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We ARE Here

1992 - 1993

The single mission -- to ignite the candles of love within. (RondEl)

Collection of Various Teachers & Subjects:

MICHAEL (undated) - Why We Are Here

HAM (2/1/92)- Announcement to Los Angeles Fellowship Conference

ABRAHAM ( 7/23/92 Sarasota, Fl) - My Work Here

TARKAS (12/18/92) - Introduces Mission To Cincinnati

MaCHIVENTA (undated) - Nature of Correcting Time

NORSON (undated)- Nature of Correcting Time

ARANDA (3/5/93 Burlington, IA) - Eternal Truth of The Message

AARON (6/29/93) - Mission Beginnings

LOREL, Will (6/19/92) - Scope of The Mission

LOREL (7-31-92)- Interaction With A transmitter

LOREL (12-17-92) - Bringing Light and Life

AFLANA (3-26-92) - Implanted Ideas

ORAN (undated) - Spiritualizing Our Thinking

TARKAS (undated) - Correcting Time Compared To Other Worlds

HAM (undated) - Bringing Unity Under Christ Michael’s Plans

LOREL (9/30/92) - Receiving A Personal Guide

VANESSA (5/14/92) - T/R via Computer

TARKAS (undated) - Pain and Suffering

HAM (undated) - Ending Isolation

MICHAEL (undated)- Choosing Humans To Help With The Second Coming

Why We Are Here

From Christ Michael, transmitted (date) in Oklahoma City

I am here to bring gold and riches in the form of my love. Men have chosen to turn away from this love in order to maintain servitude to their wealth. Christians are not excluded from this menagerie of experience. Many have fled my love in search of alternate forms of comfort so that I am forgotten in their hearts -- almost forgotten.

I am here to resurrect the Spirit of Truth in those who wish to seek. I will assist any and all who are willing to respond to my call. When you confront those who view me as the Christ, you may acknowledge their right to see me in this light, and continue then to assure them of my love for them.

Do not be dismayed at those who may wish to chastise or criticize your well-founded truth in my arrival. Many are afraid and will not come forward for they fear my wrath. As you speak, I also search for ways to reach those who are in fear. Will you join me to assist those who cannot perceive the gifts I bring? When you speak, I echo your concern, and walk with you in your prayer.

I am simply created from God your Father, my Father, completely and wholly filled with His love. I entered your planet as man to fulfill the destiny which rules my existence. I permeate the heavens. I touch the essence of who you are. I bequeath you ... Hear my sound. It is of harps playing in the heavens. Finely tuned to your spirit, I sing.

I am here to hold with you, in my hand, a package made of the finest gold. This package is soft and sweet and gentle, and whispers into your palm the truth and glory of our Father.

I am here to love, to help, to bandage the wounds suffered by the infliction of doubt and fear. I am here. Feel my love. I am here. Do not forget. For I cry with loneliness of abandon when my children forget. I am here to serve. I am the Son of God.

Blessed be He Who has created the Heavens and the earth, enriching our lives and making them whole. I am here to spread his word. I am the taskmaster sent to spread evenly among all peoples. Embrace me as I embrace you. All can be restored. All can be restored. It is possible. It is fathomable. It is.

Ham announces the celestial Teaching Mission to the Urantia Fellowship in Los Angeles -- 2-1-92.

The love of God enfolds us, the power of God protects us, and the presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, He is.

My profound and sincere greetings to you all this evening. I am Ham. I have been commissioned to bring the light of truth and the understanding of our Father to Urantia.

I am one of many teachers. All of us are awaiting the greater reception of our words and we are desirous of placing many teachers among you. Great is our mission.

Understand this in your hearts. The time has arrived for an expanded level of truth to begin correction. We come, not for ourselves, no, indeed only in service of Michael. This day marks the beginning of the Correcting Time. Machiventa Melchizedek has arrived and has been duly inaugurated as acting Planetary Prince of Urantia, an assignment he has accepted from Michael.

Long years we have awaited this day. The Lucifer rebellion is officially ended in Nebadon. The circuits which have isolated your world are being re-opened. All these changes are occurring. I am in accordance with the plan of Michael. Happy and joyous is this day! Blessed in the sight of our Lord, gracious listeners. I bid you welcome to change. We mark the beginning of the reign of Prince Machiventa on this day.

