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Transmitting & Receiving

April, 2000

Nina Newman

Part 2 of 2


APRIL 18, 1999


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings my friends ... My friends, you have received these lessons per your requests. You have demanded certain truths that have shaped our lesson format. You had experienced the full spectrum of the transmission process. Your conclusions were clear, your desire apparent.

So it goes with your personal transmitting/receiving--a divine message finds you how you are desiring it. Your intentions shape your message. If you desire to be showered with praise and compliments--this will color your transmission. If you desire to be in the mysticism of divine realities--then this also tampers with the accuracy of transmitting.

We are not allowed in any manner or form to interrupt your free will thinking. We are not to persuade or have you conform to our teachings. If you have intentions to receive certain messages, then we can only abide by that intention. Your accuracy in transmitting depends on what is acceptable to you.

Is the temporary moments of mystical occurrences acceptable over lasting eternal truths? Is praise and constant reassurance that 'you matter' acceptable over sincerely believing you are a divine child Paradise-bound? Is self-aggrandizement or popularity acceptable over serving the whole? What is acceptable to you regarding this method of


As a group, your intentions are known, and you have received these lessons accordingly. As particular spiritual beings are just beyond your vision, so are these divine words sometimes not recognized for the form they are in. The Small Still Voice within requires time to recognize. Chances are--it is quite recognizable and too simple to believe ... 'that could be it.'

Your most pure transmitted messages will come without much emotion or hesitation. They will be quite practical and acted upon with impulse, yes. Transmitted messages are to be thought of as un-extraordinary--completely natural. It would serve you well to desire NOT to desire when attempting to transmit.

This week I ask that you make time to journal and practice desiring not to desire. Release your expectations. I should make my presence known to each of you during these practice sessions, yes. I will take questions.

QUESTION: During the day when I receive higher thoughts/transmissions - are those Teacher given or given by my Thought Adjuster? (Paraphrased)

ABRAHAM: Understood. The teachers or Father Fragments that guide you are understanding of your techniques in which you can grasp ideas. You do particularly well to receive lessons in analogies or in ways that will produce visuals. You are utilizing more than one morontia sense when receiving in this manner--not only through thought, but also in your minds eye. It is a more complete understanding. It is as if your transmission process was in stereo, where what one morontia sense misses, the other can receive. Material beings do well with parables and analogies that are visual. This is completely natural for the transmitting process.

Other selections on the TR-ing process:

Mind and the mental preparation?

(Abraham November 13, 1995)

Practicing the stillness is a wonderful way to uncross your wires. To disconnect yourself from the world and reconnect with Father is a time for further instruction and understanding from Him. This sensitivity can be physical in the ways of electrochemical within the brain. This is perfectly common for this world that is now out of isolation and for the first time discovering what it is like to have full spiritual benefits. You see, the circuits and the electrochemical transmitters in the human brain all tie together. This is Father's original plan. This is how it was supposed to be all along.

Is long stillness of meditation helpful or hurtful to the Transmitting/Receiving process?

ABRAHAM: Long stillness practice is to misuse your energy. Too long stillness practice is to drain you of that energy that might be put to use through service. This meeting, for example, during the first part of my lessons the words are fairly strong. Towards the end of our meeting the words are fewer and less understood by the transmitter/receiver. We recommend short stillness practice, because when you begin to always allow God to live your life with you, you will find you are always in somewhat of a stillness practice. Stillness is a reconnecting and allowing Father to reach you. Advanced stillness is to use this practice in everyday living. Does this help?

Is this process new or something that should be natural-normal?

(December 30, 1996)

ABRAHAM: " ... To speak through another is not uncommon. We have perfected this method over time. And I would agree that everyone here this evening is quite capable of using this particular method, whether there is willingness is another question. But I say those mortals who claim to have exclusive rights on this particular method of communication are not being truthful. All are capable and indeed welcome to experience this technique. It is a matter of willingness and trust and allowance on the part of the receiving mortal. As time goes on this method of communication will appear to be quite natural and not at all the phenomenon some proclaim it to be. Still as this world progresses further into Light and Life this particular method of transmitting/receiving will be outdated and unnecessary to reach the masses, for the natural abilities of those who seek to live within the will of Father will easily have all needed information at hand through the universal circuits and the use of the cosmic mind."


Responses to Questions on the TR-ing experience:

Prior to this conference, we sent out these 7 questions. Here are excerpts from the respondents: Donna P.; Henry Z.; Cynthia T.; Thea H., Bill K.; and JoiLin J.

1. How [do] you recognize teacher presence. (Higher mindedness words, increase love feelings, calmness, etc.)

Donna: "Before the actual connection was made, however, I underwent many tingling sensations in my head, particularly on the left side ... Over the course of the next few years, there were many sensations in my head, feet and hands while my energy system was adjusting to the new vibratory level. Now when I TR, I open myself to the teachers and ask them to let me know when they are there and ready to speak. Although it is very subtle, a small voice will be in my head and they will ask to begin when I am ready."

