mission you have volunteered for.


I am not long in coming to you, as I have stated before--both individually and to your planet as a whole. I will speak in invisible, recognizable form to each of you. It is not a difficult thing for me. I smile, brothers. This is a little joking with you. Of course it is not difficult for me--it is difficult to joke in this remove, if I would make a point of lightness. Though I speak with you as your Master, as a Son of God, divine yet human, as you know. So look for me, be with me, brothers. Be with me in your daily actions, thoughts and lives. Await my coming to you. Know that I will. Know, as I have said often now, the world will know of me. Remember that. And that I am your anchor. So, brothers, I will leave you for now. I would not overtire this vessel, your own brother Michael. So, be with my love, be of good cheer. Do not be overly fraught in waiting; it is but a small wait as you will come to know of time in the days ahead. I am with you now; I am always with you. Good-bye, brothers. God bless you.  I am one with you. Good-bye.


                                    * * *


                           * VERONICA *



November 21, 1994

Volcano, HI - #38 TR-Arlene

[Taken from an Internet posting by Sonny Schneider]


Cherished receivers of divine love,


The gentle and affectionate messages imparted to you are always intended to cultivate the reflective insight of dynamic perception. The design of their significance is to triumphantly freshen the atmosphere of your soul by encouraging you to nourish your mind with the truth of the Father and become sensitive to feeling the love of the Father so that you can devote your will to Him.


The greatest importance of all the direction and guidance you have received is to perfect your ability of effective personal prayer and reverential worship. Understand that your effort toward effortless receptivity stirs His will within you when yours is at rest. It is the act of loving the Father with as much intensity as can be brought into your consciousness that will enable you with great resolution to persevere with a strength of practice in virtue.


Never separate prayer from your practice of stillness, as genuine prayer is an attitude to call upon the light within you to lift your thoughts toward ultimate communion with Him.


Make all your prayers flourish in your mind rather than in well-intentioned utterances, because patterned words can lead to loss of power and dissipate the resilient sense of His presence that you seek.


Think of prayer as interior silence that will irrigate your spirit with the purified waters of intimacy and serenity.


Prayerful contemplation will develop a loving and peaceful attendance with Him that will unleash unused abilities of the spirit that will naturally evolve into reverential worship and venerated adoration.


If you approach your special contemplation with a sense of duty or obligation, it relinquishes its sincerity, so firmly root your intentions in the Father.


Follow the living teachings of perfection of our beloved Creator Son in his exceptional communion with the Father as he sojourned through the trials of mortal existence and absorb the beauty and simplicity of His example, and the growth of your spirit will touch the beatific union of ultimacy you both desire.


                                    * * *


October 19, 1997


Here is the message I promised on you "Endurance." When I heard Olfana say this was to be a lesson on endurance, my first thought was, "Uh-oh! I wonder what's in store for me now. . ." sure enough, these past eight months have been a difficult challenge especially with my mother's death. At the same time, I'm so grateful Olfana gave me this lesson before "the storm" hit my life . . . reading this lesson at moments when I began to feel overwhelmed was always rewarding--much better than aspirin, or thoughts of myself as the "victim of life." So I share it with you for the Newsletter, with the hope that others will find comfort from it the way I did.


 Susan Kimsey

Half Moon Bay, CA


[Susan's mother passed through the passageway of death on September 10,1997 on her way to the Mansion Worlds. Some of you may remember Olfana's  beautiful lesson on "Death as a Passageway." In my conversation with Susan, she expressed her deep appreciation for all of you who sent your prayers and shared your support, thoughts and experiences with her during what was a most difficult time for Susan and her family.]


A lesson on "Endurance" from Olfana

February 24, 1997


Let me provide you with a lesson now on endurance. Endurance, steadfast commitment to a desired goal, is a quality to be developed and prized within your natures, my dear students. One must endeavor to proceed through life with a sense of firm commitment to doing the best with those gifts which one receives from God each day. And this is the key to endurance, my dear ones, that you see this connection between your own daily efforts to do good in this world, coupled with your joyous discovery that God is providing you with daily resources and gifts to accomplish good work in this troubled world. We are not to climb the mountain of life's challenges all in a day's time. There is much ground to be covered in this journey to the heights where God resides. We must develop ourselves, if we are to attempt this journey successfully. We must choose carefully our supplies, seek companions on this journey who will assist us in our own efforts, and whom we will assist willingly, also. We must discover our potentials, and humbly accept our weaknesses, in order to develop a plan of action that will augment our potentials and strengthen our weak points, both of our character and our physical capacity. Endurance in our character gives us a strengthening of our ability to express our capacities and gifts in a measured fashion that will stabilize our efforts over a lengthy duration of time. We express patience in our every action and thought as we develop endurance in our natures. We express fortitude, a confidence of spirit, in our personality as we endure the vicissitudes of life. We express forbearance in our attitude toward all experiences as we learn to endure the upheavals which come our way in the various twists and turns of our life path. We express good humor in our dealings with all others we encounter in our daily efforts, as we develop endurance in our natures. Good humor and joyful appreciation of our brothers and sisters becomes a life-sustaining energy that propels us on our own path and fills us with a power that we draw upon as we endure the sadness and pain of life. How much we appreciate one who can offer us a smile amidst our tears, as we face the painful episodes of life. One can feel in those moments a true energizing of one's spirit. Endurance, my dear ones, can thus be seen as the strengthening of one's character through the development of such attributes as I have noted: patience, fortitude, forbearance, and good humor. There are yet two further qualities that I encourage you to cultivate in your nature, if  you are to express endurance in your being, and these are the soul-attributes of trust and faith. As one develops a trust in the Hand of God touching and shaping one's life, one desires to endure all things in His Name. We develop in our thoughts the desire to face all challenges for God, with God, and through God. This desire allows God's Love to flow through us and strengthens our resolve and conviction. We endure through this Power of God's Love. His Power becomes our power to successfully experience life. Faith in God gives us the perspective from which we can derive our understanding of the events of our lives, this sense that "There is a purpose to this experience for me, and I will strive to discover more of myself in this experience." When we live life in this manner we discover an ability to endure much difficulty in life with a sense of equanimity and calm acceptance of these difficulties. It is not that we no longer suffer, but that we suffer with a sense of purpose and hope that this suffering will lead us to a greater understanding of God's plan for our lives. Again we learn to endure because we desire soul growth as the outcome of our efforts. As you consider this concept of endurance in your natures, my dear ones, ask yourselves these questions:


How can I strengthen my faith by my choices in this particular challenge?


