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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

March 1996 (Vol. 4, No 3)



This issue marks the beginning of the fourth year of the T/R NEWS NETWORK. Many changes have taken place during these years as we as individuals and the Teaching Mission have grown and more changes and challenges lie ahead. I would like to take a few moments to talk about where we are now.

As individuals, I think we should all be pleased and delighted with our progress in assimilating the messages of the Teachers and incorporating their lessons into our very being. It is easy to be hard critics of our progress as we see how much more there is to be accomplished, but as I talk to many of you and read your letters and transcripts, the progress is obvious. The groundwork for change first lies within ourselves. We are like plants. As our roots take hold of the messages and lessons of the teachers, we are rooting out the canker sores and unseen, unacknowledged diseases that have plagued our root system. As our roots become healed and firmly planted in the spiritual soil in which we are being nurtured in by the Teachers, our plants are beginning to grow with new shoots and foliage. As our plants begin to grow in the light of our loving Father, they flourish and bring forth abundant fruit and spiritual fragrance for all to see and offer spiritual nourishment to those who hunger to know more of our Father and his bountiful abundant love. We are becoming strong and sturdy plants that will withstand the wind and the storms to provide safety and shelter to all around us.

Just as our teachers tell us that the Teaching Mission has been developing for a long, long time, so it has been slowly developing as we know it. Some have been impatient for events to move more quickly and have moved on looking for something else to satisfy them. Others of us have found exactly what we have been seeking and have been quick to drink in the words from our Celestial Team. They have given us a lot to quench our thirst. Some have found this satisfying and are content to rest a while. Others of us have found our appetites whetted enough to want more, to want to give more, to want to do more, to want to serve more, to want to love more, to want to be in closer association with our Father, our Adjuster, Michael, Nebadonia, our Teachers, Angels, Midwayers, Melchizedeks and all the Celestial beings.

Surely, our Teachers must be pleased to see that with all the variety to be found in our personalities, egos, development, understanding, desires and levels of commitment, we have managed with their help to get beyond the first stages to where we are reaching out and truly learning how to work together in loving synergistic ways that decry the need for a "leader" as we look to our Father, our Adjuster, Michael, Nebadonia, and our Teachers for spiritual leadership and guidance. This in itself is an accomplishment indicative of our spiritual maturing.

I, for one, am pleased to see how the Teaching Mission has been growing slowly and steadily building a firm spiritual foundation made up of sincere loving individuals dedicated to the Father and Michael to bring Urantia into Light and Life. With this firm spiritual foundation that is daily being built and fortified by the Teachers and our willingness, we will be able to weather the coming changes and be of service to all our brothers and sisters.

It seems now that the Teaching Mission is building this firm spiritual foundation we are ready for more. Thus, I have chosen to devote most of this issue to the Pocatello transcripts for this group has put forth sincere efforts to learn and apply the lessons they have been given. I hope that these messages and this group will be as a beacon of light to show the fruits of the Teaching Mission to those new to the Teaching Mission and newly forming groups.

The newsletter will be undergoing some changes during the coming year. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome. I thank all of you who have shared your messages, experiences, thoughts and contributions that have made this newsletter possible.

With each passing year, as we come to know Michael more as he shares his presence and words with us, Easter becomes more meaningful for each of us. May all our hearts be joined in love as we honor him for all he gave to us during his sojourn on Urantia those many years ago and gives to us each and every day that we open our hearts to allow him to walk with us.

Allene Vick


* * * * *


BAKERSFIELD, CA - Our thanks to Gerry Baker for sharing more on the richness and value found in the lessons and words of our personal teachers.

February 8, 1996

Thank you for sharing with your readers my comments about allowing the personal teachers to more actively participate in our Mission efforts.

I would like to share with you and your readers a portion of a transcript from Deborah Goaldman's personal teacher, Themoia. Themoia is very articulate and we all greatly appreciate her input. This is an excerpt from a longer transmission.

THEMOIA: And as for friendships, you will discover many new ones as you link up with fellow "missioneers." In time these friendships will grow in spiritual intimacy, and this will uphold you in all your efforts in this mortal realm. Be unafraid. Open yourself to others in this Mission and nurture these budding friendships. Be not concerned how distant you may be from one another and how seldom you may see each other because true love transcends space and is timeless. In time you will be able to feel the closeness of others even though they may be far away. Your Father does not desire to separate you from your loved ones. This is a tragic thing in this world, that people feel such a loss when they can no longer be with people they care for. It is due to the isolation caused by the rebellion of Lucifer.

In time the love of the Father will build a vibrant network that will connect between His children and allow them to feel that closeness, reaching out to each other cross the miles, knowing they are not alone. It will bring people closer as they make the effort to remain intimate in a loving way instead of allowing themselves to drift farther apart because of physical distance. This world will glow when this network interconnecting people is firmly in place. You shall truly see the age of light and life unfold in your time.

You are beginning stages of creating this web of love that will bind the hearts of humans together. In your computer world, the "web" connects people worldwide through their computer communication systems. That linkup will happen spiritually as well. And just as computers transcend distance, as technology advances, so will your spiritual web link up people world wide and eventually universe-wide and then super-universe wide until all of creation is linked together through the Supreme. At that time of Deity completion in time and space then shall all of God's creation glow with a renewed energy.

Included also is another of Themoia's recent transmissions so you can see the consistent quality of our personal teacher's messages.

As I stated in my prior letter to you (published Jan. '96) the personal teachers love to talk and the Bakersfield Group gives them every opportunity to speak in our group setting. All of us benefit and I believe it would be true of any group that would include the efforts of the personal teachers.

Gerry Baker

Bakersfield Teaching Mission

[Ed - Here is the other message from Themoia]

Good evening my friends. This is Themoia.

The group is quiet once again. In your life adjustments can somber the mood. In these times it behooves us to lift your sights to things outside your immediate concerns, (looking) for inspiration and hope.

We know that your human tendency to center on yourself is not always a conscious understanding. In fact, many would prefer to view themselves as being "more selfless." Nonetheless, in the present development of most mortals, it is a struggle to rise above your own perceptions, even though it may be harmful to you (to remain there). So let us look at the bigger picture and see if we can lift this mood a little.

Imagine what each of your destinies are. Each person has a destiny, a unique way of being, a fulfillment and realizing their special talents that can be useful to enlighten others and enhancing the life experience of others. Each person is destined to realize in actuality what their potentiality is. And that potential, when it is through God, that God-realization, is without limits. The potentials within your God experience are even as stated in the Urantia Book, capable of increasing in capacity. In other words, you are unlimited through God.

Considering that most mortals limit themselves, even in ways that they are already more capable than they dream. It is mind-boggling to consider that (in) the realm of God-consciousness the boundaries of your limitations become very fuzzy. It makes Deborah think of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It is an expanding experience because when creatures unite with (the) Creator, then existential infinite qualities of the Creator expand the creature limitations until one no longer feels any limitation in the eternal scheme of things.

We are taught that a cup will only hold a cup. But there is an amazing thing when you are one with God, the cup size keeps getting bigger. (While) the cup will truly hold only as much as it can contain, the container itself is expanding. Perhaps [it will help] by explaining through (an) image what I am trying to say.

In your ascension career you will discover that at each stage you will attain as much as you are able to comprehend. Then you will transform to a higher level and have essentially a whole new cup to fill up. It is as if your cup expanded and what was now full is now near the bottom.

You see, my friends, there is so much to be excited about. By letting your thoughts linger on the trials and difficulties that you experience now, you are cheating yourself from having more excitement of living the God adventure in your life. You will discover this in time on your own because you are becoming weary of being burdened by your self-imposed limitations, your narrow, simple viewpoint. In fact, as you serve others in a loving way, you will more easily pull yourself out of these limiting viewpoints.

