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A Sharing Network For All Involved With Celestial Contacts

May 1994 (Vol. 2, No.5)


                     FROM THE EDITOR

 I have chosen to share with you in this issue two letters from Jeannie George of Dallas, Texas as I think you will be as interested in hearing her news as I was. Jeannie sent me the Dallas transcripts of Anastacia and Ordon (February 10, 1993 - September 22, 1993) along with a copy of the paper she wrote about the Naperville event titled "When God Closes One Door, Another One Is Opened." More information about this paper can be found under "OF SPECIAL INTEREST." The excerpts chosen from the transcripts of the Dallas group with Anastacia and Ordon discussing sharing before the Naperville event give some insightful thoughts to consider in our conversations with others. After reading this, you may find yourself paying more attention to what you are saying and how you are expressing yourself to others.


A special thanks to Jeannie for allowing me to share her letters with you. In talking with her, I am reminded again of how important it is for us to get together to share and learn from each other. With our daily schedules, it is impossible to find time to communicate as much as we would like. These gatherings give us the opportunity to get to know each other and to condense a lot of information and sharing into a short period of time while giving us the chance to get to know each other. I hope that all of you will take advantage of all the opportunities you have to meet with others. Not to  mention,  what happens when two or more are gathered in His name. These are valuable opportunities not to be missed.


Many of you have read a lot of the transcripts. For those of you who have not had the chance to do this, I would point out how wonderful it is to see the progress and development that has taken place in the groups. Enough time has passed that this can be observed. For those who are still experiencing problems in the groups, it is most encouraging to see what happens when the members persevere to overcome the difficulties. Without all the efforts at record keeping, we would not be able to see this and would most likely forget how far we have come. It is only in looking back that we can measure our progress and see how far we have come in only a couple of years. A very special thank you to all you record keepers who have made this possible!!!  You are truly giving a great service to all of us.


Several people have requested copies of the newsletter mailing list. I am a little torn on this decision as I wish to be as helpful as possible, but have decided not to release copies of the mailing list at this time in order to protect the privacy of any who may not wish to have their names released. I will be happy to include in the newsletter information about papers, publications, newsletters, transcripts, etc. that you have available and the address to write  for copies.


I am joyously looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can at the Teaching Mission gathering in Spokane. The Spirit Fest 94 may give us a preview of what's to come in Spokane.


May the blessings of the Father flow in and through your lives enveloping you in His love.


Allene Vick


                                 * * * * *


                  FROM THE READERS


DALLAS, TX - In sharing these two letters from Jeannie George, I started to edit out any kind words about me. However, if your mind is like mine, I always wonder what was left out, so I have printed them in their entirety.


"March 4, 1994

"Dear Allene:

"By the time you receive this letter, the Dallas transcripts should be in your hands. Other groups were so generous with their transcripts before we got our teachers, Anastacia and Ordon, that we too wanted to share their wisdom. A&O  explained that in reading and studying other group transcripts, we could consider them as our teachers also. Truly we have come to love and respect Will, Welmek, Rayson, Jared, Andrew, Andrea, Melanie, Ham and Daniel almost as much as A&O. Their answers have certainly reinforced the truth we knew, making it more real. This verification encouraged us to courageously take the truth into our hearts and out into our environment to honestly try to apply it.


"And due to your efforts, Allene with the TRNN, we are learning of many more Mteachers who have touched our lives with the same truths but each in their own words in their own way.


"Our teachers have repeatedly asked us to lighten up. We are taking them seriously! We have become much more energized because we are accepting 'the truth' that it is really possible...to have more fun...to be happier...by being more spiritual.


"A&O say they are much merrier than they present themselves to us. That this is the nature of the spiritual realm. They want their words to be taken seriously. So for this to happen, they tone down this part of themselves to get the messages across. We know ourselves well enough that if they did act as happy as they truly say they are, the TR's would immediately become concerned about accuracy, and we definitely would think that they were "beside themselves."


"We Urantians are definitely a challenge to these Mission teachers. Wouldn't you agree? After reading our transcripts members of our group have had a good time laughing at the foolish questions we have asked. And who among us hasn't? This ability to laugh at ourselves has helped us to see ourselves as we really are. Hasn't it been a lot of fun growing up with the Mteachers in just this short time? The group has provided the safe space to accept our need for growth and provided the arena to accomplish it.


"And maybe the Mteachers choose people from the group to play certain roles to accomplish this outworking of growth. The members of our group consider me to be like the 'reversion director' who isn't afraid to appear just a little foolish for God. And this is another way, we channel.


"I remember one time in particular when the energy was 'low' in the group while Ellen, from Norman, was transmitting Jesus. This was the first time Jesus had visited our group and everyone was awed, being ever so polite and nice, instead of being our natural relaxed selves. Consequently, this created a rather heavy feeling of low energy.


"When questions were requested, I wanted to ask Jesus, 'why he didn't know that the materialization wouldn't take place' as we were told at Naperville. There was hesitation on my part of what you could ask our Creator Son, and too, I felt it was a heavy topic. So another question came to mind. I had often wondered what tone of voice Jesus used when he said to his apostles, 'How many times do I have to tell you,' when they asked their questions. So, I asked him to repeat these words for us, for old time sake. This brought much laughter and lightened up the energy. Jesus was a good sport and reciprocated by repeating this line in a loving tone of voice. This evidently was the appropriate time to ask a nonsense question.


"April 14, 1994 As you can see, I am just continuing on in the letter I started for you.


"Got your wonderful encouraging letter. Allene you are truly an awakened soul. You read, you saw, and you understood. You could see how the group with A&O established a home base, which united us in this one cause of working for God. We wanted to change for God and so we created a safe place to talk about our problems and concerns, so we could see the way to change. Re-energized, we set out into our own universes with more confidence and effectiveness. Back again the next week with our questions and to learn some more. And so the process was repeated over again.


"Really our group was blown away by your kind thoughtful words. Pleas freely use any of the material as well as my poem also, and yes we will mail out transcripts on request. As of now, we have only mailed out about 11 sets of my Naperville article, lesson; and transmissions. We separated the lessons from the transmissions because some in the group wanted this. But they were given to our group together if you will notice the dates. (I was thinking that someday the lessons could be altered for the public, so they could be given to any church going person or interested person. This would make them available for a greater number of people in outreach.)


"We mailed the first sets to the groups that we had received transcripts from before we got our teachers. (One copy to each group and asked them to distribute them.)  I talked this over with God so many times, I'm sure he was real pleased when I finally mailed them and I could talk about a new topic.


"Fred Harris wrote me a great letter about the article as well as Jim Cleveland who gave it some coverage in Spirit Quest. Spirit Quest will send it to interested people upon request. But, Allene, please do put it in the TRNN also. I took ages to write that article, it seemed, and I was so afraid it would be old news by publication time. I could envision my efforts being for nothing. (I always think of myself as not a worrier but when I share my experiences I realize that I still don't shift into the God-trusting-gear until hours, days, weeks, even months have gone by.)


"Many people have not seen this article as I just mailed to about 10 groups that I was sure went to Naperville, not realizing that others who didn't go would love it also. Thanks for this information. I did wonder about it. Just how interested non-participants would be. Truly, I do thank you for reading my article and all of our material. You really gave it your time. Thank you Allene for being so into this mission work and such an astute student. I am sure the Mteachers love your work and sing praises to you. As you said, you don't know how the TRNN gets written and I took that to mean, you have lots of help in selection of what to put into it and ideas of what questions to ask to inspire people to participate in a greater way.


"I wholeheartedly agree with you, that new groups or people who aren't in a group may love to get transcripts where as others in Mgroups may be 'flooded' with information, To do some good, you have to take time to read those transcripts. What do your readers say about this?


"After Sharon left (our main TR), the transmissions slowed down. We each tried to speak for our personal teachers and this was fun. This way, of each person letting the personal teacher speak through them and of each person speaking, takes the burden off of one person. This burden of transmitting can be very heavy for one person or a delight. Some people take to it like a duck to water and others do it for awhile and back off. The experience brings up many things to encounter in the self.


"We were told that our group was turning a cornerstone--that is, going out more and using what we had learned instead of relying on them so much. This has been going on since September of '93. We have several members who transmit but they aren't there regularly for one reason or another. To date we have about five who take turns as the spirit moves them. These last weeks more of the original members have shown up and so now we are going into the third phase.


"A&O want to keep in touch with us as well as many other beings who seem to be around us. The perfect situation will come I believe, when we allow them to converse with us in a much more conversational way. Also, they have said they have lots more to teach us as we get more serious about studying and staying close to God. Taking the time to review helps a person see what they are learning and why. But this learning process continues on an even greater scale than before. It took much longer to see for instance, the answer to prayers. This previously, could take years. It is the same with personal growth, now it doesn't take as long as before to actually see results. Don't you agree?


"I love their attitudes about things. It can be so touching and endearing that it brings tears to my eyes. Each meeting includes time to meditate together and I always have tears streaming down my cheeks. Tears of joy, tears of cleansing, can these tears be defined. I'm not the only one who has this happen either.


"Rambling right along...sorry I didn't mean to get so gabby.


"I am interested in writing about 'what the mission is,' more toward the techniques as Jesus used. Urantia is our text and Machiventa is providing each of us with a personal teacher who will assist us in character growth and outreach in a way that we want to share.


"I hope to have this article written by the time we go to Spokane. Yes, I do plan to go and several others want to go but we haven't made any certain plans yet. Yes, we hope to meet you there if at all possible.


"Must close for now. Tank you again for all your encouraging words and as Mickey told you from Norman, use all of the material that you care to, our teachers are delighted also.


"Love in the Father,




SALEM, OR - We are pleased to share the following news from Sage Waitts and are delighted to learn news of your group.


"April 1994


"I'm not sure if it was an oversight or if I misread the previous T/R News but I did not receive an updated listing of all the Teaching Mission Groups. But here is a new one to add to the list and that is the Salem, Oregon group and out teacher's name is Abigail. She has been with our group since September of 1992. Those wishing to receive transcripts may contact Rose Hyatt. Please include a small donation to cover copying and postage."


[Ed. - For those of you who may be confused, the last list sent out was a "rough draft" with the February issue. The updated lists will be completed and verified at the Spokane meeting]


                                 * * * * *




SARASOTA, FL - Patije would like to remind those of you that have transcripts to share that she is trying to establish a library of these materials along with the names of all celestials. If you have something to share, please contact her with this information and any costs. Patije has done much to help the newer groups and transmitters, so your assistance to her would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation for all she has contributed to the Teaching Mission.


                                    * * *


PARADISE NETWORKER - The Spring 1994 issue #2 has arrived! The PARADISE NETWORKER is a quarterly periodical put out by Sonny Schneider that shares the words of teachers and readers along with information of interest. For those who have been asking about getting transcripts, information on transcripts Sonny has available is found on the last page of the PARADISE NETWORKER. The following transcripts are available in electronic form:



Bertrand and Signa             

Celestial Impressions Group of Sarasota



The Kona Transcripts

Lessons of LorEl





Will *

Woods Cross *


* Available as printed text.


For those who are new to the Teaching Mission who would like to read a sampling of many transcripts and all of you who have not the opportunity to read a lot of the transcripts, the PARADISE NETWORKER is something you will especially want to read. If you are not already getting a copy and would like to be included on the mailing list contact:


Sonny Schneider


The cost per issue including paper, printing and postage is $2.00. Any financial contribution you feel inclined to send would be gratefully appreciated. Sonny, we acknowledge and applaud you for the time and effort you have put forward to make this publication available to us.

                                 * * * * *




SALEM, OR - From Sage Waitts: "The following is an excerpt from a recent transcript for you to include in the next newsletter." We do thank you, Sage, for sharing a truly beautiful and inspiring message.  We look forward to hearing more from Abigail.


                             * ABIGAIL *


Q:  I was talking recently to someone who is not an advocate of the Teaching Mission. One of his issues has to do with how we are told over and over how wonderful we are and how well we are doing and how courageous we are and all that feel good sort of thing and his concern is that there is little focus on service to others. I have thought this at times too and it seems somewhat self indulgent and selfish to come here every week and feel so good.


ABIGAIL:  First, I must admonish you not to feel so selfish. How can it be selfish to become a better person? So if you grow, if you become more spiritual, if you truly advance as a being, how can that not be a blessing upon the earth? How can that not burst out of you to al others, how can it not shine like the light that you are? And if you say that you feel it is not now shining out, if it is not going outward in the way that you wish it would then that is the being of your desire because any person who is truly spiritual will also be truly oriented toward service. The two go hand in hand. You cannot become a more spiritual person without becoming more oriented to service towards others.


Q: I guess the reason it feels self indulgent at times is because of the magnitude of the work that needs to be done in the world. What we do here seems so small compared to the need.


ABIGAIL:   I have a rather long answer to that, it has several parts so please be patient with me. First, let me say that service upon your planet is and I do not mean this about this particular gentleman of whom you speak, but service upon your planet has often come out of the idea that you are not worthy of what you have. There is guilt attached to having more, in some sense, than another and that those who have are guilty of sin by having more than others and therefore they must give what they have in order to level out, to equalize what there is. And it is most peculiar, this sense of obligation and guilt which are negative.


Now I would like to present you with another vision of service which I have spoken to a little before but perhaps not touched upon to this great of an extent. This service which sees instead of a limitation of resources which must be leveled out rather service be a person who is so full that what is in them spills out to others. Service that is not out of guilt that others have less than you but service as an expression of love and joy. That when you look at what you have you do not feel guilty but you feel bursting and that you must share because you cannot contain all that you hold and the more you share, the more you have. And when I make my remarks, I am speaking to the second vision of service rather than to the first, for the first would often be detrimental to you and that is often communicated to those whom you seek to serve and is therefore to their detriment.


Service which is pure, service which is given out of bursting love in your heart is far more beneficial as it contributes both to your continued growth and to the benefit and growth of those to whom you give. That service is also far more egalitarian for it sees others not as those who have less than you but rather that your growth and their growth, your development and their development, your love and their love are all part of the same thing and you are all bound up together. So that type of service is more, rather than giving to others who lack...I wish your words could express the symbols that I have...I will use another of my infamous analogies.


Imagine plants, like a sweet pea, that are a vine and grow and that you, as a plant, have perhaps gotten more nourishment and have grown taller than some of the other plants around you. Now imagine that your growth however, is held back because these others are not where you are at, and therefore you can only grow more if thy grow more. So you reach down your vine to help them climb. Not because they are lesser than you but because you are all in it together and you cannot reach your full expression of being unless they do too.


That is a clumsy metaphor but that is much closer to the truth of service. In a way, service is very selfish for you cannot truly achieve all you are unless you are are being of service. You need look no further than the example of Christ Michael to know this. He came here, not to be of service, but to grow. Remember, his mission here o n hearth was not to save you, but to reach his own potential that he might be a better ruler. But as he experienced life upon your planet, as he experienced growth, he could not but serve in order to grow.


                                    * * *


DALLAS, TX - These are excerpts from the Dallas Transcripts in which A&O address the upcoming anticipated materialization in Naperville in 1993. As the group does some role playing with responses to hypothetical reactions to the sharing of possible events, Ordon has some words that are helpful to all of us now and in the future in dealing with others about the TM and related events and experiences. I suspect that by now we have all run into some rough spots in trying to share what has been happening in the TM and our lives with the teachers with our families, friends and strangers.


                             * ORDON *


ORDON:  May I ask at this time to have someone please speak a remark or question or a reaction they might anticipate coming their way, and another person please to answer.


S:  Well, I feel that if you give with the spirit of love, with the thoughts of love and lots of times when I don't know what to say to somebody, I call on my Thought Adjuster, and sometimes those words just come out, and they are beautiful. And I don't know where they come from sometimes. That is how I kind of deal with touchy situations.


S  Let's do a little role play here, _____.


S:  Yes, I think role play is important.


S: You just told me about the materialization, and I look at you and I say, "You've really gone off the deep end now." What would you say back to that person?


S:  Why do you say that?


S:  Because you're hallucinating.


S:  All I'd have do to is smile at you. There is no response to that when I know I'm not hallucinating. So my inclination would be to simply look at you and smile.


S:  Okay. _____, what would your reaction be?


S:  Well, I would say, "You know when you actually do see a thing with your own eyes, you feel it and you feel it with other people, I wouldn't call that hallucinating.


S:  Anybody else?


S: Well, I would say, you know if somebody accused me of hallucinating, I know there are going to be 120 or so people there, maybe more, and you know that's a lot of hallucinating for a lot of people to be doing and if one person is accused of hallucinating, maybe that's something to look at, but a whole bunch of people hallucinating--?


S:  This is just a role play, just in case this happens.


S: You do understand there is mass hypnosis? That's probably what happened.


ORDON:  I would like another comment. Anyone else have another?


S:  Another scenario.


ORDON: No. Another response to the same question, the same comments.


S:   _____, do you have a response?


S:  Well, whenever I'm in those situations, I listen.


ORDON:  Yes, I would like you to - you have listened. She has made her comment. "You are crazy, you have really gone off the deep end. What is your response to that?


S: My response would be to listen and hear what my inner voice would say.


S: Okay. You're there and you -


S:  - not to respond out of emotion.


S:  Okay. Put yourself there.


S:  That would be my response, or that would be what would go on in my intellect.


ORDON:  Can you follow through with that response?


S: Okay. Respond. "I think you were hallucinating."


S: " ____, you really must have been hallucinating if you think you saw something like that."


S:  Well, maybe I am.


GROUP:  Wrong response.


S:  Well, the point is, we don't need to convince them. The point is by the way we act and our living faith. We have faith in it and we're not upset by them telling us that.


S:  Yes, I'm just trying to get you in the first person so that you are saying what you would say.


S:  "Listen. I was there I know what I saw. I know what I felt. I know what I experienced. And I know it's hard to explain that to you or convince you of that, because you weren't there, but I know what I felt.


S:  "And how can you say that I do not know? How can you say that I do not know?


S:  "You didn't experience it, I did."


S:  "Right."


S:  Maybe a response would be something to the extent that, with a real feeling of love and serenity to reply - "That might have been a response to those who say Jesus's morontia appearances. Until you feel that spiritual experience, these things seem strange, but they're not." And give no ground.


ORDON:  Any other input?


S: There is a possibility, perhaps if they're determined that this was a hallucination or someone played a joke, to mention that "there was such a wonderful presence in the room, whatever you want to call it. I wish you had been there to share it with me," or something like, "I really wish you could have been there to share it. You would have loved it! or something simple.


ORDON: Are there any further comments:


S:  Yes, I want to try again.


S:  Okay. The new improved response


S:  Yes.


S: Okay. "So you must have been hallucinating."


S:  So what I'm hearing you say is that you would prefer that I would say that I was hallucinating than that I really saw it. Is that what you would prefer me to say?


S:  No, not necessarily, but that is what I think.


S:  That's what you think?


S: I think you were hallucinating, because I've never seen anything like that.


ORDON:  Are you listening to what she is saying: Listen to _____. What is _____ telling you?


S:  She's never seen anything like it.


ORDON:  And she is telling you what


S:  That she thinks its a hallucination.


ORDON:  So that you then would respond to her?


S:  I would say, "Well, actually, I really did see it, and it wasn't a hallucination this time."


ORDON:  No. You are rebutting her belief. You are saying what she is saying is false, and that is not - that will merely create an argument.


S:  Perhaps a closer - or better response might be, "Well, I can understand how you hearing this from me might be hard for you to understand."


ORDON:  Stop. Do not go too far. Stop there. Do not try to say too much. If you say I am - you are crazy or you are hallucinating. I understand that you might feel that way.


S: Yes, Acknowledge that person's position because that really is their position.


S:  And can you ask, "Did you ever wish you could?"


ORDON:  I would suggest rather to ask them what feelings they are having. "I understand how you might feel that way. Is this frightening to you? Is there something I could help you with? Is there something I could say to you that would make you feel better?" Or perhaps you could gear it to whatever response - it might be a friend, it might be someone being quite upset, quite angry, so you must take into consideration. You may at that time want to stop there. "I understand that is how you might feel." Period.


This is... as ____ pointed out earlier, it is really not you they are reacting to. It is the statement you are making. That will be quite helpful for you to remember. In all your dealings, I would suggest you try to remain very impersonal. It is your personal experience, It will always be your personal experience, but it is only something you can share with each other or with others that have experienced it. People who have not experienced this will have absolutely no understanding whatsoever of what has occurred. Therefore, you are trying to explain or convince someone of something they can not understand. There just is not the ability there. Do you understand now that this is something that will be difficult. Because you will want to share it, and there will be members of your family and friends who will be willing to listen, but even those people will not really understand what you experienced. This is where the frustration will arise, more than anything else, because you will really not be able to explain it fully.


S:  Frustration on our part?


ORDON: Correct. This is why we anticipate a great many rumors and a great deal of incorrect information that you will be quite surprised, I believe, at some of the stories you are going to hear about an event that you attended. This also will be quite interesting because you will have no way to refute it. There is no way you can say this did not happen. You have no proof. Is there understanding now: Are you beginning to see that the difficulty will be that you will not be able to explain it?


S:  Should we even try?


ORDON:  That will be your choice and your decision. I am sure there are some people who you will want to share with . I would suggest to you perhaps to concentrate on those people, and my personal suggestion would not be to share it with people who are not ready or able at this time to understand or even want to understand. We are taking a great risk in doing this and in starting what we believe will be ongoing materializations or events along this line. As we say, it must start somewhere, and you are going to be participating in something at the very beginning, and it is going to be rather difficult. We are looking far down the road, as far as years to come. This is not going to happen this year or next year. You see, we must allow these events occur and build and soften the ground, to begin to have questions. We are almost creating a situation where people are going to begin to wonder or want to know what is happening, or perhaps doubt. Doubts are good because once you have doubts or questions in your mind, you begin to look around or ask questions or what have you. Are there any more questions? I would like to have more input.


(More role playing and referring it to being the devil at work)


ORDON:  Do we have a response? Each time something like this comes up, the response should first of all always be acknowledging. Always be acknowledging.


S:  In none of those interchanges was thee any acknowledgement.


ORDON: There is no acknowledgement whatsoever.


S:  Well, I would like to ask, as a matter of intelligent approach, is there any reason why we should be trying to talk to people of that mind set about this experience?


ORDON:  No. That is correct.


S:  So maybe lesson No. l is: you don't tell everybody about it.


ORDON:  Lesson No. 1 is correct. It is something you will need to use your group for the purpose of your discussions and your sharing, especially in the beginning. This is going to be very difficult for you, because you will be very isolated from others in your ability to discuss and expand, so yes, I would say to you at this time definitely set in your mind and discuss among yourselves that you must, or will, try to confine your comments, your discussions, your sharing, your feelings, to each other.


That is why we have worked so hard to create this bonding and this family atmosphere. You will all have some members of a family perhaps a friend who will be interested in the news, who will be willing to accept what you say, given their love of you, their understanding of you or their respect of you, and that will be fine; however, even in those cases it will also be very surface. There is not much you can tell them that they can really understand.


They will listen, and they will probably repeat it to someone else, and they will repeat it incorrectly. They will change something or they will add something, or they will forget something, and now we have - it's repeated again, a second and a third and a fourth. This will happen. I would like you to prepare yourself for this to happen. I will be very surprised if it does not happen. So we are hoping you all begin to see there are many sides to his, so that the - I am very glad with what you will share tonight in the readings, because it is a matter of thinking it through ahead of time and definitely role playing or creating these situations back and forth. See how one feels, work this through. It is very good practice for you.


S:  Is lesson No.l, rather than not to share with everyone, rather, almost not to share with anyone, to be very select?


ORDON:  That is up to you. You must make those decisions yourself, and I would certainly encourage you to consider that, and think through who you would like to share with, and why, and what it would prove or create, so that would be the next thing. If you share with someone, what would be the effect?


And are you even - is this person someone you can trust or that you feel would be benefited, or take what you have given them and do something positive with it, or is it someone who really understands? Or can at least reach towards you.


S: It's a little bit like going out and talking to people about the channeling that's going on. You have to use a lot of judgement before you would even mention that to anyone, wouldn't you?


ORDON: It is quite interesting, the response. I would imagine each one of you has had some surprises in your sharing, both positive and negative responses of acceptance that you did not expect. Responses quite negative that you were not expecting also.


[More group discussion]


S:  Remember the message, peace on earth and good will toward men? It's possible to say, "Do you remember the message of peace on earth and good will among men? That's what it was about."


ORDON:  That is very good to diffuse the situation to begin with, and allow your Thought Adjuster to speak to their Thought Adjuster, and as _____ mentioned, to come at them from love, when you are truly seeing that you are beginning to become teachers rather than just pupils or what have you.


You are now beginning to look at yourselves, I hope, in a new way. You are beginning to see that you are -- or what we are asking you to do is to become teachers, and now you must begin to see how are you best to teach: How are you best to say what you would like that person to hear or understand in the most effective way? It has nothing to do with you as a personality. It has absolutely nothing to do with your personal experience or your ego other than what that has been given you as a base, and what your belief system is. But why you are there is to be of service, to allow that love to flow through you. And one does not have to get involved in that.


[More discussion}


ORDON: ... I would encourage you then, at the end of the day, to discuss that with Michael or the heavenly Father. To go over your day as we have suggested, and actually discuss with him either one, whoever you feel comfortable with, what you have done well and what you have not done so well. Replay those instances. You are going to make mistakes, and you are going to say things you are sorry you said. That is quite all right, because you will understand then there is a better way.  Then you might want to discuss it and think through what would be a better way.  Speak to each other, use each other more now in discussing failure or these downfalls. Do not spend a great deal of time on what you did wrong. Spend a great deal of time on what you could do better. State the problem, situation, then look at what is another approach, a better approach. There could be several better approaches.


You see, you are really beginning to look at yourselves in a different capacity.  You are not followers. We are asking you to become leaders. You will all become leaders in different ways. Do not let that word scare you, because you are, truly are, leaders of men. I think you are all beginning to see this is quite fun, and it can be very interesting and elucidating if you begin to see this as an exercise rather than to have the personality or ego -- not personality so much as ego- involved. I would like you to look at that, because you do not have to prove anything to anyone. You are - we are working, or we are gearing this as a gift, as an enhancement, as a gift of love to you, to help you with your own awareness, and your belief. It has been decided, and we have discussed this before, but again, take from it what you would use and what will most enhance your ability to become teachers.


S:  Didn't Jesus say - I say this because you said, "leader," taking positions as "leader" - that term always bothers me because for the material mind's concept of leadership. A leader implies that there are followers, and I think Jesus clarified that when he said, "He who would be greatest among you, let him become server of all." And that to me, that is what a leader is, the one who is there server of all. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to talk about what leadership really is, how it is most effective. Does it mean you have followers?


I think we always see Jesus as being one who had followers, one who lived a perfected life, so he had followers. When we think we are trying to do things Jesus's way, the "proof" of that is if we have followers. Then we are doing things Jesus's way. But I believe on the mansion worlds or other worlds in our universe, when they observed him (Jesus), they did not see a man who had followers as much as they saw the Creator Son serving man.


ORDON:  That is correct. And you are correct in your use of the word leader. As I said, do not let that frighten you, because you are sharing, you are being of service; but you are, in the truest sense of the word, leading the way. This is a teaching mission, and we are asking you to step forward, to reach out. Many people have done this. You know we cannot sit here in the room and say this is an original thing and that no one in the history of man has ever loved God or served him. You would do well to look at that overall picture also.


You are one of many. You are all part of the family of God. We are asking you to become family members, and to dedicate yourself to this. You will each do it in your own way. You will each do it in the time that you have and in the way that you are gifted. We do not expect you to become preachers or what have you. You see, as Machiventa pointed out, each one will do his role and will fulfill his role, we hope. And we need those who will support and be there for the others who would be far more comfortable and more effective. It is very important for each of you to be understanding that you will be most effective at what you want to do and what you are good at or have talent or a direction for, and we will help you with that. We will ask you. We will be considering always what it is you like to do. And if you are not ready or not choosing to do that, that is fine too. But we go ahead a little bit, because this will be evolving down the road and I would like to stay centered on the materialization upcoming.


                                    * * *


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Another lesson from Olfana:


                               * Olfana *


Olfana's Lesson on the Mystery of God


God's mystery enfolds his truth. Your purpose as ascending mortals is to delve into this mystery with faith, hope, and clarity in your belief that the understanding of this mystery will promote growth in your soul. Remain humble in this path. We will never truly comprehend all that is God. We can only hope to see God's beauty in those experiences which are part of our soul's path. Let yourselves reach out with expectation! The mysteries of God's ways are like hidden treasure that lie waiting to be found as you explore in this life. We all search for the Father. Knowing Him causes us to seek him even more. Is this not also the experience you have? This beautiful attraction we have to God is somehow a beautiful, and yet unexplainable, part of the mystery itself. We move Godward by design! Relish where you are in your own pursuit of this power and love of the Father. The mystery, the unknowable part of our own creation is known only to God, and perhaps in our own evolution, someday we too will know with clarity the relationship between God, the Creator, and all of his creation. For now, be a part of this beautiful movement toward the Father. Help to draw others toward Him also. We increase the power of this attraction as we grow in number. I speak of something that yet remains mysterious to all of you, but trust that this movement of our energy back to its source is, in itself, an overwhelmingly glorious expression of his mysterious purpose!

                                    * * *


NASHVILLE, TN - More words of Ham from Rebecca


                                * HAM *


4/3/94 Easter


Blessings upon you upon this day of your commemoration of our Lord's resurrection and triumph. As you are aware, your ideas about His bestowal mission are even now undergoing a vast change and expansion of understanding His life rings through the ages as His words are relived within each human soul. Always shall your world remain in  life and His triumph over sin. Your greatest knowledge has been encased in His words preserved erringly and fragmentally in your New Testament. Now has the hour come for His reclamation, indeed His enthronement, as a living and understanding, everpresent friend, brother and God within the hearts of all humanity. Our work is dedicated to this ultimate goal, that He allowed to reach the hearts of every single human alive and who will live. Use His words in establishing His dominion. Your awareness of Him and your enlightened understanding of Him is your greatest gift. All of humankind desires to become understood, so does the human heart of Jesus. He craves love and needs love as you do. The days ahead stretching forward will become a time of reconciliation as mankind learns not to fear Jesus and begin to allow themselves to love Him.


Your human hearts desire intimate understanding and the hope that is bestowed with such understanding. When a person feels misunderstood and rejected, he feels unworthy and hopeless of gaining understanding. However, once a person is given understanding, immediately does he feel hopeful and joyous and his burdens are lifted. Jesus' infinite understanding bestows infinite hope and infinite joy and eternal newness. When all humankind understands that within the doorways of their hearts waits one who can give them completeness out of complete understanding, then suffering and hardship are ending and your great and new existence will begin as individuals and peoples. Comfort lies dormant, awaiting your decision.


As your lives unfold before you and you are called to follow the Master, bestow only knowledge of Him, of His nurturing reality. He is truly the giver of life and is your eternal salvation. Look well to Him for comfort and understanding, for assurance, hope and never ending love. You are learning to give these same gifts, His attributes, to those around you and so, remember to give Him personally also. Help your associates also to open the door to Him who waits. Give eternal life as you do. This is your great, glorious task ahead. It is what mankind so desperately needs and heartrenderingly desires, though unknowingly. Give God-understanding and you give life indeed.


Understand also along this pathway are people who suffer and who inflict suffering around them. Forgive them and carry on. Go forward, do not be hindered at all by this. Allow our God to give respite and comfort. Your task is simply to allow, through your actions that they will recover as you have recovered, over time. Understand this essential cornerstone, and you have understood the plan. Come away and walk ahead, learn as you go and give all you understand within you.


This is all of our lesson tonight except that I have been given your lesson and this following message from our Lord, Jesus.


                        [*** MICHAEL***]


Blessings are upon your souls. Your coming into our great kingdom has greatly gladdened my heart. Peace and abundant happiness are yours, my children. You have given our Father your allegiance, your hearts and I have come in order that you will know how I have also given you my complete allegiance. It is not enough that I give you light and eternal life. No, I will have you know that you have my eternal commitment to you each, humanly and personally. No other brother can exist in my place beside you. You understand that my commitment is eternal. Forevermore will I unfailingly respond to your real needs, unerringly will I grant your footsteps light to walk by, untiringly will I whisper in your ears the way to follow me. I call you forth from the darkness. I call you. Come with me and I will show you the way forever.


                                 * * * * *




If any of you feel that you have been given an assignment or have selected a project to work on individually or as a group, let us hear from you.


                                 * * * * *


                 OF SPECIAL INTEREST


"When God Closes One Door, Another is Opened"


"June 13: I Can't Give You Anything But Love"


DALLAS, TX - Jeannie George has written a paper entitled "When God Closes One Door, Another One is Opened." This paper is about the event in Naperville on April 24, 1993, which is of interest to all to all of us whether we attended or not. Those who did attend have had their differing experiences to share with the rest of us. I am sure that all of us have talked about this, shared our thoughts, wondered and pondered over this. In this paper, Jeannie shares with us her experiences, observations and thoughts on Naperville in a way that is uplifting for those who were dismayed and disheartened that the materialization did not take place. Those who were unable to attend and only received sketchy and/or conflicting reports will find this paper very helpful. It is accompanied by another paper, "June 13, 1993: I Can't Give You Anything But Love" that offers the reader many insights from a conversation about this between Jeannie and Welmek. I found it particularly interesting to read about what Welmek had to say about what we can give to others in contrast to what some with the best of intentions try to give to others.


I highly recommend reading these two papers. To request a copy, contact:


Jeannie George


Jeannie, we thank you for the time and effort that went into writing these papers and making them available. It is good and it is fitting that we read these papers now a year later to review that event with our ever growing understanding to put it into perspective as part of our ever emerging awareness of the grander picture that is unfolding.


                                    * * *

                           "The Dream"


SPOKANE, WA - "The Dream" by Bob Devine is a beautifully written article that helps to keep us all focused on our spirititual unity, common goals and motivations. It is a gentle, loving call for oneness amidst all the clamor of diversity that has divided members of the Urantia community from each other. If you would like a copy, please contact Bob Devine.


We all hope that your "dream" will become our reality sooner than we think.


                                 * * * * *


                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES


A UNIVERSAL GATHERING OF THE TEACHING MISSION - JULY 14-17, 1994 - SPOKANE, WA (Cheney, Washington-To be precise) - Here's the latest update from Bob Devine:


                       Information Update


On May 11th, we will have secured the space for the gathering by having placed a deposit on meals, lodging, recreation facilities and conference space at Eastern Washington University. This money was required down to hold the site for our group.


Just over sixty people are coming to the Gathering at this time from thirteen different states. There have also been questions about those people that may want to attend, but could not register by  May 1st. Everyone is welcome!!!


I talked to the coordinator from the college on Wednesday, May 11th, and she told me that once we have reserved our space, that they could continue to take reservations as long as there was space available in the dormitory. The dormitory which they have assigned to us is Streeter Hall, a fairly large dormitory, so space will not likely run out.


For those that have registered on time, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. It is through your early bird efforts that this conference is possible. Thank you.


Though we have extended the deadline out for the gathering, it would still be beneficial for us in planning to receive your registration as soon as possible, yet no later than July 1st please.


For registration information, please contact Bob Devine.



In Michael's name we gather to share love, communicate and discuss efforts and possibilities. May it be enjoyable for all who come. Welcome.


[Ed - To all of you who have not yet made up your mind, I urge you to make all efforts to attend. It is a wonderful opportunity you won't want to miss to share time and experiences with your earthly and celestial brothers and sisters in love and growth. Not too mention the fun to be had in such good company!!!)


                                    * * *


SPIRIT FEST 94 - June 17-19, 1994 at San Luis Obispo, CA. Our thanks to Jess Thompson of Los Osos, CA for sending us the announcement below about this conference. Congratulations to all of those who organized such a wonderful opportunity for those in the California TM groups to come together!!! Surely, the teachers will be in full attendance at this meeting! All of us who will not be attending look forward to hearing news of this conference.




Spirit Fest 94. The first state-wide Teaching Mission conference is to be held the weekend of June 17-19th, 1994 at San Luis Obispo, California. This gathering of California teaching mission groups, called Spirit Fest 94 will be held at an ecological camp in the beautiful foothills of the central coast of California just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean west of San Luis Obispo.


The gathering is being sponsored by the San Luis Obispo & Orange County TM groups.


Participants will be staying together in a communal setting of cabins located along a seasonal creek in a completely private setting. Meals will be catered highlighted by a Western style bar-b-q Saturday evening. Meetings and teacher directed group sessions will be held in a small auditorium during the day, with informal gatherings in the evenings round a fire circle.


As of late April, approximately 72 persons have given notice they expect to attend. Jess Thompson of San Luis Obispo is handling reservations and coordinating logistics while Will Fesler of Orange County  is coordinating the activities. The cost is $60 per adult/$45 child under 12/children under 5 are free for the weekend which includes room and board and registration.


                                 * * * * *

                      PROSE  & POETRY

From the cover of "When One Door Is Closed, Another One Is Opened" 

A poem, "To Remember," that the Naperville event was a gift. In its simplicity, you may more clearly see truth, beauty and goodness. God speaks in poetic rhythm to you personally.


                           To Remember

I placed a rose upon your heart to give to others.

Let it symbolize my love.

I placed a diamond to heal your heart.

Let it sparkle in truth, beauty, and goodness.

I placed my light within your heart.

Let it shine as the candle, so all can see.

In the silence you will remember.


                                           -By Jeannie George


                                 * * * * *


                  NETWORK INQUIRIES

 Please look over the inquiries below and see if there is anything you have to share as there is someone waiting to hear from you!

 *           Wanted - Information on groups, contacts and activities outside of the U.S.

 *           Your thoughts and observations about the Teaching Mission

 *           Information that would be helpful for children

 *           Special focus or activity in your group to help others know whom they might best contact for information along the lines of their interests

 *           Teachings that focus on healing

*           Thoughts on how the Teaching Mission and the teaching of The Urantia Book interconnect with the variety of experiences of others on our planet who are following differing paths towards God


                                 * * * * *




The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to create a network for sharing information among all individuals and groups involved in transmitting and receiving information from celestial contacts. All contributions for the newsletter; correspondence; and requests to be included on the mailing list should be sent to:


                             Allene Vick


It is through a sincere desire to be of service in the process that is happening on our planet, Urantia, at this time that this newsletter has come into existence. The success of this network is dependent upon the help of all of you that it is intended to serve. A special thanks to those of you who sent a financial contribution along with your letters. The continuation of this newsletter will depend upon your interest and sharing. Please let us hear from you. When corresponding, please be sure to mark any information that you do not wish to be shared with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY." Otherwise, it will be assumed that what is received is for sharing in the T/R NEWS NETWORK