Henry: " At first, I sense that the teacher is there. I call out to the teacher and the teacher answers almost immediately. During a session with a group, I get an intimacy with the teacher, and feel a strong connectedness. Some beings have different feeling sense. For example the difference between Michael and Nebadonia is a complete quality difference. Sometimes it is overwhelming in presence-energetically speaking. The sense of light is tremendous."

Cynthia: "The first time it happened to me, I had just finished a powerful meditation where I was so calm, peaceful, warm. sort of fuzzy warm, when I got a thought I must go to the computer and open a word doc.. I had no idea of what was going to happen but I closed my eyes again and the next thing I was typing and my first message came thru.. the typing was done with my eyes closed. "

Thea: "When I started, it came as a few words showing up in my journals - things like "we love you", "You are doing well" - things I would not have said to myself at that point. I had to work hard to tune in to teacher presence early, but doing lots of stillness practice helped me to learn better focus. I also had an intense experience with my adjuster that seemed to be helpful."

Bill: "Sometimes feel that a certain teacher is present..intuition. Always I hear, "Greetings, I am __________" or words to that effect."

JoiLin: "I have to admit that I -liked- the -feelings- (you know, the energy/vibrations, esp.) and got somewhat addicted ... However, after a few months those began to diminish...I was told the change was due to my own vibratory changes as I became more and more adjusted to -their- different vibrations."

2. Your method of word recognition. (Some hear words, some see words, some receive thoughts, etc.)

Donna: "When the teachers actually made contact, I heard a small voice inside my head on the left side ... Also, when I write at my computer, sometimes the words flow from my fingers to the computer screen, so I think that is a form of TRing also."

Henry: "I don't have a method. I hear words, thoughts, and more profoundly I sense a quantum of movement which unfolds a feeling into images complete with thought patterns, directions, then specifically into actual words."

Cynthia: "I have not analyzed whether I get thoughts or hear a voice.. but I seem to feel the words.. it's hard to explain, I don't have control of the fingers they just type."

Thea: "Early on, the words came one at a time like beads on a string. I could not perceive the next one until the first one was out. I did early computer work which was a little faster, but not much. In that case, I did not "hear" anything. The words just came through my fingers. I hear the words, but I hear them in my mind, not audibly. And the emotions are transmitted, and even more-so conceptual images. I see visual picturizations of the concepts."

Bill: "I hear the first words. After that I just start talking ... if I slow down then I may hear words again. I think I receive concepts and images, a lot of visual illustrations of the thought/concepts. Sometimes I only discover the subject of the transmission after I hear the words coming out of my mouth. At other times I know just before speaking what the thought is about."

JoiLin: "In the beginning, it came in ticker-tape fashion, from the right to the left: I -saw- a narrow, lite-up, band, wherein, I -saw- three to four words...these words hovered there within the space until I verbalized them. As soon as I did, they moved off toward the left, to be replaced with three to four new words. If I ever questioned if I had "gotten" them correctly, the words already verbalized would move -back- into the visual screen, until I verbalized them once again. Because of the way in which the words came, the slowness, and the fact that I -saw- them rather then experienced them in any sort of verbal way, it helped me to feel/know that they were indeed coming from otherness.

"In the beginning I only received words, however, over time I began to receive (at times) visualizations and sometimes whole concepts that I had then to put into words...this was a bit scary for me as it was more difficult to judge just how much of it was other and how much was me."


"The manner in which I "heard" the teachers began to undergo changes as well....over time, I lost the ticker-tape process and began to "hear" the teachers in much the same way as I "heard" my own thoughts! And I didn't like it at all!"

3. Physical aspects of TRing experience. (Chills, goose bumps, some kind of touch, ears ringing, etc.)

Donna: " ...Over the course of the next few years, there were many sensations in my head, feet and hands while my energy system was adjusting to the new vibratory level."

Henry: "None, just calmness and relaxation."

Cynthia: "For me a slight tightening around the head as if a band has been placed on it. not tight but comfortable. After the first few messages I found tears in my eyes and a overwhelming feeling of love and happiness."

Thea: "... early on, I had a number of physical reactions - mostly discomforts in the form of tense muscles, and the like. Machiventa always gave me headaches, and did so for a number of months. But in those days, I was still afraid and somewhat conflicted. When I transmitted, I clamped down on myself physically so that I could barely move. Now, I mostly feel hot afterwards, but so does the group listening."

Bill: "Almost none. Except emotions including crying at times, very powerful feelings then."

JoiLin: "I felt a very powerful vibration of energy moving all up and down my body, while I was transmitting, my head would rotate in a circular direction, and my eyes fluttered as in REM movement..."

