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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

June 1993 (Vol. l, No.4)


                     FROM THE EDITOR

 How much I wish to thank all of you who share your thoughts, ideas and experiences to make this newsletter a helpful tool for all of us! I especially want to thank you for your contributions, your transcripts and kind words of encouragement. It has been only a little over a year since I became involved in the teaching mission and only a few months that I have been doing this newsletter. There are moments when I feel most inadequate to the task to serve you all well. When I hear your appreciation and learn that this newsletter is helpful, I am spurred on to continue with great enthusiasm.


As I sit in the unusual position of hearing from so many of you, I would like to share some of my perceptions with you. I am greatly impressed with the heartfelt sincerity that I feel coming from all of you in this mission. The genuine efforts shown to try to put the teachings of Michael and the teachers into daily practice show your commitment. The doubts show the clear desire to transmit the truth as received and only the truth. The questions of the teachers show the depth of seeking for true understanding. The love that shows forth in your conversations and correspondence is unmistakable. As the teachers show similarities in their teachings, so you all show similarities as brothers and sisters in unity of purpose, intent and action to do the will of the Father. Your struggles and imperfections are those of all of us. Your willingness to look honestly at these and to strive for perfection in loving and gentle ways brings us all closer as a community fostered in love and understanding. Each day this community grows and is strengthened. The Urantia Book is a wonderful guide and I am ever learning from it, but more important than the intellectual understanding gained therein is the heartfelt response to the spirit of truth that is revealed so clearly in the communications with our celestial teachers. Your ability to act upon the truth as it is revealed to you will shine upon the lives of all around you and the circles will ever expand until all are included.


May the blessings of our Father lighten your way, strengthen your hearts and bring joy to your being.


Love and gratitude to each of you.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *



We thank those who have returned the questionnaires and look forward to receiving those yet to come. If you haven't yet returned your questionnaire, please take the time to do this as it is helpful in trying to gather the information to make the coming lists comprehensive for all. Please do not assume that I have information or knowledge of your group, teachers, etc. The only information that will be added to the new lists will be what is received directly from you.


As we move forward, it seems appropriate to be more clear in discussing the sharing of transcripts and information. Now that we have moved into the electronic era, these issues all need to be clearly addressed and a way found that is comfortable for all of us while most efficiently serving the needs of all.


THE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY OR ARCHIVE SITE AT WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS, MO has files of information that can be retrieved globally. The following transcripts have been uploaded by Michael Million on files and have been available at this archive site for almost all of 1993:


 ANDREWOctober 26, 1992 - November 15, 1992

 TARKASDecember 1992 - January 1993

 WELMEKJuly 28, 1992 - November 18, 1992

 WELMEK 2November 27, 1992 - February 23, 1993

 WILLOctober 27, 1991 - October 25, 1992


Hard copies and/or disks of these papers can, also, be obtained from Michael Million or the originating group. Also, available is a list of other files that may be of interest. It was the original intention to include this list as an enclosure to the newsletter. In an attempt to keep the newsletter from exceeding 10 pages requiring additional postage, this will be included in the next newsletter. If you want a copy of this right away, you can contact Michael.


THE "URANTIAL" is an electronic discussion network. Entry to this network is by subscription only. Transcripts are not sent out on this network, although parts of them may appear in the discussions. Those who are interested in receiving transcripts can request such and each request is handled on an individual basis.


Those of you who would like to take advantage of Michael's generous offer to assist in the distribution of transcripts, indexes and topic guides have several options.


 1. To share globally on the electronic library at Washington University


 2.To have transcripts (disks or hard copies) sent to those requesting them directly from you, Michael or the "Urantial"


 3.To have your hard copies put on disks for those unable to do so


 4.To receive hard copies or disks of the files that Michael has (At present he has those listed above)


Please be assured that Michael WILL NOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT SPECIFIC instructions from you. If you have any questions about this I urge you to talk directly to Michael Million. I feel sure that Michael's sincerity of purpose will become evident as you speak with him about how he can help and any assurances your group may want as to how your transcripts will be distributed.


With the growing number of transcripts and the limited time of members in the groups, this could be a great service to all of us in facilitating the sharing of information. It would be most helpful for many of us to have one source to turn to in obtaining transcripts. This is something you will each have to discuss in your groups. If you send anything to Michael, please be sure your instructions are SPECIFIC AND IN WRITING. Please proofread carefully so that the information you send is as you want it to be distributed. This is an opportunity to share globally and/or to simplify the task for you to share distribution as fits the desires of your group.


We applaud those of you who have gone "global" with your transcripts and we recognize and respect that this is not an appropriate step at this time for all of the groups. Both Michael Million and I are most concerned that each group is comfortable with when and how they choose to share. This is something that each group will have to decide. We all honor and accept any decision or no decision at this time. Both Michael Million and I feel strongly that we are only here to serve in any way that will be of service to you and your groups.


WE THANK YOU, MICHAEL, FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS to step forward to take on such a huge task and for the work you have already done on our behalf.


                                 * * * * *

                 TEACHER TRANSCRIPTS


It is hoped that we can soon put together a listing of all the transcripts that are available and begin to include in the newsletter teachings that stand out. If your group has transcripts that have recently been prepared or if you are not sure that I know of your transcripts, please drop me a postcard or return the questionnaire. Please include the names of the teachers and dates. I hope to make the list as complete as possible and am not sure I have heard from all of you since things are moving so quickly.


As more are communicating with their personal teachers, we encourage you to come forth and share your personal transmissions. While it is understood that this is a personal decision, many of the these transmissions augment and enhance the group transmissions.


As you become more familiar with the teachers and teachings of other groups, you will be more aware of the things that standout as new or different from your teachers. Your help is requested in marking these in sending me copies of your transcripts. Even though I am willing, time restraints do not allow me to accomplish all that I envision this newsletter to cover. I need to enlist your help. All of us will benefit greatly from this as the volume of transcripts is growing to such an extent that most of us cannot all read all of them.


In reading the transcripts, it has been noted by a few of us that it is distracting to see labels such as Q-1, for example in place of a name. If those in the groups would like to remain anonymous for the purposes of the transcripts, perhaps, an initial or other name could be used throughout to give more sense of continuity to reading them. There is something about our human minds that seems to stumble over the Q-1 type labels and yet continues on in perfect comfort with an initial or similar anonymous label. Just a thought for your consideration.


It is appropriate to again thank all the transmitters; group participants; those involved with the recording and transcribing of the meetings; and the individuals who share their personal transmissions. We recognize the time and efforts involved. WE THANK EACH OF YOU!!!


INDEXES AND TOPIC GUIDES - Just a reminder that these are very useful tools in discovering the new pieces of the puzzle that the teachers are giving to different groups. Ron is now working on the LinnEl papers. Thanks again to you Ron for your time and effort to make such a valuable contribution to us all


                                 * * * * *



KAILUA-KONA, HI. Sonny Schneider shares:


"As I was driving along the Kona coast last week, I heard this story from a celestial friend (possibly and Angel),


"We all crave to be in the presence of our paradise Father. As this is impossible, we turn to you mortals who are cooperating with your Thought Adjusters for our satisfaction of God's presence in our universe. Know how important you are to us, for truly we love to be in your presence. We urge you to continue to seek for the guidance of your inner spirit, for this adds to the joy we behold and share."



WAIKOKLOA, HI - David Saunders has the following message to share from Aflana that seems quite timely considering the decisions many of us are making in regard to the sharing of transcripts on the electronic media.



"We are pleased that you have been busying yourself in supportive activities, enlarging your windows, being able to see the view from a wider range of perspectives. All this, now made possible by modern techniques. We find it delightfully rewarding, that regardless of the stand or position taken on the reality/non-reality of this "teaching mission," each individual, ALL participants are aided in understanding the realities and potentialities inherent in themselves. What a wonderful, unforeseen in this form, opportunity has opened to those who have been gathering and storing experiential knowledge and personal revelation in mind vaults, unopened till recently, some near forgotten.


"We see these somewhat unexpected happenings, as "side effects" of this "correction time" activity, but truly attributable to the creative minds, high thinking, communication seeking individuals, the "brothers/sisters in the spirit", reaching out to each other, sharing some of their joy, their happiness, their love of life, their opinions, misunderstandings, and some of the views along the path they walk. We watch widely diverse opinions being laid out on a user friendly computer table, a sort of "pot luck dinner', where nourishment is assured. Everyone need not and does not eat everything, yet each brings food for thought, fruit from their efforts, and choice delicacies from their inner garden.


"This new exchange network, this sharing system will help insure a wider ocean of ideas into which you can dive, swim, snorkel, float, play, enjoy, do most anything save sink. How wonderful! This helpful resource is an effective tool, a new means for digesting difficult concepts, posturing new possibilities, fostering new friendship, and gaining deeper insight and understanding. You now have a growing, world wide, mostly open and accepting family like audience with whom you are able to share you deepest, most intimate spirit experiences, the stirring, the awakenings of soul consciousness.


"We are most pleased in the direction being taken by nearly all the participants. This form of exchange and sharing of opinions and experiences is one which is extremely fruitful. You will find this same sort of exchange of ideas, concepts and personal revelational experiences prevail all through your local and superuniverse education/evolution.


"We regard the ACTIVE participation of each individual personality in the computer communication link-up, as being part of the "teaching mission.


"Though, at this time, they will most likely disagree, none the less, we see them being teachers, in much the same way as Jesus. He taught mostly by questions, by inquiry, he involved himself in their lives, getting to know his earthly brothers and sisters gave him greater understanding, deeper insight into their lives.


"As they answered his questions, they often found solutions to problems they faced. He was getting to know them, and, they were getting to know themselves. Jesus well knew, the more you get to know someone, their roots, experiences, the ups and downs of their life, the more you are enable to love that person. What we see happening right before our very senses, through this keyboard communication, via inquiry; you all learn more about each other. Which translates into loving each other more, which translates into spirit growth.


"This is the main focus, the primary purpose of the TM. Welcome aboard, lovers of growth. You do not necessarily have to believe in the reality of which you may be a part. Witness the majority of beings on the planet, children of God, each IS part of the family whose future is forever. This reality they don't yet recognize, NONE THE LESS, they are as much a member of the family as any of you or any of us who recognize our relationship. Thank God this is how it is. Continue on with your inquiry into life, your practices eventually lead to perfection.


"Practice tolerance, practice patience, exercise faith. You will, even in this lifetime, develop spirit skill which you will continue to use through much of your morontial career. We love you, we work with you, share with you, share too in your sharing, and we all grow."


BRADENTON, FL - Although as Editor, I have felt restrained from using the newsletter to share my personal transmissions to preclude any perceptions that this is a means of forwarding a personal agenda, I have been urged by Aflana to share the following message from a recent personal transmission. To include it without identifying the source would seem less than honest and lacking in integrity.



"Action must follow faith for the spirit to grow. By taking action one's faith is fortified. Have you not seen this? Has not your willingness to step out in faith been rewarded? It always is thus. Faith without action is like a vine that is dying from lack of water. Action is the water that brings new strength and new growth."


CORVALLIS, OR - Thea Hardy received messages from Will, LinEl, Rayson, Welmek, Aflana and LorEel during a personal transmission on June 4, 1993. This is of interest as it shows clearly the teachers of one group being available for all. More often now a teacher of one group is responding to an individual or group in another location. We are not limited to the teachings only of "our" teachers. Here are some excerpts from the messages Thea received.



"You are important to us. You are each important to us and whatever ways we can help you are also helpful to the mission. Do not mistake that statement. We are interested n you personally, with much love, not just when you can serve the mission. But we know that your healing and thereby enhanced ability to love yourself and others is part of the unfolding plan that this entire mission is based upon. We are truly here for you as your personal friends and guides."



"I greet you with much love and affection. I am interested in watching the unfolding of the problems in your group and your determination and faith to solve what it brings to you both personally and as participants in your developing group. Your group is doing extremely well and is developing a strong an unified pattern of relationships. This is what we so encourage. This openness that all of us teachers have spoken of is more than just a pleasant and enjoyable human interaction, it is part and parcel of spiritual development itself. It is not just a style of relating, but an entire attitude of a personality devoted to sharing the inner life with the Father and with ones beloved brothers and sisters. You do not go unnoticed by us. Not at all. Each of us is quite aware of what you are doing. We watch and we send you our love in large quantity. You will prevail, this we know. You are an inspiration to us that reminds us that the work we do here is not thankless or hopeless. We teachers are here for all of you to draw upon, and rarely are we so busy that we cannot spare time for you."



"I do indeed wish to teach you to be daring, to dare all for the Father and Michael, to dare to be everything that you are made to be, daring to draw upon everything that you have been given and to become as fully yourself while yet on this, your planet of origin, that you can.


"Be patient with yourselves and let this process develop naturally in the organic style of unfoldment that you have learned to conceptually associate with this mission. What we know, and you are learning, is that none of our methods, left to themselves, are best. We are learning, as you are on your level, to collaborate, to experiment, to put together the best we each have to offer in order to be the most effective. You must understand that this is still a deeply experimental time in this mission. You are all test-pilots with us, and exhibit great daring in your willingness to collaborate with us in this process of discovering the best ways to run this mission. All of your efforts are what will in the end bring us the success that we have sworn to achieve for our dearest Sovereign. For this mission, when we have more fully learned what we are about , will transform this entire world into a place of unprecedented truth, beauty and goodness, and you will all have been gardeners with us in the creation of this new Eden, this new and special world of light and life. Yes, it is entering light and life, but remember too, that it is Michael's world. It will be special beyond the ordinary."



"This is Aflana, dear little sister, and my comments will be brief, only that I am so delighted that you and your group members are choosing to learn about the circuitry and what it really means, how much more it is than the mere wiring that some appear to associate with the word circuit. I have done my best to help al of your group in the grasp of these concepts, and I will continue to do so. We are so gratified at the complete restoration of the circuitry. I am personally thrilled because it is a satisfaction of the job that I cam here to do. (Ed. - Aflana is a Technical Adviser) Yet it is also fitting that I have been called on to minister in other ways, for that is the heart of the circuits, that they connect us in personal and loving relationships one to the another."


"Tell your fellows that we teachers are friends to them all, and that any of them may call upon us. Tell them also, that they can ask us questions and listen to their minds to see if there are replies. It may be in their struggles to hear us for the first time that one of us will be more in tune with them than another and we may thereby start their teacher journey. I love you all."



"I am LorEl and ask you to remember that you are all surrounded in the ahvek, all held within the eternal and everywhere present love of the Father.


"I am proud of you for your willingness to move beyond your comfort zone, and I am available to you as you continue to do this. You know there is much yet ahead in this line. Know that I will be your loving and guiding friend, along with the others, in this process. You will not have to do this alone. You are in a vast company of companions an, of friends, who truly love you and have much understanding for you.


"When you feel lonely, after turning first to the Father and Michael, turn to us and we will comfort you and give you the friendship and understanding that you desire. Call and we will come. We say this to all of you.


"You are the forerunners, and have no idea what an honor it is for you to participate, and for us to participate with you. We are all very fortunate, very lucky, you on your side and we on ours. Work with us, dear one, and we will all prevail."



                                 * * * * *


                  OF SPECIAL INTEREST


"YOU ARE MY CREATION" - By Bob Slagle (A talk presented in Naperville, Illinois, April 23, 1993) Those who enjoyed reading Bob Slagle's "WELCOME TO CHANGE" will want to have a copy of this paper. We thank you for your time and efforts to share your thoughts in such a delightful, balanced style of presentation. We look forward to reading more of your works.


"A FORUM ON REVELATION, CHANNELING, AND THE TEACHING MISSION" - This forum took place January 30, 1993 in San Francisco sponsored by the Golden Gate Circle of Students of THE URANTIA BOOK. This is a transcription of oral presentations by Bob Slagle, Gennie MacKinnon and Byron Belitos - three of the five speakers serving on this forum panel.


It is always good to hear the words of those who speak so clearly for many of us. Copies can be obtained by writing to Bob Slagle.

                                 * * * * *


            NEWS UPDATE


LEBANON, OR - Doug Knight updates us with recent developments in the Waterloo Decimal Group:


"Just as the consistent patterns with the teachers and their transcripts come to the surface, so to, do the inconsistent diversities of man manifest their unique and individual properties. We all get to experience the Teaching Mission differently. Now that the spiritual circuitry is replete/complete, spiritual growth is commensurate with personality capacity for allowance/acceptance.


"Michael's Spirit is surely here. And during Easter, after reading the three Hope lessons from Andrew, Aflana, and Norson, the Love Energy form Michael's actual presence increased to healing proportions. What a wonderful byproduct of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Healing is available through simple cognizance of Michael's presence. (See UB Pg 1669)


"Just prior to the third month anniversary of our involvement in the mission, and the day after I had denied abilities during a new R/T practice group, I transmitted Rokmar for the first time, along with a short interjection from another personal teacher. Although Rokmar is not fully on line, he does share this:



"Doubts are a series of questions that spell process/progress/promise."


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1993 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE - Readers of the Urantia Book July 31- August 5, 1993 in Quebec. From Sonny Schneider comes the following:


"Please share this in the next T.R. Newsletter.


"I have just filled out the form for the triennial Conference in Montreal, and I would like to share some feelings about my purpose in going to the conference. First and foremost, I look forward to meeting, socializing, and hopefully meditating and worshipping with other T.R.'s and Urantia Book Readers. Secondly, I wish to share with those who are interested, the teaching mission that has been actively working with our Kona group. My desire to share our experiences with fellow T.R.'s and Urantia Book readers is based on my prospective that the Teaching Mission is perfectly consistent with the Urantia Book. I also believe that my personal experience is duplicable through meditation, prayer, and a desire to be of service to the Supreme, to Michael, and to our fellow sisters and brothers.


"I will be bringing the 'transcripts of Kona' on floppy disk and hard copy, and also the lessons of Lor-El, which we extracted from the transcripts of the Celestial Impressions Group in Sarasota, Florida. These transcripts would go a long way in helping clarify to those interested, on both sides of the fence, as to what the teaching Mission is all about. I hope representatives of the other T.R. groups come with copies of their transmissions to share as well. Each of the T.R. groups has been given a unique angle on transmitting the teachers. Some ask many questions after only a brief lesson. Others receive long lessons and only ask a few questions. Some groups have one teacher, others three, and still others get a parade of celestial personalities. I feel all these prospective need to be shared with our fellow readers. As there are now some off the wall spin-offs that are confusing. Many folks are not able to get and read the true transmissions of our Celestial teachers. Friends, if you have no other reason for not coming to the conference other than it's a long drive, I'll see you in Quebec!


"Also, if someone who is familiar with the conference area could suggest a natural outdoor environment somewhere near the conference area for a T.R. group get together on Tuesday, August 3, we could plan a T.R. and friends social with a meditation and worship. Anyone interested, please call or write me, or Sonny Schneider or write to us all via the next issue of the T.R. Newsletter."


Sonny sent me the second posting to the "Urantial" inviting all to come together in a social gathering to meet and share. This invitation has been extended to all who are interested "even those who have written the whole TM off as a bunch of crazies."


THE BIRTHDAY OF CHRIST MICHAEL - AUGUST 21. Please write with any idea or plans you have for this special day of honoring Christ Michael as others may wish to incorporate your ideas into their own planning. I have a suggestion that we might all agree upon specific hour (based on Greenwich time) that we set aside to spend within a group or individually in silent meditation with Michael to join our hearts and spirits in his honor for the sum is greater than its parts.


Several of us have had the idea of compiling the words of Michael as we have received them. This day may be a good time to share the words and lessons that he has revealed to us in the teaching mission - a day to contemplate his words and give thanks for all he is doing for us to lead us to the Father.


                                 * * * * *

                    PROSE AND POETRY

 NEWBERG, OREGON - Mary and David Jaquith had the following to share in their "Epoch5 phase II" newsletter (No 4/May 15, 1993): " Apr. 24. 9-11 am. Mary and I had a superbly restful two hours, and more throughout the day. This thought picture came during the peace-charged stillness:


I will be around for a long time. Longer

than the oceans and continents.

I will be here, in the Father, long after

Urantia is gone, long after the sun

grows cold. I am a permanent fixture

in the Master Universe.


From the first outer space level

I look across the Superuniverses

to the Central Isle.

Indescribable peace settles upon me.

I am at home. A citizen

of the cosmos...I am... a finaliter."

                                     * * *


                     "Living In The Silence"

 If you could live within the peace,

And find your way to pre-release;

Then you would find your inner voice

Would led you to your final choice.

Living in the quiet time,

Seeking out the final rhyme,

Finding ways to redesign

And pay attention to the sign.

But you and I knew long ago,

That there was only room to grow.

So now it's time to take a stand,

And reach up towards the Father's hand.

Living in the quiet time,

Looking for the final rhyme.

Guided by supernal sign,

Reflective ways to realign.


Douglas E. Knight


We thank you, Doug, for sharing this and encourage others to share their prose and poetry that has been inspired by the Urantia Book and/or teaching mission.


                                 * * * * *





Dallas TM Group

Teachers: Anastacia (Female)

 Ordon (Male)

Contact:Nancy Johnson


AnastaciaFemale Teacher - Mesquite, TX

Ansol Personal Teacher - Sebastopol, CA

OnanecalkTeacher - Tallahassee, FL

Ordon Male Teacher - Mesquite, TX 75150

Thicandor Teacher - Tallahassee, FL


                                 * * * * *


                   NETWORK INQUIRIES


Requests have been received for information about the subjects listed below. If you have any information to share, there is someone waiting to hear from you.


 *Inquiries continue to come in as to what we know of other groups and activities outside our country. If any of you have foreign contacts, we urge you to share these to help connect us with all our brothers and sisters. We have much to learn from and to share with them.


 *Any information received about the adjudication, the date and source of this information and what this means.


 *Anecdotal stories that you can share about how your life has changed since the your awareness of the teachers and their lessons. These are "the fruits" of the tree by which many will come to see the value that has been coming forth. Our explanations of and experiences with the teachers may seem too way out and put many off. However, they can relate to hearing and seeing the changes that are occurring in our everyday life. This may be a more gentle way and effective way of introducing others to the teaching mission. These true stories may do much to arouse a desire for more information that we all so love to share. These simple stories of truth in our lives could be combined as a living testimonial - a tool for all of us to use and to share. The idea expressed here is a direct result of a conversation with Dennis Shields, who suggested how helpful these anecdotal stories would be. We hope to hear from many of you with your ideas and/or stories to make living testimonial a tool for all of us to share.

 *The words and teachings from Michael are so precious. May we encourage you to share these with all of us.


 *Sharing your thoughts or observations about the teaching mission will be of help to all of us as we put together the pieces of this puzzle. Let's share out thoughts and observations as this way we will all broaden our perspectives and stretch our minds. We will grow together in understanding.


 *HUMOR - It would be so good to share more laughter to give us pause to "lighten up" a little to enjoy the process. Your contributions in this area will be enjoyed by all.


                                 * * * * *




                                 * * * * *


The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list can be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence.



Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent

upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.