Message from Abraham (Sarasota, Florida - 7-23-92)

My Work Here

(NOTE: Abraham states that he is the same personality whose career is chronicled in the Bible. As in Biblical days, he continues to work with Machiventa Melchizedek in the Correcting Time on our planet.)

Good evening, my comrades. I am Abraham. This is my initial contact on a verbal level with your group. I have been here and watched you in your meetings numerous times.

I am the commanding officer of the Reserve Corps of Destiny under Machiventa Melchizedek, with whom I sojourned on this planet some 4,000 years ago. It is with great pleasure that I have volunteered to assume a duty here which I highly honor as it is in the service of my dear friend, Machiventa. Of course, we both serve Michael.

You, now, have been enlisted into this incredible time for service at the beginning of what is known to us as the Correcting Time. Your mission is a simple one. Conduct your lives in such a way with joyful countenance radiating the light of God. This will be so attractive to those who are willing to serve this mission and do the will of the Father that they will seek you out and ask you from whence this light comes.

Your message to them is a simple one. The same as the good news that Christ Michael delivered almost 2,000 years ago. Know by faith that your eternal Creator Father exists and you each are His spiritual children, here on Urantia. Thus, you then become brothers and sisters in spirit, living to elevate each other with your love and service to one another, manifesting thereby the ultimate purpose of the creation to love one another.

We are well pleased with the expansion and the acceptance of the voices of our teachers of the Morontia Corps who have approached you gently, subtly, waiting for you to accept your abilities, your talents, your courage, and with faith to step forth and overspeak those things which we have given you.

Worry not, fear not, that there may be some transmission inaccuracies, for, by and large, you are doing extremely well. The small inconsistencies and errors of your transmissions will soon become very, very minor and anything of substance which we feel may mislead anyone will be corrected shortly.

I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to see these groups proliferate in a short time across the United States from coast to coast and many states in between. Soon you will double, then quadruple. There are many of us in this mission who are waiting to serve -- waiting for the willing mortal to allow us to serve -- to transmit spiritual mota, which will bring you personally into a higher level of spiritual awareness and in turn promulgate, disseminate, and teach, with all that is available to you, including energies to do so, given with abundance.

I love you. Machiventa loves you. Your teachers love you. And Michael loves you. Your Father truly surrounds you with his love.

Tarkas Introduces the Mission in Cincinnati - 12-18-92

Greetings to all of you. My name is Tarkas. I am a part of this teaching mission that has been commissioned by Michael and the Father Himself to help bring spiritual peace, spiritual solace to your troubled planet.

If you could see all of the beings, all of the help, that are coming to your world and all of the worlds that were a part of the rebellion. You would not believe how immense, how much of an effort is being brought to your planet to help heal all of the problems that you have had.

I understand that this may seem somewhat strange to most of you. I ask only that you listen and that you ask within your own heart and minds ... ask your own divine guidance. If what you hear is true, if you believe that it is, then I encourage you to come to continuing sessions. If you believe that it is not true, in the long run, in the eternal sense, it makes no difference. The Father's love for you is as great no matter what you might decide. I simply ask that you keep an open mind and that you listen for our Father's guidance.


I will leave much time this evening for your questions. But I would first like to talk about the nature of this mission and what it is that we are trying to accomplish.

Our purpose is not to take the place of our Father within your life. The Father is your ultimate guide. We would never be so presumptuous to do that. Our purpose rather is to help you grow in your understanding and your contact with the Father.

No matter what it is that you do, there is a learning process, there is a growth process, and you must learn to develop and to grow spiritually, just as you do mentally and physically.

What we are here to do is to provide some help for you. We are your teachers. As you struggle and you have questions, we are your tutors, your counselors, your teachers. We believe that by doing this we can help you in your spiritual growth. The more you grow spiritually, the more you are able to allow our Father's love to flow through you so that others may see His love within you, the sooner the benign virus of love can spread to all of this planet.

We do not have enough people involved in this mission to work with every single individual on this planet, so our goal is to teach and help you, in hopes that you, in turn, will be of service to your brothers and sisters, and again show forth our Father's love so that they might be attracted to you ... they might come to groups such as this.

Can you imagine for a moment if every human on this planet were meeting in a group such as this to discuss spiritual growth and progress once a week or once every two weeks? Can you imagine how quickly things would change on this planet? Now things are accelerating, but there is much, much work to do, and there seems to be sometimes so few laborers.

