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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

September 1996 (Vol. 4, No.9)




Many thanks to those of you who have sent donations for the newsletter. As you will see, it has made a difference and is much appreciated. My apologies to those of you that I have not had time to thank personally.


Enclosed with this newsletter is a flyer about the 1997 International Teaching Mission Conference - LOVE IN ACTION - August 21-24, 1997. Registration packets will be available in October. Thanks to Bob Lea and the group in Boulder for finding and securing the arrangements at Snow Mountain Ranch and to Barry Norby for doing the flyer and his work on the registration packets.


The program will develop as we hear from you with your suggestions and ideas. Already the suggestion has been put forward that in 1997 we should call it an international conference. As the theme is "LOVE IN ACTION," it would be helpful to know what projects or activities individuals and groups are doing or planning.  Sharing this information will allow us to coordinate our activities and thus, gain some insights and help from others working and thinking along similar lines. Let's make it a real TeaM effort. Let's hear from you!!!


Along these lines,  several of the members of the Teaching Mission are interested and working on finding ways to make the transcripts available. These projects bring up many issues that need to be aired regarding the wishes of the groups and individuals concerning permission, privacy vs. public sharing, copyrights, availability and uses of the transcripts. It seems now is a good time to be thinking about these issues. 


Thanks to Pam Sanderson and Barry Norby for sharing some of the transcripts on the Net lists. It is wonderful to see the steadfast growth and commitment of our TeaM.


May the Father's blessings flow to each of us as we labor in his fields with our brothers and sisters to do His will.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *




September 11, 1996


Another Blue Ribbon Newsletter. Thanks! I enjoyed the Melchizedek Messages and Michael Palmer's words of balance and humor and thoughtfulness are always a welcome addition to the newsletter, and, of course, the messages of our Beloved Michael which always speak clearly to us of what we are to become. Many thanks to all.


Avis Nicholas

Sarasota, FL


Avis enclosed the following message from Michael:


Am I more real to you this day than I was yesterday? Do you trust Me and My purposes more today than was possible for you yesterday? Are you able to say to Me today "Your Will Be Done" with more comfort and assurance than you could have said it yesterday?


If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are truly walking with Me


Walk with Me as a joyful happy child would walk. Full of trust, full of love, ever looking for the joyful. That is much more to be desired than a complaining, unhappy child being pulled along unwillingly. Let us have a happy walk together, joyfully meeting all the adventures along the way.


When once you have placed your affairs in My hands, leave them there. Do you not believe that I can make order of your affairs, when I can order the entire universe? Let your trust in Me be complete.


When you say "Your Will Be Done," do not say it in resignation, but in joyful anticipation that "My Will" for you will be the highest. I will take every circumstance and bring the highest and best from it.


The walk with Me is not a difficult walk. You are walking with your dearest friend. A friend who knows the road well, and can guide your feet into happy places. As we walk daily together, I will become real to you. My Presence will surround you completely, ever able to respond to all of your needs. Gradually, you will see Me present everywhere, working through everyone to bring about your highest good.


As you go forth into your daily life, be conscious of My Presence with you. As you become more and more conscious of My Presence, I then can be more fully present with those brothers and sisters you are with. Thus My Presence is spread, whether you speak, or whether you remain silent in My Presence.


Does this not seem an easy task? Keeping your consciousness in My Presence, thus extending it to others every day.


Begin with those nearest to you in your family relationships. Then with those you contact in your daily tasks. My Loving Presence communicates with all through you, and thus you become My ambassadors. Let us lead our world home to the Father. Your Friend and King.


                                   * * *.

Please accept this donation. I can't believe people receiving are not contributing. We need this Newsletter in the T.M. Let me know if I can help stir up some action. [Thanks, I suspect you just did. - Ed] Also here is some interesting info, "Your hour is come." Please accept my love and appreciation.



Bountiful, UT


            A Message from Christ Michael

             (through Rachel August 1996)


My dearly beloved children, what a wondrous uplifting you give my spirit when you gather together to honor my mortal birth. How I love and appreciate each and every one of you! This year's message from me will be a little more complicated, a little more in depth, as I realize how much you have grown and progressed.


In my Spiritual state I am able to see each and every one of you clearly and I'm able to evaluate your wonderful souls and further assess your overall intentions. I do not mean to make you feel uncomfortable because you should not be. Our Father in his universal capacity, outstanding knowledge and perception, has evaluated all his children since time began. You do not feel nor perceive any of his scrutiny or his evaluation as it takes place. He is such a kind, loving, caring and compassionate Father and he would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, nor would he install a thread of fear in any one of his children. Father is with you, and is desirable to have a very positive effect upon you. You have a long way to go and an innumerable amount of different phases in your growth to experience. The growth of your Spirit is inevitable, your faith reveals that fact, therefore Father will evaluate you individually so he can provide the help and guidance each one needs. So fear not, we are here to help, not hinder. We are here for our Spiritual growth, not your remission. We are here to promote and stimulate your desires, not to eliminate nor curb your efforts. We are here to fill you with love that will forever shine and enhance your countenances, not to cast gloom or shadow over you. We are here to help you with your eternal progression, not to let you back slide into the dark ages.


Our Father is a delightful and ever willing companion. He does not forsake His children. He is uplifting with a joyous sense of humor and divine, thoughtful, caring and loving heart. He helped me constantly through my darkest days on Urantia, as he will help you, if you just call upon Him. I love Him as He loves us. This love, He craves from all His children, as do I, your Creator Father and Brother. Think not, that we will ever desert you. Think happy, loving, cheerful thoughts. Be kind and understanding. Be steadfast. Be determined to some day stand in our Father's presence. He will anoint you with such joy and thrills that are impossible for you to imagine while in our mortal state. We are not talking birds and bees now, more the nuts and bolts variety. We are talking about the highest perceivable state of Glorification that could ever be bestowed upon man-form, morontial-form, spirit-form or any form of Father's created children.


You will study all of the information and knowledge acquired and accumulated by the Supreme Being and the Ultimate. When you are finished with your progressive learning, you will not feel shallow, nor unworthy to be in our Father's presence; but you will be extremely anxious and joyful at the thought and prospect of standing and being there with Him.


I said before, you have lots to learn......but, oh! what rewards eventually await you. If I could just give you an example of the exhilaration you will feel. I know you have had some spine-tingling experience; but nothing in comparison to what you have waiting in store for you. The exhilaration is indescribable in our mortal language. The Supreme Being will guide you through the knowledge learning process of this supernal education. When you have absorbed, assimilated and digested this knowledge to its fullest extent and it is arranged methodically in your mind memory ......then and only then will the Ultimate take over and proceed to enhance your minds and bring you into his domain of uplifting learning skills. This......I know, is hard for you to fathom but he will gently and lovingly guide you through this intellectual maze and web of masterful learning networks. You will never again be nor feel alone or unworthy of this great, glorious and generous opportunity.


When Father welcomes you into his awaiting arms and elevates you to a high degree of glory, you will at that time be a glorified human now turned totally Spirit. You will receive divine rewards plus new assignments in the Father's vast kingdom.


