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Abraham Predicts 10 Years From Now (1991- New Zealand)

New Zealand                                                                                                               April 18, 1991

Prophecy for the Next 10 Years

Some years ago we discussed the possibility of Nuclear confrontation being a means of world destruction. Part of Abraham's answer was "the burning of the earth will not take place as you have feared, by Nuclear war, it will be "Nature Attack", an accident of Nature as so often happens.


Some correspondence from America led us to re-open this subject (prophesies for the next ten years).


Abraham: It is a time - space during which the transition from one phase to another causes upheaval, distress, tension, whether this be in the physical planet Earth or in the minds, hearts or bodies of Humankind. Think of your physical life transition from one age to another, entering middle age for example, when many physical, emotional and mental changes can be experienced, varying in time and intensity, with re-adjustment of physical abilities and the re-evaluation of morals and ethics, leading to a sense of quite. Humankind is experiencing this re-adjustment and re-evaluation at present. At the same time the planet Earth is also re-adjusting itself, as has been happening for some time, with plate shifting, re-alignment of the earths axis and the effects of solar system. This is concurrent with the "Correcting Time" of the Spiritual values, and the God Knowing of humankind.

The earth is a living, breathing, growing, decaying entity, and there was a time when humankind had the sensitivity and awareness to sense the changes in their immediate surroundings. The sensitivity is still there, but the awareness us buried. So this sensitivity but lack of conscious awareness can create fear of the unknown and the unexplainable, with varying degrees of disturbance. At the same time there is an awareness of God at work! For many the conscious and sub-conscious are seemingly at war within. Somewhere where they meet is the answer, and this is within each person. The juxtaposition of the two crossing is IT!

I have previously spoken about lower mind, higher mind, higher consciousness, God consciousness. You have within your lower mind, your intellect, full of questions, answers. Much of your bodily functions go unnoticed, unquestioned, without your conscious knowledge. The Ego thinking mind always begins with "I", always questioning, "Am I", "Will I", "Do I", "Why should I" etc. What hope have you to allow your higher mind, higher consciousness through the jumble of questions. This is the discipline of shutting the ego down, removing the "I" and allowing the "we" of higher consciousness. If you allow your higher consciousness to come forth you will find your mind is not so cluttered, so cumbersome, or so full of trivia, ego is diminished and not so self-evident. You have the tool for this and the tool is the Stillness.

Question: We have disease within ourselves, could we be the disease of the planet, and when we cure ourselves we cure the earth?

Abraham: When humankind finds a new way, all else is forgotten, the narrowness blots out all other knowledge. In the eagerness to use this new way, be it technology, science, medicine or God, some destruction can occur. For example the printed word has caused destruction of trees, forgetting the reasons for their existence. The success of the new venture clouds the view of the destruction. Now the boundaries are shifting and the old reasons are being allowed to be seen. This example is not a judgement.

Question: We have had a letter which states "this ten years we are living in now is the most important for changes in the last millennium", please comment.

Abraham: Correct, and I would also qualify that remark by saying that each decade has brought its own combination of past events. It is the culmination of all that has been. In each decade there has been vast change and importance.

Question: Yes, but I would still like to clarify that this decade is "the big one"?

Abraham: Each ten years the same prophesy! For you people, yes, and in another respect because the Correcting Time has begun (which, depending on humankinds Free Will, could last 1000 years!).

Question: We are coming to the end of the experiment called time - please comment.

Abraham: In the past an event in the local community was "the world." In your experience the world is now your local community. Your time frame and your perception is different. You perceive a "quickening of time". So, in one respect your statement is correct. The Correcting Time has begun, this is a time for humankind to re-assess, to acknowledge all that is, to understand and accept Consciousness and the Simplicity which is God, and so, in some respect, time as you perceive it to be, shall no longer exist because you will be in God's Time.

Question: Would you call that death?

Abraham: I have not spoken of physical death in relation to the Correcting Time, or the ending of time as you perceive it to be, but we have spoken before of "natures attack," of that which is occurring and has occurred, mankind is becoming aware of danger, damage done to the planet by mankind, hurried by greed and misunderstanding. There is time for correction, there shall be some damage, but, if heeded, not as great as it would otherwise be.

Question: Don't quite understand. We know that our thought is extremely powerful, and collective thought even more so. People living with their energies directed towards more positive ways of being can change or adjust some of what has been prophesied from many sources - but I feel sometimes you evade prophesy when others speak more definitely of it. It is because we are not capable of understanding you?

Abraham: Not at all. I do not participate in giving fear, and fear does strike the hearts of humankind when messages of such importance are given. It would be foolish for me to give you a time frame for such an event. We have spoken of a shifting of the continents, this is part of the living, growing planet you inhabit. There are also other factors at play. One is the physical decaying of the planet, and. also with the decay, new - growth - as with the sudden appearance of land mass. Another factor is that of humankind consciousness. If humankind continue to pursue the destructive methods in the search for progress - which I call greed for ulterior motives - the planet can be destroyed. This can be avoided by the majority understanding and seeing where the pathway is leading, in a physical sense, and by the understanding and acknowledging of God Consciousness.

There are so many things which occur outside your consciousness to your physical world, the planet, and the Universe. I am not denying the possibility of a major catastrophe which could destroy many parts of the planet Earth caused, for example, by a meteorite, but I shall not give you a time reference for this, but I am saying also that it is part of life. As I have said, while your planet Earth is decaying, it is also growing. It is a change of view. Rather than looking at destruction, let us look at Rejuvenation, and with that thought shall bring God Consciousness. Speak of rejuvenation - Life after Life! Do not speak or think in terms of death and destruction.

Question: But is this not avoiding just what we are talking about?

Abraham: Because it may occur? Why should you live your life in fear, why should you live your life in expectation of calamity? There is no joy in this.

Question: What of Noah's Ark?

Abraham: Being prepared. Do not allow that knowledge to dis-prepare you with negativity or you shall speed the destruction of higher consciousness, of peace of mind, of calmness. You are forewarned that there is a possibility of some natural disaster with the planet Earth, which shall affect some persons, and some particular parts of the planet. Forewarned, but ... Foredoomed???!! I think not. Within the destruction comes rejuvenation. From your death in the physical you pass to another life. Why life after death? It is LIFE AFTER LIFE. There is a difference in thought pattern. You can see this. You may prepare yourselves in any manner which you find of necessity, in the likelihood such an event may occur within your physical lifetime. You must prepare yourself for rejuvenation, for life after life in the event of a disaster within your physical lifetime.

Question: So it would be more important to find the stillness every day as you have taught us, than it would be to store food for a destructive period?

Abraham: As I have said, you may prepare yourself in any manner you consider to be of necessity. If it be storing food, so be it, if it is your desire. But, in the storing and preparation, do not think "this is in the event of death", think of this as a preparation for something which might occur to cause Life and Life! But, you must prepare yourself for God Consciousness.

PO Box 1056


New Zealand

May 1991

Dear Friends,

Please accept our apologies for correspondence delays. We have sent out batches of a taped session with Abraham and Machiventa Melchizedek, but are still working through our list of correspondents. As finances permit, we will sent out further batches. We have had a 6 month break in our conversations and appointments with Abraham and Melchizedek, for reassessment, assimilation of the last 7 year's teachings and experiences, and to pursue personal assignments. This done, we now find we are refreshed and ready for continuance of our communications.

We are reassessing our correspondence commitments and thanks to our local university, now have the last 7 years of our session transcripts on computer disks. Our intentions are to retrieve data on specific areas of interest much more readily, and endeavor to pass on this information ... once we are more "computer literate." It is not our intention to offer copies of these disks, as they contain much of our own personal "trials and tribulations" towards understanding.

In the last 6 months, we have received many positive letters, which have sustained and encouraged us. Thank you.

We have been aware of an upsurge of interest in fearful prophesies of the next 10 years, and we hope you will find the enclosed recently tapped Abraham transcript, interesting and an alternative, rejuvenating view.

For those who have not yet received the tape of Abraham and Machiventa Melchizedek, and would like a copy, please let us know.

In love and Peace

Ruby, Charles, Martin, Benjamin, Babs, Mac, Roy and Ed