Will I feel a resolve to do good if I approach this task in my current emotional state?

Am I committed to a loyalty to God as I serve my brothers and sisters?


Do I feel a strengthened soul-energy rising in my heart and mind as I make this choice?


Am I calm and stable in the love I express in this moment?


Will I become a citizen of the eternal universe in my efforts this day?


All of God's Power and Love will flow through your being as you strive in this manner to become your best self. You will truly feel this power of endurance in your heart and mind. And it will become this steadfast commitment that you seek as you take each step in your path up the mountain of life to your God. I end this lesson now with great appreciation for my opportunity to work with you, my beloved students. Namaste.


Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group


                                    * * *




[You may notice an overlap of some of these transcripts with those from Calvin's notes in the last issue. Thanks to Rick Giles some of the missing parts are now added. Gerry Baker supplied the transmission from Michael on August 24. Apparently due to recording some words are missing in these transcripts, but thanks to Len McKee, Sonny Schneider, Rick Giles and Gerry Baker we have a more complete record of these transmissions. Rick Giles is interested in knowing if anyone has any other transcripts from the conference. - Ed]


August 20, 1997

Last half of session - Wednesday evening.

Missed teachers: Ham Aaron, Malvantra, Barbara and Tarkas


Elyon: Greetings I say to you. I am Elyon. One you have met and one you know. I come to you tonight with great joy, and I take a moment to honor the divine presence in each of you. What a solemn gift we all have. So true. So real. And I honor you equally. Why? Because this same divine source that resides within you holds you so dear that I must give equal acknowledgement.


And now moving from personal topic to planetary: You know that the celestial floodgates have been opened upon this world. It is abundant. You know that this world is parched by rebellion. And so this refreshing water of celestial revelation beads up as if upon wax, seeking to spread out. We call each of you to be as a surfactant, to break the tension, to allow each bead of celestial refreshment connect with another and spread out and soak into this thirsty world. You need not be an angel nor a Melchizedek to accomplish your task. Simply be a connecting link, and all will flow smoothly and as by plan.


These are my words for you, my friends, and I truly look forward to fellowship with this entire gathering. Thank you.                                      


Bersa: Greetings. This is Bersa. I would like to share a few words with you tonight about your spiritual mind. Each one of you has awakened to the indwelling presence of the divine adjuster. Each of you through faith and trust is learning to follow the guidance of this presence. It is extremely difficult to spiritualize the physical . . . mind. It really must be transformed. Transformed in intention. Transformed through thought. Strengthened by action.


You have the advantage of celestial guidance, each of you personally and in a group. And this is the main purpose of our coming here. To help you transform this world through motivating and changing each one of you individually. It is our intention at some point you will go out and awaken others to the presence within them, to the discerning presence of living truth, of divine beauty, and everlasting goodness. This is truly the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of faith believers, brotherhood of God and men.


The orders have been handed down. This world must be brought to a spiritual awareness. The spiritual foundation must be established here and now for this world to proceed forward, to allow us, your spiritual kin, to come here and help you, to bring the rightful spiritual heritage of sonship in a universe of love to your world.


Our loving lord and master, Michael, is here now and never ceases to bless each of you with his love, spirit of truth, his guidance. Therefore it is up to each one of you to bring forth this love, this evidence of spiritual transformation into your character, into your habits, out into your actions, to become the living truth as you find it within yourself. For it is eventually the brotherhood of living truth which will transform this beautiful world into a spiritual one.


We look forward throughout this weekend for communications and for fellowship with you together as a group. Thank you, and may the love of Father bless all of you.


Inaudible TR


Michael: My children, I love you each. I enjoy your wonderful gift to me as your presence at this gathering. I journeyed among you in the form of flesh two thousand years ago, and I had those loyal friends who journeyed beside me and who witnessed my presence physically. I wish for you, my friends, to accept in reality my presence with you, my friends, in the service of my children and of your brothers and sisters.


I come now in spirit, and this world will perceive me more in spirit than that which was perceived in physical form. My living presence through your lives will change this world profoundly, for our Father has willed this. It is His will that you each are here and have gathered here safely to receive of one another's goodness and sharing and love.


Go to your rest and enjoyment this evening now, and keep this thought with you throughout this gathering of my personal presence here with you in spirit as real, and even more so as was my physical presence. I bid you farewell for now. Farewell.         




August 22, 1997

Melchizedek Session.


Teachers: Malventia, Rantarason, Mantuba, Ordonson(?), Machiventa, Mantubo


Malventia: . . .on schedule now upon Urantia. As you know your participation is (effective). This event is not a . . . Your freewill endeavor to connect with your mission objectives is important beyond measure. We are with you in spirit, as you know, and are willing and ready to guide each and every one as  you openly receive with questions we will supply answers. Our spiritual endeavors at this time are to expand individual awareness as to interconnectedness with one another on an ongoing, consistent basis. Know that with a thought we are capable of connecting with one another, with any celestial, and with Michael and the Divine Mother Spirit.


In this configuration we plan to make all possible, with effort, diligence, and love, an interconnectedness such as a net. The net, in time, encompasses the entire world. This interconnected network will supply each and every one an interconnected energetic circuitry which will enable prayer work of intent, of love in action, of love in it's highest form to reach out and encompass with purpose any particular situation or drama playing out on the planet Urantia at any given time. That can include war, poverty, hunger; any uncomfortable situation can be addressed with your effort.


In time the plan will be an interconnected (through wave?) that will reach out and touch each one's mind in divine circuitry. In so doing, with your help and with the expanding Teaching Mission at large, we will [be] able to solve any problem at any time. We will be able to affect and change in a large way any (phenomena?) happening at any time.


So, at this time we ask you . . . expand your heart to encompass the one another. Enlarge your  ideas to focus on the greater mission. And as you do . . . become stronger in your relationship with yourself, with your Thought Adjuster, you will come in contact with that understanding . . . We stand by . . .


