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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

September 1995 (Vol. 3, No.5)




We give great thanks to all who helped make the Network of the Heart Gathering in Arkansas last month such a wonderfully moving and joyous success - our Father, Michael, the Creative Mother Spirit, the Melchizedeks, the teachers, the angels, the other celestial beings and, of course, our brothers and sisters whose labors of love made this a reality.


Mount Sequoyah Methodist Retreat was an ideal location. It has 30 acres overlooking Fayetteville with buildings for meetings, lodging, a cafeteria serving plenty of good food, a bookstore, a swimming pool, tennis courts, an outdoor sanctuary, another 70 acres with trails for walking. We stayed in a group of small buildings around a common ground, which made it easy to meet and talk with one another. The grounds were lovely with flower gardens and small secluded areas to sit and talk. We need to give thanks to Michael Million for his suggestion of Fayetteville last year and to Cathy Folsom of Tallahassee who made a trip to Fayetteville and chose Mount Sequoyah for our gathering. For those of you who may not know, Michael Million is responsible for setting up the Urantial on Internet. Michael contacted me before the first newsletter was published to offer his services to anyone interested in getting on line. Those of you who use the Urantial can attest to the valuable service Michael Million has rendered to all of us.


Fred Harris did a magnificent job coordinating and facilitating the proceedings each morning until the end of each day. In Fred's usual offhand and unassuming way, he was quick to reply to words of appreciation that all he was doing was delegating. Well, if that is all he did, the word delegating now has entirely new meaning for all who attended!!! We thank you, Fred, for your willingness to give so much of yourself to this task, which you performed so beautifully and perfectly.


We give many thanks to the group in Tallahassee for taking on this task and doing such a fine job in handling all the many details. Thanks to Ron and Cathy Harrell, who handled the registration. Jay and Sandy Ross of Fayetteville were most helpful in sharing their knowledge of the area and running many errands.


Mark Austin brought his friend Brent Butcher to play with the group and a another friend was contracted to run the sound tapes. The complete conference was video taped.


Bob Slagle treated us to an excellent opening speech. Rebecca Bynum delivered a masterfully composed and extremely moving speech on Planetary Government. Duane Faw talked on the Future of the Teaching Mission drawing out comments from the group. What a way to start a gathering!


Tom Maringer, who coordinated the musical entertainment, did an outstanding job of giving us much to enjoy. We have a lot of talent in our midst - Tom and Peggy Maringer, Lily Fraser, Mark Austin, John Creger, Michael Palmer, Rick Giles and Michael Goodwin for starters. For a non-musician, it was a fascinating and joyful process to watch these folks come together, tune their instruments, decide on a song and then just do it with an ease and flare of individual talents that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The song they chose was "Knocking on Heaven's Door." I suspect we will always remember this song, and, perhaps, on the Mansion Worlds the Reversion Directors will play it back for us to recall the joy we all shared that evening.


John Creger, Susie Rowland, Leta McCreary, Michael Palmer, Jim Cleveland, Byron Belitsos, Bob Devine are some of those who inspired us by reading some of their poetry.


Several TRs transmitted the teachers. Two of the highlights that stand out in my mind were hearing from Paramahansa Yogananda transmitted by Euguenia Bryan and Lester transmitted by Karen Roberts. It was interesting to learn that Yogananda is working with the teaching mission and can be contacted by any who are interested in talking with him. He tells us he was aware of Michael and the Melchizedeks during his life time. Those who may not be familiar with Yogananda, he wrote The Autobiography of a Yoga. It was his mission in life to bring an understanding of Eastern concepts to the West. In reading several of his books, I have always been struck with the descriptions of his relationship with God. They are the most beautiful descriptions of the relationship between God and a mortal I have been privileged to read. Always they have been an inspiration to me as to what is possible here and now.


