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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

January 1996 (Vol. 4, No.1)




We have moved, however, I still feel overwhelmed and in a state of transition as this move has entailed the consolidation of 5 households. Daily the family room begins to look less and less like a warehouse of boxes. I am just beginning to get organized and FIND things, so please accept my apologies if I have failed to respond or to include something you have sent for the newsletter. Although many of your contributions have not yet been deposited - they will be and are most sincerely appreciated. For those of you who have been wondering, there were no November or December issues. Hopefully, we are now back on our monthly schedule for the newsletter.


I have received several phone calls asking me about my feelings concerning the information included in the last newsletter regarding earth changes. My response, as those of you who have discussed this and similar things with me know, remains the same and includes several parts. One - in order for the newsletter to be of value as a network of sharing, I feel strongly that it must be representative of and include a variety of thoughts, experiences and transmissions. While everything that is included in the newsletter may not represent the views of the editor, all that you would share is welcomed and I encourage you to do so. The only stipulation that has been applied is that it is in keeping with the basic principles as given to us in The Urantia Book and our celestial contacts in the Teaching Mission. Two - that whether we agree or not with another's views or transmissions, it is all a part of our learning to work together in harmony and spiritual unity with our magnificent diversity. Three - from our understanding of science, it is well known that our planet is in an ever changing state. This is nothing new. With these changes will come periods of tumultuous change and we may well be entering such a period at this time. Four - there is much that we can do to help lessen the extreme nature of these changes, by our attitudes and beliefs about these changes. Our collective consciousness, if you will, as inhabitants of this planet, can and does make a difference. Fearing and putting a lot of negative energy into potential future disasters is not useful or productive. As the old statement goes - "What I feared came upon me," seems to apply well to the attitude we have about earth changes. Five - is it not much more important for us to stay focused in the present with the lessons we have been learning from our teachers about spiritual growth and making a difference in our daily lives with those around us? As we become more loving and set better examples, our world is changed for the better. This is something we CAN EACH DO EVERY DAY.


It is hoped that the information in the newseltter will stimulate thought and encourage you to share your news, transmissions and thoughts, all of which I can assure you others in the mission are interested in learning. The question I am most frequently asked is, "What's happening?" So - let's hear from you "What's Happening!"


May this New Year bring us all joy, peace and fulfillment as we move ever closer to developing our potential to use in His service.


Allene L. Vick



                                 * * * * *


                    FROM THE READERS


BAKERSFIELD, CA - Gerry Baker writes that she has gathered the following information from their numerous group transcripts and asks that this be shared in the hope that others in the Mission will benefit. We are glad to share this and glad to hear news from the Bakersfield group.


The Bakersfield Mission seems to be unique in one particular way because of the involvement of the Personal Teachers.


From early on, Group Teacher Andrea insisted that our personal teachers be allowed to actively participate in all our TR/TM gatherings. Our mortal inclination was to first hear her message and then we'd be too self-conscious or reluctant to TR aloud in the group setting. This dilemma was solved by having the personal teachers speak first, then the group teacher would cap off the meeting. At one point, our group flipped a coin to see who would be the first to TR. We later discovered that every celestial teacher, group and personal, is fully qualified to head a group. Further, that the personal teachers have strong desires and receive great enjoyment to more actively participate in our gatherings. And they all love to talk.


We have also been informed that a period of general conversation, chit-chat, prior to TRing helps our celestial friends understand us better. We mortals are each so unique in personality that our interactions and reactions to each other is a source of study and learning for our unseen friends. There are always many visitors and they claim to be learning something new all the time by observing us together.


These words are included in the expectation they will be of assistance to other groups and individuals. Support and encouragement for each other's attempts is most important, especially at the beginning. The common thread is true commitment, dedication and regular silent time to perfect the Stillness.


Success depends only on your faith and dedication to this Mission.


                                    * * *


ENGLEWOOD, FL - Our thanks to Laurie Saputo for sharing the following information on earth changes for those who are not familiar with the works of Michael Scallion:


EARTH CHANGES REPORT by Michael Scallion is a newsletter distributed monthly and I find the author and the publication most enlightening. Prophecies, much like our Teaching Mission commentaries, deal with earth changes at a physical and spiritual level. I recommend it highly. P.O. Box 336, Chesterfield, N.H. 03443 (603-363-4916)


                                 * * * * *



SARASOTA, FL - Avis Nichols sent this message from Michael to include as a Christmas message in the December issue. While Christmas is past, the message is one we can all keep in mind as we set about to share Michael's message this coming year.


                        * * * MICHAEL * * *


Once again the season is here when the world celebrates My coming to this our world.


Oh, that they could know who I really am, and what great love the Father and I bear each of them, our children. Their hearts would never be sad or downcast when once they caught the vision of their importance to Us.


We literally stand with our arms outstretched to hold our children close, as they grow tired of the ways of the world and look to Us. Our hearts yearn for all to return to the Divine Embrace and learn their true identity as Children of God.


What a glorious world this will become when each child awakens to his great heritage that he is a True Child of the Father and Myself.


Our hearts truly yearn for the day when we are known to each and every one. Until that great day, we stand with arms outstretched to receive those so close to our hearts.


Your Friend and King.


We thank you, Avis, for sharing this message for it will indeed be a glorious day when everyone knows the truth within this message!!!


                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - Perhaps, the following excerpts from Ham may be helpful in taking a closer look at ourselves as we begin a new year. Thanks again to Rebecca Bynum for sharing the words of Ham with us.


                                 * HAM *




Greetings, I am Ham. Thank you all that you have come tonight and welcome again to Bill. This evening I wish speak about welcomes. When you are brought in contact with another human no matter what the circumstance, think of it as your duty to make them feel welcome in your presence. This changes situations.


Feel so welcome and comfortable with yourself in the world that no matter where you go you carry your comfort with you. When you are in a strange place with strange people, find yourself thinking of your own home and surroundings where you are comfortable.


I understand that this is difficult for you to be at ease in all situations but if you consciously try, it will gradually come about that you feel perfectly at home no matter where you are. To do this takes will power. You must will yourself in comfort. You must remember who you are, a perfecting child of God who has faults and yet is comfortable with himself as he is.


When you become comfortable with the process of gradual perfection, or the process of gradually perfecting, then you realize that time is your friend and where you are right now is good and is a part of God's plan. We often see little faults in ourselves and magnify these in our minds to the point that we are uncomfortable with our own imperfection, our own status in the universe. We see these faults and imagine that God and the rest of the world also is looking at us through a magnifying glass. This is not so. Our Father sees all our imperfections as stepping stones that are necessary and are good. Without the stepping stones, you could not travel across the waters to new adventures on the opposite shore. Yes, imperfection is a means to a greater end.


The Father in His wisdom created us all in an imperfect state, in a dynamic state of growth and your imperfections are what makes growth possible. Remember also, your Father views you both in terms of your future perfect state as well as the present imperfect state. In your state of imperfection, he sees the dynamics necessary for creation of our future perfection. You lowly mortals see only the dark side of this dynamic when you focus on your imperfection. Our Father sees only the light side or the future glory which is possible through present imperfection.

Try to tolerate yourself as you would the Master's messenger sent to your door. Would you not try to make him welcome and minister to his needs? Would you not attempt to set him at ease and allow him to rest after his journey? Allow yourself a wide berth. Allow yourself a way to tolerate your own imperfections as you would a guest in your home.