Rantarason: Greetings my friends I am Rantarason. Today it is an honor to speak with you here regarding the mission at hand. As Malventia has expanded to ask you to think of global perspectives, I would desire to initiate some thought toward the supreme experience. First, throughout this mission many large objectives have been discussed, schools, appearances. Many of potentials of being have the opportunity to materialize on Urantia as the years unfold, as the generations pass. Even myself have I been prone to offer possibilities for the future, that certain time when the universal circuits will be fully connected and the isolation will be completely eradicated.


It is important for mortal beings who are attuned to understand these possibilities, for there will be adjustment periods if these possibilities do actualize for the people around the world. Yet, the supreme experience is a collective effort at individualization. It is awareness that each personality has a function in the universe of universes. In your expansion, you have a personal part in actualizing the Supreme Being. Without your input there would be a gap. Therefore, this is not a mission to focus on and live for possibilities, but rather, to live the actualization of potentials, to develop your relationship inside, to evolve between your personality and spirit, to realize that which you are, the uniqueness that you have within you.


Our real desire for you is to enthusiastically experience life, there is spiritual development in every choice you make. And therefore if you would be of great service to this mission on Urantia, you would not ignore yourself and your own personal development. You would take seriously that your objective, that your purpose is to become more like God. And in this distinction that sounds so pompous because often mortals would like to make others more like God in an effort to find that which they truly seek within.


Responsibility lies with yourself. Your relationships with others are critical. But that which you need to develop is your relationship to others, rather than other's relationship to you. Therefore I offer the perspective that you are on a grand mission to evolve yourself into those potentials making actual. Allow your creativeness to flourish, not only in the obvious arts, but in the art of life, in the family. The supreme experience calls for each of you. Challenge yourself to become a part of that realization some time in the future when all personality  . .. transformed even as  . . .


Thank you for allowing this introduction . . .


Mantuba: Greetings friends. This is Mantuba . . .(The rest was too soft to discern the words. From notes: Member of body of twelve Melchizedeks. Helps connect beginning TRs and others with celestials. Also works with personal healing.)


Ordonson(?): (From notes: Works with physical controllers and midwayers with circuitry. First we had visions of grid work. Then standing on grid work. Importance of reaching out to others regardless of religious background. Technology reflects circuits.)


Machiventa: . . . and to spread in Nebadon . . . of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. With this experience I have the unique capacity to head this administration on this world as the representative of our sovereign-master Michael. Michael, the . . . and myself not only coordinate the efforts of this teaching mission. We also work and coordinate with all spiritual agencies on this world, the marvelous angelic order, without whose help much of our efforts would go . . . and of course the loyal corps of midwayer brothers, who are the true heirs of this world.


In all of your efforts you should know that you are doing as much as possible to help in all areas of human social endeavor. We are working to upstep the world's religious beliefs. We are working with all the religious groups. We are working with political leaders and . . . We are working in areas of business, in areas of humanitarian endeavor, and in virtually all social institutions and social interactions on your world. Be not frustrated . . . that these unseen efforts are bearing very little fruit. In terms of universe time and the larger picture, these efforts are gathering momentum and in time will bear much fruit.


We are very proud of the Teaching Mission; those of you who have, through faith and action, stepped forward and positioned yourselves throughout the country and in many groups and . . . in which you serve. We support your efforts and your growth . . .


You have been prepared for this for a very, very long time.  In the times which are upon us now much change is at hand, therefore it is important to stand grounded through your faith and your experience with God the Father with your families and communities, to exhibit stability, righteousness, moral living, and moral decisions which benefit yourselves and those around you. It is ever important in times of conflict and change that there is a spiritual foundation resident within social community in which the fabric of that social community can turn and lead on in spiritual  . . . on this world.


Again, we are thankful for the efforts all of you have pursued in your struggles to get here, to gather this week, to share your love and experience with each other; and to begin to discuss issues and projects in which, as a whole and as individual groups, we will move forward, and to continue modifying . . . continue to love and teach by your life and by personal transformation, and by your example of being.


Learn to trust the great teacher who is truly himself. Who  is truly that part of you who is God. Who is resident in your mind and heart ever trying . . .


I thank all of you from everyone of us. And may the blessings of our Brother and Father Michael . . .embrace and charge all of us.




Mantuba: Again I speak to you. I am Mantuba . . . I speak to each and all of you. For our quest is both planetary and within each heart and mind. Heed well the messages of my brothers and colleagues. For they speak wisely and prophetically of the powerful times of change. . . when you don't understand much of this interconnected energy and . . . develop the powers . . .mind to mind as you worship and pray and embrace the spirit, silent endlessly in the stillness, from each corner of this country, from each enclave eventually of this world. In the mean time, until you co-creatively develop these powers of energy (. . . have developed?) for you the internet, the telephone. As truly this world grows small and each of you grows enlarged in the spirit. My message is brief; for all I ask of you, how are you . . . the spiritual energies to do all of these challenging things? I have given a lesson in which I liken this to filling a tank with gasoline. You must have  fuel to run this race. A racer who does not stop at the pits will likely not finish the race. The professor who does not learn his ever changing field, grow and expand, will not have the energy to teach truly. You must be refueled. You must be replenished. And I think you each know well how this is done . . . stillness.


Go there for the energy when you feel weak and uncertain from what you call negative energies. Though divine, develop this personal relationship. Become replenished in the spirit and go forth And this will give you the power to overcome that greatest and most threatening of . . . to human kind encapsulated, embraced, . . .in the Lord's "Fear Not". Fear not. Go forth in your . . . hours of life and grow in truth, apostleship . . . creator, master, lord, brother . . . creator, Michael.


We love you all, and we look forward to continuing expressions with you in . . .of this conference.




August 24, 1997

Sunday Morning Session:

Teachers: Christ Michael, Indwelling Father


Michael: (TR: Jack) Brothers and Sisters this is Michael. I talk to you in the respects of being together as brothers and sisters. Because, is it not written, "When there are three or more together I will be there also? This is my promise to you, to be as we are.


I am grateful to you in the works that you have brought forth, to gather together and be of like minds to discuss and trade those efforts that each of you have done.


