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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

June 1996 (Vol. 4, No.6)




It has been my intention to make the newsletter available to all those who are interested in receiving it. During the first couple of years, your donations covered the basic costs of printing, mailing, phone and a few supplies. This was in part because of some very generous donations that allowed the newsletter to continue to be sent to those who have not made donations sufficient to cover the cost, which is $20.00 ($22.00 in Canada, $26.00 in South America and $32.00 in Australia and New Zealand) for a year of 12 issues. This cost does not include time or equipment. However, as it has grown in size and the mailing list has grown to 250, it is no longer possible to continue without making some changes. It is not a business and thus, there are no subscription fees. It is solely dependent upon your support which includes donations and information for the newsletter. Rather than limit the size or monthly mailing, it seems better to cull the mailing list down to those who support it by sharing their thoughts, transcripts, poems, articles and information and/or donations.. I realize that some of you were included on the mailing list from the original list or have been added if you attended either of the national TM gatherings without requesting to be included. Thus, starting with this issue, I will slowly begin to the process of culling the mailing list. No one will be removed from the mailing list without first receiving notification along with the newsletter..


I know that we are all inundated with mail these days and little time for it all. On top of that there is so much material being generated in the Teaching Mission alone, one can easily become overwhelmed. It is up to each of us to decide what has meaning and value to us and serves us best. I thank you for your understanding and support as I try to get the newsletter back into the "black" again. My sincere thanks to those of you who have contributed information and donations.


As you will see, much of this newsletter has been devoted to the lessons of Daniel and Minearisa, the Pocatello teachers on uncovering the thorns that we all have. It is because of all the inner work that many of the individuals and groups are working on now that this seemed a very timely subject. In this issue, I share with you one of the tools that has been most helpful to me in uncovering my thorns. I hope that this will encourage you to let us hear about your experiences and tools that have helped you.


May our awareness of the abundant love and support that is given us to by our Father grow daily that we may become stronger beacons of His Light and His Love to all around us.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *






So many of us lose pets who have been our companions for many years and we suffer profound grief from the loss of these dear little ones, this being particularly true of elderly people who are dependent on these companions. I received a message concerning these and I thought it might give comfort to those with these losses.


We truly live in a universe of love and caring and bit by bit, this is being shown to us in little caring details. It is my hope that this little message will ease hearts about their beloved pets.


In His Service,

Avis Nichols



All things that you love, I love. Like a parent who cherishes the toys the children delight in, and puts them safely away, just so do I cherish your pets and carefully keep them as your treasures that I also treasure.


Once an animal is touched by the love of My children, it is cherished by us, and we esteem its value, and guard it carefully for you. So be willing to let all things go and change form, for it is held safely in our hands in trust for you. Be of good cheer! Your friend and King, Michael of Nebadon.


Avis also included the following message along the same line as the pet message.


You dwell in Me at all times. Those loved ones who have passed on likewise dwell in Me. I know your heart is troubled by the seeming total break in communications between mortals. This will not always be so. Not so far off, mortals will be able to communicate freely, both with those living on the planet and those who have gone on.


I have heard our thoughts! 'It will truly take a lot of joy to balance the pain and suffering that mortals have experienced here.' Those are your thoughts are they not? Never fear My child, much joy is planned. So much in fact that you will count your trials and tribulations as nothing. Scarcely to be thought of. Remember, I told you that the crucifixion was just an incident in My life with the Father, mattering very little to Me. Such was My Joy in serving the Father, that the pain and suffering was of little matter.


Someday, you will understand more fully that Great Joy in serving the Father. Now the joy is veiled, but once the veil is removed, there is nothing you will not endure for the Father. Remember also there is nothing He will not endure for love of You. His love and patience endure endlessly waiting for His children to awaken to His GREAT LOVE for them.


Hold fast to My Hand. I will lead you safely home to Joy. Michael of Nebadon/Jesus of Nazareth.


                                    * * *

KANEOHE, HI - Here are a few more messages from Rioh Reigh's "Spiritual Reality" as received through his channel "Seron" in 1973.


Let life flow through you without forming personnel ideas about it, lets one be impersonal. To accept spiritual guidance is to let God express His Universal Love through us. He has always guided you - you need but recognize it.


The need for basic spiritual understanding is greater at this time than ever before. Help all people you come in contact with consciously or at the soul level. More of my Divine Plan will be apparent very soon on this planet. Help others all you can. Peace.


When things of a spiritual nature are kept foremost on the mind, the effect on the physical body is one of purification.


Direct the mind to Me and let your thinking be Mine - as I live within the mind of all.


Open your mind to Me and permit My expression and you to become one.


Look not to outward guidance as I am within - I am the true Self.


I am always ready to help you any way I can. All you need is to ask. My joy and happiness is yours. Bless You.


What is fantasy and what is reality? Let us dwell upon that koan. Reality is that state of consciousness in that truth exists Fantasies are dreams of the creative mind. You know many fantasies which you have created yourself and you have adopted other peoples fantasies also. The nucleus of our minds - such intelligent creativity!


Reality is that knowledge that cannot be explained with words. To know it one must be conscious with the Universal Spirit. And few exist. One may attain this level of consciousness in this lifetime.


Ardent communication with the Father and an eagerness to be merged as one are mandatory.


Being kind to your fellow man and to the lesser kingdoms brings love to the heart.


Pray, my children, pray that truth may be realized by the undelivered. May reality be yours always..


                                    * * *



VIAN, OK - With this message from Leta McCreary come more messages from Michael.


I have been working on compiling some of the "MICHAEL" messages that we have received over the past several years. I am trying to work out some kind of a reasonable format, but in reading them over thought that they should be shared with other. They have brought me great comfort, and perhaps others would find them comforting as well. [Indeed we do - Ed]


As man travels the path of his destiny he often feels abandoned. This profound feeling of aloneness is delusion. There is always one beside you, ME.


Each person in his uniqueness believes himself to be the only individual in all the Universes to experience life and all its hardships. Countless are the many who experience the fullness of disappointment, pain and suffering.


Although each path is indeed unique and different, understand that these paths cross and intersect one another. Look at those who are traveling beside you. Realize that they to have hopes, dreams, and plans for their future, their lives. If their plans to do not fit in with preconceived ideals or notions that you possess, yes, even if they are in direct conflict with you, do not discount their value, their worth. Above all give others the benefit that Father gives to you, to make your own choice in all things. When others make decisions that you do not agree with, understand that it is their God given right to do so.


Should you feel the need, you can always make the decision to remove yourself from another's presence. Travel the path in a different direction. Remember, that there will always be some one else beside you. To expect, or want them to only make decisions that tare agreeable with you is indeed unrealistic. It is also undesirable, as it will often only reinforce wrong behavior or decision making on your part.


The collective oversoul can offer many solutions and resolutions, through numerous individuals, never close yourself off to this great source.


                                    * * *


BAKERSFIELD, CA - February 20, 1996


Henry Zeringue of the Riverside Group has been sending me copies of some of his messages. He uses the "hot pen" technique and the messages re some of the most beautiful and insightful ones I have ever read. Enclosed is one of them, though he has shared may more with us. It is typical of the quality of his reception. Henry receives messages from two teachers, Berca (pronounced Bursa) and Johnson, plus his Thought Adjuster. The one I enclose is from Johnson and is applicable to every one of us in the Teaching Mission. He has given permission to use these writings to share with others, as he wishes to be useful to be part of a group effort.


