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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

October 1995 (Vol. 3, No.6)




Thank you for your calls and prayers. All of Mexico Beach was under mandatory evacuation. Joi-Lin graciously shared her home with us in Tallahassee during the storm and we returned to find our property safe and sound. Despite the stories from the news media, in Mexico Beach there was severe damage to the homes on the water with virtually no damage to any of the other homes. One thing we are all thankful for is that the cold front bulged out to cause the force of Opal to slow down before hitting land. If that had not occurred, there would have been major damage over a huge area instead of the damage that was mostly caused by water surge. Divine intervention? A lot of the people around here think so and have been thanking God, including me.


A few days later, I had a severe and sudden allergic anaphylactic reaction from an insect bite. It was quite an experience and I personally attribute my survival to Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit. As before, I stated clearly that I was willing to work for God here or there and willing to accept either. As is true for many of you, it always seems easier to ask for assistance for others than for myself. Not knowing what was happening as the situation escalated so rapidly, I said to Michael that he had always told us that we could turn our burdens over to him and now I was doing so as I had no idea what to do. Within a few minutes, the severity of the symptoms subsided. Some may say, it would have happened anyway, but they will never convince me. According to several medical people I talked to, a reaction like mine requires medical attention to stabilize the body at that point in order for the body to survive.


There seemed to be no definitive answer as to what the insect was, but the following evening a large area of my arm was still red, swollen and beginning to develop a rash. I put my arm on my larger polarity unit and after about 20 minutes, the redness and rash were mostly gone and the swelling slowly went down. I have talked with Chris Hart recently and hope soon to be able to tell you more about these polarity units. They are truly amazing and they do work.


We will be moving on October 27th to Sterling, Virginia, which is in northern Virginia next to Reston. My new address will be:


There is a lot to share in the newsletter and considering the recent past and present circumstances, I cannot do justice to it all. Therefore, I trust I can rely on your understanding if not everything gets covered in the newsletter this month.


There are a few things I would like to address. There are a lot more people getting involved in various projects. We would like to know more about these. So, please let us know what you or your group is doing. In sharing, your ideas may be helpful to others and there may be others who would like to contact you to help; to participate; to know more; and/or to provide you with information and sources.


As the circuits are opening and more information is coming from the teachers on a variety of subjects, let us remain open and put aside any judgements that we may be tempted to make. If the messages speak to you, use them. If not, put them aside. We have been developing our own abilities to discern the truth as it speaks to us. Let us use this developing discernment and our teachers to guide us so that we may continue to grow in unity amidst our diversity and continue to share our messages freely knowing that our brothers and sisters will remain open and loving to us regardless of what we have to share. This is part of our lesson in learning to love each other. We look forward to hearing what you have to share - your messages, your ideas, your thoughts and your responses and reactions. When we do open up to share, it is always rewarding to find confirmation from another source. When we fail to share, we also close the door to the opportunities of finding confirmation.


Earth changes is a subject that has been coming up more often lately. Those of you who know me, know that while I don't doubt that we are in for a lot of change, I view these as not only physical changes, but also changes to our societal structures that have been breaking down and the results are being exposed. As our communications technology increases it brings with it the opportunity for uncovering much that has gone awry along with the opportunity to share and discuss solutions with all our brothers and sisters across the globe. As we view all these changes, let us keep ever in mind that our positive thoughts and prayers have the power to influence the outcome as the newer physics shows us - the observer influences the outcome of what is being observed. So, while we think about all the changes going on around us, let us do so with joy and a positive attitude knowing these changes are necessary to bring us to Light and Life. As an artist, who lost her home in Mexico Beach, stated, "out of difficulty there is always a gift." As Chris Hart would say, let's go treasure hunting.


We give thanks to our Father for His great goodness and ask His help in keeping us ever focused on His goodness all around us and in those we meet.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *




TALAHASSEE, FL - Joi-Lin Veisz called to share this latest message from Michael as the newsletter was being completed.


October 18, 1995


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


Greetings, beloved children, It is I Michael. I bring you tidings of great joy for on this day throughout all of Nebadon the circuits are flowing. The broadcasts are announcing the universe wide end of rebellion's taint. Isolation has been completely lifted from all those planets caught within Lucifer's distorted machinations. Much has already been put into place to begin the reconnected flow between universe headquarters and all those newly connected spheres. Much is yet to be done, and much in large part is dependent upon the free will acts of mankind. The spiritual pressure upon this world is being increased, for I would have this world become a jewel in my universe crown - and in kind, that is now assured.


I ask you to begin to more consciously move as you are being led. Push to quicken your connection with he who leads you within. It takes your conscious effort, as what I have decreed possible only becomes possible through mankind's freewill acceptance and through his conscious efforts to make manifest in this world the living fruits of my given word. We are moving into times of great change. The pressure from within the physical structure of Urantia is reaching the point where it must find relief. Do not allow the temporal life, no matter how chaotic to effect your balance. Serenity is built upon faith - upon the sure knowledge that God is a loving and merciful God - a loving Father - that He and I are with you - even to the end of time . You HAVE that knowledge within your very hearts - this is where the importance of your active connection within becomes evident. You will be led to be of service in days to come. You will know where to place yourselves and what it is you are to do. Have no fear beloved I am with you in all things; I stand beside you!



So much on this world be undergoing vast change. Hold true to your faith in the beneficence of our Father, for out of seeming destruction comes new life - new growth, and with it a deeper understanding of life's connection to all other life. Change always brings with it discomfort felt on many levels. Understand that the majority on this world will view these changes from a fear based understanding, it will be your job to bring to the light of correction these distorted ways of thinking . There is so much work to be done on this world and the work must begin within the hearts and minds of man himself. Teach your siblings of our Father's deep and abiding love for them - teach them to seek the stillness and thereby their connection with him - teach them to begin to utilize the circuits as you are just now beginning to do and know that as you teach so do you become clearer and surer of your own connection to the power that is yours as co-creators in this new world.


I leave you now beloved children with my promise to never leave you again until the light of heaven is fully upon this world. Remember beloveds who are the light bearers to this world; it will only be done through you and your efforts on my behalf. Shalom


                                    * * *


VIAN, OK - Excerpts from a letter sent by Leta and Ken McCreary are included below to preface the transmissions that follow. From those of us who have experienced the trepidation of sharing some of our transcripts, particularly when specifics such as times are given. We applaud your courage in following your guidance to share these with us. It is not always an easy decision to decide to share and it is important that we do share.


September 26, 1995


I am enclosing some messages that we have recently received. I find these messages to be quite alarming, yet confirmation seems to be coming in from all over. As per Michael's instructions, I wish to get these messages out to as many people as possible, and I can presently think of no better way to do that than to ask you to consider enclosing them in your newsletter.


