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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

February 1995 (Vol.3, No.2)




The decision has been made regarding the copyright of The Urantia Book. Let us not view this in terms of victory or defeat. Let us look beyond such a limited view to recognize the opportunity we now have to move beyond what has been a divisive issue to focus our energies on finding ways to work together with all our brothers and sisters in spiritual harmony. May we celebrate the many paths that lead us to the Father and not forget that the more experiences we garner along the way, the more we give to the Supreme.


How to mail the newsletter is an issue with which I have been struggling. Mailing it as usual has the benefit of being able to include more information for the same postage. The local post office informs me that it meets the proper requirements and should be delivered with no problems as this type of mail should not be put through the postal machines that cancel the stamps or sort. However, I am finding this is done in several areas and the newsletter sometimes arrives mangled, sometimes with pages missing and in some cases it does not arrive at all! In reporting this, I have been informed that a bulky envelope would most likely produce the same result in these areas. If this is happening to your copy, please let me know so I can identify the postal areas where the problem occurs. Mailing the newsletter in envelopes is an option that would either increase the cost or limit the size of the newsletter. A bulk rate mailing permit has been considered, but from my experience that, too, has its drawbacks. The friendly and helpful man at the local post office offered to hand cancel the stamps and suggested I try this to see if this helped before anything else. Your feedback along with any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated in determining how to proceed in the future.


It has been so good to talk with many of you across the country. While things may


seem relatively quiet, I can assure you that from my perspective a lot IS happening. It seems as if another stage of

development is occurring that is encouraging us to stretch our faith to grow and act on the guidance we are receiving even when we are unsure what it means or where it is leading. Ideas are surfacing, projects are being developed and individuals are coming to realize the importance of recognizing and dealing with the issues and fears that block us from moving forward as individuals and communities to take on all the tasks that lie before us. Many thanks to those who are writing to share information about their ideas and projects. Hopefully, this sharing will lead you to contribute to these projects and/or give you ideas for your own projects.


Many thanks to all of you who have sent contributions to the newsletter. If you don't see information that you sent in this issue, look for it in the next issue. I am  thankful to each of you for allowing me to be of service.


May we become more aware of our Father's many blessings as we stive to do His will. 

Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                  FROM THE READERS


CINCINNATI, OH - More about the ear plugs from Janet Hitzel:


I'm so glad you are enjoying your ear plugs. I know what a blessing they are to have especially in those times when I feel a need to have peace and absolute quiet in the stillness with Father.


Please let me know if someone contacts you who would really like to have a pair. I have several more left as I had to buy a half a case (10).


[Thanks again for sending the ear plugs. There are times when they are a real blessing! I suspect there many in today's active households that would benefit from having a pair!]


                                    * * *


BAKERSFIELD, CA - News of this group from Deborah Goaldman:


I am a part of the Teaching Mission in Bakersfield. Gerry, Jack and I continue to develop our TRing skills. Gerry and I TR for our personal teachers whom we were introduced to last November and Jack (who was on-line 1st) TR's for our group teacher Andrea, as you know. Gerry and I are still uncertain about our TR abilities but our doubts are steadily decreasing as we recognize the progress we have made.


I have had many conversations with Patije, having spoken to her many times prior to our little group's entry into the Teaching Mission.


[I think all of us have and, at times, have our doubts. Patije was so instrumental in helping me to move beyond my doubts and to just go ahead. As we pass these gifts of encouragement along to others, the circles ever widen.]


                                    * * *


SARASOTA, FL - I shared my experiences in the October 1994 issue not because I felt they were unique, but because I felt others must be experiencing similar things and hoped in the telling it would encourage others to come forward with their stories. Thus, I was particularly delighted to read the following from Laurie Saputo:


As I read about your cancer scare (teaching) I was amazed at our paths taking us to such like experience. I, too, faced questions about how much do I want to be here or does it matter on which side I serve? Also your dream is much like a drama that unfolded in my world with the same learnings for me - many others see "me & them" and I need to remember their fear. Before I knew "us" I was fearful in that same way. It has been an interesting process and again, my thanks to you for sharing your growth with us all.


[Laurie - I thank you! Hopefully, there will be more to hear from others about what the gifts that come with difficulty.] 

                                    * * *


PRINCETON, IN - For those of you who did not receive an UPDATE from Jim & Darlene Sartore, here is some of their news from this letter.


The last part of '94 was devoted to getting back on track after several derailments. Jim and I spent most of the year on an events induced sabbatical...Jim had a tractor roll-over May 28 that resulted in a fractured left femur, open-book pelvic fracture, cracked ribs, and lung collapse. A 4th major surgery October 16 removed a colon blockage caused by scar tissue from impact injuries and the external fixtures that held his pelvis together for 3 months while it healed. By November 28th, he recovered enough to return to Hella Electronics 4 hours a day...As for me, a fall down our front concrete stairs on July 10th injured both ankles, knees, and left wrist...We've been 2 crips caring for each other. Fortunately since we found Cell Tech products our healing processes have drastically improved...I have energy and strength I've not had since my teen years!


The greatest change in 1994 is having all our children on their own. Now we're concentrating on enjoying grandbabies and catching up on business, home and hobby projects. The Urantia Papers and Cell Tech are being of great help in focusing our energy to accomplish all that needs to be done. There are no words sufficient to express the blessings of having a sound zest for life philosophy, a regenerative health process, along with a loving supportive self-reliant family.


The grueling ordeals since Jim's near fatal accident, have made us keenly aware of just how much parents can and can't do in determining what their children will be and do as adults. And how much each sibling influences the others. - Many times I told our 7 children...I do the best I can with the knowledge I have now, and leave the rest to my heavenly Father who pushes me to learn more and do ever better. - The wondrous common sense of the religion of Jesus has helped us use each encounter as a learning experience to expand, adjust and improve our personal data banks...A personal religion of love and service has proven successful for us. - Through the Eden 3 Project we'll share the universal truth, beauty and goodness that results in health, wealth, freedom and happiness for all who want these blessings.


