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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

May 1996 (Vol. 4, No.5)


                     FROM THE EDITOR


Sharing a variety of messages and experiences has within it great potential for bringing those of like interests together, for opening up new ideas and thoughts and for confirming messages for those in doubt. It also has the potential to allow for correcting errors and misunderstandings that may come from our transmissions and differing perspectives and experiences. If something does seem amiss to us, perhaps, this too is a lesson for us in looking at how we decide to respond. Do we take it up with our teachers? Do we do nothing? Do we find a way to lovingly discuss this with the person? What does our reaction and decision tell us about ourselves? If we are the person being questioned, how do we respond? 


These are real issues that we all need to look at and learn from, for as the Teaching Mission grows, so will the diversity increase. With all the lessons we have been given and are learning, we should be approaching a time where we can clearly, openly and lovingly be honest in discussing our differences. There is a line from an old (I believe Shaker) hymn I learned from my brother, Ken - "We are strong, move as one." We are strong and daily in our stillness and time with the teachers we are becoming stronger. In order for us to move as one in all our diversity, we must learn to be able to speak to each other with clarity, honesty, love and acceptance.


I appreciate all the wonderfully kind words of appreciation I have received, however, it makes me a little uncomfortable as I am aware that it is not possible that the newsletter pleases everyone all the time. I welcome your words of criticism and thank those of you who have shared them with me. I encourage you to share your comments if you disagree with something I have said, the selection of material or the content of any material. Like the "Velveteen Rabbit," I, too, would like to be dragged around by the ear and left in the mud at times to become real - not left on the shelf to be admired and unreal. When I have been dragged around enough and all my hair has been rubbed off and still I am loved or discarded - this is real. I think the time is now for us to think of ourselves as "Velveteen Rabbits" knowing that any criticism is not of the person and that there is a great deal of love behind any criticism. If we didn't care and were just apathetic, we wouldn't take the time to share our thoughts. It is because we are not apathetic, because we do love, accept and appreciate each other as precious siblings of our Father that we can become more real with each other.


As always, it is up to us and part of our learning to exercise our discernment,  but let us also always keep our minds open and not be hasty in this process for our understanding may broaden allowing us to see what today looked cloudy, overcast and ominous may tomorrow look bright, sunny and full of light. In the Urantia Book, we often see the authors of the papers conjecturing the meaning and future developments of certain things, and so it seems will we be debating, conjecturing, speculating and ruminating on unfolding events forever, therefore, we might as well get used to it.


A special thank you to the mystery donor for the generous contribution. What a delightful surprise it was as I opened the mail!!!


Please note that with the letters and transcripts editorial license has been taken at times to include excerpts of your letters and transcripts in an effort to save space and cover as much material as possible while trying to retain the integrity of the material.


May our Father bless us all as we go about our daily lives increasing our understanding of His unbounding love for us and the bountiful opportunities to share His love with others.


Allene Vick




                    FROM THE READERS


SALEM, OR - April 24, 1996


I look forward to your wonderful newsletters. It always excites me to read the transcripts from other groups - and your sharing of yourself has made me feel you are a dear friend.


I have been inspired to write poetry. (I've enclosed one - if you have space to print it.) I am an artist and musician who would like to make contact with others, of like talents, to share their experiences. I feel I am guided by a celestial artisan and a midwayer - but my communications are strictly by writing (at this point). I hope others who have artistic gifts will write me.


Agape, Rose Hyatt

1835 Westchester Court, NW

Salem, OR 97304-1841


"Seek Me In The Eyes of Others"


Today you looked away from Me

As I passed you on the street

Your head cast down to be assured

Our eyes would never meet.

Your gait, then, seemed to quicken

As you and I drew near

Was My color or appearance

The reason for your fear?

  See Me in the eyes of others

  For in each of you I hide

  Come see you're truly brothers

  On this world that you abide

  And each is dearly loved by Me

  Exactly as you are.

  So seek Me out and find Me.

  I am never very far.

You beg for wars to end for good

"Bring peace to earth," you've cried

Yet in your hearts is fear and hate

Self-righteousness and pride.

The time has come for man to see

How bigotry deceived

It tears apart your brotherhood

True peace can't be achieved



Hear Ye, Hear Ye - Calling all artists and musicians. We hope you will let Rose hear from you.

                                    * * *

EDEN, UT - April 14, 1996


As you know, we attend a meditation meeting every Wednesday night which follows the teachings of Yogananda and his Self Realization Fellowship. Six of us flew down to San Diego over the last weekend in February to attend a weekend retreat at Yogananda's hermitage located on the coast in Encinitas, about 30 miles north of San Diego. Jeremiah used to live within walking distance of this hermitage, but never knew what it was. Actually, he was not ready for it 18 years ago.


The Encinitas center is very beautiful and consists of a few acres on a cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean along the coast highway. Yogananda's hermitage was built in 1936. The temple fell into the ocean years ago (the unstable cliffs could not be secured and one acre of land with the temple fell into the ocean). The grounds are open to the public during the day and consist of a beautiful garden with ponds and fish, and many benches on which to meditate in either the garden or on the cliff with a panorama view of the coast. For those attending the weekend retreat, a separate, closed to the public, ashram has been added in the 1970's which includes a dining room, chapel and individual rooms for about 30 guests. If you ever want to know what it is like being a monk or nun, this is the place. A new inspiring message of this group is the introduction of meditation to couples and families. Much love and acceptance there.



Inside the ashram, we were not allowed to talk. Each person has their own room sharing a bathroom with one other. The rooms are very plain - a single bed, desk, chair and bureau. Various books are in each room and in the library which is part of the dining room. The day starts early with the seven ringings of a gong to awaken you so that you can start a private one hour meditation in your room. The next gong sounds to call everyone into the courtyard of the ashram for exercises. All the rooms in two stories are around this courtyard together with the dining room and chapel. We do the exercises in quiet with a monk leading us. They are the 39 energizing exercises that are given in the SRF lessons. They are designed to energize and recharge you spiritually. Next we all walk into the chapel to sing a few chants, followed by a long group meditation. Then we gather in the dining room for breakfast. The monks say the prayers and we eat in silence as the nuns serve us in silence. During the morning they review various meditation techniques in the chapel for us. These techniques are taught in the SRF lessons which one receives each week. The Hau-Sau and Aum techniques were reviewed to make sure that each of us correctly understands them. Time off followed by lunch Everything is called by the seven bongs. The afternoon session was for kriya yoga techniques. One has to have competed the 53 weekly lessons before being exposed to kriya yoga, so we were not allowed to attend. We have just reached the point of applying for initiation into kriya yoga. Time off. With evening again we do the exercises, meditation in the chapel, and dine. Lights out at 10:00 PM! On Sunday after morning exercises, meditation and breakfast, we toured Yogananda's personal residence at the hermitage, followed by service in their temple (open to the public) down the street in Encinitas. We had much time to walk the gardens and meditate. We went down to the beach many times and watched the breakers pound the rocks and watch the surfers. The entire place is very peaceful and spiritual. Many monks live there full time in the monastic orders. Thousands of people have worshiped and meditated there. Yogananda did most of his writings there. The vibrations of Yogananda and all his disciples and others have encircuited this lovely place and one can feel this presence.


To remain quiet is in itself a great experience. Instead of the small talk with the other individuals at the retreat, one can only know them by the spirit. Your thoughts are all focused on God and quietness. It is an amazing experience to be with a group of people all doing the same thing, but not talking about it. There is a unity that develops. Mohandas Gandhi would not talk on Mondays. We have heard from our personal teachers in the Teaching Mission to set aside days in which one does not speak. Speaking does take energy away from you. Nolus and I recommend that you try being quiet for an entire day at your home for such an experience. No talking to your spouse or anyone! "Be still and know that I am God."


We are planning to attend Spirit Fest III in California, IC96 in Flagstaff and the NW regional conference in Portland this summer. We are looking forward to visiting with you [Ed - all of you] again.

With love and peace,


Jeremiah & Nolus


                                    * * *


PORTLAND, OR - May 3, 1996


Just finished reading the latest newsletter. Really enjoyed it. Much to think about therein. The message from Lord Michael (via the Sarasota Group) I think was my favorite. The reassurance that everything was moving toward completion and healing and love, that we needn't worry about the temporal pain or suffering of others (in the sense of despairing about it), that Michael and our Father are there with them and Their love eternal. It's so easy to forget that, but so absolutely FILLING to remember that Eternal promise our dear Lord made us, time and time again.


Intrigued by the reflectivation info, very curious to know its further development. Interesting too in that both Gavalia and Galantia were assigned o our teensy-weensy group back in October. That said, I can tell you I am in no way anxious to be a reflectivator, though also I must say I have not been approached about it either.


Michael Palmer


                                    * * *


BAKERSFIELD, CA - May 10, 1996


Jack has another teacher, Carlsen. He, also is a Brilliant Evening Star, Langford's partner. Langford, Carlsen and Andrea have been practicing with Jack, both with and without reflectivity.


A week or so ago, we were told that our personal teachers' messages were via reflectivity. We could not tell any difference in receptivity. But Jack says the warmth from Langford and Carlsen is not as intense, but is still there. Langford says that from their side, the closeness with the student is lost when they use the reflectivity method.


Gerry Baker


Thanks for the update, Gerry..  We look forward to learning more of Jack's progress and information from others on this subject.


                                    * * *


SAN ANTONIO, TX - Jerry Gibson is still looking for UB readers in the San Antonio area. If anyone can help her locate UB readers.


                                 * * * * *





SARASOTA, FL - April 8, 1996


I am enclosing a transmission that Fred Harris posted last summer and Joan Knox kindly sent me.


It is such a great clear explanation of what the teaching Mission is about, and what we need to be reminded that it is about, that I hope you can use this in the Newsletter.


I feel sure the speaker is Prince Machiventa, given the words and the style, so it comes from a high source indeed!


Avis Nichols


An unnamed guest:



I would like tonight to speak briefly on the topic of simplicity and balance. The endeavor upon which you have embarked, is to become balanced in all things and to provide the foundation of simplicity so that others can see the Father's love in all you do. Indeed, this Mission has been criticized as being too simplistic in it's emphasis on selfless service to others, to engaging in worshipful stillness practice, and in becoming conduits for the Father's love. At the same time, you have been told that you are participating in the grand and glorious upliftment of this planet. Could the two concepts be at odds? Surely some people look only to the monumental task of changing the attitudes of the entire planet and think of the grand events that will soon be unfolding. This concept and desire can create disappointment when in fact it is realized that the method of achieving such change lies within the very simplicity of the action suggested. As you discussed tonight, there are many barriers that have been erected on this planet between people and such, and those barriers are an impediment to your ability to flow the Father's love to those you encounter. It is only when you can boil down the activities to selfless service will you find that there can be no barrier that will not be circumvented by such activities, indeed, dogmas and creeds, if embraced, will create barriers to the majority of those you encounter. There are few people however, that cannot be touched with love through assistance in their time of need, and the opportunities for providing that simple service are presented to you daily. And so although it may seem strange, this world, and in fact, as you already know what appears on it's face to be simple, many times it is difficult, because of habitual patterns that you still embrace, judgmental attitudes that you exhibit in your daily activities, many of them unconscious and other remnants of your life prior to embarking upon this journey, and so what sounds simple, will be difficult until you are able to give up those impediments and become a clear channel for the transmission of the Father's love, love to all you meet, free of judgment. And so you see, with simplicity, and balance, with tolerance, and acceptance, you can not only transform yourself from what you were, but you will also be operating above the barriers that so many people have erected. This life is not easy, nor was it meant to be, but when you connect with the heart circuits and walk the path with the most love in it, you will find that our ability to influence people for the good will be tremendously enhanced, and you will find that the problems that you once saw as insurmountable will become mere bumps in the road as you set you sights on the highest path. This Mission is about transformation. It is not about grand and dramatic events. So when you become somewhat downhearted and discouraged, because you don't think that you are doing enough, just remember, with a balanced life you become a beacon for those to whom you provide service, and you leave a wake of love behind you for all you encounter, and to the Mission that we encourage. In the coming week, watch for opportunities to provide service, thank the Father each day and go forth with joy! It is a glorious time on your planet and you are in the midst of the upliftment! When you look upon the flowers and the trees, and the sun, think about the wonder and the glory that is God's and marvel everyday. Take that love and share it. Shalom.


Avis, we thank you for sharing this with us. You will be pleased to know that several people have commented on how much they enjoyed and were moved by the message you shared in the April newsletter. We look forward to having more to share from you.


                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - The following excerpts are from Ham after individual sharing at his request of the group to "Ask yourself how fear controls you, and to express this to each other". By now you all know that it is thanks to Rebecca that we receive these transcripts to share.




Ham: Fears are obstacles to growth and the realization of potentials. Fears instilled during childhood, remain and influence the adults. Fears are like handicaps. They are a defect which determines the outcomes of many situations. Fear tends to draw that thing which is feared into your life, because the goal in living and becoming a spirit is to overcome these animal fears.


Q: So the seraphim bring these experiences to you to give you a chance to overcome? Is that the way the fear draws it?


Ham: Yes, and in even more complex ways in which people interact. Fears must be overcome inside first, before they are overcome in the outside world. The defect must be healed in order for balanced growth to occur and for the results of this growth to be made manifest in reality in the world outside.


Most humans are exceedingly wealthy, and yet persist in viewing themselves as poor. Most humans are extraordinarily strong, and brave, and yet perceive themselves as weak and cowardly. You will see the world as being a giant parent. A parent who withholds needful things. You must come to view the world as just a means that the Father has to give you his love. He gives you friendship, to give you his love. He gives you a marriage and children to give you his love. He gives you a wealthy world in which all our needs can be met and are met if you allow them to be. Old fears from childhood are like a ball and chain which prevents you from fully experiencing the world and expressing yourself in the world. Fears limit your enjoyment of life, they limit your ability to receive God's gifts, and this is very sad.


You must all feel yourselves worthy of God's love and of his many gifts. When you restrain yourself through fear, when you withdraw, you are denying yourself the gifts that God would give you. You must not be afraid, children, this world is a good place. Fear is the cause of much, much suffering.


Oftentimes, you love another and wish them all good things and yet for yourself, you feel the need to deny your feelings and your needs. This is all instinctual legacy from mankind's early life, early days, when life was extremely hard and self-denial meant the difference between life and death. But you are not living in a harsh environment. You are all living amid great comfort.


When you deny yourself self-expression, out of fear, this is also the instinctive impulse to submit or to dominate. This also meant the difference between life and death in mankind's long early experience. Human associations are complex and are full of subtle bodily language which suggests certain attitudes. All these are rooted in the animal experience. But today, you are not going to be killed for expressing yourself. The group will not turn on you with sticks and clubs. Fear of embarrassment is a fear of being shunned, fear of being excluded, but now, this fear is overblown,. you will not be denied for telling a bad joke.


We who have vast experience in the universe wonder at your fear, for it seems incomprehensible because it is so unreasonable. We often expect you to easily overcome it, and we forget about the deep animal legacy which is a part of our natures. Therefore, I do not expect you to instantly overcome an unreasonable fear, but we do expect you to examine these fears and gradually, as you can to begin to think about them. The process of becoming more and more spiritual requires the gradual relinquishing of animal fears. These will not be instantly overcome on the mansion worlds either. We do not expect you to become entirely fearless, for you would no longer be human, But, we would like you to gradually relinquish the dependence on fear which you have developed to lead you through life.


Q: As impetus?


Ham: Fear as impetus, yes.


Q: Ham are you saying we are comfortable with our fears?


Ham: Exactly.


Q: How does the ego fit into all of this? It seems like all of the fears are about the ego, one way or another?


Ham: Your fears merely create the arena in which the ego operates. The ego fears to step out of the arena. So fears are actually, pre ego. The ego is exclusively human, fears are universal in the animal world.


Q: You add self-consciousness, then the ego is there?


Ham: Correct.


Q: Maybe the ego is consciousness of the consciousness.


Ham: No. Ego is self-consciousness. Consciousness of the ego implies a higher consciousness.


Q: It seems the that (consciousness of consciousness) would be an attribute of personality.


Ham: Yes.


Q: You said fears must be overcome inside before they can be overcome in the outside world. Would you say more about the process of overcoming fears inwardly?


Ham: First , you must recognize them, you must understand their effects on you. This is the crucial step. Once you see this, you can take actual steps towards overcoming fears. For example, you mentioned fear of people or fear of self-expression and then you see how this limits interactions, so you decide to express more fully regardless of the consequences simply in order to overcome the fear of doing so.


Q: I am putting this together with some other things you have said. These fears stem from some experience, or at least they seem to. There are all kinds of things below them, but I am sure we equate them with some experiences. This has to be re-experienced in a positive manner in order to change this, to re-experience it with the Master and consciously see it with him and go through it again with him and see his love, and this is what frees one from these strictures.


Ham: This is a different area, speaking of childhood traumas, this is very helpful. But, overcoming fears which control you, you must take steps in the world.


Q: Wouldn't that be the same thing?


Ham: No.


Q: But I mean when you took steps by faith in the world, it would replace with a positive. Even if it failed you would have done it through faith and according to the Father's will so it would be a success, and it would be a step towards...


Ham: Example. You fear embarrassment and so you become defensive and dismissive of other's perceptions. Take a chance on wanting to please others, take a chance on trying to please others, to overcome this. Do you see?


Q: The inward part is thinking about it and charting a new course, then you really don't overcome it until you act on this new course and change the way you interact with the world?


Ham: Correct.


Q: It is really about the supreme always. Adjustment and alignment?


Ham: Yes.


Q: When others ask for help, it is the same. Help them see what the fear is and what it is doing to them and then help them find actions or experiments that will allow them to overcome the fear?


Ham: Yes, this is essential. both sides must be worked through, the inner and the outer. The inner first.



Q: Sometimes I think that my fears are based on faulty beliefs or misperceptions. Is part of overcoming the fear understanding what these beliefs are and how they color your perception? If you believe that something is dangerous, then you will act on that perception even if it is not in fact dangerous. You have to identify and challenge the belief.


Ham: Yes, because there are very few real situations which merit fear at all.


Q: Stampeding buffalo and wild lions warrant fear.


Ham: Fear isn't produced in the conscious mind. Fear comes from the unconscious mind. It is basic and instinctual, and is not reason produced.


Q: If I am approaching a group of people and I am afraid of making a fool of myself or doing something to offend them, are you saying there is something deeper than this?


Ham: Yes.


Q: Can you help me see what it is? Can you name it or describe it?


Ham: Fear of rejection, being shunned by a group, is instinctual, coming from the animal nature.


Q: When it was death to be ostracized?


Ham: Correct, and so this fear is over magnified and has reasonable explanations for it hung upon it by the mind.


Q: Some of the content then is rationalizing an almost natural fear?


Q: What about something basic, like a fear of bodily harm. If a man stuck a gun in my face I would be afraid of that, but you said the fear comes from the subconscious is that from earlier conditioning?


Ham: Correct. From conditioning and heredity. Fear of death is irrational.


Q: You did say that we would still be working on these fears on the mansion worlds?


Ham: Correct.

Q: It is not an easy task that we face?


Ham: And it is not instantaneously solved upon natural death.


Q: Does fear always have to be dealt with until the fusing takes place or is it beyond that also? Is fear a factor after fusing with the Father fragment?


Ham: Yes, because fear is a factor until true spirit status is attained. Of course it is greatly lessened, and more subtle.


Q: I feel awfully ignorant about not knowing this, but I was thinking that when you fused, that is true spirit status.


Ham. No, it is a prelude to that attainment. It is the assurance of that attainment.


Q: Is there normally a long period between the two?


Ham: Yes, very long


Q: We should look at it as a lot of fun, a lot of interesting experiences in between, correct?


Ham: Correct.


Q: Concerning unconscious fears, can I think about it as a matter of conditioning where instinctive fears are paired with other experiences and we then learn to generalize our fears to many different situations through this learning process. The fear response that comes from the condition process is unconscious.


Ham: Yes, exactly, it is the most basic interaction.


Q:  I am not sure I understand what you meant by that?


Ham: Aggression or withdrawal, is the basic interaction on animal levels.


Q: Through association, we come to respond that way to events and situations that do not deserve that response?


Ham: Correct.



Q: Perhaps the child is born with an innate fear other than self and the parents have to overcome or dispel that?


Ham: Yes, I would say this is correct, not of people but of experience.


Q: Would you expand on that? A child is born with fears already?


Ham: With the instinctual fear reactions.


Q: That is not something that is necessarily learned?


Ham: Correct.


Q: In the book do they speak of it as the acquired propensities of the races, in a way all of the experiences of all of your forbearers, I think they sometimes call it the acquired archetype? This accumulation of the racial experiences that comes down in the DNA, would you care to comment on that for those who have not read he book and for those of us who have and do not fully understand it?


Ham: I would say this refers to a combination of genetics and cultural propensities.


Q; Ham is this also true in the animal world. I have read and heard that a domesticated dog if left alone will revert to the wolf-like ways of their ancestors. Is this true, this thing that is handed down, happens in the animal world as well as with humans?


Ham: Absolutely.


Q: I was wondering about fear as a motivation for doing well. Sometimes, for example if I have to give a talk, I will be afraid and as a result work very hard to be prepared for the talk. Is it better to not use fear as the motivation, and to work hard to prepare because you want to do a good job instead?


Ham: Yes


Q: That will take a lot of work.


Ham: Yes, you have all learned to employ your fears. You use them as much as they shackle you.

                                    * * *


KANEOHE, HI - April 9, 1996


Many thanks for the T/R News Network news letter. Your beautiful gesture is truly much appreciated by myself and Rick and the Waimanalo Study Group Oahu, HI. What a treat to go to the mail box and find the envelop - even on the way to the house I begin to grin in anticipation of the growth step in all conceivable directions headed my way - - and to pass it on. Mahalo.


Please find enclosed a copy of "Spiritual Reality" which I received through channel "Seron" in 1973. Please feel free to use any of its messages you care to.


Warmest Aloha

Rioh Reigh


The messages in "Spiritual Reality" so moving in their simplicity and truth. Seron surely gave Rioh a gift to be treasured and cherished and we are grateful to you for sharing this gift with us.


                           Spiritual Reality

The Great Liberation of Souls to Spiritual Union


Faith in Me that I will lead you through all obstacles, must be strong. You must trust in Me and open your heart to My guidance. The dawn of the new age is closer than you can imagine - prepare - Peace.


My beloved children the days that lie ahead are of utmost importance. As you leave things of the past and lift your hearts and minds to Me, you will be raised together into the gateway of my Kingdom. Be pure of heart and mind and it will aid you, your brothers and sisters who have chosen to trust in Me. Bless You.


What prevents joy and happiness must be dealt with. Giving love to all must be a natural expression. Those in need of love, need only to be open to it and they will soon see it everywhere. Peace.


We must unite, we must be one group; mind, one group heart. We must be in total agreement on this.


Try to find the love in others by centering yourself in Me - - Peace.


True friendship pours forth spontaneously from the heart. It is the main characteristic of universal love. If you are expressing happiness and friendship, you are in harmony with Me.


Letting the true nature flow forth is letting Me express Myself through you. Our natures are one and the same. Blessings.


Raise yourselves into a higher vibration and let Me direct your lives. Be uplifting to all whom you meet. I live in all as I am all. As I present Myself in any number of ways, be ever assured that peace, joy and happiness are My desire for the end result of any situation. Be an inspiration to everyone and let My love flow freely. - Peace.


You must always serve others. You must always serve God. I am always here to protect you. I am the light. There is no salvation, but only through Me. Love is the way. Cherish love. Love thy neighbor as thyself.


Honor Me. God is life. Everything is an expression of Me. I am perfection. All of My creation is perfect.


Each of you have an integrated mission to fulfill. That is why you are a group.


Be gentle and loving in your ways with compassion for all.


The work ahead will be difficult but you will be aided. Know that there is only good and seek the good in everyone and everything.


There is but one reality and I am that reality. Give no credence to imperfection. Tell others the true reality exists within - - One must turn inward to Me and find it. It is the Kingdom of Heaven.


Each human soul is a co-creator with Me.


When one asks help of Me, know that I will give it.


One has only to ask and it shall be done.


For some there are difficult tasks I put disciples through.


These tasks are for strengthening one's will to pursue Me.


In eating, be silent and think of the perfection of the food. Know that it is alive. Know that it is a part of Me, and give thanks.


No matter what direction you turn you will always come back to Me. This is the law. All paths lead to Me.


The day of initiation is near. Keep your minds on Me and think only in terms of perfection.


Identify not with who you are but with what you are. You are My children of love. Do not continue to identify with your national heritage or ideas.


I am you. You are me. We are one. I am Love. I am Beauty. I am truth. I am God. We are one.


The way shall be shown to you. Have faith in Me. I shall provide everything you need. Let our thoughts become my thoughts.


I shall guide you the way I have always done. Keep opening your heart to Me and your mind will soon follow.


My children your love and sincerity do not go unnoticed.


Place your trust and faith in Me, and I shall lead you. As you love each other, realize that you are loving Me. I live in all. May your relationship be out of truth with each other as with Me.


Fear nothing for I forever abide in you. May your hearts and minds be ever open to Me, and may you always be filled with happiness.


The initiation of this planet is close at hand, much of the necessary work has been achieved on the inner planes already. The final key will be turned by high vibration brought forth onto the physical plane by cooperating people. The dawn of the new age is at the verge of becoming a reality. The dissolution of the negative force will have been accomplished. Peace.



Joy and happiness are natural states of being. If your state of mind is not of this nature it must be discovered why it is not. These are but expressions of Me. Look within your hearts to find my creation through our mind. Send my Love and Joy to all - - Peace.


In speaking to people be mindful of how you say things, never exclude anyone. Speak as if you were always talking to the entire population of the earth.


Worry not about what to say to people. They will always tell you what they need.


With your heart and mind open to Me, my expression will always be there.  Bless You.


                                    * * *


BOULDER, CO - Thanks to Bob Lea we have received transcripts from the Front Range TeaM Group in Boulder. They are loaded with so much good material it is difficult to choose what to include in the newsletter. The unchanneled comments and questions are in italics as this is the format that the group uses in their transcripts.. The teacher is Mor-gan.




Mor-gan - Good evening small group, this is Mor-gan. We have a small group but a mighty group. I have traveled a long way to be here tonight, gentlemen. (Bob: Across the galaxy.) Across the galaxy! From Salvington to Edentia, Jerusem and to Urantia. The circuits are in place to Urantia and so the traverse is much easier. One can go directly, or make stops along the way.


Lets take a few moments now to unwind, to relax. Get grounded and connected to paradise. Connected to the heart-line and mind-line for this small but mighty group. Let us have a few minutes of silence, quiet meditation to go within and to become still. And acknowledge the light of the Father here - it surrounds us, it fills us - so that the only presence that is here is the presence of light and love. See the light coming in from above, filling you and your being and your body and your aura, so that you are aglow with this light. Feel and hear the hum and vibration of this magnificent light. Various molecules of your being vibrate and are filled with this light. Feel and see the light that flows through this group, encircuiting the three of you - and those of us behind you.


Michael sends His greetings to this small group, and to the members who are not here. He is aware, as is the creative daughter Spirit, Nebadonia, very much aware of your group-and all the groups that meet in light on Urantia. Whether they are of the Teaching Mission, or whether they are some religious group, or some group of individuals who are not associated with any religious organization or spiritual group.


(Eric) Wherever there is light, I am sure.


Yes, you are right. Wherever there is light, there is the Father, there is Michael and there is the is the Spirit. An important part of moving into the new era, for you as individuals and for this planet, is the consciousness, the awareness, that there are many unseen beings, unseen to you, who are near you at all times.


(Eric) And we are grateful.


Blessings to each one of you, your gratitude is heartening to hear, it is much appreciated


(Eric) The appreciation goes double from this direction.


I can call your bluff and raise you one too. (Laughter all around.)


We enjoy this humor very much. Good humor costs no one anything - to their ego, their pride or their self-respect.



(Eric) Well you mentioned something which took my mind down a different path before when you mentioned that the circuits being opened thereby enabled your travel to this planet, facilitated your travel to this planet in some ways that I don't understand. But, in my mind's eye, it seemed to me it was like having a highway that only had a few exits. And when a circuit was completed with another planet, then another exit was created, another off-ramp was built so that one could get from the highway over to this place. I don't know if that analogy is in any way analogous to reality, but I just was curious to hear you say a little bit more about the different ways of travel. I thought the circuits only had to do with communication and not travel as well.


They are like elevator shafts. They are dedicated spaces for travel and communication. There are means of travel which have been undisclosed to you.


(Bob) When Belazar was with us, we got into a discussion which included statements that some of our astronomers and scientists are being given information [from the celestial side] about other planets, yet we never read about that - inhabited planets in other solar systems in other parts of the Galaxy. Is it that they ignore it, or that they themselves when they try to transmit this information are not heard or published?


How would you do so as a professional and maintain your credibility in the society? That is the major question. Many scientists are receiving information. Those waking dreams, those insights of ah-ha that come to you. And that it is an intuition, an insight, a precognitive knowing that something is so. Yet your scientific community rests upon proven, demonstrable evidence supporting theories to that the theory can become "fact." These are insights which are whetting the appetites of your scientists. Have you not seen a tremendous surge of inquiry and disclosure of scientific information lately, particularly of astronomical and astrophysical nature?


(Bob) Oh yes. Having worked on the Hubble telescope, it was wonderful to see some of the results that it brings back. They're awesome, beautiful, incredible. And I take it they're a proper representation of the material universe. If not, please clue us in. And when I hear or think about these things, I have this tremendous urge to try and say, "What can we do to help create evidence for the right, receptive people so that they can do more? Or is it even important at this time?"


It is important, but pray for their openness, their receptivity. Your receptivity, your vibration of receptivity, can be projected to these individuals through prayer and energetic work. And it will make an impression upon them much as a wax mold makes upon the wax. Your energetic impressions will be felt by them, and it provides an encouragement to them to become open. Does that make sense to you? (Bob) Yes

So that helps a great deal. There are many hundreds and thousands of individual scientists and laboratories who are pondering insights and questions that they had not had before. The disclosures are coming rapidly. There are new technologies which are in the minds of many people. Yet you would not see scientifically supported evidence of these discoveries for many years yet to come.


I have no information to provide on that. [Ed-in response to a technical question] I am a broad generalist of large scope, and my specialty is not scientific discoveries or technical data. I do not keep up on that and am not required to.  Not that it is not interesting.  I am relaying information about policies of the correcting time.  And relating them in a general way to what is occurring broadly upon your planet.


(Eric) There has also been some talk about some shift change, some something, due to happen in the very near time-frame before the end of this month of March. Do you have further information to provide us with at this time?


I can confirm that, and will not expand upon that. (Okay) Except to say that this era of this year is bringing forth more energy changes. There have not been broad energy changes for some time. But these will be of a magnitude which will be perceived by many people on our planet. Many, however, will not perceive them at all.


(Eric) So you're just going to be cranking up the dial again.


Yes, but you will see outcomes and manifestations of that energy increase. What must occur eventually is, to use a poor metaphor, that the energy stream, the energy reservoir of this planet was greatly depleted, disconnected, and now it is on-line and becoming full. And energies are used and replenished. And so that when there is an increase, when the reservoir is full and the stream is full, it spills over and creates manifestations.


(Eric) Would this be one of the forces driving the peace processes all over the planet now? In the Middle East and Bosnia and Ireland?



Yes, surely. The energies are coded for particular use. Peace is a precursor to enlightenment. Productivity heightens standard of living for poor nations, greater education, much broader education and communication.


These energies are coded for particular processes. And of course, the angelic corps (plural) on this planet have a prioritization of developments, human relation developments. Their concern, of course, as angels is for the individual. While what they do appears to be grandiose, and surely it is on our scale, the application of their energies and efforts is for, directly for, the improvement of life and living conditions for individuals. Peace in war-torn countries of the Baltic are essential for individuals to feel peace, even in a bombed-out burned-out apartment. Peace makes tolerable unfriendly living conditions, which would be intolerable at other times.


Yes, you are quite right. There are energies encoded for technological, scientific upliftment as this planet will be in need of new technologies in the next few centuries to help maintain the growth, the living standard educational standard of individuals.


We recognize the necessity of feeding mouths, hungry stomachs before they are able to appreciate and digest and yearn for spiritual filling.


(Eric) That was certainly the Master's first commandment of feeding the hungry and housing the homeless and clothing the naked.


Certainly. There are many conflicting value systems within the world cultures. The horror of death frightens many living individuals, yet death is a friend to those in pain, those who are diseased and those who are demented. There will come an alignment of beliefs and values to embrace acceptance of death, in certain circumstances, as not being a villain but as a helpmate to certain individuals and to societies. The adaptation and acceptance and implementation of laws will follow the general acceptance of new values and new beliefs about life, the value of life, the continuity of life. You will see new changes in your own lifetimes regarding these statues that govern your societies. Even now, the dreaded Dr. Kevorkian, his image is not that assailable in our courts. This is indicative of many changes to come and that will deal with situations of premature infants to the elderly who yearn to pass by this material realm to a more comfortable one in harmony with spirit.


(Bob) I take it that the angels and teachers are working with Kevorkian to help him with his mission.


Dr. Kevorkian does have a conscience. He has received much insight and his own courage of his convictions have carried him far since his retirement as a pathologist. As a pathologist he thoroughly understands death and the demeaning nature of illness and lingering death.


(Eric) I always assumed that he was actually on a righteous mission or he would have been shut down a long time ago.


He has a will and is expressing his will. We would not shut him down, as you say, but were he not truly in the light, and doing something that supported his ego [instead], he would have been closed down by your society a long time ago.


(Eric) I'd lie to go back to something you said earlier about new technological advances. One of the concerns that some people have voiced from time to time is that humans possess too much technology and too little spiritual receptivity, to adequately manage the technology advances that we already have. The concern, of course, being that we might blow ourselves up in a nuclear holocaust and bring an end to life as we know it on this planet. and yet, your implication is that , in the spiritual realm, there is sufficient trust of our inherent qualities and abilities such that, presuming we were given new technologies, we would still not destroy the planet.


It is new technologies that have helped your scientists discover that ozone deletion was being caused by CFC hydrocarbons. New technologies are fundamental to satellite technology where humans are observing themselves on a grander scale. This has provided a larger eye, a grander perspective to the planet and man's activities than ever before. There are technologies that are developing which will make hiding refuse in the earth obsolete, like sweeping so much dirt under the rug. But in fact your cities provide a veritable wealth of resources which are [not ?] being fully used, and used not at all in many cases.



That is the goal. New technologies will provide the saving of the earth on a technological basis.


But I would bring up one point of your question for further expansion. and that is the aspect of the philosophical enlightenment, of the spiritual and philosophical enlightenment, of the scientific community and the populous which has so far to come. The questioning of the way you live, needs to be addressed. The philosophical questions of large homes, of everyone having automobiles, of the use of mutations of genes and chromosomes and cells, the transference of protein from one cell structure to another. These are frontiers of philosophy which need to be questioned.


What we find is that it is not so much that there are not minds that are capable of philosophically developing and analyzing the implementation and use of new technologies and ways of living, but that the broad education of people does not include processes of philosophical analysis and discretion. Philosophical debates are entertaining and good fun on many planets. Much as your college question and answer games on TV are entertainment of an educational sort.


(Bob) Debates of our early Greek history.


Yes, exactly so. It hones the mind and is in fact a good antidote for Alzheimer's and the prevention of that dementia. As it keeps the minds of old men active when their bodies can no longer go to battles and go to sports arenas and do those things, or farm. Old men sitting around watching TV and the violence on your televisions is certainly a waste of millions of grand minds.



(Eric) We have it but small in quantity. There are occasionally debates on public television over key issues when they bring lawyers and former government officials who have played a role in discussions very much like them. And occasionally you get a good Star Trek episode that has a kind of debate about moral issues, whether or not someone should be allowed to die, for example, because he has done all that he can in this form.


Exactly. There are more philosophical discussions of importance in Irish pubs than almost anywhere in America. (Chuckles all around.)


(Bob) And yet they have a lot of trouble over there too.


Well, (chuckling) it is the material spirits which inhabit their bodies after the pub which cause a great deal of confusion. But, if you get my point, they do not watch much sports activities at pubs, but these are coffeehouse discussions over ale and beer. The Viennese and Austrian coffeehouse discussion groups of the 18th and 19th centuries were rich areas of philosophical discussion. But yet these too were limited to the intelligentsia, those who could afford not to be in the fields working or tending the master's crops, or working in his factories.


(Bob) And we are headed, are we not, to the point where there is no master. But rather, collective groups of people working together for their common good. Not a communism, not a socialism, but to the point where people are free and working together. Is that not true?


More leisure time, yes will provide people with the puzzlement of what to do with their lives. How will they contribute meaningfully to their own life and to their communities and society, and even the world. Your society is growing in a direction which begs many questions to be answered. The leisure of your middle class is abundant. And as yet, there are many diversionary activities that people are placing their interest in and their means in. Materialism will only take people so far. There are many people who, in the '80s of your society, made great amounts of money and were pleased with this scoreboard accounting. They bought houses and cars and many, many material things, and yet were still unhappy, unfulfilled. Meaningfulness of life comes from meaningfully looking at one's life and filling it with meaningful activities, thoughts and relationships.


Community, as you were alluding to I believe, is a very important place where one can fill their life with meaningful activities. And philosophical discussions then move from coffeehouses and pubs to the streets and to the parks and to the community halls where people meet to work on common issues and problems. Your society, as individuals, has much work to do to find meaningfulness in their lives.



(Bob) One of he things that seems to concern me is that, in this country, we seem to be creating stronger and stronger barriers between those that are quite well to do and those that don't have enough resources or opportunities, etc. We're moving in the wrong direction. And I presume that the events that are about to take place will help us move in another direction so we can stop this, what I'll call, movement toward centralized production of good and resources that leave people stranded without a means of working effectively and thus providing for themselves effectively.


This is so. There is a great inequality. People do like to have work even work that does not seem to be meaningful to them, but it occupies their time, provides an income, and they can make a meaningful contribution to their families and to themselves. All imbalances do eventually come into balance. It need not come through the ugliness of social unrest or riot or burning of whole cities; but can come through social change. through meaningful dialogue and discussion between those who have and those who do not. The rich and those who have wealth, who ignore the poor and the needy, do not realize that everyone arrives in the future together. No one is left behind; everyone arrives together.


Those who have, will eventually have to share with those who have not. Peace brings necessity of distribution of goods and wealth and services. Peace begets an even economy. The wealth from war will become a thing of the past, as you are now seeing from the downsizing of your military and thus the downsizing of the military-industrial complex. It will no longer be a main support for your economies. The evenness of an economy may be lackluster and boring, but it provides an even pull, an even growth to draw everyone into a more prosperous future. It only requires amendment of taxation laws and employment guidelines to ensure that those who are capable can work. Those who are capable are trained. Those who are trainable are employed.


Your economists of one stripe like to see great growth, but excessive growth outstrips the ability to maintain it, because, as you know, there must be a supply and demand in distribution of goods. There will come a time before too long when it will become good business to distribute wealth because that maintains business. More people can buy, more people can have access to markets. It begets better health, social life, lower crime, and the general improvement of the spiritual nature of mankind.


(Bob) When Belazar was here, we talked about other worlds and the people on Belazar's planet existing in three-dimensional bodies apparently much like ours. Just confirming, is that the way it is on other planets, that they are in physical bodies much as in the same materiality and modality that we have here on earth?




(Bob) Did we evolve from them or them from us, or was it kind of a simultaneous thing across the universe?


That is not relevant. The physical body structure provides a cage for the growing spirit, the ego chafes against this body, your body. It wants to become more than it is, and tries to do that through material means outside itself. Yet the body ages, withers, becomes less active, and the ego must deal with this. The physical body is an opportunity for the incubation of the infant spiritual being. Thus material bodies, or some type of body that places limitations on the infant being, is necessary for the individual to grow spiritually.


Yet within the physical body type, the bipedal-bilateral type of body, is typical throughout the universe, the local universe. Yet, the neural systems and brain structures can vary greatly. This is the more important aspect of each being, though to take body types to extreme, those who live under tremendous gravities have different body types. They are stouter, shorter, stronger. These limitations also are not seen as limitations but opportunities for development of mind and spirit in ways which you would not perceive, or hardly even conceive. Those individuals who are non-breathers also have a different way of living and procreating, and this too gives variation to them.


You think you have troubles now with blacks and Indians and Asians - people who are, to us, identical to you except for skin color. You have much work to do with your biases and prejudices and our limited vision. For when you come in contact on the other side of your mortality, you will have many personality types and belief systems so at odds with your own, that you will be in culture shock for centuries.


(Bob) Belazar said that through the wonderful question that Daniel had asked, "Did they have trouble and move to the Days of light and Life?" And the answer was that yes, they had, and that was why Belazar was here to help us through this same transition. And the question that came to mind as I reflected on that, what did that planet do in its step to move into the Days of Light and Life? What was the critical thing that happened that moved them in that direction? Or some other planet-it doesn't have to be Belazar's.


There is, on most planets, an orderly developmental, evolutionary process of societies moving towards the Days of Light and Life. The main factor is that the people come to understand the commonality, the oneness of their kind. There is a move away from separation - politically, economically, linguistically and culturally. That is not to say that they become homogeneous, amalgamated, all the same pulp-for they are not. Commonality, which you see as working against diversity, has an important product, and that is progress, peace, greater freedom, greater ability of the individual to expand to the ultimate parameters available within their mortality. The underlying belief that supports this development is that we are all in this together.


That does not work against those individuals who try to get ahead, so to speak, but not to get ahead at the disadvantage of others. There is a way of getting ahead to the advantage of the individual without disadvantage to others. What you asked earlier, Robert, about the economy, what is occurring is that there are hundreds of thousand and millions of members of your society who are benefiting at the dis-ease of others, that there is a dis-ease in this advantage. It works against others so that it becomes a disadvantage. We have no policies which work against individuals getting richer. We do have policies which work against people getting more disadvantaged, and thus the Correcting Time and Michael's mandate to help save this planet and bring it into Light.


Your question is very good, for what happens on other planets as they work toward the Days of Light and Life, will eventually be manifested on this planet too. It will just take longer.


The extreme diversity of language on your planet will take some time to level out. There is no need to lose cultural diversity through losing a language, though they are somewhat related.


(Eric) The French may not think so.


(Bob) This is extremely interesting. This is the second time you have brought up the idea-several months ago you alluded to the fact that we will come to a single language, which I think is wonderful if we can get there. How it would come to pass would be a miracle unto itself. I think that would so help people come together.


The initials are WWW. (Chuckles all around.)


This is a crude analogy, and I do not mean that you will adapt this, but your computer machines use the same language already-the 1's and 0's and there will become a commonality of language transference which will develop in the future so that people can more easily speak and write with each other in other languages. The dominant language outside of the orient, outside of China, will be English.


(Eric) There are more people in China learning English than there are in the United States.


Yes, there is a quiet subterfuge going on in that large nation. That nation is changing far more rapidly than almost any other nation in the world. The political forces appear to be oblivious, or do not want to see the immense changes which are occurring within their society in imperceptible, unknown ways. Fax, and modems, and Internet, and satellite communications have a tremendous effect within nations.


(Eric) You can't close the borders anymore.


Loosening of economies has had a tremendous effect. One cannot make a part of a machine without wondering what the machine looks like, how it will be used and who would use it. Those people who seem to be so isolated are getting a world perspective in very rapid ways.


(Bob) Is this what's causing the leadership of China to do all this saber rattling that's going on? Are they nervous because things are changing and they sense it's changing and can't control it?



They realize they are riding a tiger-which will eventually eat them. The economic forces and communication forces will change the tide within that nation.


(Eric) (Something about the integration of Hong Kong into China.)


There are many mortal will-decisions which will affect that outcome. The power of the coastal cities along china have already had a tremendous effect upon that giant. They have penetrated the hide and they are working in the meat of the country. The economic forces of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and other large cities cannot be stopped without tremendous detrimental effect upon the very economic forces which support the political structure. They might try, they will try, but it will cause tremendous disruption for that nation. And the repercussions world-wide will be very painful for them. There is a cost for political egoism, and that is isolation.


(Bob) I gather by the words you just said that these events in China are leading to more than just a superficial show of force. There may be something more coming? More serious?


There could be. As I said, there are many human will-decisions to be made. Do not forget the fact that the Chinese are highly adept at compromise when necessity requires them to do so.


I think we are about done. Now where is that Irish pub?


(Bob) Mor-gan, thank you. This was a delightful evening, a wonderful conversation, many interesting topics and we thank you so much.


(Eric) Yes


You 're most welcome. I have enjoyed this, and this is typical philosophical discussion, questions and answers. And when there are no teachers available, you must devise those answers yourself. Though you do have the good fortune, if you're willing, if you are accepting, to have teachers whisper in your ear and give you insights and answers to the very problems which make your life difficult. And this applies to everyone on our planet.


The above material from this one transcript gives you an idea of how rich and varied the information is in one group session. I set out to select excerpts from four transcripts and as you can see never got beyond the first one. So, you can look forward to more to come. For now, here is one quick update from the group session 4/02/96 on the recent energy changes the end of March mentioned above.


Mor-gan: It did occur. The energy development did occur in the last part of March. It is not something that CNN would take note of. It is not something that many people would note. Though energy workers, light workers, and those who are tuned to the Universe-in many ways from astrology to energy attunenment-would notice. You are progressing in our development, and you will note these changes as you become more attuned to these energies. Know that they did occur, and that they are momentous and that they will have a long-lasting effect, though they may never be measurable.


It is very much like a tree falling in the forest. When did it happen? Did it really occur? Was there any sound attached to it? How did it affect the whole forest? Does it have any meaning-to me, to you? Few mortals would know the answers to these questions. I only say that I said it would occur, it did occur, and it is now having an effect upon your planet and its development.


These changes are imperceptible in the short run. They look like so many more events of just another day. You are acquainted with a scatter field where electrons or particles strike the screen, and though they look the same when viewed up close, when you stand back, especially over time, you'll notice a stream or line or course of these particles striking in a pattern. This is basically the effect of what is happening now. Everything looks the same, but just a bit different over time.


(Eric) I think I felt that right about two weeks ago.



Yes, the approach of the comet has had an influence upon your planet. (Closest approach to earth March 25.) There are many things occurring in and around your planet which look normal and natural, but which are having a great influence and effect upon your planet. Sometime in the future, if you live long enough, your news media, your historians, will look back upon this era from 1990-2010 and realize that there was virtually a huge change of many paradigms on your planet, seeming to occur almost simultaneously. The longer away you come from this period, the more instantaneously it appears. though when you live it out, breathe it out day by day, hour by hour, it seems as though there is no change. Yet if you look back in history during the era of the late 1700's and the middle of the 1800's, there was a passage of time, brief, but had momentous consequences politically and economically and socially upon your planet. So too will this year you're now living through appear to have been a snap of time, for so many things were turned over and changed. But now you do not see them.. You are too close to the trees to see the forest. Truly, as I was saying to Eliria, truly your thoughts, your energy has a tremendous power during this period right now. You are living through the fulcrum of time, where events of one side teeter-totter to the other side.

                                 * * * * *


                  TALK  ON MEDITATION

                  BY HEBER C. KIMBALL


NORTH WEST TEACHING MISSION GATHERING, BOISE, ID SEPTEMBER 1995 - In a transmission from Yogananda at the 1995 Arkansas Gathering, Yogananda informed us that he was a part of the Teaching Mission and that his role in the Mission was to teach us all techniques of deep meditation. The excerpt below is from a talk on meditation given by Heber C. Kimball at the NWTM Gathering. Mr. Kimball studied under Yogananda for six months and has been studying the teachings of Yogananda for more than a generation now. Mr. Kimball had many interesting things to say about meditation and kundalini energy. During Mr. Kimball's talk he walked the group through a ten to fifteen minute exercise I found to be particularly helpful in increasing the quality of my stillness time. Here is that part of his talk along with questions from the group.


Herber: These are beginning techniques. There are weekly lessons you can take by correspondence thru Self Realization Fellowship, which will give you all you need to know in regard to advanced techniques. And they are terribly inexpensive. It's like forty dollars per year which barely pays for the stamps, envelopes and the spit to lick the stamps. It is not a commercial venture.

We need lights out if we can. We are going to start now with three fold level, body, mind and spirit. Comfortable position, where you can sit [can we lay down?]. Sure, as long as we do not hear you snore, as long as you don't go to sleep.


Typically when you begin, especially when you are by yourself, it is harder to do it prone because you go to sleep. But that's okay. We are going to work with the energy in the body. I want you to tense your left foot gently. It is not the muscle that moves, it is your thought and will power that moves that muscle. It's the energy that you put into that muscle that makes it move. So you can move that energy wherever you want to. Right foot, low tension, then medium tension (Never strain.) Then high tension and relax. Tense the left calf. Relax. Tense low, medium and high, but do not strain. Right calf. Relax. Just get more and more relaxed. We want to forget about all the humdrum duties, forget about the world, go inside. The kingdom of heaven is within Christ said. The kingdom of heaven is here and now, Christ said. Right thigh. Relax. Left rear. Relax. Right rear, relax. Lower abdomen, relax. Upper abdomen, upper stomach, relax.. Left forearm and (close your fist) relax. Feel the difference between the tension and the relaxation, as you get more and more relaxed. As you get relaxed you start to feel warm, tingling sensations. Enjoy the feeling of peace. Because your energies now are not being spent outwardly, they're building, they're being collected within. Right forearm, relax. Left bicep. You kind of put your arm up to tense the bicep. You're lifting a weight or something, whatever is good. Relax. Right bicep. Relax. This gives you control over body tension and stress. Teaches you to turn off the hyper, to turn off the energy in the muscle. Teaches you how to go to sleep. Left chest, relax. Right chest, relax. Left neck, turn your head to the side just a little to the left. Tense the left side of the neck. Relax. Right side, relax, front, relax, back neck, relax. The whole body is getting more and more relaxed. Beware of all your body muscles. If you feel tension in any muscle, tense that muscle. We can do a more guided, or more hypnotic process, but I don't choose that because this is something you do. It's under your control. I say advanced lessons through Yogananda yes, but I'm available to check and to help in all advanced techniques. More and more relaxed. At this point, the body may feel warm, calm, peaceful and pleasant.


Now we will work with the mind and the breath. Now you can do it with the eyes closed or half open. I want you to focus on the Christ center, the center of will. This is where people focus when they're exerting themselves, the point above and between the eyes. Don't strain your eyes, just look up slightly, that will keep you from going to sleep. If your eyes go down, you go to sleep like babies when their eyes look down, they fall asleep. That's important. Next is to listen to the breath. Feel the breath and think the breath. Focus your concentration on the breath, so that it becomes rhythmic. We don't hold it , or force it, or push it, or pull it. We let it flow. Evenly, rhythmically. Most people talk like this and they push their breath and they go onha, and they take a breath out of sync because they run out of air and they get all hyper. I want you to be in peace and joy, which is more harmonious and beautiful than anything. Science has proven through heart rate and blood flow that when you're in this rhythm, the heart works a third less. The heart will beat in perfect synchronicity with the returning wave pulse of the aorta. Perfect resonance. If you're not in harmony, it's discordant. So even physiologically, the heart works one third less. Listen to the breath. Feel the air as it comes in the mouth, throat, the lungs. Feel it going out the lungs, the throat, the mouth, the nose. Tune in to the breath. As you breathe in , say mentally to yourself (Some people say peace or quiet.) But there is a harmonic resonance to the ancient Sanskrit language, which says on inhalation, Hau. On the exhalation, says mentally, Sau. In Sanskrit that means: I am one with the universe, or I am one with Christ, one with the universal consciousness. But some don't like that so they say peace, whatever you choose. The thing is to be in rhythm. Any thought that comes into the mind, watch it like a little cloud floating by in the sky. Take our mind back to the breath. The calmer and quieter you are, the more energy you collect. This teaches you to go to sleep at will. You reach a state where you are repairing tissue as in sleep. It's anabolic. You are oxygenating your system. Deeper calmer, quieter. Make sure your body is all relax, listen to the breath, think the breath, feel the breath. Now we will go for a while, silently. Focus, but don't strain. Do it passively, without effort.


About five minutes of silence.


Herber: This is something you can do anytime. Anytime you have a few spare minutes to find strength, control, peace. To control anger and anxiety.


More silence (five minutes).


Heber: Any thought that comes in, take the mind back to the breath.


More silence (five minutes).


Herber: We will end the meditation now. It's better to do it before you eat because the collected energy is used to digest the food rather than to go to the brain. Try to do it before a meal. When you go real deep, which you will with practice, be careful when you come out to tense your muscles and don't move or stand up or jump up. Tense your muscles, kind of stretch a little to get the energy back in the muscle. You can hurt yourself by coming right out of the meditation and moving without first tensing.


I guess we can turn the lights back on. Blink first and give your eyes a chance to adjust before you open them fully.


Question: Why is it that someone always coughs? We have never had one in which nobody coughs.


Heber: When people start moving, it's time to stop, but the more you do this, the easier it is, and the longer you can go.


Question: Will the heart slow down?


Heber: It will come down. The more you oxygenate through the relaxation. As you de-carbonate the blood, then you have less need for oxygen and the heart will slow down.


Question: Can you go out of the body with this technique?


Heber: I know people who fear going out of body in deep relaxation. If you have that fear, then move and come out of the deep state. And then when you are ready, you can go deeper.


Question: Is belly breathing good?



Heber: Breathe with your belly, rather than your chest. This is belly breathing. [demonstrating] I'm doing it with my hand, you take in more oxygen that way, but you can do it without your hand. As you inhale, expand your stomach. You push your stomach in when you exhale. But I'm exaggerating, jut do that in the natural flow rather than chest breathing. The Italian opera stars belly breathe.


Any other comments. Anybody have any good experiences that you may want to mention?


Question: Peaceful.


Heber: Well, you'll get more out of it when you do it a couple of hours before a meal.


Question: What is the value of more guided techniques?


Heber: I would be happy to guide or direct the meditation more. But we want you to do it. By you doing it, you will gain more control and benefit.


Question: I find it hard to control my thoughts.


Heber: It is like anything else you do, you gain perfection through practice. but don't try too hard. Use passive effort. A lot of people try too hard, and that's self defeating because you are tensing and you want the opposite. You want to be very relaxed.


Question: I got my body relaxed but my thoughts strayed.


Heber: That's good, you got your body relaxed. Practice will one point your mind.


Question: ...Buddhists...those who practice it are happy...


Heber: At the very least, if you learn relaxation, you will be healthier because of it at the very least.


Question: Less stress.


Heber: Right, less stress, more peace. It will teach you to relax under pressure, and even under trauma.


Question: Can you take less time after you learn the technique?

Heber: Yes. The more you do it, the quicker you can get into it. Ultimately, in the ecstatic [Ed- aesthetic?] state, you can do it like that, in a moment.


Question: These teachers seem to be telling us that the electro-chemical body is benefited by relaxing, and the mind circuitry is improved by this personal experience...communication will be enhanced by learning to relax the body and breath.


Question: Can you concentrate on other objects instead of the breath?


Heber: Yes. Any object you choose, that's fine. It could be a lotus blossom or flower. The thing with the breath is that you can do it without closing your eyes. You can do it right now, it's always with you, and you can do it anywhere and anytime. So it is adaptable. As you collect energy, a light appears. You can focus on the light in your head.


Nothing is going to happen; it just gets better.


Question: I found that looking up to the Christ Center is very important and that helped a lot. And I was wondering if I missed anything that was important.


Heber: Listen to the breath, feel the breath, think the breath and look up.


Question: If you are in a situation at work where someone has angered you, before you even speak, you can do the breath. It's amazing how swiftly it calms everything.


Herber:  You bet. Hau-Sau. That is the sound of the breath. [many noises from all].


Question: Could you suggest some readings ... I would like to know a lot more about the physiology that we are doing.


Heber: Write SRF. Just write to them and ask for the lessons which include the techniques. I also have a reading list here.



Nolus: He has a wonderful reading list that will really enlighten you on all the techniques. It may take a while to get through them all, but we just eat them up as fast as we possibly can.


Heber: The Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, Beyond Biofeedback by the Greens, Cosmic Consciousness by Bucke, Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill, [laughter because of the round robin on mysticism before Heber arrived]...


Question: When you said dance, all afternoon, we had a session on all different teachings on dance and getting in touch with the universe, and each other and our walk with God, our dance partner.


SRF address: Self-Realization Fellowship, 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90065-3298



It is interesting to note that (synchronicity again?) within a week after deciding to put this information in the newsletter, I met Barry Norby at out local TM group and he brought with him a copy of the Bagavad Gita in which Yogananda had written explanations for the western mind. Barry, who has read the Bible many times, was so enthralled with this book for he said in reading it he came to understand many truths that he had overlooked in reading the Bible. As Mr. Kimball said that Yogananda was as much a Christian as anything, and if you believe his writings, he talked to Christ, thus, it is hardly surprising that this book would not only expand one's understanding of the Bagavad Gita but also the Bible. While I only had a chance to glance at this book, Barry's comments really whetted my appetite to read it for I remember my attempts to understand the Bagavad Gita many years ago. This book can also be obtained through the SRF.


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