Once you find charitable tolerance for yourself, you will find it easy to be at ease in any circumstance. When you allow yourself great toleration, then you will find that your tolerance for others will likewise increase. There are times when you must cease demanding everything from yourselves and simply allow our Father's will to be carried out in life. It is foolish to be hard on yourselves. You simply don't have the luxury of being your own judge and jury over every little thing. Understand your faults, this is the first step to tolerance. Look at yourselves honestly and openly and admit your shortcomings to the Father and another person. Admit that you alone cannot make yourselves perfect. And further, when you enslave yourself to the bonds of imaginary perfection, you are cutting yourself off from the only power which can really create perfection. When you are open with God and yourself, when your imperfections are acknowledged, then can His power come through you, through your mind, in order to balance your personality and to cause you to grow in the spirit.


Spiritual growth is only attained through an attitude of helplessness. You must honestly admit to the Father your powerlessness to correct yourself, to perfect yourself. The way to perfection is not to deny your imperfection and try to mold yourself in an imaginary perfect way, this only delays the process. No, the way to perfection is through imperfection and as you grow in the spirit you will recognize more imperfection not less.


I also recommend that you consider pointing out your little imperfections and laughing about them. Laughter is a great aid to spiritual growth. It is a way to deflate the ego and to see yourselves as you truly are. Laughter is necessary. I hope that you all can laugh at yourselves at least once a day. Instead of getting irritated at your little shortcomings, you should laugh at them instead. Laughter is an antidote to stress and pressure as well. You need to find a way everyday to laugh. Laughter, tolerance, honesty, these three things will do more for you spiritually than all the supposed noble deeds that you can dream up.


Q: If you are trying to assess yourself honestly and your faults, how do you know you are not magnifying something insignificant and not missing a truly big fault?


Ham: The only thing you can do is acknowledge every single fault that you see and attempt to gain perspective on these things through spiritual insight. Remember, that you have eternity ahead and how many years ago your so called faults seemed huge when they were really nothing, For example, in adolescence no child is satisfied with his or her appearance and little things like having the right shoes can seem to be tremendous barriers to social acceptance. Now you may see something like, just for example, a streak of vanity, or something like that which you may feel to be a tremendous spiritual obstacle when it is simply a part of growth. In other words, you really cannot judge the magnitude of your imperfections, what is serious and what is not. You are just simply too young.


Q: Can we treat emotional pain and trauma as imperfections and see it as something we have to move through as a process on our way to a more perfected state?


Ham: Yes exactly.


Q: Helplessness sometimes implies despair or hopelessness. It strikes me that you are talking about helplessness as knowing you cannot do something, but that you are not implying that we need to feel hopeless or in despair.


Ham: Helplessness is the proper attitude to have with God. It is truly meek and honest. This is not the attitude of despair or hopelessness, rather it is the attitude of the helpless child to the Father. When you have tried everything and have come to the end of your efforts and have found them all to be worthless, this is true helplessness, this si the attitude of turning away from yourself and toward the Creator. This is the attitude of real hope, and real joy. Sometimes yes, there is a despairing that accompanies this turning around but this is a transition phase and is not permanent.


Q: Are you saying that that is the only time that the Father will help us, when we admit how helpless we are?


Ham: Not at all, it is a time of growth, or spiritual upliftment, and this can only occur when you cease trying to do it yourself. The Father's help is with you always.


Q: It seems contradictory, if you have the sense to try to do it ourselves but can't have it until we give up, why weren't we made in the giving up state? It would seem kinder than having us beat our heads against the wall until we give up.


Ham: There are creatures created in perfection who are always in the "giving up stage."


They have no struggles, they have no moral dilemmas, they have no selfish impulses, and no ego to contend with. And yet they cannot help but feel deprived in a way.


Q: Let me guess, they have no fun?


Ham: They have no growth.


Q: I am especially confused about what we have to try to do, and what we cannot do but have to leave up to God.


Ham: Self-discovery is a very long process and true you will be initially unhappy with some of the things you discover. However, in order to continue the journey you must acknowledge where you are now. This might not be where you thought you were, or where you wish you were, but the simple reality of your being who you are today is unchangeable through the guiles of imagination.


Q: Are you saying the process of trying things is the process of self-discovery?


Ham: Certainly.


Q: Then why not give up at the beginning, if in the end you have to give up trying?


Ham: There are two aspects of growth. One reaches out and one reaches in.


Q: Could you elaborate on the two aspects of growth?


Ham: One cannot grow or learn to change in the vacuum of isolation. It takes progress in the world as well as inner searching. The two are a balance to each other. Neither is there growth for the person who ignores his inner life and focuses solely on the outer world, on material things or social acceptance. You must always have the dynamic of both. Is this helping?


Q: The role of effort is to create experiences which enable growth, but we recognize that we cannot cause growth to occur through our efforts.


Ham: Yes, in a sense. You live in the world and in this dynamic arena circumstances force many different situations, actions and reactions. This is the way you learn about yourselves, this is the way you see your strengths and weaknesses. This is how you see your change, and your growth. But the world does not cause your growth. Spiritual growth is the result of man's will and God's will together. And this coming together of the wills can only occur in the truthful attitude of helpless dependency on the part of man. You pray, not my will but yours be done. This is not a negation of will, it is a negation of selfishness and a confirmation of will.


Q: So if one of my faults is to be sloppy, in the long run I will have to start picking up my things. The difficulty is understanding the role of effort in this process.


Ham: Think of the prostitute who came to the master kissing his feet and anointing them with oil. She gave herself over in utter dependency and helplessness. He told her that her sins were forgiven, and to go and sin no more. He gave her the power to change her life with those few words. This is what happens to each person psychologically during these struggles. Finally, the dependence and helplessness is acknowledged and recognized, then the Father grants you the power to overcome your inner weaknesses and change your life. Whether being sloppy is something you wish to pray to change is up to you.


                                    * * *


POCATELLO, ID - Thanks to the dear people in Pocatello, who have shared their transcripts with me, I have been privileged to read all of them from the beginning. The individuals, their lessons and their discussions have been like a beacon of light growing ever brighter as their spiritual growth progresses to deeper levels of understanding. It has been a real joy to feel a "member in absentia." Each month I mark passages to share and often realize in retrospect that I somehow was remiss in sharing some of these beautiful lessons. I look forward in the coming year to share more of these lessons with you.


                   * DANIEL AND TOMAS *




DANIEL: Happy are we to hear your elation, your enlightened spirit, your jubilant attitude and happy are we to share this atmosphere with you this evening. I am Daniel and also here is Tomas. Also here is your support system and cheering section.


We reflect with affection on your responses and your verbal sharing following the Northwest Teaching Mission conference just held. Our chortle is that our lessons on social fragrance have fallen on very fertile soil for your soulful and heartfelt impressions, your laughter, your acceptance, and your twirling in this dance of community has set all our souls on fire with shared enthusiasm. Those of you who follow Michael in the sense that he intended create the swirling ascendent eddy with is helping to pull up the depressed state of affairs on Urantia. The spiritual awakening is becoming more and more apparent to Christendom and Christianity alike. Your work in the forefront in your abject devotion, your growing confidence of greater morontia realities possible here and now have contributed mightily to the Correcting Time. We are thankful to you, dear coworkers.


We now return our focus to our formal lesson plan. Although it is certainly not cast in stone we are mindful of a certain continuity which exists which is part of your evolutionary development. These lessons have been overseen and approved, so I offer as a subject this evening a facet, again, of social fragrance, yet having some rather personal and meaningful substance, that being the matter of individual respect. I preface this as individual respect rather than self respect for individual respect also incorporates the respect of others. As any well balanced exchange the value is equally shared in yourself as well as in your counterpart.


