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December 1994 (Vol. 2, No.9)



M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S !!!

                     FROM THE EDITOR


This has indeed been quite a year!!! In talking with many of you, it seems it has been a year of much personal growth and many blessings for which to be thankful. It has been a real joy that there have been so many opportunities for us to meet, communicate and talk with each other. My experiences have taught me the value of this. As the United Midwayers told me recently, "This is not a time for lone mavericks to operate. It is a time for community action. For communities to join together to link all mankind to the experiences as they unfold." And much is unfolding in so many areas.


I extend much appreciation and many thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences and contributed to this newsletter. I thank you for your patience as events the past two months have prevented me from doing a November issue and answering your letters. Problems with a new computer have slowed me down even more. However, when all seems overwhelming at times, hearing from you and learning of the all you are learning and doing spurs me on to "keep on keeping on."


Enclosed are the latest Group, Contact and Celestial Lists. Now that the information is in my computer, it will be much easier to keep these updated. These lists are incomplete and may contain inaccuracies. So, if you have any additions or corrections, please send them on to me. It is important to many group members to have the latest information. Let's work together and between us we can try to keep up with a rapidly moving target.


In going over the list of participants at the Spokane Gathering, there were 15 of you who were not on this mailing list. Well, you are now. Back issues of the newsletter are available to anyone who wishes copies.


It is with much anticipation that I look forward to sharing with all of you the wonderful things I know that you all are doing and learning. It seems more important now and in the days to come that we stay in touch. The linking up of individuals and groups is becoming ever more important. Do let me know if there are any ways I can better be of service to you. If you know of someone who would benefit from being on the mailing list, please send me their names and addresses.


Congratulations to those of you who are finding ways to stay in touch through the growing computer networks, newsletters, transcripts, personal letters, phone calls, groups and individual contacts. I look forward to the day that we can learn to communicate "directly." Until then, keep up the good work. You are all doing a great job and a very important one!!!


May the joy and spirit of this season be with you and your loved ones now and throughout the New Year.


Allene Vick


                                 * * * * *


                  FROM THE READERS


One of our readers I talked with would very much like to know if there are any groups or individuals who presently have a Melchizedek as a principle teacher.


                                 * * * * *




HALF MOON BAY, CA - Here is a transcript very appropriate to the season upon us from Susan Kimsey.


                             * OLFANA *


December 4, 1994


          A Lesson Concerning Christmas


Christmas is the symbol, the image, of the star in the heavens which announces the birth of God-Energy as an immense gift to this planet! This is a story of hope, a story of awakened possibilities, of change and renewal. There is this strong sense, in the imagery of the small, helpless babe, of the imense hope and faith placed in this child. The growth that will come from the inception of this child's life is awaited with anticipation, and yet, there is still this sense of mystery. The plan of redemption held in this small child is stilll unknown, not yet evidenced in the events of its life. We ask you to sense this mystery, this hope, this anticiation of change and renewal which now comes again to Urantia with this Teaching Mission. Gather into yourself, during this season of celebration of the advent of Jesus' life upon this planet, this sense of anticipation, this sense of exhilaration, which, indeed, the angels, and all celestial beings who watched that birth experienced! Although you, indeed, know this occurred on a different date, imagine the drama of the moment! The date is not the focus of the story; the emotions present within this event--this is the focus of the birth story. And as you participate in this Mission, imagine that you can, indeed, partake of this sense of anticipatory exhilaration--that, "Ah, the change has now begun! The birth has blessed this earth!" Move through your path in life holding to this sense of the miraculous which is, indeed, a part of this marvelous event we call "Christmas"--the birth of the Saviour Child on your planet! Thank you for your attention to my words.

                                    * * *


Our "traveling" Sharon Summers has this transcript to share from Oran.


                               * ORAN *


November 18, 1994


     Can You See Your Brother As Yourself?


(Written regarding the difficulties we have in understanding each other and living in harmony)


We are well arare of the volatile exchanges going on and the upheaval that is occurring. This in no way should be construed as a negative situation. To do so means you are denying the dynamics of the universe. Overmuch reaction to another's actions brings an imbalance in your own and others life, as well as the lives of those around you.


