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July 1995 (Vol.3, No.4)


                     FROM THE EDITOR


There were no issues of the newsletter in April, May or June due to the many changes that have been taking place in my life occupying my time and energies. Putting together this newsletter requires quiet contemplative time that circumstances did not permit. I am very pleased to able to again turn my attention to the newsletter. I thank those of you who have written and shared your contributions. I have read your letters, but have not had the opportunity to respond. If you sent information to share and don't see it in this issue, do not be dismayed. It is only that I am still in the process of establishing some sense of order in my life.


For those of you who may have been wondering what happened, I returned to Mexico Beach the end of March to be with my cousin, David, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and bone cancer. I was primary care giver during his last five weeks in Hospice care. Since he completed this part of his journey the end of April, I made several trips to Bradenton and one to Cincinnati to see my father, who is ill with the same diagnosis as my cousin. While I was in Cincinnati, a dear friend of mine in Bradenton, who was very much like a father to me, suddenly passed away. I found myself with a house in Mexico Beach and the condo that my mother and I have been living in and a dog which precludes living there. So, I have been involvedwith a seemingly endless list of details to attend to along with the accompanying decisions for the next steps amidst the uncertainty of the timing of all these events. I feel like a plant that has been wrenched from the soil and it has left a gaping whole by not being able to go home to bring that part of my life to a proper closure.


The condo in Bradenton has been sold and the house in Mexico Beach is up for sale. My mother will join me here until the house is sold. Until then, my mailing address and phone number will be:


This newsletter is not about me. I simply felt that you all were owed an explanation of why there has been no newsletter these last few months. I have not lost my enthusiasm for all that has been happening in the Teaching Mission and this Correcting Time. And it seems a lot has been happening!


This issue does not have the typical T/R NN newsletter format. Since this is the last newsletter before the Gathering in Arkansas, it seems more useful to use this newsletter to share with you some of the messages in order for you to have a little time to think on them and to discuss this material with others before coming to the TM Gathering in Arkansas next month. This is going to be a Great Gathering!!!


Let us pray that as we individually and collectively learn more of the diversity and magnitude of the changes going on within and around us that we will remain focused on our oneness and common goals and not let the seeming differences divide us one from another but rather teach us more about loving and accepting each other as we are.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


This message was transmitted on May 17, 1994. It was sent to me by someone who has been a transmitter since 1992. This person felt guided to send this message for the newsletter and wishes to remain anonymous at this time. Please keep in mind that while the newsletter does respect the wish to remain anonymous, nothing is published in the newsletter without the contributors identifying themselves to the editor.


May 17, 1994


                         MOTHER SPIRIT


Greetings to you, my dear Daughters of time.


We are pleased to inform you that all is prepared for a magnificent entrance by your beloved Creator Son Michael to Urantia.


I am so pleased to have been such an active participant in helping with the preparations that are now fully in place.


All of Nebadon awaits the general announcement that the initial reclamation of Urantia has been completed.


There has never been such joy and hope for a world, as there is currently for Urantia and all of Nebadon.


For a long fore-gone separation is over. All of Nebadon is once again reunited under its sovereign, Michael.


The final proclamation, that will consist of Michael's arrival in the flesh, to Urantia, is at hand. We are actively awaiting for the awakening of Urantia mortal mind to the acknowledgement of Michael's Presence and that of His staff.


You will not fully recognize the active role that you have participated within until you reach your Morontia awareness and can then comprehend the extensive participation of mortal creation.


My daughters, as the days ahead shorten the time of Michael's approach, I look forward to communing with you, as this communication shall become ever more tangibly apparent to you.


The paths that you have embarked upon are lined with truly unique opportunities for each of you and others who will choose to walk this way.


There are many directions and opportunities for those who surrender their free will and choose to be aligned with our Father.


You will not be disappointed in what awaits you. You have already begun to experience the very beginning of these opportunities.


Daughters, you are among the first on Urantia to begin to comprehend and acknowledge our relationship and this is only the early stages of the unfoldment that will encapsulate the hearts and minds of all my children on Urantia.


You are witnesses for Urantia in Nebadon of the early contacts of this mission. Phase One of our Mission is almost complete.


I hold you ever so close, never wavering with my watchful eyes, the journey that you have all begun to undertake.


At any moment, you may call upon me and I am there to assist, to help you discern, to help you achieve, and to become each day more perfect in the recognition of our Father's love for each of us.


Receive the blessings that I extend to you from all of my staff and creation, from Paradise itself. For you are most loved.


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


Rejoice my children and be at peace. Know that I , Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son, has reclaimed Urantia for our Father. It is done! What is left is but the acknowledgement of the mortal mind on this sphere. We are fully prepared for the active day of reinstating for Urantia the position that so long ago was abandoned by those who were entrusted with her care.


My children, you have done well in participating with My Staff to this moment. It truly is an acknowledgement to our Father for this Mission, of your continued loyalty and desire to want to participate with me in this great Event.


You will not be disappointed in what I have planned for Urantia and for all of Nebadon. The awakening has been coming in waves upon Urantia. The more receptive the mind, the more quickly the awakening. As more and more become receptive to the potentiality of my return, the more quickly this happening will occur.


You, in you own lives, have been able to see glimpses of others' expectations for my Return. It is felt throughout all humanity that my Return is imminent and I will not disappoint any.


You are all prepared for what is next. Do not fear for what may appear to be chaotic and disassembled reaction to a distorted perspective of Urantia mind. It will soon take on a form that will be only identifiable with the heart and mind of an acknowledging child that is recognizing the true relationship between our Father and themselves.


The Adjutant Mind Spirits are gently but swiftly influencing the Mother Spirit's avenue of influence for all of humanity that will accept such.


Urantia is both hungry and thirsty for the relationships that have been for too long veiled from mortal perception.


I am here to quench the thirst and eliminate the hunger for these relationships.


It may begin to appear to mortal eyes that Urantia is slowly falling apart, becoming disassembled, and in many facets of life upon Urantia, this is true, but it is only happening so that a receptive mind will be established to understand and participate in my up and coming arrival.


My children, it is so good to see you laugh at yourselves, and participate in this fashion. This is not a process that is meant to be taken seriously with consequences, for there are none. This can go only at the pace that you freely accept it, to travel within.


Urantia will go through some uncomfortable experiences in the days ahead. This is not to concern you.


As to the validity of all the information that has been shared with you this far, this is to happen so that more hearts of men will ever be prepared to accept and to participate with me to change the Course that Urantia herself has undertaken.


In your lifetime when you turn around and look back at these happenings, you will recall for humanity the steps that were taken that led to the Day of Declaration.


This evening as you sit here and try to listen and discern the information that comes through, do not be concerned with the particular words, for although my thoughts are there, they are interpreted with your Thought Adjuster utilizing the information that is contained within yourself.

However, there are many particulars that cannot be altered as they pass from me to you. You are loved. You are indeed blessed. It is true the information that you have received before, that My Staff knows each and everyone of you. In Nebadon, you are known by name, and when your mortal career is played in front of you for your review, you will be pleased as you begin to understand the roles that you have accepted.


My children, I look forward, as I have stated previously, to standing, sitting, eating and being with you as I was in the days of the apostles. We will have that experience together. I will bring others who will also share in these experiences with you.


I folly with you not. My words are true, and they are stated here for you, and in eternity for Paradise.


Children, be blessed this night, be blessed this week. Know that all you need to do is ask. I and my Staff are there. There is nothing that you shall want that is needed. I love you and I share with you the Love of our Father. Be still for one moment so that I may embrace each of you. Truly, truly, this is a glorious moment.


                                    * * *


TALLAHASSEE, FL - From Joyce Viesz comes this message from Michael about "a new dispensation." Confirmation has been coming from other groups who have been receiving information about a new dispensation. We hope to hear from others about this for the next issue. Thank you, Joyce, for moving out in faith to share.


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


June 8, 1995


Greetings, beloveds. It is I, Michael, your Father who loves you.


This marks the beginning of a new dispensation. All who have been resting have now been brought forward to their new life structures.


This New World that is being constructed from out of the old will have much that no longer resonates with the old...recognizing this may help you in your day to day struggles. This change over to higher values and universe understandings is not being done in one fell swoop...it is being accomplished slowly...beginning with but a few, in comparison to the many who inhabit this world.


Those who are beginning this metamorphosis will, at first, not recognize these changes in themselves, yet on the deeper levels they will indeed understand that they are becoming newly created faith sons and daughters of the Living God. As they daily work with their advancing life vehicles, they will begin to understand more clearly, that their old world is indeed passing away...the new is being restructured from the fallen scaffolding of the old. Learning to understand and utilize one's newly given life vehicle will take time and patience...and will be better accomplished by those who have a deeper understanding of the necessity of balance...this is crucial to the incorporation and integration of these newly given senses and ways of processing...balance of both the inner, as well as the outer life structures.