Respect stems from your respect for your First Source and Center, your Thought Adjuster, your relationship thereto and spreads from there. Without respect for the authority of Deity there can be no true self respect in the individual. When you ponder your own reality consider that you have given yourself to the care of your Creator. Your humility in acknowledging the greatness of the First Source and Center allows you the comfort of humility, the joy of acknowledging that you are not the ultimate administrator of the universe. This perspective affording you your own sense of smallness now is the seed which will grow into your comprehension of your actual and potential greatness. It is common practice for individuals to admire the accomplishments of others and to revere the unknown but respect is truly rare in the deeper sense for so few individuals truly acknowledge their own deepest reality.


As you know, self respect is a gift from Michael. But what does that mean? It is a word which you acknowledge and say thank you and have no knowledge what this gift can be to you?


The correlated elements of self respect and ego are confusing and ill defined but distinctly different. Self respect, when considered for yourself and for each other individual you encounter, relates back to that aspect of reality which you bow before, which you worship and whose authority you honor. Abraham has spoken of the soldier who follows instructions from his/her leader and in this you soldiers of the circles honor the authority of your relationship to Michael. His instructions to you are uniquely yours. Your perception of His instructions to you are uniquely yours. This is true for each individual, of course.


Thus when you emerge from your stillness, from your sanctified bastian of strength and enter the arena to face your protagonists in the business of living this life on this planet, respect that in your encounters, which are also respected by our Father. That view is eliminative of much that is congesting of the Spirit, that is superficial, that is illusory.

In respecting that which has eternal value you are addressing potential. You are inviting potential to become actual. You have whet the appetite of the Indwelling Adjuster. You may not have coincidentally frightened the human ego including your own but you have none the less activated that Spark of Divinity which seeks fulfillment and greater growth. Much of your lives have been consumed by unreality or relative reality based upon your recognition of your purpose or need to have purpose. Now your purpose is coming into fruition and you are beginning to not only take delight in who you are becoming but you are beginning to truly respect what you are becoming and what is becoming of those around you, those who support that in you which they also respect. This nurturance of respect has substance and from this substance of character all delight takes on the aspect of praise, thanksgiving, and also worship. There are many, many too numerous to mention here, side effects of having a cognizant understanding or respect and in particular self respect for it then enters into realms of spirit in which the Conjoint Actor plays a significant part.


I would now share this platform with Tomas who is eager to also contribute to this lesson on respect. Tomas.."


TOMAS: This is your teacher, Tomas. Greetings to you all. I am happy to share this teaching platform with my brother, Daniel, and to augment and elaborate some additional thoughts which hopefully will blend as one fabric of truth.


The gift of personality from the First Source and Center is a great basis for individual respect as there is no other personality in all of creation, in all the vast universes of time and space, that can replace or duplicate any individual's personality configuration. The uniqueness of the Father's work is astounding on many levels when considered on the physical plane but perhaps there is no higher level of wonder than to behold the manifold diverse beauty of an individual child of our God.


Even Thought Adjusters deign to honor this gift of the selfsame Universal Father by patiently awaiting their completion in personal expression, each uniquely given to each of us. Consider this amazing thing, that the God of all, the I AM desires to experience personality of His own making and send this individual spark and fragment to seize the totality of personal experience from you and me. As Daniel has said, respect is based on the full development of potential, and each of us has the potential of a Paradise Finaliter, a destiny which even the highest created beings cannot fully predict or comprehend.


Because you yet remain in mortal limitations your conscious history can only be that of the time that has elapsed since your conception and birth. Thus it is easy to fall prey to the limits of smallness inherent in mortality and to therefore ascribe very limited value to your personhood. But, as you know, you have just begun this incredible experience of sharing sonship and daughtership with each other and your future, our future, is so great that it can not be comprehended by the most advanced mortal, not even by morontial beings of my current experience status. Respect for individuals, yourselves included, therefore requires the larger perspective that is beyond your mortal grasp at this time to even approximate its true reality.


I am aware that there has been discussion among many readers of the Urantia Book that the status of mortality appears to be diminished and denigrated by some of the writers or at least this interpretation has been put forth by some readers. Keep in mind, my friends, that while we have started at the bottom of the experiential levels our destinies are the envy of other created beings for we encompass the entire breadth and depth of creature finite experience.


And so when you consider your lives to this point you may be tempted to evaluate your worth in terms of your performance. This is a natural human propensity. It has been a chief function of our mission to change your perspective from which you have inherited by culture and to see yourselves and others in a totally larger, grander and truer dimension.


I will conclude my remarks with a statement that has been made frequently but always bears repeating. Because you are starting at the beginning of creature experience do not fail to fully engage in it. Do not set your mind in the future to the detriment of the present while I suggest you not limit your appraisal of all things to your past. Enjoy your morality, in other words. Be glad you are human. It is a unique, one time only, experience! Live it to the fullest.


DANIEL: Be alert to the respect that you pay your teachers that when we speak you bear with us. You wait those long pauses and allow those moments to pass without despair that we shall not return. In like manner it is our hope that you will respect your fellow human beings, that in the course of time you will neither rush people through their appointed personality expression, nor your own. the hungry soul is responsive to spiritual expression of our God Fragment. Honor yourself and your fellows by favoring that reality and do this in awareness of the Element in each that is deserving of respect for Its own sake.


Group Member: Greetings, my friends. You have given us lessons in social fragrance, appreciation, respect, and many others. My appreciation I have expressed in our social time, in our share time, for all those that were with me and helped me in our recent conference. I would like to express my appreciation and my love for you and all that were involved behind the scenes. Without you we would have no social fragrance and it was very evident at our gathering in Boise. It was beautiful and appreciated by everybody.


DANIEL: Dear brother, you are, of course, welcome for our assistance, cooperation, and attendance. But as Tomas has indicated do not denigrate your own efforts and your gift of personality. For although we are luring you into greater acceptance of your personhood in your morontial realm of reality expression your inherent gift of personality has not been idle or without guidance. Your contributions to our work are part of our team. You are fond of acronyms and we have created some. But your TeaM [Teaching Mission acronym] goes a long way in expressing what we are, indeed, a team and you are a vital member, So, of course, we thank you also.


TOMAS: Of course, my brother I speak for myself and our part of this team when I say that it was our great pleasure to participate in this conference, to observe the bonding, the truly ascending level of human fellowship which is developing in the Teaching Mission. We are also, as you know, learning from our experiences with you all. We are learning what great progress can be made by people who in responding to this spiritual pressure are allowing themselves to grow and experiencing opportunities which are truly, truly unique. And so is this paradox the case: this planet with all its handicaps provides the most advantageous environment to spiritual growth that we have observed in our lifetimes. This plane and the others. This is a new thing, this correction experience and I, Tomas, am amazed to see what progress you are all making, not just you individuals present in this group tonight but throughout this time. Our hats are off to you.


DANIEL: Each time you take off your socks or your shirt and turn them right side out remember correcting time, for this inside out process is very similar. Not long ago despair and discouragement were the predominant atmosphere. Only were there occasional white lights on a black background. Within a very short period of time the salt and pepper, black and white is turning. In your lifetime it is possible that we will have turned it completely inside out, that the inside, the Indwelling Adjuster will outwardly manifest to the extent that you realm will appear to be a white background with occasional dark spots.


