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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

October 1994 (Vol. 2, No.8)



                     FROM THE EDITOR


Well, as you might have guessed by now, there was no newsletter in September. From the beginning of June until now, events have been unfolding in my life with almost daily lessons. I feel that I have been enrolled in an accelerated spiritual program. Basically, I have tried to keep my stuff out of the newsletter except for this editorial as I feel that this newsletter is not about me - it is about us and forming a network to share and support each other. I am receiving more information now on some of the things you are all doing. Initially, I was not open to anything of a commercial nature. However, I am now seeing what wonderful things many of you are doing with a clear intention of service. In an effort be of service in helping you all get on with these projects that help you, this newsletter will be open to letting others know of products or services that you have available.


I am, also, opening up to share with you some of my experiences of the last three months not because I am special, but because I think that some of what I have been experiencing will be of interest in showing how much being so involved in this Teaching Mission has done and is doing for all of us. Sometimes we get so busy with life that we fail to see how far we have come in such a short time. I hope that this will be helpful to those of you who are new to the Teaching Mission. For in my case, the fruits can clearly be seen.


In the beginning of June, I traded in my 1992 Honda CX for a 1994 Honda CSI. This somehow just seemed to "happen" in a way I could not and did not try to explain in any rational way. I wasn't even particularly excited about it. In asking the teachers about this, I "heard" that this was one more piece in place. I am now trusting and accepting enough to know that I do not need to understand. I just need to let each day unfold and in time the reasons will be revealed. Two weeks later, a week before I was to leave for Spokane, my car was hit in the parking lot where I live while I was napping and the passenger door had to be replaced. Again, I was not at all upset. My lack of emotional response to both events seemed new and strange to me, not to mention to those involved. In looking back, I realize that I would not have been able to make the trip that I did with all the stops along the way that I made, had I not had this car as rationally I would not have put so much mileage on a car I hoped to trade in because while it was a good car, it was never comfortable for long distance driving. Prior to purchasing the car and for a week afterwards, I had been planning to drive to Cincinnati and take a bus to Spokane and back. I am so slow sometimes. As I was preparing a list of things to do the next day, one of which was to purchase my bus ticket, I suddenly realized that I could drive. Even then I was continuing to think in terms of my original plan to go to Cincinnati first. I set out to do this and was forced to go west due to the flooding in Georgia and Alabama. In having my plans changed, I was able to stop off and see someone I really wanted to see in Oklahoma. To do so, I drove 952 miles in one day and never squirmed in my seat as it was so comfortable.


Meeting with many of you in Spokane and the events that took place there left me much altered. On Saturday, after the session with Norsen, I walked back up the hill to the dorm saying to myself over and over, "Now I know. Now I know." If you ask me what I know, I can't tell you, but I know from listening to so many of you and hearing accounts of events very similar to my experiences that I had not heard from any of my other spiritual friends that indeed in some mysterious way many of us have been being prepared for the present and coming events over the course of our lifetime here. In looking up at the sky, I saw a wide white stripe across the whole sky with a huge "M" in the middle of the stripe and I said, "Oh, my! Is that "M" for Michael, Melchizedeks, Machiventa, Midwayers? I don't know."


On the last day of the conference, I was standing aside in Bob Devine's yard, when I "heard" what seemed to be about three voices telling me that I was about to take a giant step with an implied question asking if I was ready. I said I had no idea what it was about, but if it was in alignment with Father's will, it was okay with me. Later that night Bob and I were talking. It was late. I was tired. The conversation was coming to an end and I was ready to go to bed. I had my eyes closed as we were talking and suddenly I was looking through what appeared to be a cave opening. Through this opening, I saw a tree against a beautiful muted sunset. As I watched, this changed to a large rock cliff on the left with a woman in a long 18th century dress and her dark hair pulled up on her head leaning over a flower, another tree scene, a cherub floating by (here I remember thinking that cherubs don't look like Michelangelo's versions, and wondering why it looked like that) and more beautiful sky. As I was seeing this, I was telling Bob about it as best I could. I then realized that the opening was no longer an opening. In a second or two I would just be there. I said to Bob something to the effect of being really tired, but not wanting to stop because if I did it might be another 84 years before I experienced anything like this again. At that point, I was told, "No child this is for you. You are tired now and may rest." I understood that I would not have to wait so many years to experience this again. It was a lot less like a vision and a lot more like "being" there. If this is the kingdom within, I'm ready to discover more. When I went back to Doug's house for the night, everyone was asleep. I was aware of two presences behind me. I kept looking over my shoulder. I don't remember seeing anything, but I must have as I can tell you that they were tall, dark and shadowy. Although, I knew that they were not there to harm me, I must confess, my humanness and instincts were uncomfortable with this. As I got in bed, I was aware of them standing over me and I asked for Michael's hand as I thanked the Father and fell asleep. How many incorrect and preconceived fears prevent us from progressing? I wonder.


I drove all the way to Reston, VA amid visits along the way with an incredible sense of peace carrying with me the picture of the mighty river, the "M" and the thoughts of commitment to doing the Father's will in what is unfolding - whatever that may be. When I arrived at my friend Ellen's, I was still in this state of peace and only wanted to be quiet. It is a perfect place as Ellen has created a wonderful environment in her home of love and peace in a beautiful, tranquil setting. I went about making a list of all the people I wanted to see in my short stay. In writing with the teachers, it became clear that this was not of importance and I put those ideas aside to follow their guidance of using this time for quiet rest and contemplation.


In the middle of August, while Ellen was in Boise, ID and I was house sitting, I discovered a large lump under my right arm pit. Having a history of fibrocystic breasts, I didn't pay any attention. During the next few days, it continued to grow and so I decided to go and have it aspirated and get on with things. I was pleased that it should happen while I was in Reston, as I knew a wonderful doctor who had done this and a biopsy for me when I lived in Reston. He is one of the finest doctors and human beings I know. He enjoys an outstanding and well deserved reputation. When I arrived a week later for my appointment, it had grown to the size of a golf ball and the use of my right arm was restricted by the increasing tightness of the tendon that runs from the armpit to the wrist. The first question the doctor asked me was if I was around cats. I told him I have two and am around them all the time. When he tried to aspirate it, he discovered that it was not a cyst and he told me that it was attached to the lymph nodes and would have to be removed. I reluctantly agreed to have a mammogram, because for me it always involves a sonogram and without insurance it becomes expensive.


Two days later looking at the results of the mammogram and sonogram, he told me that it was malignant and that there was a small growth in the right breast that needed looking into. I asked him how he knew it was malignant and he said, "I know." Knowing him I had no reason to question his statement. It was agreed that on an out patient basis he would do a biopsy of the breast lump and if it was malignant would go no further as a radical mastectomy and chemo therapy would be needed. I had no intention of pursuing these options, but I did want to have the diagnosis confirmed. The appointment was set for one week later. That I believed him was a wonderful gift. Never once did I find myself anxious or upset. I was not in denial. I was fully aware of what the consequences might be. I was in complete peace with whatever the outcome would be. I told God I would work for him on this side or that side whatever.