It is said that: Everything happens for a reason... If there are any reasons for a tractor rolling over onto Jim, it's to remind us that every choice has a consequence, and how quickly life can end, taking along with it projects envisioned or not completed. - We know if we don't act now, knowledge about Eden 3 could be forever lost... As Eve discovered: It's wise to carefully think about every possible consequence BEFORE making any choice. - That's why free-willed creatures can have consequence consciousness...but each individual has to personally master this ability... Our goal is to be perpetually aware of all that is, so that we can achieve perfected wisdom; just as Jesus of Nazareth was able to do in his first 30 years on this planet... His life and teachings show us the way to have the art of living that provides health, wealth, freedom, happiness and eternal life. - BUT: If I'm not healthy, wealthy, free and happy, I don't want to live forever! I've experienced infirmity, poverty, slavery, and misery; these conditions of suffering certainly aren't for me! - My goal: Mastering even more of being energizingly alive in '95; and through the Eden 3 Project help others do the same.


The end of the year gift to our children is a video tape series of a Cell Tech weekend seminar by Rich Hosking. It provides knowledge to greatly expand mastery of health, wealth, freedom and happiness. These are rewards for wisely using the gifts of life and conscious choice-making. - We'll provide this gift of wisdom to anyone who is sincere in doing what it takes to have these gifts of life.


[We are pleased that Jim and Darlene are doing much better now. Darlene continues to be very busy involved with her many projects. After speaking with her and learning more of these projects, I hope that we will be hearing more fromher about these for future issues.


Her mention of Cell Tech caught my immediate attention. Cell Tech is a wonderful company that offers Super Blue Green Algae through network marketing. I have been taking Super Blue Green Algae for the last ten years. I have had many experiences with the product and cannot speak highly enough of the values of this product or for the Cell Tech company, which has been involved in many worthwhile projects. I believe that it is due to the continued use of Super Blue Green Algae over many years that my body does not register any toxic minerals in my system, which I discovered last fall. I, also, believe that it is one of the reasons I have maintained such high energy levels even though at a cellular level this is not supported by the present understanding of how the cells produce energy. I acknowledge that I, also, have worn a polarity unit from Chris Hart for the last 4 years and am aware that there is much more to the body than is presently understood. I have been a distributor for Super Blue Green Algae all this time for my own personal use, but have not been interested in persuing this as there have been too many other projects to which I wanted to devote my time and energy. I am delighted to learn that someone in our Urantia community is an active distributor of Super Blue Green Algae.


I am well aware that it may seem unacceptable to some to promote certain products and projects in this newsletter. In the beginning, I was totally closed to using the newsletter for anything that smacked of a commercial nature. However, we don't live with our heads in the sand. We all live in the everyday real world and I have come to feel that it is vitally necessary that we learn to work together, support each other and share information about things that work for us along with information on groups and companies that contribute to the values and meanings that we all so cherish from our study of The Urantia Book. As Norsen would say, "Let me be clear" - Darlene did not contact me about mentioning this in the newsletter. I asked her about putting this information in the newsletter and listing her as a distributor in the NETWORKING ANNOUNCEMENTS AND SERVICES section of the newsletter. - Ed]


                                    * * *


VANCOUVER, BC - A note from Chaco, who recently moved to Canada, asks a question that perhaps someone among you may be able to answer.


I was wondering: is there any teaching mission insight on all the hype for the coming year 2000? Everyone is talking about any number of changes in all facets of life. I haven't read all your newsletters so I may have missed some information.


[From all I am aware of there have been no dates given for the coming changes. It seems the timing of events is dependent upon things beyond our knowledge and upon our own progress - a coordinated effort with too many variables to predict. Well, has anyone anything to share on this? - Ed]


                                 * * * * *





SARASOTA, FL - Avis Nicholas writes:


I am also enclosing Michael's Christmas Message given to enclose in my Christmas cards to family and friends. I thought you might like it.


[This message is just as appropriate for every day as it is for Christmas. Thank you, Avis, for sharing this with us all.]


1994 - Michael to Avis


                       * * * MICHAEL * * *


My children. As you gather to celebrate the anniversary of My birth on this our world, when I dwelt among you as one of yourselves, let My Presence be as real to you, as you are to each other.


For I am with you just as personally as I was with My disciples. That has not changed. I know you find this difficult to understand but as Creator of our universe I have many ways of accomplishing My desires, and I desire to be with you, each of you.


So now on this day that you have set apart to remember Me, let your hearts be light. Do not grieve or be heavy hearted, but know that I am truly with each of you as you live your daily lives. I have walked the same path you have walked, faced the same problems you now face. In Me you have an understanding Friend who always has your best interests at heart. Trust Me in this. I will not fail you.


Thank you for remembering that I once lived here, and will live here again. For I plan to once again walk among you as one of yourselves. Together we will rescue this our world and present it to our Father.


My love and blessings surround you.


Your Friend and King Michael of Nebadon.


                                    * * *


FAIRFIELD, IA - Janice Joyner writes:


After much inner wrestling, I have decided to send you a transmission I received from my dear teacher, Hannen, in the hopes that others may find it useful. If it does not appear coherent or important to your more objective eye, please do not feel constrained to include it. So often I get stuff that is so profound to me I can barely wait to get it transcribed and, sure enough, it was the lesson to the heart that was important - the sentences barely hang together at all and it doesn't even make sense to someone else. It's hard for me to judge, so feel free to leave it out or edit as you see fit. [Janice - Not only is your transmission being shared but your words here for I believe it to be important to share the many experiences of all who are receiving messages from the teachers. As you all know, there is no "one right way" to receive the lessons from our teachers. Your comments and experiences may be helpful to others to see as they open up and begin to receive. It has been my experience that often when I thought a message was for me personally, in reading it later, I came to see that it is a message for all of us. After all, we all have the same lessons to learn and we never know when the particular words of one teacher will strike a resounding cord in another. Far be it from me to "edit" the words of the teachers! I think they speak quite eloquently for themselves even when we feel inadequate in transmitting their words. Thank you for sharing your words and your transmission.]


