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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

October 1996 (Vol. 4, No.10)




This newsletter is briefer than usual (probably a relief to some of you who have so much to do and read already!) in order to include the packet of information and registration forms for next year's Gathering at Snow Mountain. Many thanks to Bob Lea and those in the Boulder Group who came forward to make the arrangements and a very special thanks to Barry Norby for all the love, time and attention he put into putting this packet together. Eric Johnson has volunteered to be Program Coordinator for this event. If you have musical talents, input from your teachers, ideas or suggestions, do let Eric hear from you. This is the surest way to express our appreciation to him for taking on this task.


The message from Rantarason in the last newsletter has been confirmed by various groups and individuals who have received similar messages. It surely cannot seem too surprising to those of us who are becoming more and more aware of the changes that are taking place all around us. We, as the people of Urantia, are moving ahead as can be seen in our contacts with those around us. More and more one discovers the knowledge of change in those we meet who are not familiar with the Urantia Book. What seems most pleasing to me is that the ones I have been running into do not have any fanatical, preconceived ideas as to what is to come, but rather an awareness and an eagerness to prepare themselves to be of service - whatever this may mean whether it entails moving, changing the focus of their lives or simply a willingness to "Let Go" and "Turn It Over." This willingness without any clear understanding of why or what it all means must make our celestial teachers most joyful.


As humans, it is so easy for us to start speculating as to what this means, how it will come about and, of course, the big question of when. Several teachers have had some words of caution about speculating which I hope to have to share with you in the next issue. It would be my hope that these messages of future events will inspire us to concentrate more on the lessons in front of each one of us for only in this way will we be better prepared to be of service now and in the times ahead.


One thought that Rantarason's message seems to have percolated in several people I have talked to is the idea of the "hundredth monkey." When enough of us here are ready, it will happen. Procrastination seems a very human trait, so, perhaps, the mere idea of something so wonderful happening in our life times is the carrot we need to spur us to developing our spiritual potential  as "Vibrant Visionaries of Exalted Promise" - in teacher Veronica's words.


I do thank all of you for your support in the way of donations, material for the newsletter and kind words of encouragement. When I started the newsletter, I was most reticent to print any of the kind words I received as it seemed egotistical to do so. However, as time has passed I have mellowed a little in my rigid ways and have come to realize that if I sent kind words to a publication I would be pleased to see them printed. While they are received with love and appreciation, they have not gone to my head. They have encouraged me to settle down and spend more time on the newsletter with a renewed sense of invigoration, purpose and enthusiasm. This is good for as I look at the stack of material I have in front of me, it is clear that it is  going to take more time and guidance to edit and try to select excerpts that touch on the ever increasing scope of what the teachers are sharing with us now - not to mention volume. As we have grown in understanding, so have the lessons increased in richness and depth. YOU are all truly doing a wonderful job!!! 


May we all walk in His light together.


Allene Vick


                    FROM THE READERS


October 15, 1996


Some time ago, we were asked to share the titles of books we had found helpful, and I meant to contribute earlier, but forgot. However, belatedly, I do have two recommendations.


Starting in 1932, when the Urantia Book was being transmitted, two women in England were transmitting messages from Jesus. I have often felt that these messages to two Christian women were the missing part of the Urantia Book. In other words, a personal greeting and contact with twentieth century Christians. The book is entitled God Calling and it teaches the truths of the Urantia Book, but of course not the information in detail. For anyone desiring a closer relationship with Michael, especially coming from a Christian background, I highly recommend this little book. By the way, don't let its simplicity fool you. There is advanced thought here.


There is a companion volume called God at Eventide, but it is more difficult to find. The publisher is Dodd, Mead & Co.


Below is a sample message from God Calling.


"Remember, that just as you thank God for Me, so do I thank God for His gift to me of you. In that hour of my agony on earth, one  note of Joy thrilled me through the pain. The thought of the souls given me by my Father, who had kept my  word.


"They had not then done great deeds, as they did later, for and in my name. They were simple doers of my word, no hearers only. Just in their daily tasks and ways they kept my word.


"You, too, can bring Joy to My Heart by faithful service. Faithful service in the little things. Be faithful. Do your simple tasks for me."


