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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

June/ July 1997 (Vol. 5, No.6)




This newsletter is a combined issue for June and July due to several events that all happened at once and required my attention. I will be working on the TM Handbook in July, so it seemed best to consolidate these two issues. I apologize to those of you who have told me how much you look forward to receiving your copy each month. We'll be back on track in August.


July 21 is the final deadline for getting your applications and payments in for the "LOVE IN ACTION" Conference in Boulder. After July 21, rooms reserved for the conference will be released unless full payment has been received and any reservations afterwards will only be accepted on a space available basis. There is still time if you are considering coming, but now is the time to get your registrations and payments in. If you have any suggestions or wish to share something at the conference be sure to let Eric know.


"Vibrant  visionaries of exalted promise,"  may the Father bless us all as we strive to serve Him..


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


June 7, 1997


Many thanks for your ongoing efforts in networking and extending your light to us all. Here is a contribution to thank you for all the energy you put into the newsletter.


I hope you find the following appropriate for inclosing. It is with such heartfelt appreciation that I write it.


"I wish to extend many thanks and much love to Avis Nicholas for her on-going support of us all and her contribution of Michael's messages for us to drink in. This lady never ceases to amaze me!!! Even when she was so involved with her husband's health challenges last Christmas, she managed to send me words of encouragement and love. Through her own pain and losses, she still finds time to reach out. She never fails to walk the talk in true Mother Spirit style.


Bless you, Avis, for your service. Your compassion and generous words touch many"


With Love,

Laurie Saputo

Englewood, FL


[Well said, Laurie. How right you are! Since Avis started sharing her messages from Michael, many have told me how touched they were by Michael's words.]


                                    * * *


June 13, 1997


Thanks so much for your continued efforts and good job on the newsletter.


Please accept this payment for the cost of the newsletter.


I have recently gotten married and moved. My new name is Pam Grove.


Thank you,

Pam Grove

Salem, OR


[Congratulations Pam! May our Father shower his blessings on your union that it may be long and joyous.]


                                    * * *


June 2, 1997


Thank you for adding me to the mailing list and thank you for the work you're doing on behalf of our mission. Please use the enclosed check for the newsletter costs.



Dan Tyler

Nashville, TN


                                    * * *


May 1, 1997


Thank you for your continued efforts. Enclosed is a contribution. I know you can use and am grateful to give it..


I hope I meet you this year at the gathering in Colorado in August.


Until then,

God Bless, Love and Peace

Patrice Rohmer

Jerome, AZ


                                    * * *


June 27, 1997


The California Spiritfest for 1997 is officially completed. However, the emanations and energy will remain with the participants into the future. This was the fourth annual meeting for Spirit festers located at the El Chorro Educational Camp between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay on the Central California coast.


The underlying theme seemed to be that this was to be a time of fellowship and strengthening relationships amongst ourselves.. The terms "Soulshops" was coined indicating 'cell' groups that broke off at various times of the day to allow individuals and celestial hosts opportunity to share.


The East Bay Group was the official organizer and well-deserved thanks to John, Allen, Alan, Karen-children, Susan-art mandala project, Gerry-TM directory, Russ, Jess, Harold--Music and communication and the list would continue infinitely......


A rustic outdoor setting with cabins, auditorium` dining hall with a gurgling creek meandering through the grounds added to our spiritual regeneration. Thank you Jesus-Michael for all you provide.


We hope to see you all next year.. prayer, meditation and fellowship...take care of one another....Love one another.


Robert O'Guin

Chico, CA


[As Robert noted, "My view, my opinion, one man's opinion..." and we thank you for sharing it. This is the first news from Spiritfest.


                                 * * * * *




                             * MICHAEL *


My children work for Me in many different ways. Some are very active on the outer, doing My work. Others are very quiet doing their work for Me on the inner levels. Some of My children have knowledge. Some children have knowledge tainted with fear, believing that the Father and I can only love those who are acquainted with Us. But you know that is not the case. All of our children are dear to Us. We are filled with joy when Our children recognize Us and consciously join Our Divine Family, but We love them whether they know Us or not, and We wait patiently for their recognition.


The children who know Us and call Us by name and know and serve our purposes are a select few as I have told you and We guard and preserve these carefully. These few love Us just to be near, and not for any reward - earthly or heavenly. We rely greatly on these dear ones to spread Our love and purposes. These children present Us as We are, Loving Parents, with only the best interests of Our children at heart.


Be content with the plan I have for your life. It is much richer than you know, and you have spread the Truths of the Kingdom in ways you little realize as yet. Remember how often I have told you that BEING is more important than doing. I said BE PERFECT, not do perfect things. So let not your [heart?] be troubled, neither let it be afraid, for all is well and you are doing My Will.


I have surrounded you with many celestial companions for your earth life and, on occasion, I allow you to become conscious of these companions that I have chosen for you, but there are others you do not know as yet.


Just go on as you have been, letting Me guide and choose for you. Be at peace about all.  Michael.


Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL


                                    * * *


                                 * HAM *




Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I want to thank you for attending this lesson tonight. Tonight we are scheduled to discuss polarity or duality. Opposites are really the manifestation of a singularity under different circumstances. What gives reality comprehensibility to the mind is these opposites. So there is meaning to truth, beauty and goodness, your minds must have the contrast of falsehood, ugliness, and badness.


Contrast is the essence in understanding, it's the means by which truth is absorbed and it is also the means by which ideals are formed. All of the subtlety in life's meanings grow from basic contrasts. All of your values are forged in this fiery furnace of contrasts. The entire ascension understanding hinges on the distinction between better and worse. There could be no evolving, no progress in the absence of duality in life because this duality is what makes the stairway. So then it is essentially this dual expression of reality that makes it possible for it to be progressive. By having minds, or partaking of mind, and yet being distinct personalities, you can progress through reality toward oneness by progressively choosing something better.


Visualize, if you will, a point with two rays going out in an angle, the further from the point, the rays are further apart from each other. So, towards the outskirts of the universe, the duality between everything, good and evil, light and dark, is wider, greater. But as you progress inward towards the source, these distinctions are less extreme until finally all is absorbed into a oneness that is good, beautiful, and true even though its manifestation in some parts of the universe seem to be opposed to that.


So from man's viewpoint, the world is made up of opposites and he endeavors to choose always towards the oneness of truth, beauty and goodness and to have these manifest in himself. From the Father's view, everything consists of truth, beauty, and goodness. This is the source of your great philosophical dilemmas. Because man can clearly distinguish the badness, the ugliness, and the falsehood in the world, and his dilemma is his understanding of way the Father would create a world with these elements. There could be no progress without them.


The drama of existence consists in the struggle between these opposing elements. One might even say the meaning of life, the reason for existence, is contained within this struggle. So it is the existence of opposites that make life, for the individual personalized creature, meaningful. It is this struggle that creates motion that creates progress that gives life its purpose.


So having this understanding, all of life becomes a marvel and it is even a wonderful thing that limited suffering and evil exists because without it where would you put your feet? What would you have to stand upon? How would you progress? God does not allow unlimited suffering, he has not created a Hell and he has not created Hell on earth. So what suffering you do experience has an end. It is temporary. If there were no suffering at all, one wonders if the passion for life would be as strong. At this time then, are there any questions?


Q: It seems like the ultimate polarity during the age of the supreme is partiality versus completeness and this would equate with what we think of as good and evil.


Ham: Very much so, yes.


Q: Does God see the falsehood and the ugliness and badness, or does he simply see the wholeness which is only the truth beauty and goodness?


Ham: We are taught that he sees only the wholeness.


A: Is it my understanding that without contrast there cannot be choice and that on right choices progress is based?


Ham: Yes, absolutely, you are correctly understanding this lesson.