Peace and Love,

Gerry Baker



Johnson: In your human nature, your feeling of uncertainty can become overwhelmingly stagnant. You must start to feel self-motivated to act in accordance with how you feel, and with what you believe. Do not be mistaken to believe that the spiritual contingency of this Teaching Mission will make your outreach easier for you. Do not wait for one of us to materialize so we may hold your hands to guide you into action. You are indwelt with One who will direct and guide you through these times. We of the Teaching Mission have been working with you and your minds to use the faith which you must truly exhibit to lead in the correction of earth's social changes. When the Master Michael was preparing His apostles and disciples for His life's termination on the planet, He knew they would face great doubt and uncertainty at His departure, especially after the manner of His bestowal termination. Yes, He sent His Spirit to infuse their sullenness into action. You who are privileged with the correct narrative of the Master's life, the additional help of your Thought Adjuster, and all of the unseen help, prepare yourselves. Michael brought this celestial ministry to your world especially to further help you understand and believe the realities of eminent universal importance that Urantia be brought into synchronous function with its Universe Status. Do not expect miracles of wonderment to bring about these changes in thought, in actions, and in relations on your world. It is YOU who re called and having been prepared will be expected to do this job, not for us, but for you and your world. Join now! in the truth, beauty and goodness which is rightfully yours, for all peoples in all the countries of your world, no matter what conditions prevail. Be certain that the time is at hand. Do what you can to be of service to others, your immediate family, your immediate friends and acquaintances, your co-workers, the ones you bump into in your daily acts of living. You are being called to change the world, one person at a time.


Those of you best equipped to do more, more will be expected. Yes, we have great expectations. We are preparing you with loving lessons of faith-inspiring wisdom-packed content to show forth your spiritual growth. Act now! Bring these teachings to light. Bring truth to bear upon all falsehood. Bring beauty to dispel all ugliness, and bring Goodness to confront hatred, fear, violent aggression, intolerance, selfishness, envy and greed. You can do it. You must. No one is going to do this for you. If you see some way in which you can help - you're in no further need of assistance or permission. Act now! when situations present themselves. Do not worry or doubt your own unfinished natures, you will be perfecting for quite some time to come. You are worthy of this task which calls forth you of faith-inspired-certainty to grasp this tremendous planetary overhaul - one person at a time.


In time, you may be certain of "presence affirmations" on our world, but you must not depend that this is necessary for what you must certainly do on your own, with your own group. Be creative, bring together your simple ideas for group tasks, to bring this correcting message to bear upon your fellows. Yes, this correcting message will tremendously contrast against the patterned texture of your planet's social and religious beliefs and functions. Have faith! we will always be here to be of assistance to you. Let's get going! Continue to bring yourself into synchronicity with the indwelt presence of the Divine Paradise source of Perfecting Love and Beingness. Bringing this to bear upon your fellows will greatly augment all sincere efforts at equalizing the tremendous changes which must take place on this, your world of mortal sojourn.


                                    * * *


METROPOLITAN DC - Formerly known as the Seabrook, MD group now includes members from Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lester, he is the one who loved to party and dance while on his planet.


Lester: Hello, I am Lester. There has been an invitation for me to come and so it doesn't take much, you have to ask but once, and I am here. I am delighted to be here, telling you of God's love and of course, the joy, the absolute joy. Right now I am giving an image to the T/R of dancing. It is true, if you let the love flow through you, your feet cannot sit still, they are moving and dancing, and this becomes contagious. People notice and want to know why you feel like dancing, and they do not. They want to know what you have when your life has just as many problems, and your life has just as many things going wrong, and yet you are light and happy and joyful. They see this in you.


It is true, I did party too much in my life, but looking back I can also appreciate many things. I can appreciate the carefree attitude, the lightness. While I didn't take my responsibilities very seriously, I was able to bring joy, to see the humor in situations, to appreciate the lightness. So in any situation, there is, and there can be found, joy and an appreciation just for life. I know that someone asked for me. I can take questions now.


Q: Do we party the same way that you did on your planet?


Lester: The actual actions may be different, but the spirit is the same. The lightness, the wishing to get away form life's troubles and turmoil, the wishing to escape and think about something fun, funny to occupy the time. That is the same.


Q: There are quite a few people of this planet that equate fun, or partying, with sinning. Could you talk a bit about that?


Lester: There is confusion about the image of who God is. If you imagine our Creator to be a stern disciplinarian, then you would interpret that to be like our Creator would be to have no sense of humor, no joy, and to do your work to fulfill your obligations. But if you have the image of our Creator s a loving, joyful, playful Creator: one who makes butterflies of all different colors; one who paints His fish under the water who seldom are seen by humans, two and three and four different colors; one who makes a duck with blue feet, then you would see that this Creator has this joy, this creativity, this sense of humor in Him and to be like Him would be to also have these traits. So when you observe your fellows being serious, they have missed one whole part, perhaps half, of the Creator's spirit and who the Creator is. So, feel sorry for that person perhaps, they are seeking just as you are, but they are only seeing a portion that is serious and sensible. (They are) needing to complete their work, of wearing the clod hopper, sensible shoes with the thick socks rolled up to the knees so the won't get wet, so they wouldn't skip into mud puddles, or dangle their feet over the dock into the water. Certainly don't judge them harshly, but know that our Creator has a joyful side of Him also. Does this answer?


Q: Yes. The Tuesday group has noted that you have discussed the life on your planet and the Morontia words far more freely than other teachers. How is it that you are able to talk so much?


Lester: Just lucky I guess. I have guidelines, but my experience was actually traumatic for me because I wasn't very serious and I had explored one side of my being without exploring the other side. It was difficult to learn to be disciplined and to work before I played and to have a balance. I swung to the playful side and I need to come back more into balance. If you leave this world very serious and very straight-laced, you will be absolutely delighted to learn that you can play. It will be a joyful learning and adjustment for you, where for me I had to learn to be more disciplined, and that there was time for study and growth. So is was difficult for me.


Q: How did you find Urantia. Are we as diverse as your planet?


Lester: There are both similarities and differences. Obviously a lot more problems so that I have a clearer understanding of the seriousness, of the nature of the culture and of the whole planet. In spite of this there is joy, there is laughter, there is humor.


Q: Was your partying the type that would make people say "you were going to hell?"


Lester: Very much the same. I am not proud to say that I was neglectful of my responsibilities and really didn't attend to some of the things that I should have. I went off with buddies and enjoyed myself and was very carefree. Does this answer?


Q: Yes, very much so and it will give people hope. So when you passed, you were "born again." Is that right?


Lester: As i your Christian religion? [Yes] I never took the teaching seriously on my planet. I somewhat believed it, but I never worried about it, I never took the time to have any serious thoughts about it. Like the grasshopper, I just let tomorrow take care of itself and just really ignored it. In many ways I was childlike, immature and just never applied anything to myself. partly I think, when I look back, I was avoiding it , but ho I had not made any commitment, or any decision concerning who I was or how I related to my Creator.


Q: So you died as a party person then got into the Teaching Mission as serious task?


Lester: There was a lot of time in between my physical death on my planet and being accepted into the Teaching Mission. There was a lot of growth, a lot of maturing, a lot of balance. It may have seemed like not much time but there was time that passed. My growth greatly increased, I would not have helped, or have been a teacher without my own growth. I was too immature. We keep our own personalities, our own spirit and my spirit is light, playful, very joyful and so that is something that no matter how serious I get, is going to come through. Because that is who I am.


Q: Was you planet of this universe?