With this in mind, I, your creator, would like to commend you on your efforts regardless of how small or large that effort may be. You, all of you, are my messengers of truth to those folks that seek the Truth that dwells within them. They know that the truth is there. They are searching for you to express that truth that you know.


My friends that are of this force that I have brought forth in creating this method of communication with you mortals, it is because of our wishes to be in a position where we can talk and commune with each other. When you go in to your Stillness and you commune with us, your Creator and your Father, we are very proud that we have mortals such as you to be in the position to know that you can commune with Us that rest  on high.


We are proud to be in association with you. My efforts and knowledge is at your disposal. Whenever you need help all you have to do is ask. And we, your teachers and celestial friends and myself, will be there to help at your request. It is a marvelous thing to be in a position that I am in to stand here beside this individual, using his voice, to welcome all of you and say thanks for your efforts that you have brought forth in the past.


I am your Creator and I will be here when I am needed to bring you the courage and enlargement of your insights of the thoughts and knowledge of truth and understanding.


We, I am speaking of my Father and Myself, are at a loss at sometimes to say what we truly feel to you as mortals because of the effort all of you are trying to bring forth. We understand these efforts, and we are proud of these efforts.


But we ask you to carry on with your determination and love for us and My Father. You, all, are the messengers of Mine that go forth in this dark world to enlighten those souls that walk in the darkness seeking those that bear the truth as you know it.


The text that you read is a text of Light. It is the text of hope and enlightenment. So read and understand the words that are there, because they are the words of Us that wish to enlighten you and clear up the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the words that I spoke many, many years ago.


But it seems as though it was just a foreday that I was amongst you and walking with you in this mortal life that all of you are now in. When the time comes for you to put your bodies to rest and join us in our world in the long ascension careers that each of you will go through will be coming more in the way of thoughts of truth and understanding. The knowledge that you will have

will reach far beyond what you have at the present time. There will be no limits to this tree of knowledge that is  part of the ascension career that each of you will go through.


So, when you join our world to be as you ought to be I am proud to be with you in your efforts. It will be a moment of decision when you decide which way you wish to go:  with us or to be non-existent. This is your choice. But I am certain from looking at your faces that each of you are desperate in your efforts to be with us. This is a great feeling, to know that you mortals are trying to be with us and project My truths to those others who walk in the darkness.


I know also, that your paths have been long and rough. You have endured many things, but regardless of this, your faith has carried you through. And with this faith that each of you have, we will be there, willing and able to help each of you to progress to the next step in the efforts that you are undertaking


At the present moment, I, your Creator, have the sadness of bidding you adieu until we meet again in the future. My hopes and prayers and My peace be with you until that time we are together.


So, with the closing of this convention, you will each go forth as you have in the past, and carry My words to those that seek you out. And there will be a few that will. Your numbers and strength are growing, not the way I would hope it would be, but it is slowly but surely increasing. And this is what makes the foundation of this effort that we have brought forth.


Your efforts in this Mission are great, and I know your loads are heavy. But you, each of you, has reached that destination that you wish to reach and be a part of. But there is still a lot of work that must be done, and with all of us placing our efforts in the great movement, we will win over the obstacles that lie in our paths.


So, with you and all the rest that are of this great Mission I will say to you with all sincerity to carry My peace with you wherever you go. Your peace of heart is a feeling I wish for all of you, to be  with the understandings of what we are trying to bring forth. And like I said before, with your efforts, this will be done because you are my messengers to those that seek you out in the darkness that they walk in.


I have longed for moments as this to speak to you and encourage you to carry on as you have. Don't falter in your love and understanding of us, because we are those you can rely on to bring to you the hope and encouragement that each of your seeks.


I know my power is enormous in the respects of the spiritualization of your hearts. Again, I am proud to be with you in your effort. And with this, my brothers and sisters, I will close for now and return you back to the teacher.


 Thought Adjuster-Father: I am the divine and presence of light and love within each and every one of you. Representative of the primal, eternal, and infinite presence of the First Source and Father of all. I am the presence of light within. I am love with this first messenger of light. I am now. Open your hearts. Breathe deep. Feel the presence of this love within and between each and every one of you. Release the weight and feel the heart, and stand in this presence of love and exude the presence as it goes out penetrating all beings, all souls, all conflict, and all obstacles. And as it penetrates and forever roams until it returns home to the Presence of Paradise.


I am your life, your beingness. I am your will and source of strength and courage. Feel within and stand in this presence as a faith son born of the spirit of truth, representative of the divine beauty, and made of the goodness and grace of the divine presence. Go forth now as representatives and stand firm in the presence of love. From this position all will be corrected, all will be given, and all will be made true, beautiful and good. - Father


Rayson (TR- Joannie) August 23, 1997 Colorado TeaM Conference


Rayson: It is a pleasure to be here with you on this day. I am here to make an announcement which is felt to be of some importance to all of you personally, to this mission and to this planet in general. As you know, this planet has been afflicted by a grievous spiritual rebellion. For many ages, a long time by your reckoning, and although this rebellion has been quickly adjudicated by the cosmic time-table, still there is a substantial residuum of damage that remains on this planet and on others as well. This planet has been selected for special rehabilitative efforts, the latest of which is what you call the Teaching Mission. And I am happy to say that much progress has occurred on this planet, although it may not be very evident to you, and this particular rehabilitative effort does appear to be progressing, nonetheless, Urantia is far from settlement in light and love, to say the least.


What is it that must occur for this planet to transition from its present circumstance to settlement in Light and Life? I am sure this is a question you all have asked yourselves and one another many times. Now I am answering that question for you. I believe it is useful to take you through some of the different possibilities. The first possibility is to simply allow free will mortal beings on this planet to evolve at their own pace and eventually, hopefully through a process of trial and error, either reach the point of extermination, or the point in which planetary evacuation would be required, or somehow reach a point in which the planet is united and all free will mortal beings are reaching upwards to the Father and sincerely seeking to do the will of God. This first scenario not only places Urantia under substantial risk with a very real possibility of potential planetary evacuation, but also allows the passage of a considerable amount of time. And, my friends your planet is already far, far behind schedule. Now you may say, "But what does a schedule matter? When after all the universe exists in an eternal fabric of cosmic spiritual reality?" Urantia happens to be in a critical position, for not only did the local universe Creator-Son spend his seventh and final bestowal mission here, meaning that he has no further bestowals other than the one promised at the time of his departure from Urantia, but also there are younger planets than yours, many of them whose ultimate fate is linked with the spiritual outcome of Urantia in ways that I am not presently permitted to explain to you. All eyes in the cosmos are on Urantia now.