The question it refers to at the beginning is whether the desire to find God was really all it took, or whether various techniques (meditations, affirmation, non-abusive diet, etc.) are all necessary at some point. I had lost my enthusiasm for a few weeks, and though I would still sit down for some kind of "spirit work" almost every day, I did not feel an emotional high over this.


                            * HANNEN *


January 25, 1995


My dear one, it is I, Hannen, once again today. I thank you for sitting down to listen. As to your questions about desire, I will reinforce that it is by desire to know reality and live it that you progress, and that all other techniques are merely to strengthen this desire or make the desire more feasible. Where you desire goes, there goes you mind, as you well know. When your desire is knowledge of reality, when your desire is to stay in the awareness of reality at every moment, then have you given permission for much to be done in this regard.


You will often find that you want to believe you are desiring one thing and it is "unattainable," when you are, in fact, rendering this desire temporarily unattainable because you are in truth desiring something completely other. This psychologically adds to the feeling that growth is impossible anyway, so why try? This is what it is used for. This is its function - to preserve the ego-oriented illusions. You can look at all manner of philosophies and religions and beliefs and reject them or become enthused by them, both of which are functions of the ego. But you cannot possibly experience the Father and cone away from it with an imbalance or lack of wholeness. Automatically does the experience of the Father generate a desire for more such experiences.


Appreciate these small increments as they occur, and do not confuse experience of the Father with a set meditative program. You may well experience the Father more fully between one keystroke of the typewriter and another than during a set time of meditation or prayer. The appreciation of beauty is an experience of worship. Allow possibilities! Do not tell yourself, negatively that you are not good at experiencing the Father simply because you have difficulty settling down. This is not valid, as has been pointed out. Open yourself to the possibilities. Open your heart to the experience. Open your soul to the awareness of the presence of God. I leave you in peace. Adieu.


                                    * * *


VOLCANO, HI - Sonny Schneider sent some more of Veronica's transmissions. Veronica's messages are so poetically lyrical, they seem to have a beautiful melodic tone that is almost audible. Our thanks to Arlene for transmitting and sharing Veronica's words.


                          * VERONICA *


January 5, 1995


Vibrant visionaries of exalted promise,


Reflect on the phenomenal perfection of supreme creation and your exceptional opportunities as mortals in your grand adventure of ascension.


Often our focus is so singular that we overlook the joy and abundance of our immersion in the grandeur of our extraordinary surroundings. Take time to ponder and explore the sweetness of divine providence as you speculate on the exquisite design of His eloquence that permeates all existence.


Consider the divine presence within you and throughout infinity, and you will be aroused in exuberant wonder and elation in the richness of the expression of divine perfection. Contemplate the joy that is meat for your fulfillment, and live fully and completely in each moment of experience.


Cherish the heightened awareness of unborn possibilities and limitless experience that enlivens our consciousness of truth and floods your spirit with the magnified acquiescence of peace that will search for expression through divine love.


Realize your treasure in divine grace through expansion of your intimacy with the superlative Source of your origin, and you will begin to savor your celebration of completeness in your total absorption in the eloquence of His abundance.


January 19, 1995


Intrepid artisans of divine perception,


Your beliefs create your experience, so learn to release those which create boundaries within your soul. You can influence all life experiences through conscious choice, and this will lead you to the edge of expanded awareness.


Balance is the process of integrating awareness that will enable you to relinquish limitations. Consciousness illuminates the pauses in your indecision so that truth achieves brilliant clarity in your divine perception. Root all your experiences in compassion and love, and you will begin to recognize the pristine horizon of supreme oneness and your ultimate correctedness with your personal and perfect Fragment of the Father.


Self-transformation is creativity where you begin to mold spiritual essence in your slow and beautiful evolvement towards the Father's perfection. Feel your closeness to the First Source and Center, and you will begin to hear the silent whisper of your Divine Monitor in the preciousness of inner peace. Enter each experience with heightened awareness and you will become artists of the beauty of love who reflect unity in the delicate strokes of self-realization that perfect consciousness in the seed of eternity through the supernal mirror of His resplendent existence.


January 20, 1995


Sensitive translators of spiritual expansion,


Realize the interconnectedness of perpetual change for it is the true essence of your eternal purpose in your unfolding discovery of the completeness of the Father's love.


Comprehend the importance of the sentient and spiritual endowment of feelings that enable you to touch the wonder of the Supreme and lift our consciousness to discern truth. Feelings allow you to perceive awareness of personal evolution and and engender the ability of temporary suspension in the contemplation of experience. Awareness that you touch in perception compels transformation if you align your will with divinity.


The delicate kaleidoscope of mortal emotion is a highly sensitive instrument that interprets your direction toward perfection. When you become an active participant in the evolvement of the Supreme, you will discern deeper intuitiveness and treasure the layers of divine expression. You will begin to respond in perception with sensations that lead you toward the higher ideals of truth.


When the turbulent waves in the ocean of your sentiment recede from divinity, you perceive the heaviness of intensity through feelings of sadness, despair, hurt, anger and resentment.


If you feel the presence of the Father and harmonize our intention with His tenderness, your emotions centralize in the lightness of joy, wonder and penetrating peace that empowers you to embrace continual change.


Learn to utilize your ability to touch truth in the treasured gift of emotion, and you will ride on the radiant beams of enlightenment as you become enveloped in the nourishing luster of His perfect love.


January 23, 1995


Noetic aspirants of divine values,


The embryonic juncture of collective transformation is often the most difficult season of transition because it demands courage, open-mindedness, and a genuine desire for change. Collective upliftment can only succeed individual  comprehension of truth.


Be sensitive to the ubiquitous distortion of purpose in the present period of our planet and recognize the divergences that eclipse the authenticity of reality.