For your information, after I received the first couple of messages from the Director, to satisfy my curiosity about him and answer some of my questions, he instructed me to page 490 of the Urantia Book. It tells all about him. It was the icing on the cake for me (I hadn't read that section before.) Please take a moment to read that section before you decide whether or not to print these messages.


August 12, 1995




Mobilization forces prepared to arrive within time frame established by council.


Correcting planetary influxation syncronistic to global earth changes.


Fail Safe measures initiated.


*Note: The first line in this initial contact was received during the TR session at Mt. Sequoyah retreat. TR was contacted by The Director Most High council. TR described contact as being very unusual. Energy level exceptionally high. This energy threw the TR off balance and there was some difficulty in transmitting. Others present also experienced this energy, which resulted in several individuals experiencing headaches. The second line of this transmission was received piece meal by same TR during drive home that night.


The third line was received the following morning.


September 10, 1995


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *



It is I Michael. I am here to inform many that as seasonal changes approach, so you also will experience a vast array of changes within your own lives and life in general on this planet. These change will be as profound as the change from summer to winter. These changes in your material existence will result in profound changes in the spiritual realm which will serve to promote an upgrade in planetary status. These changes are of an imminent nature. I wish for many to be aware. Release doubts and fears, if you do not, you will observe these changes with confusion and misunderstanding. I have no wish to alarm, that is why this announcement has been made. All proceeds, as it should, for the enhancement of spiritual acceptance for that new role in which Urantia will soon be cast. Some are aware of this role but most are not. Few can envision the magnitude of developing future, which will encapsulate (enshrine) this world. I say to my most beloved children of Urantia. Fear not, as these changes commence, ever keep your faith strong and your eyes on Father. I am here to protect those of my flock who have remained faithful to me. As the vigilant shepherd keeps the wolf at bay from those lambs who are by his side, so I too keep my faithful at heart from the jaws of evil.


September 26, 1995






I am the Director of Most High Council. Further developments have initiated supreme command from Council. The time frame for major earth changes established. Initial reactions to begin within thirty earth days. Preliminary changes have already commenced. Major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions precede future events which will disrupt life as you know it. There is maximum Angelic support in place at this time. I suggest that you avoid speculations. Issues should be dealt with as they arise. That is all for the present.


September 26, 1995


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


Greetings beloved child, it is I, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth, you are instructed to access information released by council and relay this information to others. You should begin to relay information immediately. Use whatever means is at your disposal. I further wish to remind you that you must not attempt to minimize the information that you are receiving. It is imperative that this information be broadcast in its undiluted form. It will then be up to the individual to either accept or reject. To delay in order to judge whether or not you have received correctly is not prudent. Time is too short, and once these changes begin they will escalate in magnitude quickly. Trust and Faith in me, and in our communication. I am relying upon you my child, you must rely upon me.

                                    * * *


MILLERSVILLE, MD - Pam & John Sanderson have written to let us know that "the Seaford group is still alive and well and meeting every other week."


"This is a short message from Nebedonia about fear and growth that certainly was appropriate for our group and may apply to others as well."


                    * * * NEBEDONIA * * *


Hello my children, I am Nebedonia, Universe Mother. I delight in you being here, I delight in your growing , in your curiosity, in your moving ahead. Let me liken you to a rose bush with very tight, closed buds that are ready to pen, but for various reasons have not. A rose bud must relax the petals on the outside before it can start to unfold. Let me talk about fear. If the bud is afraid to open, it remains tight. If you are allowing your fear to keep you closed, you will miss the warm sunlight, you will miss the cool breezes, and you will not feel the cooling rain. So picture the bud opening up in the sunlight, in the rain, in the wind. And what does it have to fear? A bumblebee? Bumble bees will land and they spread the pollen, and what does that cause? More growth. A bee will not sting a rose bush. It simply lights on it for the fragrance, for the bright colors. Butterflies land, their soft touch also stir up the pollen, furthering more growth, more buds. Afraid of ants? Aphids? A truly strong bush grows and is protected against any disease, anything that comes its way to chew on the roots or the leaves. But by opening up the buds you open up yourself to growth and to strength, and then you can fight off anything that would come to chew, to threaten, to cause disease. So I encourage you to cast off your fear, let the love come in, surround you, permeate your being, and force out any negative things. Let love take hold and stay. See yourself as a plant, nurtured, protected, loved, and you will grow and nothing can hurt you. Shalom my children.


                                    * * *

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Below are a couple of excerpts from the Tallahassee Teaching Mission Meeting.


October 8, 1995


                                * WILL *


It has been understood by you as a group, that the personal clearing issue is indeed an issue of importance within the Teaching Mission. It is an issue that has been brought out in many groups and will be brought out in all groups in time. The particular book (The Artist's Way) that you discussed this evening is a book that we highly recommend, have in fact recommended it to many of our students throughout this Mission. It is difficult, I understand, for a T/R, -any- receiver transmitter, who receives information through any of the channels that are open, be it telephone, or computer, advertising...it doesn't matter, when they connect with the information and it resonates within them, it is natural and frankly expected that they will then share this knowledge or this piece of information with you their fellows. Yet when this does happen, it causes consternation and doubt within the receiver, for they then believe that it is their hidden agenda. We do not like this term (Said almost sternly) "hidden agenda"...it has a very negative connotation and one we would like to dispense with. The movement within this Mission as it is manifested across this continent, across this world, has as one of its primary focuses, healing. Healing has to begin with you, the individual, and then move out affecting the world at large. And so, within the individual groups there will be lessons focusing on inner clearing - lessons focusing on releasing creative blocks, if that in fact is the mechanism we need to use to reach individuals. Other groups are being led to work with some of the twelve-step programs, for in those groups indeed, they seem to work best. We will reach our students through whatever channel we can.


This Mission is truly but a baby. You spoke this evening of four years, and yet comparatively speaking, it is but barely formed. You recognized this as you looked at the progress of this group here; realizing that while you had indeed, taken in many of the lessons, you had fallen far short of our hopes in your community outreach, as well as your own personal growth. We are both appreciative and somewhat amazed that this meeting here tonight developed such potential growth in so many areas. We are well pleased and know that you have indeed begun to move, through love, beyond where you sit on Sunday evenings, and that is , after all, what is to be hoped for. I want to thank you all once again for persevering, for opening your hearts and reaching out to each other and to your fellows.


