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Rob Crickett Narrative of his

Sojourn on Mount Hermon, Israel

[Machiventa Melchizedek is Urantia’s new Planetary Prince]

As I write this record, it is September 4 , 2001 today.

Bill MacLean from Melbourne, Australia, Henry Zeringue from Desert Hot Springs, USA, Matti Heinonen from Helsinki, Finland and I journeyed from Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee to Mount Hermon in the far north of Israel.

We had a reason for going there and the reason was birthed in the heart of our Father.

This morning, at breakfast in Tiberias, Henry revealed to us the content of his recent prayer and stillness time. He said that God had spoken to him saying: "Go to Mount Hermon today. There you will be in the presence of Machiventa Melchizedek; and Michael; and Michael's Personalized Thought Adjuster; and a host of others. You will be gathered to witness the change of regime from the past to the new."

There was excitement at our breakfast table by Henry's prayer time revelation. In turn, I shared that I knew all about this coming meeting. I said that my Father had called me to Mount Hermon whilst I was planning my schedule some five months earlier in Melbourne. I had not previously mentioned my reasons for going to Hermon, but then I shared with Matti, Henry and Bill what had been revealed to me about the coming gathering on that desolate mountain, and then I added, "On my web site, I provided the invitation for pilgrims to come with me to Israel. I left the individual Adjusters to prompt their human subjects according to their faith and purity and availability. I am glad to have you three along. I think that four is the minimum number for this meeting. If three people had not appeared before I left Finland then I would probably have drawn from the Australian Urantia believers who are arriving in Nazareth today. It seems that four is the minimum number for the job."

It was then that Henry said that during his prayer time, his Father had told him that I knew about this already, and for him to mention it to me at breakfast.

And so it was that we four drove to Hermon. We only missed one or two turn-offs on the road, and the journey was completely free of militant incidence even though we inadvertently came within a few hundred metres of the Lebanese border to the west of Dan. We gave a young hitch-hiking Israeli soldier a lift to a nearby town.

Arriving at Mount Hermon after around two hours, we took the ski lift to the very top; a ride of perhaps ten minutes. It was late summer and so the mountain was bare, wind blown, dry and brown. In the winter it is a ski resort of some significance.

When we reached the top and exited the ski lift building it was important for me to be about the Father's business quickly. Michael quietly spoke into my heart saying, "Go out to the right."
I did that, and the others followed. Then I saw a small hill near by, and as I looked at it he said to go up onto it. As we started to leave the road to climb up that little hill, a passing Israeli military jeep stopped and the soldiers questioned what we were doing. Bill told the driver that we were going up onto the small hill to pray. With that, they let us proceed. (Pictures are available on

When we came to the top of that small hill, in my spirit Michael asked me to go across to the flat area on the top of the hill. As I moved toward it he said, "There are four flat stones prepared for you each."

I saw the flat stones. They were in a sort of diamond shape and they were about two metres, six feet, apart. Each one of us seemed somehow suited to each stone place. I stood on the stone in the south. To my right, Henry stood on the stone in the east. Bill was on the north stone and Matti was on the west stone.

Upon settling into our positions on the four flat stones that Michael had indicated, the glory of God descended upon us and was all around us as if to form a womb of prayer and worship around the four of us as we stood in the hot, late summer wind on that mountain top. I soon asked my three human companions to raise their arms above their heads to yield to the glory of God that was present among us. It quickly became apparent to me spiritually that we were in truly sublime company, and that they were in great numbers and of diverse orders of beings.

It was after this Hermon meeting, as we discussed the event, that Henry and I both mentioned that as we stood, arms raised up above our heads throughout the entire meeting, we could sense the Israeli soldiers' rifle sites locked onto our backs from their post a few hundred metres away to the southeast. Israel, as you probably know, has been having considerable internal trouble for a year. The place is tense, volatile, and death strikes quickly, unexpectedly and frequently. I was aware of the fact that we were in a danger zone on that mountain, but I trusteed in the protection provided by the meeting's purpose. We both said that, despite this feeling of intense observation, we simply lifted our attention onto the invisible gathering all about us and paid no further notice to the soldiers and any possible threat to our physical welfare.

