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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

April 1993 (Vol. l, No.2)




I sincerely want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the many positive responses, encouragement and support that I have received in less than one month from beginning this endeavor.  You have made it clear that there is a real interest in establishing a network for sharing. Therefore, I am delighted and excited to share with you in this issue information from Michael Million and Sonny Schneider for all who have graduated into the world of electronic communications.  So much is happening now that this will be of great assistance to all of us in trying to keep abreast of all that is taking place around the globe.


While I am aware that many of you are experiencing a lot new activity in your groups, I am also aware that there is a disinclination to share a lot of it at this time.  There are many reasons for this.  I hope that we can all trust the process knowing that all is working in divine order that we cannot yet see.  Those who do feel like sharing I encourage you to do so as it gives confirmation, comfort and encouragement to others.


Many are feeling great anticipation at this time while others have been turning aside with self doubts. It might be good to keep clearly in mind what Jesus had to say about Spiritual Unity.  His words can be found on page 1591 in the Urantia Book.  These words seem most appropriate to these times and what is happening in the Urantia community.  Let us take the words to heart and keep them ever present in our thinking.  I trust that we will reach out to our brothers and sisters in love and understanding regardless of the apparent differences.  Let whatever happens not divide us.  If I understand anything that we are being told by the celestials, it is to love one another. Let us realize that these are times of great change and uncertainty as the old is giving way for the new.  Much is happening now.  Surely there will be much diversity for we live in a very diverse universe. Let not our differences of opinions, perceptions and experiences of what is happening divide us.  Let our Spiritual Unity unite us in love and understanding for one another.  Let us be strong anchors of Spiritual Unity now to provide stability to all around us during these times.


I thank each of you for your contributions to this newsletter network and look forward to hearing more from you in the days to come.  May our Father bestow many blessings upon you.


Allene Vick




                                 * * * * *




ELECTRONIC INTERCONNECTION - Enclosed with this newsletter is information Michael Million has sent about using electronic interconnections to access Urantia activities and materials.  This is going to open up so many doors for all of us.  If you are electronically sophisticated, you will be able to connect with others of like interest and retrieve files and/or participate in on going sessions of sharing and discussion.  If you are not electronically sophisticated, don't lose heart.  Here is a way, with his help, to get transcripts and other valuable related information on discs and to share your transcripts with others all over the globe.  Michael is to be highly congratulated for stepping in to provide this much needed service.


We hope that those involved in transcribing materials will please pay attention to his request for your help in properly preparing your discs before sending them to him.  I suspect that some of you are as new to a computer as I am and need all this very clearly and simply spelled out a little more. If this is true, please let me know and we will see about getting some additional clarification for all of us.  Michael is providing us with such a wonderful service I sincerely hope we can all make a real effort to make this as easy as possible for him.


Next month, Michael will be providing us with a list of the papers and other relevant material that is on file and disc that you can retrieve yourself or order from him.  On behalf of all the readers, we thank you, Michael!!!


FOLIO VIEWS INFO BASE RETRIEVAL PROGRAM -  From Sonny Schneider in Hawaii comes the following information:


"We would like to put our transcripts on the Folio Views Infobase Retrieval Program.  This will enable individuals to have an electronic index to all available transcripts we have now:  Sarasota, Will, Woods Cross, Welmek, and Daniel from Pocatello which we should be receiving soon.  These transcripts are now Microsoft word for window electronic documents.  If the computer platform is a Mac Intosh running system 7, then the Apple file exchange is the connector which will allow the translation from Dos to Mac.  If somebody is thinking of getting a system, we recommend a IBM compatible 386 or better minimum 4 Mb Ram.  It would be helpful to have Word For Windows.  For further information on computers contact Dennis Shields at 1-808-328-9794."


It is so good to hear from you computer people.  We hope that you who have a working knowledge of electronic communications will work together to coordinate and simplify this for the rest of us.   It truly is exciting to know that we are going to have a way to access the available papers of the various groups.  Thank you Sonny and Dennis for sharing and for all your good work.


Please know that all who provide information in this part of the newsletter are making a great contribution to all of us.  We thank you.  We would, also, like to thank those who have given their time to transcribe the messages of the meetings.  This is an act of love and dedication.  Without their efforts, we would not have many beautiful celestial words to share and learn from. Thanks to those who have had the courage to transmit and allow others access to their experiences.  For all of us, we thank each of you.


GROUPS/TEACHERS/CONTACTS LIST - CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS -  Originally, an up-dated list was to be included in each newsletter.  As this is a little cumbersome, an updated list will be sent out periodically.  In the meantime, please make the following corrections to your present List of groups with teachers 3/8/93:


CA, Santa Rosa - Please remove Santa Rosa, CA from your list and place Santa Rosa in parenthesis behind Sebastopol, CA.  Teacher is Jared.  Correct Robert Slagel's P.O Box to 462


ID, Coeur D'Alene - Please insert 1005 Stiner Avenue in the address of Barbara and Rick Giles.