I would ask before I close this evening that you consider yet one more small project, on-going, it is my hope. When you wake in the morning, and after you have spent time communing with the Father, I would ask you to consider recognizing the times during your day that you hear, if that is the correct term, guidance from your Indwelling Adjuster. You will all recognize this perhaps on different levels, yet when it happens, you are aware that you have received information, input, guidance, leading you to take a particular path. Please take note of these times. There will be times, understandably, when while you hear, you assert your human freewill, and will choose to ignore. Make note of that as well. And as the days go by, you will begin to recognize a third scenario, where you hear, ignore, and then choose again, and follow His leading. Make note of that as well. That is all I have to say this evening and will close, leaving you with my blessing and love, as always. Shalom.


                           * ALFONSO *


Greetings to you all, this is Alfonso. I would like to add a short lesson on a topic that is near and dear to our hearts, the stillness. Tonight we have heard a myriad of excellent ideas for furthering individuals spiritual growth and exhibiting unselfish service to those in your community. All ideas and concepts discussed were valuable and beneficial in many areas, and yet a more foundational practice cannot be found than that of a daily seeking of the stillness within. It seems to many as a simplistic and perhaps ineffectual practice, and yet let me tell you, that nothing can be further from the truth. For the riches of the kingdom, more valuable than anything else on this planet, or in the universe, can be found in a daily communion with God, resident within. It is from this fulcrum that your brothers and sisters will occur. For in each of these activities, the connection, your connection individually, with the Father within, will make everything else a natural outworking os a spiritual path. So don't neglect to spend time daily seeking the stillness in meditative contemplation. You cannot spend your time more wisely. I thank you for your attention and I appreciate your efforts furthering the Father's will. Shalom.


                                    * * *


POCATELLO, ID - It is a pleasure to share with you some of the transmitted words from the Pocatello Group. They have been good enough to share their transcripts with me from the beginning. This group is a wonderful example of the growth that develops within a group that steadfastly works to understand and apply the lessons they are being taught by their group teachers, Daniel and Tomas, and their individual teachers.


August 25, 1995


                              * TOMAS *


Good evening you who constitute this young assemblage of students of truth, beauty and goodness, I am Tomas. I greet you this evening coupled with Daniel who stands steadfastly beside us. We come again to this format of assimilating higher concepts that you may then disperse your wisdom into your environment affecting your planetary arena with good energy and fellowship.


An example of the harmony and diversity of personality is the week you have enjoyed since partaking of the energies inherent in a congregation of believers such as was witnessed and felt by all last weekend in woods Cross, as well as throughout your land on subsequent occasions in celebrations of the natal anniversary of our Creator, Christ Michael. Some of the goodness which you have enjoyed this week is a direct result of the increased adoration and the acclaim sent up from your earnest and eager souls. As more and more human beings begin to tap into the reality which you are beginning to develop and believe in more and more, will these elations take hold and become the norm. This is evolution in action: and your endeavors and steadfast interest in our work together enables you to hold firm in your faith sufficiently that you are not toppled at the vagaries of your existence but rather find strength and sustenance in your fellow believers.


As you are all aware religionists need one another to foster that recognition of the divine in the reflection of one to the other. The acknowledgement of the Indwelling Host is that which gives your reality its fervor and it seeks to express itself. Thus social situations come into being and as I indicated in our lesson recently we would begin now to delve into those social aspects of personality expression which constitute the gifts of one who has acknowledged their sonship and daughterdom and who have found intellectual satisfaction and emotional peace. Yes, I present this description to you in faith that you have contained within your various consciousnesses that which can be called to deliver our unified personality as a socially fragrant child of the living God.


As we pursue the outreaching efforts it is perhaps wise for me to address what to guard against; and uppermost is a sense of spiritual superiority stemming from your status as students of the Teaching Mission and of the Urantia Book. although these phases of the fifth epochal revelation to mankind/womankind/humankind are revelatory in your awareness there are other truths, other poignancies, other religious experiences which are valid in the lives of all believers. These words that I convey in caution are but a brief paragraph and yet the lesson behind my words is important and may take some time for some of you to understand fully. The attitude of religious ego is common in all people of faith.


Always in believers is there a shard of prejudice and preference for that individual's comprehension of truth, beauty and goodness. When you blessed new apostles seek to spew forth those words and attitudes which bespeak a being who is becoming perfect, and through the auspices of such a grave, onerous and awesome tome as the Urantia Book, is there cause for deep reflection. Even so in your journey into your arena, which is the work of your realm, you will be confronted with those Mystery Monitors of our Father which will enlighten you as you pass by in your efforts to enlighten others. Thus social fragrance is spread and made more. In this way the love of our Creator is able to infiltrate those social situations which give rise to the food which you are all fattened upon today as a result of your inner actions with our comrades in faith, in certainly, your theology. But this journey into the fields relieves you of your potentially hazardous egoistic approach and puts you shoulder to shoulder with other believers of other doctrines and dimensions.


Having now made note of that caution let us array ourselves in fresh rainment and venture forth into the arena in anticipation of the exchanges which will result from our acknowledged need for contact with other human beings who also believe. For not only is your work among the nonbeliever but the acknowledged and professed religionist as well. It is suggested that as you give off those patterns which instill a reaction, which prompt contact others will be drawn to you. When you are also drawn to bring out the best in your fellows you may brush with their reality so gently and fragrantly you are then not considered a threat or a challenge but an individual with whom they can feel relative peace and lack of judgement. Now you have opened the door for further discourse, further expression of love and deeper manifestation of truth, beauty and goodness.


The social arena as you have seen it on Urantia has been a necessary facet of the valid pleasure seeking aspects of mortal existence. It has yet to see its full fruition and torch bearers are, again, needed to set the tone, to establish the lighting, to harmonize the props, figuratively speaking, that will create a spiritual ambiance that will invite the participants to a spiritual dance. Many sensitive mortals have sought to forgo the social arena because of the 'plastic' aspects of modern day socialization. But we encourage you rather to take your strength of character and your grace into any environment which you feel led by the Spirit to embrace or investigate.


You are indeed new apostles. You are workers in the field. You are the ambassadors of Michael's Kingdom. It si my hope that in future sessions we shall have opportunity to visit again with the Morontia Companions who are specifically gifted in their experience of socializing their beliefs in a way that transcends written words and sets it in a level of perception which any seeker would feel at home in.


My comrade is on line and it is good for this configuration to work again with his configuration of_________'s words and energies which is a stepway of Faith. I have missed you, ________, and am glad you are regained in strength. And now I seek the words also of teacher Daniel."


                              * DANIEL *


Greetings. It is always our happiness to be with you on these evenings as you join not only in your desire to become knowledgeable, your desire to be so encouraged and your desire to know the Father, but also in your camaraderie together, your human support system in this time of uncertainty. My dear friends, Tomas' words are filled with many aspects that can and will produce not only character growth but in bringing forth character growth one is able to raise their total understanding another notch in regard to who and what they are.