If I may digress a moment, I would like to share with you something I found quite amusing. During Duane Faw's talk on the Future of the Teaching Mission, I mentioned that in the Sarasota group we were told that we were being taught to become apostles. At that time, it seemed like a far distant time when I might even begin to think of myself as an apostle, but could now see that we are being trained to become apostles. The next day when Yogananda was speaking to us, he mentioned my stumbling over the word apostles and said that we were in training or training to become masters. MASTERS! If Yogananda thought I was stumbling over the word apostles, you might imagine my reaction to the word master!


Lester is our youngest teacher - a mere baby, if you will, only 700 years old,who describes himself while on his planet as a "party animal," who loved to dance. As I understand it, Lester asked to be a part of the teaching mission to answer curiosity questions and his request was granted. It was interesting to note that the questions he was asked were not the same as the wilder curiosity questions posed to the teachers earlier in the teaching mission groups. Lester insisted that we all get up and move to the music and afterwards answered questions from the group until there were no more questions. I suppose we were all satiated as the group had no more questions at that time.


An interesting thing happened on Saturday morning. Fred came to me and said that there was a man, who was not part of our group, but was in a great deal of distress. I found a couple of people to talk with him. It seems he was a cardiologist and was required to do surgery in a couple of hours on a man who had several years ago raped two young girls living next door to him killing one and leaving the other in critical condition. He was visibly and understandably upset. He found himself in the throes of a dilemma as he felt the man who did this should die and felt he had the power himself to bring justice upon the man on the operating table. Fred invited him to come in front of the group which he did to explain his situation. We spent some moments in silent prayer and afterwards for a few moments many gathered around him to give him comfort and courage to do his job as a surgeon and not take justice in his own hands. We told him that at 11:00 a.m. when he was set for surgery, we would stop and silently pray for him as a group, which we did.


Later that afternoon, he returned much calmer and told us that the surgery had gone well. Again different ones administered to him and shared that our concern was for his making the right spiritual decision. He returned for part of the evening and it turned out that Sarah, one of the group knew him previously.


Later that evening, Sarah came to the group and said that another little girl needed a heart that night and asked that we as a group join hands in prayer that a heart could be found for the little girl, which we did. In so doing, it was noticed that the circle was in the shape of a heart.


The next morning Sarah and the doctor returned to tell us that a heart had been secured for the little girl. Sarah informed the group that she would assist in the surgery and they were going to be married.


Since then, it seems that there are many other unknown parts of the story that may forever remain a mystery, but the symbolism of a cardiologist and the need for a heart appearing at the Network of the Heart remains as does the experience we individually and as a group have of the event.


Gennie George's comedy routine must have been enjoyed by the Reversion Directors as we all laughed and thoroughly enjoyed her routine.


On Sunday, as we were all sharing our thoughts and poetry, John Creger asked that we take a few moments of silent prayer to ask that there might be more ethnic and cultural variety in our group and that Harry Wu, who was his friend and trying to do so much for the Chinese people, be released. This we did.


The name, Network of the Heart, must have been divinely inspired as this is what it was - a group of about a 100 people coming together to network and to share from the heart. A couple of days before the gathering, I was told by Machiventa that all those who sincerely desired and were committed would be uplifted. In sharing this at the gathering, I was told by others that they felt the change and/or were given a similar type of message. There was a genuine heart connection that encircuited everyone making the bonds between us even stronger. There was time for all to share in a flexible and fluid environment where all flowed seemingly effortlessly in a well organized manner.


What impressed me  most was the spiritual maturity that has taken place since our first gathering in Spokane last year. The fruits of another year of working with our celestial teachers and our efforts to apply their teachings in our daily lives is clearly visible. I am most grateful that I found the Teaching Mission at the same time that I started to seriously study The Urantia Book. I wanted to learn to live what I knew and after seeing the group last year and this year, I firmly believe that without the celestial teachers, I might be studying The Urantia Book, but I would not have been much further along than having gained a little more intellectual understanding. It is impressive to say the least to talk to other TM'ers and learn of their experiences and the ways they are reaching out to use their talents to be of service - to live what they are learning. Truly, we are now moving from knowing to being what we know. Now I think we can truly understand why the teachers are so pleased with our progress.


