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From Oliver Duex

September 21, 2001

History of Disclosure of The Magisterial Son in The Mission

I am sharing this little project with all of you, after I was encouraged recently by several friends to "finish" it -- it will always be unfinished, of course. In seeking to understand the spiritual importance and astounding repercussions that the bestowal of Magisterial Son gifts to an evolutionary planet, I first remembered Paper 72, GOVERNMENT ON A NEIGHBORING PLANET. A paper that I have treasured. If you like to find out bits and pieces of how the visit of a Magisterial Son will influence planetary affairs, this paper certainly contains some gems.

The quotes from the Uranta papers, together with the references our beloved teachers have given us over the years, should give an excellent knowledge base on the magnitude of what is presently developing. Wherever I look, whatever I read, even while watching CNN (which I do presently a few times a week at a friends house), I notice an awakening of up-to-now unimaginable proportions. For example, the terrible tragedy in NYC has brought more God-talk to the screen than I have ever noticed before. A totally subjective observation, I realize. May be you have experiences as well.

It has been suggested that the entire Correcting Time mission, of which "our" Teaching Mission is a part, is a unmistakable prerequisite for the coming of the Material Son. The teachers' sharings support that notion. As a matter of fact, the bestowal can only happen when the spiritual development of a planet is readied for such an epochal happening. In essence, by each of us increasingly surrendering our lives to the Will of God and desiring to become more and more perfect, we basically "clamor" for the arrival of this next huge help, which IS the Magisterial Son.

But, instead, of unloading what I belief, I want to invite you to create your own picture, if you have not done so already. Please, share your observations and ideas and comments with us. Also, if you have transcripts or quotes that are not reflected here, please let me have them -- if possible complete, with sources and dates. I thank you kindly.




Urantia papers: [20:2:1]

Every time an original and absolute concept of being formulated by the Eternal Son unites with a new and divine ideal of loving service conceived by the Infinite Spirit, a new and original Son of God, a Paradise Magisterial Son, is produced. These Sons constitute the order of Avonals in contradistinction to the order of Michael, the Creator Sons. Though not creators in the personal sense, they are closely associated with the Michaels in all their work. The Avonals are planetary ministers and judges, the magistrates of the time-space realms -of all races, to all worlds, and in all universes.

Urantia papers: [20:3:3+4]

The arrival of a Paradise Avonal on an evolutionary world for the purpose of terminating a dispensation and of inaugurating a new era of planetary progression is not necessarily either a magisterial mission or a bestowal mission. Magisterial missions sometimes, and bestowal missions always, are incarnations; that is, on such assignments the Avonals serve on a planet in material form-literally. Their other visits are "technical," and in this capacity an Avonal is not incarnated for planetary service. If a Magisterial Son comes solely as a dispensational adjudicator, he arrives on a planet as a spiritual being, invisible to the material creatures of the realm. Such technical visits occur repeatedly in the long history of an inhabited world.

Avonal Sons may act as planetary judges prior to both the magisterial and bestowal experiences. On either of these missions, however, the incarnated Son will judge the passing planetary age; likewise does a Creator Son when incarnated on a mission of bestowal in the likeness of mortal flesh. When a Paradise Son visits an evolutionary world and becomes like one of its people, his presence terminates a dispensation and constitutes a judgment of the realm.

Urantia papers: [52:3:7]

During the closing centuries of the post-Adamic age there develops new interest in art, music, and literature, and this world-wide awakening is the signal for the appearance of a Magisterial Son. The crowning development of this era is the universal interest in intellectual realities, true philosophy. Religion becomes less nationalistic, becomes more and more a planetary affair. New revelations of truth characterize these ages, and the Most Highs of the constellations begin to rule in the affairs of men. Truth is revealed up to the administration of the constellations.

Urantia papers: [20:5:2]

During the course of the long history of an inhabited planet, many dispensational adjudications will take place, and more than one magisterial mission may occur, but ordinarily only once will a bestowal Son serve on the sphere. It is only required that each inhabited world have one bestowal Son come to live the full mortal life from birth to death. Sooner or later, regardless of spiritual status, every mortal-inhabited world is destined to become host to a Magisterial Son on a bestowal mission except the one planet in each local universe whereon a Creator Son elects to make his mortal bestowal.