It is within your mindset now and your intellectual understanding of your humanship with the First Source and Center. It is a process that takes time and continual encouragement to bring forth that which is intellectually understood into the framework of producing, into the framework of truly being or living. In this regard you are all knowledgeable that the First Source and Center is the uniting force for all, that you truly are a part of a grand family, a family that will increase manyfold as the time progresses into the future.



Comprehension of such an idea is most difficult for time/space beings for it is even hard for you to imagine the population map of your own country, let alone that of this planet, let alone that of all the universes. It is a concept that magnification tends to confuse, tends to bring you into a mindset of, 'yes, I understand but cannot completely comprehend.' It  is, therefor, exceedingly important that you begin with your own self in your own understanding of this connection, your sonship, your daughtership with the First Source and Center and brotherhood/sisterhood to one another. As you grow into the aspect of pure intellect to the integration of eternal knowingness your actions will become more in line in your treatment of one another, in your treatment of yourself. And so while you have taken that intellectual step and while you are now in the process of complete internalization there will be times when the automatic reflex of your being will speak to that nature of oneness, of unity. Happy and joyous will you be. Glad of heart will you feel. For it is, indeed, that feeling exactly when you reached beyond the fetters of the material into a morontial concept.


And while your life goes on you will be on the roly-coaster of dipping in and out, riding up and down in this concept. It cannot be always on one plane for it is rare that material natures are able to completely turn over to spirit at all times. Planets that are in evolution grow step by step, process by process. It is our great joy as we witness our abilities to reach those higher plateaus, those times when without thought, without contemplative thinking you react and you walk in the spirit, knowledge, understanding and wisdom of this aspect of knowing what it is to be a son or daughter of the First Source and Center.


As your desire to maintain and further reach and stretch for morontial understanding, so, too, will your lives reflect this aspect. It can be no other way. Good begets good. Those who daily work to understand and know the Father's will for them slowly begin to understand. You are all doing that, my friends. Tomas and I delight as you move into these higher avenues of thought and action.

[Included in a discussion about the word religionist are these words of Daniel-Ed]


Q: ...when I read in the Urantia Book, 'religionist,' is that meant to be a statement about one who perceives that it is all over and done with, as some us use the term 'Pharisee?'


It is not implied as such. You see the First Source and Center is not over and done with. The Supreme is still evolving and once you have reached your state of Spirit then there is the next step of looking into the absonite. And so you see it can never be truly complete. 'Religionist' as defined by the Urantia Book should mean all those who have a set of understandings that demonstrate that the First Source and Center is the living God of all, that the First Source and Center is continually creating through each and every one. It is only through one's experiences and understandings that the words become set. As the concept of the First Source and Center becomes greatly amplified, understood by the peoples of Urantia and as each person is able to have their own belief, yet in a unifying concept of the First Source and Center and the brotherhood and sisterhood, then will the term, 'religionist' not signify this set of people believing this way with certain ceremonies and certain books and certain guidelines and this set, etc. But it will encompass all. It is to this end and to this broader meaning that the term 'religionist' is infused in the Urantia Book. Its that more rounded for you?


At this state of your evolution the word 'religionist' does connotate a limitedness. But you see in terms of the Urantia Book and its prospect for future evolution, the word 'religionist' maintains an openness and unity for all seekers and those on that pathway to understanding the First Source and Center as the creator of all and the understanding that you are all brothers and sisters; and the understanding of love and forgiveness; and the understanding of ascension. It is a book that is not meant to be the only aspect and it is not meant to be like some would use the Bible to be spoken of literally. But rather it is to be used as that guideline to help you as you grow personally and as your planet grows collectively in evolutionary processes.


And so your decision to not use that term is quite alright. It is not a necessary term to use. What is hoped is that by this conversation you have gleaned an understanding that this work is in the process of evolving as well.


                              * TOMAS *


I would add one more word to acknowledge that I, myself, am a religionist inasmuch as I reflect upon my religious life and how it seemingly reflects on the lives of other. It is not in competition with my faith. But it is reflective, you see.


                             * DANIEL *


Go this week and contemplate in those still moments what does it truly mean to have this honor of being so creted by our loving Father:  What does this honor ask me to be?  How is it that I must react to my fellow voyagers?  Howis it that I am to view those who I see, those who I know not of?  These are but a fraction of the questions that you can delve into.  Each time you are able to answer one question the reality of that truth of your sonship and daughtership beomes more and more manifested in your life and in your workings.  Go now in peach knowing an Loving one another.  Tomas and I give ou our love.  Good Evening.


                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - The following are some of the transcripts that Rebecca Bynum has been good enough to share with us.


August 20, 1995


                            * OLFANA *


Greetings, children, you are not alone in your struggles and in your trials of life. You are empowered with enhanced perception to know our Master is within and beside you always without a break in his unfailing connection to you. And you shall have the power to seek him and find him whenever the urge for communion rises within your souls. You are indeed a blessed world and people, and now is come time for you to show and to demonstrate your faithfulness to him. All your futures are hinging upon your faith connection as it is today. And so, you are reaching the spiritual threshold when the reality of your hope is becoming the truth of your faith, where realities substance overcomes the partiality of incomplete adjustment of faith, where faith is real and dreams are realized. I am Oflana and I have come to be a part of your evening together celebrating the human birth of our Creator.


                            * NORSON *


Greetings, I am Norson and I wish it to be tonight that you recommit yourselves to the epochal revelation of truth of which you are an integral part. Yes, it has been given into your hands and shall ever after remain in human hands -- the task of bringing light, truth, tolerance, rational mindedness, and wisdom to the world. I understand that you have a desire for revelatory miracles and also a desire to want this burden lifted from you through supernal agencies. I am telling you the truth that this revelation will not come in spectacle or in great demonstrations of the seeming miraculous. No. You have enlisted in humility and you will carry forward in the same humility. You will be the demonstration that none are preferred in the kingdom, that all the Father's children are equally loved and cherished. Expect not to have the way cleared by miracles. This is a gross mistake.


I have told you in the past the way would open that the Urantia Book is safe to spread to all the world and so it is. You must show forth the fruits of the spirit in a natural and gradual way. You must give ample proof that the way to righteousness is faith. You must daily live the gospel of Jesus, O Michael of Nebadon, as it is set forth plainly in the Urantia Book. Then, each one will be summoned to their calling, their work, and each one will separately and together in working collaborations effect gradual change. I tell you this for the purpose of calming your minds. Some have unreasonable expectations which have been reinforced by the very communications by which we seek to reveal the truth. Again I say that this is the time period for correction and these corrections will come about gradually and in a natural way. Some of you are doomed to disappointment, for you are experiencing the transforming effects of spiritual growth rapidly, and you will find your unrealistic expectations that the world as a whole will be transformed so quickly will not occur. You will repeatedly come up against the buttress of frank reality as you attempt to spread this gospel and this is part of your training individually as well as the work of the kingdom as a whole.