Begin my children, by seeking daily to develop a better understanding of your own ability to respond to internal and external influences. Seek to understand, by doing...by experimenting with these senses that appear to be the same, yet on deeper levels are understood by yourselves to be different...what words will you use to explain this difference...you see with new eyes...feel with deeper feeling...hear on more expanded levels...even your sense of smell is no longer the same...your ability to connect with your siblings is easier and deeper...you seem to "know" things without having to be given the physical data...you will begin to recognize that your entire physical life structures have or are being replaced with the new...all of the patterns that heretofore, were set and normal for you, have or are being changed...as your vibration begins to more clearly resonate with your own clear note, this change from old to new will become increasingly upstepped....even your physical life vehicle will undergo much change....eating - sleeping - thinking - all these patterns will change as well as the body itself. This, too, will undergo much change.


Begin to seek a better understanding of this new life you are living....for the day will come, when you will be expected to utilize in full measure that which you have been given in concert with others whose purpose is the same as your own.


As we begin this work, you and I will have greater opportunities to open the hearts of others to this new reality. Life is a process and much must begin at barely perceptible levels, and slowly, over time, become greater and more widely understood and accepted... this that you now experience...this letting go of the old, to embrace the new...is no different...it could be no other way, as humankind's free will must always be the deciding factor.


I leave you now my beloveds, with the understanding that I am always available to you...I do, indeed, hold your hand...turn to me...allow me to take up the weight when it becomes too difficult...my help is ever available...turn to me...I am here. Shalom.


June 11, 1995


Greetings, my children, it is I, Michael. I wish to thank each of you for making the effort to be here this evening. Your lights are even now being watched by many who sojourn here to view this Correcting Time, as it unfolds on our planet. I will be spending increasingly more time with each of you and here among you, at your Mission meetings in order to help prepare for the days ahead. Recognize my beloved, your part. I have already recognized and accepted your commitment. Your roles will become clear as the days unfold. Each of you will be given your own understanding of what your role is to be. Do not be afraid, for there is nothing to fear. Never will you be asked for more than you can give. This world is indeed on the verge of awakening en masse, and your part, the role you have played, has in fact helped for this to become a reality. You have had no way of knowing or seeing the implications of your commitment, of your daily striving to do my will. But hear me now, when I tell you your influence has been great and has moved out from beyond your individual environment and touched many. One day you will be given the vision of seeing first hand just what you have accomplished.


Know that we are always with you. Reach out to me, through your open hearts my beloveds, and reach out to your Mother as well, for she will play an increasing role in this unfolding as well, and in your individual lives. She is your Mother and yearns so to have a stronger connection with her little ones. I leave you now this evening, with my blessing and the understanding that I - am - ever near...reach out to me...allow me to assist you...and upstep all that you are becoming. Shalom.


June 25, 1995


Greetings, children of time, it is I, Michael, your creator parent, who loves you. We are now quickly approaching the time when much that has been hidden or unclear will begin to rise to the collective consciousness of mankind - much that has heretofore been barely discernable truths by but a handful of my children will begin to be known by many as they wake from their slumber of fear. The lst vestiges of the Rebellion's aftermath are in process of being dealt with - you who have committed to this work with me are at the cutting edge of worldwide change and worldwide growth that moves slowly toward a more unified - integrated humankind. This world is no longer in danger of self-annihilation, as was our concern for many years - you have passed the test to time and come out at a new level, one where love and brotherhood will form the bedrock of this New World. Do not expect these changes to become clear overnight, for there is yet much work that needs to be done on a grass roots level before humanity as a whole will seek to embrace the new paradigms that are based on love and service. Yet inside the collective hearts of humankind as a whole, this change of heart will indeed become felt - for many, this process will take yet many years before it becomes a clear pattern within them that promotes change on a conscious level. So do not expect this world to step up to the next level en masse, they will not, nor could they, since so many things are what appears to be light years behind others in their understandings.


You play a vital role in helping to facilitate this change over from old to new patterns of living - you do this when you daily, consciously, actively, open your hearts to your siblings - when you do, this pattern of love you hold within, moves out and touches - changes, the hearts of those it meets. You have been accomplishing much through your work - it is due to your efforts and others like you that worldwide change can now begin to literally change the consciousness of humankind.


Begin my children to become more consciously aware of your internal guide's leading - He is now more accessible to you on conscious levels - allow Him to work through you as you seek to manifest this spirit of love to your fellows - listen for this guidance - and your direction will become clear to you.


Many there are who have long awaited this light on your world - this light that your active participation makes manifest - they come now in droves, to support your work and lend their spiritual vibrations to further this opening to love on the world. Be vigilant my children, and actively seek to promote this fragrance of love - knowing that as you do so, you create a New World.


Love one another beloveds, as I have loved you - unconditionally give this love to your world and watch it change!


Remember that I am ever near...reach out to me...-hear- my answer...-feel- my love...I am here. Shalom.


                                    * * *


SPRINGDALE, AR - These messages come from Tom Maringer. I have included some of the thoughts Tom expressed in sending the first message to Joyce Viesz firstly as they doubltlessly will be of interest to most who may have a reaction similar to Tom's and secondly in the hopes that you may be able to confirm or refute this information for Tom.


A special thanks to you, Tom, for sharing these messages. Many of us know how it feels to be the first one to share transmissions of information that cause us to pause with doubts. I am sure Tom would love to hear your comments.


Tom - "Speaking of doubts...the last transmission [printed below-ED] from Marina that I received I found very disturbing. I seem to have been keeping myself quite busy ever since then, and have resisted the urge to make contact. In fact, I never even printed out this message, only just today did I go back to look at it. Maybe it's not as bad as I thought. It does seem to say though, that we who are given this knowledge can no longer count on salvation by mercy! I just don't know what to think, whether to take it seriously, or whether I've garbled the message or what! Since you've been a part of getting me going in this direction, and since it does mention "healing" I send it to you to see what you think. Can Ambrose [Joyce's Teacher-Ed] offer any independent confirmation or refutation of this? Or do the teachers not get into that?"


                              * MARINA *


May 10, 1995


This is a great day on Urantia. The circuits are flowing with power once more and salvation is in the air. Greetings my child, it is I Marina who am with you again this day.


There are many who will not listen to the words of wisdom which are handed down from on high. We know whereof we speak, yet there are few to hear. However the ranks are growing day by day, and as those who come before begin to show the love of God shining forth in their lives, the others will surely follow.


To day we will speak of "loving kindness."


Loving kindness is the attitude to the mother for her child. This is thought of as a feminine quality, but in reality it is a fatherly attribute as well. A father will hold his children closely, yet will not presume to smother them with love. When they come to him seeking affection, it is always there. Loving kindness means putting the interests of the child above the wishes of the parent. It also means treating your brothers and sisters as though they were your children...not in the sense of your speaking down to them as less mature, but in the sense that your love for them is so deep and wide that their pain is your own.


In this world where there are so many in pain this may seem difficult. It does not mean that you must spend your every breath healing the sick and nurturing the poor. It does mean that you cannot any longer disregard them or dehumanize them. They are your brethren in absolute fact.


(Tom - there seems to be a break in topic here....)


We have held your soul trust for generations waiting for you to rise to the level whereupon you may receive it back. This is true freedom! You are about to embark upon an adventure of faith and trust in God that your ancestors would never have dreamed of. This faith trust that we have held for you is the destiny of your soul. The mercy of God has decreed that all who fail to make the final decision shall be forwarded to the mansion worlds through mercy, there to have another chance. You who are given to know the plans of the universe more fully must realize that by so doing, you have given up the possibility of receiving salvation by mercy. Your decision will be made here upon this world, in full knowledge of the glory that is the eternal career, but also knowing that it is a road of difficulty and disappointment. We trust that you have grown into a fuller state of being and that your love of God will overshadow any negative feelings you may have regarding the spiritual career. But if you choose oblivion, if you reject the plan, do not count on the second chance given to many of your benighted brethren. The knowledge of good and evil is indeed a dangerous tool, use it wisely and well.


Be not afraid because of my words my child. This was but a formal announcement of fact. There is no power on heaven or earth that can prevent you from joining with us one day in joyous praise upon the mountain of Jerusem. We eagerly await your arrival and cherish each and every day that we spend with you upon the surface of this tiny planet. This experience is one of great joy and comfort for us, for we know that good things are soon to make their appearance upon the world stage. Not much longer must you bear the consequences of the outrageous deeds of rebellious creatures. A great healing is to occur on Urantia, a healing of mind, body, and soul that will awaken the sleeping survivors of a past age and bring the worship of the one God to every corner of the world.


We welcome you to this mission. Arise and go forth in power and faith for you are a child of God.


May 1995 - (Excerpts of Marina - Ed]


 "...you are new at this and it would be unfortunate if your mind became too dependent upon us. We wish to use the power of your minds to solve your problems, not to become dependent on us. Our role is as teachers and guides, not as caretakers and babysitters, (ouch!) Be not concerned, we have much time in which to work, perhaps as much as one thousand years. Do not look for results in your lifetime. There may be little to show. But know that the foundations laid today will carry the greatest work of God that has yet been built upon this world. Your individual part may be small, but the importance of it is not lessened by that fact....."