Understand that the true meaning of power is founded in the purity of love --a true desire to assist others in communal service to the Supreme. Genuine power is always loving, cooperative and benevolent, and not controlling, superior or dominating. It is the ultimate reflection of conscious brotherhood and fraternal compassion intercoupled with wisdom and expertise in the unity of upliftment toward perfection. Power is non-competitive divine energy that enables spirit evolution and is ever in alignment with the beauty and eloquence of divine will. It is always ministerial and nutural and can be spiritually visualized as the afterglow of love.


You are called upon to develop a sterling power of spirit that is implanted in the eternal plenitude of love that perpetually radiates from the Ultimate Source. Your deepened faith and trust in the Father will gently guide you beyond the surface of aspiration, and you will become a brilliant point of light in the celestial chandelier of illumination that is fueled by the spiritual power of omnipotent love.


[How beautifully Veronica addresses her listeners: "Vibrant vissionaries of exalted promise," "Intrepid artisans of divine reception," and "Noetic aspirants of divine values."  Tacking one of these greetings on the bathroom mirror is a great way to start a new day!!!  Imagine someone asking who you are and saying, "I am a vibrant vissionary of exalted promise just like you."


                                    * * *


COEUR d'ALENE, ID & SPOKANE, WA - The following information is taken from a posting on the TML electronic network by Rick Giles. Joyce Veisz called to share this posting and sent the following copy for those who are not on the network and may not be aware of this new development with the Archangel Circuits.


                    Transcripts on Circuits


Hi all,


We now have the various teacher lessons on circuitry from the Coeur d'Alene and Spokane groups copied into one file. Hope you find them interesting. We haven't been told that they are done with this topic so more may be unfolding:


                * CORLATIA * (Archangel)


December 13, 1994


This is number one in a series on the subject of circuitry. There have been many theories and speculations issued regarding the nature of circuits and your interconnectedness, and we will make efforts to uplift your understanding over the next few sessions. This presentation is on history and your planet's import.


Before the councils of the Most Highs received the announcement of the termination of isolation and mandate to restore order in Norlatiadek, you received our divisional headquarters, and we prepared for the soon to arrive time when you all would be allowed admittance into the celestial affairs. The headquarters of which I am a staff member is pivotal in that it is designed to correlate with your sister worlds and become the focal point point of interplanetary communication within the quarantine affected worlds. Upon the observation of a unified cooperation there will ensue the engagement of your planets with non-rebellion affected realms.


Since the times of the breakdown and closure of planetary connectedness with other worlds, you have not been entirely isolated, as you well know. The efforts to minister to mankind have really never ceased in function. Your planetary administration has labored under the handicap of charting the course of your planet without much assistance from its higher governing bodies for the reason that it allowed the demonstration of the ability of these supervisors to move along the trend of the universe without coercion from the rebels and without restraint from loyalists. And yet for you, the innocent victims we have been contacting for ages, the circuitry you are encouraged to lay with us at this day is for effecting the transition into an entirely new form of communication not yet seen here. There will come a time when you are to be encouraged to effect and enact this new circuitry. However, until we have finished the training with this communication process, we will hold in wait.


You are bridging the gap. You are the transitioners. This method you engage in draws heavily upon the methods of the isolated age. The development of your skill with your conceptual understanding of the universe allows us to draw you into the new age of freedom.


                * CORONAS * (Archangel)


December 20, 1994


I will continue with our series regarding the circuits. Tonight the focus is on purpose and function. We promote circuitry among all as a braiding of the circuits you are aware of in abstract, noted as the circuits of personality, mind, spirit, and all things physical and material. The circuits we are establishing among you weave these high circuits of the Divine into practical function among you. Therefore you will note that the circuits that we, as archangels, establish are, in reality, only a derivative of these high universe forms of manifestation in connectedness with God.


The purpose is to objectify your philosophic ideal of brotherhood; for you to truly experience your interconnectedness and to realize that, even though you are one brotherhood of human beings, you are equally among the family of all beings in the vast spectrum of creatures created by our God.


I ask you now to create what your teacher Aaron calls the chain of love and hold hands. Pause momentarily to notice your sense of connection. As you have no distance from palm to palm, acknowledge there is no difference from heart to heart and realize the origin of each of your minds as one in our Mother.


In all circuitry the underlining and foundational support is love, unity, belongingness. In your everyday activities, consciously discern this hand-holding symbol in your conversation, in your emotional reaction, in your conceptual perspectives. Thus you will eliminate the static of your distance, separateness, and realize the beauty of love, of brotherhood.


This ends my portrayal to you of the circuitry we seek to establish in greater external application.


                           * EVANSON *


January 3, 1995


I have been granted the opportunity to address you and continue your lessons on circuitry. The reason I have been chosen is to demonstrate the relevance that your own personal teachers have in regard to your connection.


We teachers, as you know, are primarily concerned with increasing your awareness of spirit and your responsibility toward growth both for yourself and your world. However, we are also engaged in informing others of your activities and reactions to our teachings. Since you are contained within the physical dimensions, being largely focused thusly, we are our spiritual counterpart. Even your prayers become our tasks at times. Your growth and attunement with your gift from God, your Thought Adjuster, is partial. and so, since the circuits that are being established on this world will, and to some extent do, include you, we are the ones who can more closely align with your spirit fragment to bridge the gap. This is another reason for the assignment of teachers to your world with the qualification that they be human in origin. In order to make the close alignment human origin teachers do the best job.


Currently much of the circuitry that is established does not affect you directly but rather affects the administrators of this world. Your sensitivity to the connection you are undergoing will be recognized through your higher mind awareness.


Stillness is still your best approach, be it to the Father or for encircuitment. Knowing that your mind is integrated into your biological receptor, the brain, it is helpful for you to maintain a healthy noggin. You may experience tingling during circuitry work. As this project progresses and all circuitry is established, including your particular circuit - the one we are cling the mortal connection - much of the outgoing and incoming data will be relayed by a teacher of assignment like myself. When complete, you will be on your own. No operator will be necessary to make your calls.