Lester: It was another universe, another local universe.


Q: What brain type were you?


Lester. Single brained. Essentially the brain type is not something you can compare or understand. It is a physiological phenomenon.


Q: Were you human in appearance?


Lester: Somewhat. The difference would be that you would stare. Because it is not exactly like you. Actually, after you get to the Morontia worlds, you will do a lot of observing and I will say staring because there are so many wonderful, beautiful things to look at. Different, yes, beautiful, yes, not in a negative way, just different. That is where you will truly begin to appreciate the differences of all of God's beings, of all of His creatures. It will be absolutely delightful. It was magnificent to see, to observe, to stare and by the way no one got upset about it. It is not like the culture that doesn't/t allow one to stare. I stared at everyone, at everything and was astounded and delighted. Things that are interpreted here as being impolite will not be impolite there at all.


Q: Is there any similarity between what you are describing and the various creatures depicted on our science fiction TV shows?


Lester. Your science fiction movies are a riot. They are so funny to see, but they are also accurate. Not as what you dream up that there are actual beings that look like that, but in creativity. That is, that when you see them they will be familiar. Your writers' creativity is right on.


Q: Could the writers be receiving spiritual help?


Lester: The Artisans? Absolutely they are getting the messages through, whether the humans know it or not. There is no doubt about it. Of course, the finished product may not be related to any actual being, but it doesn't matter because your mind is expanded, your imagination is grown and it will encompass that which you will see in the next, and the next, and the next, lives. Wherever you go, whatever world and planets you evolve to, this is the kindergarten perception of the whole universe. When you draw your pictures in kindergarten of what the work is like it is very childlike, so relate that what you see and consider it expanded when you actually get to the Morontia worlds and beyond.


Q: Artistically are humans plain Janes in terms of features?


Lester. You are infant. No judgment on that, not Plain Janes, just infants. That is not an insult because infants grow and develop their understanding and get bigger.

Q: When you reach the Morontia worlds and ou have lost your physical body, are you able to look at other beings that have come form other planets and see that they looked like when they had a physical body?


Lester: Absolutely.


Q: So beings that were from your planet, you can look at them on the Morontial level and know that they were from your planet.


Lester: Yes.


Q: Are features carried over:


Lester: Some features, but mostly the essence of who you are. That is difficult to understand right now, because all of you go on is the visual. You will know, you will understand and see another person with so much more than just visual. You will know, you will understand, and you can't really do that now. I cannot explain this to you right now, but you have voice differenced, you have smell differences because of what you eat. You know another person by the way they make sentences, beside how they look. Perhaps you can receive a letter and know that someone wrote it, or know that someone else wrote it. So multiply that many times with other senses that you cannot even imagine right now and you will understand how you can do this.


Q: what decisions must be formulated here for survival?


Lester: I was aware of a creator Spirit. I was aware of religion s it was on my planet. Id didn't reject, I didn't particularly accept either, I just ignored. So the formulation was very immature, it was just "don't bother me" or "I don't want to thin about that now." Our Creator will not lose any one of His children easily. Everyone is is important that they are given every opportunity to live, to exist, to become. One is not discarded lightly, is not lost because of lack of interest or because they are one of many. Our Creator wants every one of His children. If He could keep every one, if hey would make that choice, that is what He would do.



Q: If a person on earth dies without showing any interest in God, do they get another chance to make a choice?


Lester: Yes. Remember what I said about the vision of who think God is and how it is being skewed. If someone has rejected Father because of this mis-information, this will be corrected.


                                    * * *






Michael: Children, I gather you together like a mother hen gathers her chicks. I shield you from the harshness of this world. I keep you close to me every moment of every day. You are my children, my sons, my daughters, my brothers and my sisters. I give you all my ower, the loyalty which is replete with divine goodness which never fails. I give you my love, the love which sustains all beings through all times. I give you my hand, the hand which will guide you through many difficulties and which will draw you to me, to the end that all the world will know that I am the Son of God who holds all power and who gently encourages and sustains even his lowliest and most frightened children.


Ask not that a man shall come forward who will lead you, for you must look instead only to me and to my hand for guidance. If you will each follow me, I promise you that I will lead you to the very portals of paradise. Yes, even so, the great love I bear for you is eclipsed only by the pure entity of the Father's presence. Do no doubt that I sustain you, do not doubt that I love you, do not doubt that I will uphold you in your efforts to reveal the Father to his children, as I revealed him. Take a moment and in silence and in a meditative attitude, receive each one my blessing.


Ham: Glory until our Lord, our beloved friends. Glory unto his angels and all his many children. Understanding, wisdom, forbearance, and love shall accompany each of you on your great journeys. Keep this great faith and hope which has been planted in your hearts today, nurture it, allow it the freedom to grow. Your futures indeed are opening before you. Your tasks are but to walk forward and to fulfill the great destinies that you have been given. Fear nothing, children, do not be troubled. You have crossed a great threshold and indeed have been set apart to do a ob for him. Hold his hand, and the way will open. Hold his hand, and he will life you to your natural place, the place where you work will be done.

Ham: Tonight, I wish to discuss your feelings about the future of our great mission task. I will say that there is a great deal to work towards and yet you have each made significant gradual progress over the last few years. This progress is spiritual and morontial entirely in nature. And yet, you exist also in a material world where material concerns also come into play. The world of the spirit is not a world you are capable of influencing, only of taking influence and guidance from it. Your world is the world of matter, and of souls in the morontial state inhabiting material bodies.


These material worlds are fragile and yet hold great resilience for the morontial beings who inhabit them. You who life on these worlds a short lifetime cannot understand and appreciate the perspective which midwayers enjoy. Therefore, I would remind you that from the midwayers perspective, things are not so all important or you are not so self-important as you think. Human beings can make a difference for the future mostly by being part of larger planetary trends. You can push in directions which you perceive to be correct or more correct, but you must remember that no person is an island, you are all part of the world, and you deeds, no matter how great, will always be a part of a world wide trend, a world wide movement.



You are not any one existing in a cultural vacuum, this is why you are so valuable to us. The words of revelation cannot come from a totally alien source and be understood. You are each a bearer of truth, of truth which has been given to you by higher sources. This truth must be made a part of you, be made a part of your work, part of your thinking, your ideals, part of your striving. In this way, the truth which you dispense becomes a part of your time. Without this human connection, this epochal revelation would never penetrate your world and would always exist outside, not touching the times or the people. You are the human link between a pure revelation and the people and the time in which you live The Urantia Book alone is without that connecting link which you are and must be. Indeed, the teaching mission, alone , is devoid of purpose without a linkage into the world.


The time is growing nearer when you will be called upon to be a link and in so doing it is not necessary to give the entire revelation to you fellows, for this is not your purpose at this time. Rather, is your purpose to take truth, make it yours uniquely, and take that into the world to be part of the great cosmic evolution of Urantia. Don't concern yourself so much with the spread of the mission or the book at this time. Concern yourselves only with the spread of that truth which is yours and which you can reasonably weave into the fabric of societal thought.


Each of you here knows that you have a destiny that has been spawned or born of the Urantia Book and the teaching mission and the time is coming when you must make decisions in your material world concerning these destinies. The time is coming when you will take your message and with the aid of the Father you will bring this message forth and the hungry souls of the world will partake of it. Some of you may work by lessening confusion in the world, some of you by brining comfort, some of you by bringing joy, and some of you will bring forth great beauty, and all of you will be doing the Father's will.


