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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

March 1995 (Vol. 3, No.3)




This newsletter brings a departure from my usual custom of keeping my transmissions out of the newsletter. I was contacted by The United Midwayers last year asking me to be a "spokesperson" for them. I am reminded of Dan Megow's poem at the Spokane Conference, "I Don't Think So," for this was my first response. Not that I was not willing, I just had a lot doubts about whether this was coming from me or really The United Midwayers. They have been patient with me as I pondered over this. Even with the encouragement of other celestial teachers, I still pondered over this and The United Midwayers patiently waited.


The first of their messages came the last of January and another in February with, I am told, more to come. I was told, "We know that you will know the way and the time for you to share this with your brothers and sisters." Good. That is real clear! I pondered over this. First, I thought of taking the messages to the Arkansas Conference. This month while I was doing the accounting for the newsletter, the idea kept coming to me about putting it in the newsletter and I seemed to sense a gleeful pleasure coming from some unseen celestials over the idea. In asking about this, I got the following response from The United Midwayers that I think speaks to many not just to me:


The United Midwayers:


Do you not think that the time has come when you can begin to share some of your messages? Do you not see that now it will be helpful and not harmful in helping others by sharing more of yourself and your experiences? By stepping out of your usual pattern in the newsletter and sharing your personal experiences last fall, you touched many. This you know from the responses that you got. Whether you like it or not, this has become your vehicle to use as you see fit. It is all well and good to look at it and say that it is ours (meaning all participants in the Teaching Mission - mortal and celestial) not yours, but it is through your efforts and decisions that it has evolved. Each newsletter is different as are the individuals that are motivated to issue them. Each issue is different as the contributions and input to each are different. Each serves a purpose. Each is valuable. Do you object to reading of Bakim in the Spirit Quest? Of course not. Why would you be different in this regard? It is in keeping with the intentions of the Teaching Mission that all vehicles and the networks are used in ways that will bring more of the teachings to those that are willing to receive the messages that your teachers so lovingly plan for you. What good is your light if you hide it under a bushel? Let it shine forth! Share it! Let those who would reject it, reject it. Let those who would receive it, receive it. The choice is always up to the individual. It is not for each of you to decide the value these words of your teachers will have for others. The messages speak for themselves.


Due to the length of the messages from The United Midwayers, I have opted to break them down in segments in the newsletter.


It seems apparent from reading the transcripts, your letters and in conversations with many of you that we need to courageously look at ourselves to discover and overcome the parts of ourselves that block us from acting from our higher guidance and understanding. As good and as pure as our intentions may be, these blocks are often unconscious patterns that prevent us from effectively and lovingly interacting with each other. I think the time is now to address these issues. For this is something we must surely do if we wish to do the work ahead to pave the way for a time of Light and Life. The United Midwayers have been addressing these things with me in their messages. Therefore, I am pleased to share with you the words of Anaston about this that Anthony Porzio contributed in this issue. With Easter approaching, Anaston's words about the Master and suffering seem timely to consider. Let us join together to make a commitment to open an honest dialogue with ourselves, our teachers and each other about these issues that trip us up and cause us to stumble in our efforts to become the best that we can be. We have a lot of work to do. Let us start with ourselves that the ripples that go forth will be ripples of clear love and service to all around us. Let's start the dialogue now. Let's hear from you.


My thanks to those who let me know about the problems with the newsletters arriving.  I was told previously at the post office that I had to cut down on the number of pages to go to an envelope for the same postage. This week, I asked the postal clerk to again weigh a regular newsletter with the new envelopes and it comes to 2 ounces with the labels! Why am I not surprised as I give thanks to the Universe again? Thank you, Universe!!! You tipped the scales again.


As Easter approaches, let us all give thanks for the gifts our Master left with us and renew our vows to live these lessons in our daily lives.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                  FROM THE READERS


SEDONA, AZ - News from Joseph McNeil gives us information on several topics and an up-date on "Felicia Productions."


Hello again and greetings from Sedona !!


Naturally, I agree with your position on including information on other products and services that you feel are in harmony with the philosophy of the Teaching Mission. As my dear friend, Lynn Hauck says, "We all have to get better before we get better," which means that healing in all areas of our lives is totally consistent with our participation in the mission.


What we know from personal experience is that the higher and finer vibrations of energy that we allow to flow through us can, and often do, interact with the toxins and heavy metals in our systems in such a way as to cause physical discomfort. Felicia has told us that new modalities of healing will be revealed to us so that we may become the clearest lenses of The Father's Love as individually possible, or desirable.


Page 1209D tells us, "It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function - when the physical, mental, and spiritual powers are in triune harmony of development - that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal danger or risk to the real welfare of such a being."


As I've stated before, here in Sedona we have access to alternative healing techniques, and I can tell you that products like Super Blue Green Algae, CoQ10, and magnetic energy pendants are readily available and widely used by those who are on the path of spiritual growth.


I'm deeply grateful for the additional press on "Felicia Productions" and I have finished the script of Show #001, which is called, "An Introduction to The Urantia Book." Our actual production date is tentatively set for some time next month. The format is the same as described in the proposal, that is, I have an opening statement which runs about 20 minutes, which will be followed by questions from the audience, then a closing statement that tells the viewer how to get copies and/or further information. (A 1 hour show) I'm also working on phase 2 of the proposal which outlines equipment needs, etc., and I've decided that forming a non-profit organization is the best way to go.


I would like to suggest a book titled, The Celestine Prophecy by Jim Redfield, and a film called "Mindwalk," which is available on video tape. I found it at my local video rental outlet. Both of these relate to energy and its manifestations.


You may already be familiar with The Celestine Prophecy, so I'll just describe that "Mindwalk" is a discussion of the latest findings in particle physics, which is just beginning to understand, and quantify, the reality that everything, and everyone, is connected on the quantum energy level. In other words, we're  one. Wow, imagine that !! This particular film also relates this information from the female point of view (Liv Ulman stars), which serves to help bring about the female balance that is required for further planetary growth. It seems to me that Nebadonia would have these same things to say to men, and to the planet.


[Yes, I am familiar with both. I, again, strongly recommend "Mindwalk." Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this movie. It is a movie described as for passionate thinkers. I think it should also be described as for all those who are passionate about recognizing our interconnectedness - our oneness.]


                                 * * * * *



TRINIDAD, CA - Anthony Porzio contributed a Transformation Lesson from the Urantia Study Group HSU.  Here are excerpts from this lesson with Anaston and Tenare, who are Brilliant Evening Stars. With Easter approaching, it is timely to consider the words on suffering and our Master found in this lesson. Thanks, Anthony, for sharing this.