This experience of growth from incompleteness to perfection has many elements of intervention which uplift you and compensate for your incompleteness. The pattern is recognizable in every function on our level of God experience in the Supreme, therefore your own assigned teacher compensates for your disconnection in the circuits and bridges the gap. This has been planned for quite some time.


To facilitate your receptivity, clear your mind, lift your thoughts, open and trust that your teacher is working with you. Eventually we will be unnecessary; your training wheels will have been removed. The circuits will be all yours to operate.



                         * NEBADONIA *


January 7, 1995


Recognize how you may further complete the circuit. You can aid greatly in helping to achieve a better connection for transference of information when it is coming through one of your associate friends by taking the energy through you, channeling it to your associate who would be gaining information connection, thereby strengthening the conduit with the knowing of support from both material and spiritual agencies that are near.


Now if you can attain the initial connection with spiritual forces and then, allowing that into a widespread flow, to establish connection with your fellow, and, if by attaining this, you then learn to shift the directional output of your intention, your motivation, toward the other who would receive, then you allow for the completion of the cycle, which is for the receiver to open freely to all presence of intention positive.


The final manifestation of this energy as it pertains to communication connection is the receiver's output for the benefit of those who would be receiving.


This circuit establishment when practiced throughout our communication efforts will achieve higher, more direct efforts of communication that are motivated by a sincere, unselfish, wholehearted devotion to emitting love, truth, and enlightenment. Recognize that this procedure is as it pertains to communication. However, in all relationships this can become truly the stabilizing influence which will create a sense of harmony between people, if they recognize that one is influential in creating positive exchange.





January 17, 1995


When a circuit opens fully, much is involved in causing this to happen. You have all been instru-mental in this opening of circuits. Many times the actual experiencing of the opening awaits the accumulation of other component parts.


To put this on a more human level, since circuits are also personality based, the connection of certain personalities is necessary to fully open the circuit. If a certain personality does not follow his leading to be in the location of a circuit opening, then that exact circuit must await a future time. If, however, another personality comes and adds his own spark to the circuit, that can open up an entirely different circuit. Each one will have its special flavor, its special feel. Recognize them and learn to use them in your daily experiences as much as possible.


When you have become part of an experiential circuit, that circuit becomes yours to use in your daily life. When you connect with others who contributed to the formation of that circuit, you are able to use the power of the circuit in a broader spectrum.





January 30, 1995


Good evening, this is Malvantra. You have heard about the opening of the circuits. You were informed on a recent Tuesday that you open a new circuit as a group of individuals. Tonight I will tell you that circuits may be opened by two or more individuals. Two  persons, three persons, four persons, any number of individuals in combination can, under the proper circumstances, open a brand new channel or circuit. As these circuits grow and expand it becomes easier for many new ones to formulate and open also. As groups of circuit-forming individuals connect with other groups of circuit-forming individuals, a much larger combination circuit also can be opened.


These are ways in which all of the circuits of your planet will ultimately be restored. When all individuals on the planet can collectively make one large circuit, all the circuits will have been opened. This may seem like a great distance from happening, yet in effect this is what is meant by a world in light and life; the entire population has realized and created a circuit together.


Once you recognize that you have completed a circuit, it becomes possible to group your circuit companions in ways to affect large numbers of individuals. These are ways in which your tasks - as you would ask for from time to time, your lessons, what it is that we would have you do - many of these things will eventually be done by groupings of circuit individuals. Use as much as possible these associations to further the mission of Michael. Your groupings will often times show you the correct directions.


I would thank you for listening tonight. and you will hear from me again soon.



                           * CORONAS *


Good evening. I am commissioned to present to you the denomination of circuit receivers, your designation being one who is now conscious of the interplay between man and his higher brethren. Along with this description comes your responsibility to encircuit other individuals into a conscious sense of fraternity and intercommunication. It is a truly delightful path to be on.


Presently your world is based upon a form of independence that thrives under the assumption that secrecy and retaining information is beneficial. Major movements are transpiring to effect exactly the opposite. Sharing is the propellant of the new era. Therefore will many of you will be called upon to transfer this new comraderie. It is, in truth, the love of God spread abroad. Take it with great delight your charge to be engaged in circuitry extension. Take it with a solemn sense of responsibility. Significant contributions to the destiny of this planet will be made from efforts which you are now undertaking. Prepare yourselves, and in the course of our project you will have ample opportunity to engage yourselves in a wonderful service. It will prove remarkable to discern connection.


I am happy to present this to you. It is not, as you know, exclusive and can be extended to all who are capable and desirous of engaging themselves in this manner. Make it known. I am available when necessary. I take my leave. Thank you.


Evelyn: I have a couple of questions based on what has been said so far if someone would care to answer.


To participate in this opening of circuits, does it require being consciously willing, offering to be instrumental in an opening circuit?


MALVANTRA: It is not necessary, but it does facilitate by being in the arena and sharing of yourself in any way whether consciously or unconsciously in the opening of a circuit. The circuit will open regardless of your trying to open it. It is by the participation of the individuals that this occurs, the cooperation in conversation, in new understandings which makes it so. But it does facilitate the opening of new circuits when you go at it with a conscious attempt. Does this answer?


Evelyn: I guess. (Laughs) Are sessions like we are having now circuit-opening? Or since the circuits are opening thus we are able to have these sessions? If a new individual were present would new circuit open because that person was there? I'm just not clear on what the circuits are.


MALVANTRA: What you have just said, with a new person there, it does make for the potential for opening new circuits. Circuits when they initially started opening were in a sense the source of these types of communications being possible. These communications, transmissions as such, are not circuit opening. It is the individuals who are there, who relate to each other, these are what would open a circuit. So when another individual joins, or two individuals join, this is the potential for another circuit. Is that more understandable?


Evelyn: I think so. Now let's say I was talking to a friend, and I am consciously thinking, "Let me facilitate the opening of a circuit with this person." What does it take to make that come about? Would it be in the content of our conversation, or in sharing the concept of a circuit, or what?


MALVANTRA: What you have said in sharing the concept, that is the essence of opening a circuit. If you can share equally a concept with another or group of individuasl and all be receiving of and benefitting by  this concept in varying degrees, this is what is meant by the opening of a circuit. So you, by being open to opening a circuit with this hypothetical individual, if they become receptive with you, and you and they can conceptualize, can share a concept, then this would be an opening of circuit.


Evelyn: Would that be a circuit between us, or would it be one between us and beyond, say, to you or some other celestial source?


MALVANTRA: It would be usable to the pair of you primarily. However, it does open a wider range of (pause) mobilization? (TR: I can't get what that is.) It allows us to more freely work with a larger group of individuals, but it is the two of you who can make the most use of that circuit in an everyday way. It does allow us more options when you open a new circuit. It allows more freedom of movement to further the conceptualizations.


Evelyn: Thank you for that.


Daniel: Might I ask who the second teacher was, so when it comes time to cal you back I can.


Jonathan: Coronas


CORONAS: Your circuits are not merely an extension horizontally interconnecting one individual with another or a larger chain of individuals but also deeper penetration between each individual and another. You can encircuit with one another on multiple levels, each distinctly realized at separate moments in time. This is part of the fabric of the Supreme. And now, significant upon the termination of the rebellion, this method of interconnecting, sharing, is less fraught with danger, distortion. You can truly experience the love in this exchange. One time will arrive on Urantia when you will be able to bare your souls before your fellows with no threat of harm or backlash. It will be a time of acceptance, of nourishment, of support. This is our task; to begin this establishment. Your movement will be speedy at times and difficult at others but nonetheless forward as progress.


Miscellaneous passages prior to the series:


October 27, 1994.

Lantarnek (Melchizedek): You are the ones who have participated in the initial laying of the lines of circuitry severed so long ago. These circuits require you as connectors to be complete, but now, with this established, many can follow in your footsteps.


October 16, 1994

Elyon: Definitely the circuits are being opened; individual souls are being awakened. This is going on both behind the scenes and throughout the whole world.


Q: How do we maximize the benefits of that meditation and attempt at establishing the circuitry between us?


Elyon: Carry within you continual curiosity and care for the individuals with whom you seek this encircuitment. Give attention in prayer to their welfare. Seek to receive from them information regarding who they are, what they do, so as to develop human friendly association. For you will find difficulty in network companionship with the so-called spirit connection if you don't equally give attention to your lower half circle in this circuit, your physical comraderie. As above, so below. This is my encouragement in order to instill durability in your exercise.


[Thank you, Rick, for this information. It gives us all a lot to think about and a lot  to practice. We look forward to hearing more about this from your group and the experiences of those who work on opening circuits.]


                                 * * * * *




TALLAHASSEE, FL - Fred Harris, known as Vincent to many of us, has been his usual busy self. Vincent writes a column in the Religion Section for his local paper, the "Tallahassee Democrat." In talking with Vincent, he tells me that he shares the writing of this column with others and every 17 weeks it is his turn to write the column. Vincent has chosen to write about simple topics that speak to all such as tolerance and how small acts of kindness transform our world.


What a wonderful idea that many of us could do within our communities through our local paper! It is not a time consuming project and a wonderful way to share with many the ideals and principles we are learning from The Urantia Book and our teachers. It would require inquiring from the editor what the possibilities are and the guidelines for articles.  The actual writing of the articles would not be difficult for most of you, judging from my mail and phone conversations. If this does seem to present a problem for you, perhaps, you could work together with others to write an article.


At the end of one article it references the author thus: "Fred Harris is a lawyer who wants to "build bridges, not barriers." I always think of Vincent as our traveling ambassador as he has been so active in his travels, input on the electronic networks and with all he comes across. Those of us who have been privileged to know Vincent know his affinity for bridges and his efforts to build bridges of understanding and love. This he does so well and so easily. His words to me about writing these articles were about being sure to see that they contain no "barrier words." These are good words for us to heed as we have become so familiar with certain words and terms that we can easily fail to recognize how they can be perceived by others and the connotations that they convey to others.


Am I dreaming too much to think that maybe someone would like to write a series of articles for others to approach their local newspaper publishers with for consideration as a regular column?


Aside from writing these columns; his professional and family duties; his active part in the Tallahassee group; and his many means of networking, Vincent is in the process of writing a book about the TM experience from his perceptions. Some of you may have seen parts of it on the electronic networks. From what I have read with Vincent's easy going writing style, it is going to be a delight to all of us in the Teaching Mission as it is always fun to look at experiences so close to our own through someone else's eyes and to share the camaraderie of shared experiences that we all relate to so clearly. More importantly, it is the intention not to "preach to the choir" as Vincent says, as to reach out to share with the rest of the community who have no idea of the big, blue book and the Teaching Mission.


Vincent, we all thank you for all you have been doing as individual in sharing so much of yourself and your time in this Mission. Surely, the teachers must smile with joy as they see the "fruits of your tree" piling up. Down here, we are enjoying the "fruits" from your many examples.


                                    * * *


COEUR D'ALENE, ID - For those of you who are still wondering what you can do to be of service and make a contribution to the transformation of Urantia, here is a way your experiences can be used in an outreach project to help others discover the gifts that are so enriching our lives.


The Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group is working on a book project. It will be an introduction to the Teaching Mission and related concepts such as the Correcting Time, Melchizedeks, etc. We would like to introduce the readers to a cross section of mission participants and their experiences with the teachers through their own accounts. If you would like to contribute an article to this effort, please send us your story in under ten pages covering the following points:


1.         Tell a little about yourself and what contact is like for you. This will hopefully show our diversity as well as our commonality of experience.


2.         Include some material that will acquaint the reader with your teacher, whether your personal teacher or one that has influenced you in some way.


