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Thea Hardy on LinEl

And His Discussions about the Teaching Mission

and Michael’s Decision About The 5th Epochal Revelation

after His Bestowal.


Thea’s message is dated 06/30/2002


  . . . . AS FOR SOME OF THE TIME LINES I SAW MENTIONED, LINEL, WHO has been here since the turn of the last century, told us that as soon as Michael got back from his incarnation, he planned both the UB and the mission. That the mission was always part of the fifth epochal revelation. According to LinEL, even while they were bringing the FER into the purview of the Forum, on-going discussions of how to handle the mission were constant, particularly as the revelators gained more personal experience in working with us humans. And the ten years before of "official starting point" sounds about right from what we have heard, though that would only be official since the planning long predated such a time. Hence some will have had preliminary pre-echoes all along the way. However, my impression of the lasting time of the mission is certainly quite different, as Calvin also says, than a mere relatively short number of years. To my understanding the mission lasts into the era of light and life and instead of stopping, transmutes into that era. So in a sense, the mission is "forever" - not truly, of course, but in our terms, yes.


But there are many stages and so again, perhaps a shared time-sense - we were told that these earliest full contact days are experimental - Welmek and LinEL at a joint session the summer of 1993 told us that the teachers were permitted great leeway (with presentation of a plan and permission from Machiventa) in experimenting with their individual groups and approaches to us so they could gather the data needed to understand how best to be effective with us. Diversity was critical to their success. Since even as humans we understand this kind of approach, it was part of what led us to push forward in our belief in what LinEL asked of us even when it differed some from what appeared sometimes to be a party-line on the human end of things. We humans do tend towards mimicry (it's how we learn from our earliest days, after all) and sometimes have a hard time hearing Michael's words that we are not to all think alike, only to share the most basics - loving the father, and our fellows as ourselves, believing in our all being the Father's beloved children. But at some point the early preliminary experimentation for effectiveness will certainly come to an end - is that the 20-30 year bit? I am sure we all know enough about TR’ing now to know that perfection isn't possible when humans translate the celestials - heck just the language barrier would make that the case. So we have to think about it, not just take it all in by rote. In any case, don't we have the most sublime of challenges on our hands! Nothing difficult about this outweighs the incredible opportunities that just keep on coming, and the difficulties only offer us those fabled opportunities for growth anyway!


I look forward to the day when we do a better job of the Cymboynton bit. But then, they didn't manage to sustain it well over the long haul, either. It's tough. We want harmony, for good reasons, but sometimes we sell diversity down the river in order to buy harmony the easier way, instead of working to develop the tolerance we need. Or we do the Abner bit and refuse to compromise until we have lost effectiveness! I am not an exception here, believe me. I guess it's natural for us to think the way we do things is the way they should be done. I fight all the time to try to do them better, to be more true to the mission, to the spiritual call, and yet remain open to others' differences in approach, and I fail a lot in both categories.

Life goes on with all Its challenges.

Love to all, Thea