As an example, we have two forces in contradistinction to each other. Not necessarily good or bad - merely different. The personalities are at extreme ends of the polarity scale. It is difficult for one who has dealt with life's situations through passivity and non-agression to understand someone who deals with the same issues in a combative and highly objective way.


This alone will create a hurdle that is difficult to overcome before both parties have increased their experiential bases to include the other. Not an easy task and not one many people even understand in the broader sense...let alone attempt to work on.


What to do? Merely be aware that many and various energy forces are involved here, and until there is attachment to spirit there can be no solution.


Each individual is required to see and relate to the other (and all others) through spirit. In spirit there is no difference, no opposition, no separation. In spirit all are one - and on this basis your world can begin to work.


There will always be present different and, perhaps, opposing forces of human nature, this is to be expected and is your heritage as animal origin beings. However, your spirit connection is what we are asking you to grow toward and to, hopefully, assume as the basis for your dealings in your world. This is not a difficult task in itself - on a normal and enlightened planet your awareness of self as spirit would be genetically inherited over the course of generations. However, at this point in time this is hardly the case,and we are dealing with a human mass almost wholly ignorant of their spirit inheritance.


You, however, are not unaware, nor are you incapable of living in the light and using the examples of Christ Michael to move you ever closer to your goal of at-one-ment. You see...there is a bigger picture, and the bigger picture requires you to lift your eyes from the ground and gaze up and around you at the vast panorama...at the true arena you reside in. Are you willing to lift your eyes - to pull yourself from the mire of past experiences and outdated habits?


Are you open to the challenges that are being offered to you all? Only time will tell - and we remind you there is no failure, only variances in time and in each person's life. Remember, all will progress and be embraced if they so choose. We merely offer you assistance to lift yourselves from the present status toward a higher and more enlightened existence.


Take your time and realize that you are encouraged to move slowly and with care or as quickly as you feel truly at ease about. The greatest rub comes in your (human) propensity to judge and compare your own path with the path of those around you. This you must not do, for herein lies failure to grasp the very essence of this message.


Each is a child of God and each has been given full control of their own destiny. You are chldren of choice. To deny another this right - even in your mind - is to assume a position far in advance of your status - of whatever status and rank you are.


We do not judge because we do not assume or presume to have the right. We have come to understand the beauty of God's plan and the sanctity of his world. We live in peace with each other because we would live in this beautiful world by choice. Until you more fully understand this difference, and until you have experienced this existence, living in your world is indeed difficult and fraught with challenges. Those who do glimpse the "higher" world are so intrigued and so wanting to experience more ...that they begin to hunger and thirst after righteousness...and therein begins the journey. Once glimpsed, never forgotten.


We will assist. You are our brothers and sisters and we want to be of assistance..to assist you to understand and experience love - love manifest in your daily lives and love manifest in your heart.


Do not despair that you go slowly...you are all growing who read these papers and listen to our words. We appeal to your sense of love and fairness. Fairness to yourself and fairness to your fellow man. From this application of fairness will grow a love that will create in you the true spirit connection we have spoken of.


It is not an easy task, given your history, but it is not impossible, and as you grow you begin to shift the balance.


Can you see your brother or sister as yourself? First you must see yourself as a loved and loving child of God. Do you so see yourself?


[What a great Christmas present this would be to offer the world as many come together at this time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. An ever growing gift of love. - ED]

                                 * * * * *




POCATELLO, ID - The following is a letter from Gerdean about her assignment:


Dear T/R Network Readers,


This is a follow-up to a conversation Allene and I had during the Spokane gathering about "my assignement." We were going to do an interview, but there wasn't enough time and so I shall.


I was given the assignment in 1969 to write a book. I had no idea what it would be about, but I had the help of Secondary Midwayer Jack (in the Advanced Corps to work with mortals) and a Celestial Artisan identified as Athena. Over the course of the next twentytwo years the novel "The Zooid Mission" evolved. Two weeks before I learned of the commencement of the Teaching Mission, it was completed.


I'd like to share with you what Machiventa Melchizedek had to tell me about my manuscript on September 9, 1993:


"Daughter, worker, companion of many, greatly have you sowed seeds for correction, cleverly you hve whet the appetities of your associates for truth, actively you have assailed the problems of your day, and eagerly have you sugested avenues of improvement. Your efforts stand as a tribute to Michael, to your industry, and is an honor to the Melchizedek Schools."