3.         Please include as much as 50% of your text transmissions from this teacher. Two categories you might consider are your favorites and ones you consider typical of this teacher.


4.         What is your perspective, overview, of the Mission - past, present and future?


Whether you detail one episode or give a brief life story or follow some other course is for you to choose. Be creative! The editors will cover the introductory material, so each account doesn't have to define what the mission is, who teachers are, and what we mean by transmitting, etc. Think of all the people who can be reached with your story, those seeking for contact themselves, those who will be thrilled to discover that the correcting time is at hand!


Please send disks to Michael Green, 2324 Bridge Street, Spokane, WA 99201, or for more information call him at (509) 326-5532. Or send it to him over Internet: maxshred@aol.com


Mail written accounts to Barbara Giles, 1005 Stiner Avenue, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83812 (212) 667-3739


We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your suggestions for this project.


                                    * * *


SEDONA, AR - Joseph McNeil is busy working on his project, "Felicia Productions," to "create programming based on information found in The Urantia Book. These shows will be designed to facilitate individual spiritual growth, enhance personal relationships and demonstrate means of conflict resolution. The formats can include study groups, panel and talk shows, children's shows, drama, lectures, debates and special presentations."


In talking with Joseph, this project has been evolving and unfolding since its original conception. If you would like to see how you can lend your talents to this service project, contact Joseph McNeil, 60 Grounds Drive, Sedona, AR 86336-3344. Phone or fax (602) 282-0125. If you have ideas or suggestions, give him a call.


                                 * * * * *


                        THE TM PRESS


THE URANTIA PARENT NEWSLETTER - Mona & Milton West as Editors and Sage Waitts in charge of layout and design have been producing a truly fine piece of work that includes articles from the readers and information from our celestial teachers. If you are a parent, check it out by contacting Mona and Milton West, 3385 Willamette Drive, N., Keizer, OR 97303. Keep up the good work!!!


                                 * * * * *


                         GROUP NEWS


TALLAHASSEE, FL - As the Tallahassee Group is busy working on organizing the Arkansas Gathering, it is good to hear news of this group from Joyce Veisz.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Joyce Veisz, (Joilin). I'm a member of the Tallahassee TeM group under the guidance of Will & Co. Our group has grown in celestial strength within the past year. We now have a number of personal teachers taking an active part in our group sessions. We also have a Melchizedek that may be part of our group, as he requested that we set up a TR practice session in order to get some more TR's on line, as well as to help members learn how to connect with their personal teachers. He indeed had several new TR's on line. He just recently withdrew, with the parting promise that he would return when we had others that wanted to learn the technique.


Following is a list of personal teachers:


Ambrose -      My teacher

Armon -          An art instructor assigned to me, that I have not as yet begun to work with, although I  am getting ready!

Elonia -           Comes from a planet settled in light and life

Alfonso -

Aloysius -

Vereena -

Zixandria - Pronounced, ZEE an dree a

Charlima - Pronounce, Shar li may

Ilsin -

Uneidia - Pronounced, U need ee a


The following is a list of teachers that have either come to our group, or have come through a receiving session:


Michael of Nebadon


Nebadonia - Universe Mother Spirit

Manutia Melchizedek


Mantouba Melchizedek -                  He has visited our group, has given me a number of personal lessons, and has handled our TR practice sessions.

Ma Leena -                Her expertise is in the healing arts, and she is looking to be assigned either to a group, or to get her own group.

Nubeea -        Waiting to receive a group of her own.

Xandora -       Pronounced, Ex an dor a. She is from a planet settled in Light and Life.

Montrose -                  Guest


Regarding the Teaching Mission Contact List: I would be more than happy to have my name included on this list.


Joyce Compton Veisz

3333 Meadowhill Drive

Tallahassee, FL 32308


Internet Connection:



Please change Ron Harrell's address to his town address on the Teaching Mission Contact List to:


Ron Harrell

1519 Chowkeebin Nene

Tallahassee, FL 32304


Internet Connection:



Thank you, Joyce, for letting us learn news of the Tallahassee TeM Group. We are looking forward to meeting a lot of you in Arkansas this summer.


                                    * * *


POCATELLO, ID - Bill Kelly sends news of his group and up-dated teacher list.


Our group continues to progress in our weekly sessions with Daniel and Tomas as co-teachers. We have added some new members but they haven't as yet asked any questions so that all of the questions continue to be from old members. I am hoping that will change as time goes on.


I sent you one a list of teachers that we are authorized to release but I will repeat that list again. [Thanks and my apologies to you and the group. I recognize many of the names, so I did fail to get them on the list. I surely know Tomas and a couple of the others as I often go to bed with your group - as my night time reading.]


Alkon, my personal teacher

Klarixisha, Virginia's personal teacher

Tomas, group teacher along with Daniel

Sonora, personal teacher

Jeremiah, personal teacher

Cindia, personal teacher

Scaramouche, personal teacher

Rose, personal teacher

Adrian, personal teacher

Trieste, personal teacher

Winslow, personal teacher

Lottie, personal teacher

Cora, personal teacher


We also heard from a number of teachers and other beings in our TR practice sessions including Justin, Heclecora, Ankara, a teacher for a group in formation, Edweena, a Solitary Messenger, Felecia, an Angel of Progress, Domalia, A Social Architect, Jerome, a personal teacher, Exerghi, a teacher in training, Adriana, Social Architect, Gabrielle, and Archangel, Obadiah, a teacher in training, Athena, a Celestial Artisan, Andromadeus, a Melchizedek, Sarah, an Archangel, and Cleora, A brilliant Evening Star to mention some of the more recent visitors. And there are others I can't take the time now to research.


I agree with you that our experiences really are amazing when you stop to think about it, even though we are becoming quite used to it all. How can that be, that we could become complacent with this entourage of personalities? And yet at times I feel skeptical about this process until I stop and read the transcripts as I just did in preparing this list. They really are impressive in their content and form.