During the very dark days of World War II a group of people were brought together and taught to mediate, and these are short lectures they were given on "stillness practice," and what the results were, and the value of the practice. There as in God Calling no human names are used except that of Mary Strong, wife of a New York playwright, who edited the papers the book is entitled, Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood, published by Harper and Row.


I believe all who have these books will be deeply inspired and encouraged in "Stillness practice."


Love and blessings to all and thanks to Allene for her dedication to the newsletter.


Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL


                                    * * *

October 11, 1996


Enjoy each copy of the newsletter you put out and always pass it on to my dear friend who can't attend meetings but loves the writings and the Urantia Book and reads it daily.


I was so touched with the writings from Michael this past issue. You do a very noble and wonderful job. Hoping you'll soon be out of the Red. I know God will touch many hearts at this time to make that happen. All prayers in my friend's behalf will be appreciated. [I'm sure many of our readers will send their prayers for your friend. -Ed]


Joy Behling

Falls City, OR


                                    * * * 

September 1, 1996


I do enjoy the newsletter very much and look forward to receiving it. I enjoy the messages from the other teachers and it is a joy to know they are working all over the world.


Angie Martin

Pocatello, ID


                                    * * * 

September 16, 1996


Long time since we communicated and I have wanted to send a few $ - finally getting to it - wish it could be more. I do appreciate getting the T/R News and want to encourage you.


I still spend most of my time in service to children - through several organizations at which I volunteer, plus some Health Care work part time.


Some of the transmissions and activities seem to me to be getting pretty far-out. Leaves one wondering? The message we continue to get from JARED (Sebastopol) is "doing kindnesses - (loving service and seeking the stillness for guidance) and, of course, worship and seeking God-mindedness. This is plenty challenging for me - and makes my live worthwhile and helps to build my faith and hope. As we achieve these things,  I'm confident there will be more to come,  but, for me, I'm still finding that plenty challenging. Maybe those that are a little farther along are getting more specific direction/guidance into new activities. I hope that this all proves fruitful. Of course, we all have our own unique contribution to make as we work to foster the growth of Light & Life on this beleaguered planet.


I wish you love and enrichment as you pursue your path - and thank you again for your work on the T/R News.


Bill Nidiver

Santa Rosa, CA


                                    * * *


Your T/R News Network is astounding! [It is not mine! It is all of you who are so dedicated and the teachers that are astounding! - Ed] It is so informative, enlightening and so positive. To hear from the many teachers encourages our attitudes and I hope our soul growth.


We appreciate your work


Lucille and Hal Kettell

Arcadia, CA


                                    * * *


October 8, 1996


Thanks more than we can say for your untiring work on the newsletter - not the least for the great heart behind it.


David & Mary Jaquith

Newberg, OR


October 5, 1996

Keep up the good work! We appreciate the newsletter.


I was especially impressed with Rantarason's message in the September T/R News Network. It rings true to me and helps me understand my lifelong interest in "extraterrestrials" and their interest in us and in our planet, and how I may possibly be of service in these end times.


"Horace" or "Brother Bill"

Lawrence, KS


                                    * * *


October 9, 1996


I loved the last few issues of the Newsletter! You're doing such a Good Job! and it's really appreciated!


Sonny Schneider

Kailua-Kona, HI


                                    * * *

 30 September 1996


I've been wanting to write since SpiritFest in June. Time is busy, with daughter Rebecca starting first grade, her sister Hana in preschool, me on leave from my job teaching teenagers and my wife Meilan bring home all the bacon.


I'm starting the second of a two year graduate program in Literature at San Francisco State. In a time when theorists of literature have long since dismissed the possibility that spiritual realities could exist -- let alone be reflected in literature--in a time when they even question whether we can ascertain meaning at any level, I've chosen as the focus of my work, you guessed it: spiritual meanings in literature. In grandiose moments ( I have many) I hope to return to my teaching having made a theoretical statement which will stimulate other teachers to give themselves permission to teach from and to the spirit.