Group Member: You raise many thoughts in my mind as you speak, as you all speak. Thank you for being with me today. Thank you all for being with me always. Your lesson, your words I respect this evening. As I reflect back to the last weekend the thirty four personalities that were there in the mortal realm, and their personalities, to see how they have grown in the year since we saw them last. One stands in awe and respects the growth. The term that I used as a showcase. And, indeed, it was a showcase of your teachings to us that we can not only participate in daily but we can get together at gatherings and compound our love upon itself manyfold. Thank you my friends.


DANIEL: And you.


TOMAS: This is Tomas. I would add one more comment. You see, your culture, your world is invested in fault finding, is impressed with violence, is looking for greater errors to occur in others so that by comparison individuals won't feel quite as bad. That is the black background. That is the consequence of the Lucifer rebellion and to some extent the shortage due to the Adamic default.


But that picture, while it appears black, is a false picture; for it only looks at those things which are clearly negative. You come here partly to hear the good news which you won't read about often in your papers or hear about often on your televisions. We tell you the truth, my friends, we do not lie to you. Good news is greater than bad news. The reality, the respect for each individual is far greater than the disrespect which has been the focus of your culture. That's all.


[Ed - There is more of this good lesson to share in another issue.]


                                    * * *


TALLAHASSEE, FL - Our thanks to JoiLin for sharing more from this loving, growing group.


                        * * * MICHAEL * * *


September 10, 1995


Greetings beloved children, it is I, Michael, he who loves each of you individually, and knows you as none other, but the Father Himself.


Your conversation this evening was appreciated, as it gives us insight into your individual patterns of thought. It is true, that when the student sits at the feet of the teacher, looking reverently upon his or her countenance, week after week, coming to depend entirely upon the sustenance given them in the form of spiritually uplifting food, and yet does no more, simply continues to sit and absorb, yet does not act upon the wisdom, the guidance of the teacher, it serves no purpose. The life giving cycle, if you will, ends at the feet of the teacher. In order for this world to change, it takes the active commitment of the students. It takes the committed effort of those students to put into practice, each and every day of their lives,  those spiritually uplifting lessons, the guidance given them that will help to propel them along their individual paths. And so it is , with the Teaching Mission, in all its myiad forms, as it stretches and covers your world, reaching into even the darkest of places. The points of light are increasing as is the energy emanating both into and from those points of light. Many indeed, have become beacons on this world, and are effecting change on levels that , while they are imperceptible to most, the work that is being carried forth through those of my children, such as yourselves, is appreciable.


You mentioned briefly this evening, the importance of self work. I have said before, through my teachers, that the inner clearing is indeed, a high priority. An analogy I would offer would be a lantern that has become encrusted inside the globe with blackened soot. When the lantern is lit, while the light may indeed be shining, its ability to shine forth into the surrounding area is impeded by the soot; there will be areas where the soot is not heavily laid on, allowing the light to shine forth in varying degrees of intensity, yet what I am asking you to do, is to thoroughly clean the globe, the vessel that you have committed to becoming, in order for the Father to shine His light through you to the greatest degree possible. There will be those among you who will begin this work at different times, yet all who are committed to this path toward the Father will come to this, now or later, that is much of the work that will be accomplished on the Mansion Worlds, yet to you who are committed to my work on this world, I ask you to begin it now.


Know always, beloved children, how loved and blessed you are for the part that you play. All of your efforts are recognized and appreciated far beyond your ability to understand. I have watched you struggle individually, with your understanding of what this Teaching Mission is about. Your recognition that the Teaching Mission is much broader than what you had originally comprehended is a direction of thought I would have you pursue. Recognize that many who come into the arena of your individual lives, many will be working just as diligently as are you, with their teachers, with their celestial helper, as you are yet many have not awakened to this realization as yet. It matters not the foundation or background these brothers and sisters come from. We begin the outreach of connecting directly from the Father within yourselves to the Father within these brothers and sisters. You may not be able to recognize yet when the connection is made, for you are just beginning to develop these tools of discernment. The work that is being accomplished through you and others like you is incredibly important if we are indeed, to move beyond the very threshold of Light and Life that we stand upon. It is true that humankind's very nature causes impatience to well up from the more animal nature, yet it is also true that the divinity within each of you also has the ability to give voice to thoughts, feeling, direction, leading you, pushing you toward a higher path. Understanding, due to the increased energies, the ciruitry now a part of the interconnectedness between this individual planet, and the higher realms as well as an increasingly larger influx of teachers on all levels, may help you to understand that the part you play, while seemingly insignificant to you, is in fact, an integral part of the whole, without which naught could be done to change the spiritual complexion, or level unfolding on this world, for it must be accomplished through the free will acts of humankind.


I will close for this evening as my connection is lessening. Know always that you are held within my embrace as I walk with you each through the days of your lives. Open your hearts to each other that your connection my be strengthened. Shalom.


                   * A COUNCIL OF FIVE *


October 22, 1995


All hail the Father as His glory encircles the earth, the universe and indeed the universe of universes. His beneficence knows no bounds; it reaches out to both the greatest and those who are seen in the least light.


You who participated within this Mission are much blessed. We are pleased to be among you; we are a council of five who have been participating in this Mission as it unfolds here, within this geographical location. we have attempted on many occasions, to reach each of you individually. You will have recognized us perhaps when the words coming through you indicate that there are more than one; usually signified as "we." We ask that you continue seeking and opening as we work with each of you individually in days to come . There is much work to be done yet on the individual level. Many of you are already moving along the path leading to higher universe understandings as well as  doing the work that will facilitate your becoming a more integrated human. As we continue to work with you, and attempt to move you into these times, you will discover that much has been given to you...lies within you...waiting to be discovered. They will perhaps be presented to you as insights. You will suddenly discover that you "own" something, some new piece of understanding, some new means of processing information that was not yours in the past. We ask you, even beseech you, to continue opening your minds as much and as often as you can. It was mentioned this evening that there is or are permissions that you have with your power to give us, those who work with you, and that these permissions must be given on a daily basis, if that is your will to allow us to help up-step you, and this is so. Mankind's free will may not be interfered with on any level, neither conscious, nor subconscious. That is our gift from on high and is inviolate! That is your guarantee, if you need one, that all that transpires in your life as regards this Mission, transpires because you- will-it, as one of His apostles. Recognize, dear students all, that you do indeed hold the key to the transformation of this world within yourselves, each individually.


You are receiving much appreciation and blessings from on high for the role you have accepted. You will one day have the eyes to look back and see what you have given, what you will give to this world in the Father's name. Know always as you walk this path that there will never be a time when you cannot turn away, again, humankind's freewill is inviolate. You are the masters of the good ships that are your very lives...you are the pilots, the captains, and yet through you, the storms upon this world will be calmed. Much that is dysfunctional will become less so, through your efforts, and through your willingness and ability to allow the Father to move through you, touching the lives of your brothers and sisters with His gentle touch. We encourage you, when looking at your siblings, to open the eyes of your heart and look at them as your Father looks at them...see within their eyes..all of your siblings regardless of station in life, culture, religion, creed...none of the things matter, they are children of your Father, as are you, and only through this process of reaching out through your hearts will this world be changed. We know you know this...and we've seen you act on it, and it lifts our hearts each and every time we witness the Father working through you. We will on occasion visit your classroom, as will Michael be coming again to honor you with his presence.


I thank you for your kind and loving attentiveness to my words this evening. Stay always, dear students, in His light. Blessings on you. Good evening.


                                 * * * * *


                  OF SPECIAL INTEREST


NASHVILLE, TN - In talking with Joi-Lin in Tallahassee about the transcripts from the Fayetteville Gathering, I learned that the speeches were not to be included. Rebecca Bynum gave an extremely moving speech in terms of content and presentation on a topic that is of interest and importance to all of us. I asked Rebecca for permission to share this with you.


