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Transmitting & Receiving

April, 2000

Nina Newman

Part 1

The Transmitting Receiving Experience

Introductory words from Teacher Abraham

(Abraham-September 4, 1995)

It is my hope I can bring more reality and assist you in integrating your spiritual education with your human endeavors. I say this communication is not magic. This form of communication, transmitting/receiving, is quite normal, for you see it is done everyday, all the time. Whether mortals are aware or not is not the important factor of this communication. The important factor to understand is, yes, God has reached them.

I find it, this Mission, like your armed forces basic training. You volunteer, you enter basic training, the drill sergeant may remove your previous notions about the military. He may remove your misconceptions in a rather harsh manner and when the mind is free to receive correct perceptions about this new soldiers duties, he is well prepared to receive, for his old ideas have been disillusioned. The new recruit is ready to be trained in the manner that will best suit his duties as a soldier. In a manner of speaking the soldiers mind was somewhat like a chalkboard and the old ideas were erased to make room for new ideas and maps that would assist him in the future.

I say to you this is a part of our Mission, this disillusionment is appropriate now that you have experienced many expected illusions. I hope to bring heaven right before your eyes. I endeavor to make your apostleship a reality. I hope to make secure the foundation for this Mission to be built. It is my purpose to remove fear in your training to serve your fellows. To make your apostleship more of a reality I am to first remove the mystical ideas. This mystical thinking does not make for a good foundation. It is too far from your reality, from your realm of thought processes.

To make your apostolic service more of a reality I must also help you to connect with the Master. Those that have studied His life knows that He was not in favor of erroneous mystical thinking. He, the Master, was very solid. He knew who He served. He knew why, and therefore, He was taught how. The Master was human and divine just as you are.


What is Transmitting Receiving?

By Nina Newman.

Chances are we all do it every day and maybe we are just not aware of it. I think of the Transmitting Receiving (TR-ing) process as receiving divine information. Teacher Ham told us that to learn this process makes it easier to recognize the leading of our Indwelling Adjuster. How many times have we had the right words for a friend who was in need of some advice that would help them with a problem they were having. Perhaps we would think "How did I know the right information to help this friend out - gee, I'm pretty smart!" Was it our information?" Or in our desire to help a friend, did we turn inward to a divine source and open ourselves to receiving spiritual instructions?

TR-ing is probably more simple than you think, and chances are you do it every day. When I began in the Teaching Mission in 1991 with the Woods Cross Group and Teacher Ham, I had only had the Urantia Book for 1 year. Ham brought the book to life for me and made it more of a reality. He brought love to the sometimes cold hard facts found in the Urantia Book. At first this experience with Ham seemed quite phenomenal and our expectations were set high. Like those Apostles of long ago, we expected great things to happen, everything from showing us material proof of divine realities to being God's little chosen messengers. And, like the Apostles, our mystical hopes and expectations were dashed time and time again with words of practical spiritual direction from a wonderful teacher.

The 'TR fire' was spreading rapidly. Everyone seemed to be doing it. The transmitted messages included everything from predictions of the future to setting up a condo for the Melchizedeks. There were some good messages, but mostly we were like children who swarm an ice cream truck squirming in anticipation of what we were going to get. The real fun began after Ham left us. Individuals in the group tried to take his place but the messages didn't sound the same. We argued with each other over whose transmissions were accurate.

People started dropping out of the group. I remember being devastated because I loved these people. How can they just leave after all we had been through together? I learned then, how important commitment was. Was the Correcting Time over because our Teacher was gone? What about our studies from the Urantia Book and our spiritual discussions? . they were still productive! What about our friendship and fellowship? How many places can you go to talk about the Book and be with people of like minds?

I think if we can be truly committed to the Mission and the Correcting Time, it should not matter if we have a teacher or not. Commitment is saying "I am going to serve in this Mission in any capacity. Because some don't have a Teacher does not mean you can't participate in the Mission or that the Correcting Time is over. In your commitment to the mission you relax and there's no pressure to hurry and learn to TR. When I relaxed and had made a made a commitment to serve however Father wanted seemed to be when Abraham came.

We were down from 40 to 3 people in our group at this time. If the time that Ham was with us could be termed the gestation period, then the time after could be called labor pains. All we had was our big blue book and our commitment to each other and the Correcting Time. From this came our teacher Abraham and the birth of new understanding.

When I first began to transmit I felt a strange indifference over the whole process. I could have cared less whether we had a Teacher or not. We were still learning from study and discussions. I think in this mind set I could better hear Abraham because I had no desires or expectations. It was easy for me to take myself out of it because I had no feelings about the outcome of Abraham's message. The Urantia Book, in referring to the mortal subject from whom the papers came through, states that he was "quite consciously unconcerned about the entire procedure.".

Along with commitment and indifference, humility played a key role in TR-ing. Right before I had started TR-ing I had quit smoking and gained about 30 pounds, which was quite humbling. I think in this period of humility Abraham was able to speak his words without my ego in the way. I was embarrassed to have been so weak and out of not knowing what else to do I turned Godward.

From time to time my desires seem to sneak into a transmission. When I recognize it I feel quite humiliated and I use these moments to vow to do better or remember to get out of the way. I realized that I can't rely upon my own understanding, it is inadequate and I want more. In the story of Job from the Urantia Book he went beyond not relying upon his own understanding to actually abhorring it. It was then that the Book says he received a vision from God. Job finally came around to not wanting his will to be done, but Gods. From that came things even better than he could have thought up on his own.

When we first began in the Mission, our transmitted messages entailed predictions and pats on the back, which in time turned out to be un-fulfilling. No wonder many individuals dropped out; the transmissions seemed to be without substance and direction that assist in everyday living.