                           * ANASTON * 

November 16, 1994


Once again, thank you for gathering, for making your efforts to be here through the difficult weather situation. We are most happy to share with you our wisdom, our light, our joy and our love. I know you have many things on your minds, many things that trouble and disturb you, that for which you have come to receive guidance and our wisdom, the wisdom of brilliant evening stars, the light beings. And we will uplift you, enlighten you one more step along the path. Hopefully, you will become more aware of our presence, of the presence of the spirit realm. For you have within you always wherever you go, the presence that comes from the spirit realm. And we always want for you to become more attuned to that presence within. Not that you shouldn't have these kinds of communications, but that you should always feel independent of any outside source. So we are here to help you become more attuned to your inner guidance. And as we share collectively, as we gather in small groups, in larger groups, and also, perhaps, sometimes, in large gatherings, we can feel the oneness of God. As we also enjoy the oneness that occurs when we join our hearts, our open hearts, our open heart centers, and that we can resonate and vibrate in harmony with one another. This is always the fundamental teaching, the basics, but because of the confusion and the distortions of the human mind in this very confusing modern world, we must use our minds intellectually to gather information that will help and make further associations so that the inner experience becomes more expanded for us and the connections that take place between our intellect and our spiritual souls, your spiritual soul will bring forth those flashes of insight that will illuminate your mind, gladden your heart, and encourage you further along as you progress God-ward, heaven-ward, and towards the era of light and life. Our words are meant to comfort you, as you take beliefs which you cherish and see them unfold before you as actualities. As you extend that belief outward now, into this circle, into this experience, those connections are expanding at this very moment. Of course, you need help to do this. We are here to do this for you, to help you.


Tenare, who is silent this evening, is not inactive. Ever so quietly, yet so efficiently, vibrationally, you have felt her working.  Since you came in this room this evening a lot you have acknowledged our presence. And we are very grateful for your sensitivity. It is a good sign of your growth success of our work. Your sensitivities will affect all around you. Everywhere you go, you will notice more and more our presence which can extend to wherever you are any time. And so as you become more aware of us, your comforting angels and your guides, your personal guides, you extend this mission, you extend the kingdom of God into the outer reaches of your planet. You take it with you. You enhance your environments. And although those around you many not know why or how or may not even be aware of the changes that take place because of your efforts and your sensitivities, you are. And you can see how it changes things. This is a power that you are given, a power that you have also helped create with your willingness to search for the truth, your willingness to be guided and the humility of your hearts that open up for such spirit guidance. By and large all spirit in your experience is always as one, although the facets are many. All that matters to you and to us is that your lives improve each day, that you grasp a higher perception of divine and holy peace of mind and contentness of heart. For not only shall you be content with your life as it is, but you shall also increase in grace and in communication. So that the desires that are awarded to your heart from above that you accept as your own, which is the will of God, shall also be satisfied and granted. And that you then will begin to relax more and more as you live your lives according to the Father's will that they become more normalized as it would be as if there were never any rebellion upon this world and you shall bring the kingdom of heaven in this way on earth as it is in heaven. For you are a part of it. We won't come with you. So we thank you in deepest appreciation for you efforts, though you may think they are for your own self purposes. That is all right. It is perfectly all right to be selfish for the will of God, for the grace and the gifts and the joy of God. It is entirely yours and you whold be most desirous to have as much as you can. For what you get comes from a great limitless source and can only radiate as it overflows to others around you and you become much loved by your fellow mortals for your goodness, for your peace and for the joy that you exude as you use these gifts, these powers to keep you on track in communication with all that is good, beautiful, and true. We are wit you. God is with you, and it is your training to become comfortable and at peace on your own world. And because you will do this, as you are doing it still yet, you will be the living proof that the kingdom of heaven is within and  you express in your heart in your knowledge of this to others who inquire through casual conversation, they will come, perhaps, a bit closer to understanding that the future is now, that God is here and that all is well.


In your attentiveness to this phenomenon that is now occurring we thank you for your love of God, for we feel the affections of your heart as you express them heavenly-ward. And we are so gratified, so appreciative of your willingness to share that with us. And though you have pain in your life, even while you pray, even while you believe, even while you feel the love of God, we ask you to bear these pains heroically, for they are for definite purposes. It is part of your restructuring. If you would avoid the pain that accompanies the restructuring of our characters we would loose contact with you and you would then again need to search for where you left off. It is not God's will that you should suffer pain, rather it is God's will that you would triumph over your pain. But the grace that He gives you knowing in your heart that it is only for a time for the breakdown must occur before the restructuring begins. Perhaps not all entirely at once, you break down, you restructure, then you have more strength to go deeper but I assure you, this will not last forever and you will be much strengthened by this process for in your weakness, you feel your pain and you think you are weak because of the pain but it takes strength for you to deal with this pain, to face it. So know that the very fact that you are experiencing this discomfort means that you have already been strengthened to go further, to go deeper, to go to the core of your being and our energies are there with you and you will feel the joy or our presence and you will willingly at that point understand and know why you must go through this and we will be with you and we will see you through it and you will triumph over it so that you will stand strong and firm in the full knowledge of the truth as reborn children of god. We ask you to bear it, it is your cross, if you will. We ask you to endure it with the attitude that reflects confidence and trust in God, for it is your faith that will bring you through into the new, into the renewed individual that you are becoming. This is very important. Very few people can understand the meaning of our words when we ask you to "suffer for righteousness sake." For blessed you are who suffer for righteousness sake, for you shall become righteous through and through, inwardly and outwardly and you are doing this for the world as well as for yourself and for many future beings to come. We are asking you to be courageous as your Master who willingly suffered so that the will of God in His own experience would be demonstrated. Of course, the Master was quite righteous Himself. He did not need to suffer for righteousness sake. His was an act of love to show you that with God, with God's love and energy, with his presence and the presence of His servants, with our angel guides, you can endure, you can triumph over suffering and achieve out of your own choice by an act of your own will, the greatness that you are becoming. You shall be strong and you shall be powerful in spirit. But as the Master said, "Greater is he who has conquered himself than he who has conquered a city." You will progress and we will help you and it will not be easy, but you shall succeed and you shall be glad for it. (pause) This has been our teaching for this evening. We hope that it has been relevant for you. And if you care to, comment or ask any questions within the context.


Lynn: I have a question. The restructuring -- is it considered to be physical or is it recontructuring in terms of casting our old belief systems and thought systems: And secondly, I assume the pain you speak of includes emotional, psychic and physical pain.