(and in response to a question about proof or assurances...)


There is no proof that you would regard as such. Know simply that when truth flows, as it does from time to time in these channels, it carries its own validation. If you feel that you are uplifted and enlightened by these words, then what care you for their source? There will be many that will tell you that you are deluded, but listen not to such doubting words. They will in time come to believe themselves and will then regret their disquieting attitude towards you. This is a sign of the times, that men will vie with each other for the truth. But the truth has always been here, waiting patiently for truth-seekers to come looking for it! There is no need to struggle for what is freely given to all in limitless measure.


(In response to questions about forgiveness)


"...............................There are two ways in which one can think of forgiveness. The first is as an attitude of God towards sin and error. God loves his children so much that nothing they can possibly do can anger Him. Anger is an alien concept to God. This simply not a part of His reality. God forgives wrongdoing even as it is being done, and thereby forgives the sinner even in the act of sin.


The second way in which one may think of forgiveness is as current or flow of energy. Each human being receives this energy current or flow of energy. Each human being receives this energy flow of mercy from the Father. This is a natural and unalterable fact of the structure of the spiritual universe. However, all humans also have the power, if they choose, to channel that energy onward to others. When this is done, the flow naturally becomes stronger! It literally is true that you are forgiven as you forgive, because the circuits which are established by your forgiveness of others allow the energy of love to flow in ever stronger waves of cosmic force. When this connection is established through and between all the inhabitants of a world, the effect is astonishing! It is like nothing you have ever dreamed or imagined and yet it is as possible on your world today as it is on an advanced world of light and life. There is no barrier to the shared energy of forgiveness except the free will decisions of the people. As long as humans WANT to hold on to hatred and fear, prejudice and resentment, so long will the realization of cosmic brotherhood be delayed. It is our mission to help with this, and we begin here and now, one step at a time, with you my child.


If you would reach out with your mind and love just one person whom you have held resentment against... you can simply think of that person, and "send" them love. Know that they are blameless children of God, that they have father-fragments living within them also. Visualize that perfect father fragment nurturing their soul... how can you hold them at fault any longer? Let it go. Let the hurt fall away from you like worn out clothing that has become a burden. Free yourself from the bondage you have chosen and in so doing free your brother as well. When you have done this, you can well say that you have forgiven and you will feel the power surge through your soul as you become the channel through which the forgiveness of God flows.


Know now my child, that these channels are open to all who seek them. There are many, many here willing to help. It takes but a little willingness on the part of any human to make this contact. The orders have been signed and sealed. There is no longer any doubt as to the future of this world. Michael himself is here and is taking charge of the upliftment plans. We have heard the horn of Gabriel blow from the mountaintops. All eyes are again upon your world. Once more have you become the center stage for an entire local universe. We wish you only the best that can be. It is time to begin.



May 22, 1995


(Is there anything you could say about fear? I have felt fear based on your last message with respect to the mercy of salvation.)


Dear child: Perhaps I was too abrupt with that statement, but you are coming to glimpse the truth now. It is truly a glorious career you have ahead of you, but this bridge you burn as you cross it. Once you have come into the full knowledge of the plan of cosmic progression there is no going back. Those without such knowledge may indeed find a path of mercy leading to the other shore, but those of you who have been gifted with this knowledge must use it wisely. It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and so it is in this case, and thus we are here to help you grow in knowledge, that this revelation will not encumber you.


June 8, 1995 - [Excerpts-Ed]


Greetings dear one, it is I Marina who am with you today.


It is a great day on Urantia. This day have you heard of the New Dispensation of truth and glory. Finally it has come, that which we have awaited so many long years. Formerly we have been restricted as to what we might tell you about the workings of the divine plan, now many restrictions are to be lifted. The glory and power of God is to be shown upon this world in a demonstration of love and mercy such as has never been seen in Nebadon in all its long history. Eagerly do we await the outpouring of spirit energies. With happiness do we anticipate the coming new age of cooperation maturing into love.


What questions would you ask of me my child, and I will try to answer them?


(Thank you Marina, for once again serving as teacher to this child of the world. Please, can you tell me if it is true that we will be helped with our physical afflictions with this new dispensation?)


Indeed my child, the new power sweeping the world will take each one who is willing to serve his fellow and make the maximum use of that service. If this means that a healing must take place in order to increase the usefulness of that individual, then so be it. It will likely chance that most who have physical debilities will be healed. I may also chance that there are those whose usefulness may be diminished by having their handicaps removed, and for these the change may come later, perhaps waiting until translation to the mansion worlds.


(What role do you think that our local study group might play in the outworking of future events?)


That will, of course, be up to your group decisions, but I sense that you are asking about potentials and here I can say that the potential is very great. There is a wonderful diversity and depth of talent and ability within your group. You have musical, spiritual, artistic, technical, administrative and scholarly talents all within a small group. Such a working unit may attempt tasks far beyond the abilities of any one or two of its members to achieve and yet be successful. Our hope for you is that between the personal teachers such as myself and the group teacher Mantouba, we will be able to bring your group strongly on-line (as we say) before the meeting in August. At this time more will be revealed. Until then, work on the lessons given in your weekly sessions


(You have said that many questions may now be answered...is it possible now for us to know the location of the world of the non-breathers mentioned in the text? I have had strong feelings about this, hints and so forth, can we know this anytime soon?)


My child, your enthusiasm is great, but the implications of your question go beyond the boundaries of your knowledge. These things must all occur in their own time. A meeting between the inhabitants of neighboring worlds is almost never permitted before both worlds have attained light and life. There were indiscretions that have taken place among the various quarantined worlds in the past, some of which were technically far in advance of you. Still, the world in question is indeed in our solar system, upon a world which has been little studied by your scientists. In the least of places may be found the greatest of fruits and, in this case, the saying is true. Our friends the Kanollans have a great store of spiritual wisdom that Urantians could benefit from, while you have a material economy that would be stimulative of intellectual development on their world. Still, the differences of body type and chemistry are truly large and it is unadvisable at this time for direct contact to take place. On your world you still have great conflict even within you own species. How can we hope that you will find peace with another and very different one?


(What about the Melchizedek schools?)


Mantouba [Melchizedek Group Teacher] will instruct you further on this topic. There is no doubt that such schools will come to pass, but plans are even now being discussed. Questions which are not yet resolved include the locations and the nature of the facilities which will be provided. Will these be full service educational institutions? Perhaps, but certainly not in the beginning. The first task of these centers of learning will be to establish the simplicity of God within the hearts and minds of the student body. In this way they may be likened to schools of divinity in the classical religions. However, here we hope to establish a school outside the traditional system, yet able to encompass all that has gone before. Mantouba is one of the main planners of this system, so he will be able to tell you all that is know as decisions are made, and it may well be that you group decision will determine in large part the nature of the school that is or may be established in your area.


                           * MANTOUBA *


April 6, 1995 - [Excerpts - Ed]


Greetings children, it is I Mantouba who am with you again today. We welcome you to the Mission! We have much work to do, both internally and externally. It is of great importance to focus now, on the work that must be done within, in preparation for the work that my be done without.


The stillness... communion with the Father, is always the most important of the steps. It is this that replenishes and refreshed the spiritual reserves of power which you hold within yourself. Without this replenishment you will soon feel tired and will be susceptible to more aches and pains of the body as imbalance occurs. In stillness try to empty the mind of thoughts relating to the material world. Focus on thoughts of God. You may visualize the universe or even the Isle of Paradise if you wish. It is the goodness, the love of the Father, which should be the focus of these meditations. When this connection is established and you are in communion with the Father... with the spirit fragment that the Father has placed within you, then energy flows to your soul and uplifts your outlook on life, making it possible for you to shine forth God's love to other people. When practiced diligently, this spirit power, this energy flowing into your soul may even begin to heal the body.


We seek all who are willing to put forth the effort necessary to become a part of this mission. The path is not one of ease! There are many difficulties attendant on this choice. When once one has chosen to follow the will of God, that person's life can never be the same again. Old things fall away as they are not needed. New concerns may arise which had never even been considered. But these difficulties are merely rungs on the ladder. They lead ever towards a more fulfilling existence, and a life of abundance. When I speak of abundance, I do not necessarily mean an abundance of material things, but rather that the joys of living become abundant in your life. You may find that seeming coincidences happen more and more often. Old friends, people you have not spoken to for years... when they come back into your life, you may find that they too have chosen a similar life path. There are no coincidences! The increase of such occurrences is mostly due to the efforts of your unseen celestial friends who seek always to bring into your presence those who could benefit from your learning, or those from whom you might benefit.


Each day be aware and realize that some person whom you may chance to meet... some person who you do not know... a smiling face in a passing car... a helpful hand while transacting business... such people are your brethren in spirit. It cannot be known by you who is the one whom you will be as a shining light. Therefore let your light shine forth throughout the day. This is your task.