                    WORLD PEACE NOW


This morning as we sit here in this room in Arkansas at the base of the Ozark mountains, the eyes of the Universe are upon us. You and I have in our possession the light of the world, and this light must shine for all to see. The hand of destiny is upon us. We have been made leaders by the virtue of the light God has given us. For too long we have viewed the work set forth in the Urantia Book as work for future generations and have thought it our job to simply pass this revelation on intact so that someone someday could use it to change the world. We thought we'd just cheer them from Mansion World bleachers. In the meantime, we'd sit passively watching war after war unfold on our T.V. screens, from Vietnam to Bosnia, and say nothing and do nothing all the while holding the answer in our hands. We know that war can be ended and that the solution is simply political. It is not human nature to go to war. War is the aberration. War is the symptom. The disease is nationalism. Democratic world government will cure the disease, and I believe that this is attainable in our lifetimes if only we have the courage and the fortitude to push forward and make it so.


The turn of the century is always a time of change and optimism - a time when the whole world looks to the future and examines its past. At the turn of the last century there existed in this country and abroad a great peace movement. This movement recognized the increasing interconnectedness and dependence between people that advancing technology had provided. It also acknowledged that rampant nationalism opposes and obstructs this cooperation.


Each nation was and is a law unto itself, with its own sacred symbols, its own currency system, its own system of tariffs, its own armed forces and the sovereign untrammeled right to settle disputes through the arbitration of war. These men of the last century, men like Andrew Carnegie and Alfred Nobel, looked ahead and clearly saw the increasing destructive potential of war and, at the same time, they saw the tide of history moving toward a system of pooled national sovereignty. Their ideal was modeled on the system of the United States, but they envisioned a weaker central government than that which had emerged in the U.S. after the Civil War. One composed of many - "e pluribus unum" - a United States of the World. Each country would retain its own cultural identity and pool only those elements of sovereignty whose purpose was to make war. To quote the Urantia Book, "When a democratic world power controls the world's land, air and naval forces, peace on earth and good will toward men can prevail - but not until then."


These organizations grew throughout the 1880's, 1890's and early 1900's. In Britain it was the International Peace and Arbitration Association, in France, the Interparliamentary Union and in America, the Universal Peace Union which had the insight and the foresight to fight for peace before the Great War had occurred. These organizations greatly influenced the thinking of that time. The League of Nations and eventually the United Nations were the direct result of their influence. Woodrow Wilson, in his final campaign speech of 1916 said, "In the days to come men will no longer wonder how America is going to work out her destiny, for she will have proclaimed to them that her destiny is not divided from the destiny of the world, that her purpose is justice and love of mankind."


Wilson believed that America was created by divine plan. That democracy was nurtured from its infancy away from the influences of monarch and aristocracy that it could be the example to the world that indeed democracy could survive and flourish in the harshest of times. He believed America's destiny was to bring these ideals to the greater world sot he world might be blessed with the peace and prosperity engendered through self-government that American citizens had long enjoyed.


During the first half of the twentieth century these ideals were tested as never before. Europe and Asia were still passing out of the Age of Monarch and this transition period was the Age of Dictators. The Kaiser was replaced with Hitler, the Czar with Stalin and eventually the Chinese Emperor with Mao.


It can be argued that the most powerful mobilizing force the world has ever known is the sentimental "personification" of the state - that the ideals of the state are embodied in an individual. So from people long used to autocratic rule, these select leaders were given all power to govern and to lead, being practically worshipped by the common people.


And it is true that loyalties to a person are greater than loyalties to an abstraction. How could the "government by debate" stand up to the military precision and efficiency which occurs in all areas of public life under the direction of a single voice? Indeed, the economic crisis in 1930's America seemed to demand strong leadership and many influential people of the day favored giving Roosevelt dictatorial powers in order to remedy the Great Depression, and certainly during wartime, public congressional debate can be paralyzing and debilitating. As the nation was faced by severe threat, both economic and military, it seemed on once, but many times, we would have to sacrifice democracy in order to save it.


Fortunately, and probably by seraphic intervention that catastrophe was averted. Not that we didn't have censorship and propaganda, we did, one may even say we still do, but our basic institutions were never compromised. The machinery of our democratic structure churned on. Elections were held on time and political debate continued on through an economic disaster and two world wars.


America's deep and abiding religious faith helped her to survive this trial by fire. As Franklin Roosevelt, in one of his fireside chats said, "Religion is the source of democracy and international good faith. Religion, by teaching man his relationship to God, gives the individual a sense of his own dignity and teaches him to respect himself by respecting his neighbors. Democracy, self-government, is a covenant among free men to respect the rights and liberties of their fellows. International good faith, a sister of democracy, springs from the will of civilized nations of men to respect the rights and liberties of other nations of men."


The United Nations was formed after the Second World War and like its failed predecessor, the League of Nations, its purpose was to prevent future wars. And given the state of the world in 1945, it was probably the best solution that could be had. Then, with the lowering of the iron curtain of communism, a balance of power replaced the ideals of world government that had once burned so brightly.


Now the year is 1995 and the world has seemed to have turned upside down in the last decade. Perhaps we are living through the greatest revolution the world has ever known. Today, with the exception of North Korea, all the countries of the world are moving toward market economy, democratic reform, or both. Democracy itself is a great stabilizing force. Of the 394 wars fought since 1819, none have been fought between mature democracies. the people are demanding self government all over the word. For example, in Africa five years ago only four countries had governments legitimized by popular multi-party elections, today that number is 30.


Increasing freedom in communication provided by advancing technology is allowing free speech to spread the world over. Satellite telephone service is now reaching the remotest parts of the globe. Telephone conversations like Internet conversations can't be censored the way television and radio have traditionally been. The communication is personal and free, and it hold the key to world democratic government. Free speech is the cornerstone of democracy.


The United Nations for all its good intentions will not ultimately prevent war because it is undemocratic. It does not represent the political expediency of all the heads of state. And of course, having no legislative power, only the power to recommend and advise, its influence over the worlds affairs is really minimal and will remain so. Only world government can protect world citizens from war.


The fact is, all the major problems facing the world today would be well on their way to being solved under a world democracy. When all the world's defense forces are consolidated, there will be less resources and ingenuity diverted to the pursuits of war and so the pursuits of peace can be rightly prioritized. We have been fighting wars, both real and expected for so long, that we won't know what to do first when we stop. Excessive taxation can be eliminated. The ruinous effects of currency fluctuations, inflation and unemployment can be brought under control with a single world currency. Fascism and tyranny will seem like bad dreams. The twin diseases of poverty and excessive wealth accumulation by the rich can be addressed. Famine and disease can become evils of the past, and the errors of the ethnic nation state will gradually fade away as full citizenship rights are extended to everyone.


Let us take heart at the example of South Africa. If their rights and privileges of citizenship can be extended by a ruling racial minority to the greater majority of inhabitants by the simple dictates of social justice, then certainly lesser feats could be accomplished in the Middle East, in the Balkans and elsewhere by the same simple dictates of justice.


I believe the signs of the times are clear. That we must grasp the impetus toward World Democratic Union before the opportunity slips away and another world war looms ahead with all its potential devastation and catastrophic consequences for the United States. I believe that the only way to preserve in perpetuity the America we love and honor is to protect her under the aegis of a larger system that strives for liberty and justice for all mankind. I believe that the world can be united under the transcendent ideas which enshrine the sovereignty of the individual in a broadened Bill of Rights. We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men and all women of the world are equally the children of the living God. That the Brotherhood Of Man is a realizable fact and the way to achieve it is within our grasp.