4. Your method of delivery. (soft, expressive, verbal, writing, eyes closed, standing, sitting, squatting <g> etc.)

Donna: "I generally TR with my eyes closed in a sitting position, although I do TR for myself while meditating lying down. Also, when I write at my computer, sometimes the words flow from my fingers to the computer screen, so I think that is a form of TRing also."

Henry: "I speak verbally with my eyes closed. I listen then I speak. I am sitting in a specific chair in a specific location within the circle of our group." Cynthia: "Sitting with my eyes closed and hands on the keyboard."

Thea: "I typically sit with my eyes closed, but over time, I have been able to allow the teachers to gesture. I can transmit with my eyes open, and it happens on occasion, but it not usual. I prefer transmitting in the dark and quiet where distractions are minimized. I also take transmissions with relative freedom on the computer ..."

Bill: "I TR with eyes closed and usually sitting down. I do TR standing when doing the prayer at the end of the meeting. I speak fairly rapidly sometimes and project pretty well almost all the time. Being also a transcriber I know the importance of not mumbling in my beard. I also have some hearing loss which probably helps me speak up."

JoiLin: "For the most part, and esp. in the beginning, -very- soft....often needing to be reminded to project a bit more. Although, as I began working more and more with my personal teacher, Ambrose, when transmitting him the voice seems to be much stronger of its own accord...and yet when transmitting teacher Will, for instance, the voice always seems to be soft, feminine, nurturing. Also, in the beginning I never moved my hands or opened my eyes...later (after a few years of transmitting) movement became a more normal and natural thing...also Ambrose often asks me it I'm willing to open my eyes...he says that he is able to pick up on the mental patterns of what I see and so gets a better sense of the group, or individual I'm transmitting for. This was very scary for me in the beginning as I was so afraid that if -I'm- looking, then -my- mind has a greater chance of being involved on a conscious level...however, each time I've opened my eyes, it has always looked as if I'm looking through very dark glass...really weird."

5. How does group positive energy, or negative energy influence clarity? Donna: "There are numerous factors which can impede the purity of the message: ego, is the person tired, the concepts of the human that they must work within, emotional stability of the TR, etc. I feel those messages which have had the most impact on me are those that stick solely to the spiritual enlightenment of the individual and edify their intellectual knowledge of a concept while providing the means to have a spiritual experience of loving others more."

Henry: "Good question. I have not really noticed any difference. I am more concerned about my own energy. If I have been angry or frustrated, I sometimes have difficulty connecting. I work psychically for a living, so sometimes my energy level is low, This is the most challenging for me. When I am in good energy my connection is strong. I also t/r better in the morning, though all of the group sessions are in the late evening, when I am usually near exhaustion. Sometimes I get recharged through the experience, then collapse afterward."

Cynthia: "Have not been in a group only alone."

Thea: "Early on, negative group energy made transmitting more difficult, but it didn't seem to influence clarity. It was always a big faith journey for me and I did it even though I truly did not want to. I didn't want to, but I wanted the Father's will, and it was made clear to me that such was his will, so I did it anyway. Nowadays, neither positive nor negative energy has much affect at all. Even my being in personal distress doesn't affect what comes out. I notice it's the same for Mark; in fact, he can be very messed up and transmit beautifully. Perhaps we have just done it for long enough.

"I think fear of judgment is a big problem for new TRs, and not a surprising one. Fear of failing, of garbling, of it's not being anything but oneself, of letting down the group, of getting it wrong, making a terrible mistake - fear is really a hard part for some."

Bill: "Negative energy, as in skeptical attitudes among attendees, results in me feeling nervous and plugged up. But, surprisingly, it doesn't really affect the results..... so I am told and as it looks on paper. I just think it is more ragged than it really is. If I don't want to answer a question as the TR, usually the teacher/celestial honors that, although, not always. As I take less ego directed responsibility for the process, I am able to just let go and see what happens. No disasters so far! Mostly in our group I experience positive energy. I am sure it is helpful. If people didn't want to hear transmissions I would not TR."

JoiLin: "Not real sure about that, perhaps because I don't think I've ever experienced group negative energy... although, it could just as easily be because I'm mostly an optimist and rarely recognize negativity, preferring to call it by another name! Noise of any kind...phone ringing...dogs barking, etc. has never bothered me, and in fact, the teacher will always tell the group or individual not to be bothered over those kinds of things....for instance, they may tell the person to go and answer the phone, that they will wait, as time is not a problem for them."

6 . How long have you been Tring?

Donna: "I began TRing in December 92 and had quite an experience while I was first getting connected. "

Henry: "In the teaching mission since 1995-96. Before the teaching mission, I first came into contact with a teacher, consciously about ten years earlier. I was doing series of Artwork, and I got the distinct feeling-sense that what I was encountering was being "channeled."