Urantia papers: [20:6:4]

The mortal-bestowal careers of the Michaels and the Avonals, while comparable in most respects, are not identical in all: Never does a Magisterial Son proclaim, "Whosoever has seen the Son has seen the 46ather," as did your Creator Son when on Urantia and in the flesh. But a bestowed Avonal does declare, "Whosoever has seen me has seen the Eternal Son of God." The Magisterial Sons are not of immediate descent from the Universal Father, nor do they incarnate subject to the Father's will; always do they bestow themselves as Paradise Sons subject to the will of the Eternal Son of Paradise.

Urantia papers: [37:3:4]

In general, the archangels are assigned to the service and ministry of the Avonal order of sonship, but not until they have passed through extensive preliminary training in all phases of the work of the various ministering spirits. A corps of one hundred accompanies every Paradise bestowal Son to an inhabited world, being temporarily assigned to him for the duration of such a bestowal. If the Magisterial Son should become temporary ruler of the planet, these archangels would act as the directing heads of all celestial life on that sphere.

Two senior archangels are always assigned as the personal aids of a Paradise Avonal on all planetary missions, whether involving judicial actions, magisterial missions, or bestowal incarnations. When this Paradise Son has finished the judgment of a realm and the dead are called to record (the so-called resurrection), it is literally true that the seraphic guardians of the slumbering personalities respond to "the voice of the archangel." The roll call of a dispensation termination is promulgated by an attendant archangel. This is the archangel of the resurrection, sometimes referred to as the "archangel of Michael."

Urantia papers: [51:7:1]

 From time to time the Avonal Sons of Paradise come to the inhabited worlds for judicial actions, but the first Avonal to arrive on a magisterial mission inaugurates the fourth dispensation of an evolutionary world of time and space. On some planets where this Magisterial Son is universally accepted, he remains for one age; and thus the planet prospers under the joint rulership of three Sons: the Planetary Prince, the Material Son, and the Magisterial Son, the latter two being visible to all the inhabitants of the realm. Before the first Magisterial Son concludes his mission on a normal evolutionary world, there has been effected the union of the educational and administrative work of the Planetary Prince and the Material Son. This amalgamation of the dual supervision of a planet brings into existence a new and effective order of world administration. Upon the retirement of the Magisterial Son the Planetary Adam assumes the outward direction of the sphere. The Material Son and Daughter thus act jointly as planetary administrators until the settling of the world in the era of light and life; whereupon the Planetary Prince is elevated to the position of Planetary Sovereign.

Urantia papers: [52:4:4]

After the initial visitation of a Magisterial Son the races soon effect their economic liberation. The daily work required to sustain one's independence would be represented by two and one-half hours of your time. It is perfectly safe to liberate such ethical and intelligent mortals. Such refined peoples well know how to utilize leisure for self-improvement and planetary advancement. This age witnesses the further purification of the racial stocks by the restriction of reproduction among the less fit and poorly endowed individuals.

Urantia papers: [93:10:6]

And all these speculations associated with the certainty of future appearances of both Magisterial and Trinity Teacher Sons, in conjunction with the explicit promise of the Creator Son to return sometime, make Urantia a planet of future uncertainty and render it one of the most interesting and intriguing spheres in all the universe of Nebadon. It is altogether possible that, in some future age when Urantia is approaching the era of light and life, after the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia secession have been finally adjudicated, we may witness the presence on Urantia, simultaneously, of Machiventa, Adam, Eve, and Christ Michael, as well as either a Magisterial Son or even Trinity Teacher Sons.