World Democratic Union is backed openly by such statesmen as Mikhail Gorbachev, and Vaclev Havel, but world democracy cannot be imposed form above. It must come from the people, for in democracy it is public opinion that determines the possible. True religion acts, and it si time now for us to act. Let us not wait for the next Vietnam or the next world war to shock us into action. Let us act now, as our forefathers did one hundred years ago, before the Great War. Let's organize, let's write letters and books and give speeches! Let's show the world the way toward peace. We have to because we know the way. As Woodrow Wilson once said in fighting for the League of Nations, "The stage is set, the destiny disclosed. It has come about by no plan of our conceiving, but by the hand of God who has led us into this way. We cannot turn back ...The light streams upon the path ahead, and nowhere else."




                                    * * *


KANSAS CITY, MO - Dianna Petifurd sent me a copy of Planethood by Benjamin B. Ferencz and Ken Keyes, Jr. For anyone who finds themselves deeply moved by Rebecca's speech, Planethood is a book you will want to read to become better informed and to learn what you can do to make a difference. Thanks Dianna for sharing a great find!


                                  * * * * *



PORTLAND, OR - We thank Michael Palmer for writing this article to share with us his thoughts. It is hoped that his article will be the beginning of some serious discussions of the many issues that we in the Teaching Mission need to start addressing. What a great way this would be to start the new year!


A number of issues have prompted me to write this piece; they all have something to do with faith, it its most fundamental aspect.


I have been reading and hearing a lot lately from people about the imminent "Earth Changes." These are to my mind variations on the numerous "End of the World" scenarios spun out by first century Christians and many others then and since. In themselves, they contain for me no spiritual profit. Jesus tells his apostles in The URANTIA Book:


"The downfall of nations, the crash of empires, the destruction of the unbelieving Jews, the end of an age, even the end of the world, what have these things to do with one who believes this gospel, and who has hid his life in the surety of the eternal kingdom? You who are God-knowing and gospel-believing have already received the assurances of eternal life. Since your lives have been lived in the spirit and for the Father, nothing can be of serious concern to you. Kingdom builders, the accredited citizens of the heavenly worlds, are not to be disturbed by temporal upheavals or perturbed by terrestrial cataclysms. What does it matter to you who believe this gospel of the kingdom if nations overturn, the age ends, or all things visible crash, since you know that your life is the gift of the Son, and that it is eternally secure in the Father? Having lived the temporal life by faith and having yielded the fruits of the spirit as the righteousness of loving service for your fellows, you can confidently look forward to the next step in the eternal career with the same survival faith that has carried you through your first and earthly adventure in sonship with God." (pg. 1916)


In the Teaching Mission transcripts, the Melchizedek Norsen responds to such Earth Changes/natural disaster enquiry:


Norsen: It is true there is much energy going through your planet. There are also many beings working to stabilize it. Your planet tends to focus on the darkness and with almost great glee focuses on the darkness as if it was all a disaster movie hopefully happening to someone else, and unfortunately it is happening to many someone's. We--we are not here to discuss predictions. We are not here to frighten. We are here to help, and many beings, many controllers, many of those who were here at the beginning of your planet and its construction have been working overtime, as you would say, to try to stabilize its more violent conditions--which are, some of them caused by these changes in energy but many of them are of the natural progression of geologic or atmospheric or cosmic--in the sense of phenomenon beyond your planet--phenomena that are naturally occurring--and O you seekers of signs and miracles, as our Lord said, and I do not mean to direct this to you, I am not, but in terms of those who seek for these disasters as proof that God is out there smiting the right people, and this is totally (sighs) dreadful. . . So I would say that, look more to the stability and the love which is operating and which is here now in this room (11/16/93)


The Melchizedek Andronason speaks in even stronger terms in this dialogue:


C: I have a question about what you might be able to tell me of regarding a video that I have watched recently called "Earth Changes," that depicts a lot of the Hope Indian predictions and various other predictions that seem to indicate that we are moving into a time of great chaos, and that people should be stocking up on food and moving to different parts of the country, etc.


Andronason: Well, I suggest you move to a small town in North Dakota, and there save up a lot of Mars Bars. (laughter) This would certainly bring you an education in foolishness. Um, I'm sorry.


C: You're joking again! (laughter)


Andronason: I'm joking once again, C_____. I enjoy this. However, I do wish and do take your question quite seriously, and I am appalled at this sort of fear mongering and callous peddling of the lowest common denominator of religious faith, which is fear of the unknown. (sighs) When will you people learn to stop fearing? True, there is much in the earth life, especially the Urantia life to be afraid of or even despair of, but we of the Mission are here now--and I count you in that Mission, those of you here--to help dispel such foolishness, whether sincerely believed or callously peddled for money and prestige and "the inside line." These things are ridiculous considerations! What have any of them to do with one's immortal soul? If you live a day longer in your fear and all your canned goods, are you any closer to the Father? to your Lord Michael? I could shake these people, if it would do any good, but perhaps their earthquakes may do this for them--I don't know. But, please forgive my zealous opinions--we have them of a time, too. I would tell you that this is the old way, the doom and gloom and brimstone which you see called "preaching" in your public squares. This is not the way of the Father. This is not how Jesus taught you. I can only hope that, in time, such fear and callowness will be eclipsed by the greater and much more apparent Light of the Father upon your planet. (7/21/93)


And yet, others may draw from even higher Sources in transmission dialogue to produce messages of alarm. To paraphrase my friend Brad, it's akin to hearing the sudden announcement while driving on the freeway: "Precious child, you are about to drive over a very, very high cliff. There is no avoiding it. Your brakes don't work. But be of good cheer, for we are watching over you." Thanks a lot!


I find any message based in fear to be of little spiritual value, other than in its more natural evolutionary place amongst primitive worshippers not yet sufficiently enlightened by the assistance of revelatory truths. I would hope that those of us who have found The URANTIA Book and the Teaching Mission would be more guided by the revealed truth, love, and encouragement so consistently and positively expressed in the words and life of our own Lord Michael as he lived on our world.


I realize my words here may be interpreted as a "taking to task" of fellow members of the Teaching Mission and even particular T/R's. This is a particularly ironic situation for me, as I have suffered my own "task-taking" over the years for the content of our Portland group's transmissions, in particular information regarding Melchizedeks materialized and teaching at their own Universities. (More on that subject later.) However, I have met or know personally a good many of the T/R's who have transmitted these Earth Change warnings. I know them for devoted, serious, and God-loving individuals. I don't know that they aren't correct in their transmitted information and I'm just out here in some dark corner of the ballpark. I do, however, have my own free will opinion and have chosen to herewith exercise it.


Most basically, I fail to see how any knowledge of Earth Change disasters furthers my spiritual growth or understanding one jot. If I move myself or my family to a safe place, in say, Nebraska, while everyone else slides into the sea, am I adding to my morontial growth? Maybe. Seems a little extreme. Kind of like that message heard earlier while driving in the fast lane. Then again, Jesus did warn his followers to leave Jerusalem at the time of the persecutions.


Our last T/R News Network also contained these words from Norson:


"I understand that you have a desire for revelatory miracles and also a desire to want this burden lifted from you through supernal agencies. I am telling you the truth that this revelation will not come in spectacle or in great demonstrations of the seeming miraculous. No. You have enlisted in humility and you will carry forward in the same humility. You will be the demonstration that none are preferred in the kingdom, that all the Father's children are equally loved and cherished. Expect no to have the way cleared by miracles. This is a gross mistake."


