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From Donna Painter D’Ingillo

February 17, 2002

History of Teacher Welmek

I will be happy to give you some history of beloved teacher Welmek. He was assigned to the Indianapolis Urantia study group in I believe it was April 1992 and finally was able to be heard through the first transmitter in our group in July that summer. Our group was very primed for his teachings and was quite large (sometimes totaling 40 people!) during our weekly meetings from August 1992 to April 1993. He stressed the stillness practice and also made four daily habits of stillness, prayer, seeing the presence of God in others, and service his main curriculum. What wonderful days those were in the early times of receiving. So much growth was occurring, but also so much expectation of what the Correcting Time was all about, and in our human impatience, we understood very little about this mission, and the actual timeline of implementation. But we fell in love with Welmek and greatly looked forward to those weekly meetings and private sessions. All of those transcripts are available through various sources (I believe they are on disk and Bob and Linda Buselli in Dallas, TX are the caretakers of them).

Our main group transmitter was providing information about the materialization of Machiventa in Naperville in April (I think it was) and many in our group, including me, made the trek up to Chicago that day to attend. There were quite a few people in attendance and expectations were high...you could feel the anticipation in the air. There were also some skeptics there and so we sat there in the dim lights for about twenty minutes while people moving in three concentric circles in the center of the room were trying to hold a space for the materialization to happen. Well, when nothing happened after this twenty minutes or so, someone came to the podium and started to transmit (as I recall) a message from Machiventa about the materialization phenomenon. After that was over, there was a lot of disappointment, frustration, confusion about everything...people being clear transmitters, ego getting involved, etc. so any transmissions immediately following the non-event were suspect. I remember leaving for home quite confused, and this feeling lasted for many days.

The fallout from this non-event had great repercussions on the Indianapolis group. Since Welmek was one of the main teachers (through the transmitter) informing us of this occurrence, when it did not happen, many people dropped out of the group because they felt the whole phenomenon of the teachers was a mindal ego trick. I think one of the repercussions was to see who were the people who would have staying power and be able to move past this in faith. So from about late-April 1993 to November 1994, meetings were sporadic and little attended and even a few people who were transmitting (including me) shut down. But there were a few of us who still came to hear him speak, and another person became the main transmitter. Then in about early 1995 my husband (at the time) Michael Painter and I decided to transmit and host regular biweekly meetings and see who would be interested in coming.

Then from about May 1995 to October 1999 we held regular meetings with only a handful of people, but we had the most amazing lessons as Welmek began a concerted several year effort of teaching us how to speak from the spirit. Many of these lessons are available on hard copy; I was transcribing many of them, but had to stop at some point due to time constraints but we did have them on tape and are still in Indianapolis at the home of Michael Painter, who still continues to host Welmek meetings regularly. But I do not believe he is taping them so those would not be available.

Incidentally, in 1994-5 I began to write a book on the lessons of Welmek, which eventually became the book "Teach Us To Love" which will be available in print in March after a long incubation period. Michael wrote a manual on Stillness, and in later 1995 we co-founded the Stillness Foundation with several other people to help people develop their personal relationship with God as an outreach ministry and non profit educational foundation. We still have that in operation, and it is growing.

In October 1999 I moved to California to further the work of the Stillness Foundation and after a long period of settlement began this ministry out here called the Stillness Center. Its main focus is to teach people how to be still so that the TA can commune with the higher levels of consciousness, and to help people move through the blocks to Adjuster communion through healing work. And, I brought Welmek here with me, so now he is bi-coastal!

I began to offer a TM group in September 2000 and we now meet weekly and listen to Welmek's lessons. For a time I was also transcribing the lessons, but had to stop because of other commitments, but now a member of the group has offered to transcribe lessons, so I hope to offer them on the TML in the near future for everyone's reading pleasure. He is a most amazing and deeply inspiring teacher, and all of the members of my group have fallen in love with him just like I did!

So my involvement with Welmek is almost reaching its 10th anniversary and it has been a glorious friendship and blessing to have him in my life. He continues to teach, uplift, inspire and serve anyone who will take the time to come to hear him, and I look forward to those evenings when I can transmit him as one of the highlights of my week! I hope you will get to hear him first hand if you have not already.