So look for ways to be of service. Look for ways to do kindnesses to all those who truly matter in our life as well as those you chance to met. Effort is required. It can become effortless in time, but initially for you children it will require the effort you expect of your children when they learn to tie their shoes and becoming frustrated, want to stop. It will be effort that you expect from them to help contribute to the family when they don't want to. There are many parallels. You are on a little higher level. The parallels are there, but the attitude is still childish many times.

As you love your children and understand their natures, so are you greatly loved. We know your capacities. We know what you are capable of. We know of your sincerity to live your life in the service to God and Michael. You will succeed because you have, in your life, coupled with your sincere desire and commitment, the greatest guidance, the greatest assistance that any one can have. You have God within you. You have Michael around you. You have us, as humble as we are, loving and helping you in any way we can. Simply seek more from us, my friends. Open yourself up to all that is available. Do this by ridding yourself of those burdensome thoughts. Refuse to be held captive to them any more. When something is empty, it is simply being begged to be filled. It does not mean that it is of no value. If you feel a void, then seek ways to fill this void because you are ready to be filled. The answer to your needs is waiting for you to receive it.

We continue to cheer you on. We allow you to move forward at your pace. As we do this for you, you do also to others. Many will feel trapped just as you often felt, and will not be able to move easily out of that mindset. but in time, they will (move out of that mindset), just as in time you will. The good hope (is) that your growth guarantees better things to come in your life. Look with expectation for these better things to come.

I will let you go for now so that others can speak. Thank you, my friends, for your kind attention. We send our love to you. We are always with you. Until next time, farewell. This is Themoia.

* * * * *


POCATELLO, ID - This group is to be greatly commended for its steadfast dedication to meeting, recording and sharing their transcripts. I feel like a member in absentia as I have been following along with this group avidly devouring the transcripts when the packages arrive and eagerly awaiting the next batch. These transcripts are so wonderful that it makes my job editing what to share difficult. All of it is so good. Below are excerpts from October 20, 1995 to January 1, 1996. My apologies to the group and the teachers in Pocatello for not being able to include more. Names were omitted by a former request. In sharing from these transcripts quotation marks and . . . showing a skip in the transcript were also omitted. Our thanks to all of you in Pocatello for your wonderful contribution to the Teaching Mission.


DANIEL: The understanding of networking, of bonding with many is one which we ask you to always hold open. For the possibilities are endless when like minds, like hearts, and like souls work in unity despite differences. In the framework of the Teaching Mission it is and has always been our desire that there would be intermingling in order to strengthen not just the Teaching Mission itself but to strengthen you the individuals that make up this mission. It is through the individuals and their commitment to following the will of the First Source and Center that world changes can take place, that Light and Life can be a reality.

Whenever the Indwelling Spirit is able to reach a certain level within the individual that individual begins to question, to wonder, and to open to many opportunities up to that time not recognized. Through inner work and soul searching the individual grows. That growth has a powerful effect upon society. And so through connectedness with other groups and through your own inner work you are building that framework through which the concepts of Light and Life can be planted.

RAYSON: Greetings, this is Rayson. I am honored and pleased to be with you here tonight, my dear friends. This evening has been many days and years in the planning, as you have heard from Daniel and Tomas. I and the celestial hosts here tonight heard you express sadness upon hearing of Tomas' pending assignment to another group, however, you have progressed quite well under Tomas and Daniel and because you have worked so hard and diligently it has been decided that you are now ready for a new and higher level of instruction and dialogue.

One of your group shall in the near future begin to offer lessons from a Melchizedek of the region. These lessons at first may seem simple and may be rather difficult for the TR to present. However, the messages will come through with regularity and will be coming for quite some time. In addition, I, myself, will be available to this group as needed. Father Melchizedek looks forward to working with you. He has watched you for quite some time and has been very satisfied with your growth and your eagerness to serve Father above. He also sends a message to you regarding the earth changes which have been a subject of your discussions. It is this:

Doubt not that your spiritual luminosity is easily perceived by the celestial host which is present on Urantia in great numbers now for you have worked hard and progressed well. As you continue your studies and more importantly the application of those studies in terms of action, living out the golden rule moment to moment, your brightness increases and this enables you to be even more clearly discerned by the celestials who are here not only to guide you but also to protect you. Do not misinterpret this protection as a sign of favoritism for, as you well know, all men on the planet are equally loved by God. Rather this mission shall not fail. Its proven workers shall be encouraged and sheltered in all permissible ways once they are marked by luminosity as you are, dear friends.

Heed well Melchizedek's message and his future lessons for you. Although I believe it is unlikely that you will be given specific instructions regarding geologic changes in the near future, the pace of your spiritual instruction will be accelerated, never more than you are able to withstand, for you shall determine the pace. But you can be certain that you will have progressed sufficiently by the time any real jeopardy to your physical person presents. You are much loved, much respected and held in some awe by the perfect celestials among you who are continually surprised and delighted by your actions which demonstrate such deep and abiding faith. So be of good cheer, my friends.

Yes, the bitter cup awaits but loving hands shall guide it to your lips and loving arms shall carry you from the worst consequences of man's animal condition: fear, greed, rage, pride. Though you imbibe the bitterness you shall find the animal self falling away from you as a cloak untied and you shall proceed with courage, strength, mercy, humility, humor, kindness, truth, beauty, goodness, and love! I am here not only to bring you these glad tidings but also to answer any questions that you may have.

RAYSON: I would also like to share with you some information regarding the phenomenon of reflectivation if you are interested in hearing this.

As you may know, by means of reflectivity great distances can be easily traversed by what you might call information including what you would call material substance, although not exclusively that material. For example it is by means of a permutation of reflectivity that this transmission is occurring now although it is not strictly reflectivity for the human mind of Urantia, although it is capable of reflectivation, has great difficulty in translating reflectivated material to communicable forms such as speech, writing, art and so on. None the less as you hear, then all become more adept as transmitter/receivers, and that part of you which is capable of transmission receiving becomes more and more developed, you might say like a muscle that is conditioned carefully and well. As this occurs you become increasingly capable of receiving by the phenomenon of reflectivation a universe circuit message which is streaming into this planet steadily.

One of the purposes of this mission, in fact, is for there to be cultivated a core of persons such as yourselves who are desirous and willing to offer themselves as blinded reflectivators of a a universe circuit message. By blinded I mean that although you will receive and transmit a universe circuit message you shall not do so consciously. This has been arranged as what you might call a 'fail safe' mechanism, for, my friends, while you are not savages, you are semi-savages at this time (laughter) and because of this it has been determined that it would be in the best interests of this mission to protect you and the purposes of the mission by making the reflectivation activity tamper proof, unlike your transmission/receiving which is very much tamperable as all of you have experienced at one time or another. In fact it is hoped that the TR will leave their imprint on the messages that come forth and that, in fact, all who listen to such messages or read such messages or admire such messages in the form of art or music or other display will learn to discern between information which comes from the teacher and contamination from the mind of man. We do not say that this contamination is necessarily a bad thing. However, as you learn to discern the difference between man's mind and teacher's information it will strengthen you spiritually for it will improve your skill at discerning spiritual reality as opposed to material reality. Being material creatures it is unavoidable that you must reside in material reality and until the moment of translation or material death you shall never be free of material reality. However, this most certainly does not mean that you cannot learn to perceive spiritual reality and become increasingly a participant in spiritual reality for, after all, this is much of what is involved in the movement toward Light and Life establishment on this planet. But until that moment of translation or material death it is likely that any transmission receiving done shall bear the definite material imprint of the person who does this work.

Q: For clarification purposes do I understand you to say that you are non mornotially present with us but you are coming through a reflectivation phenomenon, Rayson?

RAYSON: Yes. I am present by that means, although there are a great many celestials present now.

Q: We have been told that we hear teachers over the circuits. Is this a synonymous term to reflectivation, over the circuits?