Are notions like these Earth Changes, on some deeper level within ourselves, a way in which we keep ourselves engaged and interested in such things as the Teaching Mission? Can we only remain committed to the cause if there is some miraculous event  occurring or some disaster just down the road? It is a question I have pondered often myself.


For instance, on some subconscious level have the transmissions regarding the materialization of the Melchizedek Receivers and their someday opening of twelve Universities been a product of my own great hopes and desire, my particular wishful thinking for miraculous change? As a thinking, intelligent human being, as a religionist, and perhaps in no small measure as a T/R, I had better be considering such questions or have considered them in the past. I have done and continue to so do. (I suppose I should note/recall that this same Melchizedek information has come also through a good number of other sources besides our Portland group and myself. Likewise, it can be shown that the Earth Change transmissions are not confined to any single T/R or group either.


I have wondered of late about this very subject: i.e. where are our Melchizedek teachers? Particularly when I have been overly engaged or taxed by the demands of daily, material living or have not been in recent or frequent contact with my Teaching Mission brothers and sisters, I have had my times of bafflement and doubt. Have I made all this up, even the actual and basic T/R'ing contact itself, to satisfy some inner psychological need or lack? I don't know. I concede it may well be so. On the other hand, when I have the space and quiet personal time to be in stillness, when again I feel that hunger and yearning for Celestial communion, my Teachers, gracious and patient as ever, are always there to hear, speak and guide me. Whether I ever have the good fortune to sit and chat in this mortal flesh with a Melchizedek Son in material form should not be a condition of my continuing religious faith. And, in the odd way of our humanity, such manifestation could even be a detriment. (Raise your hands, those of you who feel a tremendous buffing have been given to your agondonter's shine and polish via this marvelous and subtle process we know as the Teaching Mission.) I believe the Melchizedeks are here. I believe they will one day open the physical doors of their Universities for the benefit of our planet. I have my doubts of a time, but nothing, ever, could take away from me the powerful spirit growth and knowledge I feel so blessed to have received in the course of my participation in this Teaching Mission process. It is wonder enough.


In India there has formed society devoted to the bringing of more rationality to the cultural and spiritual life of their incredibly diverse nation. This Rationalists Society recently witnessed massive public participation throughout India in such events as the feeding of milk to marble statues, and a populace staying indoors during a total solar eclipse to avoid "harmful energies." Both events were widely reported in the world press and the Rationalists view such instances as a great nation and people being held up to ridicule by the entire globe. They also think such ridicule completely justified. One of their spokespeople made a key comment in this regard when he stated that his organization was not against spiritual practice; they were, however, very much against superstition.


Ultimately, we each must decide within ourselves just what "rings true" in any spiritual or life situation, Teaching Mission-related or not, I find the focus of the Earth Change scenarios to be a major sidetrack on our journey toward the heavenly Father, our eternal Home. Along with that statement I would like to add that I have very little idea of what lies ahead specifically for the Teaching Mission or my small part in it. I do believe, as I have said, in the Melchizedeks' presence and their Universities, but haven't a clue as to the details or time frame of the Receivers' plans for our world in this Correcting Time. I have been trying to learn that it is not at all necessary that I do, that each day is indeed sufficient unto itself. It has been a long lesson, and recently I'm even starting to be able to feel glad for it.


Again, I hope I have not hurt anyone's feelings in my remarks. It is the last thing I want to do. All the same, I think the topic wants discussion, and I hope my words here may spark positive dialogue and thought thereupon.


Truly, Namaste,


Michael Palmer


                                 * * * * *


                          GROUP NEWS


VIENNA, OH - Gerdean has recently moved from Pocatello, ID to Vienna, OH. We know the Pocatello Group is going to miss you!!! We hope you are able to settle in quickly and enjoy your new home. She sends us this news:


A "press release" for the T/R News Network:

Teacher Tomas, formerly co-Teacher with Teacher Daniel in Pocatello, Idaho, has been reassigned! The announcement was made October 20 by Teacher Rayson. On November 21st Teacher Tomas met with his new group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Tomas! and to the members of the Pittsburgh Teaching Mission! A vital and stimulating growth period of time is guaranteed for all!


Ed - For those who have become accustomed to reading the Pocatello transcripts, Tomas will be missed. We hope to hear more of Tomas' words from the Pittsburgh group.


                                 * * * * *


                          NEWS UPDATE


1995 NETWORK OF THE HEART GATHERING IN FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Watch your mailbox! The trancripts of this gathering should be arriving any day to all the attendees. It has been awhile in coming, but from what I have heard you are going to be delighted with this package!!!


                                    * * *


EDEN, UT - Jeremiah & Nolus have been kind enough to send us a description of the Northwest Regional Gathering of the Teaching Mission, which was held in Boise, Idaho September 15-17, 1995. Ken Anderson planned and organized the conference. If anyone wants a copy of the 53 page proceedings of the conference including all the TR sessions and speeches, please contact Ken and Pat Anderson.


Jeremiah goes on to say that if people want a copy of his speech: "Synchronicities in the Teaching Mission."  He can also mail copies of Heber C. Kimball's speech on "Meditations." However, both are included in the conference proceedings from Ken Anderson. [Ed- I haven't seen "Meditations" yet, but Jeremiah's speech might be a good tool to use to break the ice and enter into a discussion with those who are beginning to awaken and wonder. And we all know where this discussion could lead!!!]


Below is the information on the conference.


The conference was held at the Nazerath Retreat (owned by the Catholic Church) conference grounds in Boise. There were 30 single story individual rooms on the 20 acre grounds within a view of the mountains in the distance. The meeting hall could accommodate about 55 people, which was more than adequate to handle our 33 participants. Also, included was a chapel to be used only for worship, and a cafeteria. The food was prepared by the conference center and was enjoyable.


Friday afternoon was registration and dinner at 5:00 PM. Most people arrived at this time. Boise was chosen to be centrally located for the Northwest states. There seems to be a triangle of Teaching Mission groups: Salt Lake City and Pocatello at one corner, Spokane and Coeur d'Alene at another, and the various groups in the Willamette Valley of Oregon as the final corner. The conference was a tremendous success and it is hoped that it will become an annual event, going around the triangle each year.


After the welcoming address by Ken Anderson and Bill Kelly on Friday night, we heard from our teachers as they also welcomed us to this conference. Next we had a group sharing experience. Most of us knew each other from previous group visits or from the Spokane conference last year. The sharing was intended to let everyone know what was transpiring in each group. The evening was ended by music and individual visiting.


Saturday morning we had worship led by Virginia Kelly in the chapel. After breakfast, Bill Kelly played his guitar and sang to start the formal events. Jeremiah introduced the keynote speaker, Gerdean, who gave a speech entitle: "Warp and Woof," which was about her preMission teacher contact with midwayer Jack. Using the analogy of the warp and woof of weaving, she discussed how our diversity is woven into a unity of the spirit.


The next speaker was Jeremiah, speaking on "Synchronicities in the Teaching Mission." He was introduced by his wife, Nolus. Jeremiah discussed what synchronicities were and gave many examples of them occurring in the early Teaching Mission. His speech was followed by many sharing their own synchronicities.


After lunch, Bob Devine gave a speech on various subjects. He read what The Urantia Book said about mysticism, and had each of us in the room discuss what we thought of mysticism and how it applied to the Teaching Mission. Most people contributed and we had a sermon of about 30 individuals. It seemed that each person's discussion added to the big picture, and we heard a pretty good description of what mysticism was and how it affected many people before and during participation in the Teaching Mission. Next Bob talked on other subjects, including enthusiasm and community. Bob was introduced by Rick Giles.