At length, after we had drunk freely and richly of the glory of God that was all around us on the top of Hermon, Michael spoke to the four of us as a group, as one of us, as familiar a friend, and I continued to speak his will aloud to Matti, Bill and Henry, saying: "You are four missionaries who have given your lives over to the Father's will and to my purposes for the advancement of Light and Life on this world. I applaud your faith and your loyalty to such duties, and I have much work that we can do together both now and in the future.

Then, changing his tone slightly from one of a friendly welcome to a more formal tone as head of the gathering on this mountaintop, yet with words that remained saturated with love, he continued. "This day, I, Michael, have brought you to this place to participate in a great event. This day is the ending of one regime and the commencement of a new and invigorating regime."
Then he turned his attention to all of us that were gathered there on the mountain, visible and invisible to us, and continued speaking: "I, Michael, relinquish my position of Planetary Prince and I offer it to Machiventa Melchizedek.

"This is the ending of the covenant that was once established by the Melchizedek Receivers of this world, Urantia, 606 of Satania in Norlatiadek: the covenant that established the people of Israel for the purposes of my coming incarnation.

"This is now the commencement of the regime of Light and Life. There is now nothing that stands between this world and its attainment of Light and Life status in the distant future.

"That which was once given to the nation of Israel has no more authority in this world.
"This which is being given to the world this day is a greater thing in the same authority, and it is for all the individuals of the world henceforth. This which is now given is the regime for Light and Life, and it has no end."

Then Michael intimated that I should proceed with a prayer of invitation. As I considered this request, it was my hope that all four of us would speak the inspiration of our hearts to this venerable gathering (it would not eventuate like this however). And so it was that I began to speak out into the wind all about us, and into the hearts of the gathered throng, saying:
"Thank you Father, Michael, and Mother, the Holy Spirit Mother of Nebadon, Nebadonia, for bringing us to this place on the top of Mount Hermon, the mountain of God in Israel, the Holy Land of Urantia.

"Thank you also for the opportunity to participate in this momentous occasion, of the ending of one complete part of history and the inauguration of an entirely new phase: the passing, in its entirety, of the Lucifer rebellion and the earlier regimes of the Sons of God, to the spiritual freedom of this new era of the journey toward Light and Life in Nebadon.

"We again wish to rededicate the offer of our lives wholly to your purposes on Earth, Father."
As I spoke I could hear the loud heartfelt cries of agreement of Matti, Bill and Henry echoing my sentiments to the gathered beings.

When we had driven from Tiberias to Dan and on up to the heights of Hermon, we had read aloud the records of Jesus' earlier sojourns on this mountain. Now that we four were gathered atop the same slopes, in the personal presence of this same Jesus, I reflected upon the date of this event and I continued speaking:

"Father, Michael, it was around the times of this day in late August that, for six weeks, you yourself came onto this mountain and on one of those days you defeated Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia and cut the root of the system rebellion.

"It was also around the times of this day that you again came to this mountain with your apostles some years later for the transfiguration, the occasion upon which you received the announcement of the perfection of your earthly sojourn by the Son and the Spirit.

"Now, here it is again that you have come to this mountain to initiate and herald the ending of the past policies and the beginning of the bright and endless way ahead that will lead to Light and Life on Urantia in the distant future.

"We are glad for the complete ending of the Lucifer rebellion and the initiation of the new way ahead for this world in spiritual power and truth."

Again, there came words of agreement from Matti, Bill and Henry standing nearby.

The power and the glory around us transfixed our attention to the matter at hand! We commented to each other later that there was all the sense of being like Elijah when he called down fire onto the offering in the presence of the five hundred priests of Baal. It was an awesome occasion.
Having spoken from my own heart's joy, and for the joy in all our hearts, I continued speaking by stating my request as a mortal.

It was becoming apparent to me that the swearing in of a Planetary Prince following the default of a previous Planetary Prince seemed to require an acceptance of the incumbent by at least four mortals of the realm, and their petition to Michael that the incumbent take up the position.
I don't know how real that understanding is: it simply seemed like that to me at the time. The same acceptance and petition may well have been presented by other groups of mortals, but we were given no evidence of that possibility. We simply followed the will of God as it unfolded within us and as it happened. I have no scriptural evidence for this hypothesis; it simply flowed out of my combined divine and human mind on Mount Hermon.

I continued speaking: "Father, we now petition, as mortals of Urantia, that you bestow the commission of Planetary Prince upon the Father of this world, Machiventa Melchizedek.
"He has won the love and respect of the people of this world for his endless service and his untiring loyalty to our welfare.

"We love him.

"We swear our undying loyalty to him as Planetary Prince, the same loyalty as we give to you our own universe Father; and the same loyalty that we give to our own universe Mother, Nebadonia. The same loyalty we give to the Most Highs of Edentia."

Then, turning my attention to the new Planetary Prince of this world, Machiventa Melchizedek, I said:
"My elder brother, the Father of this world, thank you for your every effort to maintain this world throughout the times of the past regime."

I called him the Father of this world because in my own spirit I perceived him to be the one who had adopted this world like a good and capable foster father. He, along with his eleven brothers, had rescued us from the dreadful course that resulted from Caligastia's betrayal and the default of Adam and Eve. He had laid a foundation of spiritual truth and trust that could lead us out of the pit of darkness of a Godless society and he had helped to establish us now as numbered among the worlds of the greatest promise in all Nebadon.

I felt that there was a parallel between what this fatherly Melchizedek had done for a people Israel and what he had done for a planet Urantia.

Four thousand years ago, he acted as a foster parent and spiritual director to an insignificant people in Palestine. He commissioned Abram as a figurehead, renamed him Abraham, turned him into a rich and powerful leader of a wholly new nation, and then he nurtured the following two thousand years of succeeding generations to be a people whose mantle was capable of inspiring the other tribes and nations of this world. Likewise for Urantia, as a foster parent, he helped to raise this world into a highly favored position in the entire universe of Nebadon. Perhaps the people of Urantia somehow now, or in the future, will in turn inspire the faith of the beings of Nebadon: perhaps they are doing that even today.

"Urantia is the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the chief of ten million inhabited worlds, the mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all Nebadon, a Melchizedek minister to the realms, a system savior, an Adamic redeemer, a seraphic fellow, an associate of ascending spirits, a morontia progressor, a Son of Man in the likeness of mortal flesh, and the Planetary Prince of Urantia. And your record tells the truth when it says that this same Jesus has promised some time to return to the world of his terminal bestowal, the World of the Cross." 119:8.8

Continuing on, I said: "Machiventa, I have been asked by my Michael and Father to request your acceptance of the position of Planetary Prince, and I will be bold enough to act so, not only as a part of the four who have been called together for this task, but also as a representative of the mortals of all Urantia.

"It is with a full knowledge of your love for us, and a deeply secure faith in you, that on behalf of the mortals of this world, I ask you to take up the mantle of Planetary Prince from our Father, the Michael of this universe.

"We have a perfect love for you in our spirits. We want you to be our Planetary Prince. We subject ourselves to your reign in our hearts and in our world. We pledge to participate willingly and gladly with you and your administration as you manage the program of bringing Urantia to Light and Life, whenever that glorious day shall be completed."

Machiventa then personally and wordlessly acknowledged his hearing of our request. It seemed to me that he would provide his ultimate confirmation not to us, of course, but to Michael and to his former Melchizedek brothers whose task it is to commission the Planetary Princes of the realms.
I had spoken for the mortals of Urantia and did not presume to speak for the Midwayers and other orders of this world whom I had sensed in the will of God would no doubt participate in their own act of acceptance of Machiventa and petition for his acceptance of the post of Planetary Prince of Urantia.

Michael next spoke to us, saying:

"Thank you for your prayer. You are very welcome at this gathering. Shortly you will move and gather again for further guidance and instruction."

Then he turned his attention to the entire gathering, saying:

"Let it be known then that four mortals of Urantia have requested and received Machiventa Melchizedek as their Planetary Prince of Urantia."

He then turned his attention lovingly to we four who were standing on this wind swept hilltop under the cloudless sky and the intense gaze of the distant Israeli militia.
Michael seemed to be speaking into the souls of all humanity as he said:

"May you all now prosper under his office.

"You will all find increased benefits from this day forward as Machiventa spreads his influence rapidly across this world aided by a new spirit."

Later on, as we four discussed the events, we shared the fact that we detected from the vision of the will of God in this mention by Michael of a "new spirit", that the divine power with which Machiventa will conduct his office as a Planetary Prince comes upon him, and upon the world, and into the hearts of human beings through the circuits of Mother Spirit, and that it fully equips him with the divine will and empowerment so to perform his role to the complete and perfect satisfaction of the Creator Parents of Nebadon, Michael and Mother Spirit, the Constellation Fathers of Edentia the Most Highs, and the System Sovereign Lanaforge.

During his earlier prayer dialogue, Henry had been told to, "With your companions, pray into humanity the new Spirit." He now concluded that this Spirit that came with the office of Planetary Prince was the Spirit that we should pray into humanity.

Michael then continued speaking about the impact of this Spirit upon humanity, emphasizing certain attributes, such as the cessation of the spiritual covenant between Machiventa (God) with Israel; the increase in individual and group spiritual power; enlarged and deepened cosmic consciousness in individuals and groups; greater light; increased divinity of relations; and enhanced workable relationships among all the people on earth such as to more effective learn to live as one family of sons of God.

As Michael's words ended and it seemed that this phase of the gathering was complete, we were interrupted by the gentle footsteps of a single Israeli soldier, now only two or three metres behind Henry and me. When I heard the sound of his boots crunching on the stones, my attention quickly met his Adjuster's mind. I perceived that his Adjuster was filled with greetings and kindness toward us, to all intents and purposes wanting his human subject to be close to our prayerful gathering. I turned to greet the soldier and, looking into his very young eyes, I asked, "Would you like to join us in prayer."

The young man smiled, and tried to not look like a soldier. Then he spoke in very clear English,

"No." Then his smiled deepened, "Thank you."

"I have to ask you to please come down off the top of this hill," he continued, as if intimating that perhaps we were in danger of being shot by neighboring Lebanese or Syrian snipers.

"Yes. Of course," I replied. Michael had indicated that we would shortly move from this location. And we followed him off the hill to lower ground south of the ski lift building.

About ten minutes later we were in front of the ski lift and off to its southern side. Henry said,

"There by that stone is a good place to pray the Spirit into the world." And so we all gathered beside a big concrete block that was about fifty metres from the ski lift.

Quickly, again, the power and the glory of God's presence surrounded us. I had asked if Matti or Bill or Henry wanted to add anything to what was spoken by me at the gathering on the top of the hill, but we were all satisfied that that phase of the event was completed. Henry and I could sense the presence of a new and previously unknown kind of spiritual force waiting to be bestowed into the world.

The Urantia papers has much to say about the role and nature of the Planetary Prince of this world.

The Eternal Son without reservation joined with the Universal Father in broadcasting that tremendous injunction to all creation: "Be you perfect, even as your Father in Havona is perfect." And ever since, that invitation-command has motivated all the survival plans and the bestowal projects of the Eternal Son and his vast family of co-ordinate and associated Sons. And in these very bestowals the Sons of God have become to all evolutionary creatures "the way, the truth, and the life." 7:5.1


The Planetary prince and his assistant brethren represent the nearest personalised approach (aside from incarnation) that the Eternal Son of Paradise can make to the lowly creatures of time and space. True, the Creator Son touches the creatures of the realms through his spirit, but the Planetary prince is the last of the orders of personal Sons extending out from Paradise to the children of men. The Infinite Spirit comes very near in the persons of the guardians of destiny and other angelic beings; the Universal Father lives in man by the prepersonal presence of the Mystery Monitors; but the Planetary prince represents the last effort of the Eternal Son and his Sons to draw near you. On a newly inhabited world the Planetary prince is the sole representative of complete divinity, springing from the Creator Son (the offspring of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son) and the Divine Minister (the universe Daughter of the Infinite Spirit). 50:1.1

Satan could come to Urantia because you had no Son of standing in residence neither Planetary prince nor Material Son. Machiventa Melchizedek has since been proclaimed vicegerent Planetary prince of Urantia, and the opening of the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer has signalized the inauguration of temporary planetary regimes on all the isolated worlds. It is true that Satan did periodically visit Caligastia and others of the fallen princes right up to the time of the presentation of these revelations, when there occurred the first hearing of Gabriel's plea for the annihilation of the archrebels. Satan is now unqualifiedly detained on the Jerusem prison worlds. 53:9.4

When such an era is attained on your world (Light and Life. Ed.), no doubt Machiventa Melchizedek, now the vicegerent Planetary prince of Urantia, will occupy the seat of the Planetary Sovereign; and it has long been conjectured on Jerusem that he will be accompanied by a son and daughter of the Urantia Adam and Eve who are now held on Edentia as wards of the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. These children of Adam might so serve on Urantia in association with the Melchizedek-Sovereign since they were deprived of procreative powers almost 37,000 years ago at the time they gave up their material bodies on Urantia in preparation for transit to Edentia. 55:7.3

It may be of some interest to readers to note that, in paper 56 of the Urantia papers, Prince Machiventa has personally and directly communicated to us all. His signature after the papers is: "Presented by a Mighty Messenger visiting on Urantia, by request of the Nebadon Revelatory Corps and in collaboration with a certain Melchizedek, the vicegerent Planetary prince of Urantia." 56:10.19

The events of this day were far reaching indeed. But, return with us now to the top of Mount Hermon.
I remembered that at Pentecost the Apostles' prayers had had little influence on the coming of the Holy Spirit that afternoon in the upper room following Jesus' ascension. Yet, it seemed to all four of us that human participation was sought in the bestowal of this new Spirit, the Spirit of the Planetary Prince's spiritual relationship with humankind the anointing of God the Eternal Son that accompanies the Planetary Prince.

Henry opened the prayer, saying: "Father Michael, send this new Spirit into the world now. May it be a great and powerful blessing for the upliftment of the world."
Bill and Matti and I all added a few words.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation. We all sensed the new Spirit was about ready to break forth. Then suddenly there it was! It spilled out of some kind of power within the Motherly Spirit of the Eternal Son, and poured through and over and around us simultaneously with spreading out all over the world's population. It really was as if it came out and through us and out into all the world, quite as if it needed to start with human beings who knew what it was and loved it and wanted it.
We were deeply moved. Oh! Deeply doesn't say the half of it! We were supercharged spiritually; glad of heart; and thankful for the grace that has come into the world with this Planetary Prince, Machiventa and with his great love for us all. It was a totally moving experience: it was world changing! But it was meant to be. Now the Eternal Son's anointing was personally given into all the earth.

We were so exhilarated by the encounter and the release of the planetary anointing that we really didn't know what to do but look out upon Israel far below us and shout our jubilation out into the wind. This was the site from which, on a clear day, one could see the Dead Sea, the high hill in Nazareth that Jesus loved to walk on, and even Haifa on the east coast at the Mediterranean's edge. Today, though, the distant horizon was hazy. From where we were standing though, the beings with whom we had held company were far more real than the kingdoms of this world. There was no haze about them and their purposes.

After a while, it became clear to us that our work was done and that all that was left for us was to descend Mount Hermon. It was some hours before we could effectively discuss the events that we had experienced together. When we sat down to a late lunch in some northern Galilean town, we spoke little, and of other things than Mount Hermon. All we could say was "Wow Unbelievable!" and "Praise God!" and "Hallelujah!" The experience was too full for quick digestion. The felafel tasted good, but our spirits were what were really filling us.

Later in the day we reached the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee. We drove past the ruins of Capernaum and Bethsaida, and on down along the sandy beaches to the southern most tip of the lake. When we reached Yardenit on the Kinneret Kibbutz, we slipped into the warm waters of the Jordan River and rededicated our sonship with God in the same manner that Jesus was baptised.

It was a good day. Thank you Father!

I had begun to write this record on the evening of the same day of our experience on Mount Hermon. The following day, as the other three enjoyed the salt bathing, I sat quietly in the cool of the En Gedi Spa restaurant and gazed out upon the Dead Sea and the hills where John the Baptist formed his passion, and I continued this writing. At the end of the day we settled in within the cream limestone walls of the magnificently positioned French convent in Jerusalem, la Maison d'Abraham. It is from this convent that I now continue writing.

Since descending Mount Hermon, I have been preoccupied with deeply pondering the significance of the events. I firstly wanted to do a reality check. Was our experience a real thing, it was it simply an imaginary thing? We all concluded that it was as real as anything else that we have spiritually experienced. It was not an experience of the transmission of information, it was a series of actions in which we participated with heavenly beings. For me it wasn't that alone though. I had experienced the release of an enormous and global anointing. I know what anointings are like. For many years I have watched them heal people, convict people, totally change people's hearts, and cause miracles to come about. I experienced both the glory of God as well as a wholly new type of anointing power on the top of Hermon. These kind of criteria make it real for me.

On the morning of Friday, 7th September, 2001, as Bill, Henry, Matti and I sat talking in the privacy of the lounge room of this convent, La Maison d'Abraham, Henry shared the prayer that had been spoken over breakfast. The prayer had been a "Word" from Machiventa himself, mainly welcoming them and acknowledging their faith. I had not attended breakfast with the three of them and I was keen to learn of the prayer when it was mentioned that Machiventa himself spoke to them over breakfast.

Following Henry's recounting of that "Word" from Machiventa, it became apparent that the new Planetary Prince was present to speak with us where we were gathered together in the lounge room. Bill had never been able to hear or to speak the will of a being of higher consciousness before, and so I asked him, and then also Matti, if they were interested in doing so. They both replied that they were interested. I then indicated for them how to identify the will of Machiventa, and thereby how to speak to him and how to receive his replies.

Bill immediately recognized what I was pointing to and he immediately heard Machiventa saying something to him, which Bill spoke out aloud to us. One word led to another and a flow of words began. This was not a flow like the Holy Spirit's prophetic anointing, it was more a simple dialogue between personalities.

Whilst Bill was speaking to us, or, essentially, while Machiventa was speaking to Bill who then spoke aloud to us what Machiventa was saying so we could also hear it, it was revealed in me that Machiventa could introduce the mindedness of the Finaliter who was accompanying Bill in his missionary work. With this in mind, I waited until Machiventa and Bill had completed their own dialogue, and then I said:

"Machiventa, Will you now please introduce Bill to the Finaliter who is attached to his ministry?"
Within a couple of seconds of requesting this, the room filled up with the glory of God and the presence of a Finaliter. Bill flushed with the rush of divine power and consciousness that filled his mind. In an instant, he was consciously in the presence of God in a wholly new way, and I subsequently asked Bill to relay to us whatever it was that this Finaliter wanted to say to us: which Bill did.

The lesson in all this, for me, was plain and simple. Bill had been struggling to find God speaking to him in his inner person. Suddenly, though, here he was now accessing God on the Adjuster's circuit as though it was second nature to him.

I had found a key to helping people to know God's presence and to hear his voice more effectively. It seems to me that people who can draw near to the Planetary Prince can be drawn near to Finaliters. Once they are drawn near to Finaliters they can function with the Adjuster's mindedness within themselves. Once they can function with the Adjuster's circuits, they can more easily be joined to Michael's mind and to Mother Spirit's mind. Once they can be a part of Michael's mind, he can make the way for them to access the Paradise Father directly. When once the Paradise Father is encountered personally, the Thought Adjuster moves into a higher and new phase of reality within himself and work within the human subject. When these things have occurred for the individual human being, the realness of sonship with God is realized between the human being and Michael and Mother Spirit at a local universe level, and the Paradise Father at an infinite level. Additionally, when these three levels of sonship with God are realized, then the human being also realizes the types of relationship that exist within universe citizenship and the person lives more fully as a morontia being here on earth. All of this leads to enhanced capacity for perfection and its Adjuster fusion.

The power that resides in all of this is that each of these celestial and divine beings want these relationships to come into existence, and it is they that in fact initiate them whenever possible. This means that the individual reader of the Urantia papers now seems to have a much greater access to sonship with God at spiritually and universally real levels that will really make a difference in their lives. For example, tonight Bill mentioned significant differences in his inner life and in his being, as a result of this morning's encounter with Machiventa and this Finaliter. It is, of course, the qualities of consciousness that a Finaliter can bring to the mind of a human being that is so significant. They are wholly personal, wholly human, wholly God, beings. When one of them draws close to you, the empathy between you and that perfectly divine being stimulates a "revival" between the liaison of the Adjuster (who is a pre-personal God as compared to the Finaliter who is a fully personal God mind) and the human mind that is growing into its ability to know the mindedness and purposes (will) of God.

I was so impressed with this revelation that I hope to incorporate this activity for those people who participate in the deeper conferences I provide within RCIM.

This ends my record of the events we experienced on Mount Hermon together. We, four brothers in sonship with God, Bill, Henry and Matti have all read this record and concur with it prior to it being released openly like this.

Rob Crickett. Jerusalem, Thursday, September 6th, 2001