I would suggest that this is an opportunity for you, an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to serve your brothers and sisters as you grow. In the universe, whatever you learn, you must turn and teach it to others. This is the way of growth.

We are here to help the spiritual growth on this planet, but we may not interfere with your human will. We can help you, we can guide you, we can teach you techniques and methods that will bring you closer to the Father, but we can not do it for you. You must do it. You must make the choices. But again, we can help you grow more quickly.


In all that you do, I wish to assure you that, despite the difficulties and the problems on your world, our Father and this entire universe of universes is truly dominated by love. You simply have no idea of the love and the beauty that awaits you. We hope that, with our help, we can bring you, in this lifetime, closer to our Father's love to help you feel His love more deeply in your life. If you seek inner peace, and if you seek true happiness, this is the path. There is no other.

QUESTION: I would like to know about you. If you will tell us a little bit more about yourself before we start asking about ourselves.

It is not our purpose for me to reveal much about myself, and it has little to do with our mission. However, having been a human at one point, and having worked on several missions with humans on worlds such as yours, I understand your natural curiosity, and I appreciate your sentiment of friendship, and wanting to know something more about me personally.

I am from what your text describes as this local universe. On my world, I was a teacher of children of an adolescent age. I was married and I had three children of my own.

The world where I came from, as with most of the teachers involved in this mission, was already settled in light and life. It is very difficult for you to imagine a world like this. I had so many opportunities that are not so prevalent on your world.

On my world it was natural to grow up with everyone wanting to love you and to do what was best for you. The knowledge of our Father and our universe was assumed and understood. There were no wars. We had evolved beyond these types of problems.

I know this sounds somewhat Utopian to you, and in a relative sense it is, but yet I also want to assure you that many of us in a sense envy, in the best sense of the word, you and your opportunity to be on this planet. As you progress through the universe, you will find that people will continue to grow and continue to develop, but their needs are not so great. There are not so many who need such dramatic help.

You here have the opportunity to help someone every day of your life, even if it is a kind smile, a kind word. These are things that mean something to the people that you meet each day, let alone the opportunity to bring them into meetings or to discuss with them the opportunity for them to grow more spiritually and grow closer to our Father.

On our worlds, the needs were not so great, and so the opportunities to be of service to each other, while always there, were not so dramatic. So, in one sense, your lives are more difficult, but at the same time your opportunities are so great.

Assignment: Daily Worship, Prayer, Forgiveness, Love

Let me say to the entire group, that what I wish you to begin this evening to work on, is to begin seeking the stillness, to worship daily. I know that you read this in books, and I know that you all say, yes, that is important. But I can not tell you how important it truly is.

If you want to feel the presence of God, if you want to feel at peace within yourself, you must learn to practice worship on a daily basis. You must seek to see our Father as the most loving, the most wonderful being you can possibly imagine. He knows you intimately. He knows everything about you. There is no one who could understand you more. There is no one who could be more loving and understanding and merciful towards you.

Each day, talk with the Father about your life, your hopes, your concerns, but also listen for His response. Thank Him each day. Try to feel His love in your life more each day.

The second thing that I will ask you to do is to begin to pray each day. We will learn much about prayer over time. But for now I will simply say, pray for others. The Father knows your needs. As you talk over your concerns with Him, you are in a sense praying to Him.

When I suggest prayer, I mean prayer for others. Pray for them in a specific way. Think of many spirit beings all waiting to answer prayers. If you are to say "God bless America,” envision yourself as a spirit being waiting to be assigned and wanting to help. If someone said to you, "God bless America,"where would you begin?

But is there someone that you know who is having a problem, learning to forgive themselves or others, and who carries much anger and hate with them because they do not understand others? You can ask for specific guidance for them to receive the understanding or insight to help them resolve a specific problem, or ask that they meet someone who could help them.

Pray for specific outcomes and specific situations and I think that you might find that you see more answers to your prayers. Understand again that all sincere prayers are answered in time. But it may be in your lifetime and it may not. Much depends on the nature of your prayer.

The third thing that you must begin to work on is forgiveness. How can you turn to our Father and ask to receive his love if at the same time you feel hatred, or anger, or resentments? You must let go of these things. None of you are perfect. None of the other beings that you know are perfect. You must develop a more loving attitude.