Q: On worlds that are settled in light and life, is progress much slower?


Ham: No, not at all. It is in fact quicker because they are in a place where the contrasts aren't so large. They must distinguish more subtlety and progress is faster.


Q: What would be the best definition of a good choice?


Ham: This question, of course, goes to the heart of the matter.


Q: Would it be whatever makes you more aware of truth beauty and goodness, that would be the preferable choice?


Ham: No, choice must be in a way an anti-choice because always irregardless of your preferences, you must choose the Father's will. And, understand that even if you experience temporary suffering as a result, that it is for the best in the long run. Choosing always to give your choice to the Father requires great discernment, it requires looking beyond the dualities of time and space towards the oneness of eternity. But, of course, in your daily living, in your conduct, choosing the better and more fitting way to conduct oneself involves choosing something better each time. And distinguishing what is better involves extreme consciousness and awareness of both one's self and one's environment. Is this helping?


Q: Yes.


Q: Are we led into certain experiences to create a contrast?


Ham: That is really the province of the thought adjusters and I would not presume to pronounce a judgment on this. The adjusters have reasons for everything they do and for every experience you have, there is meaning.


Q: Can you suggest specific ways to improve our discernment?


Ham: It seems to me that most of you go through most of your lives like you were sleep walking always thinking of something else, always imagining future events, very seldom in the present time. The best way to improved discernment is to live more in the present time, the now, and then you will begin to appreciate the beauty and the specialness in more things.


Q: What exact manifestation of fear causes this now avoidance? I remember in dreams when I was a kid, when I was in a bad place, and later when I took acid, there was this awful horror of these choices, the terrible fear of choice, the necessity of making choice.


Ham: I don't think that you are afraid to make choices, maybe afraid of pressure, but...


Q: Fear of making the wrong choice?


Ham: But, as far as being in the now moment, it is usually that you are in the habit of not being. It takes practice to bring your attention into the moment. The mind is naturally an unruly organ and it is difficult to tame.


Q: Black and white thinking sometimes impedes our progress. Many people take the good and bad and make extremes out of it when in reality black and white combine to make many shades of grey. Could you comment on that?


Ham: Probably you are looking at immature thinking. It is easier to have clear cut categories of good and evil than to understand the reality of their mixture. So I think simply maturing, becoming more understanding of the world, usually breaks down the artificial categorizing that usually occurs in youth.


Q: The avoidance of complexities.


Q: That is a good way to put it. people don't want to see shades of grey, they just want to see black and white.


Q: True discernment would have something to do with getting yourself out of the way?


Ham: No, it is more realistic to understand yourself and your reactions and understandings and how this interacts with your environment. There is no such thing as a true objectivity.


Q: By self I meant the ego.


Q: But doesn't that in part create some of the contrasts that are necessary for us, the ego?


Ham: Yes, I would say this is so. It's one thing to have a self-forgetful attitude in life, but quite another to be apart from yourself, this is impossible.


Q: It seems like there is kind of a duality to individuation anyway, like it is either ephemeral or temporary ... in the concept of oneness.


Ham: That individuation is temporary.


Q: This individuality is not totally real is it, these barriers or borders between souls? Ultimately, we all wind up as one don't we, but somehow retain the individuality. That is perhaps the paradox.


Ham: Yes, this is a subject for another time.


Q: In times of difficult situations, is it useful to disassociate yourself from the situation and even from yourself and try to view yourself from a distance, get a broader picture?


Ham: It is good to perhaps attempt to be unemotional and less ego-engaged, this is true, but again I would say it is impossible to not be you. Any viewpoint you have, is still your viewpoint.


Q: I have another question regarding discernment. You said the main way to improve discernment is to be in the present moment. This question has to do with trying to understand the Father's will and make the right choice. Many times we project into the future and try to see what the consequences of the choices might be. Is there a contradiction? Do we need to be careful when we try to project the effects of our choices?


Ham: Yes, humans are time bound creatures who have a mind that is not so time limited. All your decisions involve projection into the future. but really the only way to understand the consequences of one's actions and your decisions in the future is to again be fully aware of the present. Often, mistakes are generated and compounded by human's making their decisions based on their perception of the future. If you're making a decision for five steps ahead from a place, you are imagining two steps ahead, your chances of being wrong are greater than if you are making your decision based on the present.


Q: When you are saying the present, you mean a complete awareness of relationships and the environment?


Ham: And yourself.


Q: Of course, the only time we can experience God is in the eternal now, isn't it?


Ham: Yes, sure.


Q: Let me create a contrast. When we are faced with a choice is it the Father's will that we think through the choice and try to make the better decision or do we say, Father, I don't know what to do, guide me in this?


Ham Every decision has elements of both. You have decisions before you that must be made and through your prayer and worship time you decide to bring the Father's wisdom into your decision. perhaps he will give you an insight or a perception that you didn't have which will influence what you do, but ultimately the day to day choices are yours alone to make. You can give your will to the Father, but he gives it back as well. I know this is the most difficult part of our teaching, and it is the most difficult part of life as well, that boundary where your will and the Father's will come together.


Q: Each choice we make is to choose better over worse and that is the path we follow all the way in our ascension?


Ham: Yes.


Q: If it is our intent to do the Father's will, to do the right thing, is that a crucial element if we make wrong choice?


Ham: Absolutely, it is more crucial for your intention to be to do the Father's will than the actual day to day choices wherein small and large mistakes are often made.


Q: What you were telling us is that without those mistakes, there would be no progress?


Ham: Yes.


Q: Sometimes, in my life, in the process of making a difficult decision, I have experienced what I perceived to be signs, with some divine aspect. Is this possible, or is it dangerous magical thinking to look for signs or when signs are seemingly presented to us to take them as evidence?


Ham: I would say that each person's thought adjuster works with that person in their own unique way, so what would be dangerous thinking for one person is perfectly fine for someone else. Ultimately, you and your inner spirit work together and he knows your thinking and I would not presume to pass judgment on anything like that.


[The following is a statement, taken from Ham's response during the personal question and answer period: "...this is the time for learning about yourself, for finding out what you are made of, on discovering strengths where before you saw weakness, and allowing yourself weaknesses where before you only knew strengths." My italics - Ed]


May 4, 1997


Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful to you all for coming here to meet with me today. Tonight our lesson is again concerning compassion and your human personal relationships. When you communicate you expose a portion of the kaleidoscope feelings and ideas that are constantly forming and changing shape in your mind. Others are forming opinions and making judgments about you from this fragmentary association. No being, outside the Thought Adjuster has a clear picture of who you are and who you are becoming. Human beings can only observe you and form their own opinions of their observations and your communication and your inner complexities are extrapolated and another's opinion formed mostly through their own inner life. Who you are makes sense only in terms of who they are. In other words, your pieces of communication are fit into their kaleidoscope of experiences and inner realities. So every person is experiencing other people only in terms of their own experience.

Now, this creates problems. There is no true understanding in terms of experiencing the same thing in the same way. Each one interprets the others in terms of himself; his own experience. So you must accept that true understanding between human hearts is impossible. The only real bridge between human beings is love; and this love is a direct communication that by-passes all the faulty and mis-comprehended communication between human beings.


Love must be your first priority in communicating. Next there is compassion, and this involved taking another's communication and loving that. Once you understand that no communication can be perfectly understood, you can use love to broaden your understanding by bringing another's communication into your experience. Because you are learning, you are experiencing and even though what is being communicated is outside your realm of experience, through love, you bring it into your experience.