Now I am certain that I have given you a sufficient and adequate amount to think about and ponder over. I leave you now with my everlasting love as I am with you always.


Your Creator, Father, and Brother


Christ Michael







AUGUST 25, 1996


Friends, I am DANIEL, your guide and teacher. Welcome to all on this day of remembrance and celebration of Michael's bestowal of a new concept that was brought to this planet, the concept of a loving and forgiving Father, the concept of brotherhood and sisterhood throughout not only this planet, but of all universes. I am most grateful to all of you in your faith and your steadfastness. You have each gone down our pathway with the path often being blocked. You have had to cut the briers away. You have had to remove the boulders that hampered your progress, Yet what falls behind after you have passed by is no longer the brambles of human weakness, but a garden that is taking seed. Indeed the pathway ahead must be forged onward using the same faith methods as has brought you to this point. This faith will continue to expand to your incompleteness if you will but continue to allow the Indwelling Spirit to work in conjunction with you and not as a lone partner. This faith expands as you discover new beginnings, as you experience God's Spirit working in your lives. Faith is such a personal thing. It cannot be dictated. It can come from only within. External experiences help to validate faith, but faith work is done within.


The Master, Michael, who we honor here today understood how important it was to have faith and to have it as a guiding focal point during His life. This faith was a product of His communion and communication with the Indwelling Spirit. Michael, like all mortals, made that first step to reach inward and connecting with the Creative Master of all. On this day I wish to thank all of you for the courage it took to speak openly to one another this day, in having the faith you would be loved and that you would not be judged. This is a big step for you. It is a major step necessary for those who answer Michael's call to apostleship. As you can all surmise we have many visitors unseen here today, far more than you realize. And each of these visitors, like you, relies on faith and the inner knowing. I thank you all and I will allow others to speak.


I am MINEARISA, instructor in residence for the Pocatello teacher based group. Many of you have not yet met me personally. And it is my sincere and supreme pleasure to introduce myself to you this day that you may know of my participation in your spiritual development instructing aspects of your curriculum taught to you by your group teachers. I am a Melchizedek Son, part of Michael's mighty staff overseeing this time of upliftment and correction, Michael's birthday gift to each of you individually and to His beloved jewel of a planet, Urantia. As a Melchizedek Son my duties are to structure these beginning schools to prepare you for the coming of the universities that you have been promised. These lessons are structured to assist you in becoming balanced personalities in all realms of your being, in your intellectual realms, in your physical and emotional realms and in your spiritual realms. The focus is to bring integration into the oneness of your personality with your soul, your Adjuster and your ego. So some lessons have focused on spiritual aspects, some lessons have focused on physical aspects and some lessons have focused on emotional aspects. The text is given to you to fulfill the development of the intellectual aspect as part of this prepared curriculum, and yet I do not desire to speak only of such administrative details, rather I desire that you come to know me as a being who recognizes, knows proofs of, cares for and loves each of you, for I do know all of you in this room this day intimately, although you all do not yet know me. I am your friend. I am your instructor. I am your colleague in the Mission of upliftment. And so my words to you today are to ask for your sincere commitment to this prepared curriculum. It is to ask you to genuinely and sincerely and devotedly listen to the lessons of your teachers and to do the homework, to practice, practice, practice. Yes, I believe there is a saying upon your planet, practice makes perfect and so it is. As you practice the lessons under the administration of Melchizedek you will become more perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect. It has been my sincere pleasure to address you. I look forward to deepening our relationship, to bonding and strengthening our friendship. For now I leave you my peace. Farewell.


I am ABRAHAM. I am in gratitude for your acceptance and cooperation to promote the growth of friendship between we teachers and these students. We thank you. I wish to express my gratitude to my co-workers in the spirit. They have indeed assisted me in my faith and dedication. I am made glad by not only our positive working relationship, I am always deeply touched by my fellows' personal concern for me, as well they are certain of my continued love and service for them. You, my friends, in the Teaching Mission are showing this day to be dedicated to one another and love without the promise of reward or compensation. You have gathered for the good of one another and for the upliftment of the whole of Nebadon.


Our Mission is likened to the life of Jesus. Michael was born a human infant of the Earthy realm just as any other infant before and after him. As he grew he learned and was educated socially, intellectually and spiritually. When his hour had come he set forth to share the good news of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. New Zealand was the birth of our Mission. Woods Cross was the period of adolescence, time to learn and grow, time to clear the fog of expectations. Our Mission has grown. Your hour has come. It is time to set forth and share the good news, Our Universal Father is a kind and loving Father and the citizens of Urantia are indeed His children.


You who have had Mission participation have indeed faced many struggles, and as Daniel spoke of, retained your faith. You had not laid down before your struggles. You have maintained your unshakable stance and abided by Michael's word. The apostles of long ago had once sat forlorn due to the removal of their Master, the one loving guiding light that graced their lives. During this time of doubt, confusion and despair, the memory of the Master, his life and his example in how he lived it courageously, seemed to be lost to them now. I am aware this is a reality which some will face, but I say even upon the Master's resurrection the apostles were still within the darkness of despair, but a worker for the Kingdom stood out declaring to the forlorn apostles, one David Zebedee said, "The Master said he would rise and I believe him." David was not a close personal apostle of the Master, yet he showed his unwavering faith and dedication to come forth and bravely proclaim, "The Master said he would rise and I believe him."



You, my friends, are like this David. You have not sat in despair asking, "Where is our Master? Where is our proof?" You have stood unwavering proclaiming the Correcting Time has begun and I shall serve according to the plan of my Brother/Father, Michael. I say with certainty your group inter-association has assisted you in our unwavering stance to go forth with this Mission calling. Your accepting attitude of one another is rare in this day of seemingly troubled times. Your dedication to the doing of Father's will is apparent when you are willing to go through the waters of adversity with your fellows. Your persistent effort to utilize your spiritual vision to view one another and your world is a step further toward Light and Life. I say it is with great love that you are indeed making a difference on Michael's last and final bestowal world that he experienced to gain his sovereignty over Nebadon.


I say we are indeed al humbled to be in the presence of our Creator/Brother/Father. We would ask, "make us increasingly like you." I would extend my hand to each of you, my fellow students, co-workers, friends, in love and appreciation. Shalom.




AUGUST 26, 1996



I am ABRAHAM. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your morontial education. Impressive, yes indeed, your honest and open attitudes are almost like discovery of a lost treasure. Yes, it is entirely permissible to speak honestly without fear of rejection, chastisement or ridicule. This is indeed a focal point of our Mission. You see not the millions of created personalities attempting to liberate themselves from the fetters of judgment. You see not the missions of inhabited worlds putting forth their contribution towards the growth of the Supreme Being. Yes, I say this group is small indeed, but a start it is towards eternal realities. I say this communication between you is a great step towards acquiring those beautiful qualities that the Master Himself held during His sojourn in the flesh.