His office was wonderful and gave me the information on his charges for this. Then began my experience with the medical machine. Everyone is very pleasant, efficient and well indoctrinated into the procedures to be followed. No mention is made of cancer or malignancy, which is understandable. What really surprised me is that no one is willing to discuss the cost. It is like getting on an assembly line. Someone slaps on a fender, a door, a light and no one asks you if you want to be a Mercedes or a Jeep. It is assumed that, of course, you automatically want the best that is available in their opinion regardless of cost or other options. I tried unsuccessfully to ascertain the cost from the business office - the only one that can talk about money. I went to the out patient facility to have an EKG and a chest X-ray hoping that at this time I would be able to learn the cost. Much to my dismay they could not discuss money. They do this all the time, but they did not have a clue as to the cost for the facility, staff, anesthesiologist, pathologist, and medical items.


At this point, I balked at spending $190.00 for a chest X-ray and EKG until I could learn the cost. The person I talked to was unable to reach the business office either. I was shuffled along to another person whose job it was to get my blood pressure and show me the facilities. She simply could not understand that I was not going to proceed without knowing the cost. I kept telling her, "You aren't hearing me." She knew nothing about money - couldn't even give me an estimate. What I heard her say was that she would sell her soul and all that she had to have this doctor take care of her if she had what I had because he was the finest in the area. I said to myself that my soul was not on the chopping block and not up for grabs. She went on to tell me that it didn't matter because the cost of this biopsy was a mere drop in the bucket compared to the cost of what was coming. I said to her again, "You are not hearing me. I simply have no intention of opting for surgery, I just want a final diagnosis." I turned down her insistence that I see the "wonderful" facilities and to keep her happy, I let her do her job and take my blood pressure. She was amazed to find out that it was perfectly normal, which she said she could not understand considering the situation we had been discussing. Again, I told her, "You are not hearing me. I am not upset or concerned with whether I have a malignancy, but I am getting very agitated that I cannot ascertain the cost." I asked her how she could expect a person to make a decision without all the facts and cost is a major factor. With this I left.


Putting together all I could gather, it seemed that I was looking at about $5,500 for a two hour procedure to determine a diagnosis. This seemed excessive to me in light of the fact that I had no intention of proceeding with surgery regardless of the diagnosis. I might as well just proceed with my alternative choice of Caisse's tea and aloe vera from Chris Hart and the guidance of a nutritionist.


Also, I discovered that one medical facility either is not aware of what is available at other facilities or chooses not to share this information. With a little investigative work, I was able to discover that there was something called a stereotactic exam using a needle to test for malignancy, but that it was a new procedure that would not be available until the end of September at a cost of about $1,000. I then found out that to meet the regulations this would have to be done in conjunction with a standard biopsy until the end of October. So much for that idea.


When I called the doctor's office to cancel the biopsy, his assistant told me that there was a hospital in D.C. that was offering this procedure. I checked this out and found they had been doing this for a couple of years and the cost would be about $1500. At this point, you are probably wondering why it was so important to have a diagnosis. I simply wanted to know, so that if my choices were successful others would realize that there were other choices. Without a diagnosis, one can always say it was only in my head and I never really had cancer.


The next day before I was able to make an appointment for the sterotactic exam, the doctor's office called back and I was told that the doctor had written to everyone involved to see if they would make any allowances as I did not have insurance. I was, also, told that the doctor would be willing to do a large bore biopsy in his office if I was interested. I told her how appreciative and delighted I was. An appointment was made for the next week. And I gave thanks to the Universe for all their help in this.


As one of my friends told me, "It takes a lot of work to be sick." Boy, this is an understatement. There is the medical machine to deal with and then there are the fears of one's loved ones to deal with. I was most fortunate, that Ellen, with whom I was staying was so beautifully at peace with the situation just being there with love and the lack of fear and its accompanying need to worry or try to fix anything. Her loving presence during all of this is a gift I will always cherish. Along with another dear friend, who after making sure that I had looked at everything clearly was comfortable accepting my choices. May God bless them for being who they are and being with me at the time.


I found that it took a lot of energy to deal with the fears of others concerning this. I couldn't seem to find a way to explain my feelings and choices. Ellen shared with me the tributes written about her husband, Bill, who died suddenly a couple of years ago. He was quite an impressive person who had made tremendous contributions of meaning and value in all that he did. From reading these tributes, I found the answers in three things I could share. One was what a friend said about Bill. "Bill mixed his faith and his being every day, every second." and "reminded me that there is no contradiction between faith and being - and that any appearance to the contrary detracts from us as members of the same human family." I interpreted this as not being able separate his faith from his being. This was a great statement! For were I to opt for surgery and live to be 104 I would not be the same. Whether I had 12 weeks to live or another 52 years, I was going to leave with my integrity and my faith in tact. To do anything else was simply not acceptable.


Bill, also, had a quote from Goethe that had great meaning for him about commitment. It has always been a favorite of mine.


"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always  ineffectiveness, concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.


"All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.


"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it .


"Begin it now."                                        Goethe


It reminded me so much of what Michael said to me that when one takes action, the whole universe rushes behind to support that. Without decision and commitment, nothing happens. Before I knew of the Urantia Book and the Creative Mother Spirit, I always knew that the Universe could not take action, until one was clearly focused and had made a commitment.


And finally was a statement he wrote his daughter shortly before he died in which he said,"I am enough and can let go of attachments to the outcome of my commitments and also let go to the need for confirmation external to myself. I intend to relax into my best efforts." I  took this as meaning that he was satisfied with his life and comfortable in accepting the consequences of his decisions.


Armed with this information, it became easier to explain my choices. Please keep in mind that my choices are my choices and do not apply to anyone else. Each must follow his or her own heart. I fully acknowledge that there is a place for medicine and surgery and I remain open to their use. It simply was not appropriate for me and I knew that.


In the meantime, Ellen shared with me the essential question that all ill people need to address. Do you really want to be here? This seems like it would have an obvious answer as I have been waiting for a long time to see the changes that are happening on our planet. I have never been so at peace with who I am and what I am doing. I love being a part of all that is happening now. So, it came as a surprise to realize that I was not sure of the answer.


In my quiet time, I came to see that while I have been busy working, developing my mind and nourishing my spirit, I have been most negligent of my body. Since I can remember, I have had excellent health and enough energy for two people. I would think nothing of working two or three jobs at a time and driving my body for 20 hours at a time with little time or interest in eating. Looking back it is truly amazing that my body kept going. I began to realize that I must stop and take more time to relax, sleep and eat better. Some changes were definitely called for. In line with this I found a good nutritionist with a bio-chemical background - another treasure along the path. He, himself, is quite an exceptional person. A two hour interview to establish my history, past and present lifestyles and an idea of who I am turned into a four and a half our session. It was a lot more than either of us expected and a most interesting conversation.


