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The New Age "Messiahs"

.(From the Desk of George Barnard.)

There were many that were illumined in our history; that reached the required, balanced level of intellectual/ethical/spiritual progress to be granted the first aspect of the Morontia Mind. Some took to it really well, and some did not. There were failures and part-successes along the way. There still are to this date.
At times, this great Gift from the Third Source and Center will send the recipient completely "around the twist", and we must then deal with a "new messiah", who will inform us of his new plans for the world.

Restricted Input.

This brief dissertation is posted to the 11:11 Progress Lists on the advice of Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22), and he acknowledges that it is largely my personal understanding of Spiritual Enlightenment, not his. It is a matter of our grasp of psychology not having progressed sufficiently for the Midwayers’ concepts of illumination to be adequately clarified. We don’t quite "get it" all.
Admittedly, and likewise, neither do the Midwayers understand fully why it can go so wrong in some instances, especially with males, and give rise to "over-expanded" egos, even self-proclaimed New Age "messiahs".
We are not in any way typical of the local universe mortal, but an odd, hard-to-understand, extremely complex bunch.

Claims That Are Being Made.

As a casual receiver (yes, most casual and occasional, these days), and with the time-consuming 11:11 list-op task, I’m at the forefront of delightful new "discoveries" that include a "re-incarnated" Machiventa Melchizedek, a "do-it-better-this-time-around" Judas Iscariot, a whole "platoon" of Christ Michaels, and more. Many more—even a "ready-made" Monjoronson has surfaced, already, and this one with a long-time residential address.
And yet, the Midwayers confirm that these individuals—mostly aged around their early thirties—were indeed the one-time recipients of an extra mind endowment.

So, Why The Differences?

The question that begs to be answered is why so many males utterly derail themselves, and why an equal, if not greater number of females take to it so very well. She may only see a bunch of flowers light up, a painting seemingly come to life, and the "operation" has been completed. She attained Cosmic Consciousness whilst re-arranging her bouquet of marigolds, perhaps studying a portrait of John Yepes or Descartes, and thereby reached into infinity with a totally new comprehension of time/space evolution, and of the universe being friendly.
He may well get "knocked off his horse", be blinded by the event, become extraordinarily fearful and lock himself away for days to "ruminate" about the experience. He may well be transported to the Mansion Worlds for the operation to be performed, be missing for hours with his body left on life-support, and still turn out to, at some juncture, be awarded a doubtful personal psych inventory.Like Soren Kierkegaard, he may "go quite funny" for a time, or acquire "an enormous ego" to match that of our Blaise Pascal.

Perhaps the causes of these blatantly obvious differences between male and female reactions to the "problem" of illumination reside with the fact that mind endowments originate with the Third Source and Center, and She is all feminine.
It’s possible, perhaps even probable.

The Separate Endowments– A Long-Held Theory.

Mind endowments come in distinctly different forms, and they "attach and integrate", in order to produce the progressive/interactive total mind that eventually allows us to function independently in this world. As brain development progresses in the human fetus, the gift of Intuition is first to "arrive", and the newborn instantly intuits that something is wrong when hungry, needs its diaper changed, or feels too hot or too cold. These are but minor shocks to the baby’s system, although often productive of ear-piercing alarms.

The endowments of Understanding and Courage are next, and, as the latter tries to "attach", the infant may suddenly appear shy for being fearful. Only a developing comprehension of courage, can point at the opposite—fear. Fear can be a huge shock to the system, and even misplaced fear can be very traumatic.

As the gifts of Knowledge and Counsel make their presence known, we often find our youngsters telling us; their doting parents, how extraordinarily dumb we are, and how they know everything better. Perhaps, sometimes they do know better, but there can be an element of astonishing self-veneration, at times indicative of a slowly developing mental illness.

Finally, as the endowments of Worship and Wisdom take up their "spaces" in the progressive/interactive human mind—and become an adequately balanced, harmonious, coherent whole—it is possible for yet another mind endowment to make its presence felt, to integrate with the endowments already there, to "cap off" the now well-integrated, mature, intellectual/moral/spiritual human mind.

This is the First aspect of the Morontia Mind, or Midmind, that serves the Midwayers so well. There is, however, no guarantee that this additional endowment, this abrupt change to the mind’s composition, and the new brain/mind interaction, will not give birth to another "guru", a returned "Jesus Christ", a second "Caligastia", or even a modern-day "Adam".

And these are just small thoughts from George Barnard and his Friends.

© 11:11 Progress Group