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We have information not yet published (Ovtober 2014) regarding the answers to questions regarding Part IV, of our present edition of the Urantia Book.

First, let me explain that the remarks put out by the Urantia Foundation do not reflect the actual history about how the Life of Jesus Papers were found and later incorporated into the Urantia Book as Part IV.  Before I publish to you the testimony of an individual (initials are RT) known to me, but the name is withheld for privacy, as he describes how he met a well deserved cynic of the Urantia Papers, who actually saw the materialized work of Midwayers at work to obtain a material copy of their work to be the Part IV transcript for inclusion into the last part of our current Urantia Book.

But before I do that, I have Dr. Sadler here for a transmission to your interest in the history of these Papers, known as Part IV, The URANTIA Book, and he now testifies for your benefit as to what actually happened.

Dr. William S. Sadler, from mansion world five -

"I am Dr. Sadler, and Ron has asked me to provide you a momentary solution to your inquiry as to the wherewithal that resulted in us including Part IV of the Urantia Papers, The Life and Teachings of Jesus on Urantia (the original title on the type-written papers received in our offices in December of 1935.)

"In spelling out what happened, let me remind you that I have a schematic memory-  that means I remember everything--  and that memory was resurrected when I came over in the early 1960's, having just finished a cup of coffee with Christy, and telling her, we must get some papers out to the clergy very soon or I will die without knowing what happened to our Book.  She bent over to retrieve the cup of coffee, and I fell forward, dead, by a heart attack I did not know was coming.  Christy, carefully lifted the cup from my hand, and turned aside to wipe a tear from her eyes, and brought the news downstairs to my son, Bill, Jr., and to my then companion of the heart, who I will leave unnamed.  These details are not mentioned by the Urantia Foundation, but the true history of my final days will be published by others when I can get the story out to those who will take it down in dictation.

"The Life of Jesus Papers, as they are now called, came to us in January 1935, and were not discovered until May of that same year.  They indeed were sitting on a pile next to an old typewriter we used when the building was newer, and the typewriter sat there for years without anyone bothering the little annex we used to store legal documents when I was writing articles for the Ladies Home Journal.  My wish to make it clear that the man who wrote the "expose" below, is quite charming and was the very one who saw to it that the Midwayers sent us the copies and the originals of the Jesus Papers to our offices.

"In the report to be copied below from Ron's files, I take issue with the reporter that we somehow feigned the reception of the Papers by saying we had found them on a pile in an unused condition in a room we no longer used.  While we did so, we did not find them there, but were instructed by the Revelatory Commission, to look in that room and retrieve the Midwayer work.  When we entered the room, the old typewriter, and the Papers were neatly stacked beside it.  I said to Christy, "well, our Midwayer friends are at it again."  Christy saw me smile and she herself laughed in derision of the idea that we had concocted such a story years later that we accidentally stumbled on them as now reported by the historians of the Urantia Foundation.

"In my years here on the mansion worlds, I have been repeatedly asked how the Midwayers got hold of an old Royal Typewriter to bring us the Jesus biography, known as Part IV, of the Urantia Book.  I do not know how long the original text was, but I was assured by the Midwayer Team of Bzutu (ABC-22) and Bernadette (ABC-03), co-writers of the Papers with other Midwayer friends, that the original length of these Papers was in excess of 1,503 pages, and was paired down to about 500 or so pages for inclusion into the Urantia Book as it was published in 1955.

"I am hoping that we can set the record straight as well with the work Ron received from RT, a narrative of his experience in seeing the original typewriter  out of State, and a discussion with a very old man then, how he saw the typewriter operate without anyone being there and papers being typed.  This of course was the specialty of the Midwayer clan, or nation, as Michael calls the Midwayer existence.  I am Dr. Sadler, and I appreciate being able to set the record straight at this time.  Thank you Ron for making it available on line.  I am Dr. William S. Sadler, at your service."

END TRANSMISSION FROM DR. William S. Sadler, October 22, 2014 430PM New York Time

the Midwayer Commission often spoke through Dr. Sadler at some point, as he could transmit phrases and sentences from the Midwayers while he was on the Midwayer "payroll"--  i.e., he knew Chief Bzutu (ABC-22), and, it was Chief Bzutu, who handled the affairs at 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago before the Contact Commission.  Chief Bzutu speaks for the record now.

Chief Bzutu - "I am Midwayer, ABC-22, and I indite the record to show that none of us (no Midwayer, known to us) delivered the Papers to Diversey Parkway, but we suspect that Michael had two emissaries in those days not known to us by Order, but by name whom we will just call X and Y here.  X and Y were super-angels and hailed from Uversa or even Havona, as it is never clear to us today, just what Order they were, and how they were incarnated.  I let the record show that the Midwayers in those days were already under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek, and that we had no say in what was to be done.  We were told directly what to do and how to do it, and we dared not stray from those orders, so we can guarantee that we had nothing to do with transporting the Papers, other than we did type them as RT explains below.  I am ABC-22, and I wish you all a good day!"

Ron Besser: I now place on the record an explanation by a witness of the man who saw the typewriter of use located hundreds of miles away from Chicago and that those Papers were the original papers given to Dr. Sadler as described above, and that those papers received totaled no less than 504 typewritten sheets done on an old Royal typewriter as described below.  There are portions of the narrative given below that have been refuted by Dr. Sadler, and I presume that the reader will make the necessary corrections as to the true narrative about how the Jesus Papers came to Diversey Parkway, in the year 1935.   No one available to me knows who the two persons were who took the manuscript away from the old man, and no one will probably ever know as the Midwayer Commission stoutly defends that they did not do so. - Ron

WITNESS known to me as RT:

The Human Reception of Part IV
(The Midwayer Preparation of Part IV)

   Quite by coincidence, I met the man responsible for bringing the Life of Jesus narrative, the precusor of Part IV of The Urantia Book, to the Sadler group. I met him in 1986, when I had become very spiritually activated and was attending Spiritualist Churches in several cities close to mine. I lived in South Bend, Indiana, at the time, which is within two hours of Chicago. He invited me into his home, and was the person who first told me about The Urantia Book. In his 90's, he had been a locally known psychic healer in his younger years, and very religious as well as metaphysical and active in local Spiritualist Churches. He never charged money and gave me an example of his healing work. He had felt a lump of cancer disappear under his fingertips, as he was praying for a person. I visited him several times. I went to him, one day, when I had a serious illness. He touched my back and told me the exact diagnosis, word for word, that a doctor would tell me later.

   Every evening, this man would shut himself in his bedroom, turn off the lights and do what he called "sit in the silence". He did this at the same time, every evening, religiously. He had a typewriter in the room, for business purposes. One evening, one key on the typewriter began to slowly tap, tap, tap, continuously. Being a very accepting man, he didn't take much notice of it. The tapping continued every evening during his meditation. One evening, there happened to be a piece of paper that was left in the typewriter, from earlier. The typewriter did more than tap one key, this time. It started to type out the whole page. Again a very patient and accepting man, he didn't react to this phenomenon, but merely took out the completed sheet of paper and placed it face down, without reading it. The next night, he was sure to put a new sheet of paper in the typewriter before meditating. Sure enough, another page was typed out. He placed the sheet face down on top of the previous typed sheet. This continued every night for a lengthy time. Oh yes, after one full page was typed, the typewriter would resume slowly tapping one key, again. It took a long time, of this slow one page per evening pace before the man thought of putting a second sheet of paper in, possibly after his meditation. At this time, the volume increased greatly. The man fed paper into the typewriter, I'm not exactly sure, possibly day and night as long as he was home. As a large stack of finished sheets grew, the man still never read any of it. The final sheet off the typewriter was rather unusual. The only thing on the sheet was three concentric circles. This was perplexing as, of course, there is nothing on the typewriter that could make such a symbol. I believe that he told me, very faintly because it is so difficult to believe, that the words on the pages were handwritten, not typewritten. I think that his wife also saw this, and with this. There is a report from Bud Kagen, from a talk with Bill Sadler as reported in the Fellowship Timeline, that Part IV was done on a typewriter. http://urantiabook.org/archive/history/typewrit.htm  Perhaps many people think, from that report, that Part IV was done on Christy's typewriter. However, if that was true then everyone would know exactly how Part IV was produced. The main story is that the manuscript was found in a vacant office. I submit to you that the Midwayers and the Revelatory Commission would never leave such an important document in an empty office, subject to being taken by the office owner, cleaning or security personnel, or stolen in a break-in.

   The man verified that this all happened according to the dates given in The Urantia Book. In early 1935, shortly after the manuscript was completed, the man got a knock on his front door. Two men were at the door. One of them showed him the symbol of three concentric circles, and asked for the sheets. Seeing the same symbol, as on the last sheet, the man immediately complied, giving them the manuscript. The two men left without so much as a "thank you" or telling him who they were. There was snow on the ground, so this agrees with the February 1935 date. The location was within 100 miles of Chicago, in Northern Indiana. I assume that the two men were Dr. Sadler and Bill, or someone else, and that the Midwayers told them the location of the manuscript.

   The man, in 1986, told me the reason for the one year delay. He said that the Midwayers were so uncertain and apprehensive about their updated version of Jesus' life, that they actually filed a case against themselves, to get a higher judgement. It went all the way to the Superuniverse court. The Ancient of Days handed down the order that it was not only allowable to present the history, He ordered them to do it. This story agrees with the known story about the delay.

   Years passed, decades passed, and the man lived in agony, thinking that a great work had been lost, and would never be seen again. He regretted not having read it, and not keeping it. Then one day, after almost twenty years, in 1955 he happened to see a large blue book with the three concentric circles on the title page. He bought it and shut himself in his bedroom, day and night, until he had read the entire Urantia Book. At first, he thought the entire book had been done on his typewriter, but later realized that it was only Part IV, the Jesus Papers. He, of course, became a big Urantia Book supporter and had a study group at his home, ever after. It was still going when I met him, but there was only one other person attending it. This other person had been very loyal, and traveled a long distance to go there. He was scheduled to take ownership of the typewriter, when the old man passed on.

   Larry Mullins and Meredith Sprunger already believe, from some of the Sherman material, that there was a second subject, who they think was living in Omaha.

   There were some other happenings associated with this. The man was offered several wishes, by his "Invisible Friends", as a reward. He didn't want any reward, but asked for things anyway. Shortly thereafter, as part of one of his wishes, he witnessed a Transport Seraphim at his home. He verified that it had the appearance of what looked like "wings", but were not actual wings. Perhaps this would mean wings in a folded position. Evidently this man had fairly good contact, over much of his life, with Midwayers, including seeing some of them, at times. He was given a long ride in the Transport Seraphim.

   In the spirit of the policy about "the sleeping subject", I am keeping the name of this Part IV man secret. But there were others who knew about this phenomenon. They thought that he was responsible for the whole Urantia Book, I believe. Most of them were members of Spiritualist Churches, and therefore were not directly involved with the Urantia community. Evidently, this information never got circulated to the greater Urantia community.


We also have a letter from Bill Sadler, Senior, i.e. Dr. Sadler, to an individual who questioned the contents of the Urantia Book as it pertained to Jesus.  The letter is a response to what the recipient of the Paper considers either to be an error in attribution of the Apostles and spellings as printed in the Urantia text.  This letter is dated March 17, 1959, and is copied for the reader below:


[Letter to the Reverend Benjamin Adams from Dr. Sadler, concerning the discovery of  Part IV, The Jesus Papers, (and other matters); containing three pages which comprise the original type written letter as dated below)

March 17, 1959

Rev. Benjamin N. Adams
124 Genebern Way,
San Francisco 12, California

My dear Rev. Adams:

I was very happy to get your letter of March 9, and I think this is the first really valid criticism I have ever had from a minister as concerns the Urantia Book. I have gotten hold of several the last year, but it was evident that the critics had never even superficially read the Urantia Book.

If minor discrepancies were to be found in the Urantia Book I have always suspected that they would probably be found in

Part IV because that is the part of the Book that was prepared by the midwayers. The midwayers’ mind level is but a trifle above that of the human mind.

My own perception with the Urantia Book has been along two lines. First, I was concerned as to whether or not this was some fraudulent psychic phenomena or possibly a case of sub- conscious dissociation on the part of the subject such as I was familiar with in the fields of automatic writing, trance mediums, etc. I was the last of my family to accept the Urantia Papers.

I finally decided that the whole thing was beyond my ability to understand.

My next concern had to do with the consistency of the Papers. I finally decided that a fraud could not go on the witness stand for twenty-five years, to be examined and cross-examined by 250, and to give more than a million words of testimony and never once contradict himself. I decided that this subject must be telling the truth in order to discuss such a wide range of topics and not once slip into a contradiction.

You ask about others who have critically examined the Urantia Book. From a standpoint of general science I think the studies of the late Sir Hubert Wilkins were perhaps the most extended and exhaustive. For more than twenty years he periodically spent time in Chicago going over the Papers. He would work weeks at a time, ten hours a day, and his final conclusion was that the Papers were consistent with the known facts of modern science.

(End Page 1)

(Page 2)

Since the Book was published, a young physicist in Philadelphia has been a very careful student of the physics of the Urantia Papers. About a year ago he wrote a paper, with many diagrams, for the Gravitational Society, in which he advocated that the cosmology of the Urantia Book was the only one that was possible form the gravitational standpoint. image.I was very interested in your criticism as proposed in your letter to Mr. Douglass. I would offer the following comments on these criticisms:

1.   I think the spelling of the name of the teacher in Alexandria is undoubtedly an error in transcribing the manuscript into typewriting. An “an” was undoubtedly transcribed as an “ou”. I remember when we were sometimes in doubt as to whether a letter was an “n” or a “u” in the manuscript.

2.    Of course, we who were preparing this matter, did not know the name of this teacher so could have easily made this mistake. As far as I could detect, there is only one Phillip recognized in the Urantia Book.  I note what you say in this matter.
3. Now as to the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth—the possible discrepancy between the end of one Paper and the beginning of another we all noted it one time and discussed it further when the Book was going to press. You should remember that the midwayers prepared a narrative that was many times larger than was finally given us as Part IV of the Urantia Book. It may be that in deletion some difficulties were encountered. Our understanding is that the prayer meeting which Peter conducts at the close of one Paper is not the same as that at the opening of the next Paper. The one ended on the Day of Ascension, the other opened up the Day of Pentecost.

4.    About Paul and the Hebrews — of course, we all puzzled about that the same as you, and it occurs two or three times in the Papers. We have finally come to the conclusion that it was of composite authorship and the Apostle Paul had something to do with the presentation.

5.    About Nathaniel’s father I can offer no suggestions except that I know that the manuscript was very clear that it was Bartholemew.


Page 3
Rev. Adams March 17, 1959

6.   About the spelling of “chazan”. Our mandate forbade us in any way to alter the text of the manuscript, but gave us jurisdiction over capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

    We were told to select our authority and stick to it. Evidently, the authority we chose spelled “chazzan” with one z.

7.   Your notation about Moab is a puzzler to us. We have just looked in the atlas, and, of course, you are right. I have no explanation for this matter—either a mistake of the  midwayers or a mistake in copying. I cannot say, but evidently you are right in this matter.

8.    The intricacies of Jesus’ crucifixion and the Day of the Passover I am not competent to appraise. In fact, I was not aware that there was any difference in the Gospel of John and the Synoptics, but I am glad that you are inclined to agree with the Urantia Book.

I was indeed cheered to get such an encouraging estimate of the worth of the Book from one who had made such a careful study of it.

I am taking the liberty of sending you copy of an outline which I gave to a dozen ministers who came to meet with me about six months ago. I told them that while I was unable to explain to them about how we had got the Book I was able to explain to them how we had not got the Book.

I do hope that we will have the pleasure of seeing you and Mrs. dams one of these days. I am sure, if you have the occasion to come back East, you will not fail to let us have a visit with you.

With all my best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,
William S. Sadler