The great gulf that exists between humans can only be bridged through love and compassion. Experiencing life only from your own perspective would be narrow and limiting if it were not for the capacity to broaden it through compassion. Reading a communication for other human beings as they have left it down through your historical era broadens your capacity for compassion also. Seeing art and architecture from past ages does so also. Through loving this communication, you grow to have compassion for that person who has long since departed, but a little part of his or her experience becomes yours. Your experience of life is deepened in this way and gradually you are becoming broader in your tolerance and in your ability for compassion. Wisdom, then, is developed as you come to know life through many channels.


Compassion, then, grows through using it. The more you exercise compassion, the greater capacity you have for it. Wisdom is composed of breadth as well as depth, so I say to you: Be broad in your appreciation of others. Give love to all communication that you can. Dare to let yourselves be understanding. Give to each other; love in all circumstances, through all communications. This is how true righteousness evolves. Those who close their hearts to another's communication as a gesture of righteousness is mistaken. It is only through breadth of experience, through breadth of compassion, that true righteousness is realized. That is all.


Q: What are some mistakes we make with communicating with each other?


Ham: The first is assuming understanding: that you either understand that another understands you; or that you understand them.


Q: When we want to communicate with someone, how should we best express our ideas?


Ham: There is really no way to create the ideal communication that another will completely understand. The only one who really, truly understands you dwells within: your Thought Adjuster.


Q: Wouldn't addressing another person's Thought Adjuster help communication?


Ham: Yes, when I poke of appealing to another's spirit, in the manner that Jesus did, you are really going past the conscious mind to the inner spirit. Oftentimes the person so addressed will misunderstand in their conscious mind and only years later come to see the depths of your communication. In other words, expect misunderstanding and you will be seeing reality more clearly.


May 11, 1997


Ham: Greetings, children, friends, I am Ham and I wish to express my thanks to you for coming and to extend our welcome to you Kamal. Tonight, the discussion will center upon faithfulness. While it is true and even desirable that compromises should be reached in life, those who are faithful to their inner truth are eventually rewarded for remaining so. Faithfulness involves first of all the adherence to truth which is expressed as higher morality.


Morality is not the ideals imposed on you from society or social organizations such as churches. Morality is individual and is variable according to each person's own individual situation and inner light. Life's journey is only meaningful as it is expressed in this search for higher morality. Morality is not what someone tells you you should do. It is found only in your own heart and soul center, that place of spiritual leading.


For example, Jesus followed his own inner higher morality rather than submit to the structured morality of his day. When publicly censored for eating without washing his hands, which in that day and time was considered seriously immoral, he answered his accuser by pointing out that it is not what goes into a man's mouth which makes him unclean or immoral but rather what comes out.


Today, among your religions, breaking taboos like working on the Sabbath, are still considered immoral. But to all spirit lead mortals, morality is not found in the proscriptions of society. Every spirit lead mortal must discover for him or herself the reality of higher morality in life.


Morality is in essence just the finding of increasingly better ways to live. So, in finding this better, happier, less stressful, freer, and more rewarding life, you may in actuality, in actualizing this, break societal taboos. But this struggle with conscience is essential to finding actual truth. The pathway to self-realization and self-fulfillment also involves finding what for you is immoral.


And in this struggle for distinguishing the moral and the immoral, you will come to find that it changes for you. Actions that you were comfortable with in your youth, you probably are not comfortable with in middle age because you have come to find finer distinctions than you saw when you were young and your pathway toward increasing morality has led you to drop off things by the way.


This is the process of developing righteousness and you come to understand that you delight in living a righteous life for its own sake because it gives you pleasure. One's heart burns to live in the light of truth and be carried forward in this light. Jesus said, Happy are you though others shall revile you and say all manner of evil against you. Because you are firm in the righteousness that burns in your breast. No amount of public censure can remove it. So you persist in your own individual, unique righteousness, even though others may be calling you immoral for breaking some societal rule. That is how you truly know that you have found it, when you are unmoved by the opinions of others or fear of their opinion.


The path of the spirit is never long traversed by the weak of heart. If you have courage, then the Father requires all of your courage. If you have faithfulness, then the Father requires all of your faithfulness. It is impossible to be truly devoted to the spiritual life and be half hearted or cowardly about it. The world is full of men who follow men, but there are very few men, who follow God. That is all for tonight's lesson. I will answer your questions now.


Q: I have been trying to formulate a question. I have heard it stated that he who is given will be given more and he who has little will be taken from him. Now you say he who has courage, God requires all of it. It seems like the further you go, the deeper you go, the more is required. There is no turning back. Is this true?


Ham: Absolutely true. The first parable that you spoke of is concerning spiritual things. Those who have much, meaning a rich spiritual life, are given more and those who have little, meaning they value little that is spiritual and place it second to other considerations, can indeed lose that which they do have.


Q: Again, speaking spiritually?


Ham: Yes.


Q: I understand the broad picture of what you have described about faithfulness and moral development and to some extent feel that I have experienced some of these changes in my life. I still find that in specific instances I have confusion about what is moral and what is not. Could you comment on that, on the confusion we sometimes feel. Well, maybe others don't feel confused about what is right and wrong, but I do.


Ham: Yes, as I said, the confusion and battles with conscience usually involve conflict with societal norms or requirements. This then requires you to look beyond the social strictures and find your own greater morality that makes you personally comfortable. The Father's path is different for every individual, so what one person would deem social morality another can easily judge to be immoral. Individual self-fulfillment comes usually only after battles or confusions of this kind which are resolved but yet continue to evolve. No one's moral nature can be set in stone without being smothered and potentially killed in the process resulting in people committing really immoral acts for the cause of morality and righteousness. Does that help?


Q: I would say that the other thing that is confusing is when selfish pleasures are involved along with social norms and questions about what is good and true and loving have to be balanced against selfishness and societies' rules. It is hard to sort these out and to feel like you aren't making excuses or making bad choices for selfish reasons.


Ham: The problem is that sometimes temporary pleasures can lead to lasting pain and finding that out again is part of maturing and growth in wisdom.


                                    * * *



JUNE 9, 1997



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you here tonight. I am always in gratitude each time we can meet together. It has been a two-fold journey for you. On one hand you have sought spiritual understanding as an individual towards divine progressing. On the other hand you have labored to understand your individual position within the whole, and learning to serve within this brotherhood.


Always an adventurous journey when seeing the world through your Father's eyes. Always is there a sense of mystery and excitement when you are completely relying on Father to guide you. In understanding your spiritual place are there more difficulties, but along with that there is great comfort in knowing you reside not alone in your minds. As we take active roles within the brotherhood do we find ourselves in positions to make decisions. Decisions become changed due to our levels of understanding. In learning to walk closely with Father does your decision making improve, self-uncertainty somewhat fades away. Success within this brotherhood will depend upon each brother and sister's decision to give full authority to our Father in Heaven.


We have previously discussed the use of humor and lightheartedness to assist us in our dealings with our brothers and sisters. We have learned that humor is an effective salve to painful wounds and deliverer of balance. As you move further into this brotherhood will you find equally effective ways in which to best care for the whole.


You, my friends, who come here have indeed shown a great deal of courage and enthusiasm to continue your spiritual learning, but I can say in this commitment to learning are you also authorized to spread the good news and teach. Teaching takes very little effort when one has stepped aside to allow for Father's wisdom. If anything it can bring you a renewal of faith and energy. In your dealing with your fellows it takes not a lot of effort to make them feel as though they are each a part. It can be so inspiring to reveal to another that they are loved just as they are. A bit of encouragement to one can change the mind set of the world. Be not afraid to share your good news and make welcome all you meet. I do not say to dress your words with a lot of scripture or reverence, but disperse the good news with humor and joy.