It is a difficult task to try to share with those who were not present the special feeling of love and trust that was present bonding us with all our diversity into a true brotherhood of individuals uniting our efforts and talents to worship the Fatherhood of God. It was a special occasion indeed - far more than we knew! The following excerpts from a small late night session on Saturday convey it best.


Norsen: ...I am not here for long either to speak. I am here to watch all of it. I merely wanted to address my presence and tell you tonight is a very special night on your world. I cannot tell you what that specialness, exactly is about...


Q: We think you are teasing us.


Norsen: No, please... but there may be others who can, with this prompting, come up with some clues, hints.


Susan: Is this celestial jeopardy? (Much laughter for we were all in a fun loving, joyful mood.


Norsen: No, and I'm not going to turn the cards over or have you guess my occupation (laughter) but I would merely say that I am exercising my prerogative as an instructor to allow my students of the celestial side to perform their roles with greater scope than they may particularly even wish to, much as you yourselves have difficulty with such information.


Passing the buck you may think? -- not really. We often discuss these matters weeks in advance, if not centuries. So rest assured, nothing will be revealed before it's time. Where have you heard that before?



But it is a special night on your planet. I think you will feel that and know it in some deeper place in yourselves. Surely if it were only the mere fact of your being together in the way you have, this would be a special night on your world, but I speak of broader implications and frankly would not tax this T/R further, for he's a little sick of being out on point so often. But he loves me, I know, the way that I appreciate, for it is difficult for you all to be in a relationship with beings that cannot as yet be seen to you, though we are in such close proximity and your awareness of us has only grown over time. I've spoken many times of this difficulty, but I would more focus upon the abundance of faith, companionship, trust, love and friendship, which you all may develop amongst yourselves as you have with us as well, your unseen teachers and compatriots in this great cause.


So again I have given many words to a very simple, but prime and primal connection which you all may know and probably, in fact, do better than you realize. It is not idle fluff when we speak of our appreciation of you or the care and concern. It is a very touching ... essence... the words fail, which is your trust and faith and connection with us.


The power of your hearts, your growing spirits, is more than you will realize for many a century. Do not be deceived in thinking that you are unimportant people. Your importance is in what you give. And I say this because I know that you know quite well that you are no more special than anyone else in creation. The paradox is no paradox. Faith and trust and loyalty will ever be rewarded. You know this. Father knows this. Your Mother and Great Son bask in this. Do so yourselves. Take it seriously with gratitude. It is a gift you have given yourselves as well as your Father and I am greatened by it.


Now we'll go to the final jeopardy round wherein you both must write the question and find the answer. I love you all and we'll be talking again.


Unidentified:  This day you saved the life of three individuals. Your caring and sharing with a fellow brother in need has saved him from a life of misery. It has saved the life of the man whom he operated on. That is two.


The special import of of what you all did today, -- you unified your wills in supplication with the Father, for the mercy of another. Unified prayer and worship is a powerful force. The variety of you all is magnificent that have all been assemble here through hardships of getting here to not knowing why you're here, to discovering why you're here. What a realization for mortals to make.


This is astounding to all watchers. You could not fathom the number of watchers. We have been treated to the unification of the wills of mortals which had the purpose of their Master. What the creature wills and the Father will, is. There 's your third life.


You have a power. You have the power to transform your world. This is the special thing that you are experiencing. This is what you are feeling. This force can change the world very quickly. It is the force of God's love that you each are showing through yourselves to the world. There is not really a facet of society within your reach that is not represented by the experiences of one or more of you. Think about this please. Digest this. We will not give you more right now on this subject. We are quite proud. We love you very much. I will not identify.


Angelina: Hello. My name is Angelina. I serve as personal guide for Michelle and I have appreciated the opportunity to do this service. I waited a long time to come meet with one and work with one of you chosen few and I'm referring to all of the people right now in this specific mission, the Teaching Mission.