About this time, Ellen had a delightful visitor, who came to discuss spiritual matters. I was so impressed with her questions and what she had to say as she began her adventures in spirit. While we were talking, she shared a dream of standing about knee deep in the ocean when a huge tidal wave came up. This dream she said represented the spiritual awakening that is taking place. This has been a recurring dream of mine for years. This reminded me of hearing some other experiences of mine that happened to others when I talked with them in Spokane. During the course of this conversation, I realized that I wanted to be here, to choose life, to be a part of what is happening here and now on Urantia.


A couple of days before my scheduled appointment with the doctor, I had been amazed at how much the place under my arm had grown and somewhat surprised to see that it was becoming red. I was beginning to suspect that it was something else. When I saw the doctor, he took one look and said it looked like infection. In doing the biopsy and drawing some fluid, he said this is infection. I asked him how he knew and then I realized that redness and pus mean infection.


He gave me high doses of an antibiotic and fungicide to take. Not being used to taking medications, this made me very tired at times. I saw him a couple of days later without much change. By now I could not raise my arm more than a foot from my side. The next night he called me at 10 p.m. to tell me that the biopsy was negative and that I had cat scratch fever. Although, he originally asked me about cats, I suspect that he ruled this out when he saw the mammogram and sonogram and I had none of the symptoms that generally accompany this infection. After about a month on the antibiotic and fungicide, the full use of the arm returns in four to six weeks. I was lucky, for it can be much worse and in some cases fatal. For all you cat lovers, please know that it is not something to do anything about. Just keep some hydrogen peroxide handy if your are bitten (as all kittens do) or scratched.


What I learned from the nutritionist I think will be of interest to all of you. When I got the results back, the nutritionist was amazed that I do not show any toxic minerals in my system. This is not to say that they might not there in minute quantities, but not enough to register on a test. He says that this is not seen in anyone today. (I wonder if this has anything to do with the polarity unity I wear, the Super Blue Green Algae I have been taking for years or ?) He then went on to show me how certain minerals are needed together at a cellular level for the cell to produce energy along with information on rates for metabolism and oxidation. He went on to explain more about the functions of the organs and their relationships in what was quite an informative session - a lot of information I had never heard from any doctor. After explaining all of this, he showed me the mineral balances in my system. According to this data, I should be suffering from fatigue due to several imbalances and a host of other symptoms. With the exception of a couple that I might marginally claim to have, I have none of the other symptoms and certainly not fatigue. Interestingly, as a side note, I had stopped taking calcium about six months ago, because I "didn't feel" like taking it. This seemed to be a mistake as I have been told I have osteoporosis, my mother has it and I am small boned. Come to find out, I have an overabundance of calcium, but lack the potassium and phosphorus necessary to work with the calcium. He said his colleagues at NIH would simply not believe him if he told them how I was as from the results, this is physiologically impossible. He told me that the only way that he could explain this was that there was an outside support system, call it faith or what you will, that is supporting me. In lieu of all that I had told him about the teachers and other experiences, this did not seem so surprising to me. I had told him earlier that the teachers had been making adjustments with us. I told him that I am not special. I could bring him 12 other people some not in the teaching mission in whom he would find similar situations and each of them could bring him twelve more. I suggested that his colleagues at NIH would sooner or later have to recognize that we are far more than physical beings. Finally, after all these years of being good naturedly humored for being a "loony" the proof is at last available that we are different when the spiritual path is pursued. Learning this is another treasure on the path  I would never have discovered without the preceding events.

About a week after I had chosen life and found that I only had cat scratch fever, I was in bed one night when I saw the light for the first time. It was on the right side of my head. The best way to describe this is that it looks like florescent light, but it is whiter, less dense and has a feeling that I am at a loss of words to describe. I was grateful for the experience and glad that it occurred after I had chosen life here and now. Another treasure on the path.


About a week before I left I had a most significant dream. I seldom remember dreams and they seldom seem of any significance. I dreamed I was about two feet from my car in a cul de sac when I saw about 10 or 12 men in about their late twenties or early thirties approaching me in a most menacing fashion. I was totally at peace with the situation (just as I had been when I thought I had a malignant tumor). The leader started to approach me, but when he was about three feet away, he backed off. They huddled together in some conversation and what appeared to be the dumbest one came forward with his fists a couple of inches from my face ready to hit me. I was still totally at peace and totally without fear. His fists fell to his side and he backed off. About this time I looked up behind them and saw some others, mostly women and a policeman in a drab green uniform. I looked at him and tried to tell him with my eyes that I was in deep doodoo and needed help. He gave me a long deep look and told the men they could do what they wanted with me, but not to touch the others. At this time I woke up. There were three lessons from this. One - as long as I stay at peace and centered without fear, I am safe. Two - When I look to any outside  authority for help, I am in trouble. Three - While I choose to see us, there is a feeling of them and us for many others. In the days ahead, I must remember this for it will make itself known - not to fear it or look for it, but to be aware this feeling exists for some.


Being with Ellen, I felt like we were enrolled in an accelerated (my spelling) spiritual school. Day after day and sometimes more than once a day, some event would occur in our lives and we would sit down and process it to understand the spiritual meaning. In this process of sharing, the understanding would come. Ellen has been studying material from HS, another higher source. We would find that with few exceptions, the information is much the same. She is familiar with the Urantia Book and thus we were able to share much. I shared with her the Daniel, Spokane, Olfana, Astaradora and Ham papers. So, instead of forcing myself to do the September newsletter, I spent my time enrolled in the "school" at her home. From this experience, I feel better prepared to continue my work.


I am not the same person that left Florida three months ago. I attribute this to being actively involved in studying the Urantia Book; participating in the Teaching Mission; the sense of love and brotherhood I felt with each of you at Spokane; and the events that happened prior to and at Spokane and since. For the last two and a half years, I have gone to bed each night at the computer with the teachers or reading the transcripts you all have so generously shared with me. I am slow at times. It has taken all this time for me to begin to really "get" what the teachers have been saying over and over and over again. I wonder how much I am still missing of what they are trying to teach us. I thank each and every one of you for the diligent work you have done to have made this possible. It was truly a gift to discover that the peace, trust, acceptance and faith I have been feeling remained constant and unwavering.


When I traveled around and spent time with my family and friends shortly before leaving, I found out just how different I have become AND how much the people on this planet are spiritually waking up. All the years before, I tried to share many of the things I now share so easily. I have come to realize that in time past, it had not become a part of me. I had many right ideas, but it was on an intellectual level and most people were not ready to think about such things seriously. I had been wondering about how we could share the good news of the kingdom. How would this happen? Who would be ready to hear? Perhaps, it is not about who is ready to hear, but more when are we ready to move into being instead of talking about what we know? I was sharing with Ellen my experiences with others and how easy it was to share so much with those who have never expressed any interest and how amazing to see their acceptance and real interest. What was so different? Ellen suggested that it is easy to reject ideas, but when one becomes these things, others can no longer reject the ideas, their only choice is to reject the person. If that person is unconditionally loving and genuinely interested in them, why would they choose to reject that?