Anaston: Yes, Lynn, you are on the right track now. All things are connected -- body, mind, spirit, soul. In fact, that is the purpose of this transformation process to integrate you as complete  and whole, even perfect human beings. Intellectually, you may accept new ideas for old and that will have an effect upon all phases of your existence. But your personal truth, your own inner revelations of truth are where the restructuring of our character take place and at this point of your growth you must make a decision. You must decide first and foremost if you are willing to override your fear with faith, to trust the process as it comes closer and closer to your feeling experience. It is important for you as an individual to excavate, as it were, and expand your capacity to receive the truth, to receive the light, to receive the joy and the love in the present state of this world whereby the majority of human beings are born and raised, the  conditions that limit their ability to receive and give love, conditions that are social, conditions that are ...of trauma, of the many hurts and disappointments of having to live your life in such a confused and dark world. These all form what you call your character structure. The way you respond to the outer world and the way you protect yourself from the outer world because you have learned that you can be hurt, that your sensitivity can be a handicap and so you grow up in this fashion, vacillating between expansion and contraction, between fear and love, looking for situations, perhaps, that you can open up your heart and express yourself, that perhaps you may let down your guard. Now we are asking for you to have faith in God to trust in such away that will let your defenses become obsolete for you. As you progress spiritually, genuinely spiritually, the less need you will have for those defenses. Why, you think, perhaps will it be because you do not see yourself as so vulnerable anymore. Perhaps you are not so threatened by the outside world, because you feel an inner strength that makes you feel invincible! This is no delusion. It is a paradox where you shall become both sensitive and invincible. But yes, the restructuring must take place both physically as well as mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually because your body has become trained, hardened in ways that protect your sensitivity. And some forms have actually made your sensitivity unconscious. It is a mental defensive mechanism, a self-protective mechanism, a desensitizing mechanism and with it goes the bitterness, and the anger, and the resentment, not even knowing at whom to direct those feelings towards. God is close. We ask you to become aware of that closeness, to relinquish and sacrifice the fear that has desensitized you. For when you were born, as all babies are, you were open, you were expanded, you reached beyond your limitations and you learned as you grew to build barrier, to arm yourself with shields of protection. It is natural, the eons of generations that have passed, have transferred these protective tendencies and the condition of the planet and the world socially have reinforced the need in our mind to have these shields of protection. For you had not the access that you have now. Yes, they were necessary. But now you are mature and you have the ability to make the choices that are necessary, to go beyond these self-imposed and society-imposed limitations, these barriers, these protection shields. For as you grow spiritually, as you expand and vibrate with the force fields that we impart to you, you will experience the joy of living without previous protective shields, that your energy is a force in itself, far more surpassing the forces of fear and darkness, the forces of attack. You will live in a way that shall free you, liberate you, from the need to see future encounters with others as potential and apprehensive experiences. You will look the others in the eyes and not flinch. It is your striving, it is your hope, it is your reaching towards God, it is in your prayers that are heard that express this desire for strength. You want to be God-like. To be God-like is to be fearless. And so your muscles which are structured in certain manner, in such a manner as to hold back certain expressions, as to hold back energies as if the barriers and the shields were meant for your own self, that you should not expand beyond, that you should be afraid, that you should be inhibited to reach out. These patterns of inhibition are trained by memory into your muscles, into your nervous system and as fear has dominated your lives, your entire system has buckled over in fact, by holding back the energies that you hearts have desperately wanted to express. And by withdrawing into yourselves, you have trained yourselves, you have trained your bodies to react in certain patterns. And so what would happen if you begin to let go of the thoughts and the emotions which charge these patterns and expand to where the limitations are against the contractions, against the fears, against the inhibitions of all emotional expressions including sexual experiences, sexual expressions of emotion, you will feel the barrier. In your ignorance, without enlightenment, you have tried ways to get through the barriers, to break through the barriers, when all you really needed to do was to let go. Through our own personal revelations and your own guidance, you will let go. And as you let go, the hardness becomes softer...and the muscles that are held so tight, that are spasmic, that are built to protect you somehow from painful emotions, that softness must come from the hardness. And so, as your muscles begin to soften, as your nerves begin to relax, as the fullness and the desensitivity and the numbness begins to become alive, there will be pain. There are toxins there that must be released. There are minerals and sedimentations that have built up in these immobilized areas. Yes, the Master has said, "I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly." This transformation of your character is what He meant. And if you so will, you shall be free, you shall be liberated, but only through spirit identification. As you have attempted liberation in the past apart from spirit identification, you have gotten yourself into trouble. You have created conditions that were not only unsuccessful on the long term, but have done damage. We are here to give you the good news that you may have liberation without damage. You may have freedom without rebellion, freedom without anger and you may touch your innermost souls once again and you may feel the deep gratifications of your most unexpressed longings and desires. You will become as you are intended to be, as God created you, as you have deterred from becoming, as the distortion of this world has distorted you, and the twisting of the truths of God have twisted you, you shall be restored. It is an exciting and bold adventure and not but a few shall actually embark as compared to the vast numbers of those who choose to avoid the truth, for fear that it will be too painful. It will be painful, but it shall not be any more than you can bear. And you have passed through the portals of death as the hero that you are, your life will be renewed and you will have the joy of experiences that are so new and fresh, perceptions that shall transcend your level of capabilities, present capabilities, that you will know that you have taken the only path that leads to life. So it is your choice along the way and you will cry out to God for help and for companionship and guidance an for comfort and you will receive these things. So blessed are you! Blessed indeed are you who search. Blessed are you, the humble, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven and you will see the truth and you will be free.


                                    * * *


VOLCANO, HI - Sonny Schneider sent more of the messages of Veronica transmitted by Arlene Buklarewicz. You may have had to wait awhile to get your teacher, Arlene, but you certainly did get a teacher that imparts meaningful lessons in a exquisite form that is music to the mind, heart and soul of all.


                          * VERONICA *


Prior to a group meditation and the transmission of the following message, the question was raised in discussion as to whether we should initiate a question and answer format to the Veronica T/R sessions.


January 25, 2995


Evolving spirits of endless time. This is Veronica.


These conveyances are designed to develop spacious thinking to accommodate an intelligent comprehension of divinity. Their design is specifically contemplative to transform personal divine philosophy into animated initiative.


At this time, any inquiry would engender digression of focus and be circuitous in its nature. This unique method of instruction is experimental and is being closely evaluated for effectiveness. All other genuine revelatory guidance also gives validity to arouse the Spirit of Truth so that personal discretion will reverberate the fragile chimes of certitude and the beautiful tones o verity.


Know that you are boundlessly loved and let this be an inspiration to continually deepen your intimacy with the Source of your sweet desire for the divine.


My tender commitment to you is completely intended in love to escort you in the cultivation of consciousness toward our beloved destiny. My gratitude and appreciation are immense for your diligent efforts in seeking truth.


Thank you for this opportunity to share my love and guidance.


Good Evening.