Are there questions? Is this clear?


Question: How can we know when we are letting our light shine and when we are sticking our nose in where we shouldn't?


This is a good question! Letting your light shine does not mean that you should interfere with other people's lives... their choices... their decisions. Jesus has well said that advice should be given only when asked for, otherwise it is generally disregarded. But by "letting the light shine" I refer to a means of relating in which your love is never hidden. It is easy to tell the difference, for when you are letting your light shine forth in non-judgmental love, your heart will feel light, your head will feel light upon the shoulders and your eyes will sparkle. When you succumb to the temptation to interfere, this lightness will turn to weight. And if you are sensitive to this change, you can tell, and you can easily avoid such entanglement. Is this clear?


Question: You say that there is no coincidence, that things happen through the outworking of angels... can you elaborate on that?


Angels, midwayers, celestial beings of many orders have now been coming to this world to aid in the upliftment. Michael has decreed a new dispensation on your world. In this new dispensation many things that have not been permitted in the past shall be available as means towards the end. The goal of this ministry is that each individual of this world shall understand the reality of God. Faith shall still be required for but a short time. The time is coming in which the reality of God shall be known by all as fact. By helping to engineer these so-called coincidences many people may be urged to reconsider their concept of reality. When once this frozen world concept is broken, then the knowledge of God may flood in. This is a means of pattern-interrupt.


Question: Except for the "means of pattern-interrupt," you lost me there.


Consider a human who has spent little time pondering matters of eternal import. They go throughout their day completely absorbed in material concerns. It is important for the good of the world that a majority of the people on the planet shall become aware of God consciousness. We are close! We approach this threshold value. Therefore spirit energy and the efforts of spirit beings are being brought to bear. In this example we might cause the occurrence of a seeming coincidence. One time... and perhaps this person pays no attention. Twice... and they begin to think. Three times... and perhaps their pattern of habitual thought is disrupted. They begin to consider things... aspects of reality which have not been a part of their life up to that point. This is what we mean by pattern-interrupt. It is not a means of teaching truth, but of opening the mind so that truth may be perceived. Is this more clear?


Others: Yes.


[The following message from Mantouba has been included because in talking with Michael Goodwin about the Spirit Fest in California this spring it seems that Rayson took several sessions to speak on forgiveness. Thus it seemed appropriate to include Mantouba's message here.-ED]


If there are no further questions then we will proceed to consider forgiveness...


Forgiveness is like a fountain in a well... a pool of water constantly overflowing, bubbling forth, sparkling with life. The forgiveness of God flows towards each of you in a conduit of mercy. To God himself there is no sin. His forgiveness is so perfect that he sees you, even now, as the perfected beings of light that you will become in eternity.


Imagine if you would that from this bubbling well of forgiveness, you may dip your cup and drink. Now of course, you can drink only until you are filled and then you can drink no more. But you also have the ability to take this cup and offer it to another, and another, and another, such that through you may flow the forgiveness of God... this "water of life" which he has provided. It is only your choice that determines whether you will give your brother this cup, or withhold it. There is no limit to the number of cups which you may draw from the well. Does this resonate?


Question: If I take a cup from the well, and drink from it, and then offer it to my brother, and he continues to do the things that he needed to ask forgiveness for in the beginning... what do you do, what do you do about that?


It is not required of you that you must submit to the injustice that a brother may try to force upon you. The fact of offering the cup of forgiveness to your brother does not imply that he must receive it or understand it! It is for YOUR benefit primarily that the cup is offered. Now some have felt that this is selfishness... that offering forgiveness for yourself is unworthy. But I say to you that it is God's will that you shall be made strong in the spirit. Therefore this passing of the cup as we speak, this extension towards others of God's forgiveness is a means by which you allow God's love to flow through you. You are becoming the conduit... the ultimate destination... the fate of this love is not of your concern. Of course, it will be pleasant for you if you can see results, but realize that the path of spirit progression is many times one of disappointment. Many times will you offer this gift of love and have it rejected. But still, your faith in offering it has made YOU stronger... and perhaps one day this person to whom you have offered love will recognize it, and this foundation which you have laid within the ground of their soul will one day support a great building of God.



Then I will say that I welcome you. We will have much to talk about in the future, much to do. For today I have spoken of stillness and forgiveness. Between these two things... this task will be enough for now. We prepare you with this inner work for other and greater tasks to come, for as the world and its people come closer to the point at which the love of God is generally known, it becomes important to have as a resource those who have experience in this... those who have begun earlier to learn these things. For the time is coming soon when many, many will seek this knowledge and few will be the teachers who are available. For now it may seem that few indeed are those who seek knowledge of God, but this will change. The time is coming soon.


                                    * * *


YORK, PA - From Min Hoet comes this message from El Tanere.


                           * EL TANERE *


Most Holy Greetings. I am El Tenere. I am here bringing Love, Light and Power from the Father. His presence is with you always. This is a truth.


Many encouraging events are coming together in your circle of service workers for the highest good of all mankind. Be patient and follow all guidance. The celestial master guides work well with each one of you. The commitment and dedication with the intentions right with the heart are noted. You all will be helped along the way for the manifestation of your desires.


Your planet is in great tribulation. Reassess your values daily so as to be in tune and connected to the voice of the Spirit.


Try to experience with telepathic communications. Practice with friends and report your connections. It may be necessary for such a method of inter-communication. Make this one of your primary "work classes." Stay with it until you realize results. Practice this communication in the presence of another. When you have progressed in that manner, it will become possible to do so when at a distance. Communication will become near zero with your current methods as electra-magnetic energy changes to cosmic light energy. Know that cosmic light energy is not light as you know it. It is not a light. It is energy. The universe consists of light energy. This is the only way I have of transmitting this knowledge to you. It is an energy that will change all things. The world and its resources will be energized with cosmic light and power. Behold; all things will be new. This includes plants and animals. Keep your mind and thoughts stayed on God and His purpose for you all are a part of that purpose. You have chosen. You were chosen.


Spend more time listening to God rather than petitioning for favors. He knows your desires and intentions of the heart. Listen and love all God's creations. Always strive to see and know (acknowledge) the Spirit in everyone you chance to meet. Silently acknowledge the presence of God and all will know they are one.


Keep your soul capacity open for increased spiritual understanding. Open your hearts and allow love to come in and then send it out to all others. Let your heart fill with love and all healing is accomplished. Especially love your self and all that you are. Sit and listen. I give you the peace of understanding. I am away.


                                    * * *


BOULDER, CO - Daniel Raphael called to share some of the new developments and outreach of the Teaching Mission. Daniel has generously given his permission to share this transmission in the newsletter. Included is the letter Daniel wrote to Byron Belitsos as it explains the following transmission from Daniel's teacher, Mor-gan, to Byron.


Letter to Byron - June 17, 1995


Thank you for your letter, and your kind words about the messages that come through me. I give credit to Mor-gan and Leah, and others who do that so well. I feel it is they who provide the clarity of text and that personal sensitivity which you feel.


I usually do not fire back a letter so soon after receiving one, but in this case I must. I am genuinely excited for the messages and the direction and clarity of guidance that has come to you. Hurray! That is what celestial and angelic guidance is all about -- helping our lives have more depth and meaning and certainty. The news that I think will thrill you too, is that the next phase of the TM has begun to unfold, at least in my awareness, and I think that it will involve hundreds and thousands of others, too, if they choose.


[TIMEOUT] It is not apparent from the letter you see now that I have tried to be brief and yet be informative about this new development. After much struggling, amending, changing, and finally deleting of text, I have asked Mor-gan to tell it in his own words, which he is agreeable to do. My editorial comments are [in brackets]. I will share copies of Mor-gan's text with several others in and out of the TM. Some are not aware of what TM, TR, Correcting Time, Melchizedeks, Christ Michael or other terms mean. So please be patient with the level of Mor-gan's address.


I have sat on this development for several months, not knowing if it was a figment of my imagination or an actual and finally evident bud from the flowering TM tree. I have concluded that it is an actual development of the TM, and time to share with others, and for you and others to validate with your own Teachers and local Melchizedeks. One thing I am beginning to see is that its development will be very swift compared to the prior TM developments. I know that you understand and can appreciate my trepidation to send this letter out. I sincerely ask for your prayers for right and perfect outcomes.


In light , love and wisdom,



                            * MOR-GAN *




Hello Byron.


This is Mor-gan, Celestial Teacher of Daniel. I am glad that Daniel has asked me to describe this new development of the Correcting Time and TM [Teaching Mission] to you and to others. I will cover much information you already have acquired so that those who are not familiar will have a better understanding.