The churches, your political institutions, your social structure -- all these have within them a brake which prevents over rapid developments. As you look back on history, you view wide and long areas of time compressed and so changes appear to be rapid. I assure you they are not so rapid. The fifth epochal revelation will require hundreds of years to become well established on Urantia. You are like those who preceded you during the advent of the fourth epochal revelation. Jesus's immediate associates had hardship and tasted bitter disappointments during their lifetime and yet they can now view Urantia with satisfaction that their efforts bore fruit over the years. And so, now in your life time they are about to bear fruit again. The teachings of our Master will be revived and given life, brought forth from the moribund tomb in which they are now held.


You are about to begin this task. And so, it is a time for serious self-contemplation. It is a time when your resolve will be tested and strengthened or tested and broken.


                            * RAYSON *


Greetings, I am Rayson and I am bidding you good evening. Responding to a call for action is always difficult and sometimes disconcerting for you are all settled in your lives and you all have security and at least some measure of satisfaction in your work. There is a reason that your teachers are working so closely together with you and one of these reasons is to help you incorporate your work with the greater work of spreading the kingdom, the truth. Each of your teachers has experience with the work that you are doing or will be asked to do. All teachers have your long-range futures in mind, so do not feel disappointed if your hopes are dashed in the short run. In time, you will be asked to work together, in groups, for the advancement of the kingdom and this will test you in many ways of which you are only dimly familiar with at this time. That is all.


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


Hello, children. Light of the spirit is true and is Truth. You are now starting to see a small chink in the wall where light is streaming in and I tell you that to reach the light you must be ever drawn toward it. I will never fail in holding you into this light once you have given me this authority. As the Son is one with the Father, I will guide your steps toward righteousness. I have asked again that you should follow me and I again make a promise that if your will is freely given I will lead you to all righteousness in fulfillment of my promise to the Father. You have only a limited understanding of who I am. I was once a man and now I am not a man any longer. Do not misunderstand the power that I hold.


Q: All your futures are hinging on your faith connection as it is today, what does that mean?


                            * NORSON *


Child, I meant nothing that should trouble you. Only that you should attempt to make a strong connection to our Father, our Master, our friend. Always the future hinges or is dependent on the present and so when you contemplate the future, think also of the present and your faith connections with God.


Q: When Rebecca transmits you (Ham) and the other teachers I expect that you are personally present. When she transmits Michael, I do not expect him to be personally present. Can you explain the technique by which Michael's messages are transmitted?


                                * HAM *


Yes. They are transmitted over the circuits to midwayers who then transmit through Rebecca.


Q: Is it like a recording, or is it a live message.


A live message. 

                                    * * *


August 27, 1995

                                * HAM *


Greetings, everyone, I am Ham and again I thank you for coming today. We have always a time that we shall share together our understandings about time and space, mortal life, and then there is time for us to share with you our experience as morontial beings which transcend your limitations and can aid you in understanding the bigger world. This essential awareness gradually increases in your lives so that you can also have the advantage of a wider view of reality and can share this with others.


It is important to view this greater world as existing concurrently with your everyday time-bound existence. Your earthly religions tend to view the wider scope of reality as being individually future that the heavenly morontial worlds are waiting for you at your death, and in the meantime this world of Urantia is isolated and separated from this future state, also that the heavenly reign will only come at some future time inaugurated through the second coming. Both these views place the heavenly realm in the future, both individually and collectively.


Our Master said, the kingdom of heaven is at hand, meaning that it is here, present, now. The kingdom of heaven will be realized on earth through its establishment in the hearts and minds of the people.


You who have a broader knowledge due to contact with morontia beings understand that the establishment of the reign of love occurs individually first and then collectively second. A time will come when love will reign in the hearts and minds of all your people. There will be great comfort and solace in the establishment of your planet among the worlds of Satania who have been and are being rehabilitated. There will be much solace in the knowledge of God's rule in the space and time realm when it is known that Urantia is not alone in the Universe. There will be much comfort in the teachings which will bring all human beings together and will prepare them for universe administration of your world.


You should not fear the words of truth, you should not fear your rejection, nor the rejection of the truth. You will be empowered with strong words, for the truth is the strongest thing on earth or in the universe. And as you are so armed with truth, and you are secure in the justice of God's mercy, then there will be nothing which you cannot overcome, no obstacle will deter you from your goal.


You will all be included in this effort, none will be left behind. And so I say to you, hold fast to the truth, don't dilute it for fear of reprisal or rejection, for the world will ultimately take great comfort in the knowledge you will bring.


Today is a wondrous day, for today you will be baptized in the truth. You will be immersed in the truth, and so transformed by the truth. Truth will ever be a possession, something you can never be deprived of, something you will carry in your hearts throughout your universe careers. And these truths are simply these, that you individually are the children of God. This is the most precious truth. from this truth grows the second truth, that you are all family, and not only family to your brothers and sisters of the flesh, but also to your brethren in the morontial and spiritual states. We are children of God. A third truth, growing from the second is that the universe is a loving place, a friendly place, the place where you belong. And fourthly, is the truth that your lives individually have a purpose in the great cosmos.


The truth is powerful, and it will carry you far in this life if you embrace it wholeheartedly, completely. This truth levels all the world, it raises the humble, the poor, the meek, and brings low the arrogant, the prideful, and the sinful. Once you grasp the great truth that our Father loves us all, equally, then there is no place for human fear and cruelty. Yes, this truth has the power to transform the world and it will do so.


Q: Can you define the kingdom of heaven, is it more than just love in our hearts?


Yes, I use this term to mean several things. First is the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of believers, this is one level where God's will can prevail. Another way I use it designates the planetary government under Melchizedek, which is a collective movement towards the Father's reign of love. The third way I use it is meaning the entire universal administration, all the hosts of heaven, all the worlds, all the beings. In other words, the greater reality of universal life. So I understand that sometimes there is confusion as to my meaning. Is this helpful?


Q: What is meant by the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of believers? Can you define that more?


Yes, it is consisting of two phases. One consists of acceptance, accepting your sonship or daughtership s the case may be. Accepting your father into your heart as reality. The second phase is the search for God, by the same accepting mortal. Once he understands his sonship, then his search for the Father's truth, goodness, and beauty begins and a part of this search includes the recognition of one's brotherhood and sisterhood in the human family. This second active phase can be called the will of God, the seeking and the doing of his will.