It was brought up earlier that you share a common theme with which you may not have become aware at this time and as you, each and every one, allow every part of your being to emerge and share all of yourself with each other, your promises, your commitments will begin, I believe, to look very familiar. We appreciate your willingness, your energy, your dedicated loyalty to the theme ingrained in you all, the love, the deep love you always knew was there, you always knew you'd find. Please give yourselves the credit that you deserve for never giving up, for being strong, for staying true to your Father and we welcome you and really enjoy being with you as the plan plays out.


You are so very, very beautiful children. You are so very, very loyal. Don't you see, we cannot help but love you all the way through, every part of you. Thank you for allowing us this.


Michele: I'd like to ask a question. It seems to me like we heard from several different celestial teachers and we got a piece from each one of them of a fabric that's being woven and that maybe has arrived at completion on a multi-level. But we really can't put it into words yet. Can you put it into words for us?


Gavalia (Brilliant Evening Star): This relevance pertains to certain factors of administration settling, -- spiritual administration of planetary connection -- in conjunction with the headquarters sphere of your local universe. The relevance pertains to circuitry establishment and an institution of modification of affairs for the time being as to the location of certain activities. It has been announced on different levels from different groups, here and in their hometowns, that Michael, our Creator Son, has established personal residency on Urantia. This holds serious import -- more so than an archangels headquarters, if you know what I mean.


(Laughter and acknowledgement.)


Please, do not confuse this at this present time with a material manifestation. This is also important.




Michelle: Is it that Michael has manifested through our united effort?


Gavalia: The institution of these modifications, in no small measure, is due to the enablement we foresee, possible because of certain efforts provided by certain mortals on your planet and this pertains to the mission that you are a part of and, as well, the recognition of our presence by certain other members of certain other reserve corps.


Kathy: Ahhh, I've been wondering about them. Those individuals who we haven't yet seen that we know are aware somehow. We don't know who they are. Human individuals. There are some, huh?


Gavalia: Yes, there are recognizing individuals in capacities which are not completely of a spiritual nature -- social, political, and economic.

Kathy: So is it that this is maybe a special night because some of them are going to be moved into action? Because I know reserve corpists don't even know they're reserve corpists until they're called upon to act.


Gavalia: No, do not confuse this with an imminent activity. Really, the importance of this recent time is due to spiritual establishment. The mortal activity merely signified possibility, which prompted the Sovereign Son to act.


David: Is it a correct interpretation then to say that Michael is present on the planet in a spiritual form right this moment.


Gavalia: That is correct.


Kathy: Is that why we can sometimes see him ourselves?


Gavalia: Not necessarily, although the arrival of his attaché created considerable energy and this was the most recent of your recognitions.


Allene: Do any of the recent events you were just talking about coincide with the events that I understand took place several days before the conference that would uplift all those of a sincere desire?


Gavalia: Good friend, this is certainly true that there have been, over a period of seven days -- Jerusem time -- pulsations created in establishing the circuitry. There have been three series of arrivals of personalities of varied capacity and as stated before, the enablement in no small part due to forward seeking mortals and their efforts.


Daniel: Is this kind of like the mortal direct line to God?


Gavalia: No, you have that in you. That is the place to continue your effort.




David: I wonder, with an event of this magnitude... The best way I can put it is, I guess we must have made the evening news over the whole universe?




Gavalia: The Superuniverse.


Several whoa's!!!


Gavalia: Recognize... recognize please, that the importance of this should not be diminished by overmuch speculation, conjecture. It should be related for people to see, but at  the same time, you as people must continue a clear path of personal awareness, which will develop your service capabilities on the manifold level, affecting society. So stay centered, balanced, and recognize the occurrence as having more importance in the short term on the spiritual side, the spiritual administration, and be aware of possible long term consequences. And the time frame we speak in is completely at our discretion.


Michele: I have the distinct feeling that you're waiting for us to calm down and really become effective as part of the mission and get past our initial excitement phase and involvement and that this is finally coming around?


Gavalia: Your awareness is correct for the large part. The initial years of this mission were simply to make you comfortable, yet still holding a certain level of antsy-ness, not sheltering comfort. At this time we are pleased to see that you can take it so lightly.


And if you don't think that this weekend was a test with our humor, and our lightheartedness, then you're missing the point. The effort to talk as chums was an experiment.        