Always would you have guidance and helpers to aid your efforts and to help lighten your burden by becoming part of a team effort. If it were not so, these burdens would feel too great and you would worry lest you would not be able to carry them. Take comfort in the knowledge that you are working with a team, that you are not alone, that all successes and failures are spread evenly across many shoulders. When you work, think of it as a collaborative effort, think of it as helping us. Do not think, I must write this book, or something of that nature, but rather I must help to write this book.


You are each facing many trials, and I know that you will come through them with flying colors, like always. Your futures are becoming more and more secure as you become more and more committed to doing the Father's will. Do not fear your futures, your futures are steady and gradually growing in every way in the breadth of those you will reach, in the depth which you will give them, an in the height to which you will be lifted. All these things grow gradually together and though much of what I have said tonight seems obscure and puzzling, you will understand these things in time. Questions?


Q: You know we had thought that when we played shows there would be in the lobby the Urantia Book too. It sounds like it might not be that way, that we might not be pursing the Urantia Book as such.


Ham: Not advised at this time.


Q: I understand that you told us before that the Urantia Book would become woven into every aspect of our society, such as becoming part of the professional groups to which we belong, for example. Is this still the case?


Ham: Absolutely, but this is far in the future.


Q: That is interesting because, Ian has been slowly pointing us toward that kind of thinking, like in the case of my particular task I thought that I would reveal these things, these as you say truths that have come from the Urantia Book, and use the supernal teachings, and then as it would filter through me, and with the help of Daphne and Ian and others, I would present it and songs and recitations and books, an that this would stir people up for the Urantia Book to reveal or open them to those concepts and make them hungry for more truth and guide them towards the Urantia Book in some manner. Ian has talked about a "following" and that second part of our career, which is to establish, so I guess I had always thought the thing that would use the following and unify the efforts would be the Urantia Book. Would you care to comment on that?


Ham: How human beings see the future is rarely how it is.


Q: It seems to me that the phase I am in now is one where I should be learning these truths, incorporating them, and learning to use them in a simple and effective way with people. Is that correct?


Ham: Yes.



Q: I gather the correct approach for the time being is to be fairly sure it is the right thing to do when you introduce someone to the teaching mission or the Urantia Book but otherwise play your cards fairly closely to your chest for the time being?


Ham: Correct.


Question not your inner guidance, allow this guidance to operate in your life. Do not feel pressured to adopt again old habitual thinking. You're still breaking out of the old ways and you must learn to allow for the new. You must integrate your personality, the different sides o seeing your self in the world. One side sees pure intentions, no faults. And your other side sees mistakes, inadequacies. Rather than bouncing between the two, you must integrate them and find your feet firmly on the ground and a realistic understanding of yourself. Then, and only then, will your power grow. You have been like an automobile with perfect interior and paint job which you shine all the time, and yet the motor isn't running.


                                    * * *


BOULDER, CO - Front Range Team TM Group


June 10, 1996


Well, we (a different organization than the TM group or ECI [Emerging Communities, Inc.] although it included some of us) just had our big weekend - the Heal the Earth as One Celebration. This free event was held at Red Rocks on Friday evening and all day Saturday. It featured many wonderful performers including a sunrise Native American ceremony, Tibetan monks, a symphony, Kenny Passarelli, Wind Machine, Paul Winter, and many others - about 25 performance groups in all. It was followed by an ECI sponsored conference on Sunday featuring Lori Toye and Chet Snow. The events themselves were great, but attendance at both was very disappointing. Gives one reason to ponder why.


The 6-4 session has major importance - at least to us in Colorado. The celestials have given us the assignment to start an intentional community. Big time challenge. They have also brought several other mortals into the area, and we are having our first joint meeting tomorrow. This is a combination get-acquainted and kickoff meeting. Will keep you posted.

With Love and Joy,

Bob Lea


Below are a few excerpts from a lengthy transcript on the new assignment for this group.





Mor-gan (Daniel)


Good evening once again my friends, this is Mor-gan. It's good to be here with you once more. My travels were very, you would call them profitable. I'm glad to be back. Let's just take a few moments to relax, become centered so that you can co-creatively help support the activities of this group. So that you can participate co-creatively in the energy circuit of this group. So that the TRing is more fluid, fluent and whole. The participants in any group make a tremendous difference, they do make the difference in the receptivity, the broadcast, in the energy, circuitry, and connection that exists. Take just a few moments as you go through the ritual of connection to pump up the energy.


(Daniel) This is Daniel, and I thought I would inten in to Mor-gan with a statement he made, I've never done that before. And as you said, he is going to participating in supporting the group, as all celestials do, and so I listened to shat he said (referring to comments made before the session - see below), and it's quite breath taking. any how, he wais that he would be glad to t=share this with us sometime in the future (Bob: Thank you.)


This is Mor-gan, I see that my mortal companion here has spilled the beans as far as earth changes and intentional community is concerned.


(Daniel) Can you see my fingers here, he is doing this ( a fingers sign meaning naughty, natughty.) (Chuckling)


I must chide Daniel a bit about this as he was eager to share this - although I do usually give him a preview of what will be spoken of , in very general terms, before the meetings. We have not had an agreement about him sharing this and we will not have an agreement about that as we will just let it be.  And if he shares it, fine, and if he doesn't, that's fine too. But it is a good example of a sampling of the excitement that I see within ou about developing intentional community. But this time rather than speaking o fit in rhetorical terms rather than in design terms or in literary terms, we will now begin the process of intentionally building a physical, social, geographic, spiritual, self-sustaining community. The time is here. We have marshaled the forces, we have educated individuals far and wide, and now we have brought them together.


I'm very pleased that Daniel has made the connection with the wonderful people who have moved into the large house on 16th St. It is a good beginning. This group too is over its fear, though still in awe over the incredible activities that will occur on the surface of the earth. But their awareness and their management of their fear and their willingness to proceed makes it such that if they wish to, they can participate in this effort.


The particular aspect that Daniel spilled the beans about is not so much the intentional community, but the fact of sprit commitment to this enterprise, this activity. With only one proviso - I, Mor-gan, teacher of Daniel make this commitment on behalf of all the celestial teachers, the corps of celestial teachers, and the administration of the Correcting Time on the planet of Urantia - and that is that the spirit will co-creatively participate and will support, in large measure, all activities of the development of this intentional community. And the proviso is this: that the participants, the mortal participants, do so on an on-going and regular basis, co-creatively. That they will check in with us and test the waters to see if they are going in the right direction. That they listen and be still, or vice versa, be still and listen, for the insight, wisdom and guidance, that inner voice within them, that will help them guide each one of them in these ways between the times that the group checks in with the celestial teachers.


This is a remarkable agreement, commitment, on our part, on the part of Michael, and this commitment comes form Him personally. That is where I have been this last two weeks. I have been in the Court of Michael discussing the plans and developments on Urantia, with particular note to the development of this group and other groups who are in harmony or close harmony with this group, and vice versa. And to see what He would like to do next. This part of the plan, of the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission, has been an existent part of it all along, a developmental part of the Correcting Time. And so it is felt that there is sufficient self-maintenance and inertia within these small groups and also spiritual, emotional, personal. and material resources to proceed with developing this project in co-creative concert with mortals.


We are not hedging our bets. We are not stirring up anything. We are not choking, as you might say, or withholding information. This is a fully co-creative project, and any information relating to this project can be accessed through the TR-channel process. We, as usual, will not tell you what to do. This would not be co-creative, but we will participate with you. And, of course, the angels are in this up to their elbows, actually up to their armpits. They are fully into this.