RAYSON: Sometimes. Not always. I am not within access of a circuit at this particular time, although sometimes I am, indeed, as you state.

Q: Rayson, I would like some further clarification on the intamperable technique of which you spoke. Is this something else that is involved with the 'earth changes' that is separate from the coming of the Melchizedek teacher, that if any of us wanted to offer ourselves for this kind of information, we could?


Q: Daniel, Rayson, this question is for either or both of you. I have been, as I think you are both aware, thinking about ego this week. I am desiring further information on what it is and its purpose and how it is so awry on this planet. I have a feeling that my ego voice is very similar to many people's and I am wondering if the ego voice is so vicious in planets that are not of rebellion status. And with that information in mind do either of you have more specific instructions on how to integrate my true personality, my true self with that ego self?

DANIEL: We have spoken of ego on numerous occasions within your group. It would behoove you to locate that material and reread it. It is important for all of you to understand that because you are a mortal being it is necessary for you to have an ego. For the ego is what initially defines you. It is through the ego that you are able to begin as an infant and work through the various stages of growth. While the ego often is accorded as the demon it is not always that menacing.

Ego is an aspect of your being which through spiritual inner work you are able to rise above, control, and are able to fully integrate as a spiritual and human being, one where the dual natures are in synchronicity and that alignment that is necessary in order to truly work within the parameter of God-consciousness. That is not to say that all God-conscious individuals are not at times motivated by the ego for the ego is part of your human existence and will always remain in a coexistence with the higher motive. While ego is often considered a dark side to personality one must realize that it does support you in helping you working through various levels of progress. If the ego did not spur you on at times you would often become lazy. If you were not prompted by the ego then your material existence could become compromised, could be in jeopardy. It is, however, through the work of daily stillness, of searching for own understanding of who you are that you are able to keep in check the ego, so to speak, that it does not dominate the personality.

You, my dear, have done much in the way of working to dissolve those issues that have permeated your existence, and the ego which you are seeing manifested this last few weeks is but a lesson for you to realize how fine the line is between that which is high and that which is low. All individuals can choose within the flick of an eye to turn and go a different route. Those who work to maintain a daily communication with the First Source and Center are less likely to choose a darker path. The darker path is one which when chosen after being on a spiritual climb is one that feels wrong, one that does not work with the values, with the understanding to which you have risen.

Be mindful when you work with your brothers and sisters that ego often can control a personality that is not in touch with the inner. To you, I would say, that you have and are fully working toward integration. It is nearly complete. Continue, for once you have reached that point then the merging self of the future will have less trouble in keeping integration. For you see, my friends, integration is on a daily basis, that once you have reached this plateau this does not mean you will remain there. There is always change as your path goes forward. You will meet circumstances opportunities, all of which will call upon you to keep in touch with the inner. You can incorporate it with the outer and the two will be as one, the dual nature of our being will work together. Has this helped?

Q: Yes, Daniel, thank you. That has helped very much. I have one further brief question. Is the ego of our animal nature and is the basis of our dual nature, or is it something that continues beyond the physical body? Or is that an inappropriate question because I have only given a couple of categories and it is too complex because we don't have the language and understanding to approach?

DANIEL: It is complex. However, ego most certainly is more involved with the animalistic aspects of your being. It is your experiences compiled together, your understanding, your level of spiritual maturity that aids you in the long run on your ascension career. The more that you can learn, understand, process, integrate and put into action in this life, the easier it will be in ascension. Ego is, as I have said, basically of animal origin.

RAYSON: I have a comment if you would care to hear it.

Daniel's answer was masterful. I have little to add except to remind you that ego provides much entertaining material for the Reversion Directors. (hearty laughter) As many ascendant mortals have said, 'Take my ego, please!' (more laughter) Yes it is true that man is that paradoxical mix of material and spiritual, the material comprising the physical body and the mind, with ego being a part of the mind, somewhat enmeshed with intellect, which is why you meet so many egotistic intellectuals. (laughter) But humor aside, you also have a spiritual part with a potential for eternal existence, fusion and communication with God the Supreme. This includes your personality and other spiritual components. Which shall determined the course of our actions, my dear? Shall it be your spiritual component or shall it be your material component? Shall your life be guided by your physical prowess, your reproductive capability, your desire for trophies, your urge to display, the normal human hunger for prestige, power, money? Or shall your every moment and every effort be guided by the golden rule, the paramount expression of your spiritual self on Urantia? If you take the spiritual decision then you will easily be able to hear the ego voice with ironic detachment and amusement as do the Reversion Directors. The choice is yours.

Q: Now the promise about foolpoof, tamperproof, was this a reference to the lessons of the Melchizedek coming through a TR? You were talking about developing another kind of unconscious ability to receive messages. I was confused about that. Could you elaborate please?

RAYSON: In order to reach the billions of hungry and thirsty persons on Urantia eagerly awaiting spiritual sustenance we must do with a relatively small number of participants in this Teaching Mission to minister to the many. Although personal contact is highly desirable it is not practical for many reasons to rely on this mode alone at this point in the history of Urantia. Therefore a mechanism has been conceived and used for many purposes in the cosmos whereby each willing participant in the Teaching Mission who has achieved the required level of proficiency as a transmission/receiver will be, in fact, able to unconsciously reflectivate universe circuit messages to any and all who are hungry and thirst for this information. It is said that you cannot entice a person to drink when he is not thirsty. But if he is thirsty he will drink all that you offer and more. It is your job, if you elect to be a reflectivator in the Teaching Mission, to tend the well, to care for your physical/mindal body, to sustain your personalty with proper spiritual input including most importantly as you live your life on this planet as a perfectly imperfect being.

It may seem amazing to you, even perhaps preposterous that you, yourself, will act as a conduit of complex information that can reach as many as a billion people at a time. And yet this is so. In fact, this Teaching Mission has been many hundreds of years in the preparation. And although it was not until the time of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion that mission participants actually started to coalesce in group form. You can be assured that isolated individuals did, in fact, function as transmitter/receivers and beyond that, as unconscious reflectivators. One of your philosophers has said, "If I see very far, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants."

Q: Thank you. So this person in our group, one of our regular TRs who is going to be receiving Melchizedek messages, those messages will not be reflectivations. Those will be regular TRing. Is that correct?

RAYSON: Depending on where the Melchizedek is located. In any case the exact mechanism is less important than the information received and the interaction with the group, is it not?

Q: Yes but I am concerned about he possibility that somebody's going to announce that they are reflectivations and therefore whatever they say is infallible and can't be challenged in a TR situation. I am sure that can't happen if there is a fool proof...

RAYSON: Ah, but true reflectivation, per se, is not something that any person on Urantia at this time is capable of uttering or displaying in any other form. However, in some cases what you hear from the mouth of the TR does come to the TR in a form employing some of the styles of reflectivation, but it is not pure and simple reflectivation as I have described for the universe circuit message. Does this help to clarify or does it only confuse matters more?

Q: When you said that reflectivation is unconscious I flashed in my mind someone in a trance state or what has been regarded as channeling. Am I right about that or am I off completely?

RAYSON: True reflectivation might be compared to the ancient practice on this planet of two men on mountains separated by many, many miles of valley. At noontime one man holds in his hand a mirror by means of which he reflects the light of the sun overhead to his comrade on the far distant mountain. His comrade, in turn, also possesses a mirror by means of which he as well may not only reflect the light of the sun to the first man but also may reflect the first man's reflection to yet a third man on another mountain. Do you understand this analogy?

Q: Yeh, it sounds to me similar or identical to reflectivity that is described in the Urantia Book.

RAYSON: This is correct.

Q: Okay. I think I have asked enough technical questions. Thank you Rayson. I am sure that this will unfold and become clear to us as we move forward in our mission experience.

Rayson: However, you are blinded to this. It is an unconscious effort because, as I have said, man is sufficiently savage that there is unfortunately a high degree of possibility for contamination. As the present TR reminds me it would be most distressing if junk mail were reflectivated to the multitudes. If you think ego is bad imagine that! (laughter)

Q: Rayson, I'm not done with technical questions. I am wondering about this unconscious reflectivity that can reach billions. I'm wondering if the person who is wiling to do this is aware that this happens or could this happen while they are asleep? And how can it be that it reaches billions? And this relates to _____'s question, 'Are they in a trance state and information is coming out of their mouth? Or are they receiving it mindally, for lack of a better word, and sending it out to our brothers and sisters over the circuits or something in such a way that the reflectivator is unaware of doing this?

RAYSON: Once you are properly prepared and have sincerely taken the decision to do this it may occur at any time of the day or night, in any geographic location, in any state of mind, wakefulness, sleep, it matters not..

Q: The reason I am asking the question is because it reminds me of the gentleman whose name I cannot remember who was involved with the electronics industry in Washington. He said he was picked. They showed pictures of him on TV in which all of a sudden he would go into a trance any time of the day and all this geological information would start coming about. I'm wondering if that is the same process that you are discusIsng?

RAYSON: Please describe with more detail the geological information.

Q" This was on a show I was watching called "Ancient Prophecies." This man was, I believe, an electronics engineer or something. He was giving a talk. They thought he was having a heart attack or something and they too him to the hospital. He thought he saw an apparition in white that gave him instructions. After that he would go into trances and information about the earth changes would come through, Ismilar to what I brought to read and didn't read, giving the exact latitude and longitude of the earthquakes and their magnitude in different areas so that he was remaping what the world might look like when the earth changes were complete. He was not negative and fearful about this but felt like he had been chosen because he would give informaton out that could be helpful to people. Anyway the geological information is about earth changes, earthquakes, etc.

RAYSON: Midwayer contact is not the same as reflectivity.

Q: So you are saying this is Midwayer contact?

RAYSON: Most likely. Since the adjudication it has been possible for certain select midwayers to make such contact as you described. It is likely that as this dawn era of Light and Life progresses on Urantia one shall hear more of such incidents.

DANIEL: My friend, while this has been a grand night indeed, I must bring you back to reality in this aspect. Last week your assignment was to think about your willingness to really step out and go the line for what is right. What are you going to do. How far are you willing to go?

And it has come to my attention that many of you have avoided deep searching of this question. And so, while you are in eager waiting of teacher transmissions let us remember that life does not really beget life if you are just in a waiting mode. Life is real when you are ready to live it and put forth action. Part of the reason that this group is being raised to a higher level has been because of your commitment and willingness to look at the lessons, to absorb them, to take them in and strive to live by what you know to be right. And so I must continue to be your taskmaster again this week. Please take the time, search inward, and come to some understanding of this aspect, this part of yourself. For truly the ego can overcome what you know is right because you are afraid of what the consequences and the cost may be.


DANIEL: And so as we continue to progress and move along there will always be changes, for progress is founded upon change.

Fear of the unknown is normal. Fear to the point of backstepping can be detrimental. Intelligent fear, however, is part of the aspect of change. By intelligent fear I mean that while you are heIstant, while you are anticipating you are at the same time intellectualizing and emotionally coming to terms with the aspect of change. Through normal and researched understanding you will be able to accept and move into change more readily. Tonight Tomas and I will help to lay down this foundation for you in helping you to bridge what you are now considering to be a big step, a big ravine, so to speak. However, as I have said many times in the past, progress is developmental. Human stages of growth are developmental. And so you will not be asked to walk before you can stand. You will be allowed the time, the comfort to be able to stand, to get your bearing, to know your environment before you are asked to walk.

This is not a time to be fearful out of ignorance. Cautious, yes, for it is unwise for any mortal to blindly walk into any situation without some comfort zone, some assurance that all is in God's care, God's plan. Rest assured that while some of you are able to embrace wholeheartedly with open arms and with less struggle, some of you will approach this new time with apprehension, maybe even with screaming and shouting. But this does not matter. What is important is that you know intellectually and inwardly within your emotional barriers that what will be transpiring is and will be essential to your ascension. There are, of course, other pathways. This ascension pathway you are working toward calls upon you to accept and embrace those not in your sensory perception.

Have no misunderstanding regarding my beingness as your teacher. These lessons will only become more enhanced through our Melchizedek teacher. This is not scheduled for the immediate future but fairly soon. I will relinquish now to Tomas.

TOMAS: I will continue now to discuss change. You are accustomed to the density of Urantia; the density of your material existence is comfortable to you. The structure of your intellectual approaches also provide you comfort and solidarity. Now enters faith which is the answer to change and the fear which comes along with it. May I have this dance? In your realizing your own divinity nature through your stillness in your relationship with our Thought Adjuster the reality comes that you are something more than material and intellectual, that you are potential spirit. This reality strikes a harmonious chord in your soul and you begin the evolution of your soul.

As you continue your steps your soul begins to grow of its own accord. It dances in the light of the Spirit. In your growth, as your faith grows, you begin to pirouette, you begin to know where your feet should go and in knowing where your feet should go, you lose the fear that you will trip or that you will step on the foot of your partner. Indeed in these early days of dancing you may well be dancing solo and learning to love the movement of your faith. As your faith grows you may overlook the density entirely and lose yourself to the swirling, whirling harmonies of the universe. As you have taken this path, as you have gone from a mortal with feet of clay into the awareness of your association with Spirit and beyond into the acceptance of your soul and its association with the Grand Universe, the Divine Plan, you have risen out of density into freedom. No longer are you curtailed by that which bothered you in the beginning and from your lofty experiential plane you can see how those who sit on the sidelines longing to experience the dance need to be evolved in their own light of faith.

In light of the above paragraphs I ask you who have danced to pretend for a moment that you have not, and look at the process you now see through intellectual cognizant eyes. Barring faith are we not peculiar? Barring trust have we not all been fooled into believing something that will pacify our craving for comprehension, that will appease our clamoring ego need for acceptance and our social desire to be upheld and reinforced by other folk who share a common belief? Truly you may understand that one who has not tapped into his/her own divinity aspects cannot bathe fully in this Spirit potential, cannot appreciate the depths one will go to find further truths which will reveal God as a personal part of our life. Only when the individual is willing to experience the ego death and the rebirth of which we have spoken, which is the actualizing onset of your personality manifestation, are you able to consider the value of the dance; and to appreciate that as you fear less the changes that bring you to greater sweeping movement, less dense, can you then crave a larger ballroom, a grander universe, lighter air, less restrictions, greater faith, more freedom.

This ascension goes on beyond your imagination. Your natural constraints concede that you have come far, that you will concede thus much farther and then that's it. But the lure of the freedom and the excitement and the romance of the dance of ascension, of spiritual growth, is such that you may always look at yourself and realize that you have only learned to walk. The greatness of your potential is ever there as a lure to bring you up. And if changes are necessary then bring it on, for this is your delight, your ambition, and the destiny of your soul!

In your evenings's discourse a remark was made regarding perception of reality and that if we grasp a reality what happens if it changes?

We will change. The way we react to change is a matter of how we respond. Shall we shatter and break and stop the dance of faith or shall we pick up our skirts and step to the music of the next tune which presents itself for our practice, for our next experiential growth step? These are matters of faith, and faith is a personal matter, excepting when it becomes activated. Then you affect the universe by even your smallest reaction. As I said earlier, your soul begins to grow of its own accord. And as your soul becomes established, as your faith in your belief system, in your sonship/daughtership, becomes more and more of a living reality your reactions to life's circumstances are impressed upon the universe pattern. You ring out truth. You resist evil. This slightest nuance of your response and reaction to life is that pebble in the lake which once plopped, once resounded, turns around and feeds your reality into the cosmos, into the evolving Supreme which takes your response to life and applies it. There is not one thing a God knowing son or daughter does or does not do that does not affect the destiny of everyone. All action then is relative to your own destiny path, your own perception, your own capacities, your own decisions.

We, yes, are attempting to help you through fears, through fears of growth and fears of feeling insignificant and incapable. The animal fears which are part and parcel of he human experience are no longer demanding of you what they once did because of your faith. But there are still subtle fears, still many nuances which you would do well to acquaint yourself with so that you can saran wrap your apple against the bruised apples in the barrel of your society.

Q: You talked about the death of the ego in order to have the rebirth of personality. Could you talk a little bit more about what you mean by the "death of ego" in order to have rebirth of personality or correct me if I am wrong?

TOMAS: No, you are not wrong. I will discuss it further and I will stick to my guns on that word "death" of the ego, at that point. For although the ego is required to enable the mortal to do those things that must be done in life to break through to being reborn, born of the Spirit, the ego must understand that it is not God, it is not the be/all and end/all of creation, it is not a walnut that can sustain itself in its own limited existence, its own reality bubble. In order to be part of the living stream of life, divinity, consciousness, etc., that walnut needs to be opened to the light and energy of the Living God. And so that instant is necessary, that moment in time is required that the ego die in order that the birth of the soul may take place. This is truth. The soul ,of course, is developing unconsciously from life's experiences, but the intellect has managed to retain for itself all those soulful aspects. somehow the ego feels that the soul is its own creation, that as a result of its experiences and decisions its reality is dependent upon it and it alone. When ,however, it realizes that it is not God, it dies, and God lives in it. Then it (the ego) can be reformed, remade. The soul can then be freed to worship its creator and thus the mortal has become a new being, a potential morontial personality. Is that clear?

Q: As you both know we have a request from Iruka's TR, Pam, that there be a confirmation of their experience of transmitting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The request says specifically, "Before I open myself and this group up to public scrutiny I would request you to get a confirmation from Daniel at your next meeting." So I pass this request on to you Daniel.

DANIEL: My regards to my friend Pam and, of course, teacher Iruka with whom I have most recently spoken.

It is, indeed, frightful, scary, overwhelming, stressful, and anxiety provoking to hear from such personalities as Pam has. It is important to have sincere, beloved, intelligent, progresIsve and God serving individuals as role models, for it is alignment with like minds, like understandings and like heritage that enable those that are on the fence, so to speak, to jump into the boat and float the riverway to higher and greater understanding.

Assure Pam that this was, indeed, from Dr. King. His services did and do continue to benefit Urantia. His messages are clear. There shall be understanding. There shall not be disharmony between races. His words are meant to inspire a country now, again, in the depths of racial tension, economic tension and spiritual misunderstanding. Dr. King's words are to confer unity and understanding among all men, all women, no matter the heritage, cultural background, political boundaries or global boundaries.

In God's viewpoint all are created with the same love and understanding. All are seen as one. No difference is distinguishable in makeup or status. All are sons or daughters. All are cosmic citizens. All are part of ascension. All are loved.

Q: Thank you Daniel for your confirmation and your encapsulation of the very thought of Dr. Martin Luther King in what you just said. Of course you said it because it is truth as he said it because it is the truth. I personally am excited to think that he is going to be involved with us again. We certainly need his kind of perspective, as you just pointed out, in these days of separatism and disintegration of our society. So I will assure Pam. She will be most excited, I am sure, as will everyone who reads our transcript..


TOMAS: Dear friends, loyal students, intimate companions, how happy I am to be with you this evening to persist in our sessions of enlightenment and upliftment of the mortal condition. Your discourse this evening has been heralded as profound application of your faith in your lives. In the heights and depths of your experiences from the most temporal to the most spiritual you have all persevered in your faith while you each have known poignant fear. Not one of you here present has escaped fear. And I am here today to comment on your strength to persevere in the face of this underlying animal pull toward debilitating non-growth.

Misery loves company, it is true; and you are learning that happiness is contagious and also experienced in company with others. In your innermost recesses, however, the battle which rages between fear and faith is most profound. I would like to spend a moment this evening discussing the qualitative fear of the collective consciousness, the collective unconsciousness, and how to make your lives easier as you encounter this pull in yourself and in your society.

Surely you understand that you have taken major strides up and out of the paralysis of fear. In your grappling with your soul growth this week, in reflecting life and death, illness and health, these poignant crises of faith are always accompanied by an equal amount of fear. It is easy to follow fear when it leads and often you are not aware that you are following fear for so is everyone else. And this blanket of existence is actually comfortable because you have not had to step out in faith from where you lie in comfort with your sleeping fearful peers.

The sleeping giant of fear, however, awakens in times of crises and any growth step is a potential time of crises. It is said that there are crises junkies who crave this excitement of living on the edge between faith and fear. I am not addressing that aberrated a condition but rather the normal development of souls in their decision making process having to do with their eternal life and the eternal life of loved ones also.

Death is a natural part of life. Even your own death is a natural part of life. Your fear of death is largely hinging on the ignorance which surrounds the collective consciousness regarding the end of life as it is known in the flesh. As you proceed in faith to acknowledge and rely upon this higher reality, this morontial existence, the more celebration and confidence that emerges in progressing forward in your ascent. Pressing forward in your ascent against such great odds is exhausting, is, indeed, requiring the development of stamina and spiritual muscle. It is requiring the development of living faith and acknowledgement of the works of faith.

As you have all testified this evening, you have all stood firmly by that which you are realizing is the true reality, and in your confirmation of your reality to others you thus confirm the collective consciousness of the new age of Light and Life. Although it may seem that this group is a microcosm, hardly a speck in terms of the greater whole, the tremendous effort that is necessary for this process of correction to take place, the truth remains that once this reality becomes imbued in you to the extent that you no longer succumb to the downpull of the fears of the old way, the growth is rapid like fire, will spread and touch every living thing, creating new ground for a new world.

I am reminded of the prayer of St. Francis that once was a part of your preamble in this group and call to your mind the value of the attitude which chooses to understand rather than to be understood, that chooses to love than to be loved, and that chooses to serve than be served. For in the attitude of giving out you avail yourselves of that font of life, power, strength, and energy which truly does do for you what you as an animal cannot do for yourself. Destiny goals accelerate one another by the faith which you have as individuals. And so you find yourself opening your mouth and pearls are strewing in front of you in spite of yourself and to your own amazement.

This is your faith! This group and other groups like this as we work toward our destiny goal accelerate one another by the faith which we have as individuals. You are no longer isolated. You are no longer alone in the universe. There is nothing to fear. All is well and love is the answer.

[Question brought up about fear of being "possessed", rebel midwayers, etc.]

As you encounter individuals in our path that are struggling in the grips of fear, who are essentially possessed by the power of fear, you may relieve the situation as required by drawing out the individual to know his or her fears, to put them on the table and dissect them as necessary to discover what the core fear is. By this time the fear will lose its power by the love and compassion which transpires in the love you bring to the individual who fears.

Lest you think I make light of this as a simple game of checkers, I am quick to understand with you that facing fear is hard work and the deeply recessed fears of long standing that are wedged in the memory, that are deep seated in your conditioning are even more difficult to br ing forth for you have consciously long forgotten that the fear existed. Excuse my reiteration that we are Correcting Time and that even these experiences which trouble your psyche and soul are on the index of subjects that may be addressed as Correcting Time work. Just because something is submerged and is not obvious does not mean that it is not profoundly affecting you, your behaviors, your environment, your universe, your life and the lives of others. You recall the parable of the princess and the pea and recall, too, the power of the mustard seed. Deeply inlaid are these matters which we willingly, eagerly bring to light; and you may help resolve the darkness by gently bringing to the surface those terrors which are part of the historicity of humanity on this planet.


Q: The first question is, what is the nature of these earth changes: The second question is, why are we being told about this? And the third question is, what can we do about this?

TOMAS: Let me first say that my transmitter/receiver has a tremendous block against speculation. Her faith is strong but her control is also great and is unwilling to submit her teacher to criticism. In light of the coloration which is inherent I am willing to attempt a response if the "comrpromise" response would be applicable to the specifications set out in the "scientific" inquiry.

Q: Tomas, I am not sure how to respond to that because my guess is that this is the case with many transmitter/receivers and this is the problem. I admire _____ for even being willing to be the transmitter for such a question. I know that my control is so strong that I could not even allow that to come through me at this point. If it is not completely inappropriate for the theme this evening I think we would like to hear whoever's perspective we could get on this, recognizing that it is compromised.

TOMAS: I will chat, then, for it is truly a chat and not a pronouncement or a prediction. I will not bore you also with a detailed discussion of the nature of your planet as a yet unsettled and turbulent young planet undergoing the natural course of earth changes for that is assumed to be understood by anyone who has read the text book.

The earth changes are imminent, of course, for this planet is still cooling. That many predictions have been made, i.e. Nostradamus, the pyramids, Edgar Casey, etc., has given rise to tremendous titillation and speculation as to the exact date of certain pitfalls, tragedies, and crises. We teachers are not in the business of predicting the downfall of Urantia even in its most physical terms. I do not decry your question for certainly it is uppermost in many minds since the time is upon us that these predictions are supposed to begin to unfurl.

Many changes will take place simply because, as was said, the planet is cooling. There is certainly no indication that the earth is going to go through some tumultuous shaking up period in order to set aright the evils and errors of humanity. Our Father does not shake up Mother Earth to make His point. However, in light of certain inevitable geologic/physiological changes on the face of Urantia and, indeed, from beneath the surface of Urantia, and, of course, from the outer atmospheres of Urantia, you will all be affected. Remember we are here to address correcting including the condition of the world as a phyIscal plane, the ecological situation, as well as other and different realms of interest.

But inasmuch as earth changes will certainly bring about that crisis of individuals wherein they grapple again with their mortality/immortality, there will be an activation of spiritual interest. It is herein that we teachers are preparing ourselves and you who are participants in this growth movement to abate the terrors and access the yearnings of those who will be brought to a point of asking, "Who am I, really? Why am I here? What can I do! God, do you hear me? Am I alone in the universe? Are we just going to die and that's it?" These are questions which people ask daily, but in times of great tumult or crisis they become pivotal, repeat, pivotal!


DANIEL: This evening I will speak to you about reflection. I ask that this word be a part of your thoughts this week, that you reflect upon the many and varied aspects of your lives and the lives of your loved ones. The aspects that I would ask you to consider are these: reflect upon love; reflect upon unity; reflect upon goodness; reflect upon understanding; reflect upon those attributes that you find to be of the greatest esteem for yourself and your loved ones. These reflections should bring you to a higher and greater perspective and comfort in the overall care of the First Source and Center.

There are times in life which call for action, call for doing, call for active participation and thought. There are also times in life which call for the opposite attribute, that of contemplating and taking time to re-evaluate, to look at, to comprehend, to analyze, and to just "be with." During this week and the following I ask that you take that time and realize the many gifts that your family and brothers and sisters have, and the many gifts that you, yourself, have. There will be many lessons in the future that will call for a more active stance. Now I ask that this time you enjoy the passivity of realizing the greatness of the human potential. As you contemplate and reflect you will undoubtedly find that your thoughts turn toward an appreciation for that Father Fragment within and for the many gifts bestowed from the First Source and Center. You will come to appreciate the values, the strengths, and the example that Christ Michael gave to those in his local universe. You will come to a point of thankfulness for the opportunities that you have despite the daily trauma that these opportunities might create.

Those who continue to desire the Father's will in their life understand and know the necessity for reflection. This exercise is given to you as a precursor to other lessons that are being prepared. And so enjoy this time but do not underestimate the importance of gathering all those wondrous strengths that you and yours have. Realize these strengths are part of the overall plan that will enable a paradigm shift in consciousness for this planet.

Q: Certainly that process of reflecting is thinking and experiencing, re-experiencing or putting into some kind of meaning. But I also like the notion of reflecting that I, myself, am reflecting truth, beauty, goodness, love, all those kinds of things. In order to do that you have to reflect. I think it is an interesting circular kind of model, that by reflecting you then reflect yourself.

DANIEL: Exactly! You are a very intuitive student and I am very much aware of the added dimension you have brought to this lesson. Indeed it is very important for any aspect of your life that in order for you to be, you must be able to see the mirror image within your inner life as well.

Q: I am sure that the collective consciousness that happens, or maybe what I a trying to say here is that in becoming part of the whole for good each little strand adds to the collective consciousness of good and is turning in that direction. Accepting everyone in unity has to come as a beginning to understand that other person and look for the good, the optimistic stance in every situation

DANIEL:: Indeed, but do not think totally in terms of the collective consciousness. Think in terms of the intimate one to one contact you have with an individual. Each person can have a wondrous positive effect on each other. One word of encouragement at a time most needed can be the turning point for an individual at some point in his or her life. Each action of goodness broadens the human interaction, the one to one contact, and strengthens it. Thoughts definitely have impact and power, but direct positive action will be the key to bringing the change into reality. Good works, loving service, the ability to rise above the petty, the ability to see another side are all a part of that necessary vehicle for bringing change about. So, while it is important to think positively it is important to act positively as well

Indeed, for in the presence of God and the desire to know and understand you will discover many attributes that are part of your being and part of your family's being that are undiscovered jewels in the pathway of living. Often these jewels are still encrusted with the outer layer of rock. They have not yet been cut or polished, but they are there. A potential for a great attribute is there. If by your reflection you notice an aspect, a hint of a great jewel, in the presence of God you can ask and be given direction to help polish and cut this jewel so that it can radiate the brilliance. In yourself this would be easier to do, for you know yourself more intimately than others do. However in sitting in reflection with the First Source and Center you can be nurtured and given perspective in ways of becoming the great jeweler for your brothers and sisters in helping them to uncloak their brightness, helping them to dissolve their outer shell, and helping them to cut, mold, and polish their great attributes.

Q: The problem that some of us have is in telling which rock in that pile of rocks is a potential diamond and which one is nothing but a worthless rock. How do you tell, how do you get the hint that this is the one that can become a radiant jewel?

DANIEL: If you sit in contemplation/reflection with the First Source and Center you grow in intuition and a greater understanding of humanity. And through your own works, your own interaction with one another you can encourage these aspects. All aspects are subject to the will of the individual. so while you can drop hints, encourage, love and support, it must be the individual who ultimately does the work. However, as you become more in tune you will be able to find words that plant the seed for growth. Prayer, contemplation, openness, and a willingness to serve will be your tools. Wondering, doubting, worrying will be the barriers for seeing the truth.

Q: And Daniel, isn't it also part of the great possibility and hope that even those rocks that are clods may be transformed by those attributes? And not only by our work but by the grace that is a part of the overwhelming love and care of God and all of those beings that are of God?

DANIEL: Most definitely. Even the most common bedrock, if tumbled and polished, will show a beautiful side. It is not necessary to have diamond, opals, and rubies. What is important is that each individual does have within his or her makeup the potential for wonderful attributes. Some attributes within each individual might shine, might be considered greater. But all rocks, no matter what, are part of God's kingdom.

Q: An image that came to my mind and connected with our sharing time, which included not a few tears, is that common rock with water on it (we spit on it to have the color come out) are like the barriers to what would be the joyous life for us, when washed by our tears, therefore shine. I think that offers a great deal of value for me as tears do come, I see lots of tears, and there are reasons for lots of tears. to think that there is something in the healing water of those tears to make those rocks take on a reflection of an inner beauty.