Regardless of personal interpretations of the day of the celebrated Creator, I say to label it successful would be an understatement. Yes, you are unknowing of the many roots that took hold in the soil of faith. I say this is crucial to the growth of our Mission. Our Mission continues slowly, but with unknown strength. This Mission, Michael's Mission, could not now at this point ever be halted or even slowed in any way. Your exhibition of courage to speak forthrightly about your inner personal feelings shows that indeed your hour has come. Spirituality is not a sideline, hobby or for entertainment. Spirituality is real, eternal and now necessary. Do you see this transformation from purely material self-seeking fulfillment to the eternal and sincere care for the whole of the seen as well as the unseen? These spiritual realities are not to be thrown about verbally, but lived in honest effort and devotion to those that created you.


Michael is indeed honored on Urantia, but I declare that Michael is honored from the far reaches of Nebadon. Do you see your part, your connection to Michael and His vast universe, His innumerable legions of helpers? I say think not you hang alone in this universe, set apart, no.  You belong to a larger family. I can say not one sphere amounts to any more than another in the eyes of our Creator/Brother/Father, just as you individually are looked upon as all equally valued children. I say your discussion this evening has brought your morontial thoughts out into an authentic useable reality. My friends, this is what we are waiting for, honest, forthright communication tempered with love, consideration, mutual respect. We wait for this on the personal level, group level, planetary and universal level. Do you see this contributes to the growth of the universe as a whole? It is entirely permissible to be at ease to be yourselves.


I say give not authority to man. Give it to the source of all knowledge. Allow freedom for others, for ourselves, to truly believe that you are not beings full of unchangeable faults. You are explorers within a vast universe. Be not a stumbling block upon another's path, but an assistant to those that are weary. I say you can be the good assistants by relying upon your spiritual vision, see with your Father's eyes, love with your Father's understanding. Fear not the right and wrong of it all. I say the source of all truth blows across your land as an unseen wind that affects the environment, and yet, you are uncertain from which direction He comes.


Michael is a great light in those moments of darkness. I say to really know and experience His person is to become alive with new energy, new understanding, new faith and new joy. Michael desires to know His spirit children, but He shall not force you to know Him. He does not tempt you with rewards. He makes no promises to other than love you without judgment. Knowing you thoroughly, He loves you. I am certain that your planet will be some time re-introduced to our universe sovereign and I do say this will definitely be noteworthy. I wish to also give you my love and commitment to our friendship. I express to you my dedication and know that I do not hold the universe secrets, but I can assist you in searching for them. I leave you my love until next week. Shalom.

                                    * * *


It was one of those synchronicities that Pam Sanderson told me about this transmission on Sunday and gave me a copy along with some other transmissions off the Net, when Bob Devine called me the same night before I had even read it to read me the following message. If any of you have received any similar information, please let us know. Confirmations are always nice.


September 13, 1996


Rantarason: Good evening, this is Rantarason.


When you begin to perceive the presence of the influencing factors for the regaining of mental perception of universal broadcast information, the resultant effects have the potential to be earth shattering and many personalities will be disoriented as this occurs.


We are here to prepare you as liaisons for ourselves, to be ambassadors of understanding, yet even you who are on the edge of perception, striving to hear, have no real basis for understanding that which will occur, presently soon to be. We realize the importance of preparing you.


The experience will be as an angel from heaven descending with a shout, calling forth all souls to rise up and hear the proclamations of a new day. You will be jolted with energy and your attunement of these happenings will resurrect many feelings of inadequacy within you to know that what you perceive now as an invisible kingdom, stands presently aware and resoundingly clear to you. The communication network will be less one of perception and more directly one of real sensory reception, utilizing even physical senses.


What you will be commissioned to do is to go to the flock and feed them information, calming them, bringing them understanding of that which is occurring. It is important that many individuals be able to react favorably with a minimal period of shock and hesitancy.


You can provide much in your roles as ambassadors. We look to you for support and we have faith that you can rise to the challenge and proclaim the good news with assurance, poise, and balance, reflecting security and trust in that which is transpiring for the welfare of your planet and its final inclusion into the universal family, the last vestiges of quarantine and isolation having been removed.


This will be the first step in a series of developments upon your planet that are ordained by our Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia.


Our asking for you this evening is to work to prepare yourselves for that which is unpreparable for, to be ready for the transpiring of this awakening and to respond as quickly as you can muster your courage and understanding, to be a calm voice in the midst of a crowd.


I would be open for questions this evening if you have any.


Ann: This sounds like it is going to be in our lifetime the way you're talking. Is that correct?


Rantarason: At this point in time it appears that this is so. Without giving actual time or date, which is impossible, I can say that in all likelihood, you are going to be needed in this role as material ministers for this awakening.


Ann: Could you give us some guidelines as to how we can perhaps on a daily basis prepare our hearts and minds to be in tune with that Creative Spirit so that when the time comes we will know of a surety that the spirit of God is with us and that He will work through us and He will show us how to prepare ourselves? I guess I asked a question and partly answered it myself.


Rantarason: Yes . . . I would comment.


Ann: Thank you.


Rantarason: You have already been in preliminary preparation. An integral part of the Teaching Mission, as it has manifested itself in various groupings of people throughout your world is this preliminary belief and effort to work in relationship to celestial forces. By having done this you have a first step toward realizing the nature of what will occur.


Your continued effort at calmness regularly, through meditation, the stillness, will help you to stay in tune to the spirit residing within you and be more readily able and capable of receiving assurance and insight as the time comes. Once again, do the stillness. It is important.


My announcement to you this evening offers you another awareness that it will happen and that you can prepare yourselves for that sometime day where, when you are disoriented and perhaps unnerved, you may look to this moment in time and remember what I have said and hopefully react favorably.


Ann: Will this disturbance . . . is that a result of energies coming into the planet?


Rantarason: Yes, most definitely and there will be a reconnecting of circuitry, almost as a light switch being turned on that can seem blinding to those not used to this sort of light.


It is deemed important, however, that the reinstatement of the broadcasts shall occur relatively soon. It is important to understand relatively to mean a frame of time, not to expect it to occur right away and yet to know that it could occur very soon, but that it may well be years, perhaps, even a decade or more.


We cannot pinpoint time very well, being spiritual, for a material realm. What we see happening tomorrow may very well be as much as a century in your realm. That gives you some idea of how difficult it is to accurately project occurrences. So our difficulty in even relating this information to you is the timing aspect of when it may occur.


It might even be important in some way or manner to prepare your young ones for such an occurrence, much as those who crafted the garden for Adam and Eve did so for many generations waiting for them to come.


Thus if you pass on, the awareness will still exist within new generations. Do you understand my meaning here?


Ann: Yes: This call that goes forth, is that going to be like you said, as an angel? Or is this information to be given to those on the planet to give forth the information? Or will it come from both sources?


Rantarason: The entire nature of this occurrence is impossible of relation to you. It is possible that it can utilize actual personalities relaying information, preparing either spiritually or manifested materially. It is also possible that it will be simply like a musical concert striking up next door. What you can be certain of, is that it will be as no experience you have been privy to before. This is why the element of disorientation.