(Eric) Up to their wing tips. (Chuckling)


Well said Eric. Yes, they are fully up to their wing tips. (More chuckling) Were that to be the upright position of course.


As is usual in the co-creative process, we will not tell you what to do. You will have insights, you will have ideas, you will collaborate in your groups. And you will share these ideas and come to common wisdom. And I know that individually you will be checking on the progress and as groups you 'll be checking on this progress. And as one whole body occasionally you will be checking on this progress. You are, you see, developing a corporate structure that is very functional in a co-creative sense. It requires a great deal of consensus, of participation, and coordination, and gaining of consensus.


Yes, you will find in this new group, and also with your friend, Alara, that the angels have brought with them a co-creative mortal-angelic process of deep healing within individuals to the cellular, DNA level so that old destructive patterns, that individuals have demonstrated can be curtailed, and stemmed and healed. That does not mean that those patterns will not come up again, but that they, by being conscious of it, can remove those very quickly. We are talking about very rapid healing, perhaps not spontaneous healing but a very rapid mental-emotional healing. I thank you very much for bringing this issue up, Eric. It is central to functional communities existing.


Let us turn now to another topic about this subject. It is about a wide-ranging subject, the development of intentional community. One that has many beneficial facets to it. And as our fellow brother Eric has said before, the process of developing community takes many months. And sot his project too will take a number of months of strategizing, and boiling down the thoughts and plans and the assessment of other communities throughout the world - those that work and those that don't. And you will be sifting all of the existing and the past community information for the particulars that apply to the community that you will develop.


What is more is that this will be an economically viable community, meaning that it can be developed with the same thoughtful financial wizardry, as you use it, to purchase land, develop land, and to build houses - a subdivision so to speak - that will be this intentional community. It may not be a subdivision in terms as you have seen, cut it will nonetheless be a community of houses that work in a network - houses and domiciles that work together physically, socially, spiritually through many processes.


You of course need to think of the infrastructure of this community. How it may be self-sustaining in a crisis that isolates it. How it can continue on functionally, not only functionally, but how it can be a tremendous benefit and boon to individuals during difficult times. Where you can draw together for solace and comfort and wisdom and love and companionship during difficult times and know that you are secure in the love of your fellow brothers and sisters and the Father whose presence will be there, as always.


Of course there are risks involved on all sides, but there is the universal mind available to you to rapidly bring in all the information you need if you are willing to connect to that source on a regular basis and regular i your consciousness to do so. Again I would say that time is of the essence, though it is not the critical factor. It is the developmental plan that is the most important facet and also the care of each individual along the way. No one will fall through the cracks, we ill not allow for that to happen, and it is not a good way to proceed in any society, particularly an intentional community that is also spiritually based


As a last point, before I open the floor to all the questions you want to ask, one of the prime reasons for this project is to teach. It is to teach individuals to trust the process, to trust in the co-creative process. It is to teach the relationship, the intimate second-by-second, moment-by-moment, thought-by-thought relationship that each individual can have with their guardian angel and celestial teachers at any time. This is the process of teaching individuals to live in intentional spirit-based communities, where spiritual connection is an ongoing fact. It is a given. It is not taken for granted, knowing that you are all agondonter, but it is a known fact that it's there all the time, and this is as it should be. That you're always in connection with the Father. And the Father is always in connection with you. And the immediacy of that connection, that contact, is only as far away as our next thought. I hope you understand the value of that.


There are disciples of Kryon, perhaps you have heard of the. This is an organization, Kryon is a celestial teacher they have who has been working with this group, and the group has national scope and is gaining great interest. They do not come from the same data base, so to speak, of reference as you do with the Urantia Book, but you will find that their concepts are in the main very compatible. We, meaning myslef and Daniel, need to take time to get more acquainted with them and their philosophies, though I would not worry too much about where one's head is as long as the intention is right and the sincerity is right also. We find that there can be too much divisiveness on philosophy and theory where it has absolutely no applicable worth in a given situation. And rather than finding bones to pick of difference, find the body of knowledge which is similar.


                                    * * *


POCATELLO, ID - Below are excerpts dealing with relationships and "thorns" that seem relevant as we are all doing so much inner work these days.




Minearisa: Tonight we will again discuss relationships. We will discuss the relationship of you with yourself.


This is, indeed, a theme we will be returning to. As we continue in our curriculum we will continue to come around to this theme and revisit it at another level following the spiral upward. For to have an understanding of your relationship to God or to any aspect of God's vast creation you must have an understanding of your relationship with yourself. Next to your relationship with God this is primary and very significant. All other relationships mirror your relationship with yourself and your relationship to God. These are finely interlinked understandings, if you will, of two sides of the same coin. Your relationship with yourself can only be as good as your relationship with God. We will be working on this coin from both sides. This is at the center of the relationship dynamic. All other relationships spring from these most fundamental core relationships.


Relationships with yourself are early on learned and developed within your nuclear families and in response to early parenting messages. This is why so many people on this planet have poor self esteem and an underdeveloped relationship with their Essence. Because of the rebellion and the default critical parenting skills were never developed. The most striking feature of this planet to observers of this planet, when compared to advanced planets in Light and Life and even planets not yet in Light and life but whose evolution has followed a more normal course, is the state of the child and the attitude of adults toward children.


Children are open sponges. They absorb the emotions, they absorb the mood, they absorb the attitudes of those whose presence they reside within. Think on this. Become now where you sit as a small child, a sponge. Allow yourselves to open in that way. Imagine yourselves without yet those shields and layers of protective armor that you have learned in order to cover and protect that very fragile, delicate, emotional being within. Now see yourself as this small child in any environment you would like to pick.


Let us see this small child first in an environment where all the adults were living lives of Light and Life, where all the adults felt good about themselves, where all the adults were abundant in energy, love and knowledge of truth, beauty, and goodness. See those adults react to this small sponge. What would that sponge absorb? What would than sponge learn about itself? (Pause)


Now, my friends, see again this small sponge in the worst situation you can imagine. See this sponge surrounded by anxious, frightened, angry people, protected, busy, irritated, driven by their inner demons, of good intent, yes, perhaps even desiring good for this sponge. But what is it that the sponge absorbs? Remember, the sponge absorbs the emotions. The sponge absorbs the attitudes. The sponge absorbs the feelings and the energies. The sponge hears the sounds, the smells.


And now I would like you to take a short span of time and quiet yourselves and remember yourselves as small sponges. What characteristics, attitudes, feelings, expressions were around you as a small sponge? They are many and varied and of a broad range. Allow yourself, if you will, to allow some of these impressions upon your spnge to pass through. (Pause)


Students, the beginnings of your relationship with yourself were the result of those impressions, situations, emotions, feelings that surrounded you. You learned much about yourself in those early situations and although much time may have passed and many more experiences have accumulated, your current relationship with yourself, although modified, remains much as it was.


This week I ask that you spend some time contemplating what those early messages were, the full range.


Daniel: Thank you my friend. Indeed is the understanding of who one is a vital link to the greater understanding of the First Source and Center. The only sensation a child has in these new surroundings is that of sensing light and feeling a greater awareness of noise and voices. As the child gains hours in this new life the sensations of pain and hunger help to bring the child into a greater awareness. Hence these beginnings are the basis from which self awareness takes root. In these first beginnings is laid a basis from which will grow the future human mind, the future human understanding, the future human emotional framework. So even prior to soul attachment is this young sponge beginning to develop those characteristics that will be carried into adulthood.