Bob put together a little skit which was performed next by Bob, Rick, Mark and Ginny. As Bob and Ginny were sitting side by side in chairs in a TR mode, Rick and Mark acted as invisible teachers trying to make contact. After placing the circuitry, they being - no response from TRs. It was really funny with most of the audience laughing the entire 5 minutes as they demonstrated in humor what goes on during the TR connection. Finally, the TR starts to talk, but gets the messages wrong. Sometimes the TR would begin TRing with no teacher (Rick & Mark) input, causing the teachers to watch in amazement. It was well conceived and carried out. All in the Teaching Mission should see and enjoy such a humorous skit.


Heber C. Kimball was scheduled to give a speech in the afternoon, but his son was in the hospital in California, so it didn't look like he was going to make it. After dinner Heber arrived! Thus, we relaxed and visited with each other during the late afternoon. Many gathered on the grounds under some trees and we began a TR session. We heard from many teachers. We also witnessed a red-tailed hawk circling our group, just like the synchronicity referred to in Jeremiah's speech.


During the evening session, Nolus introduced Heber and he spoke on Meditations. He discussed the background of meditation or stillness, and how it transcends all religions. He showed us some beginning meditation techniques and lead us into a guided meditation. There was a long question and answer period following his talk. Heber was a personal disciple of Yogananda and has been studying his techniques for 35 years. Yogananda was born in India, became Yoga and lived most of his life in California where he established the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF). He died in 1952 and is now a teacher in the Teaching Mission. We heard from him at the Spokane conference as well as Fayetteville. In the last issue of the T/R Newsletter, Allene Vick, stated that Yogananda's message was a highlight of the Arkansas conference. Yogananda' earth lessons are available from the SRF, which for a small fee to cover printing and postage will mail them to you, one lesson (approximately 6-7 pages) per week. Yogananda is available as a Mission teacher for anyone requesting an appointment.


Anthony entertained us with his juggling act followed by our musicians playing their guitars and a sing along. Many stayed up that evening to visit and share. On Sunday, Debbie Roberts lead the worship session in the chapel. After breakfast, Nancy Kelly gave a wrap-up address in which she reviewed all the events of the conference. The group TRs then gave some very beautiful transmissions. We heard from our Master, after which we went around the room again and each person talked about his or her impression of what the Master discussed. All of these transmissions will be available in the future and have already been put on Internet by Bob Devine. At noon, we said our goodbyes and left for home.


Thank you.


With love and peace,


Jeremiah and Nolus


                                 * * * * *


                            IN MEMORY


DURHAM, OR - I share with you a letter from the family of Charles Schiff, a dear, dear soul who will always live in the hearts of all who knew him. We will forever remember his joyful enthusiasm, willingness and dedication to making a difference and in this he did succeed. While we are deeply sorry that we will no longer have his cheerful and loving countenance amongst us, we celebrate his passing from pain to the joys of the next part of his journey knowing that while he has gone on ahead, we will meet up with him again in a little while. It is easy to picture the warm smile of Charles as he reaches out to us to give us a hearty welcome. Until then, dear Charles, we love you and we keep all that you shared with us in our hearts to lighten our way.


November 27, 1995


Dear Friends:


Charles Schiff passed from this world on November 25, 1995. We were very blessed to have been by his side at the time of his passing, each saying goodbye before he left us.


We cannot tell you how much it meant to him to receive the cards and letters you sent expressing your gratitude for his newsletter. Since he felt he could give nothing more than this newsletter, it made him happy to know how much it was appreciated.


We want you to know that his last few months were some of the happiest in his life, a time when he was at peace with himself. All of his children were able to spend a great deal of time with him during these last few months and we have all grown closer to him and to each other. We thank God for this gift.


It is our wish that instead of presenting us with flowers in his memory, that you make a contribution to Saint Vincent's Hospice who supported and guided us through a very difficult time in our lives.


In closing, we give you a poem by Charles:





Forever, beyond, and out of time

Past the realms of space

One's private treasure unbreachably secure

But a gift to all

For nostalgic tears


Kindest Regards,


Stephen Schiff - Lisa Schiff - Kim Schiff - Michelle Sheridan


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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                              Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.



September 24, 1995


We who sit in attendance at this meeting this evening have rejoiced at listening to your discussion. We could almost feel your minds begin to stretch and reach beyond yourselves. In the final analysis, as you have already stated, it matters not what name you call us by, indeed it matters not what name you know Diety by, it is all the same. And you who are within this room have a power within yourselves that you are now learning to tap. We like to think that we had some small part in helping you to recognize this power you hold win. Yet that is only the pride that we feel as the teachers of this ever expanding classroom earth...Urantia. You made mention this evening that others across you planet were being worked with and you spoke of different levels as they worked within your individual lives. there is much truth in these statements. There has been much truth and wisdom expressed within this small room. The umbrella, for want of a better term, of Michael's missing to Urantia, know as this Teaching Mission y you, is indeed much broader than what you have heretofore understood. This student, she who transmits this evening, spoke of her recognition of the same teachings that we inspire you to bring out into you communities, out into the arena of your work day, into the areas of your leisure, these very lessons, if you will, are the very same lessons that other teachers are inspiring their students with. These students have no working understanding of the Teaching Mission as you know it, et it does not interfere with their ability to receive the lessons that are being given.


The part that you play specifically, is an important one only in for a as you actively, consciously pursue the role of apostle. In this active role is more energy expended outward, through the Father within, than with those who do not consciously understand the role they play. The change in consciousness levels will come about more slowly with those individuals than with you wo work in partnership with He who dwells within you. Your changes have the possibility of changing not but your intellectual, emotion, spiritual being, but can does in fact, create change o and within your physical vehicle as well. All of these changes will one day amplify the Christ Spirit in this world through you who will have become a wholly integrated human being. These changes will come about when each of you have reached the point in your development when your spiritual development has reached the point of a clear recognition of the relationship\between you and your Indwelling Adjuster. When this relationship begins to be experienced by you consciously, then will u be ready for these changes to commence. the length of time is or will be different for ll of you. You have begun and that is what matters. You have committed to continuing and therein lies the hope of your world. We are filled with excitement and ever growing ove and appreciation for your willingness to sit each week and allow us to impart to you lessons we prepare and what little wisdom we have to share. Recognize beloveds, as you continue on this path, that you to have much wisdom within you. And you have a sore house of wisdom between you. The sharing that you did this evening substantiates this fact. Know it. Recognize what you are, and who you are becoming, and give yourselves permission to bring that God consciousness, that power with you, into the arenas of your daily lives. Know always, beloveds, how blessed, loved and how precious you are in His sight.


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Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!


*           Wanted - Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.

*           Your thoughts and observations about the Teaching Mission


*           Information that would be helpful for children


*           Special focus or activity in your group to help others know whom they might best contact for information along the lines of their interests


*           Teachings that focus on healing


*           Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teaching of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God.

While on this subject, I offer a little food for thought. It is difficult in our society to find many who have not suffered to some extent from a dysfunctional background and the accompanying destructive behavior patterns that are additive or codependent for example. From my understanding and experience, people with these backgrounds and behaviors often are most comfortable in crisis and chaos. When it is not present, they often create it albeit unconsciously. I ask myself if there is an element of this in the teaching mission that we need to look at. Do we need crisis, chaos and constant stimulation to keep our attention or are we truly ready to work with the simple, beautiful guidance we are given by the teachers and the examples given us by Michael?