Many things can happen in combination with this event. The event itself does not require personalities, rather circuit enhancement, the allowance of energy flow, information transfer in lines that have not been utilized for multiple millennia.


Ann: Do the polar shifts have any significance as far as we're concerned? Do the polar shifts affect us? I hear talk of this, but I don't quite relate to it, nor do I understand it.


Rantarason: I would tell you that the physical shifting occurring now is not a manipulation by spiritual forces. Yet some of the expected geographical . . . geological changes will certainly influence events on your planet. Of course this is nothing new.


Specifically, these shifts that you speak of , are not relevant to our purposes here, nor yours.



Sheila: I'm feeling kind of prepared in an unprepared kind of way and I have a tinge of excitement that goes along with that. Is that how you guys feel too?


Rantarason: We would try to downplay your excitement, for this emotion tends to produce impatience as the expected does not transpire within a "satisfactory" (Note: quotes are teachers emphasis.) amount of time to your mental framework. We are certainly excited and have been longer than this mission has been occurring, for what will transpire, for what we are able to be a part of here, but this excitement does nothing for the actual preparation and actually can impede and produce distortion and delay of development. So do not focus upon the excitement.


Sheila: I'm probably just more thankful to be a part, to have an important part in the whole scenario rather than anticipating its arrival.


Rantarason: Everybody wants to be part of the game. It is natural and it is not an admonishment, rather a real reach toward you because we deem your efforts to be important, that you focus upon the preparation and let the excitement be, rather than feeding the excitement and neglecting the preparation. My reach to you is in love, as I know your gratitude is much in the same spirit.


Sheila: When you talk preparation are you meaning being more in the moment and more aware of our contacts or are you talking of a physical preparation?


Rantarason: Being aware, keeping to the stillness, remaining perceptive, working through your difficulties. The level of insecurity and fear you have remaining in our life can be a barrier which tends to over amplify the disorientation and uncertainty that may occur rather than facilitate the regrouping and outworking we hope for from those of you that understand what is occurring.


Sheila: Then stillness and listening within would be the message that we would give to the young ones?


Rantarason: Go to our daughter and son and tell them a story. Say, "What would you think if some day these "aliens" came to help us and what if they took over a big radio station and sent messages out to us all, sharing with us information about what is occurring in other places and how we can further develop ourselves?"

Work to introduce the ideas and tell them perhaps that it probably will occur some day and that they too can prepare. I doesn't have to be so freaky.


Sheila: In order not to scare them.


Rantarason: Exactly . . .But yet if you make it out to be fiction, it may not impress them to incorporate the thought in their mind.


Ann: Is it a possibility that there are those aliens who desire to come to our planet to set up, take over, to have place for themselves.


Rantarason: Are you talking hostile?


Ann: Yes. I have heard this elsewhere.


Rantarason: This is not allowed. It will not occur.


Ann: Very good.


Rantarason: It cannot occur.


Sheila: And when you say aliens, do you say that because we call it that?


Rantarason: Exactly. When I used the example for your children, "aliens" was a quoted word, rather a familiar symbol to share, to better reflect an angle that you could approach. You could also say, "What if angels and spirits came . . .?


It does not necessarily mean that there will be people from other planets involved in this outworking. It is simply preparing people with the idea of something occurring that will awaken the planet to higher ways and to relationship with other systems and within this system.


Ann: So the purpose of it is the awakening as you stated. Is that correct?


Rantarason: Most certainly. This is what will occur as a result of the broadcast circuits reopening. Even some of our structured religions will fall apart very possibly, for their doctrine will no longer hold true in the light of what is occurring. That is why the uncertainty and instability and fear could occur. That is why your calmness and higher perspectives are truly needed in such a time as this that might occur.



Sheila: They're actually just our brothers and sisters, just from another planet, right?


Rantarason. Exactly, but again, do not focus that personalities will necessarily be involved with this manifestation. It is the opening of the circuits which is the actual occurrence. Other actions may occur in combination with this happening, but that is not decided at this point in time. That is why your preparation for just about anything to occur.


Ann: I feel I understand a little better when I focus on that, that these are going to be circuits and I can understand with that energy coming in, those that do not have the understanding that we have will be very confused and the fear will rise up within them because their foundation is literally shaken. I have been in the church. I believed. I walked that path so I understand how they will feel.


Rantarason: It could very well be seen as the end of times . . .


Ann: Yes, very much so.


Rantarason: . . . and yet it is truly, really, a beginning of things.


Ann: Yes, that's very encouraging. Thank you for sharing and explaining more fully to us.


Rantarason: Realize also that that is a very good approach to take when being as the calm voice, to do away with the ideas of the end and let them know that it is simply a beginning of better things, of higher ways. And do it with a smile.


Ann: Hmm . . . wow.


Sheila: Thank you.


Rantarason: Thank you for listening to this, this evening. I know that Simeon is rather uncertain about all this and yet it was definitely needed to share with you and others. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share with you again.


We Melchizedeks look forward to the times ahead with enthusiasm and yet work to diminish excitement and be patient for the outworking of the Father's plan.


Michael has a handle on this universe. Doubt this not. Everything is going as planned. That is all.


                                    * * *

Special Session - Jill, Daniel and Bob

Thursday, September 12, l996


Jill described the setting as follows:


We are here at Hayden Lake in our wonderful cottage and we've got a major storm outside with lightening and thunder, and rain, and it's incredibly beautiful, incredibly wonderful. This is Thursday, September 12, 1996, a special gathering, a true family circuit here of Bobby Devine, Daniel Megow and Jill Poole. We invite our teachers to come through and help us grow relative to what seems to be common lessons we are all undergoing at this time that are challenging us to the very "nth" degree. Come in, teachers!


Michael: Dearest Father, I thank you for these, my children, and I pray that you may give them a short season of respite from their difficulties. Their sincerity touches my heart and the heart of my consort. They are being about our will for this planet and I would make request for their sustenance to be assured through that which they are about to undertake. Your will, Father, is supreme in all matters, and if you discern a level of wisdom higher than my own in this request, then by all means I defer to your Will even though you have placed in my hands the power to make this choice on my own.


Good evening, my dear ones.


Jill: - Good evening.. Thank you for your love.


Michael: And I, in turn, thank you for yours. You are amazingly aware within the depths of your struggles, that it is for your own growth that which you are each now experiencing. Life on this planet is not without its testing as I am so well aware from my life among you. But know this, my dearest children, you are so very close to that which you seek. You are within reach. It is there for the taking. I know you each intimately. Your mother and I share your thoughts, your true inner desire, and your spotless motivations. You know from personal experience our Father is very much a part of who each of you are. He is who you truly are. Yet you still retain your separateness to a degree, but you have chosen to be the vessels whereby our Father may communicate with His children who have not yet attained a personal awareness experientially of His Presence as a part of who they truly are. Remember also, dear ones, that I , too, am there; not so much as a literal part of you, so much as my spirit within you is the everlasting companion of your soul. It is my supreme desire that you indeed attain all of those aspects of yourselves which you so truly are, yet have not consciously realized yet in totality. You are correct in your assumptions for the most part that something big is relatively imminent. And for this, do you now so heroically struggle to relieve ourselves of the last vestiges of our pre-moronita selves. It would be non-productive were I to expound further on what is so soon to come. Just trust, dearest children, that all that you are going through right now is for the greatest good; not only of yourselves, but for the unfolding of what is to become. I dearly love you each and am ever-growing in this deep affection which I have for you. Together we will be triumphant. I will step back for now, for there is much more for you to learn this evening which will give you great opportunity for much contemplation. Good night to you, my loves.


