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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

August 1997 (Vol. 5, No.8)




My apologies to all of you who look forward to the newsletter each month. The last few months have been a very frustrating time for me and I have been trying to understand the lessons for me in it all. I have been constantly aware that it was time to work on the next newsletter, but as the days passed it just was not happening. I am never quite sure how the newsletter seems to come together. To simply type up pages of material for the sake of doing it when it is not flowing is not something I can do. It just doesn't feel right. I am looking forward to picking up where I left off and getting back on track.


I want to thank all of you who sent information for the TM Handbook. I'm still not sure what happened, but that project has been tabled for now. After solving the problem of configuring the format for it on my computer, I was excited about getting started only to discover that the folder with all the information I had been working on simply disappeared and is still missing after many futile attempts to locate it. After moving from a point of frustration to one of acceptance, I began to consider that maybe it was an answer to my prayers for more time in my life. Maybe it wasn't a problem, but a blessing. Maybe for reasons unknown to me, it was not meant to be at this time. I don't know, but I do believe from past experiences that when something like this happens there is a reason that usually reveals itself at some later date. It is at any rate a lesson in "turning it over;" moving beyond my disappointment in not being able to complete this project that I have been wanting to do for several years; and concentrating on what is in front of me.


This has been an active year for the Teaching Mission with an international and several regional conferences and it is only September. We hope now that the summer is over and you settle into your normal routines you will take time to share some of your thoughts about and experiences at the conferences. Those of us who were unable to attend are looking forward to hearing more from you who attended. So, do let us hear from you. What were the highlights for you? What did you learn? What are your thoughts and feelings about the Teaching Mission? And any other comments you care to share. I think the time has come to move to another level of sharing and I hope the information in this newsletter will encourage you to participate in this process.


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who sent me the card from the conference!!! It was a delightful surprise that I treasure. I missed you all!!!


As we enjoy the light shining on the brilliant colors and hues of the fall trees, may we also take delight in the majesty of the magnificent diversity of each one of us as a leaf on God's great tree of life knowing that each leaf is an integral part of breathtaking beauty of His kingdom.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *




                             * MICHAEL *


July 1997

Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL


The soul that stays near to Me is constantly nourished by My Spirit. The soul that seeks My Presence is fed and sheltered in a way the world cannot recognize. The soul that seeks Me, feels the peace that My Spirit pours upon it in a never ending stream. The soul that draws near to My Presence hears the sounds of heaven, even if faintly, with a promise of increased clarity as we draw closer.


So let your soul seek the food and shelter of My Presence and be sustained by the Spirit that I have promised all believers.


Be not concerned that you cannot yet do this perfectly. As you approach I draw you closer and closer to Myself and all the harmonies of heaven are promised you, and you will be enfolded in the Presence of your Divine Family.


So live your life on our World that others may know of Our Love for all. May you be enveloped in peace and joy for your part in reclaiming the world for Our Father. Your Friend and King.


                                    * * *


July 27, 1997

Coeur D'Alene, ID


Michael (Mark TR): My children, I am indeed among you today as I am frequently among you, except that this day I would bring to you my personal assurances that I am most pleased with you. I witness you speak to each other regarding how you may best be of service to my other children, and it most pleases me. You are aware that whatever you do for your brothers and sisters, you do for me. You are also aware that when you act in this way, I do through you for them. In your discussion of how you should manifest your desires to be of service, I witness your sincere intents and I am honored by this intent and the sincerity therein. Your desire to more completely fulfill your intentions will ever lead you onward to more complete relation to those around you of our Father and His love for all of us. Never stumble in your awareness that the directions you choose shall be correct and proper as when you feel motivated to act on a certain desire, trust that is indeed your most beneficial course of action at the time.


I desire to more closely interact with you in these scheduled and unscheduled outings; we have great work to do ahead of us, you and I. I desire to take your hand and walk with you, I sharing the benefit of my experience, and you in return sharing yours. I am respectful that your course of action is of your own choosing; it is of little regard to me your exact steps, as I am convinced each sep is in the proper direction. I am ever desiring to be of assistance as you take these steps, as we take these steps together. I also desire that we develop an enhanced relation between us which grows into fond friendship, as I indeed perceive you in this way and desire to interact with you in this fashion.


I am not far off, unattainable. I desire to be with your every action in faith. I send many in my stead to assist you. You may avail yourselves freely of their efforts, as you may of mine. Feel the love I have for you all; its depth you are incapable of perceiving at this time, but you will grow to understand and even share in this depth of love. Right now simply attempt to perceive this wave of love energy that I freely bestow on each of you as those in whom I am most pleased. Ask for me and I shall be with you, now or any time in the future. I leave you now but in reality I am never far from you. Be of good cheer, my beloved ones.


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, friends, Elyon speaking. Jonathan has received a visual of my lesson, and I would like to unfold this before he orders the arrangement. I would speak using the imagery of a spiritual swimming pool, for it has many implications that I would like to share. At times I would say "some of you are", but it can be replaced with "sometimes you each", for both perspectives will provide insight.


This spiritual swimming pool is like the family of God with various dimensions and a variety of activities. Some of you approach the pool timidly, a toe or two at a time, as you carefully transition through the temperature change. Some of you enjoy the shock of a rapid plunge for it proves invigorating. Some of you prefer the diving board, go through great gyrations, and make a big splash, while others prefer the solitude of pursuing the pool bottom in the quiet. At times you find yourself resting upon a flotation devise, such as a sound teaching, that supports you in this spiritual water. At times you each are content with your activities and bask on the deck, taking time off. Some of you are socially minded and enjoy the games, not so concerned with understanding, but play such as "Marco Polo" where even your eyes are closed and you can't see, but you call in faith. Some of you enjoy the athletic discipline of swimming laps, of study, of spiritual techniques that enhance your growth. Yet all of you are together enjoying recreation and athletics. I will also point out that all around this pool are the lifeguard chairs upon which are sitting your guardians, your Thought Adjuster, and Michael's good spirit, ever watching over your activities, ever prepared to provide counsel and alert you to the better methods of play and work.


This is all I will express in this imagery, and I know you are capable of deriving meaning from the various elements. I thank you.


Evelyn: We were told you were away for awhile. Can you tell us anything about your experiences?


Elyon: My activities took most of my time in the form of, as I referred to as basking on the deck, a brief respite from my activities here. I visited with Ardra. I also received training, for I too am in a sense a pool monitor, and I learned better methods. But, on the whole, it was time off, not time off from my work as an ascending soul, but time away from our mission program. I have received refreshment. I thank you for being interested in my activities, though much of what I undertake is shared to convey to you, morontia realms being quite different.


Mark: I would offer additional refreshment in that you were missed by those of us who so greatly appreciate all of your efforts. We thank you once again for your steadfast devotion to us.


Elyon: Your comments are warmly received. I do express my love to you, each of you, for your dedication. I in no way hold you in poor view when you likewise take your time off to rest and to be merely mortal. We have developed a great friendship, and I will continue such even as our curriculum changes based on your development. Enriching friendship is one of the Supreme aspects of growth.


Michael (Mark): This is your brother; I return again because I wish to answer the question present in some of your hearts. I would withhold nothing from you.


You ask, "Who are you to me?" Who are you in relationship to me? I would answer in an attempt to remove all doubts in your minds.


You are familiar in your teachings of my teaching of the parable of the talents. You are aware that different individuals of my children are given different talents. Many of my children earn talents in different rations. You assembled here today are among my children who have been given and who have earned through your efforts a greater share of talents to hold in your possession. I will unfailingly work with all my children regardless of their awareness that I offer. You, however, are aware that I offer to work with you in developing and expanding your many talents.


I ask not of you the same requirements that I asked of my apostles in the flesh. Each age and each time requires a different set of circumstances. I do ask of each of you to grow in awareness of our partnership together and to allow me to work through you actively and passively. You have opened your eyes to many things your brothers and sisters do not yet see. This is why I desire to come among you in greater proportion than I do many of my other children. It is through you and with you that I may now be most effective in the upliftment of my children. There is a time for all things; you here and now have been in preparation and in turn are preparing the soil for the proliferation of many of my teachings. It is your awareness of our partnership that sets you apart from many others. It is this awareness I desire to use with you to gain greater effect to the many. Never doubt that you are a valuable member in the corps I have assembled to be about this business. You simply must accept and believe. I ask that you each strengthen your faith in this regard. Redouble your efforts at increasing your faith so that when I desire to work through you, you can step out on this stronger scaffolding of faith and allow me to thus function. I ask that you have faith, but you must always and also have strength as well, for I will do this in partnership with you, not by means of your submission, but by means of your desire and will.


I know; I can see clearly that you are all up to the task. You have presented yourselves before me for the task. I accept your enlistment, and I desire we join forces and move forward. I would, if I were in the flesh today, place my hands on each of your heads and charge you, empower you with the knowledge and strength to go forth. I will do this in spirit this very day. I will touch each of you with my hands of faith upon your soul and spirit and ask for your cooperation and endow you with the strength to participate with me. Feel my presence in your hearts today as I seek to dwell with each of you individually.



Jonathan: Thank you for your visit.


When I was a child and was told Santa Claus would visit everybody around the world, go down everyone's chimney, I was baffled how that was possible in one night. Later in church I heard through prayers the request that you be with the congregation that day. I began to think, how could you do that and be with every other church at the same hour? Through my study of The Urantia Book I learned that through your Creative Spirit that pervades this universe and your Spirit of Truth which is anchored with her on Salvington, I can see how you could be everywhere, how you could visit even as you have with us, having come down our chimney. All these years I have loved you, and I seek to love you even more as time unfolds. I look forward to the day I can visit with you on Salvington, though I am not so sure I look forward to the day of leaving you, of saying good bye.


Michael: And so the desires of your heart, so shall it be. You and I will commune on many different levels. The mechanics of how and where, the logistics are but one simple aspect of the many aspects incapable of your mortal comprehension at this time . . . . have. . . . reached beyond your ability to understand, and through faith you have believed that it is so. This is far greater an achievement than the knowledge of how this is so. At this point it is far more beneficial to you to develop this faith-grasp of the truth. You do well in this regard as in so many.


I desire today not to leave you. While my audible dialogue with you ceases, I desire that each of you spend time with me today and listen for my internal dialogue with you. I desire to commune with each of you individually in your hearts, to minister to you separately as I did with my apostles in the flesh. This I will do with you on this day.


                                    * * *


September 7, 1997

Coeur d'Alene, ID



Daniel (Jonathan TR): I am with you today to share some perspectives which you may find beneficial in furthering your efforts to ascend ever higher in spirit standing and serviceability.


We have repeatedly asked you to practice stillness. It has been taught both as a means for ministry as well as an end in itself. Worshipful embrace of God is all-satisfying to the soul who seeks His company, and if that were but its only purpose stillness would be the only requirement we ask of you, for no other activity holds the value that this does. However, this is not the end, for the experience itself has a multiplying factor about it which inspires and invigorates and infuses all other experiences of your life, increasing the value of these experiences. Unbroken communion with God is an attainment you can make. I stress unbroken; it is possible for you to experience no lapse in connectivity with the Father. Already there exists His connecting link to you; half the job is done. Now do your work on your connecting link in return. Prayer is a valuable process for establishing and strengthening your link.


I now point you to a helpful manner in which you may pray. Prayer is often of the form of being directed outwardly. By this I mean you speak as to one who is another. The case in prayer is that the other is God. Today I ask you to pray as you would normally carry on an internal dialogue with yourself. In this dialogue, you are fully aware that your other self is fully sympathetic and understanding of your expression, instantly comprehends what you convey. Praying to your Father with this attitude draws Him into an inner experience. The more you practice this method of praying, the sooner you experience your everyday thinking process containing the mindedness of the Father who indwells you. The Father's presence has but one goal, to elevate you to the point of permanent embrace of fusion.


When you behold the events of your life which seem to either challenge your spiritual strength or distract from your sense of well being, realize that your Father's indwelling presence likewise holds this view. But this adjuster does not pass upon the worthwhileness of any particular event as good or bad; simply it discerns its serviceability to grow. I bring this up for I endeavor to ease your minds regarding unbroken communion with the Father, for I know the human mind is capable of devaluating its thoughts as unnecessary ramblings that need not be foisted upon the Father. He truly cares to share your experiences; that is the Supreme reason for His indwelling.


There are two manners of approach to this inward dialogue with the Father. Two simple words describe these approaches. One is the word "ask"; it is your assertive side of the relationship. The other is "acceptance", your receptive side. The Father Himself asks you to become more like Him. The Father Himself accepts a position of becoming more like you. In one respect you might alter the wording of "unbroken communion" and instead say it is an unbroken commingling, your willingness to acknowledge the divine presence under the most extremely mundane situation. By practicing stillness, you will find that this experience of communion with the Father is constant. It does not break off following a period of practice, but will continue. It is similar to your electric circuitry wherein a switch is placed; one line feeds from the Father to you, the other from you to the Father. Your side has the switch, you determine the continuity. Ever present, ever connecting is the Father.


I am happy at this point to receive your questions.


Harold: In our group we are dealing with an individual who has a pretty skeptical approach to the Teaching Mission. Is there something we can do, an approach to use that might get through skepticism?


Daniel: The Melchizedek effort at bringing this world into corrective alignment with the normal spheres of Satania is a real event unfolding in this system. Human involvement is necessary, but human handling of this teaching effort has developed a movement, and movements by nature create a distinction of belonging and not belonging. The very core of the Teaching Mission is to emphasize deeper worshipful contact with the Father, a real and stable sense of participation with our unseen brothers and sisters, and a profound sense of privilege to be part of the ministering force to this world. This is the essence of the mission. We have utilized this technique of communication you behold here for it has been relied on in the past on our world such that you may have a concrete way to approach higher contact. But this is by no means the only method, and every individual has their own technique.


Your friend has skills by which both fatherly and brotherly contact is possible. WE ask only that each individual strive to be not just a son of God aspiring toward Paradise, but a minister for Michael aspiring for light and life on any world you will find yourself upon.


I express to all that you be diligent in refraining from defining any more in complexity what is the Teaching Mission, for the true mission is defined as two extremes: one, your personal encounter with the higher dimensions, and two, the system-wide efforts at upliftment. All else that falls between takes on humanized constructs; it is the outworking of the social nature of humans and the intellectual tendency to form comprehensional frameworks wherein mutual understanding and acceptance maybe he felt.


Is this informative?


Harold: Yes, very much.


Daniel: I offer you ***one more point. Take note that several of Jesus' apostles continued to work in association with each other for years following his departure, but some were lone missionaries who took upon themselves the mission of extending his message without any support from the early Christians. These single teachers were as valuable as those who collectively began the church which holds Christ as king. I say this to emphasize that you need not belong to any movement to be part of our process.


Evelyn: Do we have an understanding of what was meant last week by lighting the flares, based on our discussion earlier today?


Daniel: You did grasp the intent of the communication. I might illustrate further: A flare is the tube wherein combustible material is placed for future use. You have been for quite some time packing this tube in conjunction with your Thought Adjuster and the supernal teachers. The intent of the communicating is for you to become equally diligent in igniting the flare, in a sense unloading the tube for the benefit of others. It is one of the many ways through which we will continually express to you to be about the Father's business.


Another way to look at the intent of our message to you is that you have been assembling a casserole of spiritual truth, beauty, and goodness. through the willful participation on your part with both divine and celestial guidance, you have placed it in the oven where you have prepared the message that you may serve. Lighting the flare is equal to removing the casserole and placing it out for those to partake thereof.


Is this helpful?


Evelyn: Yes, that was very vivid. We have a way of making these things more difficult than they are.


Daniel: This week I ask you to practice letting the Father look through your eyes and perceive the events of your life; practice watching Him watching the world and do this with an effort to become more aware of our joint participation in life. This is the unbroken communion. Do not let the apparent insignificance of your daily life cause you to separate Him from your activities. These activities are of great interest to the Father, for without these seemingly insignificant events, there would be no arena for soul growth and the subsequent joining of parent to child. I am Daniel.


                                 * * * * *


                      "LOVE IN ACTION"



Everyone I've talked to reports having had a wonderful time at the Conference in Boulder meeting new brothers and sisters and reconnecting with our greater family of TMers. Snow Mountain offered something for everyone of all ages from its scenic beauty to its facilities and available activities. For this, Bob Lea deserves a very special thank you. It was Bob, who so enthusiastically responded to the question of Boulder as a possibility for this year's conference. Bob wasted no time in bringing this up with the rest of the group and getting busy checking out locations, making arrangements and handling the registration process. THANK YOU, BOB!!! Our many thanks go to Eric Johnson for coordinating the conference and all those who contributed to the success of this year's conference.



This year's conference was truly international with about a hundred participants including a couple from Peru and a lady from Australia. It is truly exciting to see the connecting links with our family in other parts of the world being established.


Norma Hays spoke to me of the presentation given by Ernesto and Patricia about the activities going on with our brothers and sisters in Peru. It was especially delightful to hear from Norma how much her children enjoyed their daily activities and experiences.


                                    * * *


August 27, 1997


Just another post from one in attendance at the gathering in Colorado, and I sure missed not getting to meet you, but I was told why you were not there. My very best to you and your mother.


Your newsletter so helped me in meeting new friends at the conference as it was my first experience of that kind, not having attended any UB readership gathering before, other than a couple of small study groups in Georgia and Louisiana. So from the perspective of one attending to evaluate the teaching mission up close and personal:


1. What a beautiful group of people!

2. What a mind expanding experience!

3. To walk in the light and love there present!

4. To witness the T/R sessions and receive the    messages!

5. To partake of the educational opportunities in   the workshops.

6. To come away from it knowing that having     been there has added to my spiritual growth.

7. Now looking forward to the advances toward    Light and Life on this planet and my co-      creative efforts  along with yours and others.


And as the Master would say to each of us, "Be of good cheer, for I have overcome all things. The path I ask you to take is straight and the burdens I will help you bear. Go now, and love one another with parental affection even as I do."


In Love and Light,


Steve in NOLA


                                    * * *


August 31, 1997

Tallahassee, FL

Teaching Mission Meeting


TR #1

Will: We have all enjoyed your recollections of the conference and I can report to you that it was a major success among the celestials as well. We are most overjoyed to see the coming together of so many loving and open hearts. It was a wonderful opportunity for each person in attendance to find inspiration and support for those goals you envision for yourselves. Let everything you gained, everything you learned be useful to you. Keep it fresh and alive; don't allow the valuable sparks set within you to fade before acting upon them. You all have tremendous potential, individually and as a group. Move your light from the potential to the actual. This world is in such need of it, and you stand to serve it so well. There is much to be done, many brothers to assist and much love to spread, much light to reflect. I commend you for your perseverance and your willingness to do these things. Start this week. My love will be with you. Shalom


TR #2

Machiventa: Good evening, children. I am very pleased at your progress since the conference. Many of the teachers and I have watched you progress. The lines, the (TR struggles for word, ephata?) connections between your heart and brain chakras and your stomach have come in line. The circuits with the Father have been opened wider for you to grow. It is time to act, but time is not as limited as you may see it. Time functions in a dance with the earth, The Father, and yourselves. Spiritual self-awareness is imperative. I am very pleased with how the circuits are forming between different peoples. Michael is very pleased with this. That is all. Shalom.


                                    * * *




Missed you! Here are transcripts from my notes and Sonny Schneider's tape. There were other breakout sessions that I didn't get to that are not included in this set. There were differing viewpoints during this gathering such as:

1. Emerging Communities

2. Bob's (Lea) talk of the Galactic       Federation

3. Some healing technique workshops


I became an outspoken critic of some things presented. So did most others of our Woods Cross group. The T.M. (we feel) should not promote personal agendas and ideas, but the ideals that are presented in the lessons. My point made was of our experience in 1991 with "Ham" transmission (so we thought) of "directions" to form "Sonarington" corporation with board of directors and even plans for a "temple" (dimensions and everything through "TRing"). A lot of dollars were invested in stock which was "T.R." recommended by some members and many lost a lot of dollars. We learned that the TR messages can say whatever we wanted them to say. Therefore, I am opposed to any TR messaging telling us to do this or that. The Co-Creative communities concept may be a good way for society to live, but for T.M. members I understand we are being trained to be light to the communities we are in. Each of us being an influence where we are scattered at various jobs and locations among all of Father's children. I would hope that the T.M. stay clean of organization, leaders, communal living, investments, etc., and that any efforts in those directions be done so as "citizens" not as T.M. sponsored or promoted. Thanks for letting me share my feelings. Print whatever you would like of all this.


With love,


Bountiful, UT


[Calvin, Thank you for the transcripts, which are printed below. Reading them helps those of us who couldn't attend to get some of the flavor of the conference. Thank you, too, for your comments. The Teaching Mission is still in its infancy and we certainly have all been learning a variety of lessons as we participate. I hope that your comments and the issues that you raise will encourage others to come forward to share their experiences and views of the T/R process and the Teaching Mission.- Ed]


Aug. 20, 1997

Snow Mountain, CO

(Wed. night informal T.R. meeting)


T.R.: Rebecca


Ham: Greetings, I am Ham, and I want to welcome all of you to our discussion lesson time. We together, have experienced a lot over these few short years and will continue to experience growth - change and consequences according to our Father's will. There are several exciting happenings that you will achieve and participate in - in the near future. Your entire world is going through a transformation time that you can cease [sense?-Ed] in order to effect great far reaching and immense change for goodness, truth and beauty. Do not miss the opportunities that are becoming open for you, for life is short, and your day to act is quickly passing.


Therefore, I say to you, we are developing certain programs which are going to be effective in your world. We only ask for you to welcome the adventure; welcome love, welcome joy, welcome excitement, and welcome peace. The time is ripe for you to cease the world and enjoy the effort. That is what I have to say for now. thank you. My deepest gratitude and love is pouring out. I am so deeply moved by your dedication and perseverance. That is all.


T.R.: (?)


Tarkus: I am Tarkus. Each of you have come far, extending across this land. These steps embold faith, and an open influence of spiritual energies.....which energize this mission. These steps of faith are rewarding, and yet as you each look back on your lives over these past months, you see that you have gone through changes. You've not done this for miraculous expectations. The changes that are upon us are sweeping. We are helping you make the planet smaller - more manageable. By overcoming fear - hate and prejudices, change is certain (inaudible.).


You are to prepare yourselves for quickening changes for which you will be well prepared. Where there is chaos, you will bring understanding and comfort. Where there is suffering, you will bring solace and peace. You are overcoming a major barrier (inaudible)....steps of overlapping (inaudible)....the race (inaudible)...overcoming fear and uncertainty. Balance of mind and bearing - entitles you to ride the wave of change.


You are training to be ministers and apostles to those who will be led to you for balance and spiritual understanding (inaudible).....loving service, whatever the need. In doing this you light the spiritual passageway that brings the suffering brothers and sisters to peace one by one. As you learn to struggle and then to enjoy the benefits therefrom, do you begin to see that your struggle is lessened, and you proceed with foreknowledge of the forces of the universe with their loving service and assistance. This service is the light of day to these time space creations.


You will look forward to the comfort of the change that comes, You will see institutions changing...(inaudible). Instead of possibility, you see probability. You will see potential and then balance to the unbalanced faith child. Change can be comforting. Show goodness wherever you are. We are so pleased for your bold searching to feel joy of spirit, and for your dedication to go forth in the spirit of change. You are messengers of a new age. Find your new level of certainty - that energizing power, which we seek to bring forth. Peace to all.


T.R.: Bob Devine


Aaron: Greeting to you all. I am Aaron. It is my honor to be in your presence and to address you. As you hear the announcements of change, and have personally witnessed the change that has been so obvious in your lives, allow us to speak in more conducive manner to your continued growth on these evolving levels.


Many levels of insight have been offered. Foundations have been laid for many people. Now as you gather, we ask ourselves of those things which are more enabling for your expansion in consonance with this Correcting Time, and wish to perceive those inhibitors to this mission. Many questions and options have been weighed. You are in the midst of a spiritual dawn upon Urantia, and in your present perceptive state, we wish that you are aware of a reality on an internal level.


Many things have provided your foundation for development of the Teaching Mission, and therefore it is very important to recognize that if you would enter into the next stages of development (that you have a unity of mind and purpose). These very beginnings of restructures, (may cause you to look at) the history - you may need to move into a secondary role as if at ground zero, as this movement is at the beginning stages of (a much larger) planetary mission. Your individual and collective efforts are necessary towards producing an awareness in the mind of a vast majority of mortals, that spiritual aid is at any person's disposal. Be aware, the new mission begins.


This weekend, and continuing in the weeks and months to come, we are interested in working with you as individuals in small groups and/or large groups, to discuss thoughts and answer questions. That we may become sure as a Team, working for a common goal. Our mission is enlarged from yours, (we can see a broader picture than your present awareness. Therefore,) we need your arms, legs, and mouths. We are interested in working these new (awarenesses) into your consciousness. There is great need for each participant to come to the table and prepare with us. It is our hope that we can make in-roads into developing some of these thoughts this weekend. Thank you for your listening this night. Do not be afraid to speak up! Thank you and farewell.


T.R: (?)


Malvantra: Greetings. I ask, how many of you have arrived at this moment in time without a healthy degree of struggle. Do not expect this struggle to change, for it has strengthened you. Your difficulties which you have overcome, have made you into the beings you are at this moment. Even now after this time we have all spent together, it becomes no easier. In fact, the struggles at times seem more difficult. You have each made your decisions to cooperate and aid in this mission of the healing of your planet. We salute you for making those choices even though many of those choices have brought you far from comfort.


You are all here because you have chosen the Father's will. In the choosing of God's will, inevitably brings challenges, oftentimes frustrating, always valuable lessons, and even occasionally short periods of discomfit. What is before you is a grand and marvelous journey, and continually will you come up against obstacles which will seem insurmountable. Yet, because of the strength and determination you have acquired to this point, you are more than adequate to preserve and thrive.


If you look back only a short distance into your past, you will see a large degree of motion. You each are getting into position to where you may do the most benefit to the greatest of individuals. Some of you already are in place for that which you are to ultimately accomplish. Others of you are in places where you are acquiring valuable experience and knowledge for what is yet at hand. We are most pleased with the progress that has materialized in so very short time. Keep your senses, your souls, your entire being open at every moment for those instances in which you may make the Father's presence felt through your actions. Daily, are they put before you.


All of you here are becoming quite adapt at recognizing these instants, and in a very short time relatively speaking, we will begin to see the fruits of our labor together. We ask you to be conscious of opportunities for service at all times, to offer it freely without regard for results. We, from our perspective, are far more capable of seeing those little opportunities grow and spread than you are. Be assured that each choice for truth, beauty, and goodness - Father's will, are incredible leaps toward what will be accomplished toward light and life.


If you are overly desirous of being able to recognize the results of your individual ministry, then you will become discouraged often. However, if you proceed without a desire to know of the outcome, your actions will be a supreme accomplishment. We are exceedingly proud to be working with each of you. Carry on in the good fight. I am Malvantra Melchizedek.


T.R: Rick Giles


El-Yon: I take a moment to honor the Divine Presence in each of you. What a solemn gift we all have. It is so true, so real. I also honor you - equally. Why? Because the same Divine Source in you holds you so dear that I give equal acknowledgment.


Now lets move to a planetary topic. The celestial floodgates are now open and assistance is in abundance. This world was and is parched by rebellion. This celestial water is as beads of water upon grass. Each parched and thirsty soul is yearning for these celestial beads of water. Each of you are to be as a serpetant [?] - to make this water more absorbable to the thirsting souls. We dedicate to you our unending and loving assistance. Thank you.


T.R.: (?)


Thomas: Welcome my friends. There is much to experience in this conference this week. There is much joy between people of one heart. There is joy of camaraderie and joy of being one purpose with your own inner guidance. We are looking forward to a fruitful weekend. There is much to learn and share. Welcome again and thank you.


Unknown Teacher: I would like to speak on your spiritual mind. Each of you have awakened to your Indwelling Presence. Each of you through faith and trust are learning to follow the guidance of this Presence. Your minds are accustomed to this reality. You have been transformed through thought and strengthened by action. You have the advantage of celestial guidance. Our presence is to motivate you each, to help in the change - to awaken others to the change in them, that they may discern beauty and the Divine Presence - the Kingdom of Heaven and the Brotherhood of Man.


This world is to be brought to a spiritual awareness. The orders are handed down. To bring the right feel of our spiritual heritage of our Lord and loving Master, to the awareness of your world. He ever seeks to bless us with His love and guidance. It is up to each one of us to bring forth evidence of this spiritual transformation into our character, that it may cause a change of habit wherein you may reveal your real self. By so doing, this transformation will bring this world into a spiritual Brotherhood and a realization of our son and daughtership with our Paradise Father. We look forward to the fellowshipping and communications this weekend. Thank you.


Michael: My friends, my children. I am here. I call you friends, as you are my brothers and my co-workers. I call you my children, for I have created you and the space and time in which you dwell. I love you with a father's love - as the Father loves you. My apostles of 2000 years ago, walked and lived with me in physical form, and yet did not fully perceive my presence. I now walk among you in spiritual form, and I wish for you to realize this, to make myself a reality. By so doing, you will realize my spirit. Hold in your minds that I will be personally with you at each moment throughout this conference. Go now to your rest and recreation this night, and remember my love and presence which is always present.


Thursday - August 21, 1997


(Notes from transmission. I was not able to write every word. Mostly paraphrased) [Calvin]


R.R. Joan Levine


Rayson: The Lucifer rebellion has caused much damage to the planet and its inhabitants. The pattern caused by the rebellion is entrenched in every facet of society, government and business. How can this be repaired? Being in the Correcting Time, it is important as Corps of Destiny members we understand the plan of action and our individual parts.


If a building is rotten and each timber is filled with termites, then by what means can it be restored? It must come down and must be restructured from the foundation up.


I speak of calamity and chaos of a non-spiritual basis, on a global scale. Not just economically, or even politically, but in every area of human living. It is not a time of anxiety, but take joy in seeing a higher viewpoint in Father's work at hand, that he hasn't left this world entrenched in the effects of the Lucifer rebellion.


If like at present, a neighbor cannot truly trust his neighbor, then can he feel protection from his neighbor? If an element of threat exists, then is one justified in protecting himself and family from his neighbor. Did the Master take steps and precautions to keep Himself and family from harms way? So much of this world's societal ailments are caused by the fear of one another, and the expenses of defense and warfare.


If the "golden rule" were lived in every heart, and replaced with the present system of fear and self defense - and serving for self gain, then what?


The Reserve Corps has been activated, and cannot be stopped. Michael has decreed it. For a time you may see the world in much chaos. On our side, we see this chaos as a brief moment of repair. Much of what will occur in correction and its timing, will depend on how those individuals involved in this Correcting Time respond to their Thought Adjusters.


What can I do to prepare you ask? Ask this on a spiritual plane, and then you will know your part on a physical plane. The following three steps are paramount for your present development.


  1.       To make a sincere effort on a moment to moment basis day by day to live the golden rule. Not to expect yourself to be perfect, or to lose faith in your imperfect selves at those moments of apparent failures, but to have as your goal first and foremost - the striving of perfection. The emulation of the Master's life lived in the flesh.

 2.        To re-read the Urantia Book again. With your new spiritual eyes, and in light of your learning and experiences thus far, to find the new meanings and insights in the Urantia Book.

 3.        In each person you meet, make an earnest and sincere evaluation of that person's spiritual contact or degree of enlightenment. Understand your role as an effective teacher.


Work hard on these things. Find yourself a stranger each day to start with, and do your part to bring enlightenment and the Father's love to His children.


T.R.: Patrice


Machiventa Melchizedek: Our Father in the highest. We gather in your name and thank you for our opportunity to be in service. We are open to see your wisdom, courage and strength. Blessed are we that know His name. We open our hearts and minds to receive new information. We are grateful. We are attuned to Michael's mission, and we thank you again Father for our opportunity to be of service.


Thank you. As Planetary Prince, I am pleased of this momentous occasion. Know this, that all eyes are upon you.


You will be made ready for this momentous occasion to come as your teachers have made ready these past 10 years, for this moment is at hand. With your Thought Adjuster's guidance, your Teachers and yourselves - we will march forward in this Correcting Time. Know that each of you with your roles of involvement make a huge impact. This week is a learning time, a clearing time for your next mission objectives.


Michael: It fills my heart beyond measure. Thank you for this time. You are all my children. Those that are not here - I love as well equally. As we march forward, there are not mistakes only oneness of purpose. As you sit in stillness each day, speak with me. I walk with you each day, know this!


Nebadonia: (a message on the theme of the conference "LOVE IN ACTION"


(Later in the evening, some of us from the Woods Cross Group were feeling uneasy abut things that were going on at this gathering that we felt were not in harmony with the purpose of the Teaching Mission. Such as the workshops on gathering into "emerging communities," the talk of the kind of "spiritual healings that you charge $$$ for, and the "galactic federation" of "space friends" circulating our planet. Therefore we decided to seek our friend and teacher Abraham's assistance. We were feeling 'deflated' for all the grumbling we had done or the way things were happening, we weren't sure. The following is that meeting with Abraham. Those present were Cambial, Lance, Ellen, Ellenor, Ashley, Duran (baby) and Calvin.)


Abraham: I am Abraham. It is well you have need for direction. I can answer your questions, but first I would give you some general guidelines as to your involvement in this Mission gathering.


It is well that you can find time for spiritual renewal, a rejuvenation of spirit. It is well to recapture that enthusiasm that you held previously. It is difficult when your fellows insist on dwelling in the un-realness of mortal living. It is difficult to find spiritual inspiration from those who perpetuate niceties and mysticism. I would ask that you seek your spiritual renewal from the Father Himself, through Christ the Creator Son. I would suggest that in your going within, that you act on your inner spiritual inspiration. Spread the good news. Lean towards the realness of mortal living. Let this gathering be an integration of individual and group, human and divine mentality.


Your superiors seek to give you more responsibility concerning the Kingdom. They await your acceptance. I can assure you that this gathering will prove to bring more commitment from individuals. These individuals will then labor to spread their good acts to the world. I would tell you my children, that your participation is vital in the success of our plan. Let the spirit move you to act on love only. The brotherhood is our ship, and you are co-captain. Be at peace in your ability to do father's bidding. Worry not. I would admonish you to keep in check your anxiety level so as not to cause any stumbling. A few questions?


Calvin: Thank you Abraham for meeting with us. It would be great if we had these kinds of 'teacher/student' communications more often. It seems like we could catch things faster, but I understand also, that you want us to be Father led, and to steer ourselves in that direction - to know when to act. Sometimes, as in today, it is easy to let anxiety overtake me. Also I don't understand sometimes when not to speak and act, and when to speak up and act to perhaps stop further anxiety. If I have a group of ten people saying, yes, we need to act and structure plans for communal living and inside I am saying, wait a minute, it doesn't fit. I have to stop and weigh the balance. Am I missing the point, or are both sides right or whatever? It has been the issue here today. Rayson's transmission was quite helpful and yet, you consider - WAIT, was it someone's anxiety to produce that transmission of a 'soon possible collapse and chaos'? We in the Reserve, whoever they are, we are, would we be of benefit and help? And, are we to do so peacefully? I can see both issues. It si still pretty hard for me to see which way to move and act. Or which of my moving and acting is just my anxiety?


Abraham: Yes, understood. The answer I can best describe to you would be this. Our core group of individuals who began this Mission, have a firm grasp on our goal. New individuals entering can bring imbalance, and cause some turmoil. They are starting the process you have completed. There can appear to be much anxiety in this imbalance for those long term members, but can you not see in the imbalance and confusion you have sought me out? You will also turn to the Father for understanding. This is all ordinary process, and as time has proven, false things will pass. In your eagerness to do Father's will, you have a tendency to stumble over Him. I would say that in your own turning inward to Father, that here is rest and clarity. Be concerned not with your fellows' growth and direction, for Father will tend to that area of the garden. Your own inner peace will provide spiritual knowledge and power to act upon. This time should be joy filled, yes, but not over something that our Teaching Mission has that the world has not. Joy should not be found in obtaining group favor from the Father, no. Joy should be had by knowing that the elders of your universe are about to entrust you each with a corner of the Kingdom, and you will each find Father in your own time. Does that help?


Calvin: Very much. In group discussions, we have, hopefully, each other's Indwelling Father communication. Sometimes it gets to be quite contrary. Is it our wisdom that you let them go, and let Father direct, and you find your own? Or do you throw in you viewpoint if you feel to, which sometimes puts a 'monkey wrench' into that conversation? When is it best to just keep quiet - pull out, or to speak your viewpoint?


Abraham: If I am understanding, I would say that an honest and clean viewpoint is also welcome. Passion is commendable in viewpoints and yet, I can say that strong emotion would render your viewpoint unfavorable. Am I understanding?


Calvin: Yes. That is a very good point. It's the approach of delivery you are saying. Yes, mildly, directly put, but not overly done to cause a defensive reaction in response.


Abraham. Yes, yes. And truth sound alarms within souls to only be expanded upon. Another question?


Ellen: I would just like to thank you for that tonight. It calmed me down. I was getting a little anxious, as usual. As you were talking, I thought about what happened outside when I was talking with Bill. It felt like what you were just talking about. letting Father direct me. Was than an example?


Abraham: Yes, and that example is accurate. There are times when Father would be persistent in guiding you, but only because you have chosen His will. He has your permission to use a certain amount of persistence to wade through your emotions. This guidance at times can cause some physical signs, and yet, I can say that without your permission, this would not happen. You are in understanding. Another question?


Calvin: Why are we so -- all of us here in this room, don't like to get up and join in the huggy/kissy 'sing happy birthday stuff?' I mean do we need to spiritually grow here.


Ellen: Yea, is there something wrong with us - other than what we already know? (laughter)


Abraham. Not at all. It is as I said, each has an inner alarm for truth. This emotional game playing is not in your understanding of truth, not to say you contain any lessened capacity for love than any other. If love is genuine - you are each in full participation. Not to worry. Any more questions?


Calvin: No, but thank you. None from me anyway. It's sure cool to know we can bridge that gap between the material and spiritual and have you as such a friend, to help bring us to a greater reality - the reality of daily mortal living is the issue right here that you are helping us see. Thanks.


Abraham: Yes, and you are welcome. I would thank you each for seeking my perception. I will be with you each throughout these days. My love is with you. Shalom.


Friday, August 22, 1997


Stillness instruction by Heber C. Kimball (Farmington, UT)


Keynote address by Rebecca Bynum (Nashville, TN) on the world's state of affairs and necessity for correction. The percents of budgets for warfare and defense versus the higher tragedy of starvation and hunger - physically and spiritually. A plan of action targeted for next July in Nashville, TN.


MELCHIZEDEK SESSION [This session submitted by Calvin was paraphrased. It was omitted here in hopes that there will be the transcript from the tapes in time for the next issue.-Ed]


Saturday, August 23, 1997


(Afternoon group meeting)


Abraham gave first address on Love In Action/'Feeding the Master's Flock.' After Abraham's address Ham spoke to us and took any questions, followed by an announcement from a Daynal - Margul.


T.R.: Nina


Abraham: I am Abraham. My greetings to you, my brothers and sisters. It is my privilege to be with you on this memorable occasion. I am quite humbled to witness Father's children in efforts to promote Truth, Beauty and Goodness on this world.


The Master once asked His apostles. "Do you love me?" Upon receiving the apostles answers, Jesus said, "then serve my children - feed my flock." My friends gathered here today, I would once again put this question before you. The Master would ask, "Do you love me? Then feed my flock."


We have spent many long hours in promoting the goal of our Mission. To train you as individuals, and to assist you in bringing the good news to others. I have no doubt of your answer to the Master, and I know you are firmly committed to bringing about the Brotherhood on Urantia. "Love in Action' is nothing more than the BROTHERHOOD. Said, Jesus, "Love not your fellows as you love yourselves. Love your fellows as I have loved you, with a fatherly affection." A father loves his child without want of anything in return. A father would be ever mindful of leading a child to complete truth. A father is committed regardless of the acts of his unknowing children. Therefore I say, love your fellows as the Master loves you. Know this, that the basic goal that mortals attempt to attain is plain and simple, love and acceptance.


Each mortal is on a common ground with the Master, being of human or divine. It is known by us who watch from on high how you strive towards that divine self. Your efforts are understood and commendable. I would say that each time you gather there is an exercise of steering your human self toward the divine. Your efforts are understood and commendable. What better way to learn to steer towards the divine than through the Brotherhood?


Working with one another brings many trials and tests of patience and tolerance. Your dedication to love one another as the Master loves you assist you in understanding the Brotherhood. To love one another with a parental affection is to have understanding of one another to gain more patience and tolerance, to end most of the struggle with the spirit poisons.


We on this teaching staff are at this time teaching self mastery, combined with the Brotherhood. We had hoped that these days spent in fellowship would bring about a unified commitment to the Brotherhood, to serving one another, to feed the flock. It is our instructions to bestow more responsibility to you each concerning peace in unification among the world's people. It is only your answer we await. The Master asks, "Do you love me? Then serve my children, feed my flock." This is LOVE IN ACTION. This is the BROTHERHOOD. This is the forward momentum to paradise.


Always will you need these techniques, world after world. Always will you be tested. This gathering has indeed been a great test of commitment, regardless of opinions or agendas. You know not of the onlookers from on High that root for you. That stand close by assisting you - lovingly saying, 'this way my friend.' It is a grand occasion. This is the realness. This is what you have prayed for. We are pledging our full commitment to you who are here to take our challenge to serve your fellows - feed the flock.


I am touched by your efforts to steer towards your divine self. I would ask that you proceed through the realness of life. I can say that spirituality is becoming more real every day. In the realness of life - your mortal lives, your families, your children, your job, your relationships, your environment - this is realness. This is where you find the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.


I would ask you to be conscious of Michael's presence. Know that He is in complete understanding of our efforts to steer Heavenward. Be at ease my friends. Know there is peace in truth. My love is with you always, and I am ever ready to assist. Shalom


T.R: Rebecca

[Personal questions not included - Ed]


Ham: Greetings children. I am Ham and I also am grateful and thankfully joyous to help any of you in any way that I can do so. I understand that there are several of you with questions, and I will endeavor to answer them now.


Q: (Question asking Ham to address the personal cleansing aspects of the Correcting Time.)


Ham: Certainly, All of you have had to be self revealing, self understanding, self-tolerant and self aware, in order to begin the process of breaking away the dead shells that hold you and have held you. There are many ways to do this work. Many paths, many trials, and many errors for you all to experience. We your teachers can only give you suggestions and sometimes directions to look for the preciousness within. Be of good cheer ________, you have truly been a beacon of light for those who know you. There is no wrong way or right way to self discovery, only individual ways that I have said. Is this helping? (Yes)


Q: (Inaudible, but the question was of the teacher's viewpoint of comment on the workshops presentations and discussions on Emerging Communities'.)


Ham: Once again, we are not in the business of directing decisions that have to be personally decided upon. Everyone has their own tasks to do and no two are alike. Each one of you is destined to take the seed of truth out into the world and plant your own tree. Community is everywhere - everything. Community is all of your relationships, all of your interactions with everyone all the time. We would encourage community expansion, and our love and encouragement to all in all of your endeavors. Is this helping?


(Response inaudible but had to do with the spiritual emphasis to communal living concepts not physical or literal.)


Ham: Correct, yes.


Q: Is there a photon belt, and if so, is it dangerous to our planet?


Ham: I am not a scientist, but my understanding is that lights interaction in space would not permit this existence of such a prevalent phenomena.


Q: Ham, could you comment on the differences of the ways that men and women interpret their experiences (laughter)


Comment: This is a change of direction!


Ham: Both sexes are similar and yet quite different in their interpretations of experience. Women are much more easily into the "now" and for this reason have largely been the spiritual standard bearers of your race. The male is more apt to exist in a planning mode and be concerned with the long term future. Women are not short- sighted but more concerned with immediate results and immediate comfort. Always will there exist some misunderstandings and incomprehension between the sexes, because of these different attitudes towards time. Is this helping?


Q: Concerning the Reserve Corps of Destiny, are each members of this Teaching Mission of the Reserve Corps of Destiny, understanding that there are also people outside the Teaching Mission who are also Reserve Corps members. And 2nd, do we understand Abraham's role in the Reserve Corps, correctly as we have understood in the past?


Ham: Answer to your first question - correct. Answer to your 2nd question - also correct. Abraham is still 'overseer' of the entire Reserve Corps of Destiny . Correct.


Q: (inaudible. A question about the 'Galactic Federations' - a subject of one of the workshops at this conference.)


Ham: To all wo would come, we welcome. We are happy and joyous always to welcome our breathren. None shall be turned away.


Q: (Inaudible. A lady asks if we are still expanding in the teaching groups and what can we do to help this expansion of the Mission.)


Ham: The Teaching Mission has just been through a pruning, and is awaiting fresh water, sunshine, and even fertilizer before it will spring into great growth. Many things are not really for you to be concerned about . These things are in the hands of Seraphim and a host of spiritual beings. You will be heartened and happy to see the spring, but the arid phase is fine or acceptable - correct at this time. Does this help? (Yes thank you.)


Q: (Inaudible. A lady asks something about 'am I on the right path?')


Ham: You must all understand that your entire lives are your tasks. Your every action and thought reverberates in the Supreme Being. You are experiencing joy and love and excited peace which has always led you in the past. Take time to just enjoy it. There is no hurry to accomplish anything except learning to love and live happily. (Thank you.)


Ham: (To the group). Children, you are all so loved and deeply extensively cared for. We look in amazement at your stubborn refusal to let go of fear and worry and anxiety. It is all for nothing. Don't ever doubt your status or standing in God's heart. You each have a special place there, and a special place in his world. Be content. Find that citadel of peace within our own hearts, a place of quiet amid the storm. Hold onto your faith. Seek wisdom. Always walk with the light- the light of truth on the paths of beauty. In this way you will draw nearer and nearer to the source of all Goodness and you will experience His merciful embrace. My peace and love and charitable (heart) goes with you. Farewell


T.R.: Rick


Margul: I have willfully accepted this task to bring this report. I am of the Daynal order. I have completed a survey. As my associates have likewise completed a survey of the sister planets in this Correcting Mission. It has been assessed***, the progress is being made according to plans. However, the decimal worlds are lagging. Not surprising considering the conditions left from the rebellion.


I am directly associated with the Melchizedek Teaching Mission only so far as inaugurating 'Light and Life.' The Avonal Sons here on this world, have assessed the many dimensions of human life activity, and have announced that you are making acceptable economic progress. Pockets on your world are making higher strides in cultural and social values. Your military is becoming an antique. The peaks of progress are very small, but the small surfaced areas are touched by the luminosity of the spirit. Many valleys of deficit exist.


As you have heard, Michael has decreed the acceleration of plans on this planet. Many in my field of vision are quite busy. In making this report, I add caution to relate to you, that you will not see the acceleration, for those committed to this upliftment have pledged to never fall the way of the Lucifer effort - in circumventing the natural process of growth. Our time table can be hastened. You must continue to assimilate according to your digestive abilities. Much time has been devoted to our increased appreciation of sonship in Michael's family.


During this interval, wherein you who have been called to this planetary effort, you are here charged to increase your capacities for citizenship involvement. There are two basic perspectives for you to maintain in all aspects of your life. First and foremost, is your re-personalization of Michael's approach to kingdom living, entailing even communion with God. And two, improve standards in your life whereby your relationship with Him becomes obvious to your fellows.


The other primary focus is for you who have been called into the service of the Master Seraphim, to hone your skills and career that contribute to the outworking of procedures currently underway that will prepare this planet for the next epoch. Far is the distance to traverse. This must encourage you, for without the efforts of the initial surge of ministry on your part, subsequent advancements will not be made. I am speaking to you as conscious citizens of this universe.


One of the factors for volunteering for planetary upliftment is your life becomes complicated. All on this world are free to live the life as Michael has called you to live. But you who choose to participate in planetary growth, have taken on extra-curricular activities. If you are a social worker, continue to improve your abilities. If you are a politician, demand of yourself the standards you hold ideal, and forcefully promote them in your arena of influence. All occupations are needed for upliftment. Love does go a long way to encourage the human condition. When it comes to the planet - love must be accompanied by an army of skill, talents, and dedication.


Rest not upon your attainments in the soothing sense of sonship. Rather, charge yourself with the sense of responsibility to be about not only the business of the Father, but he business of Michael, and Lanaforge and of Machiventa. This complicates things doesn't it?


I will be off this planet for some time, but I will observe the processes and procedures that have been inaugurated here, and will continue to tally the data and make suggestions to our resident staff that will help in the effort of steady progress toward a perfect world and a supreme universe. I Margul, will take leave.


                                 * * * * *


                  "SIGNS AND WONDERS"


The following is a postscript in a letter I received from John Creger:


"Lately, Allene, I have heard several long-term and widely respected contributors to the Mission express the opinion that too large a portion of the material in this newsletter concerns matters in the category of "signs and wonders," issues, which, while of high interest, tend to distract us from the more central concerns of growing spiritually closer to the Father and serving our brothers and sisters. I have urged these folks to write in of their concerns. In the meantime, if you should wish to prepare for any debate that may arise, I wonder if someone (perhaps a volunteer reader?) might take some manner of inventory over, say, the past year, as to what actual portion of the newsletter's material could be seen by some as "distracting." A more solid sense of the "data" might lend more reality to the debate."


First, I would like to say how pleased I was to receive John's comments and issue my sincere thanks to John for sharing this information. I can't tell you how delighted I was to receive it. It has always been a little disconcerting to me to receive very little feedback other than kind words of appreciation. While the kind words are very much appreciated and encourage me to continue, I welcome any opposing comments as without them there is a real part of this whole sharing network that is missing. The original purpose of the newsletter was for threefold: (1) to share the messages of the teachers; (2) to enable us to better evaluate the messages by sharing a wide selection; and (3) to connect the individuals and groups who are participating in what has become known as the Teaching Mission so we could better accomplish the first two purposes.


When I first started getting messages, I was unsure of the validity of what I was receiving and hesitant to share it. It was only when I became aware of similar messages received from other sources that I began to accept the material I was getting. I well remember one day when I was struggling with one message and was talking to a group member about it when she asked me if I had seen the latest message from Ham, which I had not. I was amazed to find that it was the same message. It is from experiences like these and the issues that arose from the questioning regarding the validity of the messages from certain T/Rs and T/R material that I felt there should be a network, so the similarity in messages would be confirming for the T/Rs and equally valuable would be the opportunity to help sort out those messages that are tainted from the individual T/R's own ego, issues, beliefs or whatever. Thus, in time by sharing many transcripts we would all better able to learn some discernment as individuals and as a collective.


Only by sharing a wide variety of transcripts and experiences can the newsletter fulfill its purpose. It has never been the objective of the newsletter to share only the more "conservative" transcripts. Some transcripts were weeded out from consideration in the newsletter, because of obvious ego interference or subject matter inconsistent with the teachings in the Urantia Book, but these have been rare exceptions. However, if the readers are unwilling to share their feedback on the various transcripts, part of the purpose of the newsletter remains incomplete. I welcome and encourage any comments and feedback. I have never considered this my newsletter. I am only a conduit for sharing and the value of the newsletter is dependent on your input.


I am reminded of the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. I think by now we are learning that we can disagree and still remain loving and respectful of each other. Isn't it time we start getting more "real" and getting more of our hair rubbed off? Maybe we will learn more this way, than pussy- footing around issues being "nice." I have appreciated the few who have called at different times to say that they had problems with things in certain issues. It has been interesting that in giving the messages more thought and in taking the issues to their teachers, sometimes they came to a different understanding about the part that was troubling to them in the messages.


"Signs and Wonders" - where do we draw the line? That we have contact with Michael, Nebadonia and the teachers surely would represent signs and wonders to many we meet in our daily encounters!!! And yet, it seems so much a part of our lives that hearing from Michael (The Creator of Our Universe) becomes a natural occurrence in our lives. Talk about signs and wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I hope that those of you who do take issue with the content of the newsletter will share your views, I think that we need to always remember the vastness of the diversity that is represented in each unique individual. Each message from a teacher will be interpreted differently through the lenses of each individual's perspective and understanding. Perhaps, a message that seems tainted, off base or too far out to one individual may speak volumes of truth to another at a level he or she may need to hear it. We don't know. We aren't privy to how our Thought Adjusters work with us as they try to guide us and we certainly don't know how they are working with our brothers and sisters. Life IS a mysterious journey full of signs and wonders. I often hesitate to share some of the things that I have experienced because they are so different from what is generally considered possible. At times when I have talked about them, I have more often than not been asked what I was on as I'm told they sound like drug trips and I wasn't on anything. I treasure these signs and wonders. They are my experiences. They are signs to me of things so wondrous just beyond our ken. So, I have a healthy respect for and, perhaps, a larger tolerance for the limitless possibilities that await our discovery.


I hope that you will each think about John's comments and share your comments, so that we can start a real discussion of your feelings and thoughts about the content of the newsletter. I choose the word "discussion" rather than debate, because there is no winner. It is a win/win open discussion. As Malvantra would say - a chance to "till the soil.". In doing so, we will turn over new thoughts and insights to fertilize our gardens with to add more pungent spiritual fragrance to our flowering blossoms. It will also move the newsletter forward into fulfilling one of its main purposes.. You help will greatly appreciated in this effort.


                                   * * * *


                       TM FAMILY NEWS


Many of you are aware that Susan Kimsey has been struggling with the challenges of caring for her aging parents who have not been well. Her mother has advanced cancer and Alzheimer's along with other complications. Attending to the needs of loved ones with a terminal illness is a difficult, demanding and exhausting process involving the ever present responsibility for arranging around the clock care, which in itself is a large task, along with the many decisions as to what is the best way to proceed in the patient's best interest. Regardless of the quality and availability of professional assistance, there are so many unknowns that it is often difficult to ascertain what is the best decision on a moment to moment basis.


The principal caregiver is "on call" around the clock. The emotional and physical stress is unending as those of you who have been in this situation well know. With the focus on the patient, the needs of the caregiver are often overlooked. Susan put a post on the Internet requesting prayers and the piece below is a response from Susan. This is of special interest because it shows that while the task of caregiver is great, it is not without it's gifts and treasures. In the end, when time has past and the caregiver has recovered, it is these precious moments that are the ones that are remembered and cherished. Those who work with the terminally ill have a rare privilege to experience these moments that teach us so much about others, ourselves and love.


August 10, 1997




You guys are amazing...wouldn't it be a wonderful world if everyone offered prayers to each other as we all faced our life challenges?


Something -amazing- happened tonight between my mother and my 17 year-old daughter, Caitie. I hope I can explain this clearly. I'm still in awe...


Caitie was feeding my mother an ice chip, and she began to choke on it. Her face turned beet red, and Caitie, in a panic, yelled for the other caregiver, my friend, Karla, a woman in her early 50's, to come help her. Karla pulled my mother's arms up over her head, and she was able to breath. Needless to say, my mother was exhausted after this. They were able to get my mom stabilized, Karla left to go make dinner, and Caitie lay down next to my mom on an adjacent bed, and began to stroke my mother's hair. Seeing my mother so helpless struggling to breathe, had really shaken Caitie's emotions. As she lay next to my mom, touching her head, she silently prayed, asking if God would somehow use her to help her "Granny" to not suffer, and make this experience of dying easier for her grandmother. Caitie said that within moments, she felt a strong surge of tingling energy pass through her hand toward my mother's head. My mother was lying very quietly, with her eyes closed. Caitie said the feeling was so strong, that she questioned, at first, if her arm was "falling asleep," but finally realized that this was something else. A period of many minutes passed, and Caitie and my mother both lay quietly. Then, my mother opened her eyes, and smiled a strong, clear smile at Caitie. If you have seen the inevitable "blank look" characteristic of an advanced Alzheimer's patient, you can understand how amazed Caitie was to see such a vivid facial expression on my mother. She has not easily smiled for over six months.


Caitie continued to touch my mother's head, because she still felt the energy flowing. More minutes passed, and my mother opened her eyes, and looked very pointedly at the corner of he softly lit room. Caitie said, "Granny what are you looking at?" And my mother responded, ..."The Almighty one"...not only by her answer, but also because my mother very rarely says anything, and "yes" and "no" answers, or "parroting" the final words of our sentences to us is all she normally can do.


After a few minutes, my mother began to softly speak under her breath. Then she would pause, as if she was listening, and then she would speak again. Caitie couldn't make out the words, but she said she felt my mother was "having a conversation with more than one person."


At that point, Caitie said that the energy in her hand turned very warm, and that my mother proceeded to look very hot and flushed. Still Caitie felt no fear about what was happening, and that she should continue to touch my mother's head. Caitie said she began to feel very strong heat in herself and my mother. This continued for some minutes.


Finally, Karla entered the room with food for my mother, and Caitie calmly removed her hand from my mother's head. Karla confirmed to me later that my mother definitely looked flushed. Caitie says that she at that point felt that she had somehow enabled her grandmother to "go on a journey," and that this whole experience was an answer to her prayer.


Caitie, somewhat shaken by all of this, relaxed, and began to feed my mother her food. As she did so, she calmly asked my mother, "What did God say to you? Again, normally, you can't ask my mother anything even 5 seconds later, and expect her to remember the topic. My mother's response was, "He said he made us all." From that point on, Caitie quietly fed my mother, who made no further response.


Knowing my daughter as I do, I have absolutely no reason to feel she made any of this up. Knowing my mother as I do, I am amazed at this whole experience. My mother was a dear, loving, kind woman, but she was not actively religious, and her term for deity was always simply "God" or "Jesus." I cannot help but feel that this whole event was miraculous, and that my mother's dementia dropped away long enough for her to receive some message of comfort about her death, as she lay there with Caitie touching her. I am immensely grateful for Caitie's willingness to cooperate in this miracle. To whatever degree your many living prayers and good thoughts may have also created the potential for this to happen, I feel immense gratitude for all of you, too.


I know I said I would only read e-mail for the time being, but I just had to tell you about this. I never dreamed that such an experience could occur for my dear, fragile mother and my child. I remain awed.


Much love, Susan


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                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES




Rebecca Bynum called to say that next year's conference is going to be held in Nashville, TN July 15-19 and in conjunction with the World Peace and Freedom Concert that Rebecca and Hal Bynum are involved in organizing on Friday, July 17. They are excited about it and we are thankful to them for taking on this task. More details on this will be in the next issue.


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                    THE URANTIA BOOK


              1. THE NEW COMMANDMENT


After a few moments of informal conversations, Jesus stood up and said: "When I enacted for you a parable indicating you should be willing to serve one another, I said that I desire to give you a new commandment; and I would do this now as I am about to leave you. You well know the commandment which directs that you love one another; that you love your neighbor even as yourself. But I am not wholly satisfied with even that sincere devotion on the part of my children. I would have you perform still greater acts of love in the kingdom of the believing brotherhood. And so I give you this new commandment: That you love one another even as I have loved you. And by this will all men know that you are my disciples if you thus love one another.


"When I give you this new commandment, I do not place any new burden upon your souls; rather do I bring you new joy and make it possible for you to experience new pleasure in knowing the delight of the bestowal of your heart's affection upon your fellow men. I am about to experience the supreme joy, even though enduring outward sorrow, in the bestowal of my affection upon you and your fellow mortals.


"When I invite you to love one another, even as I have loved you, I hold up before you the supreme measure of true affection, for greater love can no man have than this: that he will lay down his life for his friends. And you are my friends; you will continue to be my friends if you are but willing to do what I have taught you. You have called me Master, but I do not call you servants. If you will only love one another as I am loving you, you shall be my friends, and I will ever speak to you of that which the Father reveals to me.


"You have not merely chosen me, but I have also chosen you, and I have ordained you to go forth into the world to yield the fruit of loving service to your fellows even as I have lived among you and revealed the Father to you. The Father and I will both work with you, and you shall experience the divine fullness of joy if you will only obey my command to love one another, even as I have loved you."


If you would share the Master's joy, you must share his love and to share his love means that you have shared his service. Such an experience of love does not deliver you from the difficulties of this world, it does not create a new world, but it most certainly does make the old world new.


Keep in mind: It is loyalty, not sacrifice, that Jesus demands. The consciousness of sacrifice implies the absence of that wholehearted affection which wold have made such a loving service a supreme joy. The idea of duty signifies that you are servant-minded and hence are missing the mighty thrill of doing your service as friend for a friend. The impulse of friendship transcends all convictions of duty, and the service of a friend for a friend can never be called a sacrifice. The Master his taught the apostles that they are the sons of God. He has called them brethren, and now, before he leaves, he calls them his friends.


                                                             Page 1944


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