January 27, 1995


Contemplative ushers of benevolent synergy,


Your increased understanding of hierarchal purpose in spiritual ascendancy is essential to your comprehension of fraternal harmony.


Common interpretation of heirarchy currently accepted on Urantia is an extreme misrepresentation of truth in the furtherance of the design of omnipotent perfection.


True cognizance of purposeful ascension from a supernal perspective will enhance your grasp of spiritual hierarchy that will engender fervent aspiration toward light and life philosophy.


Understand that the pyramidal purpose of spirit stratification is the purity of divine benevolence in the unfoldment of the Supreme Plan. Advanced spirit perfection enables limitless expansion of the capacity for love, humility, compassion and divine grace; and enlightened evolvement of divinely conscious beings diminishes and eliminates all expression of oppression and subjugation. Spiritual hierarchy rises high above the mortal weight of insecurity and perpetually unfolds into the exquisite beauty of servitorial ministry to the First Source and Center through perfected fraternal love.


Grasp the crystalline quintessence of your eternal purpose and move beyond all planetary provincialism toward the responsible cosmic citizenry of His infinite love.



January 30, 1995


Trusting pursuers of divine fulfillment,


Understand that humanly spawned codes of conduct often masquerade under the misnomer of divinely inspired morality. The twilight of the dawn of spiritual awakening is just beginning to illuminate the shadows of illusory mortal divisiveness. The present evolvement of man-made ethics eludes the purity of conscious rectitude and often engenders judgment because it is steeped in subjectivity.


True morality is born in the self-realization of our intimacy with the supreme Source of our existence. The beauty of this magnified consciousness will nurture the unity of fraternal bonds and foster the enlightened awareness of our oneness with others.


Divine love is the exquisite impetus that will conjoin the perfection of diversity with the harmony of cooperation. Collective spiritual advancement will vanquish the gulf of separateness that will reshape consciousness into the benevolent unfoldment of loving morality.


Continue to reach for the Father in the tender vision of tranquility and the perpetual stream of His radiant affection will cascade into the shallows of your comprehension of supreme oneness through your manifestation of the perfect beauty of His omniscient grace.


January 31, 1995


Focused activists of perpetual love,


Often it is difficult to convey definitions of clarity because of prevailing social mores of times past and present on your wayward sphere.


Connotations of distortion arise from subjective conditions that evolve into collective misrepresentation of meaning. Skepticism without objectivity is a heavy curtain that obscures the light of truth. Doubt born in the climate of ego often wears the evasive mask of intelligence.


It is always wise to delay conclusive thought and keep the door of preconception ajar so that further illumination can afford more vision to your perceptions.


All of you have the ability to discern truth with the perfect sagacity of the divine partner that resides in your being. Your conscious development of this divine relationship can never be over-emphasized because your omnipotent cartographer can reveal the most auspicious routes of integrity on your eternal journey to totality.


Temper all your decisions with wisdom so that your path will be luminous with his love and your vehicle of self-transformation will brighten the roads of others in the endless caravan of actualization that leads to His open arms of perfection.


February 1, 1995


Desirous seekers of expanded awareness,


Know that all your need you already possess.


Your treasure chest of shimmering jewels of enlightenment are always within your reach. Your divine partner safeguards your key to its access. These radiant gems of consciousness encased in your soul will adorn your spirit with the sparkle of love, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding, compassion, and mercy. Their beauty and luminosity beam brightly in the reflection of His love.


Embellish your spirit with these precious stars of light, and your essence will be captured in the brilliant whirling nebula of the rapture of His resplendence.


Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to my guidance. I love you all very much.


Good evening.


February 7, 1995


Loyal emissaries of perfected potential,


Realize that your commitment in love has assured your destination of exalted attainment. Your guided course of spirit evolvement is always venturing into unfamiliar spaces of newness; however, the beloved companion of your heart ventures with you in the perfect confidence of supreme consciousness.


Your ethereal luggage of emerging awareness can be filled with the enduring necessities of spiritual experience. Remember that you are never without the Father's love, so supply your valise of illumination with the sweet surrender of volition and your warm communion of intimacy will dissolve into the ultimate union of oneness with the sacred fiber of supremacy in your soul.


Foregather the cherished qualities of the loving bond of brotherhood that will be sustenance of your journey of enlightenment. Embrace the potential of each new circumstance as a possible remembrance of love and spirit unfoldment in your eternity.


Remember that only those experiences with the true lightness of His love will accompany you on your eternal traversal through the richness of potential perfection.


Wisely plan your everlasting memory by aligning your evolvement in the beauty of the gentle pursuit of His flawless ultimacy of perfect love.


                                    * * *


BRADENTON, FL - This is the beginning of the messages from the United Midwayers after their initial request to transmit their messages. -Ed


                    UNITED MIDWAYERS


October 21, 1994


Yes, child, we are still here. Did we not suggest to you that you use your time in Reston to rest and reflect. Not only were you doing this, but you were stretching yourself and discovering much about yourself that we know, but that you must discover for yourself. You are, indeed, humble, but do now let that prevent you or deter you from much that you can do. We would, indeed, be honored for you to accept our request. There will be much to share in the days ahead. All is unfolding in wondrous ways. Long have we waited and it is through the faith efforts of you and your fellow brothers and sisters that at long last changes of great magnitude can now take place on our planet. We are here to serve, but we must wait for others to take up the call. Many are being called at this time and many are answering the call. Many others are beginning to wake up, to pay attention and to direct their thoughts along new ways of thinking. All of you who desire to serve will find the ways to do this. As you open yourselves to the opening of the circuits and give of your time that we might impart to you information that will stimulate your growth and that of all those around you, our work will progress more rapidly.


You may wonder about the Melchizedeks - the role they are and will be playing, their materializations and of the schools. Know that all this is in progress. There is some misinformation at this time, but generally what you know is correct. The misinformation only appears as the result of the human mind that sometimes gets in the way in the enthusiasm for seeing results. On your world, you are much taken with results - tangible results that you can see. But as you know, much is not apparent to the human perception, which is limited. However, in time, your horizons are broadening and as this occurs there will be less distortion. Much, very much is dependent upon your efforts. Much is to be done, but we must wait upon your cooperation and coordination. Thus, vehicles such as the newsletters, computer lists and all forms of interaction and communication become vital links in the process. This is not a time for lone mavericks to operate. It is a time for community action. For communities to join together to link all mankind to the experiences as they unfold. The words of Aflana to "be alert, be aware, pay attention" will take on greater meaning. For as each of you do this, you will become alert, aware and attentive to all the possibilities to plant seeds, nurture growth and increase awareness in the daily activities of your lives. Never doubt the importance of these things, for you are not aware of the importance of these actions as you may never directly see the "results." It is better not to think in terms of one act, but keep ever in mind the goal as grand as you can perceive that to be.


This is enough for this evening as you have many things to do and need to rest. We will continue. [Their messages in January and Febuary will begin next month in this column.-ED.]]


                                 * * * * *




BAKERSFIELD, CA - Deborah Goaldman has the rich opportunity to give the sermon at her Unity Church June ll, 1995. Deborah has chosen "Risk Taking and God's Love" as her topic. If any of you have anything from the TM material or life experience that would be helpful, please contact Deborah at 3213 Harmony Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93306. We know, Deborah, you will make the most of this chance and send you our loving support.

                                     * * *


MIAMI, FL - Thomas French has been working on a great project and one that we can all lend a hand in accomplishing. It is the goal of Thomas to see that a copy of The Urantia Book is placed in each library in the country by making use of the Library Placement System available through The Urantia Foundation. To explain how to go about this, Thomas has written an essay including his experience and helpful advice. A copy of this is available by writing to him at 7740 Southwest 181st Terrace, Miami, FL 33157 305-255-5680. We hope you will take the time to find out more about this and make the effort in to do what you can to make The Urantia Book more accessible to all seekers.

                                     * * *


DALLAS, TX - Not long ago, you learned part of Mark Austin's story. His new tape Live Unplugged is now available. As Mark explained to me, he is able with this tape  to achieve a higher degree of technical quality. As with his other tape he has included a the words of his songs. Even more he has used this the paper with the song words to include his own messages. What a wonderful gift idea for your music loving friends for not only will you be giving them the gift of song, but you will also be sharing with them a gift of love and an introduction to The Urantia Book and more...


Mark has included quotes from Jesus, Andre Gide, The Dalai Lama, M.C. Richards, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mother Teresa, Lao-Tse, Buddha and Albert Einstein. In doing this, he has opened the door for many to enter and see for themselves the truth he has to share.


In the enclosure Mark gives: "Special thanks to the Father, Michael, the celestial artisans, the angels and all our unseen friends. It is under the banner of Fathers's love that I work. Also, a sincere than you to my Urantia group friends for their love and support. The fans who come to my gigs and support my efforts are also greatly appreciated."


Mark, we wish you much success and hope that you will receive a lot of support from all our readers for you have stepped forward to put your faith in action. To support Mark and see for yourself a great way to share the good news with your circle, you can purchase a tape for $13.00 including postage from Mark Austin, 10238 San Lorenzo, Dallas, TX 214-324-9306.


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THE SPOKANE/COEUR d'ALENE TEACHING MISSION GROUP - A reminder that this group is working on a book project that will be an intoduction to the Teaching Mission and related concepts such as the Correcting Time, Melchizedek, etc. To do this, they have requested your help. See the February issue for more details. Perhaps, the rest of you are smarter than your editor here. I misunderstood the request to "Please include as much as 50% of your text transmissions from this teacher." I was corrected in that this means that 50% of your copy should be transmissions of the teacher, not that you need to send 50% of all that teacher's transmissions.


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CINCINNATI, OH - By this time, all of the TM groups should have received information from Jim Cleveland requesting information for a project that he and Anthony Porzio are working on to put together information on the Teaching Mission. If you have not responded or need more information, please let Jim hear from you right away. They are working on a tight deadline. I have given sent Jim a copy of the Teaching Mission Group List for inclusion. Please let Jim know if for any reason your group does not wish to be included in this project. Also, please be sure to let Jim and me know if your group is not included on this list.


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COEUR D'ALENE, ID - Barbara Giles sent the following to me along with a copy of the article she wrote. After talking with her, I encouraged her to share this article in the newsletter because it points out that just as we need to be more sensitive in being accepting and supportive of new transmitters, we need to show the same acceptance and sensitivity to those who are not "transmitters." I put this in quotes for these individuals are receiving guidance in other ways. Often one who is not transmitting is contributing to and aiding in facilitating the group energies in ways we are unable to discern.




                 By Barbara Giles (Evelyn)

                         December 1994


August 28, 1994 I asked Elyon for an assignment. He gave me the response which follows. It was due to this suggestion that I proceeded with this paper. His comments provide an overview of what I hope to accomplish by relating my experiences thus far in the mission.


Elyon: "You have undergone a long trial in developing your receptivity to our presence. You have met with great frustration and definite difficulties as you view it... You have exhibited a tenfold faith beyond the levels many are capable of nurturing. It has provided you with insight that is not gained through easy connections. The doubts of clarity from any of our transmitters are minor compared to the doubts of the abilities of any individual to receive any sort of touch or embrace or communication. You know well the feelings; you know well your thoughts both positive and negative. I offer you the opportunity to develop these clearly in the form of a written work. Openly display all elements of your efforts to date. Do not be concerned for who is to hear them. I will be working along with Darid (a teacher assigned to me) in offering motivation. It would be of great purpose for you to provide such a work for others in the mission, for there are many who feel as you do.


"It has been said it is not as important to be a transmitter as it is for everyone of you to be working out and manifesting out the Melchizedek plans for this planet. This is the true mission. But in all the activities, our audible connections to you all receive great attention, emphasis, leaving many out of sorts and wondering. So, at your liberty I do encourage you to clarify in your mind the manner of expressing this so as to provide such a benefit to others.


"Knowing you, I would ask you to displace the notion that this will be read. You are better capable of expressing yourself when you are not concerned with who will be receiving the information. Since this information can potentially be received by many, make the exercise of considering no one and all as some same vagueness. Direct these thoughts you express as to yourself, and you will provide much greater clarity for anyone who may chance to have the opportunity to observe your expression. Are you willing to undertake this task?"


All of us who have been exposed to the Teaching Mission have had to decide whether this is real or the result of some mass delusion or wishful thinking. For me this has been faith grasping combined with a little reasoning. At first I was willing to entertain the idea that the teachers were real just because it would be so wonderful if they were. I was also willing to drop the idea if it seemed to be leading us astray in any way. With the much repeated messages of "go within, seek the Father," I knew it was not evil. At that point it was at least benignly deluded. Already the fruits were worthwhile, increased Father-seeking. If anyone person were amassing wealth, power, or influence from mission activities, I would have lost interest immediately.


Having read The Urantia Book for years and having firmly established my acceptance that it is what it claims to be, I found that questioning the veracity of the teaching mission was leading me to questioning The Urantia Book. If Melchizedek receivers have been responsible for the planet for millennia, and the Book has let us know this, then why should we not hear from them? Why would they not have further revelations in store for us all?


Both the mission and The Urantia Book are faith grasped, witnessed by truth conviction; processes that happen over time and through experience.


Personal experience with the teachers would have made the choice to accept the mission easy: There they are! I heard them! This was the experience of people I knew well enough to know that they aren't power-hungry liars. My own husband, someone who I sometimes wish was not always so candid, says he hears from the teachers. I may misread others, but I know Rick is neither on a power trip nor is he a liar. So even if I am not hearing anything, I know these teachers are real and it is possible to hear from them simply because people I know and trust discern their presence and messages.


The difficulty I have faced in receiving teacher messages makes me feel less qualified to proclaim the mission in terms of the immediate availability of teacher contact. But I can vouch for the benefits to be derived from the effort.


In my struggles to make contact a typical meditation scenario for many months went something like this: I would start, and still do, with a prayer which generally began by thanking God and Michael for the teachers and this beautiful day. Sometimes I remember to include thanks for my angel, Thought Adjuster, all sorts of beings. Sometimes I give thanks for particular people, friends, family. I try to remember to ask for whatever is best for someone in need, that a family member might become more spiritually inclined, an individual's health might improve, etc. Maybe something on the news sounds like it needs prayers: war torn areas, families grieving unexpected losses. Or if someone is on my mind for no apparent reason, I send them a prayer for whatever they are in need of, trusting God and Michael to know what that would be. Sometimes those requests seem so vague I wonder if they amount to anything helpful. and all of this is riddled with wandering thoughts and daydreams.


I then offer myself to be of service. I ask to be inspired to do something worthwhile, to help someone in some way, to be bold, to be sensitive. At first I'll ask Him to make me bolder, more sensitive, then I retract that and ask to learn how to improve myself.


Then for the longest time I would slip into begging mode, pleading to hear from any teacher at all, though I would focus on Darid and Elyon. Usually I didn't' have specific information that I wanted, just to somehow detect their presence. I'd jump at every muscle twitch or color on my eyelids hoping for some indicator. When I remembered I'm supposed to "just write whatever comes to mind" I would sit there, pen in hand, growing increasingly disappointed as nothing in particular surfaced aside from "maybe I should get going, it must be almost 8:00" or thoughts about what I had to do that day. My meditations more often ended with self-disgust or mild depression than a sense of refreshment, though I still believe on the superconscious level it was probably worth it.


For the last several months I'm relieved to note that I don't try so hard or feel like a failure just because I don't hear anything. I accept where I am as I know Michael does, and I'm confident I won't stay this way forever.


When our study group first heard about teacher contact, we decided to look into getting a teacher assigned to us. At the time we thought we might need to go to Wood's Cross to accomplish this, asking Ham in person. Even if that weren't necessary, we were curious to attend a meeting there to see if we felt the mission to be genuine. Memorial Day weekend Rick and I drove down there, stopping in Pocatello at Daniel's group first.


At the meeting with Ham, when the session sounded like it was about to wrap up, others had asked questions, and I thought if we were going to request a teacher, we had better do it now. So I did. Elyon was introduced and spoke briefly. He then asked if I would be willing to TR for him. Naturally I said I was willing though I wasn't sure I had what it takes. I came away from that meeting floating on a cloud! I felt like the chosen one, although I also thought that if Rick had been the one to ask, he would have been given the same offer. In fact in retrospect Elyon may have meant to convey that anyone would be welcome to be his transmitter. I felt committed then and there to do whatever was necessary. I would overcome my natural reticence to speak in front of a group of strangers if the situation demanded. After all, it wasn't like I'd have to prepare speeches. I would make myself available for personal sessions, if that was what people requested, because I had imagined I would do all these things, I've placed a high standard on our TRs, expecting them to perform like I wish I had the opportunity to do.


As one by one various group members became TRs, their experiences and performances deviated from my imagined ideal transmission. Messages were often very vague. Later the TR would say something like, "He actually said 25 beings were doing such and such, but I didn't want to say it." The message was conveyed along the order of , "Many of us do much." I couldn't understand why anyone would choke back anything from the teachers. Isn't it the responsibility of a TR to be the teacher's mouth, repeating whatever they care to say? If clarity is a problem, why not just say, "I think he said, '25 of us are doing such And such,' but I might be wrong." I have come to understand the basis for this reaction, but at first it was baffling and frustrating.


There is also the issue of the TR's reluctance to transmit, waiting to see if someone else will go first, or not offering to transmit because this is so and so's group, not "my" group. I was at times shocked. what is this, doing the dishes? As time passes and more TRs have expressed their grapplings with clarity and group etiquette, I am more relaxed and accepting of each TR's style. I have also been greatly relieved to see that the mission has proceeded with many people becoming TRs without my apparent inability having slowed the process down. In fact it contributes to its credibility that it unfolds regardless of who the contact individuals happen to be.


I followed many suggestions and sought advice from various sources on what to do. When nothing seemed to help, I found myself wondering, what doctor do you go to asking, "Help me, I'm not hearing voices in my head!" At the first meeting with Elyon, he suggested I be punctual about meditating, so I was for months until he said it wasn't necessary any more. I would sit for half an hour straining to pick up anything at all. Nothing. Somewhere, in the transcripts it was said that teacher presence is definitely, distinctly discernible, so I assumed that they weren't there when I didn't feel them rather than that I wasn't picking up on them. I made a vow to never pretend to hear anything if I hadn't or to credit to a teacher anything I thought up myself. Someone had suggested I prime the pump with "Greetings, this is Elyon." just to see if it would start. I find that a little repulsive but tried it anyway to no avail. I've tried visualizing a beautiful, serene environment, inviting a celestial into it and seeing what happened. Nothing. It was peaceful. When there is more noise than usual when I'm trying to meditate, it's one way of shutting out distractions to visualize a peaceful mountain lake and scene. I'm not too big on focusing on breathing, either. Sometimes, rarely, I'll count to 5 or whatever on each inhale and exhale. It's relaxing. When I"m tense I'm usually holding my breath, so it's a good exercise for letting go.


On various occasions when feeling frustrated - from trying too hard, probably - I've vented with, "Well, if the teachers can't work with me, I know you will, Michael. Deaf, dumb, blind, you accept us all. I'm on your team, I'm at your feet. This is your project, your planet." Emotional, yes, but I found it prioritized things for me. There's more to the mission than hearing the teacher's words in your head. Michael is there for each of us. One morning I expressed to him that I felt I wasn't using much of the mind I've been given and desired to improve that. A couple minutes later when I was already drifting with that lazy mind on to mundane matters, I felt the warm fuzzes like he appreciated my asking for help.


For months, even a year, my primary question was, why? Why am I not hearing the teachers? What am I doing wrong? I entertained various possible reasons. Perhaps I wasn't spiritual enough. Until the time of having Elyon assigned I was not a regular meditator. Even prayer was more or less a spontaneous and sporadic practice. Others who were successful as TRs may be more spiritually in tune, I thought. I have since resolved that there is no way for me to know that, thus no need to try to compare. I feel like I know these people well enough o see that there is no apparent large spiritual gap between us. If anything is noticeably different, they may be more verbally expressive.


Was it due then to some natural consequence of sin? That thought just made me even more depressed. But it didn't seem like there were any requirements aside from willingness. Or, am I too ego centered? I could be, but wouldn't I be getting some feedback from close friends if this were true? Most folks are disinclined to point-blank tell another even in a gracious tone that their egos are out of hand. This is generally gossip material. But gossip gets around. Surely I would have caught wind or some clue. I have heard that people fear me, think I'm rude, critical, and some even hold exaggerated ideas of how spiritual I might be. but so far no reports of my ego being out of control.


I know I am self-centered, something that has been fed by all this self-examination. So it may be a contributing element to my problem. But to the degree that , without judging others, I can observe, every TR I know grapples to some extent with self-centeredness or other ego-related issues, including self-effacement, another of my tendencies. Being free from all ego issues whether aggrandizement or unworthiness does not appear to be a prerequisite for contact. Minimizing these conditions may improve conditions for reception.


I could relate dozens of depressing experiences connected with my efforts to hear from the teachers, painful reactions to innocent comments from others, profound disappointments, etc. but what for? I would just cry over them again. The incident which sent me plunging was the first transmission we had as a group from Elyon. It was very exciting and moving, yet he was saying, "Will someone just reach out? I'm waiting." I was crushed. Don't the teachers read minds? Can't he see how hurtful those words are? What else besides reaching have I been doing for the past 6 months? I didn't want to ask him at the time because I felt such questions would rain on everyone else's parade. They all seemed to be enjoying the session. The encouragement he offered in response to their questions struck me as so much head patting.


I was so upset by that evening that I decided to write Elyon a letter to just give myself the opportunity to blow off some steam. As I concluded this expression with my comments about not wanting to get in line for head patting, the thought struck me, "Why don't you avail yourself of the comfort we offer?" I think it was the "avail yourself" part which doesn't sound like me talking to myself that caused me to note that I had just heard from them, however briefly.


Most people have found it very easy to hear their teacher once they became aware that the opportunity is available. Those who, like me, do not find it easy are well aware of the associated disappointments. Of all the disappointments my life has stumbled into this has been the biggest to date. Although now I have developed callouses, for awhile I was sensitive to all comments like, "All you have to do to make contact is want to." Or that if you don't hear from your teacher in a week or two it must be due to fear, ego, or not really trying. I used to just bristle at these. Now I shrug.


Another over-sensitivity I developed was to my well-intentioned friends' efforts to encourage me by attributing any intelligent statement I made to my teacher. If I conveyed a thought slowly and deliberately there would follow chorus of,  "That sounds like your teacher!" I soon requested that this cease. I assumed that teacher contact was distinguishable from my own thoughts. I have since retracted that request, as I have come to realize that maybe I am conveying a teacher message unawares. If others can detect hat, they can go ahead and point it out.


But I have had some experiences that seemed like success at the time, or I was later told that I was acting on teacher promptings.


At a small Urantia gathering in Burgdorf Hot Springs in '93 I had spent several hours one evening talking with Bert Cobb about the mission, my experiences, speculations, answering his questions. The following morning I had a meditation out in the woods. It was fairly typical, my offering to be of service, thoughts wandering all over. As I got up I had the clear thought, "I should talk with Bert some more." The thought struck me as carrying some weight. Guessing it to be a teacher prompting, I did just that and covered more ground with Bert that morning. I don't know if our conversation bore fruit in the long run, but it felt significant at the time.


Darid told me (through a TR) that I had picked up on his thought when I started a discussion on how we often give undue importance to whether we like things or people. Liking can interfere with serving.


A fear ridden, agitating letter was sent around the Urantia circuit. I decided to respond. I felt my writing might have been a joint effort with my teacher because it came off sounding even-tempered and concerned rather than attacking the writer. I had requested jotting down paragraphs as they occurred to me throughout the day. While there is no proof anyone injected their thoughts, I was impressed with how smoothly the letter unfolded. Writing does seem to be a medium for mixing teacher input even if I can't distinguish my thoughts from theirs.


One of the most "feeling"episodes took place after a series of meetings we had with the non-teaching mission contingent of local UP readers. We had done what we could to resolve differences between us and them and reveal the nature of the mission to any who showed interest. Rick and I took a hike afterward, feeling glad it was over, a little disappointed with how it went. But as we headed up the trail, I felt like the teachers were walking along side us, arms around our shoulders, telling us we did fine. I felt elated.


Occasionally during prayer times I get eloquent in my thoughts searching out more apt phrasing. Generally my prayers, though heartfelt, lack poetry; thus I don't usually offer them out loud except as an exercise in assertiveness or if a topic seems worthy of mention. They usually come out along the order of, "Michael, thank you for so-and-so's safe trip," or "Help us in this decision." but there are times when I'll start on a thought and much choicer words surface. It is no less heartfelt to throw in adjectives. When these occasions flow I think Darid's jumping in. Now if I would voice those instances!


So, my contact experiences are very elusive and completely subjective. But I know the teachers are working with me especially when I specifically invite their input. It is a faith building experience. Knowing that willingness is the prime ingredient has led to pondering if I even know what "willing" means. If that is all that is required then what part of willing am I not willing? No answer there.



Some of the sensations I tentatively associate with teacher presence include ear ringing, blue dots or flashes across my field of vision, and , while mediting, a feeling of my torso elongating, and my "vision" backing away rapidly, like the starscapes on Star Trek only in reverse. Also, sometimes while meditating I notice, like the Pink Floyd song says, "My hands felt just like two balloons." When I'm aware of these sensations, I try to be alert, but I've never felt like I picked up anything more definite. During one group meditation I felt half my scalp get goose bumps. I didn't give it much thought except that it was odd that it was just half. When the meditation was over several people mentioned getting "head hugs," and other similar feelings. Instances like that cause me to not disregard altogether these otherwise insignificant events.


Towards the end of July this year Margul advised us to work not only on our spiritual growth but to include improvement of our physical bodies and enhancement of our minds. He specified avoiding sugar, smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. Not only do I want to follow any teacher suggestions, I've hoped that by paying more attention to these requests that maybe some channel will clear out and make contact more easy. He also encouraged study of other religions of the world and Bible study as mind developers. I haven't been as prompt at getting after these suggestions. Still, I can't help but notice that particular behavioral habits have not prevented others making contact so far. Interfered with clarity, perhaps. It strikes me as consistent with the wisdom of the teacher to not impose any behavioral restrictions, - suggestions, actually - until we have already demonstrated our commitment to the mission.