David: What was learned?


Gavalia: On various levels this experience has been integrating. I saw personally uneasiness with such lightheartedness in some, joy in others. The general response was in kind, the same chumminess that we expected.




Sharon: Why is this important? The levity, the lightness.


Gavalia: More to establish a working relationship with teams of personalities on a level that can, at one moment be very light, and with the clicking of a finger, turn to seriousness at a level that can impart profound wisdom.


Transcript continues.  Well, what can one say after that???


It was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones. We missed those that were unable to come and hope that next year all will be able to come.


It seems the suggestion of meeting next year in Flagstaff, Arizona after the International Conference of the Fellowship was universally accepted without discussion as if it was simply the stating of a fact. If there is anyone who is familiar with that area and would like to suggest a location, we'd love to hear from you. We need to begin thinking about next year and who would be willing to organize a gathering. Bob Devine and Rick Giles of the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene groups and Fred Harris of the Tallahassee group  have valuable suggestions for planning to make this task easier.


JoiLin Veisz in Tallahassee is busy preparing transcripts from the Network of the Heart gathering to send to those who attended. We thank you Joi-Lin for your work in making the transcripts available for us. Those of us who have transcribed lessons know the work involved to do this. If any of you have tapes or transcripts from any private sessions, please contact Joi-Lin so this information can be included in the booklet being prepared. Copies will be sent to all participants. If you did not attend, but would like a copy, please contact Joi-Lin Veisz.


This is not a typical T/R NN newsletter. I wanted to share news of the Fayetteville gathering with those who were not able to attend. In setting out to do the newsletter on a monthly basis again, I sorted through all the mail by month that I have received since the Spokane Gathering. I am embarrassed and overwhelmed at present to discover how behind I am in answering your correspondence, sharing your contributions for the newsletter and thanking you for your financial contributions, which I haven't even gotten around to depositing yet. Please know that all of these are very much appreciated. My life since the Spokane Gathering has been full of change, uncertainties and challenges. Still ahead of me is the task of finding a new home in Virginia, moving again, closing out my cousin's estate and visiting my father in Cincinnati. However, I hope that after this month, things will settle down a bit and allow me to get back to doing the newsletter. I thank you all for your patience and understanding.


I know there are many of you who have been aware of changes with the new developments - changes in your awareness of energy, changes in your understanding, changes in the daily events in your lives, changes with your teachers, changes with Thought Adjuster contact. May I encourage you to take the time to let us hear from you about how this is affecting you so that we may share them in the next newsletter?


Father we give thanks that we live at this time to be able to serve in moving Urantia into Light and Life. It is through our experiences as we share and come together in service to you, that we are able to glimpse what a wonderful world this will be when all our brothers and sisters can come together in unity of spirit  to do your will.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *




COEUR D'ALENE, ID/SPOKANE, WA - As we wait for the transcripts from the Fayetteville gathering, here is a transcript that will give you much upon which to reflect. Thanks to the transmitters for sharing and JoiLin for bringing it to my attention.


July 6, 1995

                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


My children, I am among you. Momentous things are occurring on this planet at this time. You are becoming conscious of incredible readjustments. Your planet in general is becoming conscious. The quest for justice is drawing people together. The love of right is making many aware of the potentials which are soon to occur. I do not suggest revolution, but I definitely encourage a renaissance. Those of you who are cosmically aware will be depended upon to do the will of our Father as He reveals it to you. While you are all most definitely working together towards a common goal, you all feel individual tasks which are your own parts necessary for achieving the goal. You see the similarities of your quests. Take care that you as Father-led individuals do only that which you honestly feel you are being led to do. Do not expect your brethren to see goals through the same eyes, for it cannot be so. Each sees the road from a different perspective. You have been lead throughout your lives toward the culmination of that which is about to take place. You have made the freewill choices which have allowed you to arrive at this point in time.


