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Discussion about The Thought Adjuster - Sep 28, 2006 - Teleconference

LightLine Teleconference

September 28. 2006 Discussion Facilitator: Mark Rogers

Subject: Discuss the Nature and Identification of the Adjuster/Voice/I Am/Me presence

Mark: This is Mark, speaking as Mark. I realize that there has been a format established of a speaker and an audience through this process. However, I encourage anyone who is inspired to take active part, play an active role, to be so bold as to reach beyond their boundaries of expectations and comfort. And I will begin.

I will first attempt to put my intentions in the middle of the circle, why I am here, what I am about in this process, what my purpose is. I am here in this hour because I believe to the very core of my being that I have a role to play in being in service. In this hour, I have been fortunate enough to have the benefit of some necessary experiences and a lot of luck, and a lot of effort, to bring me to this point, wherever this point is. And I feel extremely, exceedingly lucky and privileged to have made it here. I see and recognize that I desire to reach and help any and all those in this process of discovery of self, in this process of discovery of relationship. I feel I have stumbled on some experiences which have brought me to a point where I can begin to discuss wading into this arena of identification, this arena of misidentification, and this arena of relationship.

And I am completely personally uncertain as to the best approach to use in this regard, but I need to just make a few points and then the approach will take a life of its own, I'm sure. First point I feel necessary to make in this process of discovery is a revelation that I had about the distinction between the spiritual component, I call mine The Voice, others call theirs Me, the Thought Adjuster. Whatever term you decide to use, it will be inadequate. Terminology does not cover it. Word symbols are signposts pointing the way, they are not the thing.

So, the very, very first challenge we face in this process is the overwhelming tendency of our computer organ, our brain, to define, delineate and capture in a word or a phrase something impossible to capture in a word or a phrase. And therefore, our mind does not have the ability to properly perceive what it is we are trying to examine, because it only is aware of what information has been put in to this hour, and it replays tapes of its experiences over and over again. It actually craves finding an experience and boxing it into a category -- that's its job, identification and clarification. However, this does not serve our purpose when we come into this arena. Rather, if we are overly occupied in the assessment of the situation we miss observing the very moment that we are trying to assess. You will have to settle on a term that works for you. The little voice inside, people have even referred to it as the gut feeling.

Student: You were in the middle of a question?

Mark: No, actually I was in the middle of an attempted description of the indescribable, so I won't succeed. I will not succeed in this process. It is not possible. I can paint visions for you, I can come up with word symbols which most clearly point in that direction to me. I can express my own personal circumstance and set of experiences which has brought me to this place, but in the end, the phenomenon being described is so inclusive that you would be surprised to realize that you have known this presence for all of your life that you can remember.

I one day had the realization that it is impossible to differentiate my personality, my self, my soul, from its partnership with my voice, my divine component, because the two are in the process of linking together, in the process of melding to be one. And in this way, I believe we often misidentify some component of this relationship, because we see ourselves as being involved, as being a part of it. In fact, that is exactly what we will see in this process, because our Thought Adjusters are not their own distinct, separate personalities, like we might envision joining with a friend and having the recognition that your friend is their own individual, and you are your own individual, and having a relationship with another separate individual. We all recognize what that is like. This process is actually one of coming to realize that in the process of becoming who you are, you have been in partnership with a part of you that is other than you, is greater than you, but does not stand alone as a separate and distinct personality. Rather, its job is to attach itself and claim yours. In this way it becomes indistinguishable; the line cannot cleanly be drawn from where the one stops and the other starts. This is the basic difficulty in defining in this arena what is strictly your individual personality, and what is your personality in combination with your divine component.

So, it must be said right up front, absolutely in the beginning to be understood clearly and by all, that this process contains the human element and cannot be separated from it, to stand on its own. Therefore, what ever I say or anyone else says about this will certainly be colored by our individual experiences of this phenomenon, our vocabulary, our inclinations, our prejudices and our understandings of these principles. So we must right away and immediately forgive ourselves for our involvement in a divine process. That is an odd concept because we somehow feel as though we are unworthy at times to be involved in such a project of divinity. But literally, without us this project is incomplete and does not come to fruition.

So we must accept the role that we have to play in this process. And very similarly, those of you who are familiar with the Transmitting-Receiving process are fully aware that the transmitter is evident in any transcript, in any teacher message, because in fact there is a partnership. There is the human vocabulary and the human construct of understanding, the human willingness to interact, to be voice. Likewise, when we are talking about the voice within, we must recognize that its voice is our voice. And that is not only okay; that is right. That is the way it should be. That is the way we are designed to be in this process.

There is a great feeling out there that this phenomenon is not approachable at this time by such mere mortals as ourselves. I am here to dispel that myth and rumor. We live in miraculous times. These are times of great change and great miracles are abounding around us. We can now have access to things that we never could have imagined in just short years past. One of the thrilling and exciting adventures that we can embark on is this process of discovery, of discovery of your relationship to your indwelling fragment. And that is what we are here to hopefully discuss.

There have been a number of people who have come forward to say that they have had experiences like this. It will be helpful for this information to just simply be spoken. One of the universe principles at play in this hour, in this dynamic right here, is that we are all connected, we are all as one. What any one of us and experiences in this arena is a gift to the others in the web that we are involved in. If any one of us has an experience which increases our awareness, which expands us as spiritual beings, we give that to the thought stream of humanity, to the collective consciousness. And once having been ushered into the material realm through our creative prerogative, it then becomes the property of all of us. You need not have exact experiences or similar conditions. Now you can have, you can possess the very experiences had by others in their spiritual development.

So in this fashion, I believe it's important to simply make real, make material what is a part of our experience collectively. So that is what I am here to foster in this discussion. I'd like to try to not have dominant figures, such as I am doing right this minute, as much as I would like to have common sharing of experiences where people have felt the brush of contact with their inner voice, experiences that leave you with a feeling that you have been expanded, that have left you with a sense of confirmation, a sense of knowing. Those times are when we are closest to identifying the union, the partnership, that we have with our indwelling voice.

So, I suppose I will start with my personal story, and then maybe others will contribute as well. Having been involved in the Teaching Mission for 14 years, and having read Urantia book for over 20, I had come to my construct of understanding that the Thought Adjuster was certainly a gift from the Father, a part, although minuscule, of my being and that at some long ranging point in the far distant future, if I was diligent, I would enjoy partnership with this divine fragment. I must admit that having believed that construct and accepted that box that I was not particularly engaged in the process of discovery for myself, thinking that this was long-term project, and certainly couldn't come to fruition at least in this lifetime. I believe I became complacent with the pursuit of trying to make any form of contact because of the construct that I had that it wouldn't be possible anytime soon.

I then was, and here is the funny thing, I then was given a book, it turns out that in this case it was Conversations with God book in which Neale Donald Walsch channels his Adjuster. The book has now turned into seven books, or nine books, or what ever it is. But when I read this book, and I read his personal story of how this just happened to him when he took a pad of paper and a pen and wrote a frustrated letter to God, and then received an answer, and then wrote more questions and received more answers. And he was blown away by the fact that this was possible, but that these answers were clearly not of him. And after reading the book, I could tell these answers were clearly not of him, and I thought there it is, my brother out there has found a way to contact his Adjuster, to talk to his voice. And he says all he did was to take a pad of paper and start writing. Now I am sure his state of mind and his state of soul were critical to this juncture. But I thought if my brother can do it and he has given this gift to the collective consciousness, then as well I and you can do it, any of us could do it.

So I started journaling, and I had never journaled in my life, but I started journaling, and I started hearing, I started getting a response. And what I couldn't believe about this that was so different was that it was not TRing process at all, where you identify an exterior personality and volunteer your services to communicate for this personality, with this personality. But rather this was personality-less. This was pervasive, this is everywhere. This is the fish wondering how to describe the water. And I realized I had been looking in the wrong places. I had been waiting for contact from out there, something to tap me on the shoulder and give me some clear and definitive communication that this was them. And not realizing that every time I had had thoughts of spiritual conviction, or inspirations to act in a spiritual manner, that that had been in partnership with the Voice.

And it to me established that I believe that other humans are probably looking in the wrong place too, and I am probably not alone in thinking that this is something that you earn over a long period of time, and it's an external thing that's bestowed upon you, and that one day you'll finally realize it will finally knock on your shoulder and tell you, but you know, it has been there since your earliest memory, making it extremely hard to distinguish. And I encourage any of you, I have no idea where all of you are at, but I would encourage any of you to attempt any kind of such approach your self. I never had written or journaled anything in my life, but apparently this technique allows one distinct avenue of approach, where in if you ask a sincere question of your heart, you write it down as fast as you can, and then you do not stop. You do not let your mind analyze the question. You do not figure out what you should say. Just write the answer. And when you do that, if you do that, you will see upon reading it later that that clearly wasn't a construct that was coming from your mind frame, but rather separate than you.

So that is how I began to realize that I had misidentified something for the whole of my life, and particularly the past 20 years when I had been looking and searching and seeking to find just that. So I am hoping that we can include in the discussion, maybe other people's experiences, or questions, or anything to facilitate a discussion. The brain craves to contrast and compare, and that's also one of the real sticking points in this, because your brain can’t contrast and can’t compare what it is unaware of. Your brain is so thoroughly deluged with the presence that has been with it, that how can it then distinguish itself from that. So would there be any offerings, or questions, anything at all? I feel a little bit like I'm talking out into space here. Hello, hello, hello...

Student: Mark, this is A, and I resonate so well with everything you shared, and I'd like to share what happened with me within the last year. Like you, I was always thinking, although I knew my Adjuster lived in me, but I was thinking out there. And I would thank him so often for all the wonderful things he did to lead me in all the directions that he did to get me where I am. But always it was out there, and I guess from TR’ing I was still thinking of something hearing outside of me. And I was sitting there in my quiet time one morning, and all of a sudden I heard from my Adjuster, and I realized it was coming deep from the center of me, not out there, and I was really taken aback. I started having this conversation with him, and I said "What should I call you?" And he said, call me "Me." I thought how wonderful, it is me, the best part of me. So now I call him "Me", and he has gone on to explain to me, but of course we haven't fused, that's a long way off. However, we do work as one. I can go off and do things with my personality, but also there are times when you can't distinguish us. He is with me all the time. But now I am much more connected and much more conscious of Me, the full Me, just wonderful. It's not coming from me at all, it's coming from Me. I mean it is coming from me, it's right in the center of me when I hear from Me.

Mark: Can I ask you, when this happens is this in words, is this in a voice, is this in a vision? What form does this take most of the time? I understand that it must vary.

Student: It's mostly words. We communicate. I can ask him a question or he can say something to me. I know lots of times he works with me so closely I'm not even aware that he is helping me and feeding my thoughts as I am doing something. But if I want to sit down in my quiet time and say, "Me" and ask him something, I will get the answer. And I feel it from deep inside. It's not something like transmitting and hearing it from out there, it's right inside, so deep I can feel it.

Mark: And this is, of course, the destiny of every one that is listening to this in his hour. We all are growing to this point of communion with our indwelling spirit. And once we raise our vibration levels and get to a place of communion with this indwelling spirit, we won't be so reliant on the external listening for the teachers as we have been. We will have access each and individually in the moment of need to this communication, this communion, this information that we need.

Student: This is true, and it's very interesting too, because I still work with Michael, Mother Spirit, Monjoronson and Machiventa on their teams and on the things that they are doing, and I talk to them. But as far as going to a particular teacher and asking like I used to, there is no reason, because Me is here all the time. It's a most amazing thing to me, because I never expected this to happen in my lifetime.

Mark: No, and I believe that to be perhaps our largest challenge.

Student: Well I prayed for years and years and years for oneness, but I thought that would happen long after I graduated. But I am delighted that it happened now.

Mark: Right. Thank you for sharing that, A, that's beautiful.

Students: This is R. I have learned so much just listening just now to you two that I'll say what I need to say here. But it's now colored, of course, by what your descriptions are, which I guess is this collective consciousness that Mark is referring to of shared experiences. I also have been reading the Urantia book for a good many years, and then became involved with the Teaching Mission around 1990, and started journaling and took off my spectacles so that I wouldn't continue to proofread what I wrote down. Only once did I, at the end of a journaling episode, become aware that somehow that this was my Adjuster speaking with me, because I too have from my understanding of the papers and the Urantia book on the Adjuster had thought that it would be prideful or self-indulgent to think that any advancement toward the binocular personality state, the Adjuster is pre-personal and I am personal, and we are going to fuse. Then I sort of got a picture of trying to look at me like the Father looks at me, who is not the Adjuster part of me, and I see myself as distinct from the Adjuster, but the Father sees me as fused, and he sees me binocularly. And I speak out of one side of my mouth and the Adjuster out of the other, but really I only speak with one voice.

So I was very angry one evening and I went into my room and could still hear music and noise and conversations from the rest of the family, and I started having sort of give and take conversation on solving the problem, and it evolved into a sort of a ladder conversation where I just kept suspending judgment on the answers that I was hearing by saying, well that doesn't sound like me, but I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt and keep asking questions.

At the point at which really realize that I was in the presence of a much more nurturing and greater enveloping field of personality than I was, was when I discovered that I had sort of come up through the roof and into what appeared to be a very flat, foggy, thin layer of ice, and I was crawling out onto this surface, and around me in the distance, it's 50, 100, 200 feet away, there were things that looked like fir trees coming up through this fog. I intuitively and immediately understood them to be the actions from my more emotional life poking up into this intersecting, or coming into this morontial sphere, or distinct level where I was. And I realized that actions that I had been performing, some of them were penetrating and some of them were not, because this was an awfully bare landscape, except for these clusters of fir tip tops, that dark, dark triangular looking things coming up, and kept crawling out into this landscape until I thought no, I don't want to go any further out here. I felt immediately protected and enveloped with these friendly arms and friendly lap, and sort of very carefully backed my way back to the open hole, and climbed my way back down the ladder of conversation, or not even conversation, but presence, and I could still hear all of the things that were happening in the house. I could still hear everything, my eyes were still closed.

All of a sudden it occurred to me that I didn't need to be in a special place to be meditating with peace and quiet and an empty mind. I just had to change my focus of attention from paying attention to one thing to paying attention to another. And the first thing that I asked for was to never forget that I inhabited both those levels, and to be brought back to that reality, that understanding, or that perception, or whatever it was, that I was enveloped, I was protected, not protected, I was nurtured by this feeling, this person, this goodness. And now I've put so much attention and thought into the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time and the Magisterial Mission that I've put myself out to learn many, many new things, and to learn many, many different things than I used to know, and to put myself in a position of physical service, and social service, through my education, and so I really feel that the amount of time that I've put into the day-to-day school work and internship and apprenticeship in this work has now put me far enough along the path of social service that I have to go forward, or I have to go inside, and with you all, and I need to hear and learn, and listen to other ways of becoming aware of the great gift of the Father to me that exists here within me that is its own fusion energy light cell. I see something through my eyes, I say something through my voice, and I need to remember myself, I need to remember that I'm not talking out of two sides of my mouth, that I'm not seeing out of one eye, and then the other I have a binocular voice, a binocular set of eyes that needs to see very clearly what the morontial aspects of my life are. And that's all I have to say.

Student: I'd like to say a few words. With me, it was more of a quiet thought process, where I would get thoughts that I could tell they were not my thoughts. They would be like gently guiding plots, or impulses to go help someone. And so it developed over time that I became more sensitive to this kind of guidance from within. I also had the feeling that I was to fuse in some future time after reading the Urantia book for a few years. I had the picture that we were going to be together, we were partners, and that is the way it was supposed to be.

The thing that has come up recently, is a lot of the messages from the teachers talking about how we have divinity within us, and we should accept our divinity. I think that is key in this process to not try to analyze it, or try to dissect it, but to just accept that you are greater than you know you are, more is possible than you know about, things can happen that we have never even thought of, and that we can step forward and follow these thoughts and leadings from our Adjuster and trust in that it's not some way out thing, it's the way it's supposed to be. And that's all I have to say, I have to go back to work, so goodbye everybody.

Mark: Thank you, C. Well said. I think the points she makes are very, very good ones. We definitely have a tendency to want to not accept our role in this process. Why is that? That is something that needs to be considered by each of us. What is it that would make us withdraw from our basic nature and character as divine children of God? Why wouldn't we rush to embrace the goodness that this implies? There is some human condition imposed that one should not presume to be in a position of divinity, of knowing divinity, of speaking for divinity, of being in partnership with divinity.

I would just encourage us all to recognize when that pattern, that tape that the mind has plays. Recognize when we impose restrictions upon ourselves for some cultural reason, some personal reason of inadequacy, to recognize that we are the ones which impose such restrictions. The Father is certainly has no idea of restrictions for us. That is in distinct contrast to his desire for us to grow and become all that we will become. So any restrictions that arise, we bring to the arena with us. And I think it is very, very helpful for us to notice when those come into play, they are an autopilot response to much of our conditioning, and we need to be aware that that attitude is restrictive of spirit. And be on the watch to identify that attitude, and by identifying where that attitude is and presuming a higher attitude, we can dispel all notions that somehow we shouldn't, or we couldn't, or we won't, because we will, we should and we can.

Student: Mark, can I add something to that? (Please.) I think part of the problem that some of us have is a sense of self worth, and that's something that we need to grow into as we get so supported with our teachers. It's not something we can just turn on or off and say I really am worthy. You have to come to this understanding however it is, so that is not one of the things that blocks you.

Mark: Yes, and the most powerful thing I remember from the teachers, and from Michael, is if Michael has total trust in us, then wherefore is our trust in us? He has repeatedly said, they have all repeatedly said, that they have complete trust in us, that they in fact rest the entire Magisterial Mission with us as human beings, they trust us so much. And yet we come to the same arena doubting our own capabilities and abilities to be about this process. So you are absolutely right, it's deep-seated in the individual for the most part.

Student: The teachers, you know one of the things that they are here for is 1) the teachers from the very beginning have focused on getting us in touch with our Adjusters, and 2) they have focused on loving us and teaching us to love ourselves, which brings self worth way up higher than what we had from when we started. So the teachers, I think this has been their mission from the very beginning, so that we can all get to the point where we really could be wonderful assistants in this Magisterial Mission with Monjoronson.

Student: And I second that wholeheartedly, that they love us and they remind us to go within. This is R, and I have to go, and I will be back the week after next. And I love you all, and have a good two weeks, and we'll see you next week too. Bye-bye.

Mark: I'd like to throw out one more analogy that I just personally really like. I mentioned before that there is great difficulty in trying to explain to the fish the presence of water, and what water is, and how it is different than air. But here is the thing that I love so much about this analogy -- we are tadpoles, we are not fish. We grow up just like fish do in the beginning, we don't know any distinction between us and the water, and we could live our whole life swimming in the water just like the fish. But we have a destiny before us, we have a transformation immediately ahead of us. We are destined to transform and to lose our tail and to grow our legs, and to be able to stick our head into a different environment above the water, and be able to live back and forth in the water and in the air, and recognize the difference. That is our destiny that is what we are trying to do right here.

We are trying to make this transition and leap out of the water little by little, and experiment in the spiritual arena, and as we do this we become more and more comfortable with the fact that this is part of who we are. It's okay to do this, it's okay to go to the other side of what we're used to. And pretty soon we'll crave it, just like the frog just loves to get out and jump around and explore out in the new environment. And we cannot stop this process, we are engaged in it. It is our destiny. We will transform into these new beings. We cannot stop the process. So it is just where we find ourselves in the interim that is the most interesting component of what we are doing here. We are destined to be these great spiritual beings, and yet we're still uncertain that we can survive on the other side of the water in the air, in spirit. So I like that analogy, I just thought I'd throw that out.

Student: I think a lot of it for me, in staying in spirit, is to keep busy on the path of the good stuff, and kind of having a gate in my mind to, you know swearing and bad thoughts and damn this and whatever, rather take those thought impulses and turn lemons into lemonade, and learn not to spit into the wind. I am really grateful for the Adjuster and for the short life we have together to learn a few more things about each other. It seems like a key in each other's Adjuster in teaching me how to grow a little more. And so I am grateful for all of you and all of my friends and family. I love you all.

Mark: I feel there's one more concept that can be useful in this process of approach, and that is the concept that came to our group a few weeks back. And it really boils down simply to the question, "Have you given your Adjuster permission and latitude today? Have you in this hour once again reaffirmed your commitment to participate with your Adjuster, to give your Adjuster access and latitude to you to further your development?" There arose a discussion not too long ago in our group that, well we shouldn't have to continually give permission or ask for this kind of association with our Adjuster, after all they know us, we don't need to provide them with any particular words or symbols in order for them to understand the desire of our hearts. It is true that they do know us, and they do know the desire of our hearts better than any other thing we can imagine, but there is a component we completely overlooked, and it is not that they await permission as much as it is the orientation of ourselves in the process of providing the petition for their assistance. By so doing, we orient ourselves to be willing, to be open, to be active in the process, to be engaged in the pursuit, and in this way it is not them that are awaiting our signal as much as it is our signaling of our intention to orient ourselves to be ready, to be willing. And that is in this hour, that's knowing what you know in this moment. Do you recommit again? Do you commit again? How about now? The more we know spiritually, the more aware we are in our commitment process, so the more invaluable the commitment is. And it does provide latitude. We have witnessed in our group that there is an added dimension of encircuitment when we provide literal, verbal petition to link Adjusters, that is give permission for another's Adjuster to work with yours, and yours to work with another's, in this hour, now.

I throw that out because I think that can be a helpful element to this process. It's not that we are waiting for some strong, foghorn signal to be sent from our Adjuster to wake us up, as much as it is we are desiring to position ourselves to be ready to hear this Adjuster, to be able to hear this, feel this communion, and then have the wherewithal to act upon what we know.

Student: Mark, this is J. What you just said brings me to the question of the levels of vibration that we hear about a lot, but never quite sure how you get yourself to this higher level of vibration. Is there some, I really don't know what to do, I have asked, but maybe there is something I am either not understanding about it, or not doing, and I don't know which?

Mark: I can't speak to what you have or haven't been doing, but I am inspired to offer you another technique. We have recently been engaged in discovering the powerful and potent technique of ultimate focus, that is the focus of the three components of your self: your mind, your spirit, and finally your body. This, we have discovered, at least we have done it in this way that I will explain, and then of course anyone can do whatever they would like in their own process of discovery. But if you wish to get to a place of, I won't say total focus, I don't know if that's possible, but of maximum focus in which you cannot help but raise your vibration level, is to offer all three of your components an opportunity to orient themselves.

Many people think in stillness you must absolutely have no engagement of the brain whatsoever. For many people, this is not possible to actually stop and be silent in the brain. So if you are one of these people who find difficulty in chiseling out a quiet spot in the mainstream of your mind, then give it something to do worthwhile, give it a noble petition, give it a prayerful attitude, give it an accomplishment which serves your purpose raising your vibration level, a mantra, a petition of your divine parents.

Likewise, you can orient your soul by engaging in the attitude of worship. When you engage in the attitude of worship your soul is in alignment with the First Source and Center, and therefore you are giving your soul what it desires. It's communion is being made possible by you granting it the space to be in worship with the Creator.

And finally, in the last step to this process which we have just recently discovered, and which is so incredibly potent, is to engage the body as well. And we do this through using the breath. We have been taught that this final degree of focus aligns all of your components of self. If you allow yourself to take in the divine energy from on high when you take in your breath, if you allow this divine energy to settle with you, to correct you, to heal you, to flow through you, and then in your next breath apply your focus, to breathe out with intent and purpose, to channel even the natural flow of your life, your very breath, to engage in spirit.

You will find this to be a potent exercise, just centering your being. If you allow yourself the flexibility to visualize others whom you may be in association with and coordinate this process together, you will be simply astounded at the results. This is a process of total engagement. This is not the mind wandering, looking at the clock, waiting for session to be over, thinking about a question. This is focus: mind, spirit and body. It is being in the moment, it is being in the presence. There is only one moment, there is only one now, and by focusing on your very breath of life in that moment, you bring your self to that moment, all of you. So I would recommend this as an experiment to anybody who would like to try and see the effects. It's quite amazing, and I encourage people to try to see for themselves what the power of this technique might be for them.

Student: Thank you very much. It's quite a bit more than I had thought in my mind how this actually was or should be, so it adds a lot.

Student: Well, it's another thing, I was talking to mark the other day with Monjoronson. Our talk is about being light anchors, to breathe in. I visualize when I breathe in all the light coming in, and then going out to wherever it can be of most service on the planet. That allows the light to come in through you in the process, and out while you are breathing at the same time. I think it is a wonderful, wonderful process to do. Thank you, Mark, for sharing that. That is most important.

Mark: Well, strangely enough we have been engaged in this process for 15 years, and it just now comes along. But it is very, very potent, so I do pass it along.

Student: And that raises the level of the vibration actually?

Mark: Absolutely. I encourage you to have an end to this too, whether you are breathing with someone else, whether you are forming one of these light anchors that we have talked about, which is a very potent thing to do as well. It's directed intention, and when that energy is circulating through you and out you, it is raising your vibration as well. You cannot be not part of that process. When you are engaged in that, you are accepting that your voltage will be raised as a result of the general raising of voltage through this exercise of voltage coming through you.

Student: Okay, great. I'm taking notes.

Mark: And I believe this process can be turned right around and we can through this same process of complete focus and directing of intention, we could turn the whole process on anything necessary: healing, self issues, self worth, pain, whatever. I believe this process is not restricted to having a particular format. We have been engaged in creating light anchors, but that is simply one application of what I believe to be the underlying process.

Student: I think you are right, Mark. I feel that very clearly.

Mark: And I should tell everybody here, before everybody, I don't know how many are still left on the line, but Allene Vick, who is on the line here, and myself are going to be engaged in the pursuit of uncovering this gigantic mystery of the Mystery Monitor. And we are about this with intent and with purpose, and you will read about this if you are hooked up to the various lists, or get the TM newsletter, or if you are on that Teaching Mission list, you know that this is already leaking around all the scenes, all the teachers are talking about the importance of us finding that individual pilot light, that individual internal compass. I believe like Allene said, that is the ultimate goal here. All the rest of this is a supporting cast and crew. It is all about us finding out for ourselves that we are these divine creatures that have access to these divine elements, and to become who we are in this process, and not be afraid of it.

Student: Well, one other thing is this is for us to learn to empower ourselves with the divinity that we have been given so that we can develop our full potential to be in service to Michael, Monjoronson, our Father, our brothers and sisters. Until we really get to understand at least a greater portion of our potential, we are limping around instead of walking and running and being vibrant and alive.

Mark: Right, we are only kind of partially here, aren't we?

Student: Right, we are just crawling along on the ground.

Mark: Would there be any other contributors?

Student: This is H. I am moved to share a story. It was a very hot summer day. I paused and sat on the edge of a footpath bridge, and I was staring down into the fairly fast-moving water, and my eyes focused on a little group of tadpoles feeding among the little roots and other debris floating down through this streambed, little vegetation pieces. I was seeing branches moving in the breeze, I was seeing clouds lazily moving by and blue sky, and I hadn't done anything. My focus had changed. I was still looking in the same place, but everything had changed. I no longer saw the creek or the tadpoles or the bed of the creek. I saw the whole panorama of the sky above it, and it was just amazing to me that I hadn't done anything conscious to get this whole new world right where I had been looking before. And I thought, well that's what it is when you really move into the Thought Adjuster. He is there. It's a change of focus, and it's almost an imperceptible change of focus to move into the partnership, be active being in the participation with your Thought Adjuster. And I'm not where I want to be with that. But anyway I am wanting, that's why I'm here. Thank you.

Student: Thank you for sharing that, H, that was beautiful.

Mark: It's almost like if you look too hard you are going to miss it.

Student: Mark, this is S. I have a question. I'm very new at this, just not even a year into reading to The Urantia Book, although I have heard about it from my sister and others probably for 2 1/2 years. I'm a little confused. My thoughts in the readings I have done and in the discussions I've had in the group I'm in, one of the greatest things that we should do in life is to be one on one with others in sharing the love and word of God. And I'm not understanding why I guess people think that they need become TRs if it is not coming to them?

Student: They don't need to become TRs.

Mark: I'd like to go ahead and address that issue. We can't be measured, no matter how much the mind wants to, by each other's yardstick. And we all have our own path of journey of discovery, our own contributions to make. All of them are completely valid and real. There is no error and mistake in anybody’s approach -- it's just simply their approach. I sure would like to dispel the notion that people should be somehow encouraged or required or expected somehow to develop a sense of being able to be a TR. I don't think that that is the plan at all.

Student: Right, I don't either.

Mark: What the real plan is is what we are working on right here, and the teachers have been an interim step for us. And a few of us who have been lucky enough to stumble in to a connection with them have been used by our divine parents to bring us along to this point where we can begin this discussion. And I don't want anyone to ever think that somehow this process somehow over emphasizes any particular individual as TR, or anything like that. As far as I know, TRs tend to be pretty humble about it. Nobody really is looking to make a name for themselves. This is a service project. We view this as "To those whom much is given, much is expected." And we feel lucky in this life, and so we are willing to be in service in this regard. But it is not required that anybody do anything. It is simply a part of your destiny that you will lose your tail and grow your legs and become a frog. And in this process we are just trying to all figure this out, how it happens while it's happening. The teachers are helping from their side, and now we as individuals are gaining experience and having something to share with each other about this process of evolution. And once we get to this area, as I said before, the teacher thing is just one avenue, and once we all become connected enough with our internal voices, we simply will no longer need the teachers services. That doesn't mean that we wouldn't maintain a friendship, much as we could maintain any friendship, but we would no longer be dependent upon the teachers for any clarity about spiritual issues.

Student: I see, okay. Thank you very much.

Mark: I bet that few of you could discern in tonight's conversation just where I left off and my voice decided to contribute, or my voice decided to contribute and I left off. That is the exact example of how hard it is, and how unnecessary it is, to try to distinguish what was said and by whom, because it is the goal of this process to speak as one.

Student: Right, well said, Mark. Thank you very much, Mark. I have enjoyed tonight.