Olfana / 991218 / San Francisco Greater Bay Area Urantia Christmas Party, USA

D: I just wanted to know if there is any more information or updating on the status of the Magisterial Son coming to this planet? Olfana: [smiling] Ah, yes. You are all hungry for this news, I know. And, indeed, it is a remarkable opportunity that you look toward with such expectations. Further blessings will indeed come to this planet in his presence. I will not offer any specific time frame, because we are under restrictions regarding this. There is a period of time planned for the Magisterial Son's work. But he has not yet announced, even to us, the exact hour of his calling to his ministry. This is something which he and God alone know, now, D. And I would say that the best we can do with the situation is to make careful preparations. This is, indeed, immediately connected with the lesson I have just offered you (on joyful service). The more we open our hearts to the idea of service and commitment to the world, the more we extend ourselves, reach out in creating an atmosphere of hopefulness, an atmosphere of redemption, an atmosphere of faithfulness to this plan, we empower the possibilities of his arrival. Is this enough for you, now, or is there further information you would like to ask?

D: I sure would like to know his name. [group laughter]

Olfana: [smiling] He will introduce himself to you on his own terms. I cannot presume to be the one to name him, now. But, perhaps, you might begin to think of him now as "The Beloved One." If, in your own private thoughts, you contemplate his coming, and call him, name him, "The Beloved One," perhaps you will begin to get a better sense of his actual identity, D. There is a way in which he is his own person, his own personality. He is not a duplicate, I would say, of Christ Michael. He is his own being, his own presence, and he will be the one to touch your hearts with his own energy. I do, indeed, acknowledge that some have already been touched by his presence. They are, indeed, aware of, and at times, in communication, with the Magisterial Son. I will say this to you, and S pauses to make sure she hears this correctly, the Dalai Lama is a confidante of the Magisterial Son, who comes now. The Dalai Lama understands much of the power of this being, and the Dalai Lama's work is not just of his own making, I would say. The Dalai Lama is, indeed, most guided by the power and presence of the Magisterial Son. There are others, also, who are feeling this connection, but I do not choose, now, to name all of them. And some of them are not public personas. They are not anyone you would know of, if I did, indeed, mention their name. But there is a ground swell of connection occurring now, and more and more, the Beloved One's presence will be known to you. D: Thank you.

Olfana: You are most welcome.

Sl: So am I supposed to understand that this personality is going to be in our time, say in the next twenty or thirty years? Olfana: This topic has been addressed already by Machiventa at SpiritFest last summer, and others have also heard information regarding this. I said earlier, I am not able to name the specific hour of his coming, because this is, indeed, at his own discretion, Sl, and we have not yet been alerted to this. However, the energy builds and grows for the arrival of the Magisterial Son. It is possible, perhaps even probable, that he will make himself known within the life span of those of you in this room, for instance. However, there is no set, fixed, schedule, at least that I understand, yet, regarding the time at which the Magisterial Son will arrive, and make his presence known. I make a distinction there because in many ways, his energy has arrived on the planet, already. Much of what you see growing in this spiritual renaissance is a direct result of his presence now, combined with the Spirit of Truth, combined with the power and love of Christ Michael. [smiling] These Great Celestial Beings work together, Sl. And this up-stepping of the planet's seeking, and desire to know God, is very much a coordinated effort of all of these Great Beings of Deity.

Sl: So it isn't going to be a sudden thing. It's going to be an eventuating thing. That is it's going to be continuously done, just like the planet getting to Light and Life. It's slow growth.

Olfana: There again, I only caution that you are putting, perhaps, too much of a firm interpretation on what I have said, Sl. Yes. There is a process here, most certainly. It will not be as if this Love of God comes to the planet "out of the blue," with no preparation. I am saying now, the preparations are occurring. The process of enlightenment grows and increases on the planet. And so, yes, in that sense, it is evolutionary growth. But there will be a revelation in the Magisterial Son's expression of himself. There will be this revelatory episode of his making his presence known. And I would not even limit any of this process with the word "slow." There is growth. There is energy. There is a building sense of a climactic event coming. I do not consider this, necessarily, a slow process, at this point. I would say many people feel, if anything, there is a growing momentum to all of this. In some ways, they are surprised, daily, at the ways in which they see a spiritual consciousness coming to the planet. I overheard the remark J made to T regarding President Clinton's statement of respecting a spiritual consciousness in the environment of our schools-that our children have a right to their spirituality, now, and J was most enthused that this had, indeed, been stated by the highest leader of this land. And, I concur, J, this is the kind of event that you will continue to see occurring, now. And the energy of this is powerful-not necessarily, perhaps, the slow evolutionary growth that you have seen from the time the Urantia Book first became a public offering to the world. [smiling] Something more is definitely afoot at this point, Sl.