A zooid (prounced zo'-oid) is "an entity that resembles but is not wholly the same as a separate individual organism: as a: an organized body having locomotiion and b: a more or less independent animal produced by other than direct sexual methods and so having an equivocal individualality." I have elevated the concept of the lowly zooid to represent an organized body of evolved mortals who have developed the Jural Colony Project. This advanced society has caught the attention of certain superior beings.


These intelligent overseers select one of their own (0802-LZ) to materialize on earth to determine the evolutionary status of the Zooids. IF the Zooids meet certain universe standrds and IF they are willing, a channel of communication will be opened between the Zooids and other-terrestrial intelligences. One of the significant side-effects of the open channel would be the elimination of death as it is known on our planet.


Part I, The Mortals, introduces the reader to Audley Blackstone who is the journalist on assignment who first encounters 0802-LZ in his human form. He assumes the name Lanon Zenton and appeals to the woman to teach him the "art of living." She is attracted to the stranger and agrees to help. She takes Lanon to be tested by her father, Dr. Wilhelm Blackstone, a renowned doctor of Mindal Science. Two other important mortals are Audley's fiance, Dr. Brad Spencer, and her best friend, Sylvia Watergate.


Part II, The Other-Terrestrials, finds Audley in a remote village in Spain interviewing Professor Alexius Vessey, the contact personality for the Zentonites. Here she learns how the Jural Colony Project came into being as well as the nature of Lanon's mission. In Spain we meet Angus, a 5,000 year old etherial entity who is here "to study psychism as it appears on a young planet."


Part III, The Zooids, takes the reader and all the characters into the Jural Colony Project which is adminstered by Vessey's protege, Jessie Brothers and his Board of 12 Directors. The format for an advanced society is revealed. The 72 active colonies are united by their transportation system and their TASC (Transmit/Access System of Communication), computer network. In due time The Zooid Mission succeeds, the channel is opened and Doc Will (Audley's father) is the first to go through The Portal. Audley experiences distress at this but ultimately, of course, everyone lives happily ever after.


While the seeds of correction are being planted in the minds of the reader, they are entertained with the developing love relationship between Lanon, who must become more human, and Audley, who must become more divine. They are enchanted by Angus, Flora and Cybelle and their tidbits of celestial wisdom, even regarding the mating processes. They are very sympathetically drawn into the evolving union of Sylvia and Brad. They are taken "on assignemnt" to several of the colonies, to a board meeting, a spiritual awakening, a wedding, a Rennaissance Fair, the White House, a number of bedrooms and the Andalusian countryside.


What impresses me about this novel is how closely it parallels the Correcting Time Mission. To me, it is prophetic! -- even to the special material to be developed for construction. I know that during that bleak time between when I lost contact with midwayer Jack and regained contact through the Teachers of The Teaching Mission, The Zooid Mission was the only thing that kept me going, the only thing that infused me with any sense of purpose or hope.


In spite of my human anxiety that I would


be accused of promoting this book for "self-aggrandizement", I have been encouraged by the Supernals to do what is necessarty to get it into print, "as an offering." I was mightily impressed with Redfield's persistence in getting his "Celestine Prophesy" out there. His is what I would call "an important book" -- a work of fiction which entices the reader to believe in higher reality, to see our own potential. In that light, The Zooid Mision is an important book, an offering.


It could not have been completed without the assistance of Princess D'Or, our peer in Michael, and will not be published without the assistance of ClairEessa of the Woods Cross Group. We hope to have copies available by Christmas. If you would like to be part of the first phase of its "getting out there," order your copy of THE ZOOID MISSION by sending a check payable to Karen O'Dell for $20.00 to P.O. Box 512, Pocatello, Idaho 83204. Thank you.


Yours in service,




[Our hats off to you for your efforts, persistence and willingness to step forward with this assignment!!! I, for one, eagerly look forward to reading The Zooid Mission.