A major reason for implementing the Correcting Time and the various phases of the Teaching Mission is the knowledge by Christ Michael's universe administration that it would be highly unlikely that Urantia [earth] would ever sort and sift the errors of its societal and religious evolution to rise out of the conditions of darkness that pervade its societies, and to acquire the truths of spirit, and morontial [*] living. Hatred, bigotry, genocide, general war, crime, and rampant immoral conduct on the part of individuals have become pandemic. Need I say more? [* Morontial is a level of existence neither material nor spiritual. e.g., the soul is neither material nor spiritual. The Urantia Book, p.8.]


The strategy of the Correcting Time being used on your planet is unique in all of Nebadon, your local universe. Never before in the history of Nebadon has the local universe administration used celestial Teachers working co-creatively with mortals, who are conscious of celestial participation, to rebuild the world upon which they live.


Christ Michael's administration is saying in effect, "Here, use the resources of my local universe to rebuild your world. Do this with us. Shortcut mortal history and build a world in which you and all future generations of humankind can live and prosper, and grow in wisdom and learn to love more completely and fully. We will work with you and coordinate our efforts so they are effective. We will help you rebuild your world from the individual up."



Phase One of the Correcting Time/TM began in the mid-to-late 1980s and was/is an effort to recruit individuals to become TRs [Transmitter-Receivers, i.e. channels] of celestial Teachers. Celestial Teachers through the TR, usually meet weekly with small groups of dedicated mortals to inform them about the Correcting Time, which had been initiated by Christ Michael [Jesus], and to teach them the basic philosophies and principles of a way of life which will become the planetary standard in the transitional social era of your planet leading to the era of the Days of Light and Life. In summary, the objective of Phase One was and still is to attract dedicated, sincere believers; teach the basic lessons of the new era of your planet; and to develop some loyal followers to become unbiased TRs.


You and Daniel have come from the orientation of the teachings of The Urantia Book and a background of the Teaching Mission. People like you will be the initial TRs in local A.R.E. study groups to become one of three elements of a working team which will develop the conceptual social models for your new communities.


Many who have participated in the TM have wondered aloud, "Is this all there is to the TM?" "What's next?" And more questions like that. Many have fallen out of local TM study groups for lack of continuity. One of the reasons that the TM has not jelled into state or regional organizations is that its adherents were never meant to become organized but to disperse to all ends of the planet to share their beliefs.


Phase Two of the TM began its unseen development at the same time as the initiation of Phase One. Phase Two was initiated to develop capable, competent and spiritually inclined organizations which would become the vehicles for the three-way co-creative triangle of TRs, carrier organizations and its members, and celestial Teacher.


Early in Phase Two celestial Teachers contacted numerous individuals who belonged to suitable organizations which had the potential to act as 'carriers' of this development. For most individuals this contact was unconscious. Others had an inkling that "spiritual" activity was afoot in their lives. Some actually became aware of this contact, though few acted on or revealed this contact. Later, several organizations were selected.

The A.R.E., [Association for Research and Enlightenment], The Edgar Cayce Foundation, of which Daniel is familiar, is only one of several viable carrier organizations in the world. A.R.E was chosen for several reasons: it is a worldwide organization of local study groups, supported by area, regional, and national offices; it has a rudimentary philosophical base consistent with the new paradigm of belief that needs to exist to lead people to the Days of Light and Life; it is not a pedantic, dogmatic belief system; and its membership cuts across all social, economic, national, cultural, ethnic, and religious lines. Importantly, the Edgar Cayce readings incorporate significant predictive information describing the "earth changes" which will take place in the closing of the current millennium.


Concerning the predicted earth changes, mortal seers including Edgar Cayce have made numerous predictions about the earth changes and their effects upon your planet geophysically, societally, economically, politically, psychologically, and spiritually, but non have predicted the means by which your societies will be consciously reorganized after the earth changes to move them toward the Days of Light and Life, thus fulfilling the prophesied 'heaven on earth' condition where the "lamb and lion lay down together." [Isaiah 65:17-25]


The key word here is CONSCIOUSLY, for when the earth changes come and go, how will your societies be reorganized and by whom? Will this occur haphazardly, unwittingly, aimlessly, thoughtlessly, and unconsciously by chance and opportunity? That is possible, and undesirable. Or will some of you use this unique, prime, and pivotal opportunity in all the history of humankind on Urantia to consciously and co-creatively bring about the reorganization of your societies with angels, celestial Teachers, and divine beings?


The elements of this opportunity are these: numerous mortal sources have predicted the earth changes; many of these changes have been validated already; celestial contact has been initiated preparing mortals for these changes; numerous philosophical belief systems have sprung up which support the reorganized societies of Urantia; millions of individuals accept these beliefs; and the spiritual government of the local universe has initiated steps whereby mortals and celestial beings, consciously and co-creatively, can rebuild your societies during and after the earth changes have occurred.


Several small groups on your planet have accepted the challenge of this opportunity. Few are as consciously aware of their respective part in the co-creative triangle as those in Colorado.


The latter part of Phase Two has begun. As with most aspects of the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission, this new phase of the TM is developmentally driven. There is no consideration for the requirements of time, but only timeliness. The first team has begun to consciously co-create a conceptual model to guide the development of later teams. The three parts of this team consist of three individuals: Bob Lea, a local A.R.E. member from the Denver area as the member of the carrier organization, Daniel as TR, and myself as celestial Teacher. From this small beginning we will approach local A.R.E. study groups and ask them if thy would like to meet as a working team to develop conceptual models of post earth changes communities. It is important that the work of the team NOT supplant the operation of the study group because the study group must provide the educational platform for philosophical indoctrination of new members. It is important that the implementation of the team NOT interfere with the normal activities of the study group. Do you understand the importance of this?


In each team at least one member must learn how to become a Transmitter-Receiver to enable a celestial Teacher to guide the development of the team and its product. An alternative is to invite an existing TR from a local Teaching Mission study group to join the A.R.E working team. The purpose of assigning a celestial Teacher to working teams is two-fold: to coordinate the development of the team and to guide their activities; and to prevent divisiveness between and among teams and to keep them on track. Celestial Teachers meet apart from the teams to unify and coordinate their own activities.


One of the important aspects of these new working teams, as models for new communities, is the active, conscious participation of celestial Teachers. Celestial Teachers can provide daily revelation to guide the work and product of the teams. "Revelation," according to The Urantia Book, p. 1110, "is a technique whereby ages upon ages of time are saved in the necessary work of sorting and sifting the errors of evolution from the truths of spirit acquirement." Whether the assistance of celestial Teachers deals with education, religion, medical treatment, community building or any other diverse aspect of a society, it is a valuable source for saving time in the course of mortal social evolution.


After a team picks a field of inquiry, a fundamental question must be asked. Only as an example do I use "education" as a field of inquiry to help you imagine the function and operation of a typical working team: "Is education necessary in the new era of our society to aid, effect, or engender wholeness in individuals, families, and communities?" If this question is answered in the affirmative, then using the philosophical base of the A.R.E, the TM and The Urantia Book, the team can begin its work by asking the primary question, "What causes or engenders wholeness in individuals, families and communities?" The development of the conceptual societal model must address the three primary loci of human experience: the spiritual, mindal and emotional.


The primary question becomes, "What in education causes or engenders wholeness in individuals, families, and communities?" The team must decide how it will respond to the question. Will the primary question be answered from the standpoint of (a) a pupil or student, parent, teacher, or educational administrator? (b) Now at this time?, or after earth changes? Either way the question will be answered, and either way the group must involve itself in research of educational material to address the three approaches in answering the primary question. The team can address as much of this very large area, education, or as little as they decide.


Consider change of topic. Is "waste management" necessary? How does wast management aid, engender and effect wholeness in the individual in the spiritual, mindal, and emotional perspectives? Even diverse and seemingly materialistic and mechanistic fields of inquiry relate directly and indirectly to the wholeness of individuals, families, communities and societies.



In answering any aspect of any question, vested interests are not a consideration as the conceptual models that are developed will not be used until after earth changes end or until existent societal processes have been disrupted and in need of reconstruction. To continue the example , if you are an educational administrator, teacher, or union leader, or local school board member, you can set aside your vested interest to broadmindedly provide as much helpful information to the team as possible without threatening your professional position, allowing you to think and create without limitation or constraint. By setting aside your professional or vested interest you can be of greatest service to the team and to communities, families and individuals who will reconstruct your societies after earth changes.


The work that you do in the working teams can be creative fun. Take this opportunity to remove any constraints for improving or totally revising any and all societal aspects of your communities to answer the primary question in the three perspectives. Apply your excitement to develop the joy of co-creation with other mortals in your team under the direction and guidance of a celestial Teacher. You will be learning the way of co-creative existence in your new societies. Importantly, teams will provide functional models of how individuals, families, and especially communities will co-create with celestial guidance in the new era of your world after earth changes.


You may be wondering, "What product will the working teams develop and how will the product of the teams be shared with others?"


As you read this, keep in mind that celestial Teachers will be working with the team members in all aspects of its development and work. I, Mor-gan, have become intimately involved with Daniel and Bob as they envisioned a data base sharing network where teams download summations of their models to a data base center, or several centers. The data base would be accessible to other teams worldwide.