I thank you for all the letters and information and donations you have sent. For the last month I have read them, but have not had time to do anything else. Hopefully, now I will have the time to settle down and try to catch up. I am very thankful for the events that have taken place in my life and hope that from these experiences I will be better able to serve in the spiritual community that is developing all over. I find it amazing the number of times I have heard the word "community" from such a variety of sources, not used as in neighborhood community, but as a community of oneness.


I do not know what the rest of you are experiencing. I, for one, have felt for many years that there was some purpose - something for me to do , but that I was not yet ready that I still had more to learn. Well, I am humbled to realize how little I do know, but I do know that now I know enough to begin and the time is now. I feel like I have finally been hatched. I am ready to step out of my shell. The planet is surely awakening spiritually. The signs are all over.("You know when the fig tree shows its tender branches and puts forth its leaves that summer is near. Likewise, when the world has passed through the long winter of material-mindedness and you discern the coming of the spiritual springtime of a new dispensation, should you know that the summertime of a new visitation draws near." - UP1915C) Now is the time for us to stop holding back and waiting and to move forward to do our part. It seems clear that many of us have been prepared and preparing for this time and the time is now. For me, I don't yet know what this means, but I know that as I reaffirm my commitment to be of service this will become known. I am beginning to see opportunities always present to share the love, peace and joy that is coming to me. More and more I am coming to understand that is not so much something to do, but a way of being. By embodying the lessons we are being given and remaining open and trusting, we are being presented with the opportunities to put our faith into action.


I decided to share my story with you.  The situations may be different, but I think many of you are experiencing similar events and growth in your lives. It is my hope that you will share with us your experiences that we may all see the greater picture that is revealing itself on our beautiful planet.


I am now fully recovered. My stay in Reston came to an end two days prior to my plans to return to Bradenton, when I was informed that my cousin in Mexico Beach, FL was ill with what has since been diagnosed as lung cancer. Surgery has been delayed due to some complications, so am not sure how long I will be here, but it appears it will be for at least another three weeks. My mail is being forwarded. If you need to contact me, you can call my mother at 813-756-6697 and I will call you.


Blessings to you all for the contributions you have all made in my growing process.


Allene Vick



                                 * * * * *


                  FROM THE READERS


SUNSET BEACH, CA - A special thanks to Jerry Dalton for writing to share the following information about a TM group in Chile. We have been waiting for information about TM groups outside the U.S. You can be sure they will be on the mailing list from now on. I suspect that they will be hearing from many of the TM groups here who will want to "link up" and make contact with them.


"I would like to inform you of what is taking place in Chile for the benefit of your readers. I travel to Santiago periodically on business and have met with all the study ygroups that are studying the Urantia Book. There are now about eight study groups which average about 10-15 students each. They received a visit last Fall from Berkeley Elliott and John Lange from the Fellowship and this Spring a visit from Richard Keeler and Robert Salone from the Foundation. Shortly after the visit from the Foundation representatives, yours truly arived. Much frustration exists among the students of the Urantia Book because the book costs approx. $100.00 once it clears customs and value added tax is applied. Any help that can be provided to make the book more attainable will be appreciated.


"The works of the Spanish author, J.J. Benitez, The Trojan Horse Trilogy, have created much interest in the Urantia Book. This series of books has whole pages of the Urantia Book in its context and the books have been best sellers since they came out a few years ago.


"Last fall I introduced the activities of the Teaching Mission to several of the more earnest students and before I left Santiago on my last trip in March we held a meditation period for the purpose of encouraging them to seek the stillness and make contact with the Teacher that has been assigned to them in that area. The Teacher for our group in California gave me the name of their teacher and they are beginning to develop the ability to communicate. The contact person for the TM Group and who speaks good English is:


Ms. Nena Borrero


"This information may be of interest to your readers who want to establish contact with them in Chile. Copies of any newsletters and transcripts as well as the T/R News Network will be most appreciated even though they are in English. Most of the educated people in Chile can read English and for many years they had to struggle with the study of the UB in English until the book came out last summer in Spanish."


Thanks again to you Jerry. We hope to hear more from you about our brothers and sisters in Chile. I'm sure they will be hearing from us - perhaps, even in Spanish at times!


                                 * * * * *




SALEM, OR - A copy of this transcript from the Salem group was sent in by both Sage Waitts of Salem and Michael Palmer of Portland.


                          * Andronason *

 July 24, 1994

 Good evening. This is Andronason. I have a message for you this evening that I wish to share. Excuse my abruptness in coming to speak with you unannounced but I have been anxious for some time to share a message with you. My message is on fear. As you know already, I know it is no news to you, that fear is your greatest enemy upon this plane of existence. It is your greatest obstacle. It is that which you most need to overcome. We may say again and again, "Be not afraid, trust in the Lord," but such are only words to you and may not have meaning on the true existence of your life. So, I ask you to ponder what does it mean for you to fear not? These words have little meaning without the application in your life of that meaning. How many say, "Yes, I trust in God. I choose the Father's will," and yet live their lives fenced in by their fear?


There are many kinds of fear but let me speak to several now. The first kind of fear to which I would like to speak is the fear to truly trust. You are very much afraid to be made fools of, to dedicate and devote your life to people, ideas, to beliefs that may in another life...in another light, appear foolish. The root of this fear is the belief that you cannot be sure of anything, that you can never know anything for sure and while it is wise to question, to keep your eyes open, there comes a time when you must commit, when you must cross the line between investigation and belief, when you must be willing to choose a path and walk on it. If this path you choose is in alignment with your beliefs and values, why do you still fear? Why do you still feel fear that you may be foolish and following a daydream? Do you not know your own values? Do you follow paths that go where your values do not? Ask yourself these questions.


Do not go in directions that are not in alignment with your basic beliefs but when you have chosen a path and all your values go that way, then you must choose 100% to also go that way. You cannot keep one foot in your home and one foot on the path always saying, "I can change my mind." You can always change your mind, it is true. You can walk down that path for one hundred miles and meet another fork in the road and say, "This one to the left is better than the one I have been traveling, it is more true with what I know now, with my truth at this point I know that this leads more closely in the direction that I wish to go." What you cannot do is choose to go back. And that is why you cannot keep one foot in your house and make a journey. You have to put both feet on the road, and you have to travel. That means you must let go. That means you must be willing to let go of that fear and trust not only in God, but in yourself.


If, when you have traveled down that road, you find a path "more true," then you go down that path. But you would never have found it had you not begun the journey down the other path. You know that truth is ever expanding, ever growing. but if you do not begin with truth somewhere, how can it expand and grow? If you are waiting for the perfect truth you will never begin to find truth, for perfect truth is not something that is found. Perfect truth is something that is grown. I hope such a truth seems self evident. So this is the first fear that you must put aside.