With Light and Life as our goal, there is aplenty of work to be done for the mission whether or not you are a TR. There are also benefits to be derived from involvement in this mission. Having offered to type our group's sessions, I have already acquired a new skill, typing! Any form of sincere expression: spoken, written, through art; particularly as a service outlet, provides the teachers a vehicle to inject their insights along with ours, if we have no objections. Some will be more conscious of this input than others. All the self-scrutiny I have put myself through doesn't seem to have contributed to my progress as much as service projects, concern for others, acting on what I already know to be true. I hope that conveying these thoughts has helped someone.


Hard copies or discs of this paper are available by writing to Barbara Giles.


Barbara, we do thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Hopefully, it will also help others to be more sensitive to those who are not "transmitters" by "our" terms or our ideas of what a transmitter is. Your sharing makes us all more aware of how much each individual contributes to the group energies in their own ways and to see the value in each individual. It is a good lesson in how our "judgments" get in the way of our progress. It is a good wake up call for all of us.

                                 * * * * *


                 OF SPECIAL INTEREST


TALLAHASSEE, FL - It is a true delight, honor, and joy to share some of the writings from Joyce Viesz that came to her while listening to a very moving piece of music and in her time with the Father.  To hear Joyce read these expressions of love in her melodic voice and soul felt inflection is a deeply touching experience.  We all thank you, Joyce, for sharing these with us and look forward to reading more in the coming months. 


Given during the second week of January 1995




This music, to touch your heart, like no other has.

In this music is the reverberation of all my love,

made manifest in you.

You have asked to feel my love for you,

So I have given an expression of my love

to you, blessed child.

Know always that I will give you what you seek, in my name...

Nothing is impossible unto me...

And to see my love reflected in your light, gives me great joy!

You have promised to walk wherever I lead....

So come, blessed daughter of light, the dance has begun!

I will lead you to waters never tested,

And show you wonders no man has conceived!

Come beloved, be not afraid. I am here.

I hold your hand. Come, let us begin.




And I replied:


My open heart

My loyalty and faith in you

The music of my soul - the note that is yours alone

The love I have for you, unbounded by time or space

My joy in all your creation

My selfless love for others

My deep desire to help mankind and my planet

My trust that your hand will always lead me where I need to go

The knowledge at long last, of your love for me!





Music that moves within your heart - it is I!

The colors of a dawn sky or dusk - it is an expression of both hope

and rebirth, I give to you.

The glorious sight of a rainbow to rekindle anew,

My promise to you.

Your senses, which you are just now receiving.

The experience of life and the knowledge that

both before and after the door - I Am.

The knowledge that you are my beloved child, unique,

like no other, irreplaceable in my heart.

Wind chimes, bird song, the sun on your face,

the smell of lilacs, a summer shower, newly fallen snow,

the crash of thunder, a waterfall, a baby's sweet breath,

the love of a friend, a mother's faith, a child's trust,

the first flower of Spring, and Autumn's splendor,

physical expressions of love,

your ability to pray, and your ability to communicate with me,

all the gifts manifested through nature,

your ability to think, to envision, to be....

All these gifts to you, my beloved child....

Think on what new gifts your eyes will see,

your ears will hear,

your heart will feel,

as we begin this journey into yesterday's dreams!

Listen, my beloved, as I call your name...

your name that is both Joy and Light!


                                    * * *


Journey of Discovery


My child, you were given a pattern - the unique wonder, that you are, at birth.  I would have you uncover this perfect pattern and begin the journey of discovery, of recognition, of all that you are, of all that you can be.


Your life's journey thus far has caused my  gift to become hidden.  Look within my child, look with both your mind and your heart... Seek to recognize the false patterns, those put down by your ego self, and those pressed upon you by others.  Look as well, for those you put upon yourself, in defense, albeit unnecessary, of your original pattern.


Do not think this will be an easy task, for it will not...it will take a degree of honesty you may yet need to nurture, and much soul searching.


What I can give you, is my unending love and support along the way, and the promise that the journey, while it may not be easy, nor without obstacles, will engender much growth and joy.


And at the end my beloved child, you will be free to begin your life as I intended you to, before your world was torn asunder by rebellion and darkness!


                                    * * *


Believe and Receive


You are my brother, you are my sister,

And I love you with such compassion!

I would give you the gift of love, If you would but let me...


I have come to help you open doors,

To show you your heart holds the key.

Look within to the Father, for He is there.


And look without... for He is there as well.


Open your hearts and receive His gifts:

Seek and ye shall find...

Ask and ye shall receive...

Was not said, to deceive.


These gifts are yours,

And freely given...

So open your hearts,

And believe!


                                    * * *


Love is...Creation


Open your hearts, my dear children

To the love that is within.

I am the life and the resurrection,

I am here..I walk beside you!

Look to my light...

And trust in your connection to me.

Where you walk...I am.

Where you dare to explore..I will be!

Open your hearts, my dear chldren,

For you are the light of this world.

In me you have your being,

In me you have your strength.

Follow me into the light of this New Dawn..

Follow me and watch a New Age begin..

From me...through you...

Love is...creation

From me..through you...


Thanks again, Joyce, for the richness of these words that touch our hearts and give us much to reflect upon.


                                    * * *


                         GROUP NEWS


COEUR d'ALENE, ID - Barbara Giles has some more teacher names from the Washington/Idaho vicinity for your lists. Thanks to adding to our g r o w i n g list!


Lantarnek -     Melchizedek (We hear from him on occasion.)

Sharmon -      Secondary Midwayer

Corlatia and

Coronas -       A pair of archangels. (We were introduced to them at 1 AM, August 21, 1994. Occasionally one or the other addresses our group.)

Solonia -         Yes, THE Solonia (functioning as personal teacher)

Gardene-        A fused mortal (She says that because she is fused and has experience working alone, she was assigned to her student who does not live near any mission or UB group)

Other personal teachers who I think are all ascending mortals: Philonia, Darid, Helen, Stephen, Timothy.


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES




You should have received registration and reservation forms in the mail. If not, please contact: Ron & Cathy Harrel for your copy. The registration and reservation forms are due June 1, 1995. Be sure to make the checks payable as requested. Another reminder to send any ideas or suggestions you have for this conference to Ron & Cathy Harrel. If you would like to volunteer to help out with any part of the gathering, let them know for your help will surely be appreciated.


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If you are planning to attend this gathering, be sure to send in your registration form as soon as possible.


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ATTENTION ALL GATHERING PLANNERS - Please send the dates and information about any future gatherings so they may be included in the newsletter as there are those who want to know what's happening in order to plan their spring and summer itineraries..


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Correction - The word cling in the second paragraph on Page 9 of the February issue should read calling.


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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                             Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.