ID, Pocatello - Please delete Barbara Rick


The name Bertan on the list of Celestials, Midwayers, and Teachers known should be changed to Bertrand


Zig-el and Sygel should be removed from celestial list and replaced with Sig-El - teacher, Hawaii


While on the subject of the lists, there has been some confusion about the list marked contacts.  This does not mean the contact person for a group.  It is simply the listing of those who can be contacted.  If you would like to have your name added or deleted, please let me know for the next printing.  This list is being circulated amongst those who are listed and those who have requested to be included on the newsletter mailing list.  The distribution is not restricted to those who appear on the list.


                                 * * * * *


                         NEWS UPDATE


This month information comes about the following celestials to be added to the list of Celestials, Midwayers, and Teachers known:


Can-det-E - Secondary Midwayer, Englewood, FL

Lucinda - Life Carrier, Sarasota, FL

Na-bet-D - Secondary Midwayer, Englewood, FL

Oniean - Most High Observer, Sandy, UT

Sa-det-E - Secondary Midwayer, Englewood, FL

Sig-El - teacher, Hawaii                                                                                    

Rokmar - Personal Teacher, Lebanon, OR


LEBANON, OR - Information received from Douglas Knight:


"We are just two months into the teaching mission, and our recent spiritual growth is simply phenomenal.  I've been reading the Urantia Book since 1976, and formed a small study group several years ago.  We have called ourselves "The Waterloo Decimal Group."  We have offered ourselves to the teaching mission as an experimental group, and have had confirmation/forewarning from Linnet in Corvallis.  We attend the Linnet meetings and are fast friends with Mark and Thea.  We have also visited the Abigail group in Salem.  We have twice sensed light/tingly/sparkly visitations by Aflana.  I personally have had solid impressions of the name and face of my personal teacher "Rokmar," and have had confirmation by Linnet.  We are hoping for all our personal teachers to come on line at the same time, so they can rotate responsibilities, without the monopolization of a group teacher.  We will be glad to share our information with you as soon as it comes in, and we certainly appreciate your sharing.  I wish I could offer you more right now, but some of our members are hesitant.  I take my cue from the UB, and life's experiences, and do not believe in repression of knowledge and will be honored to share with you everything I learn.  Thank you for your time."


Douglas - Thank you for sharing news of your group.  We all  look forward to hearing from you about your experiences as an "experimental group."


NEWBERG, OR - From David and Mary Jaquith in their newsletter "epoch 5":


"Ambraisa is a member of the Melchizedek teaching staff, but one of many teams of builders, healers and technicians that are recent arrival on Urantia.  She is a one-time mortal from a world of the age of Light and Life, a graduate of a Melchizedek school in Edentia.  She is assigned to our study group here in Newberg, having volunteered, responding to our request for a teacher/guide.  She has a refreshing, down-to-earth, way of  teaching, forgive the pun.  Her lessons are short, leaving space for us to reflect, discuss and fill out. 

Ambraisa shares this from a playscript popular in mansion world training schools. 


SOME GRAINS of wheat spilled onto the ground.  They began discussing their destiny.  One said, "Buried in the deep, dark earth?  Have my shell split open?  No me!"  Another said, "Be beaten with a stick or trampled by oxen?  Not me!"  Another said, "Ground to dust between millstones?  Baked in an oven? Not me! Not me!"


At that point a chicken came by and ended the discussion.


And this story from her childhood schooldays on her home planet:


A WAGON's components were arguing as to who was the more important.  Box, wheels, axle and tongue each had their say, while the grease said nothing, smiling his lordly smile.


Thanks for sharing these stories from Ambraisa.  Perhaps, by sharing these stories, we will hear more from others.


KAILUA-KONA, HI -  From Sonny Schneider we hear:


"As you probably know, Aflana contacted our group starting in Nov. 1992, with Judy and a few weeks later her husband Jerry.  One month later, 5 (not ten) of our group had their first transmissions in just a three day (not ten days) period.  I'd also like to clear up the name of  Judy's teacher, it is Sig-El, not Zig-el or Sygel.  We are now working as a group to put together the "Teachings of Kona."  I estimate two months for its availability.


Our group is honored to have Norson of the order of Melchizedek as our teacher and friend, and also we have received teachings from: Aflana, Sig-El, Andrew, Landor the mighty messenger, Ham, Lor-El, and Christ Michael once on March 1, 1993.  At that time He inspired us deeply with the Love Energy that he shared with us.  There are also several of us who can sometimes hear our Thought Adjuster clearly.


We hope to soon share all of our wonderful teachings with all of you who are interested.  We would also like to share that of the five folks who heard from their teachers in a three day period, all used the 'Hot Pen', or guided writing technique."


We are happy to learn of all your activities and look forward to reading the "Teachings of Kona."

                                  * * * * *

 The purpose of this newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts.  All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list can be sent to:


                             Allene Vick

                   It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence.  The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve.  A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters.  The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing.  Please let us hear from you.  When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY."  Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.