Gavalia transmitting the Trinity Teacher Son to us: When we gather together with you and share our insight into the development of personal potential into actual expression, we would emphasize the perspective that you can share truth best by being willing to possess it as a temporary translation of realization, thereby releasing the need for continuous possession of concept, rather realizing conceptual flow and allowing the diminished resistance by continually seeking new expression, greater realization, enhanced understanding. You cannot contain your truth and keep it as such. You cannot utilize self will separated from spiritual will of God to produce beauty and truth in expression.


Your level of control over your lives is directly reflective of your incapability to draw into continuous embrace with spiritual reality. As you give up control, as one trusts in the powers that be, reflective choice toward the development of purpose (TR: This is tough, I don't have a clue about what just came out of my mouth. He receives encouragement to keep going) will be instituting of a procedure role process which propels you forward without having to know all nuances of the progression. The control becomes God's. The effort is yours. Our reflective choice is the simple following of that which lays itself before you.


We begin there to understand your desires for substance. We recognize your questioning of your experience. We know you yearn for real purpose and knowledge thereof and that you want the power to present itself so that you no longer must question the worth or value of your struggle in this mission for Michael. The relative factors which symbolize the strain of patience would be the internal desire to make things happen, the desire to control. You have witnessed expansion, deepened awareness, heightened sensitivity, and then you have been faced with questions, struggles, and real preparation for being able to sustain yourself in the midst of all this uncertainty regarding the waning enthusiasm. As the immediate attainment of spiritual goals are not attained, rather unrealistic hopes and desires go unfulfilled.


The struggle pursuant to this is healthy, albeit difficult. The danger would be the attempt to create you own goals aside from the patience to allow the real goals to make themselves manifest before you. Take what is present and available, utilize the talents you have, and you will most certainly achieve goals undreamed of. If you believe in, have faith in, trust in the efforts of Michael and his ministry, then live faithfully today with what you have and allow the control to be that of your Spirit resident who will certainly illuminate paths of high potential for you to follow. If you feel that something needs to be created, or that something is lacking, or that you need to make something happen then you might want to reflect upon the driving force which motivates this desire and see if it truly finds its place in spiritual reality or personal impatience.


We foresee you having the greatest impact in your lives as you live more faithfully in each moment, and as you present yourselves before life, before God, and before each other with less criteria to be fulfilled and more of an openness toward experiencing and understanding -- learning. Your attitudes will reflect these issues of personal will, and as you fall into the new phase of relation of need, and a sincere, humble, honest desire to live life fully in the moment as a mortal who is focused toward the development of relationships and committed to strengthening ties and interconnecting with more substantial personal commitment toward remaining present and functioning as a mortal in society. We could only hope that you will find the elimination of your struggles and the patterns developing before you which carry you toward more of a following of the obvious and less of a manipulating of circumstance, drawing in patience and creating perspectives that will develop into long term functioning units in your societies; less glamorous, but surely more effective as the generations proceed toward Light and Life. Anything of glory which occurs is generally recognized as glorious and miraculous in retrospect, certainly not previous to its occurrence. So your efforts at plodding along in the light of love will certainly find its glory in its own way and the greatest record of this achievement will most likely be witnessed as you receive the records at another level of existence.


So live now faithfully as the enlightened and enhanced mortals that you are becoming. Don't force it. Allow it to occur in step with faith and trust that what plays out before you is certainly called upon, created, and planned by a power higher than yourselves. This is the grand mystery and journey of faith. We need your endurance, your patience, your effort to follow the Will. Each mortal that can achieve these perspectives creates another island, another vast chancel for increased spiritual understanding which will naturally reflect out toward those present, willing to pick up the reception. I'm finished.


Daniel: Is the Gavalia?


Yes and no. It is not my message. It is my presence which transfers the message. I serve as a channel, a bridge, a liaison for the Trinity Teacher Son.

                                    * * *


Gerdean sent this particular transcript from the Pittsburgh group for the newsletter saying she felt it was one of Tomas' finest lessons. Where it says student, there were several students speaking.


              Lesson on The Joy of Learning

                          Teacher Tomas

TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. I am Tomas, your friend, your companion, your teacher and your guide in our journey forward. Will you engage in discourse with me this evening, my friends? What is on our minds?


STUDENT: I was going to ask about resistance. Maybe this has something to do with just human free will but I'm sure that resistance to anything, especially if it's unconscious, will masquerade in many forms, and at the meetings recently I have been having problems enjoying the meetings, and consciously I am not aware of why. Unconsciously I feel like an undertow of whether I should continue to go, of whether my purpose for going is necessary as it seemed to be in the beginning.


I love the people in the group, but I don't want to be a distraction for it, and I was gently chastised that I was not paying attention. My question is, is there a natural timing of coming and going in a group? Our group has changed and I question ...  I don't want to be a disruption or a distraction to the group because they are enjoying themselves and they seem to understand the language. I feel like I'm in another country where I don't understand the language, but the essence of the purpose of the gathering is apparent to me and I can relate to that. I'll stop there.


TOMAS: I appreciate the poignancy of your question and I have to provide you with a delicate response. I have to step out of it and try to be impersonal when that is difficult to do for, like you, I have tremendous personal affection and the personal affection has a tendency to color the situation.


Let me then address you individualistically and suggest that that is a decision only you can make. If any experience is beneficial to you in any context that you choose to persist in, then you have every right to give ourself that experience. If you have not grown from the experience, if you find that your learning capacity has been breached and you are not able to garner any more from a situation, then it is your right and privilege to take a right or left turn from that activity in search of gainful growth.


It is, however, important for you to realize that your soul growth is my concern. I realize that the text book is a stumbling block and that many of the terms and phrases are stumbling blocks, even that some of the concepts are difficult of grasping, but the true thrust of my work and anything that I have any influence over, is having to do with the growth of your own personal religious experience, your own soul's development, regardless of what terminology may be applied to it, you know and I know what that is.


As to your friends and associates in the circle which you reference, the only thing to understand there is that although many of these beings are your peers, it is sociable, but it is not a sewing circle; it is ideally a gracious and sociable study group designed to foster spiritual hunger and the body of the existence of the group of various personalities in attendance is that spirit growth which I addressed in you.


That is a long order for the diversity is great, the backgrounds are great, and you are not alone in any sense of the word. You are a righteous woman, and I mean that sincerely. I love you dearly and you have much to offer. If you do not feel comfortable with any of the individuals, then as you and I are doing, sit down in sincere quietude with them and seek to find that level of operation which you can recognize as how it is you can get along or encourage one another.


I am not a counselor in general but I would be happy to counsel you in terms of your relationships with your friends, primarily your sisters in this group. I would be quite competent to continue in your absence; however, it is women like you that delight me so that I would greatly miss you if you did not return. As you become more and more part of the fellowship of the spirit which I am fostering, which we are attempting to promote, you will feel less aside from the group.


What it is actually is not so much that you are fearful of the women or the fellowship but the reality that it represents. It is an admonishment to teachers and believers that when you step at the precipice of a decision that will change your life, that you indeed look carefully to see if that is a step that you are willing to take, for your life will be changed. That is perhaps what it is truly that you are concerned about. Respond to me, please.


STUDENT: I don't have any problem with anybody in the group that I am consciously aware of and I really feel that that has not been a problem for me, that I have been aware of, and I thank you for the lovely, kind things that you have said, and I often feel that when you counsel with anyone, it's for everyone, and even though we have been talking and it's just me, this applies to all of us.


Mother said something very interesting to me on the way home. She was amused by the last meeting we were at. She says, "Well, he really has your number." And I looked at her and she went on at great length. She says, "I know what it is," and I said, "What?" She said, "It's school. You've got a block on school, on education and you have a block on learning and you think you're not smart enough to understand."


If it is something that is human, then it should be dissolved in the light; it should be dissolved completely. I have watched the many things over the years that have been brought to my attention and have literally dissolved as I continue to keep my focus and I have not had to do anything particular about anything. It just comes into our life and because it's of a feeling nature it's dissolved. And I was hoping that my apparent unyielding would -- that that's what it simply would be: simply unravel. I would like to be scholarly with the rest, in general, but I can't see trying to be something that hasn't been allowed to be natural.


And I don't want to tie up other people's time, but it's a teaching situation and I have aversions to that and as I speak, others can relate to it, some of these things in their own private way. But would I be . . .? Would Mom have been correct? I don't know.


TOMAS: Your mother has hit a nail on the head of a certainty and she should know for she has known you throughout your lifetime. She is an insightful woman, indeed, a co-worker of mine, and I feel she has offered you some good information. I would like to follow up with her suggestion and your reaction to her suggestion, which is, if it were true it would be dissolved in the light.


If it were that simple, my dear, since the Lucifer adjudication has been completed, it would save us all a great deal of time if we could just turn on the light and let it turn into divinity in a moment's time. Also, recovery and healing and growth are not like that. You do not create a child by wishing for one, no. You must experience the actual carnal act of procreation, the inception, the morning sickness, the gaining weight, the changing shape of the body, the chemical changes, the anticipation, the inconvenience, the expense and the pain of delivery in order to bring about that which was once a twinkling in someone's eye.


It is not an act of the will that creates an actual instant. There is a reason for that, and that is because you are mortal. If you were truly spirit, it would be different, but it is necessary for these things here to go through certain time-consuming processes. Healing and growth take time. Unfortunately, again, it is much like childbirth for you to come to the light of truth in many areas, but this is indeed what brings about your spiritual growth.


By understanding your reluctance to school, by looking back into your archives of experience to see where your self-esteem was bruised, to see where whatever it was that conspired to take from you the joy of learning, it is necessary that you find that and heal that so that you can go forth in jubilation of learning throughout eternity.


It is not done by an act of the will. It is done by decisions, decisions and more decisions and invariably the decisions involve work. I know you don't like that word, but that, too, is a word that radiates good cheer in many, for they have learned to love the work that they do. They find joy in being productive or whatever, like some people learning. Since these are eternal-type activities it behooves you to find out why you don't like them and turn them into activities that bring you joy so that your life is not a burden of existence.


STUDENT: Well, you sure took the fun out of pregnancy. (Group laughter) Oh, my gosh. Let's back up here. What you're telling me is that catharsis . . . If we had to go back and clean up all the misinterpretations of our humanness, it's like, it smacks of karma to me. It sounds like . . . It's true. There's a block and we're presented with in and it's subconscious pain. It's too hard to identify. And you, honestly, there's only one thing that you said to me just now that really caught my eye, that I never thought about before, because I don't want to dredge up how it was when I was six, seven, eight, nineteen, twenty-one or whatever. I mean that's human . . . one human misunderstanding after another. It's like all wrongs never making any right.


But you did say from a higher level, the "joy of learning." I never thought of that. And I never thought of it as being a missing ingredient. But, if the joy of learning is what is natural and I am in a process of ascension, then why isn't the joy of learning part of that natural development and it will take care of itself? Why do I have to reach back into the garbage of the experiences of my life and all the personalities that are involved with it? Why would I waste my time analyzing all that? I don't mean to be sarcastic but I really --


What I'm trying to say is I'm not trying to patch me up. I don't want to work with improving the mortal me. I want to live as ______. And even if the mortal me is the vessel, I mean, I just can't think it would -- it would take me the rest of my human experience to polish it up! But it's an interesting point that you brought up and I will gain and I really do appreciate you helping me, but puke on school.


So, if that's called growing pains, so be it. but I don't know how attending a Urantia meeting and their dialog can heal my attitude toward learning and the pain that it's been, but I would welcome, through my prayer and mediation, the birth of joy of learning.


TOMAS: You have said several things that I hope I can retain to respond to. One which perked up my ear from you was your remark about "it sounds like karma." Do you have a problem with that theory?


STUDENT: I have accepted Christ Michael's teaching in the Bible of a life by grace, and I believe to this point that in the twinkling of an eye we are released from ignorance, can be set right, free, if you would, and get on with life.


TOMAS: You have heard also from the Bible about not putting new wine into old vessels, right?


STUDENT:      Uh-huh.


TOMAS: What we have here is new wine of wanting to go into the old vessel and so the old vessel must be made new in order for the new wine to pour forth. Have you understood what I said?


STUDENT: Well, the old vessel is like the same thing to me, it's patching up. I see your point, but to me there isn't any more use for an old vessel, -- and I'm not one to . . . but it comes to my mind and I don't like to hear people spar Bible-talk -- but it comes to me that -- unless, as my old teacher said, unless it's alive for you -- and it says's "behold I make all things new."


TOMAS: Behold, all things are becoming new, and although you may realize your sonship in an instant and recognize an aspect of our divinity within you and your belonging to the cosmic neighborhood, you still, unfortunately, are the product, humanly speaking, - emotionally, mindally, socially, culturally and so forth --of your own personal life's human experiences, much of which have been twisted, much of which is retarded, and this is not a negative reflection on you, flower child, but on the soil in which you have grown.


The happy news here is that although the clarification must come, although your spirit truths must be born through an understanding of who you are and why you are and why you behave in such a way, you need not take on every little nit-picky injustice all the way back. Only those issues which present themselves for your understanding. There are many issues in the life of an individual. Let us take for example our issue with education.


The issue toward joyful learning has presented itself. It has presented itself by your acknowledging that a ring of truth came to your mind's eye, your spirit ear, when you heard the phrase. That is Avon calling. That is the wake-up call to say, "I can grow with that seed," and then it is up to you to fertilize that seed by choosing, deciding, to take a look at what it is that is keeping you from being all that you can be, which is a radiant, joyous, learning human being and potential spirit.


This is the way that the old will be made new. Not by the twinkling of an eye because it was said by a prophet of old, but because you have personally embarked upon an eternal career of ascension from imperfection toward perfection.


It is not necessary that you bring these issues to the table in study. What is desirable, however, is that you find confidants with whom to share experiences, your angers, your fears and so forth, and put them out there where you can grapple with them and go beyond the pain of the obstruction into clarity, through forgiveness, into joy and light and growth.


This is just like the childbirth we spoke of earlier. It is not instant perfection. It is effort. There is not joy without intelligent effort. Sonship is a gift, but to retain it, it requires diligent application of spiritual principles. Eventually the child must grow up.


I am delighted to have you as my child friend. Sometimes you are a robust and righteous woman. I do not love either of you better than the other, for one will become the better by working with what we have to work with.


STUDENT: Well, thank you very much for your counsel. I suppose it is a, obviously it is an indication that this shall come about, and I don't know -- humanly, I don't have any clues as to how this will resolve itself or express itself. We'll just have to see what's on the next paragraph.


TOMAS: Do you journal?


STUDENT: Do I journal? Journaling was easy when I felt lonely, or I felt like I needed a companion, but I have felt more fulfilled and confident and therefore the journaling hasn't had the attraction that it has in the past. There two girls here, these friends, I might have to make a date with them because I don't know how . . . I have another question.


I went down to that meditation group and they introduced some meditation techniques and I bucked a little bit about it but I've been making a half-hearted effort to allow them to be incorporated into my life. Do all expressions of truth harmonize or can they interfere with each other? Or is that a subject for a whole different discourse? There are so many today.


TOMAS: Supreme truth is unchanging. When the Spirit of Truth has confirmed for you that this is truth, it resonates and it is something to grasp as you can grasp it, but the supreme truth is hardly attainable at this point and it must suffice that relative truths prevail. In this time of great flowering of spiritual paths, there are many truths, all headed toward the supreme truth, and so, weigh carefully the truth which you would take for your own. If it grows and lives within you, it is working. If it dies, if you crystallize, it is not working and you should seek for a new truth. Has than been helpful?


STUDENT: Yes, it has. Because the block that we have revealed, that's when I felt this happening with my being in the group, that I had come to a point where it wasn't working, so I appreciate your discourse. Thank you very much.


TOMAS: Thank you, my daughter, for your confidence.


STUDENT: Earlier this evening we were reading portions of a former transcript which was at a meeting which I was not at, however there was a reference there to, I believe, the lost sheep? That we should pray for that individual that was unnamed, that it might have been an indication that that was referring to your friend ________ here. What I heard in the transcript was I didn't get that impression at all. I was just curious. I'm not asking you to name the individual but I'm asking to let us know if it was ______?


STUDENT: I wasn't a lost sheep. I was lost asleep.


STUDENT: It's difficult. In one breath we're asked to accept the truth of our being, or new reality, okay? The big reality. And then in the next breath we're dealing with our human hood, and it's very difficult to work with human hood that's been traumatized or incorrectly taught to perform something which it is not consciously aware that it is able to do.


TOMAS: I must stop you right here and remind you, hopefully poignantly, that we are in Correcting Time. These things now are to be corrected. It is not you alone who needs correcting. Every individual needs correcting. Your systems need correcting. The entire status of every individual on the planet is in line for correcting, that we might get this planet back in tune with the rest of the universe. It has been damaged, my dear, and as a result, all life upon it has been at least polluted, and so there is much work to be done toward the correcting of all humanity, individually and collectively. Correcting Time is upon us all.


STUDENT: Then the technique, for want of another word, to actively be involved in Correcting Time, is to acknowledge all the assistance which has been brought down close to us so that mercy and compassion can be activated through us.


TOMAS: We can encourage you as you become strong in yourself. As you come to know yourself, including your failings and foibles as a result of your background, your life's experiences, that wisdom which you have garnered as a result of your sleuthing around, will enable you then to have more tolerance, more patience, more understanding, more fortitude and more wisdom in dealing with your fellows as they, too, are going through, hopefully, the same process of correcting. It is an accelerated course because of the tremendous spirit which has been given of late.


STUDENT: Then all I have to do in my case is ask that I be allowed to experience the joy of life. Because, by asking, I have opened myself, voluntarily, to allow this miracle of joy of the gift of intelligence to, let's say, the highest good to manifest itself.


TOMAS: Yes, but let me take that a step further and establish a "what if" that on our first day of school someone made fun of you and therefore throughout your life you have rejected learning because someone made fun of you, even another six-year-old or five-year-old. Are you angry with learning or are you angry at that little child who who affected you for a lifetime? For you to say, "I am open to learning" without finding out in your personal core, in your DNA of understanding yourself what it is that has made you behave this way throughout your life, you will not understand and you will not be prepared to face learning joyously.



Only by realizing through delving and seeking, or asking that it be revealed to you, can you open the door, turn the page, or whatever, to see that child face-to-face and forgive that child through the Father, therefore forgiving our self for having listened to that child and believing that child throughout your entire life, therefore depriving yourself of much of life's joy, you see. That, then, can heal. And when once that is looked at, when once that personal forgiveness is sought and given, you are forgiven and you may go on. Do you understand?


STUDENT: I hear you. But it seems to me that if that's the system that we are going to have to use, then it will take another 2,000 years. I just can't imagine. I've been through all that! And I'm not tying up this topic anymore.


TOMAS: If you have been through all that, why are you still angry and argumentative?


STUDENT: I'm not talking about this particular episode. What I'm trying to say is that we will be forever moping up our traumas!


TOMAS: But you do not understand . . .




TOMAS: . . . how quickly this can transpire. When once it is realized that these processes of correction yield such fruitful results and that the painful experience of exposure to imperfection and the righting, the correction, is so effective and quick once you get rolling, it doesn't take long at tall. We are, in the Teaching Mission, very impressed with those who have grasped the reins, how quickly they are galloping across the fields. It does not take long when you begin to work for the spirit is working with you. Other individuals begin to work with you. And for you. It gains momentum.


It's that teamwork thing, that you can do ten times more things when ten of you work together than if you each work alone. And that is also one of the reasons that I work diligently to provide you with one another, that you learn to trust one another, that you learn to speak to each other and hear each other, that you learn to care for each other, that you begin to have certain loyalties to certain truths, beauties and goodnesses, that we can work together as a team that we might create a pinnacle of perfection in our own little local universe.


The effects of it are so great, are so effective, it will truly turn the tide of your communities. You qwill be able to see it as it happens among and between yourselves. The reward of seeing the Spirit of Truth come alive around you is worth any cost, any price, requisite for its having.


STUDENT: I believe you. You can send your "trust goes before me" or something like that.


TOMAS: My friends, I must sign off for the evening. I convey to you my genuine appreciation of your friendships and your interest in continuing our merry course. Until we speak again, I am your devoted friend, Tomas. Farewell.


                                 * * * * *


                     THE URANTIA BOOK


In winning sons for the Master, it is not the first mile of compulsion, duty, or convention that will transform man and his world, but rather the second mile of free service and liberty-loving devotion that betokens the Jeusonian reaching forth to grasp his brother in love and sweep him on under spiritual guidance toward the higher and divine goal of mortal existence. Christianity even now willingly goes the first mile, but mankind languishes and stumbles along in moral darkness because there are so few genuine second-milers - so few professed followers of Jesus who really live and love as he taught his disciples to live and love and serve.


The call to the adventure of building a new and transformed human society by means of the spiritual rebirth of Jesus' brotherhood of the kingdom should thrill all who believe in him as men have not been stirred since the days when they walked about on earth as his companions in  the flesh. Page 2084


                                    * * *


                          NEWS UPDATE


Many of you know our dear brother and sister, Jerimiah and Nolus (John and Pat Wormek). For those of you, who may not know, Jermiah recently  underwent surgery for brain cancer. The discovery of the tumor and the operation all happened in a short period of time. Jeremiah is now home and has chosen not to undergo the suggested radiation and chemo therapy. He has requested information that anyone may have on alternative treatments. So, if you have any knowledge or suggestions, do let him from you. At present, Jerimiah is applying to be accepted as a candidate for the new Boron treatment. In the meantime, he is using several alternative treatments.


Jerimiah is in great spirits. He and Nolus want to send their thanks to all of you who have called and written to him. Jerimiah is at a loss of words to express how much this has meant to him. He has suffered partial loss of mobility on his right side, but this is improving. Your letters, calls and prayers mean more to him than words can convey. 


Jeremiah, know that we love you and keep you in our prayers. We look forward to hearing that you have been accepted in the Boron program. Your magnificent spirit in the face of adversity is a fine example of putting the truths we have been learning into practice and "owning" them. We pray that our Father showers His blessings upon you as you are a very precious child of His and to all of us. We want you on our TeaM - down here - for a long time!


                                 * * * * *




I am enclosing a check to help defray the cost of the newsletter and to communicate my desire to stay on the mailing list. I also am enclosing a poem written prior to the Fayetteville meeting last year. Many people seem to be struggling with similar themes, and this poem may have some relevance for them.


Jeff Lomax

Jasper, IN


                         THE INVITATION


I was walking down the street one day

When an outlaw came to me.

He said, "Follow me, my gentle friend,

It's done so easily.


We'll rob and steal and rape and loot

And have our fun for free.

Lay down your boring life, my friend,

And run wild and free with me."


"Most truly do you tempt me, sir, "

I said from inside my hear,

"But I'm a family man, you see,

And from them I cannot part.


I have things to do and forms to file

And people count on me.

I cannot rob and steal with you.

I must live responsibly.


I was waling through a room one day

When a lover came to me.

She said, "Follow me, my gentle friend,

And indulge your fantasy.


We'll stroke and kiss and play sex games

And have our pleasure for free.

Lay down your brittle life, my friend,

And let your passions flow free."


"Most truly do you tempt me, ma'am"

I said from inside my heart,

"But I'm a family man, you see,

And from them I cannot part.


I have things to do and forms to file

And people count on me.

I cannot play these games with you.

I must live responsibly."


I was walking down the hall one day

When a banker came to me.

He said, "Follow me, my gentle friend,

We'll invest so cleverly.


We'll own and hire and fire and boss

And get our power for free.

Lay down your pitiful life, my friend,

And live like nobility."


"Most truly do you tempt me, sir,"

I said from inside my heart,

"But I'm a family man you, you see,

And from them I cannot part.


I have things to do and forms to file

And people count on me.

I cannot be a king with you

I must live responsibly."


I was walking through the woods one day

When an angel came to me.

She said, "Follow me, my gentle friend,

And take a journey with me.


We'll fly and soar and learn God's songs

And roam Creation for free.

Lay down our material life, my friend

Come grow and sing with me".


Most truly do you tempt me, ma'am,"

I said with practiced heart.

"But I'm a family man, you see,

And from them I cannot part.


I have things to do and forms to file

And people count on me

I cannot roam Creation with you

I must live responsibly."


The angel shook her brilliant head

A tear ran down her cheek.

"The journey, sir, I invite you on

Is not one for the weak.


We'll travel by faith and joy and love

But changes must be borne

It's too late to stop things now,

Oak trees don't fit into acorns."


"But I'm a family man, you see,"

By practiced heart began,

But all at once I could say no more

And down my cheeks tears ran.


The angel smiled her gentle smile

And said, "No need for sorrow,

Your family is invited, too,

Not today, but surely tomorrow.


You'll be with them and they with you

Apart not even a while,

So come with me, my gentle friend,

And together we'll make God smile."


Thank you, Jeff, for sharing such a wonderful poem. It has truth, beauty and goodness and is truly is a gift to all of us. Here's hoping you have more to share with us. .


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                  UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


OCTOBER 10-13, 1996 - CINCINNATI, OH - The Heart of the Message -Eastern Regional TM Gathering. There is still space for last minute reservations. Contact Jim Cleveland at 513-521-2632 and plan to come!


AUGUST 21-24, 1997 - Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado - 1997 Teaching Mission Gathering - LOVE IN ACTION.


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Newsletter at the end of August was::


$1,405.57 - In The Red


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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in the TR (Transmitter/Receiver) process with Celestial Teachers in the Teaching Mission during this Correcting Time. More information about the Celestial Teachers can be found in The Urantia Book. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all it is intended to serve - your interest and your sharing. Please let us hear from you. A suggested annual donation for the newsletter to cover printing and mailing costs is $20.00. Your support is appreciated.


When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK. The right is reserved to use excerpts and make editorial changes.


I have shared with you in the newsletter many of my experiences and thoughts in the hopes that it would encourage more of you to share your thoughts and experiences. This newsletter is about all of us and what is happening now in our lives and on Urantia. Now that summer is over with all of its activities, I hope that you will take the time to write about some of your experiences and thoughts to share with us. While it is true that we all grow through experience, it is also true that in learning from others, our minds are expanded, seeds are planted and we gather inspiration and courage to break free of the barriers that limit us.


This discourse highlights the subject of inner work and the statements of the students are good examples of what many may be feeling. For one who has long been working on the "inner unconscious tapes" that were the basis of many of my actions and beliefs, I find the words of Tomas clearly to speak to my experience. It is a never ending process as the lessons continue on more subtle levels, but once the "biggies" are looked at, acknowledged and dealt with, the understanding that comes about leads to a much greater sense of freedom that allows joy and wonder to be a more active part of one's life. When one becomes to realize the tremendous benefits that ensue from this inner work, there is a joy of discovery that begins to take place and a real desire to look at the clues in our lives to unlock more of our potential. It may be scary and difficult at first, but it becomes a treasure hunt that one begins to look forward to as eagerly as a child looks for the gifts and delights that Santa Claus brings. AND these are not gifts that will be discarded in time, these are gifts that are eternal - part of our ascension career and gifts that touch all those around us.