Let us move on to the second possibility, the second possibility for the complete rehabilitation of Urantia and establishment of Light and Life on this planet is for what you might call a celestial task-force to permeate this planet and simply take matters into their own hands, moving progress along swiftly. Yes this would save time and might contain a measure of human suffering that would otherwise occur, but it would violate human free will choice, would it not? And also would not allow free will mortal beings on this planet to derive the experience of participating in the spiritual remedy to the problem of Urantia. Furthermore, it would eliminate the possibility of adding to the historical precedence that already exists, allowing the many students of cosmic history to evaluate the manner in which a troubled planet falling under rebellion extricates itself. This is a very important study my friends and the presedent of Urantia will add greatly to the archives that exist on this subject. For a true rebellion is a rare happening, especially on a decimal planet such as Urantia.


The third possibility and the one that has been chosen, is actually a combination of the first two, that is to say, free will mortal beings on Urantia may maintain free will choice but much, very much celestial help is here for you, far more than any equivalent planet, even in our local universe or elsewhere. Do you think that every inhabited planet in the realm has teachers such as myself working so closely with the free will mortal beings as you have experienced? Certainly not. And each of you here and every free will mortal being on this planet is accompanied by teachers such as myself who have been with you for many years, who assist in protecting you to some extent and are waiting eagerly for you to reach out, share the teachings and strengthen those parts of your deep mind that will permit you to ultimately serve as an unconscious human reflectivator and magnifier of the universe circuit messages that are streaming into this planet unhindered now. But because of the retarded spiritual development of free will mortal beings on this planet, it is heard only by few and then only feebly.


Consider that all parts of your body, from the most minute, to the whole body, can be strengthened and developed and enhanced by certain exercises. So too with your deep mind, that part of you which your indwelling Father fragment converses with continuously as long as there is any measure of response, free will choice on your part. Yes, this deep mind can be developed also my friends, it can be developed not only by proper response to your indwelling Adjuster, which in simplest terms can be described as following the golden rule. But also, your deep mind can be developed by learning to transmit and receive your teacher or teachers in a way that is understandable to yourself and to the others that you share this message with. For it is true my friends that no teacher will stay with you over long if you do not share the teachings that come forth in a way that develops fellowship with others.


There are other exercises too,  which strengthen the deeper mind and help you to develop your spiritual powers such as discernment. One is to take the spiritual measure of every free will mortal being you encounter. This T.R. has had much difficulty with this exercise. Perhaps some of you here will have an easier time. But it is a very worthwhile exercise and will strengthen you very much. The reading of your so-called Urantia book starting at the beginning now will be most helpful, as you are involved in this Teaching Mission. You will find meanings in this book that may not have been obvious to you during prior readings. You will find many direct references to the rebellion and to its remedy. Now let us continue with the answer to the original question, namely how do we get, how do you get your birth planet, Urantia, from its present state to a point in which it is settled in Light and Life? I have some questions for you and anyone may answer. The first is this. Do you think it is likely or even possible that Urantia will smoothly transit from its present condition into Light and Life?


Let me ask you a question, my friends, consider this. Lucifer presented a notion to the free will mortal beings of this planet and others which said in essence: You do not have to strive so hard to seek the will of God. You do not have to make the personal sacrifices that are required for you to live your life according to the golden rule. All you need to do is what you feel like doing. You may liberate yourselves from these so-called paradise burdens. And this was such an appealing idea to the mortals of Urantia and some other planets that it became a cherished tradition that was passed from father to son, mother to daughter, generation to generation. And I'm sure all of you are familiar with this tradition, perhaps  not as I have stated it but in such terms as "We have our own way and it is better than yours." Or the general "I'm better than you, my child is better than yours, my company is better than yours." and so on. The general notion that the ends justify the means. Is this not wholly iniquitous? Do the ends justify the means? But this is a cherished tradition on this planet, how can these traditions be broken?


How can you yourself strip the Lucifer fragment, which men on Urantia have embraced for many ages and cherished as a tradition, so that you can more clearly heed the message of your indwelling adjuster?


The man with the cattle prod is a useful exercise for us to explore here in your realm. For it illustrates how the savage nature of man embracing the Lucifer fragment can distort the golden rule. Instead of doing unto his son as he would have done unto him, instead he follows the distorted rule which is this; "If I do unto another in a certain way, then he will produce for me that which I want to have done." In other words, this man feels that torturing his son with the cattle prod will produce the desired result. Nowhere in the golden rule is there admonition to squeeze results from your neighbor is there? But yet this has become the way of Urantia. Every action directed toward a goal, a material goal which directly interferes with the free will of one another. For it is the action of free will mortals that will move a planet towards Light and Life, or maintain it in Light and Life, or maintain it in savagery. You are connected to every living free will mortal being on this planet, each and every one of you. It cannot be otherwise. You may not like it, or you may find great joy in it. And likewise, as your thoughts and actions affect every other person on this planet, so too do your thoughts and actions affect every other person on this planet, so too do your thoughts and actions directly bear upon you. When Light and Life erupts on a planet, it is seen from on high as if a Light went on in every living free will mortal being, one at a time, all connected by the web of spirituality that has grown when all beings on a planet more or less simultaneously sincerely and wholeheartedly embrace the will of the Father. It is indeed an astonishing thing to observe.


Shall you say that the criminal who spends his whole adult life in criminal institutions is a baser individual than the billionaire who indifferently makes decisions that cast misery and suffering upon the lives of millions?


What do you do when your scientist himself is merely an entrepreneur who exploits the ideas of others for which he then takes credit, sometimes cruelly casting others away, sometimes ruining their careers? Is that the scientist that you want to manipulate the genes of your child? It is certainly a useful undertaking for man on Urantia to consider a study of savagery in order to confine it first.


I wonder if anyone here is familiar with the lyrics of one of your songs called Amazing Grace. Who can say these lyrics for us all to hear?