When you see a young child make a mistake, do you stop loving that child? You grow frustrated, perhaps, but what do you say to yourself? It is a young child. I love them. I hope that I can guide them and help them to correct a particular behavior. I would suggest to you that you are all still young children. Whether you are three or eighty, in the universe scheme of things, you are all young children.

Did any of you grow up with perfect parents who know how to guide you in every single way, in the best possible way? I would think not. And so would it not be true that for every individual there are areas of their character or personality that they have not been guided in properly? And so, when you look at others, learn to love them, even if you dislike a particular behavior of theirs. Learn to separate that behavior from that person. Want the best for them and do not be so disappointed when they do not respond to you in such perfect ways, and do not be so disappointed with yourself when you do not respond in perfect ways.

There is nothing that our Father would not forgive you for. If you turn to the Father with the intent to say, "I will try harder, I know I might have made a mistake," I can assure you that you are already forgiven. But when you turn to our Father, when you ask for His love and His guidance, do not bring malice, do not bring hate, do not bring anger and resentment towards your brothers and sisters with you. You must learn to let go of these things.

The final point that I would say to you is that each day, try to look at someone and imagine that there is a most loving and wonderful spirit fragment of our Father residing within them. If you were talking to Michael right now, how do you think you would act?

And so why do you not do that with each of your brothers and sisters? I know that this seems difficult, but what I am suggesting to you is that, as you grow and as you develop, and as you feel our Father's love, in fact you will learn more and more, you can see your brothers and sisters in this way.

You will see them with a loving parental attitude, just as Jesus had that attitude towards the apostles, towards all of the humans that he came in contact with. If you seek love, if you seek happiness, if you seek peace, these are the things that you must do. Everything is a matter of practice if you desire. Just try each day to make some progress, and in time you will find that others are responding to you differently. You will find that you have a different attitude and feeling about yourself.

I know this seems easy to say. I know that it must be a decision on your part to pursue these things. But I tell you, this is the way of the universe. The universe is filled with love and goodness, and as you grow in this universe, these are the things that you must do to promote that growth.

As we begin our sessions, over time, we will explore each of these more thoroughly. We will have sessions on each of these and we will go much more deeply into the understanding and practice of each of these. But I want you to understand that this is what this mission is about. We are here to help you grow spiritually. If that is not your desire, if that is not your intent, then I would suggest that these meetings will not be interesting to you.

I say that as a matter of theory, but I know by the very fact that you are here, that you have this desire to want to grow, to want to come to understand and grow closer to our Father, feel His love more in your life each day, and to learn to serve your brothers and sisters in a more loving way.

On Serving As A Transmitter for the Group ....

First, you must understand that there is no special spiritual status associated with this. It is really based only upon your willingness to fulfill this function to help your brothers and sisters. All of those who perform this function must continue to grow at this and develop as everyone else. You must want this. You must make a certain level of commitment to do this. If this is your desire, then I would suggest that you pray, and that you seek guidance about this.

Learn to seek our Father in worship. When you worship, give thanksgiving to our Father, talk with Him, and try to feel His love flow through you. If, at that time, you feel that this is your desire to help in this mission, then ask for contact with myself or a teacher, and after you ask this question, pause, and try to still your mind and listen. If you feel that you have some contact, if you begin to feel that you hear my words in your mind, then I would encourage you to have a tape recorder nearby and simply speak whatever comes into your mind.

Do not engage your mind. Do not worry. Do not be fearful. Simply allow yourself to vocalize the words that flow into your mind. Afterwards, you can then play back this tape, and then you can make your assessment; if you believe it is your own mind, or you believe it is true, and has truth content to it. It is a growing process. It takes a while to become comfortable with this process. But that is what is required. Everyone here has that potential; it is a matter of your learning to still your mind, and the matter of your willingness to perform this function for the group.

On the Correcting Time

from Machiventa Melchizedek

Everything must be put out on the table, and we have to polish and shine and examine every single key. And in doing this, we cause disorder. And, if there is any who clings to the item as it is, unclean, unfiltered, unpurified, the whole suffers. All these dark secrets must be pulled out, all these hidden resentments, prejudices, we must get them all out in the open so mankind becomes aware and begins to act and make decisions for his own good and for the good of the whole.