One reason I've delayed writing is that I want to send you a copy of the packet our East Bay group put together to share at our California SpiritFest this past summer. It's a little group project containing some of our personal statements about how the Teaching Mission is affecting our lives, some transcripts from our teacher Althena, and some poems by group members. As well as learning what has been going on with the East Bay Teaching Mission, you might find some newsletter-worthy items among these. I'd have sent it earlier but am still trying to locate two missing originals so that no one's contributions are left out. I will get it to you before the year's out.


Our East Bay group remains vibrant. We have met weekly with few exceptions since early 1994, and in the past year have been blessed with several new members. And why not? We are an open, supportive mix of society's misfits working together and separately to soak up and spread Father's light. Recently we've begun experimenting with a bi-monthly format in hopes of using the intervening week to produce regular transcripts. (This has been our weak point. Even though member Karen Roberts is good enough to supply us her retransmissions of some lessons, we still have no record of the questions and answers which are so helpful in hindsight, especially for new people.)


Other news from the East Bay group:  We are considering adapting to our own group's style teacher Rayson's suggestions on incorporating the Urantia Book into Teaching Mission sessions. Since the August newsletter several expressed interest in this possibility, I'll share Rayson's plan as he described it to our group. He suggests a course of study using three portions of the UBook. The first portion appears on page 51 -- the series of short passages explaining the need for life uncertainties and existential vicissitudes in developing the mortal qualities of courage, altruism, hope, etc.


If we do decide to try this, each meeting the group would choose one of the nine qualities discussed on this page. During the coming week, we would each commit to contemplating the passage on our own in stillness, each making an effort to reach for his or her personal teacher. (We are considering choosing three passages. Each member could then choose one that most speaks to her or him that week.) The idea is to each seek our personal teachers' guidance on applying the insights from the passage to specific challenges we face in our lives. In whatever way seemed comfortable--in writing, drawing, tape recording, whatever --each of us would set down some sharable record of the attempt.


At the next meeting members take turns sharing the guidance they received, whether from their own higher minds or, preferable as this becomes possible, from personal teachers. After each shares, the group teacher then offers additional comments, guidance or questions.


When a group has completed its journey through the qualities found on page 51, probably a trek of months depending on how often a group meets, Rayson recommends a second, more challenging UBook portion. It's the series on pages 556-7, the statements of human philosophy used on the first mansion world to help new arrivals grasp the significance and meaning of morontia mota. After this is complete (I assume the format is the same), Rayson recommends a third, but this one I failed to write down. It may have to do with applying the golden rule. I'll find out and send it in.


We hope the two week interval between meetings our bi-monthly experiment gives us will allow time not only for transcribing group sessions but for setting down these individual personal teacher encounters too. Doesn't the sharing of teacher contact experiences seem as though it would generate enthusiasm?! The benefits of this approach, and there are numerous that come to mind, modified to suit each differing group of course, would seem to speak for themselves. I hope our group takes to it!  Readers: please send word to the newsletter if your group decides to embark on any such experiments!


Allene --I'll send our RapCity Light Vessel (aka East Bay Teaching Mission) packet when I have a complete one to copy for you. Also, I've had a few transmissions I'm feeling more and more are genuinely from my Thought Adjuster. When possible, I'll type up and send them too.


The newsletter continues to be a great source of inspiration and coherence for me. In these times of testing and challenge it's especially reassuring to gain the larger picture your dedication and hard work give us. I remain very grateful for all your efforts. Please accept these belated contributions, both white and green.



John Creger                  

Berkeley, CA

                                    * * *


October 23, 1996


The conference [in Cincinnati]  was really great, with about 37 or so congenial souls sharing. Karen O'Dell took the tapes of speakers and transmissions back to Pittsburgh to work on. We heard from Iruka, El Tanere, Tomas and Machiventa, and via yours truly, we heard from Tarkas, Elisha, Olfana (full body!), Andrew and Jonella. Tarkas brought his entire Morontia class, of which Jonella is a student.


Since we need to publish all this and have the funds, I think I'll make it the next issue of Spirit Quest. [Sounds like a great idea. We'll all be looking forward to the next issue to learn more. -Ed] We had some bonfires, music, lots of fun sharing.