Michael is always working to renew the enthusiasm within the brotherhood. Things are occurring right now to awake individuals to something greater than themselves, to something that makes them a part of all there is. You, my friends, are the bringers of this good news, the confirmers of his new indwelling spiritual knowledge. As you dare to move further within this brotherhood always are there disappointments. I say Jesus, the man, felt very little of this disappointment. He took not certain individuals to be attacking Him, but to just be ignorant within their own minds, and Jesus would move on continuing to spread Father's good news. And those that would not seek for truth, He would spend no more time, but move on always mindful of open doors. He took not His fellows' ignorance as a personal attack, no. He would say a small prayer for them and move on.


Jesus was persistent in His consistency of Father's words, but never was He persistent in hounding individuals to believe as He did. Jesus was mindful of those spiritual levels mortals must traverse. This attitude to some was seemingly harsh, perhaps cold, but ever was He completely relying on Father for direction. The attacks from His fellows shook Him not. His strength was a never-ending well from His Father in Heaven. Within this brotherhood are you somewhat subject to ridicule, character attacks, disrespect, and disregard, but I can say if your motive is to lean upon Father's love and truth are you immune from the mental strain or emotional pain you might experience.


As Urantia becomes adapt to the newly reorganized circuits will you have several confusing experiences. As the world learns to connect with the cosmic mind will your fellows look to you for direction, definition of what is happening. This service to your fellows is one of little effort and extreme joy. A firm commitment to the brotherhood is to experience a greater amount of Father's fingerprints within your life and the lives of your fellows.


I have experienced a great deal of joy, but also equally have I been ridiculed or disregarded. I remain unshaken. I am with the understanding of Father to guide me either to endure my fellows or move on. I can say that as you become more familiar with your responsibilities within the brotherhood will you experience a greater amount of logic while your emotional [reaction?] is put on a shelf. In your message to others it is altogether fitting to stand your ground as a child of God while revealing to others they are also the same. In standing your ground forget not to rely upon Father's wisdom. Father is in all things.


Last week we had somewhat of a sharing within the brotherhood. You had requested of me my thoughts on subjects and I had attempted to reveal a positive message. We had experienced the brotherhood firsthand. I was challenged and amazed by your spiritual knowledge and thirst for understanding. In this I had indeed looked to my Father to answer through me, and even though those words that may have brought discomfort, I had remained trusting and joyful. I would not desert you in your misunderstanding. I am dedicated to serving within this great brotherhood. I cannot be driven out or lose my status as a son of God. I cannot step upon the backs of others to progress. I cannot be discouraged. I could not quit or give up on you, my mortal friends. This is our brotherhood. I have a fond dedication to you each, and in all that we may understand differently, our bond cannot be broken.


This week I would ask that you ponder over your commitment level within the brotherhood and give thought to the Master and His unshakable attitude. Forget not in all your learning there is your mission to spread the good news with love an humor. A few questions.


ROLAND: I have a comment. I see as I begin to become aware of my cosmic citizenship that you are truly my brother, and my elder brother who has had four thousand years of experience. I am particularly grateful for your coming here and giving us this information, morontia mota, this practical down to earth kind of experience that you yourself have developed through your mortal life and on through the ascension. I think because I think differently on occasion, and see things in a different way than you do, I am comforted with the Master's answer to James when he asked Him why don't we all think alike. He said, "James, James, when did I tell you you would all think alike? I am not interested in you all thinking alike. What I am interested in is you be in unity of Spirit with one another." Truly I feel in unity of Spirit with you, Abraham. I feel very much like an on-board co-worker dedicated to the love that I have been able to [experience?] at this point - increasingly so. So if ever there is a time I err or I see things differently, I want you to know that I am one in the Spirit with you.


ABRAHAM: Certainly, It is also for me to be one in the Spirit with you. This is our dedication to the brotherhood. I would not presume you to be my erring brother while I experience more morontia activity, no. I certainly believe you are knowledgeable about living in this world today where I am not. You have experienced it first hand while I have experienced other things. I would look to you as not a younger brother, but just as a brother. Roland, my friend, you do well. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, I just wanted to say thank you so much. It was like such an excellent example of love. You might have heard me earlier, but that was just so neat what you did. Just a lovely thing. I wanted to thank you for that last week. I do have a question. Do you have some guidance for me in the way I especially work with the people I sponsor, and the people I bump up against, also including my husband, etc.? I try to go on attraction instead of promotion. I kind of figure if folks are drawn to me and what I've got going then maybe it will just come out. So, I don't feel really well versed in telling people about the Urantia Book per se, but when they ask me about what I am reading, I tell them how much I am enjoying it, etc. So do you have some guidance for me there, if that is the best thing to be doing, or do you have some suggestions? Does that make sense?


ABRAHAM: Yes certainly. I might first say I also thank you Miriam, for your participation within this group. You have been a flavorful ingredient to the soup. I thank you. You might each know that Father is unmatched in His vision of each individual path. He can indeed move mountains. He can put you in a situation that benefits all. Do you see, you are learning while others are also gaining understanding? While you may view it as Father's fingerprints or coincidental is a matter of varying levels of joy. In dealing with your fellows it would be perhaps their desire for you to speak what they would want to hear. It would perhaps be their desire to have another reach for Father for them instead of their own attempts at making an effort to reach. You may perhaps come across those who feel powerless, and our best message to them would be, I believe you are a powerful person. I know that you can change the world. You are internally gifted with the presence of the source of all love and power. I believe you are a child of God. Do you see, a show of faith in another is indeed empowering to them? It would appear as though you are somewhat of a cheerleader. To emanate the light of faith in those who you are attempting to help can bring them faith in themselves. Without faith there is no purpose for action. Does this help?


MIRIAM: Yes Abraham, but can I ask just one follow up question? In my cheer leading--is that a good thing? Is that like how you are saying if you approach them with--you are from within powerful. You have the source. Is the cheer- leading thing like more surface? Is that a bad thing? I don't know what I am asking. Do you?


ABRAHAM: Yes, I would not mean to say anything but the truth. Yes, always embrace truth, and whether it is nice or not, truth must always be alive. It is important that you do not reach for Father for them, but you show them belief in their ability for them to reach for themselves. Does that help? (Oh yes. Thank you so much.) Certainly. Another question?


NORWOOD: About two years ago, I went on my own. I was either prompted or I had a need to do this. I broke off from the group, but not really. I spent almost three years studying, attending the meetings, a lot of prayer, a lot of stillness time, and one night I was in the stillness and I felt an urge that I needed to move along. So I took that as it is time to go out and try your wings. These past two years I have been doing that. I have experienced a lot of ups and downs. There have been times when I have been unable to, and currently I am unable to, and I don't know why, when I do into the stillness or into prayer my mind-it is like I get shut off. I cannot get into a deep stillness or deep prayer. I can do a surface prayer or a surface stillness, but to become one with my inner self and with Father, I am unable to do that. So my question is--I need to find that source again. I need to find a way to have that peace of mind I used to have. I don't know if I am using the right words here but to find a path in to where I can go back in the stillness, and I don't know if I was shut off deliberately, or intentionally, or I am to do my own thing for awhile more or what. So that is my question.


ABRAHAM: Understood. In your first attempts at stillness there was quite a noticeable difference. Yes? (Yes) In your spiritual maturing this difference becomes normal, not as extreme, but more consistent, almost as if it has always been there. Your spiritual balancing is affecting all areas of your life, in that you look for Father's guidance regularly, and it is not so intensely concentrated on, no. It is becoming common. Know your spiritual connection is as it always was. The degrees are maturing, and with all new knowledge, there are new goals to reach. The striving is almost eternal. You can reach a spiritual level successfully and feel that joy, and the next day feel a whole new goal in front of you that is seemingly unreachable. This is with your stillness. It is becoming a constant in all areas of your life. Your diligent searching for Father's fingerprints will help you to feel the love and comfort and connection again. You have done well in your search. There is to be no regrets. As you have said, your inner feelings drew you to a certain goal. This is right. Your spiritual lessons are between you and Father. Our Teaching Mission is to assist, but never to replace Father and His intimate contact with His children. You are experiencing a turning of a page that in, that book that is your life, it is in the turning you see many letters, words, but there is no understanding at that point until the page is fully turned, and you can begin again. Yes, always is there striving. Does this Help? (Thank you. Yes it does. I appreciate your kind words) Certainly. One more question.