There is no place for greed, no place for selfish interests. There is no place for self-centered one-up-manship. It is time to cooperate, time to unite talents, diversibility, qualities. It is time for all to begin to work together, and then it will instantly evolve and become the nothingness that it really is. It is powerful only because mankind clings to it. Prejudiced ideas, confused thinking. He refuses to let go.

This has been inbred genetically for many, many generations. It is the remnants of the primitive society which Urantia is still harboring. It must be cleaned up. It must be upstepped.

I have returned to Urantia to be a part of this clean-up, a part of showing the Light, shining the way for Mankind. I will materialize. I will be walking among you. It is not as far away as you would seem to think. It is not as close as you would desire, but everything that is happening on the planet is changing, is moving, is going to culminate in my appearance as a Melchizedek which has been so long promised through eternity.

From Norson

All the love of the worlds will soon be focused on your home planet of Urantia. Many beings throughout Nebadon will be praying for your world all at one time. The energy of love that this will generate will bring much light and life here. This will be the start of a new epoch, the age of light and life.

Expect this to happen as soon as all preparations are made ready. Yes, this will be very exciting and an amazing time to behold. You will all feel this love energy. You will all know that this is happening. Yes, it will be something like the coming of the Spirit of Truth two thousand years ago, but much more universal in the recognition by all.

We will continue to prepare you for this time. You will be ready. You all will be ready if you continue to study and seek the stillness.

Nature of the Teaching Mission

We are not here to teach you facts and figures you can find in your Urantia Book. We are not her to prophecy and emotionally excite and stimulate you. We are not here to gather you into groups to hear us expound about our thousands of your years experience and observations.

We are here to teach you to expand your consciousness. We are here to teach you how to think and how to teach others to think. We are here to enable a few to encounter the phenomena announcing a new world order and for those few to know how to share this with others until the whole population of Urantia expects more than another day of dog-eat-dog and"”I’ll make hay while there is hay to get" or "Do unto others before they do it to me".

These are misunderstandings of great truth -- truth which would enable you to be living in the relative peace of Light and Life. However, because of the rebellion and default, there are many such evils which we must cancel and erase from your perceptions. Are you ready to erase them?

-- LorEl

Our Current Level of Spirituality

Three quarters of the population here, now, do not truly believe that God is here and available to all. Many of them are able to seek occasionally but are not true believers.


Purpose and Difficulty of the Mission

Our mission here is to discern how best to educate the forward-looking souls, and one day we will be amongst you to facilitate the process directly.

I know the hardship that is experienced in the seekers who hold to the high ideal. I would recall to your attention the portrayal of my good friend Abraham when we were together in the flesh, and he would charge into the next city to spread the message by sword and by force, and to illustrate that his zeal, though misdirected, did not harm him in his ascent, as he stands with me today in service.

The amazing spectacle of Urantia is that this planet was able to grow in spite of the difficulties, and it will be corrected over time more rapidly as we undergo this process. The traditions, the conceptual frameworks, the social organizations you have will change. Much is changing today, and is causing distress amongst the factions of your societies. Let us work together toward the inevitable.

-- Machiventa

Eternal Truth of the Message; It Isn't New

We wish to enhance your experience of the worship of the Father. Much that we talk about is known to you. We are aware of this. Often there is not anything especially new concerning the lessons we bring and those things we wish to convey and teach. Many of these things have been taught on your planet and you have been brought to these by the Spirit of Truth.

These same things will continue to be brought forth until they are completely mastered. It is now that we wish you to work harder than ever to extend the love and light to the world.

 -- Aranda/Burlington, Iowa 3-5-93

Earliest Beginnings of the Mission

It has long been known your desire to be of service in any way possible, and that goes for many of you within this entire mission. In many ways, the desires you set out years, and for some, decades ago, were the catalysts for the coming about of this mission to this extent.

On nights when you stared at the stars and wondered where you were going, wondered how you could change, and how you could understand, and how you could know the truth better, this was the true beginning of this mission.

-- Aaron 6-29-93

Scope of the Mission

Not only are teachers arriving daily, but those educated and experienced in government and politics, those technicians of biological uplifting, those working with methods of restoring and healing the earth itself, those calling the downhearted and downtrodden into hope and faith, those who educate on all levels are arriving daily! Much is happening! More will happen. This is not bound by time.

-- LorEl 6-19-92

I commend your efforts to understand our purposes. But because of your inexperience and your insistence on interpretations which suit your human views of the world in which you are actors, you overrun and pass by the true goal.