The second fear that you must put aside is the fear of the unknown. You must remember that as you walk down this path you never walk down it alone. Yes, you are Agondonters. Yes, you cannot see the hand that is upon your shoulder and you fear being out in the night by yourself, hearing the sounds of the night but you must know that that hand is upon your shoulder and you must have the courage to go forward. If you fear being alone, if you fear going on that path into the unknown, into the uncharted then again, you will stay in your house. Where do you think growth comes from? It comes from challenging yourself and facing the unknown. It comes from, I even dare say, being willing to risk being foolish, being willing to expose yourself to try on new ideas, new beliefs about yourself. This is the unknown, for it is by such things that you grow. Fear not the unknown. Do you think your Father will abandon you? Do you think that in the moment of decision you will not hear your divine parents voice? You wish to see, to feel that hand upon your shoulder at all times so when you face the unknown you know it will be there. Faith is not feeling the hand upon your shoulder but knowing that when you do face the unknown, when the moment the decision comes that you will know what to do.


And the third fear of which I will speak tonight is perhaps the most basic. The fear that you are not loved. The fear that in making mistakes, the fear that in not always having faith, that you will not be loved by God and that somehow you are truly alone in all these decisions, in all these choices on this journey. I cannot help you to feel the love of the Father for that is a journey that each must make alone, by alone I mean without outside help. That can be made only by seeking inward, for God lies, as you know, not out there somewhere but inside of you. While you may fall far short of your own expectations, though you may be critical, (as I may be critical, I apologize) of your actions, God loves you without hesitation, without regard, without measure. God loves you and you are never alone. No choice you make, no decision you make, no path you follow ever leaves you abandoned, ever leaves you without this love. For truly God will not abandon you. You may abandon God but never is it the other way around.


I speak to you these words not to chastise though I know they come out in such a way, but rather to provoke you to thought and to provoke you to feeling. Great things are done by great decisions and there are several great decisions that you can make in you life. One of the greatest is to live without fear. Can you imagine that? Of all the decisions you can make in your life the supreme is always to love God, to follow God's well but another one of the great decisions that you can make is to live without fear. right or wrong, go down your path. The worst that can happen is that you will look foolish to yourself because that is a self judgement.


Remember what the Father cares for, he cares for your intention. If your intention is good, if your heart is pure, what have you to fear? Most fear comes out of a feeling of lack that you are not strong enough, not smart enough, not good enough and the other part of most fear comes out of the perception that you are alone and that you will not be up to making the decision you must make and you are never, ever alone. So what cause have you to fear? You fear because you rely upon the things in the so called real world. But this real world is nothing but a series of shadows. What is real lies inside of you and when you live without fear you must, by definition live based upon that reality which is inside, the relationship you have with yourself and your Father. The outside world, not only is its shadow, but it is a shifting shadow over which you have no control. That does not mean that the outside has no importance, it is the realm in which your body lives. Jesus, in his time upon your planet, lived in that world but that world did not live inside of him. Can you see the difference? He built within himself his strong, true knowledge of who he was, what he was. He built within himself his beliefs and his values. He built within himself his relationship with God and who he was because of that, defined interactions with the outside world. No changing, shifting shadows. It must be the inner...it must be the inner...I cannot find the word...it must be the inner influencing the outer to live without fear. It cannot be the other way around or there will always be fear.


I have given you much to think upon so I shall stop here. But consider the role of fear in your life and consider what you hope to do with this life you have been given. You and your Thought Adjuster twined together in this body, where are the two you going? How do you hope to grow? What do you hope to contribute? How much say will fear have in those hopes? It is not only your own destiny that is influenced by this but also that of your Thought Adjuster. Something for you to think upon and once you have thought upon it, to take action.


I greet you. I honor your struggle. I honor your journey. I send out to each of you my care and concern. I seek not to make your life more difficult. Believe, me it is out of compassion I say these words for your pain comes from your fear, without it much of your pain will disappear. I honor your struggle and I greet you all. Good night.


                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - The following is for those of you who have not requested the transcripts from Rebecca. The messages are so beautiful that it is easy to read them again. Yes, Rebecca, we will miss these lessons you have so generously shared with us and, yes, we do hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank you for your many contributions to the Teaching Mission.


"September 16, 1994


"Dearest Friends;


"These are the last Nashville transcripts for awhile. Ham is changing the format of our meetings. They now resemble more a group therapy meeting than a formal lesson - question/answer format. This is supposed to promote group understanding and intimate awareness of each other, besides offering a more practical spiritual instruction focusing on our individual problems. We're also entering into a new active phase of our mission calling to bring the 'message' to a wider audience. I hope you'll be hearing from us soon.


Thanks for all the warm support and the love that I have felt in your fellowship. Blessings upon you all in your efforts. I just can't express my feelings about the mission except to say how glad I am that it has brought me in contact with the most extraordinary people now living. I love you all and hope to keep hearing from you.


                                       "In our Master's Name;



                                 * HAM *


 August 7, 1994

                           Love and Unity

Love is God actualizing in His time and space realms. Love is your highest perception of God. Love is innately unifying of individuals and groups of individuals. First let us examine how love unifies an individual personality. Personality is the focal point and mechanism through which love operates. God's love, received through the personality, stabilizes and unifies both physical and mental energies. Life is enhanced through this unification. Experience is brought deeper into the soul through love's unifying effects. Beauty becomes an experience which is not only deeply felt, but is becoming an actual part of the soul's reality, so that beauty is experienced more readily and often. It is the soul which transforms everyday experience into a beautiful panorama, full of wealth and meaning. As you experience the great wealth surrounding you, are you, in fact, experiencing your soul's expansion and growth. Wise is the human who experiences love for and through all living things, for he is experiencing God's love itself.


All of creation is a continual act of love. Experience this great unifying oneness which flows as love between your soul and all things. Experience this unifying feeling of completeness that love bestows. Love is not an orphan which is bereft of intelligent understanding. Love carries intelligence within it. Intelligent understanding benefits love. You may love humanity without anything close to complete understanding, but it is only through intelligent perception and empathy which is understanding that unifying love grows between humans. Someday, through your connection directly to God the Supreme, you will have instantaneous complete awareness and understanding for all individual beings who have grown toward God in time and space. For now, you must seek for the widest self-understanding you can, and through the depths of this self-awareness, you can unify the experience of others through love.


No two experiences are alike, no two individuals experience alike; however, you are all essentially similar. You are all evolving morontia spirits made of the same stuff. When you give love to another human being, you are affirming your sameness and uniting your morontial souls through these cables of love which unite experience. You are accepting God's love for you and for that person and are uniting two separate beings into God's master circuitry. Once there is love established, there is always empathy, deeply felt. Life's pathway may lead you through many different relationships and where you have established love, you will always be connected. Many of you have had loved ones pass into their next life and you know the reality of that still living connection between you.


Every human soul grows, not only in it's connection to God and to His Sons and Daughters in the diving realm, but also each soul grows as it connects with living love to all other souls. Love is that living spiritual water which bathes the heart, your soul's center, and establishes the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. Every human soul is unique and precious and when you feel this reality, are you truly growing Godward and perceiving His reality. "Love all men as I have loved you" says Jesus, " and all men will know that you know me."