There are many others who have and are in the process of working on books and writing projects. They, too, are experiencing similar difficulties in finding the best way for these to reach the printed state so the seeds can be planted. Any ideas or suggestions from you will be gratefully appreciated by Gerdean and other members of the Teaching Mission. Please take the time to write to Gerdean and to us to share your knowledge and thoughts. This is what this network is about - to share ways to be of service to our brothers and sisters in this mission.


It takes courage to make this leap of faith and we honor Gerdean for taking action. It is easy to retreat at this stage with trepidation at taking the next step. Let us all give Gerdean our support with our prayers, ideas, contributions and in sharing copies of this book with others so that this book may serve to plant many fertile seeds in the minds of all who read it. - ED]

                                 * * * * *


                         GROUP NEWS


BAKERSFIELD, CA & PUEBLO, CO - It is with much pleasure that we announce these new groups in the Teaching Mission. We all welcome you and look forward to hearing from you.


                                 * * * * *


                 OF SPECIAL INTEREST


SPOKANE, WA & COEUR D'ALENE, ID - Frosty Johnson and Bob Devine accepted an assignment from Aaron, their group teacher to write about some of the changes that have occurred in their relationships with their personal and group teachers. Aaron told them that Rayson, Ham and LinEl would be willing to work with them on this. Many challenges were presented to them in collaborating with the teachers on this assignment. The result is a paper entitled, TRANSITION, EMERGENCE, AND ACTION. We offer our congratulations to you both for accepting this assignment, completing it and sharing it. Many of you by now may have received a copy. If not, and you would like one, you can contact Bob Devine. We like to think that this is only the beginning of many such collaborative efforts as we learn to work with our celestial teachers. Some of you may not realize the importance of this assignment, but as Frosty and Bob can tell you, there is a lot to be learned in this type of process. We need to start out with these simpler assignments and projects to learn and prepare for the larger assignments that we will be offered.

                                 * * * * *


                        NEWS UPDATE


SARASOTA, FL - It is with much regret that I learned that Drue Tiffany left us on November 24th to continue her journey to the mansion worlds. Drue had breast cancer and as a Christian Scientist declined medical intervention. I can more fully appreciate and understand her choice after my recent experience. For those of you who did not know Drue or have a chance to read the Sarasota papers, Drue was a delightful, joyous being. Drue shared with us her practice of singing with the teachers in her car, teaching us some of the songs and words she sang. It was such a pleasure to listen to Drue read The Urantia Book in Patije's class. I'll have to wait awhile to enjoy these things with her again. In the meantime, I am sure that she is delighting those around her now. She will be missed, but knowing Drue, I am sure she would want us to celebrate her transition with her. As we keep we keep her in our hearts and prayers, Drue will know how much she is loved and remembered for all she gave to every one  around her. For she is truly one with us in spirit.


                                    * * *


Sharon Summers has been visiting a lot of the TM groups on the West Coast since the Spokane Gathering sharing her insights and learning from each of you. This has been a wonderful experience and we applaud her for following the leadings of her heart to take courage and DO IT! Sharon will be returning to her original group and family in Dallas this month. We look forward to hearing from her about all her experiences. Don't let the several different addresses confuse you. Sharon has been and continues to be a very busy lady with several addresses. Sharon is still focused on creating a spiritual retreat and says there is no question that all the traveling she has been doing is training toward that endeavor.


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1995 National Family Gathering of the Teaching Mission - Network of the Heart - August 10-13 - Fayetteville, AR


Enclosed is a flyer with more information.


Sonny Schneider put forward the suggestion for Hawaii. This we are sure  is a delightful location, but unfortunately this is not a practical option for most of us due to the distance and cost. In talking with Sonny, it seems that this will now be a regional gathering.

Cathy Harrel informed me that there were no other suggestions put forward for the 1995 national gathering. Arkansas seems a natural choice as it was the second choice last year and was only 20 votes behind Spokane as the preferred location. As the Spokane coordinaters can attest, there is much to be done  in planning and carrying out a project like this.


We are most fortunate and grateful to have the Tallahassee Group and Michael Million step forward for this assignment. A huge THANK YOU!!! to all of you who stepped forward and offered to take on this task. So, let us start making plans to make this part of our personal reality. Those of you who attended the 1994 National Gathering in Spokane and any of the regional gatherings already have a preview of what participating in this type of spiritual group gathering means. You won't want to miss this event.