It is not our purpose to change your world. It is our purpose to change you. By initiating changes in each of you and all your brothers and sisters by faith and by the example of service, it will thereby change your world. But the modification of worlds is not within our job description. We work one person at a time. That’s the Father’s desire.

-- Will

Interaction With A Human Transmitter

Yes, it is true that all transmissions are colored by the transmitter. This does not mean that the transmitter changes the message. Only that the message takes on the vocabulary and conceptual structure of the transmitter. If they have no memory records of a subject for us to use, we are almost unable to get a message across.

-- LorEl 7-31-92

We have heard your discussions about the transmissions and the errors in the transmissions, and also the questioning about how much of what is transmitted comes from the individual who is doing the service. We wish to assure you that any major errors will be corrected. Minor errors will appear from time to time and will be pretty much self-evident. You must remember that the teachers are assigned according to the personalities they are to work with.

If we have a gentle, quiet, shy or reluctant transmitter, we will assign a rather gentle teacher. If we have a transmitter who has exceptional knowledge of the cosmos or the contents of your textbook, we will be drawn to teach cosmology or enhance the truth of the textbook through that transmitter.

If, on the other hand, we have a transmitter who does not have a working relationship with your textbook, is new to the Urantia Book, we must gently teach through the knowledge, through the memory banks, through the concepts of that transmitter. It does not limit us, but it does cause us to teach a little differently.

-- LorEl 9-3-92

Bringing Light and Life

I have come to this planet of Urantia to teach the quality of Light and Life, which begins with learning to get into the flow of Love energy. When a mortal can do that, he can bypass and overcome many of the basic material laws of material mind and move into the universal laws which are undocumented by your scientists but reported as miracles by those sensitive to them in consciousness.

Our purpose for being here -- the hundreds of thousands of fused mortals from Edentia and the legions of other spiritual and morontial beings from throughout the Superuniverse -- is to begin the process of Light and Life upon the planet. Each single person is needed. It will be built one by one and two by two -- willing to put aside personal greed, personal power and personal material pursuits to follow our guidance and instill new standards of behavior, and become steadfast in truth, beauty and goodness values being thrust upon the planet now!

It is imperative that you accept the new standards and discard the material standards evolved through the quarantined years of your planet. It is heralded as a sign of success when even one time a mortal can refuse the temptation to exploit or protect self for the good of the whole!

-- LorEl 12-17-92

My children, this is a time of great joy. Your lonely isolated planet is coming to life. The gospel of Jesus will not flicker and fade. You are the vanguard of a new and glorious time. Know the Father, listen for the Spirit of Truth, trust your Guardian Angels, and you will succeed in moving Urantia forward into the era of Light and Life.


Celestial Implanted Ideas; Sharing Them

Right now on this planet, we have sent many new seeds of thought, and that thought is impressed on many minds the world over. There are those who are sensitive to it and those that are not.

It will manifest itself in many fields, but especially in teaching groups like this one, where the ideas manifest in all minds of the group. Even though they are sent on to further define themselves or have different experiences in life, these thought seeds will move forward and process into the thoughts, ideas and new thought consequences, and others will be brought together with the thought processing of one individual so that a new project can be eventuated.

I want to impress upon you at this moment that the ideas which you think are originating in your consciousness are not your ideas. They are ours. We have planted them. We have impressed them upon your minds. And when you are aware of an idea, you must share it. It is your responsibility to share it with another. That is how ideas grow into manifestation in a material world.

The idea is sent out all over, to all places, and all walks of life. The attorney will hear the thought in a different way and form different ideas than the religionist, or the teacher, or the bricklayer. All of them will receive some fragment of that idea which was sent out and they will grow from it.

-- Aflana 3-26-92


Spiritualizing Our Thinking

Platitudes abound on your planet -- good intention is mouthed while self-serving ends are practiced. Our goal is to change the balance of the scale -- to help man sincerely work for and build love and right intentions for his brother/sister. The planet is slow to move from awareness to practice. That is why it is essential that you practice what you believe.

It does take effort. You must change a lifetime of old thinking and start afresh. Yes, continue to wash away and throw away ... whenever necessary. Acknowledge ‛bad thinking’ and mistakes -- they are inevitable and to be expected -- but they cannot be continued if progress is to be made.