                               * ORION *


August 14, 1994


                    Prayer and Personality


When you gather together under His name, He has come personally to welcome and to receive your prayer. Also, when you personally endeavor to offer supplication especially directed to our Master, He is there in person. When you offer up gratitude and worship in a thanksgiving spirit His eyes behold you and shine down upon you, personally.


The great mystery in your realm of understanding in time and space is that of personality. Personalities are the real level of existence through which communication, genuine reflective, integrated communication which is expressive of an individual's essence, can take place. Communication has meaning only when received by another personality and the value of this communication has existence in reality within the being of God the Supreme, outside the personality as well as inside the personalities. Meaning, in life, is the result of communication and value of life is enhanced through genuine communication.


Prayers are a form of communication which is one way, from the human directed to Deity. Worshipful communion, however, entails communication both from man to God and from God to man. This communication is immensely powerful, for it stretches the conceiving human mind to comprehend God's nature. Comprehending Deity involves change and growth for the human who attempts and desires to comprehend Him. He who opens the door of his being to embrace the incomprehensible, eternal, infinite oneness of God's majestic, holy, loving nature opens the door to mighty inner change, to the rearranging of all that he thought of as his own personal, private inner life. Suddenly, he door has opened to communication on a level and intensity which was unknown before. All thought, all inner turmoil and darkness is opened to the infinite comprehension and acceptance and love of your God, your personal, intimate friend.


Some of you have inner rooms that are locked and sealed, kept hidden from your eyes and God's. During those times of prayer and communion, you must decide when the time is right to open these old sealed spaces to the light of Truth and Healing. You must decide when and how you will open yourselves to Him. "Behold," said Jesus, "I stand at the door and knock." He is no intruder who would sneak into your privacy, no, he will only enter when bidden to enter.


Allow a moment now that you may open your hearts and feel His love upon you. Let us pray silently, each for himself.


Feel the warmth of his Love cleansing old, musty, darkened spaces with sunshine and warmth. Let there be no coldness, no fear, no dark shadows. Welcome the warmth and light that is Love.


                       AUGUST 21, 1994


Greetings, I am Ham and I desire to thank all of you here and afar for your dedication to our goal, that of opening the closed doors to fundamental understanding of your, that is, mankind's role in your universe; your place among the many ascending lives that have recently become known to you. Someday all of humankind shall understand, as you now do, their role in the gigantic drama of living reality, known and unknown, seen and unseen. Welcome to you who are new to our teaching mission. It is my profound hope that you will find that which you seek here. Today, as you know, marks the 2,000th year since the birth of our Lord, our loving Father, Brother, Friend, Michael of Nebadon in the form of a human child, Jesus of Urantia. Due to adjustments which are manifesting in the spiritual circuits, today you shall hear a message from Him.


Fellow children of our Father in Heaven, realize today you are entering with me into a new age upon my sorrow-stricken world when my bestowal shall be redeemed and renewed within the hearts of all those who believe in me. Enter into my fold, receive the blessings of my protection. Look to the new commandment within you and I will act in order to make it living reality. You will love everyone, everyone around you, as you are loved by me. I charge you to act on the dictates of this new commandment, Love one another as I love you.


Hello my children, it is I, the Universe Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, who speaks. You are all as tiny children who are injured, or are injuring; who are frustrated; who are inwardly crying for attention. You must understand that I am your Universe Mother, who has full understanding of her children. I am not an imaginary person. I am your true mother of life and I have spoken to soothe the brows of my babies, to wipe away your tears and to hold you in my arms, safe and secure. Farewell for now.


Greetings, I am Abraham, and I have come to tell you that your efforts to grow in the spirit have been deemed acceptable by our planetary tribunal. Yes, also you who are new here are not new to me. Your efforts to bring forward the word of our Master, Michael, have only touched the surface. How great is this charge! It is greater than reigning over petty kingdoms. These things must be set aside for the greater glory of God on Urantia, today and all future days. What indeed would a man not give in order to enter the vast Kingdom of Heaven? How much more must you give to serve in this Kingdom! Indeed, you must be willing to give everything; to lay down your lives figuratively, if not literally, for this privilege. It is not a mission for those who entertain thoughts of personal gain, when he who would be greatest among you, has to serve the least among you. This is truly a battle for immortal souls. Halfhearted efforts, you who are faint of heart, who shrink from spiritual effort need not apply here. Your task is no less than the conquering of a world for the Father of it.


Immortal destinies are begun here with these first steps. You who hold truth have obligations to spread truth. You are going to give light and truth and justice to Urantia through kindness, through efforts of mercy, through love and the spirit of service. I am appointed commander of mortal reservists. You all have learned to understand your neighbors acceptably. You have all learned to begin the path of self-realization which is vital to your individual causes and to our collective cause also. That is all I have today to say. Shalom.

                                    * * *


Here is a transcript from the 1993 Nashville transcripts that was sent by Sage Waitts for the newsletter.


                IAN ON COMMUNICATION


Today our topic is about human interrelationships and their human repercussions. Necessarily are human communications effort filled. Usually is the human receiver of human communication only fractionally aware of the understanding believed imparted through the communication mechanism of speech and also certain communications involving gesture. Communication initially helps understanding through acute awareness between humans of their communications. How strong the interest is in each other sets the level of acuity of this mutual perception. As you actualize your awareness of God's presence inside you, then should all other human beings take on a level of enhanced interest for you. And as you learn that at best communication on the language level is fragmental and usually erroneous as the actual human soul expression, you then learn instead to understand through spiritual insight the actual soul expression. Oftentimes it is contradictory to the professed verbal expression. Our Master Jesus, sought out soul communication, often disregarding the human's professed intention or belief. I ask you together to examine how souls feel to your soul. As your soul grows and you are sensitive to its perceptions then not only are you conscious of spiritual contact, but gradually become conscious of this morontia level in others. Their souls touch, communicate and express themselves into your soul.


                                    * * *


COEUR D'ALENE, ID - In reading back over some of the transcripts these excerpts from Elyon seem so appropo at this time for all groups and individuals.





There is much work in this area to be done. We need a center for the communication here. You are my people. I am willing. I will teach you. I desire to teach you. Be not afraid of this communication process. It is a beautiful new link, a beautiful new link with the supernals. All you need do is knock at the door and it will open to you as a group according to your desires and your faith. There are many things that we have to say in due time and in due course.


You have received much information this evening, as we have observed your group, techniques that you must begin to practice each one indiviudually, as you so desire. With your willingness to begin either by pen, typewriter, computer, tape recorder, whichever means, we will begin to teach you. You have the physicalness that we need to teach you. The only prerequisite is to begin. Do it now. It will not happen by itself alone. We must have your input. We must have your...That is the only way it can begin. It can begin quickly. It must not take a long period of time. It is not required that it take a long period of time. It can happen very soon. It will begin slowly. It will begin small, and it will grow, and it will blossom as a tree. The more that is defined, the more that is developed, the more it will occur.