                                 * * * * *





1995 CELESTIAL CALENDARS - These are now available. Congratulations to Sonny Schneider for his determination to have these ready for 1994. Thanks to Dennis Shields, Allen Rice, Susan Kimsey and the others who helped Sonny with the project and all of you who contributed teacher quotes. If you have not received a card for ordering these from Sonny, they are $8.00 per calendar including $2.00 for shipping (2nd Day Air) and handling.  To order please make checks payable to Paradise Networker and place your orders with:


Allen Rice

Oakland, CA 94611


The calendars are 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and contain a daily quote from one of the teachers.


                                    * * *


REMINDER - Sharon Summers has extended the deadline to January 15th for those who would like to be included in the Travel Directory (See the October newsletter for details). This is a wonderful opportunity to share your home with Teaching Mission friends and/or visit them. If you would like to be listed in the 1995 Travel Directory, send your information and a dollar for expenses to Sharon Summers, Oregon Odyssey, P.O. Box 1056, Waterloo, OR 97355.


                                    * * *


AUDIO TAPE AVAILABLE - Sharon Summers has produced an audio tape to assist people in going into the stillness called "ENTERING THE STILLNESS." This tape offers a relaxation and 8 minute stillness session on side A and a visualization and 20 minute stillness session on side B. It was designed especially to help those who are having difficulty clearing their minds to receive teacher contact. It can also be very helpful for stress reduction...and all for $7.00 which includes postage and handling! Sharon created this after hearing how so many are still having trouble going into the stillness. You can order this tape from Sharon Summers at 17002 Preston Bend Drive, Dallas, TX 75248.


                                    * * *


CoQ-10 - This product and/or more information can be ordered from Sonny Schneider by contacting Sonny, Sharilyn, or Dennis at Kona Gold Enterprises, 75-5995 Palani Road #279, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 or call 808-328-9940. You may be asking, "What is it?" This is a coenzyme that acts as the molecular conduit through which oxygen is brought into the cells from the blood suppy and spent oxygen is then returned. Well, now you know what it is. Now more important for most laymen to know is what it does for us. CoQ-10 has been effective in double blind studies inthe U.S., Germany, Japan, Sweden and Belgium in the treatment of heart disease, high blood pressure, periodontal disease and immune deficiency diseases.


I am happy to share the above information with you because not only is this a way to support another service offered by TM members, but because of my personal experience with CoQ-10. My mother was suffering from arrhytmia, which is the slowing down or speeding up of the pulse. In her case she had both problems, which as you can imagine makes this difficult to treat. After getting her to try CoQ-10 several years ago, this problem abated. About a year ago, she decided to discontinue taking CoQ-10 and within a couple of weeks, her pulse again began to become erratic. After returning to taking CoQ-10, her pulse rate became steady again.  I love my mother and am most grateful for CoQ-10 as without it, I was becoming concerned about losing her to heart problems sooner than necessary. Every time I learn about someone with heart problems, I share my mother's experience and thank God for the friend who first shared this information with me. She says that she didn't think her sister would still be alive without CoQ-10.


                                    * * *


WANTED - The names of the books that have been most helpful to you.  These may be inspirational and/or informative on subjects of healing, meditation, visualization, nuitrition - whatever it is that has caused you to feel that these books are special and valuable to you. Susan Kimsey talked to me about publishing a list of these for the newsletter and sent me a list from her collection. In talking with Bob Slagle at the Spokane Gathering, I realized that there is a need to pool and share our resources. Please send name, author, publisher and date published to the T/R News Network. This list will be compiled by topic and give the name of the individual who contributed the book title for inclusion on the list.


                                    * * *


WANTED - Information on publishers and/or agents that may be interested in publishing articles, magazines and books on subjects that are being written by TM individuals (fiction & non-fiction) that pertain to our present Correcting Time. Information, guidelines and suggestions that you have to offer about the publishing process would be most  helpful and appreciated as this is a new process for most who are now beginning to actively develop their writing skills and don't know how to proceed with the next steps. This information can be sent to the T/R News Network and will be printed here or, if more appropriate, sent to the individuals seeking assistance.   


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:



Allene L. Vick


                             Allene Vick



It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.