Like those excited children swarming the ice cream truck, we screamed out for what we wanted. Our faithful Teachers made effort to teach through our excitement and expectations. It was only when we became quiet and desired Fathers will that we got the good stuff. We had to make a conscious effort to give Father complete sovereignty over our individual lives as well as our group and Mission as a whole.

When I first heard Abraham he sounded like a whisper without breath or a faucet when you first turn it on. I had a feeling that he had been there all along, but I just didn't recognize his sound. It was almost like the ringing in my ears was used to form words.

There are many ways to receive transmitted messages, it's just a matter of recognizing how you receive it. If a Teacher detects fear from you ,using an audio method, then perhaps the Teacher will use a thought transferring method. It depends upon your comfort level and how you will better and most accurately receive.

One thing is for sure, we are all entitled to this gift. Transmitting/Receiving is not for the gifted or the chosen few. Group TR's are replaceable. If a group TR can't remove their desires and expectations it will probably reflect it. I believe group TR-ing is a group effort. There is definitely an energy that TR's can feel from their group. Mostly, I feel protected by my group, and there are times when someone new comes to the meeting and I feel negative vibes. If I can remove my ego-self I am able to put forth an accurate transmission. If I feel personally attacked by a skeptic, my ego gets involved, then I can't TR accurately. I feel a supporting energy from those in the group. They trust me and I feel a responsibility to give them the most accurate transmissions I possibly can. Their faith and trust in me enables me to transmit for the group. I will not let them down by imposing my own desires, because if I do, it will most definitely reflect in the transmissions.

The Mission experiences, good and bad, have been very valuable. We have learned to settle down and are ready to promote the realness. We are becoming committed to serving in this Correcting Time - Teacher or no teacher. We can learn to relax in indifference and trust that Father's plan is much better than our own. We can embrace humility as a teacher to better receive these divine messages. Everyone will probably at one time or another transmit a wrong message; not to worry, this is part of learning how to do it. Use these humbling times as stepping stones away from the ego and more towards Father. You can measure the accuracy of your transmitted messages by the spiritual fruits produced in your daily living.

The foundation we lay now will be what others build upon. Let's make it sturdy and long-lasting by remembering our responsibility to Father, each other, and the Correcting Time. I doubt we will ever be in the 'Urantia Book Part II the Sixth Epochal Revelation,' or, our own Teaching Mission made for TV movie, but, surely our efforts made today will impact the future. Let's be about the Father's business.


The Five Factors of Transmitting Receiving:



APRIL 4, 1999


"...This area of learning--this method of communication--has been likened to a vehicle spinning out of control. Some that transmit attempt to correct this spinning by imposing their own thoughts, while others attempt to turn inward toward the direction of the transmitting momentum. I can impart to you my understanding on this communication process, but certainly, my understanding is not quite complete. Individuals receive messages through various ways--whether it is through sound, thought, or a perceiving with the morontia vision. There are a few factors that I can help you with to gain more accuracy.

The FIRST factor is the act of releasing personal desires. You already understand how personal desires color transmissions. We can go back to the act of the laying down of one's life, the act of desiring NOT to desire, the commitment to drink the cup, to be within Father's will. Should Father have a message for me--so be it--if not--so be it! Yes.

The transmission process is practically useless if one is seeking attention or popularity. This is factor TWO. A desire for self-glory or fame is a direct disconnection from the Spirit -- completely understood by Father of course, and a part of the mortal experience -- but nonetheless, a disconnection.

Many who pick up the transmitting process have usually done so through the exercises in humility. To be small is an invitation to accuracy. A good transmitter detests any praise or credit from listeners. A well balanced transmitter understands the wisdom spoken is not their own. I will choose to stop here. I would resume our lesson on the transmitting process next week.


APRIL 11, 1999


I am ABRAHAM ... We seek to teach you this transmitting process to allow you access to internal divine truths. When there is not trust in your own inner knowingness you tend to rely upon the words of others. You search and still you thirst. You consume information and yet you still hunger.

Factor THREE teaches us that the transmission process is for our own personal growth towards our divine Father. To understand this morontia sense activates the internal compass to search within, to measure what you believe spiritually with what you know logically. All mortals utilizing the transmission process certainly must weigh your messages with your intelligence.

Father is intelligence. He would not ask that you sacrifice anything for His divine favor, no. Father would not bid you to engage in illogical risks while leading you on the path of your eternal career, no. We will make errors in the transmission process--no doubt. Father and Mother have granted you intelligence that may be used to filter your messages through. You most of the time cannot completely count on your fellows to loan you their intellectual knowledge of your divine messages. You have been granted the gift of mind, and we on the Teaching Staff full well expect you to utilize it, yes.

Factor FOUR is almost humorous in a way where we have been practicing to erase the lines of time and space. Factor four deals with allowing time to see the fruits produced from your transmissions, yes. Those that give you comfort or wisdom are useful and producing values, yes. It is easy at times to push aside a transmitted message--believing them to have been your own thoughts. I say that time can help you discern if these messages hold value or not. The purpose of learning to use this method of communication is to become acquainted with Father's small voice within. As you practice and use your morontial vision you can see within your message if Father has indeed spoken.

Factor FIVE is simply taught to reduce the mysticism of transmitting. On the mansion worlds this process is thought of as natural. Perhaps at first some are amazed by it, and later learn that this process is quite practical. Many look for signs that their mortal eyes cannot see that lend them faith. Some believe that mysticism brings signs which promote faith. This mysticism brings only temporary satisfaction. When the real truths come to the forefront do you find the mysticism to be un-fulfilling and fleeting. Solid transmitting brings with it lessons that may be used in everyday living. It is not showing the world--look what I am gifted at. It is not saying--I hold the answers--come to me! No. The transmitting process is personal -- is communion with those who are on High. Yes, I am stopping.