I would personally help each and everyone of my children who desires to further the will of our Father. I am your father in a very literal interpretation, yet on a grander scale I am even more your brother, albeit your elder brother. My time on your planet, our planet, was spent in revealing the love and devotion of a loving parent and attempting to show our brethren that they are loved and honored children, that that for which they were searching was already theirs requiring merely the recognition of the individual. I would ask that you all continue in this vein and at the same time carry on further.



Much has happened on this planet since I lived a life among you. You now have an amazing amount of new material to work with which I as a human did not. I fully support you in your altruistic efforts. Allow all of my children to see our heavenly Father as you do. They will eventually recognize that they also have a unique ability to show His love through their own personalities and experiences. The scope of our Paradise Parent is unimaginable to the mortal mind. The versatility of His revelations of Himself can be boggling. Each and every child has within him the potential for a totally unique and satisfying expression of God. Foster this in all. Allow all their say. Take care not to try to mold them into your own conceptions. No other can fit into your mold. You cannot fit into theirs. No one can live my life as I lived it. I was merely giving an example of how to do the Father's will, to seek Him in all things, to find Him in all things, to share Him with all, to serve His children as if you are serving Him directly for that is exactly what you do. My love for you is great.


I will allow others now to converse with you more about ways and means relative to your planetary development. My peace and love I leave with you.


                        * LANTARNEK *


I wish to express to you gathered in this room the fact that I discern among you and am aware that you possess a deeper cosmic understanding and level of commitment than do many of your fellows. I wish to convey to you the feeling of moving up to the next grade, of being passed from this grade. You have indeed impressed us with your diligence and your faith. You all have been recruited and have been enlisted with us to work together to our unanimous goal, leading Michael's planet, our planet, back into the fold. We will do this with a cheerful countenance, realizing that challenges that arise are simply new opportunities to be of service. We have faith in your faith, that our faith will see you through your personal doubts, your fears, and bring you safely through these human vicissitudes to become more and more spirit beings. Indeed we are pleased with you. Look forward now to your time of reflection, and we will be back again with you when it is time to resume class.


                              * ELYON *


Hello, my friends, this is Elyon. Indeed, the report cards are in, and you have all done more than satisfactorily. A season of reflecting can be a very positive aspect of the learning process. One benefits greatly by reflecting on the lessons learned and perhaps slightly rearranging priorities and meanings; those things that are least like the will of the Father have a natural way of falling away. Those highest attributes, those things most like the will of the Father, have a natural tendency to take hold, take root, and become well ingrained. The lesson plan has been somewhat rigorous, but most all that has been taught has been on some level been comprehended by you. You will find as you spiritually grow, even these lessons that you now internalize and understand will have new meanings as your level of spirituality enhances.


Now, as part of the next step, you must attempt to convey as purely and as honestly as you are capable the messages encapsulated by you. You should not attempt to quote the teachings but rather to present the lessons you have learned back to your students through your personal experiences. This is the most real and powerful avenue you have to communicate with your fellows, to look them in the eye and simply state what you believe. At these times you will feel our presence, we will be there with you to assist when you reach out to your fellows.


So, while summer recess is on, a good teacher will take time to freshen the lessons in his mind and to internalize as many of the lessons as can be had so as to contain them in your personal storehouse of wisdom. I have no doubt you all are completely capable of this task as well as willing.


It is a joy to work with you. Your willingness is indeed inspiring to us. We thank you for this and are always available to you as your associate professors. Thank you for your effort.


                          * ABRAHAM *


I am Abraham. I am here visiting, enjoying, observing your position, standing, and status. I am clear to grant you further insight into conditions developing on this world. You have been informed of the coming presence of universities of the Melchizedeks whose schools you now attend. You are also aware of the impending manifested presence of the Melchizedeks. I tell you that you have not been brought to this understanding merely to provide personal assurance and comfort. I who foster the initial university had privilege of having tens upon tens, thousands of individuals be influenced and transformed through this endeavor. You are in the same position. In order to bring the schools into greater function you are hereby commissioned to go forward as representatives of Machiventa in promoting the presence of bonafide and actual personalities who represent the light and truth of God. I further inform you that this world is being prepared as an embassy of Salvington. This remote satellite of universe administration will stand as a monument of the triumph of good over evil, the radiance of spiritual light that blinds and dissipates the darkness of selfishness.