Again to continue the example, education is a broad field of inquiry in which thousands of models could be developed. Models within similar areas within the field of inquiry would be 'adjacent' to each other. Adjacent models will eventually become congruent as teams compare the development of their model to other adjacent models. Adjacent fields of inquiry must also become congruent. That is , their operation would complement each other, such as waste management and material resource management.


While the data base will be available to all teams, there will be no central coordinator, either celestial or mortal, to coordinate the development of the models. Absent the function of a coordinator of the conceptual models, working teams are asked to rely upon their cooperative, coordinative, and correlative intuitive insights to guide the development of wholeness within fields of inquiry and among the fields. This prospect may seem daunting to you, but you are entering a powerful, new phase of team work which is a normal development on many planets, but which must be intentionally introduced on Urantia.


You could collaborate via material means [fax/modem, etc.] as you do in material business already, but to develop your teams as operational, functional working models, precursors to the new communities, we urge you to abstain from old forms of communications. If your team is in doubt how to fit your conceptual working model to/with other models, wait. You may have to set aside one aspect of the model you are working on and proceed with something else. Ask your team's celestial Teacher for advice. Use prayer to invite the answer or resources your group needs to proceed. Much of what I am suggesting is not new, but central to "eastern" ways of approaching life and life's problems. You will find that to develop answers in your field of inquiry your teams may have to do a lot of research into existing material wisdom. When this is exhausted, invite the Infinite Spirit to open her archives of universe wisdom and knowledge to guide your group.


Many who read this letter in the days and months to come may wonder how to "get on line." Getting on line takes several forms. 1st, and primary to all else, 'get on line' with God. 2nd, to make this connection firm, just as you would subscribe to a telephone service, make a commitment to Christ Michael [Jesus} to aid his efforts to bring your planet into the Days of Light and Life. 3rd, for groups who have decided to initiate a working team, call upon God and Christ Michael to provide your team with a celestial Teacher to guide your team in this project. 4th, if you are a TR or a self-subscribing member of the TM, contact a local A.R.E. study group (or call A.R.E. national headquarters, 804.428.3588, for the nearest local A.R.E. study group) to aid this effort. 5th, if you are an A.R.E. study group leader who needs a TR from the Teaching Mission, you may call Allene Vick, 904-648-8860 for a TR nearest you. 6th, as a team, decide which field of inquiry your team wants to develop a working model for wholeness in the new society. 7th, begin developing the conceptual model in your team.


What is desired by the spiritual government of your planet is a complete working model of your new communities that is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime all over the planet. Eventually each working team will have access to all working models whether the model involves the atmosphere or zoological diversity. Teams periodically should update their model base from the central source so that in the eventuality material connections are severed, they can actually develop functional new communities.


Yes, the "100th monkey" phenomenon will also aid the spontaneous development of new communities throughout the world. The development of a new society consciousness in working teams all over the world cannot help but co-create that society. The work you will be doing will bring about the desired result both through your team's actual work and its consciousness, and the consciousness it is creating in your existing societies through the application of its team consciousness.


You may be wondering, Byron, as to why I have used a response to your letter to address such a broad subject. It is twofold. First, to spark that question in yourself, "How can I be of assistance to this process.? And, second, to address others who want to directly aid Jesus/Christ Michael to bring your planet into the era of Light and Life, and who wish to materially and spiritually contribute to the formation of the new communities which will develop after the earth changes. You have only to ask you own Teacher and your Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the living God within each of you, to discern your role.


                                   Mor-gan Celestial Teacher


                          * LANAFORGE *




Greetings, this is Lanaforge, System Sovereign.


The communication you have received above manifests the essence of the next phase of development of the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time upon your planet. As in this new active phase of the Teaching Mission, the presence of celestial assistance will become more evident in the application of further developments in the future.


For those of you who question the combination of the initial text of the letter and my message of validation within the same document, I invite you, in the presence of the Spirit of Truth, to ask the Christ Spirit of Michael now sovereign of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Prince of Urantia, or your own celestial Teacher for verification and validation of this message. I wish no doubt to exist as to the necessity that this next step be taken, with the conscious involvement of mortals. More and more developments of the Correcting Time will necessitate the conscious co-creative involvement of mortals who will live in the world they create or do not create.


The increase of energy that your planet has become bathed in is available to all those who work in light, those in the shadow of light, and those who work in darkness. Know that our conscious co-creative involvement has an indirect effect upon the severity of earth changes. It is the mass consciousness of the populations of your planet which determines the effect of earth changes, magnified by this increase of energy. Although earth changes cannot be avoided, you may be pleased to know that significant progress has been made sufficient to make the most severe predictions out of date.


                              Lanaforge, System Sovereign



Note by Daniel:


This letter was produced bit by bit, daily over approximately three weeks. Its roots began late in 1994 when I first became aware that a new development of the TM was about to become known. Little by little the concept of the development of the next phase of the Correcting Time/TM began to develop more and more fully in my mind -- and I became more and more cautious as to whether it was a manifesting figment of an over zealous imagination or whether it was celestially and angelically inspired. I was contacted early in 1995 by Lanaforge who share his thoughts about coming developments. I did nothing to begin with, but repeatedly through "coincidence" I was brought together with members of A.R.E who wanted to discuss the paradigms that our societies may move into after earth changes. Experientially the early developments that Lanaforge had discussed came into my life.


I often contacted Mor-gan, my celestial teacher, and those written reflections are among my daily keyboard sessions. Yes, I have asked others to validate this, too. And yes, I have been previously visited by Machiventa, the Infinite Spirit and Michael --and motivated to move on this information and share it. So, I am sharing it. Teaching Mission members, I ask you to confirm and validate this information. It is important that we consciously move forward, for as Mor-gan mentioned some time ago, "The will to co-create can only be initiated by mortals; spirit only proffers to co-create with you." This is an opportunity that does not come often to a planet and its people.


Daniel Raphael

206 Barcelona Drive

Boulder, CO 80303-4939 USA



                                    * * *


MEXICO BEACH, FL - Below are the two messages I received from the United Midwayers that I started to share in the March issue. I am under the impression that these messages are only an introduction to what they have to share about their activities on our world. It may be that we need to work on ourselves in order to prepare ourselves for the next messages they have to share.


                      * United Midwayers *


January 30, 1995

We thank you for this time for it is now time for us to begin our dialogue with you. There were things that you needed to do to clear the way for this time together. While these have not all been achieved, you now have a plan that will free you to proceed.


We wish to begin to tell you more about who we are and how we operate in your world. We wish for you to be our mouthpiece, so to speak, in disseminating this material. We recognize your doubts. Therefore, we ask you to give us your time and, in time, when you are comfortable with what we have to share, you may then use this material to enlighten and increase the understanding of your brothers and sisters.


We are very excited. Elated is perhaps a better word. There is not a word that we know of yet that describes the correct feeling. Excited has the connotations in your language of an excited state that is indicative of physical excitement and arousal. What we wish to convey is a word that has more to do with spiritual excitement. As you mentioned the other day, joy is perhaps a better word. In time a vocabulary will arise for the changes that are taking place on Urantia and they are taking place! You who have a heightened sense of awareness are becoming more aware of the evidence of such change and the energies that are now present on your planet. They are increasing daily aided by the reception that they are receiving by humans at this time. You who know this will not be put off by the changes that are so rapidly taking place on the earth - both in a physical sense and the political arenas around the world. You are able to view these in a positive way because of the faith and trust in our Father's goodness and mercy. You are able to see the goal beyond the immediate circumstances. This awareness is not felt nor seen by many of your brothers and sisters. It is an awareness that can best be shared with them by your attitudes expressed in your actions to all those around you. This attitude will do much to stabilize the situations that are occurring and are to come.


You have long conjectured that in the days ahead there will be much turmoil as those who see will find themselves in direct conflict with those who are striving to preserve outmoded ways of thinking and acting. Your ways will often seem strange and incorrect to those around you. This, in and of itself, will set up a natural conflict. It is for you to be aware of this that is important. For in being aware, you will then be more ably fit to gently and lovingly proceed to help in stabilizing the effects of this period of imbalance that will quite naturally occur due to the nature of man at this time. The nature of man is undergoing tremendous change!!! We cannot express this strongly enough. Man has been of a dual nature, but precious little attention or awareness has been given to this fact. Now, the time is approaching when the divine nature of man will take dominance. This is the change that is occurring. It is this alteration of understanding and perceptions that will bring about change. Change always brings about chaos. You can see this in your personal lives and it is the same within the broader context of communal and global affairs.