(Group serenade of Amazing Grace -)


I must warn you that as long as the Lucifer fragment is an integral part of all your institutions, the ideas which you propose may yield a vastly different result from that which you desire. Do you see what I am saying?


Everything in the Urantia book is presented to you for a purpose. As I have said, it is mainly the responsibility of mortal beings on this planet to rehabilitate the planet spiritually. If this is not done in a satisfactory fashion and in a timely manner according to the overseers in charge of this mission, then there is only one other alternative and that will be planetary evacuation. If the physical life on the planet of origin does not eventually lead to existence of Light and Life on that planet, then there is precedence for all of the free will mortal beings to be evacuated to the next stage in the progress towards Paradise.


Question: How do we assess a free will individual  other than ourselves without judgment?


Rayson: That is a difficulty. But like all other exercises, you must, as you say, get the hang of it, and keep trying. Even the effort, if you never feel that you perform this exercise to your satisfaction, even the effort can be very helpful, and will enhance the development of your personality.


The bestowal mission of Jesus on this planet laid the groundwork for what you call your technological renaissance which occurred in a time approximately one thousand years ago by your regimen. It is unfortunate that the technological renaissance was not accompanied by a full spiritual renaissance. And therefore you are in the unfortunate position of having a planet which has advanced technology being operated by savages and semi-savages. Indeed this is a recipe for disaster. The second part of the renaissance must occur else the planet must be evacuated in order for you to save it from destruction at the hands of these very free will mortal beings. Do you understand what I am saying?


The seventh bestowal mission was necessary in order for Michael to fully assume his role as the Creator Son and ruler of this local universe. But you are right in your feeling that he will also return to this planet as he has promised and at that time hopefully this planet will be much on the path to Light and life or even fully settled in Light and Life. Yes, I encourage you to be hopeful and to be optimistic, but I also ask that you consider the problem of Urantia. The problem will not be solved without your direct participation and that of, in fact, all free will mortal beings on this planet. You must understand what a problem is in order to devise a solution and then putting it into action. To be hopeful does not mean that you cannot acknowledge difficulty.


(Could not hear question)


Rayson: The Lucifer fragment is a figure of speech which I use to refer to that portion of Lucifer's teachings that have been incorporated into daily human life and action for thousands and thousands of years through human choice. It is not a fragment like the Father fragment, it is not a bestowal from Lucifer or it is not a celestial implantation. It is a freewill choice. Part of the way in which mortal beings have chosen to live on this planet. And it permeates all actions of individuals and groups of individuals. And it is a continuous thread through the history of free will mortal beings on this planet since the time of rebellion. Can you not see it?


(Could not hear question)


Rayson: The planet will retain the plant and animal life and be restored to a state of full functioning compared to the present and eventually, possibly the Life Carriers might again go to work and generate another free will mortal being from the life that remains here. It is only the free will mortal beings that will be evacuated, for they are the problem. Are dogs, cats, birds, rats, fish running this planet? Are they making free will mortal decisions in favor of iniquity? Are they holding up Light and Life?


(Could not hear the questions)


Rayson: The value is that a planet is a precious thing, it is not created to be thrown away after determined destruction.


                                    * * *


Yogananda (TR - Eugenia) 8/22/97 Colorado TM Conference


Yogananda: Good evening. I am your friend and your teacher Yogananda.


I am absolutely delighted to be present with you. You are beautiful souls all treading upon the ascension pathway. It is my pleasure and my honor to be with you this evening. There are a few words that I would like to speak with you first of all, and in preparation for your questions, I ask that you hold them until I have completed with the instructions that I have desire to give to you.


As you are aware in my mortal life I was a teacher from the east. It was my destiny to come to this country to teach what I knew and had learned from the evolution of the centuries of teachers and those who went before me. In this tradition I learned and understood many techniques, which when the West looked upon it, it seemed strange, weird almost and certainly beyond the realms of the imagination of the western mind. For the East has always been inwardly directed, looking for the spirit and the guidance within. In the East many had neglected the outward world when the inward world was so fascinating, so delightful and such an exciting place to be. However, the West has looked for God everywhere except within. It seemed to me in my pathway, there was a meeting of the minds which needed to occur and thus I was lead to your great country to deliver the lessons which needed to be taught to assist the western mind on focusing and redirecting this thought to find God within himself.


Thus I came, and thus I began my mission here. The ultimate objective of my mission is to love and to assist others to love more effectively, as God Himself desires for us. It is my only objective to assist in the generation of love from within, through the individual, and outward toward the world. Then ultimately to teach the cosmic understanding that we are all one, we are all following leadings and directed towards the loving Father who has created us.


The techniques which I have used in my teaching patterns have been effective for many individuals to find the God within him and although I know that they work and that they have been the vehicle through which many have found a joyous experience and loving relationship with God, I also know that it is not the only way nor necessarily the most effective way for individuals to find God within them. This Teaching Mission which you are associated with, uses the terminology called, the stillness, and it has avoided providing a doctrine or a specific mechanism by which individuals can find God. It has asked each individual to seek the stillness in the most effective way, the most comfortable way that each individual can find. I would like to encourage you, I would like to very much encourage you to find a comfortable, compatible system of seeking the stillness such that you can find the joy and the healing that is present within yourself with the companionship of God. I do not charge you with following my teachings. My system works for many individuals, but not necessarily is it the only way. I would like to make that very clear. Do you believe that God resides within you? If you do then that is all that is necessary to find him. I charge you with time, time spent with the loving Father. It may not be every moment of the day to begin with but ultimately you will find that seeing the stillness for a few moments every day will bring you to that point where you know you are walking with God in every living, breathing breath that you take. With this thought I would like to open the discussion to your questions.


(Couldn't hear the question)


Yogananda: The incarnation is a very effective tool to teach people that they are growing, loving individuals, who are seeking the perfection of the I am. The concept of reincarnation has been a very comforting tool to assist those who have questions of the great beyond. I have come from the tradition that believed in the concept of past lives, taught reincarnation. I am currently involved in celestial planning for uplifting, upgrading and evolving the terminology that is often misrepresented in the teaching on this planet today. It is at the present time not for publication, so to speak, that is my involvement. However, there will be a time and a place in which Michael and the celestials who are working in this arena will divulge information which will assist those who hold to this belief system. It will not take away from them, but rather enlighten and uplift them in their progression towards the eternal life spoken of in the Christian realm. I hope this answers efficiently, settles your mind as to where I stand currently.