Jim Cleveland

Cincinnati, OH

                                 * * * * *




Excerpts from the Pocatello, ID group:




Ham:  My perspective on this mission is broad because of my responsibilities and I would briefly report tonight to you that progress continues to meet and exceed our expectations.  While some groups falter at times, still the Correcting Time is proceeding apace with continued success with contact in areas, cultures, religions not familiar to you.  Be assured, my friends, that the changes that I announced in Los Angeles are in effect. [Ed -See Below] There are significant improvements which are being addressed in all the areas of environment, health, science, education, economics, agriculture as well as spiritual uplift.


I am pleased that the prospect of viewing the flower of your youth in healthy competition, at least for the most part, has been a good experience for you all. We, of course,  foster such programs [Ed. - note: Ham is referring to the Olympics] which are normal and exalted on advanced and evolving evolutionary planets.


Do not become pessimistic about the future because of the lost condition of so many who have no adequate role modes. Role models are emerging right now in this global enshrinement of nobility and effort.


Daniel:  How exciting it is to have brother Ham ask to have time and to share his enthusiasm. I am of a mind this evening to take as our topic the importance of striving for excellence, to revisit the topic of the relationship between what is and what can be.


We are all creatures with infinite potential as sons and daughters of the Most High God and, as you know, we are in the constant struggle of progressing towards Paradise. In this relationship we are in the company of others for no one but the Solitary Messengers can thrive or exist in isolation. We grow together as we move toward Paradise.


The potential that each of you have is a combination of your genetic inheritance, your cultural training, the personality gift from the Father and the Indwelling Monitor/Faithful Guide to eternity. But the crucial factor is your freewill choice. I realize these concepts are not new but always it is necessary to remind ourselves of who really has the last word, the final say in the development or lack of it of our soul and our potential.


It is almost unbelievable to most observers that human beings can perform the physical feats which are showcased in your Olympics. You also observe that the records are constantly being broken, that the standards of the past do not persist but are exceeded. The universe career is like the Olympics, my friends. In an analogous sense we are all in a great and grand training exercise to produce the perfection that is almost attained by your athletes.  All of us, unless we forsake this career, will become gold medalists!  All of us will reach the final destination when our potential has been fully developed.


I cannot imagine in my youthful career of several thousand years what it shall be like to stand before the central shining of the Gods. But I have heard tales from Finaliters that thrill me and inspire me to continue enthusiastically to pursue this path to the Gold Medal, as it were. That is why I am so pleased to be honored to be your teacher. With this pep talk, I guess, I will now conclude with one final thought. You all have everything you need to run the race, to walk the road. You must make that choice daily, hourly, sometimes even minute by minute.


Minearisa:  Greetings, students, colleagues, friends, family. I am Minearisa your instructor in residence. It is, indeed, my joy to participate in this time with you this evening in the midst of this time of the Olympics upon your planet for as Daniel has said the Olympics embody that striving for excellence to meet and surpass individual potential. Indeed is this Teaching Mission, as part of the Correcting Time, designed to assist each of you individually in preparing for your own Olympic trial.


However, the trial we envision is four part rather than one. The Olympics are focused upon the physical aspect of being, fulfilling individual potential in the physical and thus as was spoken earlier this evening do you see the physical body of the athlete as beautiful. For each athlete has trained, has pushed, has worked to bring that aspect, the physical of their being, into its potential. The Olympic trials we envision of you does have this aspect of the physical. We do encourage you to work toward your individual potential in the physical realm in terms of rest, exercise, and nutrition.


In addition, the trial for which you are preparing asks that you also do that most difficult inner work of becoming the outward manifestation of the personality pattern bestowed upon you by the First Source and Center. This, my friends, is a very difficult challenge. It is in every aspect the equivalent to an Olympic gymnast, for instance, preparing to do that vault, that aerial back handspring or for that diver to make that perfect dive, etc. To do this inner work requires time, honesty, commitment, dedication, all of which you here have displayed.


The third aspect of your Olympic trail concerns preparing the intellectual aspect of your being. In this regard we are referring to your intellectual attainment of the facts presented in the Urantia Book text. Indeed, as many of you have noted and joked about in the past, could there be a greater intellectual challenge that to master the Urantia Book? I think not. And so we ask that you take the  time in your schedule daily, weekly to attain a deeper understanding of these truths.