When changes comes about there are several aspects that are consistently present due to your natures. There is resistance to change. You have referred to it as a "comfort zone." It always appears easier to remain in what ever "comfort zones" you have developed within and for yourselves. Often it is not possible to realize that you have established these comfort zones and that there are other options or that these other options will bring you into a more comfortable "comfort zone." On your planet, it is often the case that one only moves out of these "comfort zones" when they have become too confining and "uncomfortable" to bear. This has been on a whole the way that change has come about. Now as more are being spiritually awakened and the communal and global situations are becoming too uncomfortable, the time is ripe for mass changes. One can choose to change because the situation is simply too uncomfortable to accept and change comes about as one searches for a more comfortable way to live or one can bring about these changes from a urge from within to search for a higher meaning to life. Both of these conditions are now present on Urantia. Many realize that the old ways simply are not enough and do not work to bring about an acceptable standard of life for themselves. Therefore, they seek alternatives that they feel will be better. Sometimes, due to the frustrations and old patterns, the best alternatives are not the ones chosen. There are others who seek to bring about change by seeking answers that do not lie in the physical realm, but go within to find the meaning of life and their existence here. Both of these and combinations of the two are most helpful in bringing about positive changes. It is the transition that is difficult and brings about turmoil and this is where you are now in the planned changes for your planet. There is turmoil because of the frustration and anger that results from the situations that seem so unjust and out of control. Many of the solutions sought for your planet are not the best for they are based on anger and frustration. Recognize this and be loving toward all who are reaching out to make changes. With your more highly developed sense of discernment through the Spirit of Truth, you will know the differences and can add your influence to aid in the better choices.


Think about this change in terms of personal change within your own life for this is a microcosm of the global situation. You were for a long time unaware of thought and emotional patterns that guided your life and created problems for you. In fact, you were not even aware of the seriousness of the problems existent in your life. There were simply accepted as "normal." Over time and with the help of your guides, you came into awareness of repeated problems and difficulties. With the help of your guides, you were shown the cause of these difficulties to lie within your own misperceptions and erroneous patterns of behavior. It was not easy to see the "patterns" for they were of an unconscious nature stemming from your early environmental development and experiences long forgotten, buried so deeply that they were completely unknown to you. Given your nature you were always positive, enthusiastic and felt quite blessed and quick to give thanks to the Universe for these many blessings. In time, the patterns of problems and difficulties began to come to your awareness. Your approach was to look within to seek the answers. Thus, with much work and effort on your part, you are able to see and live a different way. You have come out of the darkness into the light - into enlightened awareness of this process.


As we mentioned before there are several basic aspects of change.


First there is no awareness of the situation. It is simply accepted that this is how things are and how they are seems "normal" to that individual.


Then comes awareness that things aren't working out well. Difficulties arise. At this point it is easy to lash out and feel that what is happening is being done to you by others. With all the emphasis today on therapy groups, it is easy to blame the cause on parents and past experiences that you seemingly had no control over. Many get stuck here at this level. It is hard for them to move forward as they are allowing themselves to continue to feel victimized. The "victim role" is one that is a "comfort zone" to them. As unhappy and as uncomfortable as they may feel, it is all they know and to move beyond this to see their role in this is too fearful for them acknowledge. Thus, this state creates a lot of anguish and turmoil in the individual and their actions and words bespeak this anger and frustration. There arises the need to control. Often the individual is unaware of this aspect. The situation seems so out of control and the only answer seems to control what they mistakenly believe they can control to alleviate their pain and assuage an ego that they feel needs defending creating the other problem of defensive behavior.


Although they may be seeking help, it is often impossible to reach an individual at this time for they are firmly attached to their attitudes and beliefs. As much as there may be a true desire to help, each is on their own path and ultimately must find their own answers in their own time. Love is always appropriate to give, but the desire to "fix" another is a clue to look within yourself for this is not something you can do for another. This is a lesson for all of you to be aware of in dealing with your brothers and sisters. For if the desire to "fix" another resides within you, look at your own control issues. For where love, acceptance and trust abide, there is no place for the idea of control. As you say, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." This has much truth for when the pain and discomfort becomes too great, the individual is then ready to become receptive to help.


There is a real breakthrough when at last one begins to perceive their part in the difficulties and begins down to road to taking full responsibility for the events of their lives. It is understood that there are circumstances of which are beyond your control such as the circumstances of which you find yourselves born into. This you cannot control, but you can control your attitudes and perceptions of these events. This is what makes the difference between a life of misery and woe and one of love and joy. For no matter what your circumstances, the opportunities are always available to choose to love, be giving and be full of joy and thanksgiving. The choice is yours.


It would seem that when one is able to begin to see their part in the choices they have made and to take responsibility that the rest would be a downhill ride after the long uphill struggles. But often this is not the case. For many it is a terrifying experience to face the truth about themselves. For those of you who have experienced and witnessed this process, you know the terror and it is terror that these individuals may experience. The option of suicide sometimes seems the only answer. It is at this time that your love and acceptance is so very important. Let them know how much our Father loves them - always no matter what they do. If they choose to end their life here, remain at peace in knowing that all is okay. They are a beloved child of our Father and His understanding and mercy are without bounds. They will have a the opportunity to proceed without the overwhelming burdens of existence as they knew it here.


Even if the individual paths do not lead them to such terrifying experiences, there rages an unseen battle within as the ego and long held self persona struggle to maintain the old patterns and the new emerging concepts come into conflict. This creates turmoil within the self. The ideas and perceptions are present and are beginning to be understood on deeper levels, but the old ways crop up and play themselves out in the daily activities of the individual. Often this creates a sense of guilt and disappointment within the individual. A sense of worthiness is beginning to develop and is in constant danger of being undermined by a sense of unworthiness when they fail to live up to their new goals and understanding. Love them, support them and let them know how worthy they are. For to our Father they are already perfect.


In the process of growing and changing, these individuals may develop over reactive behaviors as they test out a new way of being. This may be seen, as with you, an aggressive response that is inappropriate and later settles into an appropriate assertive response. Be gentle with individuals in this process of their growth. Know that in time all corrections will be made. They will find their way in their own way and time.


Can you now see from this brief look at some of the aspects of change how these aspects play themselves out on the grander global picture? What does this mean for you who are moving into greater and greater awareness? What is your role in all the changes?


First you must recognize that these mental and emotional levels must be dealt with. This comes about in a variety of ways. Those who seek help from above may find your trials and burdens lightened. Some will not for it is in going through the process with all its agony and pain that a compassion and understanding develops that may allow you a greater opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters. For your perception is correct that these incorrect and destructive patterns must be acknowledged and released for the spiritual channels to fully operate within an individual. It is through glimpses of truth and personal experience that individuals are led to seek to know more, but we wish that each of you begin your journey now to realize your potential as a divine child of our Father to take your rightful place in the ascension plan and the upliftment of our planet.


We, the United Midwayers, are your unseen brothers and sisters in your efforts to move Urantia into an era of Light and Life. We are aware of your struggles, your disappointments, your successes, your joys - your every step along the way. We are here to assist you, to work with you. This is not an individual task, a group task, a communal or national task. This is a global task with ramifications extending to the far reaches of your universe and beyond. A ripple effect, if you will, that starts with you - each of you. What starts as a small ripple will one day become a mighty wave that will sweep across Urantia engulfing all into the fold of Father's love. It cannot and will not be stopped. You can each help this process by your every thought, prayer and action in your daily lives. This is a coordinated effort beyond your comprehension at this time. All sincere requests to be of service are being answered. Know this. Trust this for it is true. Be patient and understand that you are not aware of all that is "afoot". You each have your parts to play and will be shown and guided when the time is right. Just as there are many beings involved, there are many factors that will be taken into account as this work proceeds. It is not necessary for you to know all the answers you seek. It is important that you become more aware, alert and pay attention to the details of events that happen to and around you that you may make the most of each opportunity. As you have seen, you, Allene, have had many opportunities of recent to experience and evaluate in a light of higher and higher understanding. You have also been given ideas for many future projects - as you have noted, so much more than your time seems to allow. Know that while it is not possible to achieve all of these presently nothing is wasted. You will do much more than you now think possible and much will be done by others as the ideas will be picked up and brought to fruition by others. This is the way change comes about. None of you are set the task of doing it all. There are eons and eons of time and never is there an end to the outworking of our Father's plan. It is the beauty and truth of life without end. For what would life be without the prospect of work at hand to reach further and more distant goals.


Of recent you have become more and more aware of a new flow to life. The old way was to set about to accomplish tasks in what seemed to be the "proper" order and time frame. To fail to meet these goals was deemed to be a failure on your part. This is changing for you and others you have talked with to a new way of operating. What is happening is that as you become more and more attuned to the help around you even though you are not conscious of it most of the time, you "suddenly" feel the moment is right to do a particular task and it happens almost effortlessly. When you try to do something because it should be done or at a particular time that seems appropriate, it does not turn out to be easy or leave you with a sense of accomplishment. This is because as you turn your life over to the Universal flow and to the will of the Father, life takes on a new flow. You have discussed this with and heard about it from your other brothers and sisters recently as it appears to yourself and others that this appearing lackadaisical approach to life in its varying aspects revolving around issues of health, money, relationships, and events seems irresponsible when looked at through the older traditional patterns and attitudes. Let us assure you that this new behavior is not irresponsible. You are simply becoming more attuned to the divine guidance you are receiving. As you move more into this new mode of operating, your life may not become easier but there will flow an ever renewing sense of joy and wonder at the world around you.