Questions: In the Eastern world and in the Yoga meditation, there seem to be a lot of people who can bring themselves into the stillness position where they can be taught. Are you and the other teachers able to go into those minds that are in the stillness and do a lot of changing for those concepts?


Yogananda: It may not be done in the manner which you have in mind, but yes teachers are available, willing. And for those individual in this arena asking, they will be given answers which will help them on an individual basis. Correct their understanding. Does this answer?


Question: Yes, I think the key element there is that much of the meditation going on in the world is not in an asking mode, but feel a presence, it's a little different from seeking information.


Yogananda: You are correct. However I will add to what you have just stated the following idea. Words are not the only mechanisms by which understanding comes to the seeking mind. The presence of God, the connection with God, the experience of sharing beingness with God, is in and of itself all that is necessary to heal this world. Words are only a part of that experience.


Question: I understand that you are allowed to return to a planet. What procedure is necessary for you to return?


Yogananda: This is a very common question, particularly in the Urantia community because of what the Urantia book says about the ability of deceased mortals to return to the planet of their origin. Suffice it to say that because in my lifetime, I devoted myself from a very early age to the spiritual realm, to learning, to growing and the devotion to spiritual understandings, I gained a level of understanding which I never like to use word privileged, however I achieved that level in which I am privileged to return. I am not by any means the only individual who has left this planet who is able to do this, I am just one of many over the centuries who are the exception to this rule in the Urantia book. I anticipate that with the spiritual enlightenment and uplifting that is currently taking place on this planet, that many many more individuals will be able to do so. I am a teacher, and my mission on Earth has continued on at the request of Michael himself. I wish to emphasize once more that I am in no means the only individual of this century who has had this privilege. There are many more individuals who may achieve this in their lifetime.


Yogananda: I sense a very warm and loving environment and this pleases me very much. I do appreciate your attention to what I have to teach.


Question: I 'm wondering about your life on this earth, I understand you never married or had the privilege of being a father, or sex or any of the other things that are that are considered to be of this planet. Do you have any feelings of having been left out or of not being fulfilled along those lines? Do you have any misgivings about the way you lived in order to do the things you did?


Yogananda: No, I am completely at peace with the choices that I made and the light that I know. I have no regrets. I believe that I practiced as a Father and a husband. Perhaps not in the sense in which you are referring to, but I do believe that I was able to experience the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man in a very satisfying and nurturing manner.


Question: Some believe that the physical structure reflects the inner spiritual structure to a large degree, and we have learned that the spiritual lies within physical patterns. Can you comment on that belief in the relationship between spiritual and physical structures?


Yogananda: I would say this about your question. The soul is created through the mediation of mind, body and spirit. It is an integrating process, perfection of this experience is a relative matter. Individuals on this planet have much to endure that makes it extremely difficult to integrate mind, body and spirit in the most effective and beautiful manner that's possible. There are many interfering factors, the Lucifer rebellion, the Adamic default. All of these factors have brought elements into the existing human consciousness which have taken away from this purity of beingness which mankind was given by his creator. You are in an age in which enlightenment is coming very, very rapidly. The awareness level of the mind, body and spirit connections are rapidly being discovered. They are being explained as is often the case in early discovery in many different forms and many different ways. And yet, they are all saying the same thing. The mind is affected by the body. The body is affected by the mind. Spirit affects mind, spirit affects body. It is an integrating experience and it is for each individual to find the most effective way of balancing and integrating his own mind, his own body, and his own spiritual quest. It is a matter that is between the individual and his creator to find his balance, his integration which brings harmony in the existence as a material being. I hope this helps.


(Can not hear question)


Yogananda: I will make the comment that I welcome the opportunity to expand my own commission in Michael's creation. To those who are present and beyond, it is my delight to be here.


Question: In your present condition in the Morontial world, are you still working on the integration of the different areas of your being in order to keep a good balance?


Yogananda: Yes, of course. It can almost go without saying. For although I have a achieved a balance which brings me peace, I am still a professor, in the sense I am meant to teach.


Question: Would you like to make a comment on the integration of evolutionary religions of the East and the evolutionary religions of the West? Is there as much a difference as it seems to us?


Yogananda: I can answer your question quickly by saying yes or no, but there is much in which the belief systems blend, merge and are the same. And yet the approach to God is of very opposite light. As I previously stated, the West tends to see God outside of himself. The East tends to see God within. The East tends, that is those who are God seekers, to isolate and experience God as an individual, without greater connectivity to other human beings. The West however, in their seeking God outside of themselves connects on many different levels with other individuals but fails to find the God within that connects to all other human beings. It is difficult at some times to bring these two cultures together because the cultural experiences are so vastly different. Sometimes simply the language itself prevents full understanding, but I am hoping that the qualities, the good qualities, the beautiful qualities of each system will ultimately blend into a greater system. Is this sufficient?


Question: Yes. Can you comment on the contrast between this present generation and the generation that is to come, that is to inhabit this world?


Yogananda: Oh, yes, I can comment. I can say that I am optimistic, hopeful, that the generations to come will learn the lessons far more effectively and much more quickly than the previous generations. It is the nature of evolution to be thus. For as the impact of previous learning and previous understandings become more fully integrated into all peoples, everything follows more quickly. The next generation learns and understands with greater ease than the previous generations the new understandings that come through evolution


(Could not understand question)


Yogananda: The experience of monitors is not known to me. I am as much in the dark as you are as to how the monitors are trained and dispensed within the universe. The Urantia book addresses this in a limited manner. There is far more, I have been told and believe to be true, about this particular aspect of implantation. It is not within my realm to really address this. But the generations to come will receive the best and the finest. For I know our Father will be just and loving and desires the very best for us. I speak correctively.