CALVIN: Abraham, this could be a short one. In our spreading to our brother the good news as we have experienced it, we have seen great insight, I have seen great insight in how to do that, not by coercion or show of the "wow" of how angels are here talking, but simply teach the truth of the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man, love and service, common sense to one another. In the Urantia Book I read a topic, a paragraph or two about the material mindedness of the youth in this nation. It said when they get the point of the majority are more material minded than they are spiritual minded that there would be drastic time for the nation, so on and so on. I look around me and my own situations and surroundings I see more material mindedness way outweighing the spiritual mindedness. Am I seeing that correctly, and is that a concern, or is it maybe my incorrect observation? How do we take a material minded person--I am sure that is the Father's work to turn them into a spiritual minded person. Do we bypass the material minded?


ABRAHAM: It is difficult to explain to a material minded individual that this is not congruent with spirituality. Usually it might take an individual many years to discover this fact, and in the experience of life things do occur to make one realize life is most important. Material is not the bringer of happiness. Your children can learn from your words and set example. (Calvin: set example or sad example?) Laughter. 'Set example' It is a sad example when Father must reveal those hard truths to reach His children. It is becoming apparent that even the youth can utilize these mindal circuits and instinctively follow this guidance. I appreciate your patience with me, and I look forward to meeting you again. My love is with you. Until next week. Shalom.


                                    * * *


May 28, 1997


Well, looks like they are already gearing us up for the conference, not that we don't have enough to talk about already.


Looks like community, intentional community, will be something we will probably want to discuss at the conference.


In Light, Love and Wisdom,

Daniel Raphael

Boulder, CO


Wednesday, May 28, 1997


Good evening Daniel, this is Mor-gan once again. How are you this evening my mortal friend?


I am fine, and you seem to be in excellent good cheer too.


Yes. Much progress is being made with the mechanism of mortals. Yes, in some ways you are mechanisms. We are able to modify your equipment a great deal more than you imagine, and we have been upgrading many of you to new levels of awareness and mental connectedness.


The connectedness is not mental telepathy but a low level of undirected thought energy that is registered with others. It is sort of an e-mail sending process that is unconsciously sent and unconsciously registered to the recipient. If, for example, you said to yourself, "I wish that ________ would do ________," then you would have an idea of how this e-mail mental broadcast works. As in that short little sentence, you have a sender, a recipient, and topic or subject that is included in the message. But all the while it is not a conscious act. There is no intent to actually send that message mentally. It is pre-cognitive in nature and exists before you are even aware you made the mental "wish-list" request.


And in the case of the recipient, they can act on the mental e-mail request or ignore it. But in this case the message is also registered in the pre-cognitive region of the mind, so that the person will usually act on the request in a positive manner rather than consciously take a stand to ignore it or do otherwise.


As you and Alara remarked about your "incredible dream" this morning, it was all about community, the unconscious, interconnected community. It is connected by mind on the pre-conscious level; all members for the community are connected at the pre-cognitive level, the pre-conscious level as well.


Now, you can see why we have been so interested, almost even cajoling you, to have your groups bond with one another, to do exercises that bond the group together, individuals together, and so on. It will have a survival function in the coming eras of your planet before the Days of Light and Life are established You are evolving to a new sub-species of homo sapiens to homo spiritus, which is a mental/spiritual state that is preparatory to conscious morontial training on Urantia. You are even now moving into that category of your kind. We can do this with your consent and your intent rather than waiting for you to evolve through generations and more generations. This is the origin of species in a directed, intentional way by the life carriers. In this case we are working with the life carriers to carry out the necessary endocrine, neural, mindal manipulations that will in effect deliver you to the new era of your planet as new beings. Recognize, too, that your DNA is also being reprogrammed so that if you were to have off spring they would automatically carry these new traits and characteristics, some of whom are already children on your world.


Well, finally the pieces are starting to fall together, thanks to your disclosure. Now community is starting to make more sense as to how it will operate so smoothly in the future. People will self-select to participate in those communities; those who join who do not carry these changes will stand out like a sore thumb. Right?



Yes. That is a good part of it. You will recognize your own kind, and they will recognize you. Thus, the bonding that we are talking about. You are transferring the bond from one to another. The bond-link carries with it all the links that you have made heretofore. Those who meet you and bond with you transfer their bonds to you and so the pool expands very rapidly. But the bonding must continue for you to keep up to date. We are looking forward to your TM'97 conference as that will provide a very important link for all of you. We wish you to carry on the bonding exercise that we showed you at a recent TM meeting at Eric and JoiLin's.


I like this a lot Mor-gan. I am glad that you have shared this with me.


And I wish you to share this with several others via this TR session tonight, Daniel.


OK. Anything else.


That is all tonight. Be prepared for similar disclosures in the near future. We have a lot of work to do in a short period of time, as I have been saying for several weeks. We do wish there were another Byron to ask those immense questions that produce disclosure of so much material in the context of a mutual subject that you can easily understand.


Thursday, May 29, 1997


Good morning, Daniel.


Good morning, Mor-gan.  Looks like we have a lot of work to do.


Yes, Daniel it involves a good deal of developmental work that we have already begun. It involves the community aspect of our work, but that is only one part of the total package of the correcting time that you will be involved in.


The first is individual healing and spiritual development.


The second is intentional communities which we all are working on. This is the most important one because it will herald the awakening of the dawn of light on your world to transform itself from individualism to small group cohesiveness, whether that is in a subdivision or an apartment house. Community that involves community consciousness using the "mental e-mail" we discussed last night will be far advanced of any other community idea that has ever existed. Mental e-mail will make intentional community work, and work very well.


The fourth development is one which we have been working on for some time, but which mortals just don't seem to get yet, and that has to do with 'working teams' using a celestial Teacher to aid the working group to come to rapid consensus about planning and development of any idea that mortals can conceive.


It would seem then this would be a great set of ideas to share with the TM '97, or will this become developmental at the conference?


We wish to not overwhelm them at this point, Daniel, and also not to make you the focus of all these ideas, for it is very useful to have this develop as a group idea, rather than through one person who would become the 'leader' or idea developer of the group of ideas, leaving the groups' energy to waste and languish. We wish it to generate from within the whole group, for individuals to take ownership of them, and take them home.


Can I change the topic a bit, or would you like to continue with this train of thought some more?


It is fine to change. We have fairly well exhausted this one at this point today.


Are all of these creative ideas something that I am supposed to continue with during my "spiritual retreat?"


Yes, Daniel, it is something that must continue for all of this to come to fruition in the right time and place with the right people. The thesis is one topic, these TR sessions are another, the community ideas, the mental e-mail ideas, and many more will come to the surface within the next three months, until mid-August.


So, then I should schedule my work to be more part time than full time so I have the energy to do this creative work, plus my healing, my body-mind-spiritual transformation, and the meditations and such. Right?


Yes, Daniel that is a must. You must go slower than you did yesterday. You must take breaks between projects. Rest. Rest. Rest.


Now can we return to the topic at hand?


Sure. Go for it.


It is not as though you are the only source of this information that is coming through. Many people are consciously involved in their spiritual-mental-emotional-physical transformation as you are. Many couples are very aware, conscious, of their transformation into sacred relationship couples, though you and Alara are far more intentionally aware of it and are one of our developmental guinea pig couples to try new tactics on. And many are aware of the benefit of working closely with celestials on material and developmental projects. So all in all everyone is quite aware of what is happening, though few have the overall grand plan design disclosure that you have been receiving.