It is the fortunate child whose first awareness are those wrapped in love and celebrated by the very appearance of their presence. Not all are so fortunate. Part of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time is to provide greater understanding to parents regarding the necessity to treat this new life with the greatest of respect, to provide those needs that support the child physically, encourage the child emotionally and strengthen the child spiritually. In your assignment we will ask that you would look at these three areas in examining those traits that you feel might pertain to you.


Indeed as you probably already know and as we will further explore, once one is able to accept themselves and know who they are then the avenue is opened up for self love. And through this love is the love for God strengthened many-fold and the ability to love one another enhanced. One who does not love themselves cannot possibly love anyone else.


Minearsia: It is not our goal to take you back to your very beginnings of self awareness, but to build a framework to begin to see how early self awareness takes place so that when you work with others you can guide them in nurturing and stabilizing the children in their care. Our objective here is to begin to help you to realize exactly who you are and to give you experience and information so that you gain confidence in working with others.


This chapter of the lesson plan was in no way meant to imply that all of your relationships with yourself have not indeed grown and evolved over time. This aspect of the transforming influence of God's love upon the relationship with the self will, of course, be visited ina future chapter, perhaps many times.


The purpose of this chapter was to create a structure that some may not have previously considered to set the stage for further developments.


I am not asking you to dwell upon the negative. I am asking you, as you said, to factually observe the environment in which the song sat. There may be a variety of influences for many of you. Some may find predominantly those influences that build a very positive relationship with the self. Others may find the opposite to be the cse. Many may find an equal mixture.


What is important is to begin the process of factually observing so that one may have greater understanding of who they are today and may possess the power of transformation with the love of God. The love of God is the powerful looking glass that allows one to see clearly and at the same time allows for all possibility.


Daniel: Since this appears to be at an end for this evening Minearisa and I will bid you adieu, giving ou our love and asking you to consider those facets that have brought you to this point. Consider those things, positive and negative which help you in defining who you are.


In conclusion let us give you a closing thought. Emotions are very close to you and they can rule you and control you. Emotions, like everything else, are a part of a workable whole, they should not be the governor. For the workable whole there is truly only one principle that guides and that is the truth.




Daniel: Indeed you are all beginning to realize the meshing that incorporates your whole being, the messing of your material existence with your spiritual/soul; and the outcome for many on this sphere is a growth in morontial understandings. Through daily communication with the First Source and Center, with daily communication with Michael and Nebadonia you are all gaining spiritual insights and wisdom. There is considerable difference between learning, knowing, knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is born out of experience.


As you walk this plane your constant companion is yourself. You can never get away from who you are. You cannot take a leave of absence from your own being. you cannot divorce that which you don't like. Rather you are who you are, a child of God. However, your human qualities are often ones that do not benefit you nor do they signify God consciousness. Those characteristics may be trappings, carryover, and excess baggage that hold you back from reaching the higher goals that you are destined for and have potential for reaching.


Coming to terms and understanding who you are including your strengths, weaknesses, and all that is in between, is an important part of your experience on this plane. AS you come to terms with your inner thoughts, as you come to terms with your outward behaviors, you are better able to make judgments, form opinions and come into some sort of understanding about those characteristics which bring you satisfaction, joy, and security. You will be able to recognize those things which hamper these qualities. These are the tings that are not working to your advantage on a material level. They most certainly are not working on a spiritual level.


It is not that we teachers desire for you to agonize over these fundamental lessons. It is rather that by struggling, working, through, gaining knowledge of an understanding that you will grow. You will be able to reach far greater plateaus than you have ever conceived. Certainly self awareness is not the easiest course to pursue for in doing so one must be honest, one must truly come to terms with those traits that are not successful. No one likes to fail. However, it is often easier to keep failing than to face those aspects of your being which cause you pain or cause others pain or prevent you from moving ahead.


In being hones with oneself one must come to certain decisions about which route they will pursue: Does one dare risk to change: Does one have the courage to pursue that risk? Does one have the energy needed, the faith and trust needed? Does one continue with the status quo hoping that somehow this will just go away?


I am most pleased with this group for you are all working ont hose areas which tug at you, that work against you. For all of you truly are seeking to know the First Source and Center and to follow His will. so I congratulate all of you for the many areas you have succeeded in uplifting. But I ask you to continue for these kinds of activities are ot dealt with once, but are continual. The process of growing and becoming whole takes many, many years of searching, of asking the hard questions of yourself. The rewards are overwhelming and are abundant. For when you can behold a more whole person in yourself you are able to be more real and whole with everyone you meet.


This week continue to look at yourself, your relationship with who you are. Try to focus on one aspect of your being that is particularly bothersome, one that is a thorn in your side, one that you would love to be rid of, but you are maybe a little shy about trying to remove the thorn. Maybe it is time that you took a magnifying glass to the thorn to see which way is the best way to remove it. Examine it form many angles. Work on it. Remember that you do not have to be successful in one try. Rather it is the small, step by step steps that you take that make a whole.


Minerarisa: Beloved friends. I understand the hesitance that many of you feel with this redirected curriculum. Yes, many of you experience great fear to think of examining that thorn close up, to see the festering around the edges and the pain created by this thorn! My friends, much of this fear comes from a false sense of guilt, that somehow you are wrong and shameful as people for having a thorn in our side. It is this guilt that roots you to the spot desiring not to examine, not to look, to prefer to carry this thorn for many, many years before you finally in desperation, having tried all these, to look at the thorn.


This guilt is not your guilt. This situation in which you mortals of Urantia carry thorns is common to all planets but is particularly prevalent upon this poor planet doubly sorrowed by both rebellion and default. Thorns have become the grass, if you will, of Urantia. This is changing. You are front runners in bringing about this change. By removing this thorn you become new evolved plants whose seeds will be sown across the land, whose new thriving life will spread helping other thorns to fade and a new way of living to be introduced.


You have the option, of course, of continuing to carry your you thorns. But sooner or later these thorns must be removed. You may do it now and add to the upliftment of this planet or you may wait for the remedial work of the morontia worlds. The choice is, indeed, yours.


My friends, I do believe that when you look at the thorn you will find it much more benevolent that you believe at this point in time. The thorn is much like the monster under the bed. Do you remember as children jumping away from your bed so that the horrible monster could not get you? And yet, with the help of your parents, you turned on the lights and looked under the bed to find only dust bunnies. You may have a similar experience in examining your thorn, nothing but dust bunnies.


Virginia: Mearisa, your picture of the thorn and the festering, etc., reminded me of a picture which I have had in my mind for many years about he anguish it takes for growth. In The Great Divorce, by C.S. Lewis, he pictures a lizard on the shoulder of the person who needs to change. In the story the individual finally pulls the lizard off his shoulder and throws it to the ground and it becomes a stallion to go on to the mountains, to the sunrise of eternity. So sometimes when we think in terms of growth and change I know that it can become the stallion to lead us God ward.


Minearisa: Thank you Virginia. I could not have said it better! Indeed, when you examine the thorn it may not only diminish to dust bunnies but may transform to be the very steed to carry you to freedom and beauty. C.S. Lewis was a most remarkable man. His influence is well felt.


Bill/Isaac: In looking at the thorn, to use your analogy, under a magnifying glass to see which way is the most painless or best way to remove it, I would like some further commentary on that point, if that would be possible. Tell me why that is important or how one could go about doing that.


Daniel: My dear friends as you have lived your life these many years you have no doubt grown in many ways, have trodden down many paths. And with each step, with each course ou take there have been many decisions that you have had to make.


I as you to envision with me a carpenter who has been asked to build a piece of furniture for which there are not planes, for which he must start from scratch. So the carpenter utilizes all the experience he has had in carpentry, in using materials, his knowledge of woods, his knowledge of different types of tools. He uses that as he sits down to draft and draw out plans, to think through each step that needs to be done.

Obviously he doesn't choose the stain to put on the wood as his first priority. That would come last. He must start with pencil and paper figuring, measuring, and through all of this kind of planning, sleeping on it then going back to the drawing board, crossing out ideas that did not work...eventually he is ready to begin the project. By now he knows what wood to buy. H knows what tools will be needed and so he can being.


Now think about that. The carpenter did not say, "Yes, I will take this assignment" and then immediately go out and buy wood. Rather he had to draw up the plans. He had to think about it. He had to work through many different ideas, many different levels of preparation before he cold go out and buy the wood and begin cutting the first piece and fitting it together with another piece.


The first step in removing the thorn, in looking at it is understanding what the problem is. Why is it a problem? How long have you had the problem? What does the problem do? How does it affect others? How does it affect you? What could be gained by getting rid of this problem?


Once the problem is recognized the next step, the most important step, is to sit with the Father. It is in this time of communication with the First Source and Center that you are drawing up you plans, but you are drawing them up with the greatest help in the universe. When you open yourself to the fact that you are ready to change, when you turn your thoughts to the First Source and Center regarding this change then the universe complies and avenues and areas are opened up whereby your change can begin.


From that point on you will be given many opportunities to work on that change.


Growth and change are not necessarily always that which you should dread. For often change can be uplifting immediately, can be freeing, can bring you a sense of euphoria. For simple changes can unlock many shackles. For life is not just for the young to change, learn, and grow from. It is a continual process. As you come into a greater sense of understanding bout it, it goes on for aeons.


Tania: I have found myself recently greatly dreading having to go through yet another time of change and also becoming very impatient. you mentioned in the lesson that sometimes we work through a lesson or once we recognize a problem we can work through it on several levels a different times. I find myself having no patience on working through a problem again. I am wondering if there is a time when we ourselves are forcing ourselves to go through things that no longer need to be gone through at that point? When do we learn that we can quit trying to perfect the design or our carpentry?


Daniel: This is always a difficult question, for how many times has the artist looked at the canvass and said, "This is not finished yet!" How many times has the songwriter rewritten the words looking for that one word that will tie it all together? How am y times has a teacher reread the books and gone through the lesson plans looking for one more perspective that he/she may get that last student's attention? How many times has the scientist explored the same route hoping that something different would occur to him? Indeed, it is always hard to know where and when to stop.


As a quick way of finding an answer let me say this. If you life has gotten better, if the lives of those you interact with have gotten better because of the change, it is probably pretty well complete. But if there are still areas where things are not smooth, where there is still major gap, where there is not harmony, then it is time to perhaps re-examine.


But often times there needs to be a break so that you can step back from the intense work to let that which you have already gained become really a part of your internal being. It is easy for most to intellectually know and say what to do. It is harder to live that which you say and do. So one it is intellectualized, once it starts to become intuitive, coming from within then it is starting to be art of your being, part of your whole. But often the whole cannot be built at tone setting. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to complete that whole in one area. Sometimes it is good to relax, as you have so aptly stated in your sharing.


One must not continually berate oneself and think that tone is never good enough. One must respect and validate themselves so that which you are at this moment can be the best. If you cannot see yourself as being worthwhile then you cannot validate that achievement that you have reached.


My dear friends, no one of you, nor your teachers, were born perfect. It is his struggle, this experience, tis joy of reaching for perfection that is the work of the universe. Our lessons here this evening are no to say, "you must be perfect tomorrow. Don't you dare come back her next week unless you are perfect!' for that would not fit in with the scheme of the universe. Rather, examine where you are. If that is not where you want to be then look at that thorn to see how it can be achieved. The Spirit within will always be there to guide you if you take the time to search within, to turn over, that you may be led and guided. This i perhaps one of the hardest areas for mortals to do.


My dear Tania, all is not complete until you reach Paradise. It is perfectly natural and it is good to take breaks, toll ok back so that you can re-examine, so you can know when it is time to take up the challenge again.




Minerisa: It is with joy that I compliment those of you who have, indeed, taken our lessons into your very being and made it your own. The angels are in full chorus once again. The light that you bring, the illumination that spreads out, you can only imagine. It is stupendous. We are in awe. We love you so much dear friends! Our support is ever with you. Know that all you need to is ask and you will be answered.


We are here to hold your hand when you decide to look under the bed. We will be with you to help you perceive with accuracy the true nature of your monsters.' As some of you can attest, they are, indeed, nothing but dust bunnies, irritating to the nose, but that is all.


Daniel: The energies here this evening are healthy and are producing a glow that can be witnessed by many from afar. The desire to live the faith is great. You, my friends, have every connotation of desiring to explore those inner questions, those questions that are not of the material realm but are cosmic in scope. In your search you are finding that the way to answer these cosmic questions is through work in the material aspects. AS you become stronger, as you chip away at your thorns you will realize with even greater understanding the complexity with which the cosmos is interwoven.


This week I will ask you to again work on your self awareness to further strengthen those areas that you have been working on this week or to do further analyzing of another area. The plant of recognition on this sphere noted for thorns is the rose. Even though this beautiful plant has thorns it also produces a flower that provides great beauty for this planet. This flower is noted by many as the flower of choice for those who love one another. So you see, even as you hold one another in relationships, while you recognize thorns you also see the beauty.


This week you will undoubtedly recognize much goodness, much beauty, and much truth even though the work of dethorning is difficult, is time consuming and is emotionally and physically draining. Yet you will find that it can also be a release and can provide great freedom; and from this freedom great strength can benefit your growth.


I am thinking now all of you have thought and worked on the lesson from last week. I would ask that each of you reread your copy of the lesson during this week for it is important that each of you commit to this task of honoring yourself, working to strengthen the spirit and the soul by working the lessons of the material world. I will briefly give you a few lines from a lesson I taught several weeks a go at another locale. I give this as a congratulatory statement to your work.


You have been the trees on a side of a cliff. You have deemed it necessary to grow your roots long, sturdy, and deep. You have utilized the soil and the waters that have given you spiritual nourishment so that the visible portion of the tree is able to withstand the forces of nature. Yes, there are many storms in the life of a tree. The seasons change. The years change. The night moves into day and back into night. And yet the tree on the side of the cliff with the long growing roots still stands.


Accept who you are. Change those aspects which cause your roots to weaken. Accept your brothers and sisters for they, too, re working, striving to grow deeper roots, stronger roots, more healthy ones. See and understand that the progress of your earthly life is one plateau after another. Like the tree on the cliff there are many changes.


These words are not new. These words cannot change anyone. These words can fall on deaf ears or receptive ears. It is only those who sincerely choose to do the work that finally get it, understand it, are able to let go. And so we teachers will be asking you to explore areas time and again. Tonight's words are continued from last week on acceptance of who you are. Affirm your being ness.


Daniel: May I remind all of you that even though you have sharp thorns you also have lovely blossoming flowers, roses of every hue. The delicacy of your petals is captured only by the Celestial Artisans of height status. The shine on the leaves is dazzling, yet all this despite the thorns underneath. This stems from the inward desire to grow, to change and to be perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect. I am most pleased to have this beautiful, fragrant garden in front of me.