Excuses are, after all, still excuses, and the very word indicates awareness of your ‛wrong’ position and, if not carefully monitored, adherence and a holding-on to these actions.

-- Oran

The Correcting Time in Comparison to Other Worlds

The Father has heard your cries of suffering. As a result, Michael and the mission are here, as they are on all the worlds of the rebellion, to correct the problems wrought by this rebellion.

You must remember that on normal worlds progress has been quite uniform. It has been guided by the Princes, Material Sons and Daughters, and other powerful and benevolent spiritual beings. But with the quarantine on Urantia, you find a world that has grown up in a great imbalance.

The more, so-called progressive civilized races have turned upon native cultures who are not on the same level of advancement, and exploited them very cruelly and oppressively because of the imbalance. Whereas if all the people and races of Urantia had remained part of the Father's plan, there would be much more uniformity and cooperation.

It is when people in the throes of Lucifer-like thinking are able to achieve power over others and continue to fight for their own material gain and profit that you find the great injustices that occur.

So this time of correction, hopefully, will bring your people to a uniformity of vision. Obviously, this will take some time and it does not change the great suffering that has been wrought on the so-called less advanced cultures.

The truth is that some of the so-called uncivilized, unadvanced, or savage cultures have had a great deal more spiritual essence than even their conquerors. This has been rarely appreciated. Much destruction, death and suffering have been inflicted in the name of progress, and even in the name of the churches.

But these are things of the past; they cannot be changed. We can do much changing of the present and the future by working together now. It is time to quit reciting the follies of man and begin to change civilization as we know it for the better by spiritualizing the thinking of the people, putting God in their lives.

-- Tarkas

Bringing Unity under Christ Michael’s Plan

Our mission here is only to bring you all, all of God’s children, more together, that you might unite your spirituality to be more receptive to the plan of Michael. This planet has rested in darkness for too long. It is time now for it to rise into the light and its rightful place in the universe.

We have come here to prepare you for a new age, for the true light, true meaning of truth to be expressed and multiplied and shared and lived and cared for through all of you, from the most forlorn to the most attuned. Together we are here to help you understand these new concepts, these new happenings, realities you are not used to, that manifest themselves in your minds throughout your planet.

Your planet will begin to resonate the pure vibrations, the circuits of Nebadon. You will soon be able to hear the broadcasts transmitted throughout the universe, enriching your lives as all mortals and all other celestial beings carry about their lives doing the Father’s will.

-- Ham

Receiving A Personal Celestial Guide

More teachers and guides are coming into the planet of Urantia daily. Each individual chosen for the Reserve Corps of Destiny will receive a teacher as that individual asks in faith.

Be willing to go the extra mile to help your fellows see this. Do not coerce or sell this truth. Know that each will recognize it as they are ready. Remember, miracles are not handed out; they are earned through faith and expectation after intelligent decisions are made to live within the Will of the Father.

-- LorEl 9-30-92

Receiving/Transmitting via Computer

It has come to my attention that some of you are much more comfortable by writing or using the computer. I ask that you write as if you were being spoken to in your meditations -- at night, in the morning, whenever you are comfortable. I would ask that you would write as if you are receiving a lesson from one of us. Allow us to communicate this to you. For those who find comfort in this medium, please use it.

-- Vanessa 5-14-92

Pain and Suffering

(To a question as to whether the teacher suffers pain.)

Not in the sense that I think you are using the term. But if you define this as some sort of suffering, then it is true that we suffer sometimes, especially for the things that we see on this mission. We had heard about conditions on these troubled worlds but we had not fully comprehended the scope of some of the madness until we were here. I think that some of the empathy we have borders on suffering, to some degree. But this answer is partly speculative on my part based on how I define the word pain as you present it.

We are truly washed in a truly glorious spiritual joy that continues to be regenerated daily on this side. It is like drinking the water of a cool mountain stream as we go to commune with the heavenly Father each day. We have been allowed to be just a little closer to the heavenly Father on this side than you have and we can experience a somewhat higher level of joy through our worship and prayer. This is something you have to look forward to, just as I have goals in my adventure that I look forward to. There is always something to reach for and there will always be inspiration at hand to help you achieve this.

-- Tarkas

Ending our Planetary Isolation;

Bringing on a New Age of Enlightenment

Humankind asks if there is another world like earth and other human beings living there. You, who are readers of our textbook, the Urantia Papers, do understand that there are indeed trillions of other worlds inhabited like Urantia, however most humans are unaware of this fact.