Cynthia: "3 months (that I am consciously aware of) I have often got flashes of inspiration or intuition.. often get answers to questions that come into my head, I also receive answers in dreams."

Thea: "It will be eight years for me in early September since I first had teacher contact that I knew of. In retrospect, however, I have had contact for about ten years. LinEL first spoke to me a few years before I knew about the mission - sometime early in 1970. But I could not figure out what was going on, and when I first heard about the mission I did not connect it. He has since confirmed it."

Bill: "Since Cheney, I guess, at least as a group TR. Is that 8 years!!! I can't believe it but I guess so. We had TR practice sessions for several years just to learn the process, originally led by Debbie/Daniel at least for the first few sessions. I also practiced TRing with another group member for at least two years before doing group TRing."

JoiLin: "Well, consciously since about '93 or '94, and yet hindsight let me understand that I was doing it from about the age of fourteen...very sporadically....I would suddenly be aware of a huge "dump" of information that seemed to vibrate within my mind until I just -had- to write it all down."

7. What percent accuracy do you feel is your TRing--not you? (example: 70% teacher/30% me)

Donna: "After observing and being a TR for many years, the experience has been very positive as the TR is able to get a feeling for the personality of the teacher and experience the feelings of love they have for us. This deepens my love form them and to also extend that love to my human brothers and sisters. I cannot say, though, that this is a perfect process, as it is subject to the thoughts and speech patterns of the human TR."

Henry: "I feel the 100% is the teacher and that 100% is me. I am using completely both of these aspects. I am using my mind, my thought patterns, my word vocabulary, my speech nuance, all the while being guided by the hand and mind of a higher being. There is the action of the Thought Adjuster also. I actually think and believe that the teacher is allowing me to access the Thought Adjuster. There is a relationship there and I am not certainly clear about it. I also don't think it is important to define it. Because it is only peculiar to myself, no one else."

Cynthia: "That's a difficult question ... I can't really put a ratio, I am not always completely conscious as it is happening."

Thea: "This isn't something I think about much. We were told early on that it was a collaboration, and just like the UB, if what was in our minds was more or less accurate, then that's all that was needed. They would augment and assist when we needed more. So I suspect it varies a good deal, perhaps in a single transmission. If I thought about this a lot, it would drive me nuts. I learned early on that in spite of my skepticism, I just had to do it and let it be okay. I don't believe in infallible transmissions. I don't see how a collaboration between teachers and us can be infallible because we are fallible, and the more ordinary teachers are also not infallible. This does not bother me. I don't need every word that comes through me to be perfect. I think to expect someone to TR perfectly, or to want this, is to want of an imperfect being what only God can be to someone. Having said that, I have heard transmissions that were garbled badly (versus the smaller things that most of us have experienced) when a person's motivations were not okay and those people were not willing to face their own imperfections. I don't have a problem with someone who transmits something not quite right and openly questions it themselves, or has questions about it. It's not a pretty thing to see a distorted transmission, especially when someone is defensive about it. That really bothers me. I have only had one experience that I think fell into this category, though I always ask my group members for their feedback, as I don't expect to be the only arbiter of such things. And in that cast, the content was not a major problem, but the tone was recognizably NOT that of a teacher - they are endlessly compassionate and this was probably too firm. I don't know that for certain, but that's my current assumption. So sometimes it's mostly me, and other times it's mostly the teacher, and I think it weaves back and forth depending on the needs of the moment. I no longer bother to worry about this. I pray, and leave it in Father's hands."

Bill: "I don't look at TRing exactly this way anymore. I know it is a partnership between the teacher and the TR. There is no way to have "pure" transmissions IMO. But I no longer think of it as truth 3Dteacher and error 3DTR. I don't mean to be saying that there never is error, that's impossible in the time/space universes of Supremacy. I just try not to have an agenda, and I always offer myself to God in service before I start TRing. So I can't offer any appraisal of % of error. That's for each of us to decide. As to what percent teacher and what percent me, I know that my language and thought patterns are usually obvious, my vocabulary is usually present, except very occasionally I say a word that I don't think I know. This happened recently with the word "companionate" which we all thought was made up i.e. a neologism, I believe. Well, there it was in the dictionary. But different teachers "sound" different, even on paper. And they sure feel different."

JoiLin: "I know this is going to sound pretty darned egotistical, but I think it's -all- them, except when what comes through is -exactly- the same way -I- feel about a given subject...then and only then do I wonder if the thoughts are mine or their's. The funny thing about transmitting, for me, is that I rarely am able to remember what came though...sometimes I can recall something of the last few phrases, but in general, I'm really clueless and have to have the session re-capped for me at the end by one of the observers. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, or even normal, but it's the way it's always been for me."