Minerisa: I Minerarisa, would appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts with this group. You are becoming somber and we realize that this somber mood is a natural reaction to our topic of personal awareness, personal change.


You are contemplating those thorns and this we do so appreciate. I do remind you to not lose sight of the rainbow that can be seen clearly against the brilliance of the light seen through your veil of tears. It takes both the light and the tears to make the rainbow. Allow into your hearts the knowledge that even in the midst of deep personal change, despite the adversity of the struggle, the fears that loom up, the feelings overwhelming in their magnitude, the light still shines, that the rainbow is present. Great gifts are available through this dedicated practice of observing clearly these thorns, coming into understanding of the nature of the thorn, the reason for the pain, how it pains others, and how it first arrived. This great benefit, this present, is the sense of true freedom that can come only from knowing yourself in the full light of day, of exposing all the dark pockets that you are afraid to examine in the light. This is what brings freedom.


In addition I remind those of you who are so beautifully, wonderfully, and selflessly service oriented that do do you won laundry provides tremendous service to those sisters and brothers that you so long to serve. In fresh clothing you can assist. By doing those difficult steps you now have the experiential knowledge to turn around, hold out your and and assist those behind you who are determined in their climb. You cannot make their decisions, but if it is their desire to follow, you now have the ability to share our knowledge, to share the way you made that difficult move. You have the experience to bolster their faith, to strengthen their trust that they, too, can succeed in the task they have st before themselves. Indeed is this an experimental universe. One learns by experiencing and serves others by sharing the knowledge of their experience.


                                 * * * * *




These lessons on recognizing the thorns, remind me of a an exercise I learned that was helpful to me in this process. We were told to think of an incident that was upsetting to us and to write it down with brief notes in columns of what happened, who it was with and what the outcome was. After each situation we were to mark down the last time prior that we remembered. Here it is important to write down the first thing that comes to mind and not let the left brain edit it out. If the event comes to mind, write it down. The faster the better, because the sped helps to stop the left brain from blocking or overriding it as not important. The first time we did this in the class, it was so enlightening that I continued to apply this process at different times with the same positive results. I'll give you as an example my first attempt at this as I think you will find it interesting and, I hope, helpful..


#1 -      I choose a situation with my boss where I disagreed with his decision - I decided it wasn't important enough to argue about. (Because of my childhood background, I choose whenever possible to avoid confrontation.) The outcome - we did it his way and I didn't stand up for my positon because it was not that important an issue


#2 -      Jumped back to my husband - Not wanting to argue, I decided it wasn't that important enough to argue about. Outcome - we did it his way and I didn't stand up for my position because it was not that important to be worth all the effort


#3 -      Jumped back to my father when I was a teenager - Not wanting the awful confrontations that so often ensued as he was manic depressive and alcoholic, I decided it was not important enough to argue about - Outcome - we did it his way and I didn't stand up for my position because it surely was not important enough to go through a real full blown confrontation - there were enough of those anyway


#4 -      Jumped back to when I was about 4 years old - I remembered going to a special tea room with my grandmother and having a chocolate cake. The waitress said to my grandmother that she wouldn't want to order that for me in my white dress. I never spilled a crumb. I was a model child. - Outcome - I had learned to please


#5 -      Jumped back to being standing in a crib with something in my eye. I wouldn't call my mother because my parents were having a special dinner and not wanting to disturb them, I decided to wait until my mother came to check on me. Outcome - it wasn't important enough to disturb them


#6 -      Jumped back to remembering that my mother always told me that she had this wonderful woman to help her when I was born (first born child) who told her not to spoil me by coming to me every time I cried - if it was serious she would know the sound of that cry. - Outcome - I didn't remember an outcome, it was just part of my personal mythology


THEN - suddenly I got really angry. I am not an angry person and I had never been nor since as angry as I was at that moment. I felt like I had a tight wide steel band around my chest and someone was making it tighter and tighter. I was angry. In that moment, I realized that I had made a decision very early in life to be nice.


When I shared the experience with the group, one of the members tried to tell me that I was angry at my mother. I was not angry at her at all. I was very aware that it was my decision. I could have made other choices. I was responsible for this decision. What I had been saying all these years was not that it was not important, but that I was not important. This was quite a telling moment for me as you might imagine.


About a week later, I was at work and the situation again came up where I disagreed with my boss. This time, I simply stated without emotional distress at doing so, that I disagreed with his decision and why, but that he was the boss and the decision was his. It was just a simple conversation that was pleasant and I went back to my desk. A few minutes later, he came to my desk and said that he had thought it over and that I was right. What a surprise! And how much easier life has been since then. I must, in truth admit, I went from being non-assertive, to aggressively assertive for awhile until I settled into what I hope is gently assertive.


What I learned from using this process, is that whenever my reactions are inappropriate to the situation - such as getting upset at something all out of proportion to the importance of the event - I need to look at what is going on with me and get to the bottom of it. To understand it intellectually doesn't change anything. I need to get back to the first time it happened to experience the emotional charge of pain, hurt, anger whatever in order to release it. Once I get back to the bottom of it with the emotional charge and the intellectual understanding, whatever it is is erased and I don't find myself with those reactions again. I find that when automatic emotional responses are triggered, it is because of the unconscious tapes that direct us - the thorns. This process is the most effective one I have found to uncover those thorns. It has always worked for me and as soon as I hit it, the ah-ha is there. The light bulb goes off with instant insight. Maybe this might be helpful in looking for thorns. It seems to me that as we remove the thorns, clarity appears that seems to flow into many of the aspects of our lives. With clarity comes the ability to be honest in our interactions with others for it is difficult to be honest with ourselves and others while we are trying to please, feeling defensive (however this may exhibit itself) unworthy or unimportant.


It has been my experience that it is necessary to use the intellect to understand and the emotions to get in touch with the feelings - neither one work alone - one without the other doesn't work to get rid of the thorns. With the intellect alone, you can understand what is going on, but nothing changes, it is only a head game. To reach the emotions without the intellect to make the connections, you can wallow around in a sea of emotions.


I think it is important to note that those thorns also make us untrustworthy, because the hidden unconscious tapes can trigger automatic responses and behaviors that may belie our intentions. These thorns can cause trigger responses that are like loose cannons that can go off at any time. That is why I say we are untrustworthy until they are removed. So, from my experiences, what Daniel and Minerarisa are discussing are critically important issues to look at and deal with. It doesn't have to require years of wallowing through the pain of the past. It can be done quickly with awareness, willingness and the proper tools, or which this is only one. - Allene Vick



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From the Blessings and Prayers from the Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group we find the beautiful words of Olfana -5/12/94


Father, Guide us in truth.

Lead us to your temple.

Allow us to enter there

And kneel in worship.

In such contemplation of your being

We are redeemed, reborn, and made in spirit.

Grant us, Father

This opportunity to seek you

In all the days of our creation.


You are the Rose of Love

Which blossoms in our hearts

And penetrates our beings

With the beautiful fragrance of your love and


Allow us to breathe in this fragrance

As we breathe in the life-giving energy

Which you pour down upon us

Throughout time and all eternity.


Father, Forgive us our hesitancy,

Our moments of weakness,

Our times of demoralization.

Help us to remember you.

Help us to renew our faith,

Daily, hourly, moment by moment.

Lead us in our search for your truth, beauty, and   goodness.

Inspire us in our dreams.





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