And now here it is 1995! I wonder what this year will bring to the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time? Will the Grinch (Newt) steal Christmas, after all, in 1995? Or will the loving overcare of our divine Parent be manifested in ways we suspect not? I believe the latter is more probable.


A final note on communication. I now have a modem and am attempting to learn to navigate the Internet. What a task! For your information my Internet address is: "billk@nicoh.com".


May 1995 bring us all that we wish for and more.


                                    * * *


BERKELEY, CA - Here's news and an idea from John Creger:


Our Oakland group is growing healthily, both in spirit and numbers. My wife Meilan and I continue to take turns week by week, one going to the meeting while the other stays with our two young children. I've learned my teacher's name, and transmitted him my first time TRing for our group. Recently, one night when Benjamin . . . , our regular transmitter, couldn't come, our group had our first "Amateur Night." Three of us attempted, two transmitting their personal teachers. I was honored and excited to find myself transmitting our wonderful group teacher, Althena.


Perhaps you could recommend this Amateur Night idea to other groups. We agreed ahead of time not to take things terribly seriously and Althena encouraged us to take a light, playful approach to beginning transmitting. A good time was had by all, mortal and non-mortal!


By the way, when possible, you may want to add my teacher's name to your roster of celestials. His name is Ephraim, and all I know so far is that he is an ascendent mortal who was a math teacher on his home planet, and who has experienced much since then. He seems to be equipped to help me in my music and writing as well as my teaching.


                                 * * * * *



                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES





Last I heard things are coming along well in finalizing arrangements and more information will be arriving shortly. Another reminder to send any ideas or suggestions you have for this conference to Ron & Cathy Harrel. If would like to volunteer to help out with any part of the gathering, let them know for your help will surely be appreciated.


                                    * * *




If you are planning to attend this gathering, be sure to send in your registration form as soon as possible.


ATTENTION ALL GATHERING PLANNERS - Please send the dates and information about any future gatherings so they may be included in the newsletter as there are those who want to know what's happening.


F.Y. I. - Although it was mentioned in the January newsletter, others have again brought to my attention how much it was appreciated that the organizers of the Spokane Gathering took it upon themselves to transcribe the various sessions for all of us to read as attendees and interested persons. Although it was a lot of work, the suggestion has been put forward by several that this would be a good thing to do for all future group gatherings. It has been suggested that if the organizers are responsible for having tapes of each session, there may be those who would be willing to volunteer to transcribe them. This way all the work would not necessarily fall on the organizers, but there would be some way to see that the sessions are transcribed in a timely fashion and not lost.


                                 * * * * *




BERKELEY, CA - These prayers and poem were included in the letter from John Creger along with the following:


Please find three prayers from last summer when I was spending a good deal of time in stillness.


                Three Prayers for Stillness



Our Father in heaven and in our hearts

Familiar be your name.

Give us this day our closeness with you

And help us heal our spirits,

As we pray to help others heal their own.

And lead us from this long night

Into your son Michael's new dawn;

For your universes are light, your power

And your glory with us forever. Amen



Our Father who waits nearby

Help us draw nearer one another.

Give us this day our time together

And forgive us our failures

As we forgive those of others.

Lead our awareness past the boundaries of our skins

And beyond, into the fullness of your son Michael's creation;

For yours is the life, the light, the love,

And the glory forever, Amen.


Our Father who lives inside us

May we come closer today.

Give us this time to be still with you.

Remind us through the day to know your love,

As you lead us to show others our own.

Let us learn from the teachers you sen

And help us teach those who come to learn with us;

For yours is the vine as ours is to fruit,


The power, the beauty, and the glory forever. Amen.


                                             John Creger


                                   * * * *





1995 CELESTIAL CALENDARS - There are calendars still left if you do not have one. They are $8.00 per calendar including $2.00 for shipping (2nd Day Air) and handling. To order please make checks payable to Paradise Networker and place your orders with: . . . (Editor: deleted for privacy reasons)


NEW PRODUCTION COMPANY - I want to form a production company that will create video programs using 'THE URANTIA BOOK' as source material. If you are interested in participating in any way contact: Joseph McNeil, 60 Grounds Drive, Sedona, AZ. Call or fax (602)-282-0125.


SUPER BLUE GREEN ALGAE - If you would like to know more about this wonderful product and the CELL TECH company, contact Darlene Sartore, P.O. Box 388, Princeton, IN 47670 812-779-3616.


CoQ10 - This product and/or more information can be ordered from Sonny Schneider by contacting Sonny, Sharilyn or Dennis at Kona Gold Enterprises, 75-5995 Palani Road #279, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 or call 808-328-9940.


"ENTERING THE STILLNESS" AUDIO TAPE - This tape produced by Sharon Summers is available for $7.00 including postage and handling by ordering from Sharon Summers at 17002 Preston Bend Drive, Dallas, TX 75248.


MUSIC TAPE - Songs with words based on The Urantia Book composed and played by Mark Austin are available for $13.00 including postage and handling. To order contact mark Austin, 10238 San Lorenzo, Dallas, TX 75228 (214-324-9306.


THE ZOOID MISSION - For your copy of this book by Gerdean send a check payable to Karen O'Dell for $20.00 to P.O. Box 512, Pocatello, ID 83204      


WANTED - Names of any books that have been particularly helpful to you. These books may be about a variety of topics - spiritual, healing, nutrition, health, inspiration, music, art, child development, philosophy, psychology, environmental, thoughts and ideas to promote a better local or world environment. In a nutshell - anything that has really spoken to you and helped you - this may also include products and companies that exemplify the meanings and values that have become so important to all of us. This is for compiling a list to include periodically and update for the newsletter so we can share these "gems" amongst each other. THIS LIST WILL BE AS USEFUL TO YOU AS YOUR INPUT. YOUR HELP IS WANTED!


                                 * * * * *


                  NETWORK INQUIRIES


Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!

*           Wanted - Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.

*           Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teaching of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God.


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                             Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding,


Allene Vick

please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.