Q: Can we say that the second phase is creative, that it results in the creation of new truth, beauty and goodness as the individual mortal seeks to find God?


Yes, you perceive it correctly.


Q: Is it accurate to say that the larger sense of the kingdom of God is the evolving of the supreme and all that it encompasses?


Yes, during your lifetimes, these acts and efforts are contributing to the growth of the God of time and space. And certainly it is sufficient for our purposes of understanding, yes.


Q: To love our fellow man is an idealistic accomplishment, are there any guidelines you can give us so that we can actually achieve that?


Yes, of course there are many guidelines. And I have endeavored to present a number of them for you over time. The first guideline is the new commandment, do unto others as you would think Jesus himself would do, that is love them as you can best perceive the master's love for them. This is the most helpful.


                                 * * * * *




Those of us in Fayetteville experienced the power of combined prayer. At this time, I would like to request your special prayers for Charles Schiff, whom many of you will remember from the Spokane Gathering. Charles has been suffering with the cancer he has been fighting for sometime now and yet he still works to do his newsletter, "THOUGHTS !" Charles is one whom many of us love dearly as he is a dear one, so full of love and willingness to do so much. Rayson is his Teacher and those who have experienced Rayson's healing energies know how strong they are. I would ask that as you pray for Charles' return to good health, you include a special prayer that Charles may be able to open up and receive the love, prayers and healing coming to him - that he might know how loved, precious and worthy he is in the sight of our Father, Michael, Nebadonia, Norson, Rayson, all the celestial beings and his own mortal brothers and sisters. Charles, we love you!!! We want you to stay here with us now!!! Know that you are held in our hearts and prayers.


                                 * * * * *




BOULDER, CO - Daniel Raphael has sent the following letter and message from his teacher, Mor-gan, to give us more information on Co-creative Teams. We would like to hear from any of you who may have more information or ideas about this from you or your teachers.


September 10, 1995


Dear TM95 Friends,


Well, I have finally returned from working in St. Louis after the Fayetteville Conference. The materials you asked for are enclosed. [See message below-Ed]


It appears that co-creative teams will be developing pretty much on their own, as did most original TM groups in the beginning. Once your group has made a commitment to develop a functioning co-creative team, numerous questions will arise. There are several ways to answer them: ask your Team Teacher, ask your personal Teacher, or call me.


You may be surprised to know that some advanced-thinking senior corporate executives and corporate governing bodies are now exploring co-creative processes. While I was in St. Louis I met a businessman who is a consultant in the US and Europe. He was very interested in what Mor-gan had shared with you in his letter to Byron, and what this second article says. He related that a few leaders of large national and global corporations have discovered the borders of human leadership past which further expansion is not possible without celestial assistance. They have learned that after the quick and easy profits of new markets are made, steady growth, stable profit margins, and long term corporate existence require corporate policies which are socially conscious and morally and ethically unimpeachable. That is where celestial Teachers come into play for the individual and for celestially guided co-creative teams.


Phase 1 of the TM teaches individuals how to co-create a personal life in concert and harmony with God and their mortal brothers and sister. Phase 2 of the TM is here to teach us in co-creative teams how to reconceive the social institutions we participate in whether that is the family, a team of employed, a board of directors, the schools our children attend, medical care or any other social institution. Begin by asking that first question, "What causes or engenders wholeness in individuals, families and communities?" This same question that must be answered by co-creative corporate boards of directors. Much of the material you develop, both for yourself and your family life, will be immediately useful.


In Light, Love and Wisdom,


Daniel Raphael


                              Article #2


Greetings Friends, this is Mor-gan. The message that follows is a continuation from the material that was started in the July 1995 issue of the T/R News Network. It would be best to have that article in mind as you read this as it provided a broad understanding of Phase 1 and 2 of the Teaching Mission. This article will deal with the conscious development of Phase 2 and the use of celestial-mortal co-creative teams. But first I would like to clear up a concern that developed since the last article.


Several organizations, such as A.R.E. and A.C.I.M., were mentioned in the last article as being useful to this second phase of the TM. Please know that although the study groups of those organizations are excellent resources for initiating co-creative teams, the organizations are not associated or affiliated with the Teaching Mission.


The previous article mentioned the prospect of "earth-changes," those cataclysmic events having to do with earth quakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis, severe weather changes, and potential meteoric impacts. There are at least two ways you can view earth changes: either with fear or with neutral expectation.


The Phase 1 of the TM taught you that fear is to be avoided and eliminated in your lives in order for you to move ahead successfully in your ascendant journey. Fear of earth-changes will paralyze your mind and prevent you from envisioning the kind of world and society you can co-creatively develop before they occur. Earth-changes do not equate as the end of the world and its total destruction, but will produce a world so changed that you cannot go back to doing "business as usual."


You have a choice of proceeding through earth-changes with either fear or hope. Fear and hope are like two bridges which will get you through earth-changes. The fear-based bridge is much like a single rope used to cross a yawning chasm during a storm. Using fear through earth-changes cataclysms will give you little to hang onto during those times, and return nothing to you afterwards. The hope-based bridge is strong and will carry individuals, families, and communities into the post earth-changes era. And at the end of that bridge you will carry the plans, outlines, and modes for living you co-creatively developed with us.


The proposals for co-creative teams that are described in this article offer a bridge of hope, and will help you focus your energies onto positive, constructive action and life, rather that fear, immobility and death. In the event that earth-changes are not as severe as expected, the plans, outlines and social models you develop in your co-creative teams will still generate wholeness, constructive lifestyles, and healthy communities to live in.


Phase Two of the Teaching Mission involved the conscious, mortal use of angels and celestial Teachers in organized, co-creative teams. Co-creative teams are a partnership that is fundamental to the reclamation of your planet, a development which will eventually deliver your societies and your whole world to the threshold of the Days of light and Life. Because you will participate in co-creative relationships for the rest of your ascendant careers, and long after you become finaliters, you can advance your ascendant career now by learning how to participate in co-creative teams while you are still a mortal.


The Urantia and Nebadon administrations have recently given the development of Phase Two a very high priority as it will be of greatest assistance to the conscious reorganization and reconstruction of Urantia after earth-changes. Without widespread understanding and initiation of co-creative teams before earth-changes occur, it is likely that many Urantial communities will simply revert to existing ways of organizing their societies, communities, and family life so that dysfunctional social processes continue to the new era. That would be most unfortunate and greatly delay the progress of the Correcting Time and the commencement of the Days of Light and Life.