Begin where you feel comfortable, at home, alone, or together with someone else, two by twos, wherever you are comfortable. Begin, seek, allow, and this can be a gift to your group. You are equal. You are loved by Christ Michael. You are allowed a teacher as are all other groups. The requirement is your willingess to open up, to allow it to occur. Christ Michael loves you equally, each one of you equally, as any other group in this country, in this world. You are important. You are the center for your area. As you open your mouth the words will come out, the light will increase, and the word can be spread to the humanity of your area. Your mission is great. Take this greatness upon you as you go back to your home. Let the desires within you flow forth, and you will be taught.


Do not be so hard on yourself. Perfection is not required at this moment. Perfection is a matter of a life time plus more. Be gentle and continue. The desire, the dedication is what is required. Go within yourself and feel what needs to be done. Your mission call is within you.


You will know what you will know. You will know when you will know. You know what you know now. You are loved by Christ Michael. He is ever at your side. He is ever willing. Be aware that he is with you always in your life. Blessed are you.


Your group is more cohesive than you may be aware. In the sight of the supernals there is such love in this group, such dedication in this group, such beauty in this group. I will tell you to look at each individual and see the Father within each individual you meet. As you meet him do not see him as your brother only; see him as your brother with the Father Fragment within him. Look for that beauty within his face, within his eyes, with each individual in your life. This can go wtih you anywhere that you go in your life, in your work. Look in the faces; see the God-like qualities of your brethren. As you do so, they will be drawn to the light within you. They will approach you. They will continue to ask what it is that you have that they want.


You will not have to search for them. They will be drawn to you; that you might be as a conduit for Christ Michael; that your mouth will open and the words that he desires to come forth to them might do so; that this area of Idaho might grow; that the beauty of Christ Michael might be spread throughout; that this tiny source here in this room might grow outward with its love, with its beauty, and with the truths and desires that are within this group, will go forward and spread. That each group will connect; that the beauty will spread throughout the earth; that Christ Michael will reign; that you will be his Apostles, to teach humanity the lessons that must...


To be an apostle you must choose to be an apostle, to be a disciple you must choose to be a disciple. To be a follower you must choose to be a follower. Many are called, and you must choose how you will be chosen. For this is your free will: to serve as you so desire.


Have no fears for your group. It is not just a group that just happened. This is a group that has been assembled for a purpose, the purpose of the Father for this area. Look at the stories that brought you here. Share the stories among yourselves of how you got her, together. What brought you here? Why are you here and not somehwere else? You were chosen long before you know it. As you look within yourself you will know that to be a truth. Through your whole lives you have been prepared for a purpose and chosen; and now are being called to that work in accordance with your desire, in accordance with your dedication.


To each one of you in this group, Christ Michael desires that I tell you of his love for each of you. You need not look to other groups for guidance and direction. You have the abilities. You have the love. You have the Father with you always. You need only to open up your arms as He has opened His arms; that you might come to Him as He has come to you; that the work in this circle might spread outward, as the ripple of waves in a tiny pond; that they might grow to great heights and reach the people of this area through your efforts. I am pleased to be your teacher.


December 30, 1992

This world you live on now is going through changes of considerable proportions. There is much upheaval. This causes concern. But while this upheaval on the surface seems at times to be detrimental with all the sadness and suffering of many mortals, know also that this upheaval is the natural progression, a cleansing effect on the administrations run poorly. With the chaos that is a result, there will be much doubt and more uncertainty. While good times may lay ahead spiritually for some, it is quite possible that materially many, very many, will have burdens that it will create for them. We have come as initiators to help create a rock, solid base, that may remain secure, dissipate trouble, resolute in the face of misfortune, whose assurances rely upon things that are much higher than those material. The lapse of things that occur is irrelevant for we are here to prepare you for understanding as you come to higher understanding in the ways of your Father. Then this gradual progression is seen by those around you. Many may find you to be a support for stability because they see in you a certain knowledge or understanding that they do not have. The overriding message here is to share this, to bring others the understanding that the Father is not distant but that He is here with you at all times. There will be nothing that can assure people more than these truths. And by giving them understanding then they too can develop their own relationships. It is not a time to fear for the future, even though it is very possible that confusion and some chaos may result. It is a time to look to what you want to do to help accomplish the goals that your Father would set forth to expand your knowledge, even though you may sacrifice security to gain an understanding. Though the footing may seem usure, in no time at all, the ground you walk on will be less rocky. And though the circumstances around you may not be what you would consider favorable for all, you wil have the assurance of the eternal adventure.


Imagine so much given in two lessons almost 2 years ago! While these words were given to the Coer d"Alene group, I was struck by the universality of the message for individuals and groups everywhere and the relevancy to what is happening now.


                                    * * *





KEIZER, OR - Milton and Mona West have a project to share that will be of interest to all of you. If you attended the Spokane Gathering, you will most likely already have seen this information. This project has such wonderful potential, it can bear repeating in an attempt to reach as many Urantia Book believers as possible. I hope Milton and Mona will receive many responses and much input from you. Whether you have children or not, please take the time to share your thoughts and ideas. The well being of the next generation is of great importance to all of us. Let's give them as much as we can. The time to start is NOW!!!


"...a child is wholly dependent on his parents and the associated home life for all his early concepts of everything intellectual, social, moral, and even spiritual since the family represents to the young child all that he can first know of either human or divine relationships. The child must derive his first impressions of the universe from the mother's care; he is wholly dependent on the earthly father for his first ideas of the heavenly Father. The child's subsequent life is made happy or unhappy, easy or difficult, in accordance with his early mental and emotional life, conditioned by these social and spiritual relationships of the home. A human being's entire afterlife is enormously influenced by what happens during the first few years of existence." UB1922C (Emphasis added - quote chosen by Milton and Mona West.


"Dear Fellow Urantia Book Believers:


"The positive, loving energy flowing at the Washington TM Conference charged us with the desire to initiate a very practical, down-to-earth project: parenting/child-raising advice and activities based on Urantia Book teachings with TM guidance.


"Our generation is supposedly the last generation of agondonters. The next generation, our children, will have access to knowledge, opportunities, choices, and decisions that most of today's parents would never have dreamed of just a few short years ago. This has been brought about largely by the Teaching Mission. As parents, how are we to prepare and educate our children for the first rays hinting at dawning days of light and life?


"Urantia social institutions today are not ready for this transition. Our schools and universities are not ready; our governments are not ready; our religions are not ready. Human history tells us that change - even such overwhelmingly positive change - never comes smoothly or free from conflict. Our children will become a change-agent generation, the front line facing forces opposed to enlightened change.


"From the limited perspective of traditionally educated parents, we feel apprehensive about how to raise our one-year-old daughter with a solid grounding of Urantia Book principles and teachings, while at the same time encouraging her to explore all the possibilities for growth provide by the coming days of enlightenment, and simultaneously preparing her to withstand the forces opposing change to a new paradigm.


"At the TM conference, we discovered that we were not alone in wondering how to become enlightened parents. As a consequence of these thoughts, we would like to propose the following project.