S: What I'm looking at, is this going to be like a sixth epochal revelation? Is it at the level of a dispensation? How do you?

Olfana: I would say, Sl, that again, this is not something to be "hammered down" by technical terms, if you will, from the Urantia Book, now, as to whether or not it qualifies at the epochal level, et cetera. Let us rest comfortably with what has been discussed thus far. And I agree, I think it is time for us to move on. What else do you wish to discuss now, my dear ones?

Machiventa Melchizedek / 000218/ Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission, USA Yes, this is a grand and glorious time on this planet, my friends. It is so personally satisfying to me as I have striven over these two millenniums since our Creator Son graced this planet with his presence to see this time now finally arrive, the next great upstepping of truth to this world. Despite the fact that previous epochal revelations were only partially successful, we are more optimistic this time, for we are past the rebellion and default and those perpetrators are no more. Christ Michael is now a Master Son and not merely a vicegerent sovereign. He rules in his own right and he is in charge of the great correction of all the benighted planets of Satania. Our Magisterial Son is here, as you have been told. The time grows ever riper for his epiphany. So, watch and pray and do your jobs and rejoice always in the pearl of great price which you now possess.

Andronason / 000303 / Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission, USA

It has been the purpose of this mission to focus upon individual growth, for this is where all growth begins. For ten years now these agendas have been played out in your numerous groupings. Always will that emphasis remain for perfection is literally beyond eons and eons of time in the future. However as planetary citizens you also have your roles to play in the development and evolution of Urantia into the next dispensation, the coming Magisterial Son age. Last week I said that we would not discuss time frames, and we will not. However I wish to clarify, broaden my commentary slightly. I wish you to understand that it is next to impossible for us to predict the future with anything approaching statistical certainly, for we are not God and we are not privy to future events. On our side, on the side of Christ Michael all preparations are in full swing, but it still all depends upon mortal will, the sovereignty of freewill choice is absolutely inviolate. Therefore, we cannot be sure of the direction that groups or individuals will take.

One thing however we are quite certain about and that is that leadership is crucial to the evolution of spiritual growth. We have taken the role of leadership and now we are asking you to embrace this role as well. It is time to come out of the closet. It is time to boldly speak about your spiritual growth and the source of it. No longer need you worry that you will be put into a white straitjacket and carted off to the nearest funny farm. [laughter] Seriously my friends, it is time that the gospel of Christ Michael be restated with power: that we are all children of God and, therefore, brothers and sisters; that this life is but the beginning of endless and eternal growth toward perfection.

Andronason / 000915 / Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission, USA

Indeed is our Magisterial Son here, as has been indicated on a number of occasions. Many things are astir 8which you do not understand, as of this moment.

Elyon / 010211 / North Idaho Teacher Group, USA

The Magisterial arrival does take note of the progress of the world upon which the mission will take place, its status, its need, as well as its accomplishments. You and others like you are demonstrating accomplishments which signal to the administrators a readiness for assistance, that is your expression of free will. You speak of the atrocities around the world. These also signal to the administrators the need for a mission outreach. A Magisterial Son visits a world for the benefit of the world. A bestowal mission like Michael's is designed for the benefit of the Michael Son and has the secondary impact upon the world, not unlike a Magisterial outreach. Michael came to this world not so much because the world was willing, waiting for a messiah, but because his sovereignty development had reached the point where the mortal incarnation was necessary. But I must also emphasize that, while your freewill may desire, may petition, a son's arrival, this prayer, while noted, may appear unanswered as other conditions around the sphere take time to develop wherein the mission will be effective. I am speaking of a visual visitation where interaction with humankind takes place. So, along with your willingness there must also be a readiness. This readiness is not necessarily preparedness; it may be neediness.

I advise the continual development of your cosmic citizenship awareness, for every Son who has come to this world has required a staff, a group of disciples, coworkers, be they human, midwayer, ascendant mortal, or angel. You can be of assistance.