Your function now is to make people aware of this grand plan that involves individual healing, sacred relationship development formation, and working teams and intentional community development. Those are the main areas of work now on your planet. This is enough to occupy our time and yours for a few decades. We will be working on other levels of development as well.


With these four areas of development, your society can be transformed, for within those four areas new conceptual designs of almost every facet of your personal, family, and community social life can be transformed. You will see your world in different ways, capable of functioning far more productively for all. You are quite literally only peeking over the threshold of a very large doorway of your world's future social existence.


Let us end this now and let you prepare it also for sharing to a select few.


Thank you, Mor-gan.


                                    * * *


The following is a joint effort by Robert O'Guin and his personal teacher, Anastesia. If not for yourself, you may want to pass this information on to others seeking to know more about meditation and stillness. Thanks, Robert, for sharing this. I'm sure Jim Foster who requested information on this in the May issue will be most appreciative.


  Response to those seeking to "Come on Line"


A basic concept for coming on line is the premise that all normal human beings have that GOD fragment within them. The adjuster that is constantly seeking a way to communicate clearly with his human partner. A clear line of communication is necessary, hence, the quiet mind.


Many techniques are available to facilitate this end. Actually, any relaxation exercise or environment will suffice. However, there are several books on the market: Roy Masters How Your Mind Can Keep You Well, Frank S. Caprio Helping Yourself with Self-Hypnosis, the "Self-Realization Fellowship" Paramahansa Yogananda, etc. There is a book entitled Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley. Mr. Brinkley has had celestial experiences that have given him the plans to construct a "stillness" chamber that would help people reduce stress in their lives.


There are many avenues utilized during the 'Correcting Time. The "Teaching Mission" is just one of many. I think it is important to remember that we are 'special people' not because we are greater than others, but that we are individuals in the eyes of God. And that we all are truly children of the Father and our highest service to Him is through love and understanding of our fellow brothers and sisters.


Communication with our adjusters is enhanced through healthy bodies, sound minds, balanced emotions and allied spirit with the Father. Traversing the psychic circles of our development is measured in our balance of these 4 areas integrated into our personalities.. so, BALANCE in ourselves is what is to be sought. Socialize with those that are of like mind and kindred spirit. Seek harmony in all your affairs.



                                 * * * * *


                         A LOVE STORY


                            Joi-Lin Veisz


As you may know, I've been married twice, fifteen years the first time, twenty the second time, and while I may have had four children with my first husband, I was never really happy. I married much too young and began having children that first year, never giving myself time for introspection. I divorced him after fifteen years once I realized that his lack of interest in the children was having an adverse effect on them. Then I jumped from the frying pan right into the fire and married again, this time to a man who was a quadriplegic. I lived with him for twenty years, still never finding happiness.


In January on '95, I had a blowout of a spiritual opening that culminated in working with a number of teachers, including Michael and Machiventa and another Melchizedek named Mantoube who gave me specific lessons to help me gain access to the inner pain I held as a result of a traumatized childhood. I was one of those people (I believed) that was destined to never find happiness or true love.        


Well, as a result of all the clearing my teachers helped me to do, I got in touch with some feelings I never knew I owned! I discovered at long last that I could allow myself to accept love, not just -give- it. Oh, dear, talk about opening Pandora's box - yikes! Now I had all these feelings and had no place to use them, or more specifically, no one to use them on! I began to dream of (believe it or not, at my age) a prince charming!


I began to move out of my marriage (emotionally) and disengage from both the marriage and the surroundings, including the house I lived in. In fact, my whole life began to change - nothing remained the same. I even lost thirty pounds without even trying. One day I walked past a mirror on my way to the shower and suddenly realized that the -outside- of me looked the same as my inner vision of myself! Wow! When did "that" happen? <grin>


Then one day, I realized that I was not doing a very good job of running my life. I remember throwing my hands up in the air and telling my Thought Adjuster, "I can't DO this anymore! YOU do it from now on! I give up running the show RIGHT NOW!"


Shortly after that, I wrote a letter to God, telling Him that I believed He wanted all of His children to be happy to live joyously, and to have a life partner, one that would reflect that same love they carried within their hearts back TO them. Then I told Him that if that were true, He would have to bring this person into my life as I would NOT go looking for him! Then I began making a list of the attributes this man would have to have. Oh, it was a looooong list, he had to be a computer programmer, (he had to know more about computers that I did!), a beard would be nice! He had to love kids and animals, the outdoors, be secure within himself, having done his own inner work? ....etc., etc.


Then I put the letter in a box I call my God Box, locked it up and forgot about it, (after all, I "gave" it to God. Now it was His problem!) and I NEVER expected He would ever find a person that could fit that description. The list was too long. No one could have all those qualities.


It was May 12, 1996 that I wrote that letter. Then I went to IC96, in Flagstaff, AZ in August, and on the last day, almost the last hour, a friend brought a man to me saying, "Joi, I was talking to Eric, and he told me to give you a hug when I got back to Tallahassee. Well, I told him you were here and asked him if he wanted me to point you out. He did. so here we are ... Joi....Eric....Eric....Joi." The first thing Eric said to me was by way of an apology for not saying a proper good-bye when he got off the Urantial list we were both members of almost eight months before. I told him not to worry about it, it happens all the time, people come and people go. (I never made the connection - didn't realize that he and I had communicated numerous times, had even talked on the phone several times). Then I told him I had to go, as I was late for a meeting (the Teaching Mission meeting that was going on in another part of the campus). And off I went. I can imagine the frustration of our angels. "Oh, good grief! What's it gonna take to get through to this one!!!!"


When I got to the meeting I felt compelled to give Reiki treatments to four different people and when I finished there was a big guy [Eric] standing in front of me asking if he could have some too! Of course, I agreed and began to give him a treatment. By the time I finished, the meeting was over and we decided to walk and talk a bit as neither of us were in the least tired; it was the last night of the conference. Who wanted to sleep?!


Well, as we talked, I began to realize that this man could very well be THE MAN! He was fitting my list as if he had been prepared to do just that! Then he told me about another woman he had met just before the conference and I told him to pursue her, as she was in a close proximity to him and I was hundreds (thousands?) of miles away. He agreed, but at the same time I was telling him to pursue her, I was telling God (in the back of my head) that if he were who I thought he was, then it would not work out with her and He'd send him right back to me. And that's just what happened.


We began e-mailing one another (as we had in the past) as soon as we got home from the conference. Then in December he called and asked me how I would feel about a visit from him. I told him to come on. We would be delighted to have him visit our TeaM group and we were having a meeting on community living that we would like to have his input on.


Well, he came and we fell in love. Eric told me in the interim that he, too, had made a list and I fit his as well!


I flew to DC in January and we went to the inauguration together, where I met part of his family. Then in February I flew out to Colorado and spent a week discovering what his world was like meeting the rest of his family and most of his friends. In the meantime, I had already begun to extricate myself from my unhappy marriage. I got a divorce and moved out to Colorado in March. We're getting married July 26 on Flagstaff Mountain, just outside of Boulder. (Could there be a more fitting place?)


And here are two more requests our loving Father gifted me with: When I arrived in Colorado, I realized I needed to go work (for pay, that is!) and since I hadn't had to do that for most of my life, I wasn't too sure I was qualified for that "get paid" part! So, as I was going to bed one night, I asked God if He could find me the perfect job. You know one where I don't have to sit behind a desk nine to five, and one where I'll be working with people...and it has to be service oriented ... and FUN to go to! I didn't want much. Right? Well, the next day, we went to a Urantia worship service, (honest to goodness!) and at the end of it we had a potluck dinner. I happened to sit across from a friend of Eric's who asked me what kind of job I was looking for? I repeated the above and he said I know the "perfect" job. It's in the same agency I work for! He set up an interview for me the next day and I was hired over another applicant who had plenty of credentials (where the only ones I had were garnered from life)! I never even looked in the first paper!