"We would like to volunteer our home to become a clearinghouse for all the wonderful ideas, suggestions, activities, and experiences that all Urantia Book/TM-believer parents and your teachers and guides can come up with. We propose that the material contributed be compiled into a Urantia Parent Handbook; that a Urantia Parent Newsletter be established and circulated; that future TM Conferences provide a parent breakout session for parent training and workshops; that conversations begin for planning regional Urantia children summer camps; and that the first draft of the proposed parent handbook contents be made available at the next TM national conference.


"If you share our concerns and interests, agree with any of these proposals (parent handbook, newsletter, conference workshop), or have proposals of your own, please write or call


Milton or Mona West

3385 Willamette Drive North

Keizer, OR 97303



The first newsletter "The URNATIA PARENT" just arrived!!! Congratulations!!! This is surely a wonderful vehicle for sharing ideas about parenting, a subject of great importance to all of us. Selnora is a parenting Teacher who has volunteered to work with Milton and Mona on this project. Selnora even wrote the opening comment for the first issue. This is planned as a monthly newsletter. Let us all look at how we can support this most worthwhile project. Your group and personal teachers will probably have much to share on this subject if we ask them, so let's ask them and share the responses with Milt & Mona for "The URANTIA PARENT."


                                    * * *


WATERLOO, OR - Sharon Summers has been house-sitting and visiting in Spokane, WA, Salem, OR, Corvalis, OR and Waterloo, OR since the Spokane Gathering. Sharon says, "I must say the conference seems to have opened up a tremendous amount of energy, sharing, and understanding. It really was fantastic and the rippling effect is being felt over and over again." This surely is true as so many of you are reaching out in so many different areas. Here is information on just one project from Sharon.


"One of the common 'themes' that many of the T/M groups are receiving is to interconnect...to get to know one another and begin building alliances and friendships. With the obvious interest shown by the tremendous response to the San Louis Obisbo and Spokane Conferences, we thought perhaps a directory of and for people who would like to continue this personal expansion is in order.


"Our motivation is to perhaps make it a little easier for those who would like to visit, attend meetings, and share in the love and spiritual energies that are abounding at this time.


"This is not a hotel list - it's friends making room for a few days for fellow Teaching Mission brothers and sisters. Your 'space' can be anything from a couch to space in your driveway for an R/V, to a backyard that can accommodate a sleeping bag or tent!


"So, if you would like to open up to new friends and new experiences, provide us the following information. All respondents will receive a directory (if we elicit enough response). We're setting November 30th as a deadline so why not DO IT TODAY! Also, please let others know about this idea if you think they might be interested.


 1.        Type of space(s) available. (Describe/can be more than one type.)

 2.        Number of people you can accommodate.

 3.        Your environment (city, country, suburban, etc.)

 4.        Facilities for cooking: Yes_____ No_____

 5.        I do not have space to share but would like a directory ______


 6.        Any additional information you deem important....

 7.        Your name, address and phone number.


"All agreements and arrangements will be made person to person and no one is obligated to accept if it's not convenient...or to 'entertain' those who come. As we grow as a spiritual community we are finding how beneficial and uplifting it is for everyone to meet each other and turn names into friends. We encourage you to 'step out' a little...you will benefit far more than you might imagine.


"Please send your information and a dollar for expenses to:


Sharon Summers

                                    * * *


These are both great ideas!!! Let's give Milton, Mona and Sharon a big hand for their creativeness and for their taking action. AND let's help to get these ideas off the drawing board and into reality!!!


                                 * * * * *


                  OF SPECIAL INTERST


ARCHANGEL CIRCUITS - For those interested in meditating together to assist in connecting the Archangel Circuits, Sage Waitts writes to say that groups in the Willamette Valley are meditating on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).


A reminder that the Spokane group meditates for this on Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m. (Pacific Time)


If there are any other groups that have chosen a time for this, do let us know.


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


1995 National TM Gathering - Ron & Cathy Harrel are the persons to contact if you have any ideas or suggestions for the the 1995 National TM Gathering. The only proposals so far have been  the  University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, AR August 10-13 by the Tallahasse/Will group and Michael Million and a retreat center in Hawaii in July by Sonny Schneider.  In talking with Sonny, it seems from the cost and location that this will more  likely be a regional conference.


If you have any locations or suggestions to propose, please contact Ron or Cathy Harrell right away.


Ron  & Cathy Harrell

Or by E-Mail:




Please use E-Mail if possible. Thanks a lot, Ron & Cathy, from all of us for stepping forward to coordinate our next National TM Gathering.


                                    * * *


1995 Regional TM Gatherings - Please keep us all informed of these dates so that where possible the dates will not overlap.


                                    * * *


1995 OREGON Regional TM Gathering -On the heels of a fantastic time together in Cheney, here is an


                    Invitation to Participate


                                  U B U


  Summer Intensive 1995 * * * Urantia Book Readers


Cooperative retreat, one or two weeks together, now being planned...two locations in Oregon have been "volunteered." Date will be set after we hear dates for any regional/national gatherings. Cost will be minimal with lots of time for various spiritual endeavors. Everyone welcome. Ideas welcome. Look for next U B U update in this newsletter which will include the name of a contact person.


                                 * * * * *





Last year Norma Hayes of Englewood, FL suggested a classified type section for the newsletter. This month Sharon Summers has proposed a section for short announcements, reading lists and services, so this month we are adding this new section. It is hoped that this will help each of you to get on with the good work you have chosen to do in service to our Father, Michael and Nebadonia.


                                    * * *

WANTED: Rural/secluded property to be used for a non-denominational retreat/center for spiritual growth; workshops; and meeting place. Would prefer large house and many out buildings - but can improvise and compromise. I do not need to own the property - but would like to have a minimum 5 year right to occupy. Added bonus - water (river, lake, ocean) and benign climate conducive to outdoor lifestyle. Please contact Sharon Summers.


                                    * * *

NEW GAME - Home-made game of Light and Life in progress. Non-competitive. Players help each other travel toward the goal of Light and Life. Game comes with cards and markers. No copyright. Copy freely. Send ten dollars to Pamela. Will be available November 2, 1994.


WANTED: Would like to hear from the person who I met at Spokane who spoke to me of transmissions from Yogonanda. Thanks - Allene Vick


MIND WALK - This is a wonderful movie for passionate thinkers that is now available at video stores. Inviting friends over to watch it followed with a discussion makes for a great evening and an opportunity to explore ideas that may  be new to them.


                                 * * * * *





I honor your Gods;

I drink at your well;

I bring an undefended heart

to our meeting place.

I have no cherished outcomes;

I will not negotiate by withholding;

I am not subject to disappointment.



The above also was a favorite of Bill Greenwood.


                                 * * * * *

                  NETWORK INQUIRIES


Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!

*           Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.

*           Your thoughts and observations about the Teaching Mission

*           Information that would be helpful for children

*           Special focus or activity in your group to help others know whom they might best contact for information along the lines of their interests

*           Teachings that focus on healing

*           Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teaching of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God.


                                 * * * * *




T/R NN expenses and contributions through September 1994 are as follows:


$1,807.22 - Expenses

$1,169.66 - Contributions

$   637.56 - In The Red


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                             Allene Vick



Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters.  Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK.