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From Scott Foerster:

Internet Check on Dr. Pratt 1991

Dr. Pratt consulted by the New Zealand Group on Channel Phenomena 1991

(See file: NewZealand_1991_InfoOnDr.DouglasPratt.wpd (index))

Scott Foerster:

Hi folks, I just wanted to record all this stuff so that you can compare this information found today and the letterhead of a letter received from New Zeland by Thern Blackburn .. that I just sent.

Results Internet Search:

One match was found. (Dr. Pratt)

Handle: gdpz

Name: Pratt, Dz

Name: Pratt, G Dz

Title: Drz

First names: George Douglasz

Phone: 8146z

Room: IJ4.03z

Position: Religious Studiesz

Department: Religious Studiesz

Department: Miscellaneousz

Email: misc0106@waikato.ac.nzz

Host: waikato.ac.nzz

Institution: University of Waikatoz

3 matches were found.

Pratt, D (gdp) room IJ4.03, extn 8146, email misc0106@waikato.ac.nz

   Religious Studies, University of Waikato

Pratt, M J (mjp) room MS3.02, extn 4128, email m.pratt@waikato.ac.nz

   Accounting & Finance, University of Waikato

Pratt, M J (mjp1) room MS3.02, extn 4128, email mngtmike@waikato.ac.nz

   Accounting & Finance, University of Waikato

Connection closed by foreign host.

You searched AUTHOR for: pratt, douglas

1 Gilling, Bryan Dudley. Mass Evangelism in mid-twentieth century New Zealand.

2 Judaism and Christianity: toward dialogue : a New Zealand contribution. 1987.

3 Pratt,Douglas (G. Douglas). Antisemitism: a religious issue. 1990.

4 Pratt, Douglas (G. Douglas). Aseity as relational problematic. 1989.

5 Pratt, Douglas (G. Douglas). [Book review]: Studies on religions in the

       context of social sciences : methodological and theoretical relations.

6 Pratt, Douglas (G. Douglas). Celebrating marriage: a guide to New

       Zealand wedding ceremonies. Rev. ed. 1990.


Dr. Pratt has over 25 entries in the library .. books, articles, as an editor.

He is active in a number of different religious societies from methodist to

jewish to Buddhist. -- Scott Foerster