DANIEL: Indeed, this is so. Indeed, this is exactly why I asked you to reflect upon yourself and your immediate family. For it is in that context that you shed the greatest, the hottest, and the most passionate tears.


DANIEL: Tonight I would like us to consider several levels of the concept of newness.

On the first level I would draw your attention to the fact that newness is the experience of living as a time/space creature in the ongoing flow of the passage of time. In a sense every conscious moment is new and yet it is not in isolation for it is connected to those perceiving moments, hours, days, weeks, months and even years that preceded it. Newness in time is the fundamental experience of change. It flows through the riverbed of personal reality for it is your personality status which makes possible your consciousness of time.

The next level of newness that I would discuss with you, my dear students is that level which flows from your personality status in terms of your personal relationships. Once again, as with your temporal memory in the passage of time, do you have a history with every significant person with whom you are personally connected, but contrary to some thinking that history, those past experiences need not confine that relationship. In stead as you partake of the Source of your being you will find that our relationships with other people will continue to grow, blossom , to unfold and to, in the best sense of the word, demonstrate newness.

The third level of newness has to do with those more complex relationships which extend beyond your mere acquaintances or persons of importance, beyond your immediate circle of friends and family to the society that you are a part of. We on this side continue to appraise our progress with joy and with exuberance for even though it is difficult for you to see the newness which is upon the face of this planet, the dawn that Virginia was referring to, is happening. Imperceptible the light is growing brighter. More and more people, institutions, and thoughts are becoming infused with hope, even at the same time as others are seeing reason for despair. Christ Michael's work continues at the pace of the great First Source and Center His Father and our Father as well.

I tell you my friends, in spite of your intellectual doubts, your hearts are solid, our souls are committed, you are following your Indwelling Spirits, each of you. You all shine brightly in our presence. And so when you have those conflicts of mind do not despair and do not flagellate yourselves with the lashes of guilt for doubting but turn over in that moment and follow our leader as when He had His times of confusion and doubt. Let your loving God Fragment soothe your minds, relax your anxieties and give you strength to take one step at a time.

And now, finally, the last area of newness that I wish to address has to do with us as a group. It has been planned on your coming anniversary, which is next Friday, that our Melchizedek teacher will begin his formal lesson plan. This, I realize, has intrigued you all. It intrigues me as well. We shall work in tandem, that is, I will remain as our head teacher while we have a guest lecturer, if you will. I will also sit as a humble student at the feet of Minersia for he is a great teacher.

Minersia: Yes dear students and blossoming friends of my heart, I , Minerisa, greet you today in anticipation of an ever deepening and fruitful bonding relationship. I will indeed be your guest lecturer, your instructor in residence for the coming time frame. But, in addition, we will be associated across many aeons of time. This is our beginning, our new acquaintanceship that will grow, blossom, develop and deepen.

I am humbled to be in your presences. I am humbled to be given this teaching, learning, and development opportunity. For although in the hierarchy I have at my beginnings understanding that far exceeds those of ascending beings in their early stages you will at some point surpass my attainment. It is true that as a Melchizedek I was created with understanding that exceeds that of your own and exceeds that of ascending beings still within our schools. It is also true that you will pass on. In this knowledge I am humbled in your presence, in the presence of such potential. But in addition I am humbled to participate in the experience of the Supreme in this way. I am humbled to be a part of this Correcting Time Mission, to right the tipping planet, to erase the long shadow that has darkened this sector and this planet for far too long. I look forward to a long, fruitful and affectionate relationship with each of you. I say "hello" to all of you and I look forward to the beginning of our lessons with our official new year. For today, farewell.

DANIEL: Thank you , Minersia, for your words. We ascending mortals also experience feelings of humility in the presence of you wise Melchizedeks, highest sons of the local universe. So maybe we will have quite a party, all of us together!

Q: Is this foreshadowing that we are going to enter a new era ourselves with the Melchizedek teacher and everything?

DANIEL: Yes. As has been said to you by Rayson and myself, you are now ready to move on beyond the level of foundations. This does not mean that the material which we have so assiduously, so conscientiously studied and worked on can be dismissed, no, but bearing in mind all of your previous training and work it is now appropriate to build upon that foundation a beautiful structure. And so we would start with the next floor or the first floor.

I am not God that I should know the future. But it is my understanding of the instructions of my superiors that this Pocatello group and the wider audience who read the transmisIsons that are available are now in a place spiritually, intellectually, morally, if not physically, where we can move on to new things. As to what this exactly all entails, as I said, I am not God; and we all know that it is God's pleasure to withhold the future from us so that we may discover it day by day in our experiential living and thus add to the growth of the Supreme.

Q: If this is going to be so new and we are ready for this next step, why is it we still question so, we still have our doubts, Is this something that we are just going to have to deal with on a day by day thing? I often think sometimes that doubting and questioning comes because of our electro-chemical makeup and that this has a big part to do with our doubts and fears and questions and all those kinds of things. Obviously that is going to continue so obviously we are still going to doubt and question, Is that correct?

DANIEL: Well, "obviously" you have answered y our own question! Yes, I do agree with you and your assessment is correct. Doubts and fears are greatly influenced by stress, by illness, by lack of rest, possibly poor nutrition. But they do come through the mind and therefore in the mind they can be dealt with. You each have excellent intellectual abilities. You are not by and large average mortals intellectually. And therefore it is your privilege and duty to wrestle with those phantoms of doubt, to bring them into the light of truth and to triumph over them.

Nowhere is it advised that the way to deal with doubt is to repress it, to guilt over it, to feel unworthy for having these thoughts, these struggles. Nowhere in your text does it say that. Nowhere have I said that in my teaching. It is your great privilege, my friends, to be Agondonters, to be those who can learn to trust and follow the Father's guidance without full knowledge, without that light afforded to a normal planet. And the reason that it is a privilege is that our service opportunities in the Corps of the Finality will be unique in many respects for having had this Agondonter experience. Therefore you must wait, as you surmise, a long time before our faith will be illumined by sight. The process on the Morontial level begins to fill out, to flesh out in your case, having come from a darkened and quarantined world.

I realize that it is not "fun" to feel that you may be walking down a blind alley, that you may have lost your mental bearings, that you may be foolish. But you heart knows better! You know the spiritual growth you have experienced. You know the peace you have. You know the reality of your spiritual walk.

Q: Having already mentioned during our sharing time the impact of words I heard concerning the definition of humility being loving service, and as I listened to the comments of both of you tonight, I realize that indeed our loving service to us has been the expression of humility. I am sure that neither one of you needed to accept this mission, that it was your choice to come and serve us. And we do thank you. We thank all the teachers because of the support it has given us to give loving service in an unassuming way so that people might add to the collective good that we hope is a sunrise.

DANIEL: I am reminded to point out that Jesus, even though He was the Creator Son of God, was humble, never seeking for Himself honor and glory. For He was in a servant role, He was not in the role of King.

Humility can be seen as understanding reality, including the reality of who you are, who you are and who we all are. We are children of the Great First Source and Center, our Creator/Father, and children of our universe Father and Mother, and therefore brothers and sisters within each other. Knowing this, that we are brothers and sisters and children, what greater expresIson of that reality could there be but to serve each other and to enjoy each other's company? Just as God, the First Source and Center was not wanting to contain His infinity, perfection, and glory in Himself but sought to express Himself in the Eternal Son and together to take action in the third co-equal member of the Paradise Trinity; and just as this Trinity decided to share reality with a perfect creation and then move on to evolutionary growth and development of the Supreme in creature participation; just as all of this sharing, this divesting of whatever can be divested of without losing anything goes on, it has this eternal flavor, for this is Godlike. To be humble is not to divest oneself of something of value so that you are at a loss. It is to recognize our value and the value of everyone else, and to enjoy the supreme privilege of service. Does this seem to make sense?

Q: Well I would certainly say Daniel that to empty oneself is not in the best interest of anyone. And if in humility, if I understood that correctly, you were saying that being humbled didn't take away but adds to the person that is serving. I guess I really love that definition of humility as loving service.

DANIEL: You understood correctly. Not diminishing of oneself but recognition of one's true value. We have two natures, one human and one divine, and this duality becomes one in fuIson. We are Finalitiers in potential, beings who will experience the entire range of universe experience, from the lowest mortal level to the highest. We are most fortunate for we have a great service awaiting us in that corps of Finality. It is my greatest joy to contemplate that even as I grow and move forward on my ascenIson path. That's why teaching you, my students, is such a pleasure. We are all in this together and we are most fortunate.


* * * * *


We hope both you and Tomas are getting settled in you new group in Pittsburgh. We thank you for all you have both been contributing to the Teaching Mission. The following words from Abraham on November 3, 1995 at the Pocatello group meeting seem a fitting tribute to you both:

ABRAHAM: Greetings. I am Abraham. I am here this evening to support Tomas and to thank him for his fine words. It is our joy that Tomas will be speaking among other truth seekers, other students. This change of events appears rapid in your context of time, but you must realize that we are extremely grateful for Gerdean's intuitive nature and willingness to follow and serve. It has been a strange pathway for you, Gerdean, however it is part of the ongoing development and steps necessary to bring forth a more solid and firmer foundation for the Teaching MisIson itself.

We are thankful you have willingly risked the comfort of knowing, the security of knowing, for the adventure of serving. While you are not going to be physically present, that which Tomas has spoken of this evening, you will be connected through spiritual understanding and through the collective consciousness. Your thoughts will be understood by those here. This idea of the consciousness is something that pervades our system while you are not aware. Yet in the depths of soul growth and experience, you are aware.

I ask all of you to heed Tomas' words. Let not the fear of change halt any of your growth. Rather seek to be open for in openness, wisdom, understanding, and a growing sense of God-consciousness can take root.

Gerdean, my words of gratitude are from all of the Teaching MisIson staff, Machiventa, Christ Michael and father Ham.. We are pleased and Tomas is delighted to be able to fulfil this aspect of service. Our love my dear, and to all of you as you are now preparing for new horizons, all of you in many ways. Shalom.

What can we mere mortals say after that!!! We look forward to sharing more of your wonderful lessons in future issues.

* * * * *


ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE COMING OF A MAGISTERIAL SON - Those of you on the TML on the Internet are aware of this message. For those of you, who like me are not on the Internet, several persons have spoken with me about this announcement that appears to have been received and/or confirmed by different groups and individuals at about the same time. It seems the Magisterial Son will arrive in our lifetimes and be here for a long, long time. Hopefully, we will have some transcripts to share with you in the next newsletter. If you have any information to share about this, please let us hear from you.

* * * * *




How many of you find yourself stumbling in trying to describe The Urantia Book to someone who is interested, but more traditionally based? Do you find yourself talking about the Jesus Papers? I often do because this is something they can more closely relate to than the other parts ofThe Urantia Book that can be formidable to someone new to the cosmic concepts. In my experience, most new readers may scan other parts of the book, but actually begin serious reading with the Jesus Papers.

My mother is a good example. She has great difficulty in understanding why if it is true the learned theologians of the more traditional Christian denominations are not the ones that are reading and sharing the truth with their congregations.. Always, she wonders, why this is so and why us. Of course, we have discussed the situation in Jesus' day, when the biblical scholars rejected him. In an attempt to get her to read The Urantia Book, I suggested that she would go to see a movie about the life of Jesus and would know that part of it was fiction. Yes, she agreed she would do that. So I suggested, why not read the Jesus Papers and accept what she wanted and reject the rest as she would at the movies. Thus, she started reading the book with a couple of us on Monday nights in Sarasota and discovered that she really enjoyed it. This has lead to further discussions about The Urantia Book, the information and the people involved.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus is a book with just the Jesus Papers from the orgininal 1955 edition. These books are available for a case of 12 at $5.00 a piece. What wonderful gifts these would make and what a great way to introduce others to the lessons of Jesus. Who knows? Perhaps, these simple gifts will touch the hearts of new readers and give them a hunger and thirst for more.

God's Bible is in format an exact reproduction of the the original 1955 Urantia Book edition to which has been added maps of Jesus' travels. There is also information noting the changes that have been made in The Urantia Book since its first printing. These books are available for a case of 5 at $15.00 a piece.

For more information or to order books, contact:

Pathways, Inc.

RR 2, Box 121D

Bushkill, PA 18324

The good news of the kingdom is good news that we can share with others. The Life and Teachings of Jesus may just be way to start sharing this good news with our families, friends and acquaintances. We know the value of the Jesus Papers and the price is right!

* * * * *





July 5, 6 and 7th

Plans for this conference are well underway. - "The location for the gathering will be at the Living Enrichment Center in Wilsonville, Oregon just south of Portland off I-5. It is a beautiful location with partly wooded grounds including hiking trails, ponds and paths, and a statue of Jesus. The facility includes both large and intimate meeting spaces, small lodging quads, an indoor swimming pool, and a dining facility. The Living Enrichment Center is a New Thought church and retreat center. At the first mention of the Urantia Book, we were greeted with enthusiasm and interest. These surroundings should help make our conference a most enjoyable occaIson."

Sounds like an ideal location for a TM gathering. For those of you who are not from the Northwest and therefore may not have received a questionnaire, you can write to Tarter/Farley, 2705 SW Pickford #31, Corvallis, OR 97333 if you are interested in attending this gathering and would like more information..

From reading the questionnaire it seems as if the sponsors are going all out to garner as much information as posIsble to make this conference a wonderful event.

* * * * *



Hush my friend and listen.

Do you hear them?

Yes, there in the trees.

Oh no, it's not leaves rustling,

stirred by the gentle breeze.

There! Yes you caught that.

The whispering up above,

Over the roof top.

No, it's not a turtle dove.

The Angels are cooing secrets

to all who care to hear.

They are telling of the Father,

who holds us each so close and dear.

Now, I know you heard that laughing,

deep within that woody nook.

No it's not the gentle gurgling

of a babbling brook.

It's the Angels whispering,

all the secrets we should know.

If we would only listen, friend,

Our Spirits will surely grow.

Leta McCreary

* * * * *


If you haven't returned the questionnaire on the back of the last issue of the newsletter to Gerry Baker, there is still time.

* * * * *

F. Y. I.

I keep records of contributions and expenses (printing, mailing, supplies and telephone). Usually during the first quarter, this information has been published in the newsletter. I have the receipts and information for 1995. However, with the several moves during the last year, I have been unable to locate everything yet. Thus, for those of you who have been asking, the newsletter as close as I can estimate from the information I have found is about $1,500 in the red, which includes a negative balance of $293.13 carried over from 1994. I don't like sloppy accounting, but this is the best I can do at this time. I will be glad to be organized again and will give an accurate accounting when all the information surfaces. These figures do not include time or equipment.

The newsletter mailing list now includes 242 people including mailings to Canada, Chile and New Zealand. The average cost is $l.66 an issue or $20.00 per year for 12 issues in the U.S. ($22.00 in Canada, $26.00 in South America and $32.00 in New Zealand.). Most of the individuals on the mailing list requested to be included. However, the names of the individuals from the original mailing March of 1993 and those attending the conferences in Spokane and Arkansas were added automatically. If you do not wish to be on the mailing list, please let me know.

In reviewing this, it is apparent that some changes need to be made. Some of you have sent substantial contributions that have subsidized the cost for many on the list and I thank you for all of us. During the coming months, different options are being considered of how best to proceed with the hopes of keeping a monthly format. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

* * * * *


The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:

Allene Vick

It is through a Isncere deIsre to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.