A major goal of Phase 2 is to initiate as many co-creative teams as possible in all nations and communities before earth-changes develop further. A second major goal of Phase 2 is to create, develop and engender *wholeness in the lives, relationships and interactions of those in the team, and those affected by the results of the team, and to increase the productivity of their lives as individuals and the team itself. One of the ultimate goals of the Correcting Time is to develop functional co-creative teams in every organized association of two or more individuals in all of Urantia.


*Wholeness: A heightened state of balance of the human mortal aspects of spirit, mind, emotions, and body. The evolution of wholeness in these four areas for individuals, families and communities is evidence that the Correcting Time is working. When wholeness is typical of all communities and societies throughout your world, the inauguration of the Days of Light and Life will not be far away.


Participating celestial Teachers in co-creative teams provide guidance that is coordinated with other Teachers attached to other teams. This enables the work of all co-creative teams to be coordinated and complementary rather than divergent and at odds. In business settings this provides for co-creative, coordinated progress within a company, department, and/or a single unit, and for the good of the public, while allowing for the best aspects of competition within common industries.


Team Teachers will also enable mortals in the co-creative team to work in greater harmony with each other. Team members and whole teams will learn how to co-creatively work with each other as they co-creatively work with the celestial Teacher. An important result of the work of the celestial Teacher within the team is the development of a "community." That is, a team of individuals coming together under the guidance and tutelage of a celestial Teacher to develop a wholeness of spirit, mind, emotions, and body which is the context and content of any functional, satisfying community environment.


Use of Team Teachers offers mortals the opportunity to begin developing policies and procedures within organizations which surpass current moral and ethical levels attainable without their participation. No matter how moral, ethical, or unbiased and unprejudiced a mortal may strive to be, just being raised in a nation and culture using an evolutionary language inherently they contain within them silent and unseen biases and prejudices.


Celestial Teachers offer mortals an outside or universe perspective to any earthly culture, nation , or language group which is not available otherwise. Their participation within any organization, at any level, can help assure the development of principles, standards and policies which eventually will become common to all organizations no matter which nation, culture, or language base of origin.


Co-creative teams can be initiated in two settings:


1)In existing organized groups such s committees, boards, councils, associations, production teams, or any other organized group whether the group is religious, secular, recreational, commercial, industrial, financial, or social, from entry level to senior executive levels. The product or outcome from co-creative teams could include the development of corporate or organization policies which are consistent with the concepts and philosophies of individual, family, community, and public wholeness; a schedule of priorities to help prevent conflict with the interests of individual, family, community, and public wholeness; a schedule of business or organization priorities to help assure a "best interests" relationship with individuals, families, communities, and the public; a long term compatible relationship with the consumer/service public; and a stable , long term global corporate or organization existence.


If you want to introduce co-creative practices into groups which are not familiar with working with celestial beings, ask your personal Teacher or your TM group Teacher how to proceed. Your Teachers are an excellent source of advice and wisdom to guide your efforts to introduce and use co-creative practices in other groups of your personal life. Place your importance on the introduction of co-creative processes rather than proselytizing the Teaching Mission. Wait for questions from those who are not acquainted with celestial beings, and then introduce the idea slowly. Ask for angelic assistance for you and for the person who asked the question.


You may be wondering how you as one individual may have an influence in a group of people you currently work or socialize with. A co-creative team may begin with only you -- one person who may have to be silent but actively working co-creatively with their personal Teacher to develop conscious co-creative activities with their mortal partners.


Minimally, a co-creative team must have at least one person: Who either has a personal celestial Teacher assigned to them already or is willing to request a personal celestial Teacher; who is either an active TR or willing to learn to become a TR; who has a personal philosophy of life and living which is consistent with the development of wholeness in their personal life, as found in The Urantia Book for example; and who has declared their intent to directly aid the development of the Second Phase of the Teaching Mission.


When another person in your group desires to be a part of the co-creative team, it is time to request the assignment of a celestial Teacher who will work with the team as a whole and with the individuals of the team. This celestial Teacher then becomes the Team Teacher. Ask the Team Teacher for assistance in achieving individual and collective wholeness for the team, and for those affected by the results of the team. Then maintain regular contact with the Team teacher for insights, guidance, suggestions, and evaluation, etc. for achieving wholeness in the team and its goals.


2) Co-creative Teams are also effective in planning and proposal development in groups and study groups, such as in your Urantia Book Study group, or in your TM/TR groups. The product or outcome from these groups could be a series of related concepts in a conceptual model for the way you and your team would like to live in communities and families after earth-changes occur.


If your TM group decides to initiate a co-creative team, consult with your TM Teacher how best to proceed. Your Teacher can act as your Team Teacher and will be a very rich resource of wisdom for you to draw upon as you practice co-creative processes within your group.


The optimal team is one where all team members have consciously asked to work under the guidance of a Team Teacher; each person of the team has a personal Teacher assigned to them, or has requested the assignment of a personal Teacher; each person of the team is a fluent TR, or has volunteered to begin training to become a TR; TRs are able to alternate TRing the Team Teacher in the team sessions; the co-creative team uses the input of the Team Teacher at appropriate occasions during the team's sessions; each person uses their personal Teacher to aid the development of wholeness in their personal life and as a member and as a member of the team; each person practices "the silence" for approximately 15 minutes daily.


A typical co-creative team meeting of an "optimal team" may consist of the following agenda:


Convene (Agree to get started)




Quiet time/meditation (Individual work to become centered, grounded, balanced, and invite spiritual guidance for the team.


Begin work of the team:


Opening comments by the Team Teacher


Review of past work


Preview of new work


Team begins work; mortal members collaborate


When the team feels it has progressed, it will review the work with the Team Teacher. This may occur as a fluid and fluent dialogue where each member including celestial members maintain an ongoing dialogue without formalized invitations to speak. Or it may occur as a more formalized dialogue with members being addressed for questions and responses.


Team members exercise their abilities to "hear" and "see" what needs to be done via input from their personal Teacher and angels; feedback from Team Teacher.


Unfinished issues; conferral with the Team Teacher.


Closure by the team Teacher.


While talking with a friend, Daniel discovered An Example of An Existing Co-Creative Team.


SETTING: An elder-care facility in Denver, Colorado with four levels of provided care. Incoming residents, who wish to take advantage of angelic and celestial guidance, sign a living will and describe their spiritual orientations and spiritual needs.


CRITERIA FOR LIFE SUSTAINING SERVICES: 1. Is there something the resident is to learn in the remainder of their life: 2. Is there a service the resident can provide in the remainder of their life?


PROCESS: As the health of a resident deteriorates or improves from one care-level to another, the caseworker, who is a TR, and appropriate staff members confer in dialogue with the resident's Guardian Angel regarding the criteria. Life sustaining care is provided or withheld as appropriate in answer to the criteria.