As the system circuits are reinstated, your isolation comes to an end, which is unsettling to those whose world view has developed in isolated conditions. Although our understanding is limited, I can say that your planet will experience human contact sometime in the future, which would precipitate fear and incredulity among humans were they unprepared.

All of the surrounding sun systems harboring human intelligence also have been in relative isolation, though their strong leadership has prevented full scale rebellion, and thus they have received teachers regularly and have responded to the system authorities. Your isolation is largely resulting from ignorance and fear; both have forced archaic reason upon this struggling sphere.

Your great religions almost invariably hold thought within certain boundaries and likewise does your science. Your institutions entrench old views and hold an unreasoning attitude toward enlightenment and truth. Great cataclysmic change precipitates reorganization and rethinking of old ‟truths.”

Really is your earth yet only starting an age of upheaval that is sure to change thinking throughout subsequent ages. Interest in the probability of other human worlds is a sort of preparation for this rethinking, where old borders collapse and new and higher cultural, religious, and scientific awareness can infuse its potentiality quietly, even unconsciously, throughout the whole world.

Religion is the first to exhibit change and motivated awareness expansion. As Hindus, Moslems, and Christians each struggle for advancing political authority, our revelation shall shine unto all comers, and those who come shall eventually lead this world forward in all areas of thought.”

No longer is the prize won upon this earth. There exists nothing here to fight over once your understanding has advanced. Only is the advancement of the heavenly reign important and only as men freely choose to give up earthly power will it increasingly be spread abroad in the land, the world Urantia.

Someday, nations will no longer make war against nation, nor religion against religion, for the great brotherhood of man will have dawned and the overarching understanding bridge worlds, tying humans together with humans in the goal of understanding each another.

Understanding is inseparable from the goal of love, of human love or divine love. Human understanding spreads with the intention of eventual love. When, for example, you intend to love another, you must learn to understand him, but if you remain dedicated to your intention, this understanding is sure to become realized. When Jesus said, ‛Love your enemies,” he intended active love, active intention which leads through understanding to its ultimate goal. Destroying enemies, then, is a spiritual battle rather than material and mortal. Our ultimate goal for Urantia includes that your bloody inhuman contests shall cease and be no more.

Work is then required for the Kingdom now and always. Living a life of ease and ignorance is not a sign of God’s favor. God requires effort from his children to love each other and, through vigorous and sustained rigors of human existence is your intention tested.

If you intend entrance into God’s house, then must you actively offer entrance always to those less deserving. If you expect God’s mercy upon your life, show abundant mercy within your life. Love is never passive or neglectful of its purpose; neither can you rest passively and be neglectful of life’s purpose for you. Find your destiny in this world by actively being true to your intentions, the intention of love.

-- Ham/Nashville

Choosing Humans to Help with the Second Coming

CHRIST MICHAEL: Long ago, when all of you were quite young, you had been selected to participate in this moment of time. I have had special assignments for my other creations to protect each and every one of you, up until and beyond this moment.

Each of you has an assignment to fulfill for the Father. We, the Father and I, have often personally spoken of you. We knew of the events to occur on Urantia and as I have told you, we were waiting for the opportunity for the acceptance of the Plan to begin.

Children of our Father, I welcome you to his kingdom on Urantia. In each of your hearts it has been imbedded that you are a forerunner for the Father's Plan. Through your long universal career, you shall always be known as the forerunners of the Plan on Urantia.

I must tell you that I am personally pleased as I have viewed and watched your daily activities over the last few weeks. I have been at your side. I have been there when you have exchanged the words of the Kingdom upon Urantia, with your neighbor, your friends, your families, and, yes, even with strangers.

This is but an early assignment in the Plan. I assure you that in but a short while, the Plan will enlighten the entire planet of Urantia. Do not be surprised at anything that you may see or hear. I would ask you to look to the East. I ask you look for my arrival at any moment. All is set. Nothing will stop it.

I am aware of the concerns the lower orders of beings have concerning my arrival. There may be individuals upon Urantia that will try to offset what this major event is about. I am allowing them, in their time, in their way, to try to correct this. I assure you that nothing will stop my coming into physical manifestation on Urantia. Every corner of this planet will know. It is not just here, but this event will be known on all of the other isolated worlds at the same moment. And I also shall visit there.