Solemnly accept your charge and do so only wholeheartedly with a commitment discerned between you and our Father's resident pole of power and being. This compass of the divine will indicate with certainty your true and sincere conviction. Groundwork laying is your task, amply guided by the teachers assigned. Take this to the world, please. I am profoundly impressed by the success of the rooted awareness transpiring here. How pleasurable it is to me to perceive the efforts of which I joined in thousands of years ago coming to near fruition, making possible the restoration conditions intended in the projections of our Master Son. I salute you and take my leave.


                      * UNIDENTIFIED *


I begin in accordance with previous statements to lay out the simple wish coming from the source energy of this universe, that is the recognition of personal association with continual love. This pattern will instill within the monumental reflections and decisions you are facing an assurance that you are capable of affecting many with the sincere voice, a calm voice truly centered on the indissoluble presence of love.


At times you may reflect upon your fears, your doubts. Who are you to be the one who would show the light when you see so much frailty within? And yet at times you stand majestically and boldly, and you without self-consciousness illuminate the hearts of others without even the conscious awareness. When you are in the valley of your despair, the struggle, the worry, the self doubt, recognize yourself acting with the passion of a Creator Son who could stand before accusers with nary a word to defend himself, who could so joyfully, strolling down the path, with humor lighten the hearts of his associates. Recognize that you are these associates, that your walk can be filled with joy, that your frailties within are defeated by your bold stance of passion. You may not know where this will lead, but in faith you will certainly find out.


In peace I will leave you. I am one of your friends. I would be classified as a daughter.


                    * * * NEBADONIA * * *


It is I, your Mother. It is fitting that I be here to close this gathering, to tuck you in. In all your search and reception of guidance ever lift our hearts, your eyes, to the great isle of eternity. Receive the grace so freely given. The love you receive from me, you receive from the Father. There is no measure of difference. And without a distinct alteration, freely make this love take root in others by manifesting myself in yourself as we both fulfill our ministry mandates from the great triune Master of all that is or ever will be. I will go, but I leave you not.


                                 * * * * *





Several of you have asked me about the information from Daniel Raphael concerning the A.R.E. groups. I have heard from some that they had misgivings about the message, but received assurances from the celestials. After reading one letter voicing concern about this, I heard that it is alright. That we are not aware of all that is happening and that I should let it stand. A lovely woman at the A.R.E. headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA called me as a couple of people had contacted them and they were unaware of what this is all about. I had a wonderful conversation with her and will meet with her on my trip to Virginia if at all possible - if not, soon after I move to Virginia. In talking with Daniel Raphael in Fayetteville, it seems that it may be a little premature at this point to move quickly as it is not our intention to create barriers but to build bridges and this takes time.  You will be hearing more about this from Daniel and myself soon (our time -not universe time!). If any of you have information to share about this, please let us hear from you.


                                 * * * * *




The following comes from the 1994 Inaugural Speech by Nelson Mandela. Copies were left at the table in Fayetteville. The truth, beauty and goodness found in these words speak for themselves. Thanks to the unknown person who shared these copies for it seems that with all that is now happening this message holds particular significance for all of us to reflect upon.


                   Our deepest fear is not

                   that we are inadequate.

                   Our deepest fear is that

          we are powerful beyond measure.

             It is our light, not our darkness,

                         that frightens us.

         We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be

                brilliant, gorgeous, talented

                           and fabulous?

            Actually, who are you not to be?

                    You are a child of God.

                 Your playing small doesn't

                          serve the world.

               There is nothing enlightened

        about shrinking so that other people

             won't feel insecure around you.

            We were born to make manifest

            the glory of God that is within us.

                 It is not just in some of us;

                         it is in everyone.

           And as we let our own light shine,

         we unconsciously give other people

                permission to do the same.

                  As we are liberated from

               our own fears, our presence

              automatically liberates others.


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                             Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.