(Can not hear question)


Yogananda: (Some lost from turning tape.) I believe that good comes from any experience that any individual or nation has. Even though at any moment it may appear to be a disaster. For growth comes in this environment. This planet is undergoing tremendous change. Tremendous disintegration, as well as tremendous reintegration. The good, the love, that you all seek, the peace on this planet that will come to this planet when Light and Life is fully understood by a critical number of individual will bring an era of unbelievable light with the whole universe. This trouble area of the universe, all eyes are upon it. And the mobilization going on within the universe to assist the individuals who must do the work, is beyond my ability to describe to you. Have faith, see the good in all that you may feel to be disaster. That is what the Correcting Time is all about. It is an opportunity for God's presence to be more fully experienced among individuals and nations and planets and universes.


(Could not understand question)


Yogananda: I believe that you have touched upon a subject that is in a very infant stage of evolving within the Eastern thought. It is a gift that Western thought can bring to the East. You see there are many individuals who have experienced fully the love of God within the West. They have the tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water. I would like for those who have experienced Western traditions to glorify and uplift that which is true within the Western thought and keep it and hold it and teach it and present it to the eager seeking mind of the East, who finds it dissatisfying to know God within and not be able to experience God without himself. This concept of Creator Son is one aspect of exchange which the West has to give.


Comment: The younger generations will learn much more rapidly than the generation before. I know you cannot predict anything but I was wondering if you think this concept of Michael and this concept of the universe as it says in the Urantia book, was intended to eventually permeate the enter planet.


Yogananda: The Urantia book is an incredible and important resource in evolution of critical thought and spiritual enlightenment on this planet. And you well know it is a source but not necessarily the source of all truth. The Urantia book will appeal to certain individuals and not others, and God has many many other mechanisms so to speak, to reach his hungry children. Critical mass is the concept that we are touching upon when we speak of the following generation learning more quickly that the previous generation. It is easy for you to see this in terms of science or the growth of the economy and many other elements of human life. But spiritually, critical mass is yet to come when we are speaking of Light and Life and peace among men, such that this planet will take its rightful place in the Universe. I hope I have not digressed too far from your question.


Question: This critical mass of spiritual light, is that when the majority of beings on this planet are aware of the path?


Yogananda: Yes, simply put, and eloquent. I encourage you to use that thought in your own teachings. Light and Life is the objective, but is it not also within the clear view of each individual to experience Light and Life in the now? When enough individuals see, feel, and experience that they too are living in Light and Life in the here and now, Light and Life will come to this planet.


Comment: Than you.


Yogananda: Is there a sense of exhaustion? I believe that we can continue on another time if that would be acceptable, since the receiver transmitter is getting a little bit tired. I will return many times when her physical state, and your physical states can come together.


Question: Do you have other T.R.' s that you could use?


Yogananda: I am willing to work with anyone who asks for me. Anyone with a sincere heart and desires to serve God. Yes, there are others with whom I have developed a relationship.


Thank You.


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                        TM FAMILY NEWS


Congratulations to Jim Cleveland on his new job as the Director of Public Relations at Central (Ohio) State University. While the group in Cincinnati will surely miss you, we wish you much success and a richly rewarding experience at your new job. Once you and Suzanne get settled, we look forward to learning of a new TM group in Dayton.


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                   UPCOMING ACTIVITIES



                          July 15, 19, 1998

                             Nashville, TN


Mark your calendars. Things are proceeding to make this an event you won't want to miss. Look for more information as the details fall into place.


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I came across this prayer by Steve Tiller on the TML list on the net and thought it was so beautiful that I asked him for permission to share it in the newsletter.


Father Within:


Help me maintain the balance to be fair even in victory over those who would hurt me. Let me be a demonstration of your forgiveness and acceptance. Protect me from the bitterness and revenge that could be possible - and will be expected by those who would use me for their own ends. Let me not pay unkindness with unkindness. Let me demonstrate the victory of your love over the self centeredness of personal ambitions.


Your gentleness of heart I try to demonstrate. Give me the wisdom of your mind to know how best to show my brothers and sisters the light of your working in my experiences. Let my thoughts give way to your thoughts as you guide me walking the paths we have chosen together.


My soul is the only begotten son of the Father within and my own experience. Unique in ways that others may not ever fully understand, and yet with wondrous shared experiences that lead us all to unity of spirit and understanding. I love being alive with You my Father. And I suspect that you love being alive within the material realms through me. You give me the experience of spirit. Life beyond myself - infinite, unending, spirit. I give you a window on the world of senses. You smell, taste, and feel this bursting life all the way to Paradise.


I love you Father within. You are my heart, my mind, the essence of my life. I am your fingers as you reach beyond the infinite to touch the minds of man as they exist in your creation. I am the sustained. You are the sustainer.


You are all and I am less than nothing, yet you love me as a father loves a lost child. For this love unasked - I give back to you the only thing I have. You have my experience. This sharing makes us both more than we could be alone. Let me be a conduit of Your love to the world. You are the center of all goodness.


May goodness and mercy flow from me all the days of my life. My life is my prayer to you. Let that Prayer be pleasing to your spiritual sight as you look out of my eyes onto this world and work of yours.


                                                            Steve Tiller


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                     THE URANTIA BOOK


                THE ADOLESCENT YEARS


[His Twentieth Year]


Jesus is rapidly becoming a man, not just a young man but an adult. He has learned well to bear responsibility. He knows how to carry on in the face of disappointment. He bears up bravely when his plans are thwarted and his purposes temporarily defeated. He has learned how to be fair and just even in the face of injustice. He is learning how to adjust his ideals of spiritual living to the practical demands of earthly existence. He is learning how to plan for the achievement of a higher and distant goal of idealism while he toils earnestly for the attainment of a nearer and immediate goal of necessity. He is steadily acquiring the art of adjusting his aspirations to the commonplace demands of the human occasion. He has very nearly mastered the technique of utilizing the energy of the spiritual drive to turn the mechanism of material achievement. He is slowly learning how to live the heavenly life while he continues on with the earthly existence. More and more he depends upon the ultimate guidance of his heavenly Father while he assumes the fatherly role of guiding and directing the children of his earth family. He is becoming experienced in the skillful wresting of victory from the jaws of defeat; he is learning how to transform the difficulties of time into the triumphs of eternity.

                                                             Page 1405


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                                   F. Y. I


The newsletter at the end of September was:


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