You wonder why we have chosen to come to you with this information. It is because of your long years of longing to understand that much has been revealed to you in experience and understanding. Underneath your ever and steadfast search for truth has been the desire to learn in order to share and dispel many of the misperceptions that are so invasive on our planet. This has been noted and the time is now to begin this work you have chosen long ago. This is the beginning. We will have more to share with you. We know that you will know the way and time for you to share this with your brothers and sisters. You need not seek us out. We are forever present with you and will let you know as we did this evening when we wish to speak with you.


There is much to do, so we leave to the tasks you have at hand. We thank you for your time and attention.


February 26, 1995


You are correct. We would like to speak with you this evening to add more to the discussion that we started last week. You have been correct in thinking that there is much more that we wish to say on this subject. We did try to contact you several times this past week. We realize that you were aware of someone wanting contact. Do not be disturbed or concerned if you feel you cannot always answer our call. We realize that you have much to do and your own constraints on your time and energy. This we respect and there is no reason for you to feel that you have "let us down." We are here and patient. Your experiences have "primed" you for this assignment and we appreciate your willingness amidst your own doubts. It is good that you have given this topic much thought in the meantime. We are pleased that you are so aware of the importance of these imbalances that need, in fact, must be addressed.


You have done well to become aware of the major issues that stood in your way. This week you were aware of instances that appeared in your daily actions with others. Do not be dismayed. Through this you can see how crippling this is in building a positive relationship with and an example for others. You have also seen how easily one can be influenced by others and fall into a negative behavior pattern. Stay firmly centered on what you know to be true. This has been a good lesson for you. For it has allowed you to recognize how difficult it is to become clear of all vestiges of this unhealthy behavior. You learn best from your own experience. Thus, you are able to speak from your own experience, which is the most powerful personal position to speak from to others. Of course, at those times when you are able to step aside and let a higher voice speak through you, there is a marked difference as you have noted in the recognition of what is said to the person being addressed. You have also noted that there is little recall later of the conversation versus when you speak from your own personal self.


Now is the time for you and your brothers and sisters to look head on at these issues of behavior about which we are speaking. They are most important issues and all of you are "tainted" with the unresolved issues that cause you so much heartache. It pains us to watch those with such good motivations and intentions be tripped up and stumble when you could walk free and unencumbered on your paths of ascension. It is easy to have beautiful thoughts and desires to aspire to greater spiritual understanding. However, in order for you to manifest this growth in your life in a much more meaningful way, it is necessary to look closely at yourselves - to pay more attention to what is happening in your own backyard and spend far less time watching the backyards of your neighbors. Look for the weeds in your own yard that you may pull them up from the roots. It is not enough to simply cut them off when they become too troubling for until you have looked closely to see how deep the roots are and how connected the root structure is, you will not be able to eliminate the weeds that trouble you. As you well know, you can cut them down, but in doing so, the roots are continuing to grow and spread. And as with a garden, so with you for they begin to get a stronger hold on you as seen in your thoughts and behaviors. They will not go away on their own. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance to eliminate these weeds from your yard.


We are here to assist you in turning your yard into gardens of great beauty, but this is not something that we can do for you. First you must "see" the weeds. Become aware in all your dealings with your fellow men. What is really happening in these daily exchanges? Are you being of service? Are you giving? Are you sharing freely of yourselves to help all around you? Are you acting in the highest interest for all? If not, why not? What are you afraid of? What are you protecting? What are you defending? What do you feel you will lose? - power, control, material things? What is the "payoff" for your actions?


In beginning to look more closely at yourselves, you will often find that you have many well built defense systems that make these questions seem simple and, at times ridiculous? "Oh, no," you say, "Of course my intentions and motivations are good." But are they? We know at the time you honestly believe they are good. But have you really examined your motivations in depth? Are you able to see when you are acting on automatic pilot, so to speak? For example: Are you comfortable being "a part of" or do you need "to be in charge?" Do you allow others and situations to "be" as they are or do you feel a need to "correct" them? If you feel a situation does need correcting, do you do it in a straight forward way, or do you try to manipulate the outcome through indirect means? Are you comfortable when others disagree with you or do you feel defensive? If you feel defensive, do you feel the need to aggressively defend your situation or beliefs? Do you just "shut down?" Do you tell yourself that it really isn't important? Do you harbor unkind thoughts about the situation and those involved? Do you feel the problem is theirs and not yours? Do you feel that you have been unjustly treated? Do you walk away feeling that the situation has not been fully and satisfactorily resolved? Are you fearful of stepping forward to try and resolve the situation? Do your emotional reactions seem out of proportion to the situation?


We ask you to look at these questions in your quiet time. Know that just as a child grows to adulthood, there is much learning that needs to take place. He or she will become an adult simply by attaining the proper age. As you wish to grow spiritually there is much learning and unlearning that needs to take place. Many of your behaviors may have "seemed" appropriate to the situation of long ago, but are no longer appropriate for your present situations and yet they are the patterns that you are unconsciously acting upon. These unconscious patterns need to be brought into full conscious awareness. The answers to these questions will give you the clues you need to dig deeper to uncover the roots of the weeds in your garden. We are desirous that you take the time to look at each of the questions in your own time and give them each your full attention - examine each one in depth. This is not an idle exercise. Given an open and honest look at these questions, the importance of what you may discover is beyond your understanding at this time.


Now is the time to look at these issues for now is the time for the true Brotherhood of Man to spring forth into action to take root, to blossom and flower spreading the beauty for all to see. Each and everyone of you is precious and your talents are needed. It is truly a wondrous time on our planet. Much is happening and so much more is to come about as you learn to work together. To work together in harmony, it is necessary that you become "clear" channels for the work ahead. Daily you are reaching, stretching and growing in your understanding of God's love for each of you. By now, you should all know how well loved you are by our Father - how precious you are in His sight.


Step forward with a courageous heart to know yourselves - your strengths and your weaknesses. Do not be fearful of what you will uncover, for as you say, "The truth shall set you free." You will not know the joy and freedom that is awaiting you when you free yourself from the shackles that bind you at present. You are not alone. You have a host of celestial helpers to stand beside you in this process. Turn to the Father, Michael, Nebadonia, your teachers and your friends for guidance and loving support. Trust that each discovery is a gift that will make your path a lighter and more joyous one.


Now to your question, Allene. Why are we approaching you with this information? Why does it seem that we are doing this together with you and not merely giving you the words to share? You have been asked if you would be our "spokes person" in bringing forth what we have to say because of your experiences and your dedication to understanding the underpinnings that get in the way of being "clear." It was decided that it would be better to work with an individual rather than just have them transmit our words. We needed someone who was able to understand the issues and the importance of clearing out the unconscious patterns that block one from becoming a "clear" channel for the work ahead. We needed someone who would step forward and be able to take the heat from those who are not yet ready to hear our words. We needed someone who is able to see beyond the blemishes to love the beauty and goodness in another to know that these issues reside in all of you in some degree. You hesitate to speak out not from a lack of courage or understanding of the importance of what is being said, but rather from a doubt that this is you and not coming from a higher source. Have you not struggled with these issues and sought a higher guidance for years to know? Where do you think this guidance came from? Why would it be wasted for your consumption only? Did you not always seek to share all you knew to help others? Why balk now?


It may be reassuring to you to know that in the days ahead, there will be many who have been struggling to understand and find solutions to a variety of problems that beset our planet. Each will come forward with their own abilities and talents. You take great joy in seeing what others are doing as you read the transcripts, talk with your friends and read of the many positive and enlightened developments taking place in all fields of endeavor from many different sources. Why do you take such joy in this and become shy in what you have to share working with us on this project? This a critical issue for now is the time that mankind must learn to work together cooperatively and this effort will be impeded until these issues are brought to light. Let us go forward in faith.


                                 * * * * *




Those of you who attended the Gathering in Spokane last year know the rich rewards of coming together with open hearts to share experiences under the loving guidance of Michael's staff. The fruits of last year's gathering are still with us as is seen by the bonding that has taken place and the profound way the experience has altered our lives. If you are still considering coming, it is not too late. I urge all of you who can possibly attend to make every effort to do so. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know other members of this spiritual family.


Meeting with each other affords us the chance to find out first hand more about what is happening in this time of a new dispensation. What does this mean? Come!!! Join Us!!! Find out for yourself!!! The information presented in this issue constiutes only a sampling of what others are learning from their teachers. The benefits of participating in this gathering will continue to be known as we return to our respective areas and consider our daily actions and decisions. I urge all of you who can to come!!!


Calling All Volunteers - Please let the Tallahassee coordinators hear from you if you would be able to assist with registration, children's programming, transcribing and any other assistance you can offer. Let's all do a little so no one will have a lot to do.






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