EFFECTS: Incoming residents and their families are assured through this process that the fullness of the resident's life will be assured as long as their life has a purpose and their life is able to fulfill that purpose.


The dignity of life is sustained while there is purpose and capable mental, decision-making ability.


The dignity of death is accepted as the moral choice of a spiritual ascendant being when physical life is threatened, mental, decision-making functioning is absent, and no further purpose is served by their continued living.


The use of consultations in dialogue with the resident's Guardian Angel provides for an evolved appreciation of life and its expression, rather that the crude "sustain life at any cost" policy of most contemporary Urantian medical communities.


As you can see from this living example, above, a co-creative team can operate very simply even on an occasional basis, with clear intent and sincerity. This is only one example of thousands that the processes of co-creativity are more evident on Urantia. Many are occurring in what you might call unusual and unlikely places. In a recent visit to a large mid-west city Daniel discovered that senior executives of a brewing company were consciously using co-creative practices to improve executive functioning, employee-managerial relationships, and employee working conditions.


It does not matter what unusual and unlikely places mortals work or live, we make no distinction of people we seek to serve. We are here to interact consciously with as many mortals as possible, and on the unconscious level as well with those who have the desire and intent to work co-creatively with us. We have searched through the entire population of Urantia for every mortal who has the glow of spiritual light in their mind. Every mortal, with even the faintest flicker of spiritual light within them, even if they live in darkness around them, is now at this moment being guided toward greater spiritual enlightenment by a celestial Teacher or angel.


The importance is upon the individual who desires to live in the greater light of God, not how they earn their living, or where they work or who they work for, or where they live or the house they live in. We cast no bias on those who work in breweries, brothels or bell towers of cathedrals, but fan the faith and spirit-desire of everyone who has the faintest flicker of spiritual light. The choice of selection of who lives and grows in the light of God is not ours, but the individual.


We who have volunteered for the Teaching Mission participate in the greatest co-creative experiment in all of Nebadon, even Orvonton. For millions of other celestial Teachers and myself, I joyfully say that it is one of our greatest spiritual pleasures to teach you how to co-create the emancipation of Urantia from darkness and its entrance into the full, living light of God with the rest of the universe. You have only to declare your intent to Michael and God to be in full co-creative partnership with us, either individually or in your group settings.



Celestial teacher to Daniel Raphael


                                 * * * * *


                 OF SPECIAL INTEREST


NASHVILLE, TN - Rebecca Bynum sent  the following information for the newsletter about Hal Bynum and his new album "It's My Time."


                           HAL BYNUM


Hal Bynum is one of the hallmark songwriters of our generation. He began his career in 1954 with Terry Fell's recording of "I'm Hot To Trot." Soon other artists were recording Hal's material and by the time he moved to Nashville in 1968 to pursue songwriting as a career, he'd had over 50 songs recorded. By 1978, Hal had won or been nominated for every major award the music industry bestows on it's songwriters. Kenny Rogers recorded what would be the biggest world-wide country music hit to that time, "Lucille" (you picked a fine time to leave me), and Hal's reputation as a daringly original writer was made.


Over his four decade career, Hal has had over 200 songs recorded by major artists such as George Jones, Bill Munroe, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, Jim Reeves, Ray Price, Charlie Pride, Porter Wagoner, Merle Haggard, Tom Jones, Dione Warwick, Dianne Carrol, Patty Lovelace, Suzy Boggus and many others. He is also an accomplished writer of prose and is the author of a soon to be published book entitled It's All Done With Mirrors.


Hal's album "It's My Time" is a startling original work combining the best of his poetry, prose and music to create a spellbinding experience. Hal takes songwriting down to its core and in doing so changes our understanding of what a song is. His songs are personal and universal - the essence of art. This is an album which is destined to change not only how we look at music, but how we look at ourselves.


Rebecca says they are already getting a lot of radio play. At the time of her letter, they were off to Cincinnati to break it out up there. If you would like a CD, they will ship them individually for $12.50 + $2.50 for Shipping and Handling. Several of the TM people are helping them to promote the album in their areas. If you would like a copy and/or would like to offer your help, you can contact them.

                                 * * * * *

                        NEWS UPDATE


SALE!!! - For those of you who may not have received the latest newsletter from The Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book and The Urantia Book Concordance (both the book and disk versions) are being offered at a discount through the month of November. The small, soft cover editions of The Urantia Book are $16.00. The type is slightly smaller so the page numbering corresponds with the larger books. This is an ideal time to purchase books for gifts or to have some on hand for your study and TM groups.


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1996 TEACHING MISSION GATHERING - To date I am not aware of any response to the proposal for having the 1996 TM Gathering in Arizona. Does this suggest that there is no energy behind this proposal? That, perhaps, the lack of response suggests that we choose another location? I have heard quite a few suggestions that Mt. Sequoyah was an ideal setting for our gathering and that we might consider this again.


Time is rapidly passing and plans need to be made well ahead of time for next year's gathering. In lieu of this and the lack of anyone coming forward to propose an area and organizing a 1996 gathering, several of us in the Tallahassee group would like to put forward the proposal that we hold next year's TM gathering at Mt. Sequoyah again. To do so would greatly simplify the effort needed to organize such a gathering and cut down on the time deciding upon a location. All the rooms and services that we need are available at affordable rates and should many more attend, it would not be a problem. The people at Mt. Sequoyah were quite impressed with our group and would love to have us come again. This is not to imply that the Tallahassee group will be responsible for everything as before, but with a few of them volunteering to help and a few more volunteers including myself, this should be fairly easy to coordinate.


What are your thoughts? Let us hear from you. Now is the time to speak up. If your group has any proposals for next year, please let us hear from you before the end of November.


                                                                              * * * * *


                                                     PROSE, POETRY AND PRAYERS


VIAN, OK - "The Gathering of Angels" is by Leta McCreary that she had wanted to read at the Arkansas conference, but time did not permit us this rich treat.


                                                         THE GATHERING OF ANGELS


                                         Quickly they are coming, you know it's nearly time.

                                 There's no reason now to worry, everything will soon be fine.

                                       A promise made so long ago, A promise to be kept.

                                 It's a gathering of Angels, they have gathered while we slept.


                                     We cannot see this Host of Angels gathering in the sky.

                                    Yet we feel the brush of Angel wings as they go flying by.

                                  We hear their excited whispers, among the rustling leaves.

                                 We see the trail of Angel robes amongst the midnight trees.


                                          It's a gathering of Angels from near and from afar,

                                       For all God's many Galaxies, from every shining star.

                                         No wonder they're excited. Our Lord is on his way.

                                       He returns in all his Glory, He returns this time to stay.


-Leta McCreary


                                                                              * * * * *



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                             Allene Vick

It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. 

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