I also advise that every generation has looked for a celestial visitor to bring upliftment. They have arrived, but not on the schedule of the human heart but in light of a grander, more global, condition. You may hope and pray for the day, and the Father notes your desire, but there are billions of free will upon your world and even more so that are not visible to the human eye. There illustrates the complexity involved in determining the appropriate time of bestowal. Fortunately, as I have learned, there are experts in the local universe who can decipher throughout this complexity the appropriate moment. But you are part of the network, and it is important that each be about the Father's business.

The time that John spent on the banks of the river, though his teaching was not that of the master, fertilized the soil in the hearts of the people of the time for the reception of Michael's message. Without granting undue titleship, I assert that you each have a forerunner role not unlike John. You have been given a text to clarify the context of such a mission. Much of the information contained therein is for your understanding should or when such a visitation occurs. The spiritual nature of the revelation can be freely shared with any individual in your life. But the administrative factors will fall on deaf ears unless one is willing to step into the position of being a coworker for the upliftment of this planet.

The following is the first message of the Magisterial Son that I have found in the published transcripts.

Magisterial Son / 010302 / Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission, USA

Magisterial Son: My children, hear these words of an elder brother who has come these many miles to touch you, to be part of you, to lift you up toward that person you were created to be.

Let not the weaknesses of your animal background nor the shortsightedness of your environment cloud the vision you are destined to see. Those of us here with me provide all the support you will need to accomplish your destiny. You have but to take the first step. That requires courage, faith and belief in yourself. Once you have stepped through the door to tomorrow you can never look back, nor will you want to look back, for the vision before you will present such manifest delight you will be drawn irresistibly toward the light which you perceive; and with each step your demeanor will grow more confident. You will rise above fatigue. You will not be weary. You will feel the support under your steps, and you will feel as if you are flying.

This opportunity which you have comes infrequently. My children, do not fail to see what is just beyond the horizon. Have faith. Rise up, and step through the door of tomorrow. Your elder brothers and sisters will provide answers to all your questions. You have only to ask, and it will be provided. Michael's mission begins now. You are blessed to be part of it. How fortunate you are to have opened your eyes and seen the road before you.

Now I must go. Soon, very soon, I will be with you. You will see me as clearly as I see you now. In the days which lie before, you are asked to continue your time of preparation. But as the Master said, "Many will be called, but few will answer." I pray you will answer. Good evening.

Minearsia / 010420 / Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission, USA

We are very satisfied with our classroom experience so far. But believe me, this is just the very beginning, the mere taste of what is coming! As you been told from many sources, our Magisterial Son is present on this planet. He is preparing his staff for the beginning of the visible manifestation of this dispensation.

Again, even as you wait for the Second Coming of Jesus, or wait for the moment of your mortal death, you must so wait for the manifestation of the Beloved One. As you do not know the day or the hour, you need to be in a mode of preparation.

Abraham / 010727 / Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission, USA

You have been discussing the Magisterial Son's mission, his coming and certain presence on this planet. Of course the Correcting Time is correlated with a magisterial mission; could it be otherwise? Our Son is here, as you have been told. He is in process of beginning his mission. He will not likely knock on your door and ask to have a bite to eat, however he will make contact according to his agenda, and according to his purpose. Yes, you have been told repeatedly that you are surrounded by spiritual presence and when it is permitted for someone to see the morontial events, you are all strengthened. This is as it should be. I encourage this kind of faith building information. Indeed, the Urantia Book is here for similar reasons.

The following seems to be making reference to the Magisterial Son, although I can not be certain.

Unidentified Teacher / 010827 / Half Moon Bay, CA, Teaching Mission Group

Nothing will succeed that is not marked by the Blessings of the Father in the evolution of this planet. Society is ready for an expanded perception of the order of things in God's Creation. If anything, we see a longing for this expanded perception in many, many hearts and minds. Man as ruler of his world has clearly failed in achieving effective husbandry of this planet's treasures, and now the world seeks a new Master - one of love, protection, kindness and mercy. Let yourself trust that this new Master has assumed his role, with God's Blessing. His power and strength will penetrate the hearts and minds of those who seek to create a new beginning for this planet. All blessings flow to those who wish to serve this Master in his work to redeem this planet. history of the Tallahassee Teaching Mission group