The fourth part of your preparation for the Olympic trial is that spiritual work, that desiring to know God, to know the nature of God, to explore your relationship with God, to become like God as you begin to know the nature of God. In order to do this work, as you well know, as Daniel has drilled you repeatedly, you must .... what students?


Group: Spend time in the quiet.


Minearisa: Indeed. You must take that time daily to commune, to listen, to talk, to share with God, whatever name you choose to call God.


And finally there is a fifth component to your preparation for the Olympic trial. We have covered the four aspects but the most difficult aspect in our Olympic trial that differs from that of an Olympian is that you must balance all of these together. You must work to attain your potential in all four. This is a most difficult undertaking. How do you balance the four given the limited time? I believe you know from whence the answers must come, that commitment to be in the stillness daily is crucial. Yet, as has been discussed by Daniel, if any one aspect is off it can throw off the other three. So to reach potential in all four is, indeed, an undertaking. One moment please.


The point here is to work toward attaining potential, our individual potential. Do not compare yourself with others. Do not compare in any of the four aspects with others. Only in our own heart can you answer the question . . . am I attaining my potential in this aspect?  If not, do I desire to attain my potential, and, if I do, how shall I go about this?  When this question is asked in meditation, in stillness, answers will be available.



Ham's message in Los Angeles - I called Bill and Virginia Kelly, in Pocatello to ask what message Ham was referring to and discovered that he was talking about Ham's message of February 1, 1992. Bill was good enough to look this up and call me back with the exact words and to send a copy of that message of  which you will find excerpts below. This message has a lot more meaning in light of what has been happening over the last few years and the recent message from Rantarason and the Trinity Teacher Son. I read this message in 1992 as did Bill and Virginia along with many of us and at the time it didn't take on the meaning that it now has for us. It is another example of how their messages foreshadow events that at the time simply didn't register as they do now when we go back and re-read them.  I, for one, think a hundred years sounds a lot better than several millennia.  Always, too, we keep in mind that Urantia is a decimal planet. For those of you who may not know what this means - one world in ten is a decimal planet, which is an experimental planet where things may not follow the normal pattern of development.  


Los Angeles Meeting, February 1, 1992


Ham:  My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham. I have been commissioned to bring the light of truth and the understanding of our Father to Urantia. I am one of many teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many teachers among you.


One moment. Great is our mission. Understand this in your hearts. One moment. The time has arrived for expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come not for ourselves, no indeed. Rather are we in service of Michael. This day is, marks the beginning of the correcting time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as Acting Planetary Prince of Urantia, an assignment he has accepted from Michael. Long years we have waited this day. The Lucifer Rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being reopened. All these changes are occurring by and in accordance with the plans of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day! Blessed in the sight of our Lord! Gracious listeners I bid you welcome to change. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machivenata on this day. Questions are welcome indeed. Happy am I to serve you.


Bob: Would you please comment on the purpose and the scope, and if possible, some time table information of your mission, activity, program. Which of the these terms would be best?


Ham:  Mission is best. Yes, plans at present are as follows: 1. Initiation and expansion of the teaching corps. Many of you will desire to receive personal instruction. At present we are preparing a hundred, no a .. . excuse me.. a group of teachers who are in the first phase of our teaching mission. The mortals brought under their teaching and guidance are in our core of elite, who will in the future become teachers themselves, as themselves. Not in an intermediary position as is Rebecca tonight.


Spiritual enlightenment and individual and group and national and planetary progress is anticipated. Also too, along with the spiritual uplifting we are anticipating and desiring cooperation in other areas of human life endeavor as well. Chiefly, economics, political, social, environmental and technological changes. Of course, we are anticipating many years duration of this initial phase of our mission. I am commissioned to announce also the third aspect of our teaching ministry mission and that is as preparatory for an even greater teacher. Michael has prepared the way, we are expanding the way, a teacher son will complete the way of light and life on Urantia. Time I can not adequately and accurately foresee and comment upon. Sorry.


                                    * * * 

This message is taken from "Teachings From Berca and Johnson Divine Essence" within by Henry Zeringue 6/95--6/96.


Johnson  3/21/96


The vibration of your world is going into a shift. There is a tremendous out-pouring from the thought adjusters to personally bring their clients into harmony with their true/higher selves. This can be understood as a vibration. The higher the frequency of the vibration, the closer one experiences a more spiritual realty. The highest vibration being light, the lowest vibration being dense matter. Personality, personal being ness, responds to vibration, not just sound and light, but the vibration of thought, the vibration of action. This vibration is the time and space relationship/response to Absolute Paradise Reality. Paradise is unconditional pure energy--as this energy emanates from Paradise, it can be used to create physical reality, as well, to transmit thought-pattern, idea, and concept. Attunement to the frequency of energy vibration can result in a progressive attunement to its content--much as you change the radio frequency by moving the dial -- each frequency carries a different broadcast.


Spiritual reality lies in the upper frequencies of energy-mind reality. At moments the thought adjusters are able to help you glimpse these realities in an effort to allow you to gravitate towards these realities. It is this gravitation towards these realities/frequencies which is the eternal magnetic/draw/gravity towards the essence of spirit reality. The interaction of mind, thinking/will-action, is the most powerful force in our reality. It is the area wherein the Divine realities can be discerned and strived for.


This is the result of the workings of the Divine Essence within. As you are brought into the light of these spiritual realities one by one, the planet as a whole begins to respond to this shift in consciousness.


Bring our thoughts to reflect these segmented glimpses of spiritual reality as you strive to connect these segments into a continuous stream of refreshing spiritual light realities in our daily lives.


Focus on the possibility that this world can rightfully be brought into the control of the spiritual hierarchy where Spirit rules, Man enjoys.


Learn to distinguish the inner workings of Divine presence by directing your thoughts and actions toward this higher good. You will start to enjoy a more positive connection with this inner guide and the reality which surrounds you and your world will benefit through this.


Focus your attention to the Light-filled Essence of the Divine Presence within the silence of your beating heart.


                                    * * *


Feb. 23, 1995

A Lesson on "Diligence" from Bethera


I offer a brief lesson on diligence. Diligent effort requires a continuing focus upon one's goals. Diligence is even-tempered and focused effort. There can be a sense of striving, and desire to succeed, coupled with an awareness that time and events have their own natural pattern. Diligence does not move in a head-strong fashion. Diligent work is that which is focused upon a fuller and deeper understanding, commitment, and urge to perform effectively. Therefore, develop contemplation as you work. Realize that this sense of focused effort comes not from your mind, alone, but from the greater awareness of the Thought Adjuster, who strives to express in you the focus and clarity of God within your mind. Diligent efforts are those which are guided by God. There is a confidence that one's work will meet the challenge of the moment, and only - this - is the focus, at any one time. One solid, careful step at a time, the work will be accomplished, the goal will be achieved, the reward and treasure will be acquired. Let your diligence arise from this awareness that you work -with- God in your efforts. Here is the spark of motivation which will keep you focused, and at the same time, healthfully balanced, in our zeal and desire. Thank you for your attention to this lesson.


                                    * * * 

Northwest Teaching Mission - Spokane, WA


Friday, September 20, 1996


Nebadonia (TR-Ginny) - The Light that you speak of in your messages of coming events is the same light that dwells in each of you now. It would be a good practice for you to learn to honor this light in each other now. It is no different than that which will come. Each of you has this light. It is here now. The indwelling spirit that you have within you is your manifestation of His Light and each of you will choose to manifest in different ways. Learn to be with this light in your own meditations. Learn to become familiar with its presence. Learn to know its qualities, and you will  not be so surprised when the big one comes. It will be familiar to you for you have already tasted its flavor. You have already felt its warmth. You have already seen its brightness. Each of you is a light. Each of you is a manifestation of this light. Each light has its own qualities, its own colors, its own vibrations, and that is how it should be. Look at each person as a manifestation of this light; as one who has access to this light as much as you do. In your meditations, in our quiet time, in your stillness, allow it to shine. You are all doing that already in various ways. We could not do this without you. It is important that we have you as our reflectors. We cannot force this light. We cannot shine it without your permission. Keep yourselves open and alert and aware, and know that whatever is done in love is your best check, if you will, whether or not what you are doing is worthy and good. We bless all of you and encourage you to continue in your efforts to manifest the will of Our Father. We are always here at your side, in your hearts and in your minds, and we assure you of our continued support in all your efforts in trying to understand and act. Thank you for your support for your mission. We couldn't do it without you. This is your loving mother, Nebadonia.


Aaron:  Tonight I would like to discuss with you some of the difficulties that you go through in your lives. The struggles you face each day. Do you understand how much you personally grapple with the question of faith? It is an ever-present dilemma in your lives. Your pursuing of relationship with others necessitates that you will struggle with questions of worth: self worth, the value of the relationship between you and any other being. The struggles in and of themselves offer much meat in our quest for increasing faith realization. An underlying question for many human beings, most I dare say, is:  How much can I trust myself, who I am? How much value can I place on my thoughts and desires? These are mighty questions of faith. And again, as you relate to another being, be it a mate or a boss or a brother or sister or a friend or stranger, you must determine the level of your willingness to open up and share to maintain the value and integrity of both yourself and the other while not diminishing either.


Every relationship requires an exercising of faith to some degree. Faith in and of itself does not always connote to particular relationship with God. One does not have to be discussing spiritual realities to be grappling with faith. And yet, if you are courageously entering into the struggle of life and developing relationships, learning boundaries--willingness to share, when to withhold--balances, you are most certainly discussing spiritual realities as if you were shouting "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", and the response to your discussion of these spiritual realities will almost always garner a more favorable response than if  your discussions were blatantly about God, Himself. All relationship, all communication is spiritual.  All effort to work in combination with another or with a group requires you to exercise faith over and over and over again.  So if you question your faith in God, please think again.  Perhaps the questions you hold are merely your lack of faith in a particular belief rather than a disbelief--an inherent reality in beauty and symmetry that God displays in all relationship.  If you believe in yourself, and if you believe in others, then you certainly believe in God.  Work to strengthen your relationships, to develop your communication with those around you. Be more open to sharing. This is what will most certainly expand your faith.


Debbie: Is it really true about relationships as far as not liking something in someone else, that we ourself have inside us?


Aaron: Are you talking about the mirroring effect?


Debbie: Yes


I would say that often a difficulty you perceive in another is somehow reflective of a difficulty within yourself. This is not an absolute. More so, the level of your capability to be disturbed by another's action is the level in which their action is uncovering some difficulty within yourself.  Yet, the difficulty perceived does not necessarily equate to the same difficulty within. To recognize a negative pattern in another individual and yet to be undisturbed by it, merely observing of a trait, this might reflect more of a balanced perspective.  It is your reaction to what you perceive as a difficulty in another that is key in determining whether you have some issue with this behavior.


It is a question of judgment. I will interject again.  You have heard the statement that before you can take a sliver out of your brother's eye, you may have to take the timber mote out of your own. If you are judging another with contempt, with a negative feeling, with a frustration, then it may actually be a reflection of your own weakness somewhere within.  If the feelings of negativity are not there, but rather feelings of support, caring, kindness, love, then it is merely an observance, not so much a judgment, a condemnation. That would be my clarification.


                                    * * *


8/4/96 - IC-96


Ham (T.R. Rebecca)


We have learned a lot about each other over these past five and a half years. We are happy that you all individually have stayed loyal or stuck with us through periods of shakedown, when the weaker, perhaps less committed, less desirous people were not able to remain. Each group has undergone a period of (tape ends). Be at ease in your minds that this turbulence was planned from the beginning. Hard decisions have been made by all of you. We now are satisfied with this core group, smaller than it was, of those who will go through hard times. This Mission will take you through personal struggles and great testing. There is coming upon us a period of individual works. You are all being prepared to answer the Father's call, personally, individually in your lives.


There will be a time in the future when there will be calls for group action, but it is not now. Be patient with this process. Grow in the Spirit day by day. There is no turning back, turning away from the Lord's hands.


Continue to support each other in your individual works. Prepare yourselves for the great faith ahead. Do not be turned away from your own inner convictions of who you are and what you are called to do.


Children, you have been learning to accept yourselves, to love yourselves, and now you are called to find yourselves. For only when you have reached great levels of potentiality will the workings of group action manifest. And then my children, great things will be done. I leave you in peace, with love and with assurance of your own infinite value. Grow in that faith and  in that assurance. I personally am very pleased with all of you and your progress and with all that you do. Farewell.


                                 * * * * *


                   CREATIVE PROJECTS


NEW  SPIRITUALS  FOR  A  NEW  TIME, is a new recording by John Creger that  is now available. It is a collection of Fifth-epochal inspired lyrics, steel-sting guitar, and harmonica. Half of the songs have grown directly from John's experiences in the Teaching Mission. This cassette is available for $9.00 through Blue Pearl Music, 1514 Holly Street, Berkeley, CA  94703  503-524-2868

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                          NEWS UPDATE


Jeremiah was accepted for the Boron treatment in New York and is now back home. It is a slow process, but Jeremiah is gaining more mobility. It is truly wonderful to talk with Jeremiah and Nolu and witness their magnificent spirits in a trying and difficult experience. Both Jeremiah and Nolus wish to convey their deep thanks to all for the calls, letters and prayers. They very much appreciated all the information on alternative treatments many of you sent them. There is so much that we are just beginning to learn that was not taught in our traditional medical schools. Fortunately, it is now beginning to surface. As Nolus, Jeremiah and I were talking, they mentioned the book, Diet For A New America by John Robbins. Nolus said she thought everyone should read this book and I agree completely. It is simple reading and packed with information that will change your thinking.


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                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


August 21-24 1997 - LOVE IN ACTION - International Teaching Mission Gathering at Snow Mountain in Colorado. Contact Barry Norby for information and registration packets at: 936 Buck Drive, Dover, DE.


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                    THE URANTIA BOOK


These are some favorite Urantia Book  passages of members of the Metro-Washington group. More of these will appear in the next issue. Let us hear your favorites. 


This magnificent and universal injunction to strive for the attainment of the perfection of divinity is the first duty, and should be the highest ambition, of all the struggling creature creation of the God of perfection. This possibility of the attainment of divine perfection is the final and certain destiny of all man's eternal spiritual progress.


Urantia mortals can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man; and when they do achieve this destiny, they will, in all that pertains to self-realization and mind attainment, be just as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as God himself is in his sphere of infinity and eternity. Such perfection may not be universal in the material sense, unlimited in intellectual grasp, or final in spiritual experience, but it is final and complete in all finite aspects of divinity of will, perfection of personality motivation, and God-consciousness.  Page 22


If science, philosophy, or sociology dares to become dogmatic in contending with the prophets of true religion, then should God-knowing men reply to such unwarranted dogmatism with that more farseeing dogmatism of the certainty of personal spiritual experience, "I know what I have experienced because I am a son of I AM.' If the personal experience of a father is to be challenged by dogma, then this faith -born son of the experiential Father may reply with that unchallengeable dogma, the statement of his actual son ship with the Universal Father. Page 1127


When we are tempted to magnify our self-importance, if we stop to contemplate the infinity of the greatness and grandeur of our Makers, our own self-glorification becomes sublimely ridiculous, even verging on the humorous. One of the functions of humor is to help all of us take ourselves less seriously. Humor is the divine antidote for exaltation of ego. Page 549


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John Creger included these poems along with his letter.

                          A New Specialty

                   (from teacher Ephraim)*


Arouse the sense

of beauty in your beings

this rising off the current

of Father's love


Beauty the fingerprint

of a Father

on his creation


Washing the universe

with infinite

ripples and one can have


The sense of beauty

in the soul

even in the most unbeautiful


And savage crannies of space and time

Yet if one hopes

To swim these currents here


One must specialize

Must truly become

A fingerprint specialist


*I've put into verse from this portion of a transmission from my personal teacher.




And the air

more than



Light than





linger no



No crew

leaving her



There light

shavings of hope

Sawdust of new?                  1996



                             Among Eyes


Only time it is

before this

hits air or print


Under ship

wrecked skies,

broadcasts numb,


Long gathered

dark drifts

the screens


Of ancestral


dim, yet


Look among

eyes. Something

greens here


Reports, rumors,

shakes and shames

Where now?


When comes this smile




                                                John Creger  1996


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Newsletter at the end of September was:


$l,296.98 - In The Red


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