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The Revelatory Commission Sponsored the Papers of The Urantia Book for revelation to Urantia.

January 29, 1993

Corvallis, Oregon

Transmission [edited for missing words in brackets]




Dear Ones:

You have come to a time in your careers when you can no longer merely sit by passively and let events unfurl about you without also adding your voices to the choir of praise and glory to the righteous living reign of our Sovereign Michael that is being proclaimed at this very moment.

We, your celestial advisers, from the rank of Personalized Adjuster, Paradise Councilor, Mighty Messenger, Superuniverse Administrator, down to the loyal legions of Nebadon's angelic orders, created Sons of Michael, Morontia Ascenders and your very close relations, the Urantia Midwayers, and so many more, are urging/suggesting/advising our dear mortal contact groups to now begin to coalesce into a more cohesive whole. You are a precious living organism made up of sincere, wholehearted, communion-seeking, God-knowing individuals, responsible and dedicated. This is of immeasurable value to us.

All of you in the group at present have now had ample opportunity to assess the truth reverberations that have occurred from participating in the Uplift Mission and the transmission/reception process of conscious active receiver or have asked those many wonderful questions you, by your continued participation and presence, state your sincere faith in our cause and our mission. And by your sustained efforts are you all being elevated in your ability to actually discern and accomplish the doing of your Father's will. Your faith is making you whole.

You and others like you are being asked to pick up the torch of truth, to carry the baton of fact or actual spiritual communion experience to your brothers and sisters. Not only those you may meet in the future, but also to those in the Urantia movement that you have met in the past. WE ask that you fellowship those Urantia Book reader-believers, who having read faithfully every word, have intellectually concluded that the time of revelation (God communion) have either occurred in the past or in times to come, and to someone other than themselves!

You readers have been told time and time again of the necessity of patience and calm and steady perseverance. This injunction to patience will stand until the time when you are so aligned with the will and meter of God that patience has become superfluous. But exhortations and patience were never meant to be understood as a denial of the ability to experience the immediacy of God communion and its immediate effects in your daily life. You faithful group members have all experienced a heightened awareness of the immediacy of your Father Fragment and associated celestial personalities. Your faith is leading you all into even closer association with us, your Unseen Brethren in Michael's service.

Such living faith, such trusting cooperation with spiritual realities are exactly the results that we Revelators had hoped for in presenting the Urantia Papers to your weary world.

The butterfly is bursting forth from the confines of the chrysalis, and the caretakers who have been holding the cocoon have been left aghast at finding it empty, the butterfly of true spiritual experience having emerged and escaped unnoticed, while the caretakers were engaged in petty squabbling over which one of them "owned" the cocoon.

But if that glorious butterfly of living faith should happen to alight briefly on the head or shoulders of the caretakers, they would (at least momentarily) stop their bickering in their delight at seeking the beauty that their watchcare has fostered. And as the butterfly follows its God-appointed rounds of the garden, the caretakers can choose to either take pride and delight in what they have helped to produce, or they can continue to squabble, and be asked to leave the garden.

In joy and wisdom has our Father seen fit to populate the world with multitudes of human faith ascenders of all varieties. The world has tipped toward the warmth of God's love. It is only natural that there should be a growing number of mortal ascenders who are emerging from the confined cocoon of mere intellectual knowledge and try out their beautiful new wings of an actual living faith.

Bless your benefactors with a glimpse of what their patience and perseverance has manifested. Show the intellectual believers the reality of spiritual metamorphosis. Bear with your Urantia movement brethren who are still grasping at the Book and its associated machinery and administration. We have poured a great deal of time and care into fostering that machinery and organization and do not wish to see diligence left behind. unacknowledged and discarded, if at all possible.

We desire that those of you [who are the] loyal readers, [and] who have interfaced with members of the Uplift Mission, [that you] would share your faith experience [with the Uplift Mission] with any of those custodians who care to listen. [editor]

First, we would like more of the receiving group members to meet together, for you will be surprised at your number and you will be astounded by the quality and consistency of your experiences. Then shall the growing number of living faith sons revitalize the faith of those who have been caring for the mundane details of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It is our desire that they too share in the new era of spiritual celebration and faith realization.

Yours in peace and fellowship,

Your fellow faith servants of Michael

The Fifth Epochal Revelatory commission