Answered prayer number three: My immediate boss was a real problem for me. It seemed she had difficulty in sticking with directives. In the morning she would say one thing and in the afternoon, the exact opposite! And when I addressed the problem, she was quick to tell me the problem was my own. She never said what I'd heard her say! Well, after about two weeks I was sure I couldn't handle it much longer, so that night I asked God if He couldn't maybe give her a little attitude adjustment and the next work day, Monday, my boss had undergone a complete change. Gone were the contradicting orders, and in their place was a woman who was in control, knew exactly what she wanted and how to express it - and one who was loving and supportive to boot! This change has gone on for over three weeks now, so it "must" be real.


Is God COOL or what?


[Thanks for sharing your love story with all of us. Our hearts will all join yours in celebration for both of you on the 26th]


                                   * * * *


                       TM FAMILY NEWS


Thern Blackburn (Joshua) has now joined Jeremiah and Debbie on the mansion worlds. Graduation services were held in the LDS church across the street from Joshua's home in Wood's Cross, Utah on Saturday, June 21, 1997. This information is from a post on the Tml from Bill Kelly. For those of you who don't know Joshua, the following from Bill Kelly, Susan Kimsey, Len McKee and Faye Barnsom will serve to introduce you to a beloved brother, who contributed much to the Teaching Mission. While we celebrate his graduation, his presence among us will be greatly missed. Those of us who did not know him look forward to meeting this dear brother when we graduate.


June 18, 1997


Joshua was the leader of the Wood Cross group that accepted the message from New Zealand about the beginning of the Correcting Time. Ham, the Woods Cross teacher, was involved in the assigning of teachers to individual groups back in the glory years of 1991-92. Joshua was Ham's devoted friend, assistant and enthusiastic supporter in the service of Michael. Joshua received the gift of healing and was the first to do hands on Life Carrier healing which has now spread to other healers and other groups. It was partly because of the unpretentious manner of Thern (Joshua) and his "tell it like it is" style that we Pocatello UBers were willing to give the Teaching Mission a try and ask for a teacher (which had already been assigned!).


Bill Kelly

Pocatello, ID


June 21, 1997


Thanks [Bill] for letting us know about Thern. He was a kind, friendly man and I have great respect for how he offered himself in service to the Teaching Mission. Thern was a healer, and was very willing to listen to and counsel others who were struggling to understand this gift, myself included. I greatly appreciate all the time he spent on the phone with me "talking me through" my questions, anxieties, and joy that I felt during my early experiences with healing, and my beginning comprehension for God's Energy flowing through my hands.


I especially enjoyed Thern's low-key, but ever-present sense of humor. He knew how to laugh at his own and other's tendency to feel self-important, and still show love and respect for his spiritual brothers and sisters. I also enjoyed the easy way Thern would share anecdotes from his own life; he was very self-disclosing and willing to admit to his own faults. He led an interesting life, and was a great story-teller when recounting his own experiences.


In my opinion, Thern was a "natural leader," and I see many people in the Teaching Mission whom I greatly admire as those who followed Thern's example, and style of leadership. I am very grateful for all that Thern offered of himself to the Teaching Mission, because we have all been the lucky recipients of all his devoted efforts. I wish Thern much love and success in his eternal path to God, and I know that all our beloved Teachers consider him a dear friend and helper in their ministry to us.


Blessings to Thern!


Susan Kimsey

Half Moon Bay, CA


                                    * * *


June 23, 1997


My thanks once again. You are a dedicated trooper & I appreciate you for your service. Here is a small donation and some transcripts.


1. Joshua's (Thern Blackburn) funeral transcript from Abraham


2. Abraham Lesson of June 9, 1997


Please let the T.M. know of Joshua's passing and of his great service, which as far as we are concerned, got the T.M. off and going. I remember those days in 1991 and 1992 when Joshua recorded and sent copies all over the country of Ham's lessons. He did so without wanting an acknowledgement or even help. He just did it.


In the same service, so are you so dedicated Allene and I thank you! See you in Colorado


Len McKee

Bountiful, UT


                                    * * *


June 24, 1997




Joshua was born October 14, 1926 in Minersville, Utah and died June 17, in Bountiful, Utah.


Joshua was one of the first to faithfully and with all his might set this ship of faith (The Mission) upon the waters heading for Paradise. We rejoice with Joshua that his mission now complete upon Urantia, Father turns a page in Joshua's book of eternal life, and a new adventure begins.


I wish to share this message with you and your readers.


Faye Barnsom

West Valley City, Utah


[Along with the above message, Faye also sent a copy of Abraham's message.]


June 20, 1997


TR: Nina (Ellenor)

Presented at Joshua's funeral on June 21, 1997 by Calvin (Len McKee), who was asked by the family to speak.


[I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. I am aware of your need to meet with me. It is good that you have sought help. I would let you know that these word suggestions are subjec to change if you would so desire. I am here to assist. - Not read at service-ED]


Abraham: We are here to celebrate the life of our faithful friend Joshua (Thern). Many things can describe his life, but the one thing that stands above is his example of faith. Joshua has been known to say he is a member of he "cedar post society", meaning - he was not a man of great feeling or emotion. Joshua was not one to balance his life upon whimsical feelings. He more-so, required a balance of reason and logic. This reason and logic, in combination with faith, brought him to a place of simple knowing. His faith was beyond surface levels of emotion, to deep levels of logical knowing.


In Joshua's knowing, there was great courage to act upon what he knew. To grasp courage to coast upon unknown waters. Faithful enough to drift upon these waters of uncertainty - still equipped with the life preserver of knowing - that when the storms of adversity had appeared to have overtaken him, he had held fast to his faith, trusting the Father of all fathers would guide him to safety.


While Joshua had his moments of obstinance, he could rely upon his firm foundation of faith. His faith in spiritual things was even stronger than his own desire to have things his own way. His faith over-rode his desire to see things his own way. Experiencing as much adversity as Joshua did, strengthens us all to believe that faith cannot only teach us to endure, but to live and grow in nobility.


Joshua, being a man who was thrifty (or stingy) with emotion, was quite extravagant with humor. Many times could he be found in excited anticipation of telling a joke, even when telling the same joke repeatedly. Joshua found that not only his faith was sustaining, but humor was in abundance concerning things human and divine. A good measure of faith in combination with humor created for him a balanced foundation on which he could build.


Throughout Joshua's life, there was one who assisted him in his spiritual understanding. In the midst of mortal living, we each could use a friend so helpful in areas of our life where we are perhaps weak. I speak of Joshua's sister - Rachel (Ida). In this world of experiencing growth, it is of great comfort to have others to share with. Rachel was such a one, and one who shared a great deal with her brother.


Joshua has always been a man of dedication. His love for his family and friends went beyond his own expression. He had one continuous desire he longed to fulfill when his mortal life was spent, and that was - he would leave a legacy of love and watch-care toward his fellows, which would continue on through all those he knew. At Joshua's present status, he is now overflowing in joyous gratitude - knowing his wish was fulfilled - his earthly destiny complete - his mortal life spent wisely.


You who are here to feel the emptiness of his presence, can be comforted in knowing that you have benefited by Joshua's example of faith and humor, and are equipped to carry on. Know that your friend resides in the arms of safety, and in the heart from which all love stems. Shalom.


[Thank you Bill, Susan, Len and Faye for sharing this information about our brother Joshua. It is interesting to note that the information from Len arrived the day I had planned to take the newsletter to the printer. So, maybe the newsletter wasn't supposed to go out on schedule???]


                                 * * * * *


                          NEWS UPDATE


PARADISE NETWORKER - Sonny Schneider is no longer publishing the Paradise Networker due to a busier personal schedule, which in part is due to the amount of time now spent on the Internet and in particular the Teaching Mission List (TML and the TeaM List. As Sonny says, "times change and so do people."


"These two Correcting Time oriented discussion groups now post more transcripts in a month than the Paradise Networker could print in a year of issues. And where the Paradise Networker costs $500-600 an issue, the Internet is free.


"But let me stress to you the enthralling world that awaits you on the Internet and especially the Teaching Mission List. And as you no longer need a computer to access the Internet, only a TV, and a telephone, and anyone of several new connecting units that cost around $400 to $600 a piece, this is the very best time to do it!!!


"We are now working on a Paradise Networker Web Site where will have all six issues of the Paradise Networker available for viewing Many of the graphics there are in color. Future issues are a good possibility there too!


"So we hope to see you in our virtual living room at TML and at the Paradise Networker site. Back issues of the Paradise Networker are available. All you have to do is ask."


Sonny Schneider

Kailua-Kona, HI


Sonny has been posting daily teacher quotes and UB quotes on the TML and TeaM lists. Sonny, we applaud you and Dennis for your many contributions in service to the Teaching Mission with the Paradise Networker and the Teaching Mission calendars - and now your new ventures into spreading the good news of the kingdom on the Net. Those of you who know Sonny, know how he does all he does with such effervescent cheerfulness. I keep telling him that he should  change his name to "Sunny" for he exudes rays of sunshine to all around him. Sonny embodies Michael's statement "to be of good cheer." Blessings to you, dear brother.



                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES



               MISSION GATHERING 1997


                  Snow Mountain, Colorado


                        "LOVE IN ACTION"

                       August 21-24, 1997


For information and registration packets contact Barry Norby at 936 Buck Drive, Dover DE 19901. To offer suggestions or offer your help with the program contact Eric Johnson at 303-604-2347.


THERE IS STILL TIME - Registrations and full payments must be received by JULY 21.


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                    THE URANTIA BOOK


This magnificent and universal injunction to strive for the attainment of the perfection of divinity is the first duty, and should be the highest ambition, of all the struggling creature creations of the God of perfection. This possibility of the attainment of divine perfection is the final and certain destiny of all man's eternal spiritual progress.


Urantia mortals can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man; and when they do achieve this destiny, they will, in all that pertains to self realization and mind attainment, be just as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as God himself is in his sphere of infinity and eternity. Such perfection may not be universal in the material sense, unlimited in intellectual grasp, or final in spiritual experience, but it is final and complete in all finite aspects of divinity of will, perfection of personality motivation, and God-consciousness.


This is the true meaning of that divine command, "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect," which ever urges mortal man onward and beckons him inward in that long and fascinating struggle for the attainment of higher and higher levels of spiritual values and true universe meanings. This sublime search for the God of universes is the supreme adventure of the inhabitants of all the worlds of time and space.


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                      The Hands of Michael



Sometimes when you approach me

It is like the sun comes

Slipping from behind clouds

Until you illuminate me.


I always open my eyes to check

...but the sun has never come out...

It is always that You have come In!


You so gently radiate your love

When you could burn away in an instant

The protective doubts to which I cling.


You see through them all

And uplift my stumbling heart

With such tenderness.


Oh that I could reach up and clasp your hand!

We catch in mid air...why not?

Expert trapeze artist in flight!

You toward me

I, spinning in frozen faith


And I am no longer falling.


Your touch catalyzes my fear into hope

My tear into smile

Through all is churning chaos

Around me still

I begin to rise above the elements that confound  me.


This must be how your friend Mary Magdalene felt, sometimes,

Shining out her certain salvation


While her past behind her flickered

The cities' projected scorn and shame and pity.


What had I to turn and face.

I surrendered

To the keeping of your golden heart,

In its stunning acceptance.


In certain salvation, I, too

Walk beside you

now reaching up and again, for perfect balance.


Father, Thank you for the Hands of Michael.


Amen.                                      Delores Dinsmore


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                                  F. Y. I


The newsletter at the end of May was:


$695.88  - IN THE RED


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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Your support is appreciated.


When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes.


June 1, 1997


Having sat down this Sunday morning and read the May Newsletter, I have felt moved to write you a ot and include a check to help our with the work you are doing. Too, I find myself delinquent in getting a check mailed for the balance due for the August "Love in Action" conference, so Life has been very busy for me these last few months. Trying to keep up with it all, I was getting stressed out and out of balance. I asked Michael and our Mother Spirit for help in learning to take better care of my temple, my Adjuster and me and I got an abundance of help. Since then I have been working on the lessons of staying in the moment, doing what is in front of me, relaxing more, letting some things just wait on the daily to do list and taking more time for myself. It has been a wonderful experience. More and more I have felt the carefree spirit that I so enjoyed as a child. It has been so long since those times that I had forgotten how joyously wonderful it is to feel so relaxed. It has meant that some things simply do not get done on the "old scheduled routine" and yet I am constantly amazed at how much does get done in this freer flowing approach

instead of going back into the office today, I will stay here and catch up on things I have put off. My mood for the past several weeks has been one I don't relish, as it has been somewhat negative. About the only positive aspect has been the stillness practice, which doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but it does say to my soul that I am hanging in there. Spent Memorial Day weekend driving to and from Birmingham, Alabama to visit the grave of my daughter. She died February 4th of this year in Utah and I had her remains flown back to Birmingham to be buried near my dad. She would have been 19 on May 26th. The grave site had not been touched since February except for the placement of the foot stone I had ordered. The red clay didn't allow for any grass to grow, so on Sunday with the help of my close friend, Penny, and my 76 year old mom, we removed some red clay and filled back in with topsoil. Penny planted flowers and I got the grass started. When we had finished, the grave looked so much better. So the mourning process continues. My mood reflects the stages of grief. I understand it only in retrospect. Would be most pleasant to feel comforted. To have a taste of the spirit of the Comforter. To not feel so alone at times. I suppose in my present emotional condition, it doesn't allow for nay moments of inspiration to filter through. Such a tragedy! When one needs the help available, it can't be made manifest due to an imbalance of a personal nature. Reminds me of the story of the person sitting at a fine table with all the food available and not seeing it, and starves to death. Perhaps the story of my life! Always desiring the spiritual path, but finding myself on it has been difficult at best. Hoping that the attendance at the August conference I will be a "door opening" experience, that I may overcome the personal inadequacies that have plagued me all my live, and begin to be more of a partner with my TA in all things, especially, to open and "see" the food before me, and take nourishment there from. I am thankful for the kindness of those like Fred Harris, Rick Giles and Scott Htton who have seen fit to mail me recently information which has let to this, my desire to spend my August 24th birthday with you and others in Colorado. Well, I didn't know what I might write when I began this note to you, but now I see what was on my mind. Just needed to take the time and effort to write it down. So thanks for the newsletter. Looking forward to putting faces on names in August. Now I will post a not Barry Norby with a check.


Steven McWhorter

Kenner, LA


[Your experiences speak for many of us who have lost loved ones. Even when we can rejoice that death has brought delivererance from pain and suffering to a loved one, still there is the human grief over our loss of not having them here with us. Losing a child, who is still young, surely must be one of the greatest losses that a mortal can experience. And it does seem often to be the case, as you say, that when we need help the most, we are unable to access our spiritual sustenance. Our hearts and prayers are with you. You